Terrible Tuesday

That was absoultely not what anyone was looking for tonight, starting an already disappointing road trip by suffering a late-inning loss to the worst team in baseball.

As much as the young kids carried the Red Sox earlier in the year, we are finding out right now what a double-edged sword it is to count on youth this time of year. Youth is unpredictable and unreliable unless, I suppose, your name is Jonathan Papelbon.

Jon Lester, ever since he got promoted, has proven to be a guy who can keep the Red Sox in games for five or six innings. However ,he has not been able to command his pitches to the point where he’s economical with how many pitches he is throwing. This team DESPERATELY needs Tim Wakefield back.

I think it’s become readily apparent that Hansen needs to take a break from pitching in crucial situations. He’s been scored on in four of his last five outings. You don’t want his confidence to get destroyed. I think it’s unfair to criticize this guy because he is 14 months out of college. It’s not his fault that the bullpen is thin enough that he’s been asked to do so much so soon.

Beckett and Schilling the next 2 nights. the Red Sox desperately need to finish with two wins and at least get home with a .500 record on a trip that has been played exclusively against cellar dwellers.

Talk to you tomorrow,



The Sox are falling quick. We need middle relief.

The Red Sox have been jobbed by the umpires ever since the All Star break. Cousins was atrocious last night from beginning to end behind the plate. He squeezed Sox batters and pitchers throughout the contest. His calls on Manny Ramirez in the 9th inning were particularly obvious. YOu know it almost looks like the Commissioner is getting even with the Sox for their support of Manny’s refusal to attend the All Star Game. Remember he was visibly and publicly outraged about the decision.

oh please, cry about it pap, a loss is a loss and u lost to the royals. Manny’s lack of strike calls against the A’s in oakland a few weeks ago were an embarressment, umpiring goes both ways for the most part all season long, you aren’t gonna get anywhere if you blame a loss solely on one at bat or blame a 14-16 record on UMPIRES. how bout the fact wells hasn’t helped, lester hasn’t helped, johnson hasn’t won, hansen has been terrible, tavarez is worthless, seanez is non existant, ur catchers are a mess, ur offense is inconsistant, and josh beckett cannot seem tp keep anybody in the ball park anymore? Did you ever think to blame your losses since the asb on that? I doubt it, blaming umpires for a 30 GAME SKID OF MEDIOCRITY, I can honestly say yankee fans WOULD NEVER blame a month of poor play on umpires. I blamed tonight’s game on some weak calls but if the yankees were in the sox situation i would have a laundry list of things to address before i try and blame the umpires for my freefall. Please.

A ‘freefall’?

Leave it to a Yankees fan to make me laugh.

The Sox are going through a bad time…but big deal. They’ll work through it.

And, Ian? Yesterday was Tuesday NOT Monday. πŸ™‚ (And the predictable and reliable Jonathan Papelbon blew a save the other day. Everyone goes through rough patches…don’t be so hard on the ‘kids’)

1st thing, Ian must be really depressed if he thought yesterday was Monday.
Cyn, I wish I had your optimism. A bad week, sure I could understand. But the Sox have ****** since the All-Star break. They’ve lost 3 or 4 to teams that are a compbined 55 games under .500. They haven’t won a series in 2 weeks. Jon Lester hasn’t won a game since beating the lowly Royals a few weeks ago. Josh Beckett has an ERA of 5.00. We have Jason friggen Johnson in our starting rotation. I don’t understand how people can keep saying that the Sox will work through it because obviously they aren’t working through it. Tampa, KC and Baltimore was the opportunity the Sox had gain some ground. You mean to tell me you have confidence in the Sox beating Detriot, NY, and the West Coast swing when they can’t even take care of Seattle, Cleveland, LA at home, Tampa and now KC?

I am loosing hope now. They can’t beat the waek teams in the easier part of the schedule. How do u expect them to beat the tough teams like NYY, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota and all the west coast teams on road.

