Random thoughts

— How does Ken Macha get fired after leading a mediocre A’s team to the ALCS, where they were swept by a superior Tigers team?

— There is no stopping the Tigers.

— In my estimation, the Mets-Cardinals NLCS is basically a battle to see who loses the World Series in four or five games.

— Do you think Papelbon can be as dominant as a starter as he was as a closer?

— Will there be a market for Manny, especially if A-Rod gets dealt to the Angels?

— Has any manager ever done a better job than Jim Leyland has done this year?

— Thanks to most of you for taking heart in my plea for non-crude posts. Until I find a better solution, I’ll keep deleting you-know-who’s crude posts, no matter how many bogus and transparent screennames he comes up with.


/There is no stopping the Tigers./
that is for sure.They will win the world series.

I think Papelbon can give them 5-6 strong innings every outing.But we’ll see!

Anything I have ever done compared to fagan does not amount to anything in the same universe

Papelbon will be great in any role they give him, because not only does he have an electric arm but he has the will guts and desire needed to compete every night. I see him as being the future in Boston along with Beckett.

Macha didn’t deserve his fate, maybe something else was going on behind the scenes with the owners…who knows, but he will find work elsewhere.

Beating the Yankees like a drum has the Tigers on a whole new plain. No stopping them especially if the Mets make it. No arms in Met land.

Keep Manny if at all possible, not only is he great, but he’s clutch too. Doesn’t choke in playoffs (World series MVP)like some great hitters do (see A-rod). Making him that much more valuable. If the Sox are winning everybodies happy including Manny. I have a feeling that winning will be the norm next year.

The only reason you haven’t is because you aren’t good enough, little one. If you were, you would.

Now, does anyone see any profanity or other abusive content in the above post? Then, why should it be deleted. And why are the comments of those who egg on Fagan and others allowed to stand? Can you defend that, Ian?

Maybe you could clearly articulate what is acceptable here and what isn’t. What earns demerits? Why favoritism is shown to two people here in particular. It’s obvious you hate Fagan’s guts and he hates yours and you both have earned it, but what does that have to do with equal access to voicing one’s opinion. You can’t defend that, Ian. That’s why you never bother to answer my question directly.

Talking baseball, which I intend to do from now on. After absorbing the results of some of Theo’s trades, I hardly consider him a genius anymore. He has already conceded he wishes he had a couple of his trades back. I wish he could take back more than a couple, including just about all our trades involving pitchers. There. That’s a good place to start. And, would somebody tell me, what minor league players, please? Pedroia? Please! A couple of maybe .270 outfielders? Pitchers. We either brought them up, used them too soon, and ruined them this year, or they aren’t going to make an impact. 2007? Looks worse to me than 2006. Changing strategic position coaches, keeping a manager who will never pull a struggling pitcher under the most dire circumstances, closer going to starter with no closer in mind, no reliable set up man, three pitchers we depend upon in their 40s and over the hill, possibly turning over an entire starting infield for the second year in a row? Am I too pessimistic.

Make that every trade involving a catcher as well. We can’t afford to keep a .500 pitcher who requires a special catcher who hits .179.

Come to think of it, let’s trade Theo, while we’re at it!

I’ll keep it clean here from here on. I’m tired of it, too. Here AND overat the other place. CLEAN I said.

Papelbon doesn’t need to be AS dominant a starter as he was as a closer to be extremely valuable to the Sox. He needs to be solid, consistent, and effective. I think 180-200 innings at about a 3.75 ERA would look wonderful from Papelbon.

The real trick is finding his replacement at the end of the bullpen. There’s tremendous intangible value in knowing the game is basically over if you can bring the lead into the 9th inning…

As for the Tigers, don’t they remind you alot of the 2003 Marlins? Jim Leyland has done a **** of a job, but he looks a lot like a slightly younger, slightly less crusty Jack McKeon.


Jmaximus29 is definitely Fagan’s kinder, gentler screenname. Daniel, invent as many screenmaes as you want. if you’re going to keep it dignified like you did today, keep on keeping on my man. i think you are an intelligent fan at times. then at other times, you just feel the need to be rude and insulting towards anyone that comes in your path. but i like your tone today.

Thanks, Ian, you got it. And I’d like to see Ellen back unfettered. You go girl! I’ll make a special trip down to Florida in route to my next working vacation to the deep South so you can drop kick me, E. There! I feel better already.

Regarding Papelbon, I think he will be a No. 1 or No. 2 starter. He can give the Sox much more than 5 innings. I look for him to be a 7 inning guy each time he steps on the hill.

Regarding Manny, if the Sox can get Ervin Santana and a prospect like Wood, Aybar or Kendrick, I say go for it. But if they cannot get value in return, hopefully they will keep him and acquire someone like Andruw Jones to give the Sox a potent 3-4-5 trio.

The minor league system is stocked. Pedroia will be a solid big leaguer. Though I think it may be best to use him in an Alex Cora type role in 2007 and resign Loretta. Bard, Bowden, Buchholz, Ellsbury, Place, Edgar Martinez, Bryce Cox, Justin Masterson, Kristofer Johnson and George Kottaras are all solid prospects.

I feel very comfortable and confident with Theo at the helm. Every GM is going to make some mistakes. At the time, the Bard/Meredith for Mirabelli deal was understandable. I do think that Wakefield should be retained, but not Mirabelli. Kottaras can catch the knuckleball and he has a high ceiling. I’m certain he can at least hit his weight, unlike Mirabelli.

I think the bullpen will be fine. Foulke, if healthy as he was at the end of the season, will be a strong middle reliever. Tavarez can be a spot starter and a long reliever. It will be challenging to find a set-up man and a closer, but I think the Sox will Linebrink as a set-up man and sign the Japanese closer or Gagne, or trade for Lidge.

The dealing will likely start in November. I can’t wait!

Also, about Ken Macha, that is unfortunate, but not a surprise since he temporarily lost his job last year. I’m not too fond of Billy Beane as a GM. I’m glad he didn’t come to the Sox. Not a fan of Moneyball.

Jim Leyland is a remarkable manager. He has been a winner everywhere – Pittsburgh, Florida and now Detroit. It will be good for baseball if the Tigers win the World Series. When there are underdogs and turnaround teams that win the World Series, it makes baseball a better sport. The worst that could happen is the Yankees winning the World Series since they represent everything that is wrong about the game.

I recall Papelbon struggling during Spring Training as he was vying for a place in the starting rotation for 2006. Wasn’t that one of the reasons why he ended up in the bullpen? It makes me wonder how he will be as a starter next season.

If we have Paps as a starter, who is our closer?? I know that the closer position is a tough one, but, Jonathan did such a great job this year. Barring any damage that is something that would keep him from being the closer “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”. I know that he was injured at the 3/4 point this year but he sure was great as “lights out” early on. ..And as I said earlier, who do we get for the closing role??

jmaximus: clean slte, clean start! thank you.

slte=slate. sorry. I was trying to get this on here asap. welcome home.

“– Will there be a market for Manny, especially if A-Rod gets dealt to the Angels?

I also think we should keep Manny unless we can get some VERY stong pitching plus top teir prospects in return..

However, I wonder abotu Ian’s “if A-Rod gets dealt” here. There was a newspost over at the Yankee.com site abotu how Torra and Cashman apparently said they expect A-Rod to return. Are you hearing other winds, Ian?

I’m so grateful for what the Tigers did to the Yanks in the ALDS that I’ll root for ’em as the 2006 team of destiny. I was rootin’ for the Athletics though because they had not advanced in a long time and I have a spot in my heart for all the Left Coast teams because they have always been a thorn in the Yankees’ kazoo, especially my Rally Monkies.

I love Mike Scoscia ever since he caught for the Dodgers. You know, Mike hit an extra innings homer against the Mets to get LA to the Oakland Series and allowed Kirk Gibson to hit that HR against unhittable Dennis Eckersley that caused Joe Buck’s announcer dad Jack Buck to exclaim: “I don’t believe what my eyes just saw!” That comment was spontaneous, could not have been prepared in advance, because who would’ve expected it, and it so perfectly summed up the numbness and joy of us Dodgers fans on that occasion. Joe’s dad Jack was a great guy and announcer. 1980s. They all run together now…

I want the Cardinals over Detroit, short of wearing the red velcro goatee, I’m a Spezio guy. I’ll take the Tigers over the Mets. But, I think Detroit will win it all regardless of whom I like. And, I think, with this group of young hurlers, Leyland, and the all around chemistry, Detroit will be contenders until the complexities of their contracts begin to come into play.

It is just SO HARD though to repeat anymore. It takes SO MANY parts of the puzzle to fall into place. And, I’m not at all complaining. I really LOVE the diversity and the wild card thing. And, incidentally, I am 100% OPPOSED to MLB changing ANYTHING in the current playoff selections or making it harder for a wild card team to win. WHY?!

Except when the Mets faced us, I have always rooted for them, especially the Amazing Casey Stengel-led Mets of 1969 and also the 1974 Mets. But I don’t root for ’em anymore. I will never forgive Mike Piazza for not breaking a bat over Clemens skull or depositing it in the latter’s kazoo for beaning Mike, then throwing the broken bat handle at him down the first base line. Clemens has always had perfect control. He could knock a fly off a batter’s ear without hitting him. No one will ever convince me otherwise that Clemens not only threw to knock Mike down…but that he meant to hit him.

The entire Mets team disgusted me for not starting a brawl. It wasn’t possible at the time of the beaning during the regular season, but it sure was in the World Series, and I don’t care who would have been thrown out for the entire series. It was a pure matter of personal pride and self defense. If anybody EVER deserved to get his butt kicked it was Roger Clemens on that night. And he walked away scott free !!!

Most of all, though, I don’t like the New York Mets anymore because they are just as much a “store bought” team of mercenaries as are the New York Yankees…and what better reason to dislike them…and what better place to stop.

Yeah, the Mets should have responded more tenaciously when Clemens threw the bat at Piazza. At least that is the last time we’ve had to endure the prima donna Yankees celebrating a World Series title.

Agastald, I could see A-Rod returning to the Yankees just as I could see Manny returning to the BoSox. I wonder what the Yankees will do. I heard today where Lou Piniella would like to have A-Rod in Chicago.

Regarding the wild card, I like the present format as well. It rewards teams who have a good season and keeps the intensity high in most baseball cities until even the final days of the season. I wouldn’t want another a second wild card awarded though. I think that would water down the playoffs.

