Greetings from far, Far East

Here I am, talking to you Sox addicts live from Tokyo, where it is 6:25 p.m. on Thursday; You guys and gals are all sleeping I presume as it is 4:25 a.m. back East.Scoreboardoftoky

It’s been a fascinating experience out here. The people are so nice and respectful, everything is very nice.

Tokyo actually resembles New York City quite a bit with its bright lights and big city feel, although it is much quieter and less stressful.

I went to see the Prime Minister today along with some of the players. That was really cool. Who would have thought i’d get to the Prime Minister of Japan’s office before the White House? It’s a crazy path that sportswriting can take you on, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Sounds like nothing major has happened with the Red Sox since I’ve been gone. I think everyone should be prepared for the Yankees to make an insane offer that can’t be matched for Matsuzaka. Why else would the Mariners have backed out before the bidding even started.

Anyway, please join me on the Japan blog. I’ll be way more frequent over there until my return to the States on Nov. 9.


P.S. — Anyone who likes sushi as much as I do needs to come over here. Sushi in the United States absolutely does not touch the sushi here. It’s unbelievable.Thatssushi


Fagan, go back to being ybrenner. i just deleted your latest stream of obnoxious posts from that cgable screenname.

Is the MLB ever going to include foreign players in some kind of draft? I think its turning into a joke that the Yanks get first crack at all foreign stars, plus lesser known young guys like Cano (didn’t come through the draft as far as I have heard). When was the last time the Yankees actually drafted someone who turned out to be decent? With the popularity and talent growing around the world, this is going to be an issue if it isn’t already.

Scott Proctor.

There should also be at least three pitchers who will be up in 2008, all drafted, none foreign.

I’m a sushi fan, Ian. Never had it until two years ago at a renowned Japanese restaurant here in Orlando operated by a Japanese family. It is exceptional, but I imagine nothing beats the original thing.

Ian, thanks for the deletions!! I, for one, truly enjoy having somewhere to go to read about and discuss baseball among other subjects. Oh, the sushi thing?? I liken it to bait LOL! Just joking, I just can’t bring myself to try raw fish (I know its not all fish and it’s not all raw, but…). Anyway, thanks again. Enjoy Japan, Sayonara.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good B&B in Boston. I’m coming over to Providence next week and need a night in Boston before a fairly early flight back to “Blighty”. I have stayed in a few hotels over the last few years but wondered what the B&Bs are like. Any suggestions warmly welcomed.

Actually Vince, i believe the yanks got scott proctor in a trade with LAD, they didn’t actually draft him.

Stop whining Rayman. The sox have the money to match the yanks bid and sign matzuzaka if they choose. But, they’d rather just whine about how they don’t have the financial resources to compete with the yankees. Plenty of teams could match the yankees offer, but they have greedy owners who don’t care about the team who choose to pocket the luxury tax money and other funds instead of putting it back into the team.

Thirdly, who knows that matzuzaka is even a success over here? Jose contreras, hideki irabu were supposed to be big for the yankees. Both moves ended up coming back to haunt them. With how much this is going to cost..i don’t know that it’s the smartest move, but i guess we’ll see.


is anyone else here extremly suprised that no one in the infield won a gold glove?

yeah starsfan BUT the way the sox played last year who really deserved it?and how the **** did kenny rogers win one!

kaylee the gold glove isnt really based on team preformence. mark g (not even gonna try and spell it) (2nd baseman for the royals) won it. im not really pointing out anyone in the infield but someone should have won it.

i agree its not i am kind of surprised that gonzalez or lorrett did not win one!

kaylee: how’s the arm?? hope all is well with you and it.

Now down to business: Mike Lowell has a .997 (lifetime)made 6 (count them SIX ERRORS all year)in the field and owns the honor of having the best fielding % of any third baseman EVER, with at least 1000 games played. Mark Loretta had a phenomenal (sp) season at 2nd. How could Lowell have not won a gold glove??? And why do you think that he should not have??

I see you’re back to your old ways, Fagan. How do you know my size? Are you stalking me like you are Vince? Anyone who sees me asks me if I play basketball, not if I attend weight watchers, so your aforementioned comment is unfounded. I imagine you will have your comments deleted tonight just as they were last night and several times before. Enjoy!

And why should you care what someone’s size, ethnic background, sex, college of choice, etc. is? You’ve insulted everyone for those reasons, which shows you’re a small-minded bigot. You don’t hear me peppering you with agist insults. Why? Because I’m a normal, well-adjusted human being. Try it.

Lowell and Gonzales got ripped off in the Gold Glove voting. Jeter was tied for 6th in fielding percentage amongst full time shortstops. Gonzales was #1. Lowell and Chavez were exactly tied… Maybe Gonzales got penalized for missing so many games? But then why wasn’t Chavez penalized for missing 30 games? Redsox had the best defense in the league and didn’t take home a single award. Oh well, didn’t do us much good in the regular season anyway.

Let’s all just cross and fingers and hope that Matzuzaka turns out to be a huge financial flop for the Yanks.

Rayman, I don’t think Matsuzaka is worth all that money, especially for the Yankees, who need four pitchers to accompany Wang. The Sox have a decent rotation in place for next season, and will likely accompany it by signing a free agent (just not Schmidt or Matsuzaka).

Regarding the Celtics, hopefully they recover and beat the Pistons tomorrow night. They need more than Pierce and Szczerbiak to shoot the ball! I’m not overly concerned because it is early in the season, and we as Celtics fans know this is not THE year, but still it would be nice to see a stronger effort.

You’re gonna have to create a new screen name since now gable is gone, and now brenner will be deleted since you continue to rant and rave. You have had so many screen names and have imitated so many people that everyone else on this blog has last track. I’m sure it will continue. Goodbye, ybrenner. Who will you resurface as tomorrow when you’re deleted later tonight?

By the way, you certainly have an interesting opinion on what is a bitter tirade and what is not. When people read what I wrote, and what you wrote, they will pity you just as we always do. So post away, Fagan, post away.

That’s because every regular on this blog EXCEPT YOU has normal conversations and we learn things about each other, like normal human beings communicate. You choose not be one. Most of the time, people on this blog don’t include you in their posts, but since you are so starved for attention, you respond to those comments with insults. And you wonder why nobody likes you and wants your presence on this blog?

Like I predicted, it’s only a matter of time before you are forced to emerge with yet another screen name, and we will know it is you because you are the only person on this blog who launches unprovoked attacks. When you’re not here, this is a peaceful place where baseball and life is discussed. When you’re here, it degrades into a tense place until your comments are deleted.

And that is unfortunate, because the very few times you actually talk about baseball and don’t insult anyone, you actually add something good to this blog. Unfortunately, those posts are few and far between.

Fagan, the difference between you and everyone else on this blog is that most of your posts contain insults and demeaning remarks about anyone and everyone. The only time I, or any regular on this blog, writes anything negative, it is related to defending your victims and putting you in your place for your remarks. You are the only person on this blog whose remarks are so inflammatory that they are deleted.

Feel free to post on my blog. I will take Mark Feinsand’s approach and just delete your comments on a daily basis. ANd I will block your e-mails from my personal address. I have no desire to communicate with you.

As for your insults on my writing, obviously my literary agent and the editors at the plethora of magazines for which I write would disagree about your assessment that I am not a writer. But feel free to continue your insults. Obviously, you have nothing better to do with your time that criticize everyone on this blog.

Whatever, Fagan. There’s the world we are all in, and then there is yours.

Good night, Fagan. Sweet dreams.

Now back to baseball. Jamie and I have been talking about 2007 on my blog. We both agree that, though the Sox have off-season question marks, they are not in bad shape. The rotation is already more solid than the Yankees, who need four pitchers to accompany Wang. Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon and a healthy Wakefield are dependable. I imagine Theo will sign a Mulder or Meche, or a similar caliber starter. A healthy Foulke, a rested and less frequently used Timlin and a confident Tavarez give the bullpen depth as well, along with Hansen and Delcarmen, who now have a full season of experience. Obviously, we need a closer and a set-up man.

If Manny stays, it would be nice to add a big bat in right field. I like the idea of bringing in Lugo at short and resigning Loretta.

Certainly, it will be a very active off season, but as any objective baseball fan would admit, the main reason the Sox flopped in 2006 was due to the rash of injuries that was unprecedented in modern baseball. Yankees fans can whine all they want that their injuries were just as serious, but all it takes is a look at the roster and you can tell that’s not the case. Of course, that’s not surprising since Yankees fans are in a world of their own.

So, Red Sox Nation, I think we have a lot to look forward to in 2007. It will surely be a healthier one for the Sox in all aspects.

Jeff, remember: a fuel without fire burns out!

Words of wisdom I should abide by, Ellen! By the way, did you get the job you wanted in Ft. Lauderdale? I just finished an article on Ft. Lauderdale restaurants for a magazine called DiningOut. Lots of good choices down there!

I was very surprised to read that I was “ADMONISHED”. I don’t recall writing anything that deserved your admonishment. Please, in the future if you have anything TO say to me or ABOUT me, make sure you copy Ian, MLB.COM and the FCC because, sir, you can rest assured that I MOST CERTAINLY WILL. I have taken enough of your slurs and your venomous outbursts. I for one will no longer take this without applying retribution. You might want to jump on over to last nights Yankee blog and check that one out although I think you already have, hence the Dr Jekyl instead of Mr Hyde act tonight. Just so you know; I’ve got your number buddy! You have insinuated nasty, unkind and malicious things about me more than one too many times and I for one am certainly fed up with your garbage!
You know how to use the written word to your advantage, that’s for sure, but your UNIQUE (in this case unique equals mean, nasty, filthy, defamatory and at times, absolutely venomous) writing style, when someone get’s your goat, so to speak, tends to unveil whichever persona you seek to use at any one time.