Coco is ridiculous. This *** can’t even work the count and he is at lead off spot. He shouldn’t even be on the team.

Seanez, Tavarez, Hansen & rest of the bullpen continue to stink and Tito continues to go to these in close games. What ever happened to Snyder? Why was Snyder on the mound instead of Hansen, who continues to stink.

it is time, FRANCONA MUST GO!

Do we ever boo our own players at Fenway?

Tito & Theo MUST GO.

After All-star break

vs Oakland – lost 1-3

Vs KC – won 3-0

Vs Mariner – lost 1-2

Vs Oakland – won 2-1

Vs Angels – lost 1-2

Vs Indians – 2-2

Vs Rays – lost 1-2

Vs KC – losing 0-1

Theo & Tito must go.

And after the trade deadline

Vs Angels – lost 1-2

Vs Indians – 2-2

Vs Rays – lost 1-2

Vs KC – losing 0-1

lost all the series after the trade deadline. And now losing to the worst team in basebasll.

Dude, you guys boo Matt Clement all the time. And last year Renteria was a victim too. I’ve heard plenty of boos at Fenway before.

Funny how the 2nd coming of Johnny Damon with all his upside all of a sudden not even good enough to play on your team. And the bullpen that was supposed to be stellar suddenly good for nothing.

Seriously why was Snyder not used yesterday and in the series Vs Rays.

Normally you would use a long reliever in games where you either have a big lead or a big deficeit.

we used to have grady gump, father of forest gump. now we have terry gump, brother of forest gump. have you ever heard of a manager resting some of his regulars before a day off?

come on, i know it’s easy to get down as a sox fan, but there’s no need to get so depressed so fast. sure, we’ve had a terrible bout of injuries, and a losing streak of late, but we’re still getting on base and still scoring runs. the injuries have been disruptive, but we’ll bounce back!

terrible bout of injuries? That’s what you call this? You lose a struggling catcher, which granted your pitching has been terrible since, but it had that coming anyway, and you lost your rightfielder who was replaced with a better one that you guys wasted all year on the bench. Instead of gibbard you now have wells and you were winning without wakefield who has a losing record anyway, what terrible injuries? If this team cannot live with 20 hrs missing from the lineup replaced with at least 30 (if pena played all year) then this team is pathetic plain and simple, your clock is ticking, I know last year I was worried when the yankees couldn’t beat the brewers and we had no pitching but this is ridiculous. Scoring runs? you scored 4 last night…against kansas city…in a game you all agreed you had to win. Jeeze some of you i think just have blind optimism, if you guys are still all we can pull through after the fenway series when hopefully you have been buried, i’m gonna have to start having pity. Wouldn’t it be something if you guys won all 5? If that happened i’d choke myself i think. Of course if we won all 5 at fenway you’d be finished for good.

Hey everyone. Sorry Vince, I did have a case of the “Tuesdays.” I’ve been run thin the past few days. :-\ How are you today, sweetie? Please don’t talk to me about the Red Sox loss last night because I’m still pissed about it.πŸ˜›

Hey Vik! Don’t know if you’ll check today, but I didn’t mean to leave so abruptly (is that how you spell that? It looks weird. Hmm, oh well) yesterday.

P.S. Hope you have fun in Dallas – I’ll be in Fort Worth in November.πŸ™‚ I can’t wait.

your my fort worth:/
HEY JEN! i’m good, woke up 26 minutes ago, 1pm on the dot nice and early, how are you!

Geez Kumar, you’re giving up already, huh? Yeah, give the team a real boost of confidence, why don’t you?

And hello, we ALWAYS lose to last place teams, are people just realizing this? Get over it; we’ll be fine.

I’m doing just fine, pumpkin, if this psycho client doesn’t come in and kill us all.πŸ˜›

Lucky, lucky. I got to sleep in a little bit later today, ’cause I had to go to court for work this morning, which is right down the street from my house. But I definitely didn’t get to sleep in until 1.


