Heart of the Matter

It’s just baseball. We all love it, we all need it, but right now, as David Ortiz goes back to Boston to get his heart checked out, the game seems trivial, as does the woeful way the Red Sox have played of late.

Let’s hope Ortiz is OK. Right now, I don’t care about his chase of the MVP or his pursuit of Jimmie Foxx’s team record of 50 home runs.

I first got to know David Ortiz in Spring Training of 2003 and I’ve liked him since the moment I met him. There is not a nicer guy in baseball than Ortiz. I’ve watched him go from a platoon player to a superstar and he’s the same good guy. He’s produced some of the biggest hits in Red Sox history, he’s become an icon in his sport, and not even an ounce of that success has gone to his head. How many people can you say that about?

Terry Francona emphasized after the game that he’s confident that Ortiz, who has felt a rapid heartbeat on multiple occasions on the past 10 or 11 days, is going to be OK. They just want to cross ever "i" and dot every "t" to make sure there is nothing wrong.

This guy is special. And I hope — for his sake and his family’s sake — that he’s OK.

That’s all I have to say today.





Yup, there’s no Sox without Papi. Since the Sox are pretty much out of contention, let’s just rest some players. I actually do not want to see Varitek make a return, as that would put him at risk of re-injuring himself. The same goes for Wakefield, unless he’s fully healed. We have a great team still, but it’s a team that’s going to have to wait until next year. With some additions and a clean bill of health, the Sox can rule baseball next season.

Amen to what Ian said, I pray that David will be okay!!, and Jamie I agree with you except that we are NOT totally out of it, , YET. I really don’t think that they’d risk injuy to the Captain or Wake, Do you?? Both are far too important to the legacy of this team, this dynasty,, In my opinion this is a dynasty, even though we have only one World Series Championship. I still think that the Sox will make it closer than it is now. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, until we are MATHEMATICALLY out of it, I’m still screaming for (and at) my Sox, and the management. Also, as long as Theo is in charge we can second guess him all we want, but he’s still in charge. I still think even with the mis cues this season, he has one of the finest young minds in Baseball.
Note to Papi, if you check in on this blog, I think that although Jason Varitek is the Captain of this team, you are the HEART AND SOUL (and lightening bright smile) of this team. I really hope all will be well with you. David, as much as we miss your bat, we miss your presence and your smile!!! Thanks for all you do. My good thoughts and prayers are with you, thanks Papi!!

We’ve only got 4 good players left on our team that’s healthy… Pap, Schill, Wells, and Youk. The rest are either average or below average. (Lowell is pretty average, offensively anyway).

Without Papi, Manny, Wakefield, Varitek, Loretta, Clement, Pena, Gonzo, Nixon, and Lester, this team is barelly a step above the Pawtucket team – I’m not even joking, either… if the Sox go .500 the rest of the way, it’ll be a miracle, especially if Manny and Papi don’t return soon.

ellen, i think everyone is upset about the combination of losing and the new yankee fans (not vince or vik) that come on here and pretend like they know the red sox.

if that yankee blog is getting so boring that you have to come over here, maybe you should try a mets blog. im sure you guys would have fun.

personally im excited to see what the rookies can come up and do and to see what moves that the fo will make. if ND loses to GT this weekend then ill be agrivated, but not yet.

I have no problem with the bloggers here, at first it sounded as is that were directed at me and the I saw it was your stars.. Hey let em come on over and say their piece and as you said except for vince and vik, ignore them and they’ll go away. They can’t change my mind or my love for (sorry if I’m being propritory) MY SOX!!!! Like I said last night, except for the richer and poorer thing, (I know they are WAAAAAAAY RICHER THAN ME!!!) I’m in this like a marriage: better or worse, sickness and in health! Sorry NOT even the worst Yankee fan can shake my faith, or my devotion!! No offense intended, Vik or Vince, I know you feel the same way about your Yanks. Great fans are few and far between!

No one has said anything about David going to have his heart checked, what’s your opinion here guys??
Stars:: I’m excited too, even though I know that I’d be dreamng, how great would it be for the rookies to pull it out of their….wherever??

Ramirez, Pena head back to Boston

Red Sox sluggers to undergo medical examinations


Hi, All:

Feeling a little better after a few days out of the hospital. Amazing how injuries and illnesses have ravaged the Red Sox lineup and clubhouse. I think it is safe to say that this just isn’t the Sox season, much like 2002. I am confident that Theo will do what is necessary to fill the holes so the Sox will be a solid World Series contender next season. I like the idea of seeing what some of the guys like Pedroia and Murphy can do. I would be very surpised if Andruw Jones is not with the Sox next season. That likely means Crisp, Hansen and Lester – all of whom I think will be solid big leaguers – but I like the idea of Jones in center field. He is still in his prime, and he is a superstar. I imagine Theo will trade for or sign a frontline starter, and a back of the rotation starter as well, in addition to completely upgrading the bullpen. Since Papelbon will likely be used in the rotation next season, I think that Delcarmen will be one of the few arms returning from this year’s team.

