One step closer to Matsuzaka

Some $51.1 million later, Matsuzaka’s bidding rights are exclusive property of the Red Sox. An enormous bid, really, and it just shows you what a premium talented young pitching is.

I love the move by the Sox. They had no clue what the Yankees would bid, so they came up with an enormous offer, and obviously they feel they can make a good deal of the money back in marketing and merchandising, etc.

Theo and Boras will bunker down for a few days and hopefully get a deal done. A rotation of Schilling-Papelbon-Beckett-Matsuzaka-Wakefield could be one of the best in the game.

Just like that, the disappointment of 2006 has faded, and the Red Sox have a potential new star on the horizon. It will be nice to have a little spice once Spring Training begins. It seems like something was missing last year. The whole season had kind of a flat feel to it.

But assuming the Matsuzaka negotiatons are successful, ’07 will have an electric feel to it from the start.

Schilling is entering his final season, Papelbon is going to the rotation, Beckett is trying to bounce back, Wakefield is coming off an injury, and Matsuzaka has lethal stuff. This could be a fun team to watch. I’m looking forward already to the atmosphere of Matsuzaka’s first Fenway start.

Also love how it adds yet another dimension to the Sox-Yankees rivalry. Each team now has a Japanese superstar. Hey, it was Bobby Valentine who referred to Matsuzaka as the Matsui of pitchers.

It cracks me up to hear people worry about the $51 million. Hey, it’s not our money, right? If John Henry laid down the money, obviously he thinks he can afford it. Just sit back and enjoy.

It’s fun to have a hotbutton baseball topic like this in November, especially with the Patriots looking blah and the Celtics producing their worst start since the Wicks-Rowe era.

How many days until pitchers and catchers?




Konichiwa, everyone!

Yup, I’m already feeling the anticipation for next season. Still, my laundry list for Sox needs is still rather long.

-Closer (Lidge, Baez, Gagne, someone)

-RF (Carlos Lee, Soriano, Drew)

-Relievers (David Weathers?)

-Backup C (Kottaras might not be ready, so… Gregg Zaun?)

-2B/SS (Pedroia plays one of them, and Lugo the other?)

-Another starter, perhaps. We got 2 old dudes in Schill and Wake, and Tavarez isn’t really that great. Meche, Lilly?

Report: The joy of winning the bid to negotiate with Matsuzaka short-lived when i found out i have a julius caesar report due friday.haha

this is a fantastic move, regardless of the 51.1 mil paid to talk with him (not payroll) we just need a right fielder (jd drew maks a ton of sense) and ****/2b (lugo?) and a closer (gagne, lidge).

lol jamie you’re looking at a 60 million dollar offseason minimum, not counting the 51.1….woooo

There are still plenty of holes to fill but this was a pretty good start. Maybe they could sign Justin Speier next, an excellent setup man who can close too.

“Yoshaa” to Theo. Now let’s wait and see who the Yankees sign to counter this move. Soriano? Not likely. Their outfield is pretty much set and Cano is solid at 2B. Zito? Maybe. Maybe not. Schmidt? Sure, go ahead. If they want to make a run at leading the league in number of players on the DL then do it. With Aramis Ramirez out of the market then it’s more likely that A-Rod won’t be traded. Catcher of the future? Just silly. No big names out there. Zaun is a nice backup but he’s just as old as Posada. But enough about those Yankees. Let’s hope this guy Matsuzaka is the real deal.

Lets hope this solves the Starting rotation for years to come. Now, re-sign A-gon, go and get J.D. Drew, and somebody to close. Happy days are here again.

If the Redsox complete the Matsuzaka deal, it will almost certainly lead to the Yanks overpaying for someone with less talent. Hopefully that will lead to a spiral similar to the NY Rangers 8 year disaster (highest payroll, no playoffs).

I absolutely LOVE this move!I see Schilling, being the competitor he is, going out with fire! I would absolutely take a chance on Eric Gange; put Pedroia in at second, resign Gonzo & bring in J. D. Drew. Backup catching? Let’s see what we have in the system. I can hear it from the Stadium now: “GET ME COSTANZA!!!!”

Rayman, I doubt that happens. Remember, cashman is running things now, not the tampa faction or even steinbrenner who were the ones to jump the gun in the past and run into a big contract. Not to say there won’t be a big contract but if cash does it, it will more than likely pay off. This offseason should be very interesting, the other difference is the starters in the yankee system, they have two definite mlb prospects ready before 2007 ends, and another 2 or 3 possibilities, I sincerely doubt the Yankees jump the gun

sorry, couldn’t resist, now who’s evil and spending more on one player than entire teams payrolls….before even signign them. Hopefully this move takes some pressure off a rod, who will be making the same amount if you combined the bid (i know it’s not part of the payroll) except playing 5 times the games.