Ellen, I think the Sox are wise to move Papelbon into the rotation and out of the closer’s role since the closer’s role is more physically taxing. We’ll be able to find a dependable closer. Having Papelbon to go along with Beckett and Schilling is a formidable trio. Just think if the Sox sign Schmidt or Matsuzaka. And just think of 2-3 years down the road with Lester and Daniel Bard. Hopefully Lester can contribute in 2007, since that would mean he is healthy.

I heard Gammons say today that Masuzuka will (75-25 chance) go to either Seattle or Yankees) 75% going to Seattle. He says its gonna take a TON ‘O MONEY” to get him and its more than the Sox are willing to dig in those pockets for. Gammons is usually right. I don’t want JONBON to be in a role where he could become injured again, but where could our closer come from??

Yankeemm – like you say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Given that it is completely blind, and anybody’s guess is as good as the the next person’s, what do people think will be a competitive offer for Matsuzaka? Well I suppose one thing is what people think he is worth and the other is what he will actually get. Both suggestions work.

Macha’s firing had more to do with the relationships in the clubhouse and his professional values. He had problems with several players and the ownership is disliking him. He is still a great manager, but the A’s didn’t play up to potential in ALCS–Tigers are good no doubt, but A’s also flunked like F’s–so it gave more incentive to fire Macha.

Yea, no stopping the Tigers. Unless a widespread feline epidemic spreads.

There’s no hope for NL team. For them even winning a game would be an accomplishment and a step forward from the past two years.

Papelbon will need some time to adjust but he should be fine as a starter. I would not be surprised if he struggled a bit to start, nor if he blew away his starts.

There will be a market for Manny. Several teams want big power bats, it’s just the salary stupid.

Jim Leyland is runaway MOF. Since it is a regular season award, others will be in hunt–for AL, I’d say Ron Gardenhire very much. NL, there would be Randolph, Giraldi for sure and perhaps Bochy/Little.

One of the players that had problems with Macha was Jay Payton. Wasn’t he a trouble maker in Boston to?

I don’t know about the manager for the AL but for me there is no contest as to who should get the NL award i.e. Giraldi. What he did was remarkable.

I don’t think Jay was so much a “problem” in Boston, Brendan, as it was that he had no interest at all in platooning with Nixon in right or platooning or part-timing as a player anywhere with anyone else.

He has proven he can start and play everyday for some team somewhere before and after his short sojourn in Boston.

Playing part time and alternately getting splinters in your kazoo and pulling them out is a difficult balancing act for most players, especially if you ARE gifted enough to play every day elsewhere as are Alex Cora, and as was Mookie Wilson and Dave Roberts.

My only question about Jay was–knowing his deep wishes to be an everyday player…and his sentiment was not unknown, why did the Red Sox obtain him in the first place?

Maybe Ian recalls why and elaborate.

I’m a bit torn now that the season is over–we didn’t have the luxury of a choice in mid-season of whether to use Pap as a starter or closer. When Foulke failed and Timlin wasn’t intended to do that. Timlin was to set up the closer. Then Jonathan got the job, as they say, by acclimation. Closer was what he did and should have done. Even then though, many of our fellow Sox fans here were urging Paps be moved to starter.

Just envisioning Schill, Josh, Jonbon (as E calls him)going 1-2-3 is enticing. By the way, why do we continue the blah blah about a 4th and 5th starter? What team HAS a 4th and 5th starter who can be counted on? Who? I ask. If we backed those three with a couple of ever changing .500 pitchers, I’d jump on that in a New York minute as they say in Ohio…and say “THANK YOU”!!! May I have more, sir?!

But to get back to my first entangled sentence and thought, you know, finding a REAL GOOD stopper ain’t that easy, folks. There just aren’t that many Marianos, Wagners, B.J. Ryans, or even 6-era Todd Joneses to be had out there. A closer mentality is a rare quality. Jon has it. Like E, I would be perfectly comfortable if Paps stayed our closer. He’d do whatever the team asked we know. Kind of guy he is. You can’t factually convince me that one position is more important than the other. Wear and tear can be managed in either role. You don’t think a starter like Schill didn’t wear out as the season dwindled down?

So maybe E amd I are the only two on our side of the see saw, but, you know, Pap is the only one I’ve heard say he’s starting in ’07. I haven’t heard management say that authoratatively and publicly yet! And Paps closing again for us wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to the Boston Red Sox.

Leyland did a good job but Giradi of the Marlins did the best job

jmaximus, didn’t Theo say that Papelbon will be a starter next year due to his shoulder? I believe he had answered that question at the press conferance at the end of the season.

I’m sure you’re probably right, T, and I just missed it. I’ll take him anywhere he wants to go and anywhere they use him. As long as he’s healthy. After what he did in 2006, he probably deserves and has earned his chance to start. Thanks.

I’d like to hear Rayman’s latest ROIDS state of the nation ! I’m not a suspicious person by nature, but Jason Giambi looks like he’s back on something ! What do they call it, HGH, Human Growth Hormone? Is that still legal?

His head looks like one huge fat globule. And the long haul of season 2006 must have been made doubly tough without their good ole “speed”!

Whatdaya think, Ray?

Also Giambi and his perpetual “5 o’clock shadow” of a beard, plus that shock of grubby, sweaty long hair down the back of his head. He’s starting to look like one of the “idiots”. Wonder when George will call a screeching halt to that behavior. Even if he can’t promise a championship, he still has the power to enforce the dress code.

I’ll bet if Giambi’s HRs drop from 37 to 23 next year, he’ll start looking a lot more like daddy’s little bought boy. Use to love Jason as an A. Can’t stand him anymore. He’s truly one of them now.

Damon was starting to regress, longer hair down the back. He just always looks like he would carry a peculiar odor about him and be in need of a bath. As far as I know though, maybe you picked up something different at a press conference earlier, T, Johnny didn’t clip his toe nails on the steps of the Yankees dugout. At least that’s something.

And is that a wad of tobacco Shef has in his cheek?

And, how did your softball team do this summer, Robnbetsy? Make the playoffs?

On the Yankee site today they have a pic of Torre, Jeter, Cashman, and Reggie Jackson at Cory Lidle’s funeral services. So sad…

As for Payton, I think the Red Sox assumed that, becuase they were World Series champions, Payton would be glad to buy into their system and be happy with a part-time role. I think they also figured Trot would break down, which didn’t happen until August, after which Payton had already run himself out of time. Overall, Payton isn’t a bad guy. He’s just miserable when he’s not playing.

Payton’s just wanting to play always come across as a bad attitude to me. Never seemed happy to be in Boston. I guess he got the last laugh, as he always seems to fare very well against the Sox now.

***came across***

Thanks, Ian. I thought that was sort of the situation.

I don’t want anybody around here being sad about 2006.

The Yankees lost. That’s the most important thing. I always hope the Red Sox deck em first, but just any ole one will do…and the sooner, the better. If we can go further or win it all, that’s just icing on the cake!

If you aren’t taking advantage of watching the Cards-Mets series, you’re missing some great, tight games, some excellent pitching MOSTLY. I follow Boston, but I’m a baseball fan. Period!

Jeff Weaver versus Tom Glavine last night. Jeff allowed only 2 runs each game he went against Tom, losing 0-2, then winning last night 4-2. Weaver is a real gutsy guy. Reminds me of Schill, Beckett, Clemens as far as his tenacity.

St. Louis needs to take it to the house tonight in game 6. Don’t want to have it go 7 in NY. Too many bad things can go wrong.

The wonderful WONDERFUL fallout from the Yankees choking early and self-imploding….actually they went out with a whimper rather than a bang!…is that I can totally R-E-L-A-X and enjoy the competition and not give a flip who wins.

St. Louis versus Detroit. Two great franchises with magical histories and success stories over the years. I think the St. Louis Cardinals have the “neatest” “coolest” uniforms in baseball!

Jim Leyland versus Tony Larussa(sp?).

Can’t lose there either way.

Know Fox is praying the New York market hangs for the series. If Pedro was able to play, I might have had to hang with him. Think I’ll root for the Red Birds and the National League. They could use a break today.

Going to the series on assignment for anyone, Ian?

According BP, the wieghted era from AAA to the majors is 1.154, paps put up a 2.93 in AAA 2 years ago and that would seem to translate to a 3.38(a little higher because of fenway and the AL east). There is no reason to think that an era in the range of 3.2-3.7 is rediculous. combine that with beckett who should be somewhere in the 3.6-4.0, shil(3.80-4.1) and the one additonal high end starter the FO said they were going to find with the 25-30MM they have available this offseason and the sox figure to have a fomidable starting rotation.

For the future Ide love to see the fifth starter replaced by pitching propects who are ready to break. The nice thing about SP #5 is if he doesnt work this year, you can get away starting him in fewer than 28 games. There is no reason to spend 5-7MM on this guy when you can get the same thing from AAA for 500k.

Manny isn’t going anywhere. He was the best right handed hitter in the AL last year, and the best hitting corner outfielder over the last 3. His contract is not great, but the Sox have the money to eat it for now since its really the only bad (dolalr for dollar) contract they have left.

I don’t want to flog a horse, but doesn’t Jay Payton being miserable when he is not playing kind of maki him a bad person? I mean, everybody should want to play every day. But I don’t think people should start mouthing off when they don’t get the opportunity. It is prima donna-ish and does not do the club any favors at all. The fact is, when he has a problem like he did with the Sox management, that’s one thing, but then you begin to wonder if he has an argument with the A’s management too.

The A’s are retarded for firing Macha. They would not have made the playoffs let alone the ALCS without him.

There is no stopping the Tigers. They will be the ’06 World Series Champs. After all they did beat the Yanks, the best team this year, so they must be good. LOL but seriously it’s true.

I am not worried about the Mets/Cards games because they’re playing to lose anyway. It’s a lose lose situation. You lose the series you go home. You win the series you still go home after getting your as*es kicked by the Tigers.

Papelbutt will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be as dominant a starter as he was a closer. I have my reasons to believe so and they are so much that if I begin to write them down I’ll be here all night. But I will give you one. If he starts, that will give more time for the Yanks to wear him out and you have to get past the Yanks if you want to win anything. Let’s face it WE ARE MUCH MORE SUPERIOR and not only were we in ’06, we will be even more in ’07. If the sox are smart, which I highly doubt, they will keep him as a closer. But since they’re leaning towards starter, that proves my point.

ARod is not, I repeat, IS NOT going to get traded. I have my inside sources and he will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be traded. So that answers your question about Manny. YES.

And no. No other manager has done a good of job managing as Jim Leyland in ONE SEASON, although JOE TORRE is FAR SUPERIOR. And please, DON’T ARGUE THAT FACT.

