October 27 — enuf said

That is what the date is on Friday, and it is the most meaningful sports date in existence for any fan with any connection to the Boston Red Sox.

Yes, the Red Sox won the World Series exactly two years ago when that Renteria grounder landed safely into the glove of Foulke, who handed off to Mientkiewicz before jumping into the arms of Varitek.

To this day, one of the most indelible sports images you’ll ever see is the look of ecstacy on Foulke’s face as he embraced Varitek. His lips were moving and I still have no idea what he was saying, but it is one of the great looks I’ve ever seen on a baseball field. Just sheer amazement. It captured the night, it captured the moment, it captured the culture of the Boston Red Sox taking a 180-degree turn in a simple instant.

In the press box, I didn’t feel all of the raw and jubilant emotions you folks felt at home, or wherever you might have watched the game. I was too locked in on my assignment, trying to write the best story I could, and trying to capture the most historic moment I’ve ever been a part of.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later when it really sunk in for me that the Red Sox had actually won the World Series. But I was there every step of the way, so I can fully appreciate the magnitude of what I witnesses.

Thank God for that collector’s Edition DVD that has the complete games of every ALCS Game against the Yankees and all four games against the Cardinals. There are still things you can go back and watch and almost forget that it happened.

Here are things that jump out to me about the entire run: This is just a running stream of conscience from me, things that jump out. None of this is scripted. My fingers are just moving here as I think.

Thinking it was over when Schilling was shelled in Game 1 at Yankee Stadium, and, for all practical purposes, was probably done for the series.

Thinking it was over again in Game 2, when Pedro pitched well against the Who’s Your Daddy chants, but the Red Sox made Jon Lieber look like Bob Gibson, circa 1968.

Thinking it was over again in Game 3 when Arroyo got shelled, as did every other Boston pitcher that took the mound that night.

Thinking it was over again in Game 4 when the Sox were down 4-3 with six outs to play and Mariano Rivera pitching.

But you know what? Then, all of a sudden, it wasn’t over. All that was over, it turned out, were Curt Schilling’s two former pals of the Yankees — Mystique and aura.

Foulke turned around the entire season by coming out of the bullpen in the seventh inning and throwing 50 pitches that night. How could Rivera walk Millar? I don’t know, but he did. And we all remember the rest. Roberts stole second, Billy Mueller bashed one right through Rivera and up the middle to tie it. Bedlam at Fenway. Then three innings of tension that wasn’t lifted until1025061923b_1 Ortiz drove  Paul Quantrill’s meatball sub into the Yankees bullpen. Joe Buck had the words to fit the occasion: We’ll see you later tonight.

Indeed, Game 5 was the most tense of all. Pedro was looking good early, and Trot made a tremendous diving catch in the corner to rob a stunned A-Rod. Ortiz pokes an RBI single up the middle for a 2-0 lead against Mussina. Pedro brushed back Matsui with some high, inside heat, setting the tone that the Red Sox were not going to go down easy. But then the Yankees put together their inevitable rally to silence Fenway and seemingly, again, putting an end to the season. Bases loaded, two outs, and who but Jeter smashes a three-run triple into the corner in right. 4-2 Yankees, silence, I tell you, silence at Fenway. Jeter pumps his fist as he gets to third —  like we haven’t seen that before. But Nixon again gets some momentum back on Boston’s side by sliding to catch a stinging liner off the bat of Matsui, which would have cleared the bases and made it 7-2 Yankees. intead, it ended the inning.

Flash Gordon, allegedly after throwing up in the bullpen, serves up a homer to Ortiz off the Volvo sign in left. 4-3 in the eighth. Millar walks again. Roberts pinch-runs again. Nixon comes up with a clutch, hit-and-run single to right. First and third, nobody out. Here comes Rivera. Here comes Varitek, who hits a sac fly to tie the game, and the Sox are revived again.

Remember Tony Clark hitting that go-ahead double against Foulke in the ninth? Oh, wait a minute, the ball takes a fateful hop into the stands. Ground rule double. No runs score. The game stays tied for several more hours, but not without some anxiety-ridden battery work between Wakefield and Varitek in the top of the 13th. Yes, Varitek did have three passed balls in one inning, and the Yankees didn’t score.

Ortiz worked that epic at-bat against Loaiza in the 14th, seemingly fouling off about 18 pitches before looping a bloop into center, prompting more magic from Joe Buck, by far the best broadcaster to work the 2004 postseason. "Damon running to the plate, he can keep on running to New York, Game 6, tomorrow night."

And after this game, certainly, a lot of people started feeling like the Sox really were going to be the first team to come back from 3-0. Game 6 was a raw, gross night. But Schilling went out there with the bloody sock and the rest was history. Bellhorn hit a three-run homer off Lieber and A-Rod made his foolish chop play on Arroyo that was overruled. The game ended on a truly nervewracking at-bat between Tony Clark and Foulke in the bottom of the ninth. two on, two outs, and Foulke blew an 88-MPH fastball by Clark to end it and set the stage for a winner-take-all.

In hindsight, what a truly gutty move by Tito (and possibly Theo) to start Derek Lowe in Game 7 on two days rest. I figured it would have been Wakefield, but I think Lowe was a much better idea. And that theory that a sinkerballer is more effective when he’s tired? Lowe proved it in this one, dominating the Yankees like nobody had ever seen him do before. And Johnny Damon, Yankee or no Yankee now, put himself into Sox lore forever with one of the best big-game performances in the history of the club. Two homers, six RBIs, including a grand slam. Do you guys and gals remember how awful Damon was in the first six games of that series? What a dramatic turnaround. Red Sox 10, Yankees 3, On to the World Series.

Being in the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium during that celebration was filled with irony. Just one year earlier, I had been in that same clubhouse after a different sort of Game 7, when grown men were crying and David Ortiz was slumped over the couch in utter despair. I’ve never seen a group of baseball players as gratified by an accomplishment as this group was after coming  back from 3-0. At that point, you didn’t know if the Sox would play the Cardinals or Astros in the World Series, but you knew they would win.

Again, in hindsight, the Cardinals were a far easier matchup for the Sox than the Astros. Houston had hard throwers like Roger Clemens, Roy Oswalt, Andy Pettitte and Brad Lidge that could have struck some fear into the Boston bats. The Cardinals, without Chris Carpenter, had a bunch of marshmellow throwers. Game 1 was ugly and neither team deserved to win. But Bellhorn clanged that Julian Tavarez pitch off the Pesky Pole in the bottom of the eighth, and any intrigue this series might have provided ended right then.

Schilling did the bloody sock thing again in Game 2, making the Cardinals look silly in the process. Then it was off to St. Louis.

Pedro, making his first World Series start and last appearance for the Red Sox, looked a tad shaky early but received two big breaks. Larry Walker tagged from third and tried to test Manny’s arm in the first, and Manny, who had belted a homer in the top of the inning, nailed him at the plate. And then the inexplicable, unfathomable, baserunning error by Suppan a couple of innings later. Bellhorn fielded the grounder on the edge of the grass at second and basically gave suppan an invitation to score. But Suppan instead fell asleep and Ortiz showed he’s not a stiff on defense, making a perfect throw across the diamond to nail him.From there,Pedro turned back the clock and looked 1999-2000 invincible, blowing through the St. Louis lineup and handing off to Foulke, who finished it off.

That brings us to that date. October 27, 2004. The game ended when it began — Damon led off with a homer. From there, you knew the Cardinals were toast. Lowe, in his Boston finale, was very bit as sharp as Pedro was in his. Trot got greenlighted on 3-0 and roped a two-run double in the third to make it 3-0. Nothing sticks out about this game from that point forward, except for the anticipation which game with the best 27th out in Red Sox history.

So Friday is your day, Red Sox fans. Enjoy it, Remember two years ago. Remember everything about it. Nights like that are why you watch sports to begin with.


jeez, way to live in the past Ian.
JK, it had to be magical for you guys, enjoy your day.

no kidding ybrenner12, a k a, Daniel. if I was really going to live in the past, i could dredge up a blog of those 1996-2000 Yankees. I have three kids, and only one of them has been alive for a yankees championship. How hilarious is that.

Ian that is a coincidence, do you really want to compare who’s kids for 8 decades weren’t alive for a redsox championship? If your kid wasn’t alive for a yankee world series chances are they haven’t even started following baseball yet anyway. The past is the past you’re either proud of it or your not, it is so arbitrary to compare 1 ring two years ago to 4 in the last 10 years, the point is neither has won for two years and oddly enough the last four ws teams have come out of both central, which are my two least favorite divisions

Yeah, but that’s exactly the point. You Yankee fans got to have fun and gloat for eight decades. The Red Sox fans should enjoy this as long as it lasts.

Thanks for that Ian. Very very fond memories. The only other thing I remember was the sense of dread I felt when Dale “would cause a car crash if directing traffic” Sveum sent Johnny Damon in the first. It seemed like it wasn’t going to be our night. And when they beat the Yankees, people crying tears of joy. Ybrenner said it about the Hollywood thing – you really could not have written a better story.

I think October 27 should be declared a national holiday since the Red Sox are revered across the United States, and not just in New England.

I’m glad the jeers about “the curse” are over. I never believed in it. Especially comparing the BoSox with the Cubs. Unlike the Cubs, the BoSox have been to the playoffs numerous times, and the World Series several times. Even many of the years when they did not reach the post season, the BoSox were in legitimate contention.

The Yankees definitely have a tremendous track record. Yet a bulk of their World Series titles were won long, long ago. After 1964, they had a drought from 1965-1975. After winning back-to-back titles in 77 and 78, they did not win again until their impressive run in the late 90s. SO the Yankees are not immune to droughts.

The World Series titles were more impressive in the 40s and 50s than the modern-day titles, since in the 90s and present day, the Yankees have such an expansive payroll that they are built to win, and their is no excuse for them not to win year after year.

