Back Comes Wake

When Tim Wakefield last made a pitch for the Red Sox, he was making it fora first place team. Tonight, he takes the Camden Yards mound in a different world, pitching for pride.

In hindsight, Wakefield’s injury happened at an awful time. His dependability and durability would have been huge at a time when so many other areas of the team were falling apart. And his absence also nullified the value of bringing Doug Mirabelli back, something made all the more painful by what Josh Bard and Cla Meredith have done in San Diego.

So what do the Red Sox do with Wakefield going forward? He has that $4 million option that the Red Sox can pick up for as many years as they want. On the surface, $4 million seems like a bargain for Wakefield when you consider all that he does for a pitching staff. Do you bring him back as a starter or a reliever? If you bring him back as a starter, you are also tying yourself to Mirabelli as your backup catcher again, because we saw earlier this year how much it is in Wakefield’s head when someone else is catching him.

Just another interesting piece of offseason fodder. My gut is that Wakefield will be brought back for at least one more year, presuming he proves his health the rest of this season.




interesting link for the yankee doubters out there. I don’t necessarily think it is impossible to shutdown the yankee offense, but with the work ethic matsui used (despite the fact some say all the yankees are “characterless”) it is not expected he takes so long to adjust OFFENSIVELY…defense is a different story, lucky for us we have an over abundance of outfielders.

I think signing wakefield would be a smart idea for the sox. He has been the one constant up until this year in that rotation and if i am not mistakened is the longest tenured sox player now. It would be nice not to totally sell out

I dont doubt the yanks because they are running on all cylinders and they just got Matsui back. I am a die hard Red Sox fan but I am also a fan of the game and the yanks just kicked our butts this year. It is unforturnate that most likely there will not be a Sox – Yanks series in the postseason but at least I know that in Feb. when the 1s and 2s report for camp we will be tied.

Dont get me wrong, I still have faith in the wildcard (even though they are 8 back as of this morning) but it is unlikely.

I hope that they do bring Wake back next season. I think that he is an asset to any club that he would be with. I really hope that is with the Sox.

With Wakefield’s contract, there is a mutual option for 2M, for pretty much infinite years. I can almost guarentee u that Wake will be back.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to see how everyone was doing!🙂 So, I traveled up to Camden Yards for last night’s game, and it was AMAZING! First, I’d never been to Camden Yards before, but it is a BEAUTIFUL ballpark (not as pretty as Fenway, that being sincerely said, but it is pretty nonetheless), and I was sitting literally 10 feet away from the boys. Gonzo posed for me during the game so I could take a picture and we were chatting with the players during the game (even though they were supposed to be paying attention :-P). It was absolutely unreal. I could definitely die happy.😉 I’ve got tons of pics and video clips – I’m still floating on air…*sigh* Plus, it was a great game and Kason pitched excellent. Poor Timlin, though. I felt so bad, when he knows he didn’t pitch well and just walks off the mound shaking his head. You can’t help but yell loud enough to encourage him.

That being said, I can’t wait to see Wake tonight. I’ve been looking forward to it since I found out he would be starting tonight. I think he’s wonderful.🙂

And I thought this was a Red Sox blog.

what in the heck is that supposed to mean?

I said some of the yankees, not all!

Wake’s finally back, a little too late but nice to see. The sox have to bring him back, as pointed out ealier he has been the constant.His innings were badly missed. Not to mention how versatile he can be. Either in the pen, starting, starting on short notice he has done it all for the sox. One day his arm will be sorely missed, lets hope it isn’t next year.

OMG I’m so happy to be back among the cyber set!! Again Bell South crippled me, so I haven’t been around for 2 days.. Gee I’m Sure y’all missed me.
Jen, are you having a good time?? I know I did when I saw them play the Marlins!!

I’m going to catch up on the reading and watch the game. I missed everyone, and being CONNECTED!! Later, ec.

Sorry guys, I just can’t be mad at KEV-LAR. Go Sox!!


Wakefield’s option is for $4 million, not $2 million.

Big Poopy, the MVP on a team 10 games back….PRICELESS

There is no doubt that the Sox should resign Wakefield for next season. He is versatile as a starter or a reliever, eats innings and gives opposing teams an unwelcome change of pace.

