A new leader is discovered

When Mike Lowell got hit in the back of the helmet on Friday evening, silencing Fenway Park, and then electing to stay in the game, and then, two innings later, diving into the stands to catch a foul ball, and then a half inning later, pounding a single off the wall, and then, in a shocker of all shockers, stealing third, I don’t think that he was consciously trying to become a leader of the Boston Red Sox.

But that is precisely what he did in the span of just an hour or so. As we’ve discussed over the last couple of days, this was the lowest point of the season. When things are that bad, somebody needs to step up.

In 2004, Jason Varitek stuck his mitt in A-Rod’s face, and the first seeds of a championship season were planted. This time, during this crucial point of adversity, Varitek was on the DL, which is why so much of the adversity existed in the first place.

So Lowell inspired a crowd and a dugout full of teammates by shaking off the rattling he had to feel in his head after getting struck by that 91-MPH fastball and staying in the game. And he inspired all of those same people again when he flew into those stands Jeter-style and caught that ball as if the season depended on it. That is playing baseball with urgency and showing everyone what it takes to win this time of year.

To me, Mike Lowell has been a guy steadily growing into this leadership role all year long. This guy is a class act in every sense of the word. He "gets it", he’s always thinking about his team. He’s one of those guys that’s impossible for a teammate not to like.

And tonight, four months into his time with the Red Sox, he officially stamped himself as someone who will do anything to win, playing with passion that is only matched by the city he plays in.

Maybe Lowell’s performance tonight will bring this team together like Varitek did in ’04. Maybe it won’t. Either way, everyone now knows that the Red Sox have found another full-fledged leader in the absence of the captain.


what a night. sure hope this game turns things around tonight. great performance all around….especially Lowell and Boomer. anyone else notice the kid wearin the yankees hat help lowell up and cheer him on??? haha….wat was that all about?

there was also a mets fan that helped him up…i think rem dawg commented on it at some point, but my friend pointed it out before rem let me know. totally a great night for lowell after such a major scare. i’m so glad we didn’t end up adding to the wounded tonight and lowell was able to rebound so spectacularly.

Well, Ian sure was up late last night!!
According to the RedSox schedule on the home page, the game today is on Fox. Let’s see if I’ll get it down here. I’m not holding my breath on this on!!!

Redsox won but not with the help of our stupid manager. He is still in the dug out chewing his cud.

I continue to admire our “stupid” manager. I believe he handles an extremely difficult audience with grace and dignity. I do not believe it is easy managing with the expectations of the nation. I have cringed during the last week and one win does not right the ship but jeez louise no one can predict the injuries we have had. Through all this our manager remains calm and positive. If my work performance was not up to speed for a short period of time I would respect someone who would stand by me and not give up on me until I put it all together again. Does he make the right decision all the time, well no he doesnt. However I would like to see how most of us would go in the Fenway dugout with the expectations of the nation on us. I understand blogging is blogging and we are all entitled to our opinions but I am sad that after a morale building win we need to focus on the negative.

How on earth did that guy Loewen give up just 1 hit to the Yanks last week? He was horrible… maybe its the Yanks!

Francona stupid lol. Didn’t he manage a world series win 4 sox?

Nice post, Ian. I wholeheartedly agree about Lowell. Every team needs a guy like that. Someone whose importance extends beyond the statistics. Lowell has a solid bat, and is definitely one of the best third basemen in MLB, but his professionalism and his demeanor are what especially makes his valuable to the Sox. I’m glad we have guys like Lowell, Gonzalez and Loretta on this year’s team.

I bet you’re right, Ellen. In Orlando, I always seem to get the Marlins or some National League game when the Sox are on Fox, so that leaves me empty since I cannot watch a game on MLB.tv when Fox has a Sox game scheduled.

Wow!! What a class act Mikey Lowell is!! It took alot of kutzpah to get back in the game the way he did. It would have taken a pack of wild horses to get me back in there. I tip my hat to you Mr. Lowell. He’s got my vote to enter the ranks of dirt dawgs!!! He also makes me very proud that he’s a
REDSOX, and that I a am NATIONER!!!

As for the “stupid manager” comment, albert333, I don’t notice your name of the RedSox managerial roster!!

Maybe you should apply for the job, being that you know so much!

Anyway, I have to get my Little t.v. and rabbit ears out today so I can watch the game, it’s on a vhf station in Palm Beach. BUT AT LEAST I CAN WATCH OUR SOX.

Interesting comment from Francona in the Red Sox Notebook portion of the Globe today. I thought the Sox would need an extra pitcher for the doubleheader, but apparently they will need one for the last game of the Yankees series. I guess that means Johnson and Lester are going in the doubleheader, Beckett on Saturday and Schilling on Sunday. Or do I have it mixed up?

Here is the Globe Red Sox Notebook tidbit:

Francona said Tim Wakefield is taking “baby steps” in his recovery from a stress fracture in his rib (“slowly but surely,” Wakefield said) but presented a scenario in which Wakefield could pitch against the Yankees a week from Monday, in the finale of their five-game series. “We’re going to need a pitcher that day,” Francona said, “and he would be a good one to have. I talked to him the other day and said, `Give yourself something to shoot for.’ If he can’t do it, we’re not going to do something silly. I don’t know, quite honestly, if that’s realistic.” .

If Wells pitches on Wednesday, it would seem like he would get the call on Monday.

So I was checking out ESPNews this morning and caught a glimpse of Lowell’s catch last night. As many have pointed out there was a ysankee fan there, who by the way also moved out of the way so Lowell could make the catch. OK, so here is the real story. Apparently lowell gave out three autographed balls to those people, including one that said, “next time catch me.” I’m not to sure if this is true but nonetheless it is quite humorous. Go Sox!!!

It is very interesting how all through the year every news account you heard spoke of how Lowell was thrown in the deal with Beckett. While this is undoubtably true I hope we can have some more trades like this. This guy has done nothing but hold a good average at the plate, play through injury and played outstanding defense. All the while handling the pressure that comes with playing for the Red Sox with dignity and grace. As far as todays game for us floridians were gonna get stuck with yanks.

Guess that means I’m headed to the Seminole Towne Center Ale House to watch the Sox.

you would have had to watch the game to see why loewen was good against the yankees. If the strikezone were any bigger they would have had to call home plate a goalie net.

the lowell beckett deal is like the abreu lidle deal (obviously the beckett lowell deal is more impressive but the sox also gave up more to pull it off) it was a simple salary dump where the redsox picked up two all stars, one coming off a bad year. Even if one is overrated. Which is why I don’t understand when people complain about the yankees filling holes with all stars by picking up salary…

when the lowelll-beckett trade went down most people were viewing lowell as the guy that replace bill mueller and beckett was supposed to be dominant (sometimes he is). now mueller may never play again and lowell is having a year beyond anyone’s expectations.

I expected it. He had an off year in a pitcher’s park and everyone gave up on him, like they did abreu. Lowell’s power may not have fully come back but he is using the monster like a cheap prostitute

Hey Vince, You’re up already??? Did you get to see the pitch that Lowell took to the head?? I was really scared for him and what could have happened. Who’s throwing for y’all today?
jlouder: where’s the Seminole Towne Center Ale House?? We should all meet there!!hahalol

lol yeah i had to get up early to get my plane tickets to come home…the saturday afternoon game i will be watching about 30,000 feet in the air. Yes i saw the lowell pitch, looked like clemens to piazza except clemens threw it harder and piazza was dazed all game.

Today is wright vs escobar….they need to win because tomorrow is weaver followed by lackey

DAMMIT! OF course i have the ******* redsox game, ***.

At least you can keep tabs on us!!! Will you be able to post??

Ellen I think the Seminole towne center is close to if not in Sanford.

as long as my parents don’t ask me to go to miami i will be posting througout the game, but they just plugged the yankees angels so now im confused, the preview channel said redsox orioles

It is in Sanford. Would they have the feed to the Sox game? The game they are showing here in Orlando is the Yanks/Angels. I might have to take a ride to Sanford.

lol i might have to take a ride to orlando, i am still waiting to see

vernon wells will be a free agent this year….he is from texas..

I’m in Ohio, and honestly who knows what game FOX is going to show. I never know until the game is shown.

wow vince that was random

lol well ryan you guys are in the business of an outfielder aren’t you? i think he will go to texas….according to tvguide.com i get the redsox game yet they keep talking about the yankees….********

i get some crappy west cost game. usually dodgers or angels (home game)

dammit, i have the sox….looks like I’ll have to give updates about this crappy game

vince the yankee game is being played on fox down here in Lauderdale. Close huh???

that is SO unfair…we’re like 15-30 minutes away and have two different games. at least roberts had a leadoff single lol

Looks like Jason Johnson is back to his regular self.

good guys up 1-0 1 out in the 1st ellen

johnson is hanging everything so far

Fortunately, I can watch on my portable regular oldfashioned tv… Go Sox!!!

Looks like Johnson is back to his old ways.

I would be willing to guess that Jason Johnson’s 1st inning ERA this year is close to 30.
I would want my money back if I had to pay for a game that he started. Seriously, he pitches one good game against the crappy D Ray and he’s still in the rotation. HE gets pounded every other time out and we have him start while we Snyder sitting out there.

Way to take all the momentum away by keeping this guy in the rotation.

Time to warm Snyder up..this might get ugly fast..

Ok, well at least you all back east get a game at least…Fox here in Cali is showing 4kids tv!!

Gotta love that japanese anime mid morning cartoons!


not one ground ball from johnson, you guys are in BIG trouble if this keeps up

Finally that inning is over. 2-0 Orioles.

Sox have to score lots of runs today to have any chance of winning today.

That’s the problem muffinman. Francona in his ultimate wisdom used our long reliever last night for 2 innings to mop up the game by Wells. SO now we have no long reliever for today. I guess Francona pulled off a pretty nifty trick, he make a bad pitching move for both Friday and Saturday all in one move on Friday night.

haha, yeah, that probably wasn’t the best move by tito..

And hopefully we can get one or two or three guys on for manny..lol..hes 9-11 against this guy..

Ok, here’s a thought..might be a little wild..but why not warm up Papelbon? Everyone is saying he will probably be in the rotation next year…let him air it out for 4-5 innings and see how that goes? I mean, we might not be with a closer for a few days..but Let Timlin close it out. We need a 5th starter for that yankees series and if Papelbon shows promise today, then maybe he can fill that role..?

guys ill be back later. theres this awsome NY deli down the street that makes great pizza. maybe they’ll have a game on there.

He’s only been pitching one inning per outing all year long. There would be no way he could air it out for that long. Plus, he’s the closer and goes into each game with knowing he doesn’t have to worry about getting in there until the late innings.

Wow, That was seriously unfortunate..

This is going to sound crazy, but Manny is the most un clutch .320 hitter in the league.
I brought this point up before and it always seems his hits come when the Sox are ahead and hit average from the 7th inning on with the Sox trailing is .202

Hey I’ve got both games on at the same time… I can keep tabs on NY!!!

1-2-3 for Johnson.Time to get some runs here.


All the games this after noon are on FOX. Then how is possible for u to get both the games at the same time.

RBI Single Mirabelli

Dougie with a 2 out RBI. It will take a double from A Gon to score Doug from 2nd.

5-1 yankees….cano 3 run shot (welcome back) damon 2 run shot (thank god we have him)

Ground Ball- Loretta to Youk-1st out
Ground Ball- Loretta to Youk- 2nd out

Ground Ball- Loretta to Youk – 3rd out

another 1-2-3 by Johnson.

How close was the throw to nail COco at the plate? It couldn’t have been that deep of a fly ball by Papi.

We don’t covert and Johnson immediately puts the first two guys on. Uh oh.

Feel free to throw a strike.
Nice, 2nd and 3rd no outs.

it was a pretty close play, he was in the batters box sliding at least, the fly ball wasn’t that deep they just want ortiz to get an rbi any chance he gets…..of course patterson k’s, johnson will prob get another out then give up a 2 run 2 out single

lol nvm, 2 run double over crisp

Great job Johnson. Way to show us what you are really made of. Of course you fooled Francona with 6 good innings after 3 terrible starts. I guess all you need is one good start to make Francona think you will win another game.
Oh yeah, thanks for putting our long reliever in the game last night so that we will now have to use 3 or 4 different relievers today.

Another wonderful in-game managing job by Francoma.

I mean, Chris Freaking Widger hitting all of .188 gets a hit.


We’re not looking so sharp today, somebody better turn this around quickly. I sa Senor “EZ” warming up in the pen, please God, no!!! But can he do much worse than Johnson’d done so far??

Hello – I just found this and am glad I can chat with fellow Red Sox fans especially during games.

I was hoping Theo would trade Seanez to some team for a new tarp or maybe a bat boy to be named later.

Better inning by Johnson, I didn’t realize that the pack on the back of his belt is an insulin pump..

how did the sox get their run?

Heading off to a cookout, here’s hoping I can come home and be suprised that the Sox came back.
The HAVE to win today. Yanks are winning and if Chicago wins, we will be 3 back in both the Wild Card and East.

grr pena and crisp, all ur scrubs are coming through

Not to give up yet, folks! Way to go, Willy Mo and now, the Crispy Critter himself out of the park!

Two more to go to tie! Keep the faith.

Is that Jen??

Okay, here comes Hoolian. Everybody cross every available appendage and your eyes (wait we can’t watch the game that way, can we??) that he comes through today. Let’s Go Tavar”EZ”, kick some butt!!

ah thank god for francona and tavarez

Back where we were before Wily and Coco’s hr’s.. Let’s keep going. More runs, more runs, more runs!!!!

magicman mirabelli!!

Boy, the bottom of the order is getting it done today!!! How ’bout that launch by Dougie!!!

nice dot on the gameday.
3 games on tv today here in England back to back to back but we have the wrong colour sox on.

Got spoiled when I was in New England for 3 weeks after the all star break Sox on every night, 2 visits to games at Fenway and 1 at Pawtucket. Anyone got a job going and i’ll be back for ever.

anyone think wily mo will get the cycle?

Papi up next and hopefully Manny as well this inning, COME ON BIG GUY, DO YOUR STUFF!!! GIT ‘ER DONE!!!

ortiz does his job.

wasn’t he a single short of the cycle against the Indians just over a week ago.

can someone tell me what happened? i leave to get lunch (score 2-0) and i come back and its 5-1. 10 minutes later my dad tells me that we’re going to star nursery and when i get back its 7-7 and mily mo’s a single short of the cycle.

nmsjs i think he was a double short.

manny needs a hit here

pena and crisp homered to make it 5-3 orioles got 2 back on an rbi double and then a single to make it 7-3 then pena had a 2 run triple to make it 7-5 and mirabelli homered them both in to make it 7-7

I have held back for the most part from criticizing Francona this year, but the evidence is starting to mount. Whose job is it to pencil in the starting pitcher? How can we possibly keep throwing out Johnson when guys like Snyder, Pauley, and Gabbard have at least shown they are pretty decent at times. I thought of the perfect approach to get him out of the rotation… Fan Strike! Imagine if everyone boycotted his start… the Sox would lose probably a million bucks in food, beverage, and merchandise alone… AND they would actually have a better chance of winning the game if you sat Johnson… on a bus… to anywhere.

How about getting a little more creative on offense to push an extra run through here and there. Case in point, Alex Gonzales… a career National Leaguer until now, batting .250 with men on third and less than 2 out. In 24 at bats in this situation, don’t you think a squeeze bunt would be something worth trying? Honestly, he is a pretty crappy bunter… which could be the problem… but at least if he worked on it in practice, wouldn’t you think he would get at least half of the bunts down to score the run? Don’t they bunt all the time in the National League, especially the middle infielders? Has anyone squeeze bunted all year? Gonzales alone had 24 opportunities alone.

At least LaTroy Hawkins is in… I watched him in Chicago… he’s terrible.

manny you dooface.

ray, nobody on the sox except occasionally crisp can play small ball, at all. they can’t run, they can’t bunt, they can’t do anything except get hits and hrs, it is that simple.
loretta, he is good with hit and runs too.

woooooooo no history for pena

well unless we go extra innings no hit streak for manny nor cycle for wily mo.

yes now papelbon blowing his 3rd in a row (despite non save) would be a nice cherry on top with ny and chicago winning

very very very close play at third….this is why manny assists are overrated, he usually ***** up and then takes advantage

“The yankees evaluate their farm really well. They know who to keep” .. The guy on Fox talking abt Cano. Whatever his name is.

Manny’s assists are overrated because the left field at fenway is really shallow. Visiting teams cant estimate the depth properly because of the green monster.

And bless our infield! Way to go, Gonzo and Loretta. Bottom of the ninth…holding my breath….

Nice inning for Mikey T>!!!! Let’s go get em Sox!!!

extra innings it will be

oops. Sry guys. Wrong blog.

manny will get a chance in the 10th

game winning hit to keep the streak going?

Okay. Bottom of the 10th. Can we do this? Can we really do this?

i was telling people on the other blog, if im th eorioles i get out loretta, then ortiz inevitably doubles, walk manny, get out lowell walk pena get the final out…..how much would that **** everybody off? i’d love it!

wow leave in homerun chen to face loretta and ortiz and now manny who is a righty rather than urse their closer, unbelievable, they handed u this game

Okay…no more bad things said about The Manny. Please!

Thank you, Manny! YES!

manny’s turn to be clutch

and there is no conspiracy. Hmm chen gives up 24 hrs, 337 OPP BA and they put him in instead of ray to face the best redsox hitters…there is no justification, none, esp to have him face manny, that is ridiculous manny is a righty there is none no justification, that is ******** worse throwing of the game then wedge and none of u can claim otherwise

in word of the white sox announcers

“you caaaaaan put it on the boaaaaaaard, YES!”

27 games

obviosly i am better at predictions than yankeevmm!!
must be cyclic unlike wily mo

Poetic justice!!! Manny goes hitless all afternoon but comes up big when we need it!!! His streak continues too!!! Somehow I think Papi wanted it this way.
Cardiologists of Boston unite and then head for your local E.R. to handle all the afternoons heart attacks.

Vince, even though you love who you do, you have to admit that these games are exciting and (exasperating,for you)!!!!

lol i said what the oriole sshould have done, i also said u guys would win…..these games are excitign yes, but ellen, that is absurd, no teams make those mistakes to anybody with the sox and i don’t mean on the field. you do not use your 0/4 closer on a anight after he blew his 4th save in a row to face the redsox and u do not use the worst statistical lefty pitcher in the major to face one of the most feared righties with 2 on no out and ur closer still in the bullpen, chen had no business in that game, not even to face ortiz, period. It was a gift wrapped game

And gift-wrapped with Sox talent. I’ll take that any day of the week!

Hey guys, how about Dougie? That was one very fine move this year–bringing Mirabelli back to Boston.

gift wrapped with oriole stupidity any half wit team could score on chen in a clutch situation at home with the heart of their lineup coming up in his 1st inning

I just caught the update on ESPN news. Even with the Mlb package, I still couldn’t watch the game anywhere here in chitown. So the best way to find out what happens after the box score was to read through your posts. Yankeevmm, you gotta be steaming. To call it a fix is a little over the top, but I’ve been there so you get a pass. We really needed this one. The yankees are gonna get their stride despite dropping two to Whisox and one and v. angels.

the error in left was a nice touch btw

im not worried about the yankees, we have a good chance to win anytime wang is on the mound and like i said, assuming the series at fenway is no major boost to either team the sox have a 9 game road trip texas excluded right afterwards, whatever ground they make up now will be replaced then…..that game was tossed in every sense of the word just like the 2nd one vs the tribe.

