Playing without the Captain

it is official. Your 2006 Red Sox have reached their first crisis point of the season. Jason Varitek is going to be gone until September it looks like, and the Red Sox will be without both their captain, catcher and leader of the pitching staff.

That’s a lot to live without for any period of time. How will this team respond? Mirabelli is a good backup, but his production will likely be lacking on an everyday basis. Is Ken Huckaby really the answer as the backup? And could timing have been any worse, Varitek getting injured just hours after the trade deadline?

Looking for a positive development? Well, if the Red Sox can hold down the fort during Varitek’s absence, he might return a more productive player for the stretch run. Consider all the nagging injuries he’s been playing with all year. I would think that not playing for a month will do wonders for Varitek’s beaten up body.

The Red Sox are going to have to find a way to make this work, otherwise they’ll be watching October from television. In the next few weeks, we will truly find out how good this team really is.


Ian is absolutely right. This is indeed a crisis, and it’ll challenge the Sox very much. As I have said, Varitek’s offensive slump may have already cost us 4-5 wins, but now, completely without him and his amazing gamecalling, leadership, and defense, we’re going to lose 3-4 more. While it’s not as severe as Papi or Manny going down (‘cuz then we can kiss this season goodbye), losing Varitek won’t be that far off. Mirabelli can’t really prevent runners from stealing bases, and he doesn’t know the pitching staff as much as Varitek (especially the younger pitchers). Who can we get through waivers to play for the Sox? The prospect of Huckaby playing scares the heck out of me, and I don’t fancy seeing Mirabelli every night… It’s bad enough that the Yanks are improving…

Ian, how would you rate Mirabelli in terms of diligence and preparation skills? Is Varitek going to stay in the clubhouse and continue to be a presence, or will we miss him entirely? God I froze when I saw him limp, but I thought it’d be a 1-2 week thing. Also, do we have any catching prospects? (Shoppach is gone, Bard is gone… and doing well in SD, i think). Who catches for the AA team?

Can we get Javy Lopez?

I think Mirabelli is a very prepared catcher. I am not worried about him defensively at all. I think that Varitek’s bat will be missed in the lineup, even though he’s having a down year. And I’m sure he’ll be a constant presence in the clubhouse, helping Mirabelli and the pitchres.

People, people, please. It’s not all doom and gloom. Varitek will be back from the stretch run. Though he is not a threat at the plate, Mirabelli is solid behind it. I think the Sox will likely get a second-tier catcher, perhaps from San Diego. Could there be a return for Josh Bard, or the arrival of Rob Bowen? Hopefully the Sox don’t sign Kelly Stinnett, who the Yankees cut loose. Regardless, the Sox will be able to endure this.

Corky Miller seems like a decent hitter down in AAA. Does anyone else know anything about him? Does he play good defense? I’d take him over Huckaby anyday. Can anyone shed some light?

Disclaimer: Please don’t shoot me… I hope the First Amendment is strong enough for what I’m about to say… here goes:


Now, before you all try to lock me up in an asylum, let me explain:

Currently, he has a sub-4 ERA (3.8). We lost Delcarmen to the DL, and now need another bullpen arm (Corey’s iffy to me). Seanez hasn’t been scored on for some time now, and his strikeout rate has been terrific. He had lots of trouble in the beginning, but since he lost the 17 inning game in Chicago (AHHH!), he’s been darn good. Let’s pitch him in non-mop-up cases. If it weren’t for Hansen and Corey’s mistakes, the Sox would’ve tied it up. What do you guys think? Are the “ez” brothers THAT bad? Ian, how does Francona feel about those guys? Does he have ANY trust in them?

Jamie-I agree Seanez is Not great but,He has proven soome things lately.Terry should have TRUST him more at least until he proves TiTO wrong!

Seanez is a much better option than Tavarez. I like the idea of making Snyder the long reliever and giving Jason Johnson another start, unless we can get a pitcher off waivers without the Jays and Twins blocking the move. It is a temporary blessing to be percentage points behind the Yankees so they won’t block the Sox moves to get a catcher and pitcher.

what is the status on mike lowell with foot contusion? minor thing?

Johnson has proven himself to be 100% horrible. We can win with him on the mound taken 45 min to retire the side. We shouldnt be in this predicament if “boy wonder” would have made a move. But since he didnt want to move our unproven arms ( hansen, declarmen) we could have gotten another bat and OF in Andruw Jones ( age around 25 ) or a Julio Lugo or Jason Schmidt to go with Beckett and Schill. Varitek holds the Sox together. I see him at every home Sox game and for the only 2 or 3 i missed this yr ( due to work ) i see him talking to everyone between innings. Mirabelli cant do that or hit for that matter. We need to get lucky enough to pick up some sort of catcher off waivers 9 Javy Lopez would be great. Huckaby is hitting around.220 with only 3 homers and under 20 RBIs. Not a very Red Sox like player. But being a sox fan my whole life im sure we will work it out and hold off the “YAWKIES” long enough for Tek to get back and he will be rolling…..remeber KEEP THE FAITH. (Love the posts)

I heard he is going to see the trainer tomorrow morning. I hope it is only minor, considering he did finish out the atbat ( even though he struck out on a ball in the dirt)

lol jones was 19 in the 1996 ws so somehow i doubt he is only 25 now.

and when u get tek back, we get shef and matsui…timing is timing regardless of how long ur out…don’t discount that

its pretty sad a yankee fan on a red sox blog…you must be one of those band wagon jumpers…but the yanks are higher in percentage pints now, i think your on the wrong blog

and Jones is 29….so yeah round 25….

All I can say is I’m looking forward to September. Both teams will be in full health (or so), and games should become alot more fiery. I love it! I love this rivalry!!

Ian, iLowell is going to spend some time on the DL (hopefully not), would it be worth moving Kevin over to 3rd base, and giving Ortiz the 1st base role. I’d rather have that arrangement, and have Cora switching on and off with Gonzo and Loretta than have Cora playing a permanent role at 3rd base

*if Lowell. bloody keyboard

Your right Jamie…im getting cold chills just thinking about it.

If Lowell goes on the DL, we might see Cora playing 2B and Loretta playing 1B. Or, they might just go and grab Bailey from AAA (17HR so far) and give him a chance. I don’t know; the Sox might even call up Pedroia and send Loretta to 1B. The possibilities are endless. However, I’m pretty sure that Loretta would go to 1B with Cora at 2B. And Youk would of course be at 3B

What a difference a day makes. Can you imagine if Papi didn’t come through last night?
If tonight wasn’t proof that that Sox should have gotten some arms to bolster their chances through the stretch run, I don’t know what is.

As much as we were concerned about Tek’s slump this year, there is no way Mirabelli is going to make us feel comfortable. They guy is good for 2 K’s a game.

With the way things have gone, I wouldn’t be suprised if Lowell broke a toe on that foul ball.

That being said, Sabathia is a tough lefty. One run (exluding the 9th inning Gonzalez shot) isn’t going to cut it even if you had Schilling out there pitching a gem.

Hansen has not looked good in a few weeks. Papelbon hasn’t had a save opportunity in over a week.

The Sox need to jump out in a game and get things started early. They’ve been playing catch up too much lately.

Things are looking shakey right now.

Lester tomorrow night against another rookie lefty.

The problem is, who do we have that’s reliable in the pen? Timlin and Papelbon. Problem there is, that accounts for the 8th and 9th. What do we do when Lester is at 100 pitches in the 5th or 6th? Hansen–hasn’t done much lately. Corey–he gave up a homerun to a guy with one all year (granted, I don’t think he’s been with the Tribe all year). Snyder–no way, he pitched 4+ last night. Lopez–they sent him down to make room for Johnson.

This pen that we were all hyped up about a few weeks ago has some serious holes in it right now.

If anything, we should have seen a move or two yesterday to get a realiable arm.

And before anyone says who would we have given up.. I don’t know. That’s the FO job to figure out. The Yankees got a quality starter and an All-Star (albeit not up to his full potential this year) outfielder without giving up more than 1 quality prospect. What did we do? Nothing. And all we get is that we didn’t want to divert from our long term goal???? What is our long term goal? Ride out the storm with who we have and hope that there are no injuries or slumps to affect the solid play we’ve had so far. Too late, that’s already happened and I know it’s a little hindsighted to be barking about this after the fact but the fact still remains that without making any moves, the Sox cost themselves dearly.

Wait… is Lowell even injured?

i’ve been on this blog longer than you, don’t tell me where i do and don’t belong, you can either be civil or you can make this difficult, it is up to you. I must be one of those band wagon jumpers? that is why i knew andruw jones’ age in the 96 series? Ohh, how surprising, could it be because the yankees were in that world series? and Jones hit three homers in the first two games, thus pissed me off enough to know he was 19 and younger than mickey mantle when he hit the first homerun?

Nooo, i’m a bandwagon jumper, this has nothing to do with getting another perspective on things…why don’t u do some research before u start running your mouth

gosoxred, I don’t think the Sox are in too much trouble. Hansen will come out of his funk sooner or later, and Seanez can be a HUGE addition if he becomes consistent. Paps will get his chances sooner or later, and Bryan Corey isn’t that bad either. Of course, we still have Timlin, and I don’t think we’ll have too much trouble. We’ve got the people and the potential- just not the results… yet… lol

whitesox won in extras….yankees whitesox redsox all in virtual tie right now…sox and sox have same record, yankees percentage points ahead, but let’s face it, same record.

Hey Vince, why ARE you on this blog? I don’t mind; I like debating with you and you’re not just some idiot trying to bug others (In other words, you’re decent for a Yankee fan lol). But why are you interested in a Sox blog?

How injured is Lowell?

jamie lowell had foot contusion i think they are waiting to see if it swells or not, my gut tells me it is nothing serious, but then again, do u want to trust a yankee fan?

Why dont u guys even consider Ortiz as a 1B option??

I didn’t say he was injured. He’s going for scans or something. I said “if he’s injured” (fingers crossed he’s ok)

Because it is the old henry adams theory (you’ll prob have to read all about his boring **** when you get to college). I can talk to other yankee fans all i want and know so much about the yankees that it’ll make my head explode….but am i really gaining anything? I would rather go on both blogs, see what intelligent redsox fans (obviously this means i ignore some people on this blog) have to say about my team and their own and learn more about the enemy. I would say I probably know more about everybody on the redsox minus maybe their bench than most redsox fans on here…To me, that is important in truly being able to represent my own team…knowing the enemy.

Don’t get me wrong, they are still tied for first (percentage points behind) however the solid club that we had was based on our starting 9. Our backups are adequate but not starting material. Granted, no one know Tek was going to get hurt so there is no way that we would have made a move for a catcher or something like that.
But the fact remains that we have:

Schill-OK, Becket-OK, Lester-OK,…after that it’s

Wells-who knows what to expect.

Snyder-did great last night but hasn’t made it more than 5 innings in any start.

Johnson-He settled down tonight but he should never see the mound again.

Wake-Timetable undetermined as to when he’s coming back

Clement-Insert joke here.

As far as the pen, Delcarmen was on the DL at the deadline. Hansen was struggling at the deadline. They picked up Corey, who is a jouneyman 32 year old. Lopez is a situational lefty that hasn’t stayed on the big club for more than 2 weeks at a time.

It’s not time to hit the panic button yet, but the next couple of weeks are going to be a pretty good gauge as to how we are going to finish out.

lol you make me want to visit the Yankee blog… I just hope I don’t throw up while I’m on there =) “Knowing the enemy”… nice lol.

P.S. Is college really that much harder than high school? Where do you go? (I love the prospect of college parties, but…not so much the work lol)

Now that the Sox are behind in the standings, the Yankees can’t block potential waiver trades… Roger Clemens: Am I kidding myself, or is it an actual possibility?

As far as the comments on Seanez. The day that I feel comfortable with him in that game is the day that realize the season is over. Unfortunately due to the lack of deals at the deadline, we might see more of him.
Yes I know he’s had 9 straight scoreless innings, but each one of those games have been with the Sox either up or down by 5 or more runs. Not too much pressure in that situation. I wouldn’t want him in there with us tied or up by 1 or 2 with men on base.

That’s just my opinion. I’d love him to prove me wrong.

i go to quinnipiac university in connecticut (it is premiere yankee redsox rivalry territory…almost exactly half and half and everybody seems to love baseball). Kevin if it makesu feel better, yankees have a BRUTAL august schedule.

Jamie, that all depends. I don’t consider college harder at all, i enjoy it more both academically and socially. Basically instead of useless busywork everynight and random projects, you have papers and exams and maybe minor assignments inbetween….last semester I had a TOTAL of 4 tests between my 5 classes, the rest were papers, and i love writing papers so it was not hard to do.

The main thing to remember which nobody ever realizes or is told until u get to college is:

1. first semester you are generally always tired…no idea why.

2. You litterally will feel like you have twice the time in a day. You are only in school when you have class, you get to choose when you have class (for the most part) and u get to choose what classes u take (for the most part)…last semester on monday wednesdays and fridays i was out of class by 10am….regardless of how much work one has, i thik that is enough time to do it. You will never have more work than time if you go about it the right way and trust me i am the biggest procratinator you will ever meet….finals are a whole diff world from hs and u will pull all nighters…..and yes, college parties are very very entertaining.

jamie, i would highly doubt that.

That’s the one positive going right now. After the Indians get out of town, the Sox go to Tampa, KC and home to Baltimore. Then Detroit comes to town and then the big 5 gamer with you guys.

Good night all. Can’t wait to read the Boston papers tomorrow and see them write about how the sky if falling.

yeah and we have anaheim somewhere, u guys with no rest beforehand (we will have to insert a 6th starter, prob the game before and move one of our actual 5 back a day) and we have the whitesox again, it is gonna be a mess, yankees need to “cowboy up” (how do u like that one) for the next month, then the first half of september we have a mini break

goodnight kevin

Kevin: Can u tell me why u guys are not considering Ortiz as a potential 1B.

jamie12345432, I think you’re correct in that IF houston released Clemens, we (at .002 behind NYY) would could claim him before the Yankees, which would mean he’d go to us if he refused offers from anywhere else.

Thing is, the Astros owner is not sentimental about letting Roger come back here. They signed him for the season and are not about to give up because they’re a single-digit # of innings behind. I suspect that’s why they refused the Oswalt trade with Boston (if it ever was on the table)–it would be a clear sign of throwing in the towel, and maybe then Clemens would have really thrown a fit.

As for Varitek, we are about to find out what it’s like to play without the DH…not exactly, but both Mirabelli and Huckaby hit about as poorly as your average MLB pitcher. In fact Huckaby might be worse!

Silver linings are (1) Tek was only at .240ish so far this season, so it’s not as if we lost a Silver Slugger (2) as Ian suggested, I expect him to come back strong when he returns.

Wishful thinking on Clemens jamie. Although it would be nice, they said that CLemens wouldn’t ask to be traded because it would be an insult to his home town, especially since he held them hostage for the 1st half of the year. Houston won’t trade him because they don’t want to look like they are giving up on the season. Jason Stark actually wrote a decent column about the deal that almost was today on

I pointed out the Ortiz to 1st base idea before. Since then, I’ve rethought and I’m coming from the angle that if he’s not fielding, there’s less of a chance of him getting injured. Cause if he gets injured, we can kiss the post season goodbye

Vik, I could only guess.
1st, the further risk of injury.

2nd, even if he did play first, who would DH? No one that wouldn’t give us the same production if they were in the field.

Plus, unless it’s in the NL or unless he knows 3 days in advance, I think Papi leaves his first basemen’s mit at home. This way he can’t play even if he’s asked to!!

great minds think alike justin.

Funny point matt. Unfortunately you are exactly right. The only difference is that NL pitchers can bunt. Even Coco can’t get a bunt down when asked to this year.

OK, now I’m really going to bed. See you all tomorrow.

I think Francona is afraid his offensive numbers will go down if he played first. Dont u think so. Those or not good enough reasons during desperate times.

Vik:I think that is part of it but also he has little experience at first base only against NL teams.But we can only guess these possiblities til we know if lowell will even miss time

where did jamie go?

I dont know But I am about ready for bed as it is after midnight here in Boston!I have stayed up til 3 am my whole vacation(here in boston)I live in arizona So I am off to bed soon.that three hour time difference has thrown my sleeping patterns off a bit!

haha goodnight kaylee

I know decided i better adjust to the time zone change tonight!

Is Lowell hurt?

francona says he is ok

yankee, my dad told me that in college he had classes every other day. is that true?

stars it is certainly possible, really depends how u schedule it, generally older students get first say though, so freshmen year ur schedule might *******…but i had friends last year that had class all on tuesdays and thursdays and non monday wednesday or friday, so u could be very creative, i personally liked 2 classes per day and then one day with 3 classes so it is balanced and not a marathon but thtas just me

I never went to classes in college unless there was credit for attendance.

haha i didn’t go too often either for non attendance classes, except since my school is kind of small most of them took attendance

Univ of South Carolina offers a lot of apogee classes for students that cant go to school everyday. They mail u video cassettes of the regular classes. It costs an extra $250 per course. One of us (in the dorms) used to register it apogee and all of used to watch the same cassette and skip classes.

hahah vik you seemed wild in college. We don’t do anything that complex but i missed my 8am english (which was attendance) 13 times last semester (after 4 u fail)…needless to say i came up with a few hospital documents and some fuzzy math and i got a B- in the class

sorry yankeevmm…i was just really pissed earlier. Im just sick of the sox leading every year, practically all year and every year around this time they blow it/. makes me sick. thanks for the jones correction.. i knew he hasnt hit 30 yet anyway./ but 25 or 29 i wish theo would have got that deal done. but i do have a question what are the yankees goin to do when sheffeild, matsui return. do you think there will be disputes within the team with playing time??? i mean they have sheff, matsui, damon, williams, melky, and now abreu, you can only play 3?

and nationers (even though your all probably asleep) losing tek isnt the end of the season. everyone wrote us off in the 04 ALCS and we came back. we’re only .02% points out of 1st with 2 months left. it aint over until were mathamatically eliminated. its going to be an uphill battle but it can be done (and it make theo look even more retarded for not trading one of the 600 pitching prospects were have for help).

apology accepted…yeah i was very very worried about the jones deal going through.