My guess is that the Yankees go out and pay big money for Zito as a response. They’ve really only got two solid starters at this point- Mussina and Wang. Randy Johnson and Carl Pavano are both huge question marks. They need some certainty, and at least from an injury perspective, Zito is a known quantity.

Theo’s two big moves now need to be finding a back of the bullpen guy and a right fielder. J.D. Drew and Gagne? Gagne on an incentive-laden two-year deal?

Like, I also could not resist. SOOOOO glad the Yankees didn’t win the bidding. But, if I was to guess, I think Matsuzaka was shocked and maybe even disappointd when he saw the Yankees lost out on the bidding, just a thought.

I believe he is nasty, but the major leagues is a totally different world. Even look at Matsui, who has turned into a contact hitter rather than a power hitter. The adjustment to the majors will take Matsuzaka years. Longer seasons, playing outdoors at Fenway, and the American League hitters will all be obstacles.

Finally Boston fans will have a player to boo when hes not playing up to the size of his contract. Finally the Yankees have learned their lesson, since they had been down this road before with Hideki Irabu and Jose Contreras.

p.s. – Now that he is starting, and anchoring your pitching staff, tt might be time for Papelbon to let people refer to him as just “John”. He’s not 10 anymore.

I’ll just keep referring to him as Jon-Bon!! Jonathan does not conjure up the image of a 10 year old and maybe that’s the name he prefers. My husbands name is David, lot’s of people like to try Dave, or Davey, no he is simply David.

Glad to see we “got” Matsuzaka. Well at least completed the first step in the process. The 51 million is insignificant, because it does not go against payroll. If John Henry wants to throw exorbitant amounts of money, so be it. As long as it does not hurt our payroll, hey its his money.
The system is flawed greatly though. If I’m the D-Rays or Orioles I bid like 200 million for the guy, then say screw it and give him back to Japan. Then I block him from the teams in my divsion and don’t lose a penny. But whatever, at least WE got the guy this time and not the Evil Empire. It must be a big deal when you have Yankee people making a big commotion about it🙂

yeah the majors are way different then japan but lets not forget this guy was dominating the best players in the world last march

“not the Evil Empire.”
Sorry to break it to you bro but that nickname doesn’t really fly…might even fit the description of your team better.

Really btide? Then why does your team sell shirts that say the Evil Empire?

Oh right because basing truth on what shirts vendors sell is the path to take. I guess “Boston *****” is truth too then?/That was before boston spent a payroll on talking to a guy.

Ryan, I think the guy will be an ace, but that was also theee starts, would you base a guys career on three starts?……………………………………………………………….Josh Beckett.

Sure, it’s not your money, but it is your team. A team that ties up so much of its resources in any one player cannot have balance within the organization. If it were my Sox, the White Sox pulling off this move, I wouldn’t be too happy with Kenny Williams. Obviously, your guys wanted him that badly. But now – the Red Sox HAVE to sign him or they will be the laughingstock of the league. They also won’t look too good unless K-Mat is as amazing as the bidding price tag says he is.

“Theo’s two big moves now need to be finding a back of the bullpen guy and a right fielder. J.D. Drew and Gagne? Gagne on an incentive-laden two-year deal?”

Outskirts…I couldn’t agree with the Gagne move more. I would rather take a flier on him than trade talent in Wily Mo or another prospect to take a flier on Lidge. Then bring in someone like Scott Williamson at a very low couple hundred thousand dollar contract as insurance and setup.

Jamie brought up a very good point on Jeff’s blog. If Sox do sign D-Mat then Jamie says he will be under Sox control for 6 years. Because D-mat will be considered a rookie when he comes to MLB and according to MLB rules the rookies are under a teams control for 6 years. If sox do sign him for say 3 years now then he will be eligible for arbitration after 3 years but will be under sox control. Can someone please clarify on this.

D-Mat’s Career stats.

In 2006 he had 200 Ks in 186 innnings pitched and only 34 walks. That is more than one Strikeout per inning.

Sorry there chowda but I got some bad news. 1. Matusaka doesn’t want to pitch in Boston (who could blame hi) and 2. Now you can’t cry that the Yankees spend so much money. SO i have a deal-we can still chant 1918 and you can still call us the evil empire. Deal???