I am frustrated with the way our team is playing right now. I am not Giving up, not yet and not so soon.

For those of us that have expressed our thoughts on the terrible play of late, I don’t think it’s a matter of us giving up. In my case it’s a matter of losing confidence each day that goes by. Optimist or not, who can really give a positive spin on the way the last 2 weeks have gone?
I’m still there rooting every night watching for the breaks that could happen and turn it around. All I see lately are guys going through the motions and not taking advantage of what they have. 18 left on base last night?? How is that possible against a team like the Royals?

Lester is a rookie, granted, but you don’t become a top prospect by walkin a guy an inning. He needs to get his head back.

I heard Francona is sitting Coco tonight. Youk back in the leadoff spot where he belongs. Nice job Francona, what gave you that idea? The fact that the last 2 games in the leadoff spot Coco was 1-10 with 4K’s and over 10 left on base?

Anyway, here’s hoping Beckett can give up less than 2 homeruns tonight and we can score more than one run against Mark Redman.

“kevin millar was a comedian not a general” ouch.

Hello to the “nation” from the Yankee side. I’m not here to bust your balls. I just wanted to say don’t get so upset about yesterday’s game. Fans of every team in the majors expect to go in and sweep the Royals but the fact remains no team has ever gone 0 and 162 on the season. They have to win sometimes. Granted I’m glad it was against the Red Sox and I know dropping the first game of any series really stinks but it’s no reason to start calling for the heads of managment. Everyone has a rough period during the season. This is yours. Move on and keep having the faith. The best teams will be playing in October and if you think the Red Sox are one of the best teams, then you should think they can overcome this.
P.S. After being so nice to the Red Sox fans (gag) I have to say Go Yanks!!

Take Care. Good Luck.

I think that comment just gave me diabetes.

I posted this on the last thread without knowing a new one was started…

I really think the decision to let Papelbon sit and rot in the closer role could come back to haunt us this year. 4 runs should be enough to beat the Royals, but it wouldn’t be enough unless Schilling was on the mound and having a decent day. Our starting pitching is bad and our bullpen is worse (outside Papelbon)… that leads to a lot of nights these days where Papelbon just sits and watches helplessly. Once we realized how great he was a month or so into the season, we should have starting planning for the switch to the rotation. We wouldn’t need as many of these underperforming relievers if our starters would occasionally pitch 7-8 innings of 2 or 3 run ball.

There would be no argument whatsoever around MVP if it wasn’t for the steriod ERA. Ortiz is on pace for 60 homers and 161 RBIs, which would be all the talk if it wasn’t for the steriod monkeys ruining history. Jeter has some nice stats… but someone hits .346 just about every year, including this year where Mauer is hitting .21 points higher. Throw in all the walk-offs and it shouldn’t be an argument at all.


One more comment like that from a yankee fan and you may lose your will to live. LOL.

Coco’s out. That’s good news for me. I have to celebrate.

I don’t know Rayman. Is there anyone else that could have come in and saved 30 games and had a .60 ERA? I know he’s a young stud, but I can’t really question the decision because it’s worked out so well. Teams are afraid of him. Teams are salivating to face anyone else in our pen. We already saw that Theo is too afraid to deal for bullpen help because he wants to win in 2009, so if we didn’t have Pap closing, we’d be screwed.

Great point on the batting average and the steroid ERA tainting the MVP power stats. You’re right, it seems every year there is a new guy hitting .340 or so, this year it happens to be Jeter.