It is very rewarding for, not only BoSox fans, but for fans of any team in MLB to see the Yankees fall short. Believe me, the only baseball fans rooting for the Yankees are Yankees fans themselves.

That said, the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is a historic part of baseball, and the game is made better because of it. It’s actually more interesting when both teams are legitimate World Series contenders since the games are more meaningful.

Not sure why I jumped on my soapbox to share this, but any chance I get to point out that the Yankees are not as great as they think they are, I take it!

Indeed – to show the gloating side of the Yankee fans, I saw a guy in New York in late September/early October wearing a tshirt. It was a tombstone with “RIP Boston’s post season chances” written on the front of the shirt. Makes you glad that got dumped out of the playoffs with barely a whimper.

So, my point is, it is great to have a rich history – as the Yankees and BoSox do, with the Yankees having won many more World Series titles overall. Yet, history has little to do with modern day baseball. Yankees fans can talk about their 26 (or 27, I forget the number) championships all they want, but the fact is, they are the Bills and the Braves of the 21st century.. What have you done for me lately? As a Yankees fans, talking about the 26 banners is like a Celtics fan gloating about the team’s 16 banners. It is good for history books, but meaningless in the present.

Regarding the Celtics, I do think that if they keep their core players – and plug holes with veteran role players instead of continuing to draft 19 year olds – they will add a 17th banner in 2-3 years.

Brendan, the best part of the send ’em in Sveum moment in the first is what happened on the very next pitch. two-run homer Big Papi. I should have included that moment in the original post. Not even Dale Sveum could stop the Red Sox that night.

Thank you, Ian. I love your recounts of Sox moments, and if it weren’t for this post, I wouldn’t’ve remembered it lol

Let’s hope you’ll be writing a similar post same time next year, except about the 2007 WS Champion Sox!!

Man, there is NOTHING better than the Sox-Yankee rivalry in the entire world!!

Here is a list of BoSox minor league free agents as reported in Baseball America:

Boston Red Sox

1B Jeff Bailey

1B Luis Jimenez

1B Brian Myrow

2B Trent Durrington

SS Keoni De Renne

OF Ron Calloway

OF Tyler Minges

RHP John Barnes

RHP Marc Deschenes

RHP Brett Evert

RHP Kevin Frederick

RHP David Lee

RHP Jason Richardson

RHP Jonathan Searles

RHP Jermaine Van Buren

LHP Frank Brooks

LHP Michael Bumatay

LHP Rob Henkel

LHP Rusty Tucker

by the way, the big papi photo you see in the middle of the blog is a pic i took from the pumpkin festival i attended at mccoy stadium with my kids the other night. For any of you locals with youngsters, I recommend taking the trek to McCoy before Halloween. Awesome baseball pumpkins, music pumpkins, culture pumpkins. I especially enjoyed the pumpkin with Bill Clinton and Monica posing together. And there was a Pete Rose caricature pumpkin with the inscription, “Don’t bet on it.”

Van Buren shows signs of being a very effective reliever, but he is so spotty with his control that I’m not sure it’s worth trying to keep him. I don’t know much about the other guys on this list, other than the fact none are considered top prospects, obviously. Bailey seems like he could provide a team with a power bat at first.

Pete Rose, what a shame. I was at the game when he broke Ty Cobb’s record. I was in high school, and lived about 45 minues from Cincinnati. We bought tickets to every game that week hoping to see the historic moment. It’s a shame what he has become.

I was looking at the BoSox 2007 schedule and noticed that they play the Yankees six games in April, three each in May and June, and August and September. That means the only month they won’t face the Yankees is July. I like spreading out those games. I go to the games in Tampa Bay and Atlanta, and one series at Fenway. I’m wondering when tickets go on sale for 2007. Anyone know?

You gotta like Boston’s September schedule: Five games with Baltimore and six with Tampa Bay; 17 home ganes and 10 raod games (two of those three series are against Baltimore and Tampa Bay, the other with Toronto) and a season-ending six-game homestand with Oakland and Minnesota. Hopefully the Sox can be in good shape in late August so they can take advantage of this September schedule.

Lol I don’t care if you gloat on this as long as it lasts but it is hypocritical to constantly badger yankee fans for talking about memories that every living fan can pretty much recall and then turn around and talk about your one memory of a world series victory.

Jeff, when they won their titles in the 90’s their payroll was not anything extraudinary.

You have to be able to beat tampa next year for that september schedule to be easy.

comparing the celtics and yankees is ridiculous since the yankees won a lot more recently than the celtics did. They also have won in every single decade except he 1980’s since the 1920’s, that is consistancy, not a fluke or a concentrated microcosym of winning and failure for every other portion of their history.

I really thought I was hallucinating and did not see that ortiz picture the first time until i realized ian added it later

So every nearly every living Yankee fan can recall the 26 titles they go on about?

I don’t know what the years are that the Yankees won their titles but I know the “at least one title every decade except for…” does not mean anything. I know it is not the case, so don’t correct me on it, but your argument could have the Yankees winning a title in 1971 and not winning again until 1999.

Anyway, Yankeemm, you cannot say the Yankees just reminisced about their memories. They gloated about them. How else can you explain the 1918 chants that were at their games?

I actually added the Ortiz photo because I am trying to become more tech savvy for my trip to Japan next week, when i plan on being a blogging fool and posting tons of pictures from my travels through Tokyo and other parts of Japan. I’ll give you all the link to the Japan blog once it’s officially set up, and by all means, we can all cross over between the two blogs.

Ian, I am not making this up. I have 4 grand parents, like anybody else here. All four of them lived over 70 yrs. But none of them saw a redsox championship. So it isn’t very surprising only two of your three kids, who have been on this world for all of MAY BE 15 yrs on this world TOGETHER has not seen a yankee championship. I am sure they will see atleast a 20 more in their lifetime. Long live your kids. Long live the yankees.

The Celtics and Yankees are comparable. Both of history-rich franchises. True, the Celtics have not won for awhile – 1986, in fact – yet the Celtics were consistent in every decade up to the 90s. And they had dominant stretches. SO, yes, it is accurate to compare the Yankees and Celtics. And, yes, it is a joke when Yankees fans tout their world championships today when most of them were won decades ago. Just as it would be a joke for me to tout the Celtics titles when they haven’t won since /86.

Dare to dream, Vik.

Maybe the Yankees are cursed by you, Vik. Didn’t you say you arrived in the United States in 2001, the start of the Yankees World Series title drought that is likely to continue for the long term?

Jeff, 6 yrs is less than a decade. A franchise will be considered VERY SUCCESSFUL if it wins a championship every 6th year. Dont you think??

Ian, indeed October 27th 2004 was momentious. There is another reason it is especially significant to me, they delivered the absolute best birthday present I ever had! Could anything possibly beat that?
Well yea!……REPEAT 2007

Have fun in Japan Ian


hahaha. Spoken like a redsox fan. NO CURSES.

I arrived in the US in Aug 2000. But did not watch a baseball game until 2001 season.

Maybe it’s the combined curse of A-Rod and Vik🙂

has to be Giambi or Mussina. How can it be ARod?

Here are the Yankees’ list of World Series titles. Note that most of them occurred a long, long time ago. Hardly any reason to brag right now. The Yankees are 26-13 in World Series; the BoSox 6-4.

2000 • 1999 • 1998 • 1996

1978 • 1977 • 1962 • 1961

1958 • 1956 • 1953 • 1952

1951 • 1950 • 1949 • 1947

1943 • 1941 • 1939 • 1938

1937 • 1936 • 1932 • 1928

1927 • 1923

When you can brag abt 1 measly champinship that you won 2 yrs ago, I think the yankees can brag abt the 4 in the last 10 years.

Here is the BoSox history, of which 2004 obviously is the most relevant today:

World Series titles (6) 2004 • 1918 • 1916 • 1915

1912 • 1903

AL Pennants (11) 2004 • 1986 • 1975 • 1967

1946 • 1918 • 1916 • 1915

1912 • 1904 • 1903

East Division titles (5) 1995 • 1990 • 1988 • 1986


Wild card berths (5) 2005 •2004 • 2003 • 1999


You’re stuck in yesteryear, Vik. The Yankees should be proud of the late 90s, indeed, since they have fallen on their faces when it has counted since. To the satisfaction of BoSox fans and any baseball fan who is not a Yankees fan, the Yankees current drought is not likely to end anytime soon.

yea so??? the Yankees won 26 world championships. The Red Sox pulled off the greatest turnaround in sports history by eviscerating the Yankees. PAY BACK so what? you got bragging rights we got bragging rights. It’s all baseball, it’s all good!


I think it is fitting that the BoSox won their first World Series title in decaded by staging the greatest comeback in sports history in the ALCS against their biggest rival. It is a fond memory, but it is just that now – a fond memory. I don’t want to be like Yankees fans and dwell on yesteryear. I want another title in 2007. The BoSox are poised to content for World Series titles year after year with a strong farm system in place, a great GM like Epstein and an owner who is willing to spend to get key free agents and trade acquisitions.

exactly my point larsfan. Both of us has our own points to brag about. You brag abt your 04 WS and we brag abt ours. But to call yankee fans as “living in the past” or “the yankee fans gloated abt their victories” etc AS the redsox fans are doing the same is hypocrisy. Dont you think?

Though obviously I’m an AL guy because of the BoSox, I think it’s good for the sport if the Cardinals win the World Series. It’s more interesting when both leagues are more even in talent. Though the AL is markedly better overall than the NL, it will be good for baseball if the Cardinals pull this off.

to be completely honest, the team that deserved to win 04 ALCS won it. I am not even the least bit bitter about it. The only thing I hate abt that series is Schilling’s childish bloody sock drama. Having said that, he did a great job pitching.

Vik, the 2004 World Series is still such an incredible story not just because the BoSox broke their long streak of not winning a World Series – especially considering that they came so close so many times and lost in heartbreaking fashion. It’s also an incredible story because of the magnitude of the comeback in the ALCS, the fact that comeback was against the Yankees and the fact that they swept the Cardinals to take eight in a row. The Yankees stories are less interesting because they were supposed to win when they did. That’s what Steinbrenner’s bankroll builds them for.