I also think that the Sox bullpen does not need a massive overhaul. Papelbon is an effective closer. Delcarmen and Hansen are showing signs of improvement and I think they will be reliable relievers. I like Corey and Breslow as well. ALl they do is get outs. I think they need to sign two veteran middle relievers – one a set-up man so they don’t put so much pressure on Delcarmen and Hansen. Of course, Hansen might end up being included in a trade, so if that is the case, the Sox might have to bring in a third reliever as a free agent or in a trade.

hey sam, what’s wrong you’ve got everyone on the Yankee blog ignoring you?? Well we an do the same butthead!

Hey giys (that’s girls and guys together (just joking, it was a mistake that I thought I could get away with lol!!) really glad to be back but also really tired. I’m sorry we lost tonight, but… at least we are SoxFans win or lose.. G’night NATIONERS and Vince, Vik. TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY. gone for now…. ec.

Wakefield’s still worth 4 mil lol, provided that he’s healthy anyway.

Competition over pitchers will be unbelievable this offseason… between the Yanks, Mets, Sox, and others, the price of free agents will soar… I just hope we can nab a top-3, including Zito, Matsuzaka, and even Clemens… I doubt he wants to end his career by playing for a .500 team when he can come back to the Sox as the glorious knight, leading the team that gave him a chance to the playoffs, and maybe even the Championship.

On a separate not, what is the likelihood of acquiring Soriano in the offseason? Put Pedroia in the role Cora currently occupies, and use Soriano as the 5th or 6th hitter (not leadoff- when a person smacks 40 HR per season, you don’t make him lead off…) This way, Youk can bat leadoff, and our offense will be unbelievable.

Trade Hinske for a good reliever, and pay the duration of his contract.

Trade Gonzalez at the deadline next year if Pedroia bats well. Forget Julio Lugo…

Any thoughts?

(Since Pedroia is currently our best prospect, regarded as better than Papelbon and Hansen, not giving him a chance would be bombastically stupid… I don’t even know what bombastically means lol – is that even a word? Sounds like a good adjective to describe the scenario anyway)

yankeemm – when you say signing wakefield would mean the Sox had not totally sold out, you are insinuating that the Sox have sold out to a large extent. How is this so? Are these not the sort of cheap underhanded comments which you wanted to see cut out?

First fire Wallace. He’s a terrible pitching coach. he can’t figure out how to handle rookies. The vets don’t need him, so they don’t apply here. Our staff will be very young, they need a coach they can work with. Who should it be? NIP! When wallace was out, the staff was lights out, as soon as wallace came back all the rookies hit a brick wall like a drunk driver that didn’t wear his seatbelt. These kids know NIP very well, & he knows them very well. He made them all. Wallace can’t get the job done, & he hasn’t in any way helped the pitching staff this season. He couldn’t help Clemente, Johnson or even Beckett. This staff is young (minus Schill & Wake, who don’t need a coach.) & they need someone that knows them very well. The right thing to do is fire Wallace, I don’t care about his hip problem, his time is done. They desperately need someone who can manage this young staff. If you think I’m full of it, just look at our record when wallace came back. I tell you, he can’t handle these kids.

//If you bring him back as a starter, you are also tying yourself to Mirabelli as your backup catcher again, because we saw earlier this year how much it is in Wakefield’s head when someone else is catching him.//

Hold the phone:

Have you ever caught a knuckleballer?

George Kottaras: Yes, I have. Steve Sparks, actually. He was with the Padres in Spring Training two years ago. He’s got a good one. He had his own mitt, like a Pro Sparks model by Rawlings or something, and he would give it to the catcher every time he went out. I actually ordered one. I’ve got it with me, just in case. It’s just a bigger mitt. I caught [Sparks] a couple times. It was tough. I was talking to our catching rovers about catching a knuckler. You have to relax and wait until it gets to you. You can’t go and get it because it’s going to cut and break at the last moment. You have to be like an infielder. You’re ready, you’re ready, and then, all of the sudden, it’s there and you’ve got to get it. It was tough at first. I was clunking a couple of pitches. But I got used to it, and he said I did well for him.