I wonder if Terry will put Kapler or Wily Mo in right? I know Wily Mo has played more in right this year, but that park is pretty spacious out there and Kapler is a better overall outfielder. The way Beckett gets hit, the CF could be running around all night long.
By the way, you may have all seen the highlight of Wily Mo’s homerun by now, but the Royals announcers or the camera man had no idea where it was. Once it reached it’s peak, the announcers basically gave up on the ball and said they were waiting for the ump to give the signal because they couldn’t see it. It was pretty funny stuff. That was a BOMB.

not even going to argue it because i wrote a novel on the topic earlier, just like you guys argue it is not about the homeruns it is about ortiz being clutch, we argue it is not just about the batting average, clearly you guys either chose to ignore it or didn’t see the post

Are you saying Jeter is on the juice?

No, not on the juice.
Vince, it’s not that we are ignoring it, just stating fact that every baseball expert is stating as well.

Jeter has had a great year, no doubt. You just can’t discount what Ortiz has meant to the team. As I’ve said, if the Sox win the East, Ortiz wins the MVP, if the Yanks win, they’ll probably give it to Jeter. As the name states, the MVP is the person most valuable to their team. Sox would be dead an buried without Papi, the Yanks would maybe be a few games worse than they are now.

Neither player makes an impact on defense. What I mean is that Jeter is an average shortstop defensively, Ortiz doesn’t play defense.

So it comes down to offensive numbers. It’s that simple, really.

This debate happens every year and no one person will ever convince a person of the opposite opinion that they are right.

They will just counter-act with more points that favor their candidate. It’s a never ending debate, whether it’s a Sox/Yankee player or other players in the league.

At this point, I don’t care about an MVP, I’ll talk about that after the year, I just want to make the playoffs.

Trivia Time.

How many games did Cy Young win in his career?

U know the rules. No looking.

511. (somewhere around that.)

wasn’t it 514? he also had 749 complete games


that is confusing. How come he had 749 complete games and only 511 wins. That 749 looks suspecious. Let me check that one.

whoa whoa whoa, i can understand if you want to argue how important papi has been to ur team and i agree that whoever wins/makes the playoffs they will prob give the mvp too, but there is no way you can shortchange jeter like that. With cano sheffield and matsui out, you think if the yankees lost their captain, the only guy to be consistant on offense and have the big hits this year, we would be “a couple more games back”? Come on now, i never said ortiz didn’t severely help your team all i said was he cannot single handedly win games, if jeter is not there in addition to the injuries, the yankees are in third for starters. To compare ortiz and jeter on defense by calling it a wash is just absurd. Jeter may make the average plays but he also makes the extremely clutch plays with the game on the line (take the 8-6 robbery of mike lowell for example to end a game in boston). Ortiz has played 10 games on d and has 2 errors one of which basically cost them the game. calling jeter an average defender (his range is not reyes but he is by no means average) is just a plain insult. The guy’s defense you can bet your life has made a difference in games this year and even so, if ortiz played d he wouldn’t even make the average plays so it would be wiser not to even bring defense into the argument if you are a redsox fan. It does not just come down to the defensive numbers, ever, ortiz is penalized by writers that do not reside in bristol connecticut right off the bat because he doesn’t play defense (did u forget last year?) If it was solely reliant on offense than yeah ur right ortiz does deserve the silver slugger award, but this is MVP to say in a debate between ortiz and jeter or ortiz and a rod last year that jeter’s defense basically cancels out the fact ortiz plays no defense, is just plain invalid.

It’s true Cy Young had 749 complete gamesa and only 511 wins. I don’t understand that.

He also had a bunch of losses. Everyone pitched complete games back then and everyone pitched more than every 5 days. I bet a lot of players had triple digits in complete games.

kumar, because back then they pitched complete games regardless of situation. If they were down 15-1 they pitched the complete game, if they were winning they pitched it. Therefore it is very possible that half of those complete games came during a loss. The feat is still absolutely amazing though

i think the record for complete games in a season is liek 103…but before the turn of the century

oh. That explains that.

As I said, every person on the other side of the MVP debate will justify why their player should be the winner.
I tend to disagree with you on Jeter’s defense. I think he is average at best. Everyone makes a great play now and then, and I know Jeter has made his share. He makes the plays he should make like a big leaguer should and occasionally makes a great play. That’s not a knock on him by any means. I’m just saying that his defense doesn’t win you any games, so the point that he plays defense and Ortiz doesn’t should be null and void.

