Keep it clean

Guys, gals,

Can we please keep the blog chatter civilized. Stop the insults and cheap shots. I love a healthy debate and argument, but there are people in this blog who continue to go below the belt. You know exactly who you are. I’m not going to call you out.

I can delete those posts at will and I will do so in the future. So please just stop. You know who this is directed to, so that person — or persons — should just stop and keep it somewhat classy.

OK? Thanks.


I should start counting the times you have to post something like this on your blog. After what happened today (RIP Cory Lidle), all these petty arguments seem, well, even more petty and worthless.
Just goes to show, the passion of Boston never takes a break.

Go Mets!



as you know, being one of my most faithful and classiest posters, I love a good argument. But there’s a person — or persons — who feels the need to be completely rude to everyone he/she encounters. I just don’t get that.

RED SOX ****!!
RED SOX ****!!












RED SOX ****!!

RED SOX ****!!





lol how ironic.

anyway, i didn’t say there was a problem with constant disagreement and I recognize my surroundings, nor do I feel you should change your feelings ct, i was simply stating.

I feel really bad for Lidle’s family. In the midst of dissing the Yanks and taking in all the baseball fervor, it’s easy to forget that real human beings such as you and I play these games. Personal animosities shouldn’t be held on to. Say you hate Jeter, and then he dies in a car crash; I bet you’d feel pretty bad about it. I love the enthusiasm which fans (including me of courese) show, but really, we shouldn’t HATE others over our country’s great pasttime…

Coming from as much of a fan of baseball as a 16yr old can be, at the end of the day, it’s truly just a game. My prayers are with Lidle and his family tonight.

My thoughts and prayers are with Lidle’s family – and the loved ones of everyone killed in this tragedy.

Ian, dcapici is very much like Fagan. He has no baseball opinions, only insults. You would do us all a favor to ban him from this blog. Otherwise, there will just be continued tension and insults from him.

Ian, thanks for the thread. It gets tiresome when an antagonist seems to take over and strangle the entire blog. I for one, because of past occurences look forward to the supervision.

ctzmom, just in case you did not visit the previous post, I have a message for you on it.

Tigers are looking good….timely hits, good pitching…could be tough to stop them now. Funny how a team can limp in to the playoffs, and with one big win turn it all around and look like world beaters. The sox did the same thing after game 4 in 2004 against the yanks.

Yes Vik, I saw. Thanks.

We should all be mindful of what we say at all times.

Because things do have a way of coming back to us eventually, and biting us in the rear end.

If anyone is interested-this is about Mike Francesa’s “interview” with Cory Lidle.,0,6921775.column?track=mostemailedlink

the yankees did the same thing the sox did, in 2000 (an absolutely awful september, and then an incredible ws run)….that interview tears me up, i knew exactly what lidle was trying to say but i guess the pressure of speakign publically on a nationally syndicated radio show must have made him a little nervous. I actually tried calling in to clarify what lidle was saying because I completely sided with him on the issue.

They did their best to rattle and unnerve him. I thought it was very unprofessional. They put words in his mouth and twisted what he said. Then, worst of all, they drew their own conclusions of what Lidle meant by his statements. Like their logic was the only possible answer. Very ugly.

im still confused about the date upside down, ctzmom what does it mean?

If you write out the date and turn it upside down, it will read 90-11-01. Then you stretch it a bit to drop the first zero and you get 9-11-01. An odd coincidence, don’t you think?

And just a very sad situation, in any event.

Firstly, Ian, thanks.

Secondly, does anyone have their “stats head” on? Do wild card teams generally fair better in the playoffs than they should do statistically and / or do the top placed teams fair worse than they should? Probably a dumb question but it has been rattling around my head today.

accusing people of being someone they aren’t, and you started with me? Go figure. Oh, and look, you attack me jeff and vik, go figure. Oh and your facts are wrong and you harp on a 6 year drought, go figure.