Did you forget the nice person you were when we all first started on this blog? What in the world happened to spike this poisonous streak in you?? I just don’t understand what could have possibly been so bad as to have caused you to be this way. You insulted me terribly, and I don’t ever recall an apology.

This is your notice. (and yes, the cc’s have gone along with this to the people and agencies aforementioned).

Sorry, Ian, and everyone, I just ignored my own advice. Good night NATIONERS!! and to all of you who remain civil.

I kind of agree with you that matzuzaka is not worth all the money, jeff. Basically because you don’t know what you’re going to get. But, question…what makes the sox rotation so much more stable than the yanks? Schilling is no more stable than mussina (if the yankees are to resign him). You don’t know what you’re going to get from papplebon as a starter. He might be pretty good, but he certainly won’t be as dominant as he was as a closer over the course of 7-8-9 innings in my opinion. Wakefield is wakefield…really no better than for the sox than jaret wright was for the yanks. and I’d say you really can’t count on beckett. People seem to just wanna forget what happened last year and say he’s going to have a great year posting the kind of numbers he did in florida. I just don’t see that happening.

The reality is your fabulous rotation was outperformed by the yankees rotation this past season, but all the yanks have is wang. right…truth is neither rotation is that stable right, but it seems as if the yanks are trying to remake theres a little bit. We’ll see what happens.


Fagan, if your posts laced with insults, rants and raves were a few isolated incidents, that would be one thing. The fact is, most of the time you are insulting someone – and not for a baseball opinion, but a personal attack. If you want to be liked, treat people as you would want to be treated. That is how you gain respect and build friendships.

We are all human, and everyone says something at one time or another in their respective lifetime they wish they could take back. Yet, on most days, you say something on here that is offensive and abrasive to someone.

I’m sure I echo the sentiments of all regulars on this blog when I say that I would like to be able to log on here, post a comment and not have an insult thrown my way in return. You are the only one here who hurls the insults at all of us. You don’t see myself, Ellen, Vince, Vik, Brendan, Jamie, Stars and any other regular making unprovoked personal attacks.

So if you truly want a peaceful blog, try sticking to baseball and not resorting to personal attacks and insults. If your apology is truly sincere, that is what will happen.

Ben, you are failing to mention that Wakefield was injured a bulk of the season, Papelbon was not in the rotation and the Sox were forced, due to injuries, to parade guys like Kevin Jarvis, David Pauley, Jason Johnson, and Lenny DiNardo onto the mound.

Schilling is still a No. 1 caliber pitcher. Beckett performed well in the last part of the season, and I’m certain you will see a top of the rotation caliber performance from him in 2007. You can have Jaret Wright. I’ll take a healthy Wakefield. And Papelbon – he was exceptional when he made his starts in 2005. The Red Sox did not have the rotation they are lining up for 2007 in 2006. My point is, with Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon and Wakefield, the Sox don’t need to waste their money on Matsuzaka and Schmidt, they just need a guy like Gil Meche or Mark Mulder to fill out the rotation. Their money would be better spent acquiring a dependable closer and set-up man, and adding a third big bat in the lineup.

Like I said, the Yankees have Wang right now, and noone else. They need to do some serious tinkering with their rotation, a lot more than the Sox need. Remember, a healthy Yankees team was dismissed in the first round of the playoffs, partly because their alleged great lineup of hitters fell asleep, and mostly because they had just one starting pitcher they could count on.

We’ll see what happens on the field in 2007.

It’s Jeff’s rose glasses as usual. Can the redsox rotation be untouchable? Yes. Can the same rotation stink it up? Yes. That makes it not so stable. The advantage redsox rotation has over the yankees rotation is that, I dont see the yankee rotation being as good as the redsox’s if both rotations are at their respective best. One thing the yankees have going for them is that there are no question marks about atleast one pitcher. Wang. All four redsox pitchers (Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon and Wakefield) have some question marks hanging over their heads.

I don’t know where you pulled schmidt from. I never said anything about him. you clearly have a lot more faith in schilling, beckett, wakefield then i would. If i were you I wouldn’t be that excited about a 38 yr. old who is in prob. his last yr. and had a crappy second half last yr. and a guy who struggled to find any sort of consistency at all last year and who had 5+ era.

Papplebon is going to have to prove he can succeed going through a lineup 3-4 times in a ballgame. Hitters will see what he has and make asjustments. I’m not saying he won’t have a great season, but it is an unknown at this point.

The yankees have wang, potentially mussina(if they resign him) who is no more of a question mark then schilling.Potentially matzuzaka who is obv. a question mark. and i wouldnt be surprised if they acquire a solid starter in thetrade market. We’ll see what happens…but, i don’t understand why you are so thrilled with your rotation at this point.


I pity you Fagan. You go all macho on everybody because you have the protection of the internet. Now that Ellen threatened to report you to FCC, you start s ucking up to everybody. You are a coward. Remember the word hypocrite you throw around so frequently?

btw, your 10 page post of what made you do all the stuff you did is full of lies too.

1) The melee between you and me did not start because I was posting here frequently. It started when I called you out on a REALLY REALLY stupid comment.

2) Ellen did not try to befriend me either. She actually stood behind ur ugly rants and we had our little tussle too.

3) It is POSSIBLE to block you completely out of the blog. There is stuff called IP address and MAC address filtering. Which will block your internet connection and your computer to post stuff. And those are the two things FCC will use to track you down, if infact somebody reports you and they want to take some action.


“When was the last time the Yankees actually drafted someone who turned out to be decent?”

Ted Lilly, Mike Lowell, and Nick Johnson have turned out to be pretty good, and Brad Halsey and Dioner Navarro have potential to be pretty good in a year or two. Other than those guys (and Philip Hughes and some of the dudes in the system right now) I can’t think of any other draft picks, other than the obvious ones of the 90s (Jeter, Pettitte, etc.)

As for the foreign FA signings, the Yankees have great overseas scouting, and after digging up Chien-Ming Wang and Robinson Cano, they have finally diverted more attention to the USA. If the guys in AAA and AA are as good as people say, they’re bound to be good, too.

Keep in mind that last season Darrell Rasner and Brian Bruney were there for the taking. The Yankees were last in line to be able to sign them, and they did. There is no excuse in the Red Sox not even taking a chance on at least one of those guys.

what I meant to say is: If the guys in AAA and AA have as much potential as people say, they’re bound to be good, too.

I am not sure if my post last night got lost in the melee. However, I’ll ask again – any good suggestions for an evenings lodgings in Boston, within a few minutes of the airport for an early flight and close enough to the downtown region for an easy trip there the previous evening.

One thing I liked about Brenner’s post (or Fagan) is the idea of the Cubs getting a WS win. I would, of course, rather see the Red Sox win but a BoSox-Cubbies matchup would be great fun.

Anyone have any thoughts on how long it will take the Cubs to turn round and become contenders?

Ah good to be back, nice to see the other half of the personality come apologizing, though I don’t think it makes much sense to claim I came on here blasting redsox fans. My first comment said I was a Yankee fan and made no attacks. In fact, the only time I have ever become personal is with you, or anybody else who attacks me first. Perhaps once or twice I have called someone misguided, ignorant or something along those lines when they bash the Yankees with nothing but innaccuracy and emotion, but that is it. Until you need proof of redsox support to post here, I will remain here to talk about baseball with the opposing point of view, so if anybody does not like me here, then go ahead and try and lobby for a change to the rules, or else keep your mouth shut in regards to your distaste for Yankee fans here and talk baseball…That is the primary reason this blog was created. I have no issues hearing opposing points of view, I agree I only trust Wang because I am personally not a big Mussina fan, I am not debating Jeff in that category. I don’t always have to debate people because sometimes being a sox fan or a Yankee fan, you can actually make valid points about the other team, like when I said Lowell’s bat would flame out in the 2nd half at the all star break. Or when Jeff said the starting pitching wasn’t strong enough to get past the Tigers. We are capable of making valid points, and not just spew hatred at each other because we happen to like a group of 25 guys other than the other person and that is where you don’t quite get it, Fagan. That goes for anybody else here, yes, if you are just talking out of your *** and stating “the yankees bought all their championships, the yankees have no homegrown players etc”, especially as a sox fan, then yeah, i’m going to debate you. How can you sit here making groundless statements about a major league baseball team and feel that it should be accepted as truth? Even if you are “the enemy” When any of you were in a debate class in high school, if you said something completely contradictive or based on no reasoning, or incorrect reasoning, even if everybody else shared your point of view would nobody in the room correct you or fill you in with details? It makes no sense to think on a baseball blog, obviously set up for a conversational and debatable setting, that by making an anti yankee comment, even on a redsox blog, it should not be open to debate.

And you are wrong in thinking Yankee fans get hit hard by an antagonistic blogger hiding behind the safety of the internet and displaying chemical inbalance when he posts on our blog, if he brings up 2004 or us not winning for six years, it is when you stoop to the lowest level of personal insults that SOME people may be offended and rightfully so. We take everything you say with a grain of salt because you lost your credibility and ability to insult us on a baseball level the very first time you said anything. Or, if you need a specific example when you came on singing a whitesox kicking yankee butt song and then we swept them in embarressing fashion. I don’t think you get that. You are nothing but a nuisance on the Yankee blog that is best left ignored, but don’t ever think you are accomplishing anything by making assinine statements on a consistant basis to somehow get revenge on me. Plus you’re lying when you say you did it our of revenge to begin with because you were on that blog log before I ever came to the sox one.

