Most Valuable Papi

Ortiz didn’t win the MVP, he fell short again. He has now finished in every spot in the top five but first (fifth in ’03; fourth in ’04; second in ’05; and now the bronze this year).

Unlike last year, when every Red Sox fan had the right to feel as if their man had been robbed, there wasn’t much of an argument for Papi this year. That’s because his team cost him any chance of competing for the award by an implosion of epic proportions in late August.

MVP Awards are won in September and that’s exactly what Morneau did. He stole the award with a brilliant finish to the season, helping his team to the playoffs in the process.

The Red Sox took the bat out of Papi’s hands in September by playing meaningless games for the entire month. it’s too bad. These are prime years for Papi and he was by far the front runner for the MVP on Aug. 1. But as we know, things changed drastically after that.

I was somewhat surprised Jeter didn’t win. I thought he had a terrific year. But there’s probably some East Coast bias to begin with that led many of us to think that Jeter would win

Morneau had an awesome year and did it when it mattered most, and I’m glad the voters rewarded him for that.

In my mind, Jeter is Tom Brady, and both players are yet to win an MVP. The great thing about both Jeter and Brady is that they aren’t driven by individual awards.

Neiter is Papi. He just wants to win. And because his team didn’t do nearly enough of that this year, he didn’t win his MVP.

I’m thinking that ’07 is Papi’s year for MVP, without a doubt. He just needs his team to stay in the race until the end.


Although I feel bad for Ortiz as he clearly has been the best over the past 3-4 seasons with nothing to show for it. Morneau is a good pick as was Jeter. Is there a player of the decade? Thats what he should win. I hope that he gets it next year like you suggested Ian, that and another ring would be nice. Congrats to Morneau and all you twinkie fans…oh ya you don’t blog here…..hmmm!

I’m sorry Papi didn’t get it, but as you said, with all those meaningless games, it didn’t help his cause. But since he’s finshed 5th, 4th,3rd,and 2nd, next year should be his year!!, and hopefully the year of the Sox!!
How many more days til pitchers and catchers report??? arghhhhh.

Jeter = Brady?!?

Well actually… i do see what you mean. Still, Brady’s my man and Jeter… hmmm not exactly!

To me, Jeter and Brady are eerily similar. it’s almost uncanny. They aren’t the most gifted players, but when the game is on the line, you want them to have the ball.

lol I’ve been making that comparison ever since brady came on the scene actually, I’m glad someone from a boston outlet admitted that Brady is comparable to Jeter. And yes, Brady is comparable to Jeter, not Jeter to Brady, Jeter has been consistant for a decade and has 4 rings, Brady, three. Not only that, but Brady played for Michigan, Jeter is from Michigan and Michigan is his favorite college team. They are both the most clutch at what they do, are the biggest leaders in their sport and perform the same way at any level. Nothing cheap, nothing out of line, date hot girls, and have amazing success stories.

If Romo is anything like how he looks, teams may start hiring Drew Bledsoe so their backups can become hall of famers.

how ironic would it be if matsuzaka was signed this weekend? then it would be 3 or the last 4 years that the sox acquired a top pitcher on thanksgiving weekend.

….Who was the other one besides Schilling?

Seems to me that Jeter and Torre could be co-mvp’s of the Yankees for the last 11 years. Call me crazy but without either one there would not be those 4 rings. Certainly not if they both weren’t there. They’re both quietly in control, no wild swings of emotion but plenty of intensity. Torre, I think keeps the NY scene in hand better than any modern NY manager.

Brady is the same. Plenty of intensity & drive but not with histrionics.

Belichek brady and torre jeter are frighteningly similar I agree. In fact, the Patriots and the yankee teams of the late 90’s both not only had dominating success and a dynasty, but they won with the same outlook and the same “team” beliefs….I wonder if Bill ever took any of his beliefs from them or if it is one big coincidence

The Angels are looking for a center fielder as well as a big bat, so how about the following trade: Manny and Coco Crisp for Kendrick, Shields, Figgins and one of the young good starting pitchers such as Saunders, or at a stretch, Santana. Too optimistic?

