Trot to the finish line?

Clearly, there is one subplot to this final, depressing weekend of baseball at Fenway Park.

Trot Nixon, one of the true class acts and fierce competitors to wear the Red Sox uniform, is likely approaching his final weekend with the team.

I’m sure Nixon will get plenty of love from the crowd, particularly during Sunday’s finale. Sure, his results have been inconsistent and trending downward, particularly the last two years. But could anyone ever question the effort this guy gives on the field?

Trot has never wanted the limelight. He just wants to win.

Remember when he flipped over the water cooler in the dugout after the Boone home run in ’03? That was vintage Trot. He hates losing, and he hates being in a slump.

Aside from those two aspects, which are inevitable at times, I think Trot has enjoyed every aspect of being in a Red Sox uniform.

I put together a list of Top Seven Trot performances:

July 24, 1999 – The rookie right fielder puts his name on
the map by belting three homers at Detroit in an 11-4 win over the Tigers.

May 28, 2000 – Nixon snaps scoreless tie in epic Pedro
Martinez-Roger Clemens duel at Yankee Stadium by taking the latter deep for a
two-run homer with two outs in the top of the ninth. Martinez goes the distance
to earn the 2-0 win. The next night, the Red Sox return to Fenway and Nixon
gets a huge ovation in his first at-bat.

Sept. 1, 2003 – A wild and emotional comeback struggle at
Philadelphia finally goes in Boston’s favor when Nixon snaps a 9-9 tie with a
grand slam in the top of the ninth.

October 4, 2003 – A loss in Game 3 to the A’s would have
swept the Red Sox out of this best-of-five Division Series. Instead, Nixon
belts a walkoff homer off Rich Harden in the bottom of the 11th, sparking the
win, and, eventually, a series comeback in five games.

October 15, 2003 – Nixon jumps on a Gabe White pinch and
launches two-run homer into the upper deck in right at Yankee Stadium in Game 6
of the ALCS, icing the 9-6 victory that forces Game 7. Of course, he also took Roger deep to give the Sox a solid start to Game 7 but we all know what happened after that.
October 18, 2004 –- Down 4-2 in Game 5 of the ALCS,
red-hot Hideki Matsui steps to the plate with the bases loaded and hammers a
laser toward right field. It could have been a series-icing two-run double.
Instead, Nixon makes a sliding catch to get the Red Sox out of that top of the
sixth inning. In the bottom of the eighth, Nixon belts a hit-and-run single to
move Dave Roberts to third. Roberts scored on a game-tying sacrifice fly. The
Red Sox beat the Yankees in 14 innings, and wind up becoming the first team in
postseason history to rally back from 3-0. 

October 27, 2004 – Nixon opens up some breathing room for
Derek Lowe in Game 4 of the World Series, unloading on a 3-0 pitch for a
two-run double, leading the Red Sox to a 3-0 win over the Cardinals, and the
clinching victory of the club’s first World Series championship since 1918.

What are some of your favorite Trot moments? Please spend the weekend sharing them.





To mr. yankeeboy: Even your own manager joe said “they were looking unbeatable, and that rash of injuries would have crippled ANY team in the league” dont even try to compare that situation. Thanx for the memories Trot..hope there are more to come. Wouldn’t be the same when we win it all next year if he wasn’t a part of it too.

I can’t tell you how bad my heart is going to hurt if Trot is no longer in a Red Sox uniform. Trot, you’ve selflessly given us so much of yourself and so many memories. I hope these aren’t the last, but you will forever have a place in my heart no matter what.

I’ll miss Trot, but I’m really looking forward to Pena (and maybe even Murphy?)

My hope is that Trot will be back in a RS uniform in ’07 because if we are even pondering having Wilo Mo out there, well, you get what I’m trying to say. Thanks, Ian, for highlighting some of Trot’s greatest moments for the Sox…I was a big Dewey Evans fan as a young girl growing up back east, and Trot’s grit and dedication are no different than his. If he does go, he will be greatly missed. Thanks for all the awesome memories, Trot Nixon. I hope and pray you will still be with us next year!!