That said, like I sad in a previous comment, 2004 is now a fond memory for the history books. It’s time to concentrate on winning another win, and watching the Yankees drought continue.

And yes, I know that the Sox had a high payroll in 2004. Yet they had a team – a true team of hard-nosed players, and not a group of primaddonas who think they are entitled to championships because they play for a franchise that has the most flags of any team.

2 things.
1) The yankees did not have the highest payroll when they won their championships in the 90s.

2) The redsox were the better team in 2004. They were not the underdogs. The hitting of the teams was a push and the pitching of redsox was easily 100 times better. What is it? Pedro, Schilling, Arroyo and Lowe Vs Mussina, Brown, Vazquez and Lieber? wow.

True, but they did have a very high payroll and plugged holes with whoever they wanted, which other teams could not and still cannot do. The Yankees did have a better “team” then with guys like O’Neill, Tino Martinizez and Brosius, and not the primadonnas they have now.

The Red Sox were the better team in 2003 and 2004, but the Yankees were favored. The Yankees won the division in both seasons.

favored by who?

2003 dont think you can say one team was better than other. The yankees had Clemens, Pettite, Mussina and Wells

Jeff, in 2004 the redsox had a very high payroll too, it doesn’t make a difference, both teams won, deservingly so, if the last six years should teach you anything, it is that payroll doesn’t make a difference and any team can win if they spend the money they do have in the right places.

I think 1998 and winning going 125-50 is something that cannot be considered boring, jeff. They weren’t even division winners the year before and since you pride yourself so much on pointing out yankee droughts, they had one title in the last 19 years before 1998. How is that not a story?

1999 they manhandled the redsox in the alcs, the rivalry wasn’t as intense back then but it still existed, that is not boring.

2000 was a subway series, that was the most exciting for new york and new york only I agree, but still nevertheless, one city with two teams and BOTH reaching the world series is a story.

1996 was the slump breaker, that is a story too, esp with the adversity of health between dying legends, dying relatives of torre and dying fathers mixed with defeating the defending champs with one of the best three men rotations in all of playoff history, is pretty impressive. Oh, and they also had a no hitter that year by a recovering drug addict, it was a team of destiny. That is a story too, whether you choose to recognize it or not.

Brendan the 1918 chants were gloating on redsox failure, not yankee memory. Yes, we talk about our titles, no I did not see all 26, but I still saw four, four times the amount you have for your team, you can’t take four away from me because they happened four years before yours did, that is an absurd comparison. It didn’t even happen in a different calendar decade.

Brendan, I will correct you about a title every decade because you are wrong.

1920’s as jeff posted, the yankees won in 23,27 and 28.

1930’s: 32,36,37,38,39

1940’s: 41,43,47,49

1950’s: 50,51,52,53, 56,58

1960’s: 61,62

1970’s: 77,78

no 1980’s as I mentioned, but they did have one appearence.

1990’s: 96,98,99

2000’s: 2000, appearences in ’01 and ’03…..2000 can go in the 90’s if you want it to, this decade is also not over.

Do you understand that they have won in every decade except the 80’s now?

oh and btw, from games 3-6 of the 1996 series through to game 3 of the 2000 series, the yankees won 14 consecutive world series games. That, is a story. They then won two more after finally losing.

Wow. They should make Psychology 101 students read this website for their lesson on defense mechanisms. I guarantee As all around.

Swol-that would probably be considered cruel and unusual punishment!

Ian, thanks for that great trip down Memory Lane. The whole series was heart-stopping and the re-run is just as great. It WILL stand the test of time for true fans.

(Love the Papi pumpkin.)

He made a mistake. End of story.

count with me brenner:

1919,1920,1921,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41-you get the point yet? Count to 2004 and I know you were alive for every single one of those failing years. Oh, wait, you got your one championship to watch and yet i’m what, 80 years younger and I already saw four? Please Keep harping on six years if that is all you can possibly point to.

Vince, the point is, the Yankees are supposed to win year after year. That is why Steinbrenner spends so much money. That, and all of the resources as his disposal from being in the largest market in the U.S. SO it is magnified, in these modern days, when the Yankees have a World Series title drought like the one they are in. And it’s only natural that – since the Yankees spend like they do and have an attitude of arrogance, elitism and entitlement – that not just BoSox fans, but fans of every other team in baseball, enjoy the Yankees’ failures. You can live in yesteryear all you want. Like I mentioned before, the Yankees multiple titles – and the BoSox titles from almost 100 years ago – are ideal for the history books, but they mean little today. The Yankees will regain bragging rights if they win another World Series title. Until then, they are left to live in yesteryear just as Celtics fans do. And I can say that since I am a Celtics fan.

That is completely illogical thinking. It just makes no sense whatsoever. Because you won more recently in the calendar decade even though it was once compared to four times, you think we are living in the past and the redsox are the cream of the crop? Newsflash: They came in third in their division and have the 2nd highest payroll in baseball. I don’t know if you noticed that, and yesteryear starts with last season, which means 2004 follows that suit too. The redsox aren’t supposed to win? They don’t have expectations, 130 million dollars and they are carefree underdogs? You’re kidding yourself. I don’t know where this belief of everybody loves and embraces the sox and hates the yankees comes from. Saying only yankee fans love the yankees is a bland statement. There are transplanted new yorkers everywhere in the country, in every state, and the state of New York alone is 20 million people, not to mention the tri state area so making it seem like the Yankee fanbase is some minor little group of people is completely misleading. Thinking the whole country pulls for the redsox after their own team is ridiculous too, I don’t know if you noticed but ever since you actually won a world series, showing the redsox are of the elite fan bases, you are no longer an underdog small market team (and never were a small market team) fans hate you too. Stop kidding yourself, other teams, they hate the sox too, the sox are still big market baseball, not the same level as the yankees but big nontheleess and nobody feels bad for them anymore.

Not to mention, most international fans are either mariner or yankee fans so once again, to think everybody else hates the yankees is just a weak statement. If a drought is six years than what is 86? It is just a boring statement to make because it is so unbelievably faulty. You guys are not some cinderella team anymore with no money but the money you spend is used perfectly, ok? You have guys like schilling and manny that other teams would kill to be able to afford, so stop thinking there is some glamarous love affair between the rest of the nation and the boston redsox because there isn’t.

fan bases should be franchise*

I completely agree Vince. Just seems to me that “history” to Red Sox fans goes back to 2004 and that is it, especially Jeff. When is the “past” for Sox fans? How many years do Sox fans look back that is considered “the past”? I am reading Ian’s above “October 27-enuf said”….and I guess if all one has to hold onto is one title in 86years, and brings up 2 years after it happened, I do feel sorry for Sox fans. Seriously, why is money always brought up? The Red Sox had the 2nd highest payroll last year and came in 3rd in their division. If Jeff’s arugment is “the Yankees are suppose to win it every year w/their payroll”, then shouldn’t Boston be runner up every year with their payroll, meaning they should be playing St Louis again this year? And as far as fans are concerned, I don’t know for sure, but I bet worldwide there are more Yankee merchandise sold than Red Sox….(I’d have to check on that)…..I guess definition of “the past” depends on who you talk to…

lol. Sam, of course you are going to disagree with me. You’re a Yankees fan, a regular on the Yankees blog and a person who never has anything good to say about the Red Sox. Even myself, who has a strong dislike for the Yankees, compliment them when it is warranted.

We will have to agree to disagree on this topic. The debate will go round and round if we don’t. Getting a Yankees fan to admit that his team has a marked advantage over every other MLB team because of the financial resources at their fingers from being in NYC is unlikely. Nobody on this blog has said that the BoSox are a small market team. Especially with John Henry at the helm, they are not. Yet the Yankees still have a marked advantage when it comes to signing free agents, taking on salaries and plugging holes at the trading deadlines – that is the main point I am making.

The point about history I am making is that the Yankees do have a great heritage, but Yankees fans tend to dwell on yesteryear, especially since they have fallen short six years in a row when they were built to win it all. BoSox fans rightly take pride in 2004 because it broke a string of so many times when they were close, but did not finish the deal. And that the first title since 1918 came at the Yankees expense is even more gratifying.

Yet, apparently neither of you understood or completely read my posts. I think that Yankees fans dwell too much on the past, and as a BoSox fan, I want to take pride in 2004 but move on. I’m more interested in 2007 and the moves that Theo will make to field a World Series contender. Perhaps, instead of touting your championship banners as Yankees fans, you should do the same.

I’ve had my say about this subject. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion, and we will agree to disagree. We’ll see what happens on the field next season.

Regarding the World Series, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cardinals win. The Tigers are a great story, but so are the Cardinals. They have come closer several times since their last World Series title in 1985 (which was so long ago that the Royals were an AL powerhouse!). They have devoted fans just like the BoSox. Good for them if they pull this one off.

One more thing. Good to see that Jacoby Ellsbury is having success in the Arizona Fall League. Seems like he will be able to occupy a spot in the BoSox outfield in 2008 (or even next season if certain moves are made).

shameless plug by me. please check out my Japan tour blog.


i’ll be spending a lot of time there the next few days.

I should have said that 1985 was the Cardinals’ last World Series appearance, not their last win. That was 1982, when Ozzie Smith had a big home run, if I remember correctly.

Ian, have a safe trip to Japan. Should be interesting to see how the team fares. It will be even more interesting to see which Japanese players are potential MLB players.

Is there anything more exciting than the celebration when a team wins the LCS or World Series? I don’t think football, basketball and hockey even remotely compare. Even when your team does not reach the post season, if you are a baseball fan it is exciting to watch the final out and the elation on the faces of the players and fans. Congrats to the Cardinals. They and there fans deserve it.