Sheffield said in an interview today that all he wanted was a ring and he will do whatever it takes and whatever is asked of him to get it, whether that is DH come off the bench or play first base…he has already ordered a first basemans glove and taken practice with mattingly. My best guess based on reports of the september lineup and logic would be sheffield plays first, giambi dh’s, abreu in right damon in center and matsui in left with cabrera a late defensive replacement, pinch runner or pinch hitter, bernie would also be available for pinch hitting….now the playoffs (assuming they make it) would be a whole different story, i have no freaken clue cause i doubt they carry 5 outfielders on a 25 man roster. But for now, shef at first, matsui in left, cabrera off the bench…i would think down the stretch damon will rest more (he has battled off injury all year for the sake of the outfield) and cabrera will prob fill in at center.

playoff roster i would think would be a rod at third, jeter at short, cano at 2nd, giambi dh, wilson/phillips at first, cairo utility bench, posada catching (fasano backup)bernie, sheffield matsui damon and abreu in the of (bernie mostly off the bench) and then the starting top 4 (wright cut from rotation) and villone myers proctor farnsy and mo in the pen with wright probably…because i don’t see or count on dotel making an impact even though he is due back soon.

that is 24 of the spots, i guess melky or one more reliever (dotel maybe? i doubt beam) in the bullpen.

crosby’s days are effectively over

Do you know if there are any descent pitchers or cathers going on waivers, and when is the deadline to sign players off waivers??? The more i think about it, Tek is not having that good of a year and neither is Trot. Willy Mo has been producing better than expected since he returned. I just read that they signed Ken Huckaby ( the guy who got beat out by Josh Bard in spring training to backup Tek, But Bard only got the position bc of a knee injury to Huckaby. and they could alkways bring up Pedoria and let him strut his stuff. It will be an interesting ending to an already awkward season.

does anyone have any idea who the sox will dump when wake, clement, foulke and nixon come back? john i know will be gone but i dont see snyder getting optioned as of now. he could be a valuable reliever. foulke and nixon, i have no idea. (but isnt september when the roster expands to 40?)

john=johnson, too tired to type accuratly

stars u are correct, in september the rosters expand, but wake and nixon i believe are due back before that in which case i would guess johnson or whoever is in his role and probably another pitcher, considering u have 13 right now.

Javy lopez is a name i have heard being thrown around, he told the orioles he demands a trade (a little late javy)…if that leaked down far enough you guys could claim him, at the moment i cannot think of anybody in desperate need of a catcher besides the sox. I think the waiver deadline lasts all season, but that is a guess, it could be when the rosters expand on september 1st…i just know for sure u can’t sign anybody during a playoff series

My best guess would get Nixon, Foulke, Wake. Sox would prob option Johnson somewhere ( hopefully far far away) bryan corey, unless he shows some good, would be designated for assignment for sent to Pawtucket. But in September it goes to a 40 man roster for the playoff teams ( i beleive i could be wrong). I dont see Foulke returning before wake or clement. He was scheduled to pitch a few days ago and had to be scratched due to back stiffness. Wake says his rib is improving and clement has been throwing between 30-50 picthed off the mound with dave wallace. I look for them to be back end aug early sept. for the playoff run.

i forgot about corey, yeah he seems odd man out…jesus u wanna talk about rookie pitcher success? the angels are 10-1 when rookie pitchers start games for them this year…the one loss? jered weaver’s bullpen blew it on a walkoff to david ortiz

i think the waiver deadline is sept. 1. javy lopez would be nice but i dont think he can catch a knuckleball so i dont know what they would do with him when tek gets back.

i realy dont expect clement to come back and be good so he can stay away.

a reliever would be tough to get because every contender is looking to add bullpen help.

That was an awesome game man…I got beer spilled all over me man…haha i was worth it. I wish i wasnt at the game tonight though man…I am skipping an intern spot at the hospital for my Nursing class, cuz i have a feeling Lester will be on fire.

Sox should have went after Linebrink but of course Theo wouldnt make the deal…so were left with an inconsistant Tavarez and a lobthrower in Seanez. ( man i hate that guy) Also Javier Lopez who was suppose to be a big addition, it seems he throws one strike to every 5 balls…another very inconsistent player. my seat are 4 rows up from 1st base line and i can see his balls just sweep right in front of the plate. he needs work.

redsoxfanatic: you were at the game and wish you didnt go? man i would give anything to see a game at fenway

linebrink has been struggling a lot lately to be fair as well…though perhaps the ez twins for him would have worked. Stars mirabelli will never be cut from the roster as long as wake is on it, therefore u would have to drop lopez i guess….i wonder if he realizes he would be a one month rental and thus would have no desire to go to the sox? I don’t know, it would be tough to land a catcher that has quality for one month after the deadline.

i figured mirabelli wouldnt get droped but with 15 more guys on the roster you could have room for 3 catchers.

ironic that we have been talking about mirabelli because a close friend of my is mirabelli’s cousin.

i saw one game at fenway…in may when they lost 7-5 to wright and the yankees…ironically wake pitched. It was a very pleasurable experience i was right down the right field line a few rows back (corporate seats, my best friends gf’s dad). Very homie feeling, and the only issues i ran into (while wearing my yankee sweatshirt yankee jersey yankee hat and carrying a yankee bag) were an old man throwing peanuts at me playfully when damon began the game with a homerun and a drunk guy next to me telling me to let him know when giambi is up so he can yell at him. It is VERY VERY quiet when the sox lose to the yankees though, that is something u will never find at yankee stadium in reverse

exactly. I think the only way the sox could land Javy would be 1. if the sox are like 10 games in first with 9 to go. 2. if the sox would pay him for the remainder of the yr. But on the other hand. Lopez has played some games at first base also. So he could get time there to give Youk off a day here and there. Id be safe to say, that the posability of Lopez commin here is slim to none UNLESS Lowell will be out for some time. Move Youk to third Loretta to 1B and Cora to 2B. Until Tek returns, and Mirabelli could go backk to catching every fifth game once Wake returns…This may seem complicated bc it is but this is how it would have to work

and Star, My father inherited season tickets from my Uncle when he passed away 12 yrs ago..SO i have been to plenty of games. so you would understand if youve been a sox fan your whole life, living in Boston about 6 miles from Fenway. Its an addiction here…go rent Fever Pitch and itll help you understand what i mean.

from where i sit, when the sox lose to the yanks, the language and stuff that goes own..would have the Pope have a heartattack, LOL

ive seen fever pitch at least 10 times. ive gone to to sox games in chicago (white sox) and i am going to 1 in a couple of weeks at seattle but its not the same as fenway

btw ive been a sox fan as long as i could understand baseball (was not brought up as a sox fan).

hahaha, i actually enjoyed the movie fever pitch…except the ending of course. I have a huge interest in redsox history i was telling someone last night about it, like i took a tour of fenway i know all about your retiring number rules, 406 club the life stories of the guys that do the manual scoreboard, pesky’s pole, etc. And i was at your victory parade….very very angry and dressed in all navy blue. I lived in NJ for 17 years so I have probably been to about 15 yankee redsox games, 14 of which were at yankee stadium…if it is 15 then the yankees are 14-1 in those games

well if you ever come to South Boston let me know and Ill let you have the other ticket and we will catch a game man. by the way have you seen the new fever pitch, when they go to the series. They actually film the movie during the game….nuts, and when Lindsey is running on the field to see Ben i got on the camera so im in the movie ( well kinda ) its awesome though. LOL

I’ve been a yankee fan since 93…it was the first year i could understand baseball…needless to say i was heartbroken during the strike of 94 when we were in first (my fav player was melido perez) and more heartbroken in 95 when jack macdowell ****** us and joey cora cheated us out of the first ever alds. but then i got my revenge.

haha yeah i saw it…obv not sure if i saw u or not, but i remember them filming it and the whole story behind how they had to refilm it and whatnot

What a yr that must have been for ya…hahahaha…….the first player i idolized was Carl Yaztremski. In his later years of course. Then came NOMAH( stree the AH ) every since him i wore number 5 in baseball all the way up to now in college ball.

yeah the camera went right across our seats, and it scared me and my girlfriend i took a bit out of my frank and what like, what the **** was that thing!!!!

hahahaha….where do u play? i loved nomar in the minors, (i lived about 20 mins from trenton) when he used to play for thunder..him, tony clark carl pavano (shudder), pork chop, hillenbrand, nixon, mirabelli, wang, cabrera they have produced some real good players, those games are a lot of fun and 9 dollars too….but yeah the same year i got jeter’s rookie autograph at spring training i was face to face with some dude named kevin and some guy named nomar on the thunder, they were both no names so i got the guy named kevin and my friend got the guy named nomar….well needless to say he was nomar garciaparra and my guy never made it to the majors.

nomar was the reason i like the sox. being born in vegas we have no home town team but he was my favorite player so on all the baseball games for playstation i would be the sox and thats how i came to be a sox fan (fever pitch inspired me because i also have a mural of the green monster painted in my room).

ahaha growing up in vegas…now that must be an odd experience…how old areu stars and where do u want to go to school?

thats awesome…I collect all kinds of sox memorabillia and autographs off ebay and stuff…my whole basement is red sox red with posters newspapers and stuff of that sort. I play for BC..freshman, i dont get much playing time now cuz we have a few senior transfers, i will start 2B next yr but for now i play some CF and releive some.

haha funny u say u have a mural…i can look outside my apartment building and i have a “mural” of all

im only 15 and (since my dad was born and raised in south bend) notre dame is my goal, but since a move to california is pending ucla might be more likely (never usc)

oh yeah? my best friend goes to BC, i have about 10 facebook friends there, i go to Quinnipiac, it is about an hour or two..i’m gonna be a sophomore, you wouldn’t happen to know colin ryan steve waniak jen buckbinder jaclyn calcagno alison chou tina goodwin bill hendrickson mary mcgovern or kelly rhatigan, would u?

My entire room is yankee pictures and autographs, ken griffey jr is the only non yankee autograph i have, the rest are guys like mantle, mattingly oneil williams, mazilli, randolph, leyritz jeter ford berra etc

haha what’s wrong with usc? I don’t like usc either…..i hate nd only because they always always beat michigan at football and i love michigan football (sisters husband went there the year brady graduated, he used to see him at parties occasionally) no issues with ucla though, just don’t like their guard in the tournament.

i hate usc. the whole 3 straight 31 point losses and getting screw by the refs this year (the ball went out at the 4 not the 1) might have somethin to do with it.

haha are u really that into the dallas stars? i don’t think i’ve ever met a stars fan

and ND is just like the yankees, love em or hate em. havent won a bowl game since i was 2 but that’ll change this year.

wow good guess. i dont know how that one happened but that one i havent been too proud of since 99

yeah one of my good friends is a MASSIVE nd fan…nd and the cubs…but anyway, he is hellbent on u guys winning a bowl game this year…haha dallas stars, i have always loved mike modano and i’m not sure why.

ive been to more stars games than i have sox games, i part cause i used to love hockey. i led our league in scoring 3 straight years. i have a picture autographed by the whole 99 championship team.

wow that kinda worked out for him with samardzija signing with the cubs.

and the best part about living out hear is that right now its only 12:30 (the heat isnt fun though)

haha that is one dude i have no idea about, but yes, im sure it did. wow that was in 99? jesus, i feel like it was yesterday, hull was on that team right? and he finally won? I was rooting for them in that cup but i can’t remember who they were playing now

lol i live in florida we have our own share of heat….and supposedly the possibility of a hurricane this weekend…yeah it’s 3:30 here but a year of college has forever thrown off my sleeping habits….not sure if redsox fanatic fell asleep on his keyboard or not

they beat buffalo is 6 games (hull had the game winner in OT in game 6) but hull won in 02 with detroit

lol i wounldnt doubt it

hull played for the redwings? I feel like some sort of veteran won for the stars that year and it was a big to do….did ray borque ever win for a team? maybe i’m thinking of him…buffalo, man that series must have had no market.

but ND fans are crazy (like gator fan crazy) my uncle goes tailgating before every home game at 6:30, and half the time he doesnt go to the games. we went to the fiesta bowl and after the ref ruled that the fumble by that ohio state dud was a dropped pass the “bull ****” chants started and didnt stop until the game was over.

hahah yeah i have heard such things about nd fans….haha gator fans, the entire south (particularly florida) is OBSESSED with their college football.

borque won with colorado in 01. the guy you might be thinking of is joe nieuwendyke (somethin like that) but i think he won with calgary in 89.

ill bet. with miami, flordia and flordia st. its probably gonna be hetic.

man now i am really confused….i know there is a hockey great that won in his final season and it was def within the last 7 or 8 years…zubov won with the 94 rangers and 99 stars right? man i am so confused now

haha yeah i would imagine so, unfortunately i wouldn’t know ill be back in ct…what i can tell u is when the heat won the championship THAT was wild.

zubov is still on the stars. now im confused cause im looking at the picture and half these guys i cant remember.

zubov still plays?! wow.

all right dude im goin to sleep it is almost 4 haha..goodnight

all i can think of is belfour cause he hasnt been the same since they droped him in 02 in favor of turco (who by the way went to michigan)

all right talk to ya later

wow I still can’t get over how many posts there are between midnight (my last post) and 10 am (this post)… lol thanks for the info, Vince. I hope I end up somewhere where baseball’s a big deal too (hopefully not in Yankee territory though…). I hope Lester can win tonight’s rubber game… I really look forward to all of his starts. Seeing young players is just more fun than seeing veterans players. I don’t know why… it seems more interesting and unpredictable lol

I like the idea of getting Javy Lopez. He is a veteran who can call a good game, even though his arm is not that strong. He has a solid bat, and when Varitek returns, he provides pop of the bench and can spell Youkilis at first. Any chance of this happening, Ian? It seems like the Orioles would take an offer of second-tier prospects since if the Sox would take on Javy’s salary.

I wonder if Rodrigo Lopez would be available as well. I know he has been hit hard most of the season, but he pitched a great game last night. I like Lopez, or Casey Fossum, as a fifth starter who could also pitch long relief. I do think Jason Johnson earned another start after last night’s outing, which was not great, but not atrocious. Any thoughts?

Jamie, I agree with you. It’s exciting to see guys like Lester and Papelbon. It will be nice when the Sox plug in Pedrioa at second next season as well. And guys like Hansen, Delcarmen, Jacoby Ellsbury, Edgar Martinez and Brandon Moss make the future look bright. Ian, are the Sox close to signing Daniel Bard? It would be nice if he could develop into a Major League-ready pitcher as quick as guys like Papelbon, Chad Cordero and Justin Verlander.

Holy fungos, Batman, where did all this blog content come from? Seems like in the past week or two the volume of discussion in here has expanded in an extraordinarily exponential way, extemporaneously speaking. Which is a good thing, because it’s fun to read and learn and hear what people think. But there’s no way I can keep up with all of it (something like 300 posts since I checked in yesterday afternoon). And now as I type this I see jamie beat me to it in noticing all the posts. Actually, I’m kind of envious of anyone who has the time to spend blogging and researching stats. (No, sincerely, I mean it. No sarcasm intended here.) Not having the time to do that, I have to stick pretty much to being fan who roots for his team and hopes for them to do well. I can’t argue stats with you guys because I don’t know the numbers like you do.

Anyway, I would like to respond to a couple of comments (I didn’t read all of the posts since last time I was here, so if I miss anyone it’s not because I’m ignoring you).

Regarding Clement’s salary, I would be surprised if his contract was not structured such that he is not getting paid his full salary. The salary numbers that are reported usually include the performance incentives and all of that to make them more spectacular anyway.

And regarding Terry Francona’s salary, I wasn’t complaining about it. I referenced it to illustrate my point that a top-notch manager is worth a lot of money to a ball club, and that if managing a club was as easy as some folks around here seem to think, they wouldn’t get paid so much. If the Red Sox front office thought Tito was just an average guy who got lucky because he had a lot of talent on the team, they wouldn’t have increased his salary nearly as much as they did.

Have fun bloggin’ folks. I’ll check in and post when I can.

Oh, one last thing: I just wanted to reiterate that it’s really great to see folks who disagree with each other still be able to treat each other with respect. That makes it a whole lot more fun to read the blog and participate in the conversation. Thank you to all the people who play nice in our sandbox.

I saw Daniel Bard pitch in the college world series… he was AMAZING… his fastball was exploding, and he looked terrific. If we somehow mess up and fail to sign him, I’ll never forgive Theo lol. Jlouderback, I think a comparison to Papelbon and Verlander is very reasonable… I think Bard can pitch in the MLB after only a couple of years in the minors. His stuff is tremendous. His agent, however, is Scott Boras…

I’d rather see Snyder than Johnson. Snyder is younger, and his stuff is better. Then again, you’re right; Johnson settled down nicely, retiring something like 8 batters in a row at one point, against a terrific offense. He’s inconsistant, though

I like Snyder as well, but I think he may be better suited for long relief work. He seems to have good stuff through four innings and then implode in the fifth. I think all you can ask for from a fifth starter is to provide 5-6 decent innings that keeps your team in the game. Usually, with the Sox, is a starter gives up no more than four runs, our offense can score enough to win. I’m not sold on Johnson, but he’s the best we have for now, unless we pry away someone else or give Kason Gabbard or David Pauley another shot.

Pauley won’t get another one… he was pretty bad with the Sox. I do like Gabbard, however, and think he might have a chance. As for Snyder, I have no idea why he would implode in the 5th… he seems to have really good stuff, and then just lose it all of a sudden. I think we should try it out

im a little bit nervous with daniel bard. not baseball wise though. like jaime said his fastball is terrific but i didnt hear anyone mention his slider, very good. but my point is, scott boras is the drew rosenhause of MLB (just dee the terell owens saga). i hope we can get a deal done.

jamie, didnt pauley do down to AAA and get shelled as well?

yes Pauley has a 5+ ERA in Pawtucket, which does not amount to a major league start. Boras really pisses me off, with the way he took Damon away from the Sox. Seriously, what the heck is going on with the negotiations? Does Boras want the same treatment as Hansen for Bard? If so, just give it to him… it’s worth it. I’d love to see him pitch sometime soon lol

yep, theo says he doesnt want to mortgage the future. not signing bard (could be a future ace) would mortgage the future.

I think the Sox are better off in the long run without Damon. Crisp has a higher upside. I think his numbers are reduced this year because it takes a long time to fully heal from a severe wrist injury, thus the reason I think Matsui and Sheffield will not be their normal selves this season when they return.

I agree with Jamie about signing Bard. He does have explosive stuff, and the Sox would have a great rotation two years down the road with Lester, Beckett, Papelbon and Bard.

Of course, what we’re most interested in now is the present. I think that Wells was just rusty. Hopefully, he and Johnson or Snyder can pitch well enough to keep us in the games they appear in. I would like to see Gabbard again, but he has had some rought outings in Pawtucket.

Yeah, while Damon is good this year, and probably the next too, his 3rd and 4th year won’t be great, and the Yankee will have Bernie Williams II. Damon’s taken alot of damage and getting older. I wouldn’t be surprised if he loses his speed and power in the next few years. I never believed that Coco was worth Andy Marte, but at least he’s young lol

Damon might even start falling apart next season; it’s weird what and how things can happen. I doubt he will, but you never know (esp. cause he plays so hard).

I think to rally the clubhouse somebody’s got to start a chant like that Under Armor commercial…”WILL YOU PROTECT THIS HOUSE?!”

Seriously, imagine, say Big Papi starting it… =)

lol I hate that commercial… I seriously don’t get it… a commercial for shoes or something, and their motto is “WILL YOU PROTECT THIS HOUSE”…? If anything, it convinced me to NOT buy it, and to never trust the ad agency that created it LOL. I’d love for Papi to say it though… rofl

Jaime, the thing is even if that happened to Damon we can just do what we did with Bernie and put him at a corner outfield position and use Melky in center, because that’s his natural position.