*****thanks for your time. and brownie please don’t delete this post. if you do it wouldn’t be fair because it decreases of individualism.*****

*****p.s. no offense to sox fans. all of the above written opinions are just that OPINIONS. oh except for the ARod bit. That is a fact and I repeat HE WILL NOT BE TRADED.*****

Calling Papaelbon Papelbutt – is this the famous Yankee wit I have heard so much about?

It’s nice to see that Papelbon is moving to the rotation… but I’m very frustrated they didn’t make the change last May. We decided instead to give away every fith game for an entire season and then allow Papelbon to sit and watch helplessly for 6 weeks during our meltdown.

Anyone who says that Papelbon won’t be as dominating as a starter is just a master of the obvious. No starter has ever had an ERA below 1 or anywhere close in our generation. Here’s my prediction… 21-6, 2.73 ERA.

rayman:I didn’t see anything from Sox management that said Jonathan is moving into the starting rotation, you must’ve seen something that I did not. Please show me the link I’d love to read it.

ellen: Look at the Oct. 1 news on redsox site. Here: http://boston.redsox.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20061001&content_id=1694718&vkey=news_bos&fext=.jsp&c_id=bos

Hope that is what you need.🙂

jp:thanks for the info, I don’t know how, but I missed that one!! I appreciate the heads up.

The closer market has a lot of huge quesion marks, such as Eric Gagne and Octavio Dotel. I’m not sure who else is available, but I’m pretty sure Danys Baez is still around, and I recall that he absolutely owned the AL East when he was with Tampa Bay. He’s one of the rare pitchers that fared worse in the NL than the AL, but he’s probably the safest bet and can be had for not too much money. I’ll be interested to see what you guys do.

Yippi: If the pinstripers keep A-Rod then they get what they deserve. I for one pray that they don’t trade him so we can watch him screw up the clubhouse, fielding, etc… all over again.

Paplebon will be all that as a starter eventually. Hopefully he can keep an era in the 3-4 range, but i think it will take a few games. Nobody expects much more then that with the exception of Paplebon I’m sure. It would be cool to get Gagne if all is healed with him, another balls out player. Clemens had a 1.87 era the previous year…not a bad one last year either. Bring the Rocket home for on last hurrah…it could mean another series win.

I won’t be going to the Series on assignment. I’ll actually enjoy the downtime, and I have a very cool assignment coming up. Going to Japan to cover the MLB All-Star tour out there in the first week of November, so that should be cool.

(Tongue in cheek, please, on this post. That’s all it requires or deserves. It’s just good fun. Thanks for the laughs, yippi. You may have a treat now.)

Ian, I join yippi in begging you not to delete its comments. They should be preserved in the archives for posterity. Why? Because it is documentable proof of what it’s like to go through life without a brain.

Keep it coming, yippi. God bless you. I admire you for trying to be normal.

But, in reference to your closing thoughts near the end of your 10:08 PM 10/18/06 post, yippi, the part beginning “*****thanks for your time.and brownie…individualism.”, could you please rewrite and resubmit that portion so that it forms a complete thought? I would be interested in knowing what you were trying to say.

You must be taking grammar lessons from yankeevvm over there. That’s a joke, yippi. Ha! Ha! As they say over there.

(Anyone who can spell individualism is just having a little fun with us by submitting that fractured, fragmented post. Instead of taking it seriously, trying to get even, or getting angry with “yippi”, enjoy it and laugh along with it.)

Apparently the difference between internet grammar in comparison to formal and academic grammar skipped a generation, or in comparison to fagan and myself, seven or eight. Gee, why don’t you tab the beginning of your paragraphs? You must have poor grammar. When people get confused as to the points I attempt to make, then I’ll worry about how I type or the time I put into editing my posts, otherwise, welcome to the cyber world. It is a fast growing universe and I’m glad even the most feeble minded with superior grammar were able to join.

Yippi, lay off the cap lock key, it makes you come off as a raving lunatic. Papelbon will be a decent three starter more than likely, I’m still not sold on how developed his arm is yet and it turned out I was right about him eventually injuring himself last year.

Assuming he stays healthy, I would expect around 13-16 wins with an era in the low 4’s for papelbon. The guy has plenty of years to become dominant, you can’t expect a 20 win season in his first year as a starter, even the greatest who have ever lived didn’t always do that.

I’m sorry, feeble minded was probably a low blow, and as I understand it, jmaximus is the decent fagan (except of course, when it comes to addressing me.) Therefore, what I meant to say was, “I’m glad even the most inconsistant personalities and people suffering from borderline personality disorder, with superior grammar, were able to join.

What’s that, Ian. We’re sending a team of all stars instead of a full MLB team?

Anyway, man, that’s a great assignment. We expect you to come back fluent enough in Japanese to interview that new Japanese pitcher you and Theo will be bringing back to us!

Don’t stay in your hotel room and watch old movies and eat Twinkies and Fritos like Mike Musina did when he was over there with the whozits. Have a ball, Ian! And sample several years of vintage saki for us….

Hopefully you don’t come back and perform in the states like mussina did after an extended stay there either.

I knew a little C12 H22 011 (Ever take Organic Chemistry? Look it up, college kid-pizza deliverer-telemarketer)would draw flies here, one in particular. Hi, VMM!

And, sorry, Little Weenie, I’m having too good a time now, enjoying an interesting, civilized, and intelligent conversation with a pleasant, literate person. So, I’m not going to waste any time on you or grade your paper post you just submitted to me. Do that later. You’ll always be there, afterall, right!?

Indenting paragraphs ON BLOGS is form, VVM. Has nothing to do with literate writing. I never corrected you on errors in spelling, capitalization, for examples, those errors can be intentional or inadvertent, who cares? The errors you make are so clearly out of pure ignorance of the basic pure fundamental laws of English grammar that they cannot be excused for being in a hurry. And, it continually amazes me, kid, how you could have passed college entrance exams and been admitted to ANY college while being so grammatically illiterate! Amazes me! Not to mention your demonstrated lack of basic mathematical skills. I’ve offered to help tutor you, but you are so hard headed that you refused my help. You better get really good, son, at delivering pizza and telemarketing because you can forget about a bachelor’s or masters. Save your folks money! Drop out. Lord?

My 2c on Manny. I took him serious the last time, not this time. I think asking for a trade! again! to Manny is like releasing the steam valve on a hot water heater. Just releasing some pressure.

Sox love him. He knows that. He loves David and Julian. He isn’t going anywhere. He’s half our offense. If No. 3 and 4 don’t BOTH hit in MOST games, we don’t win! That simple. He’s 15-20 games a season. Easy.

Those on-and-on fantasy baseball traders sending him here and there in exchange for everything from the entire Yankee farm system plus Alex Rodriguez to the Seattle Space Needle can just forget it. Manny ain’t goin’ nowhere; and, if you didn’t hear it here first, you heard it here anyway.

I do neither. Nor would I ever waste time speaking with someone who so clearly suffers from personality disorder and identity crisis

I’m curious, can anyone point me to the source where manny said he wanted to be traded, or is it just speculation that he requested one?

Hello Fans of Baseball! How are we all doing today? I hope everyone is fine and dandy because I am having an excellent day.

Now to correct my grammar. It should have been:

“And Brownie, please don’t delete this post. If you do it wouldn’t be fair because it decreases OUR individualism.” That was for all the people (jmaximus) who are too dumb to understand others mistakes. Even though I put the wrong word in, it was still clear enough for a person with half a brain to figure out. And I apologize if I offended you with that comment. No pun intended. Oh and maximus, thank you for commeding me for knowing how to spell individualism. I think.


Nice prediction on Papelbut for ’07. 21-6, 2.73 ERA. Now to the real world.


No. Calling Papelbon, Papelbut is not the famous Yankee wit that you may have heard of. The famous Yankee wit is simply this: 26. Need I say more?


Are you trying to be cute or smart by saying something like “If the pinstripers keep A-Rod then they get what they deserve. I for one pray that they don’t trade him so we can watch him screw up the clubhouse, fielding, etc… all over again.” Alex had three years to do that. He did some of it but he is far from “screwing up the clubhouse” and he won’t. 2007 will be a major year for him and the Yanks and I can assure that. Oh and please don’t write “That’s what you Yankee fans said at the beginning of this year and look what happened” in response to that or anything that resembles that for that matter. Oh and the Rocket to Boston, I have the same response to that as I did towards Raymond’s thoughts.


Thanks for the advice. As you can see in this post, I TOOK IT. oops! that won’t happen again.

*And again thanks for your time and thoughts. I really appreciate them. And keep in mind this: you share your thoughts, I share my thoughts on your thoughts, and then you share your thoughts on my thoughts on your thoughts and so on. ha ha, as they say. oh and by the way, jmaximus, who is “they”?

thank you yippi, I enjoyed your post much more without them

Yippi: I’m not really sure why you want him anyway. Is it because he greatens your chances to win the division again, even though he blows come October. Why wouldn’t you rather have a player who could perform under pressure. I’m sure daddy warbucks could come up with the cash to make that real. I could probably come up with 100 plyers I would choose over a-rod when making up a team. ****, maybe 200. Besides, if he stays one more year in yankeeland, he could have a serious mental blowout.I think the Rocket could land one last time in Boston, it was close to happening last year. In baseball who really knows…the mets lost with glavine and the cards lost with carpenter, both to no-name pitchers. Anything can happen.

Yippi-why are you now “praying that they don’t trade ARod” when you recently guaranteed that he won’t be traded, as per your inside info. What’s that all about?

ARod is too fragile to be a Yankee. The fans eat him alive in the Bronx and it’s not a pretty sight to see. He needs to have kinder, gentler fans.

A buddy of mine who is a cubs fan just sent me something really interesting re: Bill Buckner. Check this out:

Real interesting.

That is an interesting article about Buckner. To this day, I still believe that he belongs in the Hall of Fame. He is the epitome of what every baseball player should exemplify with his work ethic, attitude and passion for the game.

I disagree with anyone who does not think Papelbon will excel as a starter. Derek Lowe made the adjustment from closer to starter successfully. I think Papelbon is a level above D Lowe from a talent standpoint. I think it is reasonable to project 16-18 wins from Papelbon in 2007 and a 3.00-3.50 ERA. Being in the rotation should, as BoSox officials believe, lessen the wear and tear on his arm and shoulder. Schilling, Beckett and Papelbon should be one of the game’s best 1-2-3 trios. I fully expect Theo to acquire – via trade or free agency – a fourth starter who is effective enough to be a No. 2 or No. 3. Perhaps the No. 5 spot can be filled by Tavarez, Wakefield or Gabbard. Of course, I prefer the BoSox sign a guy like Meche or Padilla to be the No. 5 guy. We need all the depth we can get.

