No Deal

At the end of the day, there was no deal that Theo Epstein felt comfortable making, so he didn’t make a knee-jerk reaction to the Yankees getting Bobby Abreu.

To me, this is proof that Epstein was not kidding when he said there might be a time when the organization might have to take a small step back in order to take a step forward for the long haul.

Obviously teams wanted Lester and the Red Sox weren’t going to part with him. Is this team good enough to win the World Series? Maybe, maybe not. Would they be guaranteed to win the World Series if they made a big deal? Of course not, and in that case, they might have suffered in future years as well.

This isn’t to say that i’m not surprised Theo didn’t make a deal. I am surprised that with all the movement  and deals that were made, the Red Sox didn’t make one, but that might, in the end, be the best thing. We’ll find out.

As for tonight, i wouldn’t be too worked up about Wells. He hasn’t pitched in two months. He’s rusty. This is the price you pay sometimes for bypassing a rehab start.



stupid, now we want even make the playoffs. How long will Ortiz and Manny last..and there’s Johnny Damon..Come on guys….you’ve blown this year period

Second-best record in baseball…as the team stands. Yeah, I think the Yankees are now the favorite for the division, but don’t get down and out a half-game up and with plenty of season to play.

The Red Sox needed a big deal to match the Yanks in order to keep with their rivals. The Yankees seemed to stregthen their team and the Red Sox didn’t do anything? The Sox needed a strong starter. Boston’s pitching seams real weak, and I can’t believe they are going to contend for a playoff spot with their pitching the way it is. Unreal. Guess we’ll kiss the 2006 playoffs good-bye.

So in October we’ll all be watching the Yankees and their talent that they bought (Abreu), play for trip to the World Series while the Red Sox sit and watch.

i dont know what theo was thinking. with the yankees adding abreu and lidle they are probably gonna win the division and unless liriano or santana get injured the twins are gonna win the wild card. the sox pitching (middle relief in particular) is not good enough to carry the team down the stretch. you cant rely on 2 people (papi and manny) to carry you to the playoffs.


We win a World Series in ’04, we knew that ’05 was a reach anyway, and now we’re all down on ’06? And the season isn’t even near over…

To those who say we need a bat: if batting coach Ron Jackson helped Pokey Reese go up in BA from the high .100s/low .200s to mid .200s I think we’re fine hitting-wise. Everybody goes through slumps and they’ll come around. We don’t need bats (how long will Ortiz and Manny last…longer than Damon will that’s for sure).

Pitching, I’ll agree wholeheartedly we need pitching, but tell me who was out there that didn’t require us to gut our farm system. In no way we can kiss the playoffs goodbye. Just cause they have Abreu doesn’t mean they’ll get anywhere in the playoffs. They need pitching as well and I’d rather have ours than what the Yankees have.

At least we have 2 aces (Schilling and Beckett) and 1 young pitcher (Lester), who while he may not have experience, has the ability to get better. Our middle relief may not be perfect, but the White Sox showed last season you can win a World Series with young starters and the Tigers this season have shown you can own the Central Division with young starters. Maybe we need better decisions being made on who should be brought up to pitch in middle relief, but nothing is a wash yet.

The Twins can’t keep hitting the way they have, the slumping White Sox will only be down for so long, and the Yankees can’t keep winning the way they have for so long either.

In the end, I’d be VERY SHOCKED if we’re not in the playoffs somehow this season.

In reference to what I said in my last post: we forget that the sport and its teams run in cycles of ups and downs. We’ve just been unique in how we’ve gone in those cycles.

Well there you have it, enjoy the half game lead, because in a matter of days the sox will be chasing the yankees instead of leading. Need someone remind Theo that we only have 2 that’s right 2 starters you can rely on, although the rookies are doing well, they are not proven for the long haul, Wells thats still a mystery, Clement & Wake totally up in the air, nobody wins the world series with a .400 winning percentage!NOBODY!

um pac, can i call u tupac?
You have two aces? and the yankees don’t?

Mussina has the same amount of wins as schilling with one less loss and a lower era

wang has one less win and loss than beckett with an entire run lower of era….umm what?

you would take ur pitching over the yankees? You might be clinically insane, or blind, one of the two…I mean feeling u do is one thing but saying the yankees don’t have aces when their top 2 are statistically better than urs (and can pitch on the road) is absurd.

johnson 11-8 wake 7-8-wake injured

lidle 6 innings or more all but one start, lester, well u know how deep into games he goes…wright compared to wells? hahahaha, ok.

come on i dont mind if u think ur team can make the polayoffs but let it be based on something factual.

The yankees just improved their team and stand to get 3 all stars back by september and u say we can’t keep winning? based on what? they can only improve from here barring anymore injuries.

Hey I’m new to this blog. I’ve been reading it for some time now, and wanted to join in on the fun =). I’m pretty relieved that the Sox didn’t make any deals. The only one I would’ve maybe wanted to see was Roger Clemens coming back; that would’ve been pretty cool. But as it stands, I’m glad Theo wasn’t boneheaded enough to make a trade for the sake of making a trade, and that he didn’t sell the farm. Lost in all the rumors was an actual deal that the Sox made, acquiring Bryan Corey, who’s having a pretty decent season so far. He could prove to be a significant addition later on (though he probably won’t exactly bring the championship by himself lol). GO DAVID WELLS (who’s better than Corey Lidle ANY day)

jamie, i don’t know if u also suffer from wishful thinking, but wells has an era in the 8’s after two starts is 43 has a bad back and a history of injuries….it gets cold in beantown in october, ur relying on him to save u? and calling him better than lidle who has half his era (over a span of an entire season so far) and goes 6 innings deep consistantly? Can you guys put up facts please, just once.

welcome to the sox blog though, they were nice enough to welcome me, ill be nice enough to welcome u, i’m vince

Hey yankeevmm, I hope you realize that the Yankees have ABSOLUTELY NO STINKIN’ CHANCE of winning the championship this year. Champions depend on having good pitching, and the Yanks pretty much depend COMPLETELY on their offense. Randy Johnson’s winning record means nothing in the postseason; his 5+ ERA and age WILL mean something – that he’ll LOSE. Wright… give me a break… either he gets injured or he falls flat on his face at the pressure of the offseason. Corey Lidle will get destroyed in the AL, especially since his ERA is already close to 5. Mussina is a true ace, and Wang is as dependable as any other pitcher. However, 2 good SP’s doesn’t win the World Series. I honestly believe that the Yanks will win the AL East division, but the Sox will win the Wild Card anyway, and because of their superior pitching and defense, have better chance in the POSTSEASON, which is pretty much what matters

hi Vince lol. Should point out that anything I say on this blog isn’t personal… I just really hate the yankees lol

Wells’ ERA is misleading, since he wasn’t ready to come back in his first start (he went back on the DL immediately afterwards.) However, in his second start, he pitched extremely well, i think 1 or no runs in more than 5 innings. However, he was struck on the knee by a liner, and that’s why he’s been on the DL. Wells is known as a big-game pitcher, which is proven by his very solid October resume. I truly do believe that he will be a savior to the sox (better than…Gabbard, was it?)

jamie, u say the redsox pitching is superior…based on what? what do u have?

i already supplied facts saying mussina and wang are better than schilling and beckett (and liriano santana is def better than both so try winning the wildcard like u say)

johnson is healthier than wake and has a better record, and lidle goes deeper than lester, 5 starters, are what dont matter in the playoffs, yet u choose to brign them up.

bullpen? is that what u favor? u favor the ez twins? tavarez, seanez? i doubt it.

ok so delcarmen (on the dl today) and hanson? two unproven young pitchers both struggling or injured since the break…versus proctor (2 3 ers since the break, with rest an era under 2)and farnsworth (1 er since the break)…then u have ur papelbon and i have my mo…mo who has been through the playoffs and has 4 rings, papelbon first year as a closer nad unproven in the playoffs. so now what, timlin? we have villone, better era than timlin…w ehave a lefty specialist, u have nothing….where is this superior pitching u speak of?/ how do the yankees, with the 3rd best team era in the AL rely on their offense, which is ranked 4th? whereas the sox offens is ranked 4th and their pitching ranked 8th? now who exactly depends more on their offense again? You have no facts, whatsoever, just blind hatred

wells is 43…he didn’t save u in the playoffs healthy last year, why would he do it off injury this year? he is 43, with a bad back, overweight and refuses to try to get in shape. take it from me based on the 2003 ws, he will break down, he is no savior at all. He is a big game pitcher when he is healthy enough to be one and he hasnt pitched in a big game since….when exactly?

his era is misleading because he hasnt been there all season, he has no cartilage in his knee, it is my belief if u guys got astarter or anything at thhe deadline u wouldnt think wells was such a savior

Vince, to respond to your other post. There is no such thing as infactual opinion. That would be an oxymoron my dear son. ****

Have fun when Abreu falls on his face in the meat grinder that is New York. His personality does not fit at all in New York. He can’t be his laid back self anymore. PLus he is overrated.As for saying A-Rod will rebound. CHUCK KNOBLAUCH

To yankeevmm: thanks for calling me blind or insane. =)

I wouldn’t call Wang an ace anytime soon. Beckett has been a proven starter; he’ll get over the NL to AL adjustment period and he should become dominant. I’ll agree on Moose cause he’s always been great. But I don’t trust Randy Johnson; I’ve got close friends who are Yankee fans who believe the same as well. Lidle is a good pickup but he was okay in the NL and there’s always that NL to AL learning curve and especially being in a tough AL East is not going to help Lidle. As for Lester, he’ll only get better but again, I’ve already conceded we need bullpen help in case he doesn’t go past 6 innings. But there’s always the possibility he can get better.

Wells is an x-factor; sure he’s got back and knee issues but that curveball of his is quite good (you as a Yankee fan should know this).

Wright is another x-factor; he can go deep but he’s not completely consistent just yet. He’s almost there, but not quite.

And about barring injuries, everybody knows the Yankees have gotten progressively older and the season’s wear and tear will get to them more than it will to the Red Sox.

I’ve been a Sox fan since I was 6 years old but I really didn’t get into the Sox-Yanks rivalry until I was 14. I still respect the Yankees for their team cause they can play with the best of ’em.

You want facts I’ll bring it, just don’t accuse others of not having their facts straight when it goes both ways. I just gave my opinion backed up with facts.

(Oh and don’t forget the schedule – the Sox have a lot of home games there and that can only help).

a rod for his age is the greatest to ever life, to compare him to a player past his prime ( a rod is 31) shows testaments to ur baseball knowledge…an opinion is always an opinion, with fact it is a valid one..not an oxy *****…my mother.
funny u would say that about his personality considering larry bowa joe torre and every analyst has said his personality would be a great fit in ny…tell me is damon not fitting in in ny? who is more laid back than he is? you want to continue painting false pictures about the yankee clubhouse? Abreu is hispanic, much like numerous other yankees and he waived a n otrade clause to join them, implying he even feels he will fit in. Have fun being wrong, about basically everything u have stated based on nothing. Wishful thinking, that is all u have accomplished here.

Vince, all I can say for the Yankees’ pitching is that they are hanging by a thin thread, a thread composing of Mariano Rivera, Mussina, and Wang. Without those three, the Yanks are completely lost. As for facts, your “lefty specialist” is Mike Myers, the guy that can only face one hitter and then disappear the sight of a righty pinch hitter. Wang isn’t nearly as good as you perceive him to be… he has more hits than IP, and his SO rate is miniscule (SO rate is a very good measurement of how good a pitcher is). David Wells is 43, but his stuff is still sharp, and his control is still near perfection. Wright has 105 hits in 85IP, which amounts to a terrible pitcher. Fyi, we don’t even use the “ez” bros in key situations anymore… at least they’re better than proctor, sturtze, etc. Face it. Despite all the hopes that Yankee fans have, the pitching will drag them down. Mussina will probably win all his postseason starts; But he’s the only yankees SP who is reliable, especially in the postseason. Fyi, I’d have Pap over Rivera any day. Pap is much younger, has more saves, and has 1/4 of Rivera’s ERA. As for the postseason, Pap’s strongest trait IS his ability to deal with pressure… have I done my homework now? Or am I still ranting from “pure hatred”?

HAHA Well my dear friend. Like i posted earlier. I hope you are on here in October as the rest of our fellow sox fans discuss the playoff games we are about to play. I will make a prediction for now, and leave it at that , because honestly you are a waste of my time. Red Sox win east. Tigers win central. Angels win West. Going on a limb Twins win wild card.

no, you actually said lester “could” get better, maybe next year, but this year so far it makes more sense he had beginner’s luck and now that scouting reports are out hes getting bashed. Wells could be good but logic says otherwise and i have spoken to many of my sox fan friends and they also agree. yankees have gotten progressively older? Gordon=38 replaced by farnsworth=29


shef=38 replaced by abreu=32


giambi=35 replaced by phillips and wilson who=29

where is this age increase? If the starters were going to break down from age they would have done it already (take wells for example)…lidle is 34 fat chance he breaks down, wright is 29 and has stayed healthy….mussina has stayed healthy, johnson has stayed healthy. Yankees have gotten younger.

sox have a lot more home games? try 4. and they just lost 2 of 3 at home.

contrary to popular wishful thinking, lidle has already pitched in the AL before, the learning curve should be less significant…and beckett has had one good season, 2003 and it was mostly the playoffs (14 wins in the reg aeason) or else this year should be his first quality season, to say he is proven and dominant is also opinion not fact…ill be back later

Dreams come true only once every 86 years. Keep dreaming until then.

“Where is the age increase”? Well, let’s see… Rivera is getting pretty old, while Papelbon is still 25 and not even IN HIS PRIME… (scary, huh?). Damon is performing well for now, but wait til he’s in the third and fourth year of his contract… I’m sure Yankee fans remember Bernie William’s decline… Abreu’s power has disappeared since the Derby, and will be a significant downgrade fromt he Shef. Randy Johnson is falling apart, and Giambi won’t be gone for some time. Meanwhile, Posada is in his decline phase, in his late 30’s. The Sox aren’t exactly too young either, but when their old veterans leave, they won’t be left naked… that’s not true for the Yankees, with its pathetic farm system… Steinbrenner probably won’t live to see his team win the championship again…

This blog was a good and enjoyable read before. Now it’s become the worst part of the Yanks/Red Sox rivalry, name calling, flames, bragging about everyhing ecc.
That’s very sad

I agree fist I used to read daily until the two yankee fans came on board. Extremely disappointing. I finally got fed up with all of the talk and had to say something. Maybe they will leave in October, and this blog will get back to being productive and exciting.

Hello again. You know, you never realize how much you love your house until you’ve been stuck in an office for 10 hours on only 4 hours of sleep. I’ve got to stop doing that.πŸ˜›

Oh geez, not you too, ashley. At least these Yankee fans aren’t rude and obnoxious. At least they come in here with true plain facts and have a civil conversation about those facts. Why act like an ***?

Schilling and Beckett: 26-9 4.27ERA
Mussina and Wang: 25-7 3.58ERA.

To me there’s not even a question who the better duo is here. It’s pretty obvious. Wang gives up more hits than innings pitched because he is a groundball pitcher. That’s typical for goundball pitchers, as it is also common for them to have low strikeout rates. Beckett has never thrown more than 180 innings in a season and you Sox fans should feel grateful that he has yet to get injured this season.

As for Johnson and Lester, that’s pretty much a wash. Johnson’s been inconsistent and Lester is young, unproven, and is also inconsistent in pitching deep into games.

Who’s the Red Sox 4th starter? Kyle Snyder?…Huge advantage to Lidle here considering his AL experience and his ability to go deep into games while Snyder sports a 7.15 ERA on the season (combined KC and Boston)

Kason Gabbard and Jaret Wright. Wright might only go 5 innings but I’ll take him over a double A pitcher.

Hey Jamie, Welcome to the RedSox Nation!! I agree that making a trade just for the sake of….. would have been bad business, and the farm is still there. I think we just have to hope and pray for the best. And then there’s always the roster expansion later on. I do wish that we would have had Wells up and throwing a couple of days before the deadline to better see how he would fair for the rest of the year (his career).

Yankeevmm: hey, let me throw this at you, waht do you think the possibilities are that Trot having had this bicep problem since mid June, realized that if he we injured (and/or) on the way to the DL, that he finally made the injury public, so he wouldn’t be traded?? I don’t know, the thought just popped into my head this afternoon. I know he probrably didnt think 60 days, but.. All kidding aside (if you were), do you really think he’d juice?? Doesn’t seem the type but then, my opinion may be slanted a bit.

Ever since the yankee fans came to this blog I have watch it sink slowly into constant rambling back and forth. So, to whomever welcomed them in, You make the bed you sleep in. This blog has become a disgrace.

To yankeevmm:

Sorry I meant the Yankee bats have gotten older. Not saying they have young players there, but the general trend over the past few years was to get older in the long run than get younger. That has now changed, but you can’t change the players you now have unless you trade them (which clearly didn’t happen).

I wasn’t going to bash you on this, but you need to read properly before telling me anything. I said the Sox have a lot of home games. I did not make a single comparision. I did NOT say they have “a lot more home games.” I just stated it will help they have a lot of home games.

Compared to what the players have done, Beckett has been more dominant than Lidle. Proven? PERHAPS Lidle gets the edge cause he’s been around longer. But both of them have similar ERAs this year. Lidle pitched for Oakland 2 seasons where overall, he was quite good ERA wise (01-02). He played in Toronto and he had an ERA of 5.75 (03). The two seasons in Tampa Bay (99-00) weren’t that great (not sure if he was on the DL or not then). When he came from Toronto to Philly, his first season ERA there was 3.90 and since then was around 4.50 on average.

Minus Beckett’s first full season with the Marlins (he had an ERA of 4.10), he’s had an ERA in the 3s (say an average of 3.50) and it’s only been this year he’s been getting beaten around at times.

You can’t use wins and losses to completely justify how good/bad a pitcher is (Roger Clemens for the past 2 seasons, for example). Example, in 03 Beckett had a 9-8 record with a 3.04 ERA (we all know he rocked in the playoffs). Explain to me how a season of having a 3.04 ERA is bad. Is it his problem the rest of the team can’t hold the lead for him?

Lidle’s highest win season was in 01 and last season with 13. Oh and Beckett had a 15 win season last season, not 14. So don’t tell others to get their facts straight when you can’t get yours straight first.

My apologies on any bashing, but it was bound to happen if you get called insane, blind, etc. when you didn’t even warrant the attacks. Kind of hard to have a civil conversation after that.

There’s nothing like ranting and getting thoughts off chests.

I worry about the sox, put on my “disappointed” airs, and then they sense my mood, and often respond with solid baseball. I’m in that mood right now. The hitting gets flat here and there. The tossers are overthrowing or thinking too much, so off their game, and the D is still pretty spectacular. Sure, we’d love to see some pitching improvements, but at what cost and true benefit would it have come? The kids’ll be all right eventually.

I just hope things come together before the sox are looking up at the yanks. That’s a point I fear will sap this team beyond help.

The yanks made a splashy move, and Lidle will definitely be an upgrade. He can give them the innings to save the bullpen, giving the offense time to play catchup if needed. that’s the thing about these darn yanks….they won’t go away!!!! Shut out your opponent, give up 19, then come right back to win 4-2. These guys still play like winners.

The sox just need to remember to play their game, steady steady steady. No panic yet! Maybe the media just needs to take a couple weeks off and kill the drama~! Yeah, right. Keep the faith, pray your gods, and watch out for falling elephants!

My dad’s sprinkler is so retarded. It’s like trial and error to get it to go the way you want it to.

lol beckett to lidle? you’re comparing your two starter to our 5 now? Fine ur right, i concede beckett is better than lidle.

Our farm system is pathetic? hmm, perhaps another biased opinion.

Phillip hughes, brentcox, tabada (that old out field has a prospect coming being compared offensively to manny with better defense) justin pope, christian (50 sbs), clippard (solid 2 projection), white, duncan…need i go on? Don’t worry years of espn telling u the yankees have no system is prob a reliable reason as to why u may believe that, but the fact of the matter is it is just untrue…granted, redsox prob have more prospects, but since when will these two teams ever be the florida marlins of the AL? there will always be a healthy mix.

Pacol, by 2008 many of the near 40 or 40 year old yankee veterans will be gone, their salary used to bring up the prospects, that is all i will address on that end.

Jamie you can say rivera is getting old, but u seem to A: not look at rivera’s stats which do not show it, B: neglect the fact schilling has publically announced that by the end of 07 he will be retired or C: realize the yankees have both justin pope and jb cox being groomed to be our next closer, with guys like dotel and farnsworth under 30 already on the team with closer experience…papelbon at 25 is great, u have, for now a closer for the future (unless they ever make him a starter again), but his era is not going to get under 0.46 or whatever it is right now, therefore he is having rookie success over absolutely out of this world stuff…by your calculations when he is in his prime he will be hte greatest pitcher to have ever lived…something tells me that won’t be true. Sheffield has been out for a year basically between all his injuries, is 38 and a terrible fielder, i have alreayd said multiple times what is expected of abreu and why, and to say shef is a better right fielder is being irrational. Johnson is a yankee for one season longer than replaced by then 24 year old phillip hughes in the rotation….posada, like varitek has about a year left, the yankees will need a catcher for one year befor emontero is ready at 21 (the guy is 17 hitting against 21 yr olds as we speak and is 6’3 220 as a 17 yr old)….varitek on the other hand has seen his numbers already fall apart, as he is aging much quicker than posada…perhaps mirabelli will be ur next catcher?

to say the yankees will be left “naked” and their farm system is “pathetic” is a flat out misconception. When have the Yankees ever been left “naked”? with cashman in command they will no longer give away their growing farm system either.

ellen as far as nixon, it is a possibility he hid it from the media, either way he is supposedly out..prob for good as a redsox (i am almost upset because i know how much u like him)….i also strongly believe from about 2001-2003 he was on juice, the guy was a mid 25 hr hitter, then his body broke down and he hasnt approached those numbers since…2001-2003 he hit 27,24 and 28 hrs respectively at the age of 27,28 and 29…there is no conceivable explanation for someone from 30-32 not to put up the same numbers. since then over the last three seasons he has hit a combined 26 hrs, less than any of those three singular seasons. Granted his body broke down (at such a young age, it is a little odd to begin with for a position player) but even if you multipled his power to simulate a 162 game seaosn, he still would not reach the numbers of the past three years. I truly feel (and i would be a hypocrite not to say this is flat out opinion based on observation and no cold hard facts) that he used steroids

and pac don’t misinterpret i never meant for u to think i was calling u those things, i said giving information like that based on nothing makes those ideas blind, insane, etc. I don’t truly believe you are those things…u can call me anything u want, this is a blog, fagan has topped them all by attacking my family, love life, character, age, sexuality and everyting else….lol if u want to trash talk it’s fine, but just know we are in a baseball blog, i am talking baseball and if u get personal with me, it is simply going to mean u have no spine to me so it doesn’t matter….but i respect u as a person, i’m just throwing out facts here.

