Putting it in perspective

I think all Red Sox fans should refrain from wallowing in self pity during September.

Think about the run you all had from 2003-05, three of the most memorable and eventful years in club history.

So you’re likely not to have anything to keep you sleep-deprived this October. Perhaps everyone could use some time to take a deep breath and soak in all that you’ve seen the past few years. The Cowboy Up season of ’03 was both rewarding and painstaking. The ’04 season — from Aug. 1 until Oct. 27 == will probably be the best sporting period of your life.

And ’05 was very much a crowning season. You got to hear "World Series champion Red Sox" all year long, and you got to see that banner get raised while the Yankees watched.

So this year went bad in a hurry. There were a barrage of factors, and we’ve been over them all. It’s baseball. Everyone should get over it.

Gear up for ’07.  Enjoy the rest of ’06. Maybe they’ll surprise you and catch fire again. Probably not, the way things have been stacked up all of a sudden. But just enjoy the game. And enjoy what you’ve seen the last few years.

It’s only baseball.


Who would have thought that 2006 was to become a transitional year for the Red Sox?

Granted we can look back and be critical of Theo but in the end the injuries took its toll.

I am very happy to see Red Sox management INVEST in the future and give the Farm System a chance to develop fully its great talent. The list of traded Red Sox farmhands that fully developed to the BIGS elsewhere is pretty sad.

So having an off-year is not so bad when you consider this the preparation for a series of great years based on Home-Grown talent.

Finally, lets all agree the Red Sox organization can not out-spend or try to keep parity with its NY neighbors. If you concede this point and it makes more sense to focus on a Moneyball approach to team management.

Remember what it was like when you were waiting your whole life just to see them win one World Series? Not only did they do that, but in the most historic fashion imaginable. So now, sit back and enjoy following this team. Commiserate with the bad times, but don’t let it consume you. Just wait to see them win again, you know it won’t take another 86 years.

This was a nice thing to read first thing in the morning, Ian. Pretty much what I’ve been saying all along. Thank you!


Yeah, I agree. I mean, Theo remade the entire infield, and pretty much turned the bullpen upside down. To have been as good as we’ve been the first half of the season is already pretty cool. I see a pretty exciting offseason for us this year, maybe as exciting as the Mets and Blue Jays offseasons in the past 04 and 05, respectively.

With prospects finally coming up and trying to establish themselves, we’re going to get a pretty decent amount of excitement in the coming weeks. How will Pedroia do? Will Papelbon stay effective?

Plus, we have some new players on the team, namely Hinske and Pena. How will they perform? I admit, it’s not as exciting as “Will they win the WS?” but hey, it’s better than nothing, right?

Things are finally back the way they should be in Red Sox nation. Depressing and woeful. This is below rock bottom, and I love every minute of it.

You’re captian is down and out, you’re best player is having heart problems (probably from the steriods or HGH that he’s on I might add…so no sympathy there), and Manny is sitting himself with a phantom injury. And your best pitcher is giving away runs like candy. Not to mention your GM didn’t do anything to improve a mediocre team who was still in the chase at the trade deadline.

And yet you all treat the situation as if it were bound to happen. Maybe it is, because since you had your 1 championship, you are back to your old ways of lamenting your perpetual mediocrity and dreaming about the next year that is never likely to come.

I hope that when you look back over this disaster of a season you all remeber the exact weekend when the nail was put into your coffen.

Boston Massacre II


You are cold. People like you give us Yankee fans a bad name.

I am all for wallowing in the Red S-u-x misery as much as the next guy, but to take ANY happiness from Ortiz’ heart troubles is pathetic.

To say he deserves it because of ‘roids or HGH is assinine, especially when you probably cheer every single Giambi home run. I am still a fan of Giambi; it is not his fault the system needs to be fixed. But to take joy in another person’s pain and life threatening illness is lower than low.

Bad karma, dude.

Hello everyone – just wanted to throw my two cents in before I grab a bite to eat. Not much to say, I still love my boys no matter what. At this point in time, my only concern is for our injured’s to be completely healthy. I’m praying that Lester’s tests for cancer come back negative – that certainly didn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I’m glad to see that Papi was released from the hospital (so ESPN said anyway) and it gives me thrills that Trot and Jason are on schedule to make a few minor league rehab starts – here’s hoping they’re successful runs and we get back them back soon.
Ralphie, I think you’re a piece of well, you know (I wouldn’t want to give the sensor thing the joy of blanking out what I really think). How dare you come on here and claim someone deserves something like that because of steroids when your “star player” fessed up to it. I hope that comes back to bite you in the *** one day.

And Ellen, it’s the Padres that are interested in David Wells and more than likely going to get him. Just to let you know.

Anyway, I’ve said my piece. I’ll be more than happy to defend everything I just said too.

In case it wasn’t clear, ralphie does not, in ANY way, represent Yankees fans. He’s the guy who spends the first four innings in the box seats attention whoring, oblivious to his own social inadequacies, but doesn’t get his rousing ovation until security finally comes by to drag his sorry *** out of Yankee Stadium.

Maybe Ralphie and his pals have short-term memory loss and just maybe their heads are too far up their rear ends to remember who led the AL East until the All Star break and would be continuing to lead it if they were not plagued by injury.
Anyone who needs to win by default is not a champion. And anyone who is happy for others to suffer injury and illness is an evil, low-life loser.

Ya know this last month has been miserable. I’ve been unable to even post never the less read the box scores each morning, but ralphie you brought me out. Give me a break, Ortiz is not a roid guy, ya wanna know roid guys, they are the ones who were hitting 20 more than than average, Ortiz has always hit between 30-40 as an everyday player. Perpetual mediocrity? I’ve seen the Red Sox make the playoffs what 11- 12 times in my life, not as good as the yankees, but go ask the cubs or brewers about their success. A lot of yankee fans post on this blog and all and all they are not hateful nor ignorant of the game. Your loving a guy with cancer a guy with a heart murmor? How pathetic is your life? Maybe if mommy gave you a real name you could have sat at the table with the popular kids in high school. Who knows, either way you got some issues that I’d suggest you get help with before you climb up a clock tower with a loaded weapon.

Let me start by making clear that I am in no way supporting ralphie.

ctzmom, You were not injured by the break. You lost the lead by the time ur guys started getting injured. Even the series at Boston, the only guys that missed were Varitek, Nixon and Clement. Dont make it look like it was all injuries.

*you=your guys

hi Jen. How are you?

First of all, Ralphie, you have to be one sick dude to be happy about Papis heart problems. As much as I hate A-Rod, I would never be happy if he suffered something that serious. But that’s okay. Karmas a b**** and the Yanks are going to get spanked by who ever they play in the playoffs, anyway.

Wasn’t Varitek hurt before the Yankees series?

yankee indian go home.

If you know anything about baseball, you know that teams get hot and they get cold cyclically.

And if you think that injuries to Foulke, Wells, Wakefield, Clement, Gonzalez, Varitek, Mirabella, Crisp (2 times), Ortiz, Ramirez and Pena are of no consequence and haven’t affected the team’s record, then you just shouldn’t be here commenting. Oh that’s right, you shouldn’t be here anyway.

It’s been ages since I’ve posted here. Long summer….trip back to Boston, one Red Sox game at Fenway and loads of time on the Cape.

It’s a bummer how things have turned out but if I’m forced to look on the bright side….it’s one major distraction I won’t have in the new semester. Teaching duties as well as student stuff.

It’s HOT in Texas…

gil_g: I mentioned Varitek was injured if you did not notice.

ctzmom: You are a classic example of an apologist. Foulke, Wells, Gonzalez, Mirabelli, Crisp, Ortiz, Ramirez AND Pena were all playing when the redsox were swept (5 games) by the yankees.

And neither you nor your papa is paying for this blog. so dont tell me whether should be here or not as long as I conduct myself. Bring it up with Ian if you want to.

dont think the world is stupid. If you were still in the race all those guys with minor nicks and bruises would have been playing.