Either way, it’s a silly argument for the Sox fans to have when they’re worrying about making the playoffs.

Notice how all the great closers are still alive today, or even playing currently (Mo, Hoffman). That should give an indication as to when the bullpen started becoming an important aspect of a baseball team.

Regarding Jeter……apparently those Gold Gloves aren’t a testament to his defensive abilities?

AL East: Yankees (for the umpteenth time)
AL Central: Tigers (surprise!)

AL West: A’s

AL Wildcard: Sox (Twins are Liriano-less)

NL Central: Mets

NL Central: Cardinals

NL West: Dodgers

NL Wildcard: Reds

Divison: A’s over Yankees, Sox over Tigers

Mets over Reds, Dodgers over Cardinals

ALCS: A’s over Sox

NLCS: Mets over Dodgers

WS: A’s over Mets

Those are my predictions. The Sox can’t win it all unless they get back to excellent HEALTH… a perfectly healthy Sox can win the WS EASILY (Wakefield, Varitek, 100% Wells, even Clement…, not to mention Trot and Crisp, who is still bugged by injuries).

Sheffield and Matsui from the Yankees won’t be able to help out much in October. They’re coming back from serious injuries, and will be only 50% of their old selves for the postseason. Tigers will be a pushover. (Verlander and Ordonez are the only real threats)

withful thinking. The A’s will not even make the playoffs

AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Tigers

AL West: Angels

AL wildcard: Whitesox

ALDS: tigers over angels

ALDS: Yankees over whitesox

ALCS: Yankees over Tigers

NL East: mets

NL Central: Cardinals

NL west: Dodgers

NL wildcard: Reds

mets over reds dodgers over cardinals

mets over dodgers

yankees over mets


Kevin: Here’s why I have a problem with DH winning a MVP award.

If ARod had 20 errors last year or last year’s batting numbers this year, would he have been voted the MVP. No. So, defense matters. And not playing defense at all is worse than committing 20 errors.

An MVP should have great offensive and/or defensive numbers and atleast decent numbers in the other category. If Ortiz can be the MVP, why not Pudge. He has been a great leader (yeah more than Ortiz for an old redsox team, Varitek is who you guys call your captain, not Ortiz) for that young team. Has above average offensive numbers and great defensive numbers. And did a wonderful job with his young pitching staff. People have to realize baseball is not just HRs and RBIs.

Hello Butterfly. I did not stick around long either. I should back on blogging friday. Enjoy.

I have a few stats here that should help strengthen Big Papi’s case for MVP… The Redsox are in first place by a mile in Defense and we’re second in runs scored… but out of the playoffs right now. At first glance, that makes me believe that Pitching is by far the most important thing. Secondly, the Yankees have 31 more errors than the Redsox, yet have given up the exact same number of un-earned runs (44). That makes me believe that un-earned runs are mostly due to luck, timing, and pitching. How else can you explain the same number of un-earned runs with almost twice the errors? So unless a guy is a runaway gold glove winner (which Jeter isn’t this year), defense shouldn’t mean much in an MVP race. It certainly hasn’t meant much in the standings. The Yankees, Jays, Angels, and Tigers are all bottom-half defensive teams. I’m really getting tired of all this BS talk about defense.

I disagree that not playing defense at all is worse than playing bad defense. Why? Simply because not playing defense at all gives you NO value on defense, whereas playing horrible defense (like Arod rather recently) gives a NEGATIVE value. Ortiz’s offensive numbers are enough to carry a 0 defensive value, but Arod’s current offensive numbers aren’t even close to carrying his NEGATIVE defensive numbers. I believe that the MVP will come down to Papi and Jeter.

really? a rod has recently played bad defense? what over the last 15 games? when he has no errors? is that the recently u speak of?

and thats the point rayman if ortiz played defense the sox would suffer more, but when jeter plays defense it helps the team, it doesn’t stay neutral, ur tired of the bs defense talk? sorry, but that is half the mvp award, You don’t get the most value out of a one sided “player”, this is not a silver slugger argument, it is mvp, so get used to “defense” being involved in the discussion, sorry if you want to change all the rules so ortiz is a lock every year but it is not happening.

