Bronx blah

I never thought I’d live to see the day where I covered a Red Sox-Yankees series that felt so utterly meaningless. My buddy Mark Feinsand and I have sat side by side here in the third row of the Yankee Stadium press box the last  five years and covered such high-drama, meaningful games with so much intensity.

Today? Nothing. Just a game that might as well be played in a Spring Training outpost such as Tampa or Fort Myers.

It shows you how lucky we’ve been to be a part of what we were a part of from 2003-05. From the Cowboy Up madness to when Aaron Boone Cowboyed them right down of ’03, to the greatest comeback in sports history of ’04 to what essentially amounted to a tie for the division title last year, we’ve seen some pretty cool stuff.

Now? The big story is how many boos David Ortiz gets for some unfortunate remarks about derek Jeter that he already apologized for. And there’s also Papi assaulting Jimmie Foxx’s team record of 50 homers. He still needs two to tie.

As for Papelbon announcing that he’s all but certain to return to the rotation next year, I love it. Throw Papelbon out there with Schilling and Beckett and Wakefield and perhaps another big-time addition this winter, and he just might become the ace of a pretty fearsome staff. We’ll see.

Who will close next year? Hansen isn’t ready, so they’re going to have to find someone.

Well, five innings are in the books. Only another 22 left over the next two days.

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Nice to see timlin cose out game one. Beckett pitched strong, Foulke did his job. I think for next year the sox should groom hansen to the set up role, they should still have Timlin and Foulke I hope. Then find a closer thru trade or pick from the slim pickens that are left. Looking forward to game 2, go-sox-go!

It was an important win for the Sox. Not just win, but for morale reasons. Beckett, whom the Yanks have lit up all year, hangs in and wins against the Yanks’ best pitcher all year. The Yanks need to win all three to clinch, which is now down from highly probable to slightly improbable.

Ortiz did get booed, but the Yanks still fear him quite much, and he really asserted himself with his game today. I still think he meant no harm or spite for Jeter or Yanks winning, just missaid.

Next year will be interesting, the Sox would need free agent signings. Pitching will be forefront, and they cannot try to trade away pitchers. I mean, WMP and Hinske are big busts. Arroyo looks real. Oh well, and Hansen is not ready for closing. Not yet.

Are you sure there are only 27 innings left, Ian? When these teams play, extra innings are common occurrence.

If the Red Sox are going to get a closer in the free agent market or by trade, who do people think they should get? And who should they give up to get them?

On a completely unrelated topic, I have been getting emails from “Paypal” asking me to verify my account details and such. If anyone else gets these, just so you know they are spam so be careful.

Wily Mo Pena a bust? How do you figure. He’s a .300-plus hitter with power who knocks runs in. And he’s just 24. The only thing that has stopped him has been the wrist injury. Pena will likely be a fixture in right field for awhile – at least on a platoon basis.

I do agree that the Sox will make some key free agent signings and a big trade or two. They will need a closer via trade if Papelbon is in the rotation. There are no premium free agent closers. Perhaps the Sox will deal Lowell or Hinske to San Diego (who desperately needs a third baseman next season) for Scott Linebrink, who is a potential closer.

I surely hope the Sox do not resign Timlin. Ditto for Foulke. Of course, I imagine Foulke will pickup his player option, so the Sox would need to buy him out. With guys like Bryan Corey and Craig Breslow, and an improved Hansen and Delcarmen, the Sox have some relievers to work with for next season. They will need to sign a closer, and a set-up man.

I think the Sox should deal Lowell or Hinske for a reliever, sign a big name like Zito or Schmidt and deal Crisp in a package to get a center fielder (Andruw Jones?). I would also like to see them get a better offensive threat at shortstop, as long as that player is decent defensively.

As I have mentioned several times on this blog, we as Sox fans can rest assured that Epstein and Henry will do whatever is necessary to upgrade the rotation, bullpen and position players for next season to ensure that the Sox will legimitately contend for a World Series title. All it takes is a disappointing season like this one to make a guy like Henry open his wallet.

Ian said that Papelbon may become the staff ace next year – a staff consisting of Beckett and an expensive FA (Trust me, Theo’s gonna sign an ace over winter… he knows that).

It got me thinking: Papelbon COULD become the ace… why not? After all, Verlander is an ace, Weaver is probably an ace, Liriano would be an ace if not for the best pitcher in baseball, and Papelbon has an ERA of less than the smallest positive integer. I’m looking forward to this offseason and 07. It’s going to be great, just watch…

I’m feeling really good today about the Sox… in 07, they should be just fine, and by 08 or 09 at the latest, our best prospects will have emerged. Pedroia will be batting around .300, Pena will be drawing lawsuits from the Sox regarding the amount of dents he’s put in the Green Monster, Hansen will be dominating, and best of all, our best pitching prospects will be in either AAA or on the Sox roster. Bowden, Buchholz, and Bard will be great – especially Buchholz.