I never thought I would be so happy to hear Julian Tavarez is starting tonight in place of Wells. It means that the white flag is up and we are probably trading Wells for some future help later today. He’s been pretty darn good lately, so hopefully that means we’ll get something decent in return.

Red Sox Nation, I am a Yankee fan, but I am not here to argue. I saw that a Yankee fan had posted some immature things about Ortiz being on performance enhancers, and I want to make it clear that this is one person’s statement, not a generalized sentiment in the Empire. The truth is, I along with many Yankee fans and Yankee players don’t want to see Ortiz in the situation he is in. He’s one of the best natural hitters in the game, and I hope he’s okay.

The injury bug hit the Red Sox hard, and its tough to win games when your 3 and 4 are Loretta, and Youkillis. I personally wish that the Red Sox were still in the runnings because that’s what makes baseball interesting. Yankees v. Redsox in the post season is some of the greatest baseball you can ever watch.

guys, can u give us Wells for Pavano.

It’s getting ugly when the balance is not equal. nobody normal hopes ill will towards ortiz, he is a great ambassador for the game and I sincerely hope he is not in life threatening trouble.

But don’t for a second assume no redsox fans were on Giambi about being sick when he admitted to steroids and had all sorts of heart and body problems. Both fan bases have their faults and their beauty from knowledge to ignorance and it is something the more sophisticated, better represented fans have to deal with from BOTH sides.

Ryan, varitek may call one of the best games in baseball, i’m not on the field and am not yet knowledgable in that field of baseball to formulate an educated opinion on whether that is true or not, but don’t for a second try to treat jeter like a typical middle infielder that happens to be our captain.

Losing a captain is losing a captain. the difference is Jeter was having a good year when he was hurt, but it was also in may and not the 2nd half.
In addition, how many times will we circle talk about the injuries? Whoever said injuries gave the yankees the division outright and implied they don’t deserve it is just as pathetic as any other misinformed polar fan. The sox in the first half, in the beginning of the 2nd half, all year were not great against the AL and after winning 3 of the last 4 were not good against the yankees either. While it is impossible to tell how close the two teams would be had matsui sheffield cano and all the minor yankee injuries and varitek wakefield and all the minor redsox injuries (obv what has happened now is a whole nother level of injury) never been injured, but to say without a doubt the SOX would have held on and won the division is downright illogical. We don’t even know if they would have ever had a lead had the yankees never been injured. If anything, look at the second halfs of the teams over the last decade, the yankees not only have won it every year (i use decade loosely) and they are generally a better 2nd half team anyway. I’m not here to argue about it, but i will if people want to, but to say this division was urs for the keeping before the injuries is plain and simply wrong.

ralphie, do you have a soul? that sould have been the second thing your momma taught you (other than the golden rule) never wish ill health upon someone else. that was a cruel thing to say and karma is gonna get you good.

and im done with the injuries ****. why risk screwing up your career for a pointless month? it just gives more spots for the rookie call ups.

No one said that the Sox would have definitely won the division, league or World Series, but you see, what we hope for, because we are Red Sox fans, is that they will. So you coming over here saying neener, neener my team’s better doesn’t make us want to cheer for your team. Get it now? There’s almost always some other team that is going to be better. Probability works that way.

Just like the odds that there is always going to be some one smarter, nicer, better-looking and richer than you. Duh.

If we’re supposedly looking towards the future for the Sox, why is Tavarez being given the mound tonight? Why not give it to Papelbon to see how well he can handle ‘starting’ on the big stage?

I’m a Yankee fan and I don’t enjoy hearing the suffering of Red Sox players regardless of the history between us. Ralphie is completely out of line with his comment celebrating someone’s illness. But remember for the better part of the season the Yankees have been without Sheffield and Matsui and brought in players like Melky who in my opinion is fantastic. What I will miss is the intense playoffs between the Soxs and Yankees. In years past it’s been some of the best baseball I’ve ever seen. It’s no fun when the AL East is won too easy.

Hi, All:

I’m excited about the prospect of getting George Kottaras from San Diego. He is a top-tier prospect, and someone who can take over when Varitek retires. He is expected to contend for the backup job next season.

All this banter between Yankees fans and Sox fans is rather amusing – including comments from Vince. Like I have mentioned numerous times, baseball is a game of cycles – even in one season. Who knew the Sox would face all these injuries and be seemingly out of contention in one month’s time. If you know baseball, you understand that some seasons you have it, and some you don’t. Even when you’re a team like the Sox, who are usually in contention year in and year out, sometimes it’s just not your year.

I’m confident that Epstein will do what needs to be done, as evidenced by this Wells deal to get a catcher of the future. I don’t think Papelbon should start this year. They should keep him as the closer until next season, when he should move into the rotation. Beckett’s last two starts are very encouraging. The Sox should have a solid rotation next year, with pieces they already have, and a starter or two that Epstein will sign or trade for.

As for the Yankees, they will win another AL East title, but with the holes they have, it is likely their stay in the playoffs won’t last long, which is a consolation for a frustrating end to the Red Sox season.

And, no, Ellen, I’m not giving up hope for this season. I’m still following the team closely and rooting hard as I have been for years, but this doesn’t appear to be the Sox year. Next season will likely be a different – and more positive – story. As for the remainder of this season, it will be interesting to see what Pedroia and other guys (Ellsbury?)do.

I was catching up on some posts, and I agree with Ian’s commentary. The Red Sox are poised to contend for World Series titles year in and year out. It won’t be another 86 years until another World Series title. Likely not even another six years, as long as the current GM and ownership tandem remain. It would be great if the Sox caught fire and won the wild card. Anything can happen. Even if it doesn’t, I’m excited about the off-season and what will entail. The Sox have a lot of good young players, and guys like Nixon, Wells, Timlin, and Tavarez will be gone with younger players in their place. Though this last month has been frustrating, and the season isn’t turning out as we anticipated, the future is very bright for this franchise.

Maybe Ralphie and his pals have short-term memory loss and just maybe their heads are too far up their rear ends to remember who led the AL East until the All Star break and would be continuing to lead it if they were not plagued by injury.
Anyone who needs to win by default is not a champion. And anyone who is happy for others to suffer injury and illness is an evil, low-life loser.

Posted by: ctzmom@aol.com | August 31, 2006 01:57 PM

gee, I always thought saying “their rear ends to remember who led the AL East until the All Star break and would be continuing to lead it if they were not plagued by injury” meant somebody was saying the sox would definitely be winning the division without injury. Maybe “would be continuing” changed meanings overnight, or maybe the writer of the words is too inept to comprehend their own thoughts.

Yes jeff, any fan realizes baseball is a game of cycles, but any fan can also realize making up 9 games in one month on a 1st place team is pretty much impossible. We both agreed baseball is a game of cycles, I just said the yankees would have the last cycle.

btw “mom” smarter, better looking, nicer than me? I was not under the impression we have met before. I did not, however, forget that the very fact you had to get on a personal level to defend a team you don’t know personally and attack someone you also don’t know personally is a sign of being a sad, sad, little and unimportant human being.

btw in case you’re confused, “mom” had you said “would probably be continuing” then you can get away with saying “No one said that the Sox would have definitely won the division”

If me coming over convinced you as a sox fan not to cheer for the yankees, you have a whole lot more baseball issues than anybody else on this blog.

…by the way. I did not say i was “happy” for Ortiz’s illness. I said I have “no sympathy” for Red Sox fans losing a player who, in my opinion, is potentially using performance enhancing drugs. They Yankees lost Giambi a few years ago, and I’m sure there were Red Sox fans out there saying that he got what he deserved for using them. So for those of you who called me “cold, souless, a piece of ****”, and all those other things, you simply misunderstood me. My no sympathy comment was aimed at Red Sox Nation, not Ortiz.

By the way, we’re up 8.5 games now🙂

…Go Blue Jays

Nice swing Alex!

c’mon now mike, don’t fart around

Solid win on all fronts for us tonite minus julian tavarez aka nacho libre. The Blue Jays aren’t exactly burning up the league either but anytime you beat Doc Halladay your doing something right, especially with the p i s s poor lineup we are throwing together. At this point in the season we must take it one game a time, because just winning series’ are not good enough. I may be the only one, but with this game tonight I still see a glimmer of hope for the ole ball club.

