Going to the Wells — but it runs dry on Timlin

The Yankees already lost, the Angels are an absolute nightmare for them. So here was a chance for the Red Sox. They had a chance to get this thing down to a modest 4 1/2 games. David Wells did everything he could to get it there, but Mike Timlin coughed it up.

Remember back when we were talking about David Wells as if he was just some nice luxury? Well, guess what, now they desperately need him. He’s been huge for them lately, pitching well in his last four starts. He’s been robbed of wins now in his last two starts.

What to do about Timlin? He’s 40, and obviously feeling his age a lot more than Wells. Can Tito start turning to Foulke in the eighth? How about Delcarmen? It’s a dicey situation as none of the relievers — aside from Papelbon — have been consistent.

In other news, Manny is back but the Red Sox don’t seem all that confident that his knee is signicantly improved. This bears watching. If Manny can’t make it through the season, we all know what kind of trouble the Red Sox are in.

Absoultely gorgeous weather in Seattle tonight and i ate lunch at Wild Ginger, an incredible restaurant that sportswriters all around the country enjoy to the fullest. The fragrant duck rules.

Can the Red Sox avoid being sweepless in Seattle later today? Time for Red Sox Nation to turn their lonely eyes to Kyle Snyder.

Keep the faith, if you have any left🙂


Boy do the Yanks look bad, a perfect time to pick up 2 or 3 games in the next week when they play the Tigers and Twins. Meche looks pretty good tonite.

Ian, I’m really glad that the weather is good there, I’ve heard how awful it can be. Are you SURE that you don’t need an assistant??, I really don’t eat much fragrant (or otherwise) duck.
Like I said in the last post, A break is only that when you take advantage of it. That is exactly what we need to do. Yankee’s lost so we could be with in 4 1/2..Im glad that Ramirez is back we need Manny to be Manny again.


Coco gave that one a ride! Way to go for an early 2-0 lead.

Sorry my hand got away from me, 1-0, I knew that i just keyed wrong!!

Ian, what’s the extent of Pena’s wrist injury? I really hope it’s nothing too serious… as much as I like Kapler and Hinske, neither of them have the power that Pena has, and a wrist injury can sap a hitter’s power for some time.

It’s starting to look like a GREAT game. The Sox have a pretty decent lineup, and Wells is pitching extremely well.

I can’t watch tonight’s game, since I’ve watched the last 4 and I’ve grown pretty tired of sleeping at 2…


Good start here, keep it up Boomer

Hi, All:

I’ve been in the hospital since Thursday, thus the reason no blogging. Abdominal pain that was diagnosed as diverticulitis, which is an infection in the colon area. Not fun stuff, but I’m out and feeling better. First hospital stay in my life. Not much fun. Anyway, glad to be back watching the game!

Since the Yanks lost tonight, for the 3rd or 4th time in a row, the Sox need to start a rally. I honestly believe that the Wildcard is harder to get this year than the AL East, with the Twins and White Sox ruling the battle for second-place supremacy. G’night everyone. GO SOX

jlouder, Sorry to hear about your hospital trip!! I hope that you’re feeling better, That is Not something to mess with. Take it easy bubba!! We need you’re colorful and accurate insight here! Stress adds to it, so if you’re a Sox fan stress is something that you’re stuck with!! ?Really glad you’re home and ok!! Quietly, louder, can I get a go sox!! (notice, no yelling CAPS)..

I dug up the pack of cloves I was working on back when I stopped smoking. There are a few left in it. If Manny goes on the DL, I’m smoking them. **** if Pena goes on the DL I may start smokign them.

Ouch.. sound sliek we’re lucky that wasn’t a triple.

Bloody heck.

I hate this broadcast on fsn nw, they have no stat line, and don’t verbally give you a count.

Hey guys! just turned the game on and wells gives up the three hits… should i turn it off? i might be back luck…

and yes, the tv presentation of this game is horrible… but mlb.tv is my life🙂

Its on Fox? Why am I lsitenign to it on Gameday Audio then?!

Well I’ve got mlb.com and the broadcast sounds like Homer Simpson and his brother (and it sounds like one of them has really bad dentures all their s’s are like shsh’s

Mother wont give up the TV. Back to the WEEI broadcast on gameday audio

And ellen, to answer your questions from last time, My names Jon, im in college, and ive been a sox fan since i was about 9 or so… i grew up 5 minutes from the Trenton Thunder, which at that time was a red sox team. it has since turned to the evil empire…

Do it again Coco!

i hope we can get something going here with 2 on, the lack of offense lately has been killing us… we could be within 3.5 right now of the yanks..

Indeed Jon, indeed. I’d really like to see a rally here. 2 runs, at least.. in my fantasy

Ok.. 3-1.. thank goodness.. better than 2-2.



Dang, dang, dang.

well, we got one, cant ask for everything. lets hope wellsy can keep things as they are

and for those of you with mlb.tv, dont you think the new commercial break music and messages are halarious? much better than “you are watching mlb.tv… Commercial in progress”

jlt:I’m sorry I missed your previous posts, so from the Cheerleader and Welcome Wagon Hostess, WELCOME!!! Glad to ahave more positive Sox Bloggers/Nationers.

Let’s Go RedSox, Let’s go!!! Stop em!!

ok maybe not halarious, but they make you smile

Oh god.. STOP THAT! Leave Wells alone baseballa!

