News of the day

Another day of injuries galore for the Red Sox. Lester has been scratched from his start tomorrow because of back woes. Steve Stiffler (I mean Kason Gabbard) will make that start. Seriously, all you American Pie fans (the movie, not the song), Gabbard couldn’t look more like Stiffler than he does. it’s eerie.

Also, Manny is out of the lineup again. His knee is just too sore, says Tito. And Mirabelli has all been scratched with recurring ankle woes.

There are two guys playing out of position — Loretta at first and Youkilis in left.

Buckle up!


Speaking of look-a-likes, do you not think that Kyle Farnsworth is Matthew Lillard (he of Scream, Scooby Doo etc.) cloned?

So this leaves our list of the walking wounded at what, 25? It seems like more guys are injured than available.

What else can go wrong?? OOOPS, I shouldn’t ask that, I may not like the answer.
Let’s just keep everything crossed.

These commercials are awful!!

I’m confused. Where’s Wily Mo?

I heard that he had some kind of injury as well.

hes had problems with his wrist

Well here comes another 4 hour game with a million walks.

Well, at least it’s a day game. At this rate we might get to bed at about 11:30.
This is not looking pretty.

I think we need some help from a higher being. No not Manny, higher than that. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!

We really need Kyle to have a 1-2-3 inning. Come on RedSox, Yankees are winning big!

wily mo re-injured his wrist in friday night’s game. day-to-day.
what i don’t get is why francona didn’t just play youk at first, loretta at second and kapler in left. playing all these guys out of position just so pedroia could play? that makes no sense.

Great Googly Moogly!!! Did I just see Javy throw someone out at 2nd!?! That’s got to be a 1st in a long time.

I’m with you Ian. Is Pedroia really that much of an upgrade from Kapler. Personally I don’t think so.

I too agree. Having one guy out of position is one thing but 2 can make for a pretty ugly afternoon.
Kyle’s pitching pretty darned good, one drawback, he’s up around 80 pitches already.

Guess i havent been paying attention but just realized we are getting no-hit

What an AB by Perdroia

Do y’all see who’s warming up in the Pen?? Senor EZ,;PLEASE, ANYBODY BUT HIM. Pick someone out of the crowd who is a SoxFan and let them pitch.

The announcer no sooner got it out of his moth about how many grand slams Ibanez has and he slams another one!!

I’ll pitch Ellen. A bit different from my centerfield normal position, but i have an inconsistent knuckler i could throw at em.

By the Way. Not on the topic of baseball. Let’s all send our prayers to the 49 victims of the plane crash in Lexington, KY today. I am from near the area, and it was the most tragic plane accident since 2003.

Ash: You’d probrably do better than him!! Get Hoolian out of there! Ps: very sad I don’t know how’d feel if I was the only survivor.

This is the worst Redsox team I have seen taken the field in as long as I remember. It’s a total disgrace to have these guys represent the team. Truly a ****-poor effort by everone involved, top to bottom, except Papi. I really feel bad for him to have to witness this.

i agree with you rayman! As much as I dislike Tavarez, he can’t take the blame for incident at 1st, Javy got the E on that one!! I feel as if the wheels have fallen off today.

Hey Ashley you wanna take some at bats for us as well?

if there’s any way they can put Manny in he needs to go!! I don’t want him hurt any worse than he is, but GEEZ, come on, this is horrible.

No, I’ll take the AB’s. I don’t play organized ball, but I go to the cages!! Not a bad bat, if I do say so myself.

I’m glad we’re out of that inning, now break up the no hitter, the more we talk about it, the more of a jinx it is.

Yea i can take some Ab’s too. But the pitching seems to be our need. A knuckler is bad enough, but an inconcsistent one is tough to handle. Im not so much of a powere hitter, but i bet i get on base more that Coco, so at least Papi has someone to drive in.

Good-bye baseball, good-bye no hit game!! GO PAPI!!!!!

Way to go Mikey!!!! Nice swing baby!!!

keep chipping away boys. A nice comeback win could be just what the doctor ordered.

