Javy Javy Joy Joy

The Red Sox found the one viable catcher on the open market in Javy Lopez, and that should help stem the tide until Varitek returns. Lopez isn’t the star he once was, but he still has a little pop in that bat.

What the Sox did not need tonight was for Mirabelli to get rolled over on the left ankle by a baserunner and have to leave the game. Gabe Kapler is now the only player Tito has on his bench tonight because there’s no  way a hobbling Mike Lowell can play.

I wonder, why on Earth do the Red Sox have 13 pitchers on their roster and just 12 position players? Obviously it’s more glaring on a night like this, but i just don’t get it — even a little bit.

I’m sure reinforcements will arrive in some form or fashion from Pawtucket by Saturday.


Wow, I know that I’ve seen him hit before but Crawfor is just soo dangerous!! Javy not doing too badly!!

molina was unhappy in toronto too, i don’t know that lopez was the ONLY guy they could have gotten…though it is nice he plays first too.

I think as long as we can stay a game behind the Yankees, I feel confident. We should be getting pitchers and position players back in the near future. Once Tek returns, I feel everyone will be healthy and playing well. I do feel bad for Huckaby though. He tried all year to get up and when he did, started one game and was sent down. I like Javy and hope that he does well, but time will tell.


What was that, Hip Hop Papi you said?

Going to the game tomorrow at the TROP and will be wearing all my SOX outfit as well as my wife. Sitting next to the SOX bullpen.

I didn’t realise Ian started a new post and was still posting comments in the last post.

Sox Wins. Yanks Wins. Standings remain the same.

OGOIFS update-:

Yanks win.

Chi Sox Win.

Twins 3- Royals 4 – Top 7th.

PS-: OGOIFS = Other Games of Insterest for Sox

1458 comments on the last post and people are still fighting over there. LOL.

Looks like Chase Utley’s hit streak is over. Striked out in 9th.

Insterest = Interest

Why Javy lopez is a good fit for SOX?

In addition to playing Catch he plays 1st base as well. He should give some days of off for Youk.

hahah i like when ian responds to me, now i truly feel welcomed….what’s up IAN? i never see u talking on this thing

Some stats from 2day’s game.

2nd consecutive multi HR game for Papi at tropicana & vs Devil Rays.

Major league leading 30 Saves and major league leading ERA. Saves tied with Jenks & Todd Jones.

MLB leading 20 game active hit streak for Manny. Utley hit streak ended today.Manny hit streak watch is on.

Goodnight and good bye.

ian u should make an update that says welcome to all the new yankee fans…i’d giggle slightly.

K now Ian welcomes the Yanks. Now my mission to get rid of yanks from this blog will never be accomplished. Just kidding. Vince, no offense.

OGOIFS update.

End of 9th.

Twins 3- Royals 4.

Sorry it was end of 8th.

Forgot to add the following in the stas.

Major league leading 39 HRs and 107 RBI for PAPI.

David Wells pitchin’ tomorrow… any thoughts? I think he’ll be decidedly better than the last time we saw him, where he gave up 8 ER over barely more than 5 innings… had Snyder and Papi not saved the day, we might have a rather negative outlook on tomorrow’s game…

Prediction: 6 2/3 IP, 8H, 3 ER, 3 K, 0BB, 1 HR.

Let’s see if that psychic class paid off… =)

we have to get 1000+ comments on this one too.

question: i recall wells either has a very very good or very very bad career record vs tampa, anyone know the stats?

i just seen on my fantasy baseball site that Jones was picked up on waiver by an unnamed team…does anyone have any ideas that the sox could be a possability with trot out and willy being a soso player?? that would be awesome.

Wells is 10-1 in 17 games Vs Rays. 4 complete games 1 shut out and an ERA of 2.87.Last game Vs Rays 4.1 innings 1 ER got hurt on travis Lee Line drive and went on DL.

i doubt it ryan. Rumor has it it was the angels, and the whitesox would also be a team that could use him even more and they would get first claim. Not to mention, most players are put out on waivers, it is standard, and even if you did pick him up, all of ur prospects would have to clear waivers and that is definitely not going to happen.

lol ok kumar so obviously he is dominating, i knew it was an extreme one way or another

man that *****….all Boston news and sports bars are talking about it…but you think there is a possability

Back from the game. Good to see a decent outing from Schilling and another masterful save for Papelbon. Crawford hit another home run. I’ve been to all the Sox-D-Rays games this season, and it seems like he hits one each time.

I saw where there are a lot of posts about careers in sports journalism. Whatever you do, just make sure you get a lot of experience during college. That is the key. It does you nothing if you have a 4.0 and no experience. Do internships – as many as you can. I earned a communication degree from Wright State in Dayton, Ohio, and during that time I was a stringer for several newspapers, worked in the sports department of the Dayton Daily News and was sports editor of my college newspaper. That experience helped me land a full-time job as a sports writer at a daily newspaper even before I graduated. After a few years as a sports writer – covering high school and college sports, and the Reds and Bengals on a periodic basis – I decided to just write sports features on a freelance basis, leave the world of daily newspaper and work for business and lifestyle magazines. Eventually, I got into PR and now I write for magazines and handle PR and writing for my own stable of clients around the country. I’m also working on a baseball book, and I have written a travel guidebook. The bottom line is, without the actual experience during college, none of this would have been possible. So whether you’re interested in broadcasting, print journalism or PR, do the internships. And remember that you will likely not waltz from college into ESPN. You have to pay your dues working jobs with crappy pay at small newspapers, radio stations or TV stations. Did I mention to get experience in college, and plenty of it (haha). Good luck with pursuing your careers!

also it said he is a 10-5 guy later in the week….i cant really see the braves trading jones just for prospects…hes still young ( yes 29 i know ) but still an amazing player/. The Sox could have a better chance since they have more to offer but with the wsox and angels havin a worst record ( 1/2 a dang game )it would be unlikely.

Let’s aim for 2000 posts! =)

Manny has a hit streak! That must mean that he’s putting it all out there, and letting his potential be fulfilled. I’m really happy… when Papi and Manny are both producing the way they are, the Sox can seem invincible at times… if I were the opposing pitcher, I’d be dead scared…

Value of our hitters, in order:

Papi (no brainer)

Manny (Again, no brainer)

Yoooooouk (OBP through the roof)

Loretta (top-3 2nd hitter)

Pena (Papi Jr.)

Gonzalez (yup, he’s producing alot now.. .288!)

Lowell (in semi-slump, injured)

Crisp (will heat up soon, though… I’m keeping my eyes on him)

Cora (invaluable utility man)

Beckett (lol leads the team in AVG, OBP, SLG!)


Schilling (Ace, 14-4 speaks for itself)

Papelbon (8 inning games from now on, maybe 7 at times)

Lester (dependable, our 2nd pitcher)

Beckett (If not for the HR and big innings, he’d be absolutely dominant… maybe he’s had some bad luck… great peripherals)

Timlin (usually reliable set-up man)

Hansen (can be dominating at times… needs consistancy)


Delcarmen (when breaking ball’s working, he’s unbelievable)

David Wells (we’ll see)

Any thoughts?

vince, how do you **** so many people off? (no disrespect intended) im reading mark’s blog and you were having an english fight.

I’m going to tomorrow’s game and Sunday’s game as well. I’m confident Wells will pitch well tomorrow. Not so sure about Johnson, but hopeful. Looks like we will need to bring back Huckaby if Mirabelli’s injury is severe enough. Hope Lowell is back in the lineup tomorrow.

Dang. How come everybody gets people just before they play the yankees.

May be Lee was trying to get even with Wells for years of domination over DRays. lol.

lounder: my dad went to wright state

2000 it is. We have a target now. Let’s do it.

Jamie do know it is crime to mention the either of the EZ bros by name on this blog. They are just EZ bro1 and EZ bro2, who just plainly stink.LOL

Really? When did he graduate. I’m 38. I graduated in 1991.

umm i think ’72. and then he went to med school (dont know where though)

no wait it was ’82

Yeah, Wright State is known nationwide for medical school, psychology and theater. A lot of behind-the-scenes people in TV and film have Wright State roots. The communication school was good. A lot of ties to newspapers, tv and radio stations, so we got practical experience.

or ’83. sometime in the early ’80s

lol ryan, i don’t back down too often from what I believe in, a lot of people have issues with that. The reality of the matter is I will speak my mind, that is why I have one and if people on a blog cannot handle it, than that is there tough ****…they aren’t about to come hunt me down and make me pay for it.

jeff, i heard similar things about internships, any comments on how to get the first one under your belt (I know i have to start, I am trying to do it before I am a junior so i have a good one for when I am becoming a senior)

Ian, I don’t think having 13 pitchers and 12 hitters is necessarily a bad thing. Cora plays the infield, so unless 2 infielders get injured simotaneously, we won’t be too screwed… having a good defense means flexibility, i think, since guys can move around for short-term solutions. Meanwhile, Kapler protects the outfield from trouble. As for catcher, we don’t really have any other choice. Lowell’s injury worries me alot though… but if he goes down, Cora can play 3B, and maybe Chad Spann from AAA can help out… he’s a decent bat who won’t sink the lineup.

Jamie: Why 123455432? Why did you leave out the 1 in the end?

vince i respect that. it shows weakness to back down from what you believe in.

i think this might be our chance to dump the ez bros. someone will do when foulke gets back (taverez) and we can dump seanez to bring up a hitter.

jamie if you go deep into a game you have no pinch hitting options. I doubt you will ever need 9 pitchers in a game

sorry guys i meant ezbro 1 and ezbro 2 (please dont hang me)

question: do the “EZ” twins as u call them, have options that they can be sent down like that?

lol jamie12345432 is just some random account I made for when I suspect possible spam from registering on some website. It’s the same one I use for the boston globe (I’m “hoonose_me” on there). I recommend you all get one like it… prevents alot of spam from reaching your treasured email account!

i think 12 pitchers is plenty
5 starters

1 closer

1 set up man

3-4 mid relievers

1-2 long men



OGOIFS update-:

Twins 5- Royals 5

top of 10th.

Those two Ks Schill had were just freakin’ awesome. My buddy Pablo and I went nuts =)

Javy Lopez did a pretty good job behind the plate I think especially considering that he got, as TC on NESN said, “thrown into the fire.” It’s great he can play 1B but I really doubt he’ll be back next season. Doesn’t he want to be a starter?

Or am I wrong and does he just want more regular playing time? If so, then he’s a great backup C/1B for next season along with ‘Tek/Dougie and Youk.

So who’s taking bets on tomorrow’s start by Wells? I’m saying he goes 5 innings, and then gets into a jam in which the ‘pen has to bail him out.

****, santana would have gotten the loss and it would have been awesome since it is the royals…most teams in the AL I believe have 11 pitchers, some have 12….nobody has 13. I would agree to flip it, 13 position 12 pitching, esp with all these nagging injuries u guys are sustaining

And any updates on Dougie?

Hope he’s okay and it’s just really sore =(

Vince: This post has nothing to do with ur discussion with Ryan.

Ryan: Its not always a weakness to not say what you believe in. There are some people that are strongly opinionated and are adamant abt changing their opinions even if it is wrong. Trying to tell them what you believe is like playing a trumpet to a deaf man. You dont have to change you beliefs but you dont necessarily have to convince people what you think is right. Just telling you because I’m 12 yrs older than you are.

i dont bet. when my dad and grandpa bet, they usually lose (except when my dad won 2K on super bowl bets) and bad betting luck runs in the family

Let’s see. Wells pitched 5+ innings Vs Indians without much throwing. He threw abt 100 pitches. Considring Rays offense is not as potent as Indians, I would say he would go 6 innings and give away less than 8 runs.

my gut for wells (no pun intended)….5.2 innings, 3 er. I think it is important to take into account he has DOMINATED the rays in his career, but he is also on the road and still not all “there”. Consider this a 2nd rehab start.

