In my mind, that is going to be what it takes for the Red Sox over these last 30 games to give themselves a legitimate chance at making the playoffs. that would put them at 96-66 for the season, so perhaps they could get in with a couple less wins.

I know, I know, very wisfhul thinking, but miracles do happen don’t they?

My point is, you don’t want to get in a situation where you are relying on other teams to lose, so if this team is going to get to the playoffs for the fourth year in a row, they are going to have to play complete, lights out baseball.

Is it possible? Sure, on a remote basis. Probable? Of course not.

One thing they have going for them is the surge they’ll likely feel when Varitek, Nixon, Wakefield and Gonzalez come back. Obvioulsy the team will go nowhere if Ortiz and Manny don’t come back in short order, that goes without saying.

Next week, the White Sox come in for three games, starting Monday, so that’s going to be the first critical chance for them to get themselves back into the hunt.

Maybe it’s too late,we’ll find out soon enough.



go yawn somewhere else. This blog is a yawn-free zone.

Keep dreaming…

It’s amazing how Yankees fans can remain smug, less than two years after watching their team pull off the biggest choke in the history of Major League postseason baseball.

Isn’t it Ian? We sure are a resilient bunch🙂 If you want to relive the glory, you can pop in your 2004 championship video!

ha ha, i have it on DVD.

We now have no starters with an ERA under 4. Schilling is not a viable #1 starter anymore. He’s still pretty good, but we better not try to factor in 18+ wins for him next year. 6 hits and a walk through 3 innings against one of the worst hitting teams in the league, with our backs to the wall is pretty ugly.

Curt getting his 3000th K is a great milestone for him.
Go RedSox. Papi, Manny et al, get well soon!!

Nice catch by Youk!!!

I can actually laugh a bit at the team now when I look at the lineup card. Definitely the worst Redsox line up I have ever seen. I just wonder how a team with a lineup as horrible as the Royals can still win 36% of their games… and this team the Redsox are sending out there doesn’t seem capable of winning a single game.

Man, Yankee blogges really pi ss me off


Don’t worry about Yankee bloggers… they are only here to avoid their own problems. The A’s, Angels, Twins, and Tigers all have better pitching. The White Sox don’t statistically, but do have last year’s experience. Assuming A-rod forgets to bring his little nuts with him to the postseason and their pathetic defense follows them to the playoffs, its going to be year #6 without a title for the Yanks.

My sentiments exactly on the Yankee pitching, of the top 3 starters in all the contenders rotations i would take MIN, OAK, DET , and ANA over the Yankees and only the White Sox have a worse top 3. Bullpen wise, other than thier closer, I think his name is Riviera, their pen ranks the worst out of those 6 teams.

C’Mon on Dustin

Lord, We just can’t get a break!!

7 left on base in 6 innings. It’s nice to see our backups understand the 2006 Redsox policies and procedures. They have been paying attention.

Well, the 2004 team DID go on a virtually undefeated run after the all-star break…. maybe the same can happen again. I doubt it, but as a Sox fan, it’s not really that easy to concede defeat…

86 is more than 14 times greater than 6. IF it happens. And Rizzo, Anahiem starting pitching doesn’t matter to the yankees because we dont play them anymore. Without Liriano, the twins are as menacing as the redsox. Well thats an exagerration but they are not as good other than Santana.

In the meanwhile you both can worry abt finding 1-5 pitchers for next season, now that even Schilling hasn’t done anything in a LONG LONG time.

we need more “RBI man”. I’m sure that Theo doesn’t see RBI’s as a legit stat, since it depends alot on the OBP of batters in front of them. However, with all these men left on base, I can’t help but get agitated… I want to see our baserunners driven home, you know?

I dont understand why everyone talks about 1918 and how the Yankees havent won since 2000. It’s all about the present and the fact of the matter is neither Bos or Nyy is going to achieve the ultimate goal this season.

the fact of the matter is the yankees will be the only team to have a chance to win the series this year. That is first of all, 2nd of all, rivera the only good reliever? Look at 2nd half stats of villone proctor and farnsworth, the yankees have one of the deeper bullpens in the american league. Without a healthy liriano the twins have a worse starting staff, and while the tigers have great starting pitching the yankees clearly have their number winning 4 of 5 so far and holding them to 1 run or less in 3 of those games. You guys may be frustrated and angry and it may annoy u certain yankee fans come through now that they know the season is safe, but don’t start spewing inaccurate information to try and make the yankees look worse than they are….Not to mention, although defense is the more important half of the playoffs, offense does still exist.