Sorry losers.

Sour grapes, Haggard, sour grapes.

Like I said on my blog, it is very humorous that Yankees fans are bashing the Sox for signing Matsuzaka when the Yankees have a track record of decades of paying exhorbitant salaries for even bench players.

The Sox should sign a few big name free agents, and combine it by continuing their philosophy of building a strong farm system so they can fill many holes without having to spend big bucks on everyone.

The Sox front office and scouting department is exceptional, so in 2008 and beyond (when a bulk of the current top prospects arrive at Fenway), the Sox won’t have to rely so much on free agent signings. This year, however, they have holes to fill, and they need to fill them through trades and free agency, so I see nothing wrong with them signing guys like Matsuzaka, J.D. Drew, Julio Lugo and Eric Gagne.

It is good for baseball that the Yankees are no longer getting all the big name free agents. It is good for baseball that Henry is opening his wallet and posing a threat to Steinbrenner. And it’s good for baseball that small market teams can afford to sign at least one big name free agent because of money they receive through revenue sharing.

I have no doubt that the Yankees will remain competitive, because – even though they by far have the highest payroll in baseball – they are like the Sox and taking an approach of building their farm system.

I just think Yankees fans are just upset because they are getting a taste of their own medicine. They aren’t used to Boston outbidding them for a premier free agent.

Oh, by the way, aaron, it is absurd to say it will take years for Matsuzaka to adjust to MLB. Whether the Sox sign him – or whether he returns to Japan and comes to the bigs next season – he will be an immediate top starter in all of baseball. He has already dominated MLB level hitters when he has faced them. It’s just a matter of sour grapes for you, and all the other Yankees fans who are griping. No Yankees fan ever has justification to blast another team for paying an outrageous salary to a player.

Guess the Yankees and their fans thought they had the market cornered on outrageous deals. As did everyone else. Looks like it’s time to shake things up in Beantown.
Additonally, the Sox got the first big dealings of the off-season. Well, the Yankees DID get rid of Sheffield. That can only be good for them.

Better to be a chowda than a meathead, that’s what I always say.

You are wrong Jeff. The yankees are not upset with the money Boston is spending. They are just asking the sox fans to shutup the cries of poverty and stop being hypocrites. Spend money if you can. Or just shut up and live with what you want to spend. No point whining. Like the sox fans, including you have been doing all along.

THANK U! couldn’t have said it better myself. I would have loved to have Matsuaka and will take him when he is a free agent because he does not want to pitch in Boston. I just want RS fans to stop crying…u too Theo, “we don’t have Yankees money” We came in 3rd place…waw waw

haggard, how do you know he doesnt want to play for boston? did he personally do to your house and tell you that? are you really that upset that you have to make **** up to calm yourself?

Am I the only Mark Loretta fan out here? This guy should be our second baseman at least until Pedroia is ready, and I would trade Pedroia in a deal for a closer. Loretta isn’t perfect, but man, he played hurt, and he played smart.

You yankee fans are just jealous you missed one for a change. wawawa, go cry on your own blog, we don’t want to hear it. As for the money spent, you don’t think they will make it back in spades with merchandising over in matty land? Especially over the years if he turns out to be what he’s advertised to be. Every tom **** and torre will be wearing sox stuff over there. I’m not going to boast for anything cause the kid hasn’t pitched one inning yet, nor has he even been signed. I just love the fact that the owners were willing to take this risk for the love of the team and the sox nation…bravo! Go Sox, Yankees ***!

wsf: NO!! you are not the only Loretta fan here!! I think letting him out of Fenway would be a HUGE mistake!! I heard on a local sports radio show yesterday that the Mets might possibly be interested in him (the host is a former announcer at wfan in NY, and still has an inside track with the Mets goings on). I truly think that Loretta was a great fit at Boston and in the clubhouse, you know a good mix in the chemistry thing. I also think that he did a lot more than we expected at the plate. My vote is to keep him. He doesn’t seem to be one that woould ask for the WORLD as far as pay and contract.

D rein. This is not jealousy, it is pointing to hypocracy, I’m sure everybody hear remembers every payroll comment made last year about how the Yankees bully everybody and spend absurd money on players. Now, the redsox spend 100 million (potentially) on a STARTER and not a peep of thought from redsox nation. It is a genius plan, that is what is frustrating, it has nothing to do with outbidding or getting a player. I am not going to downplay how I feel, I think matsuzaka will be very good, maybe even Wang good🙂 but he can never pitch to the tune of 20 million a year, which would be about the amount the sox would be shelling out for him payroll counting or not.