Vince, I see where you go to Quinnipiac. First, if you haven’t already, get a job at the school newspaper, radio station or TV station (if they have one). Also, try to get on at a local radio station of TV station. Even if you want a career in TV journalism, a start in radio is fine. Lots of TV people started out in radio. I’m not familiar with the area where Q is located, but I imagine there are media outlets in the region. Also, next summer, I highly recommend applying to internships anywhere. Not sure if your family lives in South Florida. If they do, perhaps apply at Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and/or Miami radio stations and TV stations, of which there are many. It doesn’t matter which station, you just want to get the experience. You’re communication professors should give you guidance on going after internships. You might consider sending e-mails to the sports editor of newspapers where Q is located, and sports directors and news directors at radio stations and TV stations. Make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity for a general news internship because it gives you the experience you need.

In college, I did radio, TV and newspaper internships, as well as a PR internship. Initially, I wanted to be a beat writer for a major metro newspaper covering MLB. But I decided I would rather take a different route. Now, I am at a point where I work on my own and do selected sports stories, travel stories, business features and personality profiles. I did a piece on Dan Patrick about five years ago. I spent two days at ESPN, watching actual SportsCenters about Baseball Tonights. It was great. Patrick, whose last name is Pugh, is from Ohio and started as a DJ for a rock station near where I’m from. He then worked for a Dayton TV station adn jumped to CNN when it first started. That launched him to ESPN, and for him the rest is history.

vik, i know but thats just my personal opinion

Who else can the Sox bring up to the big leagues? Jeff Bailey is a potential candidate, as is Adam Stern (speed?). HEY how about PEDROIA? If Lowell’s injury turns out to be major, we can get Pedroia to play middle infield sometimes. He plays 2B right now in AAA, and used to play excellent SS in college not too long ago… any thoughts, Ian?

And guys, why are you against Seanez?? he has 9.14 K’s per 9 IP, which is excellent by any standard. He has a solid 3.83ERA, and has had time to settle down after a miserable first couple of months. I don’t trust Taveras, but I’m willing to give Seanez one more chance… I don’t think he’s the type that crumbles under pressure… he’s already experienced alot of booing from the fans, and that’s enough pressure to usually destroy a pitcher (think Kim)… instead, Seanez pitches BETTER, and in my mind earns himself another chance.

vik you are only 27ish? I figured you were like 35 for some reason. I agree with u, staying open minded is important sometimes too…but as far as something like baseball goes, it is tough to flip flop an opinion considering stats for the most part will ALWAYS be in both favors depending on how you use them. For instance, cory lidle 4.74 era in the NL

cory lidle 5-0 2.80 era his last 5 starts and 1 career loss at yankee stadium..

same pitcher, much different opinion.

About the EZ teams, I think Seanez should be given more opportunities. But I think Tavarez should be sent packing. I would rather see Breslow, who would give the Sox another left-hander, in the pen, though he is more of a specialist. Even Javier Lopez (the pitcher) would be better than Tavarez.I hope he doesn’t enter the game tomorrow or Sunday. My seats for tonight and this weekend are in the Sox bullpen area. I’m sure we’ll all grumble if Tavarez takes off his jacket and starts stretching.

What’s wrong with these Royals. Bases loaded in the 10th 2 outs and they intentionally walk Morneau. 6-5 Twins.

jaime, a 3.83 era is good, but a little bit high for a middle reliever/set up man. i gain confidence in him every good outing he has. the problem is i havent seen him pitch in awhile.

OGOIFS update-:

8-5 Twins. Mid 10th.

Starsfan, Seanez pitched less than a week ago, going 1 inning with 2 K’s. I agree that a 3.83 ERA isn’t good for a reliever, BUT you have to consider that his ERA was double that not long ago. That means that he must’ve pitched VERY well to LOWER that ERA. Therefore, his ERA is misleading. Besides, a sub-4 ERA doesn’t really scream “mop-up duties”

You’re right. Seanez has pitched very well and has dramatically lowered his ERA. ERAs are deceiving for middle relievers. All it takes is one outing where you get bombed, and the ERA skyrockets. Then it takes awhile to lower the ERA. I don’t really look at a middle reliever’s ERA, but rather what they have done in recent outings.

This is 1st post on Aug 5th.

yep seanez has been good lately but id still rater have delcarmen in before him. it would be a bonus to see tavarez go.

ooo close, kumar! Louderback posted it mere seconds before you =) Better luck next time!


jeff, thanks. I regret not getting more involved freshman year (all i did was sports updates) this year i intend to have a radio show (after a year i can go streaming) and join the tv station (we have both). I have been in touch with a professor to send me the UTA list of local internships around ct (where qu is located) so hopefully that will help. I think next summer im staying in ct so i can intern either there, ny or mass ( i have relatives in both areas) i feel like that will give me more options/better sanity away from parents and near friends. I would not mind at all getting started in radio, i like radio more than tv at the moment (though i enjoy both) but I recognize my best shot at money (and i feel like you will prob correct me on this) is in TV, not radio.
The positive thing about my school is when we get to a certain level (which i will be at first semester) we are forced into the tv/newspapers at our school because our classes intertwine with them (articles i would write in a print journalism class would make the paper even though I am not on the “staff”)

That is awesome about dan patrick and ur espn stories, in 8th grade we took a tour of espn cause one of the girls in my classes father worked for them, i met kenny mayne, i was speechless and he was awesome…it was a great tour….chris berman’s office is the size of about 6 normal people’s haha.

yankeevmm (Vince I take it?): So a fellow Connecticut resident (at least college student), eh?

Don’t make me come down from UConn and argue baseball with ya =P

On a side note, Lidle had a great start against the Jays; lets see how the rest of his starts go. I expect at least consistency though, heck better than Johnson I think.

To be honest, I was down on Seanez early on and was ambivalent on Tavarez at best. Now I’m all for getting Seanez more opportunities as he’s settled down (Tito mentioned this early in the season that all Seanez needed was more opportunities to settle down), and Tavarez has ****** at life (no wonder the Cardinals got rid of him). I’m hoping Foulke comes back well so I don’t need to worry about Tavarez on the mound again.

And the Royals just make me wonder…

Just trade Taveras for a has-been top prospect… they can turn things around any time! Look at Snyder… he was released by the ROYALS (ouch!), and turns out to be a decent pitcher for the Sox. I’d have him over Taveras anyday. Yeah seriously, I don’t trust Taveras anymore. He’s had plenty of chances to turn things around. When he pitched 4 scoreless innings in Chicago, I thought he might’ve started a comeback. I was wrong.

Encouraging news from Pawtucket. Chris Smith was masterful is his first appearance. He was a fourth round draft choice in, I think 2002. He’s had a few major surgeries, and supposedly is now healthy. Perhaps he will be with the Sox in September.

i agree about era’s often deceiving. Not to be a “homer” but take proctor for example. His era is around 3.80 and he is our 7th inning guy. Most of that was in 2nd half of may-first half of june though and all the way since the all star break he has emerged and we understood as long as we don’t pitch him 2-3 days in a row, the guy is lights out….except against manny.

K Twins win. No changes in standings of interest. Except that toronto blue jays are close to mathematically being eliminated the play off race and they are close to falling below .500. Can’t believe they fell so fast.

vince, what was espn like? it among my top 5 places in which i want to vist (fenway, yankee stadium, wrigley, and dodger stadium.)

Relief pitchers’ ERA is definitely deceiving…makes it a pain sometimes to pick ’em in a fantasy draft. =)

paco i never would have expected that, u go to u conn? Do you regularly reside in ct, if so where? I am going to try to make it to uconn this semester, one of my good friends is on the football team this year (he is an academic freshman, he took a year off to train) ..cornerback, bevon young, not sure if he will start but the guy can burn grass when he runs, so if he plays i’ll be there. I am anxious to see lidle get a few starts under his belt, i have to believe he will last longer than wright and be less of a ? than johnson.

lol “except against mannny”. I don’t think anyone’s lights-out against Manny =)

Just heard on ESPN where Mirabelli’s X-rays are negative. Good news. Looks like Mirabelli and Lowell just need a few days off.

yeah proctor has been great but overworked 54 games already. and the more chances you get, the better chance you have of screwing up.

Delcarmen and Hansen have deceiving ERAs as well. THey were roughed up at times earlier in the season. For the most part, they have pitched well in recent outings.

espn was awesome, i got to sit in the seats where the anchors sit, everything looks exactly as it is, they showed us the control room where everythign behind the scenes takes place, we saw peter gammons in the parking lot and kenny mayne was randomely walking through the office and stopped to chat, he is EXACTLY the same in person. Otherwise it is a bunch of cubicles and then berman has a palace….great place….fenway and yankee stadium are great too, yankee stadium is very very intimidating the first time (at least i felt when i first went there at 8) the field looks so massive, i highly suggest seeing it before 09 when we unfortunately get a new one…the crowd can be downright thunderous too…as long as you don’t act like a ******* the fans won’t give u a hard time, i have sat in entire sections of redsox fans at yankee stadium in the upperdeck before, those games are amazing….fenway i felt was more of a family feeling, it seemed like everyone knew each other and had an understanding, ur closer to the game, u can feel fenway’s age and u feel very comfortable, even as a yankee fan when i got boo’d in the street for wearing yankee gear, i still felt like i was accepted (even to the roars of “yankee go home”) and even when damon homered to begin the game and the guy in front of me threw a pack of peants on me, i still felt welcomed….they are two very distinct feelings.

i think tito has a thing for taverez. only paps has been in more games (48-45) yet taverez has allowed 34 more runs.

Vince (yeah I hope I get the names right cause I **** at them, lol), I’m in my final semester at UConn and I’m trying to get student season tickets for football.

I live in CT and commute from home in Glastonbury; I had a choice of a newer car after my first two commuter-campus years or paying for an apartment myself. I chose car and my parents have helped me out here and there.

And good news about Mirabelli =)

proctor’s appearences are even deceiving, the guy was used every day for a week, but since the all star break he has only pitched back to back to back games once i think and the third game was texas when he gave up the lead but giambi homered to win it…..he has been rejuvenated since the break so the appearences aren’t really a factor as long as 3-4 of our guys give us at least 6 innings every start/we use villone more and/or ponson improves.

oh ok, sadly with all the friends from ct i made last year, i have never heard of glastonbury….i hope we stop playing u guys in basketball, though i was close i said we would only lose by 40 last year and we lost by 41!…baseball on the other hand, u guys have been dominated

we (my family and i) went to a sox-sox game last year and i have proof that manny is a doofas. half the time he’s talking to the fans and the other half he’s listening to his MP3 sunglasses

to bad you guys dont have a football team vince. im afraid he has you on that one too.

Well as long as Manny slugs above .600, I don’t care if he has beer-chugging contests and plays scrabble with the fans =)

What is going on after the deadline.

Nixon – injured

Tek – injured

Lowell – injured(not serious, should be back tommorrow)

Mirabelli – injured(should be back in couple of days)

4 days, 4 injuries. Either this is just a conicidence or somethings fishy.

Nixon is always injured.
Varitek doesn’t have the youngest body

Lowell and Mirabelli shouldn’t be out for too long, so I wouldn’t count them as real injuries. Cora and Lopez can fill in pretty well

Hehe, Vince. No worries. Glastonbury is a suburb right out of Hartford. I’ve lived in CT 20 of my 23 years so I know most of the state minus the far NW corner. Heck I even know the NE corner thanks to the fact I go to UConn.

