Back comes the Varsity

Just like that, a varsity baseball team returned to Fenway tonight. One healthy biceps muscle, and two somewhat healthy knees, and suddenly you had Trot Nixon, Manny Ramirez and Jason Varitek in the lineup instead of Carlos Pena, Doug Mirabelli and Dustin Pedroia.

This is nice to watch. I must say, from purely a journalistic standpoint, the past two weeks have been tough to watch. Those lineups had no chance, no matter who was pitching. Just uninspiring stuff to write and report about, let alone watch.

it’s too bad that the hitting gets healthy at the same time the two best pitchers — papelbon and Schilling –are both on the shelf indefinitely.

But at least these games should be more interesting to watch. That should be something if Big Papi comes back tomorrow night.

Talk to you later,



Phew. So it’s not just me. I was beginning to get a little bit concerned when the burning desire to write about this team was starting to escape me. It’s not that I didn’t feel like writing, it’s just that everything was so dreary that there was nothing, I don’t know, uplifting to write about. Even the wins were just kind of like, okay, that’s good, but what happens tomorrow when the dreaded TBA takes the mound?

Tonight things were different. As soon as I saw Varitek’s eyes behind that mask, something in my fingers lit up. I had three different ideas for articles running through my mind, but I refused to write anything in fears of messing with karma. The crowd’s electricity seeping through the screen when Manny stepped up to the plate, Tavarez’s performance, Gonzo’s play, it just all seemed like the Boston Red Sox again.

It’s good to have them back.




We’re not dead yet

Pena IS Little Papi

Sorry I didnt see the new blog. Was it just me or did your comfor zone go up as well when you saw or heard the lineup tonight?? GREAT TO HAVE THE VETERANS BACK!!! A lineup that we actually recognize, and a game won by a 2nd stringer we know not much about… WE RE THE REDSOX, AND THAT’S HOW WE DO IT!!

Sweet game tonight. Pena has always dreamed of playing at Fenway, in front of the Sox Nation. How must he feel now, having just hit a walk-off homer? lol

1 game at a time, the semi-healthy Sox might have a sprinkle of hope after all. If we miss October by 2 or 3 games, you can bet that Theo will be cruficied for trading Wells lol

Maybe, Jamie.. but I have to think it was the right move from where Theo sits. Its unlikely we’ll make it.. this way we at least get SOMETHING for Wells instead of him jsut retiring into the night.

lol I do agree with you and Theo, agastald, I was just joking.

**** these injuries, seriously… are we star-crossed this year or something? Man, I’m starting to understand what Romeo was feeling… feels like the world’s against our team…

Too little too late. Enjoy the little things while you can.

You now what Ralphie?, some fans can just enjoy a win. There are several of us here that can do that. Why?? Because we are not just SoxFans, we are fans of the game of baseball. Just to understand you a little better how did you become such a HUGE Yanks fan, where are you from and how did you come to get on their wagon?? What age are you, and why do you devote yourself to the Yanks?? All the regular SoxFans know my story, and I know theirs…. WHAT’S YOUR STORY??

Ellen, I think Ralphie’s story is that he’s a bandwagon fan that loves to **** all over the Red Sox blog just to annoy us.

I don’t care that he’s a Yanks fan (heck we have plenty that frequent here); it’s that he’s a complete jerk about it is what ticks people off.

So is it true Ian, that we’re gonna give up Stern for Lopez?? Say it isn’t so! Stern has the potential to be great!

Honestly, if we somehow crawl back into the wild-card race…I’ll probably be the one with heart palpitations (no disrespect to Big Papi or anything of that sort for that matter).

Ok lets look at reality the redsox had all but 1 main pesonel back in the lineup tonight, PAPI comes back tomarro eveyone is strong and ready to roll though that other team that calls them selves sox. The only thing I can say and comment for and give ball clubs on the schedule for the year is definetly the song for tomarro in BOSTON is ” THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN ” I cant wait to see how gabbard will do tomarro and can the lineup produce and come through just like Pena did tonight … the way good job Willy

No offense to Gabbard, but he had only one “quality start,” if at all?

Granted he was at Pawtucket for most of the time so I guess I’m not being completely fair…

Anybody impressed with Tavarez’s outing? One second he’s getting blasted and we’re blasting him, and now he’s keeping us in the game for 6.1 innings. Not too shabby. =)

Pacol, the Sox agreed to trade a “player-to-be-named” in return for Lopez. They were going to originally trade him at the time of the Lopez trade, but the Devil Rays blocked it.

