Yankees on the brink

Yes, I know, I run the Red Sox blog. But I’m in Detroit covering Yankees-Tigers. So it’s worth a blog entry that the mighty, mighty Yankees are facing elimination today.

I’d like to see the Yankees win, mainly because it will make my travel arrangements easier. how’s that for honesty? It’s not easy to get a flight to San Francisco/Oakland on one day’s notice.

Seriously, I’ve made it clear in this blog all year that I’m very much a Johnny Damon backer. So i’d like to see Johnny play a few more big games this October.

The more i watch postseason baseball, the more i discover that it’s just pure luck. How could anyone know that Kenny Rogers was going to pitch the second best game of his career last night? (Don’t forget his perfect game in 1994). You just can’t predict this stuff, so why try?

What if Dave Roberts is thrown out at second in ’04? the Red Sox are swept that year. Is Billy Beane suddenly a genius now because the A’s finally won a first round series?

So just sit back and enjoy October. Don’t try to guess what will happen. Just watch it all unfold and know that the baseball Gods have alread pre-determined a lot of it.



Ian, glad you’re continuing to post.

About Damon, I strongly dislike him – not because he signed with the Yankees, but because he said that he wouldn’t, but ended up doing so, even though the BoSox offered him a fair deal. In the long run, it is better the Sox did not sign Damon.

I hope that the Sox bring in Andruw Jones or Torii Hunter, and if they deal Manny, I like the idea of moving Crisp to left or signing Lee or Soriano.

Regarding the Yankees down 2-1, this is very good for baseball. Because of the financial resources at the Yankees disposal, there is no excuse for them not to win the AL every season. Reaching and losing in the ALDS is no accomplishment for them. I hope that Bonderman pitches a gem and the Tigers win tonight. Even if the Yankees come back and beat the Tigers, they will be overmatched by Oakland. Good pitching trumps good hitting.

I agree about the unpredictability of the postseason. Key plays contribute to the outcome of games – like, as you mentioned, Roberts’ steal, and, of course, big hits like Fisk’s homer, Kirk Gibson’s homer and Joe Carter’s homer. It was definitely an unexpected and remarkable performance by Rogers. Good for him and good for the Tigers. Hopefully, there is a celebration in Detroit tonight.

Yeah, I dislike Damon also because of what he claimed prior to signing with the Yanks. It’s OK for him to sign a better deal with a good team, but NOT OK if he’s deceiving everyone by saying beforehand that he wouldn’t.

Down with the Yankees.

Currently 6-0 and getting worse. The only feeling better than this is the BoSox winning it all. Not just Detroit winning but the way they are doing it. Bonderman perfect through 5 amazing. I am absolutely ecstatic. Well there’s another 230 million dollars down the toilet George.

Have to say I am enjoying this very much. The Yankees think they are entitled to a series win because of their alleged vaunted lineup. They have no heart. This is a team that has a $200 million payroll and a pathetic rotation and bullpen. THey have no excuse not win win the AL year in and year out. And yet this marks another season where they will be without a title. Good for baseball. See ya next season, Yankees.

This makes the post-season worthwhile. It was so frustrating watching the BoSox curtailed by all of their injuries, and thus the Yankees pulling away. Seeing the Yankees humiliated and humbled in the ALDS eases some of that frustration. It’s always fun to watch arrogant pri-madonnas fall on their face.

sorry buddy, but it looks like that 1 day turn around is all you are going to get. What a great day, Arkansas beats Auburn and the Yankees get spanked.

outside of steinbrenner the only people that seem to think the yankees deserve and are obligated to be in the world series every year is you, and sox fans like you, jeff. You have brought up payroll a million times more than anybody, and with each post during the postseason when your beloved 130 million dollar team failed to qualify and failed to spend anything when they could have revamped their team to qualify. The yankees sell out home and away every single game and have a stadium almost twice the size, can you get past the payroll for once?

Now heart, that’s a whole nother can of worms.

I want sheffield villone pavano mussina and a rod out next year and that’s just for starters.

now if you’ll excuse me, I have a tigers fan base to congratulate

Glad to see that you are happy abt something Jeff. Just wanted to thank Ian and others on the blog for enhancing my experience of following baseball this year. See you guys next year or during the offseason.

exsub- where have you been?? good to see you again.

Vince/Vik: Sorry. But the way that you’ve treated me, you guys are class acts as fans. Thanks for all the interaction this year, I hope you’ll be around in the off season. ellen

I appreciate the kind words Ellen. I will be around as long as I am in the country.