Yankeemm – are you serios?!? I wrote do you DO NOT CORRECT ME because i am not saying it is true…but you went ahead and corrected me anyway. My point was that your point about winning a title every decade except for 20’s and 80’s didn’t mean very much because it could mean a team won one in 1971 and then not until 1999. Seriosly dude, read my messages before you correct me.

And when you try and correct me, try not to sound so pompous because the chances are you will be wrong.

Incidentally, if a team wins a world series, how do the fans become elitist automatically?

Finally, seeing as you admit to the Yankees gloating and revelling in Red Sox failure, you will no doubt readily accepy the “Year 2000” chants. Because to not do so would be that hypocrite word that is thrown around so much

Finally finally finally….sam, having the second highest payroll would NOT mean the Red Sox lose to St. Louis in the WS. It would mean they lose to the Yankees in the ALCS before then Yankees beat the Cards (or really, Mets) in the WS. Red Sox did not fulfill their end of the bargain but most unfortunately the 1928 Yankees, with their 18 or 19 consecutive scoreless innings (that’s two full for the mathematically deficient) against the Tigers so could not do their end either

Ybrenner – who is your team in football? Patriots I presume?

I’m a huge follower of the Pats myself, so don’t ever hesitate to pump up the Pats talk in this blog. Same goes for the Celts, as we discussed earlier. I don’t follow the Bruins at all.

Ian, who do you think they should be giving more time to? Moroney or Dillon? Do you think giving time to both of them is ok or just indecisiveness?

If I sound pompous, it’s either an insecurity thing on your end or miscontrued interpretation because I’m not trying to, nor do I really mind if I sound that way to begin with.

Jeff, two days after the Yankees were eliminated I gave a blue print as to what I feel would improve the team for 2007 AND 2008 on the Yankees blog, you can’t tell me I dwell on yesteryear and don’t concentrate on the future. Nobody, regardless of what team they root for, likes to see their team lose, as I’m sure you can understand.

I was also just thinking about how celebration in baseball is unlike any other sport. I don’t even know why this is, the field isn’t a special celebratory field, the rosters aren’t the biggest of all the sports but for some reason, maybe it is the lack of equipment, when a baseball team celebrates an LCS or World Series it is so much more heartwarming and emotional than any other sport.

I feel like the Broncos are to the patriots what the patriots are to the colts at this point. They (the broncos) really know how to handle the pats. Personally, I think maroney is the future at running back for the pats. He has explosive speed, a big upper body and pretty good vision, while Dillon is only getting older.

In other news, I got some orange bowl tickets yesterday, complete with a tailgating, parking, and post party package, so january 2nd I will be attending the Orange bowl, where hopefully, I can see my Wolverines manhandle whoever they play. What I do know is I do not want to see auburn vs louisville because I have no invested interest in either team. While I hate the buckeyes and think Michigan CAN beat them, I don’t think they will, so I expect Michigan to finish as the three or four seed and play in the Orange bowl.

What does this all have to do with the patriots? Well, clearly tom brady played for the wolverines. I still dislike the pats though because I am a Giants fan and it is the rightful thing to do.

So by your rationale, I can be insecure and you can be pompous (seeing as you don’t mind it) all in the same breath. Well isn’t that nice!

FYI – this makes you sound pompous. “Do you understand that they have won in every decade except the 80’s now?”. The “I will correct you because you are wrong” falls into the same category. I dunno though, I’m feeling so insecure I find it hard to know what’s pomposity and what’s me dealing with my frailties.

I sifted through your messages and I just don’t think yankee fans understand how important 04 was to us. It is not your fault you don’t get it, you guys have won. Look, if you grew up in New England or even if you have been a devoted BoSox fan from a far, you have lived with tragedy. 67′ with Tony C, 75′ losing in 7 to that Red’s team even though Fisk hit that home run, the 78′ one game playoff (14 games up on the yankees), 86′ enough said, 88′ 90′ decent BoSox playoff teams before the wild card and three divisions, 98′ 99′ 00′, even 02 winning 93 games and not going. 2003 was a killer. It doesn’t make our tragedy any worse or better than the Cubs or Braves, but it is still heart breaking. And in New England it is the Sox 24/7, you can be golfing in the back woods of vermont or on Beacon Street, it just doesn’t matter, the sox are always on and everyone knows the score. So 04 was such a big deal because finally, finally, we won. And to make the yankees the biggest chokers next to two 1970’s hockey teams (like anybody cares about hockey) was just gravy. You can’t explain it, priest giving the Sox blessings at mass, people visiting grave yards, all the stuff that went on.Are we living in the past? Perhaps, but the past is ok, we just can’t dwell on it. Tell me the Miracle on Ice doesn’t give you chills every time, should you not watch or think about because it was 26 plus years ago? That is nonsence. Yankee fans, the only thing you may be able to compare this to is take when you won your first one in 96′, first time since 78′ that had to of felt good, multiply it by 20, and that is how 04 feels to us. Sorry about the long post, but I tried for a different perspective.

*obviously you don’t golf on beacon street, try sipping a beer on beacon street.

I see your point connor. 2004 is VERY VERY specail for redsox fans. Being special for redsox fans doesn’t make it any more important than it ACTUALLY is for the REST of the world. Some people here are trying to convince others that the 1 championship in 2004 makes Boston a more successful franchise than New York.

Yankee indian, I’m a die hard fan, but I have to admit, there is no comparing the Yankees to the Red Sox. The yankees, (gulp) are one of the most successful sports franchises ever. Does any other team have that many championships? Even if you look at it pro rata? For instance, Let’s say Since 1900 the Yankess have won what 27? So that is 25% of all titles. The Celtics have won 16 which in 61 years which is 26% of all titles. Who else could we look at, UCLA (not a pro franchise though), packers? Maybe some college teams, ie Oklahoma in wrestling. You are correct that 99% of the world could care less, but remember you are on a Red Sox blog, glad to have you,but that’s the venue.

Also, I don’t buy into the money thing either. Yes, spending more will give you a better opportunity to make it into the playoffs, but going deep, is a little different. Look at this Cardinal team. Do you realize they had the 12th best pitching staff in the NL? At the start of the playoffs, they may have been my pick for the worse team, but they got hot and have another banner.

I understand this is a redsox blog. But there has to be atleast SOME objectivity. Right? To say the redsox WS win was more satisfactory than any of your 26 or all 26 of yours put together is one thing. To say the sox are more successful than yankees because the sox won after 86 years is another.

I agree with you on playoffs and regular season. Over 162 games, better talent (more money) usually prevails. Over 5 or 7 games, not so much. Actually, it is not even 5 or 7. You need to be bad or the other team needs to be hot for only 3(5 game series) or 4(7 game series) games.

No you’re right, without objectivity, it means nothing. So we understand each other, I just don’t see how anyone can argue that the Yankees are not more successful than the Sox. Blows my mind. And so we are clear, I’m no yankee fan.

In regard to the Dillon/Maroney question, I don’t think either one of them needs to be THE Guy. i think this multi-pronged attack is pure headache for opposing defenses. As soon as they figure out a way to contaion Dillon’s bruising attack, Maroney is downfield for a huge play. Love it. In a matter of a year or two, Maroney is going to be a superstar. but that doesn’t need to be now.

Connor, noone ever said the BoSox have been more successful than the Yankees. The point is that the Yankees – with all of their resources – have not won since 2000, and that is very satisfying to BoSox fans and everyone who is not a Yankees fan. Why do you think there are t-shirts for about every team in MLB that says, “My favorite team is (Insert team here) and whoever is playing the Yankees” The Yankees have a long record of success, and as has been said many times, much of it was 1964 and before. They have definitely had their share of great teams (77-78, 96-2000). The BoSox have had their share of great teams too, making the playoffs numerous times and, before the wild card, having great seasons only to fall short because another team won the AL East (or AL, before their was an AL East).

So, though I rarely agree with Fagan, I think we should cease this debate, because we will go around in circles. The Yankees have a great track record. The BoSox have a storied and successful history as well, just not as successful as the Yankees since the Sox have reached the playoffs and World Series several times and have only in 2004 won the title in modern day baseball.

That said, I’m done with this discussion. Everything that can be said has been said.

As yankeemm says so many times anyway, the only reason the Yankees are successful is because of their payroll.

Funny, Brendan. Let’s move on past this talk about payroll and history – because the debate goes nowhere🙂

I think BoSox fans and Yankees fans are just a little bored right now on the baseball front since our teams have been eliminated, and now the World Series is over. Two weeks until free agent signings can be announced.

I look forward to covering the winter meetings here in Orlando. One story I’m writing is a profile on Theo Epstein and Brian Cashman for a national business and lifestyle magazine for professional athletes, sports executives and sports agents. I look forward to this piece. On these blogs, I am a BoSox and baseball fan expressing my opinions. As a writer, I do my best to tell a person’s story. In this case, finding out the blueprint to building a successful team. Should be interesting. I’ve written lots of features on pro athletes and celebrities, but never a feature on these GMs.

Personally, I can’t wait for the free agent signings and trades to begin. It marks one step closer to the beginning of spring training.

Today is some of the best of Fagan i’ve ever seen. Keep it up old buddy and i might never have to delete you again! good work.

ybrenner (aka .. aka .. aka .. aka ..): Good rant. But, I still fail to see how the yankees are laughing stock WHILE the redsox are not. Correct me if I am wrong, the yankees finsihed better than Redsox every single year since 1996 EXCEPT 2004. If you think you should laugh at yankees for finishing better than the sox year in and year out, what does that say about YOUR redsox. Think oldman. Think.

I just posted this on Boston.com:

Here is my prediction for the offseason:

1. Trade Coco – we no longer have a use for him. Wily Mo Pena is our CF now, with 30-40 HR potential. We can probably get a quality reliever or two in exchange.

