Sunday road nightmares

What is it with Sunday road games? In this one at the Trop, the Sox blow a 6-2 lead. The last Sunday road game before this was the Coco-Manny inside-the-park disaster at Safeco two weeks ago. And the Sunday road game before that was the 19-inning meltdown in Chicago right before the All-Star break.

Earlier in the game, there was reason to be inspired.

Kevin Youkilis, not exactly blessed with blazing speed, trucked around third and tried to score on Alex Cora’s single. Youkilis saw catcher Dioner Navarro set up to take the throw, and he likely would have had the out if Youkilis allowed him to. But Youkilis basically rammed right into Navarro football-style, knocking the ball loose and bringing home not just one run, but two runs. That’s right, Wily Mo Pena circled all the way around from first on a tough error for Navarro.

That is the type of desire you need this time of year and this Red Sox team has it. Look at the way they’ve been winning games. Their last four wins before today were all of the comeback variety. Is that a formula that is going to keep a team going all year round? No. But it is one that will keep them above water at a time when adversity has mounted.

Then Ortiz launched his 40th homer and all seemed well. But it wasn’t.

The bullpen coughed this one up big-time after my initial post. Delcarmen and Hansen have been fairly atrocious of late and that’s troubling. Timlin has looked very hittable for the last month or two. And Papelbon simply picked the wrong day to be human. And Tavarez, what can you say about Tavarez, other than, how utterly fitting it was that he was out there for the final dagger of the day.


I say put a tight leash on Johnson. This is by far the best he’s thrown in forever. Day off tomorrow, so everyone should be able to go. Paps should even be available for 2 if needed. Let him go back out, but once a guy gets on, 2 max, get him out.

This crow tastes good! I had absolutely no confidense in Johnson today and he really came up big. 6-2 lead, let him back out for the 7th and again, if a guy or 2 gets on, have the pen ready to go. But really nice game today and I promise not to make fun of Johnson again (or until the next time he pitches).

Well on a positive note from the catcher position, it looks like Corky lined out. A line drive is better production than we’ve had since Tek went down….So we have that going for us.

Is Johnson going to come back for 7th. Let’s see.

I agree with Ian this team is not going to go away, even with all the injuries to the key players.

We’ve brought up before how the White Sox announcers are the biggest homers in the league. Whenever they strike someone out, we hear the obnoxious, “He Gone.” The funniest thing just happened. Benji Molina hit a homerun. When the ball was hit, Harrelson goes “Can of corn to left, can of corn….oh man” So great to hear some humility and hear him screw up.

There’s my Mikey in the bullpen!πŸ™‚ I missed seeing him.

Looks like we’re doing pretty well – we’ve got Manny in there, I see.

On a completely different note, it’s freakin’ HOT outside. I’m cutting the grass, and I feel like I’ve been swimming in the pool all day.

Finally, Terry’s gone out there. Hopefully Mike can take care of this last out.

poor butterfly. Who’s making you work in the hot sun?😦

Let’s hope Timlin can do this. They throw Paps out there for 2 innings. He’s only pitched once in the past 3 days and they have day off tomorrow. 2 innings won’t kill him.

My slave driver.πŸ˜›

From how they are doing, your bullpen has as much repair if not more as ur starting pitching. The baby bull pen has been inconsistent at best to say the least, save for Papelbon.

No, I’m just kidding. I’m cutting the grass before my parents get home, so they don’t have to worry about doing anything after an 11 hour flight.

Nice job, walk Hollins to get to their best hitter.

Out of the inning finally.

aww Jen. You are such a nice girl.

Whoa. Hope Manny can extend his hitting streak here.

Chicago lost to Toronto. If we hold on, back up by 1/2 game in Wild Card.

No one catches that fly ball. 22 Game hit streak for Manny.

Do you think Manny even knows he has a hitting streak going? My bet is NO WAY. If someone told him today was April 30th he might believe them.

That’s just Manny being Manny.

Looks like Timlin is still out there. I hope if he gives up a baserunner that Francona brings in Paps.

Paps up in the bullpen if needed in the 8th.

rivera out of a jam in the 8th….game is over pretty much

Timlin stinks. Bring on Paps.

wow i just turned it on as the pitcher delivered that, maybe i’ll keep watching timlin’s career fail him.

Thanks Vik, I try to be.πŸ™‚ I figure, my parents have done a TON for me (especially since I moved out :-P) that I figure I can keep their house and yard decent-looking while they’re gone. Although, with as hot and dry as it’s been, the yard has…ummm, pretty much died. I’m probably gonna run the sprinkler tonight sometime. See if I can’t get some life back into the yard.πŸ™‚

Ok Papelbon up to replace Timlin.

Gives up a bomb to a guy hitting .205. Holy ****.

Timlin doesn’t stink. You act like he’s the only pitcher to give up a HR. I hate Travis Lee.

DAMMIT – this *****.

ahahahahhahahahahaahhahahaahahahahahahahahah PAPI!

That stinks.

OHHHH THE NEXT RIVERA BLOWS HIS 4TH SAVE OF THE SEASON!!! he has a few years left, don’t worry.

Nothing wrong. Even the great Mariano Rivera blows some saves. This is after all Papelbon.

6-2 lead after 6 against a team that is 20 below .500. I can’t believe this. Granted, Paps gave up the tying homerun, but how much longer is Timlin going to be setting up games? He has looked BAD since the All Star break.

why didn’t u stick with delcarmen today? we know hansen has been struggling…maybe u try seanez?

Delcarmen got yanked. He gave up 2 runs and had a guy on 2nd. Timlin came in and walked a guy then got out of it. The pen was worked the way it should have, but Timlin just doesn’t have it lately. No way Seanez would be put in a game that we are ahead just yet. Yes, he’s had 9 straight scoreless, but each appearence has come with us up or down by 4+

no way yankee i wood never go to seanez in a spot like that hes such a bad pitcher now. i have lost complete faith after that 19 inning game in chigago where tavarez pitched a butiful 4 innings of scoreless baseball and seanez couldnt make it thorugh 1 and a third.

u guys have some issues then….papelbon isolated incident prob, but u need a bridge to step up

26 pitches so far. I say he has to go back out there for hte 10th.

here we go…i feel like im bonding right now

everybody’s favorite pitcher is in

I feel so like…hitting something. Stupid, f’ing Tavarez. Why the……AHHHHHH

The sox lost. We win. 2 game lead. Nice. What a choke job by Boston.


not for anything but for as clutch as ortiz is, tavarez is not

I meant to post it on the other blog. But thats ok. Let it stay here also.

Thanks Vik, for that.

I’m outta here. Got places to be that I should have been a couple hours ago. I should be back on later. We’ll see.

Oops Jen. I did not mean to show up the sox. But you know ..

Yeah, right.

Sorry, not directed at you. I’m just really pissed right now.

i totally did cause i know when the yankees (if the yankees) eventua struggle itll be shoved back in my face so i might as well enjoy it now

And they will say…

“Thats how we lost the AL East”

Deary me why didn’t we trade Tavarez and that is a crushing defeat, wild card or bust yet again for us and this year is following the well trodden AL East script of the last few years. Deary me.

Alright, see you all later.

later. Enjoy your evening.

Julian Tavarez *****!

byebye jennifer

you uh can’t overcome adversity when you have no bullpen….for the record.

I think Jaret Wright and Jon Lester are having very similar performances. Both have good stuff. But neither has control. Both get into jams. But both work out of them. Both keep their respective teams in the game. But neither goes deep into the game.

Only differences. Lester is currently their second best pitcher. Wright is our 4th or 5th. They are counting on Lester for the future. We are not.

oops again. Wrong blog.

It’s official. Terry Francona is an absolute friggen idiot. He may be a great “team guy” but he knows absolutely nothing about using a pitching staff. Why is it that every friggen person in America knows that Julian Tavarez ***** except for him?? Seriously, did he think Papelbon overworked himself with those ******* 26 pitches? The guy hadn’t pitched in 3 days and we have a day off tomorrow. Thanks again for blowing at least the 5th or 6th game on your own since the All-Star game Francona.
I seriously think that if Papelbon pitched a 1,2,3 8th and 9th on only 10 pitches Francona would be too scared to throw him out there for another inning because it would show up as 3 innings pitched in the box score.

Kyle Snyder, Craig Hansen and Rudy Seanez were out there but instead he brings in the worst off-season aquisition the Sox have aquired. Terry Francona has cost the Sox at least 10-12 games this year and I’m getting tired of saying “Oh, it’s early, there’s plenty of time,” “Well, we just didn’t have it tonight” It’s the Tampa Friggen Bay Devil Rays who are in last place and had a rookie making his 2nd major league start and they score 5 runs off him and stop hitting. Yes, Pap blew the save, but it’s such a rarity that you can’t fault him as much as Timlin (again), Delcarmen(again, don’t forget, he got lucky on Friday night when Kapler threw out that runner at 2nd on a lead off hit), Tavarez (again, and again, and again)

Hey Kevin DONT bash my guy Julian Tavarez!

Your guy stinks and should never pitch in a game that is closer than 6 runs. Seriously, why do you like a guy that hasn’t done one positive thing for the team all year. He got a win against the Angels last week because Manny threw the guy out at the plate. By all rights, this should be the 2nd loss in a row for him.

Thanks again for helping the bull pen at the trading deadline Theo.

cause he is a nice Guy

We have issues with our bullpen and we have to agree that first. This is not the first time the last couple of games that bullpen completely blew the games for us. We should be getting Foulke for the Kansas game on Tuesday. I know he hasn’t been great this year and last year. Maybe he helps this bullpen to turn around. Just being optimistic.

this may be weird considering im not the one complaining..its ok the sox dont ever win the divison..yanks do and have blown it in the playoffs…on the good side..the white sox lost too and Johnson (yes i said johnson) threw a terrific game..with the day off and the royals comming next well bein good position whlle the wsox and yanks fight it out…Im actually pulling for the yanks to sweep the wsox and then we sweep the royals…i also seen Foulke and Lowell are comming back on Tues.

yeah kumar…its good to be optomistic…the sox are just havin a down time like every team has…but we do have the royals for a series…and we will gain some ground somewhere while the yanks and wsox play.

Wait did I hear that right jason johnson pitched a good game

yeh i know i know…i was wrong last night..when im wrong i admit it…its just sad that our so called bullpen couldnt hold it for him to geta win…i give me a nice pat on the back.

Red Sox after the All Star break are 8-8(.500) at home and 4-5(below .500) away. They are basically playing under .500 after all-star break. It’s a long season and every team has ups and downs.But I am really pissed with Red Sox because they are not taking advantage of the easy part of the schedule. May be they will do better in the harder part of the schedule.Again that’s just me being optimistic.

