Yankees make their move

The Yankees got their bat, and it’s a big bat in Bobby Abreu. We all know that Theo Epstein is not a reactionary GM, so i don’t think he’s going to make a move just to counter what the Yankees did.

But I know he’s been making all of his phone calls trying to make this team better, so if a move is there to be had, Theo will make it. That said. it’s hard to get a feel on whether a move will be made.

Obviously they have some chips in the outfield. I’d hesitate to trade Trot because of how hard it is to play right field at Fenway. But if Coco or Wily Mo is the means to an end — getting a good starting pitcher — I’d strike.

Who thinks a big move is coming and who doesn’t? Let me know.



The yankees got thier bat!Um they have guys that hit BETTER than abreu already ABREU cant hit!


Jeez, I hope a move is coming but I fear it’s not. They need some pitching ASAP. Wells is coming back and *hopefully* Foulke, but it’s getting a little tight here with the Yankees coming on strong.

what abt lidel. How good of a pitcher

Looks likes Theo is not going to make any moves.

get rid of willy mo. worthless for the stacked sox but young talent for middle-of-the-road team looking for potential long-term slugger. enough capital to pick up decent starter. love drew.

“The Red Sox just announced that they acquired righthander Bryan Corey from Texas for righthander Luis Mendoza. ”

“Corey has not been added to the active roster, just the 40-man, taking the place of injured pitcher Matt Clement, who was moved to the 60-day disabled list (still retroactive to June 15). He had a 1-1 record with a 2.60 ERA in 16 games with the Rangers.”

Who the heck is this Bryan Corey? Any idea abt this pitcher

Game on.


Corey came in a straight up trade for mendoza? would expect fireworks…

make that “wouldn’t”

what is with the angels defense.

Nixon hits into a double play.1-1 at end of one.

what was that NIXON!

Good to have a new blog. The old one was taking forever to refresh.

Schilling is keeping his fastball up. Every Angel hit from what I’ve seen has been a fastball, and most have been high fastballs.

Hersheiser just echoed my last post. And it’s not like the Angels are hitting strikes. At least three of their hits were on pitches well out of the strike zone.

We need the bats to score some runs now.

Our ex DBack got shelled yesterday. Looks like it is ur turn today.

So, I’ve got to agree with Andy…Bobby Abreu is not that great of a hitter. It could be that the short porch in right will help him a little, especially in the power #’s, but no way am I impressed with this trade. Lidle is going to make the bigger impact.

LOL Vik. I don’t think Schil will be quite as snake bit. He’s got good stuff tonight. If he can make a couple of adjustments he might go through 7 without giving up another run. Unfortunately, the same could go for Lackey. We’re hitting him hard, but it’s been location for him as well. We’ll see what happens the next time through the order.

Tom. Please. LOL.


The ball Vlad hit .. I found it here in Farmington Hills, MI.

Schill is getting rocked…anyone remeberthe last time he gave up back to back HR’s…

Good Lord! He just keeps throwing middle in. That pitch to Cabrera was right down the middle. Vlad’s homer was belt high inside corner. You might be right, Vik…Schil is not making the adjustments.

come on andy, the EZ bro’s could do as well, better is pushing it a little

Off night against a hot team, what can you do?


I dont like anything more than Schill getting rocked.

That may be hatred out of fear. Lol.


That was directed to Sox fans, sorry for the confusion vic


Even the Napoli guy wants to hit Schilling out of the park. I’ve never seen Schilling this rattled.

Same $%&%^#^%^ pitch! Fastball up, inside corner.

Can’t believe they’re sticking with him…

Schill’s getting rocked and i overcooked my oatmeal, what the **** else can go wrong

WHAT do You want tavarez or seanez in?

Finally! Threw a splitter low and away. If he comes back next inning he better not throw anything above the knees unless it is 4 inches outside. I don’t think I’d throw the 4 seamer again tonight.

Lugo straight up for Loretta, are they insane…I can see lugo coming in than using loretta to get a picture, but straight up, Lugo hits for a wower average and isn’t as good in the field (although he can hit Lefties)


UH Oh trot came out!pena in!

This game doen’t look good.

Great. With this injury not only can we not trade Trot for somebody who can hit a lefty, but any chance of him regaining a power stroke might be gone. We might get to see how good (or bad) Willy Mo can be after all.

Schill might make it 5 innings tonight if he is lucky. That does not bode well for tomorrow either if Van Buren comes in tonight. Odds are he was going to be needed with Wells probably only going 5 if we’re lucky.
I hope Theo makes something happen soon.

I have to question why Trot was even playing tonight if he was being offered in trades. It’s not like he’s been contributing on the offensive side (double play in the 1st with 2 on) and with him being injury prone. It’s just typical that the day before the deadline he gets hurt.
Need a couple this inning and then try to claw away. It’s going to be tough against Lackey.

Has Coco ever gotten a hit with a guy on base?? When will Francona give him a day off? Now that Trot came down with another hang nail, Coco has to step it up. Not that a hit here would have made that much of a difference, but this guy is killing every potential rally the Sox have had lately.

GSR – I don’t think he was being offered…that was just my wishful thinking. Willy Mo was being talked about to get pitching, but who really knows…Theo doesn’t let his strategy make it to the press until he’s already made the deal.

With Trot’s injury and the possibility of Coco being traded tomorrow, Manny might be the only current starting outfielder in the lineup next week.

Agree Tom, Don’t like it though…unlike GSR I want to see Coco stick around, he’s been really good for a few years and should come out of this slump…I hope

I didn’t see the bat break. Did Willy Mo really just hit a broken bat double off the Monster?

come on mikey, your typical double would be really nice right about now

Man…Lowell was really ticked off. I’m surprised he wasn’t tossed.

Tom: I think Lowell got screwed by the ump. But hey ..

Yeah, the ball nicked him, but the ump didn’t make him swing at that pitch a foot outside and 2 inches off of the ground.

The way he threw the bat and helmet…I’m really surprised he’s still in the game. Very unusual for Lowell, too. I’ve never seen him lose his cool.

shcilling just pitched his best inning and is only at 89 pitches, Y wouldn’t they bring him back in?

Do you guys really like Ben Affleck?

I would if he would of caught that ball. Good will Huntings a cool movie, and the michael Smith movies too

Tavarez warming up.

Yeah, Squid…I would have left Schil in, but we’re not in the dugout. Schil might have told Tito that he was gassed.

To be or not to be a World Series year that is the question. Whether tis nobler to suffer another Yankees division title and plan for future gate receipts and NESN revenue or to get arms and a bat and make Papi’s Monster Year pay off. To win another championship and prove that 2004 was no fluke. Ah…tis a consumation devoutly to be wished, to win and wonder no more, Theo. To avenge our Series losses to the Mets or the Reds. We’ve already killed the Yankee and Cardinal demons. It’s time to finish the exorcism. Don’t listen to John Henry. What can he do, fire you and have another GM by committee? Don’t listen to Larry Lucchino. He doesn’t know how to build a champion. He only knows how to get new ballparks built and there isn’t going to be a new one built until the city gets out of the Big Hole its dug for itself. He’s no longer the Wizard of Petco Park and you’re not in San Diego any more Dorothy so get some base balls, do some deals, and make us World Series Kings!

The only bad thing abt Good will hunting is Ben Affleck.

I’d take Tavarez over Van Buren right now, although either is a lost cause. Give the SOB’s something to hit! We don’t have the best infield in baseball for nothing!

BTW, I like Ben Affleck. I would have liked him even more if he had caught that ball.

Coco! Good job, but too bad you didn’t hit the mark on that throw.

Now that is getting a little too greedy jen. Dont you think.

Nope Tom we’re not and don’t think i’d want to be, but ole francee does so he will be second guessed till we win a fourth game in the series or when the season is over and the bitterness where’s off…

lol, probably. But I’ll definitely take what I can get. We’ve done it before, so what’s so different about tonight? Hehe, I just re-read what I wrote. Eh, so it sounded a little greedy. You’d want the same thing though, if it were your team, wouldn’t you? C’mon now, honey, be honest with yourself.πŸ˜‰

We really need some better relief pitchers. Just my opinion.

I would have wanted it. But wouldn’t have complained abt it, if it did not happen.

who was complaining? I was just stating my feelings.

well we got tavarez in, I really think we need to hit the rule books hard and find out if we are aloud to put a pitching machine out there instead

That throw was worse than Mary’s.

Jen – when it’s one person it’s an opinion when it’s a whole nation thinking it it’s a bona-fide consensus

Very true. I’m cringing right now. My husband just stated that we’ve got Tavarez in and I told him not to say that name too loud.

Finally, we’re out of this inning. God’s granted a little bit of mercy.

“too bad you didn’t hit the mark on that throw”

too bad equals complain. Atleast to me.

Do you think Coco might have hurt himself making that diving catch? I mean, I haven’t seen two throws that bad since little league.

Nah, not complaining. If I’d been complaining, I would have said, “Gosh, Coco, why couldn’t you make such an easy throw like that. Now we’re not gonna keep our lead against the Yankees at 1.5 games. *cry cry cry*” Now, THAT would have been complaining. My statement was simply, “Tough luck on our part.”

i see schilling matched mussina tonight…oh wait

There you go. You got your makeup call.