My hope is that Trot will be back in a RS uniform in ’07 because if we are even pondering having Wilo Mo out there, well, you get what I’m trying to say. Thanks, Ian, for highlighting some of Trot’s greatest moments for the Sox…I was a big Dewey Evans fan as a young girl growing up back east, and Trot’s grit and dedication are no different than his. If he does go, he will be greatly missed. Thanks for all the awesome memories, Trot Nixon. I hope and pray you will still be with us next year!!

d rein, nobody is arguing those injuries wouldn’t cripple a team. I never said otherwise. In fact what I did say was that the injuries prevented them from making any type of comeback in the standings. What the injuries didn’t do, however, was prevent the sox from pulling away when they were healthy and the yankees weren’t, or from being swept in 5 games at home in august just 1.5 games back in the standings. Yes, the injuries crippled their september, but not their season.

PS: I never really realized how valuable nixon was to the sox until ian’s synopsis of his moments, i always considered him a pain in the *** but never put it together just how big of one he was to me and the yankees…rough to see him go as a sox fan i would assume.

I think that Ian knows that there is no bigger Trot Nixon fan than myself. I have watched him and admired his grit and determination, his heart and his love for the game. He is one of those players who doesn’t need to be patted on the back by the media, and doesn’t go looking for the glory. I think that his glory is going out there everyday and doing the job that he loves, and always giving it 110 percent.
When we think of “sports heroes” that the kids look up to today, you don’t think of Trot. In my opinion, the kids couldn’t have a better player to look up to and to model themselves after.

I will, with all my heart and soul miss Christopher Trotman Nixon if he is not #7 playing for the Sox in 2007. I’m sitting here this now and my eyes are tearing up.

I will watch and revel in every at bat that he steps in for today and tomorrow (can’t see Sundays game, I’m working) The idea of him possibly not being with the Sox next year hurts.

He truly is a Dirt Dawg, that’s one of the things that I like about him the most.

I’d like to see the team win out this weekend…


Ian, I posted yesterday that I had read the 2 articles that you had written about Trot.I think that you really did a beautiful job. I printed each of them out. Thank you for writing

I’m wondering if the Sox will resign Nixon to a one-year deal in 2007. I don’t think they should resign him to a long-term deal with the surplus of outfield prospects in the minors, plus the presence of Wily Mo Pena. However, it might be ideal to platoon Pena and Nixon next season. I do have sentimental feelings about any long-term player with the Sox, such as Nixon; however, I do think that Wily Mo will become an all-star caliber player who will hit for average and power, and provide adequate defense in right field.

They just panned to the dugout, Manny’s there goofin around and jumping up and down. Bad knee??

Jeff, I agree with the idea of a one-year deal for Nixon, and having both he and WMP playing RF. My brother pointed out that although WMP has shown some serious power at the plate, his defense is in need of some, shall we say, “fine-tuning”!! I also like David Murphy alot. What do you think the Sox will do with Kapler? If Nixon goes, and Kapler stays, that’s crazy!

Seems strange to think that Trot Nixon has only been a Major Leaguer since ’99. Feels like he’s been playing right field forever. 8 years ain’t bad, and I’m sure he’ll be signed by someone (hopefully the Sox) next year.

I would not be surprised if the Sox traded Manny and let Trot go to free agency, leaving an outfield of Murphy in left, Coco in center and Wily Mo in right, with Kapler as the fourth outfielder. Another possibility would be to trade Ramirez and Kapler and have Pena and Nixon platoon in right. I’d rather that than see Trot in another uniform, and maybe the fact that Nixon is bats lefty will work in his favor.

I’m also curious about what will happen with the middle infield. If Theo continues his trend, we’ll see a new shortstop and second baseman at Fenway next year. I’ve like just about all of the folks that have played short and second over the past few years; I wish he’d pick a pair and stick with them.

robn, where have you been?? you’ve been missed around here lately!

Rob, If the Sox deal Manny, they will replace him with a big bat like Carlos Lee or Alfonso Soriano. I doubt if they would have an outfield of Murphy, Coco and Wily Mo. Murphy is likely a fourth outfielder who will take Kapler’s place since he can play all three outfield spots. Chances are, Coco will be traded as well, perhaps in a package for Andruw Jones. The Sox might also try to sign Torii Hunter for CF if the Twins don’t pick up his option. I’m not sure what Theo will do about the middle infield. I think that Pedroia should be given a chance to play second or short. Or, perhaps Pedroia will be an extra infielder for next season. Hinske can play first, third, right and left, so he can serve as an extra infielder and outfielder. I would prefer the Sox break Pedroia in slowly this way rather than resigning Alex Cora and starting Pedroia. I think they should resign Loretta for another season, and search for a shortstop elsewhere. A Gonz wants a multi-year deal, which I hope the Sox don’t offer.