Defense can’t be told by numbers alone. Imagine these following scenerios:

1) score is 2-2, top of 8th. Runners on 1st and 3rd, 1 out. Hard driven grounder to shortstop, who boots the ball. A run scores; it is now 3-2, 1st and 2nd, still 1 out. Instead of the inning being over, the defensive misplay may have cost the team a win.

2) Score is 5-1, top of 6th. Bases empty. Batter pops the ball into outfield, where the RF loses it in the sun. Runner on 1st.

Which one costs the team more? Well, they’re both counted as 1 error each, but the first case just cost a team the ball game. The second doesn’t do anything at all.

Rayman: This is a classic case of skewing the stats to your advantage. You conveniently ignore the fact that the redsox allowed 43 more runs than the yankees. Which means the yankee pitching is better inspite of poor defense behind them. In other words the pitching bailed out the defense. The redsox pitchers did not bail out their defense when the defense committed errors, which makes defense more important for you guys.

besides there is no real point to arguing this right now, for all we know ortiz can get injured doing nothing and then he gets nothing, or sox or yankees could not make the playoffs, it is too early to argue this

Vince, by recently, I mean recently. He’s playing alot better now, but a couple of weeks ago is STILL “recently”.

Arod will not be MVP this year. Papi will make top-3 with both his gigantic arms behind the back which currently carries the Sox Nation. =)

If Papi gets injured, it’s game over.

THAT’s why he’s MVP…. because without him the Sox are a 90-win team at best

did anybody here ever suggest a rod was in mvp talks? he is probably 15th or so this year….hafner thome ortiz giambi and jeter are all worlds ahead of arod

and 90-game winners don’t make the playoffs (apparently, the NL West didn’t get the memo)

if jeter was injured this year the yankees could say the same thing

it is one thing if the yankees were fully healthy and jeter had these numbers, but on any given night AT LEAST one third of their offense was not in the lineup for 3 months and jeter put up those numbers, the redsox problem has not been offense all year long, it has been pitching, ortiz is not a pitcher and he doesn’t play defense.

yeah, and that’s why i narrowed down MVP to Jeter and Papi. The 2 most expensive teams depend on them respectively. That is what makes them valuable (and why I hate Jeter!)

haha i know but i don’t think anybody ever thought it wouldn’t come down to jeter or ortiz

Jamie: Not playing defense at all is not 0 value to begin with. Because you are losing a lot of flexibility as a coach. You have to play Ortiz at DH everyday. so, you have to compromise at other positions. Which is a negative?
Even when you guys had Lowell injured, Francona did not have the confidence to play Ortiz at 1B and move Youkilis to 3rd. He had to play Cora. So in effect he’s removing the bat of the best hitter on the bench (Kapler?, If Trot was not injured, it would have been Wily Mo) out of the lineup by not playing 1st. So he is responsible for the difference in their production.

Mauer should be ahead of Jeter behind Papi for MVP.

Francona doesn’t HAVE to play Ortiz… he’s played him at 1B plenty of times, without encountering disaster. In the 2004 World Series, Ortiz fired a perfect shot across the diamond to nail Suppan. I would rather have Ortiz play 1B over guys like Delgado, who is absolutely terrible defensively. Therefore, Ortiz’s defense is NOT a negative. When he DOES play, he’s not atrocious at all, and occasionally making plays which are quite good (nailing line drives, etc.).

Francona has moved Youk to 3B and had Ortiz play 1B on numerous occasions.