You know who scares me more than wang? Mussina. I really see him pulling it together. Look at his stats, he is so clutch in the second half. Even when he was with Baltimore, playing worthless games he’s been clutch. That being said, the nation has to love this win.

mussina and wang i think will both be strong down the stretch, and i see johnson being more consistant too, not dominating but more consistant, wright has been downright dominant for 3 starts and he would have gone 7 today if not for the line drive…

Ya, johnson, he should have stayed in the NL he’d have two cy youngs to add. He pitched a **** of a game through seven the other night. I caught half of it. But if used correctly, he is a *****.

all 5 games in the yankee rotation should go at least 6, johnson and wright prob only 6, but lidle should go 7 every game and mussina and wang can go forever. That is how they will have to perform

games=pitchers obviously

I still think schill is the best starter in the AL east. He walks no one, strikes out alot, and although he’s given up a lot of hrs this year, the mistakes have been with noone on for the most part. I know, I’m a little bias

lol if you look at numbers it is mussina through and through, schilling is the best big game pitcher i would say though…if mussina doesn’t get the calls he is ******, schilling has enough power to fight that.

And they will get a lot of run support from your line up

mm cano is gonna be scary good down the stretch, he had an entire month of non game action to rest injury and he is about 500 since. without shef and matsui this lineup is still going to be very tough

bottom line is both clubs have been battling injuries all season and are still right there where they usually are.

Here are the numbers:

innings: schill 166

mussina: 159

record: schill: 14-5

mussina: 13-5

era: schill: 3.89

mussin: 3.5

games: 25 each

strikeouts: schill 149

mussina: 142

bb: shcill 22 mussina: 31

I couldn’t find run support too quickly so i didn’t want to lose the point. My god, these guys have almost identical numbers. I guess this is an argument that we can’t solve

thats scarily similar

Do you really think the Bosox have had the injuries the yankees have had? I mean you guys had matsui (sp) and shef out all year. It has only been recently that we lost virtik (sp) We should have built a 5 game lead. ya foulke has been hurt, but after 05′ did anybond realy think he would be back? I would say the yankees have done a comendable job playing through this. I’m sure I’ll see someone say wells, but for last night, I would be tacking nails into his box.

Whats matsu and shef? 200 plus RBIs and 70 homeruns? that is sign. And don’t forget, Jason V was having an off year at the plate. his defense and presence are obviously missed.

The sox have had 3 of their original 5 man rotation out. Remember that pitching is supposed to be important

yeah i know, scary similar, schilling has postseason record and success in his favor though.

the injuries are not comparable, u guys lost a dethroned closer, 2 back end rotation starters (with rookies waiting in the wings) and now for one month nixon (a better right fielder offensively on the bench) and varitek.

we never got dotel or pavano, we lost 250 rbi’s from out lineup and for a month lost cano, a quarter of our offense gone for the season, that, is much bigger.

what we lost is like u losing ortiz varitek and nixon and ortiz and a healthy nixon for most of the year in terms of offense

I’ve said before that given more at bats Mirabelli (or anyone for that matter) will start to produce. It’s hard to get 2-3 ab’s every 5 days and come up with a good b.a.

who are these rookie starters we are blessed with?
Lester and ??

papelbon….papelbon certainly replaced foulke and lester certainly replaced clement

…and what do the RedSox give in return for the “gift-wrapped game??, Un-gift wrapped hookers??

no doubt my yankee friend. I gotta go drink beer so enjoy you guys enjoy your saturday night

nothing they are selfish

gsr: lol, is Manny any more clutch to you now, I know you had to think it was an great game!!

Nison and Variteks numbers haven’t been that great this year compared to what you would say was missing if they had have gone down early

vince, you potty mouthed man you, how did you get that through??

i know i meant if they were both healthy. haha how did i get what through?

connor: good to hear from you after so long, where’ve you been??? Come on back soon!!

vince: the “f” bomb!! “if mussina doesn’t get the calls he’s f’d.”

oh ******? yeah ****** doesn’t get censored for some reason, the system is so ****** up

she’s right. I am sure it was asterixed out at first though

lester is better than what clement would have been. after 3 innings clement was taxed (even after 60-70 pitches) lester’s era is high 3’s when clements would be mid to high 5’s. plus lester has a want to be out there, clement had the “i’d rather sit my lazy *** on the couch and eat fried food” face.

It will censor f uck. But not ******.

exactly ryan, so the redsox injuries do not nearly compare to the caliber of players the yankees lost this season. They really should have pulled away but the yankees have shown heart they normally don’t show in may june and july to keep it close

What each player brings to each team is different in terms of importance to THAT team, vince I know that the stats come into play, but take Varitek, they gave a stat today during the broadcast about how the young relief pitchers have done before his injury and after, I didn’t retain the difference in w-l, but it was significant. I know his personal stats are less than good this year, but what he brings to the table in other areas is very important as well.

even if u want to include intangibles, it is not comparable to losing him for a month to both ur power hitting average hitting corner outfielders for more than half a year. Plus, rookie pitchers tend to struggle in the 2nd half anyway.

Thats sport. Injuries happen. You bring in your reserves and hopefully get on with it.

Thats exactly what both teams have done.

I see your point. You are the non-typical stereo-typical yankee fan. I can appreciate what you’re saying, but I still fell that his “guidance” if you will, has been missed. … Though I’m really enjoying Dougies resurgance.

shhhh!! I think vince finally went to sleep before 3 a.m. … yeah right! He’s just over there with the other evils, lol.!!!

haha i went out to dinner and now im going to go watch some tv, jeez ellen i do have a life SOMETIMES! haha catch up with u all later, tomorrow im going early to the gulf of mexico west coast area of florida

early exit for everyone

Hey Vince, hope you have a great day on the gulf. In the right spots it’s GORGEOUS. … and since when do you have a life!??
I’m on my way out now too, I don’t have to work til 4, but want to get up and spend some time with the husband; Vince I, know that doesn’t sound like the Sox following faithful that I am, but I’ll be a really good wife til 1st pitch, I’m lucky he understands!!

Nationers plus all the rest of y’all, have a geat night. ec

What’s up, everyone?

I was at my friend Jim’s place all day, and didn’t post all day… so now I have to get some things off my chest:

1) I loved tonight’s game. It’s a great complement to yesterday’s. In the first game of the series, the team realized the desperate need to wake up, and slaughtered an inning to guarentee a game. Today, they they rallied from way behind (7-3) to deliver a 10th inning walk-off. Absolutely a perfect response to a 5-game losing streak!

2) As much as I love Trot, from a purely baseball point of view, I’m glad that he got injured… Pena was a SINGLE short of THE CYCLE, blasting a HR, legging out a triple, and hitting a double… without his efforts tonight, we would not have won… Arroyo’s been slumping lately (losing record, near 6 ERA since The Break…) Looks like Theo might finally get credit for having made a great trade!

3) What’s with Mirabelli these days?? He’s been really hot, and today’s HR cleared the Monster seats. Keep this up, and we won’t miss Varitek’s offense at all! (Defensively, he’s probably not replaceable, however).

4) We got it done without the Big Boys today. Although it was Manny’s walkoff, the main production came from the most unlikely of players, namely Mirabelli and Pena. If these guys can propel the team to victory when the main guys are down, we’ll have a great season yet!

Today’s been pretty quiet… busy shopping during the tax-free weekend? lol

jaime, your right. if we can get production from the no-names like the yankees did, the al east race will come down to game #162.

and it was the 2nd time this year pena fell a single short of the cycle (clevland).

Wow, I leave the house, it’s 5-3, turn on the radio in the car, get the score update of 7-3 only to find out they won.
Nice game, but a few points.

Yes Ellen, the last time I called out Manny he started his hit streak. I haven’t seen the highlights yet, but if Manny does that every time I call him out, then I’ll start doing it every day.

Other point: Jason Johnson- I hope FranCOMA doesn’t give him another shot. Look, he had 6 good innings against the 2nd worst team in the league. Let’s not do cartwheels over that. Before that he nothing short of horrible, yet Francona puts him back out there.

Then, he shows he really gave up on the game by bringin in the Terrible Ez who promptly gives up a 2 run single. Thanks Terry, I mean how many times are you going to let Julian hit you over the head with a brick before you realize it hurts.

Then the Sox showed some character and heart like we said they needed and tied it up. Francona must have been beside himself. He was probably planning on letting Tavarez mop it up, but then he had to go into manager mode again.

Good job to the lineup for pulling through and good job to the pen (except that worthless piece of garbage Tavarez) for holding it close.

Hope our boy Jon Lester can find himself tomorrow and finish this off.

The Tigers have lost 2 in a row, so they are due to break one open vs. Chicago tomorrow. Need to finish off the sweep and pick up a game in the Wild Card and hopefully the Angels can take care of business and we can climb back within a game of the Yanks.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to point out, Fagan has not been censored. Here’s a message from him regarding the return of J*hnny D*mon (censored for profanity):

Boy, Ian, did you jerk my chain on this question! Start booing this **** as soon as the **** Yankee team bus starts pulling onto Fenway grounds to park! If he tosses a souvenir baseball into the crowd, throw it back AT him. As both Cyn and Arielle have earlier pointed out: Damon already “…got the standing 0s of thanks last year…” as well as having been paid hansomely for his services over those four years. And, we don’t owe this bowlegged **** NUTHIN’! For one, good riddance to this hairy numbnuts! The NYY can infest their lockerroom(stock up on your supply of bug spray and disenfectants, clubhouse guy)with his lice, ticks, fleas, and leaping crabs. I’m sure we will soon be seing “Johnny being Johnny”: Clipping his toenails on the top step of the Yankee dugout during a crucial playoff game…like he did in Boston. Yes, INDEEDY! He’s ALL URINE, NU YAWK!!! You’re the “john” willing to pay the highest price for this mouthy, inarticulate ****. The IDIOT pseudo-author of a book ghostwritten by someone else about the idiots on his team(Whom I’m thinking would have been only Damon. Which should make the title singular.) By the way, you stinking overpriced Yankees, we don’t want him back after he fails to bring you that starved for world series ring (although you loser low lives in the Bronx ought to be getting use to it by now, since you haven’t won any in the 21st Century!) You can keep him. WE ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE TO BACK UP COCO CRISP!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: daniel_fagan1940@hotmail.com | May 1, 2006 04:04 AM

“hairy numbnuts”… roflmao

“hairy numbnuts” coming from an adult’s mouth. thats just wrong.

…are we sure he’s an adult and not some hyper teen?

Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hello.🙂 Good game today…got me a little nervous. I swore on Thursday night that I was taking a week off of baseball, ’cause my blood pressure needed to come back down to normal before next Friday, but I can’t stay away from my boys for too long…it lasted a whole…18 hours?

i dont know, he might be mentally “challenged”

that is light compared to the later days of fagan, whats up jen!

he might have escaped from an insane asylum

lol i love how he says he was good for nothing…eliminate his 6 rbi’s from game 7 and see how that game turned out, or any of his rally starters all year long

it’s a shame his Yankee blog posts were deleted…I’m really curious about what he said!

You’re not missing much.

his posts were just a bunch a personal shots and slurs

Good night all. Vince, I know you don’t have much sympathy for what I’m about to say, but 2 games back in the East right now. Imagine if we could have taken care of business against the cellar dwellars. Could be at least up 1 game right now if they did what they were supposed to. Let’s take care of business tomorrow.

By the way, isn’t this the 9th time this year that Dotel has been 2 weeks away from returning??

hahaha a touching rally kevin. yeah jamie, it really wasn’t worth it, download some bob sagat stand up you’ll get the same experience

dotel is permeanently 2 weeks away just like pavano is permeanently on no timetable…….apparently with tommy john recoverers this is normal, they have 2 or 3 relapses and then come back….this time i think dotel is for real, prob expect him around the sox series, realistically the weekend after

lol loved the bob sagat joke…

The Dotel signing didn’t really make any sense… they guy was willing to to back to the A’s for free lol… why would anyone sign someone like that??

i was under the impression he was 2 years 1 million (500,000 a year) with the basic understanding that if he came back this year it was a bonus but next year was the real concentration and he would still be a bargain assuming he was the same pitcher.

I like the signing of Dotel, if he can get enough innings and pitch well enough that gives us 3 good late inning releivers to build the bridge to Mo.

on the other blog they seem to have found information for 1 year 1 million but that doesn’t make sense to me and i remember on espn the 2 year deal and mark telling us it was a 2 year deal so i think the source is just wrong

12/29/05 Signed free agent RHP Octavio Dotel, who had been with the Athletics, to a one-year contract.

haha, the sox said the same thing about taverez, the 7th inning man to get the ball to timlin and we all know how that move went.

Nah I have faith in Dotel. haha

i wonder how long that’ll last

Tavarez getting signed was justified; he performed admirably in St. Louis… this year, not so… maybe it’s the pressure and his need to keep a decent public image. Maybe constraining his desire to fight once in a while is hurting his pitching… either way, Dotel was an ineffective pitcher who was recovering from a serious injury. The other was a top reliever for the team with 100+ wins for 2 years. Big difference in my mind.

Jamie, don’t make me go stat crazy on you.

man and i remember when he was good in st louis. i dont know if he ate bad seafood or someone stole his mojo. maybe he needs to fall in a ditch and realive what happened

all i remember about dotel is him giving up walkoff homers on back-to-back nights to the sox

Dotel’s career numbers: 37-31 3.63 ERA.
His best season: 2002 w/ Astros 6-4, 1.85 ERA, 97 1/3 IP

Tavarez’s career numbers: 79-59, 4.36 ERA.

His best season: 2004 w/ Cardinals 7-4, 2.38 ERA, 64 1/3 innings.

So Dotel has better career numbers (albeit, a shorter career), and his best season was better than Tavarez’s best season. Dotel is 33 years, Tavarez is 34, not that that makes a huge difference.

Yes, but Dotel was injured, and haven’t had a spectacular year since his best year. He was overworked by the Astros, and haven’t been really effective. Tavarez was also productive in 05. Besides, there weren’t that many good relievers on the market.

That’s true…I’ll still take Dotel over Tavarez though.

plus taverez spent most (or all) of his career in the NL. id also take dotel over taverez.

dotel has never been good as a closer, i think that’s the difference. As middle relief he has been excellent throughout, even with the mets

Do the Mets and Astros make anyone else mad with their multiple uniforms?

lol, mets should stick to their black ones, those are hot….their pinstriped ones are retarded and yankee copying…astros just need a new designer

i think the indians switch too

Yeah the Indians have home, away and alternate…I don’t mind that it’s when teams have like 20 different uniforms that it gets on my nerves.

i cant think of a good example in baseball, but oregon’s football team has like 6 different, ugly, bright yellow/dark green uni’s. i mean if you’re gonna have 6 different uni’s, at least change em um.


good example, notre dame. blue=home, white=away, green=alt (and they only used that one in the SC game)

padres love their ***** changes too, that camoflauge one was tops though

Mets: Black home uniforms, black away uniforms (they are in fact different), grey away uniforms, home pinstripes with black hats, home pinstripes with blue hats, home no pinstripes blue hats, home no pinstripes black hats.

2 uniform variations is normal, 3 is acceptable, but 7 is just way over the top.

wow, i dont get why teams cant just have a home, an away and maybe an alternative home

me neither

you know you have too many jersey types when fans go to the game and cant tell which team is which

Hi, All:

Didn’t end up watching the game, or following it on MLB.com, but I saw the online video highlights and reviewed GameDay. Also took a few minutes to catch up on today’s posts.

– First, it was an encouraging win today. Not a good start by Jason Johnson, and certainly it puzzles me why Francona brings in Tavarez when he (Tavarez) has a track record of inherited runners scored, but once again the Sox showed that they are never out of a game. One of the key signs of a good team is demonstrating the ability to come back. I think we can attribute that to the “professional” hitters on the team.

– Kevin, I agree about just being two games back with all things considered. The Sox have had to deal with tough injuries all season (Crisp, Wells, Clement, Wakefield, Varitek, Nixon), and they have had ups and downs, yet they are just two back in the East and two back in the wild card. True, the Yankees have done an admirable job staying in the race with their losses, but the Sox have showed heart as well. I don’t get too high when there is a winning streak, or too low when there is a losing streak, so though the losses to the D-Rays and Royals were troubling, I feel confident that the Sox will take the favorable feelings from ending the losing streak and winning this series and build some momentum. I’m not worried about the West Coast swing. As long as the Sox go 5-4 (which is feasible) and continue their high winning percentage at home, they will keep pace in the East and in the wild card.

– Third, I would rather not have Dotel or Taverez on my roster. Both have seen their better days.

– Fourth, Vince,you are misguided about the Sox and their so-called inability to play small ball. This season especially, the Sox are winning without power (with the exception of Ortiz and Ramierz). They are winning with key hits and defense. That wasn’t the case in their losing streak, which is an instrumental reason why they went into a losing streak. Loretta, Lowell and Gonzalez understand the basics of how to advance runners by placing the ball and bunting. They are NL players. They know the fundamentals, as does guys like Youkilis and Nixon. Crisp can as well. True, Crisp (and Kapler) are the lone base stealing threats on the Sox, but the many of them are good baserunners, understanding when to go from first to third on a single, etc. The Sox have many players that provide things that are needed that don’t show up in the box score – like what I mentioned. For a team that you say can’t do much except get hits and dingers, they sure are having quite a good season. They wouldn’t be where they are without fundamentals. Stolen bases are not the only indicator of fundamentals, which is what small ball is all about.

– Manny not clutch? Come on. Nobody in baseball even remotely compares to Ortiz, but I would take Manny at the plate anytime. He is still one of the best hitters in baseball today.

– Enough of saying it’s just the Orioles. You play the schedule you’re presented with. The Sox should have takes 2 of 3 from both the D-Rays and Royals, but they didn’t. Now they have broken out by winning the series with Baltimore. Hopefully, they can sweep. Regardless, these are all big league teams. They can beat you anytime. So it is foolish to criticize a team for losing to a team like the Royals and then diminishing a win against the Orioles. It’s all about momentum. When you have it, you can beat the best teams in baseball. When you don’t have it, you can lose to the worst teams.

– I’m headed to bed. Going to Disney tomorrow, and hope to catch some of the game at ESPN Zone. Good night!

good night guys. its not quite 10:00 local time but my dog woke me up at 6:30 and i was helpin my dad in the yard most of today. to to you guys later.

yeah im going west coast tomorrow im going to bed goodnight.

ps: stolen bases are a huge factor of small ball along with speed in general, granted redsox hitters all know how to make contact and i said loretta was fully capable of hit and run but there is also more to small ball then putting the ball in play.

how many times have u seen lowell bunt this season? don’t give them too much credit, they are better than years past but are certainly not a small ball team. Yeah other guys arent winning the game with homers (minus loretta earlier in the year)

but who had won the most games for the sox and supplied most of their offense? ortiz and ramirez. what do they do? they hit homers and don’t play small ball.

if they had a small ball team capable of hitting for power, better starting pitching and more solid defense with an equal closer this year as you have claimed about all of those, then why have the sox not run away with the division with the yankees not even at full strength? And without power they would be 6 games out minimum, something has to give.

oh and according to your experiences in the clubhouse, the redsox also have more team chemistry, so now i’m really confused.

Vince, no need to be confused. The Sox do have good chemistry – a good mix of professionals. That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about though.

You keep bringing up that the Yankees have not been at full strength. That’s true, and they’ve done well remaining in the race. Yet the Sox have not been at full strength all season either. Whether the injuries to Yankees players are more significant than the Sox players is not applicable here. The bottom line is that the Sox have suffered injuries to players that are important to them, yet they have remained in the race.

Crisp was expected to be an integral part of the team this season, but he missed significant time with a thumb injury and will likely not be himself at the plate until next season. Wakefield is still a key part of the rotation, and his loss has hurt since Johnson is topsy turvy. Wells is old and fat, but he can still pitch when healthy, which he hasn’t been most of the season. Varitek, well, that is obvious. He is the backbone of this team. His injury has hurt much more than any Sox fan originally anticipated. So the injuries to the Sox have contributed to why they didn’t run away with the division, yet their ability to remain in the race depsite their injuries is impressive, just like the Yankees.

