Come join me at the ALCS

Hey all you Sox Nationers,

Hope life is going well. I’m out West at the ALCS. If you want to join my blog out there and talk ALCS baseball, I’ll be blogging at this URL during the series.

hope to see some of you over there, I could use the company.




Go TIGERS!even though they knocked the yankees out:(

sam: How many have they won…or bought? They could have purchased 3 tiger teams…oh ya it only took one to destroy them.

Nice to see tigers take game one…good time to start a roll, if they can get by the A’s, can’t see anyone in the nl who could stop them. The mets are short on arms, and the cards always seem to be around lately but never win…like the new look yankees!

d_reinbold: Give it a break already. Look who’s talking about losing. Yes, the yankees spent too much money and still did not win. Atleast they made the playoffs. Everybody knows its anybody’s guess after that unless there is one ABSOLUTELY dominant team. Any team can beat any team in one series. eg. The sweep of redsox at the hands of kansas city. An even better example is the sweep of tigers by royals to end the regular season. You may comeback saying it is different in post season. But aren’t they still baseball games.

Bringing payroll argument is just ignorance. By your logic the team with the highest payroll should not lose even a SINGLE game. But everybody knows thats a faulty argument.

Hi folks- I’ve been lurking on Ian’s site for several months now and enjoy the conversation. If anyone’s interested in keeping the chatter going throughout the off-season, I’ve been posting a near-daily Sox blog over at

I’d welcome you to check it out and join me for an interesting hot stove season…

Oh yes, Vic, being completely shut down and being completely embarrassed by the Tigers was so much better than not making the playoffs. Watching the players, owner and management along with the media turn on each over and point their fingers and lay blame-that was great wasn’t it? Guess what? Uncle Goergie promised them a WS win and it didn’t happen and you’re all shell-shocked.
And don’t go calling dreinbold’s logic on the carpet. It’s YOUR logic that doesn’t hold water.

*each other*

d rein’s argument still doesn’t hold water because like it or not by the payroll standards the sox should have had the 2nd best record in baseball, they weren’t even 2nd in their division. Of all fanbases, you should know intangibles come into play (injuries), so stop whining, money well spent would have been on healthy players (ortiz and lester aside, since their injuries had nothing to do with baseball)

and ct mom, in case you haven’t been keeping up “king george” makes the same promise every year, apparently his method of rallying the troops doesn’t work. Nobody is shell shocked because steinbrenner promised a win, it’s like being a bengals fan and being shell shocked if they lose when johnson promises a win.

Vik was partially right, once the playoffs start it is anybodies game, if you want to blame the yankees for having such a high payroll that they have ensured themselves a spot every year, then go ahead, but you guys should at least have the wildcard every year by that theory. It is absurd to harp on payroll because then if the yankees win what do u say “well duh, they had to, they have the highest payroll, NO CREDIT TO THEM” by that logic, then if the sox lose to anybody in the playoffs except the yankees, isn’t that season a failure too? Shouldn’t they have the 2nd highest winning percentage every single year? No, of course not.

The 2006 TampaBay Devil Ray Team Salary – $28 Million

The 2006 New York Yankee Team Salary – $220 Million

ONE 2006 Post season win by the New(Choke) Yankees – PRICELESS.

And why are people so in love with the mets? They have the highest payroll in the playoffs right now, by a couple dozen millions of dollars, why aren’t people and the media coming down on them hard for having over a 100 million dollar payroll? Why do people give credit to beltran even with his fat salary? Or Delgado who can’t even stand for the pledge? Or pudge, why do people like him? Because his team’s payroll is still low? It is absolutely ridiciulous, a tired and weak argument that lends no logic to baseball knowledge

oh ur so silly bhoule.

here let me try:

The tampa bay devilrays payroll: 28 million

The boston redsox payroll: 130 million

ending their season at the same exact time with no playoff appearence: priceless.

See how much creativity that took?

by pledge I mean god bless america*

You tell ’em, ctzmom! Excellent job. You know, d reinbold and ctzmom, if I had been running my big mouth all season long as has Vic and Vince, then had my team had its butt whupped as thoroughly as was the New York Yankees, the “virgins of the 21st Century”, in otherwords, had my mouth promised more than my as/s could deliver, I would be so dam embarrassed that I would first of all shut up and stay as far out of sight as possible, then dig a deep, deep hole, then jump in it and cover myself up never to resurface among polite society.