Ortiz is not responsible for any production except his MLB-leading 41 HR and gazillion RBI’s.

Kapler is not the best bat off the bench; that honor would go to Cora.

Kumar, Mauer plays for a sub-500 teams. It doesn’t matter if he’s Bonds. A MVP is expected to help WIN GAMES, which Jeter and Papi do on a regular basis. I don’t even see Thome coming close to MVP. Papi’s much more valuable (and they’re BOTH DH’s, btw lol), and Vlad Guerrero hasn’t had a blazing season thus far.

I think Jeter may beat Papi simply because he’s a Captain, which Papi is not.

Btw, Vince, was that really Jeter that dropped in on the Yankees blog?

How’s Loretta? If he’s seriously injured, maybe Pedroia can come up (wow I’m actually hoping that Loretta IS injured, so that I can see Pedroia in action… I’m a pretty bad person lol)

Then again, Cora would be the more likely choice, in which case I hope Loretta only has a skin bruise lol


I don’t know if you got a chance to chat with Trot Nixon earlier today. In case u missed chating with Nixon here is the link of the chat transcript


This blog isn’t as busy as before… what happened?


Mauer is not on sub par team. He is with Minnesota Twins.He also handles the pitching Staff.

1 hour to go before the game.

OOPS sorry my bad I mixied up Victor Martinez and Mauer.

Mauer still won’t be MVP though…

where is everyone?

kumar every point your making contradicts your other points, ortiz manages nothing not even the infield, jeter is captain, he manages the team as a player, not just the pitching staff, and mauer’s team is not even in the playoff hunt, nobody handles johan santana he is a top 3 pitcher in baseball.

jamie being on a pace for 34.5 errors IS a liability and in 10 games this season ortiz has two errors, so what, he nailed a pitcher two years ago, it is one play, people still hang onto it, yet u guys don’t say jeter’s defense doesn’t make a difference? can we stop contradicting please.

if the season ended today mauer’s team would not make ht eplayoffs, is what i meant to say*

btw, i doubt that was jeter but a lot of people seemed to think to…mark didn’t even address it so i doubt it was really jeter

Javy Lopez is a double play machine. Haven’t won in a few days, why not bunt and get 2 guys in scoring position with a weak hitter up?? Oh yeah, we don’t bunt. It wouldn’t be a good idea to have runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out.

yeah if u guys knew how to play any small ball imagine how good you could be…on offense of course, even crisp ur one small ball guy is bad

Interesting stat just shown on the Royals network about Beckett.
2 runs or less in 9 starts this year.

5 runs or more in 7 starts this year.

He is the Rob Deer of pitching. Feast or Famine.

Hopefully it will be a feast the rest of the way.

johnson is on point so far tonight

Javy Lopez was complaining about not catching in Baltimore????? Now everyone in Boston knows why….He can’t catch. Beckett is blowing up and Lopez just let in a run.

You’ve got to be friggen kidding me. Bases loaded and Lowell hits into a double play. Why can’t we capitalize???

kevin whats going on in that game, i would tell u about ours but by b aseball etiquette it is improper.

Oh, you mean the no-hitter that Johnson has through 6?
Sox have left 5 more on base. Beckett blew up in the 4th, Manny has a two run shot and Lopez has a 2 run double.

I. Hate. You.

you’re going to **** kevin ur going to **** fast

Oh man, I actually feel bad. No sooner did I hit the enter button did Iguchi get that hit into left. Sorry man.

i hope schilling’s ego suffocates him somehow now and they have to amputate his arm

This really looks like another… “Do whatever it takes to lose” games. Tons of double plays, passed balls, running blunder, what’s next?. Against the worst team in the league. Geez, this is painful. At least Butthead lost his no hitter.

lol HEY….he looks more like beavis

Close games against the Royals are bad things…

I want the Yankees to win tonight’s game… I don’t mind the Yanks winning the division; the White Sox are competing for the Wild Card, and thus are the new nemesis of the Red Sox.