Everybody will not be wearing redsox jerseys because D mat is not a national hero like matsui or ichiro, he is a popular player and a superstar yes, but this is not going to catapult the redsox to be japan’s favorite team, he is not on the same level.

Vince: in all fairness as far as being the BIG SPENDERS, this is, what the 1st time in how long that the Sox have done this (spending gigantic bucks on a player). I know that there is certain amount of hypocracy involved. But you have to admit that the Yanks have overspent with some regularity in the recent past. I’m not sure of the particulars, but aren’t y’all still paying Giambi’s HUGE contract, and again I’m no expert, but has he earned that paycheck in the past 2 years??

exactly ellen. this is the first time in as long as i can remember that the sox overspend on a player. the yanks were doing it quite a bit but it has stopped since cashman “took over”. and vince i dont think anyone expects this “signing” to catupult the sox to the top of japans favorite teams. it will certainly help in merchandice amd people over there wanting to watch him pitch.

wheres jeff been? i want to hear his take on the michigan-osu game this weekend

There is no guarantee that The Sox bid will turn out to be a win-win situation. No matter, it’s nice to see the Sox dipping into the deep pockets that the regulars at Fenway, the Jersey buyers and even you and I as MLB.COM subscribers have helped to line with the big dollars. What’re the old sayings, you play to pay, and you get what you pay for. right?? Hope fully this deal will be a fotituitous (SP) (there’s one of my $40 words) one for all of the Nationers, top to bottom.

On the Ohio v Michigan game…

I’m a Miami Hurricane fan so if you remember the National Championship from I think 2001, when there was an over eager and flag happy judge, you know what I say??

I HOPE THAT MICHIGAN KICKS OHIO STATES BUCKA=S=S!!! GO BIG BLUE! but you can see there were no hard feelings here lol!! Hey, Miami has been in the bowl picture (toilet bowl lol!)all year. As much as a loyal fan as I am to all my teams (REDSOX PATRIOTS HURRICANES), the Hurricanes have played in the toilet bowl since game 1 vs the Seminoles. Sorry for the loss of Bryan Pata though. Still no leads in his murder.

I dont think any honest yankee fan will say they don’t spend a lot of money. But no matter how much the yankees spend, the fact is that redsox spend a lot too. Good for you guys that you got the negotiating rights for Matsuzaka. But stop whining abt payrolls. Now and forever.

I would have loved to have Matsuzaka on the yankees. But not at that price. That price tag + the pressure of performing in NY would have been a recipe for disaster for anybody.

I wrote this at my blog, and I think it bears repeating here.

The Yankees outspend every team by amazing amounts every year…they started this and the Red Sox are finally jumping in with both feet and financially competing with them. Did everyone expect the Sox to stand by forever and watch how the Yankees spend their money and ignore it?

//Everybody will not be wearing redsox jerseys because D mat is not a national hero like matsui or ichiro//


“The Red Sox will now rival the Yankees in terms of popularity here,” said Robert Whiting, Tokyo-based author of four books on Japanese baseball including “The Samurai Way to Play Baseball: The Impact of Ichiro and the New Wave from Japan.” “Everyone will love the idea of a Japanese star on each side of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. The Red Sox will sell a lot of Matsuzaka uniforms here.”

Media is media, I have no doubt they will sell a lot, but in multiple articles I read (i’m at work or else I’d track them down for you) I read Matsuzaka is not quite at the superstardom of the previous two. Matsui was one of the greatest hitters of all time and ichiro was beloved, oh well, you can find an opinion on anything in the news.

If he does well then bet your *** they will sell very well.

If it wasn’t for the Yankees, then rediculous bids like this wouldn’t exist. You guys set the bar for all this over spending, atleast the Sox have the balls to try to compete. If you had won the bidding for matty then I’m sure we would be hearing how great of move it was from the Yanks possibly ensuring another 5 years of pennants.Instead I here **** like “thats way too much for one player”. Give me a break. I also would’nt trade any of the sox starting 4 pitchers, beckett, schill, pap, or matty for the yanks best pitcher…Wang? I’m thinking cya in the rear view mirror, especially if we find a true closer. Go get Gagne and it will be over before it ever started.

I must say, it’s great to have a subject that makes everyone so passionate. it’s been a while. the end of last season was so blah. good to see the red sox back on the radar again.

the whole reason matsui and ichiro are at the level they are at now in terms of stardom in japan is their success in mlb. if matsuzaka is able to dominate to the extent that he did for the red sox as the seibu lions, then i’m sure he will become more and more of a japanese idol and hero.

