Will Matsuzaka be fitted for Sox?

Did the Red Sox win the bidding on Daisuke Matsuzaka? There’s no real way to know until MLB is given clearance to announce it. Once the Seibu Lions officially accept the winning bid, whomever it may be from, MLB will follow quickly with an announcement. Then the winning bidder would have 30 days to strike a deal with Scott Boras.

Even Buster Olney, the fine ESPN reporter and blogger extraordinaire who came out with today’s report, can’t say for certain if it was the Red Sox who won the bidding. This is a top secret story with the officials involved, and for understandible reasons. Heck, the Lions themselves don’t even know who made the top bid, as all the bids were blind.

If the Red Sox do get Matsuzaka, it would surely send a jolt through New England not felt since Schilling came on board in Thanksgiving of 2003. I just got back from Japan, and heard nothing but glowing things about Matsuzaka’s ability. Bobby Valentine calls him the Hideki Matsui of pitchers. This guy has a collection of pitches, including 95-MPH heat, a wicked slider, a forktball and a curve.

Say the Red Sox get Matsuzaka. They will suddenly have a pipeline in Japan. And the way Japan is coming on as a baseball country, that would be a very, very good thing.

Also, keeping Matsuzaka away from the Yankees could be huge in the AL East. Would the Yankees then break the bank for Zito?

Imagine for a second a rotation of Schilling-Matsuzaka-Papelbon-Beckett-Wakefield with Lester ready to step in at some point.

That will warm any Sox fan up on a cold winter day. So buckle up, and wait for the official word.



I hope the Red Sox won the negotiation rights.

Jose Contreras anyone?

If we got Matsuzaka . . . man. That would rock big time. I don’t even remember the last time the Red Sox have had a Japanese player on the team. I think Byung-hyung Kim was Korean.

For now, I’ll just enjoy nice warm days like today. 62 degrees!



Oh god Arielle I would die for that kind of weather It is to hot here 100+ Degrees is too hot!I guess that is why I loved living in Boston
About Matsuzaka if he does come here I would love it if he does come here I dont think I will get much sleep that night they announce it.lol.But the question is will they folk up the money to sign him?



Ian, you just sent chills down my spine🙂

To think about that rotation is making my chill.:]

Assuming that Schilling, Papelbon and Wakefield can stay heathy, Beckett can be the Beckett of the 2003 Post Season, and Matsuzaka turns out to be more Hideki Matsui than Hideki Irabu.

100+ in November? YUCK! And to think that some people still don’t believe in global warming!


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


Yeah Kellia here in Arizona It is 100+ still.

Cool the jets, there are reports that Boras is saying not so fast Sox Fans. Personally, I have my doubts because of the Sheffield trade. There is no way Cashman makes that trade for M.L. pitchers unless he thinks he has the inside track on Matsuzaka.

Hey Kaylee, I took a page from your book and did a little research. You’s be surprised to learn what I found out!!!…..

But Ian, has anyone asked Peter G. about this. I t seems whether he is back fully or not he still has the inside track on info.. He’s on a local radio sports talk show here in Fort Lauderdale alllllottt. I wonder if he knows??

It is amazing ehat you find out there ellen.

That rotation would be appealing, Ian. And, in addition to Jon Lester, the Sox farm system is stocked with guys like Daniel Bard, Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden. Plus, Kason Gabbard showed that he has the potential to be a Jamie Moyer-type pitcher in the bigs. And Julian Tavarez showed that he can step in as an effective spot starter next season. I think that, if the Sox do land Matsuzaka, they should go with the rotation you mentioned, and use Tavarez and Gabbard as spot starters for 2007 in case of injury. Rather than sign a second new starter, it would be better to spend the money on the set-up man and closer.

And, by the way, to those of you who aren’t already aware, I am using the redsoxnation38 screen name on these larger community blogs because of privacy and security reasons related to someone I’m sure you all are aware of. I strongly recommend that, on these larger community blogs, you do not use your real name or a real e-mail address in your screen name. I still use my real name on my BoSox Banter blog, obviously, since my profile contains my bio information. This is Jeff, by the way.

Hi, this is Mark from MLB.com, responsible for the MLBlogs community. Just deleted a few comments and the discussion must stay on point so comments hopefully don’t have to be closed again or further MLB.com accounts terminated. Talk about baseball and please remember you’re commenting about what Ian is writing here; it’s his blog and you’re a guest here. Please act accordingly, ignore any trolls rather than commenting about them as they can be dealt with accordingly. If that’s a problem, find another blog to comment on and return later, or start your own MLBlog if you don’t have one. Thanks for your understanding, now back to your comments.



… is it just me or is this blog suddenly quiet?