Jamie, I very much agree that Bard, Buchholz and Bowden will be solid starters, but they likely won’t be in Boston until 2008 at the earliest. A rotation of Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon, a top free agent and a fifth starter like Wakefield, Gabbard, Snyder or someone else does sound appealing. I think the Sox will keep Youkilis and find either a first baseman or third baseman with more power via free agency (since Youkilis can play either position). I wonder what the Sox will do about Lowell, Gonzalez, Loretta and Nixon. Should be interesting.

And I do realize that Lowell is under contract for next season, but I have a feeling they will deal him to San Diego for a reliever.

The bottom line is that Jamie’s assessment seems correct. The Sox are in good shape with their farm system, which means they can fill certain holes inexpensively and they will have more payroll flexibility to sign free agents and take on a bigger contract via trade. I understand that, if we want to get a superstar in his prime (like an Andruw Jones) we will have to include two prospects along with Crisp, which I think would be worth it. But if the Sox cannot get a big name who is still in his prime, I think they should keep the bulk of their prospects.

To many Including Ian these games might seem meaningless, but, every game, even these, that I watch means something to me. It means that I still have a love for the game and not just a love for a winning team, It means that I’m grateful to BE ABLE TO SEE THESE GAMES. I love to see the Sox win, but I LOVE TO SEE THEM PLAY EACH GAME THAT I CAN. Ian you have been subject to the winning side of the Sox since covering them, I know you were a fan early, but go back, I’ve been a fan since you were just knee high to whatever, winning is Great BUT IT ISN’T EVERYTHING, IT ISN’T EVEN CLOSE. THELOVE FOR THE GAME AND YOUR TEAM IS WHAT MAKES IT!!

Jamie, I love your optimsm for the coming year!! I think the same, all we can do this year is hope to finish a bit more respectably. GO SOX!!!

lol Jeff, I was thinking the same thing about Lowell. Is it realistic to get Linebrink though? We can probably take on 4 or 5m of Lowell’s contract and offer a second-tier prospect… I still can’t believe how well Merideth is doing though…

Jamie, I think it is feasible that the Sox can add Linebrink for Lowell. I’m sure that the Sox would have to send the Padres 4-5 mil of his salary (which I think is 9 million). The Padres have a stocked bullpen, and they need a third baseman is complement their young infield of Adrian Gonzalez, Barfield and Khalil Greene. It would be nice if the Sox could pry away Chris Young, but I can’t imagine the Padres would want to deal a young quality starter like him.

It is exciting to think of what the Sox will do in the off-season. I love Hot Stoeve League talk. Yet, I am still avidly following the games through the end of the season. If the Sox could win 3 of 4 from the Yankees and sweep the Twins, that would make it interesting since the White Sox keep losing.

Another question to pnder and debate. Since it is always good to have extra starters (as we’ve painfully learned this season), will the Sox keep Tavarez as a spot starter and middle reliever, or perhaps a fifth starter, next season. After all, he has thrown the ball well since they inserted him into the rotation.

I checked, and Tavarez is signed for 2007, so I imagine he will return unless the Sox trade him. I remember they talked to Colorado about a Tavarez for Ray King deal, but obviously that never materialized.

**** Tavarez, serving up a two-run double, let’s trade him! Just kidding. I actually think he might be worth keeping for next season, which is hard to believe after how he performed in the bullpen.

We also keep forgeting that Clement is signed through 2007. Hopefully he can return healthy for spring training.

nice Coco

How about Matt Clement, Coco Crisp and a prospect for Andruw Jones? Or is this just a pipe dream from me? I have no idea what we’re going to do for a closer next year. Clone Papelbon and use one of him in the rotation and one as a closer?

I, as the biggest critic of Julian Tavar”EZ”, have to come out and say that he did a really good job tonight. He got into a couple of jams but got out of them! He’s so much better as a starter than from the pen.. GOOD JOB JULIAN!

Mybe JonBons baby brother will be ready to go for us,(doubtful)

Josh Papelbon does have a good chance of being a big leaguer, I think, since he is a sidewinder or submariner (I can’t remember which one he is). Those pitchers are like knuckleballers, they aren’t many of them. Chad Bradford and Mike Myers come to mind; I’m sure there are a few more.

I agree, Ellen, about Tavarez. He has performed well as a starter, and it’s only right that we compliment him since we trashed him all season as a reliever.

I hope that Hansen learns an offspeed pitch in the off-season.

Hey, If I can knock someone when they stink, I’m among the 1st to give the credit when they do well, and he did tonight… Plus he didn’t beat any one up at the plate!! lol

More’s the pity….

Unfortunately, I have to go to bed now, I have a double tomorrow, 10:15a.m.-12:00a.m., moneys good, but I miss the end of tonights game. Good thing tomorrows game(s) are on t.v. …
Go Sox!! G’night Nationers. Vince Vik, have a good one.

goodnight ellen good luck tomorrow

INJRY DELAY?! INJURY DELAY?!!!!!!! Gameday says injury delay

What happened?

and that, my friends, is daniel fagan…..funny, the story probably took him hours to come up with, yet i’m pathetic for discussing baseball on a baseball blog…..welcome back daniel.

oh, by the way ellen….welcome to the real daniel fagan. This is what people had to deal with

oh btw, not that I have any doubt you have no credibility whatsoever with anything or anyone. I have had two email addresses, jesser and yankeevmm. Jesser is my friend’s friend’s mlbtv account and I didn’t realize i can have a personal email account for the blog as opposed to mlbtv….when I was told by Vik that I could, i switched to my real email address, which would be this one…hence why there were two names….all the other name accusations, are simply your borderline personality disorder

lol the legendary fagan… I’m too lazy to read the whole post though.

