Yankees are going, going … gone

OK, Red Sox fans. Finally you have something to celebrate. The Yankees have met their maker, and it took just four games for the Tigers to do it.

Inconceivable, isn’t it, to think that the Yankees could be manhandled in such fashion? Well, yes and no.

As i said earlier, playoff baseball has become about the most unpredictable thing on earth. Kenny Rogers and Jeremy Bonderman spun absolute gems. Who knew that was coming, especially in the case of Rogers?

All the hype that was made over the Yankee signing Damon for all that money and making the blockbuster trade for Abreu? Both sound moves, but expensive ones, and all it bought the Yankees in 2006 was a measly one postseason victory.

Just further proof that in October, it’s pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching. In ’04, the Sox had Schilling, Pedro, Lowe, and Foulke. And that carried them. The team with the most arms wins every year.

I like these Tigers the rest of the way. Well, I’m going to the Bay Area for the ALCS, so i’ll post again then.




Hi, Ian:

I definitely made my feelings about the Yankees losing clear in your last post, so I want repeat myself here. Yet, I will say once again that I am overjoyed that the Yankees lost to the Tigers. I look forward to the Hot Stove League banter and competition between the Yankees and BoSox. Glad the Yankees fans have nothing to gloat about anymore. Congratulations to the Tigers, and thank you Rogers and Bonderman!

I meant, I won’t repeat myself here!

80 mill more for one extra win…nice…money spent wisely! Tigers in 4, like I predicted…albeit after game 2. Nice to see a “team” like the tigers do well, a team that was in the cellar not long ago. Gives all the other cellar teams something to hope for. The A’s and Tigers series will be a great one. Don’t care for the Cards or the Mets, so I guess im sticking with the team that ousted team corporate. Can’t wait for next year. I wonder if the Sox will give Tavarez a chance to start. Thought he was one of the only bright lights towards the end. Him and Ortiz that is. Would be cool to get Gagne, fellow Canadian. Thats if he’s all healthy again. Maybe make a try for Clemens again. He probably would have won another cy if he played the whole year. 16 games winners is all the nl had this year. His era was lower then the lowest of the qualifiers. Come back to the Sox Roger, you will get some run support here. Bring your buddy Pettite too. Will be interesting to see what they do with Manny, was he really injured too bad to play??? Can’t see him giving up on his teamates even if he wants out. Not too much out there to offer protection to Ortiz that are better then Manny. I like Lowell at third, he has a bit of pop, and an outstanding glove. We have suffered way too long with shotty defence, was nice to see him and Gonzo make the plays. if we need another power bat, why not Soriano…he can play 2nd can’t he. Then leave Youk at first, and we are set. Then all we have to worry about is the pen.

The curse is alive and well and living in the Bronx!

Unbelievable… it wasn’t even a close game…

Tigers in the WS?

I never thought the Tigers would vanquish the Yankees so quickly. But then again, I noticed some glaring weaknesses in the Yankees that could derail them–spotty pitching, usual bad defence, and a hit-or-miss offence with superstars who can be shut down by good pitching. Detroit had all of that and thus they move on.

But the Red Sox need to concern more about themselves. It is little consolation when the Yankees lose, because the Red Sox did not even come close to making the playoffs. Theo has a lot of issues to address–getting another ace, a back end rotation guy, fixing the bullpen, Manny issue, middle infield and a 5 hole hitter. There are a lot more issues with the Red Sox facing this offseason than any other.

Look forward to watching A’s vs. Tigers–that should be a great matchup.

I have to agree with Thomas. I had my little ‘Yankees lose’ party last night. While seeign that Joe Torre is probably gonna be fired was an interesting, though not surprising, read… I think we need to focus on ourselves now.

We had a bad season. Yes there were injuries at the end that were.. surprising, but we still have holes we must fix.

Bullpen – the Bullpen was ALWAYS a wreck. At no point in the season was it any good except for Timlin (though the had his off days) and Papelbon (who is gonna be a starter now).

Starters – If we ever finish a season with such a patchwork rotation again, I’ll cry.