The diamondbacks were the nl west champions with a record of 92-70, not a wildcard. You seemed to leave out when wildcard teams failed, which include the redsox, the master of the wildcard with the most appearances. 2005, they were swept by what would become the world champions, but that was conveniently left out, along with in 03, they lost to the team that would go onto lose to the 2003 wildcard ws champion marlins. In ’02 the redsox failed to make the playoffs, but yes, the road went through ny for the angels who would become the champions over the al west winning giants. 2001 as was mentioned was a matchup of two division winners. 2000 the mets were the wildcard team but lost to the division winning yankees. In 1999, a year i’m sure you must have loved since your “yankees” won the series again, they manhandled the wildcard winning redsox in 5 games in the alcs. (that’s 2-1 yankees in case you’re keeping track) in 1998 nobody really remembers, but it was the redsox again who were the wildcard winners, being beaten by the indians who would then be beaten by the yankees en route to the yankees winning 125 games to have one of the greatest anti wildcard seasons ever.

in 1997 the florida marlins won the world series, and in the al it was only one of two times the yankees won the wildcard, losing in the first round to the indians. In 1996 the yankees beat the orioles in the alcs, the orioles being the wildcard, in 5 games. in 1995, it was the first ever wildcard and the yankees were the first team to win it, losing to the mariners in 5 games in the first ever alds.

You might as well stay objective if you’re going to give a history lesson, especially one about “your favorite team”

the giants won the nl west, not the al, and btw in 2003 the wildcard redsox lost to the division winning yankees, in case you forgot

and before you start giving out more faulty information, the redsox did not win the division in 97, the orioles did, I wouldn’t want you lying to this blog again.
However, in 1995 the boston redsox DID win the division, they lost to nobodies surprise, the indians who would then murder the mariners and lose in 6 to the atlanta braves, the ONLY time the braves won the ws during their division tantrum…..which means comparing them to the yankees is absolutely ridiculous, it would be like comparing the redsox in the last 15 years to the yankees, which again, is no comparison.

for those who think the yankees are a failure in this millenium, which i find completely arbitrary and weak for an argument (considering it happens to be a random 6 year span) I don’t consider two world series appearances failing, they have more playoff wins and appearances then yes, even the redsox. However, many seem to believe since the redsox won…finally….tha makes them superior to the yankees for some reason.

ct momz, i see it now, it was the dropping the 0 that was throwing me off, kinda freaky.

Evening to all: first of all I hope that things are getting back to normal for us non-post season fans.
Secondly, I think we all know who dcapici/yippi is/are.

I would like everyone to please, take a moment, breathe deeply and ignore any comments from this blogger.

All this blogger does is insult, and SCREAM. Does that remind you of any crazy lunatic?? Hopefully if we ignore it will go away.

dcapici, as I did with fagan, I have said my peace about you. I need to see no more. Everyone who is a regular on this blog likes and respects me just as I like and respect them. You are the type of person who thrives on rants, raves, insults and disparaging remakrs, so fire away. You embarrass and humiliate yourself on a daily basis here. So say what you want. Only a person with poor socialization skills and low self-esteem resorts to the level you stoop to. Fire away. It’s comedy hour, and you’re the featured act.

Now that dcapici has been put in his place, let’s follow Ellen’s lead and just ignore him and his clone.

Back to baseball, it was understandable that the Twins picked up Torii Hunter’s option, but it was unfortunate for the Sox. I think he would have been a key addition. Now, I imagine the Sox will focus on acquiring Andruw Jones. He would be a nice addition to the middle of the lineup, with or without Manny. I still hope the Sox deal Crisp and sign Soriano or Lee to play left field (if Manny is traded), and acquire Jones. That would be a solid lineup. Of course, right field is still a question mark without Nixon and since it is not Pena’s most comfortable position. A lot will be answered after the World Series and at the winter meetings. I can’t wait to cover the winter meetings. There will be lots of activity with the Sox and the Yankees alike.

Jamie brought up a good point on my blog about how the BoSox should develop their prospects and not be too quick to trade them. I would like to see an infield with Freddy Sanchez and David Eckstein. I do understand why Theo dealt Hanley Ramirez. We received a young future ace in Beckett, so that was worthwhile.

I definitely think the Sox should not deal Hansen, Bard, Buchholz, Ellsbury, Kottaras, Jason Place and Michael Bowden. I like Murphy, but I think they should include him in a deal if necessary. Even Delcarmen. Also, include Wily Mo Pena in a trade if need be since he has a high ceiling. I like the idea of developing prospects as Detroit has done with its rotation and the Twins have done with their pitchers and position players, as Jamie mentioned.