If the Sox don’t win atleast 2 from Kansas then forget it. Then that will be last game I will watch a sox for the rest of the season. 30 more days for NFL season to start.

And Kaylee,

Your’s truly Julian Tavarez gave away a Walk-off Home Run today. Do u understand why we are all over the EZ bros. This is not the first time he did it this season though.

they will sweep KC…i feel it

I hope so. If they don’t then we can forget about the season

Yeah I admit He may be a nice guy but his pitching that is a different story…….

im leaving for kansas city tomorrow and will bring my laptopso i can post while im at the game…the seats arent as good as my season tickets at Fenway by far but ill have gameday on too.

well im goin swimming ill ba on later..later guys and gals

And by the way Kaylee. He also gave a Walk-off Grandslam vs Twins. Walk-off grandslam for heaven’s sake.And these are only some of his adventures on the mound.

How pissed am I with Tavarez & Timlin & Delcarmen & Hansen & Tito & Theo? don’t even ask.

Kevin: I am addressing this comment to you because you are probably the only redsox fan who’ll not think I am crazy for saying this. But, Ortiz has to play 1B for you to be able to weather the storm until Varitek returns. There’s very little chance you guys can hang in there with one of your catchers and Cora in the lineup everyday.
RF is hit or miss with Wily Mo. Crisp has not been very good. LF is all set. DH is all set and only 2 of the other 5 spots in the lineup are producing on a consistent basis. Even if you assume Gonzalez will be a decent hitter, you still have sure outs at catcher, 3B, CF and 50-50 in RF. In addition to this you have a weak tail end of the rotation and a inconsistent bullpen. If I were Francona, I would play Ortiz at 1B and play both Kapler and Wily Mo. Wily Mo is hit or miss but better than Cora and I think Kapler is a decent hitter.

We have issues in the bullpen. We have to fix it. To fix it we have to first admit we have issues. Hope someone can relay this message to Tito.

We need to pray that KC helps turn around this mess.

and that Julian tavarez pitches!

Just to make u guys feel better Devil Rays seem to play better against us at Tropicana Field. And today’s is the final game @ Tropicana for Sox. The Yanks struggled against devil rays last year like we are currently struggling.Atleast we didn’t lose the season series to them like the Yanks did last year.NO MORE DEVIL RAYS @ TROPICANA FIELD FOR SOX FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON.

For those interested in NFL. NFL preseason game between Oakland & Philadelphia is at 8:00 PM. Just to get ur mind of baseball.

oh jeez preseason? i need to get drafts going.

if the yankees take 2 of 3 and sox don’t sweep you don’t gain…last time yankees played sox i was praying for 2 out of 3 with our weak arms against their solid ones and we swept them. This time on the road i pray for 2 out of 3 and we have our good arms against their good arms…we shall see.

The yankees are starting to make playing in yankee stadium scary, they have been downright rude lately. Redsox better get home field back under control since we could very well beat johnson snyder and possibly lester..much like you can very well beat johnson wright and possibly lidle….I hope the yankees go with 2 spot starts from ponson rather than one spot start in the boston series from ponson

yankees are 11-3 in wright’s last 14 starts. Randy will probably blow in boston, but i expect wang to further solidify his spot as a solid pitcher, and mussina to pitch like he usually does at fenway…lidle will be interesting.

I think Tito can only do so much with what he’s got. I honestly think Hansen needed more time in the minors to get straightened out along with Delcarmen. Hansen was still in college a little over a year ago if I remember correctly.

I will blame Tito for sending out Tavarez…clearly the Cardinals got rid of him cause he had anger issues and choked in big spots. It’s time we drop him.

And Timlin needs more time to heal up. He’s probably got some arm issue that he’s not telling.

Also, who thought Johnson pitched a pretty good game? Not bad for 6 innings of work.

Here’s to hoping for a sweep of KC. If not, well there’s always college basketball/football =)

i don’t think u guys can afford to drop tavarez…unless foulke reemerges

pacol:they cant drop my guy!

What, not drop Tavarez for a minor leaguer in our system?

I would cause we already know that Tavarez has a track record of blowing it in big situations.

The Cards dropped him for a good reason, and if we can I think we should too.

Cause he is my favorite sox player!

I would have to FOLLow him!if we got rid of Tavarez!

Kaylee: “your” guy has been in the bigs 6+ years and has had 2.??? winning seasons. … “he’s a nice guy??, tell me does his being a nice guy win the Sox games??? I know that I am a staunch, very loyal and die hard Trot supporter, and, no, he’s not having his best year, BUT he’s got the career stats to back up his fans, and his not so good year. Because Tavar”EZ”took the time to speak to you at the game; is that a reason to say if he goes, you go??? To me that doesn’t spell much of a devoted SoxFan. Sorry if you don’t agree with my take on the situation. Or maybe I misinterperted (?) what you posted, I just skimmed, as I just got home from work (14 hours).

Couple of things in response to other posts simply because I can’t think of anything positive to say about yesterday’s fiasco.
Vik, No need for Papi to play first because we have Lowell at 3rd and Youk at 1st. If Lowell were to go on the DL, you’re right though, that would probably be the best scenario. Lopez has played 1st in Baltimore, but from what I’ve read, he was terrible. Didn’t know where to be on cutoff situation, etc. Plus, the guy is 0-10 with 2K’s and 2 double plays in his first series he’s played. Way to make an impression, Javy.

Vince, the gaining ground I was referring to was your upcoming series with the White Sox. If the Red Sox sweep the Royals, they will gain ground in either catagory, Wild Card or AL East. If Yankees win 2 of 3, Sox gain 1 game in the East and 2 in the Wild Card. That’s what I was referring to.

As far as Tavarez, what more can one person say. I think we’ve all said at one time or another that he should never be in a game of value again. I guess what the rest of the world knows doesn’t matter because Francona is still blind to the fact that he su.cks.

Kumar, that’s for the bit of positive news in that we don’t have to visit the DRays again this year. Man, last year they owned the Yankees, this year, they took it to us.

Your are right Kevin. I completely forgot abt Lowell. How good a catcher is he? Why not use Lowell as a make shift catcher until Varitek returns. It is very difficult to win games in AL east with automatic outs. Lowell wont do a much worse job than Lopez.
If Lowell cant play catcher, you have no options until Varitek returns.

If I were a baseball player, I’d be afraid to have you as my manager, Vik.

I can see why all you Sox fans are calling for Tavarez’s head (except Kaylee), but why are you all so down on Seanez? His ERA is 3.83.

Hi, All:

I’m snowed under with a pile of writing work after spending the weekend at the games in Tampa, so I won’t be on here much the next couple days. I thought I would pay a visit for a minute, though, to let the Yankees fans know I am not avoidning the blog since the Sox blew two games!

Saturday’s game was just as frustrating as Sunday’s. I would have rather they lost 5-4 instead of 8-5. It was disheartening to have a big comeback, and then watch Hansen (who has thrown well of late) surrender three big runs. Sunday, it was encouragning to see Johnson pitch so well, but disheartening to see Delcarmen, Timlin, Papelbon and Tavarez get touched up.

I chose not to catch up on the posts since I imagine all teh Sox fans have a “sky is falling” mentality. I don’t see it that way. They are struggling, true, but there is still no reason to panic.

I have a Boston-based publisher and PR firm for which I do writing projects . I just learned that I will be meeting with them in mid-September, and I now have tickets for the Twins-Red Sox game on Wednesday of that week. Should be a key game if both teams stay in the race, which I think they will.

Anyway, Yankees fans, have fun while it lasts. And Sox fans, quit your whining. It’s only two games.

Oh, and by the way, please Theo, get rid of Taverez! I couldn’t bear to watch him warmup in the bullpen, knowing what the Sox fate would be once he entered. I think Timlin will rebound, as will Hansen and Delcarmen. And, of course, Papelbon is entitled to have an off game. Even Rivera does every now and then.

I’m not a big poster, but I read all your thoughts daily. The yankee guys, you tick me off, but always bring good thoughts to the blog. I’m a tranplanted New Englander in Chicago, so I’m contantly going back and forth with the MLB package and the White Sox. I got season tics to the Cubs just because it is the biggest beer party in america. To my point, we are in trouble. The Red Sox starting pitching is really spotty. The white sox are starting to play again. Vazquez pitched a gem the other night, Buhrle is back with his old catcher santiago, Garcia appears to be back and Contreras is lights out. Garland is a real good innings eater. I hate to say it, but the yankees are gonna be ok. Pitching and timely hitting win, the Sox have neither. We will win 94 games the White Sox will win 98, yanks take the division and we’ll be watching from the sidelines. Try to keep the faith, but we already hit the iceberg and now all Tito is doing is rearranging the deck chairs.

We’ll see.

seanez is good too!

Some more positive news considering our bullpen is stinking so much lately.

“Hip to a return: Wallace set to take over as pitching coach”

The White Sox pitching hit a major snag in July. It’s going to take a lot more than a couple good starts by Garland and one each by Buerhle and Vazquez to convince me that this rotation is anywhere close to what it was last year. If it weren’t for the White Sox bats, the Indians would be nipping at their heels in the division race and their pitchers would have losing records.

I’m not convinced by the White Sox. I think the Red Sox have what it takes to play in October, but I just don’t see the heart and scrappiness in this year’s White Sox that we all saw last year.

i don’t know about that. In ’05 everybody made a stink about the sox being defending champs and to watch out, but just like last year nobody is giving the whitesox respect. The whitesox have the health and the pitching, it just hasn’t shown up, the redsox have injuries still with their pitching. If wells and foulke don’t come through for them they could be too thin and pitching is what is going to get them to the postseason. You can talk all day about manny and ortiz and say they won’t let the season end, but the fact of the matter is their bats…and even the whole sox lineup can only keep them in contention at best, the pitching (starting and relief) decides their playoff fate.