Vik, first, the correct writing of the saying is “rose-colored glasses” and not rose glasses. Second,I never said the BoSox rotation as it is is untouchable. Not even the Tigers rotation is untouchable. I do think that the Red Sox presently have four starters who are dependable and will have solid seasons – as they are slotted in the rotation. Schilling still has great stuff. He is still a No. 1. I feel confident in Beckett and Papelbon, and I like Wakefield as a back of the rotation guy who can give us 10-12 wins, which is ideal for a No. 5 guy. The Sox have depth as well, since Tavarez and Gabbard will be part of the picture. What the Sox need is a free agent starter, and work on their bullpen.

True, the Sox starters have question marks. Every pitcher has a question mark. There is no guarantee that Wang will match last season’s performance.

Thanks for the correction.

There is no guarantee for anything Jeff. But there are confidence levels. There is a certain amount assurance you feel sending in a pitcher on a given day. As of today, the pitcher (NYY or Sox) I feel the safest sending to pitch a game is Wang.

To call Beckett a dependable pitcher is ridiculous. You do not anything abt how Papelbon will do as a starter? Schilling was mediocre at best for the second half of last season, much like Mussina was. Actually Mussina is more DEPENDABLE than any of the redsox pitchers. He will atleast keep you in the game even on his bad day. If you bring in the age argument abt Mussina, the same applies for Schilling. Injuries will hamper Schilling more than Mussina because of his pitching style.

That’s your opinion on Beckett, Vik. I am confident in and comfortable with the four current starters the BoSox have. I think that Beckett will silence his critics in 2007. As for Schilling, he hasn’t shown signs of decline. As long as he stays healthy, I think he will give the Sox 16-18 wins and retire on top. This is a Red Sox blog, and I am addressing Red Sox fans about the Red Sox rotation. I never asked for your opinion. You can have your rotation. I’m comfortable with what the Red Sox have, and I’m confident that Epstein will make the necessary addition to the rotation, and additions to the bullpen. We’ll see what happens on the field in 2007.

And you, more than anyone else on the Yankees blog, should not be commenting on pitching style and mechanics. You admitted yourself you are fairly new to the game. It is evident from many of the comments you make that you are still a novice. So, like I said, you can have your rotation. I’ll take ours.

Greetings! This is my first time on the Red Sox blog. I am looking forward to interesting discussion about the Red Sox, and baseball in general. I’ve been reading the blogs for some time now, and it seems to me that this blog has shifted away from its original pupose, instead becoming a outlet for conflict and personal vendettas. I’m wondering if we could start talking about baseball again.

ellen what is wrong with my posts?

Fagan: I never ran to Ian asking him to ban you. Infact, I spoke in your support when you said you would behave. If I was in front of you, you would have lost any remaining teeth in your mouth the very second you said things abt my ethnicity. Or probably dead. I will call you COWARD again and again. Do what you can. You COWARD.
Fagan is a coward

Fagan is a liar

Fagan is a ***** up

You are right redsoxguy. All it takes for a pot of milk to go bad is ONE drop of poison.

Jeff, It doesn’t take a baseball genius to understand that people who rely on power struggle more than finesse pitchers as they get older.

Ian, can you please remove my posts abt Fagan. I feel ashamed that I stooped to his level.

Did you notice Fagan. You keep claiming that you got to Vince or me when the truth is we got to you so bad, that you spend most of your day writing stuff about us. We are to you like ARod is to Steve Phillips. You have to find a way rant about us.
a FYI, english is not my second language. It is my third.

hmmm. Looks like my advice was well heeded. Anyways, yankee_indian, you are right that power pitchers age harder than finesse pitchers. Yet, as evidenced by Schilling earlier in the year, he’s tried to work on his command, using other pitches and not relying on the fastball all of the time. And his control was impeccable, evidenced by his extremely low walk rate. Randy Johnson would do well to work on it too, being that he doesn’t have that nasty fastball anymore.

4 words.


I’m intrigued by all of the buzz surrounding Matsuzaka. Its a no-brainer that the Red Sox, Yankees, and other high market teams will have a bidding war for the pitcher. Pitching is always ureliable, but the scarcity of quality pitching and his accomplishments in Japan seem to be worth the money, especially if he’s able to duplicate what he’s done oevr there. Lets hope he won’t turn into a Hideo-Nomo, 2.0.

you really think theo will put his money up?He wont for any other pitchers.

Wow, there are a lot of psychos on this blog. I thought this was a blog where people discussed the Red Sox and baseball. Judging by the postings by brenner and yankee indian, I guess not.

i think the Red Sox office will put up a bid that they deem appropriate for a pitcher of equal stature. However, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll put up the kind of money that the Yankees will.

Go back and count the number of posts I mentioned ur name and the number of posts u mentioned mine.

I am assuming you can count.

i am sry for the mess Tidwell. Mr Brenner here craves preferential treatment.

steinbrenner will put up any ridiculous(spelling)amount.

I get the sense that between schilling and beckett next year they will perform the same way they did this year except perhaps with reverse numbers. Just a hunch…Beckett needs an attitude adjustment if he ever wants to be successful and Schilling needs to muster one more year of health, but I don’t think either will have injury problems. It is foolish to think the sox need one starter though, did anybody learn anything from the injuries to both teams last year? Welcome all the new bloggers, I am Vince, a resident Yankee fan

Actually Yankee Indian I’m pretty sure you have stooped lower than his level by threatening to knock his teeth out and kill him.

Yankeemm – while I funny take on board most of your points (rational arguments and all that stuff), I do think it is slightly optimistic to think that Red Sox fans should “keep their mouths shut in regards to their distaste for Yankee fans”. It may be a baseball blog but it is on the Sox website and attracts primarily Red Sox fans, so you may have to get used to the fact that there will always be anti-Yankee comments. As I said before, I think calling people ignorant is pretty **** insulting so try and lay off that.

Brendan: There is some history there. If you dont know all of it, its better you dont comment on it.

I think we should all try to be more respectful and tactful in this blog out of respect for the fans (of any team) and Ian. On another note, I do think the Red Sox should make it the #1 priority to solidfy the starting rotation.

Wakefield, Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon, and (Matt Clement?)…just aren’t cutting it.

I do know all of it. Under no circumstances should threatening to kill someone be justified.

Well it is about time Brendan admits Fagan has done wrong, with the numerous times he has threatened mine on this very blog….Or perhaps additionally mocking my birth is a much higher level too. Funny how you consistantly see one side of the equation when it comes to that topic.

Brendan, I never said there should not be insults of the Yankees, that will come on any blog, especially the redsox, all I said was if you are going to make the comments and pull the statement out of your ***, you better be prepared to debate it.

You think ignorance is a severe insult? Yet you continuously point out how people defend themselves against someone that spends all of his time thinking up new ways to fail at insulting others.

Did you know that he insulted my ethnicity and called my mother something no woman likes to be called?
Also, I read the post by Fagan that made say what I said. and I f you read a little bit more carefully, you will know I am not threatining him. I said he would be dead when he said that abt my ethnicity and my mom.

May be you are not man enough to defend your mother’s honor. Even when somebody dishonors her in front of you.

but whatever Brendan, I am not looking to get into a confrontation with you, especially at the expense of a man who thrives on attention. The sox will fail if they only get one starter for next season.

I’m just playing devil’s advocate. There was all sorts of hubbub when he said something about finding someone. “Breaking the law” and all that sort of thing. So I think it is somewhat of a double standard that yankee indianz comment would not be comdemned. Are you really looking for me to say that Fagan’s comments can be bad? I’m sure you don’t need me to say this when Fagan has already said it himself

Brendan: Now if you stop patronizing Fagan, we can get to the facts. I requested the posts be deleted even before anybody condemned them.

Vik – not saying anything back would not make me less of a man. It would mean I simply don’t care what some stranger who has never met her has to say.

I think the Red Sox’s biggest problem is the bullpen. I know this is stating the obvious but it runs deeper than that. It is not a question of just going out and getting bullpen guys, particularly a closer. This time a year ago the Red Sox had a bullpen problem and solved it bu signing Seanez (coming off a great year) and Tavarez. Both were pretty much disasters. It is not as east as signing bullpen people because a lot of time you don’t know what you’re going to get.

This is especially true for closers. The choices externally seem to be trading for Lidge (how good can he be after his meltdown of 05? Can he handle the intense atmosphere in Boston?), signing Gagne (I’d like him but it’s a gamble), or putting Foulke back in there (a complete enigma with whom Sox management would be waiting to make a mistake – no confidence in him).

I am by no means patronizing Fagan. Perhaps by saying this you are trying to get him to send a torrent of abuse my way

I dont care what he says abt me Brendan. As long as it is on the blog. But the context in which I said what I said is different.

This is what Fagan said

“A word Indian Vik would not have the donuts to call fagan to his face without getting slapped so hard he would land on his ace.”

as a response to this, I was telling him what would have happened if he really said the things he said abt my country and mom to my face.

and I am done with this stupid conversation. We, myself included messed up this blog enough already. I dont want to contribute to it anymore. I will just not talk abt any person or persons here.