Like I said… If this was a musical group, it would be… “Big Papi and the Losers”. I just wish someone else would do something to help Papi.

To all the Florida posters and vince: looks like we’ve got a WICKED BAD hurricane coming in here around
Wednesday a.m. I hope it takes a turn away from us, but if it does, it’s headed for Louisiana, I don’t know how much more they can take!! Say prayers.

Nice strike out by Senor EZ! Come on Hoolian, prove me wrong!!!

Take a look at Pedroia, am I the only one whos see’s a resmbelance between he and Trot?? Maybe I’m just having Trot withdrawl symptoms!

Did everyone go somewhere else and not tell me?? We’ve got to keep this game alive, oops I guess the cheerleader is back!! RAH RAH REDSOX!

I really can’t believe Crisp is this bad. What a disaster center field has turned into.

Come on IIManny, be the real hometown hero!! Get this party started!!


Great inning by IImanny.. Thank you manny and THANK YOU ERIC HINSKE!!! Did you see the rut he left on the right field warning track???

Looks like all you guys took you ball and went home!!
We’ve got 3 more AB’s..



Naaaa still here Ellen, but i have a shameful secret, i have some work to do. It couldnt be delayed any longer. GO SOX!!!

As Harry Doyle would say “3 runs on 2 Hits. 2 **** Hits”

The final nail? I think so. Time to start thinking about who’ll be playing in the Arizona Fall League this year.

For lookalikes…btw…Craig Hansen looks like Inspector Gadget.

hey guys, i had a great time at the games this weekend (well except for the outcome). i saw my dad get nailed by a bag of peanuts and listen to him harass an umpire. btw you all will never guess who was sitting 3 rows in front of us.

ok, I’ll bite the hook on this one stars, WHO???

john henry and theo epstein

Did you give them a piece of your mind?? I’ll bet they were having just THEE BEST TIME HUH?? Trade discussions. I heard talk today of Roger coming back because Houston is all but out of it. But If he goes on the market, Steinhiney would trade a newborn male child for him !!!

btw, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, I can’t wait till next year when I get to see them…. AT FENWAY!!!!

no way. theo was talkin to some blonde chic the whole game and henry left after 3 innings. (kinda funny that theo left right after lopez struck out in the ninth)

and about that takin a **** and fling it at francona, i could have done it cause i could see him from where we were sitting.

…And alljunk, no, I do not think this is the nail… although, I did see them at home depot buying them, just in case. Did anyone notice that Toronto is only 2 games behind us???? This is going to be either very ugly or very interesting!!

hey all, just saying hi since i’ve been on another planet lately, classes start tomorrow, it should be interesting

jeff good to see your healthy again

Hey Vince, so you have to get up before noon tomorrow. That should be a challenge!!
Oh, have you looked at the weather here in So. Fl. today?? You got out of here just in time. Hurricane Ernesto is on the way, I’ll bet his last name ends in “EZ”!!lololol

PS we have another official EZ brother, javy officially joine the fraternity today.

for those watching the game last night, did anyone hear someone chanting “PLUMMER!”?

Well, I start a neew job tomorrow, so I’ll be leaving for the night. The 1st early night in God knows how long, seems like forever. Down to the land of the A’s tomorrow night, and more late nights!! I can’t wait til they get back to the east coast, I know we had a hard time at Fenway last week, but at least there will be earlier nights and late nights are bad enough, but late nights and losing *******-!!. G’NIGHT NATIONERS!! I’m gone unless i can’t sleep.

It’s getting rediculous how many injuries we have. Seriously. Do we have a single position player/pitcher who doesn’t have at least a small, nagging injury? We are the walking wounded. I don’t understand how it’s possible to have this much bad luck. Any good news at all in regards to Tek, Nixon, Wake, etc.?

OK time to talk about the next season… this year’s lost. Manny’s injured, Lester is injured, Pena’s probably injured too… nothing can really save this season now.