If we can somehow manage to make the playoffs, Wells could the dakhorse that allowed it to happen. No one expected to see him in a Red Sox uniform, or any uniform for that matter ever again after that Lee line drive in May. But not only is he pitching, he is pitching superbly. He is definetly our diamond in the rough for Sept. 06

These scoreboard operators are having issues.


Time to start drinking..

Strike bohner out

What is with Kapler, and backing up Coco. He knows that Coc has a bad arm right now. Kapler jsut seems to be really off his game the last 2 weeks or so. I’m not ba mouthing, I like Gabe.

I mean bohn-ah

There it is!!!

Ouch. Close pitch. He NEEDS this strike out.

ball 3 looked close… but got em anyway, 1 more…

Thank god

Still have to get Ichiro, though. That ain’t easy

yeaaaaa way to go wellsy…

OH thank dear sweet zombie jesus

Mannys not runnign well.. I have a feeling Im gogin to be smoking

Just what the doctor ordered

uh oh.. 3-0

DP was BIG

First walk.. Ok Wells.. you REALLY need to get this out. End this Inning righ thte heck now

Here we go again with the blog not letting me post.. Let me try it again: Whwn Ichiro came into the league wasn’t he known as “Ichiro Suzuki”? What?, is he like Cher and Madonna, only needs one name?

your right… i think his jersey even read “suzuki” at first.. but i could be wrong


Boomer still looking good, though I did get scared earlier when he had that come-backer hit him on the leg. Stay Healthy David!!

Wel.. looking at the pitch count… If we can string a hit or two, we’ll be able to knock Meche out this inning.

Wells should be able to go through the 7th, and maybe if he has a quick on, take on a bit of the 8th, giving the bullpen a rest

If it is like Cher, I hope that this is HIS final farewell tour!! (though I doubt it)

I think we ALL had a heart attack there, ellen

This will NOT knock out Meche

pretty nice play… these innings are too short for our good…

Now we’re in trouble

mannnn all he needed was one more strong inning…

He’s STILL havign a good game.. the Red Sox SHOULD have had more hits than this, but their bats are very cold.

Ok.. NOW we’re screwed

Maybe we can get a DP here


Wells is done.. get him OUT of there

yessssss escaped more damage

Oh holy god.. thank you infield.

Lets see Papi and Manny do some damage this inning… then take Manny out of the game. He’s hurting and IF.. IF… we have to sit him, I’d rather it be for a few days than for 15.

Betancourt is killign us tonight


Papi.. you are my man. Its time to hit a home run.

ok guys its time for an eight inning auction… Up for bids is a HR… do i hear 47? 47 47 47 47 47?

Did.. Ortiz just bunt?

*pours a shot of tequila*

yeaaaa papiiii i love seeing him run hahaha

They will walk Manny, I bet

ortiz did that same thing a few weeks ago… kept it fair and beat it out.. i think it was during the dreaded tampa bay trip?

I just realized we have no one we can pinch run for Manny

Please Lowell.. I’ll do anything if you get us an RBI. Anything

Okay, time for the Cheerleader to come in, (this may not be the Cheerleader you’re used to) Okay You guys, get your heads out of your buts and “LET’S GO REDSOX LET’S GO”
come on Mikey get a double!@!!!!


3-2.. glad that was out of play

whoa whoa whoa… how can he be out with the ball in the air?!?!

Oh god.. PELASE let that run count

Manny being Manny.

Ok.. Timlin and Papelbon time!

When calls like taht are appealed, has anyone ever seen a reversal of the call?? That on was just total c-r-a-p. You can’t bobble the ball, Manny was safe!!!!! Even the commentators said that!

Well, we’ll find out if that’ll cost us the game or not.

Wells really deserves a W tonight… so.. LETS GO RED SOX!

… SON OF A #*@$

Now how much does that call at third with Manny count for??? A FREAKIN’ LOT!! cOME ON Mikey T!!!

Alright.. Im leavign this one in y’alls hands. I cant handle this tonight.. too much on my plate for a nervous breakdown at the moment. I’m gonna go watch MST3K

since we’re changing the rules tonight, when manny picked that ball up it was in the air off the roll… is he out cuz it wasa catch?

Trot would have had that throw, no problem!!!

we really just cant trust timlin anymore.. at least not lately

I’m not sure who has control tonight, the cheerleader or the Nasty Lady!! I’m just throwing caution to the wind and I’m gonna say….

hinske: out… lopez: out… this inning will need a two out rally

well call me ms cleo…

WASTED oppurtunities… goodnight all…

Like I said, it’s not a break unless you take advantage of it; we didn’t; it’s not a break… I STILL BELIEVE!! I STILL LOVE MY SOX!!!! And I haven’t started to sing!! IT AIN’T OVER YET!!

But you are right about wasted opportunities!! I’m just frustrated with all the wasted opportunities. GO SOX< PLEASE!

I think the 5 game series sapped out both the teams.

Just got back from the series at Anaheim, thought we were back on track. Another good outing for Boomer. I get terrified every time Timlin steps on the mound!

When is Theo going to realize something is up with Timlin, over last 10 games with an ERA of 7.71. Last nite after the homer and one hit he should of been out of the game. The loss falls on Francona’s shoulders for once again leaving pitchers in way too long.

when is theo going to realize he has a ******* for a manager. maybe someone should tell francona how many games are left in the season, also it’s time to give kapler his walking papers. sometimes it looks like he’s afraid to swing the bat.

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