And yeah our baseball team isn’t great. Not complete garbage, but definitely not great. Our basketball this year may be overachieving for a young team or just average for their experience. So yeah UConn’s gonna be meh sports-wise this year.

But hey, that’s why there’s the MLB =D

haha yes, no football team…though the entire school makes millions off of that apparently…some crazy mother who’s son died in a football related accident pays our school every year NOT to have a team in her son’s memory (you would think she would want a team in his memory) so that is why we don’t and prob never will have a football team, at least until she dies

scrabble. i heard paps is good at scrabble.

Scrabble is awesome. =D

I agree, Kumar. I like Nixon, but his injury isn’t a big deal to the Sox. Varitek’s absence hurts. So does Lowell is he has to miss an extended period, but he is expected to be in the starting lineup tomorrow. If I had to name a favorite Sox player, it would be Lowell. He is quiet, doesn’t complain, leads by example, plays stellar defense and is a clutch hitter. I think he’ll be back to .300 before the season is over. Fenway is perfect for his swing.

i hope our basketball team gets good again like in the early part of the millenium (2001 ncaa tournament)….otherwise it is hockey hockey hockey, unless our baseball team stops forfeiting and being distracted by hazing and tying women to floors with whipped cream on them and their players running around in diapers.

i wish i got payed not to play football. (i got decked in in practice this year by a dude twice my size and it screwed up my back).

my fav sox player all time is byung hyung kim.

What’s up with connecticut. They come under New England and they are also part of Tri state. It is the only state which has as many Red Sox Fans as Yankee Fans. Don’t ask me for stats I am just guessing.

I imagine so. Probably Wakefield and Mike Torrez as well.

How’s Kim doing?

haha that might have been the worst trade in sox histoy (ruth doesnt count cause he was sold)

Trivia question – anyone know what Mike Torrez is best known for?

ryan u should have started a brawl….brawls always make football better.

he’s in colorado now (he served up hr #715 to bonds) 7-6/ 4.57era

torrez gave up dents homerun right jeff?

kumar, that is about right, prob more sox than yankees if i had to guess, but it is like 52-48% so close u can’t even notice.

Another trivia question – I know this one because it was the first Sox game I ever watched (I was 6). Which Reds reliever served up Carlton Fisk’s home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series?

man that guy was like 6’1 220 pounds. he’d kick my ***

Totally irrelevant, but isn’t QU predominantely women? Regardless, a friend of mine went there and graduated last year. He’s a hockey fan so he was happy.

But back to Red Sox and some Yankees baseball…

Tavarez NEEDS to go if Foulke is fine.

Yep, Torrez gave up Dent’s home run. He was a decent pitcher. Too bad he is best remembered for that.

No using Google to answer the trivia question!

haha yes paco a little known secret that all of us campus boys enjoy….61% female which means 39% male…it is awesome….they’re all pretty good looking too, there are no fat girls on the entire campus (not to say fat people aren’t hot but i find that very very odd)…seriously, i saw maybe 10 people ont he entire campus last year that were overweight where it was noticeable. Yeah girls love their health science and communications.

Jeff, no clue on the fisk homerun, i can’t remember.

i got revenge later when i burnt a corner on a deep route (wheich soulds odd cause im really really slow)

Perhaps we can get Kim to be our No. 5 starter. Just kidding!

but yes taverez needs to go

burning corners is always enjoyable, ryan do you play for your hs?

jeff i heard this stat on the yankee blog, which may give u a hint.

who is the ONLY pitcher in major league history to have a winning record every single year (minimum 10 years)?

yankee pitcher*

Pat darcy was the guy who surrendered Fisk’s homer. He was an obscure reliever. The Reds were out of arms since it was the 12th inning. Fortunate for Fisk.

no wait, it may have solely been pitcher, now i’m not sure haha.

babe ruth!!

hahah ryan gets it

By the time I googled and found out Mike Torrez is the one who gave up the Bucky Dent’s HR there are 100 posts here after that question.

i played last year, not this year though

Hehe, if it weren’t for the fact I wasn’t single then QU would be EVEN MORE on my list for grad schools; planning on being a Physician’s Assistant and I’d prefer to stay in-state.

(Here’s to hoping my better half isn’t watching this blog, lol).

I’m actually at my friend’s house for the night and he is asking: “So…how ’bout them Mets?”


hahaha i only know that because of A: yankee classics, B: yankee classic moments, C: recent discussion and D: a book of the 25 greatest moments in baseball history

Is Rith the answer? I would guess Ron Guidry.

im sorry i cheated on that one, i already knew the answer from mark’s blog.

ahah that is a true fan right there, at his friends house and blogging in a baseball chat…..haha well, i won’t lie, our health science graduate program is highly coveted…that is levels beyond communications (which are really the only two majors u should go to qu for)

Good night, guys… Papi rockz!
I think he may have surpassed Orr and Brady on the worshipping list!

nope ryan the cheater was right, it is ruth…odd right?….and people argue he is not the greatest PLAYER ever…i’m not gonna get into hitter cause i can sense about a million ted williams comments from a mile away but player? Name another guy who hit 700+ homeruns was among the top 3 in rbi, runs, walks, homeruns, had a 340 career average AND was a dominant pitcher?

Did u guys know that they recently inducted the CITGo sign which was in the back ground of Fisk’s home run into Hall of Fame recently? Lucky CITGO sign. i wish I would be inducted in hall of fame without doing anything related to baseball.

Jamie, I think that’s probably true =)

Orr? Does Boston still have a hockey team? Just kidding. Not a big hockey fan. Love the Celts and Sox. Steelers in pro football. Ohio State in college football and hoops. But no hockey!

kumar i remember during a yankee sox game on tv i was watching once, canseco hit that sign with a homer….man canseco and vaughn used to be BRUTAL. Oh ps, i hate barry bonds so i will never consider him the greatest player ever, esp since i am convinced he is a cheater…like ryan…ryan you cheater ahah

can anyone guess (without looking it up) who leads the majors in innings pitched?

I think Ruth is the best all-around hitter in baseball history. Ted Williams, Rose and Gwynn are up there as well. Of course, Rose and Gwynn didn’t have the power of Williams and Ruth.

c’mon louder its all about notre dame

this season? Should be Jeremi Bonderman.

hmm…i know zambrano struggled early….my guess is going to be halladay?

i didnt cheat vince, i thunk (is that a word) ahead. i am clean of preformence enhancing drugs!

halladay leads the AL brandon webb leads the majors

I like Notre Dame. I’ve been to a few games there. All my life, I’ve rooted for Notre Dame, except for when they play OSU. I was torn in last year’s bowl game, and since there is a strong chance they will meet in the national championship game in January, I will be torn again.

It might be Brandon Webb for most innings this season…

He’s had plenty of CGs.

Complete guess on my part though.

Yeah that’s fair jeff…i think for average williams was prob the best…gwynn and is it honus wagner or ty cobb or both? would also be in his class…obviously 340 isnt bad either, but not only do personally feel ruth is the greatest offensive player of all time, but i feel when u can master the other major art of baseball (pitching), it is a lock.

ok you leads the majors in complete games (without looking it up)

**** so freaken close, i compeltely forgot about webb in everythign except video games (he is my 2 starter)

jeff-though williams did have a ton of power at times…i’ve seen that red seat and heard the story haha.

Yeah, it would be amazing for a modern-day player to win 20 games, hit 40 dingers and hit. 300.

i’ll go with webb haha

hes tied for 3rd. aaron harang and cc sabathia are tied with 4

i’ve noticed something very odd about the blogs, from about 11-on at night this blog is lively but in the morning and afternoon the yankee blog is always busier…weird

Just heard on ESPN. The Sox have acquired Andruw Jones for Coco Crisp, Craig Hansen, Manny Delcarmen, Wily Mo Pena and $5 million.

It is Webb.





Haha. Just kidding.

my rotation i 2k6 is sick. beckett, mark prior, barry zito, ben sheets, and papelbon (huston street is my closer)

On no, Stars. Don’t bring up Beckett. He’s a source of raging debate in this blog!

I am never going to believe this ESPN thin. They said Red Sox aquired every pitcher and every hitter that ever existed in MLB. The truth is Soz never aquired any of the players.

only if he pitched in realy life like he soes in a videogame

haha jeff i was about to kill u….then i was like “why would they give up 2 starting outfielders for one?”

my show 2006 rotation is a lethal johnson (1.51 era), webb, a lethal pavano, chacon and wang…team era 2.40…realistically these guys are much better than their performing in real life, minus webb and wang…it is sad i have about the next three seasons of moves planned

lol just further proof he is an ace stricly in a dream world.

though my team is 46-5 on the hardest setting, so i think i am about to play with the power/contact settings etc to try and squeeze some more out of this game.

and to top it off everyone has at lead 23 wins and except for prior everyones era is under 2

haha i went 136-26 on all star

lol a rod was mvp in 2006 in my game….416 average, 67 hrs 190 rbi (1 short of the mlb record)..i hit 263 team hrs (shattered the major league record) and beat the astros in 5 in the world series….johnson won cy young at 27-2 with a 1.89 era hahah

yeah odd thing, i went 141-21 on all star and yet i am 46-5 on mvp

K this is what happened? The Yanks had 5 starters and the fans are not happy. so they traded for Carl Pavano and paid him 40 Mil and put him on DL.The fans are happy. The Sox Had five starters but the fans are not happy. So, they traded for Matt clement and let one line drive pass just close to clement and put him on DL for 1.5 years. The fans are happy. this is what happened. I heard this on ESPN. I leave it to u how true this is.

Vince, you gonna go out and splash on some Jeter cologne? I think it’s hilarious when athletes get their own cologne, candy bar or any other non shoe or sports product. Even Blue Jays pitcher Gustavo Chacin has his own cologne.

wow. there was one franchise i did where i got to like 2012 and had all these rookies with .45 eras and 500 k’s

ok one more stat. who leads the league in save oppurtunities? (no looking it up.)

Todd jones.

jason isringhausen

he had 30 saves and he blew a couple of save so it should be Todd Jones.


haha that’s insane the most seasons i have ever finished in a video game is 4….haha i would try the jeter cologne….but yeah i find that funny too, i heard about chacin’s brand…my dad always used to joke that michael jordan cologne made u smell like sweat.

haha kumar, 2004 offseason i feel was a dumb year for the yankees, they had an arms race with the sox and picked up pavano who has pitched half a season, u guys got clement as a shot back….they both ****.and signing johnson to counter schilling wasn’t the brightest but we really did need an ace and this was pre wang so we really needed a starter period, and johnson seemed to fit.

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say hello.πŸ™‚

and then there was jaret wright

**** i may have guessed izzy, he also leads the league in giving his players heartburn when he pitches…a rod through 51 games is on pace to shatter his mvp and career year…438 average with 20 hrs 72 rbi.

Did any of u guys listen to Reggie White’s wife’s interview today. Really emotional. Really great guy. He is being inducted into NFL Hall of Fame.

my baby jen! i shall write u soon….haha jaret wright…man they need me to run front office, i am so glad cash is in charge now and that part of yankee FO is behind them, wright and pavano like clement have one good season and they pick them up cause htey are under 30 and wright had a career of injury problems…to be fair pavano wasn’t supposed to be injured, just be unproven like beckett int he al.

i never have good batting stats. all my guys hit 250 but have 50 homers. i think its cause videogames make the pitchers look better then they are.

yep when you guys got pavano i was upset. hes fragile. injured himself twice during rehab.