I think that the idea of signing Trot to a 1 year contract is really good. He plays such great defense, and he did have a really good b.a. earlier this year, before he was injured. I really hope that they would consider this, and that the money/contract provisions could be worked out.

i know that they have patches for helping people withdraw from nicotine. Do they have a patch that helps you withdraw from baseball?? I would only need it until March.

I think that the re-signing of Loretta should be a given. He’s had a really good year o and d.

Here’s my response to Austin’s post on my blog. Austin made a good point, saying you need to think with your mind rather than your heart (regarding a baseball team). It might be better if the Sox part ways with Nixon, or at most platoon him with Pena. Here’s my response:

You’re right, Austin, sometimes you have to make tough choices and go with your mind instead of your heart. At most, I think Nixon should be resigned to a one-year deal to platoon with Wily Mo. I prefer a World Series winner rather than holding onto popular players who are not producing. I like Kapler, but I think the Sox would be better served with Murphy as an extra outfielder next season since he can play all three outfield spots. I’m beginning to think the Sox might need to part ways with Wakefield as well, as much as I like him as a player and a person. Maybe keep him as a No. 5 starter or a middle reliever, but not a No. 3 guy or even No. 4.

I agree with Jeff reagrding the Wakefielg thing, I think that everyone in the A.L. has his number now. Unless he switches his pitch specialty, which now would be a little late in the game. I as well really like him, both for his community service, his personality iwith the press and as a player, but I think his time has passed.

I know what you mean about the baseball patch, Ellen. That is one reason why I started my blog – to keep myself occupied with baseball during the off-season since it will be an active one. I will still watch the playoffs closely – rooting for whoever knocks off the Yankees in the first round, and the Padres.

I am amazed at how Tavarez has performed as a starter. Even though he had five walks tonight, he still had a decent start and kept the Sox in position to win. I wonder if he will be our No. 5 guy next season, or if he will be a spot starter and middle reliever. I think the Sox should also bring Javier Lopez and Craig Breslow – as well as Bryan Corey – to spring training and see if they throw well enough to make the team.

I’m kind of looking at the Dodgers, they do have 3 ex-Sox players (Mueller, Garciapara, and Lowe). And I like your blog, I hope I’m welcome in the off season, even though I’m not much on stats etc.

I imagine only one of the guys I mentioned (Breslow, Lopez and Corey) would make the team next season since I think Theo will bring in a closer, a set-up guy and a veteran left-handed specialist. If Hansen isn’t traded, I would think he would be in a middle relief role, and Delcarmen as well. But they need a quality veteran closer, a quality veteran set-up guy and a quality veteran left-handed specialist (Ray King?) to bolster the bullpen, which is a key reason why the Sox were so inconsistent this year.

Ellen, you and all of Red Sox Nation is welcome on the blog. I hope everyone visits on a regular basis since it will be an active off-season. It’s not about stats, it’s about trade rumors and free agent signing rumors. Lots of fun projecting and debating about what Theo will do.

I meant you to say you and all of Red Sox Nation “are” welcome…..Gotta watch my grammar as a writer!

I can’t root for the Dodgers. The only team I have always disliked more in the Yankees. I do like Grady Little (I don’t think he should have been fired), and I like Mueller and Lowe (I am glad the Sox got rid of Nomar). The Padres have Wells, Todd Walker, Bard, Meredith, Bellhorn, Alan Embree and Dave Roberts – all players I liked with the Sox.

Also, since the Sox have decisions to make in the middle infield – and since the outfield might change with the potential of Manny and Coco being traded – I think the Sox should keep Lowell at third and Youkilis at first. They are solid offensively and defensively. We need some continuity next season. Varitek at catcher, and Loretta, Lowell and Youkilis in the infield, would at least provide some to combine with the new guys brought in.

Well, looks like Houston’s inredible run has ended. The Astros lost, and the Cards are winning. It was still an incredible run, though. Only the September’s by Minnesota and San Diego are more impressive.

Timlin and Foulke throwing well. Good to see, but too little too late. I don’t think either should be brought back next season. Of course, I’m glad the Sox won and the Jays are losing. I want second, not third.

I didn’t realize that the Padres had so many ex-Sox… Dave Roberts; where would we be without him??? Maybe and most likely) still without a WS win! and I always liked Todd Walker. Wasn’t he originally traded to the Cubs?? Wow, almost anywhere you look, there are ex-Sox players!