*seibu lions for the red sox

AJ, that is far from the truth, the whole reason matsui was so famous in japan is because he was a 50 hr hitter in japan and compared to their version of Babe Ruth. The fact him and ichiro excelled here, helped. I do agree though that Matsuzaka would have to also excel here for the signing to be worth it in any sense of the imagination, especially for that price.

The Yankees are not the reason the redsox posted 20 million more than the next highest bidder, the redsox are the reason. The yankees did not even finish 2nd, blaming them for the sox spending so much is absurd.

Furthermore, blaming the Yankees for the whole business aspect of baseball in general is ridiculous, we didn’t force you to sign manny for 20 million either, nor did we create A rod’s contract which is what started the whole thing five years ago. Now the market is going back to inflating in price, and guess who has jump started this year’s version of 2001? The winners of the Matsuzaka bid. The Yankees are just willing to spend the money.

Let me reiterate: the deal that bloated everybodies contracts in the turn of the millenium was A rod and Texas. The deal that will do it this offseason is Matsuzaka and the Redsox…get it?

Irabu was nationally celebrated too, did he do well here? Performing in the MLB will keep the audiance’s attention back home (wang), but they didn’t get famous because they played well here. Matsuzaka is behind in that curve compared to the other two and if he doesn’t perform as well here, he will lose some of his following.

HYPOCRISY. If this is going to be the new buzzword, can we at least spell it correctly?

wsf and Ellen-I’m with you on Loretta. When the ball gets hit his way, I don’t feel my heart in my throat. I guess we all have our own indicators-that’s mine.

d rein-“I’m not going to boast for anything cause the kid hasn’t pitched one inning yet, nor has he even been signed. I just love the fact that the owners were willing to take this risk for the love of the team and the sox nation…bravo!”-100% with you on that one! Go Sox!

I’m glad you’re so ectatic that your team is spending money for the love of your fan base, welcome to being a Yankee fan….You know, that ideology that has been crucified by Sox fans all these years?

My apologies ctz, from now on I will accurately spell hypocrisy right when I accuse people of being hypocritical….Was that better?

That wasn’t directed only at you, Vince. But yes, it is much better, thank you.

Vince, I know you might not remember this, since you were just a little kid, but it was the Yankees – namely Steinbrenner – who started the trend of signing free agents to ******** contracts in the 80s. And it is the Yankees that continued the spree, which undoubtedly did lead to other teams paying higher salaries in an attempt to keep up. The Rangers’ bid so much for A-Rod because they knew the Yankees would make an enormous offer. The Sox bid so much for Matsuzaka for the same reason. I know you are a die-hard Yankees fan, and you are proud of your team, but baseball economics history clearly indicates that it is Steinbrenner who is instrumental in the reason why many free agent contracts are so high because other teams know the Yankees are lurking, and Steinbrenner will spend. That is something you, and any Yankees fan, cannot deny.

It is very accurate to say that the Sox have finally learned that, to get a player they truly want, they must overspend to make sure they outbid the Yankees. As I mentioned in previous posts, fortunately the Sox farm system is stronger, so they will not have to go outside the organization so often in the future, but when they have to – as long as Henry is the owner – it appears that the Yankees have competition.

Stars, I’ve been around. I’m just mostly posting on my BoSox Banter blog.

Regardin Ohio State and Michigan. I think it will be a close game. This is the best Michigan team in a long time. I do think the Buckeyes will win in the Horseshoe. My prediction: OSU, 24-21.

Actually, Vince, I just realized that you weren’t even born when Steinbrenner started his outrageous spending sprees in the early 80s. You could even argue his free-spending practice dates back to the 70s and Reggie Jackson. I know that Charlie Finley opened his wallet in the early 70s, but Steinbrenner is mostly responsible for the escalating salaries of the 80s to modern day.

The Yankees did not make any sort of outrageous offer to A rod. The Mets did, they finished 2nd in the a rod sweepstakes if I remember correctly, much like they did here. 3 years, 96 million, enjoy it. Can Matsuzaka put up any numbers worth 32 million a year? Will he be worth 15 million a year? And yes, a free agent by the time he is 29….I don’t care what team you are, that is an enormous contract that comes with enormous pressure for a guy that’s only potential flaw according to Bobby V is that he won’t know how to handle the pressure.

