Big Papi gets the big 5-oh

David Oritz provided the Fenway faithful one last magical moment for 2006 last night, belting No. 50 high and far into the night.

Hard to believe that of all the great sluggers that have been with the Red Sox, Ortiz and Jimmie Foxx are the only ones to hit 50. Teddy Ballgame never did it, Yaz never did it, Rice never did it, Boomer never did it, Mo never did it, but Papi did it.

Couldn’t happen to a better guy. I don’t remember seeing so much genuine excitement from teammates over an individual accomplishment as that scene in the dugout last night when Ortiz finished rounding the bases.

This guy is one for the ages.

Maybe he can hit No. 51 tonight, at home, and give Fenway one more jolt of energy in ’06.


I’ve never seen a person, whether or not famous, who can make you smile so big just by watching them, as Big Papi does. And the intangibles that he brings to the team, well, it’s things like that which can’t be bought.
The price of a ticket to Fenway: around 45-100 dollars.

The price of a beer in the Stadium: around 6-8 dollars.

What Big Papi gives to the Redsox Nation: PRICELESS

I’m very happy that he got to 50 hr’s. Wouldn’t it be great if he could get #51 tonight??


Hi, All:

In case you didn’t see this last night, I thought I would take a moment to tell you about my new blog. I will still be posting to this blog on a regular basis – even in the off-season – but I have created my personal Red Sox blog called Bosox Banter ( I will add graphics and links (including a link to this blog) in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I will make daily posts, and at least 2-3 posts a week during the off-season. Everyone who posts on this blog is welcome, as are Yankee fans like Vince and Vik. Also, Vince and I are in the midst of creating a Red Sox-Yankees web site/blog that will debut sometime in the off-season. We will let you know when it debuts. My blog, and the blog/site that Vince and I are heading, is not meant to compete with this one, just to serve as another outlet for baseball-starved Sox fans (and Yankees fans for the Red Sox-Yankees site). Hope to continue to see you on this blog, and the aforementioned new blogs!

I, too, am amazed that Ortiz is only the second Red Sox player to hit 50 dingers. Here’s to 50 more next season!

Congrats to Big Papi! He truly is amazing, and it’s quite heartwarming he shares the record with great Double X.

Next stop: breaking or tying Babe’s road home run record.

Hey Jeff/Thomas! Looks like it’s just us this afternoon. I wonder which Josh will show up tonight?? The one that goes 7 and pitches great, or the one that gives up 4-5 by the 3rd?? I hope it’s the 1st one!! Jeff the new blog you mentioned (the one with vince) will probrably be mostly stats?? I won’t be able to participate much there, so I hope you’ll still be on here. I like your comments.

Well, like all pitchers, it really depends on how he opens the game–whether Beckett can use all his pitches and throw strikes. He is still learning, unlike Pedro, with not so high baseball IQ, so it won’t be hard to figure out if he’s on or not. Hope he is–since a good pitching duel with Santana is always good, and a victory for Sox vs. Twins this year to save some face.

I’d really like to see Papi break the record tonight… AGAINST THE TEAM THAT GAVE HIM HIS OUTRIGHT RELEASE!!!, Even though they have a good chance of getting to postseason play, it would still be really sweet irony.

SWEET IRONY IT IS!! CONGRATULATIONS PAPI!! YOU DID IT. You now OWN the record. Can we please follow it up with a win? THAT WOULD BE GREAT. LOVE YOU PAPI!

Wow… against this year’s to-be Cy Young winner too… nice!

Beckett might win against Santana… that’s pretty awesome lol

too bad they didn’t let Beckett finish off the game. was nice to see Foulke make it through a scoreless inning though…

What a great night for Big Papi. Congratulations to him, and to Beckett. Hopefully, this is a sign of what’s to come next season.

Ellen, and everyone else, I will still be posting here on a regular basis. I started the site, and I also realized that you can have a customized blog of your own on I created one today, and the address is Hopefully, my blog can pick up steam, and this blog can also remain active during the off-season. The Red Sox-Yankees blog Vince and I are planning will include a posting each day from a Yankees rep (Vince or someone else) and a Red Sox rep (myself or someone else). It will also include lots of details about both teams’ history, current players, links to all the publications covering both teams, merchandise links, etc.