The Sox do need to make some moves in the off-season, and that will likely involve both trades and free agent signings, but I hope we can accomplish this without mortgaging the most promising future prospects.

Vince, about the Yankees, they are not immune to long droughts. Look back in history to 1965-1975 and 1982-1995. The Yankees are in a comparable situation to the Braves. All bark and no bite, much like the Buffalo Bills for so many years. True, the Red Sox have had droughts as well, and times they have reached the playoffs they have fallen short, with the exception of 2004 – whereas the Yankees have won more World Series crowns – yet there is not much separation between these two franchises.

jeff I never said the yankees were not capable of droughts but to compare 86 years to 10-20 is absolutely ridiculous. furthermore for a franchise of fans to compare SIX years to 86 is that much more absurd.

The yankees are not in comparison to the braves or bills because the bills won nothing and the braves won once, the yankees won four times, which even four out of 11 is still a solid ratio. Ask any major league team if in 11 years they were able to win 4 times if they would take it, like I said the braves and bills do not compare to the yankees. They have come through. The braves won once in what, 14 attempts and you want to compare that to four for 11? Of course if you want to bring up the 16 years previous to the four for 11 the yankees are currently on, that equals four for 27, still not comparable to 1 for 88.

Not much seperation between the franchises? Is 20 world series championships and double digit seperation in division crowns not much seperation these days?

Vince, thought it’s true that the official tally is 26-6, counting many of those titles in this modern era is irrelevant. The BoSox five World Series titles before 1918 are great for the history books but have little to do with today, just as a bulk of the Yankees titles. The Yankees won in 64, then they won nothing until 77 and 78, disappeared for a long time and returned with an impressive run of four titles ending after 2000. Nothing since. So, in that respect, the Yankees are the Braves and the Bills. Lots of playoff appearances since 2000 but no World Series titles to show for it, despite that they and far and beyond the team with the highest payroll. Though you tend to disagree, that latter point is a major advantage. There is no reason why the Yankees shouldn’t have won at least one World Series title in that time. The fact they haven’t is a failure on their part.

Since Henry has arrived, the Sox payroll has increased, as have the expectations. The $120 million payroll this season likely would have produced at least a playoff appearance. Nobody can discount the impact of the unprecented number of injuries the Sox had. As I mentioned before, the Sox get an incomplete this year. Now, if the Sox keep their roster intact next season and faily to make the playoffs, then that will be a failure.

Well, once again dcapici demonstrates his class and intelligence. Good riddance! This blog will be a better place without you.

I have a feeling that dcapici and Fagan are one in the same anyway. There is no way this blog can contain two nasty, bigoted, classless mor*ons, can it? Goodbye once more, Fagan. Go find someone who actually finds your rants and raves appealing.

I wanted to write one last post before hitting the sack. As a guy with a self-admitted baseball/BoSox addiction, I thoroughly enjoy these blogs. I am still close to my parents, and family members – but none of them share my same passion for baseball or the Sox. My girlfriend is very tolerant. She even accompanies me to all of the games. Though she enjoys the atmosphere, she doesn’t like to talk baseball and the Sox too much. That said, it is nice to have a forum like this – and the entire concept of blogging – to share a passion/hobby/interest with like-minded people. It’s the same reason I created my own BoSox blog.

As a writer and publicist who is self-employed, I work hard. And I relieve stress and escape from the deadline frenzy by working out, playing baseball and basketball, and – yes – following baseball and the Sox through reading newspapers, magazines and blogs.

This long post is leading to a point. Since I enjoy the whole atmosphere of communicating with baseball fans, BoSox fans and even Yankees fans on these blogs, I don’t mind debates. I’m not perfect. I don’t have all the answers. I have strong opinions, but I don’t mind when others express opinions that differ from mine.

What I do mind is posts from people like dcapici/Fagan and that yippi person who suddenly appeared here. I mind because these posts are nothing but unprovoked insults and character assassinations. It lessens the enjoyment of this blog – which is intended to serve as a forum for BoSox and baseball fans to communicate.