Yeah but according to Ian, that trade will happen after the season…or did I mis-read that news article?

Err I meant Mailbag…

what a great win tonight. it was the first time i pranced around my house after a baseball game since the 04 series.

my friend sent me the funniest song. i lost the link to it but when i find it ill post it. its about the 04 playoffs.

when you get on the site click on merry ******* christmas.

Morning everyone. So, I was extremely impressed with Tavarez last night. What a great game. And I was waiting for Carlos Pena’s HR – as soon as he came up to bat, I said, “I’m waiting for your first HR as a Red Sox, baby, bring it on.” And lo and behold, if he didn’t hit one! That was exciting – and to do it against poo poo Ozzie Guillen and his stinkin’ White Sox made it even sweeter.

lol, I love that Merry Freakin’ Christmas song – I found that one on Limewire about 6 months ago and had to put it on my Ipod.πŸ˜› I played it for my husband – he found it less amusing than I did, but he had to laugh at a few parts.

hello buttrefly. where have u been. is everything ok. i missed u.

It’s been a crazy crazy week.πŸ™‚ We had that tropical storm come through on Friday so work was closed and just a busy weekend (another friend of ours is being deployed to Iraq for four months). I’m going to try and make myself more available.πŸ™‚

But, I missed you too.

Why are they still deploying people to Iraq? Were they not supposed to ohase out of there gradually?

I don’t know. This one’s in the Air Force. My other one is in the Army – he’s all over Baghdad and the surrounding areas. Supposedly they’re supposed to be removing themselves, but they’ve got some possibility of an involuntary recall of Marines, so I don’t know what’s going on.

Poor guys.

Yeah I know, it really stinks.

one of my friends is in Indian army and he is in the himalayas most of the time. And he likes it for the most part.

Yeah, but I’d prefer to have them home.

i understand. also Iraq is not himalayas exactly.

lol, very true.πŸ™‚

I really don’t feel like being here right now. Having a 4 day weekend is such a tease.

humna psychology. We can never have enough of anything.

hehe, especially when it means I don’t have to come in to listen to the BS.

Great job last night by Tavarez-who’d a thunk it? And how exciting for Pena to hit a walkoff homer. Great to see much of the varsity back on the field.
So, they’re not dead yet!

Call me crazy, but just that one win last night with an almost healthy lineup had me thinking wild card. I know six games is a lot to make up in four weeks, and the pitching picture is looking even worse despite Tavarez surprising performance, but what the heck, it could happen.

In belated response to Ian’s query as to what would keep us interested for the rest of the season: watching the Sox will keep me interested. Even if they were in last place, I’d still watch and root for them, just like Royals fans and Devil Ray fans and all the other fans of last place teams. At least the Sox are usually in the running, and I’ll take that over perennial cellar-dweller status any time.

And should the Sox not make the postseason, I won’t root against the Yankees. I just don’t hate them the way some Sox fans do. They’re a great team and they deserve to be in the race. I’ll just watch and hope for some good baseball games, as cliched as that sounds. Quite honestly, if I wasn’t a Sox fan I probably wouldn’t have watched all of the World Series last year. It just wasn’t very exciting from a purely baseball standpoint.

And regarding the MVP, I don’t think David Ortiz is likely to get the nod, but in my opinion he still should get strong consideration. Not necessarily win, but also not be tossed out of the race because the team didn’t make the postseason. Not because I’m a Sox fan, but because without him they wouldn’t have stayed close to the top anywhere near as long as they did this year.

Sorry if I went on too long, Jamie. πŸ˜‰

****, i missed jen’s appearence, oh well, I too have missed you jen and have also had a hectic week.

I would easily say the sox had a chance to get back into the wildcard race except I really really don’t think they will…I know they won’t win the division but for the whitesox AND the twins to fall apart is asking too much I think. It would be one thing if you guys were relying on the whitesox to pull a cleveland last year but it is another to ask two solid teams to randomely collapse and for the sox to automatically explode with a winning streak they have not had this year against the AL. That’s at least how I view the season from a redsox standpoint

I’m with you Rob-6 games back in the wildcard is not insurmountable, but it would be a huge feat to come back from that deficit.
And I’d love to see Big Papi win the MVP, but I don’t think he will because he is “only” a DH. 😦

Hey Vince, how are you sweetie? I’m still here – just switching back and forth between work and play.πŸ˜› I don’t think you love me anymore. I’m still waiting for your response to my email.πŸ˜‰

So I’m counting down until my trip to Baltimore. My brother is taking me, my sister, and my mom to see the Baltimore/Red Sox game next Tuesday and I’m SO EXCITED!πŸ˜›

lol gee i wonder who will win that game haha….i’m good jen, of course I still love you, it’s just instead of writing emails that I would prefer to write I have had to write papers on the legalized prostitution in the southernmost tip of mexico for anthropology class and whether immigration to the united states should be legal or considered a crime….haha I promise i’ll get around to it eventually though!