If you scroll down on this page to recently updated weblogs, BoSox Banter is listed.

Beckett looked amazing. Of course, Ortiz looked better lol.

Foulke looked pretty decent. Sometimes he implodes, and sometimes he looks like the guy he once was. If he’s totally health next season, we might not need to worry about getting a new closer! Of course, I still believe that signing Gagne to an incentive-based contract is the wisest thing to do – 2mil base salary, 8 more in possible incentives (5 for durability, 3 for performance?)

Jamie, I do like the idea of signing Gagne to an incentive-laced deal. Not sure if he would be receptive to that. I think the Sox should buy out Foulke’s contract. It’s time for them to cut ties with Foulke and Timlin. I outlined my thoughts on each player on the Sox roster at the BoSox Banter blog that I saw where you posted a message to. Thanks, by the way. I think the Sox should bring in two veteran relievers, one being a set-up man, so Hansen and Delcarmen are not confronted with the undue pressure of that role next

Hi, All:

Up late again working on a story, this one another feature for OverTime, which is a national business and lifestyle magazine for professsional athletes. Anyway, I have included a wide array of Red Sox and baseball-related links at my new blog, That blog will offer more than the one I created on BlogSpot since the MLBlogs provide more tools for baseball bloggers. Anyway, like I said, I will continue posting on here on a regular basis (I included a link to the site on my blog). I will also post regularly on my blog, and since I do sports features for magazines, I will work on including Q&A’s and interviews with Sox prospects and players.

I love the whole aspect of blogging. I’m thankful for this site, which I just learned about in July. It is nice to have a forum where fellow Sox fans can share their opinions. Thus the reason I added my blog. I don’t think you can have too many sites about the Red Sox, as long as they are updated regularly! SO keep posting here, and feel free to visit my blog as well.

Does anyone know: Has an American League player who has hit 50+ home runs ever NOT won the MVP. Or, has an American League player who leads the league in both home runs and rbi ever NOT won the MVP? When Mike Schmidt won MVPs for the Phillies, what were his stats. I just don’t see how Ortiz can be denied this year.

I agree, Scott. Now let’s see what happens.

Interesting headline on Long Island Newsday today-“The Boss Guarantees World Series Win.”

Can you imagine?

The Boss guarantees a World Series win? We’ll see. I sincerely doubt that the Yankees even advance past the ALDS. Their pitching is subpar. I look forward to watching them lose.

Regarding the Sox, hopefully Tavarez can post another quality outing. This is an important series. I don’t want to see the Sox finish behind the Jays in the standings.

You can notice there that indeed there has been somebody who has had not only 50 but 60 hrs and lead the league in hrs, rbi, and an additonal amount of categories, including batting 2nd in average, something ortiz won’t do…..and did not win the mvp. His name was Babe Ruth. Sorry i know i said i wouldn’t talk on here cause i had to be with the yankee blog, but the game hasn’t started yet and that was too easy to pass up. Ruth was ranked the most snubbed mvp candidate ever.

that is a list of some addtional snubs in the sport’s history…check out number 1 if u feel ortiz is being robbed….that is downright ludacris.

oh btw, in 1927 the year in question, ruth not only had better numbers than ortiz, both comparatively and especially compared to the rest of baseball, but the yankees also made the playoffs and won the world series in dominating fashion that year as well…oh and ruth played defense.

Can someone tell me how many lefties will we be facing the remainder of our season?? This will tell me how many more times I’ll be able to see Trot in a REDSOX uniform.

Coco’s having surgery… looks like his finger WAS hurting him this year.

I’m not ready to surrender Coco for Andruw Jones, especially since we’d have to give up Hansen and someone like Buchholz (our best prospect right now) for a player who becomes a free agent after 1 season.

Jamie, this question is sincere. How many pages of that big assignment have you read?? No kidding, I just would like to know.

I’m really getting a complex now. Each time I come on here and everyone is here, when I post, no one comes back, it is getting eerie.

I’ve been really impressed with the way Tavar”ez” pitches as a starter as opposed to a reliever. He seems to have so much more confidence. I screamed at Senor Ez all year, now it’s time to give him some respect, GO JULIAN!!