Hopefully Kyle can continue the trend tomorrow and our murderers row of Loretta, Youk, Mikey and Co. can take another from the Jays, and keep this 25-5 (1-1 so far) stretch to hypothetically make the playoffs a reality.

ralphie its a lot different to compare someone who admittedly used roids to someone who has never tested positive.

To say that Papi is using steroids is completely retarded and idiotic. The guy is genuinely one of the most honest and down-to-earth guys in the world, and to compare him to someone like Giambi is just plain stupid. I don’t think Yankee fans ever have to feel any sympathy for Sox Nation (since we would never feel any sympathy for the Yanks), but don’t put Ortiz and Giambi’s name so closely so carelessly. They are VERY different types of people – one is a player whose career is owed to illegal, harmful drugs, and the other one worked his *** off to get to where he is. Implying that Ortiz uses steroids is an affront not only to all Sox fans, but to baseball fans everywhere – in fact, it’s disgusting to SPORTS FANS everywhere.

and the fact that dominicans seem to have more natural power than white boys. (guerreo, a-rod, manny, papi, soriano to name a few)

Nice win tonight-even though Cora’s “homerun” needed a little help. Great job defensively-especially Pedroia’s screened double play set-up. And an excellent grab by Kapler who came out of the dugout looking to win.

Maybe the Sox are not ready to pack it in.


The Sox traded Wells, currently our best starter, to the Padres.

The FO has thrown in the towel.

I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing, but I really hope that we get a good prospect in return; not a top-tier one, of course, but someone who can actually make a difference.

Jamie, just becuase ESPN isn’t bombarding the airwaves with speculation about Ortiz using steroids doens’t mean he isn’t.

1 side effect of steroids is “blood pressure that can damage the heart or blood vessels over time” if you think i made that up just put steroids effects into google and see what you get. I think it should at least be a question asked of Ortiz.

FACT: Ortiz’s best 3 years in Minn he averaged just over 15 HR’s per season.

FACT: As a Red Sock he has averaged over 41 Hr’s per year.

So magically he managed to find the power to hit (on average) 25 more home runs per year?

Sure there are factors like the green monster and the other dimensions of Fenway, and the fact that he sees better pitches with Manny behind him than he ever did in Minn.

But still I don’t think it’s proposterous to suggest, question, and wonder whether or not Ortiz has had any artificial help reaching this new higher level.

I’m only asking why no one else is even discussing it.

Ralphie: Its not that nobody suspects it. But there is a time and place to question something. This clearly is not.

Ralphie, Ortiz was injured constantly in Minnasota. The # of home runs doesn’t necessarily determine the player’s power, or ability to hit homeruns. Ortiz hit a homerun every 17 at-bats in Minnasota, and that’s more than 30 homeruns every 600 at bats, which constitutes a whole season. Factor in the benefits of Fenway and Manny, as well as physical development that comes with age, Ortiz’s success is not something to scratch your head over. I bet that if someone asked Papi to submit to a steroid test at any given time, he’d gladly just smile and hand over his pee.

No one is discussing it because it’s a pretty preposterous claim that someone like Papi would use performance enhancing drugs.

I’m pretty sure that if Ortiz’s heart issues were related to drugs, he wouldn’t be heading back to the lineup on Saturday… do you?

yes ralphi but in minn he was taught to be a gap hitter, small ball. in boston, not only does he had manny behind him, but he has the freedom to swing for the fences every pitch and not sacrifice the runner. and papa jack (hitting coach) taught him how to fill the holes in his swing.

and maybe you should start making valid points. if you had proof then im sure people would listen. an irregular heart beat and high blood pressure doesnt mean hes on drugs.

I don’t understand how you can make such blanket statement that “someone like” Big Papi woulnd’t use steroids.

What does someone like mean? A nice person? A good ballplayer? Flyod Landis is a nice guy, a talented athlete and a person who also used performance enhancing drugs.

As for playing on saturday, assuming that Ortiz DOES use PE drugs, why wouldn’t he play on Saturday? What would be the differance?

Again, im not claiming that he IS or HAS used PE drugs, im just wondering why there isn’t more of a speculation in the media about it. Especially now that he has developed a very prominent side effect that can be directly attributed to steroid use in some people.

simply coming out of the blue and saying hes on roids is like pointing to a random guy in a stadium and saying hes ***.

Also, if you’ve read Seth Mnookin’s “Feeding the Monster”, you’ll see that Ortiz was forbidden from using his huge, powerful swing. “You want me to hit like a *****”? is what the section was called, I believe.

and if he was on drugs and had the condition he has, the result would be a lot more fatal.

ah, but what if he were holding hands with the man next to him, had a pink shirt on, and had frosted geled hair?

I am simply making the argument that if it walks like a duck, hits homeruns like a duck, and has heart problems like a duck, maybe the media should ask whether or not it’s a duck.

Ryan: While it is preposterous to say HE IS on steroids, I dont think anybody is immune from suspicions in this day and age. Especially when he shows the symptoms of steroid usage. Chances are Ortiz is NOT on steroids. But wouldn’t be shocked if he was.

Ralphie, I’m pretty sure that there’s an urine test whenever a patient has a heart-related problem. Therefore, if steroids (which is illegal) was found in Ortiz, he probably would’ve been in custody of the police by now. Maybe not. But he CERTAINLY would not be back to be playing baseball in 2 days…

Things are finally back the way they should be in Red Sox nation. Depressing and woeful. This is below rock bottom, and I love every minute of it.

You’re captian is down and out, you’re best player is having heart problems (probably from the steriods or HGH that he’s on I might add…so no sympathy there), and Manny is sitting himself with a phantom injury. And your best pitcher is giving away runs like candy. Not to mention your GM didn’t do anything to improve a mediocre team who was still in the chase at the trade deadline.

And yet you all treat the situation as if it were bound to happen. Maybe it is, because since you had your 1 championship, you are back to your old ways of lamenting your perpetual mediocrity and dreaming about the next year that is never likely to come.

I hope that when you look back over this disaster of a season you all remeber the exact weekend when the nail was put into your coffen.

Boston Massacre II

Posted by: ralphie32584@hotmail.com | August 31, 2006 10:16 AM

dont say that you werent claiming he is using roids cause thats what you said.

or even ARod of Hafner for that matter

As for me “starting to make valid points” that is what I have bene attmepting to do. How? you ask. Well by quoting HR numbers, and well known side effects to steroids. And not making any sweeping generalizing comments like jamie about Ortiz being a good guy who would never use PE drugs.

and thats the problem vik. every great slugger today (arod, pujols, ortiz) will always be under that cloud. theres no way to hide from it. but hey, innocent until proven guilty.

I brought ARod because he is a yankee and Hafner because he is one of MY favorite players now.

Hey ALL!! 1st of all my thoughts and prayers go out to Jon Lester.. Hope all goes well with the tests.. Come back soon. Just a note before my comments… I (and my husband) spent 4 F O U R hours (and that is true time not exagerration(sp)) on the phone with bellsouth.net, between csr’s and mgrs tonight to get me my game. Just got off the phone. It was something that could’ve taken 10 minutes on the 1st call, but they didnt have the time to deal with it.. Oh well, I’ll have the game tomorrow night.. But danm I missed the first win in how long????
Ian said “don’t wallow”, why would I want to do that?? Just call me a homer, but I’ve been able to see almost every game,start to finish this year.. 1st time in my life. The only thing better would be to have been at Fenway!! Yes, I’ll cry when (I’ll still say if) we are by the numbers absolutely out of it!! But as a SoxFan, I klnow we are not going to make it every year, from past experience, not most years. But I’ll say something to each and every one of you. No matter where we are at the end of any given year, I couldn’t be more proud than to be a part of THIS REDSOX NATION. I love each and every one (almost EZept a couple) of these guys. And even the Ez bros. probrably did the best they could on any named day. They just didn’t live up to expectations.. And yes I expressed my outright hatred of them. But ther’ll come a day when I look back and say “you remeber the EZ bros??, they weren’t, no they just weren’t!!!!!!(anything) We can all use every if and, and or that we can come up with, but if it comes to pass that we are not there, it just comes down to, it isn’t and we weren’t…..