I wanted to say to all of you that take the time to write here that I have really looked forward to reading what you all say! I’m out here on the West Coast (Vista, near S.D.) and have been a Sox fan all my life. My husband married into it, and my kids were born into it! And I agree 100% with Ellen about the “baseball patch”! I feel the same way…what am I going to do with myself after Oct. 1??? thanks again for showing your love of all things Red Sox. Next year we will be back in the playoffs and hopefully the WS…gotta keep the faith.🙂

talk about repeating the same things over and over again.

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tirades* wouldn’t want the speech police arresting me, now would I?

Hey all!! I’m really starting to become sad now that we are so close to the end. I’m hoping that Wake shows his really good stuff tonight and we can get another W, not that it will matter much, but I really don’t want the last game of the season that I’m able to watch to go to the O’s.
The Miami Hurricanes are playing tonight as well as the Sox (obviously). Normally this would present a conflict for me to deal with. Not tonight. This perhaps being the last game I see Trot in a RedSox uniform, I’ll be glued to my computer screen (that conjours up a funny image) watching my beloved and beleagured REDSOX.

Hi, All:

If you want to get a laugh and learn about my obsession with the Red Sox and baseball, visit Mark Newsman’s MLBlogosphere (the MLB blog about MLB blogs) at BoSox Banter is the features blog today. The feature post includes interesting photos (Fisk’s home run, scenes from Fever Pitch and the ’04 Series celebration). The answers to Mark’s questions describe why I am a Sox and baseball addict.

I hope the Sox win these final two games against Baltimore. I want second place, not third. True, it really won’t matter for next year, but I don’t want to finish behind the Blue Jays.

blah blah blah, you should write a book on everything you have an issue with, it would be silly.

Yes Fagan, I am extremely shaken up, so much so that I nitpick anything you do on baseball blogs and spend my day trying to creatively come off as mildly insane in presenting them to others on a baseball blog. Yes, you caught me, I am quite shaken up today, thank you for pointing that out…to myself.

Oh and how unthoughtful of me to not consider private conversations on a public internet blogging site. I didn’t realize public meant people are intruding on others conversation’s. You are so brilliant.

your caplocks truly just worry me, i get so shaken up when you use them. Blah blah blah, three months off and your still just as boring, uinformative, repetitious and useless as you were before.

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anything else to add?

i’m glad you can correctly identify “harrassment” btw. No irony there, I promise.

I see Jeff is on your good list, good for him.

Here’s the answer to ur assignement fagan:

HALF the probability you are a sick, mental ba$****.

Okay, I’ve finally had it with Fagans ramblings. I don’t care what you think about me, you are irrellevant to me. I just want to know what it took to make you go from someone who wrote so eloquently about baseball and many other things. I remember the night you first took a jab at me, but that was it. What was it that made you so nasty and miserable that you have to constantly make nasty and rude comments about everyone?
From what you’ve written, I must be quite the gymnast. But alas, contrary to your statements I CANNOT and DO NOT flip over on my back and spread my legs. That was truly offensive and uncalled for. I only ever tried to make sure that we all tried to get along on this blog.

HEY DANIEL, why don’t you go back to your therapists couch and get some more treatment before you head back down to your basement or cave or wherever it is that you seem to love spend all your early morning hours to spew this garbage into our lives.

None of the Yankee fans has ever written anything out of the way to me.

I think you are a very intelligent, articulate (when you wish to be) person. But do us all a favor, if you feel the need to take your frustrations out on someone, do it somewhere else. We don’t need you or your incessant rude, and sometimes perverse comments. So before you get blocked again, take it somewhere else.

Vince, I’m not so sure I’m on his good list. I just stood up and put him in his place. He is a coward, just like anyone with bully tendencies is. He has yet to show that he has a clue about baseball and the Sox, thus the reason he strays from the subject and posts rants and raves that only serves to embarrass him and anyone related to him. I tend to laugh off any insult he throws my way. After all, he has never met me. He does not know who I am and what I’m like, nor what anyone else on this blog is like. We; however, can tell what he is like because of his unprovoked attacks of hatred. People like that are just miserable about their own lives, and they feel the need to transfer that misery on others. Fagan is to be pitied. He has a very small mind, and likely has few, if any friends and family members who are in his life. After all, if he treats people in real life as he does on this blog, who would want to be around him.

