Back to Foulke?

Could the Red Sox search near and far for a closer and determine that the new closer is the same as the old closer?

Bumped into Dan Horwits, Foulke’s agent, this morning in the lobby here at the Winter Meetings and he said that, "I wouldn’t rule out a return to Boston either, as stange as it sounds."

Horwits is meeting with Theo Epstein today to discuss not just Foulke, but also another of his clients, Octavio Dotel. If Dotel truly is healthy, he could be a worthwhile investment. It wasn’t that long ago that he had electric stuff.

As for Foulke, it’s hard to know what’s going on. The Red Sox don’t pick up his option, Foulke doesn’t pick up his player option, then the Sox offer him arbitration?

Horwits said that Foulke isn’t likely to accept arbitration, but wouldn’t his best deal be to take arbitration and keep his salary in the $7 million range? Upon further review, I was way off on this. I spoke with a baseball official who informed me that, since Foulke already applied for free agency, his arbitration figure has nothing to do with what he made last year. In other words, the Red Sox would probably get him very cheap in arbitration, which is why he is almost certain not to accept arbitration.

If Foulke comes back to the Sox, I’m sure it would be under an incentive-laden deal.

Also, Horwits says that Foulke is now the healthiest he’s been since prior to the 2004 season. Is that just an agent talking, or is Foulke finally getting back to form? He did have a 0.00 ERA in September.

Keep an eye on this one. There are five teams in on Foulke right now. I know the Indians are in, and the Diamondbacks (Foulke lives in Phoenix) are not in yet.

In other news, the Manny talks continue. The Dodgers think the Red Sox are asking for too much. The Padres are supposedly out altogether. The Giants are supposedly going to re-sign Bonds, so that would eliminate them.

Why do I have a feeling I’ll be blogging to you at next year’s winter meetings wondering where Manny is going?

Maybe the Angels are still in this thing, but are just staying quiet like the Yankees did last year with Johnny Damon. Who knows.


If he’s in his best shape then why not sign him and sign Gagne. Im sure between the two the job can get done. Besides we don’t want to over pitch Gagne in his first year back. Then suddenly our pen isn’t looking too bad, baring any trades we would set up nice. Delcarmen, hanson, foulke, timlin, tavaraz, the new japanese lefty (forgot his name) and Gagne. Maybe even Wake would and up in the pen. I like the idea of signing the rocket, would be an awesome addition for selling tickets, teaching the younger pitchers and getting another ring this fall. D-mat, Beckett, Schilling, Rocket, and Wake! Nasty stuff!

This makes some sense for the Sox, because if Foulke signs somewhere else, the Sox get draft pick compensation. The downside is that Foulke gets a high number in his arbitration hearing- something close to his $7 million would be painful.

On the other hand, if Foulke is realizing that he’s not as hot a commodity as he thought he’d be on the free agent market (he turned down the $3.5 million option), a return to Boston may not be out of the question for him.

Personally, his August and September showed me that if his knees, back, and shoulder are feeling good, he’s still a very good pitcher.

Again, I really don’t want to see Manny go. He complains like **** but wins championships. He threw a tantrum in 03 and became the WS MVP in 04. That trend doesn’t seem be ending, and Sox fans should be happy for that.

Foulke doesn’t want to come back to Boston… unlike Manny, he WAS actually run out of the town by everyone from the Burger King guy to Henry. The ONLY reason we offered him arbitration was to gain a high draft pick. Foulke isn’t about the $$…. he’s already a pretty rich guy. Boston is a city of nightmare and **** for him though. He’ll always be remembered for 2004 but seriously ruined his reputation in the subsequent years!

Nothing that a good season for redemption wouldn’t cure. I can’t see how his rep was harmed in following years, he can’t help his injuries. He tried to play thru them atleast. Even if it didn’t help the team! He was certainly lights out in the 2004 run, that shows he can pitch in the big pressure games. I don’t want to lose Manny either, but it seems even his backers from the team aren’t supporting his antics anymore. If I knew he would actually show up and give his 100% for the season then ya it’s a no brainer. If it’s going to be via trade anyway, then why not hold off until the season starts. Atleast we could get a read on which Manny we have. I say do the crisp and hanson deal with the braves for jones..even if they want a bit more then that. We can use Youk to lead off, he seemed to do well last year in that role when needed to. Get Lorreta Signed and use Pedrosia at short. Sign Gagne, Foulke and Clemens and bam we got us a series contender.

no foulke didn’t ruin his reputation because of injuries… it was more of the Johnny from Burger King and his assorted public incidents that really did him in with public relations in Boston…

Jones would only play for ONE year if he comes to Boston… then Boras will probably get him an enormous contract with the Yankees or something. Hansen was rated a top-50 prospect by BaseballProspectus (which is the baseball BIBLE to me…) so I’d be more than happy enough to keep him and see how well he pitches. He can be the Broxton that we want (LA future closer).