Hey honey, how are you doing this evening?πŸ™‚

i have had some epic battles today jen, but other than that i am just dandy unlike randy at the moment, but a win is a win and posada has sure been big for us this year. how are you this “evening”?

to go back to the save opp thing
isringhausen has 35 attempts. jones is tied with trevor hoffman and papelbon with 33. both jones and paps have 30 saves but pap’s era is 4 runs less

haha ryan our teams would prob be a good matchup, my power vs ur pitching…though my pushing is no pushover but johnson is the only guy i can k with…the rest are all contact pitchers.

I was close when I said Jones but not close enough.

yeah why is papelbon wasting his era, jeez he could be just as effective with an era of 5.00….much like beckett and wangπŸ™‚ haha

hello Jen

I agree – it’s been a pretty crappy day, but I’m glad it’s the weekend. We went out to the bar with a friend of ours who’s leaving to go back to Iraq on Monday, so I’m tired now (much too much dancing). We’re going to Busch Gardens tomorrow, so that will be another long day. I’m glad I’ve got the update thing on my phone so I can make sure not to miss any key plays in tomorrow’s game. Good game tonight – I didn’t get to see any of it, but it must have been okay if we won.πŸ˜›

haha sorry i’ll stop…but seriously papelbon’s era needs to grow before it happens in a critical moment.

haha i cant pitch for squat. i simulate the seasons (offense is my strenght when i play). i k a lot of guys though.

haha jen the party girl.

as long as my guy has a good slider/curve and a good fastball ill be alright

slider is prob my fav pitch in the game, a great slider cannot get touched.

that’s me.πŸ˜› No, he’s my best buddy and my dancing partner (lol, my husband is my backup dancing partner when he’s gone, hehe), so I had to get 3 months worth of dancing in and catch up on 9 months of dancing before he leaves.πŸ™‚

Dang peoples, I go take a late shower and I find out it is Webb…many posts back, lol.

Vince, I agree, Papelbon should get any jitters out now (if any). Then again he may just be so awesome he may not have any jitters.

I honestly want to see Pap in the rotation. I can’t wait to see it =D

And a late g’night folks. Here’s to a great game tomorrow.

Here, here.πŸ™‚

i like thw screwball, its kinda cheap though

Alright everyone, I know I haven’t stuck around for long, but I’m tired. :-\ Hopefully I’ll be on tomorrow evening.

Have a great night, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Vince, I’ll check tomorrow, and if nothing’s there, I’m coming to Florida.πŸ˜›

u also missed the next trivia question. Who has the most save oportunities so far this season?

By the trivia question also says “no looking”

Todd Jones, Bobby Jenks, and Jonathan are tied for first with 30.

Sunday conversation on ESPN is “DAVID ORTIZ”.

Oh duh, I didn’t read the question. You said save opportunities. Told you I was tired.πŸ˜›

ok guys having stayed up late the last 3 nights its time i go to bed. plus my cousin is coming to town tomorrow and i dont want to be cranky when he gets here.

seeeee jen has an AL only mind. Jen is that a promise if i DONT write one you will come to me?

tell ryan’s cousin i say hi

i dont know if ill be able to get on this week but ill try to. talk to you guys later.

No No No. The Question is who has the most save oppurtunities.Not saves?good try. But it is not of the 3 u mentioned. No looking.

clue-: The answer is in this page.

Promise…hey wait. Does that mean you’re not going to write me? And I don’t just have an AL mind. I was thinking saves, not save opportunities.πŸ™‚

i think you’ll find favor with him cause he’s a yankee fan

Kumar, I told you I didn’t read the question right!πŸ˜›

But it’s Jason Isringhausen

Good night StarsFan.

yess….haha hmm, well if you’re going to come visit i may just not write u

good night all

πŸ˜› Tease.

The next question. Which is the most difficult Double play combination to call for the commentaters.?

Hey, don’t I get a “good job” or a pat on the back or something?πŸ˜‰

is it the mariners? I recall them having a wild one.

I’m roaming the Red Sox message boards on Boston.com. Postings like Javy Lopez is a bum because who went 0-for-4 and that Lowell should be traded because of his slump are among the posts. Anyone on this blog who has read my feelings about patience and baseball gamesmanship can only imagine my response to those posts. Pretty lively conversation!

*pat pat* there u go jen.

lol jeff that’s how i feel about “trade a rod!” except to a much much higher degree

good job butterfly. go to bed now.

k the answer is – Graffanino to Grudzielanek to Mientkiewicz for the Double play. good luck calling that play.

Awww you’re precious. Thank you sweetie, I needed that.πŸ™‚ Night sweetie, talk to you tomorrow, probably.πŸ˜›

Alright everyone, I really am going to bed now. Take care and I’ll talk to you all soon.

One guy did make a good point, albeit a smart alecky one. He said, “Aren’t you indeed whining when you whine about the whining.” To a degree, I guess so.

Good Night and good luck.

hmm ive also noticed the yankees have played SOLID defense for the last 5 games (fingers crossed)

Thanks Vik! I hadn’t heard a word out of you til now. I love when you call me butterfly.πŸ˜‰

lol yes royals definitely i forgot about that…

byebye jen! and ryan! (delayed)

G’night Vince and Vik!!

night Jen

goodnight guys. See u before tommorrow’s game.

I’m headed to bed. Going to the Trop again tomorrow, this time with my girlfriend and her 5-year-old son. I’m already working on indoctrinating him on Red Sox Nation. I got him a Sox cap and t-shirt. He asks if Coco Crisp’s thumb is alright, if Manny is a girl because of his hair and why Youkilis has no hair. I explain everything, and also tell him bedtime stories about the Evil Empire and the bad man named Steinbrenner. Gotta start them on the right path young! Good night!

hhahaha u crack me up jeff, goodnight. I’m gonna write jen her email then go putz around myself, goodnight all

i lied, i woke up to get food and then decieded that i was bored so i came back

haha i think im too late

K GoodNight.

Man, I’m gone for one night and I have over 300+ posts from Ian’s last entry to this one to catch up on.
How about that toss from Kapler to get the ever so speedy Travis Lee? That was HUGE. Schill getting out of that jam in the 6th and Papi being Papi.

Jlouder mentioned people talking about trading Lowell because of his slump. Those are obviously baseball mor.ons that don’t realize that this guy has saved us at least 20 runs this year. Yes he’s slumping right now, but his defense hasn’t waivered. Looking at how Beckett has struggled at times, Lowell very could be the more valuable aquisition of this trade. NOt in the long haul, but this season.

ANyway, I’ve watched the Orioles play only a handful of times this year. I keep hearing how great Chris Ray is. I’ve seen him throw against us and shut us down. Well, the last 3 times I’ve seen him pitch against the Yankees, I’ve seen him blow a save, give up a 10th inning homerun, and give up a 9th inning homerun. Friggen stiff.

Good thing we pulled this one out because everyone we’re chasing,trying to stay in front of won. Can’t believe the slumping White Sox beat Roy Halladay.

Anyway, here’s hoping I shoot under a 98 today. (Why else would I be up this early on a Saturday?)

good morning, all!

I suspect there may be some more waiver moves, to get some extra bats in the bench. Trades are pretty exciting lol.

Btw, why was Hee Seop Choi released?

Jamie I agree that trades are exciting. But I think there are too many ways to get players even after the trade deadline. I still want to know how A. Jones is going to fit into the SOX. He plays center, we have COCO. Manny plays left and Kapi/Mo/Trot play right. (with Kapi and mo able top play any position in the outfield.) Not saying that I would not want his bat in the lineup, just wondering how they are going to work it. Unless this is the move that is going to replace Trot since this is a contract year for him. I think Wily Mo is still a couple years away from being an every day starter. But once he grows into being the hitter that he can be, LOOK OUT EVERYONE.

Of course this all depends on if a deal can get worked out and he clears waivers. I still think that teams need to play with the players thet they started the season with. use the farm system and bench players to win. But the rules state that they can trade and move players as long as they follow the RULES in place.

hey guys since trot is miles away from the great(well good) hitter he was in the 2000-2003 seasons do u think we should drop him at the end of this year? and if we do are there any really good outfeilders up for free agency at the end of the season?

no i do not think we need to drop Trot. his gritty play in right is exactly what the RED SOX are all about. hard play, putting your bopdy on the line for the team. Trot fits this mold. he is the one that i tell me kids to watch play. but if we can make a deal for A. Jones, i think this is the last we see of Trot. too bad, but this is a business and they are inthe business to win.

I don’t think Sox will be able to sign Jones this season. I also don’t think theo will re-sign Nixon. after this. I have the feeling this Nixon’s last year in Red Sox uniform.

maybe you get jones in the offseason, you’re not getting him now. There is no possible way that A: jones was seriously put on waivers and it wasn’t normal protocol (most players are put on waivers), B: the whitesox angels twins, any NL team ranked below the redsox did not want him and the waiver actually got all the way down to the redsox, C: all of the prospects/pro players will get all the way back to the braves and clear the waiver wire, which is what would also have to happen for a trade to work out….not unless 26 teams were involved in a conspiracy against the yankees at least, and i doubt besides the padres and indians, any of the 24 other ones are.

Sorry to ruin your fun boys but Andruw Jones is NOT going to be traded. You can always pretend though. haha

And Vince, Jones is signed through next season too. He’s said in the past that either he would play for the Braves or he would retire…no if’s and’s or but’s.

wow, i didn’t know he was that emotionally attached.

don’t the yankees have hidalgo in their system?

Pena will replace Nixon. Period.

I hate it when the Saturday game is at 7:15 PM. That stinks.And the **** FOX is going to show the Mets Vs Philies.

good morning everyone. is this the nightdwellers blog? it seems like the most activity here goes on after midnight.

Hey all! Wow, you all seem to be able to blog forever!!! It makes for a lot of reading in the a.m. when I awaken, being this is the 1st place I go. If I want to keep up I’ll have to take that speed reading course. All great conversation though.
cleverjeff: I do not think we should drop Trot at the end of the season, if nothing else, he can platoon in right, I think that if he is gone from us, it won’t be completely, he seems the type that would make one helluva coach. He’s be a good one to help the up and coming guys.

nixon is ranked the third best right fielder defensively in baseball…i think that is a load of **** personally, but i thought u’d all like to know. yeah ryan i said last night this blog is most active between like 11-3 (pm to am) and the yankee one is most active afternoon and evening

Yankee, I agree that he might not be the 3rd best is baseball, but in the American league he is right up there and third is where I think he belongs. He may not have the bat he used to, but he is still a great ball player in the field. Ellen, yeah, I think Trot would make a good coach on the bench and during Spring Training with the Minor Leaguers trying out. Maybe even put him down with the PAWSOX and let him work with the minors.

I think nixon is maybe underrated at home on defense, but it is tough to decipher if he is good on d because he is so used to fenway or if he truly is an elite defensive rightfielder, then again u people have seem him more on the road so I would no less, but it seems to me he is a lot better at fenway and is maybe a top 5-10 defensive outfielder overall in baseball.

abreu, rios, dye, vlad, ichiro and francouer i can say are distinctively better defensively than nixon…and I was being very generous with borderlines.

but are they saying IN BSEBALL or in the AMERICAN LEAGUE? i personally have not read anything that says that. maybe you are right about FENWAY. just like Manny, he is so used to FENWAY that makes him look good at the end of the season as far as defensive stats. but you can also say that when it comes to offense with some of the hitters. if they hit in hitter friendly parks, their stats look good. but if you look at HOME vs AWAY, there is a big difference between the two.

Hey You think maybe with wells pitching I will get to see TAVAREZ AND SEANEZ FINALLLY PITCH?i hope so.

Kaylee, it is a very good chance, but i really do not hope that we see them.