Well, from a Yankee perspective, does anyone like the Damon deal? He’s doing pretty well this year, but aren’t people worried about the rest of his 4 yr contract?

Panic time?

Well I can’t really count the Indians as an easy team as we all know they’re really good yet have horribly underachieved this season.

Their batting really hasn’t been a problem it’s their bullpen and some starting pitching. Although after yesterday, one would never know that.

I guess some panic time will come if we start losing games to TB, KC, and Baltimore (correct me if I’m wrong but we face them next).

Like it was said earlier, if the Yankees can be playing well when they lost 2 of their big guys, then we should use that as motivation (and of course what I said in my previous post =P ).

On a side note Jaime, the Under Armor commercial just makes me laugh; I can’t hate it cause it’s too amusing in different contexts. =)

Wow i just looked at the Padres’ stats, and BOTH their cathers are doing extremely well. Mike Piazza is being reborn in a total pitcher’s park, and Bard is batting .350, slugging .550. Instead of Huckaby, if we can get one of those two losing Varitek won’t seem that huge of a loss anymore… thoughts? Ian, is it realistic to get Bard or Javy Lopez?

Hey Jamie, I have to disagree with you. I think that Under Armour commercial is so cool.πŸ™‚ I love it. And it’s for clothing.πŸ™‚ The athletes wear that brand because it’s tight and lightweight.

If we don’t win the division OR wild card (which looks scarily possible with Varitek’s injury, Mirabelli’s bat, Wells’s failure to perform, and no trade-deadline deals), the number of games we lose by will be < the number of games already started and lost by Jason Johnson, which means his losses will singlehandedly cancel out all the good on the rest of the team. And if it’s by one game, then last night’s game was that game! So WHY would Terry Francona consider putting him on the mound even ONE MORE TIME? If you’re going to throw away 20% of your games by keeping Johnson in the rotation, why not just forfeit them outright, to avoid injuries that might occur to other players in those games?

because baseball is a team sport. -I like those commercials.-jen check ur email-my trusty source alex left this which i now will show all of u:
“Houston Astros GM Tim Purpura, joined Ben Maller on Fox Sports Radio, and was asked about rumors the Astros were close to trading Roger Clemens: “There was no truth to that at all. There were a few clubs that asked about him, and my response was that we had no interest in trading him. He didn’t express an interest in being traded. He’s here and I had a great conversation with him about 20 minutes ago and he’s ready to go. So there was no truth to that all. I don’t know who came up with that, but they were inaccurate.”

i doubt you get josh bard…why would the padres give up a backup catcher with numbers knowing piazza is too old to play everyday, give him to the team that screwed them out of loretta, and thus take a risk on another backup catcher? doesn’t add up.

I am not worried about the damon situation, the guy plays his *** off and i am extremely happy we got him, he’s clutch too, which i, of course, already knew from years of frustration. the difference is we already know melky is prepared to take over centerfield for damon, and right now, as opposed to last year, we have an influx of outfielders (4 major league outfielders) and that is assuming we dont sign shef next year/he stays at first. With tabada we already have a replacement for matsui as well. Outfield will not be a yankee concern for a very long time barring a cashman meltdown. In fact, besides pitching which next year we could use another trusty reliever that is not tj beam (maybe dotel healthy?) and a starter or two (more like two, i don’t trust johnson and i want wright far far away) the yankees only concern is really catcher.

floralucia, I have to disagree with you. Jason Johnson wasn’t as atrocious as you say; he kept the team in the game, allowing only 3 runs in 5 2/3 innings. If it weren’t for Hansen and Corey’s runs, Gonzalez would’ve tied it up in the 9th, 3-3. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. He settled down very nicely after a disasterous 1st inning, at one point retiring 8 in a row. As far as I can tell, no injuries occured in last night’s game (Lowell is merely bruised).

I dont know what your thinking Jamie but I dont beleive if we get a piazxa or a Bard, either way it wouldnt make up for Tek being gone. It was a HUGE lost. You cant just look at the numbers he put up but he was the main success for the starting pitching. The only way we could make up for the lost of Tek is by getting a Lo Duca, or Victor Martinez, Ivan Rodriguez or some other all star catcher. I beleive Huckaby will be fine once he arrives and Mirabelli will step it up. Just keep the faith.

And yes, i think javy lopez would be a good fit for u guys, but A: would lopez really be happy knowing he will play a month and not even make the postseason roster if the sox made it, B: is he really that UNhappy in baltimore where he won’t finish the season, C: can baltimore afford to give him up, D: will the stingy baltimore GM be willing to give him up without something in return, esp within the division.

Yeah, well I heard that Terry is considering keeping Snyder as a relief pitcher because he did so well the other night. Snyder told him, “Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there.”

Vince, already checked it, sweetie. Good “morning,” by the way.πŸ™‚

good morning……besides, i thought u guys were against getting overpriced veterans to fill your holes? Enter: Javy lopez. I guess it is easier to critcize when other teams so the smart move nad get insurance at the deadline but when your team is the one in trouble, all of a sudden it is ok?

lol both the Yankees and the Sox have something in common… they have a 5th starter named Johnson =)

haaa, i will take randy over jaret wright (5 innings 1 run last night) any day of the week.

Vince, I don’t think that Matsui and Sheffield will come back 100%. I don’t see Shef going back to his 40-hr ways this season, and Matsui won’t be driving in as many runs as before. Recovering from injuries take time, so weigh your expectations when Matsui and Sheffield return.

your right yankeevmm but the difference is…your johnson is descent and ours isnt worth a ****…haha

jamie i am not sure what expectations you speak of? i think by next season matsui should be fully healed from an injury that would have happened by then, 11 months ago..and i don’t expect shef to come back next year nor do i expect anything from him this year, we got abreu for a reason…..i don’t know what comment ur basing my expectations on.

“not even make the postseason roster if the sox made it,”

Vince, is it bcoz he would be signe din the waiver period?

and by ur logic then nixon and varitek will be offensively useless when they come back, so it’s a happy tradeoff…not that tek was doing much this year to begin with. We were within a game before the upgrades and never with shef and matsui, now we have 2 more bats and a pitcher, i fully expect if those two give us nothing to still win the division

no kumar, he could be signed in the waiver period and make the roster, but he won’t cause u guys aren’t leaving tek off when he gets back and lopez can’t catch a knuckleball as far as i know, so u have to have mirabelli…there is no room for 3 catchers on a playoff roster

i was jogging this morning around boston and i was goin by fenway and someone wrote “JOHNSON *****” in spray paint in the parking lot, lol figured you guys may have liked it, i thought it was wicked funny

twinkies are getting creamed again

Vince, I meant when they return in september, not this year.

hey fanatic, u never answered my question last night:you wouldn’t happen to know colin ryan steve waniak jen buckbinder jaclyn calcagno alison chou tina goodwin bill hendrickson mary mcgovern or kelly rhatigan, would u?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you go Bard for a class A prospect. Afterall the Padres are class AAA+ affiliate of the redsox. Otherwise, Loretta for Mirabelli one way and Bard for Mirabelli the other way doesn’t make sense at all.

o ok jamie…i think between wilson phillips sheffield and giambi we can get some decent numbers out of two of them, well we know we will out of giambi, basically between three guys we need good numbers from the position and none of those guys are pushovers. and as far as matsui is concerned…i don’t know he’s asian i feel like he is super human, but if you are intent on him not being in regular form, we still have cabrera and bernie to put up numbers…plenty of insurance on this roster

not that i know of. We have some pretty large classes so some could be in the classes with me. the Jen buckbinder kinda sounds familiar but thats it.


morning Jen.

My idea is this. When the opportunity was there for the sox to get some good good players, Theo didnt do anything. So what now makes you guys think he is going to go out and sign a player not even for half a year. Hes not. For some reason Theo and everyone else thinks that all the young players in the boston teams are all soon to be all stars ( again they are not , atleast not from what ive seen )So what makes you belive he will go out and get Javy Lopez. We talked about this all night. Me and yankeevmm agreed its only goin to happen if the sox are definetly goin to make the playoffs, and if they do acquire him he is eligable to play 1B. But all in all, he has never caught a knuckleball. So i dont see Lopez catching every pitcher, other than Wake, and have Doug catch every fifth day. This wont happen. In the end Sox get Huckaby….period.

The only thing I remember about Huckaby is his knee dislocating my boy Jeter’s shoulder on Opening Day 2003. Speaking of Opening Day, does anyone else agree that it should be a National Holiday?

YES!….grrrr there better be no playoff games on wednesday night’s or else i will ALWAYS miss the first hour…i have a once a week class until 9 on wednesdays

I dont rememeber that, But I wish I could have seen it.

I just want to make the playoffs. If they dont make it, my season tickets are a waste.

Vince, just cut class. Come on now what’s more important, baseball or your education?

and yankevmm….that TIVO or whatever would be a good solution to missing the games. I bet it is pretty pricey though.

haha fanatic (btw do u have a name) it was not a sight to see…though watching varitek hobble made me smile so maybe for u it would be…jeter went to 2nd base and realized nobody was covering third so he sprinted with the third baseman to 3rd base and obviously out ran him….but ***** huckleby the catcher of the bluejays during that game sprinted to third as well and caught the ball and slid, shin guard first at full speed into jeter’s shoulder…jeter was safe but came off the bag in pain and was called out to end the inning, he also missed 6 weeks to 2 months i think…oh those were dark days for the yankees…but at least we made the ws

yeh man….you can get education all winter and year long. the playoffs are only like a month out of the year. They should cancel school for that matter. Baseball is americas pastime.

haha yeah and since i still live on oncampus property i doubt they’d let me get tivo….haha alex that is the one class i will not be able to skip for the yankees…..once a weekers u can miss once a semester before failing usually.

yeah they should!….apparently in 04 when it was sox yankees since the school is in ct and it is pretty much half and half (we have a bunch of tri state area people and new englanders at my school) there were about 500 people surrounding the common tvs in the residence dorms and they would alternate chanting let’s go yankees let’s go redsox….needless to say when the redsox won yankee fans jumped into the creek (nicknamed hepatitis creek) outside my residence hall out of depression and redsox fans jumped in out of celebration

Tell them you’ll take it on Saturday morning haha.

**** man…yeh my name is Ryan Hutchinson. I bet you about peed yourself.

thats hilarious.

i vow a world championship before i graduate….if the yankees won while i was in college….oh my god… There would be riots on my campus i think, i would make a point to run to every sox fan i know and harrass them, and then i would get very very very drunk in happiness…and alcohol.haha alex i wish things worked like that…nice to meet u ryan hutchinson, I am vince

lol and if u haven’t heard of me yet, it is Vince Mercandetti…good luck trying to remember the last name…this just reminds me of how a redsox fan wrote an article in our paper about how not every yankee game is a yankee classic (mocking yankee classics) and i wrote one back just completely ripping his entire existance. it was sweet.

you too man. Personally I dont think the sox are goin to make the playoffs this year. I said this at the beginning after they got rid of Renteria and Damon, Mueller. They just dont have the depth in the rotation and their offense has been horrible.

lol their offense hasn’t been THAT bad. i predicted yankees make the playoffs but don’t win the world series…now im kinda living on an anything is possible mindset…it would be quite the storybook season if they did

Ryan, I would have thought that Sox fans were happy when Renteria got traded.

Okay, so I’ve been bouncing back and forth between here and work (you know, since that IS my paycheck), so I really meant to tell you good morning a long time ago.πŸ™‚ It’s almost 3:30, which means in an hour and a half I get to go home. Good thing too, since I almost walked out today. I need the break.

well i should know anything is possible more than anyone. I mean one night at fenway i was sitting there almost pueking when the yankees killed boston in the playoffs ( the Boston Massacre ) and then the next nights Ortiz’s walkoffs…Roberts stolen base…muellers liner up the middle..and then damons huge homeruns…but u know whats weird..i dont really remember much from the 04 WS, all my images of that championship year was in the alcs. lol other than renteria’s ball back to Foulke to Doug for the series ring

personally i liked Renteria. I think they should have gave him another year. Gonzo is good with the glove but hasnt been KNOWN to be goopd with the bat. But he hit over.300 last month. I can remember exactly.

How good has the Yankees been against Ted Lilly this year?

grr bad memories. after game 7 i thought of about 55 things that had to be in the redsox favor to win that series, it was so surreal. you guys should have let st louis win two games so u could have won at home, jeez u people never think ahead

lilly has kept them in the games, not sure of his record, prob 1-1 if i had to guess…i know wang was the only one to beat them when we lost 3-4 most recently but i am pretty sure lilly was involved in losing earlier this season against them…he usually is pretty tough, hopefully craig wilson will change that

yeah…..but after 86 yrs of not winning a series, with all the history and bullcrap that happened, when you get another chance your going to take it however you can get it. Im sure i speak for all red sox nation by saying were not picky, just geta ring. lol

Fanatic: I remember the 04 series very well. I had a very strong feeling then and there (after Mo’s blown save and the rained out game) that the sox were going to win it.

that yankee lineup is rediculous. I mean its so unfair. I cant wait for the day when the Evil Empire burns to the ground. I mean it cant be like this forever. It ruins baseball to a point. Its a freakin all-star team. They shouldnt lose any games, even with high school pitchers on the mound. They should score like 25 runs a game, the way the team looks on paper.

I t was a wicked year. That was for sure.

I wish they would move either Boston or NYY to the National League so the Sox and Yanks could play head to head in the World Series, that would be wicked.

Ryan that would basically guarentee that whichever team switches would make it to the World Series.

that would be downright heart stopping…I don’t think i could get through a yankee redsox ws and live regardless of outcome…..but i volunteer to go to the national league haha…nl West preferably somehow. Yankee offense is pretty gangster, but that is why they play the games, just once while we still have these guys i would like everyone to stay healthy so we can show the world what this team is truly capable of.

You know, I was thinking… wouldn’t it be so cool if another team moved to Boston? A NL team to cheer for! lol seriously, that’d be so cool…

yeah so….lol

Move the Braves back there…but I have a feeling that you guys wouldn’t like the NL team, just as many Yankee fans don’t like the Mets.

here the red sox take up the whole city. the sox come before your girlfriend or your first born child. you go into resturaunts and the games are on and people working there will stop to watch. Ive even heard they televise the games at Funerals. When i was in High School , 5 of my 7 teachers would always have the game on mute if it were a day game and sometimes when they would replay the games they would have it on ( if the sox would have won ) I dont think there is enough room for another boston team, especially in baseball, i mean the celtics arent even important anymore. It would be total chaos.

About the debate over the prominence on the Yankees lineup, I don’t think it is so good that it’s unfair. Not even close. It is good, but not exceptional. Matsui and Sheffield will likely be not even close to 100 percent for the remainder of this season. Damon is in and out of the lineup with injuries. Abreu’s production is declining. Jeter and A-Rod are the staples, and tremendous players. But I think the Sox matchup well with the Yankees. The Yankees are a good team, and it will be a great race to see who wins the East, but the Yankees don’t have a lineup to be feared.

The determining factor on who wins the AL East – and if the Sox or Yankees earn the wild card – is, of course, pitching. When Wakefield returns, I like the rotation of Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield and Lester.

The question is whether Snyder, Johnson, Wells and/or someone claimed off waivers can pitch well enough to keep the Sox in the games. The Sox have a good lineup, even with Varitek on the shelf, so they can score enough runs to outslug teams.

As I mentioned before, I hope they get Javy Lopez. And, once Varitek returns, I think a player with Lopez’s bat will stay on the roster – even for the post-season – because of his ability to backup Youkilis at first and Varitek behind the plate. Remember, you only need three or four starters for the post-season, so teams have the option of having another position player.

There is no reason to panic. As Kevin Costner said in Bull Durham, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains. The Sox have a hole in middle relief, question marks at 4 and 5 in the rotation and a temporary issue at catcher, but all teams in contention have issues. It’s a long season, so there will be ups and downs. I’m still confident the Sox will win the East.

i only don’t like the mets because at times their fans are more annoying than sox fans. At least the redsox have no hitters and batting titles to fall back on, the mets have 1986 and the worst team to ever exist to point to and their fans think they are hot ****

i would say as far as the division goes right now, the sox have more question marks than the yankees. The yankees team is starting to answer their problems with health and new aquisitions, u guys are just starting to have urs, it doesn’t bode well considering at non full strength we stuck with u all year. i agree matsui and shef will prob not be full strength, but then neither will varitek or nixon when they come back…i like our bullpen better and right now our rotation at least has 5 solid names in there, regardless of how anyone may feel about them personally. Saying abreu’s number’s are decling ignores the fact he is top 5 in 5 offensive categories for rightfielders this year, OBP, doubles, sb’s and rbi being four of them…People look at the homers and the average and automatically think he has done nothing. Saying damon has been in and out of the lineup is a stretch too, he has missed 5-10 games all season.

true..very true, well guys i will be on later tonight, i have to go out to get some things and then ill be heading to Fenway to see Lester get us a win. Talk to you guys later.

see ya

Abreu’s numbers are starting to drop each year. He is not the player he once was. He’s a decent bat, and a solid outfielder, but not one worthy of a $16 million salary. Damon has missed more games this season than he has in recent years, and he is not at full strength in many of the games he plays in. The point I am making is that the Yankees have a good lineup like the Sox, but it is not potent, nor is it one to be feared. The Yankees will likely have to deal with more injuries. The key is how each team responds to those injuries. Losing Nixon is not a blow. His production has waned over the last few years, and though he is better defensively than Pena, Pena has a much better bat, and he is adequate in right field. Losing Varitek definitely hurts, but at least Mirabelli is a solid defensive catcher who calls a good game. It would be devastating if it was season-ending, but Varitek should be back and rested by mid-September, and I believe the Sox have a strong enough team to stay with the Yankees, and atop the wild card standings, until he gets back.

We definitely agree to disagree on the Yankees rotation. After Mussina, there are nothing but question marks. Wang has pitched well lately, but he is not consistent. Lidle had a high ERA in the NL, and chances are he will get bombed in the AL, which is far superior offensively. Johnson and Wright were good to have in a rotation when they were younger, but now they are middle-of-the-road starters at best.

Like I said, time will tell. The Sox and Yankees both have holes. It just depends on which team can outlast the other.

I wouldn’t love the sox any less if a NL team moved here. Even if it were the pirates, I’d have fun watching Jason Bay. If the Brewers, Ben Sheets, if Rockies, Todd Helton… I really want a second team. And then, when the Sox and that team meet in the world series, that would be something!! lol

haha jamie i lived that in 2000 and it had the best outcome i could ever wish for…louder, we will just have to see because at this point we have come full circle in debating

just keep in mind varitek has a knee injury and he is a catcher…i’d keep a close eye on that injury

I imagine that Varitek will not be at full strength when he returns, but he hasn’t been all season anyway. As long as the surgery is successful, the 4-6 week break could benefit him and make him fresher for the post-season. And, if the Sox are able to sneak a guy like Lopez through, they will have a stronger bench. To be honest, I am more concerned about middle relief and the 4 and 5 slots in the rotation than losing Varitek for 4-6 weeks.

jlouder…Wang is 7-2 with a 2.80 ERA over his last 10 starts with 73 1/3 IP. Beckett is 6-2 but with a 4.20 ERA in 64 1/3 IP. If you call Wang inconsistent then you have to say the same for Beckett.