I never said that Ortiz was a “good guy”… I said that he’s down-to-earth, which means that he doesn’t have the ego or desperation necessary to use drugs. I’ve played sports in high school, and there is PE out there. If you’re down-to-earth and modest, you wouldn’t think of touching that stuff. Only bigots like Giambi would try to cheat and benefit from steroids.

innocent but can be a suspect

and that **** “i unknowingly took them” is a bunch of BS. its like taking candy from someone youve never seen before.

ah, now you’re calling giambi a bigot. That’s a whole new can of worms.
So it’s ok to completely bad mouth giambi, but as soon as I raise the POSSIBILITY that Ortiz might be on steroids I get totally crusified.

Whatever, i have to finish studying, ill come back tomorrow and stir up a whole new can of worms about Jon Lester, cancer, and cigarettes. Wonder how the site will react to that one. 🙂

Hi Ellen! I continue to admire your unwavering belief in the Sox. Today’s win probably helped lol. I think that, if the Sox weren’t already so buried in the standings, today could’ve been a HUGE turning point: Our best hitters are nowhere to be seen. Our defense prevails, by making half a dozen great plays. A seemingly-divine intervention creates the go-ahead HR by Cora, who hasn’t had a HR yet this season. We didn’t even have a starter… our bullpen did extremely well. And… we did it all against Roy Hallady, a top-3 candidate for AL Cy Young…

raphi were you not on this planet when giambi said that he used roids? its totally different to suspect someone who admittedly took them to someone who had never tested positive.

lol Giambi is pretty much a convicted felon in my book. Doing drugs and setting such bad examples for teens (including me, I might add…) and trying to LIE your way through it all instead of admitting guilt is nothing by acts of a little coward. That’s why I despise Giambi and Bonds, among others…

The POSSIBILITY of Papi using PE drugs is pretty ridiculous… that’s why you got “crucified”… this guy is an inspiration to many, a decent and honest guy in an industry full of scoundrels and liars. He’s the hero of not only Sox fans, but for teens and athletes everywhere. I know he’s mine. Saying that Papi has a POSSIBILITY of using PE drugs is like saying that George Washington had a POSSIBILITY of betraying America to Britain…

yankee indian: ANYONE can be suspect!!

yeah you dont see giambi on any commericals for the childrens club or whatever it is.

Therefore, comparing Giambi to Ortiz is like comparing Washington to Benedict Arnald…

Anyone really is a suspect, but naming one particular person is pretty much an accusation.

Ryan: Giambi neither tested positive nor did he admit to anything. He just apologized vaguely. But everybody knows what he was apologizing for.

really? i cant remember that far back (sad huh?) but i though he told the NY times that he used em but i do remember the press confrence.

Vik, that’s exactly why I hate Giambi and Bonds… they’re nothing but cowards… first they cheat, and then they “vaguely” admit to it, basically, trying to get away with it. If they own up to their faults and apologize properly, that’s a different story. Trying to weasel through it is despicable…

and im not accusing him but thats what makes this season even more suspicious. last year he looked like a sept. callup and this year he looks like an mvp. (once again im not accusing, im just making a point so dont gun me down)

So anyway, I’m going off to bed. Hopefully, this issue will be dead by the time I wake up tomorrow (wait… I mean today lol).

yeah guys i better go too, still got a lot of geometry homework. night all

Thats right Allen. Anyone can be. But the people jump on anybody that shows “steroid usage” symptoms.

But I think the reason for Ortiz’s irregular heart beat is overweight. And Ortiz’s weight looks like he has a lot of fatty pounds on him. Thats why I think he is NOT on steroids.

Giambi deserves to be second-guessed. Why? well, he’s not exactly an innocent angel, is he?

And now, time for me to get some shuteye. G’night you guys.

I’ll (god I hate to say this as a Sox fan) take Giambi over **barry bonds any day** (those little atersisks should be next to his name in the record books CHEATER!! I don’t say that Giambi is differnent. But the fact that he had the cajones to stand up and admit it in public (pressure or not, Bonds has had plenty of pressure but is still the King Of Denial) makes me a little MORE forgiving of him, that and the fact that since then (and I’m assuming that since then he’s tested negative) he still BANGS THE BALL, like few others. Man He’s hit our guys a bunch!!!!

Do you really expect a multi-millionaire to incriminate himself out of honesty. Forget it. Even Tom Brady would have acted like a coward if it was a question of ruining his career. Just an example.

G’night Jamie!!

Vik, that’s ELLEN

Jen, i knnew previously that San Diego was interested in Wells, but according to ESPN last night so were the DODGERS. sorry so late in the reply 14 hour shift!

Ian and all others, I hope you’ll excuse me if i stray from my otherwise pretty “straddle the fence” self. RALPHIE TAKE A HIKE, EVEN IF IT WERE A PERFORMANCE ENHANCING ISSUE, IT WOULD TAKE SOMEONE LIKE YOU TO TURN IT INTO A JOY FEST FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HEARTS (OR LACK THEREOF) AS YOU!! Take a minute and think about his family, as I’m sure you’d like people to feel for your fanily if it were you, if you had LOVED ONES. You don’t like hIm that’s one thing but to almost come right out and wish not well, really SCHUCKS!! You should really just go back under whatever rock you crawled out from under.

sry Ellen. my bad. I know it is Ellen.

Hey Vik, Have a good night, I’m gone… Up later than my wake up time allows!! EVERYONE, NATIONERS AND ALL OTHERS, *for the most part* HAVE A GREAT NIGHT, TALK TOMORROW!!

Just to make sure the world makes no sense… we pummel the guy who was going to win the Cy Young while sending Tavarez out to start and still win the game.

My excitement around trading Wells was pretty short lived. We got a catcher batting .233 in AAA. Good defensive guy. Woo woo. It’s not that Wells is worth a top notch player in return… but I thought the threat of him going to a NL competetor would be enough to drive up his price.

Can you believe that Dave Roberts is batting .312, with a .382 OBP, and is 40 for 44 in steals? Just look how much better it could have been if we just resigned him after the WS win. Our center fielders this season can’t hit or run the bases.

I just wanted to say that people claiming they KNOW Ortiz isn’t using juice sound every bit as ridiculous as people claiming they KNOW he is. Jamie, I’m looking at you. Your standpoint may be valid (I’m not interested in arguing with it or you; there are more intelligent conversations to be had), but your reasoning and foundation for why you believe it *****. I don’t want to be mean, I really don’t enjoy it, but I feel like it needs to be said.

Throw in a token “defending Giambi” line here. I know the audience here will dismiss it off-hand, so forgive me if I don’t bother actually writing one.

You know, the other threads on this blog are usually pretty intelligent (making it the only Sox blog I visit). But this one’s just a long, long trainwreck, and I feel like it’s really exposing the weakest contingents of both fanbases.

Bah. Censor. The **** above covers a word that means, “is not high-quality.”

The only thing that would put Ortiz under suspicion is his results. His body (and lack of body change) doesn’t match any of the usual suspects who went from thin to double-wide nearly overnight (Sosa, McGwire, Bonds). Papi has always been a bit round and chubby.

First of all, lots of love from me to Papi and Lester. I pray that they will come through this good as new. After all, it IS only baseball, but these are real people type problems that make the SOX problems pale in comparison. Ralphie needs to watch his own health, for karma will get him for sure. Now, back to the game. Aside from the serious physical issues involving the aforementioned duo, I can honestly say that, while your team did suffer an unusually high rate of injury, I grow tired of hearing the Nation use that as some sort of crutch. As if you were really going to win the division with that joke of a pitching staff you trot out there. Please spare me that horsecrap. Like I said before, being a Sox fan means that you usually have to find some excuse around this time of year to start crying and making excuses, so at least I understand your behavior. Just don’t take anything away from us. We kicked your butt good, and by the way, when we lost Matsui and Sheffield in May, all we did was hang tough long enough to watch the Sox fold like a tent. Pack it in Nation, you’re done.