Tavarez is pitching an elluva game.. I kept asking all year long for him to prove me wrong.. he has, I admit it. I bow to you Julian!!

I guess no one else is here tonight.
I think it’s great that Tavar”ez” has gotten 11 out in a row… I wish they had thought about using him as a starter earlier in the season. There was a top 10 hit in the 80’s: TOO MUCH TOO LITTLE TOO LATE..” I guess that we can say that this should be our theme song this year.

I wonder how Mirabelli feels now about coming back from the Padres, at least there, he’d have had a chance at the post season.. I for one am still glad he’s back.. Go Dougie!!

I hope that everyone go to see Julian Tavar”ez”. From now on known as Julian Tavarez, pitch only the 2nd complete game that the Sox had all season.. You definitely proved me wrong tonight, JT.. GREAT COMPLETE GAME!! Thank You.
p.s. when I’m wrong I state it!! GREAT EFFORT.

Taverez pitching a complete gamer… I did not see that coming lol

Ellen, what big assignment are you talking about? You know, during summer I’d almost forgotten how annoying school is… worrying about bio tests just isn’t very fun!

I’m now glad that Tavarez is signed for next season. He will provide some insurance in case a starter goes down. Hopefully, he can regain his one-time relief pitching form in the bullpen. It is amazing how he has turned his season around.

Ellen, on my blog yesterday, I posted a player-by-player synopsis regarding next season. I truly hope that the Sox do not resign Mirabelli. George Kottaras has experience catching a knuckleballer (Steve Sparks), and he is the Sox catcher of the future. He has some pop in his bat as well. I’m tired of Doug Mirabelli. It’s time he goes the way of Keith Foulke and Mike Timlin.

Meaning that, like Foulke and Timlin, the Sox should not retain Mirabelli.

I’m pulling for the Twins to win the AL, and the Padres to win the NL. It would be a great story if the Twins reached the World Series sinec they have a low payroll and a bunch of players, and not superstars. The Yankees are loaded with superstars, and they have noe xcuse not to win. And if they do win, all of America will say ho hum with the exception of Yankeeland. The Twins or the A’s – or even the Tigers – in the World Series would be good for baseball. Nobody cares about the Yankees except for people in NYC and the fans they have outside of the area, which is not as strong of a fan base as Red Sox Nation.

Vince, comparing Ruth and Ortiz is not feasible. Two different eras. The game is far different today than it was in Ruth’s era. Ruth did get overlooked quite a bit because he was part of a lineup full of superstars. Gehrig was more valulable to the Yankees than Ruth, in my opinion. Yet comparing Ruth to Ortiz is like comparing Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson – two great players, two completely different time periods in their respective sport.

Interesting article that I just posted on my blog. Thought I would share it on here:

September 22, 2006

Jones-ing for help?

How different the Red Sox outfield looks for 2007 depends on a good number of things, including whether or not the team gives serious consideration to trading Manny Ramirez, and deciding whether Coco Crisp and Wily Mo Pena are the guys they want patrolling the outfield in coming seasons.

The Rocky Mountain News’ Tracy Ringolsby writes this morning that the Red Sox remain focused on trying to pry All-Star outfielder Andruw Jones from the Atlanta Braves.

“But a first step is for the Red Sox to unload disappointing Coco Crisp and the three-year, $15.5 million extension he was given before playing his first game in Boston,” Ringolsby writes.

That’s actually inaccurate, as the Sox and Crisp agreed on a three-year extension on April 13, the day after they placed him on the disabled list, at which time the outfielder had played five games.

[Edit: Oops. I’m actually the one who’s inaccurate, as reader James Mazza points out: “The Red Sox opened with six games on the road this year. So your counterpart from the Rocky Mountain News was indeed accurate when he said that Coco got an extension ‘before playing his first game ‘in’ Boston.’ I thought a self-proclaimed grammarian would have paid attention to the words on the page.” Right. Mea culpa, then.]

Crisp, who became a spokesperson for HP Hood yesterday, at a Fenway press conference apparently nobody cared to cover, might actually be a good fit in Colorado, where center field remains a priority for Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd.