No Jamie it’s not you but everything is suddenly becoming suspect. I’m one who really enjoys having a place to come and talk about baseball, among other things. It’s a true shame that some people who have posted here have made the blog this way.
Unfortunately, I’m off to bed. I have to work 14 hours tomorrow, so I’ll check in around midnight Sunday. Jamie, have a good night, and keep me up to date as to what’s going on!! (now let me sound like MOM for a minute!!) DON’T YOU STAY UP TOO LATE, AND DO YOU HAVE YOUR HOMEWORK DONE?? lol

G’night everyone!!

lol I’ll be sure to keep you up to date Ellen. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished all my homework yet lol. Biology’s driving me insane. Photosynthesis seemed ALOT simpler back in middle school!

14 hours… that’s rough!

Well, thinking about the possibility of Matsuzaka becoming part of the Red Sox rotation sure is a nice way to start thinking about baseball again. I kind of had the baseball blahs after the end of the regular season. Didn’t even watch all of the World Series, despite Tommy Lasorda’s exhortations. But now I’m ready to stop moping about the ’06 Sox and start dreaming about the ’07 Sox.

From Mark’s post, I take it that things got kind of ugly around here, and I think I can guess at least one person who may have been involved. Kudos and thanks to Mark and Ian for doing what needs to be done to maintain blogs that reasonable folks can enjoy.

At any rate, there will be precious little baseball talk on ESPN from now until March or thereabouts, so I’ll need to get my fix here and at the Red Sox website. So fire up the hot stove! (Just where DID that expression come fromm, anyway?)

Hello Rob. Long time no see. How are you doing?

I think this is a really smart move by Red Sox management if in fact it is true. They have put themselves in a situation where they have mitigated a ton of risk and brought in a ton of upside.

I just did a lengthy Matsuzka analysis here:


Would love any comments or feedback.

heres how I see it the yankees just traded jaret wright who was in there rotation If they were at all worried about filling there rotation they would have waited until after they found out who got matsuzaka. I think the yanks know they got him and therefore traded jaret

mcooper – I don’t think the two are related. I think the Yanks were looking to move Wright this offseason regardless of whom they brought in.


The Yankees are definitely up to something, I just don’t quite know what yet.

I would be surprised if the sox actually bid 40million just to negotiate with D-Mat. A more likely scenario is that buster Olney was looking for a ratings boost So he flagrantly lied. but then again I am a disgruntled Yankee fan so take that as you will.

Hanley Ramirez is the NL rookie of the year. Should have kept him.

Yup, saw the Ramirez thing coming from miles away. He’s got terrific talent… I really hope Beckett’s worth it!!!!!

Keep in mind when you discuss the $42 million or whatever the Red Sox are giving to Seibu that the marketing portion of the club obviously feels they can make every penny of that back in merchandising over in Tokyo. Think about all the Red Sox hats and jerseys (with matsuzaka’s name on the back) that will be flying off the shelves in Tokyo.

Anyone read the story on redsox.com and mlb.com. Apparently we secured Matsuzaka for no less than $50 million.

True, Ian. Also we can possibly add Akinori Iwamura to the list if the Sox did indeed submit the winning bid for him.

This may not be very relevant but I wonder …

How advanced is Matsuzaka’s English?

Riega:I dont think that matters.

Riega:I dont think that matters.

Posted by: kayleexxx@aol.com | November 13, 2006 08:38 PM

At least to the Red Sox they will teach him.

I most certainly do hope so.
You don’t want to have a communication breakdown at a crucial point during a game.

I think the language issue might be more important in relation to Matsuzaka feeling like he fits in with the other players. Can you imagine moving somewhere where NOBODY spoke English, especially at your place of work? The feeling of isolation would be incredible. Talk about homesick. That would have to pervade everything you do, including on the ball field.

Hi, Vik. Been away too long. Things are good.

I’m not so sure about the language barrier being a problem. I live in Melbourne, Australia and follow our city’s national soccer team; the Melbourne Victory. We have 3 Brazilian players who started at the club this season who do not speak much English at all, and spoke none when they arrived. However, they take daily English lessons out of training and their teammates have taken it upon themselves to help out with their English lessons and teaching them Australian slang. So, in that sense, it could be a problem to start with but I think Matsuzaka would soon adjust, learn some English, and his teammates would accommodate his situation well. And what about other Japanese players that have come over in the past? I’m pretty sure Ichiro fits in fine with the rest of the team at Seattle and has adjusted pretty well to your way of life and language, and it doesn’t seem to affect how he plays in any way. I think there is only positives to such a move for Matsuzaka and positives for the Sox

I may be ignorant on this one, but i’m assuming catching signs are the same in Japan as they are in the States. And, isn’t English a mandatory language for Japanese students to take in school? Obviously, he isn’t fluent, but a little bit of language can go a long way. If so, I can’t see there being that much of an issue. I’d be more cautious about signing a Japanese catcher, if anything.

