Rubber match

Everyone drinking caffeine in order to stay up for this big rubber match in the OC? The Red Sox have put themselves in a position where they basically have to win every series, so this game is large.

The biggest aspect of the game is Beckett. As we’ve discussed innumerable times, he needs to start pitching like the guy the Red Sox traded for instead of some shadow of his former self.

The Manny news is good, no structural damage, so all of you can exhale.

Varitek should be back by the next homestand and Wakefield made more progress today. Again, it’s imperitive that the Red Sox stay within a sniff in the standings until they get reinforcements, and perhaps they have another run in them.


I drank some D&Ds iced coffee for this one. I take medication that makes me sleepy and fell asleep during the Yankees game that went into extra innings. I’m not willing to risk that again.

What a story it would be if Beckett beat Weaver tonight for his first defeat. Weaver looks like he’s my age.

When is Loretta supposed to return? I miss his bat.


Hey Arielle, Loretta should be back tomorrow.

Hello hello everyone!🙂

The manny news is the best I’ve heard all week

Hey Ian, any word on when Trot is coming back, what kind of progress is he making??

Well I like that we are working the counts tonight against Weaver..thats something that the team needs to keep doing!

Oh, sorry for the lack of posting recently I’ve been moving for the last couple of days and haven’t really gotten on or anything..but keep the faith nation!

great seeing you again mm!

Thanks Ellen!

Beckett looking pretty solid through 2..

Yeah, but good thing the infielders were backing him up on that one!!


4 pitch inning..nice

I just saw aomething that really made me smile and brings thoughts of something finally starting make things gel for this team… They were actually goofing off in the dugout, just like they used to!! Papi had a beach ball and was acting the HOOPS STAR, slam dunked on Youkilis’ head, good time being had by all… Getting loose. That’s a GOOD THING!!

wow looks like we’ve got a pitcher’s duel tonight.

Beckett is looking spectacular. His curve has been flawless so far tonight, and his fastball has been blazing. See, this is why you can’t give up on a pitcher after a dozen bad starts…

Trot will be back in early September, no official word. The staph infection he suffered set him back by quite a few days.

This is the Beckett we need every 5 days..simply fantastic through 6..

Oh and ellen..was beckett pumped after the DP?

I hadn’t heard about a staph infection.. Thanks Ian, btw, I drank iced tea all day and had gotten plenty of caffiene (sp). Now it’s on to BudLight!
Beckett looks really good, not the Evil Josh, the good twin is pitching tonight!!

Are tings actually starting to look up for us?? Thank God!!

Uhoh!!1st walk tonight by Beckett,,, COME ON JOSH! get em!!

“Injury delay”


(What happened?)

Dangit..did beckett get injured??

game day said coach visiting mound followed by “Injury Delay”

Danm! They pulled Beckett due to a blister (1st thoughts) you could tell he didn’t want to leave. Now Mikey T is in. Keep em honest Mike!!! Get em out..

He goes the whole season without a blister and gets one the day he pitches a must win game..AGHG

I spoke too soon about things going good, 1 scores, 1 thrown out.

I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apropacehs!

It’s time for Papa Jack to put Gabe up against the wall and give hime a good old fashioned talkin’to. 1 for 34?? I know it’s difficult to be consistant when you don’t play every day, but come on. Papa Jack needs to talk to this one!!!
So who does Tito bring in now? Does he go with Timlin again?? Anynbody but Hoolian Tavarez!!!! Senor Ex is what he should be!!

Wow it’s just like the scripted that boot/recovery (x 2)… Can’t take the good plays away there!!

Helloooo, is anybody else here?? It’s so quiet I’m getting scared here by my self!!

Come on SoxFans, we need you now.. Get your voice up!!!!

Come on Jon-Bon, Get Em!!!

heyyyyyyyy for pap! what a night for me to join the blogging RSN.. things are starting to (knock on wood) look good

Great game Jon-Bon. !!! Lets go get Seattle !!!

Wait let me turn the lights back on (you know how Jon-Bon was lights out) well he’s back to his old self, and hopefully will stay that way. We gained a game tonight since the Yankee’s lost, wooo hooo!!!
Beckett looked awesome and I hope the blister situation heals quickly. Timlin didn’t look bad. …And Papelbon looked awesomely terrific!! I hope we can keep this going.

I’ll hang out a bit to see if anyone is still out there.