I’d have to hear the same stuff from your kind if the tables were turned, so deal with it and


Hey, everybody. I’m a Yankee fan and I’m here to spout off on some random things I’ve seen while browsing this blog.

First of all, I’ll take a moment to say how incredibly ignorant it is to look at Giambi the same way you look at Bonds. It’s mind-numbing. While Bonds is having a weak season without his precious roids, Giambi has worked hard to return to level he was at before the steroid incident. Not only that, but to this point, Bonds STILL hasn’t admitted to his steroid use. Giambi has apologized and put it in the past, but Bonds is still denying it. How can you view them both the same way?

Secondly, I’ll say personally that I am nearly one hundred percent sure that David Ortiz isn’t using steroids. He’s just not the type of person I feel would do such a thing. Are there suspicions? Of course. But I think that he has worked to get where he is. The conditions he has here in Boston are not the same as the ones he had in Minnesota. You can’t view a heart murmur has a definite sign of him using steroids.

Furthermore, what’s with the “if it weren’t for injuries, we’d be in first place right now” garbage? Sure, injuries have hurt the Red Sox significantly, but to blame everything on the injuries is incredibly pathetic. The Yankees have had more than their fair share of injuries this year, and they did what they should’ve done — stay close and don’t fall too far behind, make deals at the trading deadline and make your move when the other team is struggling. They now have plenty of outfield depth, even with Matsui and Sheffield out.

I’m not saying that the Red Sox HAD to make a move. In fact, if you had asked me a month ago, I would’ve said that they were doing fine. But now it’s clear that the thing they were missing were depth.

And, wait a second — it’s not all injuries, you know. Even with all the injuries, the team that the Red Sox has right now is simply not trying as hard as they were back when they had that twelve-game winning streak. They were swept by the Yankees and now it seems like they gave up for the season.

Let’s face it. The Yankees want it more. This season, all you heard was that the Yankees wanted to get to the World Series. The Red Sox looked like they could’ve been that team, but as it stands, I’d say better luck next season.

Yes, I could most certainly rub it in. And I’m resisting a strong impulse to do so. But I’ll save that for when a World Series is won.

Until then, let’s go YANKEES!

Well, here I go again, back on hold with bellsouth.net, it’s alreadY been 45 minutes. You know I’m really getting piszt now, 2 night in a row and incompetent outsourced CSR’S. Danm I’ mad!! I can only watch on game day, that’s free!! I paid for this service and bellsouth.net SKCUS!!!

Ellen- welcome to the life of watching the Sox on gameday lol. Unbelievable, I live in upstate NY, 2 and a half hours from Boston and don’t get Sox games, but people in Buffalo 400 miles away get YES, that’s another topic for another day however. Back to the here and now, Snyder looks very good (knock on wood) but Lilly looks like he always does against us so far as well. We need to tack on a few more runs here in the middle innings, 4 runs should do it tonight.

Have the Yankees really spent ONE BILLION Dollars since they won a World Series? For that much money even Haliburton could win! Yankee fans are right out of Willie Wonka. ” Daddy buy us a World Series,please oh please.” The cutest part is how fast they turn on a $20 milion player if he hits a slump.
P.S. The catcher we are getting for Boomer is a steal, and Wells wanted to go.

Its very much true elaguila, about 200 million a year means more like 1 and a quarter billion. The problem is the Yanks are going to go right down the chute just like the girl in Willie Wonka

Hooray! The money excuse is far preferable to the “Oh woe is us and our injuries” line.

Things really ARE getting back to normal!

You know, if you guys would go to school, get an education, and get a decent job, maybe Boston wouldn’t be a small market team, mirite?

Hey… Wait a second… What’s this NESN thing? And how many consecutive games has Fenway been filled to capacity? Hmm… HMMMMM….

PS – Yes, I’m teasing. Don’t have a conniption.

AROD grounded into another double play hahahahaha, whats that about 30 now. He will probably hit a grand slam b/c its 3-0 NY in the fifth, but 5-5 in the eight we would pop out.

Oh my, now he’s 5 for his last 6, and I can hear the cheers all the way from my house. Just wait till the next series when he goes 1-11 with 8 K’s and they’ll be ready to martyr him again.

Kyle is spinning an absolute beauty for us tonight!! What a boost it would be if he could throw quality starts in each of the last 5 or 6 he has this year. Twins and ChiSox also losing, possibly allowing us to pick up a game on each.

Rizzo: Thats how pathetic you and your team have become. You are talking abt yankees when the yankees are winning 6-0 AND the redsox are winning 2-0.

I’m confused, am I not allowed to talk about the Yankees? Are you censoring the content for this blog? God only knows people talk about the Red Sox on your blog. The fact that they are winning or losing holds no weight to me when I speak of them.

Usually people dont talk abt their rivals when they are winning. And they brag abt their team when they are winning. The fact that you are talking abt the yankees when they did not screwup and the sox are winning is amazing. It obviously means that you are more excited abt ARod’s DP more than the redsox getting a rare win today. Knock urself out dude.

Papelbon now..

I’m gonna go choke on my own vomit

Man what next?! Hopefully Pap is going to be day-to-day. But an excellent win tonight with another make shift lineup. This pitching rotation could be a very bright spot in September. Snyder seems poised to become a rock in our rotation. Beckett’s last 2 starts have been excellent. Wakefield is on his way back, and Schilling will turn it around with his regular catcher back Monday. The Varitek thing is huge because we are starting to pitch and with him back our ERA will go down because it is well documented how much better we pitch with him behind the plate.

Not concerned at this point with the AL East. But should be 5 1/2 out after tonight in the WC. Minnesota seems to be fading a bit after this loss as well as 2 of 3 to KC. With Chicago coming in for 3 and Tek, Trot, and David(?) back that series could be big for us.

Thoughts and prayers as well go out to Jon Lester. Baseball is a game, but cancer is no joke. Get well very soon and baseball aside, everyone is thinking and hoping for you to come out on top cancer free.

Last night according to Bellsouth, the problem was theirs and they were “extremely sorry for any inconvenience…..” blah blah blah, they fixed the problem (I was watching a slide show on mlb.com); tonight I come home and my husband is holdong out the phone to me with us already being on hold for bellsouth .. It’s too long to too detail but now we have a tech coming out tomorrow….I NEVER EVER WANT TO GO BACK TO WATCHING GAME DAY, EVER!! No offense to anyone who watches it.

You know, we can discuss the money issue from here until lleh freezes over, but the point is somewhat moot. SoxFans dont hate me, but we won the World Series with a much smaller payroll than the Yankees. Injuries, “it’s your year”, and all that aside, and you know I’m not giving up till the +’s and -‘s are done, but it’ is who brought it, regardless… I LOVE AND STAND BY MY SOX FROM HERE UNTIL LLEH FREEZES OVER. I know I’m grasping at straws here but it’s STILL not over. But you have to say that the Yanks really brought it to Fenway for the 5 game series. Amazing. They say LLEH in the Bible but we can’t post it here. Anyway, We won again !! and again, I couldn’t see it..

Omg what’s with the injuries this season?? Ortiz is having some troubles, Manny’s knee is reminding us of Wells’ knee earlier this season. Varitek is injured, as is Gonzalez and Nixon. Foulke was out for a long duration, and Clement has been a no-show for most of 2006. Tim Wakefield has missed a dozen starts or so, and Wily Mo Pena is out with a wrist injury. To compound all of this, Lester might now have cancer, and tonight, Paps has gone down.

What the f u c k??

jamie: why is that word on your post??? Sory to seem like your mother but….

“To compound all of this, Lester might now have cancer”

I just found out that he does indeed have cancer. My best wished to him and his loved ones. The cancer is treatable and I wish him the best in his treatment.