Rizzo: Talk abt the past and the present or the present or the past. Whatever you want. Just dont pick PARTS OF THE PAST. If you want to talk abt present, we will be playing in october and you wont. After that it is anybody’s guess.

you don’t understand why people talked about 1918? Funny coming from a sox fan seeing as most of you had to create a fictional curse to excuse the fact you never won for that long while having good teams. If anything, redsox nation is the biggest believer of looking into the past to judge the present.

Ian, 2004? that is the best you can do? You are going to compare 4 games in the entire franchise history of the yankees to 86 years of the redsox? 2004 was nothing more than the yankees collapsing 1 game longer than the redsox, the sox theoretically collaprsed for games 1-3, without being terrible for that period of time, the “greatest comeback” would have never had to happen in the first place.

Look, history isn’t all that important. E.g. the Royals have an all-time winning record against the sox. Are the Royals better than the Sox? hmm… not really

And how many games have that trio pitched? When its all said and done, probably about 225 games. And you can’t tell me in New York and Detroit in the middle of October in 40 degree weather that they won’t be affected by the heavy workload of the past 6 months.

I agree that offense still does exist in the postseason, but every year even when you think that this is the year it won’t happen, pitching ALWAYS trumps good hitting

When oakland had mulder zito and hudson in their prime, the yankees still found ways to beat them with a less potent offense and equivalent starting staff……Oakland has simply not been a good playoff team since before the 90’s never escaping the alds. The yankees own the twins, though if liriano is healthy and doesn’t miss a beat, they are obviously better than any of their previous teams to challenge the yankees. The whitesox lost the season series to the yankees and obviously if they played it would be close, that would be a tossup but the yankees would more than likely have home field advantage. Like i said before, the yankees have the tigers number and with the tigers being mostly rookies, there is nothing to point to that says the tigers would have a playoff edge either, they remind me heavily of the 2001 mariners.

I am not by any means saying the yankees are a lock for the ws but to say they are an automatic alds loss is simply a sox fan being ignorant and frustrated and it reflects poorly on your nation as a whole just like cherry picking yankee fans do on our fanbase

By giving the yankees a clear lead in the division, it will heavily relax our starting pitchers and essential bullpen arms, I wouldn’t worry about fatigue being an issue this year for the yankees compared to teams like oakland, minnesota and chicago.

anaheim and boston are the only AL teams to beat the yankees in the playoffs since 1997, just keep that in mind. This team, for the most part, knows how to overcome adversity and inferior starting pitching (2000,2001,2003 and the 2004 alds the yankees had inferior pitching to their opponents in the playoffs)

ahem, Diamondbacks?

oops didn’t read the “AL part” nvm

I think we just need to treat these Yankee bloggers like teeth… ignore them and they’ll go away.

lol fat chance on getting me to go away, not sure if that was implied with me and/or vik included, but I have been here far too long to just disappear. Not to mention I legitimately enjoy most of you

isn’t it weird how fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing? Anyway, if you meant the random ones that just taunt u guys every so often, they do that in the yankee blog too, you just ignore them cause chances are they won’t come back to see your responses anyway.

j-e-t-s jets, jets, jets! after the yankees make it to the playoffs and lose, enjoy a long cold winter cheering for those guys. oh, you are a giants fan… good luck with that one.

see: proof. Idiots exist on both sides of the fan base

well, swept in 3 of the last 4 series, david wells likely to get traded. 25-5 is very wishful thinking. at least im not gonna be bored the next few months.

well, swept in 3 of the last 4 series, david wells likely to get traded. 25-5 is very wishful thinking. at least im not gonna be bored the next few months.