Okay I wanted them to replace Schilling last night!

but Schilling has picthed in so many high pressure games, you can not pull him at a time like that. see if he can pitch himself out of the bind. and thank gawd he did.

i am pretty sure they said baseball…it is according to the “defense bible” whatever that is, it ranks all the players at their positions in baseball. I agree hitters can also be products of their park, look at mike lowell at fenway as opposed to florida (though injuries prob had more to do with that) or anyone on the 2005 san diego padre roster.

I know I just think schillig is no good anymore!

Vince,Is te yankees gamea day game?I am too lazy to look

yeah, we were stationed in San Diego (wife is in the NAVY) and when they were at the Q they were not very good. but since they moved into the new park they hit better. of course there are new players, so maybe they are just a better team. have not looked at any stats concerning them. Mike Lowell is a great D player. as long as he keeps hitting the Green Monster his stats will sky rocket.

Kaylee? are you out of your bleeping mind??? The “EZ” brothers?? if I had it, I’d pay a million to never have them pitch anytime, anywhere, ever again!!

No i am not……Guess there is a reason they havent pitch in a while.

kaylee the yankee game is a 4 o clock, ti starts in 20 minutes.

I think you guys are abusing seanez personally, he used to have electric stuff.

key phrase is USED TO.

Me I said put him in!

but of course if they do not pitch, they can not work out of the kinks they are having. but how can you dare to put them in with the game on the line.

How many times this season have they come in the game and just proceeded to get LIT up!!? So much so I say we check their bank accounts to make sure they aren’t being paid of!! haha

seanez has not been lit up lately, but hey the less arms u trust the happier i am…kaylee i meant to tell u earlier, 4:35 game not 4

Thank you Vince!


cant understand half of this but it has contract status.

lol thanks for stealing our info RYAN! jeez.

your info was on the yankees. im gonna look at every team and find good FA after this year.

im sorry

lot of good starters. jason schmidt, mark mulder, barry zito. mark buehrle has a 10 mil club option.

carlos zambrano

mark prior

Vince are you gunna be here tonight?

RYan:What are the chances of Roger clemens retiring for a 3rd time!

99% unless houston wants him back. i think 44 is a little bit old to pitch.

i think the cubs prob keep zambrano, i don’t think schmidt would cut it in the AL, mulder is hurt right now, zito will go to the nl and buehrle is underachieving, he may be a good steal for an innings eater. Kaylee, i will prob be back at some point during the redsox game

and according to that site both sontrelle willis and fransisco liriano are FAs after the season (i think restricted though)

haha vince you just blew all that right back in my face.

neither one of them is going anyplace and ryan i was just joking with u haha i bring stuff from that blog to this one all the time.

i dont lnow if zambrano will want to stay with the cubs though, he could also be a good outfielder (he has i think 4 homers this year)

haha he could be a hall of famer is he sticks with pitching, i don’t think he would come to the AL if he did move from the cubs…then he can’t hit/continue to dominate everybody.

i know (just trying to get peoples hopes up) both are francise players for good young teams that can contend every year.

though he would be the type of ******* to be a good fit for the redsox…jumping around and doing back flips when he gets a strikeout in the 4th inning like josh beckett

haha i dont think he’s fit enough to do a backflip

liriano a free agent? Well, I doubt he’d go anywhere.. why let THAT kind of talent get away?

If it did become a bidding war, can you imagine the fighting the Sox and Yanks would do over him?

hmmmm.. fantasy rotation of joy: Schilling, Beckett, Lester, Liriano, Wake…

And Papelbon in the pen…

agast, liriano is probably a restricted free agent, meaning if the twins match the best offer for him they get to keep him.

I know he’s not goign anywhere, stars. I’m just saying, hypothetically, it would be awesometastic.

yep, and all we’d have to do is get zito and zambrano and we’d have the best rotation is baseball: schilling, liriano, beckett, zambrano, zito with pap closing and wake and lester in the pen

Ok, what are everyones thoughts about our game tonight. David Wells does what?? Good game or “goodnight”??

You know what? I wish GameDay had stats for a batter agaisnt the specifc pitcher they are facing.

It’d be nice.

Come on Tejada.

Or dont get the chance to bat because Mora ran like too slow, thats fine too. *grumbles*

posada has a sick arm ever since pena worked with him.

guys i gotta go. picking up my cousin at the airport. dont know if ill be on this week. talk to yall later.

Looks like mussina is struggling for the Yanks today.
3-0 Orioles.

Vince, are you checking in on your game? I saw it was 0-0, now the O’s have the lead, what happened, I’m not jabbing at you, I really want to know what happened.

mussina threw 40 in the 2nd inning…orioles are working him hard, and the yankees offense hasn’t woken up yet today so he keeps getting thrown into the fire, they need a spark

Mussina has been so good lately, it had to end some time.

I’m just glad it was tonight. If Wells going, this MAY have been a saving grace (though I still haven’t ruled out Wells being sharp)

he could still grit out a quality start here…87 pitches, he needs a quality 5th.

88 pitches after 4 for Mussina.

I imagien they’ll send him out for the 5th.. but I have a feelign we may see TJ Bbeam tonight, in which case the Orioles may just pull this one off.. so logn as their pitching doesn’t implode.

You are right Agas. He’s bound to have a bad outing. And I too am glad it is TODAY. Rather than against a contender (wsox/rsox). Chances are he’ll not be bad 2 times in a row.

Seems like the Sox and Yanks having cycles of injuries.

First Clement,Foulke & Wells are injured. Go on DL.(SOX)

Then Matsui & Sheff get injured. Go on Dl(Yanks)

Then Wake, nixon, Tek, Doug get injured(SOX)

Now it’s Yanks cycle started. Cairo injured.Probably done for the season.

This is true, Indian. As much as I dislike his uniform, Mussina is a good pitcher and unlikely to repeat a performance like tonight.

Someday, I hope we’ll be able to talk about Beckett like that.. once he gets his homeruns numbers under soem freaking control.

Loewen has been throwing very well tonight and deserves some credit. 4 innigns so far, two walks, one hit, 57 pitches – against a Yankee lineup.

I think you’re jumping the gun on Cairo. Last I heard was strained hamstring… that sort of discription could actually mean anything. Its so vague as to be nearly useless.

even cano and crosby only missed a month, cairo is not done for the season, he will at worst prob be back early to mid september

Anyone has any idea why the games are blacked out on mlb.tv on saturday even though FOX doesn’t telecast them.?

Loewen: 5 IP, 0 ER, 1 Hit, 2 BB, 4 SO with 68 pitches thrown.

Hey… he’s a rookie!

If the Orioles do anything in this inning, it’ll be goodnight for Mussina.

2 outs though.. but Mora and Tejada coming up. Hopefully, Mora – if he gets on base – wont try to steal or anythign goofy liek that

Hey Vince!

and.. there goes the side. Yankee, Indian.. do you think we’ll see Mussina in the 6th?

hey kaylee…u have to see mussina for the 6th i think, we cannot use proctor, farnsworth is available for an inning….mo can pitch two i guess…good thing monday is an off day….

kumar i don’t know, i guess they only televise in the northeast or something i dont have it either, but they have the rights before 7pm on saturdays

Anythign to avoid Beam, I suppose?

Loewen may be tiring.. he just walked Johnny.. and seriously.. walk Johnny for face Jeter with HIS BA? Thats just silly.


do i have the right game on BALTIMORE IS SHUTTING OUT THE YANKEES?

Welcoem to the Bizarro Universe, Kaylee. Next thing you know the Royals will sweep the Tigers.

Jeter swings and misses and sits.

Now to get Abreu who, I beleive, has not yet had an RBI as a Yankee… and colelcts two quick strikes

well if the yankees lose.Then wells better be onn his game tonight!

NO GIDP..it’s just a K

And one more K to end the inning.

I feel like a loser here because everybody keeps asking me why I keep saying PUT Seanez and Tavarez in the sox games is there something I am missing about them?

Loewen so far: 6 IP, 1 Hit, 0 ER, 3 BB, 7 Ks, 88 pitches

Really really not bad at all. Can we get HIM instead of JJ?

Moose out, Villione in.. didnt he pitch a bunch last night?

abreu has about 7 hits in 4 games as a yankee instead. i think he is 0-2 with risp so far with a walk.

villone went 1.2 innings last night, he can handle this i hope, i don’t agree with this move but we don’t wanna pull a booby miles…i think regardless we may see mo today with monday being an off day

Kaylee.. they stink.

well I know that but…..

Not starting well for him, Yankee. Tejada singles and is 3 for 3 on the night

but nothin’, Kaylee.. they stink and, see, we have this thign where we want the Sox to WIN games.

We might see them tomorrow though cant imagine jason johnsn is gunna fair well!

tejada is an automatic baserunner against anybody in the al east. Gibbons K…if only we could get these guys out in less than 8 pitches per batter

nice AB, even if it ended in a strikeout. Work Vs pitchcount so they can’t use him in the 77th.. try to get to Beam.

Jason didnt do too bad his last start, honestly.. but he really doesnt belong on a Contenders rotation.

agas u do realize beam is not in the majors right?

lol it would be dave veras

He got sent down? *blinks* Ok.. I’m not thinking straight at ALL

I know why isnt KYLE SNYDER startin?

he got sent down on tuesday i believe, dave veras some AAA guy with a 2.40 era was called up


Because he isnt contender material either, Kaylee.

Heck, of the spot starters we’ve seen I liked Pauley the best

this game is over, they are completely flat and this isn’t the redsox vs the indians.

Vince is this the same RON VILLONE thatyou guys think pitches great on the mond?

4 ERs really isnt that bad.. your bats are just asleep.

EZ bros stink very bad. Once in a while tito brings them on just to lose some games. Just put either one on the the mound and the lead disappears no matter how big the lead is.

Some adventures of EZ bros I can recall of my mind.

Vs Twins. score tied in the 10th. EZ bro 1(Tavarez) comes onto mound ..boom..Grandslam. Game Over.

Vs Phils. Sox leading 6-0. Ez bro2(Seanez) comes onto the mound. after a couple of minutes …Game tied. Extra innings.Even though sox won in extra innings.

OHHH you are conceding the gamee now vince!

Kaylee, Villone IS good on the mound. He’s havign abd night, but he IS good. Don’t let your hatred blind you to facts. That make syou misjudge your enemy which makes you weak.

Looks like even Villone is struggling. 1 ER 1 out and bases loaded so far.

But.. what was the Wild Pitch? Was it on a pitchout attempt?

Since when are the yankees My enemy!

One more run. 5-0 Orioles.

no clue i am blacked out, watching it on sportsline….villone is overworked, and it took him 22 pitches to get an out, this is just not their day…should have let moose try his hand at the 6th like i said, christ, why aren’t i manager

Villone is defiantly not feeling it, your right Yankee.

He’s tryign to pickoff Markakis who has 1 SB all year… its liek he doesnt want to throw to the plate.

The yankees are not my enemy!

And Villone’s out of it.***** lucky he didnt give up more.

I have seen pitchers trying to pick-off Doug Mirabelli. Sometime I don’t understand these pick-offs. May be they are just trying to prevent ahit and run.

Ok.. suggestions for MLB.com regarding their gameday program.

1. Show who, if anyone, is throwign in the Bullpen at a given time.

2. When a Batter is up, show his career stats against opposing pitcher

four straight balls… Loewen is done.. take him out before he gives up the game.

/stop being on a 15 second delay and stop BLACKING OUT MY GAMES!

OKAY I Am going over to the yankees blog now!Be back at game time!

Walk Giambi. Loewen should be done.

holy cow.. now he walks Giambi?

This kid is baked.

He’s still pitching. Watch Posada hit another one to punish the Os for their mistake.