Hey babydoll, how are you tonight?πŸ˜›

good showing by the ace at home, not an important day to win or anything, excellent performance….as far as the trade, abreu was in a pessimistic fan base with pessimistic media and a loser mentality front office…the guy is a 300 career hitter 400 obp, now he is going to the AL east, in the thick of a pennant race, and the stadium benefits him. Not to mentioon he wont be carrying the offense, pressure off, adrenaline on….yeah we will see just how CRAPPY his bat is

hello jen, i am doing rather well, just watched some old miami vice episodes

Ok Jen. If you say so.

meanwhile we picked up an inning eater with experience in both leagues and playoff experience. He is 34 yrs old and we are asking him not to be a 2 starter but a 4 starter….u know what we gave up for him? nothing. three A players (two of which underperforming) and matt smith who had no role int he future of the yankees and is 27 yrs old already, a career minor leaguer….It cost us money which will be dumped when we get rid of shef next year

which, btw rumors swirling he could be headed to fenway’s right field next year…then we can both shout balco

I do say so. You’d have to hear exactly how I was saying it. Remember, written words can take on a different meaning from spoken words.

Old Miami Vice episodes, huh? Preparing for the new movie coming out?

to answer the question about crisp’s RISP performance, he is tied with WMP for 20 RBI this season…but Coco has more than twice as many AB. True, Wily can’t catch like Coco but his throw is at least as good.

note also that Pena leads the team in BA (.322) and is tied for third/fourth in both slugging and OBP.

no more important than any other day, If wells gives a good showing, and snyder and lester split, we’ll still be fine…and RJ pitches in 3 days for the yanks so there’s great chance for us to gain a game…at least both our aces usually pitch good…

really squid? so u consider johnson an ace? do u ignore the fact mussina has a lower era and after tonight as many wins as schilling but less losses? Yet you seem to ignore wang, whos era is a run less than backett, is coming off a 2 hit shutout and has one win less than backett along with one loss less? So, i think u meant to say at least the yankee three starter isnt always good…which it’s a shame because urs is on the dl with a losing record this season

yes jen, totally prepared for the new movie…i hope to actually watch it in miami for extreme irony…it got good reviews and i actually really like the show

I’m with you on the Abreu deal vince, it scares the **** out of me…Lidell not so much he was a slightly better than average National league pitcher…Abreu scares me though

mussina wang johnson (11-8, wake 7-8)lidle and wright…well we have 4 starters, u guys better hope unless theo pulls a midnight miracle that wells is everything ur expecting because i wouldn’t be expecting much from a 40+ year old overweight renegade that refuses to work out and keep in shape, while the weather will slowly get colder i might add…take it from me after the 2003 ws, i wouldnt bet my chips on wells

Tom I never said that I wanted Coco to get traded. I’ve actually said recently that he should wind up being pretty productive. The time lost, etc has no doubt contributed to his lack of production. I would like to see him have a full season in Fenway under his belt before Theo jumps the gun and trades him. He’s young, got potential and relatively inexpensive compared to today’s salaries. He’s just very frustrating to watch right now. I can’t remember the last time he’s had a hit in a close game.

That was very convenient analysis Squid. You expect everything to work absolutely perfect for you and everything that can go wrong to go wrong for us. That is called praying.

Beckett is only as consistent as RJ. Both of them have a lot of wins and huge era. Atleast, we have Wang and a 4th and 5th starter.

lol i’m rather excited about abreu, this guy swipes bags and plays solid d, a lot of people overlook that…lidle i’m reserved about but how much can i possibly be upset? He is expected to be a four starter…hes gotta be better than wright chacon wilson and ponson thats for sure…4.74 era not very settling ill give u that

I didn’t forget about wang, just don’t really pay him much mind (sorry he just doesn’t really worry me) nothing against mussina, he’s lights out, can’t deny it. and RJ is supposed to be your ace, obviously he’s not, but he is supposed to be

Van Buren sure didn’t help his chances of staying up here with this performance tonight.
Wondering why Schilling didn’t come back out for one more inning. Only 89 pitches, had an easy 4th and 5th, Sox pulled within 2 runs.

Just another questionable managing decision by Francona in the middle of another must win game.

Give Tavarez a 6 run deficit and he’s lights out!

i sense i was a little hard on u squid, i sincerely now think u were just speaking on behalf of the sox and not comparing their 1-2 to the yankees….in which case, all i have to say is let beckett pitch well on the road a few more times befoe trusting him. Schilling is usually reliable, im sure, like johnson, this is just a fluke…not like the angels lineup is chopped liver either.

1. damon

2. jeter

3. abreu

4. sheffield

5. giambi

6. a rod

7. matsui

8. posada

9. cano

have fun.

wang doesnt scare u as much as blisters beckett doesnt scare me..bring him to the stadium for another 1.1 8 er performance. Johnson should have been ur right, but he isn’t, i’ll take him as my 3 starter

Wang actually worries me more than any starter the Yanks have. Moose is solid, but he can get frustrated if his defense lets him down. He usually lets it affect him for a bit. Wang is unflappable. The guy shows no emotion and is real effective on the mound. Low pitch counts and low ERA. Right now, he and Mussina are a solid 1 and 1A.

i hope to lord we get another pitcher…PLEASE DODGERS TAKE SORIANO, keep him the heck away from the AL

kevin i agree, mussina can be a headcase once in awhile if things don’t go his way, i think he has antisocial problems personally….wang is a robot…and 18 ground ball outs in his last start would worry me too….btw tom, was that clutch of ortiz?

jen, how was the bbq, i’m slightly jealous i admit

GSR: Not because you said good things abt Wang, but I think you here and angel over on the other blog are the two most sensible posters on either blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

of course it’s convenient, but RJ is not even close to Beckett this year, ERA’s can be deceptive, beckett has given up a lot of runs in few games, and is on target the rest, RJ gives up alot every time out. We have Lester as a 4th, Wells SHOULD be able to give us solid innings as the 3rd, and we all know there’s no touching Snyder for the first 3.

Vince, I might go see the movie, ’cause I like Colin Farrell. Jamie Foxx is a good actor too.

I agree, I’m wondering why Schill didn’t come out for one more.

u do realize squid ur comparing ur two to our 3?

our 1 and 2 have better numbers than urs, ur 3 is wakefield he is 7-8 and if u want to say era is deceiving, i’ll take it, johnson is 11-8…4 starters are now lidle and lester, make of it what u want but i believe lester has finally stepped foot on the earth, now let’s see how unflappable ur young gun is. I am glad ur 5 starter is untouchable for 3 innings, unfortunately he needs 5 to quality for a win…at least wright can generally give us 5 or 6 besides this last stretch of 2 or 3 starts

Vince, the barbecue actually turned out quite well. I made barbecue chicken, baked beans, corn on the cob, and salad. There wasn’t anything left though, sweetheart; you should’ve joined us.πŸ˜›

jen i love jamie foxx….esp after ray, one of my top 10 movies of all time, i want to see it to judge how well they portray miami haha.

lol jen in about 15 years, when i have the money for a private jet, u can start leaving an extra setting for me….can’t say i’m a fan of beans but salad and bbq chicken sounds great!

Vince, I like Lester.

GSR, maybe it’s selective viewing I’ve only got see Wang Pitch a few times and he didn’t impress…and vince I was being sarcastic about Snyder. Seriously might have to watch wang a little closer, maybe I;ve missed something, but we’ll, I’ll stay stubburn till i see it with my eyes

If RJ was giving up a lot of runs every time out, he cant have so many wins Squid.

RJ had 7 starts in which he allowed more than 4 runs. Beckett allowed has 6. So they are pretty much the same. RJ gets more coverage when he screws up. So people think he is worse than he actually is.

i think lester is a solid 4…i just don’t see him making a major impact for this season…too young, too lucky so far. The last two starts the luck is gone and he has been pounded…the only team he has truly owned is the royals which is not saying much…esp at home.

Thanks for the kind words Vik. It’s nice to have sensible baseball banter back and forth on either blog. Yesterday was a fine example of people just talking baseball. There were some disagreements but they were rational and sensable on both parties.
By the way, I noticed Feinsand wiped out all of Fagan’s posts over there.

It really upsets me when RedSox lose and my whole day gets spoiled. May be I should not take the games that seriously.I have to get my mind of baseball for a while. K I can’t do that so, I have to find something related to baseball which can relax my mind.

Here is something. Absolutely funny abt the Phillies Phenom Cole Hamels. Cole Hamels u got yourself a new fan.

Warning-: the following content is very funny.Enjoy at ur own risk.


Well, I’ll make a different vegetable for you, how does that sound?πŸ™‚ And we’ll start saving 3/4 of our paychecks every two weeks and start puttin’ back for that private jet.

haha squid…wang is 12-4 with a 3.77 era 8 hrs and 36 bb in 148 innings…he lost twice in april. I know you remember him dominating the redsox in the 2-1 win over pauley, that had to at least raise a flag of some color…the kid is good.

Just to make it clear .. I did not mean other posts are senseless. Just that I like GSR’s and Angel’s the most. I dont even mind not so sensible posts as long as they are not personal attackes.

didn’t see or here about the pauley game (we were having war games, couldn’t get to the cpu) and it probably was in april when i saw him pitch…

It’s officially mop up time at Fenway tonight. The terrible EZ’ have both made an appearance.
Vince, I believe it is you that usually can find stats in a heartbeat. You are the Elias sports bureau of the blogs. Any way you can find out the record we have this year when both Seanez and Tavarez are involved in the same game?

I’d be willing to wager it is close to 2-31.