Those 10 starts date back to the beginning of June, fyi.

Yankee Vince, I saw where you wrote that you live in Boynton Beach. Do you see many Marlins games? I saw the Sox play them, and the Marlins have some good young talent – even beyond what the Soc traded them in Ramirez and Sanchez. Ditto for the D-Rays. They have some good young talent. Of course, I hope for that young talent to feel dejected this weekend when the Sox are in town. It will be another good time, going to the game surrounded by Red Sox Nation, and heading across the railroad tracks after the game to Ferg’s Sports Bar, which is taken over by Red Sox Nation. They even play Sweet Caroline, which annoys the few D-Rays fans who are there.

alex i’ve presented that before, not sure about louder, but someone will come on bringing up that beckett was good before all his injuries and was in the 2003 ws…someone, somewhere is thinking that is legitimate defense right now.

Btide, Beckett has gone through an adjustment period coming from the NL to the AL. But Beckett has an ace’s presence, and he has what it takes to fully adjust to the more potent lineups of AL teams. Regarding the Sox injury woes, this is a perfect time for them to be playing Cleveland, Tampa Bay and Kansas City.

i love that song, the sweet carolina techno remix is my schools anthem at our hockey games…..i went to a marlins game for fathers day (my fathers, i’m not a dad lol) and they finished sweeping the bluejays (it was during that 10 or so game winning streak), they are a fun scrappy team to watch but there were about a AA amount of fans there…total attendence was 10,000 and since it is dolphins stadium it seemed more like 3000. You can hear peanut guys on the other end of the stadium advertising…..but they have CHEERLEADERS called the mermaids…i had never seen cheerleaders at a baseball game before….still trying to see the d rays though.

“Regarding the Sox injury woes, this is a perfect time for them to be playing Cleveland, Tampa Bay and Kansas City.”

No jlouder. These are the games in addition to the ones u play against the yankees are the games u can not afford to lose. From what the sox showed the last few days, they will have hard time beating these teams without a catcher and only 3 reliable(?) starters.

I just realized something… I would rather play Detroit than the AL West team, so I would actually WANT to be the wild-card winner instead of AL East… Detroit isn’t that formidable in my opinion, and I’d rather face them than Oakland. Am I crazy?

shef isn’t due back until mid september=useless, good thing we got abreu and wilson.

Minor as it is, the Chacon-Wilson deal was a total steal for the Yankees… I guess Cashman isn’t a complete idiot lol

No jamie. I want no part of the Angels. Its ok if it is Oakland. I still wud play Detroit if I had a choice.

I think the Sox will win tonight and tomorrow, take 2 of 3 against the D-Rays and 2 of 3 against the Royals. This is the perfect time for the Sox to be playing those teams. They are adjusting their lineup due to injuries and determining who (Snyder, Wells or Johnson) are best suited for the 4 and 5 slots for the time being. You don’t want to do this while playing the Yankees, White Sox, and Tigers. By the way, the Sox have not blown anyone away in recent days, but they havent played poorly. If you recall, they had one of the most exciting comeback wins of the season two nights ago. The mark of a good team is if you can come from behind, which the Red Sox have shown they can time and time again this season.

Jaime, sorry man, but yes. Oakland has absolutley no offense to speak of. Their pitching staff is good, but so is the Tigers’. The Tigers’ offense is also nothing to scoff at.

perhaps crazy to think oakland will win the west….look out for anaheim they are starting to put it together and if they do they have the offense to outslug the A’s and the pitching to play with them….i’d take anybody but the angels…and i’d prefer not to face the twins but if we must then we will

Jamie: That was an agreement with what you said. Dont be deceived by the ‘No’.

that’s fine louder but every team ahead of them right now has proven the same thing, it is not that the redsox are bad, it is that they may just not be good enough. If you guys win ur next 6 out of 8 u should be THRILLED….kumar said u guys should have won 5-7 on this homestand and so far u guys are 2-3…with two walkoff wins.

2 of 3 from the Royals?? Why can’t we sweep them? Jlouderback, as long as we have Papi, we can ALWAYS come back from behind =) =) =) Wow I just saw the Yankees blog… how the heck do they have so many posts?? With Mark gone for a week, the Yankee server will explode! lol. I prefer the A’s over the Angels, but I have a gut feeling Oakland will win division. It’s time for the Sox to heat up now, especially against weak teams… come on, AL Central… I’m counting on you to beat down the Yanks..πŸ™‚

If the Sox don’t heat up now, they’re doomed…

yeha jamie i have said for weeks the sox window of opportunity is these next 16 days before we play u guys..and obv that series at fenway. You don’t pull away, ur not going to. royals at home are better than on the road and u guys won three games by one run at home, so u can’t rely on sweeping them, but it is a possibility. Yeah we blog A LOT on the yankee site, hence why 3-4 of us on this one have made ur comments like 4 times as much

I hope the Sox sweep the Royals and teh D-Rays, but the reality is, this is MLB and on any given night a team that is subpar can beat a team that is very good. I think that the Sox are more than good enough to make the post-season, that is why I am not thinking wild card, but instead the division title. The Red Sox farm system, and bench, is paying off. Where would the Sox be without Pena (who filled in nicely for Crisp and now Nixon), Papelbon, Lester, Alex Cora and Doug Mirabelli (who gives the Sox a competent catcher for Wakefield and a solid backup). Like I admitted, the Sox have holes, but so do the Yankees, Twins and White Sox. Obviously, along with the Sox, those are the teams that will compose the wild card.

I don’t get it.. WHY IS DETROIT GOOD?? HOW DID THEY GET THIS WAY???? Seriously, they got Verlander and Zumaya, a healthy Ordonez, a decent Kenny Rogers, and a rebounding Ivan Rodriguez… These are great additions, but how can it make the best team in baseball? (Carlos Guillen is another one,I guess, but… still…)

Regardless of what happens in the next two weeks, the Red Sox are not doomed, unless they lose 12 in a row, which will not happen. Our next 11 games are against the Indians, D-Rays, Royals and Orioles. The Sox should – should – take at least 7 of those. Then they a total of 23 straight games against the Tigers, Yankees, Angels, Mariners, A’s, Jays and White Sox. The Yankees face a similar schedule. Even with the Sox injury woes, they have a strong enough team to remain with the Yankees. Like I said, it is shortsighted to start panicking.

I think it is comical these so-called talking head media experts like Steve Phillips, Yankee fans and even a lot of Red Sox fans who think the sky is falling just because of a losing streak or an injury. People who know the game of baseball thoroughly understand that there will be ups and downs. There will be high points like the 12-game winning streak, and times when you lose games you should win, and times when you lose players to injuries that create a void in the lineup. Just as the Yankees have survived their injuries, so will the Red Sox. There is enough depth to withstand what is happening. A month ago, it seemed that momentum was high for the Sox and low for the Yankees. Now, it is vice versa. The Red Sox are solid enough that they will endure this challenging stretch.

Why is Detroit so good? Only one reason. They have the best starting pitchers Verlander, Bonderman, Rogers, Robertson and their all 10 game winners.

Ted Lilly (9-9, 4.02) makes his third start of the year against New York. He’s 0-1 with a 4.09 ERA in the first two and 2-6 with a 5.89 ERA in 12 career outings against the Yankees, who he pitched for from 2000-02.

to answer your question

Luck, Jamie, luck. Just like the White Sox last year. Okay, I’ll shut my mouth now and go home.πŸ™‚ I don’t feel like hanging around the office anymore today, and I’m making spagetti tonight. I should be on later tonight.

Vince, sweetie, I’ll write you back in a little bit.

Talk to you soon.

mmm spaghetti…byebye

lol, we’ll get that private jet rollin’ and I’ll save you some, okay?πŸ™‚


lol, okay, I’ll get right on it. Later love.


Where is everyone over here? The Yankees blog is buzzing with activity, and I’m the only Sox fan there. Ie everyone turning off their computers and heading down to the ballpark for Fenway Frank?

the sox arent doomed. we’re still not mathamatically eliminated. anything is possible

i wish i could walk down to the ball park but id have to walk a long long way to get there

can we get andrew jones still? i want rid of coco, and loretta choked on that bunt last night. so is there a possibility we trade both of them and hanson because we got a great second baseman in the farm system.

if the braves put andrew jones on waivers, 3/4 of the league has a shot to get him before we do so it would be unlikely.

lol forget big name trades, guys… it ain’t gonna happen.

I agree. The biggest name we will get is Javy Lopez. But there are role players, decent 5th starting pitchers, and reliable middle relievers out there.

I see the Sox already conceeded Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay by announcing Jason Johnson as their starter.
Someone mentioned Chris Widger was released by Chicago as well. He doesn’t hit but they released a stat saying that when he caught, the White Sox pitchers had a 3.4 ERA. That says he knows how to call a decent game.

The Orioles want to get rid of Lopez because they never want him behind the plate anymore. His bat would be an upgrade over Mirabelli but I’m not sure how he could handle our staff.

I think Widger would be a good fit. I disagree with your take on Johnson. He showed some promise last night, and all he needs to do is limit the D-Rays to 4 or 5 runs for the Sox to win. I do hope they somehow find a fifth starter.

I don’t know if anyone can recall but do you remember a backup catcher who played for the Red Sox back in 1999 by the name of Creighton Gubanich? I think he played some thrid base as well.

Come on lester I feel like we got jason johnson out there again!

So supposedly the game time temp at Fenway was called at 82 degrees and Joe and Jerry and the radio were like “***?!”

It’s hot, really hot and my genius self is going to play some catch and have a bit of BP with friends while listening to the game…

So who’s smarter, Theo not making any trade-day deals cause he wants to build or me? =)

Lester is trying be jason johnson tonight!

pacol, you are wya smarter than thee. where are these hot shot prospects at? why arent they getting a chance to prove themselves instead of jason johnson? if they are so near ready why havent they been called up? if they are 2-3 years away it would be better to trade for a andrew jones you still has several years on his contract.


Lester is a jason johnso tonight!

Okay maybe not that inning.

Lester will be fine. Let’s hope the Sox get to Sowers. He has pitched well lately.

Alright lester is no jason johnson 3 runs should not beat us!

Hey there! how is everyone tonight?

I am good If lester can pitch!That 1st ining Whoa!

How r Jen. I’m good.

lester the hero saving u guys again i see…hey jen!…and no u can’t make blockbuster deals using the waiver wire, that is not how it works

That would be the same Lester vince!

beckett and curt Schilling are better then lester!

yup, the same guy u want on ur staff this year more than wang, who is at 13 scoreless innings and counting.

Vince I must admit wang is better!

It was just 1 inning though that Lester stunk!

Are you two keeping out of trouble tonight?πŸ˜‰

Seriously Jen. The future looks BRIGHT for the sox. Because ur future ace was LIT up.

Hey, I was being serious.πŸ˜›

Gee, this situation looks familiar (on the Yankees game – my husband and I are flipping between the two games. I win the majority of the time, though.)…


Yeah, sometimes my boys stay out of trouble, but sometimes I have to remind them.πŸ™‚


When did I get into trouble?

I AM and getting into a battle with someone on another yankees blog right noww!

Never, if I recall correctly. I just try to make sure you STAY out of trouble.πŸ™‚

Hey Vince, I saved you some spagetti. You gonna come get it?

haha I dont stay out of trouble but,Half mty troubles come with other YAnkee bloggers They dont respect us red sox fans!

I got into some trouble before we met.

I’m sure you did. But I’ve since steered you in the right direction. You can thank me later.πŸ˜›

i’m coming i’m coming

Jen, do you know how exactly ur brain works?

i know how her brain works…it loves the redsox, the husband and then me…obviously.

Are you mocking me, Vik?πŸ™‚

Alright Vince, I’m keeping it warm for you. I even have garlic bread to go with it.

LEster is settling in nicely now ,problem is where are our bats?

That’s exactly right, Vince. You’ve got it perfectly.πŸ™‚

Do these guys get that you need to find your bats to win?

No Jen. I sent an email to Vince several days ago. It turned out he’s a pervert. Just wanted to find out what u will end up being?

hahahh yes, a big 67 year old pervert, u got it vik

haha there were no dolphins i swear!

MAn I picked a bad week to see these red sox win!

See. He insists on being a pervert.

maybe beckett can give me a win tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You mean, what do I want to be when I grow up?πŸ™‚ A preschool or kindergarten teacher. He’s a pervert, huh? lol, that’s amusing. He seems alright to me, and I’m a pretty good judge of character.πŸ™‚

Is it too early to say CLEVELAND won?

It is way too early, Kaylee. We’re only in the bottom of the 5th.

lol vik u’ll have to put a strait jacket on me, there were no dolphins

hmm well all you “wang *****, 3 starter! yankee farm has no talent, wang is a fluke beckett beckett beckett!” fans, can now be let in on a little secret…bottom 6 wang pitching a shutout, and coming off a 2 hit complete game shutout so far…

Okay I will wait then……..How did that run score!

told ya it was way too early.πŸ™‚

lol wang’s seen the 7th inning in his last two starts more than lester and snyder combined this year almost

Jen, ygm. Let me know what happened.

vince:stop showing us up we will win this game too.You watch!

Gonzo doubled, then Youk doubled and scored Alex, then Mark singled and scored Youk.

yEAh you did!

Let Jen decide that for herself. If there are any dolphins.

okay thanls!

hahahah a rod is startin to get scary…NICE slide

posada just hit a BOMB 3-0

Big inning for Lester here. Sox just cut it to one run. He has to hold them here. Sowers is almost at his pitch count max, so if we work him in the 6th we could knock him out of the game.

vince:did you hear me!The yankees s*uck face it!sox are better we will win this game watch!

thanks vince but do we care about the yankees!

hahah u should, they are beating a team u will be battling for the wild card

OH we are gunna be battling for the wild card how about the yankees battle for the wild card?!

Hmm, can I plead the 5th?πŸ˜› I’d hate to cause an argument between the two of you.πŸ™‚

ill admit, most teams would love to have wang (even the sox cause their current 4-5 starters (wells+johnson)*****.) dont be bangin lester yet because
a)he has kept us in every game he has pitched (bullpen screwed up againts the angels)

b)although he has struggled with control he is still a rookie and wang is in season 2 or 3 (plus lester is only 22, no idea how old wang is). so to come in as a rookie and make an impact is a plus and shows the potential he has

“Hi! I am back. I am going to catch up on the recent postings in a minute. Here is your HUGHES update. He has pitched his 5 innings. Still no score. He gave up just 2 hits, 1 walk, and 8 strikeouts. One of my best friends lives outside of Reading, PA and is at the game (a HUGE Yankee fan). He says he hasn’t seen this at the AA level, says Hughes is clearly AAA right now. 94 mph on the fastball, 71 on the curve, and was very strong in the 5th (his last inning) where his curve was just deadly. A great report.”

Don’t worry jamie, he is terrible and will never be an ace like lester or snyder.

lilly out of the game.

VINCE:I dont know if you knew thi sbut the ssox dont give up that easily

no doubt he has potential star, but ur right u can’t compare them, who u can compare is wang and beckett, but u guys seem to rather kill urselves than do that…wang is 26, 2nd season, came up in may last year and missed about 2 months with an isolated injury.
Don’t be too partial to lester, he has two starts where he gabe up 5 runs, if u guys didn’t have the offense, u wouldn’t have been in those games.

not to mention it is kinda hard not to be in the game when lester is in seeing as he pitches half the game.

Lester did well only against weak competition.

Jen: You have to tell us. Did u spot all the dolphins. And how funny is it that we dont read the whole word. Isn’t it scary.

VInce when the red sox win tonight to and the yankees are not up a game on us.just know i was right you were wrong!

He got really lucky today with all those stupid flied into DP’s by the indians.

lol if u win tonight…btw johnny damon, the best leadoff man in baseball bases loaded single 4-0..bases still loaded 1 out

I’ll have to let you know after I read the story.πŸ™‚


okay he got lucky huh?And What weak competition? they are still win right?



ManRam does it again. Another comeback. Hopefully the bullpen can keep us in it.

you mean tavarez and seanez good luck with them keeping us in it!

lol take that vince? it is now 5-0 jeter walked, meat of our lineup coming up bases loaded 1 out, this scrub is out their 3rd pitcher coming in, after tonight wang will have as many wins as beckett with one less loss a lower era, less walks, more innings pitched, a lower era at home and on the road, but u know, beckett is god so he must be better, he was good in 03 and all.

wily mo now!! perfect!πŸ™‚

Wang is pitching well, Yankee Vince, but let’s see if he continues his momentum since the All-Star break into late August and September when it counts the most. That’s when experienced veterans who have a healthy arm and handle the pressure – like Schilling, Beckett and Wakefield – shine. Mussine will definitely shine for the Yankees, but the jury is out for Wang, Johnson, Wright and Lidle.

Another shot by Wily Mo. That’s what we missed when Trot was in there.


boy was that luck for wily mo he cant hit!

Vince did you get that I will show you up when we win!Got it!

lol kaylee u would show me up if we were losing, but we’re blowing them out at the moment.

lol since the as break? wang has been solid since early june, beckett has not been solid in 05 or 04 after the as break nor has his arm been healthy so where is that coming from? Jury is out on johnson? what did he do last year in the late months? what has he done his whole career? So then u must not expect much out of lester down the stretch then right?

if that was the case, then God WOULD be a Red Sox fan, right Vince?

lol vince ,5-0 is a blowout!

Not our God Jen.

with our bullpen it is. Lol, no jen, that doesn’t add up, i stick by god would have given god’s team a win more than once in 88 years

Yours meaning India, or yours meaning you and Vince’s?

Just no tavarez or seanez while we have the lead and we will be okay!put tavarez and seanez in and your asking for it!

a rod bases loaded 2 out single after abreu 9 pitch at bat, 7-0 yankees…well unless this is football i think it is a blowout kaylee.

Vince,WHO do you got in that pen besides RON VILLONE?

Not sure who’s watching the game on TV or on gameday, but if you didn’t see it, Wily Mo’s homerun was an absolute laser. It was out of the park in about .3 seconds and hit off the backing of one of the monster seats and it was hit so hard it almost bounced off that backing all the way to the infield.
He keeps playing like this it all but assures Trot will not be signed this offseason.

Has Doug Mirabelli ever played a game without striking out????

86, Vince, 86. And you said that apparently Beckett is God. If that was the case, then He’d definitely be a Red Sox fan.