These perennial world series orphans are like cockroaches, you can spray ’em, but you can’t kill ’em! And they have no shame. All they have to look forward to is a 10th straight AL East title in 2007 and brag about making the playoffs again(then be humiliated again). Lord, you’d have to be destitute of any pride just to brag about going further than the Red Sox and find any consolation in that. Hey! You went further than Kansas City and Tampa Bay, too!

Do you two enjoy your own self-imposed groundhog day? Cause, looks like fellas, it “ain’t” EVER gonna’ end for ya’.

Right now I’m personally embarrassed to admit I root for the Yankees, but my patience is running out on us being such abysmal failures year after year after year after throwing unlimited millions of dollars at here today gone tomorrow mercenaries who cannot hold Mantle’s and Dimaggio’s jocks.

Also, I’m fed up with Derek Jeter getting more credit than he deserves when we win and no blame when we lose. After going 5/5 in game 1 which we won 8-4, he folded like an accordian just like the rest of the team, 3 for 11 and .273 in games 2-4 without a run or rbi I believe. Derek also blew his chance at taking the AL batting title from Joe Mauer by going 1 for 5 on the last day of the season while batting against “just-throw-em-out-there-and-get-it-over” no future pitchers.

Although voting takes place before the playoffs start, to be objective and fair I think Ortiz deserves the AL MVP. He is simply more valuable to his team than Derek is to us. Ask yourself, could we have choked and been eliminated WITHOUT JETER? You betcha, we could have.

Although he and Posada hit .500, Jorge hit that meaningless 2-run HR in the ninth inning of a losing 3-8 elimination game effort, padding his meaningless average. So, while I AM a Yankee rooter, I would like to think that if I were you, Vic, and your blowhard bloggin’ twin that I would have enough honor to sneak humbly onto this blog and apologize to EVERYONE for having run my motormouth all season then having ended up being such an embarrassing impotent failure. AGAIN !!!

virgins and orphans? You do realize you’re using an arbitrary six season time period, right? I’ve seen my team win four times in my lifetime and i’m on the younger side of people on either blog. So what the **** are you talking about? I have seen my team win four times as often as yours, yet you need to hang onto the fact the yankees haven’t won in six years? from the same people who are fans of a team that hadn’t had won in 86 years? Anybody see the problem with this logic?

oh for the love of god, you’re not fooling anybody. Everybody knows you’re not a yankee fan. You don’t root for the yankees and then bring up redsox fan arguments, and bash yankee legends, please, that is such a juvenile tactic to claim your on the enemy side and then bash that side, grow up and at least admit who your real team is

Running my mouth? For the majority of the season I said the yankees would win the division and not make the world series. Hey Dcap, guess what happened? Me, running my mouth? The only thing I do is defend against innaccuracies….Gee, fagan disappears and then someone new comes along with the exact same points of views and the same terminology…how shocking

blah blah blah blah same ole blowhard repetition/you remember the good ole days when you were 10, 12. Hope you soaked it all in, because those days are gone. We don’t intimidate opponents anymore. We, mine and your beloved Yankees. It is not the team free agents would give their left nut to sign with or be traded to anymore. Players look to several other teams with smaller payrolls nowadays having a better chance to win them a ring than the Yankees.

We will continue, we REAL fans, to love our Yankees while still remaining pragmatic. It’s emotional hormonal tirades like yours that give us good, knowledgeable, loyal Yankee fans a bad name, you and Vik. And, all we need to shut up that 21st Century thing they keep sticking in our faces and up our kazoos is to WIN A WORLD SERIES IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY !!!—…and heck, V, we got more than 86 years to do it! Keep the faith, little buddy!

You and Vik are quitters. Instead of tring to fix our problems, all you two want to do is make excuses for our failures, poor performance, waste of money, lack of achievements. I will never understand how this team draws the type of give-up fans who you two are. You’re embarrassing. Really! Of course, that’s just my accurate assessment.

Just heard on the ESPN news update that a small plane crashed into a building today. The pilot was Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle. 4 people dead, including Cory. My prayers are with Yankee fans and with the Families of those involved.

i’m a quitter? You know nothing of what you’re talking about. Nowhere did I say I was upset the yankees had not won recently, or anything of the sort, you just continue to talk out of your ***, just like fagan did. Make excuses? I laid out an entire two year timeline as to how to fix the problems, this is what i’m talking about, you know nothing, at all, about me, baseball or anything, you just accuse and accuse and pretend to be a yankee fan. real yankee fans don’t make arguments against their own team, or their captain esp in the wake of one of our pitchers dying. Emotional and hormonal like accusing other people of being quitters with no proof whatsoever, you mean like that?