Sorry I realized that Wells took Gabbard’s p-lace in the rotation but still, I’ll take Lidle or Wright over him any day of the week.


pretty funny article, i may hate ortiz on the field but the guy has a quality personality…cept when he threw that bucket of balls all over the floor along with bats, but everyone gets a pass at some point right?

btw hi jen, response was granted as promised….btw is wells still the savior, or is this just rust?

btw hi jen, response was granted as promised….btw is wells still the savior, or is this just rust?…

yankeevmm:I am not sure on that he is not looking good early on i know that!

hahah whats up kaylee, how have u been?

Good!i am at this game but a little bored!

I made the comparision to Beckett and Lidle simply because you made the comparison as well and it would bad debate to leave it alone. =)

Well the age issue is probably moot at this point considering we’ve exhausted everything about it.

You have to concede the Red Sox farm system is far better than what the Yankees have. I mean this as an overall observation. No doubt the Yankee system is getting better but it will take time. But I do agree that the money you don’t use on other players (big name or not) will help. It always does. Granted we all know that success at the minor leagues doesn’t always translate into sucess in the majors.

Also, fellow Sox fans can’t forget that the Yankees aren’t paying much of A-Rod’s salary so imagine how much money they’re saving and using for scouting and the farm system. So even Abreu came at a decent price for the Yankees.

About Trot Nixon…even mentioning steriods without any SOLID observation is just asking to start a firestorm. If you want to look at observation, then look at how he swings; it’s a pretty crazy swing (not like Sheffield’s though, now his scares me =P ). Trot’s also been flying around the outfield since day one so he beats himself up in the outfield. If you look at Trot’s numbers, he’s been more of a contact hitter (it seems on a rough look, I haven’t looked closely); his AVG hasn’t dropped below .256 (and he hit 24 HR that year). His career average for HRs has been around 18-19 if you count his “HR breakout seasons.” If you don’t count those, it’s around 7-8. Numerically, it kind of works out. Is there any explanation why he did so well from 01 to 03? No. But then again there is no real explanation he hit 13 last season either.

Speculation on Trot’s HRs is going to happen all season partially because he’s a free agent after this season and because he hit 13 last season.

Hey honey, thanks. Check your box, I responded a few minutes ago.

I’m not sure about David. Hopefully, he’ll settle into something…soon? And to think I was so excited about Manny’s HR…

lol howwwww do u have a computer at the game right now? ur wild. But i am quite jealous, i haven’t been to a game since fenway park in may.

I have a labtop!

yankeevmm: no harm done. Just hard to gauge things on the internet and in a debate it gets amplified more =)

Wells = rusty most likely. The end game will tell us; as long as there are no physical issues and his pitching line isn’t atrocious, then he’ll be fine. I’ll still have my doubts but I’ll put my bets on him with his track record.

Okay, so I forgot to clarify that since we got married last June, he took me up for our 1 yr. in June…I’m sitting at my parents’ house right now, house-sitting, since they’re in Scotland. I’m watching the game with my feet propped up on the table and watching the game in the living room. Sorry sweetie, I didn’t explain right.πŸ˜› but, to be at the game right now-I’d love it. So I’m right there with ya in the jealousy category – I’m jealous of everyone who’s there right now.

pac, about nixon, like i said, complete opinion, it is also something ive heard through the grapevine from a few sources….though i don’t seem to have issues creating firestorms apparently haha. Yankees of late have been making a lot of smart financial moves (odd to hear i know) but yes, like i said ur farm is better, but i’d rather keep ur farm better than ur major league team…our farm system is nothing to laugh about, we don’t have unlimited players but the few we do have are projected to be HUGE assets in the future…the main things we don’t have are infielders outside of the catcher i named and duncan, but with a rod jeter and cano in the infield, they wouldnt have a place anywhere except first (where duncan plays) anyway. Pitchers we have 5-7 potential major leaguers at the moment if i had to guess, but realistically only 3 or 4 will pan out. I wouldn’t say ur farm team dominates ours, i just think the players in it are furhter progressed (as a result of us giving away all the guys that would be at that point…basically u have guys ready in AAA and most of ours are AA)
jen, i’m gonna check it then eat dinner in celebration

Go Wily Mo! Nice job!


Celebration, huh? Whatever could you be celebrating?πŸ™‚

haha got it jen, kaylee now i’m very jealous u are a very lucky girl (ps am i spelling ur name right?)…brb all going to eat dinner, for the record u are are pummeling the indians starter

Yes you are!

Kaylee: My intentions here not at all to show you up. I would never do that to a 14 yr old. It is laptop not labtop. I thought it was a typo but .. I just wanted to correct you before somebody did it to u in a rather rude manner.

This game is going to be a shootout

thank you!

MBM right there?

you are welcome Kaylee.

yankevmm: I can see your point about the numbers, though pac also makes good reading. we all speculate about Bonds, Mcgwire, and now hearing talk of Pujols, but with each of us, if it’s your favorite player, well, in my case specifically, it just never even entered my mind. Great job By PENA by the way!!!

Dammit, I walked out to move the ******* sprinkler and look what happens! They get two extra freakin’ runs. I’m not moving again.

Looks like Boomer is wearing one of those ionic necklaces

Might be time to go to the bullpen soon Huh?

id take TAVEREZ ORR seanez over boomer right now PAPI nice homer!

andy: When I saw Papi and Manny hit hr’s it was AWESOME!! Must be hundreds times better at Fenway!!! I’m still green with envy..

Looks like Varitek is injured too.

I know It is!

tek’s out doougie in: doesn’t say good things about the way Jason was limping; not another one hurt!!

I know that is not good!

Dammit, Jason’s hurt. Looks like I need to head up to Boston to give him some TLC.πŸ˜›

Nice one Dougie!!!! Andy wher are you?? near 1st 3rd outfield???

I wish hale had held him up.

I’m sure Jason could go for that too!!

I wish he had been held up too. Why in the heck would he have had him come around…UGH

If I wasn’t so concerned about Tek being injured I would being laughing my butt of right now at the sight of watching Dougie try to score.
Man, this guy would give Benji Molina a run for the the slowest guy in the league.

I really hope Tek is OK, but it didn’t look good. For him to come out of a game, you know it’s something serious. Just wondering why Doug was sent home with Wily Mo on deck?

Looks like Snyder is coming in, so I guess tomorrow’s starter is up in the air.

Have to say I’m suprised that Wells came back out there for the 4th. Nice inning though.
Rick Sutcliffe was talking like this was the last pitch he would ever throw in the big leagues.

THis ump has a TIGHT zone. At least he’s consistant, but boy, some pitches look perfect down the middle and he’s calling them ball.

WE COULD HAVE HAD 3 RUNS IN ON THAT ONE IF IT HAD BEEN THE PREVIOUS INNING…but someone once told me not to be too greedy, so I’ll be quiet now.πŸ˜›

Yeah Jen. You are a quick learner. Aren’t ya?

LOL, I was wondering if you were going to pick up on that one.πŸ˜‰

But I personally think he shud get 2 runs for that HR. He ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED it is an understatement.

Come on, I am not as dumb as some people here think

If you say that Vik then Vladdy should have gotten 3 for the one he hit last night haha

Heres hoping that Teks removal was more precautionary than anything else. Now onto the non trade made. I am happy with what we have for players, while it would have been nice to get a quality starter to help out the pitching staff I would of hated to sacrafice any part of the defense that we have to find a starting pitcher. As far as the yanks getting Abreu, he obviously is a talented player, I do not see where he improves that team very much over where they are already at. Either way from this point out barring some kind of unbeliveable happening in the waiver world, we line up our nine against theyre nine and play em and beat em.

Yeah. But that is expected of Vlad.

Hey, I never said you were dumb. But I do remember that conversation and I thought I’d let you know that not everything said say gets forgotten.πŸ™‚

RF, 1B and 5th starter. Thats where we’ve improved hatcher.

No no Jen. I am saying you did. But somebody else did. My bad. Not worth mentioning. Shudn’t have.

I know the players and position but are they that much better than what you have had out there?

I’m sure someone else did. Ignore them sweetie, at least you bring insight to the post. Look at me, again defending a Yankee fan.πŸ˜‰

obviously Abreu is better than Guiel offensively and defensively. Wilson is better than AP offensively and even defensively. Lidle is better than Ponson. Hopefully u wont argue that. If you do, I’ll let you have it ur way.

Alright everyone, as much as I hate to do this, I need to go home to my own house. But I’m gonna wait for a commercial.πŸ˜› I should be back on in about 20, but keep a close watch on the game for me, so the boys don’t know I’m not watching for the moment, okay?πŸ™‚

Sry Jen.

Yeah yeah yeah, maybe I should’ve stopped watching.******.

I’m really gone now. Talk to everyone soon.

Well, another TERRIBLE managing job by Terry FranCOMA. I really can’t stick up for this guy anymore. Everyone except him know that Wells should have been out of the game. Who cares about leaving him in there to try and get a win by pitching 5 innings. Blake hit him hard both time tonight and Francona fell asleep again and left him in too long.
Thanks again Terry. You’ve cost us about 5 games in the past few weeks and if the Sox don’t pull this one out tonight, it’s on you once again.

I am on the 3rd base side!

so u had a nice shot of casey’s shot then kaylee? Yeah try saying that sentence 5 times fast….gonna go watch another episode of miami vice, be back in 35 minutes….good start for wells and jen when u get back, i already responded…i’m that quick

Do you Red Sox fans dislike Matt Clement as much as us Yankee fans dislike Carl Pavano?

I don’t dislike Pavano. The guy makes for a great punch line.

YES i hate him if he could pitch that would be different!

Btw I got a new account if you cant tell!-kaylee

Yes, Vince, but I’m quicker sweetheart. I sent you a real quick response, but I owe you a better one tomorrow. You’ll get it.πŸ™‚

I still don’t understand why I haven’t left yet.πŸ˜› I’m going now, for real!

Kyle Snyder is in the pen NOW?

“Wells’ ERA is misleading”

Hey Jamie, how’s his ERA now? Seems pretty clear to meπŸ™‚

Man, talk about a roller coaster game so far. I really thought Wells was going to get that third out. Hopefully Cleveland will leave Byrd in for another inning and the Sox will get a few more runs off of him. [Nope, Jason Davis just came in as I type.]

I agree with those who say it’s not time to panic yet. The Sox have the ability and talent to make the postseason, if their injured players heal up. I’m happy with Theo sticking with the philosophy of not sacrificing young players for the short term. They need better pitching, yes. But there really wasn’t a lot of good pitching to be had out there.

I’m pretty biased, but I honestly don’t think Trot’s on the juice. Kind of funny to hear that accusation from a Yankee fan. And speaking of Yankee fans, why does it seem like they do more posting on here than Sox fans lately? I know I haven’t been around much lately, but in the recent past most of what I’ve seen is quite similar to the arguments I used to hear in grade school. “My dad can beat up your dad.” “No way, my dad could totally beat up your dad.”

Anybody else notice that Dave Wallace is back in the dugout? I think I saw him in there a couple of weeks ago. I’m really glad to see he’s feeling well enough to go to the ballpark.

Sutcliffe and O’Brian are doing a decent job announcing so far, but could we PLEASE have just ONE game in which the announcers don’t use the phrase “Manny being Manny” for heaven’s sake? Come up with something original, guys.

And as for Mirabelli trying to score, I blame Demarlo Hale. It’s his job to know his players and their abilities, and there’s no way Mirabelli can score on that ball. He was out by a mile. There’s no way of knowing if Pena would have hit that homer if he had come up in the third with two on and two out instead of the fourth with nobody on and nobody out, but if he had, the score would be tied at 8-8 right now.

Two more months of baseball to be played. Keep the faith, Sox fans.

Hey Robn!!! I’m so glad you’re back!!! Finally. I’m going to watch the game, but I’ll be back later.. Missed you!!

Faith might be all you have left at the end lol

The umpire helped out the red sox with that “interference” play right there.

Ohh we are getting help by an unp now?yeah I have to agree that looked like a gift.

Why is SNYDER in the pen!

I would have loved to see the Red Sox get another big time starting pitcher today, but I actually am relieved that they didn’t overreact to the Yankees or give up more than they should have in a trade. Other than Julian Tavarez I am very happy with the team as it is, and would have been disappointed to see Loretta, Lowell, or any of the young pitchers traded away.
The question is how well will David Wells and Tim Wakefield pitch when they come back from the DL. Unfortunately it hasn’t looked good for Wells so far tonight, but there are still a lot of games to go. If Wells and Wakefield pitch well down the stretch, as they have proven they are capable of, then the Sox will do just fine. If they don’t, I don’t think that a blockbuster deal would have saved this season and would have been costly in the future.

Theo has done a great job in his time in Boston, is right more often than he is wrong, and he has my vote of confidence!

Hey, Hey Red Sox Fans! Here’s a little riddle for you! Why didn’t the Olde Clown Team perform well during the second half of 2006? Answer: Because its management lost its balls. Goodbye first place. Goodbye A.L. East. Goodbye postseason. Goodbye to Papi’s MVP! See you at the Series 2090! Its football time! The Pats didn’t win 3 out of 4 Super Bowls by planning for a competitive future. If they had holes they filled them and kicked the butts of teams with better records and more hype. Its a shame John,Larry and Theo aren’t that type. This isn’t 2004. Go spend time with your families and shut the blog door.

It seems like the Yankees haven’t learned from their past mistakes. They keep overpaying for talent, filling their lineup with big names and putting up a lot of wins in the regular season, but they are no longer able to win the World Series. This year will be no different.

gator it seems like u can’t decipher the past from the current. The yankees always overpaid for past prime talent and gave away the farm..this time we pay for guys either in or heading into their prime and gave up nothing. do you all realize we gave up shawn chacon essentially for three major leaguers? I don’t think u do, i think you all like to twist facts to ur favor so u can feel better that ur team did nothing. Abreu is 32, it is an upgrade over shef, what did we overpay for? Salary cap, like in boston will never be an issue, so if it is the money on abreu then consider next year shef and wright’s 20 million is gone…the money is a wash…the talent is not. We gave away three A players and matt smith, who is 27 and still in the minors…we gave away nothing, can you all stop talking out of your ***** for 5 seconds to see that what you’re saying is not true? Big names? Yeah cory lidle and craig wilson are HUGE names…get real.

yankeevmm:I have to agree with you Big names!no they are not who did you give up for wilson?

And like I said, the yankees farm system is fine, it has lots of talent carefully progressing, especially pitching. So to say their farm team is pathetic, they are getting too old, they are overpaying for talent, they traded away their farm, they have not learned their lesson…..all of that is boston fans being boston fans….how would you like it if, rather than present mainly fact (minus the nixon thing, which ellen asked for my opinion) I came on saying “REDSOX GAVE AWAY HANLEY RAMIREZ, THAT WAS DUMB, OMG VARITEK? SOOOO OLD HE IS SUCH A DUMB CAPTAIN,***** MANNY, HE ***** MANNY BEING MANNY, OMG EPSTEIN WHAT A ******* IDIOT WORST GM EVER GO BACK TO UR GORILLA SUIT U DID NOTHING U STOOD PAT OMG REDSOX ARE GONNA BE TIED FOR FIRST THEY ****”

how would u all like it if i just ran my mouth based on opinion? You wouldn’t that is fagan stuff right there. If you are going to insult the yankees, which i do not mind at all (me and tom have a nice relationship insulting each other’s teams) at least let it be sensible. Saying the yankee pitching is terrible after u guys had a starter do what he did today and saying the yankees have no farm team and overpayed for their players is ridiculous

kaylee we gave chacon for wilson straight up then three A prospects (two of which were batting around 200) and matt smith, a borderling career AAA player for abreu and lidle

Okay that was a good deal on the yankees part you gave up like nobody for them!

yeah i know, this is what happens when steinbrenner opens his check book and now his mouth.

The Yankees didn’t give up much to get Abreu. I said earlier, considering that A-Rod is currently a bargain for them (the Rangers are paying for a lot of his salary), there was really no question if Abreu would have gone to the Yankees, just a big when.

To hamletguest: a great observation…oh wait not really. You forget, a lot of Sox Nation understands that we have to build for the future. Again, it would be a big shocker if the Sox didn’t make the post seasion. Then again, it would be the same for the Yankees as well. I bet this AL East will come down to the bitter end; kind of like the AL/NL West except here we have really only 2 teams in the thick of it.

Honestly, what holes do the Red Sox have? Relief Pitching and probably a 5th starter. For what needed to be given up, there was nothing worth it out on the market. And that’s why a move wasn’t made. Again, that still makes the Red Sox losers on the trade deadline, but that’s the reality of baseball and Theo realized that.

Can I say goodbye first place? Perhaps for now. Goodbye to the AL East? A big maybe. Goodbye to the playoffs? I severly doubt it.********* that good debate gets canned by fan-boyism all the time.

I knew it! Dang it Wells should’ve been told to goto a rehab start. Also ***** that ‘Tek came up lame.. =( Hope he’s okay.

I know!He was smart on that!

Hmm Ortiz possibly coming up…

Last minute heroics anybody? I’m taking betsπŸ˜‰

pac the only thing i would say the sox DEFINITELY could have used, is a starter, there are so many ? about their staff right now….
will lester stay decent?

will wells revive them?

will wake come back healthy?

even if they all come back will it be enough to make a playoff run?

I think a starter could have solved some of those problems and as a result ur bullpen might suffer (more appearances by tavarez and seanez…and overusing ur young arms in delcarmen and hansen…esp while delcarmen is hurt)

and now with nixon and tek out of the lineup (what is the status on tek) i wonder if they could use a bat?

that is unbelievable…that man is truly amazing.

yankee, apparently you have no idea what the salary is for the player you traded for, and just because you are getting rid of other overpaid players that makes it ok to make the same mistake with another player? Get a clue. And to say that Abreu and Lidle are heading into their prime is laughable…try looking at the numbers that you claim are in your favor.

Did I see what happened or was I dreaming?

It’s Papi being Papi! πŸ™‚

No you saw it!THANK YOU PAPI!That made my night!nice on to be at AT LEAST IN THE NINTH!

Lester should stay decent as long as he doesn’t run up the pitch count like crazy. Wells needs to shake off rust and fast. Wake is an innings eater and a pretty good one.

Gator, Abreu’s salary is around $15 mill or so this season or next season; I don’t remember, but regardless, the Yankees have money to spend and they still have money to spend without a problem. I don’t know if Abreu or Lidle are hitting their prime but it does add some consistency to the Yankees.

Like I said, the division is going down to the wire.

Oh yeah and Ortiz for MVP =D

gator, we pay abreu 4 million this year, and full 16 next year=20 million

shef+wright=20 million….do you need a calculator?

The numbers in my favor are that abreu has very low numbers which made him a steal….to say the guy wont benefit from 314 down the line, a pennant race and 20,000 more fans per game is not having human emotion and logic. Not to mention, the guy is a solid glove and can steal 30 bases a year. The deal is not a mistake and guess what, if he is we can get rid of him after next season…too bad u can’t say 4 hrs 20 rbi, u see damon’s numbers lately? Lidle has al, nl and playoff experience and the numbers in my favor are all but one start going through 6 innings…that’ll save the bullpen and when that happens proctor and farnsworth become lights out…wish u could say the same for lester, too bad he is 4 for 10 in quality starts? you need more facts or will you calm down now?

plus abreu doesn’t need to carry the offense anymore, he will be much more relaxed. Lidle is 34 and with the amount of talen in pitching the yankees have in the system mixed with their desire for that japanese guy who was mvp of the wbc..they don’t n eed to keep him if they don’t want to either….just **** it up and admit u wish epstein made a deal…ortiz isn’t gonna save u everynight

Aside from the incredible Ortiz. How about the bullpen (Snyder) holding down the fort.

Ya think??? Damnt, I can never come up any words to match what he does, when he does it!!! It’s that Papi magic.. I just can’t explain how it makes me feel every time he does this!

I am at a loss for words. Vince, I know you a few others have gone back and forth the past couple of days about clutch, but this is unreal. I can’t ever remember a person up at bat in the late innings that I felt so automatic about.
How about Snyder coming in and shutting the door? The key was that he only pitched 4 2/3. If he would have reached 5, the floodgates would have opened.

I know you are going to hate it Vince, but you know ESPN will be playing this all night long.

Who pitches tomorrow? What do we do w/Tek out? Mirabelli is rough at the dish. But for now, we can enjoy the night.

I think the biggest thing about the Abreu deal for you guys will be the fact that A Rod can feel a little more relaxed. He knows Abreu might feel some pressure right off the bat and the focus won’t be on A Rod so much for the next week. I’m not so much worried how Abreu is going to tear it up, but more so how much A Rod might catch on fire with another weapon in the lineup.

Just on a curiousity note, anybody read the scouting reports for Snyder? As in can he go past 5 innings? His stuff isn’t horrible, but his longevity in a game is killing him.

Wonder if Gabbard or Johnson pitch tomorrow. I’d prefer Gabbard…

Again, Ortiz for MVP =P

ESPN Said they would likely call up JOHNSON.

And gosoxred makes an excellent point. The “Bronx Bombers” are going to do just that if the offense gels even more.

haha kevin ill be sure not to watch sportscenter tonight, there is nothing that gets me going more than a happy fenway park….i’m trying to think of a hitter as clutch as ortiz, now obviously im not gonna bring up that hitting is all he does because like i said, i considered him mvp at the as break though i think there is much to be said about the fact he doesn’t play d….however, that being said, he reminds me of a modern day mo vaughn, a yankee killing clutch hitting big lefty black man…as far as clutch…i hear willy randolph in his day was pretty clutch…pujols is pretty automatic….jeter in his own right is very very clutch….but id say ortiz and then jeter 1.2 and then pujols in the clutch department in major league baseball right now…i am just glad unlike vaughn ortiz is not a **** head

Oh man, way to ruin my mood Kaylee. THank God Snyder was great tonight because with Johnson out there tomorrow the pen might have to throw another 8 innings.

people are salavating over the yankee offense and don’t even assume that a rod is walking time bomb…his bat takes off and it is lights out…whether u are the tiger staff or the royals staff

yankee, you still can’t seem to understand what I’ve written. Maybe you need help understanding english?
And you are guilty of doing exactly what you accuse others of, twisting facts to your own benefit. If you look hard enough you can make just about any argument that way. Regardless, the Yankees won’t be winning the World Series this year or anytime in the near future. Oh well.

here is a bold prediction and u can thank ortiz even more for it… 10:32 eastern time, there will be a tie for 1st in the al east.

I noticed Ortiz looked pretty serious going around the bases and coming to home, and I was kind of worried something was up with him. Then he started jumping around and high-fiving folks. No worries. I guess the Sox don’t have to say good-bye to first place yet.

HUGE walk for Youkilis, the difference between a tie and a win.

Nice foreshadowing there, pacol250. How many times can Ortiz come through in those situations? It flies right in the face of the contention made in “Money Ball” that statistically, there aren’t any real “clutch” hitters, that it’s all just selective memory on the fans’ part. I’m going to have to take a closer look at Papi’s stats in late inning situation.

And to all those people who say the front office dropped the ball by not making a trade, and to all those who say Terry Francona is not a good manager, I ask you the following question: How many Major League wins do you have to your name as a GM or Manager, much less World Series titles? Anybody? Any of you folks have to get an unlisted number because big league teams just won’t leave you alone and stop asking you to come skipper their club?