This season’s injuries have been absolutely horrific and utterly unbelievable. If I were living in the 13th century, I’d have burned several people of witchcraft by now…

Watching the Sox getting beaten to the ground by injuries, but able to still pull off wins like tonight is truly inspirational. Despite been completely depleted, we can still battle through all the pain, and that in itself is good enough for me. This season has been pretty heroic, if you ask me…

lol I apologize Ellen. I just couldn’t find a different way to express the uttur disgust that I was feeling. I’m pretty sure that everyone’s thinking the same thing though… haha


Probably becuase he does steroids.

Dont worry guys. Lester will be okay. Cancer is treatable and at a very good success rate. The worst part of cancer treatment is chemotherapy. Which some people told me is painful. Lester being a strong young man will come out of this 100% healthy.

*Cancer=this particular cancer

Although about a different subject, I don’t think that Ian could have titled his post more appropriatley (sp) than with the news Jon Lester got. I think you all know how much of a die hard SoxFan I am, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING COULD PUT THINGS MORE INTO PERSPECTIVE, THAN THIS NEWS. I sat here tonight complaining and whining because I couldn’t watch “my game”. This sort of thing (though we all are praying for the best) makes everything else very,very tivial. God I feel stupid.. I just got around to reading the posts and the Globe.

Jon, and all of your loved ones, I pray that all turns out good. I’ll be thinking about you and all of my prayers are with you for a very healthy outcome.

Oh man, I’m having so much trouble deciding which has been the most pleasureable Red S U X injury this year.

1) Losing your Captian and watching the staff’s ERA Skyrocket.

2) Losing your best player to a heart murmur (potentially steroid or HGH related)

3) Losing your all star closer once your season is alreayd meaningless

Seriously, can you guys help me decide which I love best??

Hey everyone! Am i the only one who wants to kick halphies (no sp) ssa?? But I think that from now on I’ll just treat his as if “it” isn’t there. What a kcid daeh!! Sorry!

Great job tonight Sox! Way to keep it together. Especially with Ted Lilly pitching. Awesome throw by Kapler to make the out at third. No matter how the season turns out, the Sox are fun to watch again.
Now, Rizzo, what’s that about Double-pl-A-y Rod?

Yeah, Ellen. As well as being taught as a child to hate the Yankees, I was told to ignore bullies. Never thought I would need that particular advice at this point in my life, but apparently some people never grow up.

Ralphie, I’m not quite sure which moment was the most “pleasureable” Spankee humiliation 2 years ago:

Game 4, Game 5, Game 6, or Game 7…

I was at the game last night (Aug. 31) in the third row of seats on the foul side of Pesky’s Pole. I just thought I would let everyone know the real story of what happened when Cora hit that ball. There was this drunk guy sitting next to me (only about 20 or 30 feet away from Rios, so he definately heard him) heckling Rios the entire game. I mean, nonstop. After a few innings it became clear that Rios was getting agitated. He kept glancing over and his concentration was clearly not at 100%. By the 7th you could tell the guy was really getting to him. He couldn’t concentrate on the game at all. Then Alex Cora hit a ball to him, and we all saw the result.
So the drunk guy standing next to me won the game for us. Without his obscene slurred bellowing Rios probably would have caught that ball and it would have been a tie game into the bottom of the 9th.

I think that break we were given could end up being a turning point in the season.



Ralphie, injuries really aren’t anything “pleasureable”. You may feel that, competitively, it’s good for the team you’re rooting for, but to call it “pleasureable” is just plain cold. I would never say that watching Matsui walk off of Fenway grass in agonizing pain was “pleasureable”. You’re the type of Yankee fans that makes me hate the team just that much more. You gotta start watching your mouth. First, you bring up Ortiz and steroids, and now you demean players by calling their injury “pleasureable”… get off the blog.

Jamie: Whatever it is, even your grandson will have only that 4 moments to cheer abt. Enjoy it.

lol I will enjoy it, Vik. It’s probably worth the 86 years that it took to make it. I’m pretty sure the Sox will upstage the Yankees quite a few times before I have grandkids though lol…

Well g’night, everyone! Tomorrow’s game’s been moved to 1:00, so don’t miss it!

p.s. Snyder was so good tonight… 8 SO… that’s not easy to do.

Jamie, do yourself a favor, and save yourself a case of carpal tunnel syndrome (FROM TYPING TOO MANY USELESS RESPONSES) … PLEASE, JUST IGNORE HIM, ONCE HE GETS THE IDEA HE’LL GO AWAY, I’m just really tired of reading him and WILL from now on just simply ignore his writings, he’s just trying to gain an audience. Let’s not give it to him on our blog. …AND I’LL ASK AGAIN, WHAT IS THAT KIND OF LANGUAGE DOING ON YOUR POST???!!! LOL


There was a forecasted rain.


It’s a couple of articles down, in the “News and Notes” section.

“– Saturday’s game time has been moved up from 7:05 to 1:05 because of forecasted rain. Sunday’s time has been moved from 2:05 p.m. to 4:05 p.m. According to the Red Sox’ pregame notes, both games will still be shown on NESN”

I like defending the Sox. I’ll probably combat Ralphie on all the stupid things that he says.

What happened to Vince? It’s much more fun when talking to someone who you actually have some respect for.

Now I am starting to suspect Papelbon may have been pitching with a tired shoulder the last few weeks. He blew some saves and now his shoulder. He took it for the team guys.

And I think you guys have a very good chance to win the WC if you try. The WSox and the Twins are having their problems too. And you are only 4 games out, if I am not wrong. That will be the worst case scenarion for the yankees because then we have to play the A’s in the ALDS.

Ian – if you happen to read this, I would be grateful if you could pass on any information regarding what Lester has. I will be the first to say I have no idea of what he has and what the implications are. As someone so succinctly and eloquently put it (referring to Ortiz), it is purely to do with the man rather than the player. I love reading, talking and arguing baseball but it does seem somewhat redundant when you hear something like this.

So has anybody told Ralphie to stop being an idiot? Yes? Oh then I won’t bother😉

Pap might have tired out his shoulder the way he’s been going. Let’s hope not, but it seems that way. As for Lester, man that *****. I’ve had 2 uncles pass away from cancer and it’s nothing you take lightly. Thankfully, all signs point to him getting better.

In all this we forgot that Synder pitched a great game. I was VERY VERY impressed. =)

As for Ralphie, I can’t resist: please get off your high horse and leave. Honestly, use whatever matter you call a brain and realized that even if Ortiz is on steroids or what-not, Giambi pretty much admitted he did; he didn’t say what he apologized for technically but there’s enough circumstantial evidence. Laughing about injuries is just cold-hearted or just plain stupid (I’m banking on stupid cause your posts lack any intelligence). Blasting players for steroids WITHOUT ANY SHRED of evidence is also stupid.

Last I checked, the Red Sox DON’T **** since every year they **** off your Yankees cause they have to fight out the season down to the wire.

Sorry Ralphie, but you make yourself sound like you’re an idiotic pre-teen/teenager (although you might be already).

Vince, where are you? We need some more logical Yankee fans here and yankee_indian alone can’t stem the tide of Ralphie’s utter stupidity. =)

brendan, if you log onto bostonglobe.com (sports)or google jon lester, you’ll see the article and the dr’s quote(s). It looks as if the prognosis is good, but it still must be terrificly scary for him and his family, God Bless Him!!
I don’t care if he ever throws another ball, just be okay, I can’t believe how close to home this feels!

I’m extremely curious as to the condition of Papelbon. I was about to suggest that he start moving from being a closer to being a starter, but apparently, that might not be possible if he can’t pitch at all…

We’re out of the race (sorry, Ellen! Without Papi, Manny, and Pap, this team has NO stars), and therefore wouldn’t need a closer. Developing talent and protecting health should be the primary focus right now. I don’t think Francona’s usage of Papelbon tonight was very smart; he’d pitched around 30 pitches yesterday night.