2. Acquire Julio Lugo. Since he’s struggled in LA, I expect him to be some sort of a bargain. Probably 3-4 years, 5-8 million per. He’s the speed we need as the leadoff man (since we would’ve traded Coco already)

3. Sign Soriano to 4 yr, 70mil. Since we’ve moved Pena to CF, traded Coco, and declined to re-sign Nixon, we need a RF!! Soriano is by far the best option. Also, Carlos Lee might be a good alternative.

4. Trade Craig Hansen and Ellsbury for Brad Lidge. OR sign Eric Gagne to a incentive-based contract (3-4 mil guarenteed, up to 6 mil more in incentives)

5. Re-sign Loretta. In 2004, Loretta was the BEST 2B in baseball! According to baseballprospectus, Loretta’s 67VORP (value over replacement player) was higher than that of ANY Sox player on the 04 Championship team, including Manny, Papi, and Damon. Loretta’s been injured recently, but has serious bounceback potential. We sign him for cheap, and get excellent value from him.

6. Pedroia stays in a utility role. He needs to get used to the ML; play him full-time in 08 when he’s ready.

7. Acquire someone like Gil Meche or Vicente Padilla to be our 5th starter. Don’t spend millions on the VERY VERY VERY VERY overrated Zito or dump millions on Matsuzaka; it’s not necessary and we need to spend wisely…

So here’s the 2007 team (Projected record: 102-60)

Here is the MOST EXPENSIVE team possible (total can be decreased by up to 30m with Manny gone and Gagne replaced with Lidge)

1. Julio Lugo, SS —————6m

2. Mark Loretta, 2B————–5m

3. David Ortiz, DH—————13m

4. Manny Ramirez, LF———-19m

5. Soriano/Lee, RF—————16m

6. Mike Lowell, 3B—————-9m

7. Kevin Youkilis, 1B————-very little

8. Wily Mo Pena, CF————- very little

9. Jason Varitek——————-10m

IF. Dusting Pedroia ————–very little

IF/OF. Eric Hinske —————3m

OF – David Murphy —————very little

C – George Kattoras ————very little

SP – Curt Schilling—————-17m

SP – Josh Beckett —————10m

SP – Jon Papelbon—————-very little

SP – Tim Wakefield ————–4m

SP – Padilla/Meche—————-5m

CL – Eric Gagne ——————-9m

RP – Tavarez ————————4m

RP – Keith Foulke —————–6m

RP – Timlin ————————-3m

RP – See Coco trade

RP – See Coco trade or signing

TOTAL: around 139m, which is BELOW the luxury tax limit (which Henry doesn’t want to go over, and for good reason too! lol)

I think that IF we get this team, we have serious Championship potential!!

Jamie, I like some of your ideas, but no way should the BoSox trade Hansen and Ellsbury. I prefer signing a closer. If Soriano or Lee can play RF, I like the idea of signing one or the other. I wouldn’t mind Pena in center field. I agree he has tremendous upside. I don’t think that will happen, though. I would be shocked if the Sox didn’t either keep Crisp, or deal him and a couple prospects for Andruw Jones. Of course, since Ellsbury has such a high ceiling, and Manny will be a free agent in 2009, it might be a good idea to keep Pena and perhaps use Ellsbury in left when Manny’s contract expires (if he is not traded beforehand). I like the idea of Lugo at short, Loretta at second and Pedroia in an Alex Cora role for 2007. So many different scenarios that could happen this off season. It will be an interesting one.

Fagan, I appreciate your interest. It is always nice to hear from a fan. Perhaps you would like an autographed photo or an autographed copy of a travel guidebook (haha).

Regarding the Epstein and Cashman article, the magazine editor prefers an interview with both of them together, but I think it’s doubtful that will happen. I will likely do the interviews separately. This publication is a national business and lifestyle magazine distributed to professional athletes, sports executives and sports agents. I recently did a story on Cristie Kerr for it. I did a profile on Barry Larkin as well, in additional to several trael features and business trend features designed to help professional athletes prepare for life after retirement from sports.

I have literally written thousands of articles in my 16 years as a professional writer. I was a sports writer at a mid-sized daily newspaper (covering high school, UD and Wright State basketball and periodically covering the Reds and Bengals) for three years out of college, an editor for a regional business magazine and an editor for a regional lifestyle magazine before embarking on a full-time career as a freelance writer and a publicist for companies and agencies, which I do now.

It is great to get paid to write for a living, as I’m sure Ian will attest. I work from a home office, don’t have a boss breathing down my back and pursue stories that I want to write for magazines and clients I want to provide writing and PR services to as a publicist.

Though I will not provide you with a detailed list of magazine for which I have written – there are many – my web site is http://www.jefflouderback.com. I have been so busy with assignments and client retainers that I haven’t had time to update it since August, but there are multiple writing samples on there.

I don’t just write sports features. I also write travel and lifestyle features, personality profiles (on celebrities and interesting everyday people), business features and health and wellness features.

I recently signed an agreement with People’s Southeast bureau to do some freelance work for them. I also write for several in-flight magazines and magazines produced by custom publishers. I’m also in the aerly stages of writing a baseball-themed travel guidebook with a co-author about MLB cities and also minor league affiliate cities.

Initially in my career, I wanted to become a full-time baseball beat writer, but after three years of working at a daily newspaper, I realized that I no longer liked the hours of working so many evenings. I’m very content with what I do now, and I’m getting back to doing more and more sports writing.

I need not give anyone – especially you – references and detailed information. Obviously, I am good at what I do or else I wouldn’t make a comfortable living on my own. Enjoy!

RIP Red, there will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be another you. All those championships you won as a coach, cigar smoke in the face of the other team as you did it. The Parish/McHale heist. The genius to draft Bird as a junior eligible. The Robey/DJ grand larceny. Red was epic. He was the best. It’s a darn shame he won’t be around to see No. 17. Perhaps someway his passing can inspire the 2006-07 edition of the Boston Celtics.

Ybrenner – I must respectfully disagree with one of your points. Age is merely a perspective, and everybody sees their age only in contrast to other people’s. However, more to the point is that you feel that Vik should apologize. As someone who is around the the younger age you refer to, I would say the following. Am I opinionated?****** straight. But never should I apologize for something I think now. In 40 years, I may think I was a whippersnapper and think I was an idiot, but everyone makes mistakes and learns these lessons for themselves. The same way when you were 25, if a 65 year old came up to you and said “you are being an idiot” you would have told them to get bent. You learnt lessons yourself over yime, you never would have learnt these lessons by someone telling you at the time that you were wrong. Such is life. And such is talk that is way too philosophical for a baseball blog.

I apparently came off as disrespecting your age Fagan. For that I apoplogize. I did not intend to.

Ybrenner – I would never EVER get my own blog and let you know about it! It’s a one way ticket to Abuse City. However, your other points are taken.

I suppose what I was trying to get at is that if a person is only going to apologize in retrospect, why does somebody need to tell them they are wrong now?

how r the sox gunna catch for the ageless tim wakefeild now that mirabelli has filed for free agency?

Just heard that Celtic Legend Red Auerbach passed away. So many memories of him. Especially him lighting up the ceremonial cigar(s) after the Celtics win championship(s).
Rest in peace Red.

Red was a truly great coach. He’ll be missed greatly by all Celtic fans.

As usual, Fagan, you are back to your condescending self. That’s fine with me. You’re entitled to your opinion, which means little if nothing to me and most people on this blog.

Being a full-time writer of any type is challenging and requires talent. I’m glad I chose the route of leaving newspaper life behind for a full-time freelance writing and PR business because of the hours, the money and the freedom to choose stories I want to write instead of having random stories assigned. You asked where you could find writing samples, and I gave you my web site, which is the main vehicle for that. So I’m sorry if you think that is self-promotion, which I’m not ashamed of (as a business owner and a writer, self-promotion is critical). Especially for you, I’m not going to spend time I don’t have to let you know where my writing appears. No need to. You’re not an editor at a magazing I’m pitching. And I don’t really care what your opinion is about my writing.

As for being a beat writer for a professional or collegiate sport, it does take a lot of talent and dedication, and Ian does a great job. There is a lot of travel involved – time away from your family – and it is not for everyone.

Regarding the OverTime article, it is slated for the March issue. I imagine it will be done by late December. You can buy a subscription to the magazine, if you’d like. Or, you can tryout for the BoSox, sign a contract and then you’ll get one for free.

Regarding Red Auerbach, it is a great loss to the Celtics and basketball. He was the face of Celtics basketball for so long, sometimes sharing the spotlight with guys like Russell, Cousy and Bird. Anyone who is a Celtics fan and/or an NBA fan will think of the image of Auerbach lighting his cigars (as Ellen mentioned).

Just read in the Herald that it is unlikely the Sox will pick up Keith Foulke’s $7.5 million option (which is not a surprise), and that it is uncertain whether Foulke wll pick up his $3.75 player option for 2007. I hope the latter happens, because a healthy Foulke would dramatically strengthen the BoSox bullpen.

The same article also said that the Sox have until five days after the World Series to exercise Wakefield’s $4 million option, and we should expect the Sox to do it. That’s good news. Wakefield is versatile. I like him as a No. 5 starter or a reliever.

jamie:keep coco and get rid of Wily mo

and thus she was drawn back into the den of the viper…

Honestly Daniel, please don’t mistake my gulliblity for stupidity. And do be nice.

Helafrye-I hope that we don’t have to watch anyone TRY to catch Wakefield. That was an unnerving experience. Those two need to be together. Like the Thoroughbred with his companion pony.

Connor- I liked the way that you put being a Sox fan into a context that could perhaps be understood by a Yankees fan-since they don’t seem to get it. It’s not CHOOSING which team you like best, like it is for many fans here in New York. It’s something that you are born to, it’s a hum in the street, it’s our intangible common link to each other. It just IS.

Go Sox.

ctzmom: If everybody in the US of A roots for the team that they were born to root for, US national teams wouldn’t be a side story to professional sports teams. It wouldn’t be necessary to plead US born players to play for THEIR team. Please. Please.