Fagan, I’ve heard about you, and after reading your post, it is evident that the description about you is accurate. You are a complete *****. This is a baseball blog – a Red Sox baseball blog. So if you have an intelligent opinion or comment about the Sox and the sport itself, please do share it. But spare us your immature attacks on people, which demonstrate that you lack any measure of maturity, class and credibility. Like lots of people on here who follow the Sox closely, we know the game inside and out, we are very knowledgeable about the Sox, and we have strong opinions. I don’t care at all to read posts from Yankees fans who blast the Sox when the Yankees are doing well, and disappear when they are not. And I don’t care to read your mindless drivel. I checked the archives and some of your comments. Since they are more focused on insults – and not about baseball – that tells me that you know little or nothing about the game, and have nothing intelligent and worthwhile to offer on this blog. Obviously, you’re not a fan of the Sox, and of baseball. You just seem to be passing your time showing your ignorance with your posts and wasting the time of anyone who reads it.

Jeff: Although I dont agree with anything you say abt baseball, I respect you for standing up against a classless person regardless of which team he supports. I am sure you will (also) be his next target.

Vik, as you know, I don’t share your opinions either, but I tend to disagree with most Yankees fans, so that is alright. I don’t care one way or the other if Fagan posts anything about me. It is obvious that he is not a fan of baseball or the Sox – and he hasn’t said anything that indicates that he knows even the most basic elements of the sport. He will post his skinhead-type hate on here, and since he has no credibility and people will start to ignore him and only respond to people who are actually posting about the Sox and baseball – which is what this blog is about – he will move on to other blogs. He already reminds me of a skinhead who is holed up in a remote cabin building his stash of arms for a war against every type of race that he despises. Fagan doesn’t know baseball or the Sox, so that is why his time on here is sporadic. Not sure what he has against Vince, but the sheer fact that he spends so much time writing his hate-filled posts shows that he is not much of a person.

Back to baseball, I am growing more and more impressed with Oakland. The A’s and the Twins are playing their strongest at the most important time of the season. I can see either one of them winning the AL. You never know in the NL. I can see a team like the Padres or Dodgers in the World Series as well. They are feeling confident at the right time. I don’t think the Yankees or Mets will win it this year. In fact, I look forward to the ALCS, when the Yankees season will have ended. That will make watching the ALCS more palatable. But my dislike for the Yankees is not the reason why I am confident that will fall in the ALDS. They just don’t have the pitching. They will definitely have to slug their way to wins in the playoffs.

that’s funny cause i’m becoming increasingly less impressed with the A’s. I just don’t think they have the offense or the necessary starting pitching….the Tigers as I assumed are also reeling with their pitching starting to wear down. Nothing lead by kenny rogers will ever win anything.

Jeff, how can you say oakland and minnesota is hot at the right time when the yankees have now moved into having the best record in all of baseball? I mean, they are competing with the sox and benching a minimum of 3 players everyday along with adding two rookies into the rotation and a third on wednesday….not that the sox are at even strength but I think the yankees are a lot deeper on the bench and in the bullpen than any of their teams this millenium….and i’ll take two 17 game winners and mike mussina in the rotation. No team has a dominant rotation and the whitesox had a chance but they can’t seem to put it together

with liriano out for the year and the yankees having home field more than likely, i’ll take them over the twins who have not hit the yankee starters hard along with the tigers offense….it is not that the yankees necessarily have hte best pitching in the playoffs, but they match up extremely well with everybody except the A’s

The Sox are far from full strength. They are just trying to plug all the holes they can until the season ends. Thus the reason I hope they shut down Manny for the season, and why I’m glad Papelbon is done for the season. The Yankees are hot, but if I was a Yankees fan, I would be concerned about the pitching – both the rotation and the bullpen. It doesn’t matter how many wins a pitcher has; what is most important is how he is throwing at the time. Mussina is really the only pitcher the Yankees can depend on. Wang has definitely had a great year, but he has been questionable at times lately. Randy Johnson has performed better in the second half than in the first, but he is far from the dominant pitcher he once was. He is very hittable. You can’t put too much emphasis on stats. Baseball is a game of emotion. What the A’s and Twins have done to revive their seasons is amazing. I think they will carry that momentum into the playoffs, and one of them will win the AL. The Tigers and White Sox seem to be crumbling at the wrong time.

I never did see a response to my post about whether the Sox should keep Tavarez as a 5th starter, or spot starter and long reliever, for 2007. He is signed for next season. I think that, with his strong showing since he was moved into the rotation, the Sox should keep him. I’m sure that – with Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon and Wakefield set for next year, that the Sox will add a big name to include in the rotation. But it would be nice if the Sox can have people like Tavarez, Snyder and Gabbard available to step in if needed. Clement is signed for next season as well. If he is healthy, chances are he will have a strong season because I’m sure he wants to prove that he is worthy of the contract that he signed, and also he wants to have an impressive season in the final year of his contract.

i would keep tavarez.

um, what about what the yankees have done to revive their season?