Early in the year we were hammering Wells saying he was done and hurting the club. I don’t know about everyone else, but right now I’m praying for him to be a stud the rest of the way.

Don’t look now, but Seanez could have his ERA below 4 before the night is done.

hahaha sounds perfect jen.

kumar, not to um, pour salt in the wound but…1-2…thus far.

kevin, yeah mark said from yesterday forward he will never allow fagan’s posts on there anymore. fagan doesn’t talk baseball, he personally attacks, even when it is about baseball, until that changes i doubt he gains any credibility with anyone of either side…the nation or the empire

I am more upset abt the transactions today than abt the loss(I give up already). I am more upset Theo couldn’t get anything happen, when yankees were able to do some things to make their team better. I am not upset that ynaks got Abreu and Lidel. I am upset Theo couldn’t do anything to make this team better.

Maybe I have to take couple of days off from baseball.Absolutely no baseball for me over for a couple a days. I don’t think it is possible , but let me try.

Bye guys see u in a couple of days.

And one other Wang’s loss was a 3-1 loss to the Nats. A walkoff in the 9th.

GSR, I’m praying for Wells to be stellar on the mound as well.

Then it’s a deal, Vince. This is payday week for me, so I’ll start this week, ok?

Kumar, I say the same thing after every bad loss. The next thing I know, is during the middle of the next day I’m running through scenarios that will work out in the positive for the Sox. If you’re like me, you’ll be watching ESPN tomorrow night to see if Wells looks decent. I have faith in you brother.


I am very disappointed today. 1-2 so far and I give up on that prediction.I am more upset abt the trades today. Nothing against the Yanks. I am upset with Theo and the RedSox FO for not getting anything done.

that game i remember…

Guys have fun while I enjoy my Cole Hamels Facts. I can’t stop laughing already.

I hate the AL West!

I can’t believe someone took the time to come up with that many facts about one guy. I couldn’t read them all.
6 run rally, here we go.

haha not sure on the tavarez seanez stats but considering tavarez himself has 44 appearances, i wouldnt expect it to be that bad

jen sounds good, keep me updated. I’ll try to plant one of my four or five houses in or around virgina

YANKEEVMM:He likes to blow games not win them.This game is so boring i am at it and i had to turn on my labtop

And I’ll make sure to build a summer home in or around Miami.

Kumar, I’m just as frustrated at you with the lack of activity. I’m even more frustrated with the names that HAVE been mentioned in rumors.
Coco-Granted he has been a huge disapointment, but come on, he’s 26 and we essentially gave up our best infield prospect for him. To offer him for Mark Buerhle when Buerhle is a free agent this year was a bad idea in my mind.

Lowell-The guy is a gold glove 3rd baseman and has been a rock at the plate. Why trade him.

Wily Mo-Another young guy with potentially huge future ahead of him.

Loretta-I could see him going if it was for Lugo to Tampa. But to trade him for a reliever? That wouldn’t make sense. Cora is a solid utility guy, not an everyday player.

I know that doesn’t leave us with much on the table to offer, but Trot could have grabbed us a decent 5th starter or middle reliever. Now he gets hurt the day before the deadline. That leaves us with no bargaining chips other than minor league prospects.

I can’t wait until 4PM tomorrow when all this speculation is over.

Hey you guys u have to visit this site. it’s so ridiculously funny.

One of the lines from the site

“Pedro Martinez keeps a picture of Cole Hamels under his hat for inspiration.


Well, Coco, Lowell, and Loretta aren’t being traded, according to reports today. That makes me feel oh so much better, so Vince, sorry honey, but there won’t be any trips up to Boston to kick Theo’s behind for this girl.

kevin somehow i counted tavarez games they are 16-21…obviously my math was faulty somewhere because that does not add up to 44…but u can imagine it is below 500.

Boy if u guys give up lowell crisp or loretta it will be a HUGE mistake.

I have always loved loretta until now and u got him basically for nothing..he is perfect in front of the two big guns….lowell was a steal too, he had one off year and the marlins dumped him. the guy has the best (maybe chavez) glove at third in baseball and crisp is gonna be a superstar one day…the guy practically was the web gems last year, i would give him at least one more year

Well, through no talent of his own, Seanez is officially under the 4 mark ERA wise as of the moment.

jen that is really upsetting i would have been satisfied on about three different levels if that had happened

if i see this pujols ruth wagner ripken smith commercial one more time i am gonna shoot someone

I would have given you front row seating for that match-up too.

I agree with all you said Vince except Crisp. He’s a solid player but will never be a super star. he doesn’t have that attitude or charisma of a potential superstar.

“He is an impact player,” Francona said. “My hope is he stinks. My concern is that he goes over there for a couple of months and he might be one of the best players in baseball, because I think he has that in him. He’s a good player.”

francona on bobby abreu

btw was the deal for Loretta and Bard for Mirabelli made in Vegas?

Well tomorrow is huge. Right now we are essentiall tied with the Yanks in the loss column. We need to take at least 3 of 4 from the Tribe. Toronto comes to NY and can hopefully take 2 of 3. Luckily Mussina won’t be throwing against them, but Halladay won’t go against NY.
We need to get to the weekend with a lead and then make a dent in the next week. Tampa, KC and Baltimore. Kazmir was just put on the DL, so we dodged a bullet there. God I hope Snyder can pitch more than 4 innings Tuesday night.

“His dreams are coming true,” Damon said. “He’s coming to the best place in the world to play baseball. He’s going to enjoy it, but we need him to just be solid.”

just thought i’d throw that in there too.

Johnny Damon can kiss my…I’ll leave it at that.

Ortiz is trying to hit a 6 run HR.

Well ****, that’s the game.

kevin wright vs burnett tomorrow….wright got blown to bits by them last time…but now we have seen burnett and recently, plus it is at the stadium so who knows? All i know is we can afford to go to the pen after a day off…proctor will not have been used for 5 days, that is another as break…villone and myers were also not used today

hey tom, howd mr clutch do for u today? nice 7th and 9th inning ab’s

I’m sure JD thinks and will say the same thing abt sox fans Jen.

well that was not a fun one to be at!

Well, on a positive note, not every Angel player got a hit tonight. They held their catcher to an 0-3 night.

i mean tuesday* off day tomorrow

365 hamels facts….that is disgusting.

Yeah, I have a feeling Burnett held you in check last time because if I’m not mistaken it was his 1st appearance vs. you. This time will be another story I think. The only thing a Sox fan can hope for is that Wright implodes early again vs. Toronto’s bats. Toronto just took it on the chin in Oakland and might come in a little ticked off.

Yeah, he probably would. Not that it would hurt my feelings any.

lol yankees i don’t think have fully expressed what that 19-6 game did to them either kevin haha. all i can say is wright wang and lidle is a lot more reassuring than wright wang and ponson…as is abreu in right vs burnett

According to the bostondirtdogs website, Trot left with an upper arm strain and is day to day.
In laymans terms, he screwed himself into the ground on that changeup that Lackey threw and will wind up hitting the DL for at least 15 days.

wow nobody told me vlad hit one about 630 feet against schilling….wow ok so espn shows only 2 of the 3 hrs against schilling? yet they show all the runs tampa scored against the yankees? bullllllshiiiiiiit

The only thing I’m hoping for with Lidle is that the whole NL/AL difference in pitching holds true. I think I heard that Lidle has gone at least 6 in a majority of his starts. Hopefully his 4+ ERA in the NL translates into a 5+ in the AL.

btw go to whatifsports.com this site is awesome, it compares any two teams from any era and tells u who would win with a boxscore

The only reason it was only calculated at 630 feet is because it landed on a car on the Mass Pike and got imbedded in a windshield. Otherwise that thing would still be heading towards New Hampshire.

Vince: I said earlier on this blog that they recovered the Vlad HR ball here in Farmington Hills, MI.

hahahaaahha i just did 98 yankees vs 04 redsox…el duque vs pedro, yankees won 24-5…i love this site…yankees hit 6 hrs

hahaha vik and kevin….that was a punishing shot

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a site on the economics of baseball

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I was going to check out the site. I saw a quote from Bill Simmons saying everyone should check it out. Even though that guy is a complete Boston homer, I love him. I think he is so funny yet he knows a lot about the major sports and even with his Boston bias, he has a respect and understanding for what is good and bad with all teams.
But when you said that Pedro gave up 6 bombs……Even Grady would have pulled him after the 4th…….Actually maybe not.

haahha no the yankees hit them total i don’t know if pedro gave up all 6…..yeah those sites were in SI this week.

btw i saw that dumb commercial again so im getting a gun ready

Well everyone, it’s late and I have to work tomorrow (oh Vince, here’s your commercial again), so I’m going to call it a night. I’ll see everyone tomorrow for our game against Cleveland. Hope that one’s better than tonight’s game. Vince, feel free to shoot me an email.

GSR: I can not agree more. Bill Simmons is one of the smartest writers there is. He never loses perspective even though he can be annoying at times. His article abt Damon when he signed with the Yankees is a classic.

Did you see his most recent ones about Vegas? Although they were retreads from 2002 and 2004, they were great. He pretty much summed up every guy trip to Vegas. Anyone that is married should not let their wife read that article. All guy trips to Vegas would be banned after reading the 2004 article.

haah perhaps that will be the healthier move jen, i might give it a shot (yes, the final pun!)

Well good, then I’ll be looking for it.πŸ™‚ Take care. See you tomorrow. G’night.