Sounds like fun. I loved writing papers in college. I just loved college, period.

Hi to all!! I just read that Papi has been cleared to play tonight. That will hopefully be a good thing not only for the team but for him. He couldn’t have been happy benching it!! Welcome back David!

Hi, All:

Yep, I’m still around. Playing a lot of catch up with my work since I have been recovering from my hospital stay. Great news about Daniel Bard. He’s the type of guy who can make a contribution as early as next season, but likely 2008. Same for Kottaras. It’s great that the Sox now have a catcher of the future to groom for when Varitek retires.

I still have hopes for a wild card as well, but it will be tough since Papelbon is likely done for the season, and the starting rotation is a patchwork quilt with guys like Gabbard, Snyder and Tavarez. I do like Snyder for next season, though. He’s a good spot starter and long reliever. I also like Breslow and Delcarmen for next year’s bullpen. There is still hope for this season, since the Sox have two more with Chicago and three with the Twins. It will take a lot of good luck, though, since it will require starters and relievers to overperform, and the Twins and White Sox to both struggle. Crazier things have happened, though. You never know!

In response to a few of the posts, if the Sox don’t make a tremendous comeback and reach the playoffs this season, I’m pulling for the Padres and, of course, whoever is playing the Yankees. I’m not too concerned about the Yankees advancing past the first round. Just not impressed with what they have. They are, of course, a decent team. I just don’t think they have enough to get past the Tigers, White Sox or A’s in a playoff series – mostly because of their (the Yankees) pitching. We’lls ee though. You never know what will happen. If I had to make a prediction right now, it would be Detroit over the Mets in the World Series. I just think this is Detroit’s year, just as 2005 was for the White Sox and 2004 was for the Red Sox.

I’m so glad Daniel Bard’s been signed. My brother (as big a Red Sox fan as I am) text messaged me last night and asked me if I was happy now that Daniel was signed. Of course I am!πŸ˜›

Hey jlo(uderback), I’m glad to see you’re up and around again!! Hope all is feeling better. We missed you around here!!

One more thing. The future starting pitching is looking good for the Sox. When you get a second, check out information on guys like Daniel Bard, Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden. Papelbon will likely be a number one or two starter, and Lester has shown promise (of course, tending to his health is the top priority, above baseball). Beckett is still a young guy who has yet to reach what he is capable of, which I think he will. It’s nice to know the Sox won’t have to spend tons of money on free agent starting pitching, just one here and one there to fill in the holes. I would be very surprised if the Sox didn’t have Zito or Jason Schmidt next season to go with Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon and Wakefield. Hopefully, Lester beats this cancer, regains his health, and can be an integral part of next year’s team as well. is a good site to keep up with top prospects at all levels of the Red Sox system.

I hate to be a downer, but I’d give Lester a full season of rest before he’s ready to play baseball again. Your rotation is probably set next year without him, but he definitely is going to need time to build up his strength to an acceptable level after the chemotherapy is over and done with.

jeff, gutsy prediction considering the tigers are 2-5 vs the yankees and their only two wins were off non rivera closers in the 9th, but everyone is entitled to their opinion….the yankees starters have dominated the tigers this year. I don’t think the A’s will get passed the alds or else I’d gladly talk about them as well….whitesox and twins I honestly couldn’t tell you who was going to take the wildcard right now, but instincts tell me the whitesox.

Swolansky, you might be right. Of course, the first step is Lester beating the cancer and keeping his life and vitality. Second, once he is cleared, I’m sure it will take him time to rebuild his strength. I wouldn’t rush him next season either. Just would be nice to see him recover quickly. I do think he will be a solid big league starting pitcher. You can teach a guy to be more economical with his pitches. That comes with time. You can’t teach what he already has – a left-hander with an assortment of good stuff. I hope he remains with the Sox for the long term.