Johnson is hittable but he is a big game pitcher and he is hot at the right time (minus the last start), wang is 17-6 with a sub 4 era, i’m sorry but i’m going to look at the stats and the fact we know he is unflappable and he did well against the angels in the playoffs last year and say that we can rely on him too…He has not been as dominating but he still keeps us in games. The way I see it, the yankees have 3 starters that I feel by the 6th or 7th inning will give us a chance to win the game. Say what you will about the records, but the fact they have 17 wins shows they can keep their team in games.

in 13 years of closely following the yankees, only the late 1990’s teams have I seen a yankee team this passionate/comfortable going into the playoffs. Their emotion factor is right there with the rest of them and they have proven they can beat all the playoff contenders this year.

The twins only have one pitcher that they can honestly expect to win every time out there, and the tigers right now have 1-2. Against the yankees if I am the A’s i only trust danny haren who absolutely owns them. Zito has been dominant or shelled (much like beckett vs the yankees), loaiza is a fluke imo and harden is injured….Joe blanton is a 15 game winner but he won’t blow anybody away.

anyway i would keep tavarez because he was good for more years than not, he seems to be putting it together late when it doesn’t matter and it will be hard enough to find enough relievers for the sox next year (I don’t mean they don’t have any, i mean a closer and setup man are two huge bullpen holes to fill)

You’re right, finding a closer and a set-up man in the same off-season is tough – especially this off-season since there are few available on the free agent market. But at the same time I have confidence that Epstein will make the necessary deals to bring in what is needed. Corey and Breslow are inexpensive and solid arms to have in the bullpen. Hansen and Delcarmen will be better next year, I think. But I don’t think either one is ready for a set-up role. I think the Sox will deal Lowell to San Diego for a guy like Scott Linebrink, who is poised to become a closer. Of course, I imagine if they make that deal, Epstein would still make another deal for a proven closer for a year or two until Hansen is ready to take the role.

I think they will deal lowell, loretta, crisp, hansen and prospects and prob get a closer, andruw jones and someone minor like a 1st baseman.

though if they didn’t deal hansen like the yankees didn’t deal cabrera i don’t think they will in the offseason esp now that hansen’s stock is lower….i still could see them getting a big name like andruw jones, esp if manny is done there which i doubt., prob just put jones in center pena in right and manny in left with nixon not being resigned or being resigned in a bernie type deal

hey guys. seems like forever since i last posted. been doing a lot of venting the last day and a half.

Loretta is unsigned for next season, as is Gonzalez and Timlin. I think the only way they will deal Hansen is if he is a must in a deal for someone like Andruw Jones. He has so much upside, I hope they keep him, unless it is absolutely necessary to include him in a deal to get a big name who is still in his prime. I think they will get a big bat who can also play defense to put at third or first. Youkilis will be at one of the corner spots. I do think they will deal Crisp and Lowell. They will no doubt get a closer. I don’t think they will trade Manny, though I think they should consider it if they can get 2-3 good players in return for one great player. Can’t see them keeping Nixon, especially since they can platoon Pena and Murphy in right field if need be. Murphy can play all three outfield spots, so he is a good guy to have on the team.

I’m not sure how Yankees fans feel about this, but September isn’t the same without both teams fighting for the AL East title and the playoffs.

As a Red Sox fan who is accustomed to the team playing well enough to contend for the playoffs year after year, I like it when the late season games with the Yankees have playoff implications. This is interesting, because I despise the Yankees more than any other sports team, and that says a lot since I am a lifelong Ohio State fan (whose main rival is Michigan), Pittsburgh Steelers (Browns and Bengals) and Boston Celtics (Lakers and Sixers, once upon a time). Yet, even though I dislike the main rivals, it is much more interesting as a fan when your team is playing well, and your rival is playing well. For example, this season’s game between Ohio State and Michigan should be very meaningful for national title hopes.

So, though I wouldn’t cry if the Yankees stumble (and there will be a time, like they did from 82-95, when they will have another drought), baseball is more exciting when the Sox and Yankees are both at full strength and are in legitimiate contention for a a World Series crown.

hey ryan, venting about what?

yeah murphy looks good in a small amount of time ive seen him

jeff i’ve been trying to think about how i feel about this situation. I think i am relieved that the yankees have run away with the division, but you’re right it’s not the same and I wish the sox were at least in the playoff mix, but i’ll take this over the yankees chasing the sox…..I am a huge michigan fan, I guess I know when we shall argue again lol.

I’m hoping that Murphy replaces Kapler. I like Kapler as a person – though I don’t know him personally, I do know that he does a lot of charitable work – but I think Murphy has greater upside since he can play all three outfield positions, and he will be inexpensive, as will Pena. Since they will have Youkilis at one of the corner positions, Pedroia at second or short, Murphy and Pena in the outfield and guys like Corey, Breslow, Hansen and Delcarmen in the bullpen, these are guys whose salaries are minimal, at least for MLB standards. So that will allow the Sox to spend more money on a closer, a set-up guy, a first or third baseman, another starting pitcher and a center fielder.