If I had to put myself in the situation of caring about the Redsox for ’07 I would do the following and you can nitpick as needed:

1. Resign Lowell or loretta

2. sign a competant backup catcher or bring up the one from the minors

3. sign a solid closer and set up man.

5. sign two starters.

I really think that is what you would need to do.

snyder can join timlin and tavarez and two free agents in the bullpen. Bring back delcarmen. Schilling, beckett, papelbon, wakefield and a FA can make up the starting rotation and when one or more of those 11 pitchers gets injured you have another one, plus gibbard and hansen in the minors. Bring up a prospect to replace lowell/loretta, whichever doesn’t come back. Nixon or not I think your outfield is pretty much set.

Vince, Hansen will definitely be in the bigs next season – whether it is with the BoSox or someone else. He pitched well at the end of the season, now has a season un der his belt and, if he remains in Boston, will likely be the closer by 2008.

Timlin and Tavarez will be at the back of the bullpen, and Foulke will be part of the pen as well. I surely hope Delcarmen is back. He is like Hansen. With a year under his belt, he will be better.

Lowell is already under contract for 2007. Gonzalez and Loretta are not. I definitely think Loretta should return. I’m hoping for Lugo at short and Pedroia in a utility role like Cora (who may not be resigned).

For the most part, I agree with your synopsis. However, I don’t think the Sox need two free agent starting pitchers. Just one free agent signing plus the luxury of Tavarez and Gabbard as fill in back of the rotation guys, if needed, will suffice. It’s going to cost enough to sign a closer, a set-up man, a shortstop and a right fielder (which will likely be a big bat), so there will likely just be enough money for one starter. Either Pena or Crisp will likely be dealt, so right field and center field are uncertain.

I do hope they don’t resign Mirabelli. I would rather have Kottaras as a backup catcher, or someone like Barajas. I imagine deals will start getting made in a few weeks. It will be interesting.

Kaylee: I saw your post here and responded to it. But then as I was browsing the Feinsand blog, I caught sight of your “the way the RED S*X played no one desErved it. I just wasn’t comfortable with the way you spelled it SOX here, and S*X there. But if you’ll read my post from 8:47 last evening you’ll see what I mean about your post that said no one from here deserved the Gold Glove. A TEAMS performance has no bearing on a Gold Glove; that is an individual award, for achievment in the field. Just for your own information when writing about the American League team from Boston, the name is spelled: BOSTON RED
S-O-X Nothing personal just want you to have the info that I posted. As I asked last night, how’s your arm, I remember you said that you were having surgery… how’d that go? ec

For some reason I fear Delcarmen’s potential more than Hansen’s. Barajas would be an excellent signing, he is a good hitter and kills the Yankees. I could have sworn the sox didn’t pick up Foulke’s option? Which gave me the impression one of the potential five starters would have to go to the pen….hence why signing another one would only ensure the sox health so you don’t have to fall apart again:)

ellen:the arm is fine.It still hurts but…….I expect that

Newsflash…..26-7…and Terry Frankenstien was quoted as saying…”dang, you think for $120 million we could have overtaken the Jays this year and I didn’t realize how bad this organization really is compared to the Yankees..and please Mr Henry spend some money so we don’t come in 4th next year”

At least in Ohio, we don’t have Senators who murder young women like in Mass Fagan……..26-7 Fagan….Outstanding Boston….

We still love you Fagan, even on this blog……have faith…you should make it to at least 3rd place in 2007

Bless you Fagan…

Sam, Fagan does have a point. You never say an intelligent thing about baseball when you talk about the BoSox and Yankees. All you do is say 26-7. If you recall, a bulk of those “26” titles were won before 1964, in another age of baseball. True, the Yankees are a successful franchise, but you live in yesteryear. The BoSox were ravaged by the most unprecedented rash of injuries in modern baseball last year, and still one 86 games trotting out minor leaguers and waiver wire castoffs. The Yankees, despite the fact they were healthy at the end of the season, were dismissed in the first round with a team that was built to win the World Series.

Your arguments hold no merit on this blog. Feel free to live in yesteryear. As a BoSox fan, we have come so close so many times – and finally won in 2004 – yet, like the Yankees titles, 2004 is history. I’m more concerned about what the Sox will do in 2007. Why don’t you show you know the first thing about baseball and actually present a debate about a player and anything related to modern times. I know you live in northeast Ohio – where nobody has won a title since the 1950s – but it’s time to wake up. It’s 2006. The Yankees no longer have Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle – or O’Neill and Tino Martinez, for that matter. Show you actually follow modern baseball. You don’t see me touting the Celtics’ 16 titles. It’s the 21st century. Are you aware?

And since you will likely so the Yankees had injuries, too, let’s look at this intelligently, which is something that will be new to you. Matsui and Sheffield were injured part of the year, and Cano for a brief period. For the Sox, Crisp was injured from the get go. He was expected to be the table setter. That is like the Yankees losing Damon. Pena filled in well, then he had a wrist injury he never fully recovered from. At point during the season, Foulke, Timlin, Wakefield, Nixon, Varitek, Manny, A Gonz and Loretta were injured – all key components to the Sox. And don’t forget Jon Lester, who was a bright spot in the rotation as a fill in, and then Papelbon.

Anyone who knows the game understands that a team can withstand a couple injuries, but no team – not even your hallowed Yankees with thier unlimited payroll – could have withstood the rash of injuries the BoSox incurred.

So your argument about the Yankees making the playoffs, and the BoSox finishing third, holds no merit. And good for you that the Yankees have won 26 and the Sox 7. Fagan does have a point. The Yankees are becoming the Buffalo Bills of baseball – close, but not good enough.

If the BoSox increase their payroll as is expected, then they should be held to similar standards as the Yankees, who have no excuse not to field a World Series winner. Yet your argument that at least the Yankees made the playoffs holds no merit either. They are built to win the World Series, not just make the playoffs.

But, as we have all come to expect on this blog, you make comments without thinking before you write. News flash. It’s not 1998 anymore. Nor is it 1978. The Yankees are in the same boat as the BoSox – trying to win the big one again. I just think it’s hard for you and all Yankees fans to swallow that they are no longer baseball’s elite team. There is plenty of company among the top echelon of the game now.

So continue to post your history lessons, and your reflections on yesteryear. As for me, I will cherish 2004 but focus on now.

Jeff, again, what is “yesteryear” according to Sox fans? How many years ago? Just back to 2004 win your team finally won a title? And again, the Yankees had way more injuires this year than the Sox, add up the games missed. Sox fans just point only back to 2004 when they were favored to win it all and then look back no further. Your arguments hold no points. It isn’t an argument. Since 1900 the Yankess have been a better franchise, have more titles, more head to head wins, more division titles, more pennants than Boston will have in your lifetime….you can’t argue that, that is a fact. You should be concerned about the 2007 Sox. They spend $120 for third place, that might be a first in baseball history. Quit using injuries as an excuse, it doesn’t hold water. If that were the case, I can sit here and say that Matsui and Sheff weren’t 100%healthy last month and a half and if they were they would have won the World Series…but I don’t use injuries as an excuse. If you want to think “yesteryear” is only to 2004, that is fine, go ahead. The fact remains since 1996, the Yankees have won 4 times as many titles as the Red Sox, but I guess according to you, one can only go back to 2004. The Celtics are the best team ever in the NBA, with their 16 titles…no one can argue that. I just don’t get why you are so worried about the Yankees when Toronto finished ahead of you this past year, which maybe “yesteryear” for you….I don’t know………..

And we will cherish 26 Titles, 4 since 1996 Jeff……..The Bo Sox should come in 2nd every year with their payroll, that means losing in the World Series…not 3rd in their division……….worry about your Sox Jeff, we will worry about our Yankees….what do Boston fans expect w/a $120 million payroll Jeff? Fielding a 3rd place team…I don’t think so…….

There you go, focusing on 2006 when you know that the Red Sox were not at full strength. We’ll see what happens on the field in 2007. It is very unlikely that the Sox will face the same rash of injuries, and Theo will likely field a team with much more depth. So you cling on to finishing ahead of the Sox and then losing in the first round again. And, like I said, a bulk of the Yankees titles occurred before 1964. Who cares? The Sox won a bulk of the earliest World Series. Who cares?

As a Sox fan, I’m not concerned about the Yankees. As I mentioned, the Yankees are no longer the top team in baseball. There are several who are closely bunched together at the top – the BoSox included. All it takes is a couple roster moves here and there.

Apparently, you’re not reading what I wrote. I never said the Yankees have not been a successful franchise. It’s just that you – like most Yankees fans – cling to the past when they have fallen on their faces in the past six seasons with teams that were built to win World Series titles. That is why so many people outside of Yankeeland enjoy it so much when they lose. Not just Red Sox fans, but a majority of baseball fans. So, like I said, enjoy your history books. Enjoy the Cavs. The AL is deep, and their are no guarantees.

Greetings from the West Coast chapter of RED SOX NATION! I just want to vent my frustration about the Sox being shut out of the Gold Glove awards. It’s very upsetting, and truly confusing to me. It makes you really wonder, seeing that the awards are determined by the managers and coaches…are the Red Sox just not that well-liked within the league itself? Having said that, I really don’t think Lowell, Gonzo or Loretta need a Gold Glove to know how important they are to us, the diehard fans that love them. I hope Theo and the rest of the FO don’t dismantle the infield as they have in years past…that would be a disaster for us, no doubt about it. Pedroia doesn’t seem ready to play in the Bigs just yet…but I do like him. Well, thanks for listening! Here’s sending a prayer out to Jon Lester, too…hope he’s getting stronger every day.