The way i see it, the yankee bullpen is pretty much of no concern unless wright lidle and johnson start getting tagged before the 7th inning. To me, if wright continues giving 5 or 6 strong, lidle gives us 6 minimum and johnson can give us 5-8, the yankee bullpen has no issues. Proctor farnsworth and villone are generally solid when given rest, mix that with mo and that is possibly the best or 2nd best bullpen in the AL. As long as wright and lidle show up i am almost positive the yankees have the division, if one of them doesn’t, it will be a fight, if they both don’t well then we could be in trouble. The whitesox starters need to come to play, their offense is and has been fine, someone other than contreras needs to step up and their middle relief needs to put it together again. The redsox to me have the most question marks. They need their young bullpen arms to get solid, they need papelbon to stay solid, timlin needs to learn how to pitch again, out of delcarmen hansen timlin tavarez and seanez, you need three of them to put it together down the stretch….and that is only gonna happen (maybe) if beckett can stop getting shelled, schilling stays solid (i think he will) and lester and wells can start throwing deeper into games…when wake comes back he will give some relief to the pen, but no guarantees with his success this year you guys even win those games. And all of this is assuming ortiz and manny stay red hot all year long, tampa might be onto something walking ortiz, i wanted them to walk manny too, but i guess they didn’t need to

We all keep leaving out Minn. They may have the best three starters in baseball. If they got soriano, and with hunter back, they would be the team to win wild card. But this is a BoSox blog, so keep the faith (again)

I didn’t think I’d have to say this. I thought everyone knew how the Trade Deadline works. Apparently I was wrong both on Mark’s blog AND on this one…

Soriano IS NOT going to be traded. The trade deadline has already passed, and the chance he’s acquired through waivers is slim to none, what with all the NL teams willing to claim him before the Twins would. That is, of course, assuming the Nats put him on waivers in the first place!

AFter wathcing baseball for the last 25 years, I understand the trading deadline. In fact I was sitting in Wrigley the day nomar was traded on the last day, which drove me nuts to have to listen to cubs fans telling the only guy in the Bosox hat that they just r**ped us. If they “got” should have been “if they HAD gotton” Sorry for not making that too clear. the great english word “got” was suppose to be in the past tense.

Hey vince,
Did you see my comments on your blog?


Kaylee is officially a Yankee fan. Unbeleivable. Imagine if she was older and actually had to go through more than 30 years of heartache (depending on your age) with this team. To give up on a team on August 7th is one thing, but to give up on them and switch over to the dark side is completely unforgivable.
What has this world come to???

its senses apparently.

“McLure said the perception of the Yankees’ Minor League system has changed among scouts. Once seen as somewhat barren, he said the Yankees aren’t viewed that way at all anymore. The organization’s Minor League system is ranked No. 17 by Baseball America.”

now the next person on this blog that calls the yankee farm system barren, gets 20 to life.

“Most of the organization’s top pitching prospects (Hughes, Steven White, Brent Cox, Tyler Clippard, Matt DeSalvo) are in Triple and Double-A. The premier position players (Tabata, Austin Jackson, Eduardo Nunez, Marcus Vechionacci) remain in Class A.”

oh, how convenient, our position players for the most part are young enough, whereas our pitching could use an upgrade in age the next year or two….but the yankees aren’t prepared for the future….please.

-in case you are not convinced about phillip hughes the “2-3 starter” according to jamie

Well, RedSox fans, We just lost one our fold the The Evil Empire. Kaylee the Impressionable, has made her way from being a Nationer to being one of the Pinstripers. That seems to be a bit of a BANDWAGON JUMP. Check out her comments on Feinsands blog.
Kaylee, watch out for salesmen in the future, they’re going to see you coming a mile away!!

Well, we and the guys have a night off, but I’m on my way to work and I’ll check in when I return. Have a good rest all. Oh,and Yankee fans, if she can make the jump from here to there, how much would it take for her to swayed somewhere else. Have fun Kaylee.

Well, considering the Yanks’ farm system is rated #17 in baseball despite Columbus being the absolute worst minor league team ever (any of our A teams and definitely AA Trenton could take them down), it’s clear that the myth of the barren farm is being gradually dispelled. The AL East will have to find out the hard way.

Ellen – I’m already expecting her to jump on the Twins’ ‘wagon as soon as it rolls by. I’m not convinced either.

SWOLANSKY_are you kidding the twins???????????????????Like i will ever watch them!

as long as i am a yankee fan, kaylee sticks with us haha….and i will NEVER be a fan of anyone else. I agree btw, columbus *****, all of our studs are on thunder cause they play near where i used to live, i set it up that way.

Good luck beating us out for the division..

That last comment wass for all you red sox fans!

I’m not swayed by some recent hard times. The Sox haven’t been playing great baseball for some time now, but can easily turn it around. Any spark can begin a dramatic winning streak, such as we’ve seen before. Remember 2004? EVERYONE (including me) had lost hope halfway through the season, only to blitz through the final months into the World Series (which they went on to win). We still have Schill doing what aces do, and some guys who are underperforming. If I have noticed anything in watching and analyzing baseball, it’s that NUMBERS WORK THEMSELVES OUT. Beckett is nowhere close to being a 5 ERA pitcher, and should lower that to at least 4.5. That means that his ERA from now ’til the end of the season will be very low. Lester has had some rough outings, failing to get out of some jams. But his 8 IP 1 H performance shows a guy with tremendous potential, and it’s not mere wishful thinking that he might start putting up star numbers soon. Johnson was pretty good last time out, and he’s been generating plenty of groundballs, which our defense can vacuum up without problems. David Wells is slowly coming back, and has been known as a guy who never gives up. His numbers should come down dramatically. As for the bullpen, that’s where I AM worried. Papelbon will continue his road to setting a new ERA record, securing at least a dozen more saves in the process. However, aside from him, we don’t really have anyone that reliable. Timlin no longer deserves the set-up role, and Francona REFUSES TO USE SEANEZ! I’ve always defended Tito’s decision, but if he doesn’t use Seanez, I might start badgering him on the Globe forums pretty soon… Hansen and Delcarmen are very raw and unproven, but they might be able to solidify the pen down the stretch.

The offense is not a problem, with Papi and Manny better than ever before.

Therefore, I would not give up hope. Kaylee, I don’t know why you’ve given up so quickly, but the Yanks will not win the Championship. I do not doubt that they’ll make the playoffs… however, they can’t WIN the whole thing. The Sox, meanwhile, has a shot in the postseason, but are not necessarily guarenteed a spot to go INTO the postseason… I don’t know if that makes sense to any of you, but maybe I’ll be proven correct in October.

Vince: please don’t think I underestimate the Yankees. I believe that the Sox have a BETTER farm than the Yankees, not that the Yankees have a barren one. I expect the Yankees to win around 90-100 games every year, and that makes the NY-Boston rivalry just that much more fun to watch!

Hey Ian, loved your mailbag! I sent you a question… hope you answer it lol

hmm my prediction as of may was a whitesox mets world series….i stick with the mets. Jamie no doubt your farm system is better, i don’t think anybody ever doubted that, i’d personally prefer to keep ur farm better and your mlb team worse haha. Like i have said before, it will be all about who pans out and who doesn’t. If the yankees 4 or 5 gems pan out and the sox gems are a bust, then that quickly changes who is better, obviously you guys have the farm upperhand. This rivalry hit a whole new level in 2003, to the point where now we kidnap your fans hahaha

Vince, you’re right. Prospects are just that – prospects. Who knows? Lester can be the next Jeff Weaver, and Hughes can become the next Rocket (GOD I HOPE NOT!!)…

As for “fans”, I don’t think any TRUE fan can switch sides… Kaylee’s still young (wait… I’m young too lol), and doesn’t really count (no offense, Kaylee!).

Now that you’ve brought up postseason predictions, I’ll just go ahead and say Sox vs Mets, with the Mets winning. Sox beat the Tigers (since they win wildcard!), and the Yanks fall to Angels (Lackey beats Mussina and all’s over). I dunno, baseball’s a game where luck plays a HUGE role (foul vs homerun, foul vs double along the first baseline, bloop singles (2003 ALCS!!!!! Posada you LUCKY FREAK). Maybe the Yankees get lucky and win wildcard instead of AL East so that they can play the Tigers…

Where is everyone??

Nice day off from baseball for the Sox and fans. Sox need that off day really bad. We have all the things in place, we just need some spark, something to get some momentum.

By the way both Chi Sox and Twins lost today. Sox & Sox tied for Wild Card. Twins half game behind.

Abt the post season. Detroit is in. Angels/A’s make one more. So, Sox, Chi Sox, Twins & Yanks for 2 spots. See it’s it’s not that difficult to predict who’s going to be in the post season.(either the Sox or Chi Sox or Twins or Yanks….so easy)

Don’t count the SOX out until mathematically out of it. I some how get the feeling Angels will help SOX in the race coz Yanks have 7 against Halos and Sox have 3. And Halos are hot and historically played the Yanks better.(Actually in the Torre’s era Angels are the only team with winning record against the Yanks). Except that series the Schedule is pretty much the same for the Sox and Yanks.

We the fans need a day off as much as the players do. So, not much activity here today.

You’re right, Vince and Jamie. A true fan does not switch sides. The simple definition of a fan – when it is related to sports – is someone who is loyal to his or her team for the long term, regardless of whether they win or lose. When you support a team through thick and thin, winning the big one (as the Sox did in 2004) is an incredible feeling.

I think that, regardless of age, every person’s opinion counts, if it expressed in an intelligent manner that indicates you know the game and what you are talking about. Kaylee is a giggly school girl who probably said she liked the Sox in the first place because she likes the colors of the hat, and/or how Julian Tavarez looks in his warmups. When she talks about suddenly liking the Yankees (likely because she has an Internet crush on Vince), that discounts any credibility she could have.

As for me, I don’t like the way Tavarez looks in his warmups. I don’t like the way he looks with a glove in one hand and a ball in the other on the mound. And I definitely don’t like the sound of his name – unless it is included in the same sentence as “designated for assignment” in the transactions section.

That said, I still support Epstein’s decision to keep the plethora of prospects the Sox have. Jon Lester is already showing that he will be a front-of-the-rotation starter. True, Hansen and Delcarmen have been up and down, but they also show favorable signs of being quality relievers for the long term. It’s guys like Pedroia (who will supplant either Loretta or Gonzalez next season; I prefer that the Sox keep Gonzalez and play Pedroia at second), Jacoby Ellsbury, Brandon Moss, Edgar Martinez and David Murphy who are the main question marks. Youkilis and Wily Mo are already proving themselves at the big league level.

I’m not going to debate Yankees prospects, but as far as the Sox go, they will have a nice mixture of young players and veterans they bring in because of payroll flexibility.

As for this season, I still feel comfortable with the Sox lineup (especially since Lowell will be back, and Pena is more productive than Nixon), the defense and Schilling, Beckett, Lester and Wakefield in the rotation. Not sure what to think of Wells and Jason Johnson. Right now, I would rather have Johnson as the No. 5 starter when Wakefield returns. Middle relief is definitely a concern right now. Hopefully Timlin works out of his slump. I think that Seanez should stay, and Tavarez should go. Bring up Breslow or Javier Lopez. Throw Foulke in there if his knees can hold up. Just, please, no more Tavarez.

We have all the pieces in place, we just need some spark to go on a roll.

Dave Wallace our pitching coach is set to come back. He is out through out the season with some Hip surgery. we had Al Nipper as interim pitching coach all season. Wallace will definetly help our pitching staff. He will turn it around.

