Reality sinks in

The offense, entering the ninth inning of Sunday’s game, has produced a grand total of six hits — all singles — in the last two games. Sure enough, just as I typed that, Mike Lowell and Wily Mo hit doubles and Doug Mirabelli singled in a run. Not that it could right the damage already done on a drearily depressing day at Fenway.

There are four weeks of baseball left on the schedule and you wonder how much of it will actually be relevant. Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek return to the lineup on Monday, but it sure seems like it’s too late for that to make a difference.

Just when the bats are starting to resurface, the pitching staff is depleted beyond recognition. No Schilling, no Papelbon, no Wells, no Wakefield. The current state of affairs are brutal, to say the least.

Now we’re looking for side stories that make good theater, such as Ortiz coming back, which will hopefully happen in the next few days. Watching him chase 50 homers should be entertaining.

I’m curious to see what type of things will keep the interest of all of you blog watchers over the next four weeks.


i hope jeff comes back for significant time again

I love my Red Sox . . . that’s what keeps my interest. I’m not a bandwagon fan, I’m a real fan.
Frankly, if the Sox did win their next 30 games and made it to the playoffs, it would probably be embarassing considering our rotation is Schill, Beckett, Snyder, Gabbard, and Tavarez. I’ll just soak up the time we have left and use it in the long deprivation months of October – January.


Wow!! I go to work at 10:00 this morning and just finished my shift, (the firefighters had been collecting for MDA all weekend and needed to let off a little steam, many of them stood at traffic intersections in FULL firefighter garb to collect for this charity so they partied a little), what happened today?? Wow!!!
I can’t believe the way the team has just absolutely imploded with all the injuries. It wouldn’t have been as bad if A)the injuries hadn’t happened all at once, and B) it hadn’t happened at this late date.

But, you have to roll with the punches and go with the flow. AND IF YOU’RE A FAN, YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOUR SOX!!!

I look at it this way. I Love The Sox, and at the end of any given season, I’ve been able to see my guys play just about 95% of their games. A fan in Boston would have to go to all the home games (and watch the rest on tv, if they can get them)to be able to say that. I always enjoy seeing the guys on the field, somedays it is more enjoyable than others, but still… I have few true passions (or as the husband calls this one, obsession) in my life, and the Sox are one of them, so any chance that I have to see them is good! I just would like for things to start to take a more positive turn now, and to end the season on a winning note.

You knwo what else?

Next season.

After the way this one is ending.. don’t you think our boys are gonna be just a bit hungry? Even..ravenous? I imagine they are going to show up in a mood to kick ssa and take names.

Until then.. I’m gonna watch David win the MVP

When the time difference allows, I am going to enjoy watching some good plays and watching the team come back together. It will be good to see Tek and Trot back on the field, the powerful and entertaining 3-4 in the order batting again, and Schill picking up another couple of wins.

I have been away for a little while so am not sure what the schedule is for Wakefield – anyone help on that?

Winning? It would be good to see more games going right but what will make me feel better over the winter, like Ellen, is seeing the team coming together for the end of the season and ending on a high. (Taking a couple in the Bronx would be so good).

Individual achievements will be my focus now. Not the performance of the Sox in general; that is no longer relevant. However, how Varitek performs, whether or not Papi wins MVP, and how guys like Paps and Manny will be health-wise, will all be worth monitering.

In other news, Ryan Howard’s hit 52 HR this season… can you believe it…?

agastald, not trying to be a jerk here, but Jeter’s more likely to win the MVP now. Especially since Ortiz was out for a while. Jermaine Dye is also a likely candidate since every game he plays in will be magnified since his team is actaully in the post season race.

I agree with Ralphie. It’s more likely that Jeter gets the MVP and he certainly deserves it.

I laughed at Beckett’s comments on how he has trouble throwing the ball down and away to righties. I’ve been like a broken record on this, but I can tell him why: HE refuses to pitch from the 3rd base side of the rubber! I have never seen a right handed power pitcher consistently throw from the 1st base side. never. He basically takes the advantage that he has against righties away from himself by showing them the ball early. But what do I know. I just sit at home and watch him throw batting practice every start.

25 games left. It would be just like the sox to go 20-5 and lose the wild card by like a game. I hope they put together a streak, just to put a scare into some folks.

I know that we’re all but done for this seson, and that makes my Sox Heart hurt after the way we started out,so here are the things I am looking forward to:

10.> Manny actually getting off his bench.

9.> Tavar”EZ” pitching a clean game before we see the end of the season. I keep begging him to prove me wrong!

8.> Our bull pen to actually do something now.

7.> Terry to actually get on someone for not playing to their potential in any given game.

6.> Tek to come back strong and direct our very young bull pen.

5.> Have a lineup before seasons end that I recognize.

4.> Have Papelbon back to his season starting form.

3.> I want to see Trot play healthy and at the top of his game, so he’s a value come free agency time.

2.> Have Papi come back with a huge September and win the MVP.

1.> Have everything come out great for Jon Lester.

….. That’s #1 because after all this is just BASEBALL.

Ellen, Taveraz has “guarenteed” the media that his friend, Manny, will be playing tonight. Taveras is Manny’s best friend right now, which is perhaps the reason why he hasn’t yet been traded. Papi will also play pretty soon; he’s been cleared to do so. Also, Nixon getting healthy WOULD be good for the Sox, since the Sox can get a free draft pick if he is offered arbitration and then signed by another team. That is how we got both Place and Bard in the 1st round this season (from Damon’s free-agency signing). If both Place and Bard turn out to be stars, then the non-signing of Damon might prove to be a smart decision after all…


He will be playing in the Cape Cod League. Each of the Sox’s top 13 picks have been signed. HORRAY!

For now, Scott Boras has moved out of my top-10 hated people list…

He is still in my top 10 and Drew Rosen house is up around 3rd or higher. BLOOD S>UCKERS!!

jamie, Where on the RS site do we find the lineup for the game tonight??

Ian, the title for this blog should have been “REALITY S(T)INKS IN!!”

get this guys, Bard was originally drafted in the 20th round in 2003 by the Yankees but did not sign.

Really really great for me to see Trot back in right, Go Trot!!!

What did I say earlier in my Top 10 (#5) that I wanted to see, a lineup that I recognize… TEK BACK, MANNY BACK, TROT BACK, A-GON BACK!!! 1 Down, nine to go !

Great 1st by Tavarez (EZ). Just keep your rythem,and listen to Tek!!!

rythem (sp), it just doesn’t look right? help!!

Return of Tek pays immediate dividends as Tavarez strikes out the side on the 1st.

Welcome back to Tek, Trot and Manny as well

Another good inning by Tavarez EZ, (sorry, I called him that all year, to not do so now would be hypocritical). LET’S GO REDSOX,LET’S GO!!!

Hey guys! Ellen, you don’t find it out on the official website. However, in the “extra bases” blog on the Boston Globe website, they post it a few hours before gametime every game.

Tavarez rolling right along. HOOOOOOOOOlian!!!!!

Hey all!! Great game! Did any one else feel the comfort zone come back when they saw the lineup tonight?? I just felt SSSSOOOO much better. Trot looked like he was back swinging good, tek looked great behind the plate and Manny is Manny!!

I love this site

Such a wonderful gallery of underachievers, losers, and NY Yankee Wannabees! Look lets get the New England bumper sticker corrected from “Yankees ****” to

“Sawx **** harder”.

See ya next year….Losers

Go Pats….

oh yeah

Please Paaaak the Caaaah near the baaaaahh.

learn to enunciate correctly…

GO Yanks, Eat Kosher….

Wanna mess with Yahweh!

Gentiles Good Grief






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