Vince, the Sox have Matsuzaka under their control for six years, as the post on my blog today from Gordon Edes’ chat indicates. ANd marketing experts are confident the Sox can recoup their $51.1 million bid money from the apparel and collectible sales in Japan. I think this is definitely worth the risk. It not only provides the Sox with a top MLB starter, but it also opens doors to Japan, since the Sox will become one of the more popular teams there. As the Yankees have known for years with the money they have spent, there is always a risk when you sign any free agent – especially one with a contract like D-Mat. I’m glad that Henry is willing to take that risk.

I hear all the people saying that the sox will get what they spent and more from their expanded market in Japan. In essence you are saying that it is OK to spend any amount if you think you can recoup what you spend. Right? Doesn’t that justify the money yankees spend?

It’s hilarious that the Red Sox were the outrageous spenders this time. It’s like the Yankees fans just don’t know what to do with themselves. Theo has outsmarted the Yankees before, but never outspent them like this.

If you want to see the funniest message board in the world, check out the YES Networks board. First of all I registered as sox2007champs and the adminstrator changed my name to StupidName#1918 (how original). Second, no one seems to know what there talking about. Some think the Sox have a hole at every infield position including 3rd and 1st to fill. Everyone thinks Matsuzaka is a bad picture, and earlier today they were all convinced that the Sox were going after Zito as well. Are all Yankee fans that out of the loop, or is it just that board?

atleast we dont spell pitcher as PICTURE.

Bcross, there are ***** fans for any fan base, I assure you not all yankee fans are out of the loop, those yankee fans are just a calmer version of the Fagan’s redsox nation releases every so often.

Ian, I think it’s more hilarious that along with boy genius, monkey man and General Manager, Epstein can add “liar” to his list of titles.

But it’s as if a volcano loaded to the dome with cash has erupted, money is flowing all over the place, and the baseball landscape is changing by the hour, and if you’re a 38-year-old slugger like Frank Thomas, with bad wheels and a horrendous injury history, you can get a deal in which you can make north of $30 million. And in this new world, Manny Ramirez is suddenly a relative bargain. I wonder if the Red Sox might finally find themselves in a climate in which they can trade Ramirez

buster olney posted that on his insider bolg today. any thought? (maybe that’ll shut up the payroll argument for awhile)

Trading manny would be a truly intelligent move by your front office. The only issue would be now Ortiz would truly be exposed in the lineup. I assume you would get some pretty good players in return but you can’t replace manny’s bat, just everything else can be improved. You know in a market where Pavano had trade value, manny can definitely go somewhere.

they could send him to the angles for a prospect of 2, use wily mo in left and sign drew for right but i dont know if wily mo had the dicipline to bat clean up and you wouldnt but drew behind papi cause that would let the opposing team use 1 lefty against both of them

and even though manny is getting older if frank thomas can make that kind of money then he defenatly can be moved

Do you all really think that highly of Drew? The guy doesn’t seem eager for rivalry and is injury proned, maybe I’m missing something by not following him closely but that is the impression that I get.

The Drew thing is interesting. the Red Sox must have a nifty pro-con list on this one. pro: he’s an opposite field, left-handed hitter with power, seemingly making him a perfect fit for fenway; con: doesn’t seem to have the mental toughness to play at fenway; pro: he can play right field and center field exceptionallhy well; con: he’s injury prone … personally speaking, i wish they had just kept Damon.

id like to pick up a big name like carlos lee to put out in right in place of trot, or soriano in place of loretta, also where are we in terms or getting andrew jones?

Just heard a great quote from Bobby Valentine doing an interview with Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN’s website. “If Matsuzaka is a flop, it will be the biggest upset since the Titanic went down.”

Yankee fans, please excuse me a moment. I don’t know what the particulars were for Giambi, wasn’t it like 80 million?? I’ve asked the question before but never received a response. For that much money do the Yankee fans believe in their true heart of hearts that he produced and desreved that kind of paycheck??
And yes, the Yankees did start the “deep pockets” kind of bidding going a ways back. I have been absolutely astonished that it has taken the Sox so long to open up the coffers that you and I as fans have been pouring the greenbacks into all these years. Although I don’t attend games (geographically and finacially not feasible) but I do buy the jerseys and memorabilia ect. and yes the Sox fans have gagged over the amount of money Georgie has parted with for his lineup in past years. Now one time the Sox have reached REALLY REALLY deep into the pockets. While I myself don’t usually enter the “you spent more than us” argument, you really can’t base an “it’s time for the Sox to shut up about this subject” argument yet, this is the FIRST time in my recollection that we’ve over spent in, well, almost ever!!!

and we all know ehat happened the same week as the Titanic: Fenway park opened!