Of course. As a Sox fan, I would rather it be the Sox ahead by 11 games, and the Yankees out of the race, than vice versa. But, ideally, I would like it to be close. I guess that, with all of the years I have followed the Sox, and all of the seasons that they have kept fans on the edge of their seats – I have grown to appreciate and even like all the tension of a tight race.

I was surprised that Michigan routed Notre Dame. Chances are, both teams will be undefeated when they meet since Iowa, Penn State and Michigan State are really the only other threats in the Big Ten this season.

there was an article stating that they dont think the yankees will do much in the offseason…i can’t imagine that. i thnik besides matsuzaka, they prob want all the starters they can get with randy a year older, and guys like wright lidle pavano all being question marks, plsu even mussina will be a year older….with bruney, farnsworth proctor rivera (still effective) myers and hopefully a healthy dotel in the pen they are set, esp with guys like brentcox a year away from major league ready….though guys like hughes and clippard are prob also a year away

Hey Daniel Fagan-welcome back and thanks for clearing things up. It all makes sense now.
Just want to have it noted that I was not anywhere near that bus terminal…

i didnt expect the blowout of nd either, so much for nd being title contenders, they didnt show much in their first real test…esp at home

Well, given the lack of decent options out there this year for closing (the best overall option might be Bob Wickman… dang….) they might want to try to find a few Japanese closers… those guys tend to work well as short term solutions.

I think the Yankees need to make lots of changes as well. Wang is the only reliable young starter they have. I don’t know about the minor league arms and when they are expected to arrive in Yankee Stadium. Matsui, Sheffield and Posada are getting older. Abreu, Giambi and Damon aren’t getting any younger as well. Cabrera and Cano are good young players. The Yankees bullpen can also use an upgrade. Procter is really the only guy outside of Rivera that I would feel comfortable with if I was a Yankees fan.

Of course, the bottom line is, this is the Yankees. Steinbrenner will throw his money around and fill the holes. How the Yankees perform on the field depends on whether the team as a whole has chemistry, because it is not always about how good a team is on paper.

I wonder if the Sox will risk signing a guy like Eric Gagne, if he is healthy going into spring training. I would rather the Sox trade for a guy like Linebrink and use him as a closer than taking a chance on Gagne.

a rod and jeter are still in their prime and cano is young…giambi is still ok at first and i think they either get somebody low budget to play defensive first or wait until eric duncan is mlb ready (he is 21 right now and in AA), the yankees will need a 2-3 year catcher before montero is ready (he is 20), so that shouldn’t be too costly…..matsui and abreu have a few years left and damon is getting older too but we also have melky major league ready and by the time any other ofs retire, we will have tabata ready (projected for 2009)….brentcox is ready for 08 as of now, mix that with farnsworth who has filthy stuff, what i believe iwll be a more effective dotel (he is coming off major surgery and is ineffective right now) to go with proctor, bruney and myers….when rivera goes brentcox is prob the closer…brentcox, farnsy, dotel proctor myers bruney is still a full pen and i think rasner or karstens could prob be long relief…we also have hughes and clippard ready for 08 and karstens and rasner could also be starters……the yankees do not have as many holes as it may seem….their farm may not have unlimited prospects but they have the right ones

Dotel will not get a look in. Bruney might but is unproven to say the least. He got released by the Diamondbacks after all.

I thought we banned Fagan? Oh.. that was Mark…

Maybe Ian will ban him too.

I like the small ball Im seeign tonight. Maybe we’ll use this more next season to compliment our big bats.

lol talk to me when u win 20 more championships fagan

Fagan, obviously you read what I wrote or you wouldn’t have commented, you mo*ron. You still have not said anything that shows that you even know the first think about baseball. I could care less what insults you throw my way because I am a journalist and writer who was once a sports columnist, and believe me I’ve heard much worse than you can dish out. You may have been on this blog before I arrived, but at least I show that I know the game and know the Red Sox, which is the purpose of this blog. No Sox fan on this blog considers you a fan of the Sox. You have no credibility or class. Your embarassing yourself and your family. Do you even know who manages the Red Sox? I doubt it. You know what they say. People who disparage others are just insecure and have low self-esteem. I’m sure your parents are very proud of you.

I do hope that Ian bans this sorry excuse for a human being from the blog. I can’t tolerate anyone who attacks and disparages others, especially when it is just for the sake of his own entertainment.

haha hats off to u guys, u accomplished most things…ortiz homered once, jeter’s streak ends and u take 3 of 4, u guys really showed heart, congratulations

Vince, as I said months ago on the Yankee blog.. please dont take Fagan to be representative of the rest of us.

This was a good series for the Sox. Even though we will not be going to the playoffs, it is good to see that the team showed some pride and got at least a small measure of revenge for the embarrassment of losing five in four days at home. I would like to see guys like Pedroia and Murphy continue to get playing time, and relievers like Corey, Breslow, Lopez, Hansen and Delcarmen get some work in so they can help the team next season. It’s not the September I expected, but I’ll still be watching the remainder of the games.

vince to answer your question:

So will we all, louder.