As far as the closer’s role, I like the idea of acquiring Lidge, or signing Gagne or Baez. Not so sure about the thought of getting Kerry Wood. We definitely need a set-up man as well. I’m hopeful that we get Linebrink.

Anyone with common sense could answer your question. Alex Rodriguez is a future Hall of Famer, and he is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, baseball player of all time. So what if he has been sub-par and not ARod for the most part of his postseason career, especially with NY. He will come around if fans lay off him. When he has a season he considers great and he hears cheers and not boos for the most part of the season, he will come into the post season with as much pressure as Derek Jeter does every October. Wait correction: Almost as much pressure as Derek Jeter (For you slow people, that means no pressure). As we all know, Alex is a very sensative person. Some people might see that as a negative thing, and that’s OK. But when he realizes that Yankees fans are on his side and want him to succeed he’ll be fine. The only thing he needs to do in order for that to happen is start off strong, play good defense, stay out of extended slumps and pretty much be Alex. And by doing so, he’ll eventually come up with clutch hits and be confident heading into October.


I am not praying that they won’t trade ARod, and if you would have read my post a little more carefully, you might have realized that. But then again, maybe you wouldn’t have. Like I was saying, I am not praying, I am telling you that they won’t. As for your question about my inside information, well that is inside information that I can not reveal.

*Please excuse me if I insulted anyone in anyway whatsoever.

yo Jmax, wea u at?

I’m glad there is a Game 7 in these playoffs. The atmosphere at a Game 7 – especially when the home team wins – is more electric in baseball than in any other professional sport. The post-game celebration is especially exciting. Who can forget, in Red Sox Nation, the jubilation of winning Game 7 in 2004 after the disappointment of Game 7 the previous year. I hope the Mets pull this one out. Of course, with their patchwork rotation, it will be difficult to upstage the Tigers. The Mets offense can definitely match the Tigers, but certainly not the pitching. But, as they say, you can’t script October. You never know….

Well I am sorry to inform you guys of the bad news but I am logging off.

All you people dying to insult me (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) can wait until tomorrow.

I will pray for you guys so that you can get over it. ha ha, as they say. Oh jmax you never answered my question? Who is “they”

This.. is a seriously good ballgame.

Well.. the tie is finally broken. Homerun Molina, and its 3-1 Cards going into the bottom of the 9th

Congrats to the Cardinals. Amazing finish. Everything you want in a Game 7. I think the Tigers will win the World Series, but the Cardinals will make it competitive. I don’t expect a sweep, or even five games. I think it goes six games. Tigers, 4-2.

One of the best playoff games Ive seen.. definatly the best since ’04.

If i had to decide, I give NLCS MVP to Suppan.

I agree – it was a great playoff game.

Its also nice to see another good X-Red Sox player with class and persistence do well. And then get recognized for his efforts.

I am talking about Jeff Suppan. You remember him from the trade from Pittsburgh for Suppan for Freddy Sanchez too.

When are these brilliant Red Sox GM’s going to stop trading away the RED SOX minor leaque GOLD?

(Sorry, Ian, I could not resist the opportunity to FLAME a BAD TRADE.

Awesome game 7, great clutch pitching by both teams. I would have to take the Tigers in 5, the only way it would go any longer is if the Cards could take game one and take some steam out of the Tigers tank.

A-rod, the best of all-time…give me a break. Must be something your reading over on blog bucks. Let’s see him win something first, and maybe even contribute something to it. No denying his talent with the bat, when it doen’t really count that is. How many seasons do you want to waste watching him melt down anyway. Give him a break and set him free.

Daniel, I do think that Gagne and Lidge are still top closers, but they are risky signings. Gagne has been often injured, and Lidge has been up and down since serving up that home run to Albert Pujols in the 2005 NLCS. Not sure what else the BoSox can do for a closer, though. Perhaps they can sign Danys Baez. He did have good years with the Devil Rays as a closer. I remember there was talk about the Sox trding for Brian Fuentes of Colorado. That would be a great acquisition. Of course, it would cost us some top prospects.

yes, i said that was the greatest deciding game since game 7 alcs. I also clearly stated that that was in terms of the actual game, not what the game meant to the fans. I also stated that 2004 game 7 was the more important one because it was a role reversal because the sox actually beat the yankees for once in a deciding game AND it lead to snapping one of the longest ws droughts in the history of baseball. I stick by the original comment, which was clearly misconstrued, that game 7 in 2003, a game where one team blew a 4 run lead, their ace was on the mound and gave up three runs in the 8th, a terrible hitter all year htis 2 homeruns, and it ends on a walkoff in extra innings against a guy who dominated the opponent all series, was the better game. Oh and the homerun was hit by a guy hitting .200 since he was aquired at the deadline.

If any of you, Yankees or Sox fans think in terms of the actual game, not the importance or the outcome, that game 7 2004 was a better game to watch than game 7 2003, you are absolutely out of your mind. a 6-0 lead by what? the 2nd or 3rd inning, compared to a 5-2 blown lead in the 8th to the home team? It is not even close. I didn’t block anything out of my mind

game 7 alcs 2003*

My bad, Yippi. But your posts make my eyes cross.

And Vince, throw in a period now and then, so we can understand what you’re talking about.

Jmax, call me crazy, but Yippi sounds AWFULLY familiar, don’t you agree?

Yippi, I will come back to the real world…

Papelbon – 0.92 ERA in 68 innings. 0.78 WHIP (Mariano Rivera was .96 WHIP).

I multiplied Papelbon’s ERA by 3 and you think its still unrealistic? I disagree. Most will probably agree those numbers I put up are realistic. Might be better, might be worse… but still realistic.

As for my periodic comments on RIODS… I think there is a decent chance that Giambi’s back on GHB… But then again, he only batted about .250 (.233 on the road). I think he benefits from Yankee stadium, but can still can hit with a little power when he connects. It’s just not as much as when he was younger and fully juicing.

Rayman, I do feel it will be higher than three (papelbon’s era) The guy was lights out for ONE inning per appearence and he statistically struggled anytime he went more than that. To ask him to go for a tentative nine and think his era will be 3.00 is fairly unrealistic. Granted, he will not pitch 9 inning games, but even if he wen’t six innings, you would be saying he would give up an avergage of 1-2 runs every single time he pitches. Or else, for everytime he gives up more than that per game he would have to go longer than six and give up less than 2 er’s per game. Basically what i’m trying to say is it is one thing to compare him from the NL to the AL and try to mathmatically figure out what his era will be, it is another to guess from closer to starter after he has pitched for one year. For all you know, he could have closed next year and his era would be 2.50, then by your formula if he became a starter the following year his era would be 7.50, it is too unpredictable. Obviously the guy has talent, but we saw his talent on the major league level in very limited time per game, I would expect best case scenario his era would be in the low 4’s, but I guess that’s why they play the games

BTW, does anybody think the sox make a run at a corner infielder in free agency, or will he be the product of a lowell trade, if he is indeed traded? The pool is very thin this season.

Seriously Fagan. It is evident Vince got to you more than you got to him. Majority of Vince’s posts do not mention you or your antics (sp). Most (almost all) of your posts one way or the other brings Vince into the it.

Its wierd to advise a man thats atleast 35 yrs older than I am, but, have a peaceful retirement. Dont worry yourself too much.

One last thing. Regardless of how senseless some of your posts are, may be by design, I enjoy them as long as we keep it civilized. Who wouldn’t enjoy the acts of a clown? Keep up the good work.

*the it = it, Like Yippi said, it is for people with less than half a brain. Oh wait, for people who utilize less than 50% of average human brain usage to brain capability ratio, whatever that is called. Which is less than 10%.

A person who uses 50% of his/her brains capability is a genius.

And Fagan, because you claimed to be a very good writer, you may want to explain that human brain thing I wrote abt in the previous post. That is if you understand that.

It’s obvious that jmaximus and yippi are one in the same – Fagan. Just another pathetic example of someone spending a bbulk of his day inventing multiple personalities on this blog. Simply pitiful. It’s also very disturbing that Fagan has a man crush on Vince. I would be very alarmed if I were Vince. Fagan, there is no reason to continue posts about Vince. If you are truly interested in posting about baseball, then post about baseball. Disagree with Vince’s opinions if you must. I definitely do at times. You say you want to turn a new leaf and keep things clean. So far, you’re failing to hold that promise.

Vince, I personally think the Sox will deal Lowell for a set-up man or a closer and sign a corner infielder through free agency (Aramis Ramirez?), but I could be wrong. I won’t mind if Lowell and Youkilis are at the corner infield spots if the Sox bring in a power bat to ply right or center. They just need a potent 3-4-5 combo that they lacked this season.

Perhaps I have missed something, but why is it obvious that fagan is yippi?

yankeemm – if fagan is a hypocrite, you will also do the honor of admitting similar flaws. Earlier in this post you said “Nor would I ever waste time speaking with someone who so clearly suffers from personality disorder and identity crisis” but you are still content to trawl through a lot of old posts of his.

Enough with everyone calling everyone stupid. Intelligence is something you are born with, not much you can do about it. In the scheme of things, stupidity does not rank as highly with respect to pain in the whatever as those who are obnoxious / condescending / arrogant / pompous / derisory.

Or of course maybe we could have a big intelligence test to lay it to rest. Who’s up for it?!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been here since the Mets lost last night.. and I do n=mean that they lost the game, St.Louis didn’t win it!! It was teh Mets that LOST it. man was I disappointed, I really eanted to see a team that had lead the entire year go there. I saw Beltran watch as the last pitch went into the catchers mit… SAD.


ctzmom: just wondering, but do you know who “yippi” is??

Hey Vince, sorry I haven’t addressed you lately!! It’s just the off season and lots going on with the application/job process, sorry!
How are your classes going?? and the new girlfriend?? Where has Jen been?? Miss her wit and input. ec

Brendan despite your continued inexplicable allegiance to fagan and ignoring everything anyone could possibly say that makes logical sense, where exactly did I say I will not waste my time by responding to Fagan?/How does that make it right for Fagan to attack me constantly in the first place? I fail to see any sort of logic in any point you are trying to make.

Ellen everything is fine, it’s midterms time, things are stressful plus I started a new job, but i’m having fun, how have you been?