Hi, Vince. I just think the Tigers are a team of destiny this season. Everything is falling into place for them. I also think the A’s have a chance to reach the ALCS. They are hot at the right time. I think that the White Sox are more likely to win the wild card than the Twins. With their pitching, they can win the AL, too. It just matters whose pitching is performing the best in October. The Tigers, White Sox and A’s have the most impressive rotations right now.

i’ll take mussina with wang twice at home anyday…and what has turned into a consistant randy johnson and an overachieving cory lidle…not to mention our bullpen can compete with the best of them.

I agree on the whitesox for wildcard and they worry me the most, but with homefield advantage I would have to favor my own team. The A’s right now don’t have a healthy closer and they are relying on guys like esteban loaiza to solidify their rotation, not to mention they have the worst offense of all 5 teams being spoken about in the playoff race.

The tigers could be a team of destiny, but I would have a very hard time accepting the redsox whitesox and tigers winning in 3 consecutive years, esp with the redsox being the only team anybody expected to even make the playoffs the year they won. I also think if they run into the yankees, they will be obliterated much like the mariners in the early part of the decade (116 wins, a “great” rotation, great offense etc).

The twins? The yankees beat them 2 of 3 with 2 rookies and our 3 starter against their healthy 2, 4 and 5. I don’t know, the twins don’t scare me, i think their offense is too inexperienced and their pitching, esp if liriano is not healthy, is too heavily reliant on santana…not to mention their bullpen seems to enjoy choking to the yankees in the playoffs.

How are you feeling jeff?

oh yeah and PS the A’s are ALWAYS hot headed into the postseason because they are a notorious september juggernaut so that is nothing new.

Okay everyone, I’m going home now. I’ll talk to you later! Vince, I’m looking forward to your email, honey.πŸ™‚ But, take your time, I know you’re busy.

Hey vince, how are classes going?? thats a tough paper to write.

classes are fun so far minus art history, that class makes me wish i was watching the 2004 alcs on dvd rather than sit in that **** hole for 2.5 hours (wednesday night class 6:30-9)…it is awful. Otherwise my classes are pretty fun. Let me know what happens in the primaries tonight ellen, I need to report on it for political science haha

I’m feeling much better, Vince. Thanks for asking. I have scheduled a colonoscopy as a precaution for late September. Doesn’t sound like much fun, especially preparing for it the day before when you have to drink a 4-liter disgusting tasting fluid to clear your bowels. But, it’s important that every man get a colonoscopy once he’s in his 30s, or if his family has a history of colon cancer. I’m writing a story on it for a health magazine, so at least I’m being productive about it.

I don’t think the Tiges are anything like the Mariners team that won 116 games. The Tigers rotation and bullpen is much more solid. I think they’re for real. I do think the White Sox could knock off the Tigers. I think a White Sox-Tigers ALCS is very likely.

Well, put it this way, I pretty much can guarantee ONE of the central teams will be in that alcs….ouch a colonoscopy, that sounds awful…are you referring to barium? I think that’s what I had to drink once when they thought I had appendacitis (spelling) but instead had a colon build up….yeah you have to drink a ton of that **** and it tastes dreadful

We have a normal lineup today. I’m pretty happy =)

if we go on an amazing run and make the playoffs, we will look at last nights game as what got it started.

Gabbard struck the other Sox in order. Looks pretty darned good tonight!
2 lob, Papi popped up to end the inning. Let’s get em RedSox!!!

gabbard’s overthrowing. 5 pitches in the dirt that AB

Settle down Gabby


well that works

You know.. Pedroia’s hittign wasnt all that great during his playign time this year.. but I think he’s gonna sharpen up next year. I just have a feeling.

There’s my Trot!!!! Too bad it didn’t get up a little higher and outa there!

Thank you Coco!!

*eyes the pitcher suspeciously* Who are you and what have you done with Gabbard?

Palpable anticipation here in the pressbox as we await word on Papelbon’s MRI. The silence seems to be a bad sign. If it was just tendintis or something, wouldn’t they have already announced it?

I don’t know, but I’ll take him who ever he is, as long as he keeps pitching like this!!!
We need some more runs now, can’t let them think that we’re done at the plate!

agastald – I agree.

Gabbard has powerful stuff to strike out the KILLER Chisox lineup TODAY.


Thanks Ian… You just ruined my Gabbard CAN pitch high.