OK, OK, maybe the majors is aiming too high. Anybody win any games as a minor league manager? Care to tell us about your experience helping to develop young talent for the bigs? Had any offers to manage even a Rookie League team?




That’s what I thought.

Snyder did a GREAT ob tonight, perhaps we’ve found our problem solver in relief. But, he was scheduled to start tomorrow. Who goes now, I haven’t gotten bage to home page yet.
Robn: are you still here??

the fact of the matter is im giving facts, ur giving blind emotion…abreu is having a down year, on a team that (here’s a shock) is not competitive, lasdt year the phillies challenged the wild card and (here’s a shock) abreu had good numbers….years before that? good numbers. You are basing everything on 1 maybe 1.5 years as opposed to the guys career. Your argument is th eyankees did not learn their lesson in dealing for overpriced veterans, if it isn’t maybe u need help writing english…and if that is indeed ur argument, than, you are simply, wrong. There are two sox fans on this site (kevin and kaylee) that already agree about the deals the yankees made. You, not you u’ll just sit back and keep spewing hatred and making your amazing predictions….that prediction truly is amazing, you gave a ton of facts to support why the yankees won’t win anytime soon, perhaps it is their pathetic farm team? or the fact all their veterans that are “overpaid” and “too old” do not have their contracts up anytime soon? Hmm, but i’m sure the fact they win over four years as a franchise as opposed to every 86 doesn’t bode well with your math sense does it? Law of averages would tell me they are due any year now. But I forgot, YOU said they won’t so it must be true…based on allt he facts u supplied.

Rob, it’s perfectly all right to question a manager and how he handles his pitching staff.
Friday night-Lester, who hasn’t gone more than 6 innings but one time this year just got staked to a 2-1 lead. Francona leaves him in there until it’s 5-2. What was he waiting for?

Last night-Schill had 89 pitches through 5. Sox pull within 2 and he brings in Van Buren?? He blows up, game over.

Tonight-Wells is getting lit like a X-Mas tree and Blake is up after smoking a sac fly and hitting a bomb in the 2nd. 2nd and 3rd and he leaves him in there only to get lit up again.

That’s just 3 examples of mismanagement of a staff.

I’m not even going to bring up the number of times he’s brough in Tavarez in close situation when everyone knows it’s a mistake. Opposing teams send Francona thank you cards when he brings in Tavarez.

None of here are on a major league staff, none of here have big league clubs knocking on our doors. But as fans we have right to question moves that a majority of us think should be made and are not.


kevin sorry but i just thought i would throw thaat out there!

ob=job, bage=back
Is it me or do we all smile s big as Papi whe he crushes one??

Robn: where’ve you been?? When one of the regulars disappears, I get worried, you know, strength in numbers.

yankeevmm: lol I think you need some windex for your crystal ball. You’ve got to admit as a baseball fan that any team winning a game like that is just soo exciting.

ellen they said they probably will callup jason johnson!

ellen i previously said ortiz is #1 in clutch hitting in the game today…but why the heck would this game excite me? it pissed me off instead…carmona grooved him one in a 2-0 hitters count, i’d stop facing the guy, i’d take my risks with manny hitting a single or less any day of the week than try and find a way to get ortiz out…unless my name is kyle farnsworth or mariano rivera

Here’s the optimistic thought of the night. Johnson will be pitching against the team that gave up on him this year. Maybe he’ll be able to get out of the 2nd inning without any runs. Each game he’s pitched so far has been over before we had a chance to bat.
Maybe revenge will come into play.

Sox face 2 tough lefties in a row. I hope Francona doesn’t play a hunch and start Kapler. Wily Mo looked good tonight. Keep Gabe fresh on the bench for running, defense late in the game.

Tonight’s lineup is pretty decent.

How about Alex Cora? Every game that he gets in he contributes something positive. Started the rally tonight.

**** it just occured to me u guys would be 0-4 if ortiz was injured or something.

Thatg iss why we are fortunate
ORtz is not injured!

Hey Vince. Sorry to join so late. Just wanted to thank you for being so critical of Ortiz lately. I think it has helped him a lot these last few games.πŸ˜‰

robnbetsy – you really went out on a limb there, didn’t you? With only about 1 in a billion people ever getting even the opportunity to manage a professional baseball game. Sure none of us has been in that position, but I am more than willing to bet that 90% of the people in this blog, if given the chance, could do just as good of a job managing a major league baseball team as most major league managers. It’s just not that hard. Almost everybody knew that it was stupid to leave Wells in to face Casey Blake. Tito is infamous for thinking with his heart instead of his head, especially when it comes to his starting pitchers. Sometimes it works for him, a lot of times it doesn’t. If it were not for the astounding talent he has in Ortiz and Ramirez, I dare say that his managing style would have cost us about 10 games this year. I’m not saying that he stinks, I’m just saying that he’s lucky to have such a talented team. It didn’t work that way for him in Philadelphia. That’s my non-major-league-experience opinion…and I even like the guy.

You know, I was thinking (yeah, that’s pretty scary if you know meπŸ˜‰ ), but if our farm system is supposedly so great, why can’t we pick the best starters from the PawSox and just plug ’em into the rotation?

I assume they’re not ready yet, but I’ve heard that for a while…somebody elaborate as I’m not 100% knowledgable on our minor leaguers.

yankee, I am not spewing hatred as you say. I am sorry if you prefer to take it that way. If you look back, I did not say word one to you until after you directed insults at me, but you couldn’t handle what you dished out it seems. I am done playing with you, nothing I can say will get through to your paranoid head.

Vince – grooved him one? K-zone had that pitch on the outside corner, barely knee high. It wasn’t that bad of a pitch, and with the count 0-2, he pretty much had to throw a strike somewhere.

haha pac i think u have to be proud that uve pulled hansen delcarmen lester pauley gibbard and snyder from the farm…and i guess papelbon…already this year….yeah tom i think i lit a fire under his ***, he has already saved u from not being in 1st place twice this week!


Sure, fans always second guess their team’s leadership. I just get tired of it because we don’t know half the story.

Maybe Curt Schilling told Francona he didn’t have it. Maybe for some reason they had decided not to let him pitch more than 90 pitches that night. If Schilling had stayed in and given up those two runs, people would have said Francona should have taken him out.

Wells had a rough second and third inning, but had straightened up and gotten seven straight outs after that. I read some comments about how good Snyder was, but I didn’t read anything saying that it was a smart move to use him out of the ‘pen instead of Tavarez or Seanez.

And yes, Francona has used Tavarez and Seanez sometimes. He has to. You can’t use Timlin and Papelbon for all of your relief innings.

Why aren’t people willing to give the front office and the manager some credit for the fact that the Red Sox are in first place? All I hear is what a bunch of boneheads they are. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

tom anything that allows that man to extend his arms is a groove…they didn’t even challenge him inside. and on 2-0…absurd.
gator ask anybody in here if i can take what i dish and i think u’ll find ur wrong again? and paranoid? and u expect me to believe u don’t just shoot from the hip?

I’m new to this blog, have read in the the past, just wanted to say that the HR by Papi was sensational!!

why not call up david pauley instead. he has had better results.

did pauley have 2 starters last time? if so he had the loss to the yankees and got blown out his first start…wait maybe he had three

Dcullum:I am wondering that too i think they think he needs to delevope more in the minors but we only need him for 1 start!

he had at least two!

wow lidle is scheduled to pitch the opener vs redsox of that 5 game series.

talk about being throw into the fire

he is!isnt that still a couple weeks away?!


How can you say that managing a Major League baseball team is not that hard if you’ve never done it? What basis if experience or knowledge are basing that statement on? What reason do I have to accept your opinion? Just because you’re good at pointing out what didn’t work? Anybody can do that.

It’s not so much the second-guessing that irks me. It’s the fact that when something goes wrong it’s the management’s fault, but when things go right the players get the credit. The manager is part of the team and deserves credit for the good and the bad, just like the players do.

Geez robnbetsy – we all give credit to Theo for making smart moves, and we all give credit to the players making the plays. I wasn’t here tonight, and haven’t read the posts to say anything about tonight’s game, but when he pulled Schilling a lot of us said it was a mistake before the Angels scored any runs, and just about every time Tavarez or Seanez is brought into a close game you can hear the entire Nation groan, and we’re almost always proven right. Loyalty to those who perform is one thing. Loyalty to those who are constantly being bailed out by Ortiz’s late inning heroics is another.

I know that we’ve had injuries, but with the kind of injuries the Yankees have had we should be at least 5 games up on them. I have no doubt that if Jim Leyland, Joe Torre, Ozzie Guillan, Tony Larussa, or even Willie Randolph were managing this team that is where we would be.

How’s Johnson been at Pawtucket? Anybody know?

yankeevmm, I’m quite happy with what we have from the minors right now, I just assumed we had more starters we could use from there. =)

yeah but we have no offday so if the rotation remains the same, it would fall on lidle…obviously things can change…but tentatively the yankees would throw lidle and prob ponson for the double header, and then mussina wand wright, but they prob will skip someones day and plug ponson in so it more than likely is lidle and mussina the first game, then johnson wright and wang

Not because I can point out what didn’t work, bob…because I can point out that it isn’t going to work at the time that the manager does it…and so can a lot of people. Managing little league is harder because you have to get everybody in for a certain amount of outs, and you’re limited on the number of innings a kid can pitch regardless of how many pitches he’s thrown, and because you don’t have the kind of talent that you find in the higher leagues. Most of the time the moves a manager makes in a game are obvious. The hard part about managing, and this is probably where Tito is very good at, is keeping the clubhouse chemistry. Trying to get the most out of the myriad of personalities that he has on the team. But what we’re talking about is game management. And at that anybody with a decent perspective and knowledge of the game can see he makes mistakes. I’m sure he goes home after a lot of games and says to himself, “Man I blew that one. When am I ever gonna learn?”

Francona had absolutely no choice, but to make the really bad decision to leave Wells in. Wells could have easily given up this season, but he didn’t. Francona had to leave him in to give him the chance for the win. To pull him after 4 2/3 would have been a spat in the face to Wells after all the pain he has suffered to try to help the club this year. Was it a smart baseball move? Absolutely not… Blake was kililng Wells all day, Wells already threw 90+ pitches with no rehab start, righty ready in the bullpen, the lefty Wells hanging on by a thread… absolutely no reason to leave Wells in, except human respect. It would have been wonderful to write this same post with a different ending… but it would have been wishful thinking.

Good thing Papi saved the day again. Maybe the investment in Wells pride will pay off?

What did I say about Snyder??? Middle relief! If we could only find a reliable starter!

Hey I just think it was a great win tonight!! I’m hoping they pull a rabbit out of a hat for tomorrows starter. Please if it’s Johnson, Let hin have gotten his legs for the American League East

tomorrow will be VERY interesting….who goes for boston, lester?

I hear Johnson is going tomorrow. If he’s gotten his mechanical issues down and his sinker is on tomorrow, that’ll be excellent for this infield.

If not…let the baseball gods figure that one out =)

Holy cow what a game… I was at piano lesson so I couldn’t watch the game… (“You gotta play piano to get into college, Jamie” my dad says… load of BS). I can’t believe Papi did it again… if he’s not MVP this year I’ll be really…agitated…

Just wanted to say that the Sox farm is so much better than the Yankee’s it’s not even funny… Cashman keeps on giving away prospects, like in the recent Abreu deal (including 1st round pick of 2005…). I’m really looking forward to seeing the future Sox. =)

P.S. Snyder seems to have pitched very well… without his shoutout pitching we wouldn’t have won this game. lol if he keeps on pitching this well, and Wells rebounds from a terrible re-re-debut, the Sox will have an extremely solid pitching staff… one that I’d take over the Yankees’ any day.

Well, I’m glad you have such confidence in other managers, tomandteri, and are certain that they would have made that much difference. I guess it’s human nature to always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Maybe part of the fun of watching baseball for some people is to try and find the mistakes that were made. I’d rather not dwell on them, I guess, since I’m sure not qualified to do the job that anyone in a big league uniform does.

And lest anyone think I’m getting too high and mighty, don’t forget I did my own bit of armchair coaching tonight by picking on Demarlo Hale for sending Mirabelli home only to get thrown out.

Sorry to cut this short, but I’ve got to hit the sack. Didn’t want you to think I got all p!ssy and ignored any further responses. I’ll check in the morning in case anyone feels the desire to continue it.

I LOVE THIS BLOG (especially the yankee fans here…they’re fun to argue (ahem, discuss) with, and they’re pretty civil for yankee fans… lol).

ah jamie is back…if wells rebounds, snyder will not start since wakefield will be back, both will not be in the rotation. You can bash the yankee pitching staff all u want but it is all in vain i have already proved our 1-3 all have better numbers, our 4 is an inning eater and based on wells performance or snyders starting performances, we both don;t have much of a 5…though ur 4 certainly does not eat innings.

Continue giving away prospects, what do u all watch the same espn reviews….our first rounder in 2005 was still in A ball hitting 200, he was a bust. the other two guys were in A and only one had decent numbers…the last guy was matt smith a 27 year old AAA’er. jamie u wanna spit some prospects with all that opinion ur supplying? Cashman did not give away a single high level yankee prospect of which there are at least 8 of them. Not to mention melky cano and wang, and i would say so far they haven’t been half bad in the majors, don’t u think? Before cano got injured he was an all star, melky has fit in nicely and was tied with the league lead in outfield assists and wang has better numbers than ur boy beckett….what a terrible farm system? and the redsox never gave away anibel sanchez hanley ramirez or a list of other prospects right? They ALWAYS hold their top prospects….please…keep the bull **** train coming

Okay rayman, you kind of reiterated what I had said about Tito being good at managing the chemistry and working with the personalities, but I think you’re wrong. I think that letting him face Martinez was giving him the respect he deserved. It would have been much more merciful to have pulled him before giving up another home run to Casey Blake the to pull him with the lead. All managers want to see their starters have a chance for the win, but more importantly they want to give their team a chance to win. I suppose as long as you have Papi and Manny, you think that you do have a chance to win, but we would have had a much better chance to win if we would have pulled Wells before facing Blake. And that is his job. Not much different than when Grady left Pedro in, only the stakes weren’t quite as high.

that was the greatest redsox managing move in the history of ur franchise tom

Papi again! Lol, who thought that wouldn’t happen?

I’m surprised the Sox didn’t make a move, but then again, I understand Theo’s wanting to not mortgage the future. I think most teams are wanting Lester/Hansen/Delcarmen etc. which are unacceptable. So caution is good, even if the Sox seem to not respond to the Yankees.

The Sox still need pitching, esp. starting pitching. They are dealing with many injuries now, including Tek and Nixon. So, it will be a trying time for them just as it was for the Yankees. David Wells didn’t show much today, but I’ll give him a pass for now. Snyder showed some good stuff, and he’s best for long relief. However, given the current staff: Schilling, Beckett, Lester, Wells… the back of the rotation is till in a hole while Wake is recovering.

The whole trade deadline is a question. The Yankees certainly gained a lot and are favs to win the East. August will be important and a waiver pickup might be good. Getting Clemens might be key (if the Astros and Clemens let him on waivers without a PR breakdown) and Clemens can still pitch even against AL. So, it will be interesting August.

Let’s see how the following weeks pass. The Sox certainly need a pitcher. For sure. It will be a waiver wire fight. Can the Sox still win the East? Sure. But it will be close to uphill battle.

You know, I could watch the replay of Papi’s walk-off’s forever, I really can, I’ll just watch Sportscenter.

Yankeevmm (Vince), Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez were traded, but it DID NOT MORTGAGE THE FUTURE… we got Josh Beckett, who’s still 25 or 26. He’s not yet in the prime of his career, and in some ways STILL a prospect (he’s still learning the game). As for the Yankee farm system, guess what? ESPN IS RIGHT… you guys have absolutely no farm whatsoever… it’s been torn apart in recent years, and you have 2 or 3 prospects at best… if you don’t believe ESPN, try baseball prospectus, or try any baseball-informed person who’s NOT a yankee fan…

You have a foggy view towards your own team, just as I have for MY team… I realize that what I’m hoping for guys like Delcarmen, Hansen, Papelbon, Lester, Pedroia, Edgar Martinez, Ellsbury, Daniel Bard, Murphy, Pinckney, Adam Stern, Randy Beam, and Abe Alvarez may be unreasonable, but seriously, some of the guys you named earlier in the post are absolutely terrible.. .how can you possibly consider them prospects?? Some of your statements are mere fantasies, and absolutely unrealistic. Maybe it’s time to start listening to people on ESPN… although some of them are bigots, they’re usually right, and when it comes to the Yank’s farm, they’re 100% correct.

The Yanks will not be able to keep on getting veterans… you assume they can just because they’ve got the $$. But the truth is, the Yankees are losing alot of money every year as an organization, and free agents are growing more and more expensive each year. I don’t think the Yanks gave up too much in the Abreu trade, you’re right about that, but Cashman can’t build up a farm system while giving away prospects (through signing free agents), and trading away guys, not the mention not DRAFTING well in the first place! Even comparing the Sox farm to the Yanks farm is an insult… Theo builds for the present AND future… that’s why he is infinitely times better than Cashman…(again, nothing personal… I’m just a byproduct of a legendary rivalry that sometimes has the potential of igniting a war between 2 cities…)

Also, Vince, I’d love it for Wakefield to come back… the fact that we’ll lose Snyder to Wakefield is actually a very good thing… cuz then we’d have Snyder as a Villone-type guy (you love him, right?)who does what he did tonight (rescuing Wells). Btw, how old are you? (just wondering)

We’ve actually had this discussion in the past and it has gone both ways.
I think Francona is a good manager in the fact that he is a player’s manager. He gets along well with the guys on the team and does a tremendous job dealing with the local media. Not many guys can do what he’s done in handling constant critisism day in and day out. If the Sox lose tomorrow, he will probably have someone 2nd guessing one of his moves. The thing is, he can handle it and never says the wrong thing.

On the other hand, he is a bad in game manager. Facts are facts. Rob, in regards to your point about Schill possibly not having it to go back out there. I might agree except any time Schill has come out of a game early, he is the first one to say that he didn’t have it, or he was gassed, etc. So I don’t buy it on this case.

I’m not going to go on a game by game basis the rest of the year and get into a debate as to whether each move he makes from here on out is a good managerial decsion. I’m just saying that more often than not in recent weeks, he has made questionalble decisions.

Either way, as of August 1st, the Sox are in 1st place. That might not be accomplished with a lot of other managers. That being said, Francona could definitely do a better job in my “non major league experience, run down old college jock, arm chair quarterback” opinion.

Someone asked how Jason Johnson has been doing in AAA. I say in his last outing he went 7 innings of 2 hit ball. Before that, he was getting pounded all over the place. No clue what to expect tomorrow night. I have a feeling that the bullpen will be getting some work, though.

Great night everyone. See you tomorrow.

lol epstein sure built for the present at this deadline.

Go look up their stats, maybe christian and pope are a long shot but pope has been solid in AA and christian stole 50 bases, that is not a yankee fan fact. but clippard has been scouted by major league scouts not yankee fans and is projected to be a solid 2-3 in a major league rotation. Hughes by the entire planet is scouted to be an ace..tabada by scouts, again not yankee fans scouted to have a manny bat and solid defense, and cox white and this 6’9″ guy from college are all projected to be major leaguers. duncan, i admit i am not impressed with but his second stint in double A has him as a completely diff hitter. Still power but the guy barely k’s and takes walks now, a huge improvement. The yankees have studs, hence why everybody was asking about them (white clippard hughes and tabada all came up in trade talks at the deadline)…oh and i forgot the catcher we beat the mets for..he is 17 and like i said 6’3″ 220 and in a league hitting 400+ against 21 year olds, try disputing that. Yankees aren’t losing **** over the years. They are drawing more than ever in their existance and have made the playoffs consecutively for a decade, until u supplu any proof they are losing money there is no chance i would ever believe that. and ticket prices are the highest they have ever been to boot. FA’s are more expensive? that’s wrong too, since 2003 their costs have gone back to normal, there will never be another a rod making 25 million a year, hence why ortiz is what 6.5? clemens is the exception and nothing aobut his contract is ordinary. Jamie hanley and anibel were mere examples, u guys have been trading prospects as well, and beckett won a ws he is by no means a prospect or still trying to learn the game…maybe the AL, but not the game, he is trying to stay healthy if he knows whats good for him. For as many sites u can come up with projecting yankee prospects as underachieving there are ones saying otherwise, it is all political, u have to go by rankings and that new system of player potential they came out with last year to measure minor leaguers.

One more thing before I sleep lol. Before, when I ranted about how good the Sox farm was, I forgot to mention the BEST prospect of ’em all… WILY MO PENA. (PA = plate appearence… BB+AB)

2004: 364 PA, 26HR, 66RBI

2005: 335 PA, 19HR, 51RBI.

Therefore, 04-05: 699PA, 45HR, 117RBI

700PA is usually the amount one would get playing fulltime over a single season.

E.g. David Ortiz in 2005 had 713PA, 47HR, 148RBI. Compare him to Pena, and the power numbers are extremely, extremely close. Pena also happens to be only 24 (or 25), and projects to be an elite slugger in his prime. Again, I’m probably overrating him, but I’d take him over the entire Yankee farm system any day of the week.πŸ™‚

and yet he played for the reds…but u guys dont give away prospects….mike lowell is a yankee prospect how about him?

Its nice to have a good future. But any team can build a great farm if they sacrifice the present. Look at Marlins. The challenge is to sustain the success now and in the future. I am not saying redsox are not successful now. But to not win the AL east this year for boston is definitely a failure this year.

If you start calling Wily Mo Pena ur prospect, what do you call Cano, Melky, Kevin Thompson, CM Wang in addition to all the prospects Vince mentioned. Please, a redsox fan cant talk abt farm systems. Look at the number of home grown redsox on ur team and the number of home grown yankees on our team.

What you are doing is a classic case of sour grapes.

Want proof?

Christian stole 50 bases, but that means nothing. Joey Gathright stole 50 bases, but he’s not exactly an elite prospect…Clippard is getting by with trickery, but it’s still to be seen whether or not he has stuff to succeed in the big leagues. Hughes, while good, has nothing over Lester and Papelbon. He won’t becoeme an ace. #2, possibly though. I’ll admit he’s good. No scout in the world would say that Tabata will have a Manny offense…

Hey, you’re always demanding proof of everything, let’s see YOU produce proof that the Yanks have a good sytem… scouting reports, etc. would shut me up, but until then, I have virtually no respect for the Yanks’ farm.

oh btw Farm, trading and free agency are all accepted ways of building a team. Whatever works best is what you have to do. Except that you enjoy it more when a player is with you for a long period of time.