I do like the Sox rotation compared to the Yankees, when Wakefield is healthy. Yet this season the Sox starting pitching has been and will likely remain to be a question mark, just like the Yankees.

I don’t think the Sox are reflective of an NL club – they can bunt, but not as well as NL teams (of coure, neither can the Yankees) – but they are winning games by getting key hits and not solely relying on power like Sox teams in the past. They can manufacture runs, and they are the best defensive team in baseball, which are two big reasons why I think they can overcome their question marks in the rotation.

Oh, I never said that Ortiz and Manny play small ball. yet they are great hitters and do not solely hit for power. More often than not, they deliver when a hit – not a home run – is needed. Ortiz would have many more base hits without the shift, but that is just part of the game.

Like I said, your last comment about chemistry has nothing to do with what we are talking about – your comment that the Sox cannot play small ball, which is essentially saying they do not have fundamentals. Yet I do like their chemistry, and while everyone in Red Sox Nation is concerned, and everyone in the Evil Empire is scoffing at the recent struggles of the Sox, I bet that the players inside the Sox clubhouse are remaining steadfast and confident that they will turn it around.

Last, I didn’t say I was in the Sox clubhouse. I used to cover the Reds on a part-time basis when I was a staff sports writer for a daily newspaper in Ohio. I’ll be in the D-Rays clubhouse next week when they play the Jays for the piece I’m writing on Jonny Gomes. And I’ll be in the Sox clubhouse next month when I talk to Manny Delcarmen about a travel feature on Boston for the lifestyle magazine for professional athletes for which I write. What I did say is that the Sox do have good chemistry with the players they have this season. That has nothing to do with fundamentals, though. But it is an important feature of a post-season team.

i never said the redsox weren’t capable of fundamentals, fundamentals and small ball style of play are not one in the same. I said they don’t play small ball and they don’t have a lot of guys that can play small ball even if they wanted to. Granted, crisp and gonzalez have some speed but they barely use it, lowell loretta crisp and gonzalez can bunt and hit and run but outside of loretta, i barely see them do it, maybe it’s francona, maybe it is ron jackson, but this team may have guys that can possibly play small ball, they just more often than not haven’t. I think we are giving two different definitions to fundamentals. To me, the redsox are fundamental, they can put the ball in play, they draw pitches, they drive in runs, that to me is fundamentals. Bunting and stealing bases is small ball and i don’t think there are basically any (maybe the whitesox) teams in the al that can do that on a consistant basis. Once again, the sox may be capable of it, but they barely do it…usually because they don’t have to. I agree both teams have had injuries and right now the redsox may have significant ones, but crisp has underachieved all year, varitek struggled all year and will be out a month, month and a half tops, not half a season and how is the yankee injuries not applicable to discussing part of the chances the sox had to run away with the division? Without the injuries, there wouldn’t even be a suggestion the sox should have run away with the division. Yes ortiz’s shift is part of the game, just like giambi’s.

As of the trade deadline, and according to our trusty boys of espn who were completely flawless in reporting every trade since obviously every single one they reported actually happened….the sox were showing worry in their clubhouse when there were no moves to help them after they saw the abreu wilson lidle deals. I am sure now that the shock is over they are concentrating again but i have no doubt that that played a role on them last week.

ask gomes why the **** he can’t hit for average anymore, he really ****** up my fantasy team.

manny and ortiz not just htiting for power is irrelevant also, i never said they only hit homeruns, i simply said they do not play small ball and more times than not they are usually hitting clutch HOMERUNS.

….ian’s lazy. hahaha

Lowell certainly put all he could into that game. See a liveblog of this game with analysis at redsoxwinner.mlblogs.com

Reading on-line today, Jason Johnson says he’s not too disapointed in yesterday’s outing. WIth the exception of the 6th when Tavarez gave up the 2 run hit, Johnson thought he did OK. Man, I guess when you have a 6+ ERA you look for any sign of promise.
I know he might have to pitch against the Yankes with the 5 games in 4 days, but please dear God, do not let Johnson anywhere near the mound after Friday. Francon continues to try and give games away and pitching this guy is not helping.

On another note, should be the battle of the walks today. Lester, who seems allergic to 1,2,3 innings vs. Daniel Cabrera, who walked about 23 guys vs. us early in the year in one of Matt Clement’s gift wins when the Sox scored close to 20.

Hopefully the kid can turn it around.

whats Foulke’s deal everytime he’s close to coming back his back acts up. Is it just the yellow stripe up it or is this guy just a liability?

Hey there all, Close one that shouldn’t be close at all… I’m on my way out the door foe work, so keep me updated please. Be back after shift!!

There ya go, Kev. Terry’s been reading the blog lately and finally decided to bunt for you. I’m also goign to give him double credit for taking into account that Mora would be covering third, giving Cora a better chance to get a single instead of just moving the runners.


Gotta love the timely HRs today!

And Pena man…

Look, the Arroyo trade was bad FOR THIS SEASON. Thats all. We are shrot pitching and could use it badly, however, long term its clear the move is gonna be amazing. Look what Pena has been doi9ng and he has been only playign full time for a fraction of the season.

And, hey, look its CHEN!

Byt he way.. the game is on.. the Yansk lost.. WHERE IS EVERYONE?

Where’s all the posting/ We can close the gap here!

I was just sitting here listening to the crickets. Maybe everyone’s afraid to say anything for fear of jinxing the Sox’ chances to pulling within a game of the Yanks.

Great upbeat mood here today! How about Youk? I just knew he was going to get a big one today. And Lowell? I cannot believe this guy. We can moan about pitchers, but did we not get lucky getting this golden glover?

One game at a time…

You know.. I know we hit a rough stretch, but I think we all know we’re a good team. Wells looks to be regainign form, Wake’ll be back at the end of the month, Pena’s been great, Tek will be back soon…

We need to have FAITH. I admit.. my faith was shaken after the KC series, but we are a better team than this.

Tigers next? Fine by me. We took two from them last time we met, and they’ve been strugglign with the ChiSox.

Im a huge Youyk fan butterfly. Actually wearing a Youk shirt right now.

Lowell has been amazing. Absolutely amazing. Really I cant talk enough abotu what a great pickup that ended up being.

Agreed, Rob. I don’t want to jinx the Sox. It was a pleasure to see the Yankees lose another one. Lester started poorly but at least recovered to keep the Sox in the game. Good key hits for Lowell and Youkilis. Not a good inning for Snyder. If we hold on, we’re just one game out. Like I have said many times, the Sox need to shoot for the AL East, and not the wild card. Just as the Sox are not a sure thing for post-season play, neither are the Yankees.

One game at a time is the mantra the Sox will follow, but looking ahead it is feasible to take 2 of 3 from the Tigers and 3 of 5 from the Yankees. The Sox are dominant at home. They just ned to start playing better again on the road. But first thing, close out this game with the Orioles and then start the series well tomorrow against the Tigers.

and the Blue jays have managed to completely live down to expectations.

All that hype and.. 7 games out.

Oh heck…

A sweep here, even if it’s against the hapless O’s, would be a HUGE boost for the Sox. Granted, this game was handed back to the Sox after they just about gave it to the Orioles on a silver platter, but they hung in there and pounded back with the bats. This may be the corner they need to turn to get back on track and keep contending for the division. They still have four more outs to get, but if they can do that, without the wheels falling off, they’ve got to be feeling really good. (He says hopefully as Manny Delcarmen walks two straight batters with two outs.)

*covers his eyes and peeks between two fingers.. even though he’s listenign to the game not watchign it*

Dang it, throw STRIKES

full count…

Oh dear sweet goodness…

Come on.. just get Tejada.. get him, please… an out. I don’t care what kind of out, just an out, please.

Thanks Youk

Ok. Lets get two men on base so Manny can extend his hitting streak.


Whew, that was a nailbiter of an inning. What we need to realize as Sox fans is that Hansen was just pitching in the Big East (not exactly a baseball powerhouse conference) last year. He is a pitcher who is getting his feet wet at the big league level, rather than at Portland and Pawtucket. I think that, if they don’t trade him, Hansen will be the Sox closer in two seasons. He has good stuff, and will make a solid closer.

That dinger helped. Nice to see Mirabelli swinging the bat better.

I agree, louder. With seasoning, he will be great.. he just needs more work.

Come on Youk! COME ON! Give Manny a shot!

Need Youk to get on base ro keep the streak going! Go Youk

Oh well.. sorry Manny.

Good insight on Hansen. Think you’re right on.

Been interesting to see what’s been developing with Mirabelli with Tek out. Dougie’s been at bat a lot more than usual. And looking pretty darn good.

Okay. Breathe now…

Great. Idiot on the field. Why does ANYONE think thats a good idea?

Papelbon is too tired for this.. he worked too hard last night. Dang it…

Did I say “breathe.” ARGH!

I feel sick..

Oh no…where is Gonzo?

Papelbon has no command.

a biiiig K!

We need Tek back and FAST

Im gonna puke…

Cannot believe this…an almost 4-hour game with Baltimore? What?

Come on, Sox. I’m too young to have an ulcer.

Maybe we should brign in Timlin?

Gonna need an ambulance if this doesn’t stop…argh…

One more strike!

I blame Cora for all this.

MAN this is a tight stirke zone…



Pap is super tense..but he did it! Ah…thank you…now to get the BP down…

Whew, that was scary. Looks like Timlin will be the closer for the Tigers series since Papelbon will need a few days off. Baltimore has a good hitting team. For their sake, if only they had some pitching. Glad the Sox got this one. Now I can go grab dinner in peace!

You can’t blame Cora for all of it. Hansen got them into the jam. But letting Baltimore come that close to tying it up or winning almost takes the momentum out of the win.

I hate to admit that a Yankee fan is right, but I think Vince MIGHT have pegged it when he said Papelbon is tired. This many tough performances in a row has to make you start wondering about him. Hopefully Dave Wallace can work him through it, because the Sox need him to perform like he did earlier in the year if they’re going to win the next couple of series.

Bottom line though, one game back of the Yanks. Gotta feel good about that.

i blame manny’s blank-mindedness for not extending his streak. he was not running at all on that top-spin grounder. if he was he would’ve beat it out or got some sympathy from the scorer.

and just a thought: if we sweep detriot (entirely possible) and shitcago sweeps kc (entirely possible) detroit will be only up 2.5 games (i guess my grandpa has been betting on the tigers recently). and we need to win at least 2 cause the yanks get baltimore after LA.

If memory serves, stars… the Os gave the Yanks fits last time through.

The Yankees are 6-3 vs. Baltimore, winning 2 of 3 in every series that we’ve played them.

if u consider fits losing 2 out of 3 at home to the yankees then sure….this is at yankee stadium with a tighter division and they have a tired bullpen

yankees shouldn’t have issues….mussina should win at home, lidle should recover at home and wright/ponson should be fine, esp if its wright.

Hopefully the Orioles can fold against us even more easily than they did against the Red Sox.

Maddux has thrown 40 pitches in 5 innings for an average of 8 pitches an inning…wow.

wrong blog again..sorry

Although I am a red sox fan, I am wholeheartedly baseball fan and am finding myself in awe of what Greg maddux is doing tonight. 60 pitches in 7 shutout innings. attacking every hitter. Throwing a gem and actually getting out pitched 2 hits to 1. What an incredible pitchers duel.

He’s really dealing Ashley, 68 pitches in 8 innings..that’s efficieny.

You know it. Ive been watching since second inning and am pissed Grady little just pinch hit for him.

Little still has flashbacks from game 7 in 2003.

Yea. but i would be upset if i was maddux or a dodger fan. He was mowing them down with authority.

GUess everyone is winding down after the weekend. Not much seems to be going on here on the blog! Great weekend for the Sox. Good to see there is momentum going into the Tigers series.

It is amazing what Maddux did tonight. Schdmidt as well. Apparently, a change in scenery has done wonders for Maddux.

Ashley, I noticed that you said you’re in Ohio. What part? I lived in the Dayton/Cincinnati area all of my life until moving down here to Orlando in 2002.

I actually live in Cincinnati. I live in Clifton, near UC.

Louder, maybe it is just the sunday night blues keeping everyone away.

Truly amazing baseball for Maddux. Wow.

Yankee, soirry your right.. the Yanks have won th emajority of the games against the Os, but I just seem to remember them being tight games. Guess I’m tryign to encourage myself😉

I went to graduate school at UC and lived in Clifton. Of course, that was awhile ago. I’m in my late 30s, and that is in the early 90s. UC has a great campus. I like Cincinnati a lot, but I don’t miss it. I love the weather here in Orlando!

The Orioles have a good offensive team, so if the Yankees pitchers aren’t sharp, there will be some slugfests.

Ive been watchign CSI dvds since the game ended. Gotta hti the sack soon though.. 1-10 shift tommorrow and I want to go to the gym in the morn

The above was an explanation of MY reason for not being talkative🙂 Silly me.

I will, however, take this oppertunity to say once again.. I LOVE MIKE LOWELL

Yea I am in the architecture program now. Your right though the weather here is awful.

I see a lot of baseball games and it takes a lot to get me up in arms about a performance. But it is also a shame that schmidt’s 8 shutout innnings may get lost in the shuffle. but 68 pitches in 8 innings is ridiculous, not to mention retiring 22 straight.

Yeah, Maddux has shown he still has something left in the tank. Noy a bad way to wind down a great career.

I liked the village atmosphere in Clifton. Didn’t like graduate school much though. After getting my bachelor’s degree, I spent two years working as a sports writer for a daily newspaper in Ohio. Then I got the bright idea of getting my master’s in editing and publishing at UC, and working in the sports information office as a writer and publicist. I didn’t mind the latter, but I found that getting my bachelor’s degree is all I really wanted to do. I left UC after six months and returned to the world of writing full time. I missed it too much, and I was tired of the academic world. Haven’t set foot in a classroom since. I have lots of deadlines with all of my writing and PR work now, but I wouldn’t trade them for school!

I know the feeling.

Kinda makes me wish we’d picked him up. Still.. I liek the idea of not mortgaging the future. I wanna see Lester (who will get better each season) and Delcarmen and Papelbon (not like he was ever even REMOTELY on the table) in Red Sox uniforms for a logn time to come.

Quick Bit on Papelbon: I knwo he’s struggled of late… he may no longer have Rookie of the Year garuentee (he’s still in the runnign though.. but I have to give Liriano and Verlander a bit of an edge atm), but.. my god.. so much potential. He must be wearign out.. rookie pitchers, as we know, tend to do that a bit in the second half AND its clear the pitchign staff is suffering without Varitek. Isn’t that really when this pitchign collapse began? Think about it. It all started, really, with Tek goign on the DL. The only one who seemed to IMPROVE since Tek went down was Wells.

We need our Captain back!

Side Note: What if… what if.. we had Mirabelli catch for Wells AND Wake? Not only would it give our beloved Captain a bit more rest, but Wells seemed to work really well with Mirabelli his last start.

Hey Nationers and Vince, sounds like y’all are going to bed. I just got home from work and took time for a shower to get the BAR STENCH off of me. I left when it was 4-4. I figured I’d better get my butt away from the computer or I’d blow it for the Sox!!, (you know, superstitions!!). I see Mirabelli had another long ball!! I always felt that if he had more at bats per week, he’d do better eith his B.A. How can you have ab’s one time every 5 games and do well?? Go Dougie!! Ans Mike Lowell?? don’t yell at me guys cause I’m laughing when I say this but he should get hit more often lol!!! Look at him since Friday night!! He’s simply great!! Gold Glove all the way, ERIC CHAVEZ WHO???, They (the sportscasters,writers are already calling him the winner of this years gold glove!! It ain’t over yet bubba!!! My vote is biased but, Mikey gets mine!!! Is anybody still out there??

After throwing 50-plus pitches in two days, I think we won’t see Papelbon in the Detroit series. The Sox have an off-day on Thursday, so that would give him a nice break heading into the Yankees series. I’m comfortable with Timlin temporarily handling the closer’s role. Hopefully, we can get seven inning starts from Beckett and Schilling, so the bullpen can be fresh on Wednesday. You never know wwhat you’re gonna get from Jason Johnson.

I agree about keeping Hansen, Delcarmen and Lester. I look for Papelbon to be a solid part of the starting rotation, and Hansen to become the closer. Delcarmen would be a good set-up man, taking Timlin’s role. For now, all of thee guys are getting their learning curves and growing pains in the big leagues, and not in the minors, so we will just have to be patient with them this season. I would think that Mirabelli will catch a couple games a week to ease Varitek back into the lineup when he returns. I guess we’ll see.

I’m here ellen. Still musing over my Mirabelli catches Wake and Wells idea…

Yeah I think Mikey gets the Gold Glove. I only wish we could nominate him AND Schill for the Comeback Award

I do agree that Mirabelli would produce more with the bat if he played more regularly. However, I don’t think he is an everyday catcher. He’s had his chances, especially earlier in his career, and he didn’t produce. But he is one of the better backup catchers in MLB and the type of guy every team needs – just like Alex Cora and Gabe Kapler.

hmm.. I woulnt be surprised if we see Paps for the THIRD game in the series.. but definatly not for the first two.

With such comebacks as a beloved former sox, I’m not sure Schill has much of a chance. Secondly I think Lowell’s comeback was better than Schill’s too.

I will disagree, however, with your descriptiogn of Papelbon beign a ‘solid’ part of the rotation. I expect him to end up being an Ace.

Ashley.. Schill and Nomah arent in competition with each other. A winner is selected from each League so they can both win independatnly. Frankly, I expect Nomar and Schill to BE the winners.

As for the Tigers series…

I think we take 2 out of 3. The Tigers are beaten up, its at Fenway, we beat them up last tiem we met them, and we’re regaining our grove atm.

As far as the comback award, it depends on the criteria. Schilling came back from a tough injury. Lowell came back from a disappointing season. I think Lowell’s comeback is more impressive, personally, but I’m glad that both of having strong seasons.

Regarding the Tigers series, I think 2 of 3 can definitely happen. I look for tomorrow’s game against Nate Robertson to be the toughest challenge since the Sox have struggled against quality lefties this season. I think they will take it to Bonderman and Verlander. Interesting matchup in NY tomorrow. I like the Angels’ chances with Lackey going against Randy Johnson.

I kinda agree with Lowells comeback being more impressive in some ways. However, it doesnt surprise me that it was Schill who got the nod. Remember, the MLB is about money and Schill is a household name, while Lowell is not.

The way it works, unfortunatly.

Im more worried about the Verlander game, louder… only because I’m worried about Wells. He LOOKED shapr as heck against the Os.. but the Tigers ain’t the Os. Still. I think he’s gonna be strong.

Agas: I have a question for you on Mike’s blog.


Well, that was just silly.. Apparently one of us can’t go over there under a flag of peace anymore. *shrugs*

Well, note, Vince didnt try to start a fight, cause Vince is.. well .. mroe respectful than that. If he were gonna debate my comments on Tek he’d have done it HERE where they were posted.

*shakes his head*

I think Im gonna go watch more CSI, give my sister the comp, and then go to bed.

I’m really apprehensive about our series with Detroit. Though as you say they may be beat up but they are scrappy, and looking for revenge just as we would. So you can wager that they are coming out with their “A” game. I pray with every thing I am that I am wrong!! We need every W that we can get, no matter how we get it.
Your idea about Dougie catching W and W doesn’t sound far fetched but let’s see another outing before judgement, ya think?? I’m glad you guys are still around tonight. I know I was only on for 7 hours tonight but when I walked in this afernoon I took over a FULL bar of people who had been there for about 4-5 hours (NASCAR FANS)!! You do the math; hours there times avg drinks per, and you know that physically and personality wise I had my work cut out for me. Fortunately, it’s the Firemans Benevolent Hall and it pays really really well.