We wouldn’t be Sox fans if we let a dissappointing season get us to stop watching.

We’d be bandwagon jerks. In a way, this seaosn has one redeemign characteristic – though not much of one. After 2004’s … 2004ness, it became VERY popular to be a “Sox Fan”. I saw lots mroe Sox hats around all through the offseason.. lots of new, clearly bandwagon, fans.

If you see a guy wearign a hat now? You KNOW he’s a fan. The bandwagoners will go away leaving only the pure of heart remaining.

Yep, I’m still wearing my Sox hat and shirts. Of course, I hav a Sox license plate frame and Sox memorabilia on the walls at home. It’s funny. I’m playing in an adult baseball league (mostly composed of former high school and college players), and most teams adopt MLB team names. I’m playing for the Pirates. We play the Red Sox and the Yankees. I would have liked to have joined the Red Sox, but since I’m new to the league here (I played for six years in an amateur league in Ohio before relocating to Florida), I joined the team that needed extra players. Needless to say, I won’t become an MLB Pirates fan!

jeff, i was also suprised that michigan killed ND. i guess mark may (as much as i hate to admit it) was right, everyone over hyped the penn st game and michigan capitalized. its not over yet though. the only team i can see going undefeated is west virginia.

agas, i don’t think he could possibly represent any group of human beings

I think Notre Dame will rebound and run the table, including a win over USC. I think the national champion could have one loss, so Notre Dame still has a chance. I do think Ohio State will run the table. All the key games are at the Horseshoe in Columbus.

i hope ND kills Sc. i have an sc fan for a friend and he keeps telling me that they are way better and booty is better than quinn. itll be osu vs west virginia in the NT game

i think he stopped taking his medication.

The Red Sox took a critical series from the Yankees, and it was VERY big for them, not for playoff push (which is already out of hands), but for saving some grace to their season and pride vs. the Yankees. All four games are tightly contested and intense, despite the standings. Taking three of four (could have been all four save for Wily Mo’s left field adventures) was big for the Red Sox. They got some measure of revenge for that August sweep and at least clinched a non-losing season. If this series and White Sox one are only series they would win in September, then take pride in it.

Can the Sox get 90 wins? Yes, that’s still a possibility after hanging tough against the Yankees. Furthermore, the series showed the Yankees are no sure thing. On paper, they may be the best team in baseball, but it will be all about execution and major questions on Yankee pitching remain.

The next two weeks will play out like usual, and unless the Sox can miraculously sweep the Twins (believe in miracles), then best to just reflect and hope for improving for the future. The Sox showed a lot of heart this weekend in taking 3 of 4 in hostile territory. They can now go out the season with pride.

That makes you sound very intelligent, Fagan. Still, you have not said anything that indicates you know the first thing about the game and the Sox. You fill your posts with insults, which demonstrates that you are the one who lacks intelligence, since all you can do is write attacks on people you don’t even know. You mind is very small.

Hey Guys,Jamie, Jloulder, Vince:Just home from “the office”!! Haven’t had time to read* the posts yet but thought I’d check in first. Not a bad day, though I did have a lull at the end and while I was cleaning up I got to see most of the game. Even though we are pretty much done for the year, these guys know how to make a Sox Girl sweat!!! I’ll be watching til the last pitch of the last game, but I’ll tell you that I’m a whole lot more tired this year, since I was able to see 85% of the games live, than when I couldn’t see them at all. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I LOVE MY GUYS!!! And I’ll miss them from October Til March! (danm, that’s a long time).
I know that these games don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I really want to finish better than say 9-10 out.

did anyone see the Pats game today?? Talk about making people sweat!! They almost let it slip by!! I’m here for a little while, 14 hours is a long time to be on your feet!! GoSox!

Thomas, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sox swept the Twins, chipped the lead down to 2 or 3 games and then ran out of time. Wouldn’t that be a Sox-like heartbreak! I agree. It was nice to take 3 of 4 from the Yankees, and I do agree that they are very beatable, which is why I don’t think they will go far in the playoffs.

By the way, Fagan, every man needs to get a colonoscopy since colon cancer is one of the deadliest yet most preventable diseases for men. Cancer is not anything to joke about. But if you want, I will e-mail you the gastroenterologist’s image of my colon so you can see every disgusting bit of matter. Let me know, I’ll e-mail you when you’re about to have dinner.

How did your job interview go, Ellen? What type of job are you interviewing for? I did see some of the Pats game. Of course, I’m a lifelong Steelers fan in pro football, so I was just watching it since I like football. You a Celtics fan? I’ve followed them my whole life. I’m not sure if they will be more than a .500 team this season.

Twins can be beatable. According to matchups, Wake and Schill are game 1 and 2, with Santana in game 3. If Sox take first two games, and Beckett somehow keeps game close to Santana, then yea, sweep is possible, and we can talk about a race.