Johnson looked good tonight. I hope it turns out that he messed up his arm trying to throw too hard, and then the Yankees bring up Hughes too early, and he suffers a career-ending injury.

Javy Lopez made up for his double play with a 2-run double. Mike Lowell’s double play hurt us much much more. I hope Beckett doesn’t have a big inning tonight…

wow beckett looks like the best yankee pitcher in a while

i guess this start (barely quality) against the worst offensive team in baseball the 2nd time facing them in less than a month falls under “adjusting to the AL” right?

It seems there is confusion again with a Sox pitcher and Beckett. Josh has stepped off the mound at least 10 times tonight waiting to get the right pitch called.
Beckett keeps throwing 55 foot curve balls. The passed ball for a run was completely Lopez’ fault for those that didn’t see it, but every other pitch he has really had no chance on.

A month ago I never would have said what I’m about to, but I’m scared that our bullpen might be called on to hold this one run lead. Sox need a few insurance runs here.

I’m not one to make excuses as you probably can tell by some of my posts, but I think Beckett gets a pass today. It was 107 degrees at gametime and he hasn’t walked anyone and is still hitting 96 on the gun. The 4th was his blow up inning.

Another **** double play with the bases loaded. This is Wily Mo’s 4th double play in 2 games. Right now, the Sox don’t deserve to win this game. I can’t believe I’m sitting through a Royals game hoping we can squeak by with a win.

This game is incredibly boring to watch. It is 3 hours longs so far and I’m not exagerating when I say that Javy is repsonsible for at least 45 minutes of it. Delcarmen stepped off the mound 7 times in his 4 hitters and Timlin did the same at least 5 in his one batter. Javy needs to sit down with each pitcher and have a meet and greet. Because he still knows nothing about any of them.

Javy Lopez is a good catcher. He was with the Braves, and managed many, many good pitchers. I have confidence in him. I, however, will NOT have confidence in the RED SOX if they can’t even blow the Royals out of the water…


yeah lopez was good 3 years ago and leo mazzone was the main brains behind those pitchers, not lopez


manny solid throw there

Is he still ROY and Cy Young candidate?? Give me a break.

Season over


Back to Farnsworth, I think he needs the pressure of a tight game to suceed so I don’t think Joe should use him in games where the Yankees have a lead of 4 or more.


Whoops wrong blog

this is a sox blog not a ****** yankee blog

You guys better win every single game at home. Apparently, you cant beat anybody on the road.

i may try to be cool and go on a yankee blog and talk about the sox since that seems to be the cool thing to do in here

Sorry fanatic, I mixed up which blog I was on. It wasn’t intentional.

“Youth is unpredictable and unreliable unless, I suppose, your name is Jonathan Papelbon.”

Guess you’d better add Paperweight’s name to the unpredictable and unreliable list as well. Two blown saves in a row, and his first 3 out blown save on the year. That’s just too bad. The Evil Empire feels for y’all. Not.

lol go ahead ryan, we’d love to hear about the redsox right now

whatever….it seems like everyone on this blog is a yankee fan…it seriously makes me sick..if there were so called “sox fans” it wouldnt be the way it is…this blog is sad

i would guess most sox fans are pretty much silent right now.

There are no Sox fans. There are only Yankee fans and anti-Yankee fans.

Your right Vince, rubbing it in is fun. I should do it more often.

Of course, every once in a while it comes back to you, but we’ve got history on our side for, oh, let’s see, at least another 1600 years.

hahah rob, I have fully accepted that if the yankees fall apart I will hear it from about 4.8 million people, an entire blog couldn’t possible hurt in addition…I wonder what kasey is thinking right about now?

I know, I know. It’s mean of us. I’ll leave you guys alone to wallow in your misery tonight. Maybe tomorrow KC will return to the norm and leave many opportunites by the wayside so big Fatty can win it in the late innings again.

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