I should have responded a long time ago. Connor, I at least understand ’04 was very meaningful to a very many people in the new england area. I have numerous ties to boston through family and I have been to a fenway game, been on a tour of fenway park, been in boston during playoff time with the sox in it (I was there the night boston finished oakland off in 5 games in the alds in 2003) and I was at the redsox victory parade. I get it, I know it was a huge deal. I know that even in 96 when I saw my first yankee title, when yankee fans of the last 20 years breathed a collective sigh of relief, it still didn’t match boston’s eight or nine generations doing the same thing in ’04. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that boston fans seem to feel like they have the right to dwell on ’04 and criticize yankee fans for dwelling on their happy memories. It doesn’t make sense, and then to take it a step further, like some sox fans have done on this very blog, and actually be delusional enough to think the sox have some sort of superior franchise because they won more recently and the yankees haven’t technically won this millenium, or in a more logical sense, the last six years, is just insane.

That is the part I have an issue with, not that ’04 was more important than perhaps any of the four titles I saw, I know it was some sort of level of happiness that because my team has never had to go 86 years without a title, I will never experience. That doesn’t mean, however, that the yankees winning in the late 90’s was any less special or even a “boring” story.

ctzmom, I agree connor did put a solid perspective on what ’04 meant, but you are a little misguided to think new yorkers “choose” which team to like. While those types of fans do exist (the same fans in california or some other state that after ’04 decided they were redsox fans), the majority of new york fans are born into it as well. I was born into being a Yankee fan, my family has been yankee fans since the 1940’s when my grandma and grandpa used to go on dates to watch dimaggio. I didn’t choose to be a Yankee fan, it is something I was born into and don’t get me wrong, it is something I am extremely greatful to be born into, being a mets fan would be awful.

I think you might be missing the point, the majority of mets fans come from the brooklyn dodgers or the new york giants, they too were born into the franchise even if it started only in 1962, and Yankee fans typically don’t make a switch either, and neither do their children.

Actually, most of it was addressed to connor in response to indirectly addressing me.

By you commenting with your opinion on my post, you are actually addressing it, even though you said you were going to ignore it, only further proving you can’t resist your man crush for me or your obsession for my writing.🙂

It is so wonderful to have soembody as credible to form opinions on other people such as yourself have such a strong backing to express themselves towards me, every single possible chance they can.

btw what happened to pretending to be my email address when you were using yankeevmn@yahoo.com? I mean, forget the fact that copying somebodies exact email address, esp one you claim to feel has such a lack of credibility, is creepy and pathetic, but why did you stop? People were really paying attention to you for once, and your extreme starve for attention was almost being granted.

I like the idea of Wakefield as a No. 5 starter. I think we need to bring in a more solid and younger starter for the No. 3 or No. 4 spot – whichever one Papelbon doesn’t occupy. Regardless, with Wakefield and options like Tavarez and Gabbard in-house, and whoever Theo signs or trades for (Gil Meche, Padilla?), the Sox will have a solid rotation and depth, which we didn’t have in 2006. The 2007 season is already looking bright for the Sox. Now, just don’t resign Mirabelli.

It would be nice to have Matsuzaka or Schmidt, but the Sox don’t need a big signing like that to have a strong rotation. I think the big signing should be a RF and/or CF. And I hope we keep Loretta, acquire Lugo, keep Youk and Lowell, and use Pedroia is an Alex Cora role for 2007.

kaylee: I disagree with your opinion of keeping coco and getting rid of Wily Mo. Wily Mo has the potential if groomed correctly to become a power hitter like Manny or Papi. (notice that I said LIKE) because there will never be another Papi. Coco, I’m sorry to say, I think could be fairly easily replaced. And don’t forget Wily played, at times,centerfield pretty well.
I’m a Wake fan, but am more than a bit surprised that they signed him again. I hope that 2007 is a much better year for him than ’06. go knuckle man!

ps, I’m enjoyign all the speculative verbage here. It goes without saying that, even though I’m a life long Sox fan, that you guys know a lleh of a lot more than I do about the game,…. BUT WITH EACH DAY I’M LEARNING MORE…. thanks y’all.

Ellen, I’m pleased Wake is officially back. I hope he has a better year healthwise. It seemed like he suffered in the first half with no one backing up a pretty solid performance with a few runs and in the second half with (a) trying to play through his stress factor and (b) trying to come to back without proper rehab. Was it ‘Tek who said “the best way to catch a knuckleball is to wait for it to stop rolling then pick it up”? Thinking of it, who said something like “There are two or three theories on hitting a knuckleball; unfortunately none of them work”?

Of course it is all speculation and theorizing, Fagan. That is what baseball and sports in general are all about as fans and even reporters. Only the GM and the owner know first-hand what they are going to do before they do it.

As far as the rotation, it is obvious the Schilling and Beckett are 1-2. Papelbon will likely be 3 or 4, and Wakefield 4 or 5, depending on who the Sox trade for or sign. You are incorrect when you say there is no difference between the top of the rotation and the back of the rotation. That is why those terms exist. Very rarely does a No. 4 or No. 5 caliber guy pitch as well as a No. 1 or No. 2. It is a luxury for a team to have five dependable starters, which the BoSox will likely have with their current four, and the one that they add through trade or free agency (and, as I said, guys like Tavarez and Gabbard give the BoSox depth).

Ellen, your comments are always insightful. It’s good to have comments from anyone (even Fagan, when he actually talks about baseball). By the way, did you start your new job?

Also, Fagan, I understand your theory that, once the season starts, the quality of the rotation can change. Your example – a No. 5 becoming the caliber of a No. 2 – is very rare, especially in modern-day baseball when pitching is watered down and even the big market franchises have to scrape the bottom of the barrel sometimes to fill out the rotation.

You don’t think how the rotation is set matters? Who would you rather have going into a big three-game series: your ace, and your number two and three guys (especially if your number two and three guys are near the same talent level as your ace), or the back of the rotation? Do you ever see a No. 1 or 2 guy skipped in the rotation? No, but you see the No. 5 guy skipped is the schedule allows it. So, yes, how the rotation is set does matter a great deal once the season is started.

By the way, you are still failing miserably at debating in a mature and civilized manner. Every time you disagree with someone, your tone is demeaning and condescending. Mark Feinsand has the right idea in deleting your posts once a day. Hopefully, Ian adopts the same policy, because you continue to show that you are unwilling to participate in this blog without stooping to a level of an elementary school child who will inevitably be scolded.

Did everyone here forget Matt Clement? He may come back and he can be our 4th or 5th starter. We don’t have to trade for one more starter. We need a closer and lot’s of help in the bullpen. The following are the most important items for Red Sox this off season.

(2) Bullpen. Without JonBon the current bullpen looks scary.

(3) RF or #5 hitter in the line-up.

(4) ShortStop.

There is no way Loretta can be allowed to go free. The Sox have to re-sign him.

Kumar, Clement is out for 2007 due to an injury. His contract expires at the end of 2007, so it is unlikely the Sox will resign him. Schilling’s contract will also expire. The Sox should have some extra money to spend in free agency next season, as for this season, if you read Page 12 of today’s USA Today sports section, there is a list of free agents for each team. It’s interesting to look at for all of us armchair BoSox GMs.

I agree about Loretta. We need him at 2B next season. We do need a closer, a set-up man and a left-handed specialist (Ray King, Arthur Rhodes and J.C. Romero are all available for that role). I think that Timlin, Foulke and Tavarez are good to have in the pen, just not as the closer or main set-up man. Ditto for Hansen and Delcarmen.

I mean King, Rhodes and Romero are available for the left-handed specialist’s role, not the closer or set-up man.

Yankeevmm, I just want to respond to your post, I know it has been a couple of days, but I’ve been on trial. I agree with you that anybody who says world champioinship x means more to the fans than world championship y, is either dulusional or has conquered the ability to grade happiness. I also agree that you as a fan are not “less happy” after your 3rd or 4th championship. And I don’t think Red Sox fans have cornered the market on being the most loyal fans, ask a Notre Dame fan or a rabid browns fan. I will say this, there is something about the Sox and New England and their greater fan base, you indicated you had a personal perspective on it, I can’t explain it. I just seem to have all these memories and they all involve the Sox, coming home as a kid to learn my dog died and somehowlistening to ned coleman and bob montgomery on the radio with my dad made me feel better, the boston marathon and a red sox morning day on Patriots day, its like a holy day of obligation, soldiers coming home from vietnam and asking “how are the sox doing”, not leaving to go to dinner until the innning ends so we catch the next 1/2 inning at the gin mill, every wedding and funeral having a sox quote at it. I married a girl from Milwaukee, my lunatic family came out for my daughters baptism last year and they gave her all this Red Sox baby stuff, my father in law jokes, “the Red Sox, what place are they in” 5 irate boston accents with rage in their voice say at once “2 games out but Schilling is pitching tonight” Look, I(we) didn’t ask for this, (no one needs the BS of 78″ & 86′ in their life) and clearly people who are not fans, don’t understand it, but it is the reality of our existance. I think you, yankeewmm, kinda understand this based on your background and yankee roots. Perhaps many will think this is soft, and coming from the place I come from, it sure sounds soft. I almost don’t even want to send this, but what the ****. Though, I do think that we have beaten this dead dog enough.

Thanks Daniel, it does sound pretty soft though.

You just proved my point, Fagan. As Ian so aptly wrote, you are a sad, sad person.

And you’re right, I am a publicist – as well as a freelance journalist and an author. I don’t need to supply my resume to you, of all people. You have nothing good to say about anyone – thus the reason you are not liked on this blog. It’s not just me who doesn’t like you. It is everyone on this blog who is familiar with you. I am sick of logging in and seeing you berate Vince and anyone else whose opinion you don’t agree with. Unlike yourself, I am a mature and respectful person, so no, I don’t wish to correspond with you by personal e-mail. The only time there is any tension on this blog, you are behind it. Every post you write is condemning someone for their opinion or breating someone. For crying out loud, you’re 65. Grow up. Even posters like Vince and Jamie, who are teenagers, act more mature and respectful than you.