Vince, you’re not punking out on me tonight are you?? Long trip to the west coast?? How was it?

I hate NASCAR.. especially when my bar of chocie shows it instead of baseball.

I don’t like to watch NASCAR, but the fans tip really well, especially if their driver wins!!

I’m not a NASCAR fan either, but it is a hot sport here in Florida. About the Tigers series, I know that they have a great rotation, and an amazing story this season, but the Sox played them well in Detroit, and the Sox have gained confidence after this weekend. I don’t care if it was against the Orioles. That is who was on the schedule. I think Lowell’s catch after getting beaned in the head, and the key hits the Sox got over the weekend, have given these guys a mental boost.

By the way, is Wells pitching on Wednesday? I am a little mixed up on the rotation. Not sure when Johnson will pitch again. Perhaps he is going in one of the doubleheader games.

Agas: I could have posted it here. But apparently some people here do not want anybody to even hint anything bad abt the redsox. So I thought I would ask you when you were over on Mike’s blog.

I’ll still remain a little Skeered about the Tigers, you know about vengance, I’m sure, and they are bound to be looking for it!! We would be.
I still find it a lot hard to see Kevin Millar in a uniform other than ours. One time today we he was at bat, and before I could think about it I was yelling: COME ON KEV-LAR!! ( that was my nick name for him!!). My husband just kind of looked funny at me.. Kind of hard to root against the guy.

I think, by my calculations (which could be off alot on my best day, and this is not one of them) that Wells should be pitching Wednesday. He pitched Friday night, right?? So that would make his next start Wednesday. I don’t think he looked too bad last outing!!

Funny, Vik. You know, the only time you make an appearance on this blog is when you make some assinine comment just to stir someone’s emotions. I know baseball thoroughly, and I am level-headed about the Sox, admitting their shortcomings and making observations about their strengths. Nothing you say indicates that you know the game. All you do is chastise people who support the Sox, and make inflammatory comments that demonstrate your immaturity. As a lifelong fan of the Sox, and of baseball, I respect the Yankees, even though I despise them. Maybe you should try the same approach with the Sox.

Yet your comments here are welcome. You humiliate and embarrass yourself on a regular basis with your postings. Keep posting away. Vik, it’s comedy hour, and you’re the headline act.

Thank you Jeff. I never claimed to be a baseball guru. As a matter of fact I have been following the game only the last 4 or 5 years. Before that I did not even know the rules of baseball. Thats abt me.

Now coming to you. Go back and read all your posts. You’ll find out that they are nothing but you trying to trumpet that you are sports writer and a very KNOWLEDGEABLE baseball fan. May be you are. May be you are not. But from your posts you just look like a cheer leader for the boston redsox.

My posts are atleast worth some laughs. Your’s are not even that.

And can you please tell me one sox’s shortcoming you have admitted. I can list 3 or 4. Even from my limited baseball knowledge.

Nothing wrong with being a RedSox Cheerleader, especially since I am the official Cheerleader of this blog, albeit self appointed!! You go JL.!!

I am not saying there’s something wrong with cheerleading Ellen. Thats the reason why fans exist. But cheerleaders should not claim they are calling like it is. I am a cheerleader for the yankees.

Can we talk some positives about the Sox?? I don’t know about y’all but I am REALLY skeptical about these next 3 series we have coming up, Jeff? I think we need to focus on us and the fact that were 1 out in the AL east and 2 back in the wild card race!!

First, I have not brought up my background as a sports writer to trumpet any expertise. I initially talked about my background when we were talking about clubhouse chemistry, since I have seen first-hand how players interact from when I covered baseball regularly. Then, in subsequent posts, I have brought it up when asked about careers in sports journalism, and in exchanges with people like Ashley about my time in Cincinnati. And now I’m bringing it up to defend myself in your attack.

Second, whether someone has been part of the game as a player, media members, etc. does not correlate to knowledge. There are plenty of people who know the game well who are just everyday fans. That is why I don’t really care when someone like Steve Phillips bashes the Sox.

Third, I am a Sox cheerleader. I don’t get too high when there is a winning streak, nor too low if there is a losing streak. I’ve followed baseball closely since I was 7 years old, devouring statistics, going to games, playing it even as an adult in recreational leagues (because of the fun) and yes, writing about it on occasion. Yet I am a fan of the Sox and the game, foremost. Baseball and the Sox are a passion, a hobby. So yes, I am a Sox cheerleader. No reason not to be because of the team’s history, the devotion of the fans and the present state of the team thanks to Epstein and Henry. It’s exciting to be a fan of the Sox.

Fourth, I criticize the Sox when I think it is warranted. I have voiced my frustrations and admitted many times my apprehensions of why Francona turns to Tavarez. I have admitted – even in the last post I wrote on the Yankees blog – that guys like Hansen and Lester will have their highs and lows because they are rookies who should have had more seasoning in the minors, but couldn’t because the Sox needed them due to injuries and shortcomings in the rotation and bullpen. I don’t tend to go overboard when the Sox lose, or someone is struggling. It’s all part of understanding the game.

You confuse cheerleading with level-headedness. I’m concerned about the bullpen, and the fifth spot in the rotation. I think that Varitek’s absence hurts. I don’t care for Tavarez or Seanez. However, I am confident about the team the Sox have. I like their professionalism, their chemistry and the mix of players they have. It’s shortsighted when a fan – Yankees fan or Sox fan – bashes Francona, Epstein or a player because of a losing streak (which is inevitable in a 162-game season), an error, a strikeout, a bad outing, etc. Nothing wrong with voicing frustration, and questioning decisions, but calling for that person’s head, or making assinine comments that the Sox are done, show that the person making the post really doesn’t know much about the game.

You’re right, Ellen. We do need to concentrate on the Sox. I have expressed my opinion in recent days that the Sox need to focus on winning each series and not being concerned about what the Yankees, White Sox and Twins are doing. The Sox are dominant at home. I think they’ll take 2 of 3 from the Tigers and 3 of 5 from the Yankees. As long as they go 5-4 on the west coast swing, I think they’ll remain even with the Yankees and in the wild card race. I think the Yankees are cooling off. They had their hot streak. Just as the Sox have question marks, so do the Yankees. The Sox definitely need to play strong in this tough 17-game stretch. If they don’t, they call put themselves in a hole that will be challenging to climb out. But all the players in the clubhouse know that, and they are true professionals and gamers. I think the Sox will be in the AL East and wild card race to the end. It might come down to the season-ending three-games series against the Orioles. It should be exciting.

Hey you must be my co-captain!!, I’m honored to have you!! As Sox fans we’re going to be scrutinized for optimism about the team, it will be confused for us having blinders on. The fact that we speak in positives, throws those who aren’t of the Nation. I think you’re just right there with your predictions. Although I’d love sweeps in the next three series, the fact that I am a Sox fan, also makes me a realist.
I like reading about the fact that you are a writer.. May I live vicariously throgh you?? I think that with more motivation I wouldn’t have been to bad at it.

One more thing for Vik, then I’m done. I don’t claim to be more knowledgeable than certain people, or the swami of baseball. But I do know the game. And I do stick to my opinions, regardless of what heat I take for them. I respect someone’s opinion if it is different than mine, as long as it is presented in a way that is not condescending and attacking. For example, I don’t respect your postings because if someone doesn’t agree with you, you dismiss their response, usually with a tone that demonstrates that you lack maturity and respect.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with them, nor do I want them to. For example, many Sox fans on this blog don’t like Beckett, but I think he will be a solid number two starter for the long term. I think it is taking him longer than expected to learn that he can’t solely rely on overpowering AL hitters as he did NL hitters. I am glad the Sox have Beckett, and I would take him over any Yankees pitcher with the exception of Mussina. Many disagree, but that is my opinion. And it won’t change even if Beckett pulls a Luke Hudson tomorrow and surrenders 11 runs. Beckett has great stuff. He has talent, just like Hansen, Delcarmen, Papelbon and Lester. They might not perform as consistently as we want them to this year, but I’m confident they will next year and beyond.

Anyway, as Forrest Gump said, that’s all I have to say about that.

I meant I don’t expect everyone to agree with me (typo in the previous posting).

Ellen, thanks for your support! You’re right, you can be optimistic and realistic as a fan. I get a kick out of Sox fans who think the world is ending when there is a losing streak. I also get a kick over Yankees fans on their blog who think the sky is falling when they drop 2 of 3 from the White Sox and 2 of 3 to the Angels. Trade A-Rod, he made an error. Fire Francona, he didn’t take a pitcher out early enough. It’s all so ridiculous.

Anyway, I am excited about this week. Should be some good baseball. Though I wish the Sox and Yankees did not play a doubleheader – since it will likely be a split – I do like a long series. I just wish it was over five days, instead of four. I’m headed to bed. I have a heavy slate of writing and PR work this week, and I need to wake up early. The 4-pack of Red Bull is waiting for the morning hours. Talk to you all tomorrow night!

Hey Jl, thanks. I also have alot to do tomorrow. .. ?need an assistant?? Ian doesn’t seem to!! Any way I’ll be back mid to late afternoon tomorrow. Have a good night y’all. NATIONERS, YOU ARE BY FAR THE BEST FANS THERE ARE!! LET’S KEEP THIS GOING!!
and p.s. I hope Trot is om the road back!!

lol ellen we ended up going to palm beach unknowing it would take 3.5 hours to get to the west coast

****, i think im a half hour too late

anyway, a few points. I expect johnson to pitch well tomorrow, not sure how well lackey will pitch but it should be a close game. The bright spot is johnson is coming off something very encouraging and lackey according to alex has struggled lately. If i had to guess the next 18 yankee games and 17 redsox games realistically, i would say this:

yankees 3-1 in their next 4, plug the loss wherever u choose, 2-3 at fenway, 6-3 in anaheim seattle and at home vs detroit….grand total equals: 11-7

redsox: 1-2 vs detroit (very unpopular but trust me detroit is going to come out fired up, they need to make a statement against good teams, on the road and after being swept…not to mention u may have swept the orioles but it certainly wasn’t the cleanest pitching act in the world, glad to see the hitting is back if i were a sox fan, but this is not baltimore’s starting staff minus bedard or their 62 hr bullpen, so watch out)

3-2 vs yankees (plain and simple homefield advantage gives them the third win), then i think they go 4-5 on the west coast trip (rematch with oakland goes 1-2, 2-1 in seattle but 1-2 vs anaheim)

grand total: 8-9

difference: 2.5 games.

worst case scenario (u all will prob agree with this better)

lackey dominates tomorrow yankees lose, yankees win 2 of 3 in baltimore 2 of 5 in fenway, 2 out of 3 in seattle lose 2 out of 3 in anaheim and win 2 out of 3 at home vs detroit.

new grand total: 9-8

Redsox win 2 out of 3 (u will not sweep them) vs detroit, 3 of 5 vs yankees, 2 of 3 to seattle, win and lose 2 out of 3 vs anaheim/oakland

new grand total: 10-7

virtual tie.

any takers that this all ends up half way between sox down 3.5 and tied and it is about a 1 or 2 game yankee lead? In other words, nothing happens. That was originally what i thought after the west coast trip and after the yankee series it would be exactly the same.

vince, i can see a swing of 1 or 2 games either way, no more. by sept 1 the margin between these 2 teams will be 1 or 2 games, 3 tops.

meaning we should have 1 hellofa stretch run

btw they better sweep seattle cause im goin to those games (sox are 2-0 in games i attend)

That’s a pretty generous prediction for the West Coast/Detroit 9 game streak considering LA has played NY very tough recently. Anyway, that’s why I’m not going to look too far ahead because it’s all subjective and things could change from day to day.
As far as the immediate future, Beckett needs to show why he has been considered a top pitcher. I said, Considered, as in by the media, but the fans at the beginning of the year, etc. I don’t want stats showing me that Wang is a better pitcher and Beckett is a no better than a # 3 blah, blah, blah. We know that by now, Beckett has not pitched that well at times this year. This is time for him to show what he has. Yeah, the Sox just won 3 vs. Baltimore but they were supposed to. Just like they were supposed to take care of business against Tampa and KC.

Best team record wise in baseball coming in town with the best pitching. They’ve lost 5 in a row and it’s time to kick them while they are down. Papelbon can NOT pitch tonight, and the bullpen has been used the past few days.

Time for Beckett to throw at least 7 innings. Anything less than that would really not be considered acceptable with the way the pen has been used.

I’m reall excited for this week coming up. If we can go into the Yankee series at the very worst one game down, things should be OK.

Tough lefty going against the Sox tonight, so it should be interesting.

By the way, I mentioned I don’t want to look too far ahead, but I want to contradict myself right now. When Nixon comes back, what does Francona do? Wily Mo has been tearing it up and granted, he could cool down by the time Trot is ready to return, but as of today, who would you rather have playing for you in right field and hitting in the # 5 spot?

“For example, I don’t respect your postings because if someone doesn’t agree with you, you dismiss their response, usually with a tone that demonstrates that you lack maturity and respect.”

Example please. You cannot make random statements such as this and not have evidence. If this is abt Kaylee, forget it. It has nothing to do with yankees or redsox. It is plain stupid for a 35 yr old to fight a 14yr old abt her loyalty. If anything that shows the immaturity of you. Not me.

Morning Kevin.

Morning Vince. I’m off and on today due to work, but had a few moments to add a couple of comments. What’s the consensus with Yankee fans about RJ? I mean it seems like every other game is high or low. Bad start, no hitter into the 7th, now what?? Also, what about Wang with a couple of bad starts in a row and Mussina losing 2 starts in a row? The rookies are wearing down due to inexperience, which I think is why the Yankees have been strong consistently. Yes, they’ve had rookies in the lineup, but they’ve had veterans surrounding them. Pitchers don’t have that luxury, so I think that counts for a big difference.

By the rookies wearing down, I meant the Sox rookies.

Kevin, This is Vikram. But thats ok.

Sorry Vik. I swear to you, I do know the difference. It was just laziness on my part no noticing. Plus, I don’t think Vince gets up before noon anyway.

I dont think anybody is worried abt Mussina. Wang’s struggling a little bit. And RJ has been his usual self, dominating or atrocious. But Wright’s consistency has been a good thing. I am not sure how long that will last.

haha. I am working from home this week. So I’ll be posting a lot. Probably.


That’s a great question about Wily Mo vs. Trot. It’s a good thing I’m not managing the Sox, because I’d definitely put Trot in just because I’m a huge fan of his. Those are the kinds of decisions that I think make managing top-tier athletes so tough. If Pena is still hitting as well as he has been in the past three or four games, I think you have to give him the nod. But what does that do to Nixon’s psyche? What if Nixon goes on an absolute hitting tear in his minor league rehab work and Pena has a couple off nights at the plate? Does Nixon get the start then? What if Pena has a couple of errors just before Nixon comes off the DL? Do you put Nixon in for his defense, or do you keep Pena in to show him you have faith in him and give him the chance to show that he’s not a defensive liability? So many possibilities. Bottom line, I’m honestly happy to have either one playing as the Sox enter the stretch, and I’m sure Francona will take some heat no matter which way he goes.

I hope Youkilis can continue to pick things up at the plate. He had an awful July (.236) and has hit .286 so far in August. The Sox’ radio announcers mentioned yesterday that he’s leading the team in strikeouts (93 to Manny and Ortiz’s 92 each).

Rob, that’s interesting about Youkilis. I wasn’t aware he led the team in strikeouts, but I was thinking yesterday about how often he strikes out looking. I think he is a good hitter, and an integral partof the Sox, but sometimes I think he is too selective at the plate. He takes so many pitches with two strikes that are too close to the strike zone.

Interesting dilemma about Nixon as well. I think that Pena is the future in right field, yet Nixon’s veteran presence may be important down the stretch. I’m sure that both will contribute. Neither hit left-handed pitching well, so that keeps Kapler in the mix, too.

What does everyone think of the Pena trade now? Nixon hurt, Pena playing well, Arroyo winless in his last 10 starts?

I think Arroyo is more effective as an NL pitcher anyway. Pena fits Epstein’s philosophy of bringing in high-ceiling, younger players. He will be very good as early as next year. I think he will be adequate in right field – not a gold glover, but not a liability. Sort of like Manny, whose defense has improved dramatically since he arrived in Boston.

I’m not sure what to think of Arroyo’s recent performance. He’s lost 5 of his last 10 starts, and with the exception of Saint Louis, all of those losses have come against teams with sub-.500 records. Those same four losses against teams with losing records have also been road games. (He’s 4-2 at home, 5-6 on the road.) His ERA is much higher against lefties (5.44 as opposed to 1.88 against right-handed hitters), so maybe teams are putting in their lefties against him. I don’t know what kind of run support he’s been getting, but his ERA has climbed over the last couple months (5.45 in July, over 6 so far in August), so it would seem it’s probably something with him, not with the team’s offense.

Humorous side note about Arroyo:

My brother, who lives in Cinci, called me up last week. The first words out of his mouth were “Bronson Arroyo has corn rows.” I replied that yes, he had been known to wear his hair that way in Boston, and that while I had never noticed any correlation between his hair style and his pithing performance, it might be something to look into. So if you hear any rumors about a hair dresser taking a bribe to change Arroyo’s hair style, it might be my brother handing out the cash.

well i tried posting 8 minutes ago but my internet went out, really bad thunderstorm outside right now.

moose tends to have back to back poor starts about once every 6-8 weeks, so I am not concerned, it is just a shame he is doing it when wang is struggling. Wang will be fine too, when you pitch 17 consecutive shutout innings things are bound to be a lot worse when u struggle, i think they will both be fine, unfortunately when that happens johnson and wright will probably start to struggle, they like to play that game….wright has been very encouraging he even tried being economical! unfortunately a line drive knocked him out of the game after 6 innings anyway.

I think johnson will pitch well tonight, gut feeling, not saying he will be back to dominance or anything i just think 6 innings minimum, it takes every pitcher who has been as good as he has his entire career a lot of adjustment to become a pitcher not a flame thrower. Just like pedro had to make the transition (albeit in a little league) johnson is having to also.

and yes kevin, 8 minutes ago was 54 minutes after *********** you and your pattern noticing

Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hey before I go eat lunch.🙂 Vince, I wrote you back.

Hey Jen. How are you?

hey jen!

btw anyone hear about the new hampshire vermont little league game? it was even crazier than the cancer kid batting behind the cleanup hitter

Some thoughts on the Pena/ Arroyo trade. Arroyo is currently 9-8 in 25 games with a 3.54 era his strikeouts are high (135) and walks good (38). Obviously he has been real bad of late with a record of 0-5 and a 5.29 era over the last 10. Pena has played in 55 games and has 9 hr 34 RBI with a 318 ba. The key to Pena is he has cut down on the strikeouts. The other key is that Pena was born 1982 so if my math is right he is 24. Arroyo will be 30 in Feb and has a career 42-41 record. So you take out the hot start in the NL this year and he’s a below 500 pitcher. After Fisk, Trot is my 2nd all time, but you gotta like Pena and each and every day you gotta love that trade.

Good post, Connor. I think the Sox could definitely use Arroyo right now because of their issues in the rotation, but I’m glad the Pena trade was made. I saw him play Single-A ball in Dayton (Ohio) when the Reds acquired him from the Yankees. It was evident he would be a special player. Though he still swings at bad pitches on occasion, he is maturing rapidly as a hitter – no doubt benefitting from being around Manny and Big Papi. I hope the Sox keep him for the long term.

Hey Vik and Vince, how are my guys today?

I am great Jen. Work from home week. Enjoying it. Actually there’s somebody posting on this blog with screen name ibutterfly. I thought it was you.