*pokes his head in and sees that fagan is still tading personal insults rather than just talkign about baseball.*

Well you know what? I dont knwo if Im comign back here to this blog. It doesnt matter that Im not the one being insulted, it doesnt matter that its Yankee fans, my mortal enemy, being insulted… I just dont want to read such, well, tripe.

Ian, I’ll come read your posts but I think thats about it.

Is it reallyt hat hard to simply say “SIr, I respectfulyl disagree with your opinion about that idea. Here’s what I think why I think it will be so”

See? No insults, no comments about a psoters IQ.. nothin. Just Baseball. Shame that we cant have that.

Good night and good bye folks.

I just don’t know how someone could have so much time and energy that they try so hard to insult somebody anonymously, and on a random baseball blog, no less! Baseball is a hobby for most of the people here, and that’s why we blog in the first place…so I really don’t understand the impetus behind seeking out and personally attacking and even threatening people you simply disagree with…especially if your baseball knowledge is extremely limited.

When your best baseball argument is debating whether or not the year 2000 is in the 21st century, and then countering the counter-argument with personal attacks, you’re bound to not be taken seriously.

If you know a lot about baseball, we want to hear what you have to say. If you don’t, then shut up, because you might actually learn something from those that do.

yankeemm – first, I do not show inexplicable alleigance to Fagan. Is it because I do not side with you that I automatically show alleigance to him?

Once again, and I am just copying from my last post, you say “Nor would I ever waste time speaking with someone who so clearly suffers from personality disorder and identity crisis”. That answers your question about where you said you would ignore it. As for the second question, I never said it was right for Fagan to attack you. My logic is that if you do what you say and ignore it, then maybe the blog will get back to talking about baseball.

Some of my thoughts:

For tonight’s matchup, if Reyes doesn’t have his control the way he was missing it in the NLCS, the Tigers win Game 1. I have my doubts about whether Rogers will do the job in Game 2. I want him to do well, I’ve seen more passion in his two performances than I’ve seen from entire teams this post season. But the law of averages says it may be hard for him to produce the same sort of gems he had in his last two starts. There could be a strong comparison drawn between what happened to Glavine in his third start this post season (both 40 something lefties too). For me, the Tigers are making a mistake putting Robertson in Game 3 (which I believe is the case bnbut correct me if I’m wrong). I think Bonderman should be there, Bonderman could just as easily be starting Game 1 (and in fact maybe should have seeing as he would have had a decent amount of rest without getting too rusty). He’s an ace in the rotation.

I think the Cardinals have more of a shot than people think, only because nobody thinks they have a shot. When nobody thinks they have a shot, it filters through the team by the press. It always has the danger of causing complacency. In some ways, they are what the Yankees were in the ALDS.

Geez, Ellen, who the heck knows? There are more incarnations here than I can keep track of (kind of reminds me of Sybil) and I’m apparently not sneaky or devious enough to figure it out.

I’m here for the baseball and the peanuts, not all the other baggage.

Too bad about the Mets anyway. They are my NL team.

Ian, can you stop this madness? You’re gonna lose a lot of fans. It is getting to the point where I don’t even read the blogs, The baseball talk is dead.

I like detroit in 4. I love throwing Ken Rogers at home in two of the games. In the Chi Tribune front page today, lots of talk of Ramirez. This guy has huge questions re: his hustle (a lot of complaints just like manny) and ability to stay healthy. He also has had some big error years. He does produce though. His agent says he has been contacted by 7-10 teams. I just don’t think the cubs would walk him but with Lou P. at the helm, he gonna have to run out those grounders.

I agree wholeheartedly about keeping the subject matter for what this blog is intended: baseball. Personally, I don’t care if Fagan feels the need to occupy this blog with multiple personalities, as long as those multiple personalities communicate with everyone else in a civil tone and refrain from tirades and insults. The only time most of us regulars on this blog have ever lashed out has been in response to Fagan’s personal attacks. Otherwise, this blog has been an enjoyable and peaceful place. We have our share of debates – baseball debates – but since most people on here are intelligent baseball fans and respectable human beings, the conversation and debate sticks to baseball.

I’m tired of logging on here and seeing every post Fagan makes incorporated with an insult or comment about Vince or someone else. It would be one thing if these comments were civil disagreements about baseball opinions, but they rarely are.

I, for one, prefer to talk about baseball and nothing else on this blog. I have no problem is someone disagrees with me. I do; however, take issue to any unprovoked personal attacks. As Swolansky said, baseball is a hobby for many of us, thus the reason we visit Red Sox and baseball blogs, where we would like to talk about……….the Red Sox and baseball.

Now, regarding the World Series, I’m taking Detroit tonight, and to win the Series 4-2. I do think it will be more competitive than the so-called baseball pundits forecast. Hasn’t anyone learned that you truly can’t script October, as the saying goes?

Glad to se Francona was named to replace Macha for the Japan trip. I am hoping that the BoSox find a closer in Japan. One guy is Hirotoshi Ishii, I believe. A Japanese closer might be more ideal than signing Gagne or Baez, or trading for Lidge.

I agree jeff, I rarely post but I read every day. Being a tranplanted New Englaner in in Chicago, it is hard to get the daily info on the Sox, and this blog has been good for that purpose along with the intelligent baseball talk, but who needs all the BS.

I suppose I’m gonna get killed for all that bad grammer.

Well, nullify my last idea to fill the BoSox closer’s void. I just visited a Japanese baseball web site that has an article dated September 26, 2006 stating the Ishii is having surgery on his left arm (pitching arm) and will likely not come to the U.S. in 2007. Here’s the article, for anyone who wants to read it (haha):





That made me laugh, or as you kids say LOL. Too bad the yankees didn’t make a run at him before surgury. Interesting article.

Connor, with the exception of one regular who assumes many identities, we are intelligent baseball fans who keep a civil tone, so I hope you keep posting here throughout the off-season. I’m already looking forward to spring training. Though I am a lifelong Celtics fan (I think they have a shot to make the playoffs this season), a lifelong Steelers fan and a lifelong Ohio State fan, I am first and foremost a BoSox and baseball fan. Covering the winter meetings here in Orlando and maintaining my own BoSox blog will be the only solace of missing baseball during the off season. So I hope that this blog stays alive (with baseball talk) throughout the winter months, which aren’t as bad weather wise here than up north (haha).

I’m 38, so I’m learning the blog terminology just like you. I do know lol, though!

I’m with you Connor. I live on Long Island, so of course, all the local baseball talk is Yankees and Mets. It’s nice to be able to keep up with the world of the Nation with this blog.

Maybe if we are all civil (not Sybil) and just sort of squint through the ranting and raving, it will all be good.

I hope the Cards make a go of it and give the Tigers some competition. At least give us some good baseball to watch.

Jeff, I grew up watching the celtics, but I lost interest in the NBA. I don’t know why, maybe because the Celtics have been down. Maybe b/c I moved away. I do argue daily that the 86′ celtics would have beaten any of those bulls teams. OSU? I did my first year of law school in Columbus and grew to hate the buckeyes. But the fans are great and support that team solidly. I was looking into running the marathon in disney world this spring. I believe that is Orlando?It looks like a great venue and most importanly it is flat!

Sorry, I missed your post, I thought you lived in Orlando

Yeah, Connor, I live in Orlando. I’m from the Cincinnati area, and lived there until four years ago, but I moved down here for career and climate purposes. I don’t miss the long, dreary winters. I am a professional writer for magazines, and a publicist for companies, and it is more productive for me to be based here than in Ohio. I know several people who have completed the Disney marathon. Im not one of them! I’m 6-5, 250. I play basketball regularly and play in an adult baseball league (baseball, not softball). I can play hoops for an hour and not be winded, but if I run a half-mile, I feel like dying!

I went to college at the University of Dayton so I know s/w ohio pretty well. I lived in Cincinati (sp) for a year and a half, good town. I am running Chicago tommorow, so it may kill me either way! Sounds like a cool job, sure beats law.

I have a lot of friends that went to Moler (i have no idea how to spell it) They were mostly class of 87 and 86.

UD? Uhoh. I’m a Wright State graduate. I was sports editor of my college newspaper and was a stringer for the Dayton Daily News sports department during college as well. My favorite moment was covering the game when Wright State beat UD for the first time! I have a lot of friends who went to UD. Definitely a good school with a long and rich basketball tradition. Good luck in the marathon. I’m about to head out to the bike path in a few minutes. It’s a great day for that here – in the 80s with a little breeze.

The nutter center! I have a friend who was thrown out of there once at a (gulp), Neil Diamond concert. NOt one of his prouder moments. What was the name of the writer for Dayton Daily News who broke the rose story? You’re killing me on the weather, it is suppose to snow here tommorow. Should be an interesting run. Have a good ride.

CTZ, I feel for you. I couldn’t stand if the place where I lived was immersed in talk and articles about the Yankees. I dislike the Yankees more than any other sports franchise around, even more so than the University of Michigan (since I’m an Ohio State fan) and the Cleveland Browns (since I’m a Steelers fan). My dislike of the Yankees stems beyond the fact they are the BoSox main rivals. They are arrogant and elitist, and represent what is wrong about baseball today. I truly hope that a salary cap is instituted in baseball. It would hel the gmae immensely. However, since the baseball players union is arguably the strongest union in existence, it is unlikely a salary cap would ever debut in MLB.

lol. Yep, I pull out the weather card to friends and family back in Ohio, especially starting in November and continuing through late March. We do get highs of 40s and lows of 30s for a few weeks in January, though.

I covered Wright State basketball for the first newspaper for which I worked out of college, and the games were at the Nutter Center. I’ve been to several concerts at the Nutter Center, but not Neil Diamond. For some reason, a Neil Diamond concert doesn’t strike me as an event where you would get crazy enough to be ejected. Of course, I’m a big fan of Sweet Caroline!

The writer you’re talking about is Hal McCoy, the long time beat writer for the Reds and a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s a legend in the sportswriting business.

As a red sox fan you have to have mixed feelings about a salary cap. We are a big market team and we can sign big names ie. pedro, manny, schilling ect. But you are right when one team just blows everyone away. I have not thought that one out enough.

Hal McCoy, that’s right. I only read him for 5 years. Ya, what the **** was a 20 years old college student who could hang out in the Ghetto doing at a neil diamond concert? Wright State is a good school. Great medical program if I remember correctly.

Jeff, I think we have talked before about our S/W ohio ties. You changed your sign on I think

I gotta roll.

Have a nice weekend! I’m heading out too, to the bike path. I think my MLB.com log on changed when I started my BoSoxBanter blog. It changed from my e-mail address to just Jeff.

not to mention, we pay luxery tax to teams when even their owner refuses to spend money on them.