Like most people, I don’t like being attacked personally. Especially since I try to live by the golden rule – treating others as I would want to be treated. Most people on these blogs follow the same rule – expressing their differing opinions without resorting to insults and expletives. POsters like dcapici/Fagan do not, thus the reason their stints on these blogs are usually short-lived. Unfortunately, during the time they are on here they make these blogs a less pleasurable place. Hopefully, we can do our best to ignore the dcapici/Fagans of this world. I feel sorry for people like that. Can you imagine how miserable your life must be if you have so much anger and the means you use to disperse it are maniacal rants and raves on the Internet? I truly feel sorry for dcapici/Fagan and those like him. They should indeed be pitied, and we should do our best to ignore them so we can enjoy the purpose for which this blog is intended.

jeff never attacked anybody unless it was out of defense and even then he stayed diplomatic. They are in no way comparable whatsoever, there is nothing comparable to a monster that sits and plots all day how to attack people they have never and will never meet in their lifetime behind the safety of a computer screen with the insurance of a fake email address

Just as an aside 2000 is not part of the 21st Century – it is the last year of the 20th Century.

Yanks have yet to win one this century.

Red Sox:1 Yankees:0

info: Are you only 6 yrs old?? I didn’t think so. Nothing gets wiped out at the end of a century. So it remains 26-6. Not 1-0.

This century argument is so stupid. What happened 00:00 01/01/2001. Did your debts get wiped out? Did the yankees not exist before that? Did the redsox not exist before that? Did they change how baseball was played? Or were they playing NY men Vs Boston kids before 2001??

Can it be? Is dcap just Fagan on Prozac?

Anyway, I agee with what Jamie and Jeff are saying about developing players. Both position players and pitchers, I think. Sometimes it seems like there is a revolving door at the clubhouse. If you micro-manage every little thing, it’s hard to develop continuity. (yet another intangible that is a key to winning.)

If i have to spend 10 minutes every day deleting obnoxious posts, as i just did, I will. One more request to stop the rudeness and have a nice open debate and discussion about baseball.

Ian, again, thanks.

I wondered if my earlier question about wildcard teams was dumb. Perhaps it was but from the following posts it looks like there is an advantage. Is that because the pressure is off a little and they haven’t anything to lose?

Tonight’s Tiger’s / A’s game could be interesting (and it’s at a time I can watch it over here🙂 ).

I think it’s just a fluky thing. All four teams from each league have an equal shot once they get there. There’s no disadvantage to being a wild card team, but i don’t think there’s necessarily an advantage either. i wouldn’t be surprised if they changed the rules in the next couple of years to make life a little less advantageous for the wild card team.

delta, regardless of what team I like, i have been here longer than you have, talking to these people longer than you have. It would be greatly appreciated if you didn’t accuse me of being rude or attacking people when that has and will not be the case on this blog. I am here to talk baseball and until Ian makes this an exclusive redsox blog and “baseball” is removed from the title, I will continue to be here, talking baseball because that is the point. You have no right to speak about something you clearly know nothing about. For someone that wants to talk baseball so badly, instead of treating us like we are bullying seven year olds, why don’t you offer something to baseball conversation, we didn’t ask for a mother to oversee our mouths.

Vince, Delta is just Fagan posing as a little kid. He doesn’t fool me for a moment. He wouldn’t have mentioned me otherwise because, though I have responded strongly to Fagan.s attacks on myself andothers, I have never said anything remotely disgusting. This is another example of Fagan’s pathetic addiction to posing as other people on this blog.

I see where the BoSox hired Dave Magadan. I wonder if he will be the hitting coach or serve in another role. I enjoyed today’s article on about the Sox prospects. It is very encouraging that the BoSox have so many players that have a legitimate shot at contributing at the big league level. As Jamie and I were discussing yesterday, hopefully Theo keeps most of these prospects. I would only want one or two of them traded if we would get a young top-level player in return (such as Beckett).

Ian, how do you see the rules changing?