Knock on wood? I just use my head!! Hey jlt.., WELCOME TO THE REDSOX BLOG!! I don’t know how much you’ve read here, but we even have regular Yankee bloggers with us (yankeevmm(vince) and yankeeindian (vik) ). Everyone here is very friendly and baseball/Sox knowledgeble. Sometimes it gets a bit heated during a Sox/Yankee series. This is the friendliest place in all of the mlb blogs. How long have you been a Sox Fan??
Again, Welcome. (in case you couldn’t tell, I’m the Welcome Wagon Hostess)

hey guys, wont be on this weekend cause im goin to seattle!!! first sox game(s) since last august @ cws. from what ive heard the ballpark in seattle is really nice.

Hey Stars!!! I’m so jealous! I would be so absolutley lost if I lived near Boston… I’d be trying to get to every game. Have just THE GREATEST TIME. Tell me about it when you get back!! GO OUR SOX!!
PS.. The game that I saw against the Marlins was like watching batting practice, hope your game (s) the same, Ellen.

Im here Ellen, just got done watching the game and mooching food at a friends house. The only dampner about tonight is I knew Beckett was going to get hurt. Without control of his curveball, beckett isn’t much because any hitter can wait on and hit a fastball. He hasn’t really had that control all year because he has been worried about blisters. I think he finally said to **** with the blisters, I need to pitch like i used to, and as soon as he did it the blisters pop up. Hopefully he can tweak his grip enough to have control and avoid the blisters.

I agree with you, but he had to regain his confidence. I think it was great that Mirabelli picked up on it before Wallace or Tito, a good catcher can always tell when something is bothering his battery mate. Hopefully they got to it before it fully developed. But, God didn’t he look good tonight… And we got a game back!! I hope it’s not something to stutter the rotation!

Well hey guys, I’m outta here for the night. See you tomorrow. G’NIGHT NATIONERS!!!!

I see that Francona still trusts Timlin… well, who else is he going to trust, anyway? lol

Foulke hasn’t been used since game 4 of the massacre. I really want to see how he performs again.

Papi is unbelievable. Seriously, his 46th homer? Sweet…

Hope you have an awesome time out in Seattle Ryan. Are you going to all 3 games?
Nice game last night. Too bad about Beckett. Only 70 pitches through and he was looking good. I read that it isn’t a blister, but a nail digging into his skin. They say Wake might come back next week, so maybe he’d be ready by the time Beckett’s turn in the rotation is due and Josh can get an extra couple of days off. Then they can put Beckett in Kyle Snyder’s spot in the rotation. This is assuming that Beckett can’t go next time he’s due.

Papi comes through again. Alex Cora always makes something happen. 25 pitches in 3 at bats. Heck, he should hit leadoff when he plays rather than Coco.

Hopefully Manny will be back by Oakland.

Timlin looked a little shaky in the 7th but things worked out.

Hopefully Schill can be Schill tonight. It’s selfish to hope for a sweep, but that would be very big as far as the Wild Card goes. Chicago is playing Minnesota this weekend, so if Schill, Wells and Snyder can take care of business, things could be good come Monday.

Looking back, here in Seattle is where the bullpen troubles started. It’s when the Sox had a decent lead in the 7th and Delcarmen gave up the lead, Tek tied it and Timlin gave up the walkoff to Sexon.

Revenge time.

I look for 8 strong from Schill tonight. Papelbon is closing in on the rookie record for saves. Only 3 or 4 more I believe. Yes he probably would be a real good starter as well, but if the Sox can sign a quality starter in the offseason, it would be nice to have Schill, Beckett, Lester, Wake, Free agent signing, with Papelbon waiting to close the door.

jamie, Foulke actually pitched a couple of good innings this series.

Did u guys notice that all 3 Angels games are 1 runs games. We need a big game from Schil so that we can blow out the Marniers and rest our bullpen trio(Timi, Foulki, Papii).

We have 3 good relievers. Pap, Timlin, and Foulke. I think Foulke’s ready to pitch tonight, but I doubt Pap and Timlin are up for it. Since Schill is taking the mound, I don’t think the ‘pen will need to pitch more than 2 innings. Hopefully the Sox offense can score the typical 5 or 6 runs. Schill probably won’t let more than 2 score from the Angels side

Jamie, we are not playing the Angels today. We are playing the Seattle MAriners.No more Angels for the Sox this Season.

We need rest for our bullpen trio today. Go Schil. Go Sox.

Chi Sox are playing Twins today. I hope the twins take 2 of 3 from the OTHER Sox and OUR Sox win 2 of 3 from Mariners(Sweep is always welcome) we can gain a game in the Wild Wild Wild Card race.

Actually we will only gain a half game, coz if the above prediction hold then Twins will go ahead of Chi Sox in the wild card standings.


Abt that PLUTO getting demoted. It was so funny. I would say PLUTO is placed on waivers or is designated for Assignment.LOL.

lol, or maybe it’s just being released.😛

Where is Vince? I miss Vince.