For robnbetsy in the morning -Don’t think that I’m calling for Tito’s head, and don’t think that I’m knocking everything that you’re saying. You’re right in that none of us knows everything that is going on down there. I myself made the argument last night that Schilling might have told Tito that he was gassed. The problem is the shear number of times that he makes the same mistakes…usually leaving a starter in too long or going to the wrong guy in the pen in a close game. We also don’t bunt enough. There’s plenty more, like why has Trot been in the lineup nearly every day these last six weeks? He should have been on the DL or at least not starting so he could rest his bicep strain to prevent making it more serious like he did last night. He wasn’t helping the team with his average falling close to 30 points in that time span…hitting something like 11 singles and one home run. Willy Mo had almost as many rbi’s tonight as Trot has had in six weeks. These are the kinds of things that if you’re a knowledgeable fan you have to wonder about, and not just have blind faith that all the right moves are being made. We question these things because over a 162 game season, it can only take a handful of these mistakes to keep us out of the playoffs.

jeter rivera posada cano cabrera beam all the prospects previously mentioned, wang, crosby…no we have no farm system working for us at all, good call!

u just sent me a nydailynews link? do u have a nypost one to go with it? maybe a national enquirer? the same people that said zito for melky and cano today?

Jamie: we might not lose snyder due to Wake’s return.. What if we sent one of th EZ bros (You’re new so the ex bros are TaverEZ and SeanEZ) (too bad not both) down to do some farm work?? We could keep Snyder as a reliever, he seemed to do the job tonight, and didin’t look uncomfortable while doing it!

Free agency costs $, trading costs prospects. Farm is virtually free. I have respect for the Yankees, since they’ll probably win 90+ games for the next few years, but I just don’t think they can win any CHAMPIONSHIPS.. I’m not alone. Championships are built when you have Clemens, Pettite, Wells… with Williams playing great D and Jeter rocking the world. Alas, those days are gone, and until the Yanks can assemble a similar roster, I don’t see them having a great chance in October, that’s all. yankee_indian I love your statement about enjoying guys who are with u a long time. lol it’s true. Hope that’ll be true for Lester, Paps, Pedroia, and the likes. btw, where are all the Sox fans…? I know it’s midnight, but there are 2 yankee fans on a SOX blog with only one sox to defend the home team… sob lol

lol nvm about that last statement. Didn’t see that ellen was on lol. Snyder will do what Van Buren has failed to do. I like him; he shows promise, and his curve can be reeeeally nasty somtimes… he shut down the Indians when they were absolutely hot. Thank you Kyle!

Sorry, just one last thing. Vince, the reason why the Yanks are losing $ is because of revenue sharing. It’s all in the article I told u about. Here’s the link again:

el duque won us multiple rings with trickery.

wang mussina hughes clippard a 26 year old japanese player that dominated the entire world, i think that is a suitable staff…cabrera abreu damon playing great d and jeter rocking the world? good enough? maybe u think the days are gone but it is more the days of canseco and brown are gone

Jamie, I’m still here.. I think that you’re making a lot of sense, bt these guys are die hards.. just like we are.

jamie – I’ll defend the sox, but there’s not much point in making statistical arguments with Vince. He eats, drinks, and breathes statistics. He probably studies the Red Sox more than any of us, so if you’re going at him with stats, you better have pretty concrete ones…like: THE RED SOX ARE 1 GAME AHEAD OF THE SPANKEES!!!

He can’t argue with that…all he can do is talk about how we’ll be tied tomorrow night or something like that, which is not a fact…just an opinon. We can argue opinions all night.πŸ˜‰

don’t worry jamie im on a site right now, btw hughes is the third ranked prospect int he entire minors but UR RIGHT HE WILL BE A 2 STARTER AT BEST, hahahaha.

number 1 pitching prospect, i guess it’s a bad year to develop aces maybe? ohhh but jon lester is right there with him!

Okay…Vince,you know that I much prefer talking about facts than opinion, just like your earlier post elaborated on, so don’t worry, I won’t go Fagan on you.


I did watch the game today as u predicted. Right now watching the PAPI homer again & again & again.

Vince, I know u are going to summer school or taking a break for summer and all that. U have too much time on ur hands. LOL

By Frankie Piliere

Date: May 7, 2006

The Yankees selected Phil Hughes with the 23rd overall pick in the 1st round of the 2004 draft. Since that time, the ultra-talented right-hander has tasted nothing but success in professional baseball. Armed with a blazing fastball, command and maturity well beyond his years, Hughes is our top Yankee prospect. Hughes projects to be a #1 starter

ohhh but the jamie scouting report says a 2 starter…..right

ahaha kumar i just relocated i have no job or anything….haha tom, thanks, and i’ll give u that u held onto first but this papi stuff is getting to annoy me now.

Oh Vince, cut Jamie a break. At least he’s trying to take you on. Give him some credit for that.

Anyone heard from Fagan tonight? Hey, maybe he did get banished from the blogs and he’s just to stupid to think about registering with a different email address.

Yeah, Papi should hurt, considering how much the Boss salivated over him while he was still in Minnesota and Cashmen didn’t think he was worth going after.

Night Tom & Kumar.

OHH i love this quote from a yankees fan
“The new-look yankees will take the field tomorrow night”What did you guys go out and get a new team!it i three guys who make a major difference but still.

“Duncan’s Offensive Potential Is Special”
“The New York Yankees drafted right-handed pitcher Tyler Clippard in the 9th round of the 2003 MLB Draft. Armed with pinpoint control, Clippard has amassed one of the best strikeout-to-walk ratios in the entire farm system. Ranking #4 among the Top 50 Yankees’ Prospects, here’s a scouting report on Tyler Clippard.”

“Could have better control than greg maddux”

last year wang was our 10th prospect and now he has better numbers than beckett…imagine what the top 9 can do

You know Vince, the problem with these blogs is that everyone wants to be the smartest guy in the room, and nobody can really prove how smart they are in here…we can only prove how knowledgeable or ignorant we are. It didn’t take me long to figure out that you are much more knowledgeable than I in the stats department. I feel sorry for anybody taking you on there.

Good thing I’ve got a cunning wit, a good sense of history, and age on my side.πŸ˜‰

haah tom anyone who wants to argue with me with stats and not emotion has my very best respect….and yes lately ihave been spending about 6 hours a day reading and doing yankee and redsox research…it is not all in vain,i do plan on using it for my future career in baseball analysis…

Tom, i always thought steinbrenner didnt want papi and cash did? oh well, yeah i often think about that.

later Vik.

lol yes, oddly enough i dont shy away from my age, sometimes i think people may regretfully mistaken me for young when it comes to baseball…..fagan had said he will only check once a week or some lie, i don’t remember i was too busy ignoring him

By the Vik the Home Run Wily Mo hit landed behind your home in Framington Hill, MI.

Goot Nite all.

By the way Vik, the Home Run Wily Mo hit landed behind your home in Framington Hill, MI.

Good Nite all.

Sorry abt the typos and double postings. I never preview my post. I am that lazy.

Good Nite all.

wily mo has retard strength.

Yeah? I think it was Steinbrenner who wanted Ortiz. I don’t remember hearing him or Cashmen ever talk about it in interviews, I just remember it being said by those supposedly in the know like Peter Gammons. Who really knows?

hahah in 2004 the yankees fired most of their farm scouts, sighting incompetant since then they have helped turn around the farm team, particularly in latin areas (can we really disagree with cabrera and cano so far?)….for jamie to argue the yankee system is doomed for years to come is like me arguing the redsox had a curse for 86 years and were not just constantly mediocore

well yeah thats another thing…no more of that in the yankee front office, steinbrenner has become more hands off, steve swindell the man to take over has said his gm will bein charge of everyting and the tampa faction will no longer be involved….so we won’t have any more browns lack of ortiz’s or jose canseco’s around anymore….not to mention the yankees next year plant o dump payroll and i’m sorry but after taking journalism for 4 years in hs to trust a site like the ny daily news is like trusting the inquirer…..that is one of the big THREE that u NEVER trust.

and yes that was the viking vibe tom

LOL!!! retard strength!!! Oh that’s funny. I’ll have to remember that one.

The problem with Willy Mo, which nobody seems to notice, is that he can’t hit lefties. Now that the deadline has passed without getting Soriano or Burrell or anybody else that I argued for…I guess we’re going to see if he can learn to hit lefties…I hope he does.

Refreshing to see someone in journalism interested in the truth, and not just regurgitating (sp?) whatever comes over the AP wire.

yeah considering nixon is….well about as useful as the former president now. No, i def respect jamie, it’s just don’t go at a guy who has yankeevmm as an email address and come at me with **** like abreu is past his prime, lidle *****, and the yankees have no farm system, and magically this sox farm system is going to produce them a million ws rings…that is not always how it works…theo and cash are both good gms…and i’ll believe the yankees become middle market from lack of money when i see it. The FA prices have decreased in the last three years and NY has learned there lesson of not going for the jugular in fagency….abreu was a sweet deal though esp knowing ahead of time ur gonna dump shef’s 13 million next year anyway.

haha tom that is one of my pet peeves…and after doing a liberal conservative independent research report to find out 80% of media is liberal, it just leads me to believe most of the media has a bias….same goes for baseball…ny daily news, ny post….they send stories out to get readers…espn unfortunately has been guilty of it lately too. It is a huge issue that with things like the internet can only get worse. Every communications class I have taken preaches not to pay attention to everything you read, the problem is it is hard to be able to decipher what is truth and what is not

No arguments from me. You gave up next to nothing for him. I still thank that Lidle is the more important aquisition, though. I mean, will Abreu really add another run per game to the offense? I doubt it. With or without him pitchers have got to be peeing their pants when facing that lineup.

But Lidle adds another good starter. He could be worth 4 or 5 wins.

Here are some facts to consider: When the Phillies were in the playoff race last year and missed it by 1 game, it was in part to Abreu slumping badly in the second half (.260 avg, 6 HRs) when his team needed him the most. If he could’t handle that pressure, how will he handle NY pressure?
Abreu hasn’t been the same since he won the All-Star game HR contest, his batting average and HR’s have been down considerably since then (approx .270 avg and 14 HR’s for the past year plus). He thinks that he’s one of the game’s best sluggers now, and looking at that RF porch in Yankee Stadium will continue to mess with his mind and his swing. I admit the Yankees gave up almost nothing to get him, but he is hardly worth $15 million a year. Just because you have a lot of money to spend, as the Yankees do, doesn’t nake it ok to spend it poorly- that is what the government is for.

And how will team chemistry be affected when an unhappy and outspoken Sheffield returns? A player who HAS been consistently productive over the past few years?

I’m just saying that for what they spend, the Yankees should have a much better team. At least Theo knows how to balance all aspects of player and team needs and not just throw money at a problem.

Vince, I’m glad I met ya’. Wish you were a Sox, fan, but other than that you’re aces. Maybe Ian can make a trade with Mike,…say Fagan and $1 million for you and Vik?

Uh oh. Gator, you did good bringing up the stats and the pressure thing…those are good points, but Vince is going to go to town on the “throwing money at a problem thing.”

I’ll sit back and watch now.

sheffields agent yesterday said shef has no ill feelings and feels this was a smart move to help him get a ring he has always coveted…he is on board with the idea and would like to return and retire as a yankee….listen, fact of the matter is, i can throw my logic into abreu as u can throw urs, but the mor eimportant thing to me is a solid outfielder….we have the power, the pop and fear in our lineup….abreu could very easily bat 7th in our lineup…how is that going to be presssure compared to being the man for the phillies? You can give me all the mind games u want about abreu and the porch or tell me he won’t fit in, but we will simply have to watch..but this guy did not lose his speed after the derby and he did not lose his arm or glove, and that to me is major significance….we are spending 15 million for one season, if he produces, we pick up the option, if he doesn’t well it was more like 2 million when u take away shef’s salary. Shef has been consistant but not this year, he has been injured, years of steroids will do that to a guy u guys can give me all the abreu’s numbers are terrible he is finished at 32 chat all u want, yet u defend keeping shef who will be 39, cant lift his arm above his head to catch fly balls and has been out all season and is a proven former roid head? that doesn’t add up regardless of how hard he swings the bat. So to answer your theory, he will handle ny pressure fine, philly media is just as harsh on their players, if not more and abreu is not a main cog in our lineup or on our team, he is, like i said our 6 or 7 guy (though he will prob be higher in the beginning). Will he be better than the 280 4 hrs some odd rbi that melky put up? yes i believe so, will melky be useful on the bench, yes definitely.
you can tell me epstein handles his money better but a few points. 1. epstein has less money to play with. 2. epstein has less home grown talent that has been there for a decade to give pay raises too (jeter posada rivera can all be considered overpaid) and 3. it has hurt the redsox that epstein has been that frugile….where would u be if u paid pedro, lowe and damon? Wily mo would have never been necessary and ud still have arroyo….do u miss those starters? I think so.

hahaha sorry but when it comes to the redsox i am not for sale

you can call it throwing money at a problem…but i call it fixing a problem…you guys take away money from a useful item…if it aint broke, don’t fix it….that is my belief…i don’t mind paying these guys too much to stay here, it makes them franchise lore….maybe if u guys did that more often u wouldn’t have only five numbers retired for such a good singular player franchise with ur ridiculous rules that u get rid of players before they can complete them.

and, once again YOU ARE THE 2ND MOST EXPENSIVE TEAM IN BASEBALL. where do you come off with the marlins small market mentality? you guys pay for huge aquisitions too, did u forget schilling and the arms race of 04? You guys had two, count em, two guys from ur farm team on the 04 team…..a backup catcher and often injured right fielder if i am missing one, i apologize, but u really really want to go down the throwing money at a problem road? Seems to me u threw money at 23 different problems

Hey Vince, I will have to say that even though Abreu won’t be the main cog in the Yankee line up, he probably will feel some pressure. This trade was made out to be a very big deal, and he’s not being brought to NY to sustain a lead in the division, he’s being brought over to win it, main cog or not.

I think he’s not going to be nearly as bad as I hope he will, but I also don’t think he’s going to be much more productive than he was in Philly. At least, if I were pitching to that line-up, he’d probably be about the last guy that I’d worry about.

Of course that’s what Sheffield’s agent is going to say publicly…that doesn’t necessarily make it the truth.

It is going to be pressure because he is in NY, whether he bats cleanup or ninth, the media will be on him like they have ARod, Johnson, etc. And it won’t just be Philly or NY media, he is on the big stage now and it will be nationwide media more so than he has ever seen. He’ll put up numbers, but I think he’ll have some problems handling the pressure (just my OPINION) lol.

And of the 4 players that you named Pedro is the only one that I truely miss, and we all know that his stats would not be as good as they are if he was still pitching in the AL.

lol well then u have to decide what is more pressure (there is no evidence his slump is even linked to pressure)
1. playing for a team with awfully harsh media and being the best hitter on the team, the only player until this year that the fans had faith in and carrying that team to dethrone a team that had won the division every year since 93?


2. being on a team where half the lineup is a bigger superstar than u are, batting in the bottom half or tail end of the meat of it and being on adrenaline from a pennant race where u are not the one everybody relies on?

i don’t think this guy is gonna be hitting 20 hrs and swiping 25 bags for us these last three months either, but i fully expect that he will be important and come through…..if t here is one piece of history with trading the yankees have success in it is trade deadline aquisitions.

1. cecil fielder-1996 (batted 400 in the ws and hit 10+ hrs down the stretch)

2. david justice-sparked the yankee lineup hitting over 300 and driving in the most runs on the team

3. glenallen hill-went on a homerun binge to lead them to the playoffs

4. aaron boone-perhaps AARON ******* BOONE rings a bell?

oh uh shawn chacon, wasn’t a bad one last year either, going 7-3 with a sub 3 era

See…I knew he’d go to town on the money issue. To be fair, though, Vince, we’re talking about Theo’s teams now, and considering what he had to work with when he took the job, he had to put a winner on the field immediately…which he did, and he still managed to vastly improve the farm. Now that he has a strong team in place AND a strong farm, he’s not throwing money at problems, for lack of a better phrase. Considering the market, standing pat wasn’t the worst thing he could have done. I’m not going to second guess Theo, and you’re absolutely right…nobody should second guess Cashman.

We do have silly rules, don’t we? It would be nice to see Jim Rice’s number retired. We’ve let great ballplayers go just by being stupid (Lynn, Fisk, Clemens, Damon, Martinez…I really wasn’t all that sorry to see Lowe goπŸ˜‰ Maybe some of that is changing now.

gator i can understand maybe not missing damon (despite that he has 12 hrs and a lot of rbi’s more than crisp and has been healthier all year and was not on the trade block) and i can understand lowe (so what he clinched a few playoff series) but arroyo and pedro? arroyo took a pay cut and is an ace for the reds in that little league park and pedro well u said u missed pedro but he has proven he pitches sick in just about any league he is in

So.. my thoughts on the past few days.

Schilling: Meh. Even he can have bad outtings. I expect him to simply bounce right back.

Wells: UGH. Ok, NOW I’m worried. Still.. its his FIRST start sincer a long time on the DL. He probably could have used a rehab outing, but at least we pulled out the win. I expect him to be better in future starts.

Tek Injury: OH dear gods, please, please, please no…

Nixon Injury/Wily Mo: When I saw Nixon take that swing and stagger away from the plate – I admit it – I briefly thought the season was over. However, while Wily Mo is no Trot, he certainly proved he can give us some offense pop. A wallball double last night and a triple, home run, and a signle tonight? Yeesh. Certainly trying his best to redeem the Arroyo trade.. and you knwo what? Long term? I think it’ll end up beign worth it.

Trade Deadline: Honestly? I didnt expect a big move. I had the Clemens fantasy.. i beleived it should have happened.. but it didnt. Oh well. Still.. props to Epstein for not morgaging the future for today. YOu know what? If we miss this World Series but win three more later on thanks to keepign the talent? Its worth it.

The Season and the Yankees: Well. Things are certainly more interesting now. THe Yankees have revitalized themselves and truly become an enemy to be feared. Abreu will be dangerous, even out of the National League. Lidle? Well, there I’m less afraid… National league pitchers often have trouble moving into the AL and hopefully between that and becomign accostumed to the Yankee Pressure Cooker, I think Lidle wont be as effective as planned (though certainly better than *snort* *giggle* Chacon was). The Red Sox are still a dangerous team though. We’ve got power, defense, and our pitching may just yet solidify. Will we hold 1st place all the way in? Probably not.. there’ll be some swapping. Will we make the postseason? You bet! Will the Yankees NOT? I’m not so sure anymore… earlier I would have said they wouldnt but between the trades and the Great Collapsing White Sox… who knows.

They also have a recent history of coming up short in the playoffs πŸ™‚ We shall see.

haha thats why i considered theo a good if not great gm. haha i would think ur entire 2004 roster should be retired for ending it, finally…but realistically rice, pedro fisk clemensi mean those are no brainers and that is just off the top of ur urs and my head. what is it hall of fame, 10 yrs of service and had to retire with the team? I think that is what the fenway guide told me (and yes jamie and gator i h ave taken an in depth tour of fenway and yes, i was at ur victory parade as well, tom wasn’t kidding, i do my fair share of research on the sox too).


Big Papi: I love you. Seriously. I love you so so much. You are a MACHINE. He has 105 RBIs in 104 games. More than an RBI per game! AND He’s actualy.. get this.. heating up! Holy Longballs, Batman! He may actually break 50 HRs, 150 RBIs this year.. incredible. Is it too soon to slap an Hall of Famer sticker on him?

I know I’m in the minority, and it sure looks bad now with all the pitching injuries, but I still like the Arroyo-Pena trade. I just felt bad that we traded him away after he took a pay cut because he wanted to stay in Boston.

To ge your number retired with the Red Sox, you have to be elected to the Hall of Fame…that’s what is keeping Rice’s # from being retired.

haha the playoffs….it was said with a smile but since i love my stats

2005. we both went nowhere but at least we WON two playoff games

2004: that was a year?

2003: ahh thats better the yankee version of 2003 minus a ring

2002 who was in the playoffs and who wasnt?

2001, like i said for 2002.

2000 ws?

1999 well we beat u and ws

98: ws

97: who was in the playoffs and who wasn’t?

96. ws

hahah i know ud idnt mean that far back but i had to throw in the dynasty.

Yes, yankeevmm, 10 yrs, hall of famer, retire with the team..

Frankly, I think that needs to be loosened a LITTLE.. just drop the retire with the team bit. 10 years is a long time to be with any team, and frankly.. Rogers number deserves to be up there someday.

as far as ortiz in the hof…less than 300 career hrs, less than 300 career average, full time dh, no gold gloves 1 ring and no mvps…yes a tad too early..he keeps annoying me this much and he will be in in about 6 years

Were you the one that threw the baseball at Pedro during the parade then???

personally, and i mean i know u guys pride urself on tradition and rules and no fan of another fan base knows that better than me and mine, but retiring numbers should be a judgement call, maybe ur sox hall of famers can decide it, but there will always be rare exceptions or holes in the rules, esp in this day and age with free agency

Okay, everyone in The Nation is going to hate me for saying this, but I think that Trot going on the DL is a good thing. He was hurting the team the last 6 weeks and shouldn’t have been starting. Like I said in my earlier posts, Willy Mo had almost as many TB’s tonight as Nixon has had in the entire month.

Same old arguement, yankee? The dynasty? pfft.. past is the past..

Funny though. I look at 2005 differently. You see winnign two games, I see that at least we lost to the future World Champions.

Then again.. thats all part of being a fan for either side. We all wear our rose-tinted glasses

no i wish…i was about to hunt down the guy with the jeter is playing golf right now sign though, i was directly across from it…dressed in compelte navy blue with the face of a dementor (he reads harry potter too)

haha well we lost to the team that took a game and lost to the world champs, so ha!…haha agas i was only bringing it up cause i was being ribbed about postseason success

Yankee, on number retiring.. I Gotta say.. I almost, almost like it… It need some work, but I like the idea of havign some sort of individual case-by-case consideration.

Thing is. there needs to be some sort of tough pre-elmination. You dont want to start retirign too many numbers or we’ll end up needing bigger uniforms.

Now Batting… Number 275…

hmm ok.. that makes me wondering on a n interesting bit of trivia: Has anyone, on any team, in the history of the majors, worn a triple digit number?

haha agas it scares me that when torre and jeter retire the yankees will no longer have numbers 1-10…yes well i mean the hall of fame as pre elimination there is no reason the system of retiring numbers cannot.. but i mean the way it is now doesn’t make sense. If ortiz is held out of the hof because he was a dh, do u really think the nation wouldn’t want his number retired? That rule at least has to be dropped…some guys do extraudinary things (like win u a ring) that do now show up in box scores or years of commitment…and some retire where they can play everyday for a season. If bernie williams had gone to tampa rather than take less money to play here this year, he still sure as **** deserves to have his number retired, hall of fame and ending on the yankees or not

Maybe before free agency the “retire with the team” worked, but not since…and having to be in the HOF has killed Rice.

Hey Vince? Is Munson’s # retired?

i know turk wendell wore 99 (grad of quinnipiac and obsessed with the number 9…he used to ask for 9’s in his paycheck) and i know somebody has worn double 0…but i dont think anyone wore triple digits, i don’t think it is possible.

Number retired in 1979
Was the undisputed leader and most respected man on the Yankee teams that won three AL pennants in a row (1976- 78) and two World Championships. Munson was a tremendous defensive catcher, winning the Gold Glove Award in three consecutive seasons (1973-75). From 1975-77, Thurman drove in more than 100 runs and hit better than .300 in each of those three seasons. He hit the first Yankee home run in the “new” Yankee Stadium. There is no more tragic date in Yankee history than August 2, 1979. On that date Munson passed away when the plane he was flying crashed while landing.