Aslo, Ian.. thanks for everything. I may not have posted with the… sheer overwhelmign numbers.. of other people… but I read your blog and other comments every day. Thanks for providing your inside view on the game.. it was a pleasure.

i needed that


I agree, agastald. Now that the Yankees are yesterday’s news, the BoSox need to start planning for 2007. I like the idea of moving Lowell’s salary for a closer or a set-up man, switching Youkilis to third and signing a power bat for first base. I like the idea of signing Sheffield. He is much younger than his age because of his conditioning, and since he has played third base before, surely he can make the adjustment to first base with an off-season and spring training of fielding instruction. I think the bullpen will be fine. Foulke will be ideal if he is healthy. Hansen pitched well the second go around. Tavarez is versatile. They need a set-up man (Linebrink?), a left-handed specialist (J.C. Romero?) and a closer (Lidge or Gagne?). With Hansack, Lopez, Delcarmen, Corey and Breslow in the fold – I imagine one or two of them will make the team – the bullpen depth should be stronger next season as long as we sign or trade for a closer, a set-up man and a left-handed specialist. I don’t think they should bring back Timlin.

I’m sorry.. I dont like Sheffield at 1st at all. I dont want him on the team. We need youth, not age.

Sheffield would be a good player for the Sox to have for 2 or maybe 3 years, but we do need some youth. Youkilis has very good patience and plate discipline, but 13 HR just ain’t gonna cut it…

Please NO-no Sheffield. He’s arrogant and breaking down with age.

How exciting was it to see the Tigers hand the Yank their heads? I thought that I wanted to see the Big Unit have a big melt-down on Friday, but the implosion of the offense proved to be much more satisfying. I would love to have seen the Mets destroy the Yankees in the WS, but this is good stuff also.

So what do we think of Sweet Lou at the helm in the Bronx? I think that every time they showed in the dugout in Tampa, he looked either apoplectic or ready to pass out. I’m not sure his heart could withstand the pressure at Yankee stadium.

No way, please DO NOT sign Sheffield, there’s an arrogance there (“we all know who the real captain of this (yankees) team is!”) that we don’t need in the Sox Clubhouse. It seems he’s another “I’m the stick that stirs the drink” type of personality.

ctzmom: More and more it seems we tend to think alike.
Wasn’t it great, the way that the Tigers’ players celbrated with the fans?!! I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before. Class acts!

It was so good to see the Tigers come good. I would have enjoyed it more if the Yankees had looked like they were playing as well! I had the little ditty from Winnie the Pooh going through my head all day yesterday “The wonderful thing about Tiggers is … Tiggers are wonderful things”.

Ellen’s patches are working – at least the tiger patterned ones.

I’m looking forward to the Tigers and A’s playing. I don’t think that will be as one sided as their games have been to date.

Defensively, I think that Youk, Loretta, Lowell covering the bases is a good combination. If they are consistent then they could be a good offensive combination through ’07, after all, take care about getting on base and the runs will follow.

I was wondering if anyone else has a view on Tavarez. He was generally pretty grim out of the ‘pen but showed himself to be a much better starter. Could that be to do with the amount and quality of game preparation? If so, the only decision is whether to use him as a starter or trade him? Or is it just that he settled down as the season went on?

Completly off subject, but I was thinking about a Mike Lowell trade today:

Lowell(.284/.335/.475 at $9MM) to the Astros for Ensberg(.235/.396/.463 at 3.9MM) and Lidge(5.28/32/1.40 at 3.9MM)

Because of ensberg’s low average the Astros(who will have about 20-32MM in the off season to play with) may well be looking to replace him, and lidge’s shaky year will make him cheap. However it is of note that his Hr:AO ratio this year was 19.6%, vs the expected 10.8% so much of his era could be attributed to bad luck. (on a side note Beckett this year gave up home runs at a 16% rate, we should have expect about 23-25 total next season).

red sox get equal production and save 2MM, i dunno.

lol there’s no way the Astros would give up Lidge for Lowell alone, not to mention giving away Morgan Ensberg too in the process….

Ensberg was troubled by injuries, or he would’ve produced 30 HR as usual with a batting average significantly higher than .235. Also, I believe that the Astros too realize that Lidge’s numbers are inflated by luck, and that he’s still an extremely valuable commodity. To get Lidge, we’d have to give up at LEAST Hansen and Ellsbury, maybe with some second-tier prospects as well. In any case, I do not see Lidge coming to Boston for cheap.

I see the Sox trading Lowell for Linebrink, however.

Theo will have a hard offseason, but I bet he’ll have a pretty good one too.