Amen, Brother Nationer Jeff!!

You know I was just looking over Ian’s “Trot’s 7 best moments”. The one about the watercooler I do remember well. I remember thinking then, that it probrably has to take an awful lot of frustration for Trot to do something like that. I see now that I was right. How many times have you ever seen him show his frustration throught an angry outburst?? If he goes, I’m sincerely going to miss the Dirt Dawg.
and as a pre p.s. I know I’m going to cry tonight, I don’t want to even try to hold back.

Makes perfect sense to me, Jeff. PS my first show streaming on the radio is tomorrow at 4. If you intend on listening just email me and i’ll give u details as to how to access it.

Vince, is this something that can be downloaded? I’m working tomorrow but would love to have it to listen to when I get home from th ebar idiots tomorrow night.

Hey Jeff, Did you see my post on the “blog about blogs”?

Ellen, thanks for the compliment. I was surprised that Mark featured me in his column so quickly, but I hope to draws traffic. I want to keep the blog active throughout the off-season and build an audience for the regular season, just as I hope to do so when Vince and I get the Sox-Yankees web site rolling.

I still swear by my comment earlier this month, that Pedroia looks an awful lot like Trot, except he bats from the right. Scary. But I’d still rather have the original in the lineup next year!

Jeff, I just hope that you draw even tempered, intelligent fans on both blogs.

Wow, the Tigers have a chance to wrap up the AL Central, and the Royals open the game with five in the top of the first. I still think the Twins and A’s have a strong chance of beating the Yankees. The Tigers need to get their act together to have a chance.

I imagine there will be the occasional Fagan-type poster. Usually, the Fagan types are Yankees fans, but in this case the obnoxious one is a Sox fan.

I have to get this in quickly, I hope that we hold on. Since this is the last game I can see live, THANK YOU REDSOX PLAYERS for the year.. I know it could’ve bEen better, but.. I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS, and again, THANK YOU.

I really think that Timlin is gone, I mean gone for good.

Well, here I am at the end of the season, (YES Daniel, I’ve known basically since early Sept. that it was over). But unlike some “fans”, who never talk about the RedSox, I choose to continue cheering the same way I’ve done all year. I stated all along that I wouldn’t give up until we were absolutely mathematically eliminated. We were Sunday night. I posted a comment about that.
I will continue to cheer for the RedSox until I take my final breath. You haven’t said anything good about the Sox (or anything about CURRENT baseball since, well, I can’t really remember when. I looked back on the blog, since your wonderful and anxiously awaited return, and could find nothing of current Baseball that was Sox related.. well, since

you are cutting everyone else down about their comments I thought that I’d comment on yours. But, let me warn you, you need to keep them nice. Since I’m the Cheerleader/Welcoming hostess here.

And with that I’ll say that I’d welcome 10000 Nice Yankee fans as opposed to 1/2 of someone like you.


I’m so so very sorry that I can’t see tomorrows game live, but I’m working. I am having it downloaded so I can see it when I get home from work.

Once again, to all the Nationers and Vince/Vik, thank you all for the time you invested here this season. I enjoyed reading, responding and debating with all of you. I’ll be here in the off season. Hopefully we’ll lose some (I was going to say something else, but I changed my mind) HOPEFULLY DANIEL *** AN WILL JUST GO OFF SOMEWHERE, HIBERNATE, AND FORGET ABOUT THIS BLOG WHEN HIS OLD BIGOTTED MANS MIND WAKES UP.


Hello everyone! Just wanted to see how everyone was doing.🙂 Jeff, I read your answers to your questions on the page. Great job, except one thing…John Lester’s debut was in Fenway on June 10 against Texas. ‘Cause I was at that game. Just wanted to let you know.🙂

And Jeff, I’m sad that you don’t like the Dodgers.😦 I love them…they are my national league team, so I’m thrilled they clinched a berth tonight. I just love Derek Lowe too much to not like any team he’s playing for…except the Cardinals – I couldn’t like him if he was playing for them.😛

Anyway, I’ll talk with everyone soon. My husband’s sick, so I’m going to go take care of him. Here’s hoping for a good game tomorrow!

Jon*, whoops. Fingers went “type-crazy” on me!

hey guys. stupid aol shut down this week so i couldnt go one. well just 1 game left and then the only sport that will have bearing on my life is only on the weekend.