Hey Ian have your Red Sox come sweep the Yanks in 5 games at the stadium and we’ll talk. You can bring up 2004 all you want, just like we can bring up 1978, 1999, and 2003, but we don’t because ever since 2004 that stuff was all in the past… but not anymore. After the Son of the Boston Massacre I think every Yankee fan has a right to be smug. You had Pedro and Schilling when we Vazquez and Brown, you had a better team that year, get over it. Let’s keep it about the present and maybe we can make a new ALCS memory to talk about… oh wait… you won’t be there this year? So sad.

baseballife are you retarded or do you just not like to read? at least 5 people already said not to live in the past. so next time you say something like that you should read the previous posts to avoid making yourself look stupid.

and everyone can talk about how bad the sox were in games 1-3. plenty of teams have gone down 0-3 and lay low and gotten swept. the yanks are the only team in baseball history to blow that 3-0 lead.

and vince your right, baseballife and dan fagan prove that both sides have their ******.

haha it censored m o r o n

“It’s all about the present”
-says the Red Sox fan….how come all I ever hear is Sox fans talking about is 2004?

im not speaking for everyone else. why is it that yankee fans come on here and either mention their 26 rings or the fact that we have 1 ws title in 88 years? i am focused on the present i am am focused on the fact that unless we win out we aint gonna make the post seasonwhich can be good. no playoffs means a longer off season which give you more time to analyze potential fa signings.

“It’s all about the present”
-says the Red Sox fan….how come all I ever hear is Sox fans talking about is 2004? Writes: siege17@hotmail.com.

I assume you are referring to me as that Red Sox fan, I can’t speak for the whole fan base but you will not here me talking about 2004 as proof of anything, just like I wont talk about 78 or 86 to prove any points either.

as far as im concerned the only bragging rights either of us currently have without dealing with the past is the 5 game massacre….of course mid september that can change, though it’ll prob change back when the yankees wrap up the division, but that’s just me.It would be foolish to think either of these teams is going to stay down anytime soon for years to come though, they are both set up marvelously for the future.

Going around baseball sites I see multiple writings heralding Jeter for MVP, including Yankee blog, what an intersting discussion that would be, I would talk about it but I have be out of the house by 8 tomorrow morning

lol rizzo…feel how you want about jeter, but it is becoming increasingly obvious ortiz will not and does not deserve it when this season ends…and this comes from a yankee fan who said ortiz deserved it at the half way point.

Here’s the present/ immediate future for both teams:
Red Sox: ride out the last 29 games of the season, keep guys coming off of injuries from re-injuring themselves, and try to rebuild for ’07.

Yankees: Put the last 30 games on cruise control/avoid injuries/rest key players and try and go deep into Oct.

Thats about as simple as both teams present/future is

pretty much yeah, that seems to be the plans.

Jermaine dye i can legitimately see winning the mvp as well…jeter a game tying double down 2-0 and then stole 3rd and scored on a ground out for the go ahead run….it is the little things.

I agree whole heartely that Ortiz does not deserve MVP, I am a big proponent of making playoffs qualifies MVP, but look at what is around Jeter, hate bringing up $ but you have to do it. Also Jeter has some other very talented teammates. With the likes of AROD, Giambi, Posada, damon, mussina, johnson, the list goes on and on , with a guy like Dye, there’s not that much around him , with Thome being out, it comes down to if Dye and carry CHW into postseason play and beyond. If he does it will be a close two horse race

Heres that bullpen again DET leads, another thing in Oct., Yanks can’t use Proctor or Farnsworth back to back days. Their numbers on second days of back to backs are telling. Where was Farnsworth tonight anyway? Not being saracastic, I really have no clue.

i think hsi back prob tightened up….proctor and farnsy are lights out when used correctly, but a certified disaster when overused with days guaranteed off in the playoffs the yankees should have 4.5 solid relievers

yankeevmm- I understand you are a true blue NYY fan as a am the same for BOS. Here, I am trying to discuss things in a neutral position, but on the NYY blog, I am anti Yankee, and trying to be a p r i c k b/c thats how most of those bandwagon bloggers are

Anybody know how many games the Red Sox trail the Yankees?

8 now, 9 in the loss column

rizzo i’m not sure that makes any sense whatsoever but fair enough

Ian, the Sox will not go 25-5 or anywhere close. A winning record the rest of the way would be good enough. It’s too many injuries, and just bad pitching moves by the FO since the offseason. The Sox are too far behind both races to catch up. This team is totally different from the 2004 team to do any ‘miracles’. Let’s just wish everyone get healthy, esp. Papi.