I am absolutely exhausted, I ref’ed dodgeball all morning (five hours), it was double elimination, so it must have been about 10-12 games. You wouldn’t believe how oddly tiring being a ref can be for something as simple as dodgeball, though most of it was having to run the ball down when it left the court.

And Jeff, I was wearing a michigran crew shirt and michigan football hat while I did it. I’m having issues coming up with topics for the radio show tomorrow, news is slow. I am on board with not thinking this will be a walk over series, I think it will go six. I think the Tigers will probably have a tough time adjusting to being off for a week considering most of their alcs winning was probably momentum from defeating the Yankees

And Brendan, excellent point, the Tigers truly have had a complete role reversal within the same postseason

and notice who provokes it, every, single, time.

Well, what do you know. The real Fagan continues to make his presence on this blog. I don’t need to say much. Fagan, you will be rightly dismissed from the blog in a matter of hours or days once again. Anyone who knows me from this blog knows that I am a normal human being and a nice guy who has never posted a mean thing about anyone, except when putting you in your place about your personal attacks about Vince, Ellen, myself and anyone else. We’re all normal, even-tempered human beings here, Fagan, except you.

I understand why you like Yippi, since you are Yippi. And I imagine once your jmaximus screen name is banned for making a criminal threat against Vince, Yippi will reflect even more of your tone, until the Yippi screen name is vanquished.

What I propose to everyone – including Vince, Brendan, Ellen and myself among others – is from this point forward to ignore any screen name that resembles Fagan’s rants and raves. Only one person has ever personally attacked Vince, Ellen, myself and any other regulars on this blog – and that person is Fagan. Nobody else has demonstrated personal hatred and bigotry other than Fagan.

So, once more, goodbye Fagan. I’m sure you’ll continue to fill your mornings, afternoons and nights devoting ample hours to creating posts to showcase your anger and hatred, and I’m sure more personal attacks will follow since you have shown you are incapable of sticking to baseball. I would like to see one month go by where you don’t mention Vince, myself, Ellen, or anyone else in a personal attack. But since you are obsessed with us, I’m sure that is not possible. Actions speak louder than words. The actions of most regulars on this blog show that we’re interested in baseball – and we even debate with each other heatedly, but it sticks to baseball and not personal attacks. Your actions demonstrate that you are a man in his 60s who has the behavior of a small child, and that you are filled with so much hatred and anger that you cannot control yourself.

I’ve shown that I conduct myself in a mature manner. Why don’t you do the same?

And if you know what this blog is for, then why don’t you discuss baseball and the Red Sox, and leave Vince, myself and anyone else out of it?

By the way, my 250 pound fingers are quite slender and limber, thank you. When you’re 6-5, you have room for 250 pounds.

Regarding mentioning my blog and other blogs on this one, it is not a competition. Most of the BoSox Nation bloggers support each others blogs and post on them. As Swolansky mentioned, baseball is a hobby for many of us. For me, playing the game, watching it and writing about it is exciting, thus the reason I post on this blog and others, and have my own blog. Since I have my own business, I work hard, so I need to take time to unwind, and I do that by playing hoops, bicyling and following baseball and the BoSox. There are many regulars on this blog that post on my blog. I hope their presence remains on this blog and is not halted by Fagan’s personal attacks on everyone.

Now, back to baseball. CtZmom shared her story about being at Game 6 in the ’86 Series on my blog, where the latest post discusses the magic of Game 7s and favorite post-season moments.

Hard to believe that the ’86 Series was 20 years ago this month. I was a high school senior. I was stunned and disgusted after Game 6 and had the same feeling after Game 7. The next time I was stunned that much after watching the ending of a BoSox game was when Boone hit the dinger in 2003. Of course, that disappointment was erased one year later.

Vince, the countdown is approaching for the OSU-Michigan game. Should be a good one. Still can’t believe that you are a Yankees fan and a Michigan fan. Next thing, you’ll tell me you’re a Browns fan and a Lakers fan.

haha god no, I dislike both of those teams. November 18th, it’s marked. One of my good friends here is a HUGE ohio state fan. Both his parents went there and he is from Ohio. I have an allegiance to Michigan because my sister’s husband went there and did crew. I have followed them ever since their championship season with charles woodson and company. My school of course has no football team, so I can outwardly root for Michigan.

My teams in order of passion go like this: Yankees, Giants, Duke, Michigan, NY Rangers, Quinnipiac hockey, New York Knicks and recently since moving to florida, the Miami Heat. I don’t mind rooting for the dolphins, Nets, Devils, or mets though (I did not grow up much in the 80’s so I don’t have the same sort of hatred for the Mets that most Yankee fans have, though I did get a kick out of watching the centerfielder they outbid us for strike out looking to end their season with the bases loaded.)

lol I guess when you’ve lived in 4 states by the time you’re 19, the variety of teams you’re allowed to root for is pretty vast. Though the yankees giants duke and michigan are on their own level.

Jeff – I have a different proposition, one that I think is fair to everyone. Now you may not like this, but those who continue to call Fagan small-minded, ignorant, stupid, etc. are only going to perpetuate the cycle. After all, I think you Jeff, yankeemm and Fagan would all admit that being called such things is hard to ignore, and reply to, whoever it is that is saying it. Of course I am the same.

So now to my proposition – for those who wish to continue to insult (and this is for everyone), feel free to do so. Just don’t do it on this blog. You see, the link which gives the person’s name takes you to that person’s email address. The person will still get to read the insult, and they will no doubt want to reply to that insult. So they can reply to the email. Those who trade in slander can happily do so. Everyone else can talk baseball here.

It’s oneupmanship gone mad

Brendan, it is one thing if this were some sort of crossfire where sometimes I initiate argument and then sometimes Jeff does and occasionally Fagan does, but that is not the case. Every single time this blog strays from talking sports and mostly baseball, it is because ONE person antagonizes and provokes it, then yes, like you said, due to human nature we are forced to defend it. If this blog only talked baseball, you would never see me, and I’m sure Jeff ever call anybody any names, ever. It is that simple

Yankeemm – fine. But then you’ll also be fine with dealing in emails from now on if you want to respond to insults. I am not saying you have to like/take getting insulted, but if you want to respond to it you have other means.

Brendan, Your suggestion is not bad. But it won’t work. Most of the emails are not real. Atleast , mine is not.

lol Brendan trust me, I’d rather not have to respond, period. I’m just here to have a perspective on baseball that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else….well at an intellectual level at least.

Yankee_indianz – well then if somebody insults you you ask for their email address so you can respond to them directly to them.

Yankeemm – you know you want to sign up to this. Fagan will I’m sure too. Gotta start somewhere! Look through this particular blog, half of it is dross. Blaming other people easy but this works better.

Like I said, I’d rather not have to respond, if we need an organized system of dealing with stupidity, i’m all for it and I commend you for problem solving…..How did you all feel when Mike Stanley was a redsox player….and what is the singular spelling of Redsox? Is it Red sock? ‘Cause that looks weird

I prefer not to have to respond to insults either. Brendan, the fact is, when Fagan is not on this blog, it is peaceful and a forum for baseball. When he is here and not banned, it is a negative place where everyone is drawn into his anger and hatred. You have not seen me personally attack Fagan. I have only responded to his attacks on myself and others, and even then I did not resort to ruthless name calling. I only pointed out that someone of his character does have a small mind.

Fagan has insulted Vince about everything imaginable that is personal, and has even threatened to come after him. He has insulted my professional career (even though he has never read anything I’ve written) and my weight (even though he has never seen me in person), and even made light of a medical condition when I thought I might have colon cancer (which fortunately was not the case. He has called Ellen vile names that no woman should be called. And he has insulted Vik’s ethnic heritage.

So, Brendan, comparing Fagan and anyone else on this blog is unjust. I love baseball, and I love talking about it and debating it. I’m tired of logging on here on reading Fagan’s insults of everyone from multiple screen names. Fagan is inspired by belittling others. There is no room for that here.

So I have said what I need to say. I imagine that Fagan’s jmaximum screen name will be terminated soon, but he will return under another screen name. And while he is gone, you can bet that this blog will be a peaceful sanctuary free of tension and dominated by baseball. It will change once again when he returns.

Vince, Red Sox is always Red Sox. If a player is a member of the Red Sox, then he is a Red Sox, not a Red Sock. I liked Mike Stanley. Why do you bring him up? Is he in the news for some reason? I’m sure you’ll hear a lot of harassment when the Buckeyes end Michigan’s national title hopes🙂

Jeff, you’re 6’5″? Did you play sports in hs or college?

lol Jeff to be completely honest, I expect Ohio State to win that game, I don’t know that anybody can stop them this season mich to my dismay. Though, obviously the game is no guarantee. I figured it was Red Sox no matter what, it just seems like an english fopaux since Socks have a singular, but Sox do not, oh well.

I was thinking about this game years ago at Fenway when Travis Frye hit a walkoff single to beat the Yankees, Mike Stanley was catching for the Redsox, and obviously he was a Yankee too…I loved him as a Yankee. The reason that game sticks out in my mind is because it was the same game that inbetween innings the audio was turned on too early and you can clearly hear the redsox announcer say “where is the scorecard for these idiots” when the yankees were coming to bat.

much, not mich, clearly the Wolverines are on my mind

Vince, whether it be one or more,it is RedSox, unless of course if maybe he is wearing only one!!! Then it is the RedSox with one RedSock.

I think that the singular of Red Sox is Red Stocking. Hmm.

Daniel, please find your Zoloft and continue your insightful and inspiring baseball musings. Please stop ranting at Jeff, he’s on our side. And he’s knowlegdable, interesting, and a nice guy to boot. So quit booting him. Who wouldn’t defend themselves when attacked?


I echo the sentiments of those who are annoyed at people who dignify that complete mentally imbalanced human Fagan by responding to him. It doubles my work having to not only delete Fagan’s idiotic and moronic postings, but also those of you Such as Yankeevmm@yahoo that bother to respond to this complete lunatic. Just ignore him and maybe he’ll go away at some point. He is a sad, sad person.

Let’s stay above him and pretend he’s not there.

If, at some point, I just have to stop doing this blog because I no longer have the time and the energy to delete his offensive insults, I will. I’d rather not have to see it get to that point, but there’s a chance I’ll be left with no other choice.

Hey Ian, you deleted one of my posts that had nothing to do with that pathetic idiot. That wasn’t very nice.

apologies, that’s what happens when I have such a mess to dig through.