Hello jen. How are you today??

Hey Vik! I’m doing fine – I’m so glad it’s friday, ’cause my boss was going to be in the obituaries if I had to deal with him for any more days than today.

lol. I am really glad too. I will be working from home from now through sep 10th.

i wish i could figure out how to do that.

find a job with a consulting firm. Submit a $4000 expense bill to the client. They’ll ask you to work from home.

sweet. I just might do that.

A friend of mine mentioned to me over the weekend that she didn’t think Papi was being himself. This morning she sent me this link to an ESPN story about Papi going to a hospital last weekend. Did I miss this along with everyone else or did I miss the boat on this story ?

The only thing predictable in baseball is that its unpredictable. We can’t be any lower after the Yanks at home, and we win 2 of 3 tough games without Manny/Loretta, with Beckett coming out of nowhere to pitch great. The Yanks lose 2 or 3 to a team that lost 11 in a row. Go figure.

hey jen!

yeah Jen. Thats how I ended up working at home.

Beckett pitched so well last night. Plus, he stopped Weaver in his attempt to win his first 10 decisions. Tonight we have Schill on the mound to start this series off on the right foot. Schill has been pretty much the only reliable starter we have. He can definately dominate tonight.

Any sox bloggers from the L.A. area. I’m moving to Santa Monica in a week and didnt know if anyone knew if there was a place to catch the sox games there.

are u excited ashley?

No Manny, No Youk for today’s game. Loretta will be playing 1st base for the firs time.We need schill to pitch a gem today.Go Schil. Go sox.

Someone is going to have to step it up around Big Papi. The team should be really inspired to NOT let the big man down. The sad fact is that Big Papi is not going to be pitched to unless someone else gets hot behind him… until Manny gets back. If they pitch around him, someone needs to drive in those freebies.

Saw the last two games at Angel stadium. We were seated in the Center field Pavillion area and we could see all of Beckett’s pitches. He was on his game last night. As a long time Red Sox fan, last night was fun because of the pitching. I like these types of games. Big Papi was great. I was wearing a Big Papi shirt and was taking some grief from a loud Angel fan in the next row. Then I jumped up and said this one is going out–and David hit it out. Needless to say, I got the last word.
Moving to Santa Monica–the best way to stay in touch with the Red Sox games is MLB on your computer. The sports bars here in Ca. only carry the local games and those on ESPN as scheduled. We never heard of NESEN being carried any where out here. Hope that helps.

Does everyone realize that we would be near a major celebration point if it weren’t for the ROIDS?

Babe Ruth had the “Road Home Runs” record at 32 (1927) until Roid Rage 2001 hit the theatres. Big Papi is now at 29. We’ll just have to settle for the “All Time Roid-Free Road Home Run” record… that’s good enough for me.

This is a test comment.

This blog is not allowing me to post anything but a test and this.

I had the same issue yesterday….It says sapm comment

Why is Loretta playing 1st??

Coz Youk is out injured.

Man what a lineup!! Kapler hitting 6th? whats in the cool-aid terry is drinking? Not a great start, but Schill does seem to be pitchng economically. This Woods h may have good stuff, but he can’t find the plate so far, c’mon SOX!!

Youk injury is not serious. He may be back tommorrow.

First time we’re actually playing from behind in a while

If my posts seem a liitle weird tonight, it’s because, the blog is blocking some stuff, like I asked why youk was out and it told me I had a spam error. Please bear with me. I have a funny feeling I know what is going on. Any what a sorry 1st and 2nd for us. LET’S GO “RIGHT SOX”, LET’S GO!!!

Nice to see Twins/ChiSox beating each other up in the windy city as well as Jared Wrong getting hit in Cali

Curt seems t be missing quite a bit tonight.. Go Curt!!! Get em big guy!

I’ve seen him do it w/ less, the worry tonite is our dreadful lineup

Thanks Kumar, but so you know whata happened to him??


I had the same “s**m comment” issue yesterday. I hear some people having this issue recently.

It doesn’t allow the word “s pam”. So I had to put some stars there.

Kevin Youkilis will miss tonight’s game due to a stomach virus he caught from third base coach DeMarlo Hale, who caught a bug last night. Youkilis was a late arrival at the ball park today–Gordon Edes@Boston Globe

We need Manny back in this lineup HUGE!!!

This lineup needs to start looking at a few more pitches instead of just swinging. Maybe a little more homework was in order here tonight??

Angels leading Yanks 3-0 so far.

What’s the score in the Yankees game??

If both teams continue to swing at this rate i’ll be getting to bed by midnite

Angels leading 3-0.

chi Sox & Twins tied 4-4 in bottom of 8

We need some runs now.