Okay fine it may be now……

Randy Johnson is a shell of what he once was. He will be a non-factor. I’m not sure what to expect from Lester since he is untested in big games, but what he has shown so far indicates he is in the same category with young studs like Verlander and Jered Weaver. We don’t need to rely on Lester as an ace. He is the No. 4 starter – No. 3 while Wakefield is on the DL. Wang is the No. 2 pitcher for the Yankees; that is how questionable their staff is. Like I said before, I’m very comfortable with our top 3, and Lester as the No. 4. Our main question mark is getting enough out of our No. 5 guy. Snyder is showing signs of being fully recovered from all his surgeries and being an asset at the big league level. I think he is better suited as a middle reliever, though, since he does have a track record of four quality innings as a starter, and then a tough fifth. If Wells holds up, No. 5 won’t be an issue when Wakefield returns. Of course, that’s a big if for Wells.

Also, as I said earlier, Beckett is still adjusting to the AL, which is much more potent than the NL. He still has “ace” material; he has just been inconsistent this season. I still feel confident that the Sox will win when he is on the hill, just as I do with Schilling and Wakefield.


Yes it was, GSR. That HR had me up out of my seat. It was great!

Kevin, I don’t think the Sox will resign Trot. His production has decreased over the last few years, and the Red Sox can plug Pena in there. We also have Jacoby Ellsbury and Brandon Moss is the minors, as well as david Murphy. All three are expected to be solid major leaguers. I imagine one will be trade in a package for pitching in the off-season. I think the Sox should use the money they would pay Nixon and use it on another starter and a middle reliever.

haha ohh so wakefield who is a pitcher with a broken RIB will be sparkling down the stretch for you? Johnson, a first ballot hall of famer who until his last start had a 3.00 era since the as break will be a non factor? Wang is a terrible 2 starter but he has a 13-4 record and 3.50 SEASON era and yet, LESTER who unlike wang verlander and weaver cannot pitch into the 7th and often times the 6th inning, is considered a young gun, but not wang, his 21-9 career record is a huge ?

Mussina, that horrible wang who’s stats i just supplied and johnson as our top 3 against schilling, beckett who’s numbers are inferior to wang’s and lester or an injury recovering wake are ur top 3? good i’m glad ull take ur staff, go ahead, take it.

jen, they didn’t win in 05 and they aren’t this year, that =88.

vince:i thought you said delcarmen was hurt?

vine:you cant say they arent this year yet

Kaylee, he was hurt, but he said he’d be available for the bullpen.

Vince, they won in 2004, which means the clock starts over sweetie.

okay i see!

And they have just as much of a chance as the stinkin’ Yankees, so don’t get too cocky there, sweet cheeks.

lol u guys crack me up with this beckett adjusting ****, it has been almost an entire season, if he hasn’t done it yet he isn’t gonna do it this year, who knows what happens to his health and career years from now, but the guy wasn’t even a 15 game winner int he NL…and beckett has been great at home and awful on the road so i doubt it is the american league ballparks that are causing it, get a grip, beckett has been a let down era wise this year and so far abreu and wilson each have 2 hits today, but abreu’s numbers are going down so don’t worry about it….please u guys are basing ur season on a bunch of “i hope this will happen” statements.

I agree Jeff. There is no way Trot is in a Sox uni next year.
Nice inning by Delcarmen. He was just activated off the DL today, Kaylee.

Wang is looking good tonight. Toronto is clueless vs. him and they have some good hitters.

I know there is still a lot of time left in the year, but I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pulling for KC tonight. Minnesota lost and let’s hope KC doesn’t have their usual 6th inning implosion from their pen and they can hold off the Bad Sox.

No way Jen. Dont speak ur heart Jen. Speak ur head. Do you really think (not FEEL) that u’ll win the AL east.

Lester has only made 8-10 starts. It takes time for pitchers to extend their outings in the bigs. You seem like a knowledgeable baseball person; you should understand that. All we need right now is six solid innings each outing from Lester, and that is what he is giving us. As he gets more experience, he will become more economical with his pitch count.

A broken rib heals much faster than an elbow or an arm injury. Wakefield will befine when he returns. He’s a knuckleballer. He can roll out of bed and pitch. He’ll likely be part of the Red Sox rotation for at least three more years. I didn’t say Wang was horrible. What I said is that Wang is untested, and he is your No. 2 pitcher. Lester is untested, but he is our No. 4, so there is less pressure on Lester. We’ll see what Wang does in late August and September. I agree that Johnson is a first ballot Hall of Famer, but that doesn’t matter right now. Jim Palmer was a first ballot Hall of Famer, but he was a stiff at the end of his career. Who would you rather have start a key game in September – Beckett or Wang? The Sox have three pitchers they can count on in a big game, the Yankees just one.

I imagine Timlin will be in for the 8th, but with Papelbon not throwing since Saturday I would hope Francona would bring him in if anyone reaches base for an extended save opportunity.

This game’s a close one… Timlin and Papelbon SHOULD keep the 1-run lead, however…

The Sox need this one. I wish they would bring in Papelbon for a two-inning save. Yankee Vince, we will agree to disagree once again – this time about Beckett. He has been inconsistent, but he is one of the better pitchers in baseball. I would rather have Beckett on the hill for the Sox than any Yankees pitcher with the exception of Mussina, who like Schilling is a Hall of Famer as well.

i’d take wang over beckett this year in any big game, wang is unflappable, he was unflappable down the stretch as a rookie last year and was a key reason we beat u guys and made the playoffs, he was huge in a 2-1 pitchers duel win over u guys this year and he pitched well in the playoffs last year, the guy has given us 8 innings everytime our bullpen has been battered, redsox nation has wang completely not figured out. The guy pitches better in pressure situations, he has been through a stretch run and delivered already, ,i don’t know what it takes for people to have that click. We have 2 proven guys down the stretch, and u have two also, provided beckett stays healthy. wakefield is 7-8 right now and on the dl, how can u possibly say this year that he will be huge for u down the stretch? wow, i never thought redsox fans would look to history more than yankee fans. Wang can also pitch at home or on the road, i would bet my house on wang in a road game over beckett this year, that’s for sure, something about a 3.80 era over a 6.20 is appealing to me, and i’ll take a 2.70 over a 3.30 in a toss up too at home

Do I feel we can, most definitely. And sure, why not?


Alright. here we go. I’m back from work and a swim to see the Sox ahead in the 8th! Lets go!

I trust Timlin. I will always trust Timlin. He’s earned it.

lol agree to disagree then louder…btw u live in florida, u wouldn’t happen to know of any options besides mlbtv to watch yankees or redsox games would u? can u just add the yes netwrok to cable tv or do u need a whole new plan and whatnot?

Delcarmen looked good, and Lester had composure as usual… PENA STRIKES AGAIN! Omg that ball was destroyed… absolutely crushed, demolished, and annhilated… Pena said that he wanted to shut up his critics… he’s doing just that. If Arroyo wasn’t doing so well and our pitching didn’t have a billion injuries, Theo would’ve gotten so much props… as it is, I for one am still among those who believe it was a great trade.

Cox Cable offers an MLB package, Vince, if that helps any.

I don’t know. I live in Orlando, and I watch Sox games at Ale House, or like I’m doing now on I think that Kevin (gosoxred) said he has a baseball package and gets most Red Sox games on Bright House. Not sure if they carry Yankees games.

watch mirabelli will hit a homer next inning

Timlin?I trust him too!did i mention when he throws strikes and get out

Is Mirabelli starting to hit better? I’ve seen him start hitting in recent games that he’s started. O crud Timlin gave up a double! Hafner’s up… I feel bad for my fingernails

fair enough, i guess it doesn’t matter i am here for 16 more days and then in NJ and then CT so it won’t matter

Jeff:mirabelli homering? that is going out on a limb eh?

I like the Pena trade as well. I haed to see him involved in trade rumors. He will be another Ramirez and Ortiz as far as power production. He is adequate in RF, not great. I like the Sox outfield with Crisp, Pena and Ramirez – and guys like Murphy, Moss and Ellsbury in the minors. And Kapler is a good utility guy.

I DID live in FL. I’m back home in PA until I find a job..

But I HAVE looked into it. The best option seems to be having digital cable, then signign up for the MLB Extra Innings package that gives you additional games. You CAN, with certain providers, get NESN or YES but the games, if you are out of market, will be blocked.

I myself use Gameday Audio for the games.

interesting…wily mo has scary scary power. i always felt like if mirabelli played every day he might hit for power..don’t know about average though but he loves hitting the yankees

My stomach is hurting – I wish he’d just strike the SOB out. Dammit. Jamie, I feel sorry for my fingernails too…I’m trying not to bite them, though.

SO I get to listen to WEEI as I am now.. which is also nice because now I can type to you guys while listening.

Okay I am done blogging This game i am at is to close to mess around!

SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew that A$$HOLE was going to hit a flippin’ home run.

oh my god, Hafner… sigh at least my fantasy team gets another homerun… I’d rather it didn’t though…

****. that was a meatball

@#!$ I shoulda stayed away…

Well, we’ll need another comeback. Hopefully Ortiz has what it takes again.

that was a BOMB, good for timlin, good thing he isn’t struggling for the past month…last 4 outings, 3 homers, nice.

Okay that was not fun to watch **** you HAFNEr!

Well, I guess Francona was the only person in Fenway that didn’t realize that Papelbon hadn’t pitched since Saturday and was available for an extended save. No knock on Timlin, but with a struggling team and needing a win, Cleveland has their best hitter up….I would like to think any other manager would have put their best friggen pitcher in the game.
Thanks again Tito.


YES ortiz leads off thank god he cannot hit a walkoff….but manny can.

Yankees winning, Sox lost a lead… hey, why didn’t the Sox walk Hafner and set up a double play with a slow Martinez coming to the plate? Hafner = Indian’s version of Papi and Manny… that guy can HIT

Dang, it looks like age is starting to get the best of Mike Timlin..He’s looked pretty bad during the dog days..

Jeez, the lack of the deadline deals is really hurting this team IMO

We can still take this. We have Papi, Manny, Lowell and Pena (and less happily Crisp and Mirabelli)

I am back bloggin i only watch the game here at fenway when we are winnin…..I finally pay attention and that homer by hafner is what i get to see……….not what i wanted

Have to do something here, if it’s a quick inning we won’t have the big guns in the 9th.

whats up every one… hate to say it but it might be time for Timlin to drop out of the set up man role, age might be catching up to him.

I wont give up hope.. nto for this game and not for the season. Not yet. Not yet.

I agree. Put Papelbon in for a two-inning save when he’s rested and especially needed. He should definitely take the hill in the 9th, even if we’re still down a run.

WHo do you put in that role SQuid!

Wow. Crowd is goign NUTS

No need to panic or give up hope. It’s August 2 and we’re percentage points behind the Yankees. Even if we drop to a few games behind, the Sox we’ll recover. This team is too good to have a prolonged losing streak.

oh i am not giving up…….

You only watch the game when we’re winning? What kind of fan are you?πŸ˜›

No clue, maybe hansen gets a chance, but other than that, I just don’t know

The Loss of Tek is what has be agitated, jlouder. He does so much for our pitchers…

Squid, if the Sox take Timlin out of the set-up role, who’s going to replace him? Delcarmen? Actually, believe it or not, I’d want to see Seanez in the setup role. I believe that he has awesome stuff, and he’s starting to settle down after a very very very had first impression. Seriously, I mean it… if not Timlin, I’d choose Seanez over Delcarmen in the set-up role.

Why not delcarmen for two innings? His one inning looked awesome and if his thumb still felt good, why not send him out for another inning? If he gets in trouble..papelbon mops it up..

Well, Jason said he was going to be as much of a presence as he can, unless they tell him otherwise. I think we’ll be fine.

Come on man.. come on Papi…

Yeah, the loss of Varitek hurts, but Mirabelli is a solid backup and calls a good game. We do need Tek back in mid-September, though.

Jen:I am a fan that only watches when we win……..And yells at timlin when he gives it up!Would you watch when we are loseing?


Jamie are out of your mind????SEANEZ IN THE SET UP ROLE????????

They’re tlaking about Ozzie and what a jerk he is as Papi… strikes out.

Ok Manny…

Absolutely Kaylee. I’m not a “part-time” fan.

Wow, Golden Sombrero for Ortiz…not good.

And kaylee..if you only watch when the sox are winning then you missed one of the best games in sox history..or plays..the Dave Roberts steal…Mueller single..gah, amazing

VINCE: that is not good!

The definition of a fan is someone who devotedly follows his or her team regardless of how good or bad things are going. That makes the seasons like 2004 that much sweeter.

Win or Lose, I’m a Sox fan.

Saenez, Jamie I agree his stuff is good when he’s on (which hasn’t been often lately) but with snyder being able to pull the long relief why not hansen Setting up

Well Vince, I must disagree with your mocking of Ortiz..This is a pasting from Simmons new column today..

Since the start of 2005, he’s come up 13 times with the chance for a game-ending plate appearance and made an out only once (and he ended up winning that game in the 12th inning). … He has the most walk-off hits in any four-year span (12, and that doesn’t include the three in the 2004 playoffs, which made him the only player in history with three game-ending postseason hits). … Since he joined the Red Sox in 2003, he has 15 walk-off hits and the rest of the team has 19 total. … Since Aug. 1, 2004, Ortiz has hit 21 home runs in 138 at-bats in Late-Inning Pressure Situations (no other player has more than 13). … Dusty Baker has the most career walk-off hits (25, including the playoffs), but Ortiz is 10 behind. And just for the record, none of those stats include all the times when he tied a game or gave the Red Sox the lead in the seventh or eighth inning.

Kaylee, honey, I’ve been a fan since birth (24 years). I was born into listening to the games on the radio, watching the games on TV, and learning to love the Red Sox as much as my family, and now my husband, and of course, Vince (:-P). I’ve had my heart broken many times, but I never give up on them. I love them too much.

fart. golden sombrero for papi.

hahaha Jen:I am not a part-time fan either.Do i dound like one?Jlouder:are you saying i am not a fan.

Perhaps Mirabelli will be the hitting hero tonight!

Jen:I have been too.I was born one……….and will always be one win or lose!

Then why do you only watch when they’re winning?

That is just when I am at Fenway(the stadium).

Coco’s going deep, I got faith…

You’re not a true fan if you only root for the Sox win they are winning. It has been anguish seeing the Sox come so close so many times, but I never give up on them as well. I feel the same way about the Celtics, who I have rooted for all of my life. Keep the faith, no matter win or lose!

Well, if it’s going to happen, it definitely won’t be Papi getting the big hit. Hope Wily Mo can get because Coco and whatever pinch hitter comes in for Mirabelli doesn’t exactly inspire the confidence that the top of the lineup does. Cora got a hit off their close the other night so we’ll probably see him hit for Mirabelli.

Ok, this makes absolutely no sense..bring in papelbon for the 9th when we are losing..but not the 8th when we are winning…Tito..stop being a players gotta bite the bullet sometimes..

Squid, I hope you’re right.

like i sed earlier mirabelli will hit a home run his next AB

Do you live in Boston? Because if you don’t, I’m just wondering why you would waste a single minute not taking in every moment you’re there. Win or lose.

Speaking of fans i am about ready to TAKE ON these 2 cleveland indians fans behind me if they dont stop being annoying

Bring on Carmona!

In Kaylee’s defense she’s been in here many times talking about the game while the sox were losing

Hey, kaylee..just wondering..they let you bring computers to fenway? or are you behind the glass or something?

No i live in arizona

No i got my laptop.

watch when he hits it all those idiots that doubted him will actlike they loved him the whole time

Hold on I got to warn these to yahoos behind me…..

Is Huckaby ready to catch? If we DO bring Cora in for Mirabelli and we tie, but not win, we’ll need a catcher for the 10th

Clever, We’re sox fans, we specializing in doubting the ones we love

Huckaby is on the roster. They might send up Kapler.

Wow..Papelbon is just sick..

55 k’s in 53 2/3 innings

9 BB’s

3 Runs

2 Homeruns

Basically if you cant take him arent scoring

Jeff:okay i am waiting


This is why papelbon comes in the 8th inning..

haha i know ortiz is clutch and i’ve already read that selective memory article today, hence why im so hard on him when he fails

Perhaps the Sox should reconsider signing another closer and putting Papelbon in the rotation next year. We have our own version of Rivera, which can translate to more wins than Papelbon would have as a starter. Though, I think he can be a 20-game winner.

What that was good where was he in the 8th……….

I would like to see an inside-the-park home run from Coco Crisp!

I’d like to see another outside the city homerun by pena

Papelbon is the future of Major League Pitching. Him and Liriano.

Thats why, however it ends, this season is goign to go down as amoung my favorites ((we all know my FAVORITE season). The emergence of amazing young pitching…

Some day… many years from now, as – hopefully, the end their careers in glory – we’ll get to say we saw them when they first started.

Its like.. getting the chance to follow Clemens career from the begining.

jlouder: I think i was Kruk or Olney that suggested that the sox trade at the deadline for a closer..i.e. Tom Gordon..and put Papelbon in the rotation..Cause honestly it looks like papelbon gets bored mowing down hitters like that for one inning. I predict he’s an easy 15 game winner his first year in the rotation..maybe not 20 yet..

And plus in his first year last year..not enough to gain rookie status albiet, he was 3-1 with a 2.65 era..this guy is bound to be a star..

WHat the HECK Coco?

what was he swinging at, broke before it left the dirt on the mound.

And WHY is Mirabelli still there?

dang give us something to cheer about

it was kruk…that guy is smarter than anybody gives him credit for

You could swing the bat mirabelli…

dougie’s 2 for 4 and one of his outs was hit well to outfield

Muffinman:it is too hard for him to do that!

Alright Dougie, take one for the team! It’s okay.πŸ™‚

THis game is officially killed by Francona. We shoulda had Papelbon in the 8th, and someone other than Mirabelli batting now.

As for WHY Mirabellis not been pinch-hit for… I think Francona would have doen so if this was October.. but if we dont treat these games liek its October NOW, we aren’t gonna get to October.

Send Kapler!!!!!

Come on Gonzo… You’r named after my favorite Muppet! That has to mean something!

You too Alex, we’ll accept gentle taps that send you to base.πŸ™‚


Holy ****..what is he trying to get to ortiz…?

Holy Crud!

I’m screaming for ya Youk!!! Come on now honey!

he hits youk and loretta and we tie the game with pappi up

HYOUK wont win it or wil he?

Where’s my Youk shirt?! I want it now!

I’m dying over here.

As am I, Carolina…

Come on, come on…


u have got to be ******* kidding me, what the **** is this, this is just a conspiracy

AHHHHHHHHHHH, just remember what they did to you yesterday. PAY THEM BACK!!!!

foul 3-2

Stick out your foot, Loretta!!!!!

I think he really wants to face ortiz…

BASES LOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is ******** take this scrub out, it’s in his ******* head now

Bases.. loaded?

he walked come on!who ever is next!

Loretta.. please.. please.. be patient.

Take a few pitches.

Vince: I sense frustration..


C’mon Mark, remember your first one of these? COME ON!!!!!!


Another comeback win. ****, yeah!!!!!!!!

what happened…….



that game was thrown

Oh happy day, I can go to sleep happy. How satisfying is THAT


Kaylee, why are you asking what happened?! YOU’RE AT THE **** GAME!