Ian, if those are your wishes, I will abide by them, you don’t have to tell me twice

OK Yankeevmm, i respect you a lot. i think you are a great poster. Basically I am saying that you are better than him, so don’t stoop to the level he wants you to get to.

Apology accepted. And I also will stop responding to his foolhardy antics.

Well I’m logging off now for good. Talk to you guys later today. Nighty night.

Ian, you are right. All we do when we respond to Fagan is motivate him to do more. So I will join the white out in no longer responding to posts by Fagan and his multiple screen names that inevitably will appear. We will know these screen names by the tone of the postings and the personal attacks. To date (as long as I’ve been on this blog), Fagan is the only person who has posted unprovoked personal attacks, so he should be easy to spot. I’m looking forward to logging on here and seeing comments about baseball, the BoSox and occasional conversations about other sports – and not insults and disparaging remarks.

Vince, I have played basketball and baseball since I was a little kid. Didn’t play in college since I attended a D1 school and was only good enough to play at a small college (NAIA level). Still play both today. There are lots of adult baseball leagues (baseball, not softball) nationwide, but especially here in Florida. Now that I’m an old man, I’m in the 30-and-over league. Mostly there are former high school and college players, but also a few former minor leaguers. I love playing baseball. I’m tall, slow and left-handed, so I play first base, which is the position I’ve played all my life.

Wehn you talk about the game with Mike Stanley, do you mean Jeff Frye or Travis Fryman? I don’t think you meant to say Travis Frye. unless there was a player by that name who has slipped my mind.

One more thing before hitting the sack. I saw part of the game tonight. Amazing performance by Anthony Reyes. Wonder if Jeff Weaver will match Reyes’ outing tomorrow night?

Ian, or anyone else who has any insight on this, do you have any idea of which Japanese players (if any) the BoSox are interested in besides Matsuzaka? Now that Ishii is injured, I wonder if there are any other closers who would be a fit in Boston.

Also for Ian – what is your educated guess for what it will take to get Matsuzaka? Also, can someone explain how it is decided who the highest bidder is? Who decides which blind bid should get negotiating rights? Is it done by highest amount overall or per year? And if it is done by amount per year, what prevents a team offering a high amount for one year?

I absolutely agree with Ian, the comments just need to be ignored. If you have a fire and no fuel is added to it, it eventually goes out.
I would hate to see this blog end.

Radio show is on 4-5 http://www.wqaq.com if anybody cares to listen

Does all this mean you don’t like me?

Well, the way the Steelers are playing, it looks like the Celtics and Ohio State are going to have to help me through the winter until spring training begins and the BoSox return. I’m already ready for the winter meetings and for all the wheeling and dealing to begin.

If Weaver continues to pitch well in the World Series, he will be a commodity for some team as a free agent, as will Suppan I imagine. I don’t think the BoSox should sign either, though. I prefer Meche or Padilla as the No. 5 starter.

Pap will do well as a starter. His attitude is that of someone who wants to be a winner and he is also willing to learn. When he has been interviewed, he comes across as mature and a person of character.Josh B. doesn’t have that same attitude; he doesn’t learn from his mistakes and when he is interviewed, he is playing the role of I think this is what you like me to say; he’s a political type. I don’t think he feels deep down anyone can teach him anything new; when it comes to pitching he knows it all.
I think the Tigers will have to really work to win this series; the Cards are hungry.Leyland’s skills at motivation will be important in this series.

As for Manny, let’s keep him. He likes to win, knows how and Daivd and he make quite a pair. I think because of his leg and various pains, he needs to be used in a more sensible fashion. Maybe it is time for management to platoon him on a monthy basis and use him in stategic series.He might be at a time in his career when TLC is needed. Of course I would talk this over with him first.

fe_liming, I agree that Papelbon will be a success and is a man of great character. I also agree that Beckett is cocky. However, I don’t think that will detract from him becoming one of the better starters in MLB. I think he will win 18-20 games in 2007. He has nasty stuff, and by the end of the season he showed signs that he was adjusting to the AL (by not trying to overpower hitters all the time). The BoSox are fortunate to have Beckett and Papelbon as starters. Since Lester will likely miss 2007, the BoSox will have him and Daniel Bard ready to join the rotation in 2008. And the farm system has guys like Bowden, Buchholz, Masterson, and Kristofer Johnson, who all have high ceilings. That is not even counting prospects who show promise like Gabbard and Chris Smith (Pawtucket). I think the Sox will have a very formidable rotation and bullpen (with guys like Hansen, Delcarmen, and Edgar Martinez among others) in the future. For next season, though, we need to fill holes (two starting pitchers, a closer, a set-up man and a left-handed specialist).

Also remember that Schilling, who I am confident will end his career on a very high note, is retiring at the end of next season, freeing $13 million in salary. Perhaps the Sox will sign a front-line starter with that money. I also wonder, with the knowledge that Schilling just has one year left on his contract, that John Henry will be even more willing to spend bug bucks on someone like Matsuzaka or Jason Schmidt.

I have mixed feelings about Manny. I think the Sox should deal him if they can get Ervin Santana, Brandon Wood and Scot Shields (or Chone Figgins) from the Angels. Otherwise, I think they should keep him since he is the best all-around hitter in the game, in my opinion. If we keep Manny, perhaps we can make the Crisp deal to Atlanta and get Andruw Jones. Regardless, there is no doubt we need a potent 3-4-5 combo such as Ortiz, Manny and Jones.

Am I the only one thinking about Bruce Hurst in October ’86 when i watch Kenny Rogers right now? He is just so locked in, he knows nobody can beat him. Hurst was the same way in ’86. Suddenly, he became twice the pitcher Clemens was for a magical period of a couple of weeks. Watching a pitcher who has everything going right is a whole lot of fun.

Hurst is a good comparison. It is amazing how Rogers has performed – throughout the regular season and especially in the postseason. I wonder how effective he will be next season at 42?

We could use a clutch left-hander in the rotation next season. Wonder if anyone is available?

Jeff: Is Rogers Clutch or not? Can you please define clutch to me?

Vik, I define clutch as coming through in a key situation – such as every start Rogers has made in the postseason. He has been quite remarkable. I think this series will go at least six games, so that would mean Rogers would make another start – perhaps a series clinching start.

Nobody can ever question Kenny Rogers again. He was very un-clutch earlier in his career. Who cares about that now. This guy has re-made himself. good for him. Stories like this represent why we all love sports. I know self-important new yorkers who watched Rogers with both the yankees and mets will probably never give him the credit he deserves. but who cares. this guy is THE Story of this october.

I agree Ian. The term clutch can be associated only to performances for the most part. There are very very few cases I associate clutch to a person. eg: Chris Webber.

To me clutch is performing better than one’s usual standard under pressure. Unclutch is performing below his normal self in a pressure situation.

I meant Weber was unclutch.

Vik, I think when someone is called clutch, that association is related to a performance, even when you say “so and so is clutch.” I think when most people think of the word clutch when associated with an athlete, they think of a person who can be counted on to come through in a key situation.

Ok. You mean being clutch is being dependable? Can we (anybody) count on Rogers/Weaver to come through in a key situation. They both came through this year. But not before. Assume the Cards win this WS in 7 games, with Weaver pitching a great game in game 6 and Rogers screwing it up. Who is clutch and who is not? Rogers came through today and not in game 6.

just so you know, I am not being argumentative. Just debating. Hard to tell on a blog because you done get the tone at times.

Weaver is not consistantly dependable. He was for a series, I think it is more of a feeling thing, when you have a guy like rogers who pitches three shutouts in a row in the playoffs he is clutch. Of course, if the Tigers are against the wall and rogers gives up 9 runs in the first inning, the papers wouldn’t say he is clutch anymore.

Guys like Ortiz and Jeter, who have come through for years in big situations are clutch players, though they obviously do not come through in every big situation. To me, someone like rogers and weaver would need to stay consistant throughout this postseason to be considered clutch, since their pasts do not warrant them the proverbial “pass”

Thats my point Vince. The word clutch (or unclutch) is throw out pretty easily in the context of a player. 2 or 3 walkoff hits in a season and he is considered clutch. One or 2 bad performances and he is considered unclutch. Clutch/Unclutch has to be over an extended period of time. Like Jeter, Ortiz, Rivera, Horry, no 23, Magic, Bird are considered clutch by me because they did it over and over again. I hate to see guys like Chris Duncan, Craig Monroe etc being called clutch . Yet. The same logic holds for people who are called choke jobs.

Clutch has different levels I think. What I’m saying is it would be much harder for guys like ortiz and jeter to lose their “clutch” status because they have a history of it behind them. Right now, Monroe and Rogers are playing clutch baseball, but they wouldn’t be a clutch player unless they finished the job, or at least that’s how I feel.

Just one series?

A world series? Yes, they would be clutch for playing on the level they are playing on right now.

Thats not my definition of clutch. I agree to disagree.

SHOO MANTRA KALI. Its gone. hahaha.

The use of the term ‘clutch’ was new to me when I became interested in baseball. So I tried to put some definitions to it. Actually TheFreeDictionary helped http://www.thefreedictionary.com/clutch particularly where it refers to being successful (or occurring in) tense or critical situations and where it refers to control or power. So it is fair to say Ortiz is a clutch hitter because of the level of control and power, not just because of walk-off homers, which would be clutch in the sense of coming through in a critical situation.

Any help?

I have just read in Ian’s mailbag about the suggestion that Kevin Millar could come back. That would be a good move if it could be made to happen. On the one hand, it would seem to be a good move in the clubhouse. On the other, he is popular with the Nation – I was at the first game of the last homestand and Millar got a great reception, even when he homered.

Is there just an outside chance that this move might come through or is it within the realms of possibility?

Let me start by making it clear that I am not talking abt Ortiz or Jeter here. The cases in question are Kenny Rogers and Jeff Weaver.
The definition you gave is good in the context of a situation, apd. But in the context of a player? How do you classify a player who has been atrocious for half his post season career and lights out for the other half. I am asking this because I have heard people make statements like “the ability to come through in the clutch is natural and it cant be worked on or developed”. How does that support the FACT that some really “UNCLUTCH” players suddenly become post season greats and vice versa?