Injuries have killed the Sox this season; no one can possibly dispute that. Even the Yanks only lost 3 good players… we’ve lost… actually, I’ve sort of lost track…

Yeah I know Ellen. It’s the modern day plague. Thanks for letting me know and providing information. I think it is just getting over someone age getting it which I find hard to comprehend.

That is unfair Jamie. You guys fell out of the race before all these guys got injured. The only guys(of any significance, I dont think Clement is one) that missed the yankees series were Varitek and Nixon. And most people agree Pena is a lot better than Nixon THIS SEASON. So in essence you only lost Varitek before you fell off the race.

At this point it is obvious Ralphie is simply trying to gain an audience, so this is last post I will make with him in it.

Actually Yankeeindian we are 5.5 out, 5 in the L column. Still possible though. Now i hear on Sportscenter Schilling won’t pitch Monday, yeesh. Tomorrow Ken Jarvis goes. If we can pull out tomorrow I will go out and dance in the cold hurricane force rains.

Now this is where injuries are hurting you. In catching up with the Twins and WSox for the wild card.

At least I read that Papi could possibly start tomorrow, but in my my thinking, whty risk it??

Vik, thanks for being a compassionate soul tonight.

Hey vik, how accurate are your wild card stats??

Your welcome Ellen. But I’m not being compassionate by choice. Trust me. I just blog what I think and if it is compassionate it is. Otherwise it isn’t.

*your=you are

Rizzo said you guys are 5.5 games out (5 in the loss column) behind Chicago.

We still have one series each with the White Sox and the Twins to come. I don’t know if anyone has seen or heard of Mony Python (in this case The Holy Grail), but the quote “I’m not dead yet” comes to mind.

IU would liek to publically6 condemn Ralphie as I publically condemned that Sox ‘fan’ who was beign a total jerk on the Yankee blog earlier this season (forget his name… he got banned). The represent the worst in fandom, and frankly… are insulting to the Red Sox, to the Yankees, to the Rivalry, and to Baseball in general.

Vik, I’d liek to thank you for being, like Vince oft is, an example for both Sox and Yankee fans. You may hate our team, and often us, .. and you may get off your shots with the best fo them, btu when it comes down to it you are a fan of the game. You are respectful and tasteful even when you mock. THAT is how the Rivalry should be.

I may hate the Yanks with all of my heart, but I NEVER jumped with glee or rubbed in in the fans faces Matsui breaking his wrist. Why? Because thats unsportsmanly and Matsui didnt deserve that injury.

I DID point out the Matsui injury, at times, as a factor that was gonna hurt the Yanks’ season.. but I NEVER EVER gloated about it. WHy? Because I’m NOT a jerk.

Ralphie… thanks for settign an example of what we all, Yankee and Red Sox fans, can strive NOT to be.



Even without all the injuries to Red sox key-players the yankees would probably have been ahead by a couple of games, because they have a bullpen who can keep the opponents from scoring when they need to.
But the injuries are a big part of the reason why the Red Sox are almost out of the playoff-race.

How touching, I start to get really angry over pathetic responses talking about how a rod grounded into a dp when he hit 2 hrs and had an rbi single with the bases loaded back when the game wasn’t a blow out then I see a love fest for me haha. Thank you all. Jamie, it was friday night, I think you know where I was and what I was doing.

I don’t know why redsox fans decide to attack a rod, idiot yankee fans do it enough in situations when they shouldn’t, a rod has 29 hrs 99 rbi a 282 average and some sb’s in a down year, and guess what? He’s HEALTHY and that to me is hte most important thing. I love how he has 3 hrs in 2 games and is still hearing it from both fan bases, if he comes around, he comes around, if not we’re still winning games and that is what is truly wonderful.

Anyway, Not to rub it in, but I can’t say I didn’t tell you so on papelbon, I knew he would get injured at some point this year with his young arm working so often, you could see it from a mile away. the man pitches his heart out in the first half setting every temporary record u can think of, shortly after the asb he starts to get a little tired seeing as the regular season is about twice as long as the minor league season hence why he started blowing some, and now he has pitched himself into injury. Burning in the shoulder? I highly doubt that = day to day, but that’s just me.

I have never seen an injury collapse like this in baseball in my life, it is amazing.

It’s not so much that the sox lost so many players hwen ortiz went to the hospital, manny was out, lester had gotten injured (before we knew the true outcome) and they had their other injuries already that makes it harder for them than all the guys the yankees lost shortly after matsui and shef went down (phillips, jeter, giambi, cano farnsworth, damon…and now cairo phillips etc.) it is more the timing the sox injuries came…first of all all at once and more importantly in september. IMO we had as many injuries for a longer period of time but it was in the middle of the year and the yankees hung tough and improved while they still could, the sox have fallen apart health wise in at the exact time they couldn’t afford to and in that sense it is harder for them. But, on the flip side, they could have had a 7 or 8 game lead on the yankees before this all happened had they played more consistantly or had the yankees folded…so you never know.

btw for the record this situation of baseball reminds me exactly of the scene in return of the jedi when the emperor is talking to luke shortly before luke fights vader for the final time and he goes “you’re army has been defeated, your friends have been defeated, the death star is complete, you have no chance” when he tries to persued luke to the dark side.

that is sort of how I feel about the season for the sox right now and it is only convenient with the whole dark side evil empire thing

Yankeeymm – I think that pretty much sums up the Sox injuries – yes we have been unlucky, but we definitely should have put the boot in when we could. Having the Yankees lose two of their most potent offensive weapons in Sheffield and Matsui for nearly the whole season could have finished lesser teams off so credit given where it is due.

By the by, are any Sox fans feeling conflicting thoughts about the Yankees? Rationally we should want them to sweep the Twins as the Wild Card berth is more feasiable for the Sox, but it’s hard rooting for the team you have rooted against so long.

Nice start to the big league career of David Murphy.

I dunno, brendan. Lets say the Yansk sweep the Twins.. and through some fluke, we make it to the post season. What then? We do not have what we need to win there. I’d almost rather have the Twins beat up the Yanks NOW, and them (or the White sox) or Detroit keep the Yanks out of the World Series.

But.. yeah.

It’s a long shot to get to the post season but once you get there it’s anyone’s to win. Except for maybe the team from the NL West.

all these injuries at once. These new injuries seem a little fishy. If the sox/Yanks were closer in standings I don’t think you would see some of these guys out or still out. Red Sox win Most Hurt Team award for year,so that argument is over. Whatever another year another Yank pennant. Oh yeah just because you won’t be plying in Oct. you should still show up for Sept. We need new rivalry. Bottom to top Sox can’t hang, maybe Blue Jays next year lol!

I really have no appreciation for what is being said – and written – by many Red Sox fans regarding the injuries that have been sustained by some of the key Boston Red Sox players. In fact, these misconceptions are so widespread that even some of the local beat writers and some of the local Boston media also seem to cater to this thought process. I feel these are just simply excuses, and show poor sportsmanship. Some folks are smart enough to realize that the Red Sox season is now in a “transitional” state and it’s time to invest in the team by beginning to look towards the farm system.

It’s just bad sportsmanship. The fact is, stuff happens and preparation must always be made… That’s why there needs to be a strong team manager and General manager that can anticipate and prevent the unforeseen. No disrespect to Terry Francona or Theo Epstein, but they – especially Theo – could have done more to control what has no gone out of control. Some might remember, the Yankees were also riddled with many injuries, but their injuries came at the start of the season. But let’s look at what the Yankees did. They pressed forward, and made the necessary adjustments to back-up those unforeseen circumstances that might come up along the way. The Yankees lost key players early in the season, but making the right moves early enough allowed them the control much of the damage – with Melky Cabrera being amongst one of the best moves they made. At no time did I hear any Yankees fan that I know – including myself – make an excuse as to why the team was always being held at least three games behind the front running Red Sox. But all we hear out of Boston now is the loss of Trot, Jason, Wakefield and now Big Papi as the primary reason for the current state of the Red Sox organization. Again… The Yanks lost Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui, Bubba Crosby, Robinson Canoe and Andy Phillips early, but the Yankees made some good moves in order to maintain a good position in the standings – albeit behind the Red Sox the entire time.