Theo needs to build up a bullpen. Pap and Foulke can’t do everything, and the prospects like Hansen and Delcarmen aren’t quite dependable just yet. Also, our starting rotation needs a considerable boost. Wake won’t last forever, and Schill only has one year left. Beckett’s not the most dependable pitcher in the world, and Lester is even less predictable… Zito, Matsuzaka (spelled wrong, I bet lol), and Schmidt are viable options… what do you think is realistic?

i think its realistic that theo wont do squat. i saw him at the game saturday and he didnt give a **** when timlin was getting pounded again. i have a feeling he wont be around for the completion of his “plan”.

Theo is a life-long Sox fan. I think he’s as miserable as you an I that the Sox are out of contention this year.

he might be im just tellin you what i saw.

I hope Theo signs Gagne and maybe trade for an elite reliever, not necessarily someone as great as Scot Shields, but someone close to that level of dependability.

That would enable him to put Pap into the rotation, saving TONS of money on a starter. With Schill, Beckett, Lester, and Pap, the Sox will be able to put either Wakefield or Clement in the 5th spot. However, I’m not really satisfied with this rotation. I would put Lester in the bullpen or send him to AAA, where he can work on his control a little more. Signing Zito would get a HUGE addtion, boosting the Sox’s rotation to a tune of 4-5 more wins. Signing the young Japanese ace Matsuzaka (spelling?) would give us an ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS, WS-WINNING-CALIBER boost. I’d invest a ton in him, maybe up to 6 years, and pay him upwards of 10m per year too (but no more than 15). Signing Schmidt would give the Sox maybe 1-2 years of dependable pitching, but that’s not really what Theo wants… injury plagues players more with age, and with both Schill and Schmidt, the injury risk would be pretty big…

Therefore, if I were Theo, I’d sign Gagne to a 2-year deal, base salary of 3m per year, with health incentives worth up to 6m. Then, I would proceed to acquire Matsuzaka for 5 yr, 65m. Afterwards, I’d trade Hansen and Coco for Andruw Jones, and sign an extention for 3 yr, 40m. Finally, I’d sign 2 dependable arms for the bullpen, either by trade or FA.

I realize that the propositions will be taxing financially, but Henry isn’t exactly poor, you know…

I would also let Loretta go, and promote Pedroia to a full-time gig. To me, he’s a Eckstein at worst, Nomar at best. That’s a **** of a ballplayer…

Youk would bat leadoff (.270/.380/.460), with Jones (.260/.360/.540) batting 5th. Pedroia (.285/.340/.420) would bat 2nd, and the rest of the lineup will stay the same…

As for pitching:

Matsuzaka (20-6, 3.40ERA)

Schilling (16-8, 4.10ERA)

Beckett (16-5, 3.80ERA)

Papelbon (17-7, 3.80ERA)

Wakefield (15-13, 4.60ERA)

Gagne (4-5, 35SV, 2.20ERA)

Payroll: 120m (this year) + 13m (Matsuzaka) + 13m (Jones) + 8m (Gagne) – Wells (4m) – Loretta (2m?) = $148 million dollars.

That’s not so bad, for a 110-game winner, eh?

thats nice jamie. your also forgetting the 5 mil (?) trot makes.

and if foulke’s contract is up thats -8 mil (unless he has a player option which is i think 3 mil) which would be -5 mil. so thats -10 mil more so 138 mil isnt too bad.

trot is making 6.5 mil
loretta is making 3 mil

lol. 110 wins. have the sox ever won 110 games? If you have watched the sox this entire season, why oh why would you go out and sign gagne, who has not been healthy for 3 years?/do you really think the japanese guy is going to win 20 in his first season? Beckett 16-5 is extreme optimism for one year change. Papelbon will be interesting. The braves would be absolutely retarded to give up jones for crisp in an off year and hansen who was demoted because he was incompetant. I would hope jones will cost a **** of a lot more than that and he is certainly worth more than 13 million a year, damon makes 13 million a year and that is supposedly market value contrary to the 10 the redsox felt he was worth which is furcal’s market value.