//Big Poopy, the MVP on a team 10 games back….PRICELESS//

Funny comment from a guy whose team includes an MVP from a last-place team. But then again a Yankees fan is probably too dumb to know who that is.

HACARO, no, what is funny, a team w/the 2nd highest payroll is 11.5 games out of 1st…..then again, you shoudl be used to that, winning 1 title in 86 years….

hac, funny calling someone dumb when you clearly did not look at the difference between a rod on texas and ortiz this season.

What I mean by the sox selling out is wakefield is their only player remaining from the 99 alcs when they first lost to the yankees….to replace every player in 7 years, i consider selling out, or buying up, either way. I wasn’t comparing the sox to the yankees in that synopsis, I don’t care if people take cheap shots at the yankees as long as they are backed up. My issue was when analysing the sox or yankees we take shots at the other team by comparing them when it is not necessary to summarize your team.

btw, seeing as I already wrote my two cents on the ortiz jeter controversy on another site, i’ll just post the part comparing ortiz to a rod in texas:

“So they gave it to A rod because of his numbers, but Ortiz also feels that they should only pay attention to homeruns and RBI’s, the only legitimate two categories (runs scored makes three) ortiz is having league wide success in this year.

Oh and btw, A rod lead the american league in runs scored with 124, his 47 homeruns were five more than 2nd place, he won a gold glove at short stop, he had 181 hits, his batting average was .298, he stole 17 bases and he too lead in RBI’s. His team also had nobody by the names of ramirez, schilling or beckett. It had no superstars except him and hello, HE WAS A SHORTSTOP. He was not a DH where his only job was to produce offensive numbers and yet he lead the league in more categories and with more of a seperation (minus rbi) than ortiz is this year and at a historically defensive and light hitting position.

It is one thing to proclaim you deserve the offensive player of the year when your team is out of the playoffs, and you don’t play defense, but to claim that you are the most valuable to your team and then completely contradict yourself, insult your team and make yourself look like an *** in the process is absolutely unforgivable.”

there is A LOT MORE but I am not going to disrespect the blog by posting it here. Trust me, unless you are dying to read it, i’ll spare you the in depth analysis and passionate opinions i give about ortiz and Jeter. If you specifically request it, I will send it to you though.

so what do i say now? a redsox fan is too dumb to look up stats? Come on now.

//It is one thing to proclaim you deserve the offensive player of the year when your team is out of the playoffs//

Another moronic comment.

Ortiz said he had no chance whatsoever of winning the MVP this year.

He opined that guys who drive in a lot of runs should be the primary guys when it comes to MVP voting. He’s not the only person who holds that opinion.

Somehow, the NYC writers muddled all this together and came up with Ortiz disrespecting Jeter and proclaiming himself the MVP.


or somehow the redsox writers came to his defense and defaced the ny writers, it depends who u want to believe….either way the article would have never existed had ortiz not whined that he should still be considered for mvp despite his team. Either way he had no professional business expressing that.


oh but how humorous, you completely ignore the drastic difference between ortiz and a rod, which was the original debate in the first place? Perhaps something more than emotion and a basic understanding of the game and you might have won the real argument at hand. Rather than just calling people names and categorizing an entire fan base

btw ellen, i haven’t directly spoken to u in a while. How are things? How were the fake hurricanes?/the bar?

Yankeemm – You know far be it from me to be pedantic, but for someone who is so eager to use stats as a means of supporting an argument, you think you could at least get them right. “wakefield is their only player remaining from the 99 alcs when they first lost to the yankees”. V-tek has been there since 1997 (one AB only, but continued on from 1998) and Nixon has been there since 1996. That’s three players. How many players do the Yankees have since the 1999 ALCS you talked of? To my knowledge, and you can correct me if I am wrong, they have 4: Jeter, Mo, Posada and Williams (who will probably be retiring in a month and a half from what I hear). I guess the Yankees sold out/bought up too.

Actually in today’s era of baseball of trading and free trade, where some guys have played for 8 clubs in 6 seasons or whatever, I think the Yankees and Red Sox have fared pretty well.

thats a great ponit brendan. unless youve been with a team since you were drafted, your usually there for 1 3-5 year period via free agency.

you wanna talk long term? anyone else hear about that goalie for the islanders signing a 15 year deal?