Time for bed myself. Have a good one everyone and see you tomorrow.

goodnight all

One last thought.
What are the odds of waking up tomorrow to find out that Theo has made a blockbuster deal?

I say 1,500-1.

I haven’t read the one abt Vegas. I will.

yankeeindian, see the previous blog for response to your statement, have a good night.ec

ps, if you need e to I’ll repost here tomorrow.

andy: I’m really sorrythat you were subjected to that tonight, that’s no way to see a game at Fenway.. Sorry hon. What was it like walking through the tunnel to see all that green where all the immortals have played. I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE IT, and can’t wait til next year when I get to go. I hope the rest of your trip was great. have a safe flight home.

Nationers: Pleas elet’s just all hope and pray that Wells is rehabbed and ready to go tonight (monday), and hope that Cleveland falls behind early..GO SOX!!

i’m a new reader of the comments to the blog, so this is my first post (ignore the time of day). i don’t want to jump into too many conversations as i assume not many people will reread, but i thought i’d throw out this baseball comedy site i enjoy:

they poke fun at a lot of news things in the mlb and are pretty fair about being mean to every team.

also, about the new relief pitcher we picked up from texas, they designated him for assignment i assume to make room for the guys they are going around acquiring. he seems like a bit of a career minor leaguer but put up pretty good numbers for texas this year. the reason we probably picked him up is he keeps lefties to a sub-.200 avg. also, is anyone else worried about foulke’s back making him miss his rehab stint with pawsox sunday?

for what it’s worth, we are 35-10 on the season when neither ‘ez brother’ enters the game and we are under .500 when either one comes in.

Well, good thing I didn’t place any bets on that 1,500-1 chance of Theo actually pulling off a move over night. This better be one **** of a deal he is cooking up if it’s taking this long to finalize. If I find out by 4PM that all we did was aquire another minor league pitcher for a AA prospect I will have lost a lot of respect for Theo.

Clevedland has been pretty bad lately and their pitching has been terrible. They still have some thump in their bats, but just traded away Belliard which is favorable for us. The Sox have to remember that Paul Byrd is NOT Cy Young. They always have trouble hitting him.

From ESPN.com
“Lowell in a three-way deal?

Jul 31 – The Red Sox are working a pair of three-team deals involving third baseman Mike Lowell, two Boston newspapers report.

According to The Boston Globe, the Red Sox are discussing a deal with Tampa Bay and San Diego that would bring Devil Rays infielder Julio Lugo and Padres setup man Scott Linebrink to Boston, with Lowell going to the Padres. The Devil Rays presumably would get prospects from one or both clubs.

The Boston Herald reports the Red Sox are attempting to strike a three-way deal with the Rockies and Padres. Boston would acquire Colorado first baseman Ryan Shealy and a starter.”

Lowell for lugo and a set up man, Who plays 3rd/1st (Youk gets one or the other) I know Lugo’s played short and 2nd, but the corners are completely different…

the Padres/col. deal seems better, depending on who the starter is of course, a 1st basean and a career 320 hitter with a 398 OBP, but he’s only had 9 ab’s this season in only 5 games, anyone know anything. actually now that i look further only 100 career at bats? anyone know anyhting about this guy, he’s 27, he another career minor leaguer

Bad, bad, bad move if it is made. This defense if the best in baseball and has saved the Sox too many runs to even count. Lowell is close to .300 and has far exceeded his offensive projections. The Yankees just bolstered their lineup and the Sox would think about getting rid of a veteran gold glove 3rd baseman for a slumping middle reliever and a AAA average 1st basemen???
Lugo would make sense, but only if they agreed to an extension before the deal. He is a free agent at the end of the year.

I really hope the Sox do not make this deal.

I read that Clemens is regretting not signing with Boston. The only problem is that he doesn’t want to ask for a trade since he held Houston hostage all year long. The Astros don’t want to make the trade because they don’t want their fans to think they are giving up on them. It sounds like if either side would agree to take the “pie in the face” and admit they were wrong, they might actually trade him.

Odds of that actually happening– negative 5%.

MLB.com needs to stop playing with my emotions like this. Last night’s “Red Sox notes” states that Mike Lowell and Coco Crisp were both assured that they aren’t being traded. What a mistake if the FO actually makes this move. My stomach is going to turn until 4pm today. Really makes for a pretty crappy Monday.

If Mike Lowell gets traded and we don’t get a solid 3rd/1st baseman in return as well as a decent arm, Theo better re-rent that monkey suit he left in back in November and get out of town.

I don’t think I can wait 5 more hours.

If lowell is traded who plays 3rd base.

First of all thank you Jen for the kind words on the previous post.

Ellen: You saying

“If you don’t like what Danielfagan says go back to Marks”, tells me that you dont understand the concept of public blogging very well. Everybody is welcome as long as they are civilized. If somebody should go, it is Fagan and you for supporting him.

And your “play it nice” posts dont come after Fagan’s uncultured rants. They come after somebody’s retaliation to his. Cant you see why your guys have a problem with him also.

You being on Mark’s blog is automatically asking for a little bit of a hard time, just like me blogging over here. That doesn’t entitle people to speak ill abt ur ethnicity, ur intelligence, ur mom, ur girlfriend and ur children like Fagan does.

Why is Theo so fond of these National League relievers. Didn’t we get the Ez bros from NL and we know how they st inked in AL. And now he wants to add one more from NL.

morning Kevin, Jen and Kumar. Hope Theo burns you farm to counter the yankee moves. Its always the case, isn’t it? We run and u run behind us.

I think everyone is getting a little reactionary now because of the yankee’s big move, however, I still trust Theo’s judgement. I mean, c’mon, in 2004, who in their right mind would have thought that Theo, the young hot shot GM would have the balls to trade Nomar. Yeah, he’d been hurt a lot, but Nomar was still the face of the Red Sox (Coupled with pedro of course). He trades Nomar, Varitek punches A-rod, Mueller hits a walk off off of Mo, and we make a run at the World Series. Sometimes to get good players, you have to give up good players. I’ve heard Lowell might be packaged in a deal for Soriano. Personally, I have to like that deal. Soriano brings more pop than lowell does. He might not be as professional, but he’s still a solid player. I think Theo has to do something at the deadline, whether it be a blockbuster or something small to help this team out. Our team this year is pretty battered, and we have to stop relying on Foulke or Wells to automatically return to their dominant form when not having pitched at all this year really. Its just not logical. We lost out on our bid for Rheal Cormier, who happened to be one of the best relievers on the market, so I’m sure that Theo is working hard to get another reliever.
Plus, we all have to come to the understanding that nobody wants Seanez or Tavarez. These guys are jokes. So with 4 hours left, I’m sure Theo will do something. Remember, the 2004 trade was made in the 11th hour, and its not like Theo to go public with his rumors. So honestly, we have no clue what Theo is doing right now. Whatever he does, I’ll trust him. He knows how to win, we must not forget that. He’s built a sox team that has made the playoffs 3 years in a row now for the first time in team history. We are making a run for our 4th consecutive. He built a team that won the first world series in 86 years. He Signed one the best hitters we’ve seen in a decade in David Ortiz, when nobody wanted him. Can you imagine our team without ortiz? He brought us Schilling and Beckett. Trusted Papelbon. Saw the Potential in Alex Gonzalez and Gave Mike Lowell a chance. Please, this guy is not an idiot and we would be sunk without him being our GM. Thats the Bottom line. Lets just sit back and wait to see what he does.

4 hours 16 minutes until i throw a personal party

Red Soc were offered to trade Coco Crisp, Jon Lester, and Craig Hanson for Andruw Jones.

Sox would not do it. They are still talking.

Can Andruw Jones pitch??

Exactly sweetheart, my thoughts exactly. He can’t pitch. We need *******’ pitching! And they’d be fools to get rid of Lester and Hansen. Coco too, but I’m still stuck on the pitchers.

Also, I apologize for my hiatus from the blog. I’ve been super busy the last couple of days..Last couple days at work, Went to the Dodgers vs. Nationals game on Saturday, and was driving all afternoon to huntington beach yesterday..so once again sorry for dissapearing.

And that Andruw Jones trade would be stupid. I think Jon Lester can really be a great pitcher if the sox keep him. I’m really not all that sold on Craig Hansen. It seems like everytime he comes to the bigs, he can’t throw his slider. He won’t make it being a fastball pitcher. As for coco, I really hope they don’t trade him. I don’t think people fully understand what a hand injury does to a baseball player. You completely lose your timing. A broken hand is what made me have to stop playing baseball. A couple years ago I was a back to back all star second basemen. Consistantly batting around .450. I was asked to play Left Field for one inning to give a kid a chance to play second. That inning I dove for ball and broke the bone connecting to my pinky in my glove hand. Was off for 3 months, came back and batted .250 with 1 RBI (A sac fly) the next season. I had completely lost my timing. I think if we give coco a chance to play out this season and regain his form again in hte offseason, he can be a stud. We shouldnt give up on him so quickly. That would be stupid. I’d rather trade Wily Mo than Coco. I personally believe Coco has more upside to him.

unfortunately i agree with you muffin, hence why i boldly predicted crisp would have a much better 2nd half while youk gonzalez lowell and nixon would struggle….btw that story just made me cringe

carolina: I agree with you regarding Lowell. I know we need to strengthen the pitching staff, but, not Lowell, he’s saved us so many runs at the corner, and his bat has been strongly consistent.. Oh!! 4pm please coem and go, and leave us mikey.

ellen would you really be content with doing absolutely nothing after the yankees got a starter and a star outfielder?