This is true Yankee. I mean, beisdes hsi clutchness, Ortiz has become a wonder Ambassador for the GAME of Baseball, not jsut for the Sox.

The retiring thing has to go. That I’m sure of without a doubt, like tom says.. Free Agency killed it.

What number did Ted Turner wear when he managed The Slaves for that one game?

Wasn’t it something like the television station # (TNT)? That might have been triple digits.

haha when i was on the tour the tour guide (he knew i was a yankee fan because he asked what team we all rooted for and when he got to me i told him “you don’t wanna know”) he got to the part about talking about their retiring number rule and he goes “now here in boston, unlike SOME places, we do not retire just anybodies number…”

tom if u have anymore retired number Q’s

hahahahaahah the slaves. i like it.

Wade Boggs is another that has been kept off the wall because he didn’t retire with the Sox.

A number NOT in the HOF that I’d like to Retire? Johnny Pesky.

the sick thing is i just scanned all of the players the yankees retired’s numbers….and i cannot find a single one to cut.

See, I asked the Munson question because I had a hunch that his # was probably retired almost immediately…certainly before he would have been eligible for the Hall.

There are a lot of Red Sox that I think are deserving.

agas at least he has a pole to be named after….it is kind of unfair, most of hte yankees retired well not most but some have their numbers retired because of insane facts like “was in 10 ws and won 8 of them”…haha like how do u say, oh umm, he shouldn’t have his number retired

Pesky… just really deserves it. All he’s done for the team, especially since retirement. I mean, during spring training, at his age, he sat out there and signed balls. I went to college in FL, as I’ve mentioned.. and its BRUTAL there year-long. Great guy.

oh yeah munson definitely….

munson, mattingly, guidry, howard, maris, dickey, and martin are all not hall of famers

lol yeah agas this is my first florida summer…awful

Alright Yankee… I’m gonna say this.. and only say it once, because dangnabit, it hurts.

Althoguh you are the Enemy.. I gotta say, you seem liek a pretty stand up guy. You know your stuff and arent just.. pure out and out rude like some Yank fans (or some Sox fans for that matter.. like that guy whose name rhymes with bagan)…

Anyway! Now to redeem my lapse..T ime for your bad “Yankee Insult” joke of the Day! On triple digit Uni numbers: Well, no one could wear 666.. it belongs to Steinbrenner.

Ok I’m done now..

Just checked – Johnson IS scheduled to start tomorrow. I can’t believe that. Sorry if you already talked about this Vince.

You know, Kason Gabbard did Soooooooo much better in his one start. Why in the world would we ever give Johnson another start. I mean, he couldn’t hold a job with The Indians. I don’t care how good our infield is, this guy just can’t pitch…maybe if Earl Weaver had about 5 years to work with him…

hmm.. the hwole retire with the Sox thign is apparently not an ‘official’ requirement, though its prteey much treated as such. The only OFFICIAL requirements are 10 yrs service and HOF.

hahahahaha, poor steinbrenner, takes so much flack, even from his own fans.

haha thanks agas, i have gotten that a lot from this blog, much like we covet sox fans (there aren’t many) that come to the yankee blog and give us facts and now just emotion….Kevin, actually is a prime example (gosoxred), we love him on the other blog because he remains completely objective but u can still tell which side he roots for.

Yeah, i find most of the obnoxious yankee fans actually live in NY and not outside of it or somewhere else…but i mean, that is like how most of the….well wait, this may just not be true because u guys all seem to live with chips on ur shoulders, but ahigh amount of sox fans that are obnoxious live in actual mass…that is what i have found

haha jason johnson…i can’t express to u how angry i would be if the sox won tomorrow and yankees lost…i don’t care if we have wright vs burnett, we just faced burnett we are at home and the jays are bad on the road…and u guys have JASON JOHNSON pitching….i don’t even care who ur facing that should be an automatic loss esp on a cleveland offense

ortiz may have to hit 3 bottom of the 9th homeruns for u guys to win tomorrow…i swear u guys shrink the lineup card to about 4 or 5 guys from the 7th inning on….HOW IS ORTIZ ALWAYS UP!

I read y’alls blog alot.. liek I said “Know Thy Enemy”. Only spoke up to denoucne Fagan.. because.. well.. my consence wouldn’t let me NOT.

He insulted my service even! Yes it wasnt the military, but y’know.. Americorps did good work! I got to work with Habitat for Huamntiy (helped organize the Detroit Blitz Build – 30 hourses built in one week), helped kids in an understaffed boys and girls club in Texas, even was in Lousiana for Disaster Releif after Katrina!


Glad your man got him banned

Maybe we’re thinking that he really really knows how to pitch to their line-up…or does giving up batting practice home-runs in between starts not count?

haha btw for the record…miami vice is a GREAT show

Magic, Yankee. We have Gandalf and Dumbledore altering reality to keep him at the plate.

hahaa tom, i don’t think they are basing this start on much…haha agas fagan just talks, diahrrhea of the mouth….ur service is very honorable, we actually have a ton of military people on our blogs

Agast – where in Texas are U (or were U)?

agas yeah seriously, i think we should run an investigation…can anybody name the last time ortiz was not up in the 9th? I know as a fact he was up today, yesterday (he struck out) the day before (he won it) and the day before (i made fun of him)

He’s not always up in the 9th…sometimes he puts us ahead in the bottom of the eighth so we don’t have to hit in the 9th!

Not there now. Fredericksburg, Texas (in the Hill Country region) was where the Boys and Girls Club was. It was my teams first project. (In the Americorps NCCC, teams of around 10 18-24 years olds – included the Team Leader – are sent out on USUALLY Four different Service Projects over a 10 month period. Though you can be opulle doff any project to respond to Disaster Releif was we all did during 4th Round for Katrina)

…he is such a jerk…and yet when i saw him live at fenway…1-5 with a single…popped up and struck out from the 7th inning on

I grew up in Temple, Texas from age 11 up – went to College in San Marcos. Pretty much any place on I-35 between San Antonio and Dallas is home sweet home to me.

tom how’d u like my basketball team kicking ur ***? haha…i dislike pro basketball….and the heat are my 2nd fav behind…well i’m not even gonna say it, they will be bad for another decade

Texas scared me. On one hand, the people could be really nice.. and in Fredericksburg you could legally walk up and down their “Main Street’ with beer in hand. It was also a great bonding time for the Team.. but it was WEIRD. Alot of the abrs wouldnt accept out of state IDs! At all!

Again.. weird.

But not as weird as Jason Johnson starting tommorrow..

The Milwaukee Braves had “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain” – in 1986 we had “Hurst and Clemens and the rest are lemons” – I suppose now we can say “Lester, and Beckett, and Schilling if he’s willing”

Well, actually I don’t like pro basketball. I love college basketball – an Avid Arizona Wildcats fan.

I used to get interested in Bird & Magic, but really since Jordon retired the game seems to be owned by thugs and gangsters. It’s hard to respect American NBA players who can’t win in the Olympics.

Ok.. weirder than BOTH:

Jeter has a FRAGERENCE?!

haha yes agas just came out…chacin of the bluejays also has one called “chacin”. i agree tom, not the same since jordan left, i love duke…call me a frontrunner if u will but ive followed them since 4th grade when i started watching college basketball…of course my own school QU is in my heart, if they ever get back to the tournament.

What does it smell like? Leather, dirt, sweat, or Adirondack Ash?

hahah i have no idea

Ortiz needs one. We’ll call it “Papi” but with a tilde thing over the ‘i’ so it looks like more exotic. Yeah, thats the ticket..

Maybe it smells like money and WS rings!


haha papI, where every night is like a walkoff.

You know.. I’ve been lookign over Snyder’s starts.. and he did great tonight.. but he tends to do well for like.. the first 4 innings of his starts, then just.. implodes.

Maybe this is the role for him. Long releif.

papI-it will get thousands of girls screaming your name

I work with a girl that looks just like Jennifer Lopez except a smaller butt and much bigger…um, headlights. And she is absolutely head over heals in love with Jeter.

Her Fiance is head over heals for Jennifer Lopez, and HE LOOKS JUST LIKE JETER…but neither one of them sees the resemblence in the other.

It is too weird.

*howls with laughter* I love those, Yankee… like the first one better though.

that is very very odd tom…a little bit of a turn on too, what a hot couple. haha yeah agas, i try.

Papi…if you wanna REALLY go the distance!


Papi…for that late night excitement

…papi….eliminate the competition

Okay…we’re all getting silly, and some of us actually have to get up and go to work in a few hours. Sooo, I’m going to go say my prayers that Jason Johnson gets hurt tomorrow morning…not bad hurt…but bad enough to end his professional baseball career. Talk to ya’alls later.

Well, hopefully Papi has some fire left in that bat for.. well.. tonight now. We’re gonna need the run support with Johnson on the mound

haha goodnight tom..and hopefully i can get to ortiz’s bats so i can burn them before tomorrow’s game

hmm.. reading Ians entry we’re all posting uder. I gotta dissagree with his “maybe. maybe not.” answer to if we are good enough to win the World Series.

I’m not worried about us winning the World Series.

We proved in Interleague play that we can pretyt much devour any National League team without even getting any stuck in our teeth. Winning the Series isnt the concern, getting there is.

i think regardless of what teams make the playoffs in the AL, all of them can beat the NL…even the mets…ok maybe not the al west at all but the central east and wildcard will be able to

Indeed, Yankee. Personally.. I HAVE to say.. I’d love to see a Schilling/Martinez WS Game 1 matchup.

That would be INSANE!

Was is it abotu the West Coast though? In Both Leagues the West is the crazy slapstick who-knows-whos-gonan-win-it, all-are-close-but-all-stink division.

Is it the sun over there? What?

ugh not at fenway, the bad guys would win that game, i remember pedro pitching there earlier this year, eww.

haha i don’t know maybe it has to do with the whole west coast i’d rather be surfing mentality or something

Maybe if they replaced the bases with surfboards…

hahaha maybe

I feel bad for the Rockies. My Americorps Teams home base was in Denver. Its a WONDERFUL city and the Stadium is gorgeous. Cheap seats too. I could get bleacher seats for, I think it was 6 bucks.

A town that much fun deserves a better ballclub

haha that is a shame…i feel bad for the marlins..i went to their game for fathers day…7,000 very loyal and fun fans…nice park but obv a football stadium…they are so young and talented i feel bad nobody is there to care unless they are in the playoffs

the sox didnt need to get a starter because:
1.wake and clement are coming back (may not be great but theey will get the job done)

2.zito and oswalt are free agents after the year

btw if abreu can only het 8 homers in that ballpark in philly, somethin aint right

They were discussing the state of the Marlins in their poor decision makign on the radio today. How they trade for lots of young prospects.. and when starst develope.. they just trade them away for more young prospects. With that pattern they will never go anywhere. Too bad.

I love Camden too. Absolutely wonderful park. Too bad the Orioles show no signs of turning themselves around any time soon.

Your right about Wake, stars… but I dont see Clement coming back or if he does, being useful

I expect an October rotation to be






yes it is a nice park…as is in the one in anaheim actually..clement is out for the season btw.

agas october rotations are 4 pitchers…if wells proves he is capable u can bet he is on there and lester who doesn’t go deep into games is in long relief…or else lester is in there…either way u won’t have to worry about an october roster

Good riddance I say.. we dont need Clement. He seems to have attitutde problems (I seem to remmeber him getting uppity over having his start skipped during a Yankee series)

As for Zito.. Im NOT even THINKING about Free Ganecy yet. We’ve got a season to win first!

Nice zing there, Yankee.

You know what? I juts have this weird feelign all of a suddenly that despite all the hype.. we’re gonna see status quo again this year with both the Sox and the Yanks going to the postseason. I didnt think itd be so… but.. man.. the White Sox… geez, how the mighty have fallen.

they certainly fell apart, but u cannot discount that twins team…they have a nice little 1-2 punch for the stretch

Thats true… The Twins are a treatening bunch. Its gonna be a wild ride.. yet again.

I’m kidna glad the ChiSox are faltering. I’m NOT an Ozzie fan at all… I do think its nice to have managers be a bit more open and less.. political.. but Ozzie is just a freaking JERK.

i agree…i’m glad the whitesox at the moment are not a team people are taking seriously..though they are only .5 out

In the end.. thats one of the things that I really love about Baseball. Its never really over for a team until righ tup to the end.

This is both in indiviual games (ie – tonight) and in terms of a season.

The Tigers could suddenly slump hard and fast and lose first. Its happened before (its happened worse to the Red Sox in the pre-2004 era).

Heck, the only team I’d feel comfortable bettign on makign the postseason right now is the Mets.. but then I wouldnt make th ebet anyway because gamblign scares me

Stupid 1978.

Heh.. am I the only one left awake?

hahah 1978 awesome…yes u are now, im going to bed goodnight

Yeah I should be off too.. I gotta work midshift. Night Yankee, nice chattign with you…

Oh and.. yeah..


What the….?

[Rubs his eyes with his fists and stares at the screen in disbelief.]

Hey, what’s going on around here? I go to bed last night, and everything is right with the natural order of things, and now it seems like the world is off it’s axis. Yankee fans and Red Sox fans getting along and joking with each other? What ever happpened to being sworn enemies? Whatever happened to the “Evil Empire?” Whatever happened to the chants of “1918” and “Yankees S*ck?” Am I still asleep? I don’t know what else to think, except that if these two sides can be nice to each other, maybe there’s hope for the Middle East yet.

To pick up out discussion of managerial prowess where we left off, I understand that it’s the fans’ prerogative to question the manager’s decisions, and we all do it. I just think it’s a little conceited of us to think that we know more about the game of baseball than a manager that has played professional baseball and his staff of coaches that have worked in the bigs for years. We can offer each other all the examples we want, but none of us KNOW that games would have turned out better or worse if Francona had done what we think he should have done.

No real way to win this debate, I guess. In the spirit of all this touchy-feely-group-hug-getting-along-with-each-other stuff, I’ll just end by recognizing that we all just want our favorite team to win, and each of us has our own way of expressing it.

(Oh and by the way, in case the planting of my tongue firmly in my cheek didn’t translate very well through the keyboard, I think it’s nice to see folks getting along around here.)

What the @#@^%#%@(@^*@#&

So, the dust has settled abt the trade deadline. So, here are the deals the RedSox have made at the deadline.

Sox got Kyle Snyder. Long relief pitcher from the Sox.He was lights out yesterday allowing only 1 hit in 4.1 innings with 6K.

Sox got starting pitcher David Wells from Sox again.Even though he gave up 8 runs in 4+ innings, he did pitch 90+ pitches which is very encouraging.

Sox also got Wily Mo Pena from the Red Sox Bench and traded Trot Nixon to the Disabled List.He hit 3 RBIs with a Home Run that is said to have landed on Moon.

Sox are still in negotiations with Tim WakeFeild.

The negotiations for Matt Clement fell apart as he has no time to put into pitching as he is busy counting all the millions he made without pitching.The last time I heard of Clement he is seen playing on the beach with Carl Pavano and both of them seem to have a good time.@^%#@#&#@&%#@##% ***holes.

Kumar: I saw ur comment abt Wily Mo’s HR. I told people here that he should’ve been awarded 2 runs for that shot. But it wasn’t Schilling pitching. So …

Kumar, I think we got a great deal. :)******* about Clement though. Hope he’s having fun on the beach.

Well ****, I forgot it “***” out “s/ucks”. But that’s what I said.πŸ™‚

Hey guys I can’t believe how many posts there were between midnight and 10 am…. wow…

Anyway, Vince, according to baseball america (which knows more baseball than you or I), Jon Lester and Jonathan Papelbon are both BETTER PROSPECTS THAN HUGHES. According to Baseball Prospectus (which has WAY more stats than all of us COMBINED), Pedroia and Papelbon both rate higher than Hughes.

While Hughes is still in AA, Paps has become an elite closer, and Lester is 5-1 with outstanding SO rate. Hughes is rather injury-prone (2 trips to DL), and like I said, I belive he’s a very good prospect, but just a #2. There’s no point discussing it, since only time can tell, but just read any credible non-yankee publication, and you’ll realize that the Yank’s system isn’t all that great. P.S. only 2 Yanks made it to the top 100 in Baseball America or Baseball Prospectus.

BA = scouts, BP = data. They agree that the Yanks need help with the farm… it’s no just ESPN, dude.

Vik,Just having fun.Nothing personal.

P.S. Craig Hansen was only 5 spots behind Hughes on the BP prospect list, and he’s only our 4th best prospect, while Hughes is your BEST. Paps and Lester are #1’s (actually, Lester might be a #2, depending on his control). But Papelbon is definitely a #1 SP, or the next Rivera. BTW, Rivera’s stats HAVE been declining. In terms of SO rate, hit rate, homerun rate, so on… ERA doesn’t prove all that much. I may only be a 15 yr old, but I know when I’m right, and I’m certain the Sox farm is better than the Yanks system, and NOT by just a little bit…

I know Kumar. Just making sure that you know I applauded Wily Mo’s HR also.

Do you live in the Boston area? How long have u been in the US? I am only asking because people from India do not usually take much interest in baseball. I am considered a specimen for liking baseball as much as I do. Then again I can enjoy any sport.

Jamie I agree Rivera is not as good as he was. But he isn’t bad either. I’ll still take a good Rivera over great Papelbon. Remember a guy named Huston Street. He was lights out as a rookie. He is still elite, but to compare Papelbon and Rivera is like comparing Melky and Ortiz. Yes, Melky had a few walkoffs of his own.

u r right. Clement plainly su…cks.

lol how’s Melky doing now? All I remember is an amazing grab to rob Manny of a HR. Will he be sent down for Abreu?

Another thing abt farm Jamie. You can be excited abt a great farm if you know that you are going to hang on to then after their first big league contract is over. That is when they ask for more money and history shows, Boston is not very good at keeping their home grown talent in town. Its no good to have 20 top prospects if they are player for another team 4 yrs from now. They’ll take the first 2 yrs to establish themselves, the you get 2 dominant years from them and then they ask for money and you let them go.

He’s doing great. Hitting 280, 32 rbi, stealing bases, stealing home runs and gunning down runners at the plate. He has hit grand slam, walk off hrs, hits everything. Remember he’s only 21yrs old. He had a terrible month of june.

I am in the US for the last 4 years.Came here as a student and now I am working.I moved to New England area(wrocester,Ma) last november. But I have been following baseball from the the beginning of the 2004 season and was a fan of RedSox since then. It’s been all good ever since I joined the nation. No curses, No heart breaking for me so far.I was Rhode Island in 2004, in SoCal in 2005(DId watch all the Sox games on and back in New England from Nov,2005.

*are player=all play

Sigh, it’s true that the Sox aren’t good at keeping great players… Theo and the gang doesn’t want to overpay for guys, especially if they’re over their prime. However, a good farm system is CONTINUAL, which means that, by the time the first generation leaves after 4-6 years, another bunch will have been grown. This cycle of cheap players is what makes the farm system one of the most important weapons in the game

Hey, does anyone know the status of Daniel Bard, our first round pick of this year? Has he signed yet, and if he did, what team does he play for right now? I haven’t heard about him for some time now… (Scott Boras is his agent, which makes me nervous… that slimy ******* who stole Damon..)

Daniel Bard is not yet signed with Red Sox.

Too many people are predicting doom for the Sox because no major trades were made. I think they look infinetly better than last year’s team, and their playing style reminds me of late 2004. Wily Mo is a more than capable replacement for Nixon, and as Snyder showed last night, he has the stuff to succeed. Boomer didn’t pitch well last night, but he made it through 4 2/3. If we can get 5 average innings from him, then turn it over to delcarmen, hansen, timlin, and pap, we’re smooth sailing. The same goes for Snyder, though I think he has the potential to put out a couple quality starts.


WHY THE **** ISN’T BARD SIGNED YET??? He looked AMAZING in the college world series, with his fastball blowing by everyone at close to 100 mph. I wouldn’t mind giving him a major league contract… seriously, I HATE SCOTT BORAS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I HATE THAT MAN

omg if we fail to sign Bard, that would be such a disaster… his stuff is absolutely dominating… I’m really worried now

Wily Mo is a total beast. He was a double shy of a cycle last night, and has potential beyond words. If he performs well this year, I see no reason to resign Trot Nixon… hope I didn’t offend anyone with that. I just think Pena is so much better than Nixon, and if Nixon leaves via free agency, we get a compensatory draft pick, which would be awesome.

May be Nixon getting hurt is a good thing. May be Wily Mo goes on an absolute tear for the rest of the season.

Is there any way MLB can retroactively change last year’s MVP to Ortiz? Would be nice to say back-to-back. Just think how impressive the numbers would be this year if it wasn’t for the steriod era. ESPN stats say Papi is on pace for 58 homers and 164 RBIs.

I think there is a really good chance Abreau is going to stink in NY. If he can’t hit homers in a tiny ballpark for a going nowhere team, he could get boo’d like never before if he brings that same act to NY for $16M a year. Maybe A-Rod will let him use his little place he cowers to under the pressure?

LOL nice rayman. I too believe that Abreu will perform miserably in NY. He has high expectations from the fans and the media, and so far he hasn’t exactly been on a tear. AL pitching also happens to be superior, and Yankee Stadium is a pitcher’s park whereas Philidelphia had a hitter’s paradise. We’ll see how it turns out… btw, Papi and Paps are both excellent candidates for MVP. Arod stinks, and Vlad Guerrero hasn’t been THAT good. Gagne won Cy Young in 03 with 50 Saves and 1ERA. Paps is en route to MORE than 50 saves, with 0.5ERA. Meanwhile, Papi is the best hitter in baseball right now, and is the most clutch person in the world. I bet Papi, Manny, and Paps are both in the top 10, with Ortiz in the top 2.

GO SOX (feelin’ patriotic today)

Ortiz will not be the MVP, because the sox will miss the playoffs.

Who’s ur backup catcher until Tek returns?

well glad to see vik and jamie handled the farm system talks. A farm system is just that, a farm system. The twins have had a tremendous farm system for years, ashave the angels…it is all a matter of how you translate that onto your major league team and what you do about the players when they get there. You can’t talk about how the sox love to save money then tell me you have 4 major league teams of talent on ur farm…can’t have it both ways, yes, once they come up they are cheap but the first time u have to resign them, if they pan out (if they don’t then the point is moot) then it is time to open ur wallets or do what the sox usually do.
Anyway, the one point i will address is rivera. Yes, his numbers have gone down, but when you have a career of era’s at in the 1’s and 2’s and not a season of it, it is tough to maintain that. His K rate is down but he is still capable of it, and he gave up his first homerun this year in over an entire season, so where you come off saying his homeruns are up, is beyond me.

This year his era is 1.92 with 54 baserunners in 56 innings. (walks and hits). in 2004 his era was 1.94 with 85 baserunners in 78.2 innings….and yet he had 53 saves in 57 chances. in 2001 and 2002 the guys era was 2.34 and 2.74 with about the same whip.

Case in point, statistically speaking, when you look at saves and save opportunities (2 blown in 28 opportunities this year) and era and whip, which are the most important things to a closer, this is his third best season ever, on par with 99 and not as good as 05 and 98. The guy just doesn’t stop. And for all your boys low era and k’s they still have failed getting the job done just as much (twice), granted papelbon has had more chances to fail….but where you come off saying rivera is on the steady decline is absurd.