I think some players mature to the point where they are or can be clutch in a crucial situation, as in they have grown to to able to handle the pressures of performing in crucial situations. Knowing there’s millions of people watching, playing in front of the home crowd that’s praying for the big hit or big pitching performance. Some players lose the mental edge as they age, start doubting thier abilities etc… thus becoming unclutch. Not alot of players have the resume to see the clutch and unclutch performances over the course of a whole career. Rogers has matured to the point where he can handle the big situations and pitch like he knows he can. Some players can just come up big when needed to no matter what there age, it’s just in them to give the big performance when called apon to. They thrive on that. Some players are so afraid of disapointing there fans and teammates that they cave under pressure. (See A-Rod) Therefore not acceeding or even coming close to what’s expected from them. Totaly a mental issue…that and of course to have the talent to be clutch in the first place. as far a classifying a player as clutch who’s been questionable in the past, why can’t we just say that Roger’s has been clutch in this years playoff run. That is the truth, no matter what his resume speaks of, this particular year he’s been clutch. Some players have been clutch over the course of thier careers…like Mr. October, I’m fairily sure that he’s pretty much had big post seasons. They won’t be calling Rogers Mr. October anytime soon. So yes he’s been clutch this year, no he’s not Mr. clutch. There aren’t too many Mr. October’s are there? Ortiz has come up pretty clutch in his career so far, as has Manny! You don’t get series mvp for slumping in October. D Lowe has had some pretty big clutch performances in his career too. Remember the series against the angels in 03 coming out of the pen to save the day…days. 3 series clinching wins in 04…Why didn’t we resign him again? Pettite’s been clutch too. Am i talking out of my *** right now????

I only used Ortiz as an example. I didn’t want to try to be specific.

I guess it is straightforward to assign clutch / unclutch on a game-by-game basis (situational) or if a player is consistent (contol). In terms of a player who is clearly bipolar (in a control clutch sense rather than mental health🙂 ) I would think you need to ask two questions

(1) Do they come through when the pressure is really on even when their overall performance is dismal? It may be that they are never in the postition to really be challenged in a must win do-or-die situation. Leading the division by a few games hardly counts as a critical situation (for example).

(2) Which half performance is more like their normal performance. If they are normally top of the tree, I guess you would call them a Clutch player who just went through a rough period. If they are normally a tad grim, they are probably an unclutch player who got lucky (or just was just situationally clutch).

I suppose a third situation may be that they are getting steadily better or steadily worse overall, in which case they are probaly moving from clutch to unclutch or vice versa.

I guess for some players, they just manage to get everything working when it really counts, despite their normal performance (in deference to those who say that it can’t be developed, sometimes everything will just come good). They may be unclutch overall, but no one would be able to deny that they were clutch in the WS, pennant race, etc.

This may be way off mark and I would be happy to be put right.

About Lugo… why is he so highly valued? His BA was hardly higher than that of Pedroia during his tenure as a Dodger, and he’s not awesome defensively either…

Let’s put Pedroia (our best prospect who’s got absolutely nothing left to prove in the minors) at SS and re-sign Loretta. Loretta was baseball’s best 2B as recently as 2004, when he batted above .330 with almost 50 doubles and 16 homeruns. That’s not bad!! He’s been injured the last 2 seasons, which means that his value is low and bounceback potential is high. Almost no one’s discussing the possibility of Loretta returning, and I think that’s a huge mistake… he’s valuable commodity in my opinion.

Youk, Lorretta and Lowell on 1st, 2nd and 3rd for ’07? Gets my vote.

According to baseballprospectus, Loretta’s 2004 season had an VORP (value over replacement players) of 67.6, with one of 44.5 in 2003.

To show you guys how amazing that 67.6 was, Manny had VORPs of BELOW 60 in both 2005 and 2004. Papi had a mere 60.8 VORP in 2004, and Johnny Damon’s VORP was in the 40s during his last 2 years as a Sox.

In other words, Loretta was more valuable in 2004 than ANY REDSOX PLAYER. Wait around 3 minutes for that to fully sink in…

The guy was INJURED the last 2 seasons, and his skills are still intact. Signing him for 4-5 mil would be a HUGE robbery! Let’s do that and see what happens… Theo would have to be a total bonehead to not consider this…

Apd, why not Pedroia? He’s been ranked the best Sox prospect by many organizations, valued above the likes of Lester and Papelbon. Seeing as how they’re going to be our #1 and #2 pitchers of the future, what does that make Pedroia? Let’s just give him a shot next season. Even if he doesn’t perform well in 2007, he’ll have gained experience to make him better for 2008. The guy is special.

You have a point but I made the comment because, as the pitching needs rebuilding and there will probably be some work to do with the outfielders, why not keep some constancy and have those three on the bases when they have shown that they are defensively excellent and offensively pretty good?

Yea, I would favor the Youk-Loretta-Pedroia-Lowell quartet also. The thing is, though, I don’t necessarily believe that defense wins games. PITCHING wins games, and defense AIDS pitching, but it in itself, as an entity, is not vital.

Having said that, we don’t really have many alternatives. Youk will post a near-.400 OBP, so i’m pretty satisfied with him. Loretta, as I’ve said before, is dangerously undervalued, and can explode back into an all-star. Pedroia is our best prospect, a future star. Lowell hits 20 HR and deserves a Gold Glove every year.

I’d say that’s pretty good lol, especially considering how the only guy we’re not financially robbing blind is Lowell, who’s worth every penny of his 9M salary in the modern market.

Wow, this discussion of what is clutch and unclutch has grown expansive! I think that you can call what Rogers is doing right now clutch, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is a clutch pitcher over his career. Ortiz, Jeter and guys like that have a track record on delivering clutch performances – just as pitchers like Jack Morris and Dave Stewart did -over a period of years.

If we can get a power bat in right field, I’m all for keeping Youk at first, Lowell at third, putting Pedroia at short and resigning Loretta. We need a potent 3-4-5 combo in the order, which we didn’t have last season. Obviously, first base is typically a pwoer hitting position, but if we keep Manny and either acquire Andruw Jones or sign a power hitting right fielder, that would solve the 3-4-5 issue.

Jeff, that’s exactly why I want to see Wily Mo Pena get more at-bats. Obviously, we don’t have any options left for him, so any live action he sees will have to be in the ML. He has potential to be an excellent #5 hitter, a masher who can quite literally demolish the green monster.

Maybe we can get Carlos lee or Alfonso Soriano. Then, we’ll be able to trade either Coco or Pena for pitching help. However, both of them don’t have very high market values, so… well, I think Theo has some very difficult decisions to make this winter. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t ruin us!

I think Paps will make a good number 3 starter behind Schill and Beckett. You would have to be completely insane if you think Paps will put up the numbers he did as a closer. You’ll probably get about 175 innings with an ERA in the high 3’s or low 4’s.

I think their solution for a closer should be an internal one by reinstating Foulke if they cant find one good enough through trade or free agency.

just a thought
if we can trade manny to the angels for prospects, trade one of those prospects+crisp to atlanta for andruw jones AND sing soriano and re-sign loretta the batting order would look something like:









pedroia (other ss)

that seems like a pretty darn good lineup

Just read in the Boston Globe that Mike Timlin has signed a one-year deal for $2.8 million. It can’t be announced until after the World Series. If this is true, this is good news – as long as Timlin isn’t used as the main set-up man. I don’t think his arm can take that wear and tear. He will be more effective if he is used in the 6th or 7th inning.

I just wanted to drop a line and say hello to everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been scarce for the last few weeks – it’s been hectic trying to pack to move, along with my niece’s new baby and my sister-in-law’s new baby being born within 4 days of each other, and the ongoing drama at work (and trying to find a new job). Plus, I’m going on vacation in 10 days and I don’t know where my head is at half the time.😛 So, I just wanted to say hello. I saw Ellen was asking where I was at, so I just thought I would let you know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, yet.😉

Hello butterfly. You have a niece old enough to have a baby??

it’ll cost more than crisp and a prospect to get a premiere player like andruw jones, esp crisp coming off an off year. It will be interesting to see how much the sox spend on free agency and what level of free agents they are willing to spend money on

hey jen!

I think if the Red Sox were smart they save some money and get rid of Tim Wakefeild he was good at one time but his time has come to get the boot.

Oh yeah Theo you might want to think about getting rid of Kevin You killed us with bat skills with a real first baseman with some batting power.

youk was pretty cluch last year for you guys, and he is young and can play multiple positions, I don’t see why they would get rid of him, esp the way he handles at bats

Soxfanz, I think it would be a retrograde move to get rid of either Youk or Wake. As far as I can remember, Youk was generally pretty solid when playing 1st and leading off – his performance was less convincing when out in LF and batting down the order. I think he will be able to make a real mark as a Red Sox (or should that be Red Stocking?).

As for Wake, I think there he still has a lot to offer. Remember that this season he was pitching for a while with a cracked rib and then trying to come back without a proper rehab. I hope Magadan can help to return a little sparkle. I would love to see him stay in the rotation. If not, I think having him in a long reliever role would worry most other teams (and Tek, unfortunately!).

No way the Sox should get rid of Youkilis. Though he is not the traditional 30 HR, 100 RBI first baseman, he does have some pop in his bat, can knock in run and hit for average. And he has a high on-base percentage. Many of his strikeouts were called strikes, so he needs to be more aggressive with two strikes, but I think he will be fine. He is a solid first and third baseman, and he showed he can play left field as well.

As for Wakefield, I think the Sox should consider using him as a spot starter and a reliever, much like Julian Tavarez, which would give the Sox depth. I think they will sign either Matsuzaka or Schmidt, and also sign a No. 5 guy like Meche or Padilla. Still, I think there is a place for Wakefield. He is just as good as any No. 5 guy out there, and he is versatile. Why wouldn’t you resign him at $4 million? Just as long as it doesn’t require we bring back Mirabelli. George Kottaras has experience catching the knuckleball. I hope the Sox give him a chance as backup catcher, or bring in someone like Greg Zaun.

For Magadan, read Farrell.

Sorry !

Kottaras is still too rough. He needs to stay at AAA for a year or two.

I really hope the Yanks trade Arod… if they give up the best baseball player in the world, that’s got to be a good thing for us, right?

Depends how you define the best

Hahaha, Vince……I thought we settled that issue on the other blog😛

lol Jamie has been silent for awhile, I didn’t want him to miss out

? Miss out on what?

Btw, Arod has amazing defensive skills at SS (which is why Torre’s retarded for moving him to 3B… Jeter is merely above average at SS). He can hit 50 homeruns every season, and consistently bats around .300.

Trading this guy (who the Yanks pay a mere 26M per season) is strategucal suicide (assuming your goal is to WIN!)

o wow a huge typo there…

16M is what the Yanks pay him, not 26M LOL

(The Texas Rangers pay the rest)

Apparently, it was possible to stop the Tigers.

Cardinals = 2006 World Champions!


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