Honey, you are more than welcome for my input on the previous post. I was still up (even though I told myself I needed to go to bed, and now I’m paying for it!) and I saw what Ellen had written. I just thought it was unnecessary, especially when you and Vince seem to be two of the most civil Yankee fans I’ve ever met. I like you two, so I’d be pretty mad if you guys left.πŸ˜› Look at me, never thought I’d stick up for a Yankee fan over a RS fan, but eh. What can I say? You won me over.πŸ˜‰

excellent, I think somewhere, right now **** froze over…But I’ll take it.

Red Sox offered Crisp to White Sox for Buehrle. It was rejected.

Sox are offering Crisp to anyone.

from the other blog

ok brb till 2 when the trade deadline special is on espn

I agree with Crisp having an upside, but I don’t think he has enough to be the long term CF for a team like the redsox or the yankees. He is an above average CF. Not good enough to play in Newyork or Boston for a long time.

Ellen, you can call me Jen. And I hope there aren’t any hard feelings. I just didn’t like anything Daniel said and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Anyone who could even think to defend anything he has to say, well, I’ll just leave it alone. Hopefully, it’s done and over with.

Vince, what’s up baby? **** froze over, huh?

Yankeevmm: Yeah, that story has some Irony to it too. I hated playing the outfield so much and the coach told me right before I went out of the dugout “One Inning of the outfield won’t hurt you”..haha, I think I will always remember those words..haha.

But yeah, Like I said, I think Coco has tremendous upside. More so then Wily mo. To me Coco is just more of an electric player. As for him not having enough to be a long term CF For a big market team like the Sox or yanks, I just think its too early to make any predictions like that. But we’ll see, I’m just not sold on Wily Mo. I see that he has raw power, but raw power doesnt always translate into success. But maybe I’m blind and am not seeing something that everyone else does..

hello jen my love, just waiting for the redsox to hopefully do nothing…and urself?

crisp at the very least is very solid on offense..he showed some pop at the jake too. haha yeah coach’s can be silly sometimes. I used to dread the outfield too, then i developed some issues with stopping fly balls once they hit the ground from getting passed me (didn’t get my glove down), so they took advantage of my arm and put me at third, before they realized my reaction and my glove was better and more accurate than my arm so i finished playing first, which i enjoyed the most

my best play at first was runner on first 1 out…kid hits a bloop to shortstop (headed towards the outfield right over 2nd base) my shortstop catches it, the kid on first was trying to go to 2nd, my shortstop makes a desperation throw to double him up….the ball hits the dirt, rolls in between the runner’s legs and i catch it with my thighs (i couldn’t see the ball once it went through his legs) The ump laughed for a second and then said “you have to show me the ball” so i promptly pulled the ball out of my thighs, showed it to him and went to the dugout.

I’m sitting at work, pretending like I’m working hard. Got the post up on one screen and the trade info up on another. Not like Theo’s gonna announce anything before 4 anyway, but hey, who knows. I just don’t want to see Mike go anywhere.

Mike lowell to the royals for reggie sanders, doug mientkevwitz and cash.

i love how the royals and pirates, supposedly two of the biggest traders at the deadline….have done NOTHING.

Hahaha, I love when baseball produces quirky plays like that. That must have been funny to witness.
I can remember 3 plays taht stand out in my mind. One, play the batter hits a frozen rope line drive down the first base line. The RF has to go into the corner to get it, i come out for the cutoff, mind you, i was pretty far in the outfield, I take the cutoff, take a quick turn, and throw a perfect strike to third and the dude gets tagged out trying to get a triple. Other than that, I’ve been involved in 2 triple plays. One was just a great circumstance, runners on 1st and 2nd, they try for the double steal, batter lines out to short, who backhands it to me, and i throw to 1st to complete the triple play. The other one was just poor baserunning by the other team and we ended up getting one. Our LF caught it, He threw it to the 3rd basemen to double up the runner there, and for some reason the guy on second never got back, and our 3rd basemen threw it to me for the triple play. The funny thing was, the two triple plays came in two consecutive games. But yeah, I love thinking back on my baseball memories. I really miss playing it. Its such a great game.

Hey Vince, sweetheart, don’t break my heart. I really hope you’re joking.

Or, were you just making a statement. Better have been or I’ll come to FL and kick your butt. ;-P

Hey Vince, are you on that sportsnation thing on espn.com. The live chat with Rob Neyer? Its pretty interesting, and Buster Olney just announced the deal wiht the Braves. He said Andruw Jones to the Sox for Coco, Hansen, and a Prospect, but the Braves countered the offer, saying taht the prospect must be Jon Lester..

haha im just playing with u jen, but i welcome u to come to florida to kick my buttπŸ˜‰

haha yeah muffin those plays are more complex than any team i ever played on could pull off…i also once won a game by tagging up on an infield fly…the 2nd baseman was backing up to the fringe of the outfield and without my 3rd base coach i tagged up and knew if i got a good enough jump and took him by surprise i would score…needless to say i took off without hesitation and his throw was high enough that i was able to get underneith it….that was pretty sweet i was called “the flash” for the rest of the season.

Vince, don’t play. I will come down there. You’d just better be at the airport to pick my butt up, ’cause I’m not walking.

no i’m not in there i’m just gonna wait till espn has the deadline special in 18 minutes….my good friend (huge sox fan) just called up to tell me jones and smoltz to the redsox for crisp delcarmen hanson and a prospect….i think he was joking to see how i’d react though

haha yeah no problem jen, i’ll pick u up at west palm beach airport so u can kick my butt lol

you gonna let me kick your butt in public?πŸ˜‰

public, private, whenever you feel like producing butt kickery, it’s your call, the entire state worships me so they won’t care.

Yeah, I dont see the sox giving up Hansen and Delcarmen, plus Delcarmen is hurt right now, but yeah, only two hours left..and still no word from the sox front office…

In the late conversations with the redsox and nationals for soriano, the following is a documented transcript of their conversation:

Theo: uhh jim, help me out, yankees just got better, i need soriano so I won’t get attacked.

Jim: ok Theo what will you offer?

Theo: Umm, loretta, my monkey suit and then I can trade a disabled A prospect to san diego for Josh Bard and give him to you too.

Jim: how about Manny and Ortiz?

Theo: umm, no?

Jim: ok ok maybe that isn’t fair…how about manny ortiz and schilling

Theo: I’ll try for lugo, thanks.


the entire state worships you, huh?πŸ˜› Sexy.

yeah, that’s how i roll…it’s that magnetic personality and boyish good looks, you know?

Vince, that was priceless dialog. I’m gonna have to cut and paste that to my email so I can save that one.

Hahaha, nice one vince..

The sox should trade with the pads more often..I mean, talk about milking hte padres for players..Loretta for Mirabelli? What were hte padres thinking? And then Bard for Mirabelli..I mean, heck, why not Peavy for Matt Clement? Or Peavy for Seanez..I’m sure the Pads would bite on fast…lol

haahah it’s funny cause i posted that on the yankee blog, viewing it more as mocking both epstein (in hindsight i’m more complimenting him for ripping off the padres) than bowden….nothing.

yeah that’s why the chris young rumors actually scare me, because i think kevin towers goes home to his big papi poster and makes sweet love to it at night

ahhh, *sigh*, you’ve swept me off of my feet with that magnetic personality. Haven’t seen the boyish good looks, though. *swoon swoon* Is that how it goes?πŸ˜‰

generally yeah…though if this were in person i’d prob need body guards to protect me from the women jumping out of everywhere to get to me

astros gm demands lidge be traded before the deadline….redsox all over the place, rumors on tejada oswalt soriano and andruw jones…olney expects redsox to answer to the yankees.

you’re too much.

….danica patrick once hit on me and i told her she wasn’t fast enough…..haha sorry this blog was too quiet

rick sutcliffe is at fenway he is about to bring the latest on espn’s trade deadline special

okay, okay, okay, hahaha.πŸ˜›

C’mon Ricky, bring me some good news.

the redsox PLAYERS feel they need to fire back…sutcliffe feels they need to get soriano to get back at the damon situation…but the talk around fenway was andruw jones

From what Rick Sutcliffe is saying..The Sox are going to make a big move..And I think if the sox can convince the braves not to take lester..Andruw Jones is a Red Sox

For the past week, I can’t remember any one of the rumors that have been floating around to come to fruition. Sure, they got the Abreu/Lidle deal correct, but that was after a week of specualtion that they were going to the Sox amoung other places.
Now, with 2 hours left these guys like Buster Olney expect us to believe theses rumors. Hey maybe some are true, but I’ve got to think that most are not.

Wasn’t it last Monday that Tim Kirkjian reported that Soriano was “real close” to be heading to the White Sox?

Andrew Jones would be a great addition. Any time that would be a great move. But how exactly does that help our pitching need? Giving up Hansen I could even see, depending on the length Jones has left on his contract.

It sounds like Drayton McClane will take one of the Ez boys for Lidge. I mean, how does a team expect to get value for a player when the word is out that it is demanded that he be traded?

Here’s what I would like to happen.

Lidge for Either of the Ez boys.

Hansen, Coco and prospect for Jones.

Loretta for Lugo (as long as Lugo signs and extension.)