I am came on these blogs which was probably a bad idea in the 1st place , just reading what some fans had to say gets me off track of why i’m really here, which is to enjoy baseball. Anyway i am off the night, grab the tissue box, lol, and a BIG get well soon to BIG papi

Hey guys, just home from work and reading all your posts. ** (Hey Jamie, Vince/Vik,Stars, Rayman, et al)History is important, but not at the end of August, now all that counts is the present. I think that the Sox will try to rebound from all the injury woes, and the wheels falling off our Playoff wagon (I guess this is not a wagon that anyone will be jumping on!! At least we don’t have to worry about bandwagon jumpers right now!!) It will take something of a miracle for us to get there this year. I think that we just hope for the best and also hope that it doesnt fall apart anymore than it already has! We have to just take it one day at a time!!

BTW that “Hey…” was ti say hi. My punctuation made it look like I was calling out everyone, sorry!!

So, Ian, is Wells really up on the trading block? Guess we’ll find out by tomorrow. Guess that means the owners/bosses/whatever have conceded this season. I wonder if Youk, Loretta, and Lowell are in on it? How ’bout Pap and Timlin? Maybe Schill and Becket? Or are they still out there doing their best with what’s left of their team? Good thing that they’ve got a NATION pulling for them.

I think its stupid that all of you argue who has the better team. That decision is easy. In 2003 I think that they were both pretty even. I mean, an extra innings walk off HR is just fate. In 2004 the Red Sox were better. Last year they were about the same..lasted each into the ALDS. And this year, its clear by now that the yankees were a better team. They handled their injuries well and players that needed to step up, stepped up. Not to mention some key moves at the deadline. You could beat this argument into the ground, but just look at how each team fared at the end of the season, and its safe to say who had the better team.

ctzmom: I heard the Wells trading story on the ESPN commentary during the Yanks Tigers game,something about LosAngeles or St.Louis being interested, and in the past he had made it clear that he has wanted to go west.

lol i agree with everything except 2003…we had the better manager, thus the better team, you guys were a caught stealing away from being swept in 04 and a pitching change away from winning in 03….they were both pretty even and they decided to split….the diff is the sox won the ws and the yankees did not

lol rizzo for the record, our captain in 03 was out 6 weeks and we still won the division and then beat u in the alcs, so don’t bring up captain injuries. Second of all you complain we don’t have 6 or 7 melkys? We have more homegrowns this year and last year and 04 and 03 so no reason bringing up the farm, not on the sox blog, not on the yankees blog, it is a defeated argument.

vince, the only difference is your captain doesnt call one of the best games in the majors. losing tek hurts the pitchers more than anything and losing jeter would be the same thing if tek were a short stop or second baseman.

true dat, Ellen, Wells has said he’d like to go west. But if he leaves now, it will feel like there’s little hope of the ship not sinking. (and if he does go, I sure hope it’s to an NL team.)

if wells gets traded, id like to see him do to a contender in the NL (possibly LA) and only if we get someone good in return. not that catcher from SD hitting 230 or whatever in the minors.

My sentiments exactly on the Yankee pitching, of the top 3 starters in all the contenders rotations i would take MIN, OAK, DET , and ANA over the Yankees and only the White Sox have a worse top 3. Bullpen wise, other than thier closer, I think his name is Riviera, their pen ranks the worst out of those 6 teams.

Posted by: rizzo1087@yahoo.com | August 30, 2006 05:12 PM

Sorry Rizzo,

but the Yankee bullpen is more like 2nd out of those 6 teams.

Proctor is lights-out all year, except for a little slump before the break. But true, he hasn’t got the experience.

Farnsworth numbers may not be very good, but almost all of his bad outings have been in no pressure situations –> big leads. In tight situations it was almost all the time: perfect 8th inning.

Myers is the best in the business if we talk about lefty specialists, could come in handy against Thome, Morneau and if you guys grab the WC (and oddly as it may sound, I’m rooting for you. I’d love another crazy ALCS) against Papi.

Villone has been more than steady. He’s multifunctional and has great stuff.

And we’ve got Rivera ofcourse.

Well, we’ll beat up the Tigers and Twins this week for starters, you’ll guys get hot and clinch the WC and we’ll meet again in October, so we can get revenge for 2004 and you guys for Boston Massacre 2006.

ctzmom, the LA team was the Dodgers, so far, as far as we know, for the time being he’s still ours and that only NL has expressed an interest.

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