Good afternoon, everyone. How we all doing today?

and please let papelbon get at least five years under his belt before you come near comparing him to mariano rivera…and give him 4 rings and a postseason era under 1 and at one point 0.27 for a decade while ur at it…that is ridiculous

Good morning Vince and Jen. Will join u in an hr. Heading of to the airport. Cousin visiting US. First time visitor. Gotta pick him up.

Morning, huh?πŸ™‚ Okay, have a good time.

and whoever asked if melky is going back to AAA, he came from AA and no, he is not, if anything crosby will be gone since he is out of options, but there is no way melky is being sent down

morning for me too vik, good morning, have fun….what’s up jen!!

Hey baby, what’s up with you?πŸ™‚ I’m sitting at work, enjoying the fact that my boss is gone for the moment.πŸ˜›

im sitting at home, enjoying the fact I have unlimited time….however hating the fact i have no money to go back to school with

You COULD get that thing called a summer job…πŸ˜‰

lol not at this point, the only thing i could get is waiter for three weeks and i swore off that industry forever after friendlys

lol, true. I’ve never worked in the food business, so I don’t know how bad it is.

I hate balancing checkbook registers…by the way.

Check your email – you’ve got mail.πŸ™‚

besides then i wouldn’t have time to respond to emails jen….which i will, after i do my fantasy football research and maintain all 4 of my baseball teams…stupid ortiz, makes my fantasy team so good.

Yeankees (going out to vic and vince) how happy are you about Johnson starting tomorrow, you must be extatic…notioners, tomorrow could be ugly. hopefullt Johnson shows a sense of pride and does decent (i’m not confident enugh to say good) Wells needs another shot before we totally count him off just cause of the tight strike zone they had today, not using it as an excuse just a reason to give him another chance before we ridicule him…anyway, wish i was around for the game today probably was a good time on the blog, especially after David (not clutch acording to some yankee fans on this blog) Ortiz’s 3 run game winning shot at the end, but my excuse is good, I was watching the game at my personel flight getting all the aprovals needed so i can fly my *** home on Sat to see my first game in 10+ years in fenway on the 14th (and not to mention 2 games in Ananheim on the 23rd and 24th) well here’s to a great day at the plate today to equal the performance we all know johnson will give.

Why is Jason “Loser” Johnson back? Why did they sign him in the first place? And why are they pitching him tonight? Seems to me whenever they start him, they’re forfeiting the game, conceding the loss. The Yankees are too close to concede even one loss. We must sweep the series with the weak (or weakened) teams like the Indians, win series against good teams (as we didn’t do against the Angels), and beat the Yankees head to head every time. Why throw away a win against Cleveland by starting Jason “Loser” Johnson? Sure, Sabathia might well beat us anyway, but we should at least TRY to win, especially after last night’s huge come-from-behind, walk-off victory.

I don’t know how confident I am about Johnson starting tonight. It sort of makes my stomach turn…? I don’t know – I was pissed after his first appearance (as I think everyone was), so hopefully he can earn some of that respect back tonight.

Very true, Vince, very true. I was actually going to say that right after I made the comment about getting a summer job. Look at you, reading my mind already.πŸ˜‰

lol we are one in the same i guess.

If you are implying me, i never said ortiz wasn’t clutch. ever. In fact last night i stated he is the most clutch hitter in baseball at the moment, and i dont know why people dont risk manny instead. I am never confident about anyone pitching for or against the redsox, much like the yankees. I like my chances with johnson vs sabathia, but itll get me nowhere if wright doesn’t show me 6 solid tonight.

Vince I’m just joking around, one of ya’ll was joking about it the other day, just keeping the banter up

i simply like making fun of ortiz when he isn’t clutch because i know every redsox fan and their mother stakes their chips on his shoulders

Nationers all our fears have come true. Jason Johnson is pitching tonight. He fooled the management by pitching 2 good games in the minors. How dumb can Tito be to recall this guy after the way he pitched in the 2 games earlier.I was wondering why not Kabbard or why not David pauley or why not Abe Alvarez and Why Jason Johnson.

i sitll don’t know why u didnt give pauley a shot, that guy has a funny name and he looked unflappable at yankee stadium…haha i know squid

wow, i just had a revelation…I never thought i could:
A: not try and destroy the self esteems of every person on a redsox blog.

B: get along with redsox fans as people

C: speak objectively about the redsox

D: calmly (most of the time) defend the yankees to redsox nation

E: actually like some of you

I know this is a late reply, but to whoever said they hate Scott Boras, I’d submit that your emotion is slightly misplaced. Certainly I understand the frustration of having a fan favorite like Johnny Damon go to a traditional rival, but Scott Boras was just doing his job, which is to get the best deal he can for his clients. It’s up to the clients to either approve or disapprove the deal. Damon could have signed with the Sox, but he decided to tell his agent to keep shopping, and the Yankees came through with the cash. If you want to blame someone, blame the Sox for not ponying up, or Damon for not accepting the deal that was offered to him. Scott Boras was just the messenger.

I still like Johnny Damon. He’s a great player who gives it all he’s got. The Yankees felt that was worth more money than the Sox did. Besides, look what the Sox did with Bronson Arroyo: get him to take a hometown deal and then trade him away. It’s a business, pure and simple.

And one last shot about managers and their decisions (now that I’ve had a chance to actually look up a few stats). If Nixon should have been benched because his declining batting average was “dragging the team down,” how come nobody’s calling for Youkilis’, Lowell’s or Loretta’s head? Take a look at their basic numbers:


Season high BA: .320

July BA: .236

Season high OBP: .430

July OBP: .331


Season high BA: .330

July BA: .255

Season high OBP: .407

July OBP: .286


Season high BA: .320

July BA: .250

Season high OBP: .369

July OBP: .331

All three of these guys have had a serious decline at the plate over the entire month of July, but nobody’s saying they should be hitting the pine. If it was all purely numbers, any fool could manage a team. If any fool could manage a team, they wouldn’t pay managers millions of dollars, they’d get some fan off the street and pay him 50 grand and spend the money they saved on player salaries.

What’s with all this LOVE between Sox Fans & the Yankee fans these days. Where is the rivalry? Oh wait….it’s only 17 days away. Aug 18th @ Fenway.

Kumar, thanl you, you said what i was about to type, my fingers appreciate the rest

Tito & Theo I ask you once again. Why Jason Johnson? Why? Why?

rob, i completely agree on the boras front….but u cant really replace lowell’s defense at third or loretta at 2nd (u guys have cora but do u really trust him to carry an offense, and with those two on defense he is certainly not upgrading)…and u have no backup first baseman, because he likes to hit walkoffs instead…..nixon was the only guy u had bonafied talent behind on the bench just waiting to be used

oh, btw i think august 18th-21st i will be extremely under the weather regardless of outcome, so i won’t be spending that time with u guys….unless the yankees win, of course. I will also be on a plane for the first game of the doubleheader….thank god for jet blue i will still get to watch it.

It’s comming .It’s comming.

It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.

No it’s the rivalry.

oh man, i will seethe hatred when that comes.

Vince, I’ll be on a jet too, trust me I made the reservations before i knew about the DH. but i’ll be landing in vegas and will have teh scares at my beck and call in every casino

haahah squid ur wild. Yeah, if it was any other airline for me i’d be pissed…but jet blue has tv’s on the back of each seat, which essentially makes me awesome because how many of you can say you watched a yankee redsox came thousands of feet in the air (monster seats dont count)

yeah you got me vince but in the end, I’ll be back in vegas, so I’m not complaining

all right i got to hit the sack cause the game starts in 3 hours and it’s 4 am here…see ya’ll later

haha byebye

Rob I can give you the hatred of Damon in one quick sentence… he went to the yankees, in Red sox fans minds (well at least in my mind but i’m brave enough to speak for the nation) he went to the yankees, there was 31 (really not remembering how many teams are in the MLB it being this close to Football season and all) or so other teams he could of went to and got his standing O when he returned to fenway and he went to the one team that we couldn’t accept…need examples, look at pedro, nomar, millar, roberts, lowe, and cabrerra, all got standing o’s cause they didn’t go to the yankees, it’s just the way i minds work, you know your one of us, I’m just glad he didn’t complain about his boos, cause he understood what was going to happen and accepted it, he deserved his boos, jsut cause he went to the yankees and we can’t forgive that 9even though it was the best move for him) we’re new englanders god ****** and it’s just not right…(OK so maybe a little further than you were going but I’m talkitive tonight and this is the closest i got to talking, every one else in sleeping

Good afternoon everyone.
Not sure what to think about Johnson tonight. (Actually I do know what to think, but I don’t want to be too negative after last night).

I think the reason Gabbard isn’t pitching is because he pitched this weekend. I could be wrong, but I think I remember hearing that he was throwing over the weekend. As far as Pauley, I read that he has really blown up since going back down.

Johnson got lit up his first 2 times out in AAA, but I guess he’s had 2 good games in a row. Hopefully this sinker ball that we’ve heard all about him possesing shows itself and induces 18 or so ground ball outs. I just hope we’re stilli in the game after the 1st couple of innings. Each game he’s pitched has put us in a deep hole right away.

Sabathia is another tough lefty. Manny owns him though, I believe I read over .500 BA with 4 home runs in roughly 18 at bats.


Cetainly the availability of Kapler or Pena makes the Nixon decision seem like a supposed no-brainer. That’s because it’s the easy one to second guess, since there were two “obvious” solutions in the wings. The tougher part of managing is what do you do about guys like Lowell, Loretta and Youkilis where you don’t have those “obvious” options.

Also, I guess a secondary point of bringing up those stats was that it wasn’t just Nixon who was supposedly “dragging the team down” at the plate. Gonzalez and others have been heating up, but a lot of the Sox hitters have dropped back down below .300. The TEAM is in an overall batting slide (I wouldn’t necessarily call it a slump), and it’s not just Trot Nixon’s fault.

My whole point with saying that we should cut managers more slack is that they have access to so much more information than we do it isn’t funny, AND the good ones know how to use that information, along with their coaching staff. What pitcher had bad side sessions between starts? Who’s in the middle of trying to make some adjustments at the plate so they don’t want to mess up what Ron Jackson’s trying to do with him? Who looks like he might have an injury but isn’t letting on it’s as bad as it is? Who’s a basket case waiting to happen? Who’s wife just left him? Which guy has just had enough of the grind and simply needs a day off? And the stats they have are insane compared to what most of us see. (From what I’ve been reading here, you may be the exception to that.) What’s this pitcher’s average when he throws a fastball on a 3-1 count with one out and a runner on third during night home games? (OK, that one was an exaggeration, but not much.)

Terry Francona won more games in his first two seasons than any other Red Sox manager EVER, and has the third highest winning percentage of any Red Sox manager, EVER. You don’t accomplish that just by being lucky, even if you have a great players, especially in a market like Boston. The Red Sox management recognized that this year by increasing his salary from the bottom ten in the majors to the top ten.

Maybe the fact that very few people ever get to be big league managers says something about how tough it is to do well, eh?

GSR, excellant as usual…sabathia is scary but we did really well against the 5 lefties in 6 games a week or so ago so hopefully that carries over, and correct me if i’m wrong (it happens occasionally, well ok alot) but Sabathia doesn’t have a good record in Fenway, and if memory serves even he said the pressure of pitching there wes like nothing he’s ever felt, I could be confusing him for someone else but that sticks out in my mind…


I did watch yesterday’s game.

Jason Johnson really fooled the team management into giving him another start by pitching well for 2 games in the minors. I remember having this discussion abt the Johnson’s minor heroics. We hoped that the team management would not be fooled by these heroics in the minors and give him another start.

I somehow get the feeling that it’s the power pitchers who get all the run support most of the time. Other pitchers like knuckle ball pitchers & artistic pitchers don’t get as much run support as the powe pitchers. Have to do some research on this. Does the way the starting pitcher pitches affects the hitters of the same team?

Again I ask Tito & Theo why Jason Johnson? Why?

Kumar, wasn’t wake getting some pretty good run support this year? I agree for the most part but I thought they did wake a little better than usual this year…o a personal note, I don’t see wake returning as anything more than a fill in in the playoffs, a fractured rib pretty much affects any upper body movement you make, he would need a bryan cox like rebound to make it back this year..

Thanks squid.
I knew you’d cave in Kumar!! lol.

Anyone hear any word on Tek?

As far as Johnson, it was really a last minute decision. As much as I’m opposed to him ever setting foot on a mound in a Red Sox uniform again, I don’t know if there is anyone else available.

Because Schill only went 5 Sunday, Van Buren (who was supposed to be our new long reliever) got lit up and essentionally demoted again. Wells didn’t go as long as projected (although I’m not sure if any of us expected him to go more than 5 after a 2 month layoff that included working out his knee and eating chees frys). Because of that, tonight’s starter was thrown into action.

Gabbard threw this weekend, Pauley hasn’t done well at AAA, and Abe Alvarez is too slow a pitcher (similar to Wells) to go against a good Indians lineup.

This leaves Johnson by default.

That’s just a guess, but it’s my best attempt to justify him going tonight.

Again, he got released by the Tribe earlier in the year, so maybe he’ll have a revenge factor on his mind. Wishful thinking.

PS- I know i said i was going to bed but with 3 days left in korea i’m simply running on adrenaline, I’ll sleep on the 18 hour plane flight saturday

Hello all. Am at work (lunch time) and thought I’d check in.

Vince – for GOD’S SAKE MAN..get away from the computer for 5 freakin’ minutes, will you? Aren’t there swamps or something around there that you can go play in?πŸ˜‰

Jamie – our farm system has improved drastically in the last couple of years, but the Yankees keep coming up with guys like Cano and Melky…and they always will as long as they can trade janobodies for the likes of Abreu, Wilson, and Lidle.

We all agree that Johnson stinks and that Gabbard, Pauley, Alvarez, or my cousing Vinnie would make more sense starting tonight’s game.

Rob – Tito is a great player’s manager, but not a great field/game manager. The moves that he makes demonstrates that. We can thank Theo a whole lot more than Tito for our wins.

Red Sox policies are far more to blame for the exodus of stars like Pedro, Damon, Lowe, etc. than any agent. Regardless, Theo has a knack for finding great replacements.

Rats…lunch is about over.


GSR – good try on rationalizing Johnson, but I’d rather see the EZ boys. Johnson is just plain bad. Our only hope is that if we trash him enough in this blog, he’ll read it and get fired up and pitch a perfect game tonight just to spite us…because he doesn’t have enough fire in his belly to get motivated on his own.

I am not only talking abt the Red Sox pitchers. I am talking abt the pitchers in general. Take the case of Beckett or schilling or even Randy Johnson.They seem to get more run support more often than not.

Well, it looks like all of our early season wishes have come true:

The Boston Globe reports that Matt Clement (shoulder) appears to have “fallen completely off the Sox’ radar.”

Clement is expected to play catch Tuesday and is eligible to return from the disabled list in two weeks, but it doesn’t look like the Red Sox are planning to have him back in any meaningful way.

Source: Boston Globe

I don’t care how bad things get in the rotation, at least we won’t have to see this guy throw another pitch again this year. Please dear God let there be a team stupid enough in the off season to take him via a trade. Even though Theo doesn’t like to pay salaries for players not on their team, I have a feeling he’d be more than willing just to pay to have him gone.

Tom, I’m not on my lunch break – I’ve just got the post up on my computer at work and input my opinion when I feel it necessary.πŸ™‚

I see what your saying…It’s got to be a confidence thing, Power pitchers tend to be better, which builds confidence in to Offense

Do we need Boston Globe to confirm Clement is gone for the season. Don’t we know this already.

Money Clement makes – millions.

Innings Clement pitchers – handful

Runs Clement gives – countless

Pitcher who can’t recover from a line drive even after 1 year – USELESS

Kumars master card spoof…pricelss

omg will our theories ever end.

what’s the prob vic

about francona…you seem to leave out that his first two years he has had extraudinary talent to work with..much like torre until this year since 2003. Sometimes that can lead to a manager being overrated, but the guy won u a ring so i don’t see where the complaining is

for once i agree with the yankees fans, I don’t see this as Fancona’s problem…

Nice one Kumar. Mastercard might be giving you a call.

btw this is all you have to know about abreu lidle and wilson deals…and mind u this guy is by no means a yankee fan *he usually bashes them*

Vince, I’ve already came to terms with the deal, at least we know what the excuse will be if we lose the Div…Lidle is the on;y week spot (but don’t know much about wilson) adn thats only if he follows the normal NL to AL route

just the theory abt power pitchers getting more run support. have to say, thats a good observation though.

my guess is wilson will primarily be used against lefties (302 career with power) while phillips is used against righties..point is they will platoon at first.

unfortunatley Abreu should be a good pick up for yall for a few years years to come…if he can handle the NY pressure he should be, if not an upgrade at least not a downgrade from shef… and yes that is very painful to admit

For those of you as concerned about Tek as I am right now, here is an update on the 2 catchers in AAA right now.

Ken Huckaby- .207 average with 53 K’s in 217 at bats.

Corky Miller- .242 average with 26 K’s in 132 AB’s.

Add in the fact that everyone on the staff feels extremely comfortable with Tek, let’s hope this isn’t serious.

miller’s got a better AVG than tek right now…(sarcasm)

if it makes u feel better huckaby is the catcher that slid into 3rd and seperated jeter’s shoulder in 03

actually vince that does, might not want him playing for the sox but if i see him next week I’ll buy him a beer :o)

haha i thought that might get you going

If there was a “time” for an injury or a layoff for Tek based on the schedule, it’s now. Cleveland’s bats are tough, but they are close to 20 under .500, then we play TB who are terrible(but for some reason play well against us), then we play the Orioles.
On paper, it should be an easy week. Then why do I feel so concerned??

GSR: Actually I think it makes it a bad time to lose Tek. It’s a 50-50 chance to beat the better teams. Thats not going to change much, Tek or no Tek. Its the games against weaker competition and against each other that both our teams cannot afford to lose.

I feel so bad for the Sox and Indians tonight… it’s gonna fell like 95 outside and they’re gonna be playing ball… I also feel bad for the fans who have to endure it… add all the body heat and you’ve got a frekin oven! Anyway, Vince, I never said Rivera was in “steady decline”, just that he’s not as invincible as he was in his prime. Still an elite closer, but his age IS a concern now. He’s still on my fantasy team though =) Also, Ortiz CAN become the MVP, because the Sox are definitely making it to the playoffs, either by trumping the Yankees or winning the wildcard (for the 193479380th time in a row…lol) Btw, what’s the plan for catcher with Varitek out?

everyone seems to have forgotten that the indians dont like to play defense for sabathia. even though there defense is as bad as jason johnson, they really dont like to defend for him.

haha jamie i believe this would be their 9th birth of wildcard if they got it….they have a severe lead in that category…rivera’s age is a concern when his numbers start to stop..I expect that in 2008 by then because i am hellbent our starters will be great….haha ironic that ortiz is on my fantasy team but it is simple logic.

If ortiz kills a team and sox win, my sox players killed my fantasy opponent..if the sox struggle and lose, then who cares about fantasy sports when the sox are losing?

looks like Dougie is the man…cause by GSR’s stats we don’t have a minor leaguer ready to move up

2005,2004,2003,1999. What I am unsure of is 98, i know it was yankees indians in alcs, but i am unsure of who the tribe played in the 98 alds.

Oh, so 6th or 7th, close enough

jamie: you think 95 is bad??? here in vegas it’s constantly 110 and its also been really humid too.

stars, really humid in vegas, don’t tell me that, i fly in on Sat…

lol, it hasnt been humid the last few days, but still really really hot

until feb i lived there for 8 years i can deal with the hot, it’s 110 and humid that scares me

ive lived here all 15 years of my life, it seems to be getting warmer every year. (christmas day it was like 90)

I agree Vik, that was just plain old boston optimism trying to find the silver lining.
There is never a good time for an injury.

yep I know I was there, it was wonderful

Youk has played first, third, and the outfield, how bout we bring up hund se whatever his name is, have him play first and let yuk catch, than when we put mirabelli in the game youk can pitch, he’ll be our own personnel “slash”…yes that was sarcastic and sorry for the Pitt reference

In case of emergency it’s not going to be youk. It’s going to be Lowell or Cora. Here is the lastest from Gordon Edes from Boston Globe

Anyone who is a student of baseball knows that this is a game of risks. Hansen, Lester and Delcarmen Lester have shown that they will likely be integral parts of the Red Sox future, as will guys like Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Edgar Martinez and Brandon Moss. Would you rather they trade a top prospect for a stiff like Kip Wells, Cory Lidle or Jon Lieber? If Lidle’s ERA is not far under 5 in the NL what will it be this season in the AL? We don’t need another Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen deal. Epstein and Henry are the best GM and owner duo the Red Sox have had in my lifetime (I’m 38). I’m glad they don’t make shortsighted deals that hamstring the farm system.

The Yankees made their moves because they had to. And they received a player in Abreu who is not what he once was, and a stiff like Cory Lidle. Chances are, Matsui and Sheffield will not return even close to 100 percent this season since wrist injuries take so long to fully heal (this is likely why Coco Crisp is not producing the same numbers as last season with the Indians).

With the young guys we have on the team now, and the prospects I mentioned, the Sox will be able to plug in young players at certain positions and have more money to sign the impact players you write about. The way the franchise is built now, the Sox will be contending for World Series titles every year as long as they mix players they develop from their own farm system with key signings outside of the organization.

I would rather it be this way than the Yankees way. Their farm system is mostly barren, most of their core players are fragile and aging, and they have no chemistry.

As for this season for the Sox, the chemistry, defense and hitting is solid. I’ve been to games in Miami, Tampa and Atlanta, and I’ll be there in Tampa this weekend. I’m glad that solid professionals like Loretta and Lowell are still here. Wily Mo Pena is an upgrade in right field over Nixon, whose production has waned. Bryan Corey is a good addition for middle relief. The starting rotation is impressive in a playoff series, but as you also write, we have to get their first. Perhaps a reliable arm like Casey Fossum would help. He likely wouldn’t cost a top prospect, and he would be a good fifth starter. Any chances of this?

Kumar I was absolutely kidding

It was 90% coincidence that I posted my response after your post. And the rest 10% was my response on Youk.I was abt to post an update on Tek and saw ur response.

excellant Timing than…

Yankee Vince, you are sorely misguided if you think Lidle is better or even comparable to Jon Lester. In his short career, Lester has shown that he will likely be a No. 2 or No. 3 starter in the bigs for a long time. Lidle is a stiff. His ERA was near 5 in the NL. It will balloon in the AL. I agree that Mussina is a top-line pitcher, one the Red Sox will probably sign next season. As for this season, give me Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield (when he is healthy) and Lester over Mussina, Wang, Lidle, Johnson and Wright.