Sorry Vince, I know that The yankees PAID the money for Pavano, but can you really call it trade VALUE??? I know how he’s been injured and hasn’t been able to perform, can you really call that value or am I reading your statement wrong.

I’m a little concerned about all of the money we’re investing in Matsuzaka. This guy hasn’t thrown a pitch in MLB yet and when it is all said and done we’re gunna cough up around 100 mil. Doesn’t that sound a little crazy!Unless this guy is going to be the best pitcher in baseball the next three years, which I doubt will be the case. For that kind of money we could sign Zito,Schmidt & Drew. I just have a feeling this is going to blow up in our face, and all the other bidders will be thankful we opened the vault. Trust me I pray this works out and I have to eat my words about not liking this decision

Ellen I never said the Yankees haven’t overpaid for people, god knows that’s not true, but the sox have been playing this game for a long time, you guys didn’t get the 2nd highest payroll in baseball from underpaying, now that you paid an absolutely absurd amount for a player the payroll argument and the “we’re poor” argument are virtually finished. Now the gig is up, everybody knows you have the money if you choose to spend it, hence why there have been dozens of articles written on the subject begging that the sox stop ******** over money from now on

Vince, respectfully, I ‘ll probrably need to be shown all the “big payouts” for both teams over the years. I just don’t remember the Sox with huge $$ aquisitions in any recent times. You know I don’t argue, I just want to know the truth. Can you help?? and please did you see my ? about Giambi, I have really only been give like 2nd or 3rd hand “knowledge” on that one, but it seems he’s been grossly over paid. ec

I’m not sure about giambi’s salary but I can tell you the Yankees certainly didn’t expect him to go the route that he did….Most Yankee fans will also tell you they never wanted to let Tino go. I would consider Manny a big payout, along with schilling, and pedro, other than that the sox don’t necessarily spend a lot but they certainly haven’t been building from within on their major league squad (see hanley ramirez and anibel sanchez…and freddy sanchez…and curt schilling)….but I fully expect both teams to start going that route in the near future, as evidenced by the gary sheffield and jaret wright trades and the sox last year.

Oh, you can add matt clement to that list too.

lol vince that was a low blow. just messin. if clement was worth that contract, then why wasnt d-lowe?

The Sox NEVER expected Clement to be in the position he is in today;no one knows if he’ll ever be able to throw from the mound again! It’s almost as if he were allergic to it now. If I got hit by that liner, you’d have trouble getting me out of the hospital bed!!

But as you stated in regard to Giambi, you can’t ever tell which direction a layer is going to go to after being signed… way too many variables.

OK Here’s a thought.

The Red Sox have two options.

1. Sign Matsuzaka and mark him as a $100 million man and hope he’s as good as advertised

2.Not sign him, get the money back while keeping him away from the Yankees for free.

Which one looks more appealing?

Another thought:

Are we really 100% convinced that Red Sox are going to pay all of the $51 million? There were rumors that Seattle cut a deal with Ichiro’s former team that allowed them to pay only part of the reported $13 million. If that is the case this time, would Seibu take less money to get assurance from the Sox that they will indeed sign Matsuzaka at any cost so that the Lions don’t have to give back the money?

yes, many forget Pavano was also hit in the head, perhaps it made him suffer from thinking he has numerous other injuries. I only remember he was because I was at the game, an Orioles 7-3 win.

sorry Vince, I truly want aware of Carl getting beaned in the head. I guess that happens more often than we know, unless it happens to one of our own…. My blonde!

I think its great that The Sox re-signed Cora. He’ll be a great utilty guy for us.

Ellen- you’re not alone in your opinion of Cora. That was a happy little moment today when I saw that headline on In a perfect world, I’d love to have the rest of our infield back as well (Lowell, Gonzalez, Loretta, and Youk). I know Youk and Lowell are given, but I feel like we really need both Gonzalez and Loretta back. Even though he made some progress at the end of the season, I seriously don’t think Pedroia is ready for the Majors.

I agree with about the inifeld, but I keep hearing little rumors that they’s like to trade Lowell;NO!!!!
He held the corner great last year, and had a really “bounce back” season at the plate; he only batted .236 in his last season with the Marlins. I hope that management can see his worth and elect not to shop him around.

With all this riot about the red sox winning the rights to negotiate with D-Mat i think we Yankee fans have missed something. D-Mat has not signed and negotiations are not going to be easy with Scot Boras.
The red sox having bid 51.1 million dolars have made a statement. If the rights to negotiate with a Pitcher is 51.1 million dolars, how much is the pitcher worth?