He uses an interpreter so I am assuming he does not speak English, but If we can communicate with Wang, I’m sure there are ways around it

i cant believe its taken this long for his japanese team to accept/reject the offer. if it is indeed around 50 mil, youd think it would be a no brainer to accept

and i dont understand why people on the yankee blog say this is a bad move. yeah 20-30 mil a year is a ton for any pitcher. even though his first year wherever he ends up playing likely wont be cy young worthy (not saying it wont happen, hes still going to be great) hes still only 26 (same age as papelbon) and by the time hes 30 he will probably be an all star/cy young winner. plus his value is way up considering the other alternitives (zito, schmidt).

and if negotiations dont work out john henry will chew theo’s *** out:
“i cant believe i spent ******* $50 million for you to drag you ******* feet! you stupid *** i just gave away $50 million for you to sit at a table with scott boras and chat about your barbie and pet rock collections!!!”

He may be worth 20-30M if he pans out, Ryan. Moreover, this is not like a normal signing in that you cant salvage even a part of your capital if he fails in NY/Bos or wherever he goes. Thats what makes the 20-30M a riskier proposition.

not too many players in baseball are worth 30 mil a year but half that wont count against the payroll unless theres something about this i dont know (very likely) but considering that next year schill plans to retire signing him would take care of that

btw congrats on your soon to be son

bc half that money would go to his japenese baseball team and the 40 whatever mil to him

Thanks Ryan.

The question is NOT where the money is going TO. The question is where it is going FROM. The only reprieve will be that the bid will not count against luxury tax cap. Which isn’t a big deal in my opinion.

In one sense the money spent on Matsuzaka is like the money spent on the best AAA prospect on earth. I dont know if any prospect is worth 25-30M a year.

i dont think any pitcher is worth 30 mil a year since he only plays in 25-40 games a year (for a starter that is) so thats about $1 per start. but it will open a pipeline to japan with the expanded fan-base and jerseys for him. i really dont care how much money he cost cause im not payin it🙂

Thats a nice stand to take Ryan. Good for you.

The question of the posting fee for Matsuzaka is a lot easier to tolerate if you think of it as “marketing investment” rather than some salary surcharge.

Matsuzaka will get a decent, reasonable contract. The Sox have had success dealing with Boras in the past because they’re not intimidated by him. They’ve got access to all the same numbers and projections that he does, and the fact that he can’t razzle-dazzle them puts them in a good negotiating spot.

Set aside the $42 million for a moment. Would you be willing to pay $12-13 million per year for five or six years of a top-10 or top-15 pitcher? I would bet that most of us would.

The $42 million doesn’t go to Matsuzaka. It doesn’t count against the luxury tax. It helps us open up an enormous, well-financed, baseball-crazy market in Japan. Let the marketing people worry about the $42 million. Let’s just worry about winning.


I was just wondering: Are the Sox in a transition phase? I mean, we’ve got 3 26-yr old aces under our control for the foreseeable future (Papelbon, our ace, Beckett who we traded the NL Rookie of the Year for, and Matsuzaka who’s supposed to be with 100m). We’ve also got Lester recovering as well as premier arms in Buchholz, Bowden and Bard who’ll all be ready in about 2-4 years.

On the field, we have Youkilis whose minor league stats (600+ SLG in his last sesson) suggest 20-25HR potential. Pedroia will apparently take over at an infield postion, and Kottaras might be ready soon. Crisp is also young and locked for the next 3 years (for better or for worse) and we have Ellsbury, Place, Anderson among others left in the farm system.

In the bullpen, there’s Cox, Hansen and Delcarmen (and some SP prospects who don’t quite make it).

So… even though we’re spending ridiculous amounts of $$$ this offseason, are we going through a youth revolution? Cuz I’m fine with that!!! Pretty nice balance – farm and $$.

//If the Red Sox do get Matsuzaka, it would surely send a jolt through New England not felt since Schilling came on board in Thanksgiving of 2003.//

That’s the feeling I have right now. The same one I did in 2003. I’m cautiously optimistic.

It’s official!!!

We’ve got 30 days to make something happen🙂

Yes we do:)Lets just hope they dont wimp out.

kaylee theo wont wimp out cause regardless of whether we sign him or not, henry isnt getting is 51.1 million back

That is true!

Hey Nationers!! and kaylee. Looks like the talks are about to start. I just hope that this pays off for us. I mean the marketing rights will almost automatically put the money back in the Sox bank account, but I would hate to see the Sox spend a ton ‘o money on someone who doesn’t pan out, whatever the reason. I am just loking forward to next season!!

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