Schilling and Mussina pretty much equal

Beckett better than Johnson

Wakefield better than Wang

Lester waay better than Wright

Wells and Lidle are both mysteries (Wells hasn’t gotten more than 1 start in a row, and Lidle is changing leagues into an insane market called New York…

lol yeah cause after this season the sox will certainly open their checkbooks to sign mussina, keep dreaming. Not to mention we have an option on him…right now lidle is on par with lester, he eats innings which enhances our bullpen. Your guys can no doubt be good, but right now they are too young. Lidle has pitched in the AL already, I don’t know if you guys need it spoonfed to u that he has already been in the AL. He pitched for toronto and tampa too, which is the AL east, ortiz himself said when lidle is on, he is tough to hit. Lidle has postseason experience, and pitched longer in the AL (A’s too) than the NL. He also pitched in a sandbox in philly, where u come off with this nl to al ******** i couldn’t tell you. You can have your poorer ace, poorer two starter, injured three starter, 4th starter that cannot get out of the 6th and whatever it is u consider a 5 starter, and i’ll take mussina wang johnson (winning record), lidle and wright. I could care less what you take that doesn’t make it the logical choice.
Yankees have no chemistry? they lost 3 all stars and are still right up your *** in the standings using home grown youth and a burning desire to win….go in the clubhouse like mark feinsand and tell me they have no chemistry before you pull facts out of your ***. We don’t have out left fielder demanding to leave every year, our starting franchise pitcher leave as a free agent, our playoff hero do the same, and we dont trade away guys that stay for less…so don’t ever try and lecture me on yankee chemistry

esp when you guys lose damon AND millar

and jamie learn our staff before you compare for your benefit.

Mussina has same wins one less loss than schilling with a lower era

wang one less win and loss than beckett a run lower of era

johnson winning record and healthy as opposed to wakefield

lidle inning eater as opposed to lester who is far from it and has been blown apart for two starts

wright has a name, ur 5th starter does not….unless u mean wells, and do u really want me bringing his era and injury history into this?

JLouderback: Wang is currently better than any pitcher on ur staff except Schilling. From what Schilling showed in his last 2 outings, watch out if you are not a very positive guy. I think he’ll be ok though.

Mussina is the best pitcher (currently) either team has.

Yankee Indian:

Mussina and Schilling are equal, but I would much rather have Schilling on the hill in a key game than Mussina. As for Wang, you are definitely misguided if you think he is better than Beckett. The guy has pitched well in recent outings, but he is unproven is heated situations. We can agree to disagree, but as for me, I’m very glad we have our starters, and you have yours. Mussina would be the only one worth having in the Sox rotation.

I hope you remain in this blog for the remainder of the season so I can give you a reminder of these e-mails when the Red Sox pull away from the Yankees.

so do I jlouder. Good luck.

Yankee Vince:

I was not aware that the Yankees had an option on Mussina, but I have heard whisperings in the media that the Sox might pursue Mussina if he is a free agent.

As for Lidle, just remember that the term “innings eater” is reserved for pitchers who are subpar big leaguers who are fortunate to have jobs. Jason Johnson falls in that category. As does Ponson.

As for the NL and AL comparisons, it is proven that most pitchers who come from the NL to the AL have higher ERAs than vice versa. Lidle has a high ERA already. Simply put, chances are strong that when Lidle starts, the Yankees will have to score a lot of runs to win. As for Lester, he is untested in heated situations, but he is already proving that he will be a top-line starter for the long-term future. Over time, he will give the Sox more innings per start. Right now, I would rather have Lester and five innings with his ERA and arsenal than Lidle and six innings with his ERA and marginal abilities.

Mussina is the only dependable starter the Yankees have. Wang has pitched well in recent outings, but he is untested in heated situations. Johnson is done. Lidle is, well, Lidle. And Jaret Wright? Maybe in 1995. Perhaps you should bring back Kevin Brown. and throw him in their as well.

We definitely have issues with our fifth starter. I’ll take the rotation of Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield (when he returns) and Lester to get to the playoffs. The Sox defense is solid, their hitting is strong and their relief is adequate.

We’ll definitely afree to disagree. I will enjoy writing you in late September when the Yankees are still battling for the wild card.

How convenient that you ignore Beckett’s era has increased ever since he came to AL. What did Lester prove to you that Wang did not? Yeah I know. That he cannot go more than 5 innings.

And you defense can help only when balls are hit on the ground. Not out of the park. And we also witnessed how good ur outfield defense is.

Oh btw, A guy as big as Wily Mo plaing the outfield is an injury waiting to happen.

it dosent matter that beckett’s era has gone up. the only pitching stat that matters is your win-loss and last i checked beckett has 1 more win then wang. beckett is a proven starter who is still ajusting to AL line ups. he preforms well under pressure (game 6 of the 03 series on 3 days rest) and a pennant race will bring out the best of him. you dont know how wang will handle the pressure, he could be outstanding or he could fold like your entire team did in the 04 ALCS. hold off on comparing an unproven 2nd year starter to a proven ace until he does something in the playoffs.

Vince, Mussina and Schilling would perform the same in postseason. Wang depends alot on luck, since groundballs can often become hits. You say Lester blew up more than Lidle?? Dude, read Lidle’s record this year and say that again with a straight face… seriously, get your info right. Wright is absolutely terrible, and might I remind you just how much he’s being paid?? He’s a manace to the Yankees, and Cashman’s stupidity is shown in his signings of Povano and Wright… everyone knew when he signed them that they were terrible deals, since both only had ONE decent, servicable seasons… seriously, how can you possibly say that the Yanks have better pitching??? Get a grip on reality and see Yankee pitching for what it is – a disgrace… Johnson is absolutely terrible – he’s imploded how many times this season? Definitely way more than Lester by my count!! And how much is he getting paid again…? And how much is Lester getting paid…? Johnson’s winning record is unrefutable proof of just how terrible W-L records can be in determining the performance of pitchers.. Clemens has a 2-4 record right now… is he worse than Johnson? DON’T THINK SO!!!
Go out and ask ANYONE who’s better: Wang or Beckett… seriously, saying that Wang is better than Beckett is absolutely ridiculous… dude, think rationally for once, will you? And quit tellin’ people to get their facts straight – you obviously can’t seem to… I’ll concede some things though… Wells hasn’t been very good, and Clement…well, i’ll leave you to diss him. (Still better than Povano, who hasn’t pitched in what seems like 10 years)

Yankee Vince:

One more thing. I am in MLB clubhouses. I am a former sports writer for a daily newspaper and now write for regional and national magazines. I still write sports features, including a current profile I am working on about the personal obstacles that Jonny Gomes has overcome to make it to the majors.

That aside, regarding chemistry, the 2004 World Series team won with it, and this year’s Sox team is even stronger in that area. Only, instead of the “Idiots,” they have more professional, go-about-their business and make no complaints players like Loretta, Lowell, Youkilis, Cora, Crisp, Papelbon; and holdovers like Timlin, Varitek, Schilling, Wakefield and Ortiz. True, Manny is sometimes a headcase and a disruption, but even he has turned the page this year, accepted that Boston is a high-pressure town to play in and has not caused any problems.

For this season and beyond, the Red Sox are positioned to compete for World Series titles year in and year out with Epstein’s philosophy of building a strong farm system and combining young, homegrown players with solid role players and top-line talent they sign outside of the organization.

The Yankees, on the other hand, are not well-positioned for the future. Beyond Hughes and Tabata, their farm system is mostly barren. Core players like Damon (the upside of Crisp is much higher), Sheffield, Giambi, Posada and most of their pitching staff is fragile.

As I said, we will agree to disagree. You’re a Yankees fan; I’m a Red Sox fan. You appear to be as much a student of the game as I am. That said, I’m glad the Sox have their mix of young players and veterans, and the Yankees have their aging team that added another overpaid player whose stats are in decline like Abreu.

Fact: The Sox are ahead of the Yankees by 1 game.πŸ™‚

and if you wnat to compare era, wakefield, even though injured, has a 4.14 era compared to johnson’s 5.07 and lester’s is 3.49 compared to wright’s 4.73

=) thx starsfan. Wake is coming back sometime this month, and will be a significant addition. The Sox can only improve, as Wells gets used to pitchin’ again, and Wake returns. Even Clement and Foulke might come,

im not sold on clement though. even before he got nailed it was going downhill. that was just the icing on the cake.

Starsfan: If all that matters is wins and losses our rotation has more wins than urs. Check one more time. Because looks like last time u checked was a while ago. Tell me which year, Beckett was an ace. Two great games against yankees do not make a great pitcher. He won 15 games once in his career.

I agree ground balls can sometimes be hits. But, did u ever look at the ground balls Wang induces. They are slow dribblers. Not hard hit ground balls.

Beckett is another product of media overhype for beating yankees in 03 series. Beckett is a career 54-39 guy with a 3.69 era (4.76 in AL). Wang is 20-9 with career era 0f 3.88. Beckett pitche 743 innings in 5 years. Wang pitched 265 in 1.5 years. Now anybody thats real and honest tell me who’s better.

btw Beckett’s best year was last year with a 15-8 record. If anything he was lucky to have 13 wins this year most of them against NL teams and teams like royals. Much like Randy Johnson. Atleast RJ beats boston.

I hope ya’ll are right but I don’t see wake back for a while, A fractured rib afects all upper body movement (trust me I’ve fractured many) and until it heals, which can’t be speeded along, it just takes time, he won’t be his normal self…hope i’m wrong just don’t see anything till he’s atleast 8 weeks out, and than a couple weeks of side sessions and long toss.

Wang’s era was al AL

I did not even mention Beckett’s road woes.

That’s 8 weeks from when it was first discovered, not from now.

Beckett hasn’t reached his peak level yet; he’s been performing better and better and will enter his prime years as a Sox. Beckett has the STUFF to become an ace, and will become one once Schill retires. Jlouderback, can you get me a link to some of your articles? It’s great to see someone who agrees with me on the topic of the Yankees’ bleak future =)

and we appreciate that Vic..

Well I think Wake won’t be missed too desperately – we got Wells back (…right?), and Snyder is another option… he was amazing last night. Those Indians had no idea how to hit him…

and you seemed to forget that beckett pitcher for the marlins who had no offense. if he had a decent offense he would have won a lot more games. just look at this year. at times hes struggled but gets run support. if he had a half-way decent offense in flordia he would have won 20 games.

Well I think Wake won’t be missed too desperately – we got Wells back (…right?), and Snyder is another option… he was amazing last night. Those Indians had no idea how to hit him…

You also forget that pro player stadium is a very very pitcher friendly park unlike Fenway. If it was just a normal park, his era would have been around 4.5. Now stop making excuses. If you say Beckett has not peaked yet, I will say neither did Wang.

yeah but Jamie, no team has been able to hit him till his second time through the order, I think he will be a great long/middle reliever, jsut not as a starter

And he was playing in NL east which stunk for ever (except braves) until last year. Now he’s playing in AL east.

No point going forth and back. He’s just a very good 3 starter and an average 2 starter. Thats the fact. He wont be an ace just because u want him to.

Yankee_indian (Vik?), W-L records mean NOTHING AT ALL. Clemens has a 33% winning percentage, with a 2-4 record. Yet, he has a 2 ERA and has been dominant in his starts… Roy Oswalt has a near .500 record, and many many good pitchers have less than spectacular records… run support is essential for a good record, which is why Johan Santana only won 16 games last year despite being ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOOOOOT better than fat guy Colon, who won more than 20… seriously, use ERA, K rate, WHIP, and the likes to compare pitchers.

jamie: Stars fan said that w-l record is all that matters. I was saying the same things u said. Thanks for supporting my point. Please explain that to starsfan. Which makes our 1 & 2 better than urs.

Yes, I am Vik.

News update (sorry if it’s old news), Varitek is having surgery on his left knee, out 4-6 weeks.

nope deffinatley not old news, got to hit the waiver wire…

Question? DL players are still aloud on the bench during the season correct?

ok its been fun bantering with everyone about pitching but im going to watch the game. lets pray for a miracle in jason johnson and hope the bats stay hot.

go sox!

I said lester blew up in his last two starts. Don’t tell me to get my facts straight if you cannot comprehend simple sentences. Wang is in his 2nd year and is unproven and cannot take heated situations (despite beating boston this year and starting in the playoffs as a rookie) but lester has proven he is a starter for the future to the redsox by going 6 innings or less 6 out of 10 times and getting shelled in his last two starts? How, exactly?

last time u checked beckett had a win more than wang? Last time i checked beckett had more run support, a higher era by almost an entire run per game and A LOSS more than wang? But that’s ok keep choosing only the facts u want to read.

Wakefield can have an era of 0.01 the fact of the matter is he keeps the sox in games they don’t win, he is 7-8 and coming off a painful injury. Johnson may give up more runs but the fact of the matter is A: he is not coming off injury to the ribs, B: he suffers from beckett syndrome, when he loses, he loses bad, the difference is johnson can pitch well at home and on the road and that is comparing our 3 to ur 2. Johnson is 11-9, whether you want to cry about it or not, more often than not he keeps us in the game, just like wakefield, except wakefield has less success with winning. Wang has been good for a few starts lately? The guy is 12-3 with an era under 4 in the AL, when are you going to concede he is legit? But i forgot, Lester is COMPLETELY legit for the future. 12-3, so do you mean that since april he has been on? cause that is A: the facts and B: not a few starts in a row. If you write for a newspaper, or wrote, i suggest you do a better research of yankee statistics, that or join ESPN.

Jason johnson, an inning eater? the guy can’t eat 4 innings when he starts for u and is 3-10, don’t even try to compare him to lidle. Lidle pitched in one of the biggest hitters parks in the NL and has pitched in the AL longer than the NL and recently. Hmm, lester, 10 starts this year, four of which he ate 6 innings, lidle a season of starts so far, 1 of which he DIDN’T. Is this rocket science? Stars what makes beckett so proven? the fact that when he was a rookie (ohh much like lester) he won less than 15 games and dominated in the playoffs? Before injuring himself for the next two years? And underperforing in the AL? He is so proven? this will be his first 15 win season, and it will be Wang’s as well..both have postseason experience except wang’s was more recently and beckett’s was more impressive three years ago for the marlins in a warm temperature and a pitchers park. Sorry star, last time i checked (and u might agree) pitching in the playoffs as a rookie is being in pressure situations. Beckett has not been an ace for any team, aces don’t win 14 or less per season, he is not even an ace on this team. And you really want to talk about folding in the playoffs? I have 86 reasons why you should never bring “folding” up with a franchise ever again. How about you guys hold off on comparing an unproven rookie who can’t get into the 7th inning and more often than not the 6th inning to a bonafied 2-3 starter and the savior of ur overmatched pitching staff? Gee jamie, wang depends a lot on luck but beckett keeping the ball in the park is not lucky? 12 wins, one less than beckett, 3 losses, one less than beckett SIGN HIM UP FOR THE LOTTERY. Ask brandon webb if throwing sinkers depends on luck. Ask derek lowe, perhaps because than you are conceding your ’04 ring, was simply “luck”. Wright is so terrible with the same record as your 3 starter almost, and he is our 5….because according to star, record is all that is important, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe you three should formulate arguments that don’t contract each other next time? Maybe jonson has imploded more than lester because johnson has PITCHED the whole season. And up until last start from the all star break johnson’s era was in the 3 range. Jamie i don’t blame u, wins losses is a dumb way to judge a pitcher, u should try telling star that. U want era? would that do it for u? our 1 and 2 pitchers have lower ones than urs….now concede our 1-2 punch is better based on ur rationale and then we can talk. Glad you can concede some things, but until than try to stop bullshitting what u wont concede. Everyting i give u is fact and u give me “why don’t u admit the yankee staff is terrible, johnson is terrible, wright is terrible everyone is terrible, beckett is god, go redsox!”…..yeah, good job.

Last year, i could have told u i’d take ur staff even though it got blown up in the playoffs,

this year, you are relying on a mental headcase to come back, a 43 year old witha broken back to turn it around, a man to recover from a broken rib and get run support, a rookie who cannot finish what he starts to go deep into games, a formar marlins pitcher (yet pavano who was 18-8 to beckett’s 14-8 was an AWFUL no brainer signing) who u all EXPECT to get adjusted to the al shortly, a 5 starter to develop, two rookies in the pen to get a grip after a rough week and come up huge (but they are completely proven right, wang? Nope!) a closer to keep it going all year, ez twins to turn it around, wily mo to sustain a season of success, crisp to turn it around, ortiz to bail u out every other day, do u get the point yet? We were with u without abreu, we have 5 healthy starters at the moment, 1 has delivered quality starts most of the time, the other is having a breakout year and has already had a season and postseason series under his belt, our 3 starter has had two bad starts since the all star break, our 4 starter in the NL in a hitter’s dream house sustained 6 innings every game and has already pitched in the AL, and then we have a 5 starter. We are hoping either matsui cano or sheffield can deliver, we need one of them, to deliver. Don’t you get it? You did nothing to improve ur team, we did something, and we are 1 out right now (yeah nice pointing it out, welcome to august 1st not october 1st) how does this not add up to u?

I would NEVER concede that Wang is better than Beckett… it’s ludicrous! it’s absolutely ridiculous to say that a above-average groundballer is better than a pitcher who carried a WS team and who has stuff that Wang can’t even fathom having. Either you’re blinded by your passion for the Yankees (which is OK, I understand), or you’ve lost touch with reality (I think you just love the Yankees, which to me is like witchcraft, but… I’ll probably go invade the Yankees blog someday soon ) =)

P.S. Lester is a future ace. Wang is a #3. You guys HAVE NO LEGIT #2… have fun in the postseason, if you even get there…

oh my god… Varitek’s out for the season… oh my god… I really need consolation now… oh my god… that’s horrible… christ that may just have cost us half a dozen wins…

aww yeah, don’t worry u guys can add him to the list of ?’s….i’m blind yet ur either conceding how important ur CAPTAIN is, or being sarcastic that u lost yet another starter? I’m blind yet i give u stats to prove wang is better this year and u give me memories of three years ago, and u guys tell us not to live in the past? What has beckett done besides that postseason? NOTHING. what has he done in the AL int he postseason? NOTHING. He beat the 2003 yankees, an inferior offensive club to the one they have now, twice. That is it, he had a hot 3 weeks, and u stake his existance on it, but WE live in the past? I have lost touch with reality? I displayed reality for u, and u tell me to get a grip? Why, did i create those numbers? no. I didn’t you can give me ur redsox scouting report on wang all u want, but until u find me 30 number two starters that are 12-3 with a mid 3 era, i’m not buying he is a 3 starter. Wang is better than beckett this year, deal with it. Legit number 2, based on what? ur opinion? Or are u gonna somehow tell me how beckett is better this season? Wang throws a sinker about 94 mph and has a 97 mph fastball, mariano rivera has a cutter he has dominated the league with for a decade, it isn’t always the number of pitches. And yet, i’m sure u can all say beckett is still learning the game! and what is wang? less years pitched, less age and he is at his peak? please, u get a grip. Beckett can have 14 A quality pitches, his era is close to 5, he doesn’t locate, esp not at home.

Jamie: If thinking so makes u happy, I’ll let you have the fun. But please don’t try to sell us the Beckett bridge.

Vince, trust me, any nonbiased person would say that the Sox have better pitching. But whatever, that topic’s getting old. Tonight’s game: Johnson ***** so far… why the heck is he getting a start…? Call up some A ball guy… I’d take him over Johnson, seriously.

Mirabelli can’t throw out runners for his life. We’re doomed. Like I said, Varitek’s injury will cost us at LEAST 6 wins this season. His offense and defense are far superior to that of Mirabelli. 6 games is a lot of games. We might not even get into the postseason, since Varitek was just that important. I still can’t believe it… JOHNSON *****. MIRABELLI IS TERRIBLE. I’m not even gonna watch this game… maybe I’ll check in later and hope Papi hits enough homeruns to score 30 runs…that’s the only way we can win, probably. (I feel like a traitor, but Johnson is worse than Clement… seriously)

I’ll check back in at 9. Hope a miracle happens

Jaime, depending on how sever the injury is, they said he would be out 4-6 weeks which would bring you to the beginning of september.

Outside of that streak of error less games your defense commited errors on a fairly consistent basis. It may just be my feeling.

Mirabelli honestly inspires no confidence, can’t really call games well, doesn’t prepare as well as Varitek, doesn’t know all the young guys… he’s a decent backup, but as a starter, he’s terrible. Mirabelli can’t throw out runners, and Johnson can’t hold them on. Bad bad combo. I don’t usually give up in the first inning, but this game was lost when Varitek busted his knee and Johnson got the start (seriously, WHY?!? he’s worse than Clement, and has no upside… he can’t even munch innings, for cryin’ out loud… come on! someone explain)

I agree what Is Theo thinking Does he have a brain..It is worse when you are at the stadium watching johnson pitching cuz he *****!What about a backup catcher???????Did we calllup somebody???

kaylee: they called up ken huckaby, a 35 year old minor leaguer hitting .203 at AAA.

is it me or does cc sabathia look like a beast? remy said hes 6-7 290 pounds. (i guess david wells isnt the only 300 pounder in the majors)

Tek is out for then season. We can kiss the season good bye.We have Doug and we have a back-up catcher who can’t even hit in the minor leagues.

Sox may be looking for a catcher from outside. Since, the non-waiver period is over, can some one explain the process how we can get a catcher from some other team.

kumar, they designate them and it goes down the standings from weakest team to strongest and then if he clears all the other teams, then u guys can pick him up

I had little hope until yesterday even though Sox didn’t make any deals and though Nixon got hurt. Tek is too important of a guy to lose.

as for pitching, its pretty much a push. moose has a slight edge over schilling (too many homers), beckett over wang, id take johnson over wake just cause he (rj) isnt injured, and i cant compare lester to lidle cause ive never seen him (lidle) pitch. but wright is 10x better than david wells or jason johnson. we’ll see when the season’s over. losing tek hurts and they dont have anyone who can account for his leadership.

boy ill show get to have a big ego when i prove to louderback that i was right and him and his journalism career and distinguished time in the clubhouses of major league baseball were wrong

Hello everyone – so I’m not very happy with this game at the moment.

I wouldn’t say we can kiss the season goodbye, Kumar. I am extremely upset that Jason’s out for right now, but the boys will find a way to pull together.

So, if Sox get someone somehow(miracle). I guess this player can only play in the regular season and can’t play for the team in the playoffs. Is that right?

no he can play in the playoffs kumar……star how do u figure beckett over wang? esp iif u say too many homers for the first scenario? Beckett gives up a ton more hrs than wang, has a higher era, and though he has one win more, has one loss more as well.

Jen: Who do u think you are? Yankees. There is no way u can pull out an yankee feat.

kumar: i agree 100%. mirabelli cant hit .250 to save his life and he cant call a good game and a catcher hitting .200 at AAA isnt gonna cut it either.

I am someone who has faith in my boys, that’s who I am.πŸ™‚

i have faith in jen.

yankeevmm: beckett over wang becauseof
1:experience, many not seem like much but it has a factor

2.ive seen beckett when he is on over the last 3 years and can have unhittable stuff. not watching the yankees as much as i watch the sox, i have only seen wang once or twice and each time he got shelled and walk a lot of guys and i only go by what i see.

Why thank you, Vince. That’s why I like you so much.πŸ˜‰

See, that’s what I’m saying. If Johnson would give the SOB’s something to pop up or ground out, we’ve got a freakin’ vacuum cleaner for an infield. If he can do that, and not be so worried about striking batters out, he’d be just fine.