Sorry yeah meant to say free agency, not free trade

my mistake brendan, I meant to say pitcher, though I didn’t realize nixon has been there that long, probably because he didn’t have half a season until 1999.

Those yankees match my count as well. Though it is probably necessary to mention wakefield was a product of trade. Doesn’t matter though, the point I had in my head and what translated to the blog were different and that’s my mistake.

I meant wakefield should stay because he is the longest tenured pitcher and for a fanbase that consistantly criticizes the yankees farm team and claims we buy championships, it was important to note that.

Not to mention, if he stays healthy, a team can always use a dying breed of knuckleballer on their team.

yeah ryan, the dipietro deal is absolutely ridiculous. Wang might be the worst owner in sports…except maybe the twins. The goalie will be 40 when he retires from that contract….and he is a goalie…in hockey

On that topic, is there any reason for the art of knuckleballing dying out? I know when I first started getting into baseball, I loved seeing Wakefield baffle (not all the time I know) people with pitches that were 30 mph slower than other pitchers. Is the knuckle ball just that hard to master? Or do people just not try it any more? I know Mussina has a knuckle curve as well.

Hey there Vince, you know, my very very favorite cousins name is Vince!! (Vincent DePaul Powers). Cool name, huh?
Well the hurricane(s) (the storms not my college football favorites) did nothing but rain. We boarded up for nothing, but I’d rather be safe… The bar is still going good, tips are picking up as it is football seasson.

I am scheduled to take 3 employment tests for the city (took 1-2 part test today for Communication Specialist, tough test but I think I did well, how ironic, I tend bar at The Ft. Lauderdale Firefighters Benevolent Assoc. Hall, and this test was for Fire Dispatcher!) I have 2-2 part tests next week, think GOOD thoughts and say GREAT prayers for me. I need to go back full time and local government has really good benni’s, and excellent pay.

I was really quite disappointed in David Ortiz’ remarks reagarding his hunt for MVP. It just didn’t sound like the Ortiz we all know. But I guess frustration is setting in, you know, so far out of everything, I guess that’s his focus now. I think that he had a really good shot at it up until he came out with those remarks.

Hows Art History coming along?? I know you hate it..But you gotta do what you gotta do!! You will do fine!

Gotta go feed the kids (the dog and cat) before game time. Glad I got to check in with you~!! Talk later.

art history is painful but luckily i only have to take it like 11 more times since it is only once a week.

brendan, i have no idea why the knuckleball is dying out, but i have two theories.

1. it is painful to throw

2. it is hard to find catchers that can catch knuckleballers.

otherwise it makes no sense to me

has anyone ever noticed that all knucklers (to the best of my knowledge) have all worn the same #??, 49.

These commercials s+U+CK!

“Somehow, the NYC writers muddled all this together and came up with Ortiz disrespecting Jeter and proclaiming himself the MVP.


Actually, ESPN is based in Connecticut. True story.

hairless, who are you quoting there?? I looked, but I must have missed it.

Nice recovery by Trot…

he was quoting whoever was arguing with me before.

I think we ought to get Millar back, and make him bench coach!


I’m quoting A bit late and maybe a bit snarky, but I just got here, today, and that guy – I mean, hey, I like most of y’all here, let me just get that out of the way🙂 – but that guy’s a punk.

No problem from me, I just didn’t see the original.. As I said previously, I was more than a bit disappointed in what I read. I just don’t what (or if) he was thinking.

Hey, y’all remember Kaylee, right?? Well she broke a bone (I think her wrist or arm) I think she said she was going to have surgery. I hope everything is ok with her. Feel better, Kaylee.

hair, i think the explanation redsox press came up with was that ortiz’s words were twisted when the transition was made from where he did his interview to when it entered the ny papers…I think it was after that that espn covered it, but I could be wrong, and if I am it only further cements my beliefs that ortiz was frustrated and said some regrettable things

I don’t remember who wrote it but I think that they were right in saying that Wallace should be gone and Nipper in as Pitching Coach

btw derek non mvp because he is 30 hrs short of critera jeter with a 2 out rbi single…4-2 in the 5th…jeter has 2 hits tonight to continue his now 23 game hitting streak