In closing, your act is getting old – logging on here and just talking about the 26 titles and the Sox finishing third. Why don’t you show you have some depth and quit dwelling on the same subjects. Do you know anything about the Yankees or Red Sox players themselves, or baseball in general, besides the two subjects you continue to harp on here? Are you that dense? Come back when you brush up on your baseball knowledge. And pay more attention to the switchboard. Someone might actually need help. Just the thought of a dispatcher spending a bulk of his shift on this blog is troubling.

Hey you guys its me FAGAN. I know you guys missed me. Now who wants to argue?

Dowdy, I was surprised that Lowell didn’t get the golg glove, and Grudz…(spelling?), please, Loretta was more deserving. Yet, individual awards mean little to me as a fan. Unlike Sam and his band of Yankees bloggers, I don’t want to live in the past. The 2006 season is over, thankfully. As we all know – at least us fans who have followed baseball year after year since childhood – sometimes you have a good season, sometimes a great one and sometimes a season where everything goes wrong (like 2006 for the Sox. Or, as Kevin Costner said in Bull Durham, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains.”

Are you Fagan, or are you an imposter?

“fallen on their faces when they lose”…Jeff, what do you call Boston coming in 3rd this past year? Outstanding? Playoff caliber? I will enjoy the Cavs, can’t wait till they play Boston this year….I hope the Celtics will have a win by then…..Jeff, you are concerned about the Yankees, you bring up payroll, falling on faces, losing in the first round of the playoffs,,,etc…etc…etc…..I guess we are at odds. I would have been embarassed if the Yankees came in 3rd this past year….you never answered my question,,define “past” your view, how many “years” ago is that? I’d like to know. If the “past” was just this “past” season, the Sox didn’t even give the Yanks a run for their money….or do we skip this past season and go directly to 2004, your favorite year?

Would I lie to you guys? I am Fagan, the real Fagan. I decided to change my screen name. So, who wants to argue. How about you Jeff? Whats the topic today?

Nice try Jeff, I am not at work….what is your profession Jeff? History teacher of the year 2004?… must have an important job Jeff, spending alot of time on this blog worrying about the Sox….and Yankees…and Celtics…..

Jeff, whatever. You have to look forward to the 2007 season, look at your 2006 season. My cousin is a huge Sox…maybe I ought to hook you two up..however, he calls it like it is w/the Sox and doesn’t use injuries as an excuse to the Sox poor season and gave credit to the Yankees for having worse injuries and their players stepped it up this year. Jeff, how long you been a Sox fan?

Wonder why guys such as Clemens and Boggs left Boston to go to NY? My cousin said Boston let Clemens go because of “diminishing skills”…you agree Jeff?

I am a janitor at a sanitarium here in Lake Okeechobee. Anyway, once again, you have failed to think – and read, for that matter – before you write. I already explained my feelings on why the BoSox flopped in 2006, which any person who understands the game would support. What is your reasoning for the Yankees falling on their faces when they were healthy going into the playoffs? You tend to leave that out in your comments on here. You also failed to read my post that – though I am proud about 2004 – I am not dwelling on it. I am most interested in what the Sox will do to field a World Series contender in 2007. I don’t care what the Yankees do, what the Tigers do, or anyone else for that matter. Just the Red Sox.

So, like I said, feel free to reminisce and reflect on the golld ole’ days when the Yankees actually won World Series titles. And go ahead and be proud of your main rival’s season where they were so decimated by injuries that they fielded minor leaguers who belonged in Pawtucket and Portland, and wiaver wire castoffs. How proud you must be. I’m more interested in talking about the Hot Stove League, and 2007, instead of immersing myself in the past.

There you are, rooted in the past, Sam. Do I need to remind you once more that it is 2006? I’m not Lou Gorman and Dan Duquette, so I can’t answer the Boggs and Clemens questions. Do you want me to channel the spirit of the owner who sold the Babe to the Yankees and ask him what he was thinking? Who cares? Do you think that will help the Yankees or the Sox in 2007? I’ve been a Red Sox fan since I was 7, when I watched the Bosox and Reds in the World Series and was captivated by the drama and excitement of Red Sox baseball. I’ve been an avid fan of the BoSox, Celtics, Steelers and Ohio State all of my life. I’m 38, so I’ve experienced highs and lows with all of those teams. And, no, I’m not a janitor at a sanitarium. I’m a freelance magazine writer, an author and an independent publicist here in Orlando.

Not interested in your comments, Fagan, Brenner, Gable, DCapici, Yippi or whoever you are.

That post didn’t sound much like Fagan, either. It was much more articulate than anything he has written. So, nice try, whoever you are.

OK, Jeff, I am 37, been a Yankee fan since 1975, so about 31yrs myself. I am an avid Yankee, Cowboy, and Cavs fan. I am not rooted in the past. You keep harping about 2004 and “cherished” memories…that is fine…when I cheris the Yankees 4 titles since 1996, you keep saying “I live in the past”…just really trying to figure out where you stand on the “past” that is all. Truce. I am not worried about the Yankees in 2007. They have a great owner that will do whatever it takes to try and win another title. I am not concerned at all about the Hot Stove. I think the Yankees will be very competitive next year like they have in the “past”….

You’re right, Yul. Henry needs to fork over more dough in the offseason than in the past few. I think he will, after the 2006 debacle. I was glad to see Pedro go – he wasn’t worth the money – but Lowe was, especially how he pitched in the postseason. Why sign Clement when Lowe was already proven? I would be very surprised if Theo and Henry do not make a big splash in the free agent market, and with a trade or two, since the pressure is on.

On the Yankee blog, you say you are not Fagan, djmvp. Make up your mind.

I think the Yankees will be competitive in 2007 as well. For the most part, each year the BoSox and Yankees are very competitive. That is why the rivalry is so fierce. The Red Sox have come so close so many times, yet they have had many great seasons. If the Sox were like the Cubs – rarely even having a winning season – the BoSox-Yankees rivalry wouldn’t be so storied, but it is since both franchises are good. Of course, Yankees fans are in their own world so they don’t recognize that.

I recognize in 2007 they will be competitive. For the most part, every year the are. However, I disagree w/Jeff on “in own world and don’t recognize that”….

Who is Fagan at

Wow, it’s hard to tell who is fagan and he isn’t. Will the real Fagan please make himself known?

Wow, both blogs became ugly today. Jeff, the Yankees were not as healthy as you might think headed into the playoffs. Shef’s bat never returned, matsui’s power never came back, shef’s defense from a lack of ever playing first was terrible, johnson had missed two weeks before his game 3 flop, rivera had missed the final 3 weeks and was not ready for two inning performances, and even Mussina’s stamina was at about 85%.

Living in yesteryear is am ambiguous phrase that is open for too much interpretation. Isn’t yesteryear dwelling on the fact the Yankees have not made the playoffs the last six years? If you are going to criticize “fellow Yankee bloggers” for living in the past and blasting the “2nd highest payroll” for coming in third place, aren’t you contradicting yourself by pointing out the Yankees haven’t won the last six years? What makes that more valid than us pointing out we have won four times more than you in the last 10? Nothing. Either don’t bring up the past and solely reflect on what needs to be done for the sox to win the ring again, or stop accusing people of living in yesteryear. I for one have said numerous times now, for both ball clubs what they need for a ring, yet you indirectly accuse me of living in the past too. It is inconsistant. To consider the Sox one of baseball’s elite and yet not include the Yankees has no validity to it either. When the sox were at much more full strengh than the Yankees they never were more than four games ahead at any time in the season and all season long were mediocre against the AL, that is a fact too, just like how the rash of injuries buried your team. Last year is a wash, both teams failed to do anything impressive and they have the two highest payrolls in baseball. You struggled vs tampa bay all year, what does that prove about how you spend your money? Nothing, baseball is baseball and it is getting old associating wins with dollars and comparing who was more successful last year on a personal arbitrary scale.

Both teams are elite and they have the money to stay like that. Baseball is team as you said Jeff, and for once Fagan is right, you guys couldn’t recover from your injuries because you underpaid guys that left in free agency who had proven success in boston (lowe, arroyo, damon, pedro. mueller, graffanino) and now I am almost positive you probably do it with Nixon. You can’t whine about how your team was injury ridden and not be pissed off that Epstein didn’t keep major parts of your team. Tell me you would be happier with beckett lowell and pena instead of lowe, pedro, mueller and arroyo (I would assume without making the trades they retain the money to keep pedro).

The Yankees have not been elite since 2001 but at any given year they are a threat to win, the reason this is a rivalary is because we recognize the sox are too. This bickering back and forth about who was injured worse, who’s payroll is higher who is more of a failure, who has better fans, who was a bigger disappointment is just getting old and redundant. Talk about how much you think epstein will be willing to spend to solidy your teflon team and i’m sure the yankee blog will talk about how the **** cashman can get out of all the awful contracts that the tampa FO got us into.

And no, the Yankees did not destroy johnson, brown, etc and nor do they want contreras, weaver or anybody else who consistantly failed in NY. They got those players too late (johnson and brown).