You all know that I hate the Yankess as much (probrably more) as the next guy. But when it comes to being a fan. We all bleed our team colors when cut. So while I’m extremely glad that the Yanks blew it, I feel for the fans. When we were eliminated, even though I saw it coming, I cried like a complete idiot. And whether they admit it or not the Yankee fans will do that too. Which ever team you cheer for, It kills your team heart and team spirit when they lose. Now I’m yelling for the Tigers to beat Oakland. I think Leyland should be AL manager of the year. Did you see how the team celebrated with the fans??? FABULOUS!!!

thank you ellen, I appreciate it. Thank you ian, jeff, jen, and the others I have gotten to know more personally on this blog as well for getting what you have going over here, it is always fun to talk baseball with people who see things from the complete opposite direction

Vince, you are sorely misguided if you thnk Steinbrenner and non-Yankees fans are the only people who think the team believes it is expected and entitled to be in the World Series every year. Like Steve Lyons aptly pointed out today, rooting for the Yankees is like pulling for the house in blackjack. For the most part, Yankees fans reflect their team – arrogant and obnoxious. That is why so many people – Red Sox fans and non-Red Sox fans alike – enjoy greatly when the Yankees fall on their faces.

Whether you admit it or not, payroll is a major factor in the Yankees being able to field a World Series contender year after year. If Steinbrenner was in the same situation as the Devil Rays (a smaller city, a virtually non-existent broadcast outlet and few financial resources outside of the owner’s own wallet) the Yankees would not be contenders on a regular basis.

The Sox did have a hefty payroll this season. But first, it did not even remotely approach the Yankees payroll. Second, the BoSox get an incomplete this year with the extent of their injuries. The Sox rash of injuries were unprecented in modern baseball, and nobody – even the Yankees and their unlimited payroll – could have overcome the key injuries. Even guys like Lowell and Youkilis were impacted for periods of time by injuries, but they had to keep playing because the Sox had noone else to replace them. Sure, Matsui and Sheffield’s injuries were key – and losing Cano hurt – but that did not even come close to the impact of the BoSox injuries.

The BoSox and Yankees both sell out stadiums at home and on the road. The difference is, non-Red Sox fans root for the Sox because they are palatable. Non-Yankees fans don’t root for the Yankees because the franchise represents arrogance, elitism and a sense of entitlement, and most people do not like or appreciate that.

I am glad the Yankees were dismissed from the ALDS. It’s nice to see arrogant and egotistical players fall flat on their faces.

It will be an interesting off-season for both teams. The Yankees will fill their holes by throwing money at every imaginable free agent and inreasing their payroll. The BoSox will fill their holes by making trades and making a few free agent signings. The BoSox payroll will likely remain the same. They will reallocate money by dealing Manny, getting a young stud like Ervin Santana (who still has a low salary), perhaps moving Crisp to left and using the money from Manny’s salary to sign a center fielder like Hunter and a starting pitcher (hopefully Schmidt). Or, for center field, they will acquire Andruw Jones and sign a guy like Lee or Soriano (since that deal would likely cost them Crisp). They will likely deal Lowell and his salary, move Youkilis to third and sign a power bat for first base. And they will need to deal for a closer (Lidge) or sign a closer (Gagne?).

That said, there will be lots of moves, but I imagine the payroll for the BoSox will remain in the same range. Will the Yankees? That’s a laugh. Of course not. And you say that payroll is not an issue. We’ll see what happens on the field in 2007.

OK, now that I have that off my chest, I have enjoyed debating and conversing with Vince and Vik. And it is nice that we have developed a core of BoSox fans to share our highs and lows with. As I mentioned, I will continue to update my blog and post on this blog throughout the playoffs and in the off-season.

I hope that the BoSox deal Manny as early as possible so it doesn’t linger throughout the off-season. I see where the Angels did not renew the option on J.C. Romero. Perhaps Theo will sign him as a left-handed specialist.

Now that the Yankees are out of the playoffs, I am rooting for the Tigers. It would be niec to see the Padres rebound, but it will be tough to win the next two games against the Cardinals after being in a 2-0 hole.

“For the most part, Yankees fans reflect their team – arrogant and obnoxious”
To generalize people’s behavior based on the team they root for is very narrow minded. Are all redsox fans losers??