Fagan – back to the original issue at hand – and I know this was done for someone else but I want to get in on it. I have some questions about it. Is the coin fair? Are there any other circumstances outside it affecting it? Because the coin flip resulted 99 times in the same result, with the chances of this being 1 in 18 billion (or some other big number like that), you have to look at the environment and the coin itself. But if everything is fair and the coin is not fixed, I would say 50%.

How did I do?! How did I do?! Oh grade me, please!!!

One pretty cool Trot memory I have is when he came out of the clubhouse and into the dugout to yell at the umps, after they took a home run away from Gabe Kapler that bounced on top of the wall. This was obviously a home run, and I guess Trot was watching the TV in the clubhouse. He was yelling at them like he was in the game!! It was awesome! Total classic Trot moment. I hope he is able to stick around next year. I love the fight in that guy!

Fagan, this will be my last response to any of your postings. I have put you in your place on multiple occasions since I first read your maniacal diatribes of ignorance and hatred. You definitely live in your own world if you think that it took “a stick of dynamite” to evoke a response. Actually, minutes after you returned to the blog with your mentally imbalanced attack on Vince, I was quick to accurately describe your lack of intelligence and integrity. Others on this blog have done the same in response to your postings.

On a consistent basis, you humiliate yourself. Any person who launches unprovoked personal attacks of hatred like yours is just demonstrating their own issues of mental instability and plain and simple ignorance.

The truth is, you know little, if anything, about the Sox and baseball, which is the basis of this blog. So you feel the need to resort to insults about people you have never met and have never done anything to warrant your wrath. That is the sign of a coward and a small-minded bigot. Who was your childhood here – Hitler?

As the off-season approaches, and the true legion of Sox fans that occupy this blog discuss opinions on what the Sox should do to field a World Series contender in 2007 – I imagine your presence will remain until your membership is justly revoked. You have proven that you are incapable of conttributing anything worthwhile to these discussions. Mostly everyone else – including Vince and Vik (whose opinions I rarely agree with; however, whose presence is welcomed since they talk about baseball and not personally offensive tirades)- do provide worthy comments and opinions.

So, in closing, Fagan, this is my last response to your postings. I am tired of putting you in your place and furthering the embarrassment that you feel each time you appear here. I don’t need to say anything more. Each post you add further proves that you are a miserable, small-minded and crusty old man who is nothing but an angry bigot.

With all due respect Jeff, and also to you yankeemm, I have seen yankeemm get personal more times than i can count with insults that have little relevance to baseball.

Brendan, though I like Vince, he is a Yankees fans, and Yankees fans by nature are obnoxious. Always have been, always will. He has not, by my memory, insulted a person’s sexuality, family, health condition, etc., which is what Fagan does on a regular basis. I’m tired of Fagan’s presence here. I don’t mind debating about baseball, but Fagan is not a Sox fan or a baseball fan. He is just a bigot who uses this blog to spew his venom. Nobody wants him here, likes him or respects him. With good reason.

About baseball, congrats to the Padres, who are on the verge of winning the NL West. I think they have the best shot of beating an AL team in the World Series (if they can get there, of course).

Also, congrats to the Twins. Amazing that they overtook the Tigers. I think the Twins or the A’s will win the AL. Unfortunately, this likely means the Yankees will win the ALDS over the Tigers, unless Detroit returns to their mid-season form.

I hope the Yankees don’t win the division – I’ve got a bet riding on the hope that they don’t! lol, terms to be determined.😛

Hey Jen. How are you??

Hi, All:

Below, I am including today’s post from my blog, hoping to keep the conversation on this blog and my blog going through the playoffs and the off season. Feel free to visit in addition to this blog. I’ll be posting daily through the playoffs, and 2-3 times a week in the off-season. Go Tigers agains the Yankees. Go Padres as well!

Here’s the post:

Third place. Yes, third place. Who would have thought this would be how the season would end, at the beginning of the season? In a way, because of the multitude of injuries the Sox faced, I am relieved that the regular season has ended. On the other hand, as a devoted Sox fan and baseball fan, I will miss the daily ritual of watching games, reading newspapers and magazines, perusing blogs, debating with Yankees fans and conversing with Sox fans. Of course, there will be plenty to talk about at BoSox Banter during the off season. It seems that only Papelbon, Ortiz, Schilling, Beckett and Varitek are guaranteed to return. Everyone else is fair game – some not to be resigned, and others to be traded.