Incidentally, I think the Red Sox should have made a run at Catalanotto. Much cheaper than J.D. Drew, and in my eyes he has a much bigger upside than someone like Drew who may get injured. Catalanotto is also a very consistent bat. I was surprised he went for as cheap as he did.

Don’t forget that catty destroys all AL east teams too.

Yeah that’s true. I remember him in a few games against both the Yankees and the Red Sox last year where the commentators were drooling over him. Even if they were the same price, I’d take him over Drew

brenden, i think that is too optimistic because:
1.figgins is the best utility player in baseball. hes like a ladanian tomlinson (since we see so high on football today.) he makes things happen whether its in center or third or second.

2.kendrick i believe is supposed to replace adam kenndey at second next year.

3.donnely had an off year so shields is their 2nd most reliable reliever (behind k-rod).

4.coco had a terrible year.

i think that what you said could happen IF we throw in delcarmen or hansen or one of our other pitching prospects.

Well how about we throw in Cora? The Angels can afford to lose anm arm from their bullpen, particulalrly after getting Speier. Coco had one bad year but there’s a lot of potential gain for the Angels, Coco is young and might have had a much better year but for his injury. He also replaces the speed they would need from losing Figgins. I thought Kendrick played the outfield, if not then maybe there is a possibility of him switching. I don’t know how highly they rate Figgins – having somebody as versatile as Figgins (and playing him in nearly every position like the Angels do) can be a blessing and a curse. I’m sure he would like the comparison to L.T. but I think L.T. is better than anybody in any sport at the moment.

thats right i forgot about them signing spier. i guess thats why they did, for a situation like this. even though coco is fast, it would be a drop off from figgins to coco since figgins has stolen 50+ bases for i think 3 or 4 straight years. i think the angels would be more willing to part with erik aybar or brandon woob then they would with kendrick.

I’m hoping that the Matsuzaka thing does not happen over Thanksgiving. As a sportswriter, that completely spoils your family life when major deals are go down over major holidays. I know, cry me a river!🙂 With the Red Sox, i’ve become accustomed to Turkey Day deals, between Schilling in ’03 and Beckett last year.

Can I please ask a question?? Would I be wrong if I said I remember that several times during the course of last season, even at the end, did we not have one of the top, if not the TOP defensive team(s) in the league?? If I’m wrong please someone correct me.
But I swear thaat I remember hearing that on more than one occasion. Now, if I’m correct, why do we keep talking about dismantling this infield??? I know we need pitching, but, if it had not been for our defense, tell me where we would have finished?????

The thing that bothers me about the MVP voting is that in the NL, the voters overlooked the clear statistical MVP (Pujols) in favor of the guy with the gaudiest numbers. In the AL, they ignored BOTH the clear statistical favorite (Jeter) and the guy with the gaudiest numbers (Papi) in favor of some compromise third guy who had a good year and a very good September. It’s just frustrating.

Yeah, the Red Sox had a great infield defense and it masked a lot of flaws earlier in the season. But if the pitching and the hitting get the necessary improvements for next year, I don’t think you need the defense to be quite as spectacular as it was last year.

Is there any possibility of getting the pitching/hitting without totally decimating the infield??
I know that the FO is very strong about Pedroia being the everyday 2nd baseman, but he’s still very young and green, isn’t he going to need someone platoon with him?

What’s the deal about the Sox looking at Richard Hidalgo? I hope that’s not their answer for a right fielder. I prefer a platoon of Nixon and Hinske (since it seems that Wily Mo will be traded) rather than a guy like Hidalgo. I would even rather have the investment in Drew than Hidalgo.

I just want to wish Ian and everyone else a Very Happy Thanksgiving from your Ft.Lauderdale Nationer!!!
Stay safe!!!! Don’t eat tooo much!

Happy thanksgiving to all, especially those rooting against the cowboys!