Nice post..a real tear jerker. Varitex was a ***** who didn’t even take off his mask when trying to **** arod. That story is bull and so are the red sox/Mike Lowell. Good luck he is 80 right??

ouch. hey jen im good, getting a little stressed out over preparing to return to school but im fine how’s work?

Jmayer, from that mess of words you just posted, sounds like your drunk. Bottoms up!

Yeah, but it’s a great picture. Arod would’ve gotten his *****. whipped up on anyway, so I’m glad it makes you feel better to come on here and make your opinions public.

Vik, my boss is gone for a week, so I would LOVE to work from home right now.🙂 Yeah, we’d better find out what her (his?) real name is, ’cause we can’t have that.😛

Vince, honey, don’t get stressed. Everything will be fine. Did you hear about that internship yet? Work’s work. I’d rather be at home, basically. I’ve got my resume and stuff all prepped. I’ll stick it in the mail to be sent out this afternoon.

I actually have two copies of that picture, one for me and one for my brother. Can’t get enough of it!

I agree. It’s only 2:30 here, but it’s always 5:00 somewhere, right?


I think you put the Arroyo/Pena trade into perspective very nicely. Anybody who doesn’t like the deal is looking at it from the angle of the Sox needing pitching right now, but if Wells and Wakefield weren’t hurt, the deal would look a lot better. Hindsight is 20/20, but if you look at it from the perspective Theo had at the time, it was a good trade, and time will bear that out. It just doesn’t look good right at this moment, which is not the right way to judge trades.

The one reason I was down on the trade a little bit was that Arroyo took a pay cut because he wanted to stay in Boston, and then they traded him away. But if you look at those circumstances from a BUSINESS standpoint, it was pretty savvy on the part of the Sox management. Whether or not they actually deceived him into thinking they’d keep him, we’ll never know. But I haven’t heard Arroyo complaining about being lied to.

Jen, my favorite A-Rod picture is the one of him swinging a purse at Arroyo’s glove during that infamous play in the 2004 ALCS. Gotta love Photo Shop!

“Nice post..a real tear jerker. Varitex was a **** who didn’t even take off his mask when trying to **** arod. That story is bull and so are the red sox/Mike Lowell. Good luck he is 80 right??”

Posted by: jmayer888@aol.com | August 14, 2006 02:20 PM


Um, jen, you seem to know what the devil he’s talking about. Care to fill us in?

I agree about Arroyo, Rob. That was unfortunate that he took a paycut to remain in Boston, and he was dealt away. It’s always nice to keep players who perform and really like being a part of Red Sox Nation. Sometimes the business aspects of baseball stinks for the players – getting traded and you and your family having to restart life somewhere else without warning. That said, I’m glad Pena is here.

lol Rob, Ian made a comment about the time when Arod and Jason got into it at the plate in 2004. There’s a beautiful picture (I should scan it in and email it to you) of Jason shoving his glove in the gace of Arod.

Yeah, they have an autographed picture going on Ebay of that shot. Arroyo signed his name and underneath put, “Nice try, Arod!” It’s great – I think I might get it for my brother.

gace = face Can’t type today.🙂

Looking back, Arroyo was acquired for Mike Gonzalez and Freddy Sanchez – two very solid contributors for the Pirates. It would be nice to have Gonzalez in the bullpen and Sanchez as a utility guy, but, like you said, you make a trade for what you need at the time. You never know what the players you give up will become. I would rather hold onto top prospects though, unless you get a good younger major league player in return. The Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen deals can hurt a team’s future.

All good points on the Arroya trade. If Clement didn’t stink, if Wakefield didn’t get hurt and if Wells came back on time, no one would even 2nd guess the move. Age is in our favor, plus the fact that Pena can learn from fellow countrymen in Manny and Papi. It sounds like that makes a huge difference.
Don’t forget, Arroyo had an unbeaten streak that ran roughly 17 starts last year, but wore down at the end. The most unfortunate part is the point that jeff brought up. Arroyo took the hometown discount and subsequently got traded.

I think the trade has worked out for the best.

Rob initially brought up that point, Kevin, but regardless of who says it, it is unfortunate. Theo could have forecasted Wells’ health problems, but certainly not Clement and Wakefield. I’m sure, in the future, he will be more cautious though. After all, you can never have too much depth in starting pitching.

It is exciting to see the ball rocket off Pena’s bat. His plate appearances are becoming just as “must-see” as Big Papi and Manny.

I think Jeff Suppan was in that deal with Arroyo. Anyway, I have writer’s block, and a screen that needs scintillating words for a client’s press release. I’m gonna head out of my home office and go to Panera for a change in venue. That usually does the trick.

Thanks, jen. I figured it was about the Tek/A-rod incident, but the “tear jerker” bit, the reference to Lowell, and the comment about somebody being 80 had me really confused.

Did u like the catches Jen??

i’m glad everyone here recognizes the business of baseball and accepts it, now i fully expect never to hear about the yankees spending money ever again.

that was a ***** fight. Tek leaves his full body protective gear on and people think he won, i admired a rod a lot more for that fight regardless of the spin anyone puts on it. The chopping thing was a differnet story, but honestly, if you were in the spot a rod was in in the position the yankees were in where you can see the end is near, how many of you can honestly say YOU wouldn’t try something like that? I know i would.

the thing about the july 24th brawl was ortiz and somebody taking on sturtze at the same time, i thought that was classic, sturtze was beating on someone and that huge gorilla came to choke him out….brawls are awesome

Yeah, it sounded like jmayer was really moved by the fact that Mike Lowell has actually stepped up to the plate and become a role model/leader during a time when the Red Sox most need one. And I guess he must think Mike looks old…?? Don’t know how – he looks like a normal 32 year old man to me.

its his grey hair jen. but not everyone can stay as young looking and beautiful as u….or me.

I love the brawls, especially between the Red Sox and the Yankees. But I still think Arod would have gotten his behind handed to him. On a silver platter.

Well, grey hair or not, Vince, I still think he’s attractive.🙂 Aww, you make me smile.

Only a ***** would challenge a catcher in a fight like A-rod did. A-Fraud was yelling “Come on, come on” along with a few other curses. You don’t sit back and analyze how much equipment you have on at the time… you just punch the guy in the face… just like ***-rod asked for. I just hope Varitek was able to get the lipstick off his hand. As for the Arroyo chop, another moronic move… yes, there is a theme here. Last, but not least, I’d like to highlight A-rod’s brilliant knock against people who drive their kids to school while he’s pumping himself in the gym… Wasn’t it Nixon who said, “I go to the gym after I drop my kids off at school… what’s the problem?”

well, glad you kept the conversation classy and mature rayman, I would actually dignify that comment with a response if it actually deserved one.

Joining a NFL fantasy league. Please someone have some knowledge to help me out.

On the Arroyo trade, I live in Cincinnati. And For the first half all i heard was “man I wish the red sox could re-do that trade” on the radio. Now all i hear are complaints about pitching and arroyo.

Reds fans and media are almost as bad as the sox fans on here who complain and say the season is over after a loss, and talk world series after a win.

If I recall correctly, it was Kapler who was going at it with Sturtze. Not sure what punishment either of them got, but I think Sturtze was the one bleeding at the end.

I thought the Tek/A-rod fight was a draw. Nobody actually got a decent punch in, and Tek looked kind of silly holding onto A-rod’s leg.

Personally, I think fights in professional sports are stupid, as are intentional plunkings (childish), and managers arguing umpires’ calls (ever seen a call changed?).

Did anyone see the piece Kenny Mayne did on the Boston/New York rivalry last year? Flippin’ hysterical. My favorite part was where he asked Tanyon Sturtze if he hated the Boston accent and clam chowder and all that, and Sturtze looks at him like he’s a complete idiot and says “Dude, I’m FROM Boston.” Loved it.

Running backs are key, if you don’t pick a RB early, you are in touble. I’ve got 3 drafts in the next 2 weeks.

Just pick the carolina panthers. You guys will be fine.

i am a fantasy football god. Plain and simple. I had a team last year “TOTHEHOMO” and it went 9-0 before falling apart from unexpected injuries….pure magic.

i just did a draft, i’m content with it, looks like i’ll be running over people this year. btw in case anybody cares, my sn is my email address minus the @ etc…i’ll help anyone with anything cause i’m nice like that. Yes sturtze was bleeding, that generally is the result of a 1 on 2 fight

Well i obviously have no clue what I’m doing, but am trying to get interested in the NFL. From a city with no team and prefer college, but sundays got boring. Thought this might help.

If it really got serious, Sheffield and Sierra together would have taken down atleast 4 or 5 guys. Kapler would have taken down two. Matsui and Varitek would have knocked out each other and the others would have just been jokers. The whole fight was just a joke.

lol ashley where are u from…carolina? Panthers D would prob be a nice choice for u, the trick is to recognize what is worth the most value…..touchdowns are the focal point, followed by yardage. Running back (larry johnson preferably) should be first, followed by a big scoring QB that is a basic rule of thumb, kickers should not necessarily be from the highest scoring team, but akicker with a good percentage that is on a team that struggles to get touchdowns, thus they have to settle for many many field goals…defense should be a team that forces a lot of turnovers and holds opponents to a low number of pts

lol yeah that would be a blood war if it got serious, both teams have massive men.

i have a slight addiction to fantasy sports, i generally have 4 baseball and 4 football teamse very year, and do 1-3 drafts for my friends

Kentucky, where college basketball and college football rule.

lol ouch, kentucky, i know one person from there…can you explain the whole “blue grass” thing?

Which by the way I am highly looking forward to University oof Louisville football this year. Two heisman candidates, and a legitimate shot to run the table, playing all tough opponents at home, where they score 40+ points a game.

As for tonights game I am very… interested… to see what kind of performance Beckett throws out there to kick off an important series.


Didn’t mean to imply that Sturtze was a wuss or coulnd’t hold his own in a fight. Just that he was the one I saw who actually had a visible injury.

What I’d really like to know is what got said that was sufficient to get Tek and A-rod so worked up. A-rod gets hit, and Varitek gets between him and Arroyo. Where does it go from there to get to the point of blows? “Your mother sleeps with the 43rd Airborne.” “Leave my pitcher alone, you poopy head.”

Did it actually have the effect that everyone says it did, turning the Red Sox’ season around? I’ve never played professional sports, much less been in a bench-clearing brawl on national television, but I think its effects are overblown in the grand scheme of things. And if I remember correctly, the swing in the Red Sox performance didn’t really happen until a week or two later.

I could be wrong, though. It’s happened once or twice.

Kentucky gets a bad rap for no real good reason. In the cities, it is actually a lot better than most other states. As for the deep country there are some crazy folks, but lets be realistic, in the deep country anywhere there are some messed up people.

I think the turnaround that season stemmed more from the walk-off homer off Rivera by Billy Mueller in a game when the sox were down big.

i would also agree, the brawl may have sparked the comeback but the turnaround was capping the comeback with mueller’s hr.

no i heard kentucky was nice, it just wouldn’t be for me, not enough going on sportswise haha. Plus im a big duke fan so i could never cheer for kentucky bb…though i did when they were in the finals against utah 8 years ago.

Isnt Kentucky the second worst football school in SEC only better than Vanderbilt. I did not know they care for football as much they care abt basketball.

Wow, Rob, that was great. You’ve got me tearin’ up a little bit. Poopy head. Priceless.

Vik, I just saw your email. Very funny, pumpkin. Leave it to female drivers. I hate female drivers.

My screen saver is Jason clocking arod. . We’ll I guess it wasn’t a clock, but it is real nice. I’m a criminal defense attorney and my mut clients love it The best yankee/sox fight had to be Fisk punching Munson. Fisk had a ball in his punching hand! You remember bill lee actually hurt his shoulder in that one and was out for I believe the rest of the year. I heard an interview that Arod told Arroyo “that was bush league” and Viritek told him to go sit down. Then the rest was history. Thanks for positives on Arroyo post. You southwestern ohioans, I went to college at University of Dayton. Nice area, but Dayton is a pit. Sorry for all the personal stuff

rob are u the rob part of robnbetsy cause it just occured to me i’ve been callling you robn all this time and u probably don’t prefer that

Glad that u liked it. How good a driver are u??

University of kentucky football is atrocious. On the other hand University of Louisville is actually a legit contender.
Go Laetner. being a louisville fan i can not stand U. of Kentucky at all.

arroyo used to hit every yankee batter. i think he hit 2 a game, it prob was bush league, but if varitek said that it doesn’t make sense…he should have said “go take 1st, please.” That would have made more sense.

From what I remember, Arroyo hit A-Rod. Now, at the time A-Rod was slumping, (go figure, slumping in a big game against Boston). Tek told him to relax, it wasn’t on purpose “Besides, we don’t hit .240 hitters” After that, A-Rod got pissed and it was on. By the way, Tek might have had his gear on (what’s he going to do, say wait a minute, let me take off my mask and chest protector before we get into it?) but A-Rod still had a bat in his hand. Not that he was going to use the bat, but in a spur of the moment incident, you don’t stop to think of things like that.

Last years championship team (ME) had


Larry Johnson, Tiki

Chad Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald

Randy McMichael,

Neil Rackers,

Panthers D

I wish I had that luck again this year.

I think LJ, LT, and Alexander at the concensus 1,2,3, but who goes number 4?

Fo whoever asked about what was said to Tek. I just saw a higlight of the fight on ESPNnews, and i believe it went a little like this. F you, F you, Mother F’er. C’mon and hit me.

Hypothetically, what would happen if Arod got traded to the Sox? I realize this is as realistic as Michael Jackson become black again, but… what do you guys think?

louisville, eh, they don’t really factor in with me, i like quinnipiac hockey, (if not then BC), michigan football, duke basketball and clemson baseball so i have no real love or issues with louisville. Odd choice i know, but i have reasons for all of them

What’s with the football talks?

UK football? What a joke. About like UC football.

Connor, I’m from Xenia, which is about 20 minutes from Dayton and 50 minutes from Cincinnati. Dayton is an industrial town, though they have cleaned up the downtown with a performing arts center and arguably the nicest Single-A stadium in the country, where the Reds’ affiliate plays. I went to Wright State. Wonder when UD and WSU will play hoops again. Anyway, I agree with your view of Dayton. I headed for warmer weather and sunnier skies down here in Florida since I grew tired of the dreary, cold winters.

Sorry jamie, I started it. I asked for much needed help in joining my first Fantasy League.

Usually its me if another sport gets mentioned, but it is only for the shear fact that i am a sox fan, and most sox fans are knwledgable in most sports.

Oh, no, Duke basketball? Well, Vince, it looks like I despise two of your favorite teams :)Since I’m an Ohio native and lived there for 34 of my first 38 years, I’m partial to Ohio State in football and basketball. Quinnipiac is my favorite college hockey team, though. Just kidding. I know very little about hockey. It’s the only one of the four major sports I don’t follow closely.

Kevin: The only thing that could have been better in that lineup is Steve Smith. Yeah I am a panthers fan.

Vince: How can you ever support a Clemson team. We have a better baseball team then Clemson. And they are our rivals. grrrrr.

I don’t know if the Nation would welcome A-Rod. Simply because he has been on the enemy. People forget that he actually tried to give back money so he could be on the Sox. The Sox were his first choice. But at this point, I think he needs to go to a smaller market and break his records in silence.
On another note, when, if ever, do you think the Sox and Yankees would make a trade of any nature?? I can’t imagine it happening in my lifetime.

I had a blast at UD. It was a bigtime party school. Wright State, the “nuttier than most center” which is what it think the big joke was. I was put on a plane at 18 in logan and told not to screw up I landed at the Dayton airport and thumbed to UD. I never went back to mass. (of course for breaks and holidays) I don’t blame you for Florida, gotta love the weather.

Jamie, I can’t see A-Rod traded to the Sox. He is better off playing for a small market team, away from the scrutiny. Unfortunately for him, small market teams would hamstring their payroll with him, and it would end up like Seattle or Texas, where there is A-Rod and few other viable players.

he’d get boo’d even more, that’s my bet, but by both team’s fans.

My team this year has LJ, willie parker ahman green and chris brown as rb

bledsoe and eli manning qb

wr: TO, darrell jackson muhsin muhammed and joe jurevicious

kickers kasay and reed and bears broncos defense

should be good.

that TO team had stephen davis and priest holmes (last yr remember) and burress TO and steve smith receiving with eli as qb and vick backup

pitt D (giants backup) and vanderjagt hanson kicking

The only way thats going to happen is to George bribe Theo a billion dollars to trade Papelbon for Ponson. lol.

Kevin: The only way thats going to happen is to George bribe Theo a billion dollars to trade Papelbon for Ponson. lol.

Got cheated. Sorry.

The Nutter Center, or also known as The Nut House. Funny story. When I covered Wright State for the first daily newspaper I worked for out of college, I would put The Nut House reference in my stories, until the athletic director sent a memo to all media members asking them to refer to it as the Ervin J. Nutter Center, named after the benefactor who forked over several millions of dollars to build the place. I compromised and referred to it as the Nutter Center. I remember the party atmosphere at UD. We would go over to “The Ghetto” on some weekends. I remember they burned couches in the streets when UD went to the Elite Eight in the early 90s.

haha well jeff i suggest u start liking QU hockey, lol we just joined the ecac so we are actually good, hence why i like them and not the other qu teams, though our baseball team made the tournament two years in a row until the hazing incident last year.

michigan football i love because my sisters husband whom ive known since i was 10 went there and loved football (he was on the crew team). He is the one that saw brady (they had one year together) at a few parties….his freshman year was when michigan won the National championship.

Duke basketball i love for the simple reason that i slept in their football stadium parking lot on the way to florida (ironically on vacation) once. For some reason i loved the school and in 4th grade i saw a bunch of white kids on tv playing basketball with my favorite colors and i was like wow they are different, im gonna root for them (had no idea they were a powerhouse).

Clemson baseball (i also like clemson football but not nearly as much) i root for because an ex gf that is now my best friend goes there and she roots heavily for those two teams and knows most of the baseball team. Since my team is never gonna qualify for a championship I show her support.

I also root for syracuse basketball but i like when they underachieve cause i get to make fun of my two closest guy friends. It has been a fun two years.


Yes, my name is Rob. No offense taken at the robn; I knew who you meant. And I think Arroyo led the league in hit batters, maybe still does.


When were you at Dayton? My brother went there from ’87 to ’91, majored in Sports Business. Some of the stories he told me about the partying were absolutely absurd, especially the year that Dayton beat Illinois in the NCAA basketball tourney. Playboy used to run an annual list of the “Best Party Schools,” but they said they didn’t list Dayton because they didn’t think it was fair to include professionals.


Yeah, I saw the F you parts (how could you miss them?). I’m a little embarassed for Varitek; just because someone says “hit me” doesn’t mean you have to, and if you do, you should do a little better job of shutting the guy up. I guess I shouldn’t criticize, because the mentality and community of a pro sports team is something I’ve never been part of. The whole aspect of sticking up for each other, even if it comes to fighting, means a lot to them.


From the quotes I’ve heard from pro athletes, all is forgotten once you put on the same uniform, except for extreme cases like T.O. They all seem to understand that when you’re on the field, you do what you think is necessary to give your team the best shot at winning, and it’s not personal. The guys wearing the same uni as you are the guys you stick by, regardless of what they did when they were “the enemy.”

Sorry louder, we never went to the elite 8 in the early 90’s. In 90 we upset an Illinois team that had johnny battle, marcus liberty, and i can’t remember the guard. They went to the final four the year before. We then lost to arkansas on a last second tip in. We did go in 84 and upset an Oklohoma team led by Waymen Tisdale. I spent 3 solid years in the ghetto, Needless to say, I was on disciplinary probation the entire 3 years. I still owe 20 hours of community service!