How ironic I almost said verbatim what you did about the rivalry and yet you pidgeon hole me as being in “my own world”

Vince, I am just tired of hearing Sam sticking again and again and again and again on the 26 titles and the BoSox finishing third in 2006. The whole 26 title thing has been rehashed into the ground, and everyone knows the Sox would have done much better without the extent of thier injuries. I would like to talk about the Hot Stove League and 2007, not 2004 with the Sox or the Yankees late 90s dynasty, or what they did decades ago. On the Celtics blog, I don’t stay immersed in the 60s and 80s. Glory years are great, but that was then, this is now – in any sport, with any team.

I agree with you on that and the only time I ever bring up the past is to either reflect on those teams and try to regain their dynamics to produce a winning team for the future, or out of defense when soemone else brings up the past…..A lot of people are tired of hearing others talk about the same thing again and again and I agree with you in that sense. I wouldn’t mind never reading “the yankees haven’t won this millenium” “the Yankees are the laughing stock of baseball” “The redsox are a third place team” “the Redsox have one title in the last 89 years” “The redsox won more recently therefore are more successful” ever again.

Jeff, that is fine, except you do bring up the past, as in “the Yankees have fallen on their faces the past 6 years”……

Vince, we’ve already shared our differing opinions about Beckett. I’m glad we have him. I think he will be an ace once Schilling retires. He was worth the prospects they surrendered. I like Lowell as well. As for Pedro, I’m glad that didn’t pay him. He’s not worth it. That’s just like the Yankees signing Johnson. He was worth it in the 90s, but not today. As for Lowe, I wish they would have kept him and not signed Clement. I mentioned that in a post above. I liked Mueller, but it was time to let him go, just as it is time to let Trot go.

And, I agree that the argument about 2006 is getting old. That’s the point I made to Sam (or Russ, not sure what his name is). He keeps sticking on 26 titles and the BoSox finishing third in 2006.

An Amendment to reflecting on the past: To share past memories with other people whom are also reflecting, which is part of what makes baseball so great; reflecting on memories but not dwelling on them. I could easily share my experiences at fenway (on tour or at a game) or the sox victory parade from a Yankee point of view too, or I could reflect on gooden’s no hitter and the Yankee titles I saw

Which btw, and this is to everybody as a basic history lesson: The sox have six titles, do they not? Not seven. And I don’t mean in any sort of cheap shot way, it was just annoying me all day. I think Beckett will improve, but he will never be more than a two starter I don’t think, he was never even an ace in florida.

And I don’t think anyone on here said the Yankees are a laughingstock. I can’t stand them, but I am also a baseball enthusiast who knows the game well, so I recognize their place in history, and as one of today’s top franchises. I felt the same way about the Lakers when the Celtics were winning their titles in the 80s. And Russ, I do think the Yankees have fallen on their faces the past six years, and that everyone who is not a Yankees fan enjoys it. But we have gone as far as we can about that debate, so I’m done with it.

and,”yankees should win every year w/their payroll”….Jeff, you bring it up all the time. Sorry…

I’ve seen that on this blog too, it had to be mentioned with the rest of the overused statements, which I admit, I, myself have also used

Vince, I agree that it is nice to reflect about baseball past. ’75 was special to me because it was when I first became a Sox fan, and it was the first World Series I watched with my dad. 2004 was special for obvious reasons. There is nothing wrong with treasuring your team’s heritage, but dwelling on it when debating about a rivalry is fruitless because it doesn’t matter today what the Red Sox did in 2004 or the Yankees did in the 20th century. We all want new memories so we can have a new chapter to reflect on, and new bragging rights.

I do bring that up, Sam, when you or anyone else brings up the 26 titles and that the Yankees are kings of baseball. I prefer not to debate on that, because it is an endless circle.

lol I’m enjoying this Fagan imposter, I think it best to ignore all of them though, it is the best solution

All right Jeff…if “Yanks have fallen on their faces in last 6 years”…in the last 10 years…Boston hasn’t even gotten out of the ground. OK, done w/it. And everyone that is a Yankee fan enjoys Boston’s misery over the last decade…especially this last season. Yanks had an exceptional season in 2006. I didn’t think they would even make the playoffs w/their pitching. All the injuries they had, their pitching stepped it up, and players stepped it up and proved me wrong.

Alot of teams would have loved to “fall on their faces” like the Yankees have the past 6 years, winning pennants, division, and going to the World Series. Jeff, ask Royal or Indians fans if they would have like to “fall on their faces last 6 years” like the Yankees….I am thinking, the past 6 years, the Yankees are right up there w/teams that made the most playoff appearances…although I may be wrong…..

Russ, you’re missing my point, which is that I think that the Yankees should be held to higher standards because of the resources they have. Though the BoSox are a big market team, too, just like the Angels, Mets, Dodgers, etc., they do not have the same advantages as the Yankees. They have the second highest payroll, yet it is millions and millions lower than the Yankees. So it is to be expected that sometimes the Sox will make the playoffs, and sometimes they won’t. The Yankees have no excuse not to reach the World Series. That is the point, which obviously differs from yours and anyone from the Yankees blog. Like I said, it is fruitless to continue this debate because we will go around in circles. Payroll, 26 titles and the BoSox finishing third in 2006 are not worthwhile to debate because everyone has made their respective points over and over and over and over again, and over again.

Fagan at hotmail, you are obviously not the Fagan, neither is studlysenior (even though that is an amusing screen name). The real Fagan does not limit his posts to two or three sentences explaining who he is.

Fair enough Jeff, I disagree. Boston is a big market team w/the 2nd highest payroll. We agree to disagree. I think a team w/the 2nd highest payroll should be held to higher standards than, “sometimes they will make the playoffs, and sometimes they won’t” as you say…I say, 2nd highest payroll YOU SHOULD be in the playoffs every year. That means your team would have the 2nd best opportunity to get some more “resources” to field a title team over every team except the Yankees. That is your argument…..If the Yankees don’t go to the World Series, the Red Sox have NO excuse of representing the AL w/their “payroll” and “resources”……

Good luck to Boston in 2007.

and to you Jeff in 2007 for a happy and healthy New Year!!! It will be fun

lol. A pop up? I haven’t thought about that, though I do hear that the children’s book market is a lucrative one. Thanks for the idea!

A happy and healthy new year to you as well, Russ. Yes, it should be interesting. The BoSox and Yankees will be making lots of moves, as well teams like the Angels, Mets, Padres, Cardinals and Tigers.

I am from the Dayton area – I lived there my first 33 years before moving down here in 2002. I’ve been to a few Browns and Indians games. As a writer, I even did a freelance story when Manny was in Cleveland. I’ve been to the Flats, the Rock-n-Roll Hall of fame and the district around Jacobs Field and Gund Arena. I’m sure you’ll have a lot to root for with the Cavs this season. It should make waiting for spring training more bearable.

I’d love to live in Florida right about now. Never really liked the Browns or Indians. I live about 35 miles south of Cleveland. Been to few Indians games (only when they play Boston or NY), haven’t been to Browns game. Do you golf?

Not much of a golfer. I still play in an adult baseball league (baseball, not softball). I also play hoops and go bicycling on the trails around here. It’s very nice right now – in the 70s, not too humid. This is the time of year I am especially glad I’m here in not in Ohio. Orlando is a big golf town, though. Everywhere you look, there is seemingly a course.

Where is Vince? Did he retire to the couch for a case of Rolling Rocks? lol, I say that because that is the beer I drank in college. Right now, I am working on a story with the CD player on in the background, and drinking a Blue Moon.

Of course, Vince, I know that you do not drink beer because you’re not 21. I know that underage drinking is not an issue on the Q campus.🙂

haha no 80% of us do not drink illegally and I don’t drink bud light……i’m here im watching spike right now, it is animals going insane and attacking humans and it is amazing….I feel like if you light a bulls horns on fire u probably deserve to be mauled. I’m exhausted though I looked at the entire first floor of the metropolitan museum of art today though

It involved six subways though because my sister lives in brooklyn and she wanted to shop a little bit….the museum isn’t so much physically taxing as it is mentally…it is just constant stimulation

You can take a subway from Q to NYC? Didn’t know that. I’ve only been to NYC a few times, but I enjoyed it.

Not sure what the deal is with all this Fagan stuff. More Fagan personalities and/or Fagan impersonators are surfacing each day.

I play golf once a week (weather permitting). Also umpire high school grils fast pitch softball in April/May and umpire men’s slo pitch leagues in the summer. 70s? Ugh, it is in the low 30’s here….

I can take a bus to new haven train station and a train from there to grand central…then by subway get to anywhere, that was one of the big pulling points when I saw Quinnipiac, it has easy access to both NY and Boston. You would love NY (obviously) Jeff. I feel like since the city is enormous they wouldn’t be so hostile to you even if you were decked out in sox stuff haha. I had a revelation on the subway today about how truly unique that city is. I also purchased a historic timeline of baseball book, it is awesome. It has every year from about 1820 to 2004 with significant baseball events and other worldly events that effect baseball (like bush becoming president) and then it has a section in the back of all stats, like best pitching seasons, and what not, it is truly an impressive book.

Umpiring, now that is a tough job. Few people are ever pleased. I umpired little league one season. Didn’t care for it at all.

haha I refereed dodgeball and that was even tough, it was for charity and people were still heated.

The book sounds interesting. I have a lot of baseball and Re Sox historic books. I have enjoyed NYC when I’ve been there. I rode the subways and saw the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan when I’ve been there. It’s interesting just walking around big cities and absorbing all of the different lifestyles.