Beckett was a scoop…but how many possible Becketts are around. I keep hearing Schmidt and Zito, Schmidt is in his early 30’s, that surprised me..didnt know he’s been around that long. His biggest season was 18 wins a few years back. Zito im sure will be kept by the A’s, after all how would it look to dump him after he had a huge hand in getting the A’s where they are in the first place. Except maybe to Marlin fans. What about Dontrell, he seems to be on and off a bit lately, or how about Carlos Zambrano…maybe a trade with one of those teams. Im sure the Cubs could use some prospects. Im guessing by hearing Zito all the time that his contract must be up. Wonder what he will demand. Be a nice contrast between the hard throwing Schilling, Beckett and Paplebon, and the knuckler Wakefield….nice indeed! Although as ive posted before, Zito seems to have up and down years. And I believe ive read it where he prefers the west coast. Who knows, I’m still holding out faith that the Rocket will launch one more year..maybe he’s tired of all that non-run support from the Astros.

Interesting thoughts, dreinbold. I prefer Zambrano and Willis, too. However, they are deemed untouchable by their respective teams. The Marlins can contend for a World Series as early as next season, so it is doubtful that Willis is going anywhere. Zambrano is the ace of the Cubs staff.

I invite you and everyone else to post your thoughts to today’s entry on my blog ( It deals with the prospects the Sox should keep, and those the Sox should consider including in trades. The Sox should definitely build their bullpen and rotation from within so they don’t have to spend so much money on free agents.

Next season, Schilling, Beckett and Papelbon will make a formidable trio. If the Sox can get Matsuzaka, or acquire Ervin Santana in a deal for Manny, that would be great. Then, perhaps they can sign a No. 5 guy like Ted Lilly, Gil Meche, Adam Eaton or Vicente Padilla. Tavarez and Wakefield should be in the mix as well.

That said, in 2008 or 2009, the Sox can have a rotation that is anchored by Papelbon, Beckett, Lester, Daniel Bard, and Clay Buchholz or Michael Bowden. That would be very encouraging.

Yankeemm – given your noble request, I would also that you refrain from getting personal with your comments (your words from before that you were doing this), and that you no longer refer to anyone as ignorant.

Incidentally, the length of time people (me included) have been on this blog should not lend any validation to an argument.

You very rarely talk about baseball, Fagan, so I imagine you won’t start now. You have no friends here. Nobody on this blog who is a regular wants your presence because all you do is hurl insults and profanities to people who just want to talk about baseball – and nothing else – myself included.

You are definitely concerned and interested in what I write – and fellow regulars like Vince and Ellen write otherwise, we wouldn’t be on your attack list.

So when your next personality impression on this blog arises, perhaps you should talk about baseball, and forego the rants and raves. Then your presence on here will not be short-lived, and you won’t be banned, as you have been several times.

The regulars on this blog – and most of the newbies who arrive – love to talk about baseball, and not launch personal attacks. We are true baseball fans, and civilized human beings. Perhaps you should see what that is like.

It’s official. I will now make it part of my daily routine to delete inappropriate posts. Obviously my numerous pleas to keep things nice, and for certain unwanted individuals — one in particular — has gone unnoticed. so please, posters let me know whatever bogus screenname this person comes up with each day and i’m happy to delte every single post this person makes. we don’t need this in our lives.

Any good suggestions for what the Red Sox (and to be inclusive, the Yankees) should do in the off season? Who is tradable and what free agents are worth going after?

Here’s a version of what I posted on my blog a few days ago regarding my thoughts on what the BoSox and Yankees need to consider in the off-season:

The Red Sox and the Yankees have several holes to fill in the off-season. Both need to upgrade the bullpen. The Sox have a more glaring need since they must find a closer, a set-up man and a left-handed specialist. Tavarez and Foulke are the only probable returnees. Hansen and Delcarmen could return if they are not traded, but they might require more seasoning at Pawtucket. The Yankees, of course, have Rivera, but the remainder of the bullpen is a question mark. Bruney performed well, but with him it might be a case of lightning in a bottle. After all, Chacon and Small were remarkable as starters in 2005 and gone a season later.

The Yankees only have one dependable starting pitcher in Wang. The Sox have more depth here with Schilling, Beckett and Papelbon. Wakefield’s option will likely be renewed, but he is best served as a No. 4 or No. 5 starter. I look for the BoSox to sign Matsuzaka or Schmidt, or bring in a back of the rotation free agent like Gil Meche, Ted Lilly, Adam Eaton or Vicente Padilla. The Yankees, of course will be competing for the aforementioned free agents as well.