Building the Rotation From Within

Devern Hansack’s performance today is definitely encouraging. Hansack and Kason Gabbard are two prospects who have emerged as pitchers who can help the Sox in 2007 and beyond. With the presence of guys like Daniel Bard, Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden in the minors – and Papelbon and Lester (who I hope and pray will fully regain his health and return to the Sox in 2008) – the future of our starting pitching looks very bright.

Gary Sheffield to Boston in 2007?

I recommend reading articles in today’s Boston Globe and Boston Herald about the off-season. If the Sox deal Manny, I hope they get it done early in the off-season, perhaps even at the winter meetings. That way, there is still time to sign an impact player in left field, like Soriano or Carlos Lee. I have read where the Sox might pursue Gary Sheffield if the Yankees do not pick up his option. That would mean that Lowell or Youkilis would be moved in a trade. I do think the Sox need more power at first. Though I like Lowell, I prefer that the Sox keep Youkilis for the long term.

Clemens and Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Did you read the report that Roger Clemens is one of the six players implicated by Jason Grimsley? According to the report, Grimsley said that Clemens took performance-enhancing drugs while with the Yankees. I would not be surprised if this is true. Just look at Clemens’ body over the last half of his career. If this is proven to be true, then he should receive the same treatment as Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa and Jason Giambi – all guys whose statistics should be accompanied by asterisks because of their cheating.

Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken are very deserving to be first ballot Hall of Famers in 2007. They epitomize what baseball is all about. Hopefully, the voters send a message and do not elect McGwire to the Hall of Fame. That would be a travesty if he is elected. He is not deserving and is a stain on baseball.

The Playoffs

Go Padres! I was glad to see San Diego win the NL West. Their rotation is impressive, as is their bullpen. If the Padres can muster enough offense, they will be a threat not only to win the NL, but also the World Series.

Regarding the AL Central, congratulations to the Twins. Even without Francisco Liriano, they have continued their winning ways. I was hoping they would face the Yankees in the ALDS since I think the Twins are better than the Yankees, but now the best two teams in the American League right now – the Twins and the A’s – are meeting in the ALDS. Unfortunately, I think the Tigers will be helpless against the Yankees. We’ll see starting Tuesday. You don’t win on paper. You have to produce on the field.

Nice call, Ian. The most overlooked play of the ’04 comeback was that liner from Matsui. As a Yank rooter, that play kills me more than Roberts’ steal.



I guess I don’t really have a whole lot to say tonight. After 13 hours on my feet, even my brain is tired. I asked my husband to download todays game for me, he did, it was charged to my account but I could only get the 1st inning. You can bet I’ll be on the phone with in the a.m., and I WILL GET THE ENTIRE GAME., among other things…
I was able to see Trot in the lead off spot which completely took me by surprise. I wonder why he lead off tonight; A swan song??, out of respect to him?? Any way, I’m outta here for the night. See y’all tomorrow.

Oh, before I forget: Thanks to all of you whom I had the pleasure of conversing with this season, you made the season more fun than if I only watched the games, I’ve told you that in So. Fl. there are very few TRUE Sox fans, so you made the seaSon really fun, thanks again, you all know who you are. I hope to see you on here in our time of mutual withdrawl, COME ON APRIL 2ND, PLEASE GET HERE FAST!!

Good Night to all my fellow NATIONERS. GO RED SOX!!


oh brendan, i’ve made it as personal as fagan? I doubt that highly….get real, fagan attacks people, name personal times when unreasonably i attacked people. It is one thing to attack people it is another thing to defend people who don’t deserve it.

if you are going to make an excuse for fagan like that and completely ignore the fact every single one of his posts is about me then at least supply proof i make things personal with other people unreasonably.

with all due respect, i deserve proof at the very least.

well too bad that rained shortened no-hitters dont count anymore.

and even though josh beckett’s first season in boston was disappointing, he did throw 200+ innings for the first time.

My favorite Trot moment was in 2004 (I think, help me out here Ian) when after several Red Sox players were HBPs and the R/S pitchers did not respond Trot let the bat fly right straight at the opposing pitcher. Trot went right to the penthouse with my respect. I understand the business of the game and losing his caliber of player returns a decent pick. However Like Fisk no matter where he goes he will always be first and foremost a Red Sox.


I have to agree with Lars, hitting the guy with the bat was awesome. He was an animal and I hope he goes to a National League team. I also think he would be a gret kickoff team performer for the Pats! Also Yankee fans hate him because he bleeds red sox red!!!

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