What a contrast to the 5 or 6 hr’s the Sox hit here in Seattle 5 weeks ago

rizzo: are you new here or have I just be having lot’s of blonde moments??

pretty much new, i come on once in a blue moon

I’m pretty stupid when it comes to the wild card.., who do we want to win when th esox are playing the twins?? and why?

Now I know ellen is Blonde. You can lot of things paying attention here.LOL.

Arielle, Don’t want to upset you with this statement, sorry but it’s time to do something with Kapler, he’s what 2-37?? Sorrrry, if I have offended you.

Sox are starting to frustrate me, i’m going to go listen on the radio see if i can change their luck aroung, g’night all

Jake Woods threw 49 pitchers for the 1st 2. And he got through the next 2 with 18 pitches. If we don’t score runs we have to atleast work the count and knock out Woods early.

5 more K and Schil reaches 3000 Ks.

Gee kumar, and I thought I was the only blonde bewtween the 2 of us, “I can lots of things….” loln hah!

Curt came back there!, and what a recovery by Pedroia on the “bouncing dribbler”. Good skills!!!

God this is painful. What a disaster our lineup is right now. The reinforcements better come quickly.

Note from cheerleader!, cheerleader is gone for the night, nasty woman taking her place. Let’s beat the Jameson oUt of Mr. O’Flaherty!! Come on DANMIT, Let’s have some hot bat action!!!! ORDER, NOT A REQUEST….. GO SOX!!!!!

Well, they just kicked the stuff out of us!!! I’m kind of at a loss for thought, never mind words!!!

I STILL BELIEVE. Nationers Unite!! Although we lost, remember we’re still in it. till we’re not!! I LOVE THIS CLUB. p.s. we need our veterans back!!!! Manny, Jason, Trot, Tim!! GET WELL SOON GUYS!!

PS, Cheerleader came back. I beat up on the nasty woman and took back power. lol see you guys tomorrow.

lol Ellen, if the Sox don’t start a great streak soon, I think the nasty woman will overthrow the cheerleader again!

In any case, yesterday’s game was terrible… injuries just keep on kicking us when we’re down… Manny, arguably our best hitter, and Youk, our 3rd best hitter were out. I just don’t see how the Sox can win when half of their team is not playing… I think injuries have cost us at LEAST 5-8 games this year, 10 if you believe that all injuries parties could’ve contributed when at their best.

While I’m not losing faith on the 06 season, I’m beginning to feel optimistic about NEXT season, when we hopefully won’t have as many injuries to as many key players…

I think that injuries have cost us more than your estimate, if you take into consideration what a healthy Wells and Clement would have accounted for. Also Wakefield, Tek, and Trot. I’ve seen the stat regarding our relivers ERA before Tek got injured and after; big difference. The leadership that he lends to the team in invaluable as well. I hope he comes back soon, but in the same breath I hope he doesnt make himself “better” too soon, and hurt himself further.
The nasty woman might just be making a few more appearances in the next few games if things don’t change and quickly. We got lucky again last night with the Yanks losing.

Looks like we all took the day off from the blog, late nights must be getting to all of us!! I know they’re getting to me. I got up at 9:00 today, I’m never up later than 6:30-7:00, and then mowed the front lawn… harder than it is after an early game. I think that I’m going to go and try to take a cat nap now…. I’ll be back before the game.. I hope Manny is back tonight. Papi just seems more comfortable with Manny backing him up. Speaking of Papi, I’m soooo glad that his hospital trip was just fatigue and dehydration. We ABSOLUTELY CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE HIM FROM THE LINE UP.

Note to all our injured and ill, PLEASE COME BACK SOON, FEEL BETTER. Come on Trot, I miss you, you dirt dawg!!

My dad used to tell me when we were listening to or watching the Sox, when we got what looked like a break: It’s not a break unless you take advantage of it. …That is exactly what we need to do tonight. Yankees lost today, WE REALLY NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS BREAK!!


Youks, Manny… hope you slept and got treatments today. Need you guys to get hot and help out Big Papi.

Yanks lost again today. So it’s a good chance for the sox to gain a game on Yanks.

Manny is probably playing today.Youk still out today. Erik Hinske playing 1st. loretta back to 2nd.

Hi, All:

I’ve been in the hospital since Thursday, thus the reason no blogging. Abdominal pain that was diagnosed as diverticulitis, which is an infection in the colon area. Not fun stuff, but I’m out and feeling better. First hospital stay in my life. Not much fun. Anyway, glad to be back watching the game!

Oh, I see that Ian posted a new entry. I’m going to that one.

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