“80 mill more for one extra win…nice…money spent wisely”….YOU KIDDING ME? How about 120 million for finishing in 3rd place BEHIND TORONTO, 12 GAMES behind 1st place? Maybe that is good spending in your eyes drienbold….was there ever a team w/120 million that finished in 3rd place?…

Feels great for the Yanks join the Sox on the first tee. I’m glad Damon didn’t disappoint us by not sharing his gem of wisdom about the Yanks still being the best team. Johnny is a true Idiot.

Ian, I too would like to see the Tigers go all the way. Their pitching will help, but one also needs a good offense to win a world series. Those who point out that Detroit led MLB in earned run average should consider the fact that the team with the best earned run average in baseball has won only one World Series in the past 20 years. The 1995 Braves. So a little bit of hitting wouldn’t hurt the Tigers in their quest to make history.

Hope your trip is going well.

Manny Ramirez AND Gary Sheffield? Might as well throw Milton Bradley in there for good measure.

I agree with the point of not signing Sheffield because of his attitude and age. He could provide some pop for a season or two, but I would prefer a younger player with a more team-oriented approach.

Don’t pay attention to Sam (or Russ, which I think his name is) from the Yankees blog. The only retort he has is that the Sox finished third with their payroll, ignoring the fact that much of that payroll was injured. Guess he just doesn’t understand the game.

Jamie, I don’t think Lidge would cost that much. Of course, I may be wrong, but since his stock is down, I don’t think it would cost those prospects. Perhaps the Sox could deal Wily Mo Pena and a prospect for Lidge. Since Pena’s best position is center field, and it appears the Sox want Jones ot Hunter for that position, Pena might be dealt.

Yes, Ellen-watching the Tigers with their fans was delightful and of course, more so, because it was at the expense of the Yankees. We were driving and listening to the game on satelite radio, but arrived at our destination in time to watch the last inning and all the fun!

APD-I agree about keeping Youk, Loretta, and Lowell playing together. I’d like to see them have more time together and gel. Look at how many doubles Lowell hit and he is so solid in the field. (And it wasn’t easy for me to see Bill Mueller go.) Gonzo was great defensively, but kind of up and down with the hitting.

Rick100-do you really think that Damon is an idiot or maybe he’s just been brainwashed?! He’s a company man now!

apd: Although I do want the Tigers to go all the way, I’m more partial to Eyore than Tigger. Actually, I think that there is a conspiracy against Eyore!! No books about Eyore. NO EYORE MOVIES, and did you ever notice, all the others live in perfectly sound housing while Eyore has a shack that has boards missing in the roof!!! He even has to pull the XMAS sleigh. You’d think that during that time of year, that they’d rent-a-donkey!!

I think that Lowell and Youk should stay where they are. Wasn’t our defense the best in baseball this year?? Lowell has a .997 fielding percentage among 3rd basmen. (Ihink that it was contingent upon either 1000 ab’s, or 1000 games, sorry not sure which), In my opinion, they should leave 1st-3rd alone and pick a short stop (AG<AC or someone new)I happen to think Loretta was totally great for us this year in the field and did a decent job at the plate. Just my opinions.

ctzmom:: I too am a BIG Billy Mueller fan. I heard during one of the Dodger games this past week, that he’s all but done… his knees I guess have finally given up on him. Such a sad thing to happen to such a good guy and such a gamer. In my book, another Dirt Dawg like my Trot!!

Jeff, maybe Houston will accept Pena in a deal for Lidge. However, I see great potential in Pena, who honestly has potential for 40 homeruns in a full season. In fact, if you combine his 04 and 05 seasons, he has 45 homeruns in 700 plate appearences (At-bats + walks). In 2005, David Ortiz had 47 homeruns in 711 PA.

2 less HR in 11 less PA than PAPI? That’s pretty darn good. I don’t think the Sox should give up Pena without seriously considering the consequences.

In any case, by the time he’s in his prime (27-28), I project this line:

.280/.360/.580, 44HR, 110RBI.

Those are some awesome numbers!

I’m rootin’ for the Tigers too. They creamed the Yanks, and as the saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”!

sam 132yadayada – similarly, I don’t think there was ever a team who had a 100mm payroll more than the one you talk of and fell spectacularly. While the Red Sox finished third this year, I am happy knowing at least that they wanted to try and get to the post season and do as best they can. The joke going around is: what do the Yankees and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz have in common?”…

The fact is, I don’t think the Yankees know what to do now. They have thrown money around and have a truly great line up. When this line up gets out pitched, out played and out fought, where do you go from there? I have no doubt they will get into the playoffs next year, but unless they change something, they will not win. They are becoming what the Braves were for so many years.