…cano 2 run 2 out double (he will soon be in the batting title race when he qualifies for at bats) 4-4

look when the pitcing staff fell apart this year!!!!! Wallace in Nipper out you do the math 1+1=? hmmmm…


Needlees to say, we had plenny of Lenny, and so did the O’s!! What’s it gonna take to for them to see when a pitcher has lost his stuff?? I know this is too late in the season etc, but danm, they just have to get a long reliever if we’re gonna have the same thing next year. Ireally hope we DON’T have the same situation.

ellen i doubt dinardo has a place on your team next year

This post isn’t triggered by last night’s performance in particular; I’ve been wondering for some time whether the F.O.’s continued allegiance to Tim Wakefield is still warranted. First off, the obligatory

* I know he’s been here forever and has hardly ever been injured

* I know he does tons of community work and is a fixture in the city

* I know he exceeds the team in professionalism (though Lowell is also noble), even propping up Bard after the vote-of-no-confidence trade

* I know he skipped his playoff start to take a turn in the bullpen and probably saved our chances one year.

* I saw him pitch against Damon in the Yankees home opener this year, with the drama of getting Dougie back for a police escort and cup-less first inning

Yet aside from our waiver-wire parade of pitchers, he has the worst starter record on the club. Yes, even Matt Clement (and Kyle Snyder!) have slightly better W-L records. (You’re right, I’m conveniently not counting Wells 2-3 record since he’s off the team, though I suspect Boomer would have put together at least one win in he past month to even out at .500).

I hear the objections: W-L is a lousy measure of a pitcher; he’s only second to Schilling for starter ERA! It’s the team’s fault for such lousy run support! Well, maybe. But remember that Wakefield also impacts the run support but saddling the team with Mr. Mendoza himself, sporting a laughable .184 BA and an anemic .248 OBP. Sure, Miserabelli hits home runs more often than half the infield (and almost as often as WMP, roughly 1 in 22 AB), but aside from the occasional blast, playing with Mirabelli is like a day trip to the NL where pitchers bat (but Papi doesn’t have to field a ball). Not to mention taking up space on the roster and luring us into one of the season’s more discouraging trades.

Oh, and he’s such an innings-eater! Well, sort of…he did pitch the team’s only (!) complete game this season. But his average innings pitched per game is 124.2/20=6.21, which is lower than Schilling’s 192/29=6.62 and only slighly better than Beckett’s 184/30=6.13. So it’s not as if he is helping the bullpen that much than the other guys, though to be fair he lasted longer innings-wise than Lester and Clement (both around 5.4).

Is it the intangibles? Is Wakefield the token move by the F.O. to show that Tin Man Theo really has a heart while otherwise ruthlessly pursuing purely sabermetric calculations? I recall this quote:

“For the last 11 years, Tim Wakefield has represented the best of the Boston Red Sox,” said Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein the day the new contract was announced. “His continuing contributions to the success of the franchise on the field are matched only by his dedication to community service. This agreement virtually guarantees Wake will retire as a Boston Red Sox, which is fitting. In the long, proud history of the franchise, few men have brought greater honor to the uniform.”

I dunno. I think the world of him personally, but I start to wonder whether the Mirabelli albatross is worth it. Maybe I’m particularly sensitive since we were saddled with Mirabelli while Tek was out, even though there were no knuckleballs to be caught at the time. Just thinking out loud here…tell me where I’m off-base.

Wow, did you see the frustration on Lowells face when he took that pitch. It’s even getting to him.

It’s hard to have a good backup catcher. You might as well have one that can help every 5 starts.. Lopez was no deal!!!

Being that we’re playing at Camden Yard, I see a game called due to rain, considering that they are ahead.

yvmm: I’m thinking that this is not a bad thing!

And tomorrow’s starter is…..thats my drum roll! Burns…hmmm, as for wakefield I think we can all discount this season for most of the team. Last year Wake’s innings eating was better I’m sure. If i’m wrong i’m sure Mr. yankee will tell me. Who’s this sam dude, another yankee in our midst I guess. 11 games out doesn’t measure the team this year, this year’s one of those exception things.

The Islanders seem to have a history of whacky things. History I should say more recent times. As far as I’m concerned Depietro (dont know how his name is spelled)hasn’t proven himself to sign a three year deal let alone a 15er. Not to mention the fact that who knows where the cap will be in 2-5 yrs from now. Guess he needed some security.