While we’re at it, throw in Carlos Zambrano and Aramis Ramirez for Lowell.

I mean, I can not wait until 4PM so all this will be over and I can get back to work.

I agree Kevin. They traded Abreu to almost everybody that needed a good bat and obviously one of them came true.

lol if twins get soriano and redsox stand pat….when even the sox players feel like they can’t win without a move….you guys can have fun watching the yankees in the playoffs.

Yeah, after The Sutcliffe conversation..I cannot see Theo NOT making a move. As Long as Lester, Delcarmen, and Papelbon stay, I want Andruw Jones…How can you not like this guy patrolling center? I predict Theo makes 2-3 moves in the next 90 minutes..Jones, Lidge, and Another Reliever..

If Theo makes 2 or 3 moves in 90 minutes, they’ll be moves u’ll remember for the next 90 years.

i doubt it…remember, chipper is on the dl, braves aren’t that far out of the race…delcarmen has to stay cause hes hurt, if i am the braves, fully knowing redsox need a guy like jones, i **** them in this deal…lowell, crisp hansen and a prospect and i’d settle for nothing less. Lidge has a lot of guys looking for him, what are u gonna give them for lidge? not seanez or tavarez, astros are trying to get a better reliver, those two guys dont even have the history behind them to get lidge.

I really like the Jones deal. The Braves made a counter offer of getting Lester in which case i dont think is worth it. I think Hansen is more expandble than Lester because of Delcarmen. Muffinman i agree that the Red Sox will make a few trades by the dealine.

****, they can have both the Ex boys for all I care. I know what you mean, though. I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done today. I’m going to have to make some stuff up to account for my time at work today.πŸ˜›

hahah what is ur job jen? besides making me like u?

lidge is back to “not being available” i don’t think the astros know what they want

There is something u can report Jen. Spent 3 hrs making Vince like you.

hahah vik….yeah jen if ur boss is from florida, NJ, NY or CT she will prob give u a promotion.

I work at a law firm. Aww, how sweet, pumpkin, you’ve made me like you too.

Actually Yankee both of the EZ brothers have a history in the NL where Seanez had a low 2 era last year and Tavarez was a smei dominant relief pitcher for the Cardinals. I really dont blame them, there are just some people that are made for the NL and i think that they are two of them.

smei= semi

Nah, he liked me way before 3 hours ago.πŸ˜‰

yeah well lidge has a career of closing and postseason (albeit not successful) experience…taverez and seanez have both not closed, and tavarez postseason history is just as bad…maybe if u give up both of them i can see it, but ur not getting lidge for one of them…not a chance

Actually, my boss is from FL. But I wouldn’t count on the promotion just yet.

haha jen work in a law firm as a lawyer or some sort of law firm assistance? my sister’s a lawyer, but not in a law firm

haha that’s ironic, yeah he may not be part of my exclusive ring of social status yet anyway

No, but I’d pay them both to leave if we could get Lidge.

Listening to ESPN radio right now, they are about to interview Brad Lidge. That has to be awkward.
Who knows though Vik. Right now this is exactly like a game of poker. You have less than an hour left. Maybe everyone is afraid to pony up for Lidge and the Sox could get away with Tavarez. Houston has completely given up on Lidge and Tavarez has been a decent NL pitcher.

If the Sox do not make a move in the next hour I might possibly get fired from work with the childish tantrum I am ready to throw.

Ya there is no chance that the Astros would be stupid enough to take on eof them but I agree if we package both of them then it should work.

Hey Jen..Whats life in the firm like? I’m going to school to become a lawyer..right now its undergraduate..Poli Sci with concentration in pre-law..

i’m vince, yankeeindian is vik haha, we should prob not have similar names and be the only two yankee fans in this blog

The Astros are holding a pair of Jacks, the Sox are holding a 3,9 off suit in Tavarez right now. Maybe the bluff will work.

muffin where are u undergraduate?

My bad vince. I thought I saw Vik here earlier and didn’t notice it was you instead.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo..Its the number 1 engineering school in the country..but its College of Liberal Arts is shadowed by the engineering programs, and hte liberal arts college happens to be one of hte best in California, plus most of my classes are like 30 students big..so I figured, private school class sizes and public school price..cant beat that..lol

haha jeez u act like the first 6 letters in our email’s are the same

i dont know if this has been said already, but ive heard andrew jones and roy oswalt could be coming here

haha sometimes i wish my school had bigger class sizes…my class sizes are generally around 20 like hs would be (quinnipiac university in ct…broadcast journalism) but it is a private school, nationally ranked in communications (thank you ed macmahon) and health science….private school costs though…it is rough.

GSR: You never know. But chances are its going to be bad for redsox if they do it hastily. A hasty trascation is always a loss to the desperate party. From the looks of it Redsox are the desperate party here. If I were you I’d rather bite the bullet than make a hasty trade that will haunt me for a long time.

and jones would be a serious upgrade over coco in center, both offensively and defensively

Yeah, I was going to go to a private school..Hillsdale College in Hillsdale Michigan, but since I live in CA, it was a stretch to go that far from home, especially since I want to go to law school back east..So I figured, Id go cheap for undergrand, and shell out the big bucks for Law School..

yeah right, in less thna 2 hours u all honestly feel epstein is going to get 3 high priced guys to fill all three of ur team’s holes? come on now.

Life in the firm is good. Great benefits, and good people to work with (for the most part). I can do pretty much whatever I want to do (within reason). I’m definitely not a lawyer, though. If you have the right desire to want to be a lawyer, I tip my (Boston) hat to ya. That’s just not my cup of tea, though. I’d like to eventually teach preschool or kindergarten.
Don’t worry, GSR, I’ve already thrown the childish temper tantrum in the privacy of my own office in the form of an email to my sister. I’m not sure how much more she’ll take from me. ;-P Vince, you may be getting “venting” emails from me shortly.

Muffinman: I could be wrong but aren’t MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley the top three engg schools in the country?

good plan muffin…where do u want to go to law school?

I went to a private school as well – I loved it because it was so small.

For the 13th year in a row, Cal Poly has been rated the best public-master’s university in the West by U.S. News & World Report, in its 2006 America’s Best Colleges guidebook.

U.S. News also names β€œprograms to look for,” defined as β€œoutstanding examples of academic programs that are believed to lead to student success.” Cal Poly is recognized as a leader in internships/co-ops.

Also earning a top spot in the magazine’s Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs – for schools whose highest degree is a bachelor’s or master’s – Cal Poly’s College of Engineering tied with the U.S. Military and U.S. Naval academies as the No. 1 program at a public school.

In 2004, Cal Poly’s architecture program was rated as the No. 3 architecture school in the nation by the leading architecture and engineering journal DesignIntelligence. Read more.

Cal Poly’s Sustainable Environments program won top national honors this year for “ecological literacy” from the American Institute of Architects. Read more.

Im all proud that you all go to school and everything but this is a baseball blog nearing the trading deadline, and our team might make a few moves. I really dont mean to be rude or anything and Im sorry if it comes across like I am.

I should have clarified..I guess the number 1 ranking was a little more specific..but I still would go to MIT if i was an engineer..I knew a bunch of kids who got into Cal Poly but not MIT or Stanford..

As for Law school..I want to go to either Georgetown or George Washington..I want to Be a Constitutional Lawyer and figured DC might be a good place to study..haha

Everyone, I’ll be back in 30. Got some stuff to take care of.

Gosox101: sorry about our little tangent..The baseball trading line has been treading water for like 15-20 minutes now..so I didnt feel like posting anything that had alread been posted..sorry about the tangent though..I will help keep us updated though as hte line approaches

OK, one hour and 5 minutes left and nothing promising on trade front.
Vince is right. I’d be shocked if that, after 2 weeks of nothing, we are going to see more than 1 major move happen in the next hour.

aha all my redsox friends calling me to ask about trades….jen if u send me venting emails i will be ECSTATIC.

georgetown is a great law school, my sister applied there and kinda got screwed over (the spot she would have gotten was between her and her interviewer’s neighbor…u do the math)

but georgetown is pretty sweet…didn’t matter anyway, she is still an ADA

i think the lugo linebrink deal is prob ur best bet…though i wouldnt rule jones out

Steve Phillips says the Dodgers are front runners in Soriano and Maddux

Oswalt for Tejada..then Oswalt to the mets for lastings milledge and prospects is being talked about..

Sox are on the verge of landing Kips Wells.

redsox close to completing a deal for kip wells…..hahahahahaah

tejada told he will not be traded.

According to Buster Olney..The Sox are close to completing a deal for Kip Wells

Haha, All three of us said the same thing at the same time..

Count me among those who think that Theo will do something fairly significant. It’s going to go down to the buzzer, but i’d be surprised if this team does not improve by the end of the day.

boy no offense, but u guys get someone like wells and thats it? you are pasting rotation together..





wells/wells (whoever stays healthy)?

ian you are ruining my day, stop it….i can’t help but have memories of the nomar deal 5 minutes before the deadline…

Hey Ian…were you aware of the “team grumblings” in the clubhouse last night? I think it was Rick Sutcliffe who said that, I dunno, if you heard anything from the players?

Ian very nice to see you again man.

Brad Lidge will not be traded according to Jayson Stark…Oswalt will only be moved if Tejada is involved

Lets go Theo lets go!!

Kip Wells…???? Didn’t he just come off the DL????

yes he did, much like david wells…duaner sanchez got in a car accident and seperated his shoulder, which lead to hernandez and perez to the mets for nady

the diff is wells was out for more than a year…8 starts 1 win.