Now that there is talk of an A-Rod deal, the Sox have competition when they shop Manny. The Angels seem a likely suitor for both. I am hopeful that the Sox deal Manny to the Angels for Ervin Santana and a prospect like Aybar, Wood or Kendrick. Perhaps the Angels would include Scot Shields. I know that the Yankees would be interested in a similar deal if the Angels prefer A-Rod.

Obviously, the outfield situation will be determined by what the Sox do with Manny. If they deal him, then they might move Crisp to left, and sign someone else for center (I was hoping for Torii Hunter, but the Twins picked up his option). Or, they could sign Carlos Lee or Alfonso Soriano to play left, and deal Crisp in a package for Andruw Jones. I’m clueless about what will happen in right field. Nixon is unlikely to return, and Wily Mo Pena’s best position is center field. Will the Sox shop Pena? Too bad he can’t learn how to play first base. I know that Carlos Lee played first base earlier in his career. I wonder if the Sox will consider him an option to get more power at one of the infield corner spots, moving Youkilis to third base and dealing Lowell for a set-up man or a closer.

The Yankees’ outfield is more certain, I think, with Matsui in left, Damon in center and Abreu in right. Melky Cabrera could break into the starting lineup, but I imagine he will be a fourth outfielder in 2007. Of course, Steinbrenner could deal Abreu or Matsui to find a place for Cabrera. He is a bright spot for the Yankees.

The infield is very uncertain for the Sox in 2007. Will they resign Gonzo and/or Loretta? Will Pedroia start at second base, or will he be used in a utility role much like Cora was this season? Will Cora be resigned? Will Youkilis be moved to third, or traded? And, will Lowell be dealt? Who will play first base or third base if Youkilis or Lowell is traded? Nothing is certain for 2007 in the infield.

Obviously, for the Yankees, Jeter and Cano will anchor the middle infield. Will the Yankees retain Giambi and A-Rod? WIll they resign Miguel Cairo? Will they give Andy Phillips a shot at first base?

Varitek and Posada are sure to be the starting catchers. For the Sox, hopefully they give George Kottaras a chance to backup Varitek, or sign a better option than Mirabelli? Sal Fasano? The Yankees could do better.

I am extremely confident that Epstein and Henry will make the necessary moves to provide the BoSox with more talent and depth, and field a World Series contender in 2007. I expect that Steinbrenner and Cashman will do the same. The Blue Jays will be better in 2007, and even the Devil Rays show signs of at least being competitive with their core of young players. The Orioles are the only weak link in the AL East. The moves they make each off-season are puzzling.

The Hot Stove League action has started for the BoSox. I read in today’s Globe where they are about to hire John Farrell from the Indians as their pitching coach. They hired Dave Magadan, the Padres former hitting coach, a few days ago. Not sure if he will server as the Sox hitting coach or a scout for Epstein.

Also, here are somme player moves as reported in the Globe:

The Sox also signed righthanders Mike Burns and Bryan Corey to 2007 contracts and outrighted both to Pawtucket. Also, the team announced that righthander Kevin Jarvis, catcher Ken Huckaby, and infielders Alejandro Machado and Carlos Peña have elected to become free agents.

The Sox now have 34 players on their 40-man roster plus four players on the 60-day disabled list, including pitchers Matt Clement, Abe Alvarez, Jon Lester, and David Pauley.

GREAAAT showing by the Tigers!!! What better way to win and sweep than with a walk off homer. Leyland was truly a class act in his post game interview, as was Dombrowski and Ilitch. If Leyland is not AL manager of the year, somrthing is definitely wrong. GO TIGERS!

ignorance is only warranted to those who deserve it.

Jeff, pretty good synopsis, as you know, I have posted in great detail what I feel the yankees should do and how on the yankees blog about a week ago. I saved a copy of it, forgive the grammar, mispellings and what not, I was in a rush and still angry over the postseason at the time. The point is there though:

shef a rod and mussina: i want them all out.
Shef has been injured on and off for two years now and has been a ghost in the playoffs since he came here. The guy will be 39, to me, if you think shef should stay you have learned nothing the last 6 seasons, nothing at all. You don’t win with washed up aging sluggers. Shef in right field in fenway would be a disaster, let them take him so epstein can eat his words of rebuilding with youth.