I wouldn’t take a risk on Matsuzaka, I think Theo can go into a bidding war the NY teams for Zito. The Red Sox have had success against Zito in the past, and why would he sign with the yanks, if he will have to start 3-4 times against them. But taking risks on Matsuzaka and gange wouldn’t be smart. Loretta wil probabaly leave and Pedroia will probably start, unless Loretta wants to be a bench player which I highly doubt. But I personally feel that the sox should get rid of Gonzalez, put a Pedroia at short and keep Loretta at 2nd. Loretta has been a rock all year and the sox need Consisancy. Also, I think the sox will try to move Coco and Clement. Clement to a National league team for a reliever or prospect and maybe package coco In a deal for another outfielder. Andruw Jones would be a nice addition, however, that might be wishful thinking. As for relievers, I really don’t see who is that avaiable. Papelbon needs to move to the rotation, but what about trading for a Tom Gorden? He was consistant with the Yankees a few years back so why not grab him as a closer? Just a thought. I just think that Theo will actually spend some money this year. Being frugal these last two years hasn’t really worked out. I also think that because this is the first year that Theo has actually gone public about Henry’s funds and how can spend with Stiebrenner, but chooses not to. THe farm system is great, but not quite major league ready. We found that out this year

Vince, I think it’s entirely possible that the Braves would trade Jones. He’s got one year left on his contract, and Hansen, despite early struggles, is still a top-tier prospect.

Damon was overpaid. Period. Jones making 13m is not out of the question, but I’d pay him 15 or 16m if that’s totally necessary. No big deal.

And yes, I believe that Matsuzaka CAN win 20 games, helped by an top-3 offense. Beckett going 16-5 IS too great; I think I meant to type 16-8… Also, since Foulke will be paid less next year than this year, and since Nixon will be gone, and since I’m absolutely certain Clement will be traded for some AA prospects, that’s a considerable amount of payroll that will be freed. It’s time for a payroll upgrade, in my opinion; the Sox are making nice profits.

Also, why is 110 wins not possible? With a superb rotation, and with a powerful lineup, 110 wins is not impossible by any means. The Sox probably HAVE done it before – remember, they won like 5 WS in a row or something prior to 1918…

Gagne is a risk – that’s why the contract is incentive-based for the most part – if he’s injured, the Sox would have to drag Pap back into the pen, but if Gagne IS healthy, we’d have one of the best closers in the game!

Jamie: Looks like all your wishes as based on the assumption that everybody absolutely L OVES to p lay for redsox, which is a B IG assumption. With the kind of deals you are expecting, a lot of the ML clubs would want to sign the p layers you are wishing for. And from recent history, Theo is not very good at making things happen when there is competition from other GMs. Even if he was, it is next to impossible for ONE team to sign so many superstar players at bragain prices or even reasonable rates.
If Lowell and Beckett are worth 10 million each, JD is definitely worth 13 million a year. Not to mention Nixon at 8 mil, Wright @ 7, Clement @ 10M.

Hansen is still a top tier prospect. But his trade value dropped A LOT recently. Theo might actually be regretting not trading him at the deadline, when he had a really high price. To think the braves are going to trade Jones for Hansen is just day dreaming. They will be looking for atleast 2 top prospects and atleast one more lower level prospect for Jones. AND, Jones is currently making 13.5 million a year AND he is only 29. In other words, he wont sign for anything less than 15 per/yr for atleast 4 years. 3 yr 40M forget Andruw Jones. Yankees are going to be in the race for Matsuzaka. And I think you know how it usually ends when the yankees are involved. And most people think the yanks and the Ms are in the lead to sign Matsuzaka.

If it is just a incentive laden contract, what makes you think Gagne will sign in the AL?

If that is your wish list, thats ok. But if you are expecting to get all those guys signed at the prices you are looking to sign them, be ready to be disappointed in the off season ALSO.

Well, now it’s all over. the sox can only lose six games now if they want to go to the play-offs. there is absolutley no way they can lose less than six now. too deep, too many games left. it ***** being a sox fan.

Time to see what the call ups have to offer. I can’t believe we have come to this point in the season, but maybe we need to showcase some of the AAA talent for potential trade options.
From questionable in game management, to injuries, to just plain terrible playing, this has probably been the worst month of baseball watching that I’ve experienced in a few years.