Get a ******* life rather than changing email addresses to pull the same old **** on a blog in the offseason

Vince, did you read my post????

Ellen, I was just listening to the news about the plane, thinking how awful it is. There was no info over here about who was involved.

I’ll also be sending one up for Cory’s family and the families of all those involved, and, of course for the committed Yankee fans who will feel like they have lost someone close to them.

yeah i got it, thank you ellen, this really adds a human element to something that is otherwise just a game. It just annoys me when idiots antagonize and try to value my faith as a yankee fan when i’m the one who’s been here and on the other blog all season.

Well guys and girls!! I’m off to work but I’ll be back later if anyone’s around and wants to chat. God Bless them!

The poster’s mention of Cory’s death? was the first I had heard about this. Don’t bring that tragedy up amongst words I wrote to you before I was aware of this accident you goatwhore piece of **** incapable of controlling either your bowels or your emotions. Your writing is so emotional–if you were a girl, I’d say hormonal, disjointed and rambling and fragmented and ungrammatical and mostly innacurate and illogical and untruthful that it is difficult enough trying to guess what point you are trying to make, let alone be sure if I’m responding to the question you were trying to ask. Please give your bad temper a rest, Vince, and try to be more respectful of our fallen friend. I hope this early report might be wrong, I’m going to espn now to check. Thanks for the news flash.

control my bad temper? Do you ever read what you write before you post it? incapable of controlling my bowel movement and I am a goatwhore piece of ****? Hmm….you’re not even worth anybodies time, just like Fagan wasn’t…hmm but you’ve never heard of him I forgot, you just speak exactly like him.

ctzmom: I did not expect you would understand anything that is called logic, because logic is something that only humans have. Whatever you say or think abt what I say doesn’t matter to me because you lost the status of “human being” the moment you stood behind Fagan’s uncivilized behavior. That logic was meant for others.

Everybody else: Apologize for making it personal.

btw, fire away ur uncivilized, stone age rants

my sorrow goes out to the lidle family, teamates and fans, truely tragic.

thank you d rein, for concentrating on the real issue at hand. I know we never agree, but at the very least I can thank you for that

no need to thank me, baseball’s baseball, this is forever life. besides, name me one yankee redsox pair that could agree on anything? My best friend’s a hab fan, im bruin, we send hate mail atleast once a week…lol, it’s all in fun, everybodies got thier own opinion. That’s what makes the world and the blogs go around.

Your extreme uncooth rudeness to ctzmom may have already been reponded to by now, yankee Indian, but here goes.

I just read all your warm humanitarian dribblings over there on the inferior blog, blubbering about our mutual sad loss today of Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle. You alluded to being wary of saying hurtful things to our fellow human beings, for it may come back to haunt us as in the death of Cory today. Then, in virtually the same breath, you come over here and tell ctzmom that she is beneath human because she destroyed your stupid logic. YOU DAM STINKING HATEFUL HYPOCRIT !!!

I just scrolled back through all the posters. I don’t see Fagan on here today. Anywhere! Ctzmom made no reference to Fagan. She told you not to put down dreinbold’s logic because it was YOUR logic that was faulty. She mentioned no one else’s name. I happen to mention HER name as well as dreinbold. But I don’t see any Fagan anywhere. The only persons who see Fagan are you and your twin neurotic, Vince. And btw yourself, you are an extremely nasty little foul mannered foreign man. Did your mother and father raise you in India to become such an uncooth unwashed son?

Ctzmom used nothing more against you than superior logic to yours, evoking your typical maniacal reaction of responding with uncalled for insults. Ctzmom called your logic faulty:you respond by calling her “inhuman”? That’s hardly *** for tat, you leftover camel droppings!

You and yankeevvm see fagan on the rooftops. You see him under your beds. You see him in your bedrooms wearing your sister’s underwear, you couple of sick, sick paranoids. You see fagan everywhere. He’s your toughest all-time feared superior adversary, certainly your worst nightmare! Whether Fagan is dead or alive or here or not he has cemented for eternity his curse on you to be forever fixated in paranoia on his eventual return to torture you. I know Fagan is laughing somewhere. About you and at you. He has achieved his original purpose. Why shouldn’t he be laughing?