Mussina is a good pitcher but he has slowed down the last few years, esp in the 2nd half with injuries. He is a teflon pitcher. I love moose as much as the next person but he is not a good fit here anymore, esp for 16 million. Maybe if we got him back for 5-7 for two years with incentives it’s a good deal when we can afford to have him injured for a few weeks down the stretch and pitch 6 innings and give up 4 runs in his playoff starts. Use his money, along with wrights to land matsuzaka. Use the a rod trade to land another stud young starting pitcher, a third baseman and another reliever maybe.

Get a rod out of here. I supported him all season but the situation he has here is not great for either side. No matter what he says I guarantee he is miserable, he came to win and he hasn’t, he has just gotten ulcers instead. We wanted a gold glove mvp and we got an unsure slugger who does nothing in the postseason. We don’t need a rods bat to make the playoffs, we do need a bat in the playoffs to win the world series, he does not give us that.

Recap: A rod, sheffield, mussina, wright out.

Reliever, starter, matsuzaka, third baseman in.

Dump villone, dump lidle (rip). Use the leftover money for a backup catcher that is capable of starting (josh bard type).

Resign proctor, bruney, myers (he is still a better lefty specialist than we have had in awhile) and give melky a contract.

recap: bullpen: proctor, bruney, myers, rivera, a trade aquisition, farnsworth in the pen.

And keep an eye on veras, i liked what he had to offer. keep rasner or karstens as a long reliever and start the other one.

Try and trade giambi, if not make him the permeanent DH. get rid of guys like guile, and all the other loose ends that were helpful for the short term. Go out and get a solid gloved 1st baseman that is a fundamental hitter, not necessarily one for power. It would be nice if we got figgins in the deal for a rod.

Promote guys like hughes and clippard and brentcox to AAA and call them up in september.

Recap: drop the loose ends, a rod, fasano, lidle, wright, mussina, sheffield, villone.

Sign and aquire: A stud reliever (a shields type), a third baseman, a solid first baseman, a backup catcher that can segue us to our stud catcher in the minors, matsuzaka and another solid starter.

The team in ’07:

1st base: FA

2nd base: Cano

SS: Jeter

3rd: trade Aquisition

Catcher: posada with a solid backup

Left field: matsui

Center: damon

Right: abreu

4th of: cabrera (on days he doesn’t start he is the first bat off the bench)

If bernie retires, get a cheap veteran bat for the bench too.

Starters: Wang, matsuzaka, Trade aquisition, Johnson, Karstens. (next year, clippard and hughes fill johnson and possibly karstens spot…how sick is the ’08 rotation going to be?)


Rivera (closer)

Farnsy (set up man)

Trade Aquisition (another set up man capable)

Proctor ( 7th inning)

Bruney (6th or 7th inning)

Myers (lefty specialist)

Long relief (rasner/karstens, let them fight for it)

12 pitchers, 13 fielders, the 9 starting plus melky, resign cairo, then either bring up thompson from the minors or sign that cheap of veteran bat to replace bernie, or resign bernie but never let him play the field, then sign a corner infielder, or resign phillips.

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Jeff’s synopsis of the sox makes sense

Ignorance is subjective and therefore as an argument/insult holds little water. I can say “yankeemm, you are ignorant” but this does not make me right.

I think the changes are good with the exception of a couple of things. First, I don’t have the figures but I’m pretty sure Giambi bats a **** of a lot better when he’s playing first. The other thing is, Shields would be a hard man to get. He is bullpen gold dust as he is pretty consistent and has a rubber arm – he could gou out day after day without a bother. The final thing is, which free agents would you sign for first and third? Would they be more focused on D or on batting?

As strange as it sounds, I think the Red Sox have an easier job this post season. They know they have problems with their bullpen and need another starter. Their goals are pretty clear. The Yankees on the other hand, had the “best lineup since 1927”. This puts them in a very tough position. Their rotation was not that bad this playoffs, it was their hitting that was awful. But their hitting was so good during the Regular Season, it makes it hard for them to give up people. They are in some ways caught between a rock and a hard place.