We are spending too much time discussing abt propects. Why we shouldn’t spend so much time on prospects? Coz they are just prospects.

And I don’t like to even talk abt people who claim to be fans. Just wait for Yanks to lose 2-3 in a row and Kaylee will be Sox fan. I guarantee it.

Man those are biiiggggg comments from Jamie & jlouderback. I will take a whole day for me to completely read either one of those comments. Just kidding.

Hi, Kumar:

I’ve got a lot of writing projects on my plate right now, so I don’t have much time to spend on the Sox blog today or tomorrow. Just thought I would unload all of my thoughts about different topics in one message. It’s the War and Peace version of a Sox blog posting!

Jeff, what you’re seeing from Timlin is a combination of age and overuse, both in past years and this year.

I don’t think Timlin has been overused; I just thinking he is going through a tough stretch. I do think his age will catch up to him, but he is still a solid set-up man. He’s just had a difficult stretch, but he is a veteran and I’m confident he will give the Sox what he has given them the last couple years.

I meant that I think Timlin’s age will catch up to him next season, when they will need to find a veteran set-up guy to complement Hansen and Delcarmen.

That’s true. I get NESN where I live so I watch the games too see what’s going on in the “Nation” and everytime I see him come into a game I wonder when his arm is going to fall off. It seems like he pitches almost every game for you guys but I guess Francona does a good job of not extending him too much in one game.

Vince, what you said about Kaylee//”as long as you are a Yankee fan”, I believe it. I saw this coming weeks ago.
You can have all the “so called” Sox fans you want. If they are that easily swayed, then A Sox Fan They Never Were!!, and how loyal will they be to the Pinstripes???

jlouderback: I CERTAINLY agree with you on your points as well. But Tavarez is warmups?? Please, I was getting ready to eat something!! And I think he looks AWFUL with a glove on his hand, probrably just wears it to keep it warm.

Kaylee, I know you’re young, but you’ve got some issues with loyalty that you need to deal with. How long were you a “supposed” SoxFan?? I knew when you had nothing to say about being at Fenway, and not much to say about the Sox, spent most of your time on the Yankee blog, and actually spent most of your time on your laptop, that you were not a true fan of baseball, just the comeraderie (sp) that it and the blogs bring with it.

jamie: TRUE FANS REALLY DO NOT SWITCH SIDES!!, thank you for saying that.

Hey Vince, please tell Kaylee what you would say to a defecting NY Yankee fan!!! lol, and it wasn’t so much a kidnapping as it was a puppy following you home from school.. ec.

By the way PAPI is Player of the Week along with Pronk(Hafner).

Some ***-bit info.Hafner’s nickname Pronk comes from Project + Donkey.

That’s true, Ellen. Anyone who would bring a laptop to a baseball game is not a fan of the game – especially when it is Fenway Park. I’ve been to many baseball stadiums, and there is no comparison to seeing a game in Fenway Park. Not even Wrigley or Yankee Stadium. I’m a big fan of baseball and history, and in the Boston area, Fenway is as much a part of American history as Bunker Hill.

Bandwagon fans (who are, by the definition of bandwagon, not fans), and people who just say they like a team because it is trendy (and it is trendy to wear a Red Sox hat and say you like the Sox) are not wanted on this blog. Sports blogs – no matter what the sport – are intended for true fans to discuss and debate THEIR team, and to discuss and debate, you have to know what you are talking about.

Jon Lester starts for the Sox tommorrow Vs Luke Hudson of KC Royals. Late game tommorrow. Game starts 8:10 ET.

lol i find all of this very entertaining. Would you all stop crucifying a 14 year old for like, 5 seconds? Re-read what you all posted, it is not exactly healthy. Whether it is an “internet crush”, common sense, or trendy, does it really matter? lol jeez, i doubt this stretches into the everyday life of a young teenage girl (the whole loyalty thing) is this really worth dragging her cyber reputation through the mud for? hahaha, wow.

jlouderback: I think the only time a laptop was ever really welcome at Fenway was in the movie FEVER PITCH, and it got Lindsey in trouble too didn’t it?? I LOVE that movie. I bet she even had a PINK RedSox hat.

surprisingly, besides the ending of course, i too love that movie. If for nothing else than the amount of passionate baseball it portrays.

however ellen to answer your question, a defective yankee fan would have to be suicidal in my book. Unless this is 1988 i really see no reason to switch sides….but i suppose if it happened I would gently have to deface that person…not kaylee though, i think us yankee fans truly just think she sees the light haha

Yeah, Vince, you’re right. I’m sure the comments will stain her for life (haha). I would just rather her take her Nickelodeon bullcrap over to the Yankees blog, or perhaps the D-Backs blog. She said she lives in Arizona, and the D-Backs just picked up Livan Hernandez. Maybe that will sway her to her homestate team. Anyway, regardless of age, any bandwagon fan is subject to ridicule – whether they are part of Red Sox Nation or the Evil Empire.

I forgot to as Kaylee how she’s going to root for her boy HOO-LEE-AN if she’ a Yankee fan?? That’s a big NO-NO, is it not Vince???

I liked Fever Pitch as well. I thought they did an exceptional job demonstrating – through comedy – the joy, agony and devotion of being a Sox fan. There are very few teams in professional sports that have fans who are devoted and as knowledgeable about their team and the game as Red Sox fans. That’s why I like participating in blogs with true Red Sox fans, because, though we may disagree on certain things, we definitely share a passion for the Red Sox and baseball. For me, it’s a hobby – not just a casual interest, I love writing – it’s what I do for a living. I play in an adult baseball league, love traveling and seeing corny roadside attractions, and play a lot of basketball, but following the Sox and baseball are my favorite hobbies. Perhaps that is why I get agitated at bandwagoners.

Actually Ellen, we love your boy hoo-lee-an because every time he comes in he gives up runs.

jlouderback: I have always LOVED writing. You know there are times when you can’t express verbally what you want to convey, and find it much easier to put your thoughts and emotions into print. Even though, in my senior year in high school I took 4 composition and speech classes (I could have graduated in January) in my last semester, I guess I just didn’t have the initiative to put it to good use. I have always been an avid reader and writer, I still love to hand write letters to friends, a more personal touch than the electronic printed word. I’d love to be able to write as some sort of “side line”. You have a really nice way with the word, no wonder you’ve been at it so long.

Thanks for the compliment. At 38, I’ve been writing professionally for 16 years. When you’re in your late 30s, it’s a strange stage. You’re not considered old, but you’re not considered young either. It seems hard to believe that I’ve been out of college and writing for 16 years. But I like this stage of my career and life, because I’m established in my career, and physically I’m still young enough where I can enjoy playing baseball and basketball – though I seem to ache much more when I wake up the morning after playing either sport! I always handwrite a letter when sending a card, but otherwise I like my keyboard! Handwriting is becoming a lost art. As is spelling.

Well, all, I’m headed to bed. Lots of work today tomorrow. Headed to the batting cages in the late afternoon since the fall season starts here in Orlando in a few weeks. I hope to return in time to see a masterful performance by Lester, a Red Sox win, a Yankees loss and a Twins loss. I’m not concerned who is in the wild card lead. I am confident the Sox will take the AL East. This year, the wild card won’t do.

this is eery i feel like im following in both of your footsteps…i would hand write letters if i wasn’t a lefty and my hand writing wasn’t so atrocious….i have a sick sick passion for baseball and obviously you know what team…and i love writing, i truly got into writing sophomore year of hs, which was weird because before that, i litterally was awful at it. (btw my grammar on blogs is not reprentative of how I truly write)I guess i had a good teacher in english and since i was failing spanish i switched into creative writing and truly started to learn the art of writing. Then i started a blog because i found the best way for me to truly express myself is by writing it down (it made me feel better, i was never angry in person and people found it entertaining). So, 4 years later i still have the blog, and my senior year of hs I took 5 writing classes (8 total). English, journalism 3, independent study journalism, broadcast journalism, and creative writing 2nd level. Now I feel like I am ahead of the writing curve for my age (11 total writing classes in hs and i have always been naturally gifted with expressing myself in case you couldn’t tell). Hence why my major is broadcast journalism (i also would like to have a face to my name)…so yeah, ur two stories are eery

Hey vince!
Thanks for coming to my defense!They are all just losers that like the red sox!

hahaha anytime kaylee

Vince, You sound like me. Although you did take it much further. I had 3 years on the hs paper, yearbook and LOTS of ELECTIVE comp/english courses. I know that you’re looking toward broadcast/journalism as your major, I think you’ll do well. I know that Peter Gammons is a RedSox fan but you could do worse that to use him as a mentor. Didn’t he write for SI starting back in THE DAY?? He wasn’t ALWAYS biased, I think that came with his sucess.
KAYLEE: Go back a month or two and read your posts, and then get a grip!! That’s when your were shouting from the mountain tops about how the Yankees were the ENEMY, and how musch of A TRUE REDSOX FAN YOU WERE. Now, get over yourself. None of the other Yankee bloggers has to have any one “COME TO THEIR DEFENSE” we did that for you here many times. You call REDSOX fans losers?? You can’t even decide what team you want to support during any given week.

thanks for the compliment ellen. Gammons is a nice guy and a good journalist despite the fact that over the last five years or so he has bled redsox. I saw him in the espn parking lot once, I don’t mind him when he stays objective. Not surprisingly I want to be like Mike and the Maddog. They have my dream job of a televised radio show. I wouldn’t mind writing for a newspaper but I hate deadlines and they effect my writing success. I would do much better with deadlines in a broadcast journalism sense. My ultimate goal (which i was told by many professional radio personalities and tv) will prob come later in life (the televised radio show) until then I will just stick to the broadcast journalism field haha. Eventually though, i want the televised radio show, to guest star on espn and to have a sports blog. Then i can take over media.

One of my customers at work tonight said that “the wheels have fallen off the RedSox wagon” I don’t think that at all. We might need to have them balanced or have an allignment but, fallen off??,NO!! Ian, great comments. My husband wanted me to go to saturday nights game in Tampa, I secured tickets but I never would have been up in time for work on Sunday, and I ended up working 14 hours. I could have closed at 9, but ifigures that the game was over for hours and if I was already there, I might as well make some more money, you know electric bill, the price of fuel etc!!!
I really hope that Jon Lester comes through tomorrow night vs the Royals (hey does anybody remeber when the Royals were in the Series and when it was Brett, Saberhagen, Bud Black?? and does anyone remember Steve Balboni??, he came up with the Yankees starting here in Fort Lauderdale. We could get him to swim in puddles for bottles of Jack Daniels. One of my “great loves” (LOLOLOLOL) was the trainer for the Baby Yanks, lots of talent from that time (early 80’s) Rafael Santana; went onto the Mets, Rex Hudler;Orioles, nobody REALLY sensational, But Balboni did also play, I think for the mariners.. Willie Mc Gee was real good for the Cards. That’s as close as I ever became to becoming a Yankee fan (WHEW!!! I escaped).

