That's all folks

After Game No. 162, it’s only fitting to say thanks to all of you for your participation in the blog. Not to say the blog is going away, I can promise you i’ll be posting periodically throughout the offseason.

But I think we built ourselves a nice little community. It’s too bad the season ended the way it is. It’s always more fun to talk about a winning team than a losing one.

This was a strange year, but we had fun dissecting it, even though it had many ups and downs.

I’m now in New York for Yankees-Tigers. I’m going to do Yankees sidebars throughout the playoffs. Should I refrain from any Bronx postings, or would you all like to hear what’s going on during the postseason?

thanks again for all your contributions and let’s keep the Hot Stove burning!



Thanks for the year, Ian. It gives me down here in Australia somewhere to read about the happenings around the BoSox. Let’s just hope the Yankees don’t get too far in the postseason🙂


Thanks for your journalism and blog.

I am not disappointed with the 2006 RED SOX. This was a rebuilding year and its exciting to see the minors producing such classy poised talent.

I am confident of the Red Sox future and look forward to next year – not with regret but with anticipation of good, exciting things to come.

Let the HOT STOVE season begin and I look forward to your Spring Training analysis.

GO SOX and don’t take any grief from the Yankee’s.


Again, many large thanks for your tremendous, classy coverage of our Sox. Been a crazy year. Yes, sad we had to suffer through August and its after effects. Everyone, it seemed, was in the hospital, including yours truly. (Nothing like going down for the count with one’s team.)

On the other hand, we got to see some incredible talent and strength of character from our guys. How ’bout that night Lowell got clonked on the head at bat. Down he went! Same game…that wild dive into the stands to make a catch. And finally, he steals third base. What a guy!

Indeed, keep on posting during off season, especially if you hear anything interesting about the 2007 team. Many folks on the Nation blog have been dying to know why Sox management just doesn’t resign Loretta, as solid as he has been offensively and defensively.

Take care.


Ian — thanks again for your coverage.

As for 2007, I can’t think of a starter (non-pitcher) I wouldn’t keep unless coco’s finger is still a problem. Loretta, Lowell, and Gonzalez gave us an incredible defense (best in MLB). I know Trot’s an issue, love to see him back, but Willie Mo’s a great replacement if Trot leaves. And we should keep him around in case Coco isn’t back at full strength. Youk had a fine year, and Varitek’s value is so much more than his batting average. As for backups, Cora did a fine job but maybe we put Pedroia in that position next year?

G-d bless Lester, I hope things go well for him.

I totally agree, by the way. I think Cora did a great job, but I was thinking of putting Pedroia in the cleanup spot (I actually talked to my mom about that this morning). And I think that Loretta, Lowell and Gonzalez should stay and Eric Hinske should stay as well.

Thanx Ian, Im new to the blog, but have been a sox fan for as long as i can remember. Somewhere back in the Tiant days when i was a kid. As for next season, I also like the line-up we presently have, as long as everyone is healthy…mentaly as well. I say pick up some pen help with a quality closer and the rest will be good. Oh and maybe a presence in the club house to make the players more at ease…say a Kevin Millar type. Go-Tigers_Go!

Ian, keep the Blog going through the off-season. Keep us in touch with how the ’07 Sox will look.

So Wallace won’t be back next year. Ok, so Al had a healthier rotation to deal with in the first half but even allowing for that, the pitching was more confident and had so much more poise in the first half. At a personal level, it is a shame to see Wallace’s year end like this, considering the awful problems he had, but probably the right move for the team and for him. Perhaps a change will help Wake get something extra out of his pitching and keep him right where he belongs: a stalwart of the starting rotation.

It will be sad to see Trot leave. Let’s hope he is back, at least for another year and, if platooned, a healthier year at that.

I hope that last night’s game is a taste of things to come (in the scoreline, not in the weather).

I’m already feeling like I need those patches!

has anyone else heard that papa jack wont be back next year?

The FO announced at about lunchtime that Dave Wallace and Ron Jackson won’t have their contracts renewed (“by mutual agreement”!). All change! Theo has got the bit between his teeth. What will tomorrow bring?

apd: according to an article on the sox website, only wallace was let go by mutual agreement, papa jack was not.

Stars, sorry. I presumed Papa Jack was Ron Jackson. Hence my comment. The official press release says:

“BOSTON — The Red Sox announced today that the contracts of batting coach Ron Jackson and pitching coach Dave Wallace will not be renewed for the 2007 season by mutual agreement of the club and the two coaches.”

Stars, just seen the reported piece and see what you mean. It looks like Jackson wasn’t too keen on the idea!

It also looks like Trot is resigned to the fact that he won’t be playing for Boston next year (“he would like to come back sometime in the future after going to play for another team”).

Well I was so tempted to write back earlier but such actions could result in loss of job so down with that sort of thing. I was neither defending Fagan (he can manage that all by himself) nor was I attacking yankeemm. Well ok, maybe a bit of the latter. And while I realize Fagan that I am under no obligation to respond, I just plain feel like it.

Yankeemm – you ask where you got personal. Well, the first point is you said before on a previous post that you intended to make one of your comments personal. The blunt point here is if you can’t take it, don’t give it out. And if you are interested to know where my ranklings lie (if you are not you may want to discontinue reading), it primarily revolves around one word -calling people ‘ignorant’. You see, when you think about it, the words implies one of two things, or both of these things together. It means a) you are saying you are more intelligent/informed than the other person and/or, more pertinently, b) that you are belittling the other person’s intelligence/point of view. As a form of argument, I hate it – it is a one word fix to avoid losing a rational argument. After all, how can you lose an argument when the other person is ‘ignorant’?