And your Chevrolet Player of the Game tonight is..Fausto Carmona

that game was absolutely thrown, there is no excuse. None, the game had to be fixed, that wasn’t skill being hit back to back batters after 2 k, it makes no sense, their two worst hitters….tossed, redsox paid off carmona or wedge or both


your just bitter vince…Nice Hit Loretta

We needed that. Hopefully, tomorrow is not a nailbiter for us – in a good way!

OHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I swear, it felt like 50 cent and eminem were having a rap-out in my chest… almost had a heart attack anticipating every pitch… LORETTA DA MAN!! First game without Varitek, and the Sox get their second walkoff in 3 games… unbelievable… I don’t care what anyone says, we’re going to the postseason!

Now I’m not going to go reading back through all 500+ posts here, but somebody was complaining about Mark Loretta screwing up, something to do with a bunt.

THAT’S why Mark Loretta doesn’t bunt.

Jen i was too busy watching it couldnt believe it!!!

Like I said, bring in Carmona. This weekend, anyone in the D-Rays pen will suffice.

Oh c’mon now Vince, don’t be too upset sweetie. Do you need a hug?

Fausto Carmona is going to be scarred for life.

God..*****… I didnt let my breath out until I heard “off the wall”.

The words “line drive, deep to left” … weren’t enough. I was waiting to be one of those false hopes.. but then I heard off the wall.. and I died happy.

WEll Ya’ll it’s been fun, I take off tomorrow for a much needed VAca back in the states so if i don’t get on have fun (but i should be able to sneak on)and cheer you ***** off on the 14th cause If we lose my first trip back to Fenway in 12+ years I quite literally might hit some tigers fans

Games like this, and the one two nights ago, take a team a long way as far as momentum and confidence. I agree that we’ll in the post-season – because of professional hitters like Ortiz, Ramirez, Loretta, Youkilis and Lowell.

My heart hurts.

Some candid video will come out tomorrow of carmona taking pitching advice from Julian Tavarez in the pre-game warmups..only possibility he k’s wily mo and crisp then forgets how to pitch..only explanation

Squid, have safe trip and let me give you the first “Welcome Home”

But its that GOOD kinda huret… however… please, please.. can we have a normal win tommorrow? I can’t take this stuff.

I felt the same way, agastald. When it hit off the wal;, I was so excited that my dog and cat laying by the desk next to me scattered.

no there is a conspiracy….no, no excuse, indians are playing 800 ball down the stretch last year and then magically lose their last 6 games to allow u guys into the playoffs, now this? now their amazing rookie who throws gas gives up a homerun with a 2-0 fat pitch to ortiz and then he k’s two guys only to HIT THE NEXT TWO ****** hitters and then not even close to youkilis and then loretta? are u kidding? there is aconspiracy

Now that it’s over, can anyone explain what in the world Coco was swinging at?

Yankee, I wouldnt call Gonzo one of our worst hitters. He’s been much more than advertised. IN fact, Coco has been worse this season – though I expect him to pick up in later seasons.

even so gonzo is a light hitting sure gloved ss by trade, u don’t HIT HIM in the 9th

Remember Octavio Dotel? The Sox had 2 walkoffs in a row against him last season… you know, there comes a time when you ask, how the **** can the Sox generate so much drama? I think I know the answer: FENWAY! There seems to be some kind of magic there, and the fans obviously drive opposing pitchers nuts with excitement… THAT is why we win so many games at home!

I sort am beginning to lose confidence in Timlin though.. his ERA has increased quite a bit, and he seems alot more hittable recently. Am I the only person in Red Sox Nation who believes that Seanez should be given a shot? He seems really good lately

Vince: I think the bigger question is..why did he hit mirabelli? Just throw it close and this dude makes out #3

The Indians are a puzzle. Their offense is one of the top5 or 6 in the majors, and they have some good young pitching, but this just isn’t their year. This was a good test for Lester, who settled down nicely after a rough first. He can pitch against anyone if he has a nice outing against the Indians offense. Timlin does concern me, though. Perhaps it’s just a dry spell for him. He still has a decent ERA, but I wish Francona would use Papelbon in two-inning save situations when he has two days or more of rest.

Muffinman is dead on, in fact I got the audio feed on Carmona’s and Tavarez’ conversation:
Tavarez: Dude, no one here likes me, I get booed all the time.

Carmona: I don’t understand, they cheered me when I came in the game.

Tavarez: That’s because you are the only pitcher in the league that is worse than me.

Carmona:So, too get on their good side, all I have to do is be as bad as you?

Tavarez: Exactly

Carmona: No problem, I’ll take care of that tonight in the bottom of the 9th after I get the 1st 2 outs.

Tavarez: You the man. Just wait until I’m about to walk toward the bullpen gate so I can think the cheers are for me.

Carmona: You got it amigo.

Seanez is pitching better lately, but I don’t want him in their in clutch situations. I would rather see Delcarmen in the eighth and Hansen in the 7th. Perhaps they should recall Breslow as well. He’s a better option for the 6th and 7th than Tavarez.

Jamie, your right. Fenway is magic. It just is… it has an aura.. period.

However, tonights heros:



and, of course, Papelbon (he’s ALWAYS my hero)

i have to help my redsox fan friend win his fantasy football league by making his draft disgusting
ill be back around 12, i am livid right now, goodnight

Louder (do you prefer to be called something else?), I agree with using Pap for more than 1 inning when he’s well rested… he’s young, and may become a starter next season (and by starter I mean potential ace).

Vince, the Sox do indeed have a conspiracy with the Indians =)

I have to agree, if Carmona threw anything close to Mirabelli I have to believe it would have been a 1 2 3 strikout ninth.

I have to agree, if Carmona threw anything close to Mirabelli I have to believe it would have been a 1 2 3 strikout ninth.

GSR, you’re hilarious! I could honestly imagine Tavarez and Carmona having that conversation. ‘Cause I’d be one of the ones boo’ing Tavarez. I made my dislike of him public at the 6/10 game, when he was announced and no one cheered for him. Apparently my very loud not very nice words carry in a pretty much silent stadium.πŸ™‚

Louder is fine. Jeff is my first name, but it’s not in my e-mail address, so noone would know who you are talking about. I think we should still give Timlin a chance. He is proven, and he’s not losing it like Embree. But I do get nervous when he enters the game, not so much as I do when Seanez and Tavarez do, though.

Jamie.. on Pap being a potential Ace starter…

Assumign we can get a Closer (Gordon anyone?) to replace him.. to you realize we’ll still have Schill and Beckett next season? Imagine havimg Schill, Beckett, and PAPELBON all in the rotation

G’night Vince. I’ll talk to you later.

Hey, some closing pitchers buckle under pressure. Who knows. I mean, Coco has been nicknamed in the past as Sir Swing-a-Lot, and Wily Mo can be a close second on that at times. They could have been swing happy, and then, when there was one out left, Carmona buckled. Who knows? At least we won.

I think we would need a younger option than Gordon for next season if Papelbon was to go into the rotation. But the better option may be for Henry to open his wallet for a top-tier starter, and combine him with Beckett, schilling, Lester and Wakefield, and keep Papelbon in the pen. I would rather them sign a starter (please, noone like Jeff Suppan, Cory Lidle or Sidney Ponson) and address middle relief. But enough about next season, we need to win it this year!

Think that Coco/Gonzo play gets a web gem tonight?

GSR: Hahahaha, that was great man. Soo true, so true..


Tavarez has cleared waivers and an offer with Duncan Donuts has reached “Advanced” stages. As the deal stands:

Tavarez to Duncan Donuts and cash considerations for a 12 month supply of the mixed dozen donuts…

Pray this goes through!

Pena has been amazing since replacing Trot. Methinks, he’s sick of hearing people comment how the Arroyo deal stunk.

That was funny, Kevin. Perhaps you should write a sitcom!

Where would we be without Pena. He came through with some big hits while Crisp was down, and now he is doing much more than Nixon was.

Okay everyone, it is time for this girl to get ready for bed. It’s been a long day and unfortunately, I’ve still got two more days of work to deal with before I get a break (thank goodness it’s payweek though!). Take care everyone, and I’ll talk to you all later.

Schill, Beckett, Papelbon, Lester, Wakefield… that’s a great pitching staff… As for closer, how about we actually spend some $$ this offseason and get Gagne? Don’t guarentee him too much compensation; instead make it incentive-based… make it so that he has the POSSIBILITY of making top dollars, so that he would want to sign. Or, we might chance Hansen as a closer – that’s what he was in St.John, where he had amazing success. But if Pap remains closer (“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – my English teacher would probably kill whoever came up with that for bad grammar lol), we would need to sign a good SP, maybe trade for one.

As you can tell, I’m not a big Nixon fan. He’s a decent player, but not worth the money – much like Abreu for the Yankees (And, no Yankee Vince and Yankee Indian, I don’t think Nixon is on par with Abreu; I just think both are declining, and are not worth their salaries).

Well, Jeff.. I’m not YET going to say The Deal was the best option.. but I’m willing to be convinced.

I’ll tell you NEXT season if it was worth it, because the idea of the deal is that Wily Mo is long term bonus.. and I wanna see how Arroyo does once National League hitters are used to him.

I’ll just remark about one statement that I read today.. I can’t quote verbatim, but the reamrk went something like, Mark Loretta sure choked on the bunt last night. They said nothing about his homer, the only score for us last night.. I certainly think he did his job and more tonight. GO SOX@!!!!!! GREAT WIN><!!!

I love Nixon for his attitude. I always will. I.. just… I can’t not love him. He’s like Wake. He’s so much a part of the Sox.. its hard to picture them without him.

Of course, I would have said that about Nomar. Frankly, its STILL hard at times to picture them without Nomar.

I guess I’m sentimental

What’s the record for ERA? Can Paps break it???

I’m with everyone else hoping tomorrow is a more natural good old fashion beat down.
I’m getting older by the day watching them get behind and have to claw back. In the end, the jubulation and sheer joy is worth it, but until that moment happens, it’s all stress and 2nd guessing what could have been.

The homestand has consisted of; loss, win, loss, win, loss, win……We need to break that streak.

Did anyone watching the game see that stat that Haffner was 0 for his last 12 with runners in scoring position?

Don Orsillo says “I hate to see that because that means he’s due”

Next pitch…BOOM.

The ironic Gods retaliated in the bottom of the 9th when they mentioned that no one on the Indians has recorded a save since they traded Bob Wickman.

I think Arroyo is better suited for the NL. He is a decent pitcher here, but much more effective in the NL where there is no DH and the 8th place hitter is typically weak.

Jen. Got lucky. But a win nevertheless. Pray for more luck like this if you want to stay close in the race. and btw why do you think Wedge put somebody in the bullpen with bases loaded 2 out when leading by 1 in bottom of the ninth.

Jamie, I think I saw last nigth that Eckersly had an ERA of .61 back in his hayday.
That was the lowest ever for anyone that pitched the required minimum to qualify.

I can’t wait ’til I get older… goin’ to bars and cheering on the Sox, drinking Sam Adams… taking trash about the Yanks. Seems sometimes that one can’t grow up quite fast enough, doesn’t it?

I thnk Wake will be effective for at least 3-4 more years. He has a rubber arm like Wells, and he appears to be in decent shape (the broken rib, notwithstanding). I know what you mean about Nixon. He is a fixture like Dwight Evans was, but I think the Sox need more production from right field, and they have Pena and a surplus of top prospects in the minors awaiting.

Vik, I can only assume that because the Indians aren’t going anywhere this year Wedge wanted to see if this kid really is going to be the closer of the future for them.
One more outing like this though, I think they might need a straight jacket for him.

jlouder: I dont think I ever discussed Abreu trade with you. I honestly do not know if he is on the decline or not. So I am not going to pretend like I do. I only discussed with you was abt the farm, Beckett and Lester.

hmm… Eckersly.. doesn’t he work for NESN now? He sounds really familiar…

Eck actually works for NESN

Yankee Indian, I just included you in the mix because you are my chief Yankee debate opponent, along with Yankee Vince!

Sorry, that’s what you said. My eyes are blurry, I assumed it said ESPN. But yes, Eck works for NESN.

Jamie, on ERA and Papelbon..

SO far I found.. this from Wikipedia: “The all-time single-season record for lowest ERA in a season is 0.86, set by Tim Keefe in 1880”

But I think that coutns on a Starters number of innings… what the record ERA for a releiver is, I havent found yet.

Nixon will not be resigned. Sorry, I truly believe that Pena’s ready for a starting gig. Nixon is just too injury-prone, and his power’s been on the decline… if he has the production he had in 03, I’d sign him in a flash… but as it stands, he’s a second-tier outfielder, and Pena is Papi Jr.

I agree about Wake. Call it faithful optimism, but a knuckler can go a lot longer than anyone else. As long as his back stays healthy he should be fine. He’s sure not going to throw out his arm.
The actually mentioned on the game that today is Wake’s 40th birthday.

I do think Abreu is a decent player, but his numbers are down this year. He is better than what the Yankees threw out there before (not including Sheffield, of course), but my point is that he is not even close to being a $16 million player. That is nearing Manny numbers.

GSR: Wedge owes it to every AL team in contention to put his best pitchers in the 9th when winning by a run. I looked up his bio after the game and guess what. He was a redsoc for the most part of his life. I dont question him putting in Carmona the other day even after Betancourt was dominating ur hitters. To do the same thing in a 1 run game again after Betancourt was lights out was just inexplicable. To not remove after 2 hit batters is outrageous. To not remove him after the bases were loaded is plain obvious.

For anyone interested, Chase Utley just had what was more than likely his last at bat of the game and finished 0-5. Hitting streak over.

I think I read somewhere where Wakefield wants to pitch until he is 50. I imagine that, if his back stays healthy, he could do so if the last five years of his career were spent as a middle reliever.

Abreu is overpaid… but Steinbrenner probably doesn’t care at all… he just wants a World Championship while he’s alive…

After this season, the Sox will land Roger Clemens. You heard it here first… that’s my prophecy. Who’s with me?

I don’t know Vik, that might be a reach. I would think that a manager would want to beat his former team that gave up on him even more than anyone else.
The Indians are rebuilding. They have 2 months to play people like Andy Marte, who has started his career 0-12. They have Kelly Shopach catching who started his career 0-15 with the Sox. Should they not be in the lineup because they haven’t done anything in the clutch?

They’ve got young guys in the pen. If you don’t let a guy try and work out his troubles in a game in August when you’re 20 games under .500, when are you going to let him prove himself?

I think Clemens will ride off on in the sunset after this season. I don’t think he wants to endure an entire season of pitching, and being away from his family. I do wish the Sox could somehow get Clemens this year, though. I would give up a prospect like one of the outfielders I mentioned and give him whatever figure he wants, but if the Astros put him on waivers, I bet that someone would block the Sox from getting him. Anyway, that is a very pleasant dream. I think we’re going to have to go with Wells, Snyder and Johnson as No. 4 and No. 5 until Wakefield gets back.

Another walk-off win for the Sox, another fan euphoria in Fenway Park. Home field advantage means that much–to any team.

Lester turned in another good outing after a rough first. He looks good and fine, with lots of composure and readiness. The hit by Loretta was key and he shows how good he can in No. 2 hole, and getting the important hit tonight.

Timlin is quite a concern–he has been quite hittable since July 4 and looks old all of sudden. Should that be a concern? Maybe use him less? He has failed in clutch moments several times, and today, the hits off him are all hit hard and well. Also, what is wrong with Mike Lowell? He needs to stay in the No. 7 hole to get his stroke back. Yes, Coco needs to improve his game; the Sox were counting on him getting on base and probably swiping.

Well, let’s see how this team combat all these injuries and see their real character. The Yankees weathered theirs well–although Boston has the harder task of overcoming injuries to the pitching staff and catcher. The next months should be exciting.

No way Jaime. I lost a TON of respect for him this year. Yes he is one of the greatest ever. But who does he think he his holding his hometown team hostage for 1/2 season. You know if the Astros were out of it at the time he would have gone to the highest bidder, either the Sox or the Yanks. I don’t think anyone deserves the preferential treatment he’s gotten over the past few year.

GSR: It is possible that it is a reach but not an impossible thing. I am just throwing it out there. I dont blame him for playing his rookies. I blame him for not removing him after 2 hit batters in a row. If Wedge doesn’t realize thats being rattled, he doesn’t deserve to be a manager.

Lester does pitch more like a veteran than a rookie, with the exception that he is not yet economical with his pitches. But the Sox would not be where they are without contributions from Lester, and guys like Pena, Cora, Gonzalez and Loretta. And, of course, Papelbon. There are a lot of unsung heroes on this team. That’s what it takes to be a winner. We have some issues – like middle relief and the back of the rotation, and the loss of Varitek – but I think we have the team – and I stress the key word, team – to reach the post-season.

Again agree with you GSR. Who does he think he is. And why does Clemens get such preferential treatment from the media.

“The lowest E.R.A. for a pitcher with at least 50 innings thrown is held by Dennis Eckersley, who posted an 0.61 E.R.A. for the 1990 Oakland A’s”


“The all-time record for the lowest ERA by a rookie pitcher, set in 1986 when Cincinnati rookie Rob Murphy achieved a 0.72 ERA in 50.1 innings.”

I remember Murphy. I’m from the Cincinnati area, and Murphy was a decent reliever for awhile. He spent some time with the Sox as well, but I think arm problems ended his career early.

I see your point, but looking back at the course of the inning, I’d have to say that he didn’t really have a chance to get anyone ready in time. I could be wrong, but here is the timeline off the top of my head.
2 quick outs, no reason to get anyone warming up. Walk to Mirabelli, no problem. Let the kid get out of it with a guy on base. A-Gon hit on the 1st pitch. ****, but still, 2 guys on with 2 outs, get someone out there to start stretching. Youk runs count full the gets hit. Now the pen is really getting loose. At this rate, he’s either going to walk him or hit him. Then I’ll have to go to the pen.

Long story short, not until Youk was up would any manager have someone warming up. The pitching coach already made a trip to the mound, so they couldn’t come back out there because they’d have to bring in a pitcher that wasn’t loose.

Looks like GSR already gave the numbers for David Eckersley.I just posted it again anyway.

Hey guys and girls, I’m off to bed. I might actually get a full night’s sleep tonight. Hopefully tomorrow it won’t be so heart wrenching and we can relax a bit.

Awesome Kumar.. so.. yes.

He can get them both.

GSR, I understand where you’re coming from. However, I don’t think he was neceessarily taking Houston hostage… I truly believe that he genuinely considered coming back to the Sox, but had to put his family first. However, I don’t think his family would mind a reunion of Clemens with the place where he had some of the best years of his life, to the organization which raised him and gave him a chance. He set the 21K record at Fenway, and I’m sure Boston has immense intrigue to Clemens. Although I don’t see him coming this year, I don’t think a guy with a 2ERA can retire just like that… I may be just dreaming, but I think we have a decent shot at getting him.