Stranger things have happened. But the Sox are 81-69 – 7 1/2 out with 12 left. That would make the last few weeks more interesting, though.

Fagan has repeatedly shown that he has a very small mind, since all he is capable of is spewing insults and not giving any indication that he has the mental capacity to carry on a conversation or state an opinion that has something to do with baseball. We have to remember that people like Fagan are so insecure and unhappy with themselves and their own lives that their only solace is trying to denigrate others. Since it doesn’t seem that Fagan knows the first thing about the Sox and baseball, here is a brief tutorial that can give him some basic knowledge:

– Baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday in 1869, though that is subject to debate.

– The Red Sox play at Fenway Park, which is located in Boston.

– A baseball game consists of three outs per half inning, and nine innings, unless the game is tied, in which extra innings are required.

– Terry Francona is manager of the Red Sox.

– The pitcher is the player who stands on the mound and throws the ball to the catcher. The batter is the guy with a wooden stick in his hands.

– Four balls results in a walk, and three strikes results in a strikeout.

Hope this gives you at least a start, Fagan.

fagan you discount the fact the sox have 6 rings already, compared to the yankees 26…26-6-20, or did they not teach that to you in prison? Oh i forgot, a new century erases all stats, so i suppose then jimmy rollins has the longest hitting streak in history? Roger clemens has the most wins ever? The marlins have one championship? ted williams never existed? oh thank you, for such inadaquate opinions.

thomas, i would agree with what you say about the series from the sox standpoint, but this in no way reflects on the yankees. Their starting pitching perhaps, but other than that they ddi not use their best bullpen, they did not use their entire offense and did not provide their best defense on the field in order to rest players. You will not see what the yankees are capable of in october until you see them play in october with their full team and perhaps gary sheffield. Just know this, they have a winning record on every playoff contending team and have the best record in the american league even after losing 3 out of 4 to the sox.

I don’t think Fagan’s in prison, just on house arrest. I’m sure his therapist pays him regular visits.

You can’t always focus on stats. It doesn’t matter if the Yankees have a winning record against the team they will face in the playoffs. What does matter is who has momentum, and whose pitchers are performing better. I agree, the Twins staff doesn’t look threatening on paper with Radke’s injuries and Liriano out, yet they keep on winning with no superstars. They are a true team. The A’s have decent pitching, probably the best among the playoff teams, if Detroit doesn’t make it.

Jlouder:I had 2 tests per day for 2 different jobs. Both with the City of Ft.Lauderdale.(I have another on Wednesday, so STILL keep everything crossed and if you pray, please do for me!) The 1st was for the job of Fire Dispatch) Ironic due to the fact that I bartend for the Ft. Lauderdale Firefighters Benevolent Assoc. Hall (the fireplug). I didnt know that what the job was when I applied. I passed the typing test and will get the results on my written test in the a.m. The 2nd was for Police Records Clerk, less pay but still great benni’s. The test Wednesday is for Public Safety Aide. I’ll take any one of them if I’m lucky enough to be offered! Thank’s for asking!!
Please everyone keep good thoughts for me on this! I’m going nuts here at home, only working part time, which I thought would be so GREAT, your good thoughts will help me! How many times a week can I scrub the white tile in this house,mow the lawn,do laundry, detail the truck and the car, etc, etc…. lol!

On a more baseball note, and gee not purely selfish, DID ANYONE SEE TROT SMACK THE HR TONIGHT?? I was stocking beer and everyone was yelling for to watch, I’d have dropped 8 beers, so I had to watch on replay…PRETTY in my eyes. I just want him to up free agency worth!!

Sorry for the on and on and on….

WHile you make a valid point about the staff the Yanks used, Vince… I dunno.. my gut tells me this year belongs to the Tigers.

Good luck with your job search. Nixon did play well. I have mixed feelings about him leaving. I think it’s time the Sox let him go, but he has been a fixture with the Sox for so long, much like Dwight Evans, and that is rare to today’s game with trades and free agency. I do think the Sox are better off with Pena and Murphy in right next year. Well, I’m headed to bed. The Sox take 3 of 4 at Yankee Stadium, and OSU drubs Cincinnati. Hopefully, the Steelers win at Jacksonville on Monday night so it will be a nice three days for my sports teams. Talk to everyone tomorrow or likely Tuesday.

3\4, stop the Jeter Streak, hand Wang a loss, get the real Timlin back…..all gooda! That and the cowboys kicked some ***…my weekend was complete…except for the phins costing me 150 on a ticket with that sad performance by Daunte. Like I said to my Phins fan buddy who was talking superbowl in preseason…Daunte-Moss=loss. I guess I should have listened to myself when I played that stupid ticket.

Like the match up we have going against the twinkies, need a sweep here badly. If that happens, and the tigers & the pale hose continue thier current dives…just maybe!

Random thought on clutch hitters. I’m looking at the Sox stat sheet, and I noticed that the player with the closest ratio of hits to RBIs isn’t Ortiz or Manny or any of the other boppers. It’s Mirabelli. Our boy may not get that many hits, but almost every time he does, they count. (Ortiz is a close 2nd).