Jen: Reading what I posted, looks like I came off a little rude. Just wanted to let you know that there is no intention to be rude. Just fun.

as for the bullpen i have to take the yankees
rivera is the king closer

a)until he proves otherwise.

b)timlin is better than farnsworth but he is old and fragile

c)francona doesnt know how to use his middle relief, the EZ bros are muy horrible and delcarmen and hansen have been overworked, and you cant expect a guy less than 1 year removed from college (hansen) to always save the day.

Honey, I know that. You don’t have to explain yourself. I knew exactly what you were saying and how you were saying it. Don’t worry about it. If I thought you were being rude, I would’ve had something to say.πŸ™‚

lol stars, wangs last start was a 2 hit complete game shutout. Over his last 10 starts he has a 2.70 era and is 7-2 and one of those losses was a walkoff hr in the 9th to lose 3-2. He has 8 quality starts in his last 10. And this season has 36 bbs in 148 innings…8 homeruns. 12-4 record 3.77 era

Josh beckett on the season has walked 46 batters (10 more) in 134.1 innings (16.2 less). He has given up 28 hrs (20 more) in 16.2 innings less. beckett is 13-5 with a 4.76 era. In beckett’s last 10 starts his era is 4.20 and he is 6-2 with 7 quality starts.

In any facet, unless u want to compare their aprils, how do u figure beckett is better? Perhaps u should all watch wang more…or maybe not, maybe ur bad luck

Better safe than sorry. But now that I know that you will let me know, I’m good.

Well good, I’m glad.πŸ™‚

And I’d hope you’d tell me too, if I ever sound rude.

haha stars id take the yankee bullpen but for diff reasons. Papelbon is fantastic but so is mo, they are a push but i’ve been comfortable for now 10 seasons with mo closing (he was a great setup man in 96). farnsworth’s last 10 appearances his era is 0.96 and in july it is 0.87. he gave up less than a base runner an inning int he last month and struck out more than a batter an inning in that span…whatever was plaguing him, seems to be behind him…timlin is generally sturdy, but his era is 3.60 in the same span more than a base runner an inning and 2 k in 10 innings. In july his era has been 5.56. I’ll take out setup man too.

I dont mind even if u r rude. I like you enough to cut u some slack.

plus wang’s WHIP is higher (i would assume normal for ground ball pitcher). but as d-lowe as an example, more men on base means higher probability for a big inning. plus beckett’s SO/walk ratio is better (about 3-1) than wang’s (about 1.3-1) and yes, i know it is common for a sinker baller to have fewer SO than a non-sinker baller but lowe has 27 more K’s than wang in 5 less innings.

Well, good. I like you enough to cut YOU some slack.πŸ˜›

Man, it hurts my heart to see Jason’s name not on the active roster.

but it really doesnt matter who is better than who. both teams are very equal at all positions (except for catcher right now) and that is why they are only seperated by 1 game in the standings. stats dont matter if your the last team standing in october

wang gives up more hits but far far less walks than beckett and big innings generally come from big hits like homers, which i supplied the stats for…fact of the matter is wang’s era is an entire run less than beckett’a so i’ll take his method instead. Beckett’s road era is 6.22 and 5.06 this last month total…5.66 at nights where most of his starts take place. wang? 3.64 at night. 3.03 this month, 4.99 on the road and it is even lower than beckett’s at home at 2.91 as opposed to becketts 3.30, would u really rely on a pitchers whip as the most important thing over era, road era, home era, his status over the most recent month, since the all star break and hrs given up along with bb’s? Wang is not a power pitcher that is the only reason his k/bb is poor he doesnt do either.

star i would agree with that…haha right now i would take ur third baseman ur dh and ur left fielder over ours.

and as i say that about a rod he hits a game tying double

lol woundnt everyone like big papi on their team

abreu up in his first pressure situation…redsox radio also reported sheffield agreed to play first base when he comes back so so much for mr journalism and his chemistry bull ****

maybe is should say that i wish jason johnson was stuck in a ditch in mexico and he’ll go 5 innings

abreu 9 pitch walk to load the bases….he ***** at handling pressure

im afraid to go watch the game cause if i do johnson might blow up

Losing Varitek for 4-6 weeks will definitely hurt, but fortunately – because of Epstein’s commitment to having solid bench players – Mirabelli is one of the best backup catchers defensively, and his offense is adequate enough to suffice. He doesn’t hit for average, but he does have some pop in his bat. Perhaps the Sox will pry Bowen or Bard from San Diego, since the frequent trading partners and San Diego has a top catching prospect in the minors, George Kottaras.

Yankee Vince, this is a forum where baseball fans intelligently discuss their opinions. As I said, we agree to disagree. I think that the Sox staff is better than the Yankees. I think that Lidle is a stiff, and Lester (even though he is mostly untested), is much better. I like our chances compared to the Yankees, even with your addition of Abreu and our temporary loss of Wakefield, Nixon and Varitek. So feel free to post your opinions, as you are entitled. However, perhaps you should grab a dictionary, or at least activate the spellcheck feature on your computer. But, then again, you are a Yankees fan…….

bernie williams, our bench player in september, bases clearing double, giambi a rod and abreu score 4-1 yankees

jlouder: We are past the trade deadline. Just in case u forgot, today is 8/1.

ah a shot at internet spelling and calling all yankees fans dumb, very intelligent and sophisticated for such a journalism guru….glad we can stay objective (isn’t that one of the important rules of journalism?)

I’m glad you think with foulke clement wakefield varitek nixon on the dl, jason johnson as ur 5 starter and wakefield POSSIBLY coming back, u stand a chance at a team that just got better, but like u said, we can agree to disagree

oh silly me, i forgot delcarmen too

This is the third night we’ve had crappy umpires. What a ******** call.

maybe if youkilis had a smaller head…

yankeevmm:jason johnson is not our number 5 starter he is just here bcause WE used todays starter kyle Snyder for 4 and 2/3 innings last night!

One more thing about Yankee Vince’s comments. Chemistry has nothing to do about whether a player agrees to switch position or if Manny is being Manny. It has to do with everyone accepting their role, gelling personality-wise and sacrificing individual achievements for the good of the team. The Red Sox have chemistry guys – professionals who go about their business without whining like Loretta, Lowell, Varitek, Youkilis, etc. Just as it did in 2004, chemistry will take the Sox a long way this season. Of course, chemistry does not work unless you have talent, of which the Red Sox have plenty. Like I said, you can have Abreu, A-Rod, Jeter and the rest of the bunch. I like the Sox’ chances with the players they have. Time will tell who is right.

yankee indian: you can still trade players through waivers but it is not as easy as calling someone and making an offer. if a player clears waivers, meaning no one else wants him, he can be traded

No no Vince, we watched the replay twice. His glove was ———————————] far from his head. Gee, I hope that shows up the way I want it to.πŸ™‚ It looked good in my head. It didn’t touch, though.

btw that umps head is a little far up his ***

Eh, it looks about right.

There will be plenty of deals in August and early September. The Sox will likely find another pitcher, and perhaps now, a catcher, as long as it doesn’t cost of of the top prospects.

haha louder, u just said chemistry is a player knowing his role, ,but shef agreeing to play first is not knowing his role? Which yankee, exactly, while we lost most of our outfield and all star 2nd baseman, is trying to pump numbers? When you were in the yankee’s chaotic and non gelling clubhouse, what were ur findings exactly? a zoo? perhaps like the late 1970’s yankees? maybe the 1978 yankees? wait, what happened that year with chemistry leading to champonshi-ah forget it, it is wasted on u. I told you, you can have fun with u and ur chances, u said u’ll be here in september, i know I will, so we will see, that is what makes baseball baseball, odder things have happened.

Point taken kaylee…kyle snyder, he pitches deeper than johnson does. ha.

Not a spectacular outing for Jason Johnson, but good enough to keep us in the game. That’s all you can ask out of someone who is abruptly brought up from the minors. I do think the Sox should give Wells another start and, until Wakefield returns, start Kyle Snyder, who looked good in his outing.

hahaha Vince,Yeah he does But he is known for his troubles in the 5thor 6th inning

just out of curiosity, without spending anything or giving up prospects, how do u expect to get a halfway decent pitcher or catcher?

That was my point. You think nobody will pickup a decent guy just because the Padres want to help the sox. Actually, do you guys pay for the padres also.

Yankee Vince, I’m only 38, so not old enough to have experienced the clubhouse of the Bronx Zoo days. I never claimed to know the Yankees’ current clubhouse atmosphere. I just think that the makeup of the current Red Sox team has better chemistry than the Yankees.

Of course, Sheffield will agree to play first base. He has no other choice. The Yankees just landed a guy who is getting paid $16 million a year. Abreu is not going to sit on the pine. I still don’t think that Matsui or Sheffield will be productive this season. It takes awhile for someone to recover from a severe wrist injury.

About the Bronx Zoo, I remember the craziness of it when I was growing up. Ironically, I was raised in the Cincinnati area, and the first World Series game was Game 6 of the 1975 World Series when Carlton Fisk hot the historic shot off Pat Darcy. Even though I lived in Reds country, I rooted for the Red Sox because they were the underdogs, and I liked the group of players they had at the time. I was 7 then. I have closely followed the Sox, and baseball, since. The great thing about being a Red Sox fan is, though we have had our share of heartbreaks, the Sox are usually in contention for a World Series title. It’s always exciting. And, because of Epstein and Henry, and the strategy they are implementing, the Sox are sure to be in contention for World Series titles for as long as they are here.

Regarding a deal for a catcher with the Padres, or anyone else, it will not cost the Sox one of their first-tier prospects because the Sox will not be after a top-line catcher, just someone who plays decent defense, calls a decent game and can get a hit every now and then. Maybe they will stick with Huckaby. As I said, I think Mirabelli will fill the vacancy well since it is short term. All the Sox need is someone who can spot start.

that is the ONE thing i will always be greatful for in redsox fans. They have passion and stories just like yankee fans. I too, was not alive for the 70’s yankees or the 80’s yankees…well alive, but not competant to watch them at least. This is why I don’t get it, you of all fan bases should realize, the yankees for the last 8 of 9 decades have been in contention and even in 1980 (or 81, can’t remember) they showed up in the series…why now would u ever expect them to just fall off and the redsox to be dominating forever? It doesn’t make sense when you get right down to it.
Personally, i think this year both clubhouses have chemistry the yankees could not be slated for having none to overcome the adversity they have already come this year. A rod, cano, giambi, phillips, posada, damon, matsui, sheffield, cabrera, guile, crosby, bernie they have all had to overcome something, the little guys, for once, had to pick it up and overcome what many “EXPERTS” believed was the end for them, to say they did that while not talking to each other and looking at their numbers, just seems a little outlandish to me. Now, the ’04 yankees the team of superstars, maybe. I think boston has less chemistry than 04 and the yankees have a lot more, i don’t think after what the yankees have gone through so far, u can say chemistry will by any menas be a deciding factor

hansen has been POUNDED lately…ur rookies need to pick it up if u want a prayer of the postseason.

where is jen? i miss her.

ps: ron villone perfect 6th, bottom 6 at the stadium 4-1 yankees. Our awesome bullpen is going to work now…hope i dont eat those words

Vince,If they didnt have to be overused hw would be better but since tavarez and Seanez **** we have to use the rookies more!

jamie’s boy is getting his face rearranged again tonight.

haha kaylee trust me after dealing with proctor all year, i totally understand and with delcarmen injured u guys dont even have an option…it is astonishing how dominant proctor is rested and how terrible he is overworked.

Looks like we’re going to need another dramatic comeback win. Hansen has been hit hard his last few outings, but I wouldn’t worry about it. He’ll recover. I live in Orlando, and will be at Saturday’s game against the D-Rays. Looks like it will be David Wells against Fossum. At least the Sox don’t have to face Kazmir. He has been mostly untouchable in the games he has pitched against us the last two years.

I know that is how hansen is Delcarmen is hurt???????

a rod has two opposite field hits, single and a double and just stole a base…i am starting to pray this is it for him.
“It’s funny how people could think for you and tell you what you’re going to do,” he said. “You all think you all know what I’m going to do, and you all don’t. Nobody knows. That’s the mystique of me.”-gary sheffield

guess everyone just assumes he will throw a tantrum.

yeah kaylee, delcarmen is hurt. I live in boynton beach near miami, it is amazing how many florida residents are on the two blogs. I was happy we didn’t face kazmir too, though that ended up being the 19-6 game i think.

jeez u guys have not been patient, 83 pitches but 9 hits? looks like sabathia should go 8

hahaha I am little slow at those kinds of things It is hard when you live in arizona acrosss the country.

‘Tek is injured. That will place an enormous toll on the team. He is invaluable to the pitching staff. Wish him all the best. Let’s see how the Sox combat injuries and adversity.

how good was the yankee dynasty in the 90’s. not being old enough to understand the game (i was born in ’91) i dont know how good they were. was it like a USC dynasty or a patriots dynasty or what?

THOMAS:They can do it.TEk is 10x better then Mirabelli but You got to work with what you have!

and living off the baseball map in las vegas doesnt really help teach you baseball tradition


stars, 96 they had no superstars just 25 players as one (much like the patriots), 98 they won 114 regular season games and 125 total going 11-2 in the playoffs and becoming one of the best teams ever…99 they swept the braves went 11-1 in the playoffs. 2000 we beat the mets in 5 games but they snapped elduque’s 8-0 record in the postseason and 14 consecutive world series games won (try picturing that), 2001 and 2003 we also made the series but lost, i consider the dynasty ending in 2001 when mariano had his 2nd career postseason blown save and roided gonzalez had the game winning hit during the year of september 11th.

to answer your question, the dynasty was better than the patriots and usc i would say….4 rings in 5 years, 5 appearences in 7 years and 6 appearances in 8 years. That, is a dynasty. They did it mostly with farm players as the core, a lights out bullpen (the game was over after the 7th inning) a historic closer, and a terric mix of veterans and young guns in the starting rotation…the offense hit timely hrs and played small ball…except 98 when every had a career year and they blasted homeruns left and right.

Vince, what did u mean by “jamie’s boy is getting his face rearranged again tonight.”? Who exactly is my boy…? If you mean Johnson, you’re nuts; I think he’s terrible. If you mean hansen, then I agree, he’s not doing so well. However, he’s just one year removed from getting drafted, and now can only improve. This game, however, is lost. Gonna try to finish Uncle Tom’s Cabin tonight… it’s such an amazing book!

Again, I can’t begin to describe what a blow Tek’s injury is… although he wasn’t contributing as much offense as we’re used to seeing him do, he was still the best gamecaller in the game, possibly the most intelligent, and one who can play great defense. If we had Tek from ’05, we’d be 4-5 games better right now. Losing him to injury means 3-4 less wins. Therefore, if we had Tek from 05 completely healthy, we would have gained 7-9 wins. My fantasy team’s been destroyed by injuries (Derrek Lee, my first rounder, Jeff Kent, Ben Sheets, Alex Rios…). And now the Sox might lose big time over the loss of Varitek. I never thought the Sox were THAT good from the beginning, but assuming that we had health, I was convinced that the Sox would get into the postseason. Now, I’m really anxious. I’m not ready to say “Next year” yet, but we don’t seem nearly as infallible as before.

sorry 4 rings in 5 years and 6 appearances in 8 years*

Hey Vince, I’m here. I’ve been back and forth between the computer and the kitchen (it was a mess, I needed to clean it up) and yelling at the television set. So far, our good ol’ boy we picked up has allowed an f’in HR. Yeah, my confidence in him is boosted.

Glad to know you miss me when I’m gone.πŸ™‚ I feel so loved.

yeah i meant hansen….rios hurt my fantasy teams (i have 4) too. sheets i have on one team but i got him late so it didn’t matter, otherwise my teams are the best they have ever been in my fantasy career…no major injuries by anyone, it’s been awesome.

Man I remember that magical ’98 season. Vince I was fortunate enough to go to game two of the World Series that year and I sat in box seats three rows behind homeplate. My aunt worked for WCBS that year and she got a couple of tickets. Good times. By the way everyone I’m Chris and a Yankee fan.

wow. i knew it was something like that but not the dominant bulpen.

btw has anyone ever had ranch dressing that had been expired for 4 years? i had some on my salad with dinner and i dont feel so good. unless its all in my head and 21MAY02 means may 21, 2102

Just what we need more yankees fans!

No i havent!

It is hard watching a sox game at fenway reading a yankees live blog and watching 2 more games on the computer

98 is the one year of my life since 95 that i did not go to a yankee game and 98, 95 and 2005 are the only years i did not go to yankees redsox at least once. Chris i am very jealous though, no playoff tickets, maybe this year ( i have a friend at manhatten college)

rightfully so u should feel loved jen.

btw with the loss of manny in prob 5 years, schilling in 1, and wells at the end of this year, along with wakefield not to far from now and timlin…what prospects exactly are going to fill those shoes that you are all so confident a dynasty is about to take place for the sox?

Varitek is def. a blow to the team but I think all the intangible stuff that NESN/ESPN throws out there is a little overrated. ‘Tek is good at blocking the plate but is having a bad year throwing out runners only punching out 23.1% good for second to last.

plus the sox are getting beat up and the yankees are winning so that makes it all the worse

as soon as manny’s bat is gone if they don’t fill it ortiz’s rbi’s pull a bonds, guaranteed.

DO you yankees fans realize this is a red sox blog?

but we dont have to worry about manny being gone for another 3-5 years and by then Mily Mo will be as good as MAnny

stars, that is prob not good.

No doubt. Manny is one of the best hitters in the game and an absolute RBI machine. He provides Ortiz with so much protection. I think what’s hurting A-Rod’s numbers this year is Sheffield out of the lineup to give up him some protection. Who wants to walk Ortiz and then pitch to Manny? Same exact thinking of ‘who wants to walk A-Rod and deal with Sheffield?’

sorry if i sound rude i am just tired of watching these sox lose and the yankeeskick torontos butts!

haha i don’t know if anybody will be as good as manny rbiwise for a very very long time…he is the greatest rbi man of this generation. It is like if ortiz existed for 10 years as opposed to 3

haha kaylee, i decided to balance the universe, by coexisting with sox fans it means the yankees overthrow u, i guess people followed suit

lol i meant manny without the attitude. if you can hit a broken bat double off the top of the monster in left-center, i like that future.

but yes, when his career is over, manny will be looked at as one of the best to ever play the game.

I think Toronto’s a pretty major threat in the AL East also. Therefore, the Yankees kicking their *** isn’t as bad as may be perceived.

It’s too bad that you can’t have two DH’s in the lineup because as great as Manny is on offense his defense is hurting the Sox in the field. He was the worst zone rating on the team and he allows a lot of runs to score. But I’d still love to have Manny on the Yankees.

haha that wall is 310…one of the whitesox players hti a broken bat homerun recently. Btw u guys should know twins are down 8-0 in the 6th but whitesox lead 3-2. That is the wildcard update you guys will need

i going for a little bit. my brother is launching a rocket so this should be fun

If we lose the division to the yankees I blame it on VARITEK!

Vince, baby, we will never be overthrown.

more like it’s too bad ortiz can’t play first

silly jen, just wait. I spoke with god recently and I was like, hi god, do me a favor, let me find a cute girl from virginia to talk to and let the yankees take first this year…..the response: no problem.

Kaylee, you can’t blame anything on Varitek. He didn’t do anything wrong. I guess when you get a cold and miss a test at school that you can’t make up, it’s your fault that you got sick, right?

If the Sox lose the divison I would blame it on not having any pitching depth.

That is true!Varfitek didnt try to get hutrt.

Even God is merciful enough to give you Yankee fans a breath of hope that you might finish in first. But thank you for the compliment.πŸ˜‰

i would blame it on theo not making a move and then ironically nixon delcarmen and varitek going to the dl within 48 hours

jeter just stole number 23…they seem to be setting him loose more this year, maybe cause his power is down but his rbi’s are up?

Kaylee, sweetie, I didn’t mean to sound rude up there. I was just trying to explain my point.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD help me tell that is not RUDY SEANEZ i am witnessing pitching while i am at the ballpark

Dont worry I knew what you meant!

lol…btw 5-1 yankees a rod rbi groundout

That would probably be it Vince. Jeter is one of the best baserunners in baseball I’d let him run all day long.


Vince just rub it in to us that your yankees are winning would you do it some more?Please

This bird is HILARIOUS! This is the best entertainment I’ve seen this whole game.πŸ™‚


What Vince, no response to my last statement to you?πŸ˜›

we’re tied for first u gave up ur lead!!! haha jk kaylee.

hmm yeah good point on the other blog, jeter and damon 20+ sb, abreu comes over capable of 30 and with 20, melky a rod and miggy can all steal…we have another dimension on this team.

haha jen i stick by the fact that i think it is pretty obvious who god is a fan of based on the last 90 or so years.

okay that is better……vince wait till september then come to us

THIS CLEVELAND PITCHER ***** 2 runs jeesh!

God doesn’t base who He’s a fan of on how many wins a team has. He is a fan of the team that keeps coming back. Face it, honey, God’s a Red Sox fan.

i disagree, i’m pretty sure eve was a redsox fan though and god has been punishing all of u since


besides, by ur logic god is a cubs fan…you aren’t the MOST losingest franchise ever…yet.

well thank you for ur part now i believe my boys will do ours and we can have a nice 1st place tie….who was it before? bragging about being 1 game in on august 1st, wow how quickly that point is invalid

VINCE- us the MOST losingest franchise YET?WE WIN NEEVER BE!WE ARE NOW TIED FOR FIRST but wait til september vince when you dont have a team in the playoffs

lol, you’re killin’ me.πŸ™‚ But, before this goes too far, I’m gonna go for tonight. Vince, write me back sweetie, and I’ll talk to everyone later on.

I meant we will never be!

lol actually, u guys can wait till october, when u have nobody in the playoffs, i’ll wait till september but it won’t matter yet….haha, so silly.

hehe, at least God’s not a Yankees fan. That’s what matters to me.πŸ˜›

VINCE:ALRIGHT I WILL wait til october but i will have a team to root for in october

haha no problem jen, goodnight darling…..haha kaylee, it will be the team against the yankees i’m sure.

How do u know that Jen?

Dang it, Kaylee, I didn’t get to warn you in enough time. You walked right into that one, sweetie.

haha I will remember that come october!

I just do.πŸ™‚ And where in the heck have you been?

i know i did!

My wife is not in town. Went to get something to eat.


Our God(hindu god)is a an yankee fan.

Ah, okay.

Alright, I’m really heading out now. It’s been great. Vince, we’ll finish the theological talk tomorrow, okay?

I WANNA BE APART OF IT, NEW YORK NEWWWWWW YOOOOOORK…sorry that is my favorite song ever, too many happy memories. welcome to 2nd place redsox nation (by about 2 percentage points haha) goodnight lovely ladies kaylee and jen.

haha i’ll always be here jen, goodnight


I know you will. I can always count on you. Later love.

G’night everyone.

night Jen

Wow, Varitek on the DL. Lowell with a foot contusion. Delcarmen hurting. Hansen struggling. Perhaps it is a blessing that the Sox are percentage points behind the Yanks – at least for a day – so we can perhaps claim a catcher and a pitcher off waivers without the Yankees blocking it. Of course, I’m sure the Jays and Twins might block a Sox move.

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