Strikes out Posada.

Or he can strike out!

Now just get Wilson to ground into a double play…

Todd Williams 1 pitch. 2 out. Double Play.

OH! I called it!

Man did u call that right.

all right i have to go do some things, see u guys later….i’mm prob chime in around 8 or 9 for the sox game

See ya Yankee

Kaylee: when you became (or when you were born) a REDSOX fan, is when the Yankees became the enemy! (nothing personal vince) It’s like the snake and the mongoose, it is just your natural enemy!! You’re leaning!!

Should step out to get some coffee. Should be back b4 the game. See ya guys.

Can’t help it!!! Here comes the Cheerleader! We have to win this one and hopefully the opportunity will be there for us to bring it even.


Boy am I negatve Today!

I just told those yankees fans to take lester for povano!

OKAY TIME tO wath this sox game and To get myself in a positive mood!

Lowell is not playing… is he really hurt? Available off the Bench maybe?

Yeah, Coco!

And Loretta!

This is a nice start

Ok.. lets see what Wells can do..

Wells gets a K on first batter!

Another K!

1-2-3 inning!

Nice 1st BY wells!There goes all my bashing ofhim huh??

That was sweet. Very sweet indeed. Keep it up, David!

Where is Lopez’s bat?

Look, guys, I know your not at full strength.. but lets get some pop to back Wells.

Looks like Hillenbrand might get the last laught… the Jays are god-awful. Wish they were this bad early in the year against us.

Hit Kapler. Please, dont injure him. Please?

First time posting.

I was amazed by Wells’ first inning. Let’s hope that he can keep it up.

Go Sox : D

Well.. that was a cruddy inning, offensively.

I think we’ll see Lowell tommorrow… thats just what my gut tells me.

Lee. This is the guy who hurt Wells the last time. Strike him out in revenge, David!

Hey! Thank you!

Where IS everyone? There’s a game on! This blog should be hopping!

THAT was close..

ANOTHER 1-2-3 inning, thnaks to some darn fine fielding by Coco

I am Here…….Keep the good pitching up wells and FOSSUM stop hitting our batters!

Where are ellen, kumar and gosoxred?

Come on Coco.. make this guy work! Get to their bullpen early!

DOUBLE! Coco is on Second!

Come on MArky Mark!

KUmar sai dhe is getting his coffee

jesus first the yankees play like geriatrics and now i go to work out and some little brat is having a birthday party complete with a disco ball and some mediocre dj

Well, I cant say Im sorry about the Yankees,,, but that Gym thing stinks.

Whoa.. Crisp almost stole third.. Loretta fouled though.

Dang.. Loretta doesnt do that often. Dang.

youre back huh?

Ortiz walks.

yes only to find out that these tampa bay announcers only **** **** their own team when it is the yankees, when the redsox are in town they have circle jerks over “big papi” cracks me up how pathetic objectivity is in american sports media.

Come on Youk.. get us another run

I see Javy lopez is worst then MIRABelli cmon javy can u play?

I am back.

OUCH… Youk was robbed.

Wells looks good so far.

That should have been another run. great play by Upton.

Still.. it was a productive inning in that we worked Fossum and pushed his pitch count up.

I just came back. Did I just see Ortiz at 1B.

Yeah… Lowell is sitting out, so he gets to play 1st

yes you did Manny is Dh-ing

Youk to Ortiz. 1 down.
Youk to Ortiz. 2 Down.

VInce where are you?

and Youk to Ortiz. 3 Down.


Come on Wells, get this guy.. make it 9 straight.

****.. Wells is looking GOOD.

Only 33 pitches, too!

I can hear Vince swearing from here.

Good job Wells. He looks gooooood. Now let’s get rid of this Fossum thing. 54 pitches through 3.

i’m here but doing things that don’t involve watching this train wreck offense get shut down by some overweight hasbeen-sorry bitter and angry mood, it’s been a long day

Come on Wily Mo…

Thats ok, Vince.. we all have days liek that – like Monday. Monday was nasty

WHAT THE #@?! Are they TRYING to injure him?!

Gonzo let’s make them pay for that HBP.

Vince:I understand been like that all day…..A lot of good all my wells bashing is doing tonight haha anyway agastald:i think i may have been out of my mind when i said trade lester to the yankees for povano.

dont you think.

And we strand Kapler on 2nd… dang. We need more runs..

Not again. Wells looks alright.

Uh oh…

Oh.. oh god no…

THATS IT! Lets DESTROY these Devil Rays! Now I’m mad!

These Devils are trying to injure all the Sox players.

Come on Wells… get rid of Crawford.


Thast why Ortiz doesnt usually play first, people.

Tie ball game. We have to get some runs here.

thanks crawford, *******, way to kill the momentum…what did ortiz do wrong i was in the shower

Hey vince:That comment is not going to hold true if These rays keep hitting wells like this!

ALright Vince:NO dont thank Crawford thank wells!

tampa has no players with helmets that fit them.

I bet you Wells wont get though 5.The way he is pitching this inning!

wells will go the 5.2 3 er i told him to

should be loaded 1 out , way to go crawford u dip ****

I still think javy cant hit.he is worst then mirabelli!

UGH Greg Norton 2-1 tampa and wells get out of the inning!

What’s going on here.

see vince you need to cheer wells on not tampa!

lol i told u….wells goes 5.2 3 er, i don’t know what is so complicated about this?

btw anyone a doctor here? is it weird if my ankle cracks everytime i walk up steps?

Time for tavarez or seanez!Oh think positive……

oh haha didn’t realize he gave up 4er already

Vince:Try 4……..and counting!

It’s over finally.

haha payt attentioon there vince:I want tavarez or seanez guess i am the only one!

Taverez can hold a 3run lead cant he?

Okay maybe i am obsessed with Julian Tavarez and Rudy Seanez!

“my gut for wells (no pun intended)….5.2 innings, 3 er. I think it is important to take into account he has DOMINATED the rays in his career, but he is also on the road and still not all “there”. Consider this a 2nd rehab start. ****** so close.

Yeah you were!

Time to score some runs here.

wow…put ortiz and pena in the field and you guys look like the royals

hey Vince Pena and Ortiz are not that bad.

lol they didn’t disprove that this inning….i think tavarez and cantu are prob the 2 ugliest players in baseball

any women have an opinion on that?

CAntu YES…I beg to differ on tavarez though.

you definitley are obsesed with them… WHY???

whaaaaaaaaat tavarez is the ugliest player in the world in any sport i think…..youkilis is up there too

ELLEN:I have no idea I have been obsessed with them since i talked to them before one of the cleveland games.



This game doesn’t look good so far.

Well Kaylee, looks like you’re getting your wish The Senior EZ bro is up… Let’s pray he makes it right! I still want to know why you have this fascination with them.

I know francona just dosent know when to take pitchers out
Vince:What does that mean?

Is that Tavarez or seanez?

Looks like Tito gave upon this game. Tavarez is warming up in the bullpen.

it means career utility man greg norton just hit a BOMB

it means career utility man greg norton just hit a BOMB.
I cannot wait to run all day on you guys in 2 weeks, lopez and mirabelli both have no arms.

it means career utility man greg norton just hit a BOMB.
I cannot wait to run all day on you guys in 2 weeks, lopez and mirabelli both have no arms.

Hey dont say tavarez cant pitch just watch he will give us 2 scoreless innings!

wow i just had terrets, whoooops

Hey I just figured out how to get Wells to end the inning; Just tell him there are Dunkin donuts, pizza and a bottle of Jack in the Dugout. (i said that to my husband and the inning was over!!) Man I hope Tito does something here soon.. or Wells gets his head out of his buttocks!!!

hey vince:I wont be mad when you sweep us!Oops that will never happen:

Joe Madden must be out of his mind. He just took out Fossum out. He threw only 88 pitches so far and he has given trouble to Red Sox all this season.

lol kaylee if we swept u 5 games at fenway in a tight pennant race, u guys wouldn’t stop hearing about it for decades

That’s a big break for the Sox.

Gonzo lets bring Wily Mo Home.

hey Vince you never know with all these injuries to the sox yankees are good!How are we playing that series?Likw a doubleheader somewhere?

vince:we probably would be out of it too if you guys awept us 5 games!

TITO make me happy and put in Tavarez for the 7th

“the yankees are the only team to ever get calls in their favor”

kaylee august 18th is a day night doubleheader and then three more days of yankees redsox at fenway the 19th, 20th and 21st…it will be bloody and gruesome and a war.

Vince:did you answer my questionn!

YEAH it will and hopefully not in the sox favor!

Sorry got to go watch “my man”Julian Tavarez pitch Brb!

Gee Tavarez is already doing a WONDERFUL JOB!! GO Senor EZ

is that a joke ellen!

YEAH 2 scoreless innings Tavarez!GIVE ME EM!

Wha t just happened here? Did Ez Bro Sr get out of the inning withour giving a grandslam. I can’t believe this.

KUMAR:yes He did!Cmon i cant be the only one with faith in Tavarez!

Put tavarez out for another inning titi!

Home Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Mannnyyyyyyyyyy.

1 run game now. 21 Game Hit streak for Mannny.

VINCE:dont look now but the sox are coming back!

do you leave tavarez in now?I would.

Looks like no more Tavarez today. Craig Hansen warming up in the bullpen.

Is that a good thing?tavarez is better then hansen!

for the record i am very proud of the tampa franchise, while the marlins are playing solid ball they continuously average 10,000 or less unless the yankees or redsox come to play, which is never….but in tampa i hear a let’s go devilrays chant right now, it is good to see them starting to draw their own fans and not transplanted northeasternors…

well kapler should have already been out on strike 3 looking, good to know the universe will always make sure ortiz comes up in the 9th

What’s with this fat abnoxious fan Devil Rays who keeps shouting annoyingly. He is there for all the Red Sox Games and shouts at the Red Sox Hitters. I am very annoyed listening to him on TV, just imagine how annoying this guy must be to the Hitters.

Oh I am so tired…

Just wanted to say hello for a quick second – I have to go to my parents’ house and let my doggies out.πŸ™‚ I should be on over there for a little bit, so I can catch the end of the game…

I hate to see Gonzo with runners in scoring position.

hey jen!

kumar that guy is known as the heckler, i believe his real name is steve for some reason, he is at all the games, season ticket holder, it is not just the sox he harrasses every visiting team.

sportscenter did a minor 30 second showcase on him once when they caught wind that he is always there

hey Kumar:he does that att all d-rays home games.He is so loud too!

Hey sweetheart, how are you? I’ll be back soon.

I have never seen such a annoying fan ever. Even in the Sox – Yanks games, with all that rivalry, I haven’t seen anybody so annoying.

im having an off day, but obviously i missed u and all, byebye for now

Vince:hopefully Those yankees-sox games will not be in the sox favor!

He should not be allowed to to that when the pitcher is throwing.

Vince:dont leave me you are the one of the few intelligent ones here for me to talk too!


R u Sox fan? Yanks fan? or Sox fan but doesn’t hate Yanks? I am so confused.

hopefully…hansen has a 4.56 era? i don’t get it, his numbers are awful, beckett’s numbers minus wins are awful and yet you guys spend ur lives trying to convince me they are the wave of the future, yet u ignore wang…doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.

haha im not leaving i was saying goodbye to jen

I am a sox fan.That does not hate the yankees.Probably one of teh few out there!

Vince:that’s Good.

my sister is a yankee fan that rooted for the sox in the 04 ws…mainly cause she went to emerson and if the sox were gonna win she wanted to be there (she was a senior in 04)…..wow lopez really really has a terrible arm.

Vince:I told you lopez is worse then miribelli!