OSU-Michigan is the college football version of the Sox-Yankees rivalry. Not winning those games cost John Cooper his job, even though he has a tremendous winning percentage. I’m surprised Lloyd Carr has kept his job since the Buckeyes have dominated Michigan in recent years. Seems like an SEC, Big 12 or Pac 10 school always wins the College World Series.

haha that’s funny about dayton…..sometimes i wish i went to a huge party school, there is always something to do but i’ll settle for 5,500 undergrad with a “drinking problem” according to yale newspapers.

They went to the Swet Sixteen that year? Thought it was the ELite Eight. I know that Jim O’Brien coached that team, ended up getting fired after just winning five games a few years later and ended up coaching the Celtics and now the Sixers, I think.

Jlouder, If you are talking about the St. Patricks Day in 90 when UD beat Illinois, and you were there, those couches were burned right in front of my house. That’s all the info I’ll give ya.

Wasn’t there a kid who got severely injured jumping from roof to roof? Misjudged a roof, if I recall correctly.

ya only elite 8. Obrien killed that program. Not to sing glory days, but do realize they were the winningest college b ball program in the 50s? Lost to Alcinder in the 69′ final game. (I believe 69 maybe 67) Since then they have made the tournement 2 times both one and done (Depaul 04′ and Purdue 00′)Their coach was Don Donnovin. His son played for O’brien and we booed him so bad he flipped off the crowd and had to apologize. Dumb stuff

UD’s been involved in lots of classic games. The NCAA title game against Lew Alcindor. The Ed Young bank shot at the buzzer to beat top-ranked DePaul in the 80s, which may have been the same year they beat Oklahoma and lost to Georgetown. I went to a game that went six or seven overtimes against Providence when I was a kid. Of course, I was ecstatic with Wright State upset UD the same year UD beat Illinois. Wright State has had some good seasons since – including the year they went to the Big Dance – but that was definitely a highlight.

You are correct. He wasn’t a student but visiting. I was across the street and saw the ambulances. I walked over and had a bottle of booze in my hand and almost got locked up. Real sad, the kid broke his kneck.

was depaul the 15 seeded upset?

Vik, I’m a great driver.🙂 I don’t include myself in the female drivers that I hate, or my mom or my sister.😛

Vince, honey, we have to have a talk. Duke? No. I’m a UNC-Chapel Hill girl and have been for as long as I can remember. But then, I guess since we get along so well, it can’t be much of a problem.😉

Yeah, Brian Donoher was a Dayton boy – went to Alter and then UD. Don Donoher was a great coach. Brian Donoher was an assistant at Wright State until Paul Biancardi was recently fired because of his involvement in the Ohio State recruiting scandal when he was an assistant there.

I believe Dayton broke Depauls win streak with young’s shot. I was 12 living in Worcester Mass so I’m going off hearsay here. Depaul was number one in the country. Wright State always played us tough. They were a little smaller school and it is real tough to recruit in the midwest for basketball, IU, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio State, Cincy et al. Great facility though.

Hey all, thought I’d have more time to read and post this afternoon, but I just got a call to work tonight. So I’ll just make this one quick.. has anyone seen the picture of the opposing pticher tonight?? Looks a bit like “Wild Thing” from “Major League”. I hope he throws like him before they got him the glasses!!!
Anyway since the games not on tv tonight, I can read about it through y’all when I return tonight.

“Let’s Go Redsox, Lets Go!!!

See ya later…..

UNC? Duke? Go Boston College! Just kidding. I’m a Big Ten guy in football and basketball.

haha jen i’ve come to accept we probably like the opposite teams in every single sport…if you liked ohio state football or cornell hockey that would just about top it.

i rooted for BC last year when duke was eliminated cause my longest best friend goes there, i was going to go up there for the weekend if bc made the championship

I know brian. The funny thing is my friend married his college and high school girl friend. The donohers are good people. Class acts. Brian just did something dumb that one time.

We’re about the same age then. Dayton did break DePaul’s long winning streak. I think Tyrone Corbin played at DePaul then, and Ray Meyer was the coach. The funniest UD story involves **** Vitale. One year, when Vitale coached the University of Detroit, they upset Dayton at Dayton when the Flyers were ranked in the top five. Vitale did a somersault in the middle of the court. I was too young to see it, but I’ve read about it. Couldn’t imagine Vitale doing a somersualt today!

all right all i’m going to go shopping (shuddering multiple times) be back by game times i hope. ttyl.

That is great, Vitale did a somersault?!! I graduated from Dayton in 91, so I’m kinda an old man to all these kids. Ray Meyer, living in Chicago now, i hear alot about him. Of course he died a couple months back. Another class act, a domer unfortunately, but a real good guy.

Yeah, I graduated from Wright State in 1991. Hard to believe I’ve been out of college for 15 years. I imagine that some people on this blog are so young that they aren’t aware that Vitale coached college and the NBA before joining ESPN. I remember when ESPN first aired when I was a kid in the 80s. Australian rules football, ping pong, and the CFL was about all they programmed. And SportsCenter, of course, with those ugly yellow jackets the anchors wore.

I LOVE OHIO STATE, VINCE! I was born a Buckeye baby.

Wow!! Boy did I start a snowball effect on college sports. Sorry for all of those who think this should be strictly Sox.

Bye honey, have fun shopping.🙂

We divert our attention to other sports sometimes, Ashley! Sometimes we need a temporary Sox break! Jen, you’re a Buckeye baby? Great! We’ll have something to periodically talk about on this blog up until the playoffs and hopefully the World Series. I would like to see a Sox World Series title and an OSU national title in the same season. I already have a Super Bowl this year with the Steelers finally winning another one!

Amazing. You over go to the Oregon District? I remember when ever we had some money (which wasn’t often) we’d go over there to meet the local girls. Some great stories. You are right about our age. Espn in the early 80’s, berman is actually skinny. How’d you become a BoSox fan.
AShley, you certainly did take us off track!

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Spent my first year of law school in Columbus. Became real anti Ohio State.

Good that u r a good driver Jen.

btw Buckeyes get their *** whipped every time they play south carolina and south carolina is one of the weaker teams in SEC. I am a gamecock. I went to grad school at SC. And I am dukie too when it comes to Duke Vs NC rivalry. SEC is the best when it comes to football. ACC is the best basketball conference.

Connor, I was born in Columbus.

And yes, I’m a Buckeye baby. I was born into that love, much like I was born into loving the Red Sox.🙂

lol I haven’t left yet thanks to my mom, but anyway jen that’s funny, the trio is complete. we are enemies in college basketball, college football and mlb….good thing we have love at heart. Jeez all these ohio people. 1994 i could have seen a ws, stanley cup and NBA championship by my favorite teams all at once but the strike and the knicks blew it…dammit. ok now im going byebye

I know some people reading this blog have read this before, but I love telling my Sox story. I was 6 in 1975, and I watched my first World Series game – Game 6 when Carlton Fisk hit the home run off Pat Darcy in the 12th inning. My dad let me stay up, even though it was past midnight. Even at that age, I thought the Reds were arrogant and evil (like the Yankees of today), and the Sox were a group of exciting and scrappy players (Lynn, Rice, Evans, Fisk, etc.) I started following baseball closely after that. Throughout my childhood, I would look forward to getting home from school and reading the afternoon newspaper, to see how the Sox did the night before. No cable and Internet then. Yep, I’m 38, and I’m old. I raced home from 4th grade in 1978 to see the one-game playoff between the Yankees-Red Sox, and cried when Bucky Dent hit the home run off Mike Torrez. I saw a lot of Reds games since my parents love baseball as well. Saw the Sox in Cleveland. My passion for the Sox dramatically grew in ’86, which obviously I don’t need to say how that ended up. Now, I’m much like the guy in Fever Pitch, minus the Sox bed sheets and the season tickets.

Wow Jen. You were born a buckeye fan, love the tarheels and live for redsox. Amazing. I guess a butterfly always wants to taste nectar from different flowers.

Jlouder, this is too funny. My first memory that I can put a date on is October 22, 1975. I’m sure I have earlier memories, but as far as a date, Fisk’ homerun is the first one. I also remember coming home in 78. In my school they had the radio on for the game(no tvs in the classrooms back then) All the nuns were listening to the game. I got home in the 3rd inning and I’ve sought therapy ever since.

Vik, you must like to argue if you tell a Big Ten crowd that the SEC and ACC are better🙂. We’ll see this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if OSU and Notre Dame met in the national championship game.

louder, i couldnt agree more with needing a diversion every now and ten. Maybe i should have started the comment when the sox were on the losing streak and everyone was throwing away the season. I love the story but your missing the most important part, the tickets. Making your friends dance for the tix would be way more fun in reality.

It’s interesting hearing stories about how people from Red Sox Nation started their addiction. You find Sox fans in all parts of the country. It helps that they hve been involved in some of the most classic moments in the history of the game, dating back to the Babe.

Jeff: I dont hold back from saying what I want because of the crowd I am in. If I think something, I’ll say that. And honestly, I think SEC is the best football conference and ACC is the best basket ball conference. I’ll say that on a PA system in downtown Columbus and Ann Arbor if I feel like it.

Does anyone else think Louisville has a shot. being from Ohio maye someone else has seen them play. I may be a homer but i think they could run the table.

Notre Dame and OSU would kill my new year. I’ve been to probably 2 ND games a year for the last 18 years or so. I root against them every time. How many ND grads does it take to screw in a light bulb? 7. 1 to screw it in and 6 to reminisce about it. I gotta get some work done, see you all later.

Vik, you might be right about the ACC in basketball, but I have to differ with the SEC in football. We’ll see how it unfolds this season. My girlfriend is a Georgia girl, and she loves the Bulldogs.

Ashley, I would dance down the street in a dress if someone handed down season tickets to the Sox. I would move my writing and PR business to Boston, and just tolerate the high cost of living and harsh winters. I did score tickets to the Sox-Twins games coming up at Fenway next month. I think the seat are near the Pesky Pole – not great, but, hey, it’s Fenway!

BLLAAAHHHHH, Vik! No, no, not Duke.:\ I like SC, but can’t claim I’m a fan.

Nothing like going to Fenway louder. Last time i was there i was front row in right field. Actually probably right where sheff hit the fan.

Talk to you later, Connor. I actually need to churn out some more work, but I’m a little ancy right now. Perhaps I need to head out into the 100-degree heat index and jog on the trail. Or maybe not.

Jeff, Usually Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Auburn and Alabama can beat any team in the country on a given day. Michigan, Penn State and OSU are the only Big 10 teams that can say that. And since I came to US in 2000 OSU played SEC opponents twice and lost both. ANd guess who beat them? South Carolina which loses to each one of the above mentioned SEC teams EVERY SINGLE year. The only reason I think SEC doesn’t have more champinships is because of internal competition. None of the teams remain unbeaten and hence do not get a shot at the championship game.

Jen, I dont hate tarheels. Just like Duke better. Anyways, we dont have to root for same teams to be friends I guess.

lol, yeah, I think that’s right Vik.🙂 It’s funny – you’d think I’d be a UVA or VA Tech football fan, and a NY Mets fan (’cause their AAA team is about 15 minutes from my house), but nope. My mom lived in MA, I was born in Ohio, and I lived in NC for a period of time.🙂

Anyway, I’m going home. It’s definitely that time. I’ll talk to everyone later on.🙂

bye Jen

ok…. 1 hour to go until game time. Wanna shift attention back to baseball?

One more thing about football. Vik, you’re kidding yourself if you think South Carolina is in the same stratosphere as Ohio State football. The games you eluded to were in the John Cooper era, when he lost most of his bowl games. The Buckeyes lost to SC in back-to-back Outback Bowls, which to people in Ohio is as embarassing as we felt on this blog when the Sox were swept by the Royals. Ohio State is back to a level where Woody Hayes had them for years – at their rightful place in the top 10 year in and year out. Ohio State, Notre Dame, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Penn State – that is college football. You can throw USC in there as well. The ACC and SEC doesn’t have the history and tradition of the Big Ten and Big 12. Those four conferences are the elite now, but – especially this season – I think that Notre Dame and the elite from the Big Ten and Big 12 match up quite nicely against the SEC. Of course, it really doesn’t matter. As an Ohio State fan, I don’t have to concern myself with the SEC. The Buckeyes play Texas, and then have a tough Big Ten schedule.

Jamie, I’m sure we’ll all get stirred up about baseball when the game starts!

I think the football talk got Jamie upset.

Jeff: Read my post thoroughly. Did I even say SC is a good team. All I said is buckeyes lost to gamecocks. TWICE.
If you dont mind, I have a suggestion for you. Read the posts thoroughly. Trust me. It helps.

And funny a guy who does not dwell on history of yankees and redsox, brings up college football tradition. Will you stop being a hypocrite.

You’re a comedian, Vik. I don’t need any help reading the posts, but thank you. I love the history of the Sox and the Yankees, as I love the history and tradition of Big Ten football. Yet I don’t dwell on either. I just mentioned that Big Ten football and Big 12 football have a deeper history than SEC and ACC, thus the reason why there are fans that are as devoted to OSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, etc. as the Sox and Yankees. Anyway, once again thanks for your sage sense of humor.

I think you’re right, Ashley. A lot of people on this blog love talking about sports in general, but I do love baseball more so than any other sport – even football and basketball. So I’m willing to talk baseball throughout the season, and during the hot stove league part of the year.

Interesting tidbit. Nate Robertson is winless against the Sox in four tries, but Ortiz and Manny are a combined 3-for-19 against him. Hopefully Big Papi breaks out of his mini-slump tonight.

My favorite sport is baseball too, but there is always a little bit of room for a diversion every now and then. Like i said earlier maybe i should have said something during the losing streak.

As for the sox i think beckett can outduel robertson. i think i saw robertson was 10-8 or something to that nature. Plus i have a felling the day off for Ortiz may just give him a boost for such a big series. Im pullinf for 2of3.Let’s go sox

Did you ever hear the phrase “Frog in the well” Jeff. A frog in the well looks up and thinks thats all the sky there is. Just what it sees. Did you ever hear abt iron bowl or the 1902 Clemson-South Carolina fight or even their rivalry, Georgia Vs Georgia Tech rivalry or Florida-Miami-Florida state rivalry? You think people down south are not into their football? Isn’t this all history. Isn’t it tradition. You think Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, Bobby Bowden, coach K, Roy Williams are all fools to work in SEC/ACC or you think they wont get other coaching jobs.
Please note that I did not even mention one big basketball rivalry in ACC.

It would be nice to see a strong and long start by Beckett. 2 of 3 isn’t a stretch. One game at a time!

Just so you know, I live very close to Ann Arbor and went to school in south carolina and I have seen both conferences from really up close.

You’re way off point now, Vik. You’re entitled to your opinion. It’s baseball time now.

By the way, Vince, I had Jonny Gomes on my fantasy team as well earlier this season. I cut him as well when his average plumetted. I think he has a shoulder injury he’s playing through. I heard he will have surgery in the off-season. Guess I’ll find out on Wednesday.

lol what a cute little rivalry we have going on here, i just bought a ton of new clothes, sadly it’s exciting. josh blastoff beckett is due to launch in about 20 minutes

thanks jeff i was wondering, the guy was hitting homeruns like a veteran then he just stopped hitting altogether

Yeah, we’re all just a barrel of laughs, aren’t we (haha). I’ll ignore the comment about Beckett🙂.

2 thing (going back about 2 hours)

the arroyo-pena deal is good for the short and long term. you know you have a lot of power when you hit a broken-bat double off the top of the monster.

This year’s college football national champion and heisman trophy winner both occupy Sout Bend Indiana.

I will reserve comment for the notre Dame fan just for the shear fact that i dont want to start another football tangent.

Yea i saw Gomes last year, and he was a monster, and also one of the nicest guys. I’m pretty sure he is playing through the pain. But i must admit Ryan Howard is one of the nicest guys in baseball. My brother in-law played against/with him and i know him well. Just a class act and a good kid all around.

Hey vince we can only hope Beckett doesnt surrender any more home runs tonight. I’ll be content with one or two.:/ Go Sox!!!

beckett’s due for a quality start.

If they are harmless homers – the kind that Schilling typically serves up – that is fine. Just don’t want to see a trio of dingers in a close game.

You got that right louder. No need for close games to get blown open. But i think they could handle a few solo shots.

I saw where the Indians designated Guillermo Mota, the guy the Sox got along with Beckett and Lowell. Wonder if the Sox will try to get him? Or is he injured? Not sure. Great start to the game.

Great way to start off the game beckett…Leadoff triple for granderson

Looks like Beckett is either out over the plate or in the dirt..

I don’t think Detroit has much of an offense beyond Ordonez and Pudge, so I doubt that Beckett’s gonna be lit tonight. He’s always had great stuff, just a few mistakes which end up becoming 3-run homers. I just hope that our offense can power through their tough pitching.

Prediction: 5-3

uh oh… early trouble

You might want to amend that prediction, Jamie.

Beckett’s always had bad 1st innings… let’s just hope this time it doesn’t cost us the game… come on… I’ll settle for 2 runs.

fine i’ll settle for 3

In the dirt is right. Can’t seem to find the plate except for dead center.

I would rather see Mirabelli behind the plate, especially since he is hitting well right now.

Averaging about 9 runs in the baltimore series. Three isnt too awful bad. O wait Baltimore isnt the same as Detroit pitching. Still early though. Go get em Sox.

yup, beckett due for a quality start, good luck, this guy is never coming around

that was a passed ball not a wild pitch. playing catcher for the last 2 years i know thats a ball that should have been blocked

generally if it hits the dirt it is a wild pitch….i haven’t been watching so i don’t even know the play lol

Yeah, Lopez should have blocked it, but technically it is a wild pitch since it hit the dirt first.

Glad to see Breslow is back. I was wondering when he would get the call again.

The ball was in his glove and went under him. I don’t think Beckett and Lopez work well together. They were all crossed up in KC and the pitch selection tonight has been bad.

Josh has to go at least 7 tonight and save the pen.

they both don’t work with anyone well

It’s a shame that another domestic abuser is allowed to skip court dates and continue to play baseball. Dmitri Young and his brother sure make their parents look like they did a good job with all the **** they get into.

Feel free to throw a strike Josh.

This could get ugly real quick.

I think its time for Theo to have a chat with Beckett about justifying that extension on the field..

This is ugly..

50 pitches in less than 3 innings=trouble

Another big game performance by our second starter.

well our mr clutch just hit a 2 run homer 2-0 yankees, how is mr clutch ace beckett doing?

Man, glad beckett went 4 tonight…really helps out our taxed bullpen..This guy needs a wake up call…I’ve been pretty patient with his mediocre pitching the whole year..but this a playoff preview and he’s out there blowing up, throwing ball after ball.

3 walks, and all of them have scored.

4?? He’s barely made it through 3 right now.

About as clutch as your clutch Mussina and Wang have done lately.

1)I don’t think anyone has referred to Josh Beckett as “Mr. Clutch” this season.
2)I think its about time people stoppped calling Beckett an ace. He’s hardly pitching like a 2 or a 3 pitcher.

Haha, well I’m just hopeful he can get us through another inning..who can tito throw out there? Breslow?

thank God the marlins made us take mike lowell in that deal, otherwise it looks like a complete bust. not just talking about tonight, its been like this since late may.

I’ll take Mr. Clutch Papi, over Mr clutch Jeter any time in a clutch situation.

NObody has said Beckett was clutch. ESPN kept showing his 2003 performance thinking it was still 2003.
Beckett has been a huge disapointment in my eyes this year.

its hard to believe that even die hard yankees fans wouldnt say the same thing when telling the truth

Hey, coco got a hit..this inning looks promising..

loretta HAS to get on…we need more than 1


still have 6 innings to go. Have o be patient and get em back slowly tonight.