There is a ton of different lifestyles that is for sure…if you ever get the chance, go to the american museum of moving image in Queens, it is my favorite museum of all time…A museum of American Television and movie history and some interactive stuff too (you can do voiceovers for certain classic movies)

There are so many museums I would like to see in NYC that it would take weeks to explore them. I did a story a few years ago about the Tenement Museum there. It is so accurate that they duplicated the smells of the different ethnic backgrounds of immigrants by purchasing scent machines from a company in England. So when you go into a typical Italian immigrant family’s home, for example, you not only see what it was like, you smell what it was like from the aromas of foods, etc.

that’s pretty amazing, I can match it up to my own home and see how it’s changed. haha. The sex museum would probably be fun to visit too and of course the holocaust museum is a must see for the historical reasons… philadelphia there is something called the muter museum, it is a museum of medical oddities. Truly spectacular, it has like siamese twins and like fetuses and john wilkes booth’s intestines, if you have a strong stomach, it is worth seeing. Living in the Northeast and florida is probably going to benefit me in the long run

Yikes, Cavs lost to the Bobcats…….UGH

Did someone say sex?

lol yes Russ, there is a museum exclusively dedicated to sex and all things involving sex in nyc

I saw a piece about the Philly museum you mentioned on The Travel Channel. Looks pretty interesting. I”ve visited and written about lots of offbeat museum – the barber museum, a patent model museum, and a parambulator museum. There is a museum for anything imaginable, and often the most interesting ones are the small ones operated by private individuals who have amassed extensive collections of their particular item of interest.

NYC is the perfect place for a sex museum. That, and Miami.

I’d love to go to a Yankee game in NY. However, if I never make it, my wife has specific instructions to spread some ashes at Yankee Stadium,,then go south to Augusta,GA (where the Masters is played), then the rest of me where the Cowboys play. I am so nice, I gave her 2 weeks after I die to get this done…I have seen Yanks vs Cleve at Jacobs field a few times…never been to NYC

Vince, I saw a story on news the other day about the Yankees have an x-mas ornament w/santa in a plane and said wasn’t “appropriate” because of Lidle’s crash. Anyway, I saw a store and all it was was Yankee stuff, where is the store in NY?

I would love to see a BoSox-Yankees game in person. I see the Sox at Fenway and on the road in places like Tampa, Miami and Atlanta. I’m making it a point to see a series at Fenway in 2007, and a road series in a new place, like Kansas City or Texas, just for something different. Of course, I will be at the BoSox-Atlanta series, and whenever they play the D-Rays at Tropicana Field, which is home to the Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame and Museum.

Is your wife a sports fan? My girlfriend tolerates my love for sports – and the Red Sox, in particular. She deserves an award for that. I’m lucky, she tolerates me, and she is a licensed massage therapist as well.

Dang, lucky man Jeff. Not really, I have wife and two grils. Wife puts up w/me being a Yankee and Cowboy fan, she really could careless, as my daughters, but they put up with me. Actually, I don’t see too many Yankee games on TV unless there on ESPN or Fox or something, but follow it on my computer, which really makes wife happy (not). Like I said, my cousin’s dad is from Boston. He goes to visit his grandma every year and takes in a Red Sox game at Fenway every year. He also has company tickets to Jacobs Field and never misses the Sox there…….

Russ you mustmean Modells, it is in NY, I am bad with street names or else I’d give you the number. Modells is notoriously known for all of its yankee stuff, they even sell tickets. I suddenly feel very priviledged to have seen 10-15 yankee redsox games (all but one at the stadium) in my limited lifetime already, it is something you have to do before you die, regardless of your seats or the price. Jeff, if you can, I would suggest going to Yankee stadium before the new one is built, it will not be the same.

I have to get there next year…I am pretty sure there are flights from Akron-Canton to NY on a daily basis..

Nice talking to you two tonight. Have to run. Have a good night, talk to you later…..

have a good night russ. My italian dinner is almost ready

That would be interesting to get a group from the Yankees and BoSox blogs to buy a block of tickets for a game.

Good night, Russ. I think I’m logging off to relax as well. Talk to you later, Vince. Good night, all you Fagans.

lol goodnight jeff, yeah we have been talking about that on the yankee blog for awhile now, not to sound creepy but I think if we actually met people in human form, there would be a bit more civilty and respect for each other online.

I still think that all the Florida bloggers should get together tip a few back and get a group picture so Ian can use it on the blog!

Whoever it was that was using the screenname of Fagan, i deleted every single post made by that person because of the one profanity i saw. And Jeff, i know that it was you using the studlysenior screenname. I have ways of knowing this stuff. So be careful with what you say, or some of your posts will start being deleted as well. consider that fair warning.

studlysenior posts were deleted because of crude tone. Glad that i have to babysit you people in Tokyo.

Yeah, I joined in on the fun for one night with the studly senior name. Obviously, you could tell it was a joke. I did get caught up in all of the hoopla.

Please don’t do anything to have Ian close down the blog… I like being here too much. And where would we go next season????

You’re right, Ellen. I shouldn’t stoop to Fagan’s level. I mocked him for an evening with comments directed at him as a joke. It won’t happen again, because I like this blog as a source of Red Sox and baseball conversation as well. I apologize for the slip up. I’m just fed up with Fagan, but I do realize that any mocking of him just adds fuel to the fire.

I expect that out of you, Fagan, just as the resot of us do. I admit. I am guilty. I acted out of character and stooped to you level. I work from a home office, and do writing work seven days a week, so this blog is a hobby for me when I need down time. From this point forward, I am not even going to respond to anything you have to say. I encourage everyone else on the BoSox blog and the Yankees blog to do the same.

The turh is, when you’re not around, both blogs are peaceful. When you are around, you antagonize others. I am not the only one who has acted out of character responding to your rants and raves. But that does not excuse my behavior, and I have apologized to this blog. So, as I have with the exception of my temporary slip up, I will return to talking just about baseball, and not mocking you. I imagine that you will continue your rants, raves and insults since that is what you demonstrate on a daily basis. My hope is that everyone on the Yankees blog and the BoSox blog ignores you. I know I will from this point on.


You need to find another hobby and stop talking so much garbage. Even I must tell you that.

I am terribly sorry for saying all the things that I said. I wanted to make a memorable impression and that one profanity just slipped out. I repeat, I am sorry. But can you still allow me to keep posting here? Nothing like this will ever happen again. If you want I can change my screen name.

Nah, I would prefer Jeff back at some point tonight, he offers value to both blogs even if I resent some of his comments….Don’t know if any of you caught it but the royals are getting 55 million from other teams this offseason, that is three elite free agents, will they use that money? No, of course not, their owners would prefer the money over winning, yet the Yankees are what is bad for baseball? Please.

I’d rather team owners invest money in their teams then pocket it and deprive a city of a contending team. However, what I’m saying wouldn’t really matter now, would it, since brenner has such conclusive evidence im a phoney.
*ps: thats gmail (google mail), not Qmail. I guess thats why it is important to read before you post. But what do I know, I’m a fake.

You know, the people who really care about this blog will be the ones to suffer when Ian decides he’s had enough of the beeeee essss that’s been going on here. Let’s play like Rodney King and say “can’t everyone just get along?”. There is always going to be Yanks-Sox bashing by Sox-Yanks fans. How hard is to just go on and live with it. We each think our team is A) THE BETTER TEAM, or B) HAD THE BETTER YEAR or C) WILL HAVE THE BETTER TEAM AND/OR BETTER SEASON NEXT YEAR. Does everyone agree with that??

I got into hot water being courteous to everyone(which is what I was brought up to be): to newcomers to the blog, to Yankee fans and anyone who posted here. I also was in trouble for defending someone who was a Sox Fan, earlier this year. Won’t happen again. I talk to everyone who is pleasant to me and doesn’t rip me a “new one”. Yes, I appointed my self the “BROWNIE POINTS CHEERLEADER AND WELCOME WAGON HOSTESS”, and I think I did a danmed good job at both. I LOVE BASEBALL, ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL, AND MY SOX ARE #1 IN MY HEART. But it’s getting rather tiresome reading the same old beaten to death tirades.

If this keeps up, NONE of us will have a place to go next year that is as good as this one was and can be again. It’s turned into an absolute hate fest. Well I for one ABHOR THAT!!!! Let’s just back to where we started. All writers welcome!!


’nuff said.

Thatredsox guy, if you continue to offer valid and competant opinions to a blog online, nobody is going to take you for any sort of phony….Nobody that matters anyway, welcome to the sox blog.

and here we go again!

If we really want this bog to remain, the petty **** and rants (in upper case especially) is really not the way to keep it. Just give up the insignificant beeee ess. How hard can it be. So somebody says that the Sox or the Yankees s++uck, get the lleh over it. It is only an opinion.. and just like b+utts, we all have one and we all think everyone elses stinks!

intend to join you and other more agreeable souls in aiming this blog back into a more peaceful getting together place so that we are all comfortable to drop in and visit by the time spring training rolls around.

Posted by: | November 5, 2006 06:31 PM

thank you so much, vince. i know you are totally responsible for holding up mark’s blog all by yourself, so, certainly we are appreciative of any assistance you can offer over here. don’t know what we would do without you, son. plus, you’re so suited to being a greeter. if we can only get someone to sew you a little boston red sox dress or cocktail gown and a pair of red panties, you’ll be all set.

Posted by: | November 5, 2006 06:55 PM

24 minutes. Your word is as good as gold. ‘Nuff said.

I’m tired of the ****, g’night.