Btw-where are all the intelligent fans tonight!

wow…..these rays announcers might as well be redsox announcers, they are more bias than the actual ones are….when the yankees played them they treated tampa like they were a playoff contender, now they are treating them like a farm team and the redsox like they are a dynasty

Sorry i am a little cranky today that yankees loss did not start my day well!

That stinks. I give up one this game now. I am so tired today. Should get some sleep early.

see i told you tavarez is better then hansen!


vince:where are you?

Abt Hansen and other rookie pitchers in the bullpen. Tito wants to put them in some tight situations, so that they can gain some experience. That is why I guess we see more of Hansen & Delcarman instead of EZ bros.He has been doing this all this year. This is really hurting the team. Either he doesn’t have hope on Sox going deep into season and wants the young pitchers to gain some experience. Why then he would bring Hansen instead of Timlin in the 8th.

I am tired and I am out of here.

goodnight guys.

All this, and we get to look forward to Jason Johnson giving up at least 3 runs in the first inning tomorrow.
Toronto picked a bad time to be slumping. Swept by the Yanks and about to be swept by the White Sox. Really could have used them to get some wins. Now we’re 1/2 game of the wild card.

I still don’t get how a first place team gets manhandled by a team 20 games under .500. This is pretty frustrating. Haven’t had a 2 game winning streak in over a week now. This isn’t the way to make our move.

Kumar, Francona said he wanted to really monitor Timlin’s work the next few weeks. Since he went on the DL with a dead arm, he hasn’t been the same since he’s come back. Francona doesn’t want to over work him. It’s a tough predicament to be in right now because basically he’s out there and now might only be used every 3 days or so.

no i’m not questioning why hansen is brought in, i’m questioning why u guys have such high hopes for him, his stuff doesn’t look that impressive to me and his numbers are terrible, he had a solid two weeks and now hes just been bad. Delcarmen has looked decent so far i guess.

Thanks Hansen. This is a time when I hate the rule that Wells is going to get the loss here. By all rights it should go to Hansen, but Wells will get it because we never tied or took the lead after he left.

THere you are Vince!The sox are not gunna gain on the yankees It seems that is a good thing!

Kaylee, what team do you root for? Now you’re a Yankee fan??

I meant that is good for the yankees and(us vince)

I root for both!

hahaa kaylee is breaking every baseball rule to ever exist.


Disappointing game. Looked like there was a chance when Manny homered. Wells wasn’t atrocious. I feel like ****. Hansen deserves the loss.

What are those!are those the unwritten rules iam breaking!


Here’s hoping Javy can get his first hit in a Sox uniform.

jamie:seanez could have done that!

haha yea kaylee, u cannot root for both, not at the same time at least, it is unnacceptable….you learned about benedict arnold? breaking the rule u are breaking is considered worse in the baseball world.

We have such high hopes coz he is still a rookie and he is our closer for future. Consider ur rookies in the bullpen(T.J Beam & Matt Smith(now with Philies).Compare T.J Beam’s and Hansen’s ERA and also consider that Hansen is always comes in Tight situations. I guess u understand y we have high hopes abt Hansen.

I still believe Tito thinks this is rebuilding year for SOX.

It’s official, Javy Lopez *****.

kumar, smith had 12 shutout innings as a yankee and that was it, now he is on the phillies, and beam is in AAA…dave veras is the only rookie home grown in our pen right now and he threw a shutout inning today…if u want to compare him to wang who is in his first full season that is a different story, considering hansen pitched last year.

i know vince,I have gotten alot of grief From sox and yankee fans lately for rooting for both teams!

The Yanks lost as well so it’s not that bad after all.

I am so tired today. Goodnight for the final time today.

Lopez could’ve had a moment of glory; he screwed it up. Like I said, Hansen deserves the loss. Otherwise, Ortiz would’ve been the hero yet again with his RBI single. I really really want to see Seanez pitch in clutch situations.

Why is Coco Crisp batting leadoff now? (not that I mind; just wondering why he’s replaced Youk)

Nice pick up right there. Corky Miller could have had a better game behind the plate. There’s a reason why Lopez wasn’t playing in Baltimore, because he stinks.
Can’t hit and can’t catch. So no moves at the deadline and one crappy move after. Good one. Maybe we can claim another clutch hitter that can hit into a double play with the bases loaded in the 9th. Welcome to Boston Javy.

I offical think its safe to say the red sox may have the worst pitching rotation and bullpen in the majors…we should have not lost tonight. I knew the first few innings for wells was too good to be true….and so Javy, id designate him for assignment and bring up some single A player to start..he couldnt do much worst….what a ****** up game…and you can count a lose tomorrow with johnson on the mound.

Coco’s in the leadoff spot because Lowell is not in the lineup to bat 5th. For some reason, Francona doesn’t think anyone else is capable of batting 5th except Varitek (batting .240) Lowell, or Youk.

Lopez isn’t that bad. He just changed teams, and he might need time to adjust. I haven’t lost hope in him yet. Corky Miller isn’t all that great, and I’d rather see Lopez behind the plate any day.

Kaylee, you like BOTH the Sox and Yankees? How does that work?

Vince u r not letting me go. Hansen is still a rookie even though he pitched last year, coz of those MLB rules abt the innings pitched in the 1 st year. And Hansen is drafted in 2005 and he is one of very few guys to make MLB debut in the same season when they r drafted.

I am going. GoodNight. This time for real.

Coco is batting leadoff to give some sort of bat behing ramirez…coco is comming around. And with Lowell out it would be pretty bad to have pena..then kapler..and Gonzo hitting behind him with the little bit of offense and production these guys can give. Its one of the the few smart moves the sox have made.

jamie:I dont know,Butt,it makes sense to me!

redsoxfanatic, quit badgering the Sox after every loss. I agree today wasn’t all that great. However, the Sox do NOT have the worst pitching in the league – far from it… Wells pitched rather well, considering it was his second game. Javy Lopez isn’t as good as Varitek, but he’s better than a single A player…

Why do you assume that Johnson will lose tomorrow’s game? He wasn’t bad at all his last time out, and the Devil Rays DO have the worst pitching (without Kazmir, at least)… don’t let your emotion get the better of you.

Kaylee= bandwagon…a ture def of bandwagon…atleast Vince doesnt say he is a sox fan ( which im sure he isnt ) i give him credit for sticking to one team like a true fan should.

I’d agree with you on Lopez Jamie if he didn’t already play in the AL East for 3 years. Plus this whole getting adjusted thing is such **** anyway. These guys are friggen major leaguers for Christ’s sake. That’s bull.
Maybe it’s just the frustration of losing to a team that’s 20 games under .500, but I’m not to optimistic about tomorrow. Personally I think it’s stupid to send that piece of **** Johnson out there. Let Snyder give us 5 strong and then ride it out from there.

We’re facing a guy making his 2nd major league start and he’s going to start off with at least a 5 run lead. I can’t watch a game that Johnson pitches. He reminds me so much of Clement. Slow deliver, gets a guy on base the craps himself.

Kaylee, if the Sox beat the Yankees in the postseason, would you be happy or sad?

Kaylee:NO YOU CANNOT ROOT FOR BOTH TEAMS, if you do, root for each on the respective blog. YOU ARE EITHER A REDSOX FAN OR A YANKEE FAN. Ask Vince, you just can’t be both.

Johnson is our 5th starter. I’d rather have him than Wright any day. Give him a chance; maybe he’ll prove you wrong.

Anyone that says they are a fan of both isn’t a real fan of either.

jamie:dont know that is tough!but probably happy cuz one of them won it!

im just sick of this ****…this isnt a typical sox team…although they are only one game back behind the Yanks but the Yanks had key injuries all year and kept pace…I seriously would like to see Seanez pitch tomorrow. This is Hansen’s first yr up with sox and actually playing…he isnt going to be like a papelbon is this yr…i mean paps wasnt as good last year either he’ll come around.. the sox will be ok . They are a much better team with the lead ( despite all the walkoffs ) the rays won tonight bc of that lucky hit that he would miss 99 times out of 100.

I hope you’re right Jamie.
By the way, where was the “hall monitor” when the F Bomb was dropped earlier? I think that might be the 1st time this year I’ve seen it slip through. At least that made me laugh.

Kevin are saying i am not a fan of either?

Another thing about Javy. Meadows gives up a run, is struggling, walks Youk to load the bases, and Javy is swinging at the 1st pitch???
Nice job.

You know what Jamie i hope he does prove me wrong i really really do.

Not at all, I’m not one to pass judgements on who anyone should root for. I just don’t know how anyone could be a fan of both the Yankees and the Sox. I guess the question that was proposed earlier would help answer it. Who will you root for when the Sox play the Yanks next week?

yeh i didnt understand the first pitch swinging either even with javy still awaiting his first hit in a red sox uniform….looks like another long night of no sleep. I think im getting sick.

in 2 weeks I meant.

I think i have to go with the sox on that one!

Hey Vince, I’m not trying to be mean to Kaylee, but what do you think will happen when she declares her devotion for BOTH THE SOX AND THE YANKEES on your blog?? I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty. I see it as an infactuation with baseball teams among other things. Kaylee, please don’t take this in the wrong way, but sweetie, when you are either a Yankee fan or a RedSox fan, you MUST pledge your loyalty to one or the other; you can’t ride both horses. So either cook or get off the stove. (*Boy I put that nicely didnt I). Wish tonight they had put Jon-Bon in, in the 8th)

haha kevin don’t forget javy has a terrible arm too, i didn’t realize how badly this guy deteriorated since his roided 2003 until i watched the entire game today…he does not fit into ur defensive scheme at all….neither does ortiz at first, u should prob stop doing that. 2 errors in 10 games.

hahaha that was a nice quote i may have to use that.,.do you mind, ellen?

haha yea kaylee, u cannot root for both, not at the same time at least, it is unnacceptable….you learned about benedict arnold? breaking the rule u are breaking is considered worse in the baseball world.

Posted by: yankeevmm@yahoo.com | August 5, 2006 10:26 PM

ellen i already expressed how i feel about such a thought.

well ellen:i guess the sox cuz i made my own red sox blog.

I don’t understand why Francona would put Papi at first. Francona tends to think that anyone that plays 2 days in a row needs a day off. I guess he did it because a lefty started and didn’t want a lefty/lefty matchup with Fossom/Cora.
Still, you don’t weaken your defense. Cora has hit lefties pretty decent this year. I know it’s hindsight, but I have to question that decision.

By the way, did you see who gave up a walkoff homerun to Detroit today? Our buddy, Fausto Carmona from Cleveland.

but i am still hooked on both!

haha kaylee is crazy.

u guys need hansen wells wakefield foulke or timlin to step it up or else i couldn’t possibly see how you have hope

yeh vince..did you see that throw to first almost ended up in centetfield….I thkn they should have tried for Molina

carmona is absolutely awful, it is like he is the byung hyung kim of the regular season and all he does is faces the yankees.

If the yankees get one hit ever again this year i will personally kick mattingly’s ***.

i should go gt some real dinner.cause im sure popsicles are not dinner.

well anyway…im goin to blockbuster to find some comedy movies to try and brighten my night and maybe if i decide to get drunk i could forget about this game until tomorrow and then if the sox win itll be all good…talk to you guys later.

molina would have been an excellent fit, he would be a good backup for the yankeees too, u wanna talk about clutch, wow and even at 33 or whatever he at least has defensive vigor. I didn’t realize he was available until today. It is not so much that everybody stole off lopez, it is that his throws were not even close.

haha vince.i know i am crazy

ah alcohol, the problem to and the solution of, all of lifes problems.

Old School. That’s always good for some laughs.
Caddyshack and 40 Year Old Virgin are solid picks as well.