AJ, I don’t think anyone has called Beckett an ace this season. He has been disappointing, and right know he is a No. 2 guy – an inconsistent No. 2 guy. It’s foolish to say Beckett will never work out. Do you have a crystal ball, Vince? Didn’t think so. I’m as frustrated about Beckett as anyone, but I’m confident that Beckett will get the last laugh. Whatever he does in this start, or any other start the remainder of this season, won’t change that.

u can take ortiz over jeter, but who ever brought them into conversation? i know i didn’t, perhaps dodging the fact that espn all media and fans at the start of the season said beckett was a big game pitcher, he was clutch, he was schilling junior and that u guys had two aces? Maybe? possibly that is what the random jeter ortiz comparison stemmed from? I thought so.

Well schilling hasn’t exactly been mowing them down either, but it is nice to see randy pitching well for a 2nd consecutive start, along with wright for 3 starts

maybe mussina and wang need to face kansas city tampa and baltimore to change their fortune

And it’s interesting that you remain silent when the Sox are winning and the Yankees are losing, and the moment there is one game when that reverses, you are quick to chime in – just like a typical Yankees fans. If you prefer, we can all go over to the Yankees blog when the Sox are winning and the Yankees are losing, and bombard your blog with foolish comments.

no i don’t have a crystal ball jeff but i have the last three years to look upon, u have nothing, and you don’t have a crystal ball either except “he has great stuff” a lot of pitcher’s have great stuff that never amounted to anything. Shawn chacon has great stuff. Armando benitez has great stuff too.

You said your Mr. clutch hit a home run=Jeter. And i was referring to the sox Mr. clutch(which isnt Beckett) but instead papi. Not as random as you thought vincy boy.

I have nothing? Beckett showed he can pitch on the biggest stage. And he has a 15-win season. That definitely sounds like nothing. You’re just the typical Yankees fan who likes to blast a Sox standout player when he is down, then you eat crow when he does well. Like I said, Beckett will have th last laugh. So feel free to say what you want and have your fun right now.

So if you want to compare each tems most clutch player, lets at least get the right two player to complare.

random considering thanks to months of espn circle jerking everybody knows ortiz is clutch.

Jeff, perhaps you do need to go to the yankee blog more often to see the comments when the yankees are down….or up. A typical yankee fan? Yet you are not a typical redsox fan labeling me as a typical yankee fan for “foolish comments” based on nothing but non opinion

I don’t think Beckett’s very good with Lopez. He’s looking better this inning, though

he pitched on the biggest stage as a rookie in florida, welcome to the AL and consistant pressure josh. Sox standout player? you wanna show me what makes him such a standout on the sox?

ashley u want to compare jeter to ortiz? Let’s compare, 4-1. There, case closed.

lol I’ve been around the blogs since well before the yankees ever took 1st place and the fact i’m on this blog everynight regardless of the sox performance speaks volumes about what you choose to recognize and not to recognize about me as far as being a “typical yankee fan” goes

What a comparison. I guess jeter is better than Ernie Banks too i guess.

hmm ws mvp as game mvp 4 world championships busts his *** on offense and defense for the past decade compared to a guy who has emerged with one championship and an alcs mvp in the last 3 years?

Ortiz is better than Jeter.

Jeter is slugging below .500, and is one of the more overrated players in baseball. He is good, but not as good as Papi.

oh rookie of the year too

i hope beckett reads this blog tonight to see how everyone’s bashing him

More often than not, the person who mouths off and talks trash ends up eating crow in the end. So feel free to enjoy yourself right now. We’ll see what happens come October.

jamie “spoken like a true redsox fan”. Ohhhh slugging that decides it, i forgot, thank you. if 7 years from now papi is hitting walkoffs out his *** and wins a few more titles, then sure he is more of a clutch hitter than jeter. Maybe papi needs to dive into stands a few more times and make some flips too

Jeter also happens to be overrated defensively. Sure, he has his moments, but I’m not about to compare Mike Lowell to Ortiz. Jeter is the leader of the Yankees, and props to him for that, but he’s nowhere close to Ortiz.

No, slugging does not determine everything, but it is a crucial determinant of value. A guy who hits 50 HR (Ortiz this season) is alot more valuable thatn a guy who hits 15 (Jeter this season), and although Jeter has a higher average, his OBP won’t really compare with Papi’s either, by the end of this season. I have nothing but respect (and hate lol) for Jeter, but he’s not as valuable as Papi.

good then all the redsox fans can eat crow for talking trash since april 6th up until papelbon blew it to the d rays

all papi has is homeruns and rbi, his average is about 70 pts lower, he will only drive in 40-50 rbi out of the most producing spot in the lineup where as jeter is a 2 hitter and half a table setter therefore homeruns don’t really matter. Jeter steals big bases and barely gets caught and he plays defense, u can say it is overrated or whatever u want and “yeah he makes his plays” yeah he makes them in huge situations and makes routine ones too, you can’t bash jeter’s defense at all because ortiz simply doesn’t play it. Jeter is all around the better player, ortiz is a better hitter no doubt, but clutch is not just driving in runs and hitting homeruns, jeter is clutch from a lot more angles

Don’t worry everyone to Vince whether one player is better than another is equal to championships. Well I guess Chuck Knoblauch, Derek Jeter, Posada, Tino Martinez, are all better than Ernie Banks because they won more championships.

you guys seem to ignore the base running and defense at all costs for the simple reason u cannot even throw ortiz into the argument because he doesn’t do that. He BETTER drive in more runs and hit more homers, he is a power hitting 3 hitter. Jeter is a 2 hitter and a shortstop, ortiz is a dh

ashley have u been ignoring hte last few posts? this should have been done when u consider ortiz has more rings then years ortiz has had success but apparently u guys couldn’t settle on that.

jeter has more rings than ortiz has had success*

I’m just judging by your comparison of 4-1 case closed. Players are not made on championships.

so then tom brady is not an elite qb then? fair enough u win. Then u can look at all the other comparisons i’ve said since then

So what your saying is Posada is better too??

players are not made on numbers necessarily either.

Ortiz and Jeter are two different types of players. No need to compare them. I would want both of them on my team. I would want Ortiz at the plate when the game is on the line over Jeter. Jeter has strong leadership skills. I would definitely rather have Gonzalez defensively, though.

posada is better than who? ortiz? no. posada doesn’t steal bases, doesn’t hit for average doesn’t drive in 100 rbi anymore and doesn’t have much power, just clutch hits here and there and great defense all of a sudden, but that is not enough to be better than ortiz, seriously did ur blog stop reloading or something?

You said yourself case closed at rings. Why should i look at every other post. I thought “case closed” meant your argument was over. Silly me.

The Sox need to chip in with a run here and there, and not have to rely on getting five runs in the ninth.

starsfan, I think I’d have to say calling the Lowell/Beckett deal a bust is a bit harsh. Beckett is 13-6 so far, and as far as his performance since late May, he’s had 8 games since June 1 in which he’s gone six innings or more and held the opposition to 3 earned runs or less. Yeah, he’s had some rough outings, but he’s also pitched some decent games that people seem to forget.

if that was the case why are u still talking? obviously u didn’t want it to be case closed so now it’s not, this is really very simple.

i agree jeff, if the game was on the line and someone was HITTING i would want ortiz up, if i had to build a franchise i’d want jeter and yes if i wanted someone solely for defense i’d take gonzalez

One at a time boys let’s make a comeback.

Need to get another run here.

you could be a decent player who hits for a high average and plays great defense for a team that wins 5 WS titles in a row. does that make you better than the greats who never won or only won once?

if u hit for a high average drive in clutch runs lead a team to its first ws in 17 yrs, keep it going for a decade minimum so far and u play great defense and have 5 rings to show for it, then yeah ur gonna be pretty **** good

yeah calling the deal a “bust” was harsh but for a guy who was supposed to be our 2nd ace he has been pitching like a rookie.

Good point, Rob. Like I said, I get frustrated with Beckett, but I feel he will be a solid No. 2 guy for the long term. He has already proven himself. He is much more than a Chacon or Benitez. I think he will be a key reason why the Sox make the playoffs this season.

and plus i doesnt matter what he does in the regular season, its what he does in the postseason.

Tough break. Couldn’t ask Loretta to hit it much harder.

if you make the postseason:) Of course he is more than chacon but saying a pitcher has great stuff (jose mesa, mike jackson) does not make them guaranteed to be a great pitcher, esp for the redsox in the al east and i think we all know what that can do to a player.

i do sense however, beckett pitches well saturday and johnson struggles, that will probably be the swing game in the series and why u guys win 3 of 5….that said i think after sox fans give me a ton of **** for beckett being great and ur 2 pitcher beating our 3, beckett will get blown apart in his next start and i’ll giggle

Beckett has a top-line’s starter’s stuff, attitude and composure. He has followed his World Series performance with a 15-win season. He is much more than a Mike Jackson, Jose Mesa, Chacon, etc. Maybe he won’t show consistency until next season – who knows – but he already has what it takes to pitch in a place like Boston.

he has a 15 win season in 3 seasons after ’03 that is not exactly building a legend. I would doubt his attitude is top of the line right now or else there wouldn’t be 30 some odd homeruns hit off of him this year, his attitude is what needs the biggest adjustment, he needs to know how to channel his ego.

He really gets hurt when he is behind in the count, and tried to make up for it with a fastball. That is what is most frustrating about Beckett.

don’t worry if u guys get to jones u’ll win….that guy is a walking time bomb.

you know its not a good thing when you give up 5 runs in 6 innings and you ERA only goes up .10

I think that Beckett critics should look at Curt Schilling’s career. Sometimes it takes a pitcher who has “it” some time to build into a great pitcher instead of one with great promise. Thing is, Beckett is already ahead of Schilling, showing he can pitch in big games and getting a 15-win season early in his career. Beckett will be fine.

positives of beckett’s outing:
6 innings (4 good innings)

only 6 hits

no homers


5 runs (in the 2 bad innings)

lack of command

not on the same page as lopez

4 walks

unless we have an offensive eruption in the 6th he’s not gonna get the win

schilling also spent his whole career until boston in the NL learning how to dominate before coming to the AL as a seasoned veteran with 2 rings under his belt and a resume of a hall of famer

Lack of command is the main negative. You only create trouble for yourself when you consistently get behind in the count, whether you’re facing the Royals or the Tigers. These are big league hitters, after all.

at least he gave the pen some rest


Youk! The Angels just tied it up.

GO YOUK! i’ll take 5-3 over 5-1 … the sox can definitely get over a two run deficite (i spelled that wrong, oh well)

It will be interesting if Zumaya comes in and faces Wily Mo. There will likely be a tremendous blast or a forceful thud in the catcher’s mitt.

Don’t throw him a heater, Robertson, don’t do it!

that is a serious power matchup

oh no, dont tell me seanez is coming in!

… and wily mo wily mo’s it.

seanez warming up … sounds like a fantastic idea.

“and when they were good, they were very, very good, and when they were bad, they were horrid” – seanez bros. theme nursery rhyme.

Well, they claw within 2, but Francona looks like he’s accepting defeat because Seanez is coming in for the 7th.
Nice to see Randy implode in the 7th again. Hopefully LA can take care of them for us.

EZ bros rather.

White Sox are beating up on the Royals now. It’s their turn to be on fire.

well i guess he (seanez) is our best middle reliever statistically.

What happened to Breslow? I want Breslow in there!

Why? Why? Why?


TWO DOWN. *dances around singing rudie cant fail* hahaha.

im telling you, tito has a thing for the ez bros. only pap has more appearences than taverez(52-49) and seanez is fourth (40) behind those 2 and timlin (47)

Lackey is walking Giambi to load the bases and face A-Rod. Interesting.

well might as well tip u guys off in fairness….a rod is up with the bases loaded 1 out right now

brilliant like a guiness commercial, sometimes i kick myself for doubting.

wow just missed a grand slam

A-Rod only hit a sac fly. Time to trade him.

For Rudy Seanez and Julian Tavarez.

Lackey did a good job keeping the Yankees to one run.

hahahaha i know, right? i was jokign the newspaper headlines tomorrow will be
“a rod fails to hit clutch homer in yankee win”

Kyle Farnsworth – the Yankees own version of the EZ brothers. At least he can drop kick a batter if he charges the mound.

OK guys, time to belly up to the serving table for your platefuls of crow. Tito made a good decision putting Seanez in, as evidenced by a 1-2-3 inning including 2 strikeouts. I’m not saying Seanez is the second coming of Dennis Eckersly, but he has the ability to do the job if he can figure out how to do it consistently. In this instance he was the right man for the job and Francona made the right choice.

Still not convinced about Seanez. I’m frightened when he and Tavarez enter a game.

haha hey now let’s not be too harsh, when farnsy doesn’t pitch back to back days or two innings, he is lights out. As evidence by his 1 er since the all star break minus that chicago game (when he pitched back to back games)

Seanez seems to do his best with the Padres. Not sure why they didn’t keep him.

See, that’s the problem I have with a lot of sports fans, Jeff. If you’re not an all-star, fans tend to concentrate on your faults and your bad performances. And if you’re Alex Rodriguez, even being an all-star doesn’t stop them from harping on your mistakes. People rarely want to see the positives, and that’s disappointing to me.

Zumaya or Rodney next inning?

Seanez has proven himself as an efffective NL pitcher. He just has thrown the ball well with the Sox. I, likely more than anyone on this blog, see the bright spots in players – as I am often criticized for being a cheerleader. I just don’t think Seanez or Taverez are the answers.

I meant that he has not thrown the ball well for the Sox.

Believe me, I want Seanez to get out of this unscathed. The Sox can get to the Tigers bullpen.

Alright, now Rudy is just making me look stupid.

everything about this yankee game is encouraging so far.

Not that I need any help.

That hurts.

Was it me? Did I jinx him? Why couldn’t I have kept my mouth (keyboard) shut?

No jinxing needed. He does that all by himself.

who is this benslow kid? who did he replace?

go breslow!

Corky Miller. He ahd a cup of coffee earlier this uyear.

he replaced corkey miller. he came up once this year and made 1 appearence going 1.2 innings striking out 2

I remember Breslow from last year with the Padres. I was glad the Sox got him. Hopefully he can be an answer to help with middle relief.

breslow might have just pitched himself into our pen . 2 innings this year with 4 K’s no hits, no walks

That deflates a rally.

you can tell your dad is mad when he drops the f-bomb while watching baseball so loud that you can hear it upstairs.

Boy does it. Being thrown out on the bases is for sure the biggest rally killer, except the double play.

I know the feeling.

I’m so aggravated right now at Seanez, and DeMarlo Hale, that I don’t really want to watch the rest of this game.

Why would Demarlo Hale send Manny home? The cut off guy had the ball when Manny was on 3rd. Instead of bases loaded and one out with Wily Mo up, it’s 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. Urgh. That was the inning.
The only positive to come out of that is that Zumaya threw 32 pitches tonight so he more than likely can’t go tomorrow.

which feeling, a killed rally or hearing your dad drop the f-bomb?

i think demarlo had a brain fart.

No, hearing myself drop the f-bomb.

I’d love to blame Francona for leaving Seanez in to start the 8th, but how bad would he have heard it if he brought in Breslow and he blew up? Not much fault there except for the fact that once 2 guys got on, you have to take him out. The guy craps himself with runners on, so leaving him out there after 2 were on was a big mistake.

That is a positive, Kevin, and the fact that a left-hander is not going for the Tigers. I think the Sox will do just fine against Bonderman and Verlander. I just hope they can find a way to pull this one out.

oh. andthe crappy thing is unless we tie the game beckett is gonna get the loss. seanez deserves the loss if we get a 5th run.

Beckett did settle down, but he still didn’t pitch like he is capable. He deserves the loss, as does Seanez. Maybe they can share it.

all we can hope for now is another todd jones meltdown.

I would agree starsfan, but Beckett, although he showed some good signs, put us in a 5-0 hole right away. For a guy that was considered to be a number 2 starter, that is unacceptable. Sure, people have bad games every once in a while, but Beckett has been consistantly bad in games that count. I really don’t have much faith when he is on the mound anymore. I mean, He is one more bad game away from having an ERA close to Jason Johnson’s.

How does Todd Jones have 31 saves?? Every time I see him on the mound, he’s put runners on base. Once again, if we can only get a few guys on…… Papi is due.

i hate todd jones. but i shall root for him here

bright spot of the night: BRESLOW!!! enough said.

5 of the walks given up tonight have scored for Detroit. That’s the best thing about watching Schilling pitch, he is around the plate and doesn’t give guys bases.

i know beckett was bad but thats the problem with the system. earlier this year in tampa schil pitched 7 innings giving up 3 runs (leaves with a 3-1 hole). seanez comes in and gives up a 2 run shot. in the 9th lowell and pena go back to back, sox lose 5-3. i dont know if this will get any support but a pitcher should be let off the hook when his offense scores as many runs as he gives up.

Alex Gonzalez is hitting like he did the first two months lately.

well todd jones didnt have a meltdown

7 pitches from a closer with a 4.93 ERA. Good job, way to make him work.
Well, 2 back of the Yanks, 3 back of the White Sox as they do what we were unable to do against the Royals. The Royals haven’t won a game since we left town.

Tough loss to swallow. Never want to wonder what could have been if a baserunner was held. But it’s over. Time to focus on tomorrow.

ryan, no way. So if u leave down 9-1 and ur bullpen is dominant and the team comes back but u lose 12-10 that starting pitcher shouldn’t get the loss? of course he should. Beckett didn’t even give a quality start, granted seanez didn’t give u the chance to come back but beckett is the reason u had to in the first place

Vince, you were post No. 666 on this blog entry. You just cursed the Yankees for the remainder of the season.

i know its i retarded idea but there are some situations (like today) the bullpen kills you momentum. just idea i thought of.

Yep, there wasn’t much to think the Sox were going to pull this one out tonight.
Get a run then have 1st and 2nd and Coco does what he does best and not get a hit with a runner on then Loretta hits into a DP. Not many chances tonight. They HAVE to win the next 2. Chicago is playing KC and they actually know how to beat teams they should and NY plays Baltimore at home. The good thing is that Eric Bedard goes against NY and he’s been pitching well this year. They also face the guy that one hit them last week. I can’t remember how to spell his name, Lowelen or something like that. THe lefty that the Sox hammered on Friday night. They face Rodrigo Lopez Wednesday which is just like facing batting practice, so the Sox have to take care of business. Can’t go into the Yankee series down by more than 2 games.

The Orioles can be a thorn in the side for the Yankees. They’ll pull one out, so if the Sox can get their act together and take the next two from the Tigers, it will be 1.5 going into the weekend series.

I always wondered that myself Ryan and found out the answer as to why the reliever doesn’t get the loss.
If a starter leaves trailing and their team never ties up the game and they wind up losing, the starter gets the loss regardless of the final score.

This was an instance where Beckett should get the loss for how poorly he showed up in a big game anyway, but I know exactly what you mean.

starsfan, that wasn’t your dad, that was me. Hale pulled a Dale (Sveum, that is).

Man, I really wanted that streak to keep going. Hopefuly the Sox can start a new one tomorrow night. Nice to see one of our relievers do a good job for more than an inning.

Sorry, not feeling like staying up to analyze the loss. I’m going to hit the sack early so I can root that much harder tomorrow night. Have fun breaking it down.

dad: “what the **** are you doing?!?!. son of *****! why are you ******* giving him high fives?”

whenever my dad yells like that i got hide in a corner.

Adam Loewen is the guy you’re thinking of, Kevin.

How bad is it when Yankee fans, or any other fans for that matter, pray that the Red Sox bring in either Rudy Seanez or Julian Tavarez. You know what, though, for all the **** we dish on Francona, this is the hand he has been dealt. Rookies that everyone knew could wear down from never working this much and 2 crappy veterans that shouldn’t be pitching in the major leagues. Sure, they can pitch in the NL, but that’s basically AAA.
So really, what is Francona going to do? He can’t use Timlin or Papelbon every day.