This is getting frustrating.
Ian, hook us up, what is your insider gut feeling?

lol calm down kevin, ur a sox fan u should be familiar with insane amounts of patience.

espn2 is virtually a useless channel, nothing but redneck or non watched sports on it…reminds me of mtv

Speaking of which, did anyone see that Sportscenter wasted close to 10 minutes on a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament?
Seriously….they did a piece on Rock, Paper, Scissors.

I was having trouble getting to sleep last night, but that piece was just like taking a bottle of Nyquil.

“probability on jones is very low now”…though possible after the deadline through waivers

kevin in an attempt to see trade deadline rumors, i watched that freaken tournaments 5 times.

I saw a darts tournament on yesterday and the announcers were screaming like it was an Areana League Football game. Ridiculous.

I almost didn’t watch Entourage last night because I wanted to see if any moves were made.

Poker, Domino, Darts, eating, rock paper scissors. What next world series of f arting?

is there any station covering the deadline right now? outside the lines seems like it is about to change gears

If anyone was getting excited about Kip Wells, I think I saw his record is 20 games under .500 with and ERA over 5.00. Granted the Pirates have been a terrible team, but this record and ERA is in the National League. If this happens, I hope this isn’t the blockbuster they’ve been hyping all day.

the espnnews channel is. In MA the channel is 248.

so it is not on basic cable?

Hey everyone, I’m back. I had to sign myself up for some pre-tax insurance.πŸ™‚ Though, I could have used the accident insurance this past weekend, since dummy me had a confrontation with the asphalt on Saturday.πŸ˜› Nothing serious, just a scrape on my knee. :-\

Ahhh, 11 minutes to go!!!!

Vince, I’ll definitely send you some venting emails. Be on the lookout.

9 minutes to go. What’s the over under for number of deals Theo makes in the next 9 minutes?
I say 2.

wait saying jones goes through waivers is insane because then they get nothing for him…huge mistake they wouldn’t do that.

Jen: Is 82 ur yr of birth. I think so.

lol i’m waiting jen..kip wells just reported to texas

I was about to ask how you knew that. But yes, it is.πŸ˜›

Yankee it is not on basic cable.

And how did u say u came up with that screen name?

shawn chacon traded to pirates, player return not named yet

ur much younger than i expected jen…already married? ur a year older than one of my sisters…though shes getting engaged this year so it’s not a big stretch i guess.

I’m a big UNC-Chapel Hill fan. Nothing spectacular.πŸ™‚

Does my age change how you feel about me, Vince?πŸ˜‰

I don’t know what’s worse. Getting released or traded to the Pirates. I’d rather get released.

P.S. Check your inbox.

stairs traded, don’t know for who

haha nothing can change that jen

Well it’s 4:00. Deadline here, but hot list on espn has nothing new.

You guys got Craig Wilson for Chacon.

Oh good, ’cause I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

Craig Wilson was the other player in the Yankees/Pirates trade.

haha so we got our first baseman starter and outfielder…ill take it…no torres i’m surprised…..haha wow jen a vent AND quotes..sweet

Wow, Im depressed

Lets hope we hear something as the dust settles

If not, Theo will have to answer some questions..

Um….what just happened???
Did I just spend my day wondering how the Sox were going to better themselves only to find out the best deal they were going to make occured last night by means of aquiring Brian Corey?

Thanks for absolutely nothing Theo.

Remind me not to ever listen to anything Buster Olney, Tim Kirkjian, or Jason Stark ever say again.
I wish Peter Gammons was doing well. He would have had some correct updates.

These ****** just basically threw names out there the whole week.

If I heard one more person guarantee me that Alphonso Soriano was going to be traded I would go crazy.

Nice job baseball “Experts”

Yeah, those quotes are my signature.πŸ˜› thought you might like those. you’d better reply too.πŸ˜‰

lol kevin it’s not over yet…some things may not have been announced yet

gosoxred, you may want to hold off on your venting, because as the dust settles in the next hour or two, I am sure 3-6 more trades will appear.

maddox to dodgers

Yeah, I figured as much. People have to finalize numbers and such.

I can’t believe the blacked out mor.ons

linebrink to mets….there goes the redsox hopes, redsox still talking about jones and lester still the holdup

Yeah, lets be logical here..if the sox are doing a blockbuster, wait till like 8 to hear the announcement..

NO, lester can’t go anywhere. DAMMIT! There shouldn’t be any *******’ holdup there.

ummmmm prosportsdaily claism cabrera and cano to the A’s for zito…i think ill shoot myself if that ever became a reality….cano is on the DL though so that has to be a lie

why do they not want to announce until, when the deadline for filing the paperwork is 4. Why not report a done deal? Is this a suspense movie or something?

No way they should include Lester. Prospects like this only come along once in a while. You can’t roll the dice on the hopes of aquiring a top starter via free agency.
Zito is more than likely going to NY, Schmidt will be staying on the West Coast from what I’ve heard.

If it means not being able to get Jones, then so be it.

Lugo to Dodgers for 2 minor leaguers

Unbelievable. Every person that the “experts” have talked about the Sox getting this week has been traded already.
Just what exactly are we waiting on now?

Lugo to dodgers. Another player rumored to the sox, with another team.

Either the trade involving Jones is being hammered out right now or it was too complex to nail down so quickly.

Yep, I’d love to think it could happen. The only thing is, if they did get Jones, I hope there is another deal that we haven’t heard about that includes some pitching.

as i understood, we were never in line to directly receive lugo, but we were “going” to work out a multi-team deal involving him but bringing us pitching

Kevin: May be you should just trade Theo and a couple of prospects for a better GM.

No chance on that. Linebrink just went to the Muts for Perez

Gotta hand it to Minaya. He sure has been one shrewd customer today.

Ryan Shealy of COL to KC for Affeldt and Bautista

As much as I expected a blockbuster deal with the sox (still not entirely out of the equation), you can’t really be disappointed with Theo. He has made some risky but rewarding moves, and has built a great farm system. Things could be worse.

yeah, mets made some killer moves, though with duaner sanchez gone out of nowhere they sort of had to

The good part in all this is that the Sox kept their solid infield.
By the way, just how stupid are the Pirates??

Trading a guy who was going to be a free agent to the Yankees and taking on a guy with a sizable contract.

The Yankees got another steal on this one. Why can’t our GM make deals like this?

Confirmed. Soriano will not be traded.

True, I am being too hard on Theo. He has built our farm system to be real good for years to come. That, I give him all the credit in world for. I just was hoping some of that talent could have been used to get something half way decent. The Yankees are 1/2 game out. On paper a team that is tied with another is just as good as them. If one were to use that logic, wouldn’t one think the Yanks are now better since they just picked up 2 decent hitters and a pitcher that has only pitched less than 6 innings once this year?

As a Yankee fan, I am just happy with our moves, as we addressed some issues. I don’t think moves were necessarily a priority for the Sox. I do feel, however, that the Sox probably should have acquired at least a dependable second tier pitching talent to bolster that staff and help protect their kids (Lester et al.) I guess Theo feels he can win this year with his kiddie corp. Time will tell.

lieber must have decided before the game today that he didn’t want to get traded

Judging by the way he pitched, I’d say you were right lol

“After conferring with GM Theo Epstein, Red Sox manager Terry Francona said “nothing has happened and he doesn’t foresee anything happening.”

This is from the DirtDogs website.

I agree. The yanks made some good moves. I’m not sold on the KKKKK king Craig Wilson. As for the Sox, I don’t think they were desperate to make a move. A solid 7 inning guy could have nice, or a fourth starter, but other than that I think they wil be fine.

But do they have enough to win it all Ashley? That is what I question, considering all that is going on around them in the AL

I would have like to see some kind of relief pitcher. I think we can platoon our way through the starting rotation and get through the regular season fine, so I am glad we didn’t sell the farm to rent a starter for a couple months. It just turns my stomach that Theo couldn’t do something to fix the Tavarez/Seanez dependency.

I think redsox needed another solid arm (esp with delcarmen a? and hanson struggling…and the ez twins), a pitcher def (wells will fail u, i promise…clement will never be effective this year…wake currently injured…foulke is a ?)

i think you guys are relying on too much going in ur favor in the 2nd half like it did in the first half

I thiink they have enough to make the playoffs. Lester has been great so far and is showing improvement even. Wells and Wakefield cann hold down the back end of the rotation, and Schill and Beckett are on pace for 18-20 win seasons. Defense has been key and by not making moves, that stays in tact, and as for the injury to Trot, Pena I think will fit in fine, especially wit consistent AB’s. This being said in the Playoffs you only really need a 1,2 starting punch and a 3 guy who will kepp you in the game which lester, wells, or wake could do. I’m content with the sox lineup.

To all, especially yankeeindian: I was in the middle of preparing dinner (meatloaf, mashies, and green beans, oh gravy for the taters) and couldn’t go any further without doing this.
Please, if have offended anyone, I apologize. It’s not my place to chastize anyone, I know that you were all justifiably defending your selves. CLEAN SLATE?? Instead of being hall monitor, I’ll just go back to being Welcome Wagon Hostess and the Optimistic Cheerleader. hopefully you can find your way clear to do this. Ellen.