Lopez was a clubhouse cancer in Baltimore. He’s caught 19 games this year and he’s blaming his injuries on the fact that he hasn’t been catching???? That’s most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. He says because his body hasn’t been in game action it has caused him to get sore. Nice try Javy. If a terrible Baltimore team didn’t think he was good enough to play, what made Boston think he’d be a good fit. Molina hits over .300 and has an arm. Plus, we trade a player that, while he may not make it on the Sox roster, is actually sought after by other teams in Adam Stern. You mean to tell me that Stern couldn’t have gotten us a decent arm in a trade before the deadline. We don’t want to mortgage our futer but we trade a prospect for a guy that’s only goign to be on the team for 2 months????? I don’t get it.

I hate to be all negative tonight, but if Carl Crawford reaches base tomorrow, it’s going to be as good as a triple. Johnson’s slow deliver and Javy’s terrible arm is a recipe for a steal of 2nd and 3rd.

Whyis eveybody putting lopez down???????he has been here on day!

good night, guys… I’m glad that the Yanks didn’t gain another game on us, but this game was winnable until that last pitch… Lopez isn’t patient at all, and it cost us today. Granted, he did get a decent pitch to hit; it was right over the heart of the plate. I hope Johnson rocks tomorrow… have a great night, everyone!

redsoxfanatic:my saying? use it and abuse it, and another great comedy would be Blazing Saddles and/or Airplane, what classics!! IN February when I’m jonesin’ for baseball. I really like Major League! Doesn’t the Rays coasch have the same glasses as Wild Thing?? no, but close.. PS Papelbon had Wild Things hair “cut” at the beginning of the year!

major league and airplane are HILARIOUS….airplane is the funniest movie i’ve ever seen……happy gilmore also does it for me

One other thing, the only trade they made before the deadline, Brian Corey….they designated him for assignment. Could this have been a worse week and a half for the Sox?
This guy the Sox face tomorrow is a lefty. If Lowell is still unable to go, is Francona going to put Papi back out there at 1st? Or will he use Cora?

vince, did you notice that when you would hear the engine noise, even though it was a jet you were seeing, that the noise was made by a prop(propeller. DC3) plane??


kaylee, what was stupid??

hahaha no ellen…it took me the 5th time seeing it just to notice that the flight to israel had a beard and yarmulke with a hebrew scarf!

DAF”D bryan corey!

Of all the classics that I’ve seen, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t seen Airplane yet. I’ve got to see that one.

My dad was a pilot amd I was around the airport a lot, I needed to see it about 15 times before I got everything (I think). Look at the gauges on the control panel, they’re from a prop plane from like the 1960’s, so many different things to pick out. Watch it again!~! I do as often as it is on tv!!!

Kaylee, I’m sorry, did I miss something?? I still don’t get it. (don’t forget,, I’m old and slowwwww).

Ellen:gsr Said we desginated bryan corey for assignment i was referring to that!

ellen, the Sox today designated Bryan corey to make room for Corky Miller.

hahaha yeah the gauge seen is classic, it just pans the same things over and over again…..i have probably seen it 9 or 10 times and i still catch something new every single time, that is what makes classic comedy.

JAmie:I thought you went to bed!

Thanks Kaylee,
To all,comedy fans, Nationers, et al,, Goodnight my conversationalist friends. I’ll be on in the a.m., but I’m working 10a.m.-11:00pm so PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED, I don’t know as yet if the game is on TV doen here. I’ll keep EVERYTHING crossed for that. G’night y’all!! Vince, think of other things in the movie that are weird, and don’t call me Shirley!!

hahaha byebye ellen.

Vince,I think i am going to bed soon too.Well I fly home tomorrow so I will miss the sox gamee what time is the yankees game?????Might miss that too!

1 o clock kaylee…..you’re still in boston? long vacation

err check that 1:35

YeaH i have to be at the airport at 6am!

And iam Not tired yet…….Probably wont get alot of sleep tonight as it after midnight!

lol bad combo, 6am airport and not in bed by midnight….kaylee is gonna be cranky tomorrow

I know I will be.I will probably sleep on the plane!

did everyone leave?

Morning all: I’m getting ready to leave for work. I tried to find out if the game is on the FSN/SFL today, but My paper guy must have slept in. Anyway, pls all have a great day, I’ll be back after 11 tonight.

Francona is to blame for last night. Why bat Javy Lopez ahead of Pena in the lineup? He’s a washed up, slow footed, back up catcher batting .257. We should really have some kind of logic around who bats where in the lineup. If you asked Francona who he would rather have up with the game on the line between Lopez and Pena, do you think he would have answered Lopez? What a terrible way to end the game after all that hard work from the top of the lineup to get us back in it.

Do u guys believe that Carmona, Indians closer gave one more Walk-off HR yesterday. For those of u who don’t remember Carmona he is pitcher who gave away the walk-of HR to Ortiz and Walk-off Double to Loretta couple of days ago.

Pena should bat behind Manny. Youk should bat 6th. Ortiz, Manny, and Pena in succession would give a pitcher nightmares…. think about it… that’s around 120 home runs in 3 of them

“Do u guys believe” = “Do u guys believe “

lol Carmona’s probably scared for life after what happend at Fenway…

I guess we’re going into the stretch run with no real plan on how to hit mediocre lefties:

Fossum is 2-0 with a 1.16 ERA in four starts against Boston this season. In his other 17 starts, Fossum’s ERA is 5.52.

Good hitters beat the **** out of mediocre pitchers…. Ortiz and Manny can. The others can’t seem to…

I’m actually glad that this game is blacked out here in Orlando. This way I don’t have to watch Johnson pitch. I know the optimists are going to say he settled down the other night. True, but it was another game in which he had us down 3 runs before we could breath. I hope the Sox jump out against this rookie lefty.
I know we are trying to be optimistic here, but what if I told you back at the begininning of spring training that on August 6th we will be starting a pitcher named Jason Johnson and a catcher named Corky Miller??

I’d probably would follow up by asking who Triple A was playing that day? Then I tell you it’s going to be the Sox starting those guys. I would then say “Oh sh**”

Well, I watch all games through mlb.com… We seldom get the Sox games here in Brazil.

I wouldn’t care If I had to watch Johnson pitching, instead of looking at some crappy picture and reading the plays.

: )

Where is everyone. Looks everybody gave up on Johnson.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD slide by YOuk. He knocked out Navarooo.

Ball goes away 2 runs score.

2-0 Sox.

Who is this new catcher Corky Miller?

Thanks for the play by play. My gameday is delayed. Corky Miller is from AAA, they brought him up when Mirabelli got hurt and designated Brian Corey for assignment.
What happened on the play? It still says run scoring play, but no update.

hey guys, btw other side update, jeter opposite field hr in the first, his 9th, yankees up 1-0


Now we just need Johnson to keep the ball in the infield.

whoops, don’t know why that email address showed up

Cora singled to Right field. Youk knocks out catcher Navaro at Home plate, ball goes away. The Pena scores.RBI single to Cora. Error to Navoro.

Johnson looks fine today. No hit throw 2 innings.

Looks like they overruled the last play. No RBI for cora just a single. 2 Unearned runs.

No hit throw 2 innings.
= No hits through 2 innings.

Toronto seems to be done for the season.lost 9 of their 10 games and are trailing 3-0 to White sox. I can’t believe they would fall so fast. I thought they would be in contention all through the season.

Well, Coco has seen 7 pitches today and struck out twice. Not exactly what you want from your leadoff guy. Let’s see Manny extend his hitting streak right here.

What’s even worse about the Toronto slump is that they could have really helped us by beating New York or Chicago the past 2 series.
If the Sox sweep the Royals, which they should, we will gain ground on either Chicago or New York, since they are playing each other Tuesday-Thursday.

the one thing about that chicago series that i am happy about (they are gonna play us tough and it is in chicago) is we have wang followed by johnson and mussina..legit shot at 2 of 3 on the road.

esp since i don’t think mussina has had back to back non quality starts all season and wang is running on 17 consecutive shutout innings…..kevin don’t underestimate the royals, they had been playing solid ball lately, and they played u guys tough at fenway, now ur in their house….though u very well could sweep them

Sweep against KC would be great. But they play well at home. So Sox should be careful. Then again Schilling, Beckett & Lester are pitching. Beckett & Schil both had bad outings so should rebound against KC.

Hello everyone! I’ll be in and out today, but I’ll be around.πŸ™‚ I have to cut the grass and give my dogs a bath. :-\

jeez jen, stop neglecting everyone

I know, I know. My parents are coming home tomorrow, though, so I’ve been busy keeping an eye on things at their house as well as mine. Sorry honey.😦 And I promise I’ll write you back.

Okay Johnson, there’s no reason to panic. Let’s end this inning here.


lol silly dogs.

Yeah Jen. Stop neglecting everyone. btw u guys better score atleast 7 or 8 runs if you wanna win.

K out of that inning. End of 3. 2-1 Sox.Should score some runs. This Howell looks good so far. 5 Ks. Sox should get to him now.

I’m sowwy.😦 This is a busy day today and then I promise things will slow down.

howell had an era of 13 into the game fyi. I guess torre doesn’t have much faith in lopez. Interesting defense today.

hahah ok jen, fine i forgive you.

A-Gon hit by pitch?

Do these hits look intentional? I heard that Kapler got hit yesterday… any thoughts?

my thought is welcome to the yankees, where we get hit twice per game everyday it seems, except when we can use a base runner.

Yep,Gabe was hit by pitch yesterday. Twice.

Well, for all the complaining we did about Varitek hitting this year, I’d take anyone that could hit. I think we have 1 hit from our catchers since Tek went down.
Also, the Orioles had a man on 3rd with 1 one out in the 1st and 2nd and didn’t score. Our boy Millar struck out in the 2nd.

Have to go now. Will be back sometime soon.

Looks like Johnson figured Crawford will steal 2nd and 3rd anyway.


Sox lead 3-2.

cabrera hr 4-0

Coco 3 K’s, you gotta be kidding me. Come on Wily Mo

Need a big hit by A-Gon right here. The Sox haven’t had a lead of more than 2 runs in a long time. It would be nice to break one open.

Great, Great at-bat by Alex Cora.

Game day delayed again. All I see is run-scoring play. What’d he do?

Come on Corky. If you walk, you’ll be more productive than Lopez.

*sigh* I love long walks to home plate.πŸ˜›

Thanks Vince, I don’t know what I would have done with myself if you wouldn’t have forgiven me.πŸ˜‰

probably hid in a dark hole for years at a time only to come out to occasionally stare at the garrish light of day, that’s my guess jen.

Coco with the golden sombrero. Unreal.

Coco Crisp 4 AB 17 pitches 4 K’s.

: (

how many runs did u score in the last 5 or 6 games by way of HBP or walk? Looks like teams are **** bent on helping the redsox during some hard times.

Let’s go Papi. Break this open.

Johnson’s cruising. I guess he proved some people wrong today =) (not that they mind lol)

So the Johnny Damon to be has a golden sombrero. Probably because he broke his wrist 4 months ago.

Yeah, I think so too, Vince.πŸ™‚

Youk is only 2nd to Jeter with runners in scoring position and 2 outs this year. Let’s get another.

lol it didn’t occur to me until today that jeter is top 5 in like 3 or 4 offensive categories…average and runs being two of them

That boy is clutch.

Johnson looked good today. So, does this mean we are going to see him again. I don’t mind watching him if he is this good always.

New post by Ian.

wright 11 innings 2 runs his last two starts, looks to go 2-0….perhaps we have a 5th starter too? Now if only our johnson can stay consistant..

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