So before we all go bizerk lets wait and see if the red sox realy sign this guy and if they do let se D-Mat live up to the expectations the red sox nation has of him.

Congratulations to the red sox it should make the rivalry even better. Al I hope is the yankees prove to be yet again the winners

Can anyone explain to me the love affair the Sox have for Drew? The guy spends more time on the disabled list than anyone in baseball! Plus, he’s already admitted in the past that he’d like a day off every week. What happens if he starts off slow and gets booed by the faithful? He seems like a pouty little kid that will sulk if things don’t go his way. Looking back now at last year, why didn’t the Sox go after Abreau? I would rather have him in RF than Drew, and the money would’ve been about the same! If anyone has connections to the front office or maybe sleeping with Theo’s 2nd cousin’s sister, please beg them not to pull the trigger on Drew! I thought Pena was part of the future the Sox were building. Let him play 130 games and hit 30-35 HR’s.

Can anyone explain to me the love affair the Sox have for Drew? The guy spends more time on the disabled list than anyone in baseball!
Posted by: | November 17, 2006 06:32 PM

I have to disagree I think Carl Pavano has him beat in that catergory.

JD Drew’s brother stephen is pretty good playing shortstop but that is a little bit off the subject.

JD Drew’s brother stephen is pretty good playing shortstop but that is a little bit off the subject.
Posted by: | November 17, 2006 08:20 PM

plus he is a rookie.

I agree dont trade Mike Lowell.

sbranagan, I agree that the Sox shold consider Pena. With 500-plus at-bats, he will likely hit 30-35 homers and hit close to .300. Of course, right field is not his strong suit – center field is. So if the Sox keep Crisp, there is no place for Pena other than right. It’s one of the dilemmas Theo will have to solve in the next few months. As for Drew, I like the idea of signing him. He is a solid player. Though he has often been on the DL in certain seasons, I think he is worth the risk.

And Bill Simmons is big a Boston sports fan there is.

Level, like I posted on my blog as a response to that link you posted, I am posting it here:

Not sure why you posted that link. Simmons is a guy who b*itches, moans and whines about everything, just like most Boston media members do. It is best to ignore anything the Boston media has to say, because most of their columns and opinions are just written to generate conversation. There is nothing you can post that will lead me to believe the Sox aren’t doing the right thing by spending money to fill holes this off-season. They have a plethora of prospects on the way, but most will not be ready this year. Like I said before, it’s jsut sour grapes for Yankees fans who aren’t used to being upstaged by the Red Sox in the Hot Stove League. The tide is turning. Bigger market teams like the Red Sox, Mets and Angels are spending more money, and smaller market teams are flush with revenue sharing cash so they can afford players they previously could not. Get used to it. And if you poste something here, post something constructive. Not articles from b*itching and whining reporters.

I wasn’t trying make anybody believe anything. Just presenting what another redsox fan thinks.

“The tide is turning. Bigger market teams like the Red Sox, Mets and Angels are spending more money, and smaller market teams are flush with revenue sharing cash so they can afford players they previously could not”

Doesn’t it mean that the yankees were good for baseball, contrary to your claims that yankees are destroying baseball.

“it’s jsut sour grapes for Yankees fans who aren’t used to being upstaged by the Red Sox in the Hot Stove League”

This was a sox fan’s answer to a question from somebody in Boston (probably a sox fan too). I dont know what you mean by sour grapes.

Sour Grapes. From Aesop’s Fables. The story “the Fox And The Grapes”
It’s about a fox who desperately wants a bunch of grapes but cannot reach them. So as he walks away he says “The grapes are sour anyway”

So sour grapes refers to someone who really really wants something but can’t have it and so makes disparaging remarks about it.

It may be a referance to Yankee fans now saying Matsuzaka will be a flop.

I was sad to hear that Bill Mueller was forced to retire. He played hard every game and was a great defensive third baseman. Of his best moments, there was hitting a grand slam from both sides of the plate in one game, and the unbelievable walk off home run off Mo in the fight game. And of course the game tying single which scored Roberts without which the Sox might still be waiting for a Championship

i dont understand it.The sox have a chance to pick up a really good pitcher in Matsuzaka.So what is taking so long to sign him?Every year it seems like everything is based on beating that team from NY.So here it is…..give him what he wants,period.Then,look at that rotation the Sox have….Not to mention,the Sox will be in the spotlight of the Japanese market.Get it done!!Dont lose out on this guy!!!!

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