Yea a seventh inning guy would have been nice. I can’t even make an good argument for Saenez/ Tavarez fiasco.

ashley and how do u exactly expect them to get to the playoffs? Tigers are in, somebody from the west is in, that leaves u beating either the twins or the yankees, the yankees who were a half game out, got three players at the deadline and expect three all stars back from injury as opposed to wells who got blown up in two starts this year and is old with a bad back and foulke who got blown up all of last year and lost his closers role this year? wakefield who has a losing record too….so who are u exactly beating?

Ian just posted a new blog. According to him there will be NO DEALS>!!!!:(

Foulke will not be back. He had to back out of his latest outing after pitching one inning. Clement will not be back. He hasn’t thrown off a mound yet. Delcarmen is on the DL with an arm injury. Didn’t Ian’s article on him mention Tommy John surgery in his past? That doesn’t sound promising.
Wells is a question mark, Snyder hasn’t gotten past the 5th inning yet. Wake is out another 3 weeks at least.

Yes we have the makeup to do well in a 4 game series assuming Beckett reverts back to his playoff ways from way back in 03. The problem is, are we going to be able to hold on and get there? I think the lineup will be fine. It’s done fine all year and I actually think Wily Mo will be an upgrade over Trot. Sure he’s going to strike out a ton, but Trot hasn’t done much more than pop up in the last month. He’s down 40 points since just before the break.

It really would have been nice to add an arm or two.

But maybe, no trade is better than a BAD trade, and we still have our farm system in tact. But what to do with the EZ’s???? Maybe we could GIVE some team the 2 boxes of balls along with them. Then we could hold a lottery every time they were going to be used. Some fan in the stands would come in and pitch in their place(s). COULDN’T DO MUCH WORSE, ya think??

We had apparently been front runners for Cormier and a couple other guys that seemed like they could be a solid second setup man, but it seems like every pitcher we were rumored to be looking at has gone to the Mets/Reds. All getting Corey did was give us another lefty specialist, but as it is our only lefty specialist is in the Minors for a while anyway. I guess Theo is just planning for the roster expansion and holding his breath through August?

Since it looks like nothing will be forthcoming from the F.O., what does everyone think of our series with The Indians?? With all the trade talk, I haven’t even thought much about tonights game…. or anything else for that matter.

I’m off to the gym to work off the frustration of knowing I’m going to have to watch the terrible EZ’ for the rest of the year.
Anyone want to place bets on how fat Wells looks tonight?

I’m hoping the Sox install a scale under the mound so we can get an actuall reading.

I’m guessing at least 270.

I think craig wilson was a waste of a trade. 8 K’s in some 200 AB’s. Second I have never been a big fan of Abreu. He walks a lot to boost his On Base percentage, and hasnt been the same power hitter since the home run derby. Randy Johnson is not dependable enough for me. As for all of your new and returning players, only nine can play at a time. so your bolstered bench, like most other benches do will be sitting most of the time. And if Lidle is going to save your old pitching staff it will be one **** of a process. So to answer your question, the team they will beat…..The Yankees.

88 K’s

good for ur farm team….but in three years we will have a brand new young pitching rotation of studs, continue having a solid infield with youth on the right side, tabada “the next manny, but with defense” will be in left, cabrera in center and abreu in right…damon in center every so often…that is a 35 and under outfeld with two bullpen will consist of two 31 yr olds, an early 20’s pitcherin brentcox, an ageless myers, and a dominting scott proctor, who will also be 31

Sure Ashley… Yeah I can see how these moves the Yankees made were complete ****. (Yawn) Just another objective Red Sox fan I guess

ahaha ashley u mean a 300 career hitter and 400 opb… (not just walks), he doesn’t impress u? how about his 30 steals per season or strong arm and solid glove?…a short porch in right and a pennant race and leavign philly should do wonders to his pop….craig wilson is an upgrade from phillips…and when our regulars come back that makes our lineup:

1. damon

2. jeter

3. giambi/wilson

4. sheffied/wilson

5. abreu

6. arod

7. matsui

8. posada

9. cano

yeah, i’m sure it wont produce any type of offense whatsoever. Wanna say shef wont ever come back like foulke? ok insert cabrera in there….please, wishful thinking on ur end just a little bit. We stuck with u till now and we improved and u did nothing…youk wont become any more non tired the longer he plays…wily mo will k enough for wilsonX3 and our bullpen is much more solid and healthy….u dont trust johnson? he is 11-8 and wake is 7-8 and on the DL…you also have a rookie who is finally getting lit up as ur 3 starter, 4 when wake comes back….and ur putting faith in a 43 year old overweight lefty who prides himself in not giving a **** about his team and not working out…have fun when it gets cold in beantown.

what is there to save about our pitching staff?

1. mussina better numbers than schilling (same wins, one less loss, lower era)

2. wang better numbers than beckett (1 win less 1 loss less an entire run better of era)

3. johnson better record than wake and healthy (11-8 as opposed to 7-8 and wake notoriously gets no run support)

4. lester vs lidle (lidle has gone at least 6 innings all but once this year, can u say that about lester?) lester pitches, IF he doesnt give up 5 runs (both home and away in his last two starts) the bullpen surely will going there so early…have fun with tavarez

5. wright vs ????ohh right wells, era in the 8’s and hasn’t pitched all year and the above mentioned credentials, take it from me from the ’03 ws, u dont trust wells when u need him most.

who’s staff needs to be saved again?

It is an opinion skull. As a sox fan i wouldn’t have wanted Abreu or Wilson. Maybe Lidle for the back end of the rotation, but that is it. Abreu is hitting a whole .277 and hasnt been the same in a year and a half. An Abreu of old I would take but not the one i have watched for the last year and a half. I have always felt Abreu was overrated. As for wilson I can’t stand guys who strike out all the time (recently A-Rod way to ruin a superstar). Has nothing to do with being objective, just stating opinions like everyone else on this blog.

Let’s talk in October, after you have booed Abreu out of New York too, because he isnt the same player he used to be. Randy Johnson has been lit up by the devil rays again. A-Rod is sitting in a hole because the fans ruined him and he can’t hit under pressure. Your power packed lineup is sitting at home counting their money.

yeah id rather see a rod get blown out than the rays then not dominate the redsox (5-0 last year and this year lower era than beckett vs the yankees)….the only one sitting home counting money right now is wakefield, ur 3 starter. a rod not the same player? he has over 20 hrs and is on pace for 100+ rbi in a DOWN year….ud love if we boo’d him out of ny but the fact of the matter is he won an mvp last year, nothing changed, next year he will be back all the eway till 2010 since that is when his contract is up then we can talk about a rod then…abreu will be an adrenaline shot…a rod can’t hit under pressure, he sure proved the opposite against the twins in the playoffs and while beating ur half player ortiz for mvp last year didnt he?

Ur right the yankees are sitting at home counting their money, it’s an off day..and yet we still got better than the redsox without veen playing a game….counting our money? u act like ur not the 2nd highest paid team in baseball, do u need 2004 broguth up again to speak about money? that is not a one way street.


Well, everyone, I’ll probably see you on here later tonight. I’m going to pack it up and head home now. take care. talk to everyone soon. Vince, I’m still waiting on that response.πŸ˜‰

lol jen it’ll come i promise

I’ll hold you to that.

Alright, love ya’ll, talk to you soon.

ohhh and have fun with trot nixon out for the season (SORRY ellen)…he tore his bicep, so ur favorite juicer is going to the 60 day dl

Vince: Why do u want to beat down on a dead snake. Let it go.

i don’t like infactual opinion

I know Vince. Just rubbing it in.

Infactual opinion = oxymoron. Good one yankee. ****.

OK, I’m really psyched that I get to watch two Sox games in a row. And I’m happy to see Wells pitching pretty well so far. But could we please have just ONE game without the announcers saying “Manny being Manny” for heaven’s sake?!?!? Can’t they think of something original?

That stinks that Trot is on the DL. From what I read, his bicep had been bothering him since June. Hopefully it’ll only be for 15 days.

Doesn’t look like Theo made any major moves, and I’m feeling OK about that. I like the philosophy that Francona said they were taking: don’t make trades just to make trades; make sure the trades you make actually improve the team. If they couldn’t work out a deal that would actually improve their chances, then don’t settle for a bad trade.

Anybody else notice that Dave Wallace is back in the dugout? I think I saw in there the last time I saw a game on TV, maybe a week or two ago. Glad to see he’s feeling better.

What is all the fuss about Abreu? He was an extraordinary player – two to three years ago. His batting average and home run totals are declining. He is a solid defensive outfielder and a threat on the basepaths, but he is no longer an all-star caliber player.

I’m glad the Red Sox did not hamstring their farm system and sacrifice the present and the future by giving up prospects for a marginal starter like Lieber, Lidle or Kip Wells. I would have traded Lester or Hansen – and/or a player like Crisp, Lowell or Loretta – only for an Andruw Jones, Roy Oswalt or Dontrelle Willis.

The Yankees made their moves because they had to. The Red Sox lineup is solid. We do need another starter, but Snyder’s outing is encouraging and it is too early to give up on Wells.

As I wrote in the other blog topic, perhaps we should go after Casey Fossum. He wouldn’t cost much and would be an ideal extra starter. I am confident the Sox will win the East, and I feel good about a post-season rotation of Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield (when he returns) and Lester. If he is not needed as a fourth starter in the playoffs, he would bolster the bullpen, or Wakefield could.

Regardless, there is no need to panic. The Sox are solid, and their chances of winning the East are good.

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