Seriously though, thanks for the update. Let us know as soon as you know something, ok? I may me an agnostic.. but I feel I might start praying.

I think it’s going to take a little time for Papi to get his timing back, and get to his comfort zone.

Probbaly ellen.

Though in crazy fantasy land.. it’d be awesome if he ends up hitting a walkoff homer in his first game back.

However, I’d rather never give up the lead, by the way.

*twitches, waitign for news on Pap*


Ok.. DP time.. please?

Beautiful double play by Lowell, way to go Mikey!!!!


I be the magic man! I can make thigns happen.. ok.. ok..

*takes a deep breath*

Ok.. Roger Clemens fall out of the sky and join Sox staff time… please?

I went to the bathrrom, came back and heard the name Papelbon beign mentioned! Do we know somethign? WHAT I MISS?!!!

Remy reported that Papelbon felt good about they way things went with the MRI, maybe it’ll be not be bad news. >>get’s on her knees to pray<<..
btw, is anyone else tired of these mlb commercials??

Papelbons results are in “no tear in the shoulder, fatigued shoulder.”



BOSTON, MAβ€”Jonathan Papelbon continues to improve each day. Recent examination and testing are consistent with a transient subluxation event in the setting of a fatigued shoulder. After a period of rest, he will begin a shoulder strengthening program.

* * * * *

Papelbon was removed from his last appearance on September 1 versus Toronto with discomfort in his right shoulder. He is 4-2 with a 0.92 ERA and 35 saves in 59 appearances with Boston this season.

“slippage” too, ellen.. they just repeated it.

Sounds liek he wont pitch again this season, but still.. thats ALOT better than it could have been

Seriously.. how the HECK did THIS game become a pitchers duel?


Anyone happen to know what the shortest game of baseball ever is? cause this has been pretty quick so far (1hr 45m)!


Well, Justin, that woudl depend on how you define a ‘game’. For example.. a game called right after the 5th due to rain would be very short indeed. So.. I assume you mean any game played to a natural conclusion.


Mets (6) vs Phillies (1)

51 minutes

For those Medical types we have:

Rest seems to be the best remedy at this time.

So who will be the STOPPER now?

Sounds liek the rain is gettign pretty bad.. TV people, what do you see?

It’s pretty heavy out there. It looks like the game I sat through on June 10th, with a 4 hr 57 min rain delay.

It’s coming down pretty much in sheets right now…

let’s keep this inning short and to the point!!!



meh. Call it. Give Gabbard a very very well deserved 1st major league victory

Gabbard out, Timlin in.

No! No first pitch balls timlin! First pitch STRIKES is what we want!

Ball 2

3-0.. I’m gonna go puke

Gabbard deserves it. Kudos to him! Hope Timlin doesn’t blow it.

White Sox really struggling. Their pitching hasn’t been good this year, their hitting is now in a funk. Really easy to take on them. The Twins look like team to beat for the WC and maybe division. Having Santana and maybe Liriano up there is scary.

Kudos to Gabbard and good to see Papi and everyone back and healthy tonight.

Got an out.. but Mike sounds rough aroudn the edge

WHOA.. audio just died. There was a thump.. then no more gameday audio. Its not my speakers..

Soudns liek WEEI is having technical difficulties…

Shouldn’t that fly into left have been Manny’s?

Vince, a colonoscopy is a procedure where you are sedated and a doctor places a fiber optic scope with a camera to explore the colon for polyps and suspicious areas. The device can remove the polyps and take a tissue sample if an area is suspicious. It takes about 30-45 minutes, so I’m told. Not looking forward to it, but it’s a necessary prevention/detection technique.

Good news about Papelbon. No serious damage. I think the Sox should be safe and let him rest for awhile. Good news about Gabbard as well. It’s nice to see left-handers develop. Amazing that the starting pitching has performed so well in the last week.

well Ellen, Manny was playing kind of deep and with them running into the same spot, it was better (in my opinion anyway) that they hold him to a single thant to let the ball get away and put him into possible scoring position. But that’s just me.

WEEI’s back.



Nice inning for the Sox!! They had Javier Lopez warming up in the pen.. Do you think they’ll bring Timlin back out??

Thanks Jen, that makes sense, I really didn’t see the play just heard the audio, I was out of the room.

Chant with me

Papi! Papi! Papi!

Come on Papi!


Make it a 1-2-3 inning Mikey T.!!!


And that out.. is Thome. Oh Dear.