I stand corrected on the knuckleball quotes. Wikipedia has some good ones. Infact, here they are – should lighten the moment:

“You don’t catch a knuckleball, you defend against it.” ―manager and former catcher Joe Torre

“I always thought the knuckleball was the easiest pitch to catch. Wait’ll it stops rolling, then go to the backstop and pick it up.” ―broadcaster and former catcher Bob Uecker.

“Knuckleballs ****.” ―Geno Petralli after giving up four passed balls in one inning.

“There are two theories on hitting a knuckleball. Unfortunately, neither of them works.” ―famed hitting coach Charlie Lau

“You know, catching the knuckleball, it’s like trying to catch a fly with a chopstick.” ―catcher Jason Varitek

“If it’s high, let it fly. If it’s low, let it go.” ―New York Yankee hitters describing their approach

“Throwing a knuckleball for a strike is like throwing a butterfly with hiccups across the street into your neighbor’s mailbox.” ―Willie Stargell

“For a knuckleballer, a pitch count of 150 is not a problem. Unless it’s the first inning.” ―Dave Clark

I hadn’t appreciated the effect on throwing the timing out. Why don’t we see more Wake being sent in for the first game of a series? The outcome of that may be stochastic but the following two games should be played with an advantage.

I quite enjoy watching Dougie catch Wake. Particularly the fact that he doesn’t put up a target and just reacts to the ball. Perhaps that’s his problem with the bat – he can’t react to a ball that behaves itself and automatically adds in a random element, resulting in a sub .200 performance. Or have I just got silly?🙂

So, how much would we pay for Roger Clemens?

Connor-I really enjoyed your posting. And since you are going “soft,” so will I. My story will probably resonate with many fans, as did your anecdotes.

I always remember my father hunched up to the radio in the living room when I was a kid, following the baseball game. We didn’t have cable in our area and not that many of the games were televised. He lived and breathed the Red Sox. Eleven years ago he went to the hospital, unfortunately to die. He had dropped into a light coma, then after a day of IV and meds, he came out of it. The first words out of his mouth were, “How’d the Sox do?”

You can’t make this stuff up.

All this talk about knuckleballers is intriguing. I’m glad the Sox picked up Wakefield’s option. He is an ideal back of the rotation guy at this stage of his career, and he has a pattern of having one off year and one good year, so if that continues, 2007 should be a productive one for him. I think it’s good to have a change of pace in the rotation. Thus the value of having Wake, and perhaps signing or trading for a productive left-handed starter (not Zito; he’s not worth the money).

As for backup catchers, I was looking at the free agent list in today’s USA Today. I like the idea of signing Rod Barajas. He’s good enough to start on some teams, he has experience catching the knuckler and he has a decent bat. Of course, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to give Kottaras a chance either. He can catch the knuckler, and he has upside at the plate.

Regardless, I’m glad Wakefield and Timlin are back. I hope resigning Loretta is next.

my soft story/memory: No cable down here back in the 60’s-70’s, only Saturday afternoon game of the week on NBC (with Joe Garagiloa and Tony Kubek)but we used to sometimes (rarely) get a Sox game on the radio. I have 3 brothers, all sports nuts. But it was me that my father said he loved to watch or listen to the games with. His idol was Ted Williams. My father suffered a massive and unfortunately fatal heart attack very shortly before Ted Williams threw out the 1st ball at the Allstar game. I cried like a baby. I also cried non-stop when OUR SOX won the series; I had one thought in my mind. I wish that my daddy had been here to see this. I know he was cheering his head off in heaven.

Touching story, Ellen. I understand what you mean about the emotional connection sports provided with your father. My father is still living, so I can still share moments with him, yet it’s the childhood memories of baseball that I especially recall. I fondly remember watching Game 6 of the ’75 Series with my dad. It was late – after midnight – but he let me stay up and I saw Fisk’s dramatic home run. I was 7. That’s when I became hooked on the BoSox, though I was raised in Big Red Machine country. To this day, I play in amateur baseball leagues – not softball, but baseball. My dad spurred my interest in the game by coaching my teams, attending games when he didn’t coach, playing catch with me, and taking me to Reds games several times a year. I get teary eyed when I watch the ending of Field of Dreams. There is nothing like baseball that brings a father and son together – and, in your case, a father and daughter.

And, since I am an emotional person when it comes to things that are special to me, I have to admit that I shed plenty of tears when the Sox won the World Series. It was so emotional to experience a World Series win after so many close but no close enough situations. And to hear all of the stories about how much it meant to generations of BoSox fans was especially meaningful. I think BoSox fans share a special fondness for their team that no other teams have. Perhaps the Cubs are a close second.

Have you been to the Ted Williams Hitters Museum at Tropicana Field in St. Pete? I went there once last summer when I was at a BoSox-D Rays game. I’m sure you would like it if Ted Williams was your dad’s favorite player.

I didn’t mean to start this but ctzmon and ellen and jeff, those are great stories. Jeff, since you’re the pro you could write a great article or maybe a book on this. Will you give me props in the forward? Just don’t tell my family, they would never let me live down this soft side!

Connor, that would be a great book, but I think there are existing books about that subject. I have written a couple books, and right now I am in the early stages of a baseball-themed travel guidebook detailing the heritage of each MLB team and city. I’m interviewing a player, manager, coach or GM with a connection to the respective city to tell his story about hidden gems (hotels, restaurants, attractions) and historic tidbits. I’m hoping to get either Manny Delcarmen or Theo Epstein to be my source for the Boston chapter, which should be interesting with their ties to the city. You are right, though. A book about the heritage of the Red Sox with the angle of what they mean to their fans would be a great human interest title. Maybe it can be your first foray into writing!

Jeff I have the celtics finishing 8th in the east (I had to do an nba preview for the radio). I think they will prevail over the magic and the bucks for the 8th seed and I don’t see the knicks being playoff competitive (even in the east) until maybe 2008-2009 at the earliest. They need a steve nash, john stockton, jason kidd type of player to get their front court to become an effective offensive threat. Right now they have six guards and no passers, which spells disaster. Not to mention they haven’t had a true big man since Ewing left. If the celtics play their cards right, I think two, maybe three years from now they can be champion caliber.

Though I’ve got Lebron cementing his place into nba legacy with his first championship this season over the spurs….the spurs whom I hate, for the record.

Just recently starting reading Ian blogs…good stuff except for the yankee fans who just don’t get it. yeah, you do have way more championships, big deal. Your team has become the big joke in baseball. You havent won a thing since you payroll has gone into expontential increase.(Don’t tell me you cut payroll this year, dont do it.) Dont know which yankees said Arod could be the best of all time, boy o boy. Does anyone really think they are watching the greatest player of all time? Arod is so mentally weak, NY has already broke him. He won the AL MVP and they still take pleasure in throwing him to the curb. Its that NY mentality, gotta love it. For all of Manny’s faults..there are so many…Sox fans would never boo him…But in NY they boo the “greatest player ever”, what a baseball town! NY fans actually get some sick pleasure out of tearing down their top talent, and then wonder why he fails. PLEASE keep AROD, love him over there at third (what happened to the gold glove fielding?)…Yankees will be okay after they figure out where they can buy chemistry.

Thank you for such an insightful post! Your stats are overwhelming and your hatred for another team when discussing nothing about your own which covers neither baseball nor the redsox is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. The big joke in baseball, yes, finishing third in a division while having the 2nd highest payroll is a straight up serious issue and nothing to laugh about.

It is especially funny when news outlets like espn and the boston globe (both based out of new england) address A rod as the “greatest player ever” and then tear him down afterwards. Any other insightful comments matt? Maybe you should bring up the farm system argument or johnny damon, I don’t think those topics have been covered enough in the past months. I forgot though, you just came here so you wouldn’t know any dynamics of the blog, what anybody has to say or what has been covered, so forgive me and let me be the first to welcome you. HI matt!

Yankeemm – please provide the article or a link to it where the Boston Globe unequivocally said A Rod was the greatest player ever.

Baseball America pronounced that the Red Sox had the best amateur draft of the 30 major league teams this June. Daniel Bard, who has yet to pitch a competitive inning for the Sox after signing in late August, is the draftee drawing the most early raves, as he reached 100 miles per hour during his work in the Florida Instructional League.
— Boston Globe



There are two, if you need more just shout me a holler, and I’m Vince, btw.

There seems to be a mistakening for Redsox fans being some sort of angels while Yankee fans are satan. Yes, many idiot fans boo’d A rod, a good 95% of them AFTER he had his at bat (After he failed). But let’s think, who was the franchise that in 1999 during a homegame in the alcs against the yankees was almost forced to forfeit the game for being too unruly and disrespectful? Who had the “roger want a donut” (one of your greatest pitchers ever) signs? Who boo’d Damon every return he had despite helping in winning you your first title since 1918? Oh, but they were Yankees, that’s right, so it was ok to boo some of your legendary icons….Well how about Bill Buckner? Was he not boo’d, one of your best players at the time who had a terrific BA throughout the 86 postseason, including the world series? In fact, not only was he boo’d but he was run out of boston. In fact, not out of boston, but into Montana (I am pretty sure, if not then another midwestern state with no life in it) where he vowed never to come back. What was that you were preaching matt? NY was a classy baseball city? NY had a mentality? Some (not all) of us boo’d A rod after years of postseason failure and regular season frustration, a lack of “clutch” if you will. You boo after one error in a non deciding game and run the guy across the country, and you think you have the right to judge a Yankee fanbase?

The error came after being one strike away and giving up what was it, four or five hits in a row first? Yeah, Yankee fans are the only ones to boo their own players

Try keeping an email address instead of being a coward fagan.

Or perhaps you would like to pretend to be me on more blogs than just the Yankees, Redsox, Tigers and Cardinals (one I have never been on before)? Healthy obsession big guy, it’s real nice.