Anyway, I’m still hopeful, of course, but realistic. I have followed baseball very closely for most of my 38 years, and some seasons things just happen that make you realize that it’s not meant to be. I would rather they shut down Ortiz for the remainder of the season and let him get his health in order, and let Manny take care of his knee, rather than have them play this year when it is unlikely that they will reach the playoffs.

It looks like it will either be Chicago or Detroit, although Oakland is looking solid. Fortunately, the Yankees appear to be a team that will be dismissed in the ALDS. They have many holes, like the Sox.

Hopefully we can put together a strong September and see what some new blood can do, so there is a clearer picture for next season.

Hi Jeff. Glad to see you back and hope you recovered completely from whatever (i’m sry, have a poor memory) it is that made you stay at a hospital.

Wow, Jeff, you got your breath back!! Really glad you’er back among the Fans!! We truly missed your input. I agree that they should put Manny and Papi on the back burener, but so you think that they are 2 players that wouls stand for that?? Especially Papi, with him having the possibility of breaking Jimmi Fox’s recors and winning the MVP?? Just a ? ?.

Hey which Josh do we get tonight?? I’m hoping for a repeat performance with some substantial backup from relief. we’ve got the Hurricane/tropical storm coming through in like the next 1 1/2 to 3 hours I hope we win quick. For nos to H*E))LL with the injured talk, and the Cr–a)p about next year!! We’re still playing the 2006 season!! no offense Jamie

Hey Jamie, Tell me something.. If you’re on a boat and it overturns and you know you have one more hour of air left, I assume you’ll give up at the 15 minute mark, even though you know you’re a goner?? Or are you going to try to make something happen, to turn the situation around?? Really, I’d like an answer. Thanks ec

I’m really angry that the Sox fans have not said one thing about Papi going back to Boston to have his heart checked out, real feeling bunch!

Ellen, I think that we all – as Sox fans and fellow human beings – wish Big Papi well. As I mentioned, I think it is best for him that he shuts it down and gets his health in order. He does seem to be a great guy, and a very important figurehead for baseball. Obviously, a hamstring pull is a lot different than a heart condition, so most people – I think – are more interested in Ortiz the person than Ortiz the baseball player right now.

sigh, Ellen, alas, my greatest fear is death by drowning, so at the 15th minute mark, I’d probably end my misery before drowning lol.

I thinks that’s a great response Jeff, being that you were just hospitalized, you’d know the feeling. I just hoped we’d see an outpouring of the way the fans feel about the “heart” of our team. It seems as if nothing ever happens unless he’s in the game, guess I’m just more sentimentally emotional than most, sorry.


Jamie, did you get my “comparison”? As a very long time SoxFan, I’ll tell you you never, ever give up until it’s absolutely over and you gave up 2 weeks ago.

Ellen, it’s not that I don’t think the Sox have ANY hope… it’s just that they’re so unlikely to succeed now that I don’t see anything happening. Luccino practically said the same thing on the pre-game show today, urging fans to look for “individual accomplishments” or something of that type.

Sometimes a team can bounce back from a terrible stretch like the Sox are in right now. However, unlike the 04 Sox, we’ve got half of our roster injured… Papi and Manny probably won’t be playing this season anymore, and no one has any hope left in the clubhouse… I want to believe that a miracle will happen – I do. However, the team I’m cheering for is no longer the Boston Red Sox, since it’s transformed somehow into the Pawtucket Red Sox…

It’s still the BOSTON REDSOX, though horribly decimated. But as a RedSox fan, I would never ever show the least little amount of defeat, yeah, I’m looking toward 2007, BUT, I will never ever show one ounce of defeat of lack of hope. You are obviously one of the new breed of RedSox Fans, one of those who hasn’t struggled through decades of ups and downs. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and not to take anyhting away from you , but if you were older you’d have a very different sentiment, and outlook on the last 32 games. ec. SORRY Jamie.

defeat of= defeat or. sorry.

lol you’re right about me being the new breed – the impatient, shallow teen who dreams of glory and fantasize about greatness.

lol anyway…

I’ll probably still watch every game, and cheer on the Sox as usual, but it won’t be with the same thrill or anxiety of competition that usually comes with a Sox game…

That play by Coco was one of the best I have seen all year

what happened? the game here in vegas is blacked out so i have to watch on gameday.

what happened to our offense? cant hit loaiza, can hit saarloos. even without manny and papi we should be hitting em cause these guys *****.