“O’Dowd wasn’t about to reveal names,” writes the Denver Post’s Troy E. Renck, “but those who fit the profile include Boston’s Coco Crisp, particularly if the Red Sox eat some of his contract.”

Eat some of his contract? Seriously? Let’s not take this suggestion too lightly as the assumption of some overzealous writer as you have to wonder if the Red Sox might have set a sort of precedent throughout baseball last winter, paying the Atlanta Braves for the services of Edgar Renteria. They signed Bronson Arroyo to a team-friendly deal, and somehow still ended up paying the Reds for him to win 14 games in the NL. There remains the possibility that Boston might have to eat plenty of dough this offseason in order for Matt Clement to pitch elsewhere as well.

Crisp’s deal though runs for three years at a grand total of $15.5 million (plus an $8 million club option for 2010) or about what O’Dowd once wasted on one year of what was the Denny Neagle disaster. That doesn’t exactly sound like the type of investment the Rockies would need help paying off.

So if the Rockies plan to negotiate a stipend for that kind of cash, imagine the headaches Theo Epstein is going to endure trying to trade more expensive chips like Clement this offseason. You pay for your mistakes. And then some, as the Red Sox may soon discover.

By the way, the article was written by Eric Wilbur of the Boston Globe.

I love reading Wilbur’s blog. He’s hilarious and I love his sarcasm. I don’t think we should give up on Coco yet though. Give him one more year, see what happens!

Besides, Jones will become a FA after the 07 season… not worth sending Coco and a prospect like Buchholz for a rental player.

It’s good to hear from you again, Daniel Fagan. Have you been absent for a while, or haven’t I been looking hard enough for your postings? I’ve been absent from this blog since, I guess, early summer. I decided that in most instances this wasn’t the right forum for me. I’m not so much into baseball strategy and playing manager or general manager as I am into observing trends and developments and making commentary, more of a social commentator. Which hardly anyone seemed interested in, except, I got the feeling, Daniel Fagan. I got the feeling he appreciated my comments. Dan goes into those areas sometimes, too, but he has greater baseball knowledge than I do. Interesting dynamics at work with Julian Tavarez doing MUCH better pitching steadily than he did pitching less and more sporadically in relief. Obviously some pitchers do better pitching regularly, illustrating what a tough area of managing it must be to figure out who will be in the starting rotation and who will be in the bullpen. Well, I had great hopes for this roster and this season, but, listen, I also have great hopes for the Mets, the best team in the National League, beating the Yankees in another Subway Series this year, avenging 2000. And I do think they’ll beat the Yankees. The NYY have one coming to them from the Mets, too. So I’m far from being totally unhappy with the way the season turned out. This is the Mets’ year; WE’LL get ’em again in the near future. As for you Yankee fans who seem to have nothing better to do than to blather every day on this Red Sox blog, trying to undercut any reason for optimism among Nationers, any excuse for a disappointing season other than that the Sox stink, desperate to prove Yankee superiority in every area that comes up for discussion, GET A LIFE, you childish – no, infantile – #$&*. If you want to gloat like a #$&* 5-year-old, do it on your own blog. What’s the matter, are you insecure, afraid the New York Inevitables are no longer so inevitable, you pathetic #$&*?

G’mornin’, Robert good to see you’re back. You were gone for Quite a while. welcome back!

I saw Roberts name and didn’t read his comments until now.
We’ve had a good summer blogging. And the Yankee fans (vince/vik) that have been here have made good arguments and banter. I’ve enjoyed blogging back and forth with them.

jamie, you said you need to read 1100 plus pages before May, I don’t know what subject…

Hi, All:

Though it is disappointing that the Sox will not reach the playoffs this season, it is encouraging to see guys like Pedroia and Murphy get playing time. Good luck to Devern Hansack is his major league debut today. With prospects like Hansack, Bard, Buchholz, Bowden and Gabbard in the system, the pitching depth is looking up for the Sox in the near future.