The night owls kept the blog alive last night and gave me something to read this morning, thanks. I took the MLB approach, night off for the Sox, night off for me.
Anyway, watched some of the White Sox/Angels and Tigers/Twins last night. The White Sox don’t look good at all. If our Sox can put together a run, this could all be taken care of. I hate the fact that it’s August 8th and we’re already worrying about the wild card. Really wish they could have heald on to the division lead this year.

Need Lester to come up big tonight and go at least 7 since our bullpen can’t get anyone out.

Vince, you were saying to lay off Kaylee for her bandwagon jumping to your side. Screw that. This rivaly is about REAL fans. Knowing how to dish it and how to take it. And if she’s going to jump ship when the going gets tough, 14 or not, SEE YA. I’m glad she will visit your site more often. I don’t want a fake fan over here anyway.

But enought about that, not worth the time.

You guys should have a field day with the White Sox this week. Their pitching looks bad and their bats haven’t looked good lately either.

I know people say the Sox should not underestimate the Royals, but come on. If the Sox don’t sweep there is a problem. LEster, Beckett and Schill. Luke Hudson that shut us down before is going tonight and Redman will go Thursday I believe.

Time to step up. (Can’t believe I’m saying that about a Royals game).

Kevin, you’re right, it was an entertaining early morning of blogging. But, you’re right, enough has been said. It’s really not worth any more comment regarding a middle school girl who probably needs to look at a scoreboard to tell how many innings there are in a game, and someone whose most descriptive opinion is, “I like Julian Tavarez.” So, case closed on Kaylee.

I like our chances to win the AL East. The wild card is a safety valve in case that doesn’t happen, but I think the Sox match up well with the Yankees, who are hot right now when the Sox are playing mediocre. This is baseball. The Yankees will hit another losing skid, and it’s important the Sox take advantage. I agree, this series in Kansas City is important for momentum’s sake. We need to dominate in KC and against Baltimore. Here’s hoping the White Sox pitching staff wakes up in time to stop the Yankees, and that the Sox take it to the Royals.

I dunno about the sunday blues, although it sure does seem that way. I just don’t understand why they truck these new kids out once every three or four days and follow up in between with Julian.

They are going to keep blowing the leads at this rate. I say bring them in back to back days let them get settled down now. Their arms can’t be that weak they can’t pitch a single inning on back to back days! This little toe dipping for experience is killing us.

Maybe I’m getting a defeatist attitude but this week I did, I shut off the TV as soon as Julian took the mound. I just knew he would blow it and I didn’t want to watch it. I would have been more hopeful seeing Craig out there trying again than being socked away in the bullpen for another four days or whatever it will be.

We need a checklist. Here’s mine:


-Taveras needs to be a mop-up guy.

-Seanez needs to be used more often

-Delcarmen and Hansen need consistancy.

Those aren’t too hard to ask… the Sox are an impressive team already, but there are just some aspects of the team which can cause it to lose games. The offense is no problem at all, and the starting pitching isn’t as horrible as one may believe. Therefore, if the bullpen holds up and the injuries quit occuring at inopportune times, we should have a real nice shot at either the Wild Card of AL East. There’s 2 months of baseball left to be played Who knows? If the Royals win every game from now, they might make the playoffs lol.

Don’t give up hope. We still have Papi and Papelbon!

Not that I have much more faith in Keith Foulke, but Tavarez should be either released or demoted when Foulke comes off the DL on Friday. At this point, I would rather see Seanez in the game instead of Tavarez.
If anyone besides Tavarez is demoted or released to make room for Foulke it will be a big mistake.

Again, I’m leary on Seanez because his recent performances have come with the Sox up or down by 4 or more. The last few times he’s come in games that matter, he’s struggled. It’s been a while ,but New York, he walked Giambi in the David Pauley game, Atlanta, he gives up a bomb to Francouer but we were lucky enought to come back. Chicago, loses that game in extras.

That’s a long period of time, I know, but it does show that when put in pressure situations, he fails.

That being said, he is a strikeout pitcher and is more valuable than Julian the Terrible.

Words can’t describe how much I can’t stand Tavarez.

Hello everyone. Man, it’s been a long week already and it’s only Tuesday. :-\ I need a vacation. I can’t wait for November to get here so my husband and I can go to Texas.

So, now that my parents are back in town and my mother can watch the game on a regular basis, hopefully the Red Sox will stop STINKING and remember they’re playing baseball.πŸ˜› Here’s to whippin’ the SH*T out of Kansas City tonight!

Also, on Foulke. If they leave that rotten, really bad pitching of Tavarez in the bullpen and demote someone else to make room for Foulke, I think I might have to travel to see Terry and Theo. Ian, you may have to set me up with some housing, ’cause you may see me making a visit.πŸ˜›

Yeah, I agree with everyone that its been a tough stretch for the Red Sox. 2 games shouldnt bring upon a panic at all. But this is a time when we will really see what the sox are all about. With all the young kids and players who haven’t experienced a pennent race before in the AL East, this should be an interesting month. On paper, the sox aren’t deep enough to make a serious run at the playoffs, but whats on the paper is a bunch of numbers, and numbers are just…numbers. Age is just a number. Tavarez *****, are bullpen looks lost, and our lineup likes taking vacations to the DL, but honestly, I think if this team reaches deep down, they can make a run. The 2004 team did it with a bullpen basically consisting of Timlin and Foulke, and guys like Mark Bellhorn and Kevin Millar..not offensive powerhouses, but guys who helped the team regardless. The sox must take the rest of the season one game at a time and not look at the yankees. Opportunities will come and go to take first place or the wild card, and how the team reacts to those opportunities will decide the 2006 Red Sox fate

hey jen!

Hey honey, how are you?πŸ™‚

im good, but i’ve been sad, you’ve been neglecting me and i have noooo response.

Does anyone other than me thinks that the sox will try to claim Lieber off waivers?

I don’t think so fanatic. Your GM likes saving money and Lieber makes 7 million next year. If the Red SOx claimed him, the Phillies would probably just dump him and the Red Sox would be left to pay the rest of his salary. Lieber will almost certainly pass through. Theres a chance you guys would work out a deal with the Phillies, but Theo would make the Phils eat a lot of that salary.

oh babydoll! I’m sorry.😦

Was he put on waivers? I know almost everyone is put on waivers this time of year, but did you hear something that says the Sox are looking at him? He’s been pretty bad recently, but he has playoff race experience from his days with the Yanks. Johnson pitched well on Sunday, but I don’t trust him any more than Tavarez. (Ok, maybe I won’t go that far, but you know what I mean.)

you guys get lieber and i think whoever said the redsox don’t use overpaid veterans to fill holes should be shot.

I just heard rumors off soxnation….It would be nice to have him like you said with the playoff experience..the sox have money its just a fact of wether or not they will spend it. He would def be more trustworthy than johnson. But i think our waiver rank may be a lil too high since there are 20 teams within 7 games of making the playoffs..

Btide (not sure what your first name is), there is a difference between being frugal and being selective. Epstein is selective. Henry has deep pockets, and is willing to open them. Epstein is sticking to his philosophy of not having an aging team, mixing young players with key veterans. Obviously, though Manny is in his mid-30s, he is likely in the final five years of his career. Ortiz is in his early 30s. It’s alright to have a few of your players older; it’s just not wise to have a majority of them that way (for example, the Giants).

I think the Sox will go after Lieber, since he will cost much less right now than he would have two weeks ago. The Sox have the money, so as long as they don’t sacrifice first-tier prospects to get Lieber, I say spend the money and take the risk. I felt the same way about Lopez. Neither are long term, but they can help this season. I’m not very high on Lieber, but the Sox do not some insurance in case Wells and Johnson implode. I’ve been impressed with Johnson’s last two starts. Wells has shown some signs of pitching…well, but he needs to put a complete start together.

yeh i have to agree with louder on this one.

Check your mail honey.

you’re my girl!

Hello Butterfly. How are you?? A little busy this week. In Dallas. Will try to check out the blog every night. Otherwise see you this weekend. Take care.

jen has a case of the tuesdays😦.

WEEI is killing the Sox right now.
Take these stats:

Sox are 20 games over .500.

They were 16-2 against a weak NL. That puts them 6 games over .500 vs. the AL. Take away the 7-1 record vs. the Orioles and the Sox are a .500 club against the rest of the AL.

The winning streak starts tonight. Let’s roll off 6 in a row heading into the West Coast trip.

Liriano is going on the DL for the Twins, so maybe they fall out of the Wild Card. Sox vs. Sox for the final playoff spot.

I thought abt checking if the sox were over 500 with AL. Apparently they are. Not long before they fall below.

If Liriano goes’s on DL that’s big blow for Twins. Should be serious injury as he was scratched from his previous start and got injured yesterday.The Other Sox are not playing that well either and their schedule is tougher than Yanks & Sox. Should be interesting.

I hope that the guys took advantage of the day off to rest, because now comes the big push. Even though Kansas City doesn’t have a strong record doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. I’ve said before that it’s the little guy that comes up and kicks you in the butt. That was proven last weekend!!!! Everyone needs to be bringing it, offense and defense. They can’t afford to let up for one second from now on!!!! They shouldn’t have let up at any time, but ca-ca occurs!!!
I hope Lester call really bring everything together tonight, stay ahead in the count. And if he does fall behind, getting shook would be a disaster in the making.

On a lighter note I think it’s great that Papi was named co-player of the week!!! We need him (and everyone else)to put up some hits early tonight!!

Anyway time for me to finish making dinner, the husband will be home soon!!

Can I get a “LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!

I’m looking out of my dining room window as I type this, and I have NEVER seen a sky so black!!! Great big storm coming my way, hope the internet doesn’t die on me tonight during the game.

Yeah Jeff I didn’t say that Epstein wasn’t selective I just said he likes to save money. There’s nothing wrong with that. If the Yankees were to go out and take on all of Lieber’s salary then I wouldn’t be very thrilled about it.

Ugg I was just on the Yankees blog. Almost puked…

Anyway, I’m looking for a sweep of the Royals. Seriously, the Sox had better start winning now or we might be in some deep ****

jamie doesn’t like when his superhuman dh is taken down a notch apparently.

Ok Rays claimed Adam Stern from waivers. So, Sox pulled him off waivers. Good news for all the Stern fans.Stern is going to be with the sox for the rest of the season atleast.