I hope Theo realizes that this isn’t what the fans of the 2nd highest paid team in baseball expect.

Predicting doom and gloom isn’t reason to question ones fandom, but more of realistic view of what is right in front of us.

This doesn’t change the fact that most of us are die hards and will follow this team endlessly, but the fact remains, this is not a good baseball team right now.

I’m off for a week+ in Vegas, so I’ll hope to come back the Sox have won 8 in a row and the Twins, White Sox and Yanks have lost 8 in a row, but the is pretty much impossible.

So, wish me luck in Vegas and see you in a week or so.

Hopefully this season will prove once and for all that we need better pitching. The best defense in the league plus pretty good hitting (statistically) has gotten us a record barely over .500… and actually under .500 if you take away the games against the NL. The worst part of it is that the Yanks, WhiteSox, and Twins have injuries of their own and just aren’t that good… and we still aren’t even making a run at it. Brutal.

Wish you good luck Kevin. Hope you make some money in Vegas. Even if don’t win make sure you dont lose more than you plan to.

p lan to=in the worst case

carl pavano was in a car accident 2 weeks ago and my now have a broken rib. can this guy’s luck be any worse?

Ok, since playing in October is all but impossible now, here is a list of things that I want from the remainder of this season:

1) Carlos Pena develops into a reliable hitter, maintaining a respectable avg. with his tremendous power.

2) HEALTH – I WANT ALL THE SOX PLAYERS TO BE HEALTHY BY NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Papi hits 51 HR, setting a new and well-deserved record.

4) Beckett turns things around.

5) Pedroia has a good September.

6) David Wells gets traded for prospects, possibly to the Dodgers.

7) Pap breaks rookie Saves record – he’s been unbelievable this season!

None of the above are beyond probability. If 4 of those are achieved, I will be happy. If all 7 come true, that’d be like making it to the postseason to lose in the Divison Series.

Hey all!! I never thought you’s hear me say that I barely even thought of the Sox today. Went to the new job today, and was let out at noon to get my house prepared for Hurricane Ernesto, as I said last night I bet his last name ends in EZ.
JSEL: How long have you been a SoxFan?? No it doesn’t S”U”C”K” bieng a SoxFan, we are a very persistent, focused, one minded- kind of fan. If you have more seasons logged as a SoxFan than I, I’ll bow to your seniority.

Anyway, getting ready for the storm, that we hope doesn’t show up has been very tiring this afternoon. Vince, what’d you do order this for right after you left?? Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect. With the 8pm advisory it looks as if we’re going to get hit pretty hard in Fort Lauderdale if this thing re-gathers strength over the Florida Straits. I’ll be here tonight and will try to check in tomorrow, but will be “shuttering up” and doing last minute clean up of loose items. I hope I keep the internet as long as possible tomorrow pm for the game. Wish us luck, y’all!! I’ll try to be back later..
I hope Kason has a decent showing tonight and that what bats we have will have been in the warmer today, see y’all later.

LET’S GO REDSOX. PLEASE, LET’S GO. Jamie keep the faith!!

Anybody know why Ortiz is not playing?

anyone catch this raggity make shift lineup. OUCH!!!!!

Has anyone seen the line up?? really nice (heavy sarcasm)

We’ve got NO POWER tonight. We’ve Lowell, Youkilis and Loretta. Those are our big bats tonght.. What the H++EL++L+ is going on??

They said Papi has the “stomach flu that’s going around the clubhouse”, I think they might just be sick to their stomachs about losing. sorry that’s just my frustration talking…. COME ON SOX, LET’S GO!! ow, not even a decent 1st inning for us!!
The older (?) guys (Loretta, Lowell) NEED TO REALLY STEP IT UP TONIGHT. Although even I (forever rose colored glass wearing, forever optimistic Cheerleading SoxFan) have to doubt that this will happen.

At least we got out of the 1st with nothing scored against us!! Come On Sox!!

Great D by Cora and Kinske!!

Gabbard, and the D did the job there!! OK!!

did youk rob swisher? gameday showed that on landing beyond the left field fence.

good job savin the pen tonight kas.

unhappy times in red sox nation

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