I thought the dumb moves were over when Milbury was replaced. I’d say dumb on both ends. Superstar goalies were getting 10 mill per year, I think the elite are still getting around 6-7 per year. What did he sign for? Wasn’t it around 45 mill.?

I think you’re pretty accurate with wakefield eating less innings this year….haha esp since he was injured. Sam is from the yankee blog but was a long time pessimistic yankee fan until he was reborn again around mid to late august.

I think if Wakefield is an effective innings eater, his contribution will exceed that shown in his win loss coulmn. He can take some weight off the bullpen, hopefully resulting in more wins that way. I think he can rebound back from his injury, but that’s just conjecture.

Mirabelli has had a bad year but there was talk last year about him being one of the best back up catchers in the league. His bat may improve next year, hard to say. Even with this, his poor year has not been enough of a reason for Wake’s terrible run support.

I was just wondering why everyone is going so nuts over Jeter’s hit streak. Maybe I hear about it a lot b/c i’m in NY, but every paper I see, it says Jeter extends to 20 or whatever. I mean if a guy from Seattle had a 23 gamer, it would be no big deal. I don’t think hitting streaks have anything to do with how good a hitter you are just like hitting for the cycle. Everyone knows Jeter’s an unbelievable hitter but your almost insulting him by saying he has a 23 game h.s. because any player can happen to get hot and hit in that many and most are not usually the caliber of Jeter. By comparison in the last few years we’ve had Manny, Damon twice and Nomar each hit in about 30 straight games.

rizzo, to be fair this is a career long for jeter, his previous career long was 17 and i don’t know what ur talking about, when manny, utley, nomar and all the others reached 20 games they made a big deal out of it. Maybe because you live in ny u see more publicity but here in ct, it is getting as much publicity as anybody elses for this long….if you feel it is more, than it is prob cause this is a career long for jeter. I find it surprising because he is such a great hitter but that’s why baseball should be watched and not predicted

he’s also batting 4 something during this streak, much like utley until he got into the 30’s

Thats another amazing thing I heard that this is the longest by a Yank since like Mattingly in the early 90s, right? Thats surprising

since mattingly had a 24 game streak in 1986, yeah…odd right? And mattingly’s 24 is the 3rd longest in yankee history. In 1941 somebody i think had a 26 game hitting streak and then of course joe d at 56.

i couldn’t tell you the longest redsox streak, i know manny’s what, 26 game streak was pretty high up there?

Manny’s was probably top 5 or 10, I’ll look it up…

We’ve had 3 of 30+, Nomar(30) in 97, I dont know the others for sure, I think Dom Dimaggio has the record of about 35.

No Manny this weekend, possibly the rest of the year, that *** but no reason to run him out there and get him hurt worse. Keep him healthy for the next 2 yrs with us, or keep him relatively healthy so he can be alluring trade bait. I am hoping against hope that we can split this weekend so we don’t have to watch NY celebrate for the 2nd consecutive year.

Joe D used up all the hits leaving the rest struggling for 25…we can forever now call it the Dimaggio he will lose it against the sox, leaving us one thing this godforsaken year to be happy about…Wait a minute let me check if anyones pitching this weekend.

Its kind of funny Joe moved Wang back against us, you can’t tell me he doesn’t want to beat us bad. Well at least beat us worse than LOWLY tampa

lol well to be fair, it was raining, would u want to risk injury on a 17-5 pitcher? Plus their pitcher actually did get hurt, so it turned out to be a smart move….I bet jeter’s streak ends the game the yankees clinch

Even if he hits the rest of the year he will get to about 40, and I am against hitting streaks carrying over, I would have pis sed if Rollins somehow broke it, I think you should have to do it in one calendar year. It is really a moot point b/c no one is going to get there, that will be the toughest record in the league to break (except hitting for 400 lol)

Rodrigo – let me introduce you to the strike zone, strike zone-Rodrigo

I agree.

So you guys have beckett? who else is pitching for the sox?

what is th esox situation right now in the game i stopped watching

Isn’t the weather supposed to be the same tomorrow though?



against wang wright/johnson mussina i think.

rizzo 60% rain high of 70 so by gametime prob low 60’s?

lol i guess with no manny papelbon or schilling 3 of 4 is not such a bad prayer huh?