I agree, Ellen. Though I don’t typically agree with Vince, and I definitely don’t agree with Vik, I don’t mind their presence here, nor on my blog if they choose to visit. At least they talk about baseball. All Fagan does is litter his posts with insults. He doesn’t talk about baseball, which is the subject of this blog. I have sympathy for Fagan’s family. If he is so unpleasant on a blog, just think how it is to live with him. He is a miserable human being who is so disheartened with his own life that he feels the need to insult others. Nobody else on this blog makes personal attacks. Fagan pouted in a recent post that I was attacking him, when I was just responding to his unprovoked needling of me, a person he has never met. And I imagine he has never met Vince. Fagan, maybe if you actually posted a comment or opinion about baseball, people would take you seriously. Right now, you’re doing nothing but humiliating yourself and embarrassing yourself by demonstrating your small mind.

By the way, Fagan, I never said I was an expert about baseball. I do know the game inside and out, and I still play the game as well in a recreation league. Yet I am just a fan like anyone else. I do; however, have class, professionalsim and integrity – which you lack. This is a blog about the Red Sox and baseball. If you disagree with someone’s opinion about the Sox or about baseball, by all means voice your views and support them with reasons. Yet you choose to launch personal attacks on people, which shows that you lack intelligence, class, integrity and professionalism. Only a small-minded person chooses to insult someone rather than voice their disagreement though an opinion supported by facts and/or reasons.

I hope Hansack does well tonight. He’s our newest rookie, so he needs all of our “well wishes”.
Jeff, I read some of your new blog and was pretty impressed, I’ll probrably be commenting there before too long!!!!

Oh and as far as Vince/Vik, they to my knowledge are the only 2 Yankee fans who have not gotten “down and dirty” about the Sox, they make their statements pretty politely and don’t come off as beligerant, snotty, or NASTY!

add to end: like some of the others we’ve had here.,

Hey all, I just have a few things to post:

1) Francona shouldn’t play any players that the Sox aren’t intent on signing next season. This includes Trot, Carlos Pena (I think), and Gonzalez/Loretta, depending on which one Pedroia will be replacing next season…

2) Let’s see more prospects play. Murphy and Pedroia are the main focuses, but Kottaras (new catcher from SD) should see some late-season action too.

3) What’s the update on Matt Clement? We’re paying the guy 9mil per season, and it seems like he got adducted by aliens or something…

4) Homework blows.

Now Jamie, You’ve got to let Trot play out the season, if only for my sake.. Just let me see as much as possible of him before he rides off to another team.
Did you figure out which assignment you had been talking about?? I mean, how many subjects do you have to read over 1100 pages for.

And cut Trot some slack, besides, if they put Kapler in, he (with the erxception of last night) pops up more than Trot!

Jamie, I would like to see Kottaras and Jacoby Ellsbury get some time, as well as Murphy and Pedroia. Clement was shut down for the season. There is a mention about it in today’s Globe.

Ellen, glad you visited the BoSox Banter blog. I’ll be adding new content daily. Everyone’s comments are welcome and encouraged! I also added several Sox and baseball-related links to interesting web sites. I agree about your take on Vince and Vik. They don’t resort to unprovoked personal attacks, which are uncalled for.

I saw the note about Clement in the Globe. I still think part of his problem is not physical, it seems each time he’s close to making some progress, he backs off. Ever since he got hit in the head, he just hasn’t been the same (except for the famous Clement pout face, he always looks like he’s p*issed at the world.) I truly believe that he is done. Not only for the season, but with The Sox.

Well, once again Fox network has s*c*rewed me out of a Sox game. God I hate that network and it’s bonehead announcers! Tim McCarver especially.

lol by the end of April, I need to read exactly 1247 pages for AP Biology…reading continues throughout the entire time, including holidays!

Clement has to be a gigantic headache for the Sox FO. here’s a guy capable of 15+ wins, with very good stuff including a slider that has such a sharp break… maybe we can trade him this year. All I know is that, if he pitches well next season, our rotation becomes alot better:

Schill, Paps, Beckett, Wake, Clement. If we put Wake into the ‘pen and bring in someone like Zito, our rotation will be unstoppable…

I’m thinking that Clement will throw the ball well next season, if he is healthy. Players have a habit of rebounding in the final year of their contract! I like the idea of Schilling, Beckett and Papelbon in the rotation, and Wakefield either in the rotation or the pen. I’m OK with Clement as a No. 5 starter, if he’s healthy. I would be very surprised if Theo doesn’t sign a Zito or Schmidt, or a second-tier guy like Woody Williams or Gil Meche.