I’m hearing rumors that MLBlogs might be replaced in 2007 by a My Space page or something similar. I would think it would fairly be interactive, but the format might change a little and hopefully i’ll have more power to weed out some of the nonsense that goes on.

Ian, like pictures and friending and everything….personal profiles? That would be interesting.

I like the blog the way it is set up now. Well exccept one or two things maybe. I wonder why they are thinking of changing it.

At the risk of sounding ignorant, I have hear dof….but never been on the site….what is different on that site than say like a blog like this?

MySpace is basically a website where you can go and personalize your page. You add friends to your file and talk back and forth. But after a while it gets BORING. They shouldn’t switch MLBlogs to Myspace. It would be extremeley Whack.

thanks fagan….

Fagan, I am only going to say this once, because from this point forward I am taking the high road and ignoring your posts like they do on the Yankees blog and we should do here on the Sox blog. I am not embarrassed. I feel ashamed that I stooped to your leve in my attempt to mock you with another screen name. I apologized and explained my point to a group of BoSox and Yankees blog regulars (and let them know about the Yankees/BoSox blog that Vince and I are creating, which will debut early 2007). Interestingly, out of the 30 e-mails I sent to the list I created, I received responses from 25 saying that they would love a blog that would be a Fagn-free zone where your maniacal rants and raves are deleted as they are on Mark Feinsand’s blog.

So you can continue to prove that you have no restraint and no life by attacking everyone on this blog. My slip up only involved comments about you. And I’m not the one who has had several screen names deleted. In addition, I’m not the one who everyone despises on this blog and the BoSox blog. There is nobody on this blog who doesn’t get along, with the exception of you. So feel free to continue your posts. I’m no longer responding to anything you say. I encourage Vionce, Ellen, Vik, Russ and everyone else you verbally assault to do the same. Whether they do so is their choice. The facts are, this blog is a good place without you, and one that is becoming increasingly avoided when you are here. And rest assured that your comments will be deleted on a daily basis on my blog. Mark Feinsand definitely has the right idea.

Well said Jeff……I am in mouring, Mark’s ‘Skins, skinned my Cowboy’s yesterday…..

Sam, feel free to visit my blog at and e-mail from from there. I can keep you on the e-mail list for when Vince and I start the BoSox-Yankees blog. It won’t be hosted on We’re having the web site developed with a blog that will have daily BoSox and Yankees posts during the regular season, and a plethora of history, links and information about what we know is the greatest rivalry in all of sports. It will be a safe haven where comments from people like Fagan will be deleted as soon as they are discovered.

I’m sorry, I meant to say, Russ! Anyway, I will be visiting this blog very little util the issue with Fagan is resolved. In the meantime, you can catch me on my blog, and on other Sox blogs.

Thanks Jeff. I will visit. My knowledge compared to you, Vince, Paul, etc, is very limited, but fun to chat anyway. Thanks for invite

Russ, it doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have. I have been following baseball very closely all of my life, and I learn something new every day. We’re all just baseball fans who love discussing, debating and learning about the game. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been following the game; your comments are welcome. That is how this blog once was before Fagan arrived. Since I have fallen short of showing restraint at Fagan’s attacks, I prefer not to remain a regular here. I rarely lose my cool, and since the root of the tension will remain here, I would rather just go elsewhere. Thus the reason I am staying at my blog and the other Red Sox blogs, just making occasional appearances here. I hope that I continue to see BoSox and Yankees fans at my blog, and the blog Vince and I are creating. And I hope you all enjoy this blog because, with the exception of Fagan’s presence, it is a great place to talk about baseball, the Sox and the Sox/Yankees rivalry.

What brought that on? You are posting obscene posts and threats on my blog. That is what brought it on. Get a life.

and, of course, all of those posts – even the ones you included on headings that are weeks old – were deleted and reported to Once again, get a life. As were the posts were you accused me of being a child molester and an abuser, which is libelous.

Fagan, here are the two libelous comments that I have forwarded to my attorney, and to I have also copied and pasted your numerous insults and threats you have posted on my blog. This is not counting the racial insults you posted about Vik, the threats of physical violence against Vince and the use of the “c” word against Ellen, among other libelous comments. I will be consulting them to have letters written attesting to the fact you made these libelous comments against them. Please know that any comments you post from this point forward will be copied for use in the legal case against you. For legal reasons, now, I will not be posting here until this case is resolved. I will be checking this blog to copy any comments you make, however.



Posted by: | October 23, 2006 12:43 PM

…….You manifest all the hallmark jump-out-in-your-face symptoms of a patheic chronic abuser in every way, JEFF LOUDERBACK!……..

Posted by: | November 5, 2006 02:26 PM

I’d just like to say thanks to the couple of guys who answered my query about lodgings. It’s probably not appropriate to give names as they don’t post on the blog. However, thank you to the Sox fan in FLA and the Yankees fan in Boston who were both very generous with the information.

Where is my mention?

good idea fagan, post your war over on jeff’s site then maybe we can all get back to ball. havent been around for a week or so, so here it goes: sam, the yankees would have finished 3rd too had they had the key injuries the sox had. first place and one playoff win for 70 plus makes me laugh. and doesnt that blocked kick **** u off, we do have that in common, can’t believe how many ways the boys find to lose this season. Like romo tho, he’s a keeper. actually dont have much else to say as this blog has been littered with a personal argument. I do beleive the sox starting rotation as is is way better off then the yankees, assuming that all stays healthy for next season. wang isnt totally proven yet, the unit’s falling hard, moose is another year older…and who else do they have? Beckett wasnt beckett, but still better then most starters. schilling was great and will be again, wake should be good for 10-15, and paplebon could be a rising star. We only need to fill one starter hole, and we could just go with clement or tavarez. Both would probably end up no. 3 on the yankees staff as is. Can’t wait for spring, any rumours about trades or closers for the sox lately?

Jeff, when you wrote your November 6, 2006 09:24 PM post, were you referring to me Fagan or the real Fagan?

Nice Reinbold. I agree that the redsox rotation can be better than yankees as is. But lets just analyze your argument.

Mussina is an year older but Schilling was great and will be again.

Wang is not fully proven but Papelbon could be a rising star.

What are you trying to say indian? When you say “I agree that the redsox rotation can be better than yankees as is. But lets just analyze your argument.” you’re saying that you think the Sox can be better. I get that, but when you use the “but” you’re saying that the yanks could be better. You should give examples supporting the Yankees rotation but you support the Sox. What are you trying to say?

no Fagan. I dont agree with how he supports his comment.

and the key word in my statement is CAN.

Why you catchin a attitude? All I was saying was be clearer. You can know what your’re saying but a person reading your post can’t understand what is that is being said. I know some people here don’t like me or the way I say things but I’m trying to be nice and reply to someone’s post but when I can’t understand it how am I supposed to respond?

catchin should be catching
second sentence should be “can’t understand what IT is that is being said…..”

no Fagan. I was just trying to emphasize the word CAN. I never take offense when somebody corrects me. I understand that the first step to success is to accept one’s weaknesses /limitations.

Let me explain my response to Reinbold in a better way.

I agree with his conclusion that the redsox can feature a better rotation than that of the yankees as is. What I dont agree with is how he arrived at that conclusion. The two points he used against Mussina and Wang work against Scilling and Papelbon respectively. One could also argue that Beckett is not a proven commodity in AL.

Having said that, it is also possible that the redosx rotation can be REALLY bad. If Beckett doesn’t improve on his lst year’s performance and Schilling and Papelbon pitch like they did during the second half of last season the redsox are in big trouble.

Thank You.

The redsox have four legit starters and a hole to fill at fifth. I wouldn’t place tavarez there because it makes the bullpen work more complicated and the sox already need two relievers this offseason. I wouldn’t put clement there because clement will most likely miss all of 2007. So they do need one more starter and that assumes papelbon is completely healed and healthy as a starter, wakefield doesn’t get hurt again, schilling stays healthy another year older and Beckett never gets his blisters back. It never hurts to have 6 potential starters.

That said, the Yankees have Wang, will resign Mussina (assuming he stays healthy since he seems to be a pitcher until september), Pavano if he EVER comes back (we can call him the 6th starter), and you’re right, johnson is a 5th starter max.

That means the Yankees need 3-4 starters compared to the sox 1-2. However, since it is almost inevitable by all counts that shef will be traded you can assume it will be for a starter, which brings the yankees down to 2-3. Wright has a club option, and it will probably be picked up, but he may go to the bullpen. Obviously Matsuzaka is in the Yankee’s plans, though whether they get him is up in the air. Pettite AND clemens both came out in the news saying they would consider a return to the bronx, Lilly is a free agent and has already been there. So I would agree the Yankees have one more starter hole to fill assuming Wright does not come back, but I also feel like they have a lot of options and it will not be anything very difficult to achieve in the offseason.

Hello, everyone!
Hope you are all doing well, and I wanted to get some comments about Alex Cora signing a two-year extension. I like Cora, he certainly is talented and versatile, but what does this mean for Loretta and Gonzo, if anything? The Red Sox message board over at has mixed reactions, right down the middle. Some are elated, others feel that it only spells certain doom for Loretta and possibly Gonzo as well. Any thoughts on this? I have also read that the Mets have shown interest in Loretta, and can you blame them? I just really like him alot. I wish we would just sign him already. I know we need pitching BADLY, but our infield, like we all know, was truly stellar. One of the only bright spots to an otherwise dismal season. Thanks for listening. 🙂

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