For you guys? Yeah I mean if you asked me I would have said you have a much better chance of sweeping this weekend than last month, and we all knew what happened then. Who knows, lets just play them out and see what happens, I wonder what would happen if we swept you guys… hmmmmm…

Attaboy Timlin

Whew that was a nice win tonight, good comeback, a good way to go into enemy territory, I’m off for the night talk to everyone later.

timlin likes making it interesting….haha if u swept us ud lose the season series and be 7.5 back…so not a whole heck of a lot….three things u can do to cause minor damage: prevent wang in all liklihood from 20 wins, snap jeters his streak and make things much tougher for home field advantage throughout the playoffs

Saying Jeter’s streak will end when the Yankees clinch the division is romanticized hyperbole.

Nah, next four games are just matter of pride for the Red Sox. saving something of this season series, and not seeing yanks clinch in stadium, which the sox must win at least 2.

Pride? You really think that there is pride left in that clubhouse?

I think if beckett pitches like he can we could have a chance for 3. Would be nice to have manny in the line up tho, I see Ortiz walked 4 times tonight.

What a train wreck this season has been. What to do? The Sox thought they could win with defense. The variable they left out of the equation was pitching. People always talk about pitching and defense winning games. It’s not pitching AND defense because the two are the same thing. Pitching is part of a team’s defense. This is why the Sox stunk this year.

No, they don’t stink-they haven’t done as well as we would have liked.
And injuries are the variable that was not factored in. The pitching staff was decimated throughout the season.

Go Sox!

//is there any reason for the art of knuckleballing dying out?//

The Red Sox have two knuckleball pitchers in their farm system, including Charlie Zink, who spent most of the year in Pawtucket.

//I think the world of him personally, but I start to wonder whether the Mirabelli albatross is worth it.//

George Kottaras has experience catching the knuckleball, which is undoubtedly one reason why the Sox traded for him.

Perhaps some Sox fans should pay closer attention to what’s happening in the minors.

//I was really quite disappointed in David Ortiz’ remarks reagarding his hunt for MVP. It just didn’t sound like the Ortiz we all know.//

“Ortiz grabbed a copy of the USA Today sports section in the visitors’ clubhouse before last night’s 6-5 win over the Baltimore Orioles and pointed to a photo of himself. According to the caption, Ortiz said he deserved to be MVP.

‘What is this [expletive]?’ he said. ‘That’s not me, bro. That’s not what I’m about. This makes me look stupid.'”

And as for “ESPN had the story,” – ESPN picked the story up from the NY print media, and USA Today. In many cases, that’s how the business works. It’s wasn’t their original story, and ESPN would undoubtedly tell you that.

if beckett wins you have a shot at 3? Wow.

I mean, after that 5 game sweep I would say anything can happen but would you really put faith in tavarez gibbard and your sunday starter against johnson wright and mussina? I have to imagine wang will beat beckett considering beckett has struggled all year on the road and wang is dominant at home moreso than he is on the road…but if you want to say beckett can win, than you also feel you can win a game of the dh with those two pitching AND have im guessing wakefield with a losing record beat mike mussina…I think that is wishful thinking more than probable. I think realistically if beckett wins tonight you have a shot at a split but maybe that’s the yankee fan talking?

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

some additional facts:
wang at home: 10-2 2.78 era

Beckett on the road: 8-5 5.36 era

last 10 starts: Wang 2.96 era Beckett 5.69 era

I assume wang wins

game 2: (as far as I am aware)

Tavarez vs Wright:

Tavarez I will spare the stats since he is mostly a reliever but he has fared well as a starter 11.2 innings 5 er.

4.03 era last 10 appearances, 4.36 on the road

Wright: 5.01 era at home 4-1 4.40 era last 10 starts

Not even bringing the bullpen difference into this between the two teams right now and the lineup superiority, i’ll go ahead and give this game to the redsox anyway.

Gibbard Vs Johnson

the only thing I will mention is johnson is 7-2 his last 10 starts 4.76 era 4.80 era at home 4.84 on the season.