Hansen was consistently touted by those who have seen him pitch. That includes me – his slider is WICKED. Let’s just see how well he does next year. It’s foolish to trade him when his value is so low!

and the same argument for Crisp – he was very good before breaking his finger. Let’s give him another season too. Theo probably knows all this, however. So i’m not too worried…

I’d still like to bypass Lugo and go for a better option next offseason. The IF choices this year are TERRIBLE!

well foulke’s agent might not be lying after all. Foulke pitched tremendously after recovering from his injury and can prove to be an able pitcher again.

reelestateplus, those “12-yr old posters” know more about baseball than u…

I agree with d reinbold, sign up Foulke. He can pitch one more year and Hansen can stay at AAA for another year and be ready the next time he gets to Boston. Wasn’t Hansen in college in ’05? He should have stayed in the minors last year.

Hey maybe Manny can do a repeat of 03 & 04, go from persona non grata in the winter to WS MVP the next October! Something to look forward to.

Jamie, your’e right, Crisp is a lot better player than what we saw after he came back from his broken finger. If he is in Boston next year we’ll see a much improved guy out there.

Well it sounds like Theo is making sure he gets his due return for Manny, probably knows he needs to make a good trade to offset all the recent bad ones. Maybe we will see Manny in a sox uniform next year after all. Yes I agree Crisp will be much better next season, as would Lorreta if we sign him. The question is can we afford to lose Manny and keep Crisp when we might need more rbi support then a possible jd drew can afford. If he’s the trigger man for an Andrew Jones then maybe thats the way to go regardless as to whether or not he’s here one year. Manny only has 2 left on his and the free agent market should be more plentiful next year anyway. as long as we don’t lose too many young guns in the process like we did with meredith. With it being Schillings last year, maybe this is the one we load up for. Beckett should be stronger, Paplebon might take a few starts to get going, and D-Mat if signed might also take a bit to get used to, or a lot for the opposition to get used to. Fours and sevens have always gone together in my world, so 2007 is our year.

Nice to hear Lester’s cancer is in remission. What a load off everybodies mind. Hopefully he can make a 100% recovery and possibly pitch next season. Can you imagine what our line-up might look like with lester in the fold. All young d-Mat, beckett, paplebon & lester. Sweeeet! Future’s looking good, way to go jon!

Lester’s gonna be healthy again next year!! with a good offseason, he can probably pitch by March =)

So… lemme get this straight. We have Schilling, Beckett, Matsuzaka, Papelbon, Wakefield AND Lester?!?

W00t it’s gonna be an awesome year!!

We’ve started talking to Gagne too. If we can somehow sign him without guarenteeing too much $, we can end up with a pretty fair bullpen as well. Timlin minus the WBC experience is a pretty decent setup man. I’d rather have some1 younger and healthier but when shoves come to shove, Timlin’s not too awful of an opion. We have Okaji(ma) too so… yeah, i’m starting to ger real optimistic.

OH YEAH WE HAVE DREW TOO!! Boras confirmed it. sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

So assuming that Manny doesn’t get traded (for the 6th consecutive year… see a pattern emerging, guys??), we have:
1b – Youkilis (patience, developing power – .600+ SLG in his last year in the minors!!)

2b – Pedroia (our best positional prospect who’s ready for MLB. He’s definitely got potential)

3b – Lowell (not outstanding offensively but pretty good. outstanding Defensively though!)

ss – No idea yet. Lugo would fit in well, however.

rf – Drew (.400+ obp, close to .600 slg. fantastic.)

cf – Crisp (rebound season bound to happen)

lf – Manny (no comment necessary)

dh – Papi (worst hitter in baseball ****)

and a pretty spectacular rotation. I’m so impressed with the 07Sox i might actually be SATISFIED!! (for the first time since october 2004 hahaha)

lol i forgot c – Varitek. rebound season, captain of out team, probably the best gamecaller in the game right now… yeah.

what about willie mo???? he’s supposed to be the next 35-40 home run man. I guess baring a trade he’s the insurance for Manny and Drew! Sounds like it’s rounding into form, next stop eric gagne! Then world series win!