Plus, the Yankees made some additional right moves just before the trade deadline. What did the Red Sox do? Nothing. They made no significant trade moves. Theo sat on his hands, made no adjustments, and essentially threw away what could have been another winning season for the Red Sox. It’s no wonder Johnny Damon left… Which brings me to that other issue. The Yankees have acquired many Great Boston players over the years – Clemens, Boggs, Damon and of course Babe Ruth just to name a few. Why is that? Why do these great players feel the need to jump ship? Is it money? Sure, money is always good, but I believe, as many of these players themselves have stated, that it’s simply about getting on board with a wining team, and finding a home that will have great love and appreciation for them. It’s no wonder that every single one of these players increased their level of playing once they came over the Yankees. And I only bring this up because of treatment Johnny Damon received when he went back to Boston. This clearly stand-up guy got some of the worse treatment I ever saw a former player receive. I completely share his sentiments about coming to a place that appreciates him and how he’s now sure that he made the right move. If Johnny ever had any doubt about coming over, the Boston fans showed him that he did the right thing.

And yes, I do realize that it is way too early to tell which team will actually win the World Series – hopefully the Yankees will win again – but I think the Yankees have a good shot. I also realize that the Yankees still have a long way to go in achieving that goal. The thing is… although I don’t think the Red Sox are completely out, the Red Sox certainly have a much further way to go.

And no, I don’t think David Ortiz is sick as a result of steroid use. I think David Ortiz is one of those rare individuals in the game, and will be long remembered for his on field heroics and amazing playing ability – hopefully the Yanks can get him someday also.

Hey you might want to condense what you just posted… I get enough reading from history class as it is… keep it short, will ya?

Note: if you want people to read your posts, try to keep ’em short… if you just want to type whatever comes to your mind, keep it to yourself. 2 paragraphs should be enough per post, don’t you guys think?

hey guys. i know its kinda late but i was watchin football all day and retarded directv wouldnt give me the sox game. (at least ND won or my week would be a TOTAL disaster.

btw, best wishes to jon lester and his family. you never want to see someone lose a career to cancer, especially someone who is only 22 and has serious potential. get well soon.

Sure, I can understand keeping a posting short… But isn’t this supposed to be about self-expression? Its funny how Red Sox fans are always quick to band together on the chants “Yankees ****” and point out every issue they think is wrong with the Bronx Bombers – Bucky Dent’s corked bats, Jason Giambi, A-Rod etc, and on top of that, they still tell you to keep it short. But when the criticisms are coming your way, and it’s pouring criticisms right now, the defenses come up immediately. Ok, just so I understand and get this clearly, if I post a glowing remark there’s no problem, but the minute the truth is examined, I should keep it short. Is that about right? And, it’s funny how none of the complainers actually made an articulate rebuttal to any of my comments – other than complaining about the size of the text. That is typical response, and I totally expected it. Thanks for obliging me. There never are any articulate or well thought-out responses in these cases – ever. Don’t worry; I probably won’t be back anyway. Hopefully I left some things for all you die-hard Sox fans to ponder – if you take the time to actually read them. And by the way, no matter how much you tell someone to “keep it short” you can’t expurgate the truth – and what millions have already seen. Good luck next year. Maybe the Red Sox will have their act together then!

dude, the reason why no one tried to rebutt your arguments is because no one read them… like I said, you might want to condense it or no one will ever hear your devine message…

Didn’t read all the comments, but I read a lot, and the people saying the Yankees have “holes” and aren’t going to win in the playoffs are severely misinformed.

First off, what holes? Their starting rotation isn’t terribly deep, but you don’t need that in the playoffs, you need four starters. Moose and Wang have been terrific, Lidle has been very good, and Randy has been hot or cold but a lot better recently.

Hitting-wise, they have no holes, especially if Matsui OR Sheffield comes back at near full strength.

And their bullpen is clearly a strength, topped off by the best closer ever.

As for the teams they will be facing:

Detroit: The yankees have completely owned Detroit. Would have won 6 out of 7, also, had Farnsworth’s back not been acting up a bit the day Proctor gave up the homer (Proctor had pitched earlier that day and is clearly just tired, period).

Chicago: The Yankees are 4-2 ands the ChiSox, and lost both games by 1 run.

Oakland: The Yankees always beat Oakland in the postseason. Always.

Twins: More ownage.

Really the only team the Yankees fear is Anaheim, and they are almost certainly not getting in the postseason.

Anyway, I don’t think anyone should wish heart trouble on Ortiz–I do think it is suspicious that he went from being awful–Minnesota just *released* him–to being a 50 homer guy, to suddenly having health problems, but I don’t care WHAT you did, one shouldn’t enjoy the fact that someone is having palpitations. Thankfully, though, they don’t appear too serious. I know others who have similar things and while it is something you have to manage, it usually isn’t life threatening. I hope he gets healthy soon.

And I feel especially bad for Lester. Cancer, or something? Not exactly up on that story but if he has cancer, WOW, I mean, that *****.

when the yankees look exposed it is usually against bad teams, they have not really had any issues with good teams the entire year (except the angels of course) Pet, what you forgot to mention, the other tigers win was another 9th inning comeback but on farnsworth because rivera wasn’t available for that game either, so we very well could have gone 7-0 vs the tigers this year…I think the whitesox would have the best shot at beating the yankees but the yanks would have homefield advantage and i have to believe that would give them a big advantage, particularly with wang available for 2 home starts in a 7 game series where his era is under 3 and he has lost once all season. Oakland always looks a lot better than they are in september and then when the playoffs come they fall back to earth usually with a heartbreaking alds loss (2000, 2001 vs the yankees and 2003 vs boston, I don’t fear them mainly because I think whoever plays them (it can’t be the yankees) in the first round, will beat them.

The yankees are only 500 with the twins this year because of a rivera blown save in his typical slow start back in april, this series pretty much showed where the two teams stand right now, they didn’t have santana against us but we also did not have mussina wang or johnson against them….took 2 of out 3 and 2 of the games blowout wins with two rookies starting and both pitching well…the whitesox not only lost 4 of 6 to the yankees but one of those games was a rivera blown save too….obviously i am not saying it is impossible for rivera to blow a save, this fan base of all knows it is possible, but that is not a route u want to have to take to beat the yankees in the playoffs.

Those are my two cents, I have never been in this situation since 1993 but what it is like to see your team play every day and never know if they can actually win? I don’t mean that to sound like an ******* but i am genuinely curious how that feels. It just seems like if i were a sox fan right now i would doubt them in any matchup against any team…maybe tek agon and trot will help change that a little.

Anyone see the Padres game? The pitchers: all former Sox…

Wells: 6IP, 1ER


Can you believe that…?

Not only that jamie, but Dave Roberts had a RBI, Josh Bard-1 RBI, an another former Sox Manny Alexander scored a run. They literally won with all former Sox lol. Hoffman also pitched an inning, Meredith only pitched two. How good has he been.

new thread

By the way, Ian, your title should have been: REALITY

I Thought I would never have to come back to this blog, but somebody had to say something about David Ortiz’s recent comments. I only really have two words that will describe Ortiz in a nutshell… Player-hater! If David Ortiz needs to talk smack, it’s only because he realizes that he plays for a team that has not only let him down as a player, but has also let down the entire city of Boston. If every overly paid player on the Red Sox team took up a collection, they still couldn’t gather enough cash to buy a victory. And… If David Ortiz truly feels the need to talk all of this smack about Derek Jeter, it’s because he find Jeter to be a real threat. And… For all Ortiz’s achievements this season, what will it all mean at the end of the day without a championship to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Well, I guess I would be angry too if I put in all that work and had nothing to show for it at the end of the season. And, maybe Ortiz should also do a little research on the MVP honors, and which players are considered, and which have actually won in the past. If he did some research, he would find one player with a .350 batting average and only 8 home runs the year he took those MVP honors. There is nothing worse than comments that are made by uneducated commentator. See you next year David! By the way, is this short enough for you?

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