Nice to see Pedroia get a lead-off homer. I really hope the Sox can use him at second base next season so they can save money to sign a few big names. Pedroia, Youkilis, Papelbon, Wily Mo, Murphy, Kottaras, Hansen and Delcarmen are inexpensive and quality players to include on the active roster next year.

The Sox need only 2 years from a good pitcher. Then our best prospects, Buchholz and Bowden, can step up and deliver some nice seasons for us. I’ve seen some videos of Buchholz, and this guy is just amazing. He has a low 90s fastball which he has very good control of, and his secondary pitches are nothing to scoff at, either. I don’t know much about Bowden, but many scouts tout him quite highly.

Who the heck is this Hansack guy?

Hansen needs to go back to AAA… the guy just isn’t confident enough up on the mound at the MLB level. His slider is devestating, but he’s pretty hesitant when throwing it, as if he doesn’t think he has full control over it… when his 96mph fastball and his baffling slider are working well simultaneously, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Until that happens, however, he should close for Pawtucket.

I think Hansen will benefit from off-season instruction and Spring Training. He’ll return as a better pitcher in 2007.

jeff the question was has anybody ever not won an mvp leading the league in hrs and rbi with 50+ hrs and i answered him…..not necessarily comaparing ruth and ortiz because that is a losing argument for ortiz, ruth hit more hrs with 60 than most teams had….but it was noteworthy to point out that his team won the ws that year too.

if you consider ortiz on a non competitive team not winning an mvp despite great power numbers an mvp snub, then i am just comparing snubs.

and for such a grammar guru i’d be curious to find “yeez” in the dictionary. Glad to see even the lowest denominators in the world have sidekicks though.

Hey to all:
I’ve said from the start of all the bad luck,when we started the downward spiral, that I would not give up until The RedSox were eliminated by sheer math. Well, that happened tonight. Although I (and all of us) saw it coming like a runaway train, I still held out that Nationer hope against hope. But here it is, staring me right in the face: THE END OF THE SEASON. I’d like to take some time if y’all don’t mind, to give you some reasons why I was happy this season, and also some reasons for some sadness.

I’m happy..

that I was able to see as many games as I did.

that we played so well for so long.

that Papi got to break “Double XX’s record, and I was able to see it.

that I was witness to so many walkoff wins.

that I FINALLY got see the Sox up close and personal at Dolphins Stadium. And that I got to see Trot, Manny, and Papi up close.


that I got the chance to verbally meet some many of you. Like in the movie fever pitch, Ben had a summer family, well.. You guys are mine.

that Youkilis got the chance to start every day and did such a fabulous job at 1st base.

that Lowell was at 3rd and has the highest fielding percentage of all 3rd baseman w/at least 1000 games.

that we got Mark Loretta to play 2nd and a da*mned good job he did!! (and 1st lately).

I’m sad:

that our season is over before we’ve run out of games.

that we started out so well and had most of our injuries hit us all at once(especially when we were facing the Yankees).

that Jon lester has to face Cancer rather than just a long winter, his winter will be undoubtedly longer than most of ours. GOOD LUCK JON, our prayers and thoughts are with you.

that we finished a very long second to the Yankees.

that Manny wouldn’t play through his pain. Weren’t they all in pain at one point or another this season?? His just seemed to come up at an odd(?) time, with no back up. If you don’t want to play here, rengotiate your contract and LEAVE.

That we weren’t a winning team that could have assured that Papi got the MVP (still a slim chance but..)


That this is more than likley the last season that I (we) will be able to see Trot Nixon play impeccable defense in right field as a member of the REDSOX.


thanks for putting up with my tearful run on!!

ps: one other thing that I’m VERY happy about:
that my husband is good enough to understand and respect my love for the RedSox, and is still here at the end of the season.. THANK YOU DAVID!!

Looks like The Sox have packed up their tents and have gone home, as it does for Redsox bloggers.

I have a feeling the bloggers will be back in the offseason, when Manny is traded or we acquire Zito, etc.