He dived in front of him to catch a bloop to centre. Perhaps I am exagerating but I know when was watching it live I did not think he had a shot at making it. You cannot catch a ball closer to the ground than he did.

I’m sorry for you for that. Every ball game should hold that anxiety, thrill and hope. I wish that everyone could feel just as they felt the 1st time they heard the Ump yell “PLAY BALL”., I heard it on the radio. (I’m NOT that old it’s just that we didnt have b-ball here till 1993) I just don’t understand the fact that you can’t love the game individually and have to have EVERYTHING ride on a world series vctory. Guess that’s the difference between us, AND I CAN RESPECT THIS, you are only a fan of the winning Sox, and not truly a SOXFAN or truly a fan of BASEBALL, I’m sorry if we differ on our outlook, I didn’t mean for anything that I said to offend you. ec

Does anyone else get the feeling it is going to take a miracle to score a single run?

I put most of the blame on this disaster on Theo. The Redsox play poorly every single year down the stretch. No matter how good we look in April, May, June, and even July… we blow it in the end. The only exception of course is the 8 game stretch in 2004. When we looked “decent” near the trade deadline this year, it should have been a sign to actually do something to combat the upcoming meltdown. In hindsight, maybe it was the right decision to do nothing because it would have taken several good players to keep us afloat.

well 2-0. game over.

i hope they prove me wrong

well, I’d have to disagree on that. It is true that each game is enjoyable – otherwise I wouldn’t watch anymore Sox games this season. However, you can’t honestly tell me that you get the same feeling watching an 85-game winner as you do when watching a potential WS candidate. I’m a fan of a winning Sox, but I don’t turn my back on a losing one either. Just because I’m realistic about the probabilities of winning doesn’t mean that I’m not a baseball fan, either. While I don’t see eye to eye with you about what a “real fan” is, I see what you mean, and as usual, no offense taken, and none meant.

its easy to publicly support your team when times are good (example- the yankees) buts its hard to when your team is ******* it up (example- the red sox)

well done Hinske. we need that more often from him with all the injury woes

oops. spoke too soon

jamie, your right. it seems like a waste of time at times to watch a game when you know your team is going nowhere. but also being a dodgers fan (theyre the closest thing ive ever had to a home town team) i can still watch them and be satisfied. but i am also looking foward to seeing which rookies that get called up will be able to make an impact.

lol starsfan, I also love the Dodgers. They’re my NL team =)

They’re doing pretty well… I LOVE BRAD PENNY

yea theyre AAA team is in vegas so whenever they have a star player on a rehab assignment i try to go watch. (like nomar or gagne)

and im moving to fresno (california) in a few months so i figured i needed to support a cali-based team or id be seen as the notre dame/red sox dude.

lol I see

Thanks, but I get that electric feeling (goose bumps) whenever I’m watching a Sox game. True The feeling may be multiplied when we’re in a playoff or Alcs, but whenever I see the Sox playing, even in spring traing games, I’m very very excited and anxious. Please don’t think I’m not realistic, I am very much so, I just don’t let my disappointment show, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard te expression “keep a stiff upper lip”, or “never let em see you sweat”, that’s the ideology that I follow. If and when we have to give up this season, I’ll be at the front of the line, but Jamie, I’m just the type who would hold my breath until the air was absolutely gone, and I had no hope of surfacing what so ever. I’ll be there, with no excuses, just (if and when) the fact that we couldn’t bring it and they did!!. I’m a little envious of you because this is an exhausting type of fans life.

lol Ellen, I imagine it IS an exhausting type of life.

I’m not really disappointed in the team, because the injuries which derailed our season this year were so random, so unforeseen, that it’s not really a failure. I believe that the perfectly healthy Sox team is better than the 100% healthy Yankee team. Still, this is only one year, only the second since our WS win. I’m pretty impatient, but for now, I’m content to just brood about the mighty Sox of 07…

well, good night everyone! Too tired to watch tonight’s game (I really want to too – very close game so far)…

good god, can coco be any worse. this guy hasnt got a clutch hit all year. can someone remind me why we traded andy marte for this clown?