Manny needs to be gone, I don’t think I can take one more year of his bratty 2 year old behavior. I personally agree with Callahan that he is p***ing on the fans. As for the pitching, If, and its still a big IF they get Matsuzaka then the starting pitching should be fine. The key is the Bullpen. Right now there is only 2 guys who are half way dependable.

I hope that I’m wrong but I think that we just signed a clone of Trot Nixon for 7.5 mil more per year. Maybe I’m just bitter being the big Trot fan that I am. I just think that Trot for 1 more year at 6.5 and spend the balance on some more pitching. Sad, so sad!

Does anyone know what the deal is with Loretta??
Why didn’t we offer him arbitration? Is he asking for too much money? Why in the **** does management think Pedroia is anywhere near ready for the bigs?? That kid definitely needs at least another half-season in Pawtucket before he’s even close to being good enough for Fenway. Ian, he’s definitely not my favorite to start 2B next year. Not by a long shot.

And Wily Mo is another one who needs a little more discipline before he should be playing every day. Patience at the plate and some back to basics fielding, he needs both of those desperately!

yo guys we just nabbed lugo to 4yr/36mil. ESPN news reported this. The parties are nearing the closing of the agreement.

I like this signing. It’s very gutsy for Theo to take such a gamble. Lugo hasn’t really had a terrific year yet but has shown enormous potential. At best, i see him as a 20HR hitting SS with capability to steal 40 bases. That’s not too shabby! Especially since he has enormous range on defense. He’s erratic and makes a bit too many errors for my comfort but… I think Theo knows what he’s doing with this…

One day, 2 reasonable signings. O, and I read that Lester’s gonna be ready by February. This is an AMAZING day for RedSox Nation!!!!!

Jamie, I like the Lugo signing as well. Not sure why some of you think Lugo hasn’t had a solid year. Google his name and look at his stats. The guy can hit, and he has speed. And he’s a decent defensive shortstop. I like the signings of Drew and Lugo, and the good news about Lester. This is a great day for the Sox, and their depth and talent for 2007 and beyond.


well no i didn’t say he didn’t have a SOLID year, just not a TERRIFIC year. Yeah, he’s pretty dependable in my opinion but might not be worth 9mil for 4 yrs necessarily based on his stats alone.

of course, since Lugo is a type A FA who was offered arbitration, the Sox lose their 20th overall pick (first round!!) next year.

he’d better be worth it… a 20th rounder can be VERY promising!!

You’re right, a 20th overall pick can reap dividends. However, remember that the Sox will have a lot of picks, and typically someplayers drop in the draft since teams question their signability. The Sox, as they demonstrated with the D-Mat posting and the Drew and Lugo signings (and the Daniel Bard signing), have the deep pockets to sign a player who falls in the draft for that reason.

SO wait, when cashman signs a guy for a lot of years and a lot of money where he hasn’t shown he’s worth it yet, the yankees are bad for baseball. But when epstein does it, the move is GUTSY? huh?

Or is it that the yankees always do this and baseball’s second highest payroll should be allowed to without criticism?

No, its more like the Yankees started this whole thing, and now it’s the only way to compete against them.

That is a good point, dreinbold. The Yankees are responsible for how salaries have escalated to the point of lunacy. You’re right, if the Sox want to compete, they have to spend money. Fortunately, they have a well-stocked farm system that will help them in a few years, but as for this season, they have to fill their holes with free agent signings and trades.

Remember, next off season, the Sox will be free of the contracts of Schilling, Lowell and Clement. That represents $32 million a year in contracts, I believe. Since Schilling is retiring, and the Sox will have no need for Clement because of the presence of Jon Lester and Daniel Bard ready to step in, perhaps the Sox can spend that money on a young, power-hitting first baseman and move Youkilis to third. But that is for 2008. I’m already excited about 2007. Now that Drew and Lugo are signed, and Madduz (another Boras client) is signed, I imagine that the Sox and Boras will intensify talks for D-Mat.

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