There is no way I can tell for sure that he intended to give away the game. But one can make a very good argument that he did. Could be right. Could be wrong. But I agree that its too little thing to kill one’s own conscience for.

Whats up with all those flied into DPs. If not for anything else, you should keep Lester for the luck he brings to your team. How does it matter how u won the game as long as u win it?

lol it’s true… a win’s a win =)

Walk off hits counter for Red Sox.

7 Walk-off hits so far for Red Sox.

David Ortiz – 5

Mark Loretta – 2

Any bets on Loretta Overtaking Ortiz by the end of the season.

By the way I don’t care if Eric Wedge comes and pitches or Kormona pitches a win a win.Indian have no chance at the play-offs this season so their main objective should be rebuilding for the next season and that’s what they are doing.

Final note, not that anyone cares. Looks like gameday changed Utley’s last at bat from a fielder’s choice to a hit. Haven’t seen it yet, but I wonder if a guy that wasn’t carrying a 32 (or 33) game hitting streak would have had the call changed.

As a correction. Chase Utley has gotten a hit in the eight inning. It was slightly controversial, as to whether it was a hit or an error. Anyway correct call made, hitting streak continues.

Jamie: To the organization that gave up on him?
If he had to put his family first, he should have retired. If he wanted to play, he should have played. The Astros dont work for Clemens and his family. Clemens works for Astros.

Well said.

For all people who hate the tiger or Love the tigers. Here’s a news headline

“Tigers surpass 2005 win total, beat Rays”

Well, I’m off to bed – content with another dramatic Sox come-from-behind win. Hopefully, Beckett can shut down the Indians tomorrow so there is less drama and nailbiting.


I can’t believe I saw another walk-off in two days…

I felt a little like how I did in the ’04 ALCS when Big Papi had the winning home run in game 4 then the winning single in game 5.


yankeevmm, man I thought I told ya Beckett had 15 wins last season… =P

And just to back it up:



by the way does anyone know if the royals held off the white sox?

That game is delayed with Kc winning in the 8th

Delayed due to rain and at the moment, CWS is losing to KC 5 to 3

I went to taht game too but…I only watched some of it!as I was on my Laptop most of the time, i watched that last inning.That was a **** of a win!

Funny thing happened today…I was at my local ****’s Sporting Goods and I was getting some sport equipment “renewals” as my old gloves were beat up and all I could find after a two days of garage cleaning were my sisters two softball bats and a training baseball.

I pick up 2 more gloves and 2 bats, a metal one (for practicing swings without tiring too much)and my first wooden one. A couple of baseballs as well.

At home while taking off the price sticker on the Louisville Slugger, I realized it seemed it had a replica signature of a player on it.

Turned out to be Manny Ramirez =)

Just thought I’d share that =)

The Sox didn’t really give up on Clemens. Duquette believed that The Rocket was “in the twilight of his career”. However, now that Duquette has been fired and a new group controls the Sox, Roger has been on good terms with the team. I honestly do believe he’ll come back… he obviously still likes to pitch… maybe he’ll enjoy pithing for a team that wins ballgames for him. The Astros are out of contention already, and their run support for him is pathetic. If Roger pitches again, it won’t be for the Astros… and if not his home team, why not the Sox?

Dan Duquette will go down in history as the worst GM ever…He brought manny and pedro but uhh, what else?

Well, g’night guys. I’m exhaused after tonight’s game… I honestly didn’t think the Sox could pull ANOTHER one… what a day lol.

P.S. I had a life changing revelation today: Coke is BETTER than Pepsi. Just thought I’d mention it… I’ve been a fool all my life, and I’ve finally seen the truth!

haha your crazy…GO SOX!!!

Welcome, Jamie, to those who are Wise.

Next, thou shalt aknowledge that Sprite is better than Sierra Mist.

Thums Up is better than coke and pepsi

lol muffinman, you’re right. Duquette was a part of a 80 year mismanagement of the Sox. There never was a curse; there were simply bad FOs, and Duquette, though better than his predecessors to an extent, contributed to the mismanagement. Granted, some credit must be given to him for the 04 championship… he brought in some key pieces of the puzzle, but without Theo there still would’ve been no chance at the championship… Dan Duquette wouldn’t have Pickedup Ortiz or tradied away Nomar… And even if he HAD gotten Ortiz, he would’ve given up on him before he could establish himself. That’s why I love Theo… some columnists believe that the Sox nation is becoming “complacent” and weak, but the truth is, the fans are finally on the FO’s side BECAUSE THE FO’S GOOD FOR ONCE!! The fans aren’t happy JUST BECAUSE OF 2004!! They’re (we’re) happy because we understand the game the same way Theo does, and we have faith in him. Theo does not make moves simply to please the fans, and we should be grateful, since that’s a sign of a COMPETENT General Manager!!

(sorry about ranting… this wasn’t really in response to anything anyone said, I just felt like saying it lol)

lol Sprite IS better than Sierra Mist, just like the Sox are better than the Yankees lol =)

Fair enough, Jamie.. I agree wholeheartedly about Theo. I loe the FO’s current mantra of not giving up the future for today. IT’s just.. wonderful to see.

Of course.. no ones tried this new all-natural 7-up yet to see how in can perform in the Big Show. Like the Tigers, we’ll see how All Natural 7-up can compete with Sprite and Sierra Mist when it counts

The Natural 7-Up is quites disappointing. Completely not worth it. Coke is by far better than pepsi, but Sierra Mist trumps sprite. I guess i spread the wealth between the major companies.

if anyone is still up. theo wont go after clemens in the offseason because both barry zito and roy oswaltare free agents after the season. (zito most likely wont want to stay in oakland and the astro’s FO dissed oswalt when “trying” to trade him and he got pissed). both zito and oswalt are 27 or 28 and just entering their prime.

and guy your getting it all wrong… its all about dr. pepper

o yeah, i forgot its tomorrow back east

clemens is not going to the sox or anywhere next year and if he does go to the sox, which he won’t good go take him, so much for ur not overpaying veterans and building from within prophecy. Steinbrenner has seen 6 ws wins in his regime, he won’t overpay just to see another.

And finally, abreu’s numbers are down in hrs and average, he is still top 5 rf in baseball in obp (cancels out average), rbi (cancels out hrs), sbs, assists and runs scored. Get over it, his numbers are not dropping.

thomas we had to deal with a loss to 3 of our starters last year, including our ace and we still beat u, don’t pretend like you guys have some sort of large mountain where if u win u are the greatest thing ever. And yes, coke is better than pepsi

Personally, Yankee (good to engage you once again), I agree that Abreu is on of the top RFs in baseball and a dangerous addition, short-term, for your Yanks.

Howvere, longterm.. I’m begining to think I’d take Wily Mo over Abreu. Defensively, he has some learnign to do, but offensively.. his power is scary. Give him some tutledge under Papi and Manny for an offseason and I think he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Imagine having to pitch to Papi, Manny, then a more seasoned Pena.


oh and steve phillips was worse than duquette….he took a ws team and turned it into a laughing stock then as soon as he left they are back to ws team.

unfortunately for u agastald, by the time wily mo is at his prime and in his peak, manny will be around 40, without roids, his numbers are bound to drop…ortiz will be approaching 35, so it doesn’t quite work that way…long term pena does have more potential because he is 24 or 25 and abreu is 32, but we don’t have to take abreu after 2007 if we don’t want to, so no harm done…cabrera and tabada will fill in fine

in his peak and at his prime*

As for the losses, well… personally, I think pitchign wins ballgames before offense, so for THIS season I think the loss of Red Sox starters and releivers ot injury is far more devastatign than the loss of MAtsui and Sheffield.

THAT is why the Sox never pulled away. There is lots of talk of “oh the Sox failed to pull away when the Yanks had these two horrible injuries” Have you seen our DL list? Its all pitchers practically!

Now, will be the test though.. because our pitchers are starting to return (Wells is back and I’ll giv ehim ONE more start before I write him off) and Wake will be back in a few weeks… but now we’ve lost Tek and Nixon. Surely, not the RBI machines of Sheffield and Matsui, but you can’t undervalue Teks contribution to.. thats right.. our pitching.

Pitching again. Sheesh.

Really, I’m not surprised the Yanks and the Sox are close. In my mind while different parts of our respective teams have been injured, the injuries pretty mcuh cancel each other out.

Hello Vince. Ya’ been missing me?

Whiskey and coke is best…but only in moderation.πŸ˜‰

I read a couple of your posts that you made right after Loretta won the game for us tonight. What I find interesting is that when Sox fans were crying about “The Curse”, Yankee fans always gave it back to us…no such thing as a curse, you guys just didn’t play good enough. And now that we have been playing good enough you suddenly believe in conspiracy theories? πŸ™‚

Just riding you a little. I know that you know better.

Ok, you know.. I hate the unfounded roids accusations. E-freaking-nuff. I would NEVER accuse, say, Jeter of being on roids. Why? I have absolutely no reason to suspect him.

I refuse to suspect people of roids solely based on numbers, which is why I wouldnt have suspected A-Rod last year and I STILL dont suspect Manny and Ortiz.

“But agas, you love to accuse Giambi!”

Thats right, but there is a difference there. We KNOW that Giambi at one pointused them, He admitted to it.. thats facts in evidence. Now, that instantly destroys his credibility.. absically forever.

I see it the same way when it comes to cheating on a boyfirend/girlfriend. Once a cheater, probably always a cheater. At the very least I’d always view that persons actions through a lens of suspicion, because I KNOW THEY DID IT ONCE.

Darn Steroids.. ruined the game. Guy hits good? He must be on steroids!\

Stupid Bonds. Stupid EVERYONE who took them. Dangit.

Sorry.. just.. all agitated now

haha i just find it odd it is the same team constantly helping u out, i would have said the same thing if u got linebrink from the pads at the deadline.

agas, we have 60 hrs and 250 rbi out of our lineup this year. You guys had a struggling clement, a 4 starter in wells and now ur suffering with no varitek nixon and wakefield and that was after epstein made no deal at the deadline. Come on, it is not even close. we are without those two since may, plus we lost pavano before the season even started (he would have been about as effective as wells) and we have cano out for longer than wakefield and that is the anchor to our lineup, we’re missing over 300 rbi’s! that is 1/3rd of the offense. u guys are missing like i said, a 4 starter, now ur finalyl missing a 3 starter for a month (not 4), a struggling 5 starter, and a demoted closer..oh and nixon and varitek for a month, but everyone knew ur backup rightfielder was better to begin with…and last year we had 4 of our starters injured at some point, everyone except johnson.

i did not accuse manny once of taking steroids so i don’t know why ur freaking out. I said the only logical way he would be able to put the numbers he is putting up now, at the age of 40 while being forced to still play left field since ortiz still won’t know how to play by using roids, didn’t say he would, didn’t say he does.

i save the cheap shots for when i need them.

Mmm I didnt think about Pavano in my equation in my head (I think I just sometimes forget that he’s even still a baseball player)

Ahh.. I see. I’m sorry, Yankee, I misread your statement on the steroids.

No question, Agast…a healthy Wells and Clement would have meant a few more W’s.

For all of the banter back and forth between Sox and Yankee fans, none of us can escape the fact that for the past three years or so we’ve been just about even.

What Sox fans should rejoice in is that since we won it all in 2004, for the first time since 1918 we’re on equal footing. No longer do we need to walk the streets aimlessly, muttering to ourselves about the Yankees and all of their success being the bane of our existence. For once, WE are getting to them. Need proof? Just look at how Vince is pulling his hair out over our last two wins. He can’t believe it! He’s ready to go buy a gun and shoot the next person who talks about how clutch Papi is.

It’s a beautiful thing. Never before in my lifetime have I seen Yankee fans scrambling so much. They’re pulling out all the stops, reaching as deep as they can to establish themselves as the superior team, the superior franchise. It used to be easy for them. Now we’re making them work. We’re no longer wanna be’s…we are truly among the elite.

Elite or not.. I still have the teeth marks from where I was bitign my arm in nervous tension tonight…


lol, im not scrambling for anything, i am pissed at the indians incompetance, because today u guys truly did nothing to win….he hit two of ur batters, mirabelli fouled off one pitch, youkilis took 4 out of 5 that were nowhere near the plate and loretta sat dead red….u did nothing, it was a “here you go” victory. Ortiz is clutch, sometimes it surprises me because u figure at some point he has to fail, and today he did, he had a sombrero and struck out representing the tying run in the 8th, manny failed too. Then carmona who is dominant for two batters, just gives the game away? That is what bothers me, nothing to do with the sox being good, or winning in 04 or me scrambling or pulling out stops, it is the nature of the win, much like how im sure u guys would have felt if the wagner meltdown the 2nde game against the mets would have been when we were down 4-0 in the 9th and won in the 11th, if that game was during a pennant race, every game matters, and they handed u guys this one with a bow on top. nobody is getting to me, u guys have a dynasty? that would get to me, if any of my sox friends see the sox win 5 ws before i do, that would get to me, not the sox winning in 04 or me thinking ur on equal footing because u aren’t quite there yet. We have still build more ws teams in the last 5 years, we still have one the division since 96 and we still have 26 rings as opposed to 6.

built, won*…..though i have always considered u guys elite since 03.

Awww, shucks Yankee, thats right nice of ya t’ say.

lol well it doesn’t take much then to look at the standings

Right, Vince, but it sounds just like a Sox fan talking about the ’86 World Series, or the collapse of 1978. We’re up by 14 games in August! We have to win our last 8 games to force a playoff, the Yankees lose the last game of the season to the lowly Indians, we get to play in Fenway, we’ve got the lead, Torrez is cruising, etc. And BUCKY DENT?! using what was probably a loaded bat on loan from Mickey Rivers. The GODS TORTURED US…just like they’re beginning to torture you now.πŸ˜‰

Anyway.. I kinda hope Theo will try to use this (hopefully) brief time of Yanks being ahead to make some waiver trades

tom, I wouldnt jump on the Yankee’s Are Cursed train yet.

Gods, Id LOVE it if it were ture, btu i have not yet seen any real evidence of it.

As for 1978.. I just thought of that AGAIn tonight when Baseball Tonight commented that noone in the NL East is catchign the Mets…

Hello? Its happened before, people! As responsible journalists (hee hee) you should KNOW that and certainly mention, on the air, that its happened before and could again.. thus enlightnening less diehard baseball fans who don’t know every teams tragic moments.

lol yeah tom, take the division from us after our storybook non media favored fight to stay in it and then u can START making that case….oh i wish i were alive for 1978, i can’t even imagine how much i would make fun of the redsox fans.

yankeevmm: do you hate the mets or the sox more? ive always wonder who yankee fans hate more

I’m glad I WASN’T alive for it, for that precise reasine, YankeeπŸ™‚

reasine? reasine? How do I get that from reason? Gee, maybe its time for bed.

it is never time for bed….and stars i couldn’t even begin to tell u how much more i hate the redsox than the mets. If the mets were in the ws this year and yankees weren’t, they have my support….it is a ny thing to me. The problem i have with the mets is not personally hating 23 of their 25 players, not hating their franchise, i hate their uneducated and obnoxious fans….the sox, i hate everything about them….except some of u people

and stars i am one of the more fair yankee fans, u can find people in the city that would pull a trigger on some sox players.

hahaha…oh no Agast, that’s not what quite what I meant, because I never thought that we were cursed. Some of the things that happened were unbelievable. I mean, I thought we were heading for world championships in 75, 78, and 86. And the way we’re winning now…it might not be much of a sign, but we never used to win this way, and any success that the Red Sox ever had before was always rather easily (and justifyably so) dismissed by Yankee fans as minor flukes with no staying power. I’m just saying that all of that has changed now, and haggling with the Yankee fans should be yesterday’s news. We should all be pretty happy and optimistic and enjoy knowing that when we get a chance to rub their noses in a Sox win or a Yankees loss, or whatever, that there’s a very good chance that we’ll be able to keep doing so for awhile, and we don’t have get into the esoteric.

tom that i agree, i don’t think either franchise is going anywhere for a long time, and that is the first time i think since the 40’s that they could say that, the difference is u guys don’t believe u are cursed now since u won in 04.

lol i just asked cause half my friends are yankee fans and most of them hate the mets more (most arent from NY though)

btw you can call me ryan

Vince, why do you hate the Red Sox? I can tell you why I hate the Yankees, and the exact month and year that I began hating the Yankees.

Bah.. it IS time for bed. I can barely keep my eyes open.

Good night all.. Yankee, its always good to talk baseball with you, even if you are the hated enemy

Everyone else?


btw the two sox players i don’t hate on the field are pena (until he hits his first hr agains the yankees) and that vazquez guy u have in ur pen….cause he *****. I would add tavarez but he is insanely ugly, crisp killed us with the indians so i already pre hated him, loretta i loved with the padres but ever sincethat clutch his in april or may (the game myers gave up the hr to ortiz) i have hated him…and corey i hate for being the only player they got at the deadline. Seanez just looks like an *******, so i hate him too

lol, c’mon guys, im half most of ur guy’s age and can stay awake longer (of course its still wednesday in vegas)

i hate the yankees cause they are good. same reason i hate the lakers

we have a vazquez in our bullpen?

Man! That seems so petty, Vince. The only Yankee player that I hate is Posada. I think he is a cry baby little punk, but I’ve got no beef with anybody else.

goodnight agas, what’s up ryan….weird that ur friends hate the mets more, i can’t say i believe they are in the majority of yankee fans, maybe they need to spend some time in the north east.

Tom, here is the rundown

ortiz: self explanatory

manny: self explanatory

lowell: i am sick of hearing about him and he had a big double this year

gonzalez: game 4, 2003 ws

loretta: previously mentioned

youkilis: since i ever saw his face, he looks like a redsox player and i hate him for it

varitek: ur captain, had some clutch hits in his time vs us, talks **** about the yankees, didn’t take his helmet off to brawl a rod.

mirabelli: hurts the yankees and it pisses me off he was flown in for a game with wake pitching, what a little *****.

hansen:***** the redsox farm system

delcarmen: same thing, i may have to deal with these guys for an extended period of time

crisp: previously stated

nixon: always talking about the yankees and he looks like a ****…i also hate him for some playoff homeruns

schilling: there is no reason TO like him ever since 2001

beckett: ws 2003

wakefield: playoffs 2003 and 2004 even if he did have a big choke in ’03 he still dominated us and to me he is the face of the franchise staying there so long

lester:****** he farm system

snyder: same thing

wells: traitor, ugly goatee, ******* personality, gave up homerun to ortiz in game 6 and 7 2003 and 2004 alcs

clement: his goatee

foulke: the 2004 playoffs

timlin: his goatee and his face and he too has been there forever

tavarez: he ****** in the 2004 ws and he is the ugliest player in the game

papelbon: anytime i hear him and rivera in the same sentence it makes me hate him more

who am i missing?