Hey Jamie, let’s just say that we “agree to disagree”. is that alright with you,SoxFan?? Speaking only for myself and relating what my dad would have said, (Gee, I think that I might hve heard this somewhere else too!)”it ain’t over til it’s over”. Thanks for being a great sport,Jamie.

never mind a clutch hit, he hasn’t had that many hits at all!!

your right ellen. why would you even think about trading a top prospect for a career 280 hitter. if we kept marte we could have traded him back to atlanta for andruw jones.

clutch k by beckett

Sometimes it;s so plain it just plumb escapes common sense.
We’re waiting for the worst of the storm now, (although I don’t think we’re going to see anything more than some heavy rain). But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed, with these storms you never can tell!!.

Ok we put kapler in… the only thing he’s stolen all year is his paycheck! I can’t help thinking the guys we gave up to keep him. and I was a supporter of Kapler coming back, sorry Arielle, I know he’s your guy, but…

1 hit, but come on Sox let’s hold it at that!!

Well here comes the “dirty” part of te storm, if I lose you guys…take over my cheerleading duties!! I’ll try to be bak soon.

wow tough luck loss tonight. we couldnt have asked much more of beckett tonight.

D_a_n-m, Losing gets pretty old quick.. Last week I was glad for us to be away from Fenway after the Yankee debacle. But now I can’t wait to get home, I know we have an afternoon game tomorrow, (GO SOX). But after that I’ll actually get to bed at a reasonable hour. Hopefully we’ll have a better homestand this time.
Hey Jamie, hope I didn’t make you mad, It’s all just SOXSTUFF… Keep a good thought for David and me throughout the storm! Ellen.

ps… it’s very eerily quiet outside right now. I’ve been through 40 years worth of storms// NOW HEEEEERE’S ERNESTO (with a last name that probrably ends in “EZ”. g’night NATIONERS! Talk tomorrow….. GO SOX!!!

hey all,
1st of all i wanna say that my prayers go out to big papi and his family.

im a huge yankee fan but no1 likes to see a genuinely good guy like ortiz have a serious health issue.

i usually post on mark feinsand’s blog at yankees.com. but i wanna get a feel for how sox fans are feeling right now. are you guys keeping the faith or looking forward to next season?

I have watched a lot of Redsox games and it looks to me that Manny is faking his injuries so he can get traded to the Yankees. He doesn’t show his love for baseball in a Redsox uniform. He has been a disaster this year. Let him go where he might be able to smile like Pappi.

Boy am I glad I had a public meeting to go to last night. Sitting in the Croton Village Hall listening to people complain was a whole lot better than listening to that heartbreaker would have been. (OK, so I really would have preferred to be home listening to the game, but I’m trying to convince myself I was better off.) Very nice to see Beckett pitch a two-run geme. But to be realistic, I wouldn’t put a whole lot of emphasis on Beckett’s performance, coming as it did against a team that is tied for last in batting average, last in slugging percentage, and second to last in total hits.


As far as Sox fans go, I’d say starsfan has exhibited what I think is the most typical Sox fan behavior. Most of them that I know who have been Sox fans for a long time cheer for the Sox while surreptitiously holding their breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. Expressions like “the June Swoon” came from years of fans watching their playoff hopes go down the tubes in the latter part of the season. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t die hard fans or don’t love the Sox as much as the next Sox fan. I do think that this attitude is more prevalent the closer you get to Boston though, for whatever reason. Maybe it comes from those long Boston winters wallowing in depression.

And as for Kapler, I’m very glad the Sox chose to keep him around. In my opinion he’s underrated overall defensively. He can play all three outfield positions, has very good range and has a great arm, both in terms of strength and accuracy. I think his performance at the plate would be greatly improved by more consistent playing time. And his fellow teammates absolutely rave about his clubhouse attitude. The whole time he was working to come back from his injury he was there to support the team, offer encouragement and help everyone keep a positive outlook. He’s the quintessential role player in my book, and I hope the Sox hold onto him.

And we all hope Papi gets a clean bill of health after these tests. Not because he’s been a rock for the Sox offense, but because he’s another human being.

Is there still hope for this season? Maybe. If the Sox had anything close to their starting lineup from Opening Day, I’d bring up the fact that in the remaining 30 games, the Sox will be playing at Fenway 18 times, and 19 times against Baltimore, Kansas City, Toronto and Tampa Bay. But unless they get some starters back soon, I don’t think those other things are enough to make a difference. I’d love to be wrong in this case, but even with your best lineup available, 7.5 games is tough to make up in one month.

I’ll root for the Sox just as hard because I still have hope. But hoping that they WILL confound your expectations is different than convincing yourself that they are LIKELY to confound your expectations.

I’d say 25-5 is the magic number for this team over the last 30 games if they want to make the playoffs.

Ian, what’s the latest on Papi, and do we know when Manny will play again?

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