Do you trust gibbard to beat the yankees? I didn’t think so

johnson wins.

Mussina vs Wakefield- Division will more than likely be on the line for this game, by that I mean the yankees will have a chance to clinch:

Mussina: 14-6 3.59 era

at home: 8-2 3.32 era

4.32 era last 10 starts

Personally I think mussina wang and johnson will win and I am optimistic for a sweep, but this is the redsox no matter what type of demoralized state they are in, and I can’t fathom winning the final 11 games of the season against them so my guess is yankees 3 of 4….sorry i didn’t go more in depth, I am absolutely exhausted

sorry, i’m just trying to add some drama to an otherwise empty and dry series that probably was never meant to be this way when the schedules were made

I think you have the matchups wrong, tomorrow night I thought it was Johnson v. Snyder, and Gabbard against Mussina sunday nite. I think we have to hope for a split in the series. I can see us winning tonight, and then 1 tomorrow (probably the first, b/c we can pound Wright and Tavarez looks more like himself as a starter). The other 2 favor the Yankees. To get a split, tonite is the key.

Also, here are the guys that weren’t here in the series in August but will play in this one:
NYY: Matsui

BOS: Nixon, Varitek, Gonzalez

And we will be missing Manny, and NY wont have Rivera and Posada??(I thought he got hurt last nite). Those extra guys may help us have a better outcome than last time. I know its like beating a dead horse, but I can’t help but get excited for SOX-YANKS no matter what the standings say.

ur right about the matchups i keep forgetting snyder, but he also was pounded by the yankees so i don’t mind much.

you are without manny schilling and papelbon, and now have nixon varitek and gonzalez….we are without rivera but now have bruney and a rested villone proctor and farnsworth.

Posada came out of the game but as far as i know is not injured for any extent of time

rizzo don’t get me wrong i am very excited for the series regardless of the situation (prob moreso because i want to see us clinch). I almost feel like without manny we play half of ortiz too.

oh and by the way, we also have matsui back as well

now i notice you included him, nevermind. Like i said, i am exhausted

btw, jeter and ortiz each have 40 rbi since the all star break with jeter batting 345 and ortiz 292….ortiz has 17 hrs in that span. Jeter is hitting 396 in the last 23 games during the hit streak….. and cano has 40 rbi in his last 36 games.

stats supplied from pete abraham’s blog.

jarvis will start sunday if he is not used in the dh

Vince, How are you today??When you say Sam was “reborn” does that mean he became optimistic when the yankess began to run away with the division?? If that’s the case, that is not being reborn, that’s being a fair weathered fan. I recall him on the Yankee blog as being a real wet blanket thrown over a fire!

Well, D*A*M*N tonights game has been postponed and turned into a Sunday doubleheader!! I hope that the weather clears, and I’m working a double on Sunday.
man the weather is terrible here this afternoon!! Lightening like I’ve seen very few times in all my lifetime here! 5 and 6 spikes at a time and some going horizontally!! Very strange!

i’m great ellen i finally start work tomorrow so I can have money….finally. Russ is what we call a “worried fan” I don’t know, i don’t care how he was as long as he remains normal from now on because the pessimistic russ is unbearable. I love you all, that being said I am going out to get drunk with a “jack bauer for president” shirt on.

HAIL REDSOX FANS!!!, How is everyone today?? WOW, playing a double-double header. This is going to take it out of everyone.
I’m hoping the Sox take atleast 2.

HOT BATS,GREAT GLOVES,The Red Sox Are the Guys I Love(s). poetic license.


If the Sox still had a reasonable chance, I’d be jumping off the walls right now. However, these games are still pretty fun to watch. Go Papi! You’ve got some records to catch!

(most HR from DH slot, most HR on road, most HR by Sox, among a few others)

Another long ball by Beckett, so much for the good start. Hope he settles down soon, or here we go again. Could I possibly hate a team more then the yankees. Have a huge hate for the habs, but it seems to pale in comparison.

Chien Ming Bombs- nice 3 run 4th, Beckett looks good minus the 2nd. Nice to see David Murphy getting 2 hits, and Big Papi doing his best to shut that crowd up.

the crowd won’t be shut up for long, i’m back from work so now the yankees will start winning

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