Wells, traitor? He would have given his right arm and his set of Davey Crocket iron on patches to have stayed a Yankee.

oh and in april i had to hear hours of how good youkilis was and he is gonna be amazing and have amazing numbers and he is the best leadoff hitter blah blah blah i hate him.

fact of the matter is now he is a redsox, oh and if u need further proof on wells, game 5 2003 ws…his back hurt so he came out after an inning, he failed us during the most important game of the year

So, Vince, did you hate Damon when he was a Red Sox, but love him now?

lol. you forgot seanez. i think he would rival tavarez for ugliest dude in baseball. plus hes fat.

liek john kruk! (i tivoed the baseball tonight when he called himself fat)

haha i said seanez looks like an asslhole. hmm damon, yes i hated him, though many yankee fans didnt just cause they thought he was funny, i happen to dislike long hair on men and he was the sox hearthrob so i hated him for that..that and he is the peskiest hitter in baseball probably (esp in clutch situatons)…but yes, u put on the pinstripes and u play the way he has for us, and u can gain my love

i dont know how he can hit homeruns swinging with 1 hand. i have trouble hitting the ball out of the infield with 2 hands.

damon has retard strength, i have said it before and i’ll say it again….the guy doesn’t just hit homers, it seems like when he hits them it is always about 4000 feet and into the upperdeck, i don’t know how he does it but he hits some moon shots.

Wow! That’s a lot of hate. When I was a kid, say in the early 70’s, the media did NOT have a love affair with The Sox, like they do today. Back then they loved the Yankees. Every year The Yankees were picked to win everything and guys like Gene Michael were heralded as the greatest players on earth. None of that bothered me. The Yankees had not finished above 3rd place, I think since 1965 or so, and their team was very, very ordinary. I didn’t hate the Yankees then.

I began hating the Yankees in June of 1976. That is when Charlie Finley began dismantling the Oakland A’s, rather than face losing everybody to free agency. He traded Catfish Hunter to the Yankees, Reggie Jackson to the Orioles, Sal Bando to the Brewers. But when he traded Joe Rudi and Rollie Fingers to the Red Sox, Bowie Kuhn decided that what he was doing was bad for baseball and VETOED the deal. Granted, he also HAD to veto the Vida Blue trade to the Yankees at the same time, but it was obvious to me that the veto of that deal was not inspired by Mr. Kuhn’s vision about the integrity of Major League Baseball. I firmly believe that The Boss pulled the string on that deal, and THAT is why I hate The Yankees.

hahahahahah. awesome.

and the funny thing is, he’s not big likewily mo or papi. he doesnt look like a guy that could hit a baseball that far.

i hated the yankees since i was like 5. i can remember watch the 01 series and rooting for the d-backs. didnt like the sox til 02 (like i said last night cause of nomar). i didnt really fully understand the rivalry until 03.

Not coincidentally, I think, 1976 saw the sophomore slumps of both Lynn and Rice, and the decline of Rick Wise, Luis Tiant, and others on our pitching staff. Free agency, as we all know, was good for NY and it was the Yankees who went to the series to be beaten by the Big Red Machine. But it was also the begining of a 5 year dynasty. That vetoed trade probably wouldn’t have prevented that from happening, but it would have made us a lot more competative at the time.

i didn’t really understand the rivalry until 99…93 as far as i knew (first year watching) yankees were on a quest to make the playoffs, both teams kinda ****** at that point. 94 was a strike, no rivalry there. 95 we won the wildcard and i didn’t pay attention to other teams ( i didn’t know we were playing the mariners till the series started) 96 the orioles were my enemy as far as i knew since they were unbelievably good and on roids. 97, same thing, but i hated the indians the most of any team after sandy alomar was called safe at home and he never touched the plate in the deciding game 5 when the tribe won 4-3….98 nobody was my enemy because we cremated everyone….the indians i guess were, they almost challenged us….99….that was it, 1999, when both teams were good, well we were great, u guys were ok…u had guys like pedro and it was interesting and then we destroyed u, but seeing how u treated clemens, one of ur own for that series got the hate flowing and it has only intensified since.

tom i never knew of that veto, interesting stuff….i mean don’t get me wrong ever since 93 i was told to hate the redsox cause that is how it was, but not until 99 in the alcs did i truly understand what we were dealing with.

really it was middle of 03 when i started seeing all the shows on espn classic about the rivalry. only 3 years ago, i feel so far behind!

oh actually, i can tell u, the mariners from 95-98 were my most hated team in baseball, more than the indians, more than the orioles, it was the mariners, for 95 and because i HATED jay buhner (never saw him as a yankee, another roid head), i most hated joey cora, i couldn’t stand sorrento griffey jr, martinez, randy johnson chris bosio, jason varitek and most of all behind cora, norm charleton, that was a mean, hard hitting, ugly franchise.

dan wilson was the only one i didn’t really mind

darn i think everyone went to sleep. c’mon guys, whatever happened to running on adrenaline?

vince (if your still awake) i dont think varitek ever made it to the majors with seattle.

really? cause the only reason i hated him was a sega video game for baseball, he was the catcher in 95, i should look up his stats

ur correct, he never did play a game for them..wlel then i can say i didn’t hate him until 99 too…besides the video game

But essentially, Vince, you hate anybody playing for or in The Red Sox organization…correct? While I hate Steinbrenner, and well, Posada (but I’d hate both of them if they were with the Sox).

I thought what Pedro did in the 03 playoffs was inexcuseable, and maybe one of the reasons that we didn’t try harder to re-sign him.

When we had Carl Everett, even though he was one of our best players, I hated him. He was and is an immature, stupid creature whose IQ is barely high enough to keep him breathing.

I liked Sparky Lyle when he was a Red Sox, and I liked him when he was a Yankee.

I like both versions of Damon.

I hated seeing Clemens and Boggs in pinstripes, but I couldn’t hate them for it.

There was a spanish utility player on the Yankees in the early 2000’s that I hated. I can’t remember his name.

By and large, though, I don’t hate ball players…I just hate Steinbrenner.

lol was that when everything was 1D? now they got the xbox360 with hi def. but yeah i heard espn on monday night baseball say that every game tek caught was with the sox

o cool i 1 uped stat boy (sorry that probably wasnt necessary)

i don’t really hate owners, except maybe the twins and mark cuban…but i certainly hate players. For the most part yes, i hate anybody successful or existant and not a failure in the sox organization. Many of my sox friends have felt pedro did the right thing and zimmer came at him and that is when i truly lost respect for them from a human standpoint. the guy was pushing 80, if ur telling me a major league player was so frightened he decided to go 1 on 1 with zimmer (it is like going 1 on 1 with ur grandpa) then that is pathetic…inexcusable and classless, pedro should have been suspended for the rest of the series. He didn’t push him away like many claim either, he grabbed both sides of his head and drove him to the ground, that is just inhuman. i think ur thinking of luis sojo, which unless u were a mets fan in 2000 i have no idea why he would stick out in ur mind lol.

carl everett i hate for two reasons.

1. he doesn’t believe in dinosaurs

2. no surprise here, he broke up mussina’s perfect game at fenway, which would have put a rest to the fact no visiting pitcher has ever pitched one there AND i was in ct watching the game…and there were 2 outs it was heartbreaking.

hhaha no not 1d….2d. haha it’s funny cause on the yankee blog we have a guy we call statomatic, i may give facts for every opinion i state, but this guy actually brings out random facts nobody has or ever would know….esp about minor leaguers, he is unbeliable sometimes.

wow. my friends call me stat boy (i think its cause i talk too much and it shuts me up)

haha tell them knowing stats gets you a lot of ladies…then they won’t call u stat boy anymore probably.

lol, im gonna tell em that.

i think everyone else fell asleep

Not Louis Sojo…I think it was Karim Garcia. I hate arrogance, and I hate bullies. Most of the time, if you’re one, you’re both. I thought he was both. I think he was one of the players who got into it with a Red Sox groundskeeper in the dugout during the same game that Pedro went psycho.

ok maybe not

oh then yeah u are thinking of garcia, he hopped over the wall and beat on some ******…haha tom is drifting in and out of consciousness i think.

he was with us for less than a year though

karim garcia really pissed me off. after h go beaned and when he slid into 2nd it looked like he tried to take it out on todd walker’s nuts. not even kidding, that was the highest someone leg ive ever seen go up on a slide

My High School baseball team called me “Joe Baseball” I used to study the Baseball Encyclopedia and during bus rides to games, they’d take it from me and ask questions like, “Who led the American League in wins in 1952” …things like that. Back then I knew all the answers. I can’t remember anything today. I was never anything like The Schwam. That guy knows everything about every sport. Ever watch that show?

hahahah….i liked garcia the short time he was with us, his name always bothered me though, he never looked like a karim

yeah that dude is ridiculus. when he doesnt seem to know the answer, he really does, he’s just toying with the sports writers

holy ****, my mom told me today i should go on that show i was like, ur insane, that dude is ridiculous, he breathes statistics (he was a stat researcher for 10 years i think), i was like, i could never compare to that, esp outside of baseball….i know my fair share about all the sports, but baseball is a whole nother level for me. Shwab is nuts

karim. what kind of mother names their kid karim?

wow weird we both said that dude is ridiculous

i gues the same kind of mom that names he kid d’brickishaw

Actually Vince, I think that I am unconscious most of the time that I’m in here. It’s 12:31 right now. I’ve got to get up and get ready for work in six hours or so, and this is typically when I’m here. Must be nuts. But hey…nobody compares to U. You’re the king of 24 hour blogs – Yankees and Red Sox.

Do you visit any other team blogs?

he is! he’s like the beast of all stats. it aint even funny how knowledgeable (is that even a word?) that guy is

sometimes i visit like padres blogs just cause i find it funny they exist…or personal player blogs (cantu has one), but very very rarely, mostly i’m on this one, mark’s and occasionally i check out lola and kasey’s…u’d prob love kasey’s it is called pinstripes and pessimism, kasey used to be on mark’s blog and he kept getting bashed for beign hellbent on the yankees not having a chance to make the playoffs and the redsox are so great etc….so he left and started his own blog…occasionally he brings up good points but i think now that everyone is SO optimistic after the deadline….he is reaching for stuff. haha i will only be on these blogs all day for another 2 weeks, then it is off to my sister’s and then to college where i will barely have time…for a few weeks.

im afraid of the yankee blog. man those guys will chew me up and spit me out.

The yankees blog is strong in numbers, has fanatics and very very intelligent baseball fans, i wouldn’t personally go on either blog if i wasn’t prepared with something more than emotions. haha ryan, as long as u didn’t provoke anything, i’m positive everybody would be very nice to u…though if u do provoke something, be prepared to defend it.

we are like a huge family over on that blog though, it is pretty fun

thats the only problem, its hard for me to have a discussion with a bunch of yankee fans and not provole something (even if it be unintentional). but thats ok, i dont play on going on the yankee blog any time soon.

ok now im convinced that tom fell asleep

lol i told u tom was on the ropes before, jeez he acts like he has a job.

alright man im goin to bed. my dog is beggin me to go cause he cant go to sleep by himself.

lol, ill talk to you later.

haha byebye, i’ll prob head off soon too

Well I woke up a little early and was brwsing random basebal stats. I found these interesting. Completely irrelevant to anything but interesting nonetheless. The Red Sox are tied with four other as the tallest team in baseball. Fattest team in baseball… drumroll please…….Chicago White Sox…. Red sox rank 12 at 208 pounds. Marlins are the youngest team at 26 years of age. The sox rank 27th at 31.1 and the yanks 29 at 31.7. Youngest player is 20, oldest 47. Just some fun facts to ponder. Go Sox!!

Good morning everyone. Well, I was reading through everyone’s posts last night (this morning?) and I laughed a little at Tom’s comment about hating Posada. How can you hate him?! He looks like such a little boy and is just “unhateable.” There are four Yankees I like – Jeter (go figure, he’s hot), Melky Cabrera, Posada, and Bernie Williams (how can anyone hate him?). Just thought I’d add my input.πŸ™‚

Good morning Jen. Just got out of bed. I can understand non-yankees hating Posada. He stands up for his team mates and he’s not as charismatic as Jeter or Bernie to still come off as a good guy.

btw Who do you think is a more likeable player for a non yankee/redsox fan. Jeter, Bernie, Mariano, Ortiz, Varitek or Manny.

Quick points before I get back to work.
ESPN radio reported that Javy Lopez will be clearing waivers shortly and it looks like the Sox will be making a deal for him. Of course, Theo might now want to give up a prospect that might help us 4 years from now, so you never know! Cheap shot, just kidding on that end. I’ve got faith in Theo.

Vik, I’ll throw in my opinion on the most likeable. Not because I’m biased but I would have to say Ortiz. The guy is a big teddy bear and has a warm look to him. NOw, real baseball followers might be split between him and Jeter. Those that know Jeter is a class act would admit as such. But I think you would even agree that anyone that isn’t a Sox or Yanks fan generally hates our teams. And again, I think you’ll agree to this, a majority of America hates the yankees simply because they have always been so good. So for that reason I would think papi would win the likable contest.

ESPN Radio said this morning that Javy Lopez was close to clearing waivers and a deal was almost in place for him to come to the Sox. Evidently, he is owed 2+ mil for the rest of the year. The Orioles even offered to pay some of the contract. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to take much in the terms of a prospect to get him either.

How can anybody like somebody that spits in his own hands. I think most people like Bernie. But thats just a guess.

Javy Lopez should be a good if we can get him (If no team blocks the trade).He is catcher & first base player so, even Tek comes back he can play 1st base giving Youk some days off.Hope none of the teams blocks the trade.

so i get this email this morning:
“Dude….I can’t stand your negativity and useless banter any longer!….If you want to try to be a sportswriter, or something possibly effective for a future, then go back to NY, study at a Jr. College, start writing “well thought out stuff” and get on a blog that makes you “happy” and satisfied…? You sound like a very sorry individual spewing venom about people you don’t even KNOW! Please, please do something useful with your time…get to bed before 3:00 am, get off the Red Sox blog-a-sphere, and make your life (whatever’s left of it to salvage) WORTHWHILE!!! Volunteer or something?, I can’t stand to read your nonsense on Ian’s blog!!!”

Now two things about this, well three.

1. This guy writes me an email to tell me this? A blog is meant for disagreement, why doesn’t he (or she) grow some minor balls and tell me on the blog.

2. negativity and useless banter? what are you connected to a redsox IV to live? You grow up if you cannot stand someone’s opposite opinion and don’t email me with an email address nobody has seen in this chat telling me to leave when the fact of the matter is this blog is open to the public.

3. I am a student, i just moved and I have no job (not my choice) when i go back to school, I will have a life again, until then mind your own business, concentrate on your own career path that doesn’t include writing 19 year olds emails and talking trying to tell them what you THINK they feel. If my writing is such nonsense why did you feel a need to write me a personal email to stop writing? Deal with it. Finally, is there anyone here who can honestly say I have spewed “hateful venom” at them and made it personal?

study at a junior college and go back to ny, considering i am beyond a junior college, i type to the lingo of the internet not to the phonics of a formal job atmosphere and I am not from NY, somebody clearly shouldn’t get into writing because they cannot get their facts straight

I think Nixon getting hurt is a good thing for Red Sox.This gives Wily Mo more At bats.

In the aftermath of Nixon’s injury Wily Mo had 6 hits in 14 at-bats. 2 HRs and 5 RBIs.That’s the upside.The downside is 0 walks and 4 Ks.If he can work the count better then he will be far more dangerous.

In other news, lidle makes his debut and HEY jen!

Holy heck.. I go to bed, wake up, and Yankee is STILL posting!

hmm, its hard to tell from Gameday, but it looks like Lidle was sharp in the 1st thus far. Dang.

Hey Vik, how are you? In response to your question, a non-yankee/red sox fan would probably like either Ortiz or Manny…how can you resist those smiles?πŸ˜› Just got out of bed at 11:00am?! I’d been up for almost 5 hours by then!

By the way, I checked my email. I DID see the dolphins…but I had to tell my mind that they were there ’cause that wasn’t what I saw to begin with.πŸ˜›

two back to him and a soft ground ball agas, haha i woke up an hour ago, the only reason im on the blogs right now is because the yankee game is on

Hey Vince, how are you sweetie? Feeling better after last night? I was hurt – I asked if you needed a hug and you didn’t even respond to me.😦

jen i just never saw them, i couldn’t shake the other image….speaking of emails…ahem.

I know, I know, I’m slacking. I’m on it right now. I promise.

Living in PA< I know a few thigns about Phillies players. I may not be a fan – and my nuetrality turned into hate after they let Brett Myers pitch after his little ‘episode’ = but I can’t say I can remember hearing anything bad about Lidle as a person. So I don’t hate him personally yet (ie A-Rod, Giambi, Damon) but I still hate him as a Yankee (all Yanks).

Now, If you guys had traded for Myers.. then I’d have some very choice words for the Yankee FO. Brett needs to be run out of baseball.

Good morning Jen. I am good. Manny is charismatic. Ortiz is just an obnoxious fat troll and spits in his hands. My favorite is Bernie.

Singled on a pop up? What happened? Darn you Gameday and your scant information!

it was a bloop single…arthur rhodes hates lidle, he is fielding his position very well so far.

A bloop hit. Barely out of the reach of 1B. The word bloop glorifies that hit.

Y’know Indian.. I gotta say.. your letting your hate of the Sox cloud your judgment a bit there. Ortiz not charasmatic? Have you seen his smile? His work with kids?

The man, on any team, is an excellent ambassador for The Game.

Ah. I hate those.. unless my team is getting themπŸ˜‰

agas except that time he threw a bunch of bats on the field and flipped a bucket of balls….haha jk i agree ortiz is good for the game, just shouldn’t belong on the sox….manny on the other hand, i’ll take jeter over both of them but esp manny

Manny is bipolar, I thinkπŸ™‚ Sometimes he’s the funniest most personable guy, then the next year he doesn’t talk to the media at all, year after that he’s all funny and personable again…

I still love him though.

Dont be mistaken. I dont hate Ortiz as a human. He’s just not charismatic. He’ll look charismatic to you because he wins games for you. For somebody else, he’s just a fat troll. Bernie looks really really good and gracious.

“my ex bf was drafted by the redsox so i dumped him”….haha funny sign at the stadium tonight….i love how espn is showing redsox walkoffs during a yankee bluejays game…real professional guys…they have now been talking about it for 15 minutes

Lidle managed to pitch out of a spot there. Too bad. I think the Blue Jays CAN get to him, but if their pitching doesn’t hold it together this is gonna be a very one-sided game overall.

Blue Jays.. have saddened me. I was honestly hoping for them to be neck-and-neck with the Sox and the Yanks all season. More drama = more publicity for Major League basebal = Good for the sport. However, while they are MUCH better than they used to be(last year they finished 15 back), they still aren’t the looming terror advertised. Really, at this point their role seems to be relugated to making a difference in who wins the AL East between the Sox and the Yanks, rather than winning it themselves

i think their schedule is just too hard to put together a run, and chacin has hurt them, he was their solid 3 and he’s been hurt…burnett isn’t pulling his weight either and they are terrible on the road, all of that/=division title

agas: They are neck to neck overall with yankees and redsox together. Because they’ll makeup for the losses against us with wins against you. haha