Morning everyone! Sorry for being so scarce lately – it has been a crazy past couple weeks. Vince, I got your email sweetie, and I will write you back ASAP (probably today, since my boss is out of town for the day (yea!)). Great weekend – I think my stomach needs a couple of days to recooperate (only get the day, though, as we get to see Minnesota tomorrow), but the boys played wonderfully.🙂 Patriots game – excellent! We were watching it last night and around the third quarter, when it was 24-0, I told my sister that the Jets would win it in OT. I was just kidding, of course, but when the Jets started making a comeback, my sister was pi$$ed, called my brother and said, “if the Pats lose this, you can thank your sister.” Thank God they didn’t lose, ’cause I NEVER would have heard the end of it. Plus, the Colts won and the Cowboys whomped the snot out of the Redskins, so all in all, it was a great weekend (plus, the CWS lost yesterday, too). Anyway, that was my input for the moment.🙂 Talk to everyone soon!

Forgot to mention that OHIO STATE lived up to its #1 status and kicked some butt too. I don’t know how I forgot that one!😛

Daniel, I’d love to see what you would do with persistence and passion, instead of anger. Anyway, it’s nice to see that chivalry isn’t completely dead as long as Daniel Fagan lives and breathes. If I were dumb enough to go on the Yankee blog and start running my mouth, some abuse would be expected. But not on the home field. (And I don’t even know where that bus station is, honestly.)
Seeing the Sox take 3 in the Bronx was priceless. What was up with Crisp, though, on 3rd base and forgetting where to go? They’ve been showing me something-let’s hope they can show the Twins something.


//What was up with Crisp, though, on 3rd base and forgetting where to go?//

He slipped. They didn’t show that on ESPN. (They didn’t show a lot, other than closeups of Derek Jeter, but that’s another story.)

A great day Sunday. The Red Sox sweep, the Patriots win, and congrats to the Portland Sea Dogs on their first Eastern League championship! Congrats to MVP Brandon Moss, and to Devern Hansack for being called up to Boston.

Afternoon all!! I think you can say that the weekend was good; 3 out of 4 from THEM. …and Trot nailed a nice one!!!
Jen, I came in on that Patriot game right about the point you were talking about, I like the Pats too, but I said that I thought it would be a better game (more interesting)if it were a little closer, but I didn’t mean THAT much closer. WHEW!

My Hurricanes sure stunk it up in Louisville, I guess this just isnt my year for my teams!!lol. Boy were they exposed badly!

I’m glad we (and the guys) have the night off!! I can finally get some rest!

Hello again.🙂 It showed Coco’s slip at 3rd. I remember ’cause I made the comment that my sister’s daycare could teach him how to walk.😛

And I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure didn’t mind the many close-ups of Derek Jeter.😉

Hello Jen. How are you?

Hey you! Doing fine!🙂 How about yourself?

good to know everytime a ***** runs his mouth it costs 100 dollars….HEY JEN! Yeah you have been scarce lately i was getting concerned

Hey hot stuff, what’s going on?🙂

nothing much, looking forward to tomorrow, u?

Eh, you know.🙂 Typical Monday morning. I’m looking forward to tomorrow too…looking forward to a good game.🙂 That, and it’s the season premiere of NCIS, Law & Order: CI, and the Unit.

Oh wait, it’s not morning anymore. It’s almost time to go home! Thank God!

im going into work in an hour lol, our views of the better time of day are far different….tomorrow the yankees potentially clinch and i get to relax before wednesday when i have 2 1 hour classes a 2.5 hour class a radio meeting and an espn seminar….oh and of course that is also the potential for a yankee clinch

yeah yeah yeah, we’ll see.

I feel so special. My husband just brought me flowers.🙂

for what purpose?

i’m good jen. just a lil busy. nice to know ur good and feeling special.

hey guys. today caped off a really crappy weekend. too bad the sox dont play.

congrats to the sea dogs on their eastern league championship. at least there are some winners in the sox organization this year.

Hey All. It is good to see that Portland won the Eastern League title. They are several legitimate prospects on that team. Jacoby Ellsbury, Brandon Moss, George Kottaras, Edgar Martinez and Chad Spann being the main ones. I read a column in today’s Globe where the writer believes that Crisp should be given a chance in Boston next season. I have mixed feelings about this. I do believe that his injury has severaly impacted his hitting. I do think he will return to his .300, 15-20 homers, 70-75 RBI type of season. And he is exceptional defensively, along with having great speed. However, he doesn’t have the patience needed to hit leadoff. It will be interesting to see if Epstein keeps him or deals him.

See what I mean about Dotel? The only way he will be used is in a blowout to try to eat up innings. If even.

Good morning everyone.🙂 Sorry Vince, I had to act like I was working right after I sent that message, ’cause my boss got back. For no reason, just because.🙂

Yanks almost lost it last night – I watched them give up 3 runs in the bottom of the ninth and almost another 2. That would have been sweet.😛

Glad to see that Detroit beat the snot out of the White Sox last night too. Hopefully that’ll keep up.

Anyway, busy day today. I’ll try to talk with you all in a little bit.🙂

New post.🙂

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