Jeter and brady the same? I’m not seeing that. A quaterback is so much more important to their team than any other position in any sport. Point guard, maybe, but the QB can make or break any team. Do the yankees win all those titles with jeter? maybe, do the pats win all those titles with Tom, no way. I generally agree with you ian, but that is absurd. If you want to talk about the fact that one went to Michigan, but grew up in California, and the other happened to play high school ball in kalamozoo, but never went to college, well, that is simply a coincidence. The hot chick thing equally absurd (i appreciate that the comment is made jokingly). Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Johnny U, we are talking QBs who make or break your success, your ability to win, Jeter, very clutch, but apples and oranges. Sorry, but that comparison is crazy talk. It is so much harder to be a dynasty in football than baseball, especially with the salary cap in footgball

Another thing, since i’m hot on this, Bill B or Bob Kraft taking advise from Torre? No way. The pats success is based upon the fact that no player is greater than the hole. They would never think of getting into a bidding war for say, Arod or Johnson, or Damon or anybody. Would the pats ever sign T. Owens? Never. Outside of Brady, every player is expendable, just ask Branch or Veneterri (spelling)

happy thankgiving to all. And bod bless our marines, soldiers and seamen who are standing on that wall this thanksgiving.

connor did you miss the point? The yankees that had their dynasty were based on a team first attitude with no superstars. Comparing the yankees of today to the patriots of recent is apples and oranges, not comparing someone who has captain status and is at the position of “leader” of the infield to the QB.

The Yankees do not win their titles anymore than the pats win their superbowls with jeter and brady. Brady may have a more directly essential role than table setter and defensive strongpoint position, but without vrabel, bruschi, brown etc they don’t win anything either. No player is above a team. You can throw an assortment of QBs into what the pats had created and they could have won at least one of those superbowls, just like you could throw a different shortstop on the yankees and probably win the same titles.

And yes the michigan and hot girl comparisons were clearly joking. It may be harder to have a dynasty in football (though football does not have the record of being the only sport to have 7 consecutive different champions) with a salary cap, but that is up for debate as well. Yes, everyone has the same funds, but has payroll made a tremendous difference over the years recently? When the Yankees had a dynasty, who in football had one a few years earlier? The cowboys. There have been more teams with dynasties in football than in baseball so what are you basing your opinion on? Tom Brady is a great leader and fits in well in the patriots system and the patriots have a team first mentality where nobody is irreplacable, except brady. Guess what the Yankees had in the late 90’s? A team first mentality and a leader in derek jeter who fit well in the bronx and nobody ELSE was replaceable. I don’t see how this comparison can possibily not be made.

Maybe you have Joe Cowley syndrome and you have to watch Jeter everyday to understand, or maybe you had to watch him everyday from 1996-2001. Maybe, like Brady, you have to understand intangibles are not numbers and understand exactly what Jeter did to a team that had not won since the 70’s before he came along, or maybe you can just keep considering Tom Brady some sort of genius when he doesn’t call his own plays and has 10 guys on the field helping him. I mean come on, does Belichek get no credit? Does the offensive coordinator get no credit? Do the wide receivers and offensive lineman get no credit? Just like Jeter is not 1-9 in the lineup and 1-9 in the field, Brady is not THE MAN anymore than his role players around him are. He perfectly executes, much like the man who leads history in post season hits. To call one so much more important than the other that it is apples and oranges and a “silly argument” and then use the fact that the yankees, like the redsox, will outbid for players, when the comparison is being made to a dynasty of a team where every media named them a real “team” as opposed to superstars is ridiculous. An absolute lack of understanding of those yankee teams and WAY too much credit to a QB position in football. Look at David Carr if you want to know what happens when everyone else doesn’t do their job to help their qb along. Calling brady the sole reason the pats had that dynasty is an insult to 21 other players and that doesn’t even bring special teams or coaching into this.

Quarterbacks, like any baseball player, are about executing what they have, and delivering when they can. They are about moments, not dynasties.

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