Good game everyone! That was beautiful.πŸ™‚

Game ovah!! RedSox win, Hey guys it’s a mini streak!


And no prob Ellen.πŸ™‚ I thought you might be just listening.

You know… I feel something.. in my gut…

Faith renewed.

Nice win. Though the odds are against us, we’re still in the hunt. Very encouraging start for Gabbard. Good job by Timlin to close it out.

yeah, I was putting away some dishes and couldn’t see teh screen. I really like the way that Gabbard and Timlin looked tonight, with the exception of 3 straight balls to the 1st batter that Timlin faced!

Meanwhile.. Twins are winning, Yanks are losing

Royals have bases loaded, no outs agains Mussina.

Shhhh, don’t say anything else about the Yankees game!πŸ˜›


Man this felt good as a win. We needed it. I mean.. we need every win, btu forget the season.. we needed this win MENTALLY

I agree, Agastald. I can’t remember a time in any recent season when one team in contention was ravaged by more serious injuries than the Red Sox of this season. Like Ian said in his current post, the lineup the Sox had last week was hard to stomach. Hopefully, the bats can start hitting again, but in the meantime it’s exciting to see the strong recent outings from Beckett, and the solid performances by Snyder, Gabbard and Tavarez.

Great win tonight. The bats are still asleep (since when did I ever expect J. Vazquez to pitch to a 1.125 ERA with no balls out of park?). The pitching really picked it up, and all kudos to Gabbard and Timlin. Big win, but don’t get too excited–this series says more about the White Sox’s problems than the Red Sox’s strengths. The Twins are still scary and far up there.

Thomas, I think the White Sox are solid. This is an impressive series for the Sox so far. Unless something miraculous happens, likely the Sox will not reach the post-season. The White Sox and the Tigers are for real. I’m not convinced about the Twins. I think that the White Sox are the team that Red Sox need to shoot for, because the Twins will start fading.

well great game by gabbard. the unusual suspects (taverEZ, synder and gabbard) have been doing well.

the goobnews-bad news about papelbon. good news-it shouldnt be too serious. bad news-if he dont pitch again this year he wont get the rookie save record, but im sure thats the last thing on his mind right now.

I can’t imagine that two-run lead in KC is going to stand up for the rest of the game. The Yanks have too much pop in that lineup and the Royals have too little spark in their bullpen. I’m really only watching the game because it’s the only baseball on TV for me. Tough call on Abreu; looked to me like he made the catch but dropped it on the transfer. If Cano had caught the relay they probably would have got the out at second.

Cool deal for Gabbard to get his first major league win. Sounded like it was a doozy, and it’s nice to see the young guns do well. Now all we need is for Minnesota to blow that eight-run lead so the Sox can pick up a game on them, too. (HAH!)

Glad to hear Papelbon’s injury isn’t worse, but I agree that we’re not very likely to see him pitching again this year unless the Sox are seriously in the running, and even then it’s doubtful.

Two in a row. Get out the brooms!

2 of the greatest offenses in the game, having a 2-1 and 1-0 decision… the Sox have had their 7th and 10th pitchers out there for each game (Taveras and Gabbard), and they’ve combined for more than 13 innings, allowing only one run. I can’t believe it! lol

Hey anyone wanna explain football to me? I kinda never followed it, and I might want to start this year… I know the points system and who Tom Brady is, and that’s pretty much it… actually, that IS it lol…

well jamie it depends what you want to know.

it appears our good only buddy rudy seanez has signed with san diego.


I don’t agree. Pitching stays, hitting fades. White Sox used hitting this year, as opposed to pitching last. Twins are much better with pitching, in rotation and bullpen, they will be the team to beat in the stretch and come the playoffs. Tonight is at least step forward for Red Sox.