My online correspondence school certainly taught me better insults than “sack of infected puss” something I heard 12 years ago in school, try going to college one day Fagan, before the senility kicks in, maybe you might get respect and attention from a professor or something.

And if I am so stupid going to a school ranked third in the country for my major Fagan, than what does that make you? You’re 45 years older and try to be me on four different baseball blogs. Didn’t you say insults would be kept in emails? What happened to that Fagan? Another empty vow? Don’t antagonize me and I won’t have to expose that you try to be me.

LOL! Pathetic.

Yes Yankeemm I have not read the second one but the first one you said gave me an indication. They do not call him the greatest player ever. They say he MAY be the greatest SHORTSTOP/THIRD BASEMEN ever. The caps are to show the qualifications. However, you said that the articles stated he was the greatest player ever. In fact, they said he MIGHT be the greatest player in ONE PARTICULAR POSITION. You see the difference?

Give it a rest lads, noone cares about your little love quarrell

I suggest reading both before you make comments Brendan. There is no journalist alive that says at this exact moment Alex Rodriguez is the greatest player ever, everything is complete speculation. I, was not the one to make the comment in the first place.

Nor do I think he will go down as the greatest ever, either. I would find it extremely difficult to dethrone Ruth (A top five sox pitcher ever and the greatest slugger regardless of who passes him) of that title.

Why read the second one when the first one is wrong? I’m glad you clarified now that noone said that, because before that is exactly what you said: “It is especially funny when news outlets like espn and the boston globe (both based out of new england) address A rod as the “greatest player ever””

ok Fagan. Lets go at it. Because you think you are the “MOST INTELLIGENT” person on earth, lets both take an IQ test of YOUR choice. Lets see who does better. If I win, you shut up forever on this blog. Otherwise, I will. Being the most intelligent person on earth and having survived 40 more years than I did, it shouldn’t be a problem. Right?

I’ve tried Cgable, I just can’t quite manage it

I just wanted to say hello! vince, missed you sweetie…sorry I haven’t been around much. :-\ I will reply to your email before I leave on Saturday morning.

Yeah because they coined the title to mock how overhyped they feel he is. Nobody, New York, Boston or anywhere can say he is the best player at this moment.

“Look at the direction the market is going if the best player in baseball is taking a 35 percent cut.”

“and the game’s best player, to try to reach an accord with the Red Sox.

Next time don’t ask something and then throw a hissy fit when I supply it.

Hey Jen!

How sad, the troll has to promote himself to feel well.

Try finding me NY papers saying A rod IS the best player ever…and funny how you didn’t even address ESPN. Any other challenges?

Yes but from the first article, you didn’t supply it. Don’t accuse me of throwing a hissy fit as a defense mechanism when I just proved you wrong

How did you prove me wrong? I just pasted contents of the 2nd article which proved you wrong, all I did was provide two sources with different perspective of calling A rod the greatest. What exactly have you provided besides opinion and accusation? In fact, what point are you even trying to make? I could have never posted the first article and only posted the second and then all of a sudden you are completely wrong? Illogical.

Anyway, you are still wrong. They said he was the best player of that time. You said it said he was the greatest player ever.

The reason I asked for the articles was because I didn’t believe you. It turned out for a pretty good reason too.

hello Jen

vince, check your email, sent you a funny story.

Hey Fagan, I have an idea, let’s try to attack everything we think I’m going to take personally in an effort to try and offend me to replace what is lacking in your unfulfilled life? Sound good? Maybe you should go to yankeevmn@yahoo.com and pretend to be me again. Maybe you should continue trying to attack me on this blog and making it boring for everybody else. Internet goes a little further than five people.

dont blabber big guy. Lets go at it, if you have the balls.

I never said A rod was the greatest player ever. Matt did. I said if it was said, it was by new england based media, not NY. With good reason? You’re wrong, you asked for when they said best player, I gave you best player. Ever? I expressly said I didn’t agree with and I challenge YOU to find ANY credible media source that says he is the current best player ever.

I proved you wrong in saying that the articles said he was the greatest player ever. I never tried to make a point – but then, if somebody said “the Red Sox have won more titles than the Yankees”, you wouldn’t try and come up with a point, you would just try and explain how that other person was wrong. So if you are looking for a point, the point is to stop the spreading of mistruths

One more time – this is the comment I am disputing. “It is especially funny when news outlets like espn and the boston globe (both based out of new england) address A rod as the “greatest player ever”

If all this stuff keeps up, we’re not going to have a blog to come to. Please!!! leave all the petty bickering for somewhere else.


Once again, I did not say he was the best player ever, Matt, your fellow Sox fan did, and he quoted it, so ask him for the source, I found the boston globe saying he is the best player and that is what you asked for. Would you like me to look up ESPN too, while you sit there and don’t find any sort of reference to back up your argument? If somebody said the sox won more titles than the yankees I would simply post any of the billion websites that say otherwise and challenge him to show me ONE that supports his idea….sound familiar?

I’m sorry I said “ever” I meant “in the game”, happy? The only person to accuse media of saying “ever” is Matt. My sources were both new england bases, yours were non existant. Now you can feel like you won 8th place in a 10 place race…I don’t see where there is an argument, we both confirmed Matt is wrong and I confirmed the only people circulating rumors come out of New England.

Not at all familiar.

I am not making an argument other than what you said was wrong. I can only presume you are trying to skew my words deliberately. I disputed that any article from Boston said that ARod was the “greatest player ever”.

I cannot find an article which says “what Yankeemm said is incorrect” other than to read the articles, compare them against what he said, and then show the differences.

You know, I’ve kept quiet long enough. i’m really tired of fagan, brenner and gable. Take your nasty comments and go somewhere else. we don’t need this kind of garbage on this blog. some of the things that you and your alter ego(s) spew is in violation of FCC rules and regs. All it takes is a phone call.

Yes I am extremely happy you have finally acknowledged my point.

I could start the whole “you did say ever” argument but I don’t see the point.

lol that is because NOBODY said he is the greatest player ever at the moment, Matt did, and for all we know since he used it in quotes with no source, he meant the greatest player…in the game,or he was being sarcastic which means I did confirm the sources as coming out of New England. The argument makes no sense because you are attacking someone who is essentially on your side of the equation, but for different reasons. You can find an article, one article, that says a rod is the greatest player ever, because if the article exists and it is not out of boston than I am wrong, or else the only person wrong here is Matt.

I was wrong in thinking the boston globe used the word “ever” they meant, right now, and for that I’m sorry but that is hardly any sort of victory.

In other news, what happened to the celtics tonight? Moreover what happened to the heat yesterday?

I don’t know, you’re on a whole other wave length to me. Maybe I am being pedantic anyway so I’ll let it be.

Well victory is in the eye of the beholder, I’m pretty happy

Ever versus just today is a substantial enough of a difference for me to say something

Yankeemm – as a test of a cliche, are you a Giants and Rangers fan also? If so, are most Mets fans Jets and Islander fans?

If so, why is this?

lol Brendan I’ll be honest, I have no idea what you just said….Glad you’re happy though, I am happy in the fact a Redsox fan essentially agreed with me against another sox fan.

And I am confused as to why you think this is the case

Because you just agreed nobody thinks a rod is the greatest player ever……and yes i am a giants and rangers fan and yes most mets fans are also jets and islanders fans because depending on what part of NY you grow up in, you are born into these sports teams, esp if you have a long family history of sports viewing.

The Hornets beat the Celts tonight. Here’s phrase we Sox fans used alot this season…. IT’S STILL EARLY IN THE SEASON LOLOLOL

Much like most of new england is a redsox and patriots fan.

I don’t even wanna know what the knicks did, I just assume they lost but I did follow until OT….I can’t really get into the NBA, lebron, wade and kobe are really the only ones I enjoy watching and lebron and wade are the only ones I actually pull for.

No I didn’t. I agreed that no media source ever said that A-Rod was the greatest player ever. That is it. There is no other point to what I was making

No media source from Boston I mean

And I agree with you, which means we both agree Matt quoting it cannot be possible, since no media source said it….so you, a redsox fan, agreed with me, a Yankee fan against Matt, another redsox fan….why did you ask the rangers giants question anyway?

Jeff are you a bigger college football, NFL NBA or NHL fan?

I never really read what Matt said. I just read what you said which said the boston media once said a rod was the greatest player ever. Are you winding me up with this?

Just curious about the giants thing.

Jeff, only 4 more months!!!

rather depressing opening game, I agree. They still have decent potential though, so don’t give up!

In other news, Daniel Bard reached 100mph effortlessly. From the side, judging by his easy motion, Francona guessed that the fastball was going 93. A working radar gun proved that he was off by 7mph…

THIS IS WHY I was so excited about signing him and why I must’ve posted 2 dozen messages regarding him. He’s a future ace, the best Sox pick in a year when Baseball America rated the Sox draft as the best of all 30 teams in the Majors.

McLeod’s doing a **** of a job… wasn’t he groomed by Lucchino as well? If so, then Lucchino is a ******* genius!

Jeff::in addition to your thoughts.. Hopefully we’ll have a surprise right here within our ranks, I mean, like this past season, who expected Papelbon to be such a HUGE presence??
I do think that we need to re-sign Loretta, it seemed as if he was an easy fit with the team and he produced well, with a more than average glove in the field. I would be really disappointed if they traded Lowell, he had a really great re-bound year, and also seemed to fit really nicely in the mixwith the rest of the team. He also has the fewest errors at third EVER among 3rd basemen with 1000 or more games.

Lol Brendan I was just playing with you, take it easy, goodnight all.

Well, a strange thing happened to your blog this season, Ian. It was turned into a Yankees blog, something I have no desire to participate in. Don’t Yankee fans have enough blogs of their own?

Fagan, go back to being ybrenner. i just deleted your latest stream of obnoxious posts from that cgable screenname.

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