I was over on the Yankee blog (only reading)everyone is an uproar with the talk about Papi for MVP. i need to ask a question: Are pitchers ever considered for the MVP award?? I ask because a lot of the meat of their argument about Papi for mvp is the fact that he isn’t a regular position player, doesn’t play defense. They say that both offense and defense should be considered in the process. If that’s the case then pitchers shouldn’t be considered either, they don’t bat. Someone please help me out with this. I wonder if Mariano Rivera were being considered, would they still use this argument. Thanks, ec.

Haha, vince I read Mark’s blog just a little bit ago and I understand that he is a DH and doesn’t play defense and if somebody has comparable numbers and plays defense, you should give it to the guy who plays defense..but that is all good. This award gets awarded to the most VALUABLE player (sorry the caps, they were added for emphasis). David Ortiz is the most valuable player to the Red Sox for what he has done. His bat wins ball games. I know people have to hit in front of him to give him the chance..but regardless, his bat wins games. If the sox didn’t have Ortiz, they would not be near the pennant race. He brings so much more to the club than just a bat. That is why he wins the MVP this year because there are few players who mean that much to a team and whos mere presence on that team, can change the performance of the team.

Ellen, a lot of the time baseball anaylsts will say that if a regular position player can’t win a Cy Young, then a pitcher shouldn’t be able to win the MVP.

I can name one muffinman, his name is Derek Jeter, maybe you’ve heard of him.

btide: This is an argument for why Ortiz wins the MVP, not who else should win it. I never said Jeter wasn’t that type of player..but the yanks have more talent taht would keep them afloat if Jeter went down..the sox don’t, which is why is more valuable…

If you took Jeter away from the Yankees this year, they would definetly not be in first place right now and might not even be in second place.

That said, what Ortiz is doing is incredible. He’ll probably finish the season with 50+ HR’s and 150+ RBI. I would probably have to give it to him (and it kills me to say that, being a Yankee fan), but I think before people just give him the award, Jeter should be at least considered.

btide,The same baseball analysts also say that a DH can win MVP if he puts up exceptional numbers. That’s what Papi is doing this year.40 Hrs & 108 RBIs. 5 Walk off hits, of which 3 r walk-off home run.Consider this some of the hitters don’t even have 3 walk-off home runs in their whole career let alone a single season. I don’t understand y there is even an argument abt PAPI being the MVP.

ladies and gentleman, calm down will you?
Ellen: pitcher is not the same as DH, becsause they single handedly hold each start in their hands. They are generally responsible for about 32-34 starts per season where that game usually relies on their arm, to compare them to a man who only hits and is up 4-5 times a game and is 1/9th of the overall team’S offense, is unfair. Rivera was considered in 04 and many yankee fans felt he should have won, i didn’t mind the decision but if it went to mo, i wouldn’t have minded. A closer has the game on the line every single time he pitches and that could be 45 times a year, once again, both those jobs the game is in their hands and their hands only, offense is singular in that one man is in the batters box at a time, but it takes 9 to create an offense.

muffin: it is august 8th. For all you know, the redsox may not make the playoffs, if that was the case would it matter if you lost by 2 games or 20 games? No, it wouldn’t. If you guys make the playoffs then it is a distinct possibility that ortiz could be mvp, but keep in mind, there are guys with numbers similar to his (they are also dh’s) and then there is jeter. Now jeter, is playing solid defense (a great point was brought up on the other blog, if a defensive player robs the other team of a hit, it is like having his own hit), jeter does not need his own hits though, because he is batting 348. Granted, 9 hrs is not 40 (41?) but jeter is a shortstop with 70+ rbi (way above his career average at this point) his 348 average is 30 pts higher than his career average and he has stolen big bases generally without getting caught. He is also very very clutch, he does not have the walkoffs to prove it, mainly because he has not been in as many situations (he may still not have as many walkoffs even if he were), but the man is clutch, clutchness does not make u the most valuable. Someone said in an article ortiz should get it for past years of success where he finished close but no cigar. That is a load of ****, the mvp is a season by season basis, nobody should be rewarded for coming close in the past, or else jeter should have it. I mean why not, he has a ws mvp, as game mvp, rookie of the year award and 4 rings right? He deserves it for having so many other trophies in the past. No, wrong.

If the yankees win the division, it would be derek jeter, who has been the only man to stay consistant all year. Giambi has slumped, a rod, we all know his issues, cabrera, williams, cairo, posada? they have all slumped or missed time. Matsui sheffield cano pavano? all injured, 300 rbi out of the lineup. Granted, you guys have had your injuries, your backend rotation man clement is gone most of the year, your struggling and dethroned former close foulke is just now coming back, wells missed time, wakefield has missed time, but the offense? it has remained in tact for all but a month (the amount of time a struggling varitek and nixon are out…even though pena has better numbers). Ortiz has added on and solidified the offense no doubt, but it has been there all year, if schilling won 25 games, i would highyl consider him for both cy young and mvp for carrying a weakened part of the team. That, is jeter to us, we had the heart of our lineup ripped away and the world wrote us off due to the injuries and jeter stayed consistant all year with everyone else going on streaks of help, that is why we consider him the mvp right now, but granted, yankees may not win the division or make the playoffs, so then it is all a moot point. The point is you guys love to say “it is not fair ortiz should be penalized for the coach making him dh” but then look at it the other way, it is not fair jeter should have to play ss where if e makes errors it HURTS his mvp chances….take a rod this year for example, 18 errors, even if he put up the same offense as ortiz, he would be slammed for making errors on defense DESPITE ortiz not playing any….and i will not buy the “well ortiz could play solid d, remember GAME 3 2004!”….yes im sure ortiz could make some plays but in 10 games he has 2 errors, that would be a pace for almost 35 erros all year so i’m not buying he would be a solid glove or anything less then a liability.

as far as the walkoffs and the clutch and the game winning rbi’s and hits and what not, yes that is clutch, and it is his job as the 3 hitter and dh to drive in runs under any circumstances and he does it well, but it takes a full team to get him in that position and it takes a full team of defense to keep the other team from running away with that game, so ortiz does not SINGLE HANDEDLY win games.

…Another question, totally unrelated to the last one. Tomorrow there is an on line chat with Trot, does anyone know how to go about joining in on this type of thing. I would HATE to miss out on this.Please Help!!!

Some Pitchers who won MVP

Roger Clemens – 1986(AL)

Dennies Ecklersley – 1992(AL)

DHs who won MVP

Don Baylor, California Angels – 1979(AL)

“a great point was brought up on the other blog, if a defensive player robs the other team of a hit, it is like having his own hit”

Does this mean everytime a player makes a catch(how is it is) or fields to throw out a runner(not matter how routine it is) he is robbing the opposite team of hit. Come on.

“there are guys with numbers similar to his (they are also dh’s)”

None of the DHs are even close to Ortiz in numbers this season except may be Hafner. And there are 13 other teams with DHs.

Let’s finish this MVP discussion fast as the game is about to start in less than an hour.

Lowell will be back today. Coco ******* Crisp is going to lead off again today.Javy Lopez will catch.Youk bats 5th & Lowell 6th.

“Pitching coach Dave Wallace will be back in uniform tonight, making trips to the mound for the first time this season after having hip surgery during Spring Training.” – Boston Globe.

Welcome back Dave. Good bye Al Nipper.

At this point, Ortiz clearly has more superior numbers to Jeter, and deserves the MVP, but it is fruitless to debate about it. You’re right, Vince, the Sox are not a lock to make the playoffs. Neither are the Yankees. In most cases, the MVP has come from a playoff team. There is too much time left in the season to determine who is most worthy. As for me, I could care less. I would rather the Sox win the AL East (which I think they will) and win the AL (not sure if they will)and give Jeter the MVP than vice versa.

I’m just full of questions today, better than being full of something else I guess!!!!
Has anyone heard anything about Trot’s recovery progress. Where could I find something like that?? Thanks for putting up with me today (and always)y’all!

Good to see Lowell back. With the exception of his K game, Crisp has been hitting well and has shown signs that his thumb injury is no longer bothering him. The Red Sox have the best defense in the majors, and Crisp is a big reason why. He is a key part of this team.

Not sure about Trot, Ellen. Though I would like to see Pena given a chance to start in RF next season, it would be nice to see Trot return. The more veterans the better, if they can contribute.

I know that the odds of Trot even being here next year are slim at best. But I really wouldn’t mind seeing him being used in some capacity. Depending on how great his desire to finish his career with the Sox, I could see him as a backup, then maybe a coach in some capacity. Maybe he could be Headmaster at the DIRT DAWG CAMP!!, he sure is more than capable of filling that spot!! As much as I admire Trot, (danm, his work ethic is just plain great!!) I know that Wily is the future in right field.

Not sure how I feel about Coco leading off. Yes, he’s had a couple of good game, but until he starts to take pitches, he can’t be our leadoff guy. He constantly swings at the first pitch, swings at bad 2-0 and 3-1 pitches and doesn’t get on enough. Youk is 2nd in MLB in pitches per at bat. He makes the pitcher work to start off that game.
As far as MVP, if the Sox win the division, Papi wins it, if they don’t, probably Jeter. Just like last year, Papi was a stud, but the Yanks won the division and A-Rod took it.(that was back when he could play defense, although he hasn’t been too bad lately).

Vince made the point that Papi does what he is supposed to do by hitting in the clutch etc. That may be true, but no one else seems to come through that much. Everyone else is paid to do it as well. Papi is just better at it when the game is on the line. Don’t forget what a walkoff can do for momentum. Last week against Cleveland aside, each walkoff was followed by a decent winning streak. The walk off not only wins that game, but creates an atmosphere that games are built on. That is another huge factor for an MVP vote.

Here’s hoping Luke Hudson doesn’t look like Cy Young again tonight and we can get to him early. The Sox need a nice pounding. How about 11-3 or something like that. Can’t remember the last win that wasn’t in question until the last out.

Does anyone else think that Wily Mo’s parents didnt know how to spell “Willy” because his name is the same spelling of another word “Wily” pronounced “Why-ly” like that of wily coyote..haha, just wondering if anything else caught that..

Hey, 1st pitch is fast approaching. I always get excited before the games!! I’m hoping I don’t need my Rally Gear tonight.



David and were joking about that the other night!!! Scary, huh?? I think it’s a latin spelling, I’ve seen it before.

Hahaha, yeah ive noticed it for awhile and I just finally wanted to ask if anyone else caught that..haha, wierd

gsr I think the same thing about his inability to pass up that first offering. And about Papi, you’re absolutely right. Momentum is key, sparks from something special, and leads to consistency (sp).. We need another “Cowboy Up” type of clubhouse, you know all the comeraderie and chemistry (and maybe a bottle of jack!!). They can still find it!

Hey muufinman, does Wily get his equipment from ACME Athletic Equipment Co.??

hahaha, hmmm..i’ll have to look real hard at what company his bat is from tonight..

according to KSTN broadcaster we now have “DAVID YOUKILIS”

too far away for me to see th isignia on the glove!!!

hahaha, darn!