The whitesox have used offense thus far but have had underachieving and talented pitchers that are only now starting to come around, if their pitching can carry them for the final four weeks, not only will they beat the twins with a superior offense but they will be very difficult to beat in the playoffs as well. Saying the whitesox are where they are from offense is true, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have the pitching too

white sox rotation:


1. M Buehrle

CWS 12 11 4.71 28 28 1 0 0 0 181.2 210 105 95 28 5 42 88

2. F Garcia

CWS 13 9 5.10 28 28 1 0 0 0 180.0 207 108 102 31 5 41 113

3. J Garland

CWS 16 4 4.37 28 27 1 1 0 0 179.0 203 88 87 24 5 36 92

4. J Contreras

CWS 11 7 4.23 26 26 1 1 0 0 172.1 169 88 81 17 10 49 112

5. J Vazquez

CWS 11 9 4.80 28 27 1 0 0 0 170.2 176 96 91 19 15 49 138

the names are good but they have underacheived this year.

everybody knows buehrle has underachieved since june 28th (my birthday), garcia has struggled but pitches well in big games….contreras and vazquez have respectable numbers by AL standards, esp in that tough division and garland is 16-4, this rotation is not as crappy as everyone might think

and jenks’ era is 3.36 and he has 27 walks, both high for a closer.

your birthday is june 28? thats when i was supposed to be born but i can out a few weeks early (june 13). the 28 is my cousin’s birthday.

lol my cousin’s too…i was supposed to be born july 4th, but I was late to an appointment

Hi everyone. I’m finally ready to switch gears away from my analytical/sarcastic approach to the blog… This Friday I’ll be taking my son to Fenway for his first baseball ever. We live in Chicago and he is 2 years, 2 months old. He likes and talks about Big Papi, Manny, and “Captain”. For some reason, he has been obsessing about “Captain’s knee” for the last month, so I really hope he’s back in the line-up. My questions to everyone are… What is the best place to go to get autographs before the game? Any good techniques to get some from the best players? How much Batting Practice can you get in before the game? Any good advice? Anyone else going to the game?

i’ll probably get a couple of football books sometime lol…

Can never have too many sports, right?


The only question I can answer from first-hand experience is the BP question. The gates open two hours before game time, and if you’re looking to get a ball or two you have a couple of choices. The best spots are along the outfield foul lines, primarily left field. You’ll see bunches of people crowded in there, so you’ll want to get there early and get a spot (like as soon as the gates open). The other option (especially if you have a two year old with you) is to stick close to the plate and get a player to give one to the kid. Dress him up in Sox gear and make sure he looks as cute as can be. Have him practice his cheeriest and cutest “Hey Papi, could I pwease have a baseball?”

As for autographs, people gather around the locker room entrance before the game, and some players will sign autographs there. Rob Neyer mentions where it is in his book, but I can’t seem to find where he did. I’ll keep looking. Some guys will sign autographs before and after the game on the field as well. Usually hanging around in the stands by the dugout is the best spot. Again, play up the cute kid angle to the hilt. It’s your best chance of getting someone to notice you and get what you’re looking for.

Wish I was going to the game. Have fun.

Rayman, we’ve all been obsessing over the Captain’s knee-why should your son be any different?

Nation-get out your BROOMS!

hello everyone, just wanted to say hey real quick. busy today. Ray, I’m going to Baltimore on Tuesday to see the Red Sox, with my brother. My brother is one of those who will find a way to get whatever it is he wants, so I will be sticking quite close to him if it brings me within touching distance of Jason Varitek.πŸ˜› I hope you have fun Friday – I know I will next Tuesday!πŸ™‚

And let’s not talk about a sweep until it’s done, ok? Call me superstitious, but something always seems to happen when I say **** like that.πŸ™‚

One more thing before I go for the moment – Ian, any way you can put some pressure on the FO to not get rid of Adam Stern? Let it be another player they give away for Javy. Just a thought to run through your mind.πŸ™‚ Later everyone!

Jen, If you get within earshot of Nixon tell him about his #1 fan!!! I envy you and rayman (rayman, the same goes for you!!) lol

according to statistics, the Sox now have a ******** 1.1% chance of making it to the playoffs, compared to the 0.9% they had before beating Chicago the last 2 games.

Jen, I doubt the Sox can change their player to Baltimore now… if they do, they’d lose tons of credibility in baseball, which means that they won’t be able to trade as well anymore. Stern is batting .250. Just because he was the Canadian Babe Ruth doesn’t mean he’s all that valuable – he may have just had a great week.

Well, I’m about ready to walk out the door and go to work. I don’t mind, I can see the game on ESPN tonight.
I hope that the bats get hot and the pitching stays good!!

And Jen, I think you’re right, no more talk about what you said we shouldn’t talk about!!lol I’m about as superstitious as they come.


Jamie, why not get the book “Football for Dummies” by Howie Long? That series of books is pretty good about explaining the basics of anything. Howie Long played in the NFL for years (I think he was with the Oaklnad Raiders). I saw that you can get the book on amazon from 8.00 up.

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