Well Jeff, I am going to be honest. I cant say I enjoyed debating baseball with you because we never seem to see each other’s point (regarding baseball) but I certainly think you are a nice guy and I agree with most stuff you say that is not abt baseball. And you certainly helped me kill a lot of time. LOL.

jeff, like i said, our revenue is bigger and steinbrenner is not in a small market, get over it, somebody has to have the highest payroll. I would imagine with guys like mussina and sheffield’s salaries coming up, the yankee payroll WILL stay in the same range. You seem to harp on them in this offseason like they are a team of three years ago, cashman has complete control now and he has made it clear his mindset is not to do what has given the yankees problems the last few years.

That is a ridiculous argument, henry had the marlins payroll the sox would be a last place team, what does that prove? You deal with what you have and steinbrenner happens to not only have the money, but the will to spend it, unlike owners like carl pohlad who have as much money as steinbrenner but lines his pockets in luxery tax instead of putting the money back into the team. Without teams like the yankees and indeed the redsox, the devil rays may not even exist, we make every team in baseball plenty of money and pay out to all of them in luxery tax, and whether u like it or not, new york city is about 4 times bigger than boston and new york is multiple times bigger than mass, we deserve the highest payroll. If it is the amount between the yankees and sox that bothers u then what are u complaining about? Since this insanely high payroll they haven’t won, so stop whining.

Vince, we will never agree on the whole payroll thing, so I’ve had my say and you’ve had yours. It will be interesting to see what both teams do during the offseason. There will be much to talk about, so I hope to see everyone – BoSox and Yankees fans alike – on the MLB blogs. And we will get our BoSox-Yankees blog going in time for 2007. I’m sure there will be massive overhauls for both teams. The BoSox were impacted severely by injuries, obviously, so quality depth will be a need to address in the rotation, bullpen and position players. The Yankees desperately need a more dependable rotation and bullpen. I do think the Yankees’ payroll will increase, and the BoSox payroll will remain in the same range. They will just reallocate Manny’s salary and Lowell’s salary for other players.

Anyway, like I said, we will go in circles on payroll. I imagine the debate will return next season. As for now, I am glad to see a Tigers-A’s ALCS.

Vik, I’ve enjoyed conversing with you as well. It is rare that Yankees and BoSox fans see eye to eye on baseball, so that is to be expected. I hope to see you and Vince on here in the off-season.

I will be on the redsox blog reading. But Theo has to make a really good or a really dumb move for me to comment abt the offseason moves redsox make.

The only injuries that hurt the Red Sox were the pitching injuries. All other injuries were no worse than injuries to other teams, but when you only have 2 of your staff making 30 + starts that will hurt you. As for the Payroll the Yankees always have had the bigger payroll, always will. That is a given and that is why the Sox have to develop their players and be smarter. Face it, its not like they are paupers and if they wanted to, they could dig into Henry’s pockets and dramatically increase their payroll. The main thing is they have a plan and they intend to follow the plan.

Thanks for the shout out ellen, have been around but mainly I’ve been posting at plls.blogspot.com.

i’ll definitely be around jeff, you don’t get into baseball this deep and then somehow avoid the 2nd best part about baseball: the offseason. I fully expect dramatic changes on the yankees this year in comparison to recent years. I think the redsox have about as good a chance on dumping manny as the yankees do on a rod, but we shall see

Yankeemm – what is there to take out of context? You said what you said. You said half your lineup was missing, you said what you said about the umpire making a bad call and then about the umpire when he made a bad call in your favor. Nothing is out of context.

And seeing as you don’t mind venting, to show the hypocricy in one of your last argument , you talk of Wells, Foulke and Clement being irrelevant in the scheme of things. But you have previously talked about the loss of Carl Pavano and Tanyon Sturtze to injury. Are you kidding me? These guys would not have mattered in the least.

As far as the payroll goes, I think you miss the point with it all. The Yankees are so far ahead of everyone else, it is impossible for anyone outside of New York to root for them. Yes they have the biggest city, and the most generous GM….what does this matter? People just don’t like to see a team with such a superior payroll winning. Do not tell me the Red Sox are second like I know you are tempted, we have been through this. 60% and all that.

As far as the call goes, my point was what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you want to complain about a bad call made against your team, do not downplay it when your team receives benefit of a bad call too.

Finally, I think this series confirms why people, I included, are so happy to see the Yankees out. While they can have the best lineup in baseball (and honestly, I would say hitters wise they do), money cannot buy you heart or the will to win. For me, the Tigers are through because they wanted it more than the team they were facing. It was written all over Kenny Rogers’s face last night. They deserved this because they faced a team of all stars and believed they could beat them. Fair play to them

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And when that’s finished, click on the second picture down to view their secon type of haka. Honestly one of the greatest spectacles in sport, and no better way to get psyched up for a contact game like rugby.

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