Hi, All:

Feel free to vist http://www.bosoxbanter.mlblogs.com. My post today deals with assessing the BoSox and Yankees post-season needs, and I am curious about what the rest of Red Sox Nation thinks. There are so many moves that need to be made, it’s mentally exhaustive thinking about them!

sam i am NOT: how about 200 plus mill for one playoff win…lol, bet that hasn’t been done before…bet it will get done again..next year by the same charactorless yankees. Just like the rangers (nhl)…spend spend…next to zero results. Atleast the league stepped up and saved the rangers from any further embarassment by putting in a cap. Who cares where the sox finished…who ever remembers the division winners anyway,(besides yankee fans). Its the series that counts, tell georgie when he’s revamping his team this year to spend a bit more on charactor and a lot less on ego!

oh ya, and if your keeping a-rod, maybe a councilor in the dug-out might help…oh and some tissue for jason…and maybe a new team captian should be in order, leading by example doesn’t seem to work for pinstripers..need someone more into the human relations as apposed to the playing hard and hitting Jeter types.

Reinbold, if it is the “series” that counts….how many divional, ALCS and WS wins do Yankees have compared to Boston? Look it up, you will be astounded by how lopsided it is my friend…..tell John Henry to spend about 30 more million, maybe he can reach 2nd place next year….

I think Yanks have 39 pennants…how may does Boston have? Can Henry and Theo count that high? I do give you credit for not remembering how horrible Boston was this year w/the 2nd highest payroll. How embarassing…..

The Sox won the WS last, and humiliated the Sox in the process. The “past” doesn’t matter so much… look at the Royals: they were once the best team in the majors. Now? um… not so much.

Yeah, the Yanks were amazing in the past, and are still contending right now. However, they have a bloated payroll (note: the DIFFERENCE b/t the Yanks and Sox payroll is enough to pay the Detroit payroll… how does THAT make you feel?) and the pitching is practically in ruins…

“How embarassing…”

wow I had a pretty bad mistype up there… “The Sox won the WS last, and humiliated the YANKEES (not Sox… lol) in the process”.

Is anyone even the least bit interested in the REST of the playoffs? I mean, the ALCS begins tonight, in case you guys were too busy laughing your *** off (like me) over the Yankees’ demise. It promises to be a really good matchup… no bloated payrolls, just two great storiers colliding at the greatest stage in the AL!

Picking out some of the elements of the last few posts does bring home the fact that payroll is only part of the equation. If it was the only thing, the Yankees would be run-away leaders all the time with the Sox sitting pretty comfortably in their wake. However, there’s also the dynamic that makes a team and the drive and fire to be better than the rest. I saw a lot of this in the Tigers but not an awful lot of it in the Yankees. Don’t forget the management and decisions about the team and the use of the players, etc.

It will be good watching the Red Sox get another WS. Hopefully, fairly soon. But, I think, more exciting and enjoyable seeing a real team playing their hearts out to get that extra base hit, dive on the ground ball that’s almost out of reach to make a near impossibe double play and pitching with precision and care. That’s the sort of thing I thought made the first half of ’06 so enjoyable. That’s what I am looking forward to in ’07 (and, ideally seeing Wake regain a bit of his old sparkle and Trot patrolling right field – well I can still hope).

Whether the Yankees are over financed androids, I personally don’t much care. If you look at the stats, there’s no denying they are a fine outfit. Never-the-less, I anticipate them being bested by the Sox next year because not getting into the post-season this year will really smart in the FO, in the clubhouse and with the ownership. Surely, there’ll be just that bit more fire and drive in ’07 because of it.

Having said all this: no more Yankees in this post-season! Marvelous🙂

It seems Torii Hunter will stay in Minnesota after all, so that option is ruled out for us.

Altough I’d like to see Jones in a Red Sox uniform I think chances are slim, if Manny leaves it will be difficult to find a replacent.

Man reading about how giggley + getty you bitter red su x fans are getting over the yanks losing in the first round makes me laugh. Do you have to be reminded that the sox finished in third. Not to mention that at the end of the day red sox dont even come close to the yanks in total championships. But then again you live your life trying to justify why you became a sox fan to begin with. 26 to 6 and thats all that needs to be said.

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