And…you, you need to learn some manners, you rude little ill-tempered excuse for a man from India.

Sticks and stones, Vikram. You might want to watch your karma with the insults that you hurl around. I’m not the one who’s over on the Yankee blog talking trash-maybe you’d better keep that in mind. As for Fagan,he never hurt me, but that doesn’t mean that I agree with says. I think that he is tragically angry and cruel.
And Vince, Dcap isn’t Fagan. If you had any familiarity with punctuation, syntax or grammar, you would know that right away. Or is it just easier to blame everything that’s wrong in your world on Fagan? You go Dcap!

I hope Mike and the Mad Dog are feeling VERY bad about the way they treated Cory Lidle on the show on Monday afternoon. I’m obviously no Yankees fan but they way they goaded and badgered Lidle was disgusting. The man couldn’t make a point without them ripping everything he said (and double-teamed him as well like cowards) to absolute shreds. How sad.

Hey thanks, Dcap!
I appreciate you picking me up like that.

btw, I have a good friend at work who is a rabid Yankee fan, and we talk baseball everyday, right after insulting each other’s team. So I know that we could be friends. I’m quite sure though, that he never called me inhuman.

They act the same and as far as dcap is concerned, the only place i see fagan is in dcap, nowhere else, fagan accomplishes nothing. and CTzmom, i may disagree with everything you say, but I never called you inhuman, so don’t put me in the same boat.

syntax/grammar means nothing, fagan has pretended to be numerous people (twice afterwards admitting it) with many different styles, it is nothing new, or exciting.

dcap: I said abt not commenting abt the character of people unless they give you a hint of what they are like. You and ctzmom gave me enough to have an impression.

best wishes to corey lidle’s family. as much as i hate the yanks, you never want to see this happen, not matter who it is.

You are right, Vince, you haven’t started being a total obnoxious jerk to me yet.
And if you find yourself disagreeing with everything that I say, it’s probably because I’m a RED SOX fan and this is a RED SOX blog, and I’m hear to see what other RED SOX fans have to say about the team, the RED SOX, that we all love. I’m sure that you can understand and appreciate that.

Actually, grammar and syntax mean a lot, because they are very difficult to “fake.” Additionally, Dcap is more sophisticated and Fagan is more passionate. Isn’t that evident?

I always liked it, when I was a kid, when the bigger playground bully was on my side. Some things don’t change.

Oh now you know about my character, Vikram? Can you tell that I donate blood 4 times a year? That I’m a park steward? And a Girl Scout leader? Maybe you also know that I take care of my home and family and go out to work everday? You’ve discovered that I have 9 adopted cats and a rescued dog? You could glean that I’m a courteous driver and have tons of friends? How could you possibly know so much?
You ARE remarkable.

I apologize ctzmom. Maybe I crossed the line but I was just being honest abt what I thought. I was just not able to digest somebody supporting uncultured behavior on a civilized public blog. I has the same issue with Ellen and we worked things out. Regardless, its none of my business to call you inhuman and I apologize for that.

Things that Fagan has said to and about Jeff, Ellen, et al. are completely unacceptable.
Yankees fans who come over here to dance in the fire may expect to get burned and/or raked over the coals. I may laugh at that, but you will never find me with a torch in my hand.

‘Nuff said.

You’re right, ctz. This is a blog to discuss and debate baseball. Many of the people on here – myslf included – are extremely knowledgeable about the game, are devoted to the BoSox and can discuss and debate with class and integrity. People like dcapici and Fagan have demonstrated that they don’t have the aptitude for that. You can tell a lot about a person by how the treat others. And you can tell a lot about their intelligence with how they communicate with others. When a person responds to a viewpoint he or she doesn’t agree with with insults and disparaging remarks, that shows that person has a lack of intelligence and integrity. Though I disagree with most of their baseball opinions, Vik and Vince have shown themselves to have integrity. Sometimes they get bent out of shape – but we all do every now and then. It’s people like Fagan and dcapici that demonstrate a lack of intelligence and class on this blog and the Yankees blog. They are the people that everyone who is a regular on this blog should be disgruntled with, and hopefully Ian uses his moderator’s controls to remove them.

Just so you know, ctzmom, I posted my apology before I read your post at 9:11pm. The impression I HAD on you was solely based on you supporting an obnoxious, uncivilized character right here on this blog. And thats it. But, nice to know you do a lot of work for the community. Keep up the good work.

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