And this is coming from me, who loves to critique every lousy managerial move that Francona makes, and there are a lot of them.

ryan no doubt relievers can ruin it, but starters are a lot more valuable, just like it is easier for them to lose it is easier for them to win too.

haha jeff i sincerely hope that is not the case or else i will have to trick u into posting 666 another night so the bluejays at least win the division.

hmm hopefully verlander beats u and we sweep the O’s including bedard, today had encouraging signs all around, posada homered and had 2 hits after being 0-25, a rod was clutch and played great defense, yankee bullpen was dominant, randy had another solid start, jeter had 3 hits, yankees played small and money ball, they added onto a lead against a tough angels bullpen and they beat lackey.

Thanks Jeff. I knew it began with an L and had an N in there some where.

today’s bright spot: craig breslow. this season: 3.1 innings, 5 K’s 0 walks 1 hit.

he better not get sent down when (if) foulke comes back.

That’s right. That is why we need to be patient with guys like Hansen, Delcarmen, Papelbon, Lester and now Breslow. They are here because what the Sox had at the big league level was not enough. Next season, the bullpen should be strong with these guys getting some experience, and Theo overhauling the bullpen. I think we can do it this year, but we will have to endure more nights like this when middle relief doesn’t do the job.

I was suprised Lackey held on that long. He has been terrible this month. Their bullpen sure folded tonight.

loewen may have 1 hit us, but his beginner’s luck has expired, now he’s at the stadium and we no longer have never seen him, yankees have also whipped lefties so bedard doesn’t make me as nervous as he probably should.

i heard foulke had a setback is that true?

And yes, I know Lester is not part of the bullpen, but he is a rookie who is here because of the shortcomings and injuries to the guys we had at the big league level.

btw did foulke sign a 3 year or a 4 year deal in 03?

he had back stiffness

The Yankees played well tonight. Wins against the Orioles aren’t a sure thing for them. We’ll see what happens.

That’s the thing. Everyone wants to win right now, and even though it is frustrating as **** watching these kids unravel, you just hope the White Sox or Yankees will cool off and we can back in. I think our lineup would do well in October, but besides Schilling, we really don’t have a reliable starter.
Next year is full of promise though. Those guys you mentioned jeff will be a lot better for 2 reasons. 1st, the experience they got this year, 2nd, the experience they got this year was in a pennant race. They won’t be thrown into the fire.

I just hope they can collect themselves and right the ship.

Allright, day off on Thursday and no one of value was used tonight in the pen, so everyone better be available the next two nights.

Sure hope Papi breaks out of his drought that he’s in.

He had a setback, but he’s been useless for a year and a half anyway, so I wouldn’t care if he didn’t come back.

Can’t get to high or low over one game. Last night, everyone was gung ho, and the Yankees fans were enthused. Now it is reversed. This particular series is only a failure if the Sox don’t take 2 of 3. I like their chances against Bonderman and Verlander. I think Schilling will respond, as will Wells.

lol they haven’t exactly struggled against the orioles, 6-3 this season and 2 out of 3 everytime. i am expecting 2 out of 3 again but a sweep is not out of the question, esp at home this time with no rookie debuts

3 year, with option… 7mil if the team picks it up, 3.5 if foulke does it

lol i wouldn’t want ortiz out of his slump, u know he is going to spontaneously combust when the weekend comes and hit a hr every game of the series. actualyl he was kept in check last time we faced u guys, i think all he had was a solo homerun and he ended the series 0-9 with 4 k. Manny however, hit 500 with 3 hr

Foulke would show promise when the Sox were up by 3 or 4 for 2 games in a row, then he’d come in a close game and absolutely implode. The guy seems like a jerk. Every article I read he’s giving wise *** answers like “I’ll be back when I’m activated off the DL” Stuff that basically says he doesn’t care. His comments last year really make me dislike the guy. He thinks baseball is boring, he doesn’t like watching it, he gets bored during the games, he doesn’t care what Johnny from Burger King thinks about him. The guy doesn’t have much class.

I would think Foulke would pick up the option, though I hope the Sox swallow his last year and buy him out. They have deep enough pockets to do so. I expect the Sox to remain close or even with the Yankees throughout the rest of the season. The White Sox will cool off. Like I said, it’s their turn for a hot streak. I would rather the Sox not set their sights on the wild card, though. You play better when you shoot for a division title that is well within reach.

That being said, he was the MVP of the World Series in many people’s minds and will go down in Sox lore as their most clutch closer until/if Papelbon is closing when/if the Sox win another one.

Bedard is pitching tomorrow but against Mussina. And hopefully we’ll do well against Loewen this time. And I am confident we will against Lopez. A sweep is not a big reach.

I do appreciate what Foulke did in 2004, but I think his better days are behind him. It was worth the investment because of what he did in 2004, but I’m ready for them to end their ties with him, Seanex and Tavarez and bring in a couple reliable veterans next season to mix with the kids.

i think i was at the only game lopez ever pitched well against the yankees, figures he faced pavano and pavano got hit in the head, that was the beginning of the end for him. I don’t think either the yankees or redsox will pull away either but i disagree with the sox cooling off, i think this is them coming together and not only controlling the wildcard but trying to catch the tigers (don’t think they will) in the process

with the way foulke has pitched the last 2 years i doubt he’ll get his option pick up.

ill be back later. i gotta go work with my brother on his pitching.

Sox fans can only hope that Baltimore is ticked off about being swept. Chris Ray should be fresh is the game is close, but that doesn’t matter for you guys. Every time I see him pitch he’s lights out. Then I see him pitch against the Yanks and he gets slapped around like a red headed step child.

The Sox won’t pick up Foulke’s option, but Foulke will pick up his option, regardless of what condition he is in. He’s not going to leave $3 mil on the table.

Baltimore has a solid offensive team, and you never know how the Yankees starters are going to fare, so the Orioles have a chance in each of the games.

hahahahahaha red headed step child….sooo true and necessary. Yeah ray struggles against us, if yankees can play any small ball at all they might mash the orioles all the way back to baltimore and ride in roaring against the redsox, that’d be best case scenario

Anyone still think not signing Pedro to that 4 year deal he demanded was a bad move? He hasn’t won in forever, got lit up tonight and got hurt again. Sure he was good last year, and started off well this year, but as awesome as he was, he is definitely wearing down.

we seriously need wakefield back… it’s like the Yankees losing Wang lol. Wakefield is our #2 starter, not Beckett (although he’s got serious potential… that won’t cut it though at the moment).

I was glad the Sox didn’t resign him. He is too fragile.

any team has a chance on any given night, but u cannot possibly say the redsox should sweep them and then say yankee starters are a reason why the orioles can beat them anyday. Mussina should rebound and then i believe wright and lidle pitch…. meh i look for 2 of 3, but if any of those 3 lose yankee fans will panic. Mussina loses they will say hes tired and finished, lidle loses and he’s a bust, wright loses and now we have no backend reliable pitching anymore….a joke that i can see this in advance

Pedro was supposed to be injury-prone in his 3rd and 4th years of his contract… looks like they overestimated his health lol…

See? Theo isn’t a retard…

lol don’t ever say wakefield is like wang ever again. wakefield has a losing record before he got hurt, there is no comparison, it would be like us losing johnson or wright.

Unfortunately I assume Jason Johnson will get another default start on Friday against the Yanks. What’s the over/under on runs in the 1st inning and number of total innings pitched? I say if he pitches the Friday afternoon game, it would put the whole weekend in a world of hurt. The pen will need at least 5 when he throws, then Lester very well could do his 5 inning, 120 pitch outing Friday night. Then who knows what to expect from Beckett on Saturday.

I better go to bed, too many negative thoughts are going through my head right now.

I like Epstein’s policy of not hamstringing your payroll with overpriced and aging veterans. Not worth signing Damon. Not worth throwing that much money at Pedro for what you get in return.

johnson has a 5ERA, wright pitches 5 innings on a good day. Wake has a 3.5-4 ERA and lasts 7 IP on average…

Wang depends too much on doubleplays, and he really isn’t as good as you think, Vince. I think that comparing Wakefield to Wang is fair because they’re both #2’s. Wakefield merely got terrible run support, and his record is therefore not reflective upon his pitching… how else would you explain Beckett’s 13 wins and Johnson’s winning record?

Records don’t mean anything.

lol johnson is going friday? don’t worry kevin he will prob face ponson, it should be near triple digit runs by the end of the game. That or he faces wang, but i doubt torre does that to guarantee a split….i would think it will be wang vs….lester?

Wakefield is a guy you can rely on to throw deep into games. And more often than not he has a quality start. He’s had his ups and downs this season, but with his knuckleball, he keeps oppising hitters off-balance. I think Wakefield’s return will be huge. Can’t get him back fast enough.

Cashman has messed up royally for the Yankees. They’ve spent HUGE sums of money for Povano, Wright, and Johnson… they’ve ALL been busts, some more than others. Although Theo’s had his failures as well (Clement), it hasn’t cost us as much as the Yanks. Cashman still has his job only because Wang saved his incompetent ***. Without Wang, the Yankees would be around 4 games behind the Sox right now

Losing record doesn’t indicate his ERA. The guys is just over 4, but he has the lowest run support in major league baseball. The reason his ERA is even that high is because he’s saved the bullpen innings by staying out there in games that got out of hand.
Sometimes you can’t equate a losing record with the value of a pitcher, just like a winning record can be deceiving as well. Before his past 2 starts, would you say RJ was a dominating pitcher? He had roughly 12 wins if I’m not mistaken, but his ERA was around 5. Please stop using his record against him. You’ve proven you’re smart enough baseball wise to know that Wakefield isn’t a bad pitcher because he’s 7-8. If he didn’t have Josh Bard allowing every guy on 3rd to score in the 1st two months, he would have at least 4 more wins, which would put him at 11-4 with an ERA under 4. If you saw those stats and didn’t know it was Wakefield, it would look like it was a pretty good pitcher.

I agree, Kevin. I held off of doing some work to watch the Sox game, and I am presented with another occasion where the Sox are in the game, and Seanez doesn’t do his job. I’m getting back to writing, confident that tomorrow will be a better day for the Sox.

umm wakefield was never ur number 2, beckett is he just isn’t pitching like that, but his RECORD is what makes people feel like he is. Record’s don’t mean anything? so then the cy young went to clemens last year right? no, wait.

no i think wang is just better than u think, it is like saying brandon webb is terrible, wang doesn’t walk batters often and he never gives up homeruns, so the only way ur gonna score is by all the hits u see in his stat line. He doesn’t rely on dp’s he just gets them because he has a nasty sinker.

record not reflective upon his pitching? that may be true but the fact of the matter is they don’t win when he takes the mound and they do when wang does.

simple thought then, admit to me beckett is not as good as wang if records don’t matter and i will tell u wakefield is like losing wang

he’s taking baby steps… i don’t expect to see him pitch until late next month. It’s a huge blows to us, no doubt about that

good i’m glad u’ve all jumped the records ship….now the beckett wang debate from awhile ago is a closed matter right?

This year, Beckett is definitely not as good as Wang. Right now, Beckett isn’t as good as Wright. He only goes 6 innings tops, just like Wright and he gets lit up every other outing. On a positive note, he kept the ball in the yard tonigh.

so if u throw records out the window for starters then schilling mussina are still equal, wang is better than beckett, wake is better than johnson, lester is better than lidle (though u guys seem to dislike the fact pitchers dont pitch deep into games) and wright is better than wells, right?

wright 18 ip 3 runs last 3 starts, don’t look now but he is not getting lit up….so then why about 2 weeks ago when i said wang is better than beckett (beckett’s era was still a run higher) did u all jump down my throat?

The group that chooses who the Cy Young award goes to is stupid and idiotic. The fact that Zito beat Pedro in 2002 for the Cy proves it. The fact that Colon won last year means that they have an IQ only slightly above your local garbageman. Records depend too much on offensive support, and therefore, the starter with the least ERA almost never wins the Cy. It’s a stupid tradition of baseball to take records so seriously…

Beckett is not nearly as good as Wang this year in terms of performance. I don’t think any sane person would deny that. However, that doesn’t mean that Beckett doesn’t have more potential. But w/e, that’s not relevant in pennant races.

So Vince, of course Beckett hasn’t been as good as Wang… Beckett deserves a sub-.500 record so far this year, and Wang’s ERA has been great. Wakefield’s ERA isn’t that far from Wang’s though, and his loss has forced the Sox to rely on the likes of Johnson ad Gabbard.

Actually, Wakefield is expected back early in September. I think Wells has enough left in his tank to end his career on a positive note, and Wakefield is dependable. I like Schilling, Beckett and Lester. We just need to get something out of Jason Johnson until Wakefield returns. I’m satisfied when he has an outing where he allows four or five runs since the Sox have the bats to win games like that. Anyway, time to log off.

using lines like “he has either been blown out or pitched well and after all he has 13 wins he must be doing something right!”


I’ve said all along that the Yankees pitching is what’s kept them in this deal this long.
Mussina and Johnson have the same mentality. If you score a run, or if the Yanks make a mistake behind them, you better jump on them right there. Because both those guys get flustered way too easily. Mussina lets his anger show and costs him a few runs a game. That’s it though, if you don’t jump on them then, you are in trouble.

Wang is solid. He keeps the ball down and in the park. Wright is inconsistant. He either gets lit up by the 3rd, or he’s a one run pitcher through 6. I think Lidle is incomplete right now. He was average in the NL and has had one good and one bad start for the Yankes.

Ponson is just fat.

lol so then fine but the fact of the matter remains, wakefield doesn’t leave games with leads for the most part and he gets no run support, but i’m not denying you could use him a lot more than jason johnson.

ponson is a useless piece of ****, im begging he doesnt make it 17-1 to open up the sox series, thats all i ask for. mussina is a headcase because his game is mostly mental, thats what u get from a stanford graduate, it is not his ego it is that he overthinks and then gets flustrered when a new variable comes into play, kind of like beckett but beckett is more attitude than game plan. I agree on Lidle and wright has been good about not getting blown out for about amonth now

I agree Wakefield’s loss was a big blow. I also agree Wakefield Vs Wang is an unfair comparison. Because Wakefield is a lot better and proven pitcher than Wang is (as of today). Having said that Wang can (and probably will) develop into a better pitcher than Wakefield. For this year, Wang has been better than Wakefield atleast as far as results are concerned.

i still prefer johnson to lidle and ponson.

Johnson’s not TOO horrible to use, and can give between 5-7 innings, allowing 2-5 runs. That’s not atrocious, but it’s no Wakefield lol

the encouraging thing about johnson is he is beating good offenses, i don’t know if this is finally the perfect weather for him or what but the caliber of offense he shut down has been huge and both those wins were when we needed them most

Wang is the Yankee’s miracle, just as Papelbon has been for the Sox. Without either one, the rivalry suddenly becomes alot more lopsided.

I don’t want a 17-1 game either. The last time the Sox did that, they got spanked the next day. The pessimist in me sees Ponson against Johnson and Ponson being the winner in 15-13 game. Each manager leaves the respective pitcher out there to drown in futility because they know this game is a coin flip and they better save the pen for when the real pitchers pitch.

id take johnson over ponson but lidle over johnson. Lidle has always been an innings eater and has proven success in the al in the past, johnson has never had success and does not necessarily eat innings (lidle gets a pass for his last start he had the flu or some ****) I’ll take that out of a 4-5 starter anyday

Johnson has been an abysmal failure for Cashman… seriously, why don’t you guys just fire him??

If Theo made the choices that Cashman has, he would’ve been at the wrong end of every mockery in town.

Jamie, I have to respectfully disagree with you on that one even though we are on the same side. Take away the Tampa game, and Johnson has had the Sox in at least a 4-0 hole before they have a chance to hit. He gives up too many early runs and as soon as the Sox make an effort to come back, he gives it right back. I can’t stand watching him on the mound.

i agree kevin, but i’d rather spank schilling or beckett and send a message then beat up on a pitcher you expect us to lol. wang has been great this year but the savior i think comes from the yankee farm in general. If you don’t have cabrera you can’t even fill out the lineup card everyday and posada has been huge too, very underrated what he has done day in and day out for the yankees this year more than any other year in the past.

Lidle doesn’t eat as much inning as you hope. When a pitcher allows too many baserunners, he uses up pitches. Therefore, he lasts less innings. Lidle hasn’t been real solid at keeping runners off base, hence he’s not really an “inning-muncher”.

Yeah, I was pissed when I they started talking about Posada’s slump. As soon as they mentioned that he was 0-20something, he has a good game.
I’m off to bed, good night everyone. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

GSR, I can’t watch him either lol. The last few times, I just skipped the few 3 innings, and checked gameday very cautiously, hoping that the scores haven’t entered double digits yet…

Having said that, he’s all we’ve got and I gotta be optimistic lol =)

i dont understand why its such a proud thing that varitek “stuck his glove in arod’s face”.

umm he has gone into the 6th in all but 2 starts this year, regardless of ur little base runner game u can’t take that away from him. He is an inning eater, just like wakefield.

Randy johnson has not been as terrible as you might hope either, he was never an ace we hoped for and he gets paid too much but he still won 17 games and stayed healthy last year, and this year since the all star break he has improved dramatically, esp the last two starts coming off of tough losses.

clement is ur pavano. Calling cashman all the names u call him is absolutely ridiculous, out of line and moronic. He has put a team on the field that has beaten epstein’s for the division every year and has kept the yankees in the playoffs since he took over. Abreu and wilson have been absolutely huge since we got them, and so has damon and going back a little mussina.

Varitek’s brawl with Arod sparked an unbelievable second half run for the Sox. That’s why it’ll remain a part of Sox legend for all time.

One more comment, then I am really logging off. Truth is, Johnson and LIdle both show signs of being decent pitchers, but reality is, they are both lucky to have big league jobs. They are back of the rotation guys who, if they give up 4 runs in an outing, you are overjoyed. Because of the injuries to Wells, Clement and Wakefield, the Sox have to rely on Johnson to take the ball for the time being and pray that he at least pitches well enough to keep the Sox in the game.

One thing I forgot. I look forward to to Sox seeing LIdle as much as the Yankees fans look forward to seeing Johnson.

and bringing up players like he has has been great as well. the way cashman has spread out the contract means we prob lose a big salary every year (at least one) so we always will have money to work with, sheffield up until this year wasn’t such a bad deal either, neither was matsui, where u come off or have the gaul to call cashman a bad gm is beyond me

i’ve heard that side of the story, but i just dont understand why its said with such pride. like sticking a glove in someone’s face is the thing to do in baseball.
whatever. thats the year i’d like to forget about.

actually, i look forward to seeing lester a lot

Ever since Theo has stepped into office, he’s won a WS, defeating Cashman’s team. Last year, injuries hurt the Sox as we lost Clement, who was an ALLSTAR (therefore, he’s not “our Povano”), and Schilling, who’s our ace. Nevertheless, the 2 teams had the same record, and both got defeated in the division series. Damon will prove a failure yet, with all his injuries. Abreu costs 17mil, and Johnson is getting paid a king’s random to do a 4th starter’s job.

Keeping a team in the playoffs with a 200million payroll is not as tough as it may seem… you can just buy players, and I believe just about anyone with a MBA can do that.

If you want to see a great GM, go see the Twins.

lol..i see sox fans always fall back on the theory of “buying” players. its never ceases. =)

Jamie, I do think the Yankees have an advantage over anyone else because Steinbrenner freely opens his wallet, sometimes at players that you scratch your head at. But Cashman is a good GM. So is Epstein. Like I said before, because of Epstein and Henry, the Sox will be neck to neck with the Yankees as long as they are in the Sox front office. Not sure what will happen to the Yankees when Steinbrenner leaves, but Cashman does have a good baseball mind.