Well Lester sure isnt looking too hot tonight…

5 strikes

7 balls

So I see that we lost Kylee to the Dark Side last night..jeez, what happened there? A week ago she was at Fenway Park all excited to be at the actual Home of the sox and after that just like Bam! And Shes a yankee fan..

She’s not a fan of either team, just a giggly school girl who has a crush on our Yankee fan blogger Vince. Not much of a loss.

I’ll be watching this inning for Wily’s at bat…. beep beep!!

I have mixed feelings whenever the Yankees are playing the White Sox. I despise the Yankees, but I also don’t care for the White Sox announcers. In this case, my distaste for the Yankees outweighs the dislike for the announcers, so go White Sox!

Javy Lopez is really stinking. 0 for 11 with Sox so far.

Lester really struggling so far.

I think Javy will pick it up. He needs to get in a groove since he hasn’t been playing regularly. I was at the game Saturday when he bounced into a game-ending double play with the bases loaded. Yet it’s too early to start blasting Lopez.

Yeah, this is turning out to be a bad acquistition

Seems like it is really hot in Kansas City today. We had a very pleasant weather today in Worcester, MA. High of 78.

Come on Lester throw some strikes.

haha, Yeah today was actually really nice here in Bakersfield, CA it was only 94..finally hitting the lower 90’s..

In reference to the yankee white sox game I must say that for me personally, if the Red Sox needed the yankees to beat whomever for the Red Sox to make the playoffs I would still have to root for whomever. So long as I shall live I WILL NEVER CHEER FOR THE yankees!

Too early to get someone up int he pen??

Lester will be fine. He needs to learn how to work through tough starts and settle down. If he doesn’t today, I imagine we’ll see Kyle Snyder.

The way these two pitchers have started off, its going to be a rough series on the pens.

and btw kumar, i said when they take away a hit it is =to getting one, not when they just make a play. I admitted ortiz is more clutch and comes through more often than anybody else, but that is his only job, he doesn’t make the clutch plays ON THE OTHER side of the field, jeter makes them on offense and defense. I don’t know where the 13 other dh’s came from, this isn’t a most valuable dh award, i said besides jeter the only other candidates are all pretty much dh’s

Finally that inning is over. 47 pitches so far though 2 innings for Lester. Only 21 strikes.

Gee, does this cancel out his 1 hitter? It is the same team.

Jeter is clutch I agree. But not as clutch as Ortiz, atleast this year. Besides Jeter & Ortiz. What abt Mauer? He has better BA than Jeter. And his defense behind the plate is very good and also he manages the pitches for the Twins brilliant pitching staff. Mauer will be ahead of Jeter behind Ortiz of course.

The Jeter-Ortiz debate will just go around in circles, especially with a Yankees fan.

unfortunately for mauer his team will probably not make the playoffs so it doesn’t really matter. But if you want to compare his stats, rather than just batting average since i distinctly wrote more than just jeter’s average, then we can look…Fully ignoring the injury issue and the chance of playoffs (twins have had their own share of outfield injuries) Jeter has 14 runs more than mauer, 6 more rbi’s and although 1 less hrs, he also has more doubles, not that those matter when you consider rbi’s.

Mauer has more walks but jeter has more hits which probably leads to why he has more rbis. If you need more convincing mauer has 7 sb and jeter 24. So before you take your biased list and put mauer 2nd, maybe u should do a little more research other than batting average.

plus comparing mauer to jeter is completely ignoring the clutch factor, which would be a terrible terrible error for a redsox fan to do

Tonight is the night that Lopez finally starts to contribute. That is my prediction. I think so far I am 0 for 5 in predicting so hopefully I can get on the board with this one.

did u all just die? why no youkilis comments?

Easy buddy. What’s that all about.

2 run HR for Wily Mo. 1st hit for Javy Lopez in Red Sox Uniform.

lol there we go, some life to the blog, jeez where are all of you?

dtharcher, good prediction. 1st hit for Javy.

Through 5. Yanks 5 – Chi Sox 5.

95 pitches for Wang.

it’s 4-4

top 6 2 out

Just in Wily Mo’s homer measured at 451 Ft. Courtesy Tina Cervasio @ NESN.

Loretta HBP.

Loretta looks alright. Stays in the game.

I am kinda hoping for something more.

Seriously where is everybody.

“did u all just die?”

I didn’t say those those words. Blame the Yankees.

huh? I was asking where everyone on the blog is.

Just kidding dude.

lol im not mad i was just confused

Hey, looks like I’m late for tonight’s chat.

Everyone is… dead?


Even I am confused. Where is everybody. Come back u all before I curse u.

Been there done that! (curse)

Loretta was lifted. Hopefully nothing serious. Where would the Sox be without Cora? He’s one of the better utility players in baseball.

Everytime I look on gamecenter, Lester is on a 2-0 count.

What’s with all these balls?

He was behind almost every hitter today.

LK, Lester has good stuff, he is just learning to be economical on his pitches. I’m sure that will be resolved by next season, but it is part of his growing pains this year.

i hope you guys dont even have the atrocity of an umpire crew we have going tonight…there have been 6 or 7 blown calls, and im not even talking balls and strikes, 1 was even in the yankees favor, this game is ridiculous….the ump has no strike zone either.

??now is it too early???, anybody but Tavar”EZ”

Hansen is getting ready in the bullpen.

that a boy lester, what is that 3 or 4 non quality starters in a row?

Lester is just a rookie. He will definetly be lot better with the experience.

Hello Ellen how ya been?

how? how do u know he won’t be the next victor zambrano and never control his stuff, esp on the big stage?

Quality Start by Wang tonight???

Lester will be fine. Of course, nobody knows how he will be for sure. You can never know how anyone will be. But Lester has good stuff. He’s been a nice addition this season, and he’ll be much better next year after a season under his belt.

I read somewhere today some Yankee Minor leaguer got banned for 50 games for taking banned substances. Is this how yankees make their prospects.

Is it your great prospect Philip Hughes who got banned?

What’s the over/under on the next time Coco will get a hit that matters? This guy can’t hit at all. 0-4 from our speedy leadoff guy. Too bad he can’t get on to use the speed.
I think the rest of the AL has figured out Lester. If he throws a 1st pitch fastball, swing. If not, don’t swing and odds are you’ll see at least 10 pitches and then walk.

God this is frustrating.

louder: I notice that Kaylee (aka Benedict Arnold) hasn’t posted tonight. She’s either pouting or putting together her backpack school supplies.

Unfortunately, because of the strong desire for minor leaguers to get an advantage and climb up the ladder, thee will be people from every team that will see players banned for taking illegal substances, so I wouldn’t base any other team’s farm system on this subject. It is an unfortunate part of the game that will hopefully be cleaned up.

She’s probably on the D-Backs web site declaring her allegiance for her homestate team. Wow, not a good defensive inning.

no it wasn’t hughes, *** and bean u really wanna compare wang to lester? how about wang to beckett? this was vs the whitesox ur playing the royals, get a clue.

2 errors. No outs so far.

the guy on juice was not even a main prospect, he was some guy in A nobody has ever heard of

Definitely not getting the calls from Cousins. Those last two pitches were strikes.

dt:doing ok, except the game is really starting to frustrate me. I haven’t been able to send my rally jersay to the cleaners, I’ve had to put it on so much. But we CAN DO THIS!!!

Were all over this game. We have got plenty of at bats left.

Nice catch by Coco, too bad the throw was aliitle off the mark. CA-CA!!

This plate umpire has a very very tiny stike zone.

I would much rather have Beckett and Lester for the long term, though I do admit Wang has thrown the ball better than both. I like the upside to both Beckett and Lester.

Wang who wasn’t that good in the rookie season last year, has improved and performed lot better this season. Lester who is doing a lot better than wang in the rookie season can be lot better next season.

Definitely frustrating to watch the bullpen the way it is pitching right now. This season, for some reason, the Sox have played sluggishly against teams like the D-Rays and Royals, and well against tougher teams, with the exception of the three-game series sweep to the Twins. That is why you can’t judge the Sox by the way they are playing now, and who they will be facing in the near future.

wang was 8-5 with an era under 5 his rookie year with an injury mixed in and he kept it close in the playoffs? he wasn’t that good, what planet were u watching him from? h e helped save our *** last year…..and louder, that’s fine, but wang is 26 so i’m guessing ur just hopeful beckett and lester wilol find it and it is not an age thing.

Looks like it is time to gobble up some runs.

jeff they struggled vs the indians and angels too, they have struggled against the AL period, who do u want for us to pay attention to to see the true sox? the nl?

The Angels are solid, as are the Indians on offense. They match up well with the Tigers, White Sox and Yankees. The only top-tier team they don’t match up well with is the Twins. No need for concern.

sweep to the twins, 3 of 4 to the angels, haven;t played much vs whitesox or tigers yet, lost 3 of 4 to the A’s…7 of 11 to the jays, am i missing something?

5-5 vs yankees and no idea vs whitesox or tigers but i dont think they have played more than a series so how would u know?

The bottom line is, they are in the thick of the AL East race and the wild card race. You can’t dictate what happens in baseball by the numbers. Like I said, they match up well with the top-tier teams. First, they have to focus on regaining some momentum by winning these games against the Royals. When you’re in a slump, you take it one game at a time.

Hit number 1000 for David Ortiz. Home Run number 41 of the year.

but if you claim they struggle vs **** teams like the royals and twins, and i just supplied the record of late vs the top tier teams, where is this magical momentum coming from? they are 6 games over 500 vs the al the entire year. Their one magical stretch came against the NL, you know u need to make the playoffs and beat the al before u run over the nl in the ws.

You tend ro rely way too much on numbers. Perhaps it’s because you’re still very young. Baseball is a game of momentum. As long as the Sox develop some, they will be fine. We’ll see what happens.

twins … **** team?

i think ur too dependent on faith, where is this momentum coming from if they cannot beat the AL? if they don’t put it together in the near future, the yankees tough schedule is pretty much done, after fenway it doesn’t get harder, esp if the jays continue to fall apart….i completely understand momentum (see giambi’s hr against the pirates last year or mueller vs mo 2004) but you are completely lacking logic in assuming the yankees will lose momentum completely and the sox will gain it out of thin air and if that did happen isn’t it a bit foolish to believe the reverse won’t happen again?

did i say the twins were a **** team? i listed them under the good teams

but if you claim they struggle vs **** teams like the royals and twins,

esp when u consider since 2002 when the yankees have not run away with the division immediately they have been one of the best 2nd half teams consistantly (well over 600 ball) in the 2nd half every year?

i claim they struggle vs the AL period, they struggle against teams like the twins the A’s, angels, bluejays lately and they have also struggled with teams like the royals (though they are 3-0 so i don’t know where that belief is) and the indians

A Rudy Seanez sighting? Wow, he is still on the team.