Jlouder – I would prefer the dog abuse handed out by Fagan any day of the week than be called ignorant. A little weird you may feel, but hopefully also understandable.

Now imagine if I were actually Fagan – what a twist!

wait, watch, listen.

sounds ominous….

Ian, You are thanking us for being on your blog?? It’s we that should be thanking you!! You have given us an escape, a place to vent our frustrations, to praise OUR SOX (when warranted), it’s on this blog that we shoud be thanking you for having a safe place to come and lick our wounds after a loss, or to stand up, cheer and celebrate a win.

I’d like to take this time to personally thank you for the time you took to come into the stands and meet David and me at the Sox v Marlins game. It was truly a great evening for me, being that it was my 1st major league up close experience. And the Sox won, double my pleasure! David and I will be in Boston in either August or September to celebrate our 10th anniversary. If, when you’re done with your post game duties, you ‘d like to join us for a beer, we’d love to buy you one. Very seriously, it was a pleasure to meet you.

I loved being able to watch all my Sox games this season (for the most part). And the blog has been great as well (for the most part). The blog gave me the opportunity to converse with a very diverse group and I learned alot. We almost always got along, and the Florida bloggers will try to meet up in the off season, to get a group photo (and some beers).

and ian>>>> THESE SOX WILL BE A SERIOUS BRICK WALL TO GO THROUGH NEXT SEASON, ALL OTHER TEAMS, LOOK OUT, GET READY!! and please if you could keep me updated on the Trot/trade front I’d appreciate it. I know that he wasn’t 100 percent healthy the past couple of years but, he’s just such a gamer!! and you’ve gotta love the cap and helmet.

Ian, thanks again for everything, Ellen

wow fagan sure is loud…

Ian, thanks alot for your posts this season. I hope you’ll keep it up during this offseason, which promises to be one to remember… Toronto last year, and the Mets before that… imagine if we signed Soriano and Lee, traded Manny for a couple of elite prospects, and landed a top-tier closer like Gagne or Lidge… the possibilities are endless, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Theo’s going to do.

Who’s going to replace the two fired coaches? Any thoughts?

brendan: you have no idea just how so….

jamie: i truely dont understand why jackson was fired. not his fault we had injuries. nipper seems the likely canidate to replace wally. a huge offseason will really get the nation energized for next year.

apd, if you find the patches, PLEASE let me know.

Ellen – how do you mean?

A big thanks to Ian for this blog. It was nice to have a forum to share our opinions, comments and frustrations with likeminded Sox fans. Hopefully, it remains active in the off-season. With Papelbon officially being named a starter for next season – and the dismissal of Jackson and Wallace – the Hot Stove League has already started in Boston.

I agree with Ellen. I need an ample supply of patches to get through the off-season. I will be closely watching the playoffs – hoping for a Padres-Twins Series, and a Yankees loss in either the ALDS or ALCS. Yet I am anxious about what will happen at the winter meetings and the time leading to opening day next April. I’m already planning on being in Kansas City to see the opener. Until then, we’ll definitely have plenty to talk about!

Ellen, I think the first of the patches is probably gum! Specifically Nate Robertson’s as he “blanks the yanks” tonight.

Ian, thanks for making this an even better season with the blog. May I suggest you maintain an increased frequency over the off season.
It’s tough enough when the season ends for us Red Sox fansat seasons end. Having you around to helps fight the loooooong off season blues. Sure we have the Pats, Celts and Bruins but it just aint baseball. I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say, hang in with us, chat with us, lets exchange opines and keep the seasons (past and future) alive over the long cold winter. So, What do the rest of you Ianites think…Yea or Nay….Count me as the first Yea!


Ian, thanks for making this an even better season with the blog. May I suggest you maintain an increased frequency over the off season.
It’s tough enough when the season ends for us Red Sox fansat seasons end. Having you around to helps fight the loooooong off season blues. Sure we have the Pats, Celts and Bruins but it just aint baseball. I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say, hang in with us, chat with us, lets exchange opines and keep the seasons (past and future) alive over the long cold winter. So, What do the rest of you Ianites think…Yea or Nay….Count me as the first Yea!


Hey Nationers, very quiet on the blog now. It almost has an eerie feel to it. I’m missing the games already. I guess I’m going to be pulling for the Dodgers or the Padres in PS play, they have many ex-Sox players. But anyway, I just thought that I’d check in, any body else out there??

The Playoffs are without the Sox. ‘Nuff said.

Stern was traded. Woopee.

Time to sink back to my miserable existance doing schoolwork, suffering through biology and trudging through history… great.

Hey Jamie, just remember history includes sports too. Do you remember when you couldn’t imagine 12 years of school?? You’re almost through that part. Then, sWeetie it’s all down hill. Do you know what you’ll major in when you get to college?? I suggest, business, finance and sports law: YOU’VE GOT THE MIND FOR WHAT THAT’LL LEAD TO.

lol as a matter of fact, I WILL be getting a double major in business and law!

The first 10 years of school was a joke – now comes the hard part lol – getting 8 AP credits by the end of high school will NOT be easy…

Anyway, here are my predictions for the playoffs (Which I might watch if Fox decides to show that over some decent shows like HOUSE!!!!!)

Cardinals over Padres (Pujols + Carpenter)

Dodgers over Mets (hot Dodgers vs. Pedro and El Duque-less Mets)

Dodgers over Cardinals (Pujols + Carpenter won’t be enough)

Yankees pulverize Tigers (duh…)

Twins over A’s.

Yankees over Twins (nooooooooooooooooooo!!)

Finally… since the AL is about 398471908375918375 times better than the NL, the Yanks finally win a World Series Championship. May Steinbrenner burn in ****. =)


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