When I say post season, I mean off season

right so if I claim someone is ignorant it is my opinion, just like anything anyone says on the blog.

Giambi did struggle mightily as a DH but after being in that position a large portion of last year, he batted a lot better. I would like to trade him while he is worth something for another slugger that doesn’t bat .250 but with his contract that is just not an option. As far as first base is concerned, I would want him to be like a Travis Lee, gold glove caliber on defense and a decent hitter. Not one that will hit 30 hrs, but one that is not a waste in the lineup and can hit 300. So I would say I would stress defense. Whoever a rod would be traded for (which I am more and more thinking will not end up happening) would be the third baseman, along with a reliever (maybe not shields but more like donnely) and a starter.

I agree that the redsox have a simpler offseason in that they know exactly what they need but I don’t believe that necessarily makes it easier. They may know exactly what they need but that doesn’t mean it will be easy at all to get everything they need. The pitching offseason this year is not very vast in talent, which is unfortunate for both teams. luckily, with guys like cashman and epstein controlling the reigns, I would not doubt they will be pretty creative in sending a champion caliber team out there in april.

I watched the 2004 playoff run on espn classic last night…then i stayed up late and watched it again…goose bump city. Still choked they let d-lowe go, he was only the clinching pitcher in all 3 series wins. Including a 7 inning 3 hitter in game 4 against the cards. Just cant seem to let that one go. So here we are 2 years later looking for a pitcher much like d-lowe. I noticed how loose that team was and all the charactor players who are somewhere else. Like d-lowe, arroyo,millar,pedro …loosey goosey types. They even had an interview with one of the sox brass during the run, and he commented on how loose the teams was because of those same charactor players we seem to NOT have anymore. I for one am not tired of Manny, I beleive he would have played thru his injuries if he could\needed to. Don’t forget who was mvp of the series and also dont forget what he said about his love for the fans afterward. He hasn’t lost anything as far as talent goes. And he would be extrememly hard to replace. Pdero said he wouldn’t give up his one redsox ring for 3 more somewhere else. Truley a team for the ages. Should be team of the century if you ask me. Damon was pretty instrumental in that series win, big hits against the bombers and the cards…does crisp have that type of when the going gets tough attitude in him??? He certainly made some clutch oustanding plays in the field this year. I personaly think the sox are okay as far as offense goes, just some moves in the rotation and pen in order. Unless they trade manny that is…I for one hope that doesnt happen.

I like the yankeevmm suggestions about what to do this off season, all seems to make sense, except the 2008 comment…lol, and I cant see the big unit doing much anymore, seems to have lost his mojo somewhere between arizona and ny. Age I guess, but look at the Rocket…wow, still tops in my book, and at 44 to boot. His era the last 2 yrs has been amazingly low, lower then when in ny. Hope that Foulke returns somewhat to his normal self, too young to be washed up. That would make life easier in boston next year.

in the midst of everything thats been going on lately, congrats to the 2006 AL champ detroit tigers. i cant think of a more deserving team or fan-base with all of their recent troubles (2003).

oh don’t get me wrong drein, i wish johnson would retire, but he doesn’t appear to be doing so so we’re stuck with him as a 4 or 5 starter

yankeemm – it is not just your opinion that someone is ignorant, you are throwing insults if you say that. I mean really, so fagan’s insults were a lot more blatant and cutting – but what you are doing amounts to the same thing

jeff–if this is the jeff i’m thinking about–lives in florida when he is not incarcerated. he is mentally ill and dangerous. he cannot be trusted. he is fat, and puts off a peculiarly disgusting odor. and will not go away. he will not work. likes to step on ants. he saves them in a pouch he keeps up his as.s.

of yeah. this head case claims to be a professional writer. but. he’s 38 and has never worked a day in his life. he is too stupid to hold a job. he blows in his dog’s ear and sings to it. the dog hates it !!!!!!!!!!!!

of yeah. this head case claims to be a professional writer. but. he’s 38 and has never worked a day in his life. he is too stupid to hold a job. he blows in his dog’s ear and sings to it. the dog hates it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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