Our bullpen is really stinking. Seanez stinks.

Yep, the bullpen is letting us down. We have the bats to catch up on any given night, but a shaky bullpen applies added pressure.

i guess that is why seanez isn’t in more

Time for Tavarez!

Konerko goes yard off Rivera. Game tied in the 9th.

well mo pulled a papi of last week, tie game.

Even Mo gives one up on occasion

looks like the chisox took the redsox of 04’s offensive playbook

sox are 3 and 1 against tigers and 3 and 1 against ChiSox

If the Yankees lose the Sox will lose that’s the way it usually goes

they’re 2-1 against both

Well, people wanted to see Seanez in a close game. This is what he does best. No runs in games that we are up or down by 4 or more but put him in a game that is close and BOOM, another bomb. Good thing Theo made a move to solidify our bullpen….Oh wait, he was too busy thinking about 2009 to give anyone up.
Now we have to sit through Coco wasting an at bat in the top half of the ninth and hope we can get a one out rally started.

I hope people don’t say this is OK because we didn’t lose any ground to either the White Sox or Yanks depending on who loses, because this is when we should GAIN ground.

God this is frustrating.

Not looking good tonight. We can’t keep going into the 9th down a run or two expecting the offense to bail us out.

bean, sorry you’re right

i hope, for the batch of u that i like personally, u never have to see a sox pitcher give up a hr in the 9th vs the whitesox….i want to murder the whitesox announcers bare handed and in public

Dye did it against Papelbon, you would have thought the White sox won the world series.

these guys are the worst, i have never seen anything like this….i mean, absolute announcer skum, jeff i suggest u write an op/ed on how much **** these guys s u c kon the whitesox

Bobby Abreu is one weird looking dude.

I hear you, I live in chicago and hawk will just kill you. the only ones worse is ron santo with the cubs. He actually said the other day that trading maddox may have been premature b/c the cubs could make a run at this Even whitesox fans can’t take hawk

Yeah, I’m not a fan of the White Sox announcers – the biggest homers in the game. They are more tolerable when the White Sox stink, but obviously that’s not the case now.

Holy ****. Francona has truly lost his f-ing mind. Not that Coco stands a chance of getting on in the 9th, but with Papi due up 3rd, there is a remote possibility this game is somewhat attainable. Now he brings in Tavarez. This is the kiss of death. Both Ez boys pitching in the same game.

they aren’t just sox loving and unprofessional when they aren’t wetting themselves over mediocrity they are INSANELY BORING too

If the Sox lose this game, I’m not going to shave or blog until they win three straight and break out of this slump. Hopefully, I don’t end up looking like a member of ZZ Top.

I agree. Tavarez should no longer be an option. Time to designate him for assignment. I’m tired of seeing him give up big hits and runs.

Hawk does a daily call in to one of the local sports shows a couple times a week. The stuff he spews. He said, and i’m not kidding, that joe crede is the best hitting 3rd baseman in the league. I’d like to tar and feather Arod, but i still can’t argue his stats.

What happened to Giambi?

Yeah, Crede is good, but not that good.

Well, Senor EZ is in the game, what now??? He better show something good. HOOLIAN, KICK BUTT!!

LOL, hawk is my new arch enemy, he makes me angrier than any sox player or media ever has right now, and THAT is saying a ton….well ok maybe i hate schilling more.

left the game with an “injury” but he got hit in the arm so i don’t know what it can be…prob precautionary

The past couple of games have been an indication of just how much Varitek is missed. I meant to bring this up earlier because it doesn’t have anything to do with the past couple of innings, but it seems all our pitchers are taking a lot longer on the mound. They are shaking off signs, waiting to get signs and Lopez has been crossed up at least 5 times tonight. That leads to game slowing down, the fielders getting restless and when guys get on base it’s just a mess.
Please let Coco make his at bat look somewhat respectable. He is the batter that I have the least amount of confidense in right now. And since Tito was impressed with his 1-6, 4 strikout game on Sunday he let him bat leadoff again.

coco don’t lift your bat, take a walk

This guy has a 5.53 ERA and everytime I see him on the mound he’s giving up game tying or worse hits. We better be able to get something off him.

go sox your absolutly right re: varitek. He’s had an off year at the plate but he calls a great game. That is the main reason why i think we are sunk this year

btw it is giambi’s elbow, not sure whats wrong with it, prob sore, luckily he is a dh

pitching to ortiz

Hey, yankee what’s up with sturtz? I havn’t seen him in a while I played against him in hs, he was something else

come on manny

hes out for the year connor. prob done as a yankee with dotel coming back and his contract up

he lied on two diff occasions about not being injured when he was, the yankees are not on good terms with him

no great loss for the yankees at this point, he was two years younger than me, so he’s gotta be 34 35.

When I heard that Johnson was pitching Sundays game with the Devil Rays I felt like throwing my tickets in the trash and save the 50.00 dollars it would cost to drive to St Petersburg. But much to my surprise, I think he pitched a good game. It was the rest of the bullpen that let me down.

wow, u guys are on a slide right now.

just like tonight. This team is in deep trouble. You can’t lose to the **** royals.

well you can’t beat the royals you are in trouble for sure and this team is definitely in some trouble the bullpen wins championships and we don’t have a bullpen to win one right now

yeah – well – we (the yankees) haven’t won yet either

Well another impressive performance…by the teams facing the Red Sox.
2 out hits with the bases loaded, solid bullpen pitching and a nice effort by the starting pitcher. FROM A TEAM THAT IS 35 GAMES UNDER .500!!!

So the best the Sox can come home from this trip with is a 3-3 record against 2 teams that are a combined 55 games under .500.

Well, I guess there’s a whole lot more that we need to do…. and it needs to be done soon!!, wait, no not soon, NOW!

Thanks for the update captain obvious. (vince)

haha…hey sunny, don’t shortchange us we are on the road vs the whitesox in the 11th inning, they lost to the royals.

Slide?? If it were only a slide. We can’t expect to win on a walk off every night. For 86 years we had no pitching. We had pitching for 1 year (or some would say 8 games) and won it. It is pitching, pitching, pitching.

every game counts my man. White Sox or Royals. W’s and L’s don’t care who you got them from – so WS or Royals, we still need a WIN!!

Just think how much different it is to come back from one run as opposed to 2 runs. Manny wouldn’t have been trying to go yard, might have been able to slap one and tie the game. Lowell should have been given an error on his play when Hansen was in there, so you can’t fault him on anything except for that **** throw to 1st. Which he wouldn’t have had to make if he let Lowell field it.
I seriously wonder what Theo and Francona are doing letting Seanez and Tavarez waste 2 spots in the pen when we could have a couple of valuable arms out there. I don’t know who they could be, but that’s the front offices job to find those pieces at the trading deadline. Thanks for saving those bargaining chips so we have something to look forward to 3 years from now.

This isn’t a slide, it’s an avalanche.

At least an avalanche makes sense, you know the movement of snow and all, this makes no sense. to keep putting the EZ brothers in, makes no sense. Theo doen’t want to eat tavarez’ contract b/c that would mean he may not be boy wonder anymore.

Chi sox win, on dye’s single

I think there comes a time when you have to accept the fact that it was a bad deal and cut your ties. I mean, in the grand scheme of things to million dollar industries, what is $3 mil as far as Tavarez’ and Seanez is concerned? We need help and now that the deadline has passed, the opportunity to get a difference maker is slim to none. All we got is a “catcher” that wasn’t good enough to catch on a cra.ppy Baltimore team.

oy, that is a tough loss, proctor loses thanks to getting squeezed and now he is not available

I didn’t see your whole game, but I know the ump was tight, but he was consistent with both teams, wasn’t he. The tightest zone I’ve seen all year has been C.B Bucknor by far.

I thought Tavarez signed a multi year deal? Either way, I agree go sox, the Red Sox **** away 3 million like i leave a penny at the 7/11 when buying a can of kodiak

It might be a multi year deal, which in itself is stupid enough considering Tavarez has never really been consistant and he’s a hot head.

kevin not even close, this ump gave garcia and jenks pitches the yankees never got, esp wang. I am not saying that with bias either and when it would be a close pitch for the whitesox pitchers the announcers would go “WHERE WAS THAT PITCH!?”

I hate when games start an hour later than usual because of the time difference. I hate it even more when I waste my time watching us get tooled by the worst team in baseball.

this was a brutal loss for the yankees, we need johnson to step it up or they could get swept…actually moose won’t let that happen, do u guys have beckett or schilling tomorrow?

move to the midwest and get the mlb package it is only 11:00 here

I’m going to bed. Now I can’t watch baseball tonight. I can only imagine how bad they are going to make us losing to Royals look.

I believe Becket, but it is late, so i may be wrong

Beckett tomorrow, which means we have to score at least 6 runs to win. Going against Redman that doesn’t look too promising. Schill on Thursday.

Well tonight we got caught with our pants down and couldnt hold anything but our own… DEFINITE changes to be made and NOW!!! What was this I was reading about, was it Lieber?? any chance there???
I still say when it comes to Tavar”EZ” give some semi-pro(down from MLB) team 3 (we’ve upped it from 2) boxes of balls, 2 bats and 2 season tix (no parking pass) to Fenway to take him off our hands. He may not have done the dameage tonight but he didnt help either. Neither did the lack of hot bats in the crucial spots.. I STILL LOVE AND SUPPORT OUR SOX 100%, NO MATTER WHAT, BUT THEY NEED TO GET THEIR AS.SES IN GEAR AND NOW.

one less than dull spot: Javy got 2 hits, though they went for naught.

I really think the decision to let Papelbon sit and rot in the closer role is going to come back to haunt us this year. 4 runs should be enough to beat the Royals, but it wouldn’t be enough unless Schilling was on the mound and having an average day. Our starting pitching is bad and our bullpen is worse (outside Papelbon)… that leads to a lot of nights these days where Papelbon just sits and watches helplessly. Once we realized how great he was a month or so into the season, we should have starting planning for the switch to the rotation. We wouldn’t need as many of these underperforming relievers if our starters would occasionally pitch 7-8 innings of 2 or 3 run ball.

There would be no argument whatsoever around MVP if it wasn’t for the steriod ERA. Ortiz is on pace for 60 homers and 161 RBIs, which would be all the talk if it wasn’t for the steriod monkeys ruining history. Jeter has some nice stats… but someone hits .346 just about every year, including this year where Mauer is hitting .21 points higher. Throw in all the walk-offs and it shouldn’t be an argument at all.

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