Jamie, did you read my happy/sad moments?? For the 1st time in my history, I just said that manny should just leave,,,,, never thought I’d see the day when I’d do that, but, Hey I’m sorry, how long did Wake pitch with a cracked rib, how long did Tek play injured. How long had Trot been playing hurt til he finally tore the biceps?? Nothing has shown on any MRI that Manny has had so I’m highly suspicious of his knee injury. If I’m wrong Manny, PROVE IT, otherwise S**UCK IT UP AND GET YOUR A**SS ON THE FIELD, OR GET OUT OF HERE, let someone who wants to be a part of this get in there EVERY DAY, not just when the need for a day off strikes you!

Ellen, I definitely agree with you about Manny. I posted my opinion on my blog. I think it would be better to have two good players who have passion for the game and strong work ethics who are paid $9 million each than Manny, who is perhaps the best hitter in the game but cannot be counted upon for a complete season. I say deal him to the Angels, who are interested, and get Ervin Santana and a young prospect (Brandon Wood, a shortstop?). The sign Carlos Lee or deal for Alfonso Soriano to play left field. I still hope the Sox deal Crisp and sign Torii Hunter, if the Twins don’t pick up his option. Regardless, I would rather the Sox move on without Manny. They will be fine as long as they add two big bats (like the aforementioned names) so the Sox have a 1-2-3 punch in the middle of the lineup.

I hope you’re right about the off-season blogging, Jamie. I will continue to add a new post to my blog every deal through the end of the season. Then I will post about every other day during the off-season, since there is not as much baseball news. I’m glad to see the Padres are keeping the lead in the NL West. At least some players with ties to the Sox will be in the post-season!

Hi, there, RSN! I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading all of the passionate and insightful blogs here at I have been a Sox fan since childhood, and with 4 kids of my own and a husband who “married into it” we are all so sad and a bit frustrated that our season will end here in about a week from now. This off-season will be VERY interesting, indeed. I am writing from Vista, CA and we are also Padres fans, although not nearly as intensely devoted to them as we are to the Red Sox. Hope We can finish in 2nd place at least, and here’s looking to a fast and successful recovery for Jon Lester. Take care.

hello everyone. too much homework and sports this weekend to post. did anyone else catch that ND/mich st. game last night? greatest game ive ever seen.

on the subject of the matt clement and d-lowe faces, ive seen enough of the brady quinn “i cant believe he just picked that one off” face the last 2 weeks.

and fagan your never gonna get a point across if your post are that long and fill with a bunch of pointless ****.

wow fagan, you have developed a cute little obsession with me. I love all the attention you are showing me with your affectionate reverse speech of trying to obtain me. Hey, so btw, I had a question. When you say the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, what exactly do you call your consistant rants and poking fun at me and all others with differing views when we consistantly don’t give a **** about anything you have to say whatsoever? Fagan, correct me if I spell this wrong since apparently you’re a triple english major from all ivy league schools, but how do you spell “hypocrite”?

Stars, be sure not to pay attention to Fagan. He is just a crusty old man whose life is so miserable that he feels the need to disparage others. Your comments here are welcome. At least you talk about baseball. Fagan has yet to make an opinion about the Sox or the sport. I’m sure you loved raising your kids fagan, because your idea of fun is belittling others. I imagine they moved as far away from you as possible once they became adults. After all, if you are as miserable in person as you are in your posts, I’m sure you have very few, if any friends.

By the way, Stars (not sure what your first name is), I did catch the Notre Dame-Michigan State game. It was amazing. Great comeback by Notre Dame. I’m wondering about their defense, though. It seems like they are not as good as advertised. I was happy that Ohio State routed Penn State. Ohio State-Iowa is the ABC Saturday night game. Should be a good one.

Also, it seems that Mike Mussina has a D-Lowe face when things don’t go right for him. I hope to see that look several times in the ALDS!

Jeff, if this is the jeff i’m thinking about lives in florida when he is not incarcerated. he is mentally ill and dangerous. he cannot be trusted. he is fat, and puts off a peculiar, disgusting odor. and will not go away. he will not work. likes to step on ants. he saves them in a pouch he keeps up his as.s.

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