To Live and Die in LA

Anyone remember that movie? Anyway, that’s essentially what Theo Epstein and Larry Lucchino are doing today in regards to the Matsuzaka situation. This thing is coming to a head, and the intrigue is at a top shelf level right now.

Interesting how both sides vowed they wouldn’t say anything throughout the negotiations, but Boras felt the need to have a presser last night, and then the Red Sox — only naturally — felt compelled to give their side of the story.

I loved how John Henry spoke up last night — unprompted during the call — and basically called Boras out for not negotiating with the Red Sox during much of this process. Great to see the owner get fired up. It’s the first time he’s really done that since he blasted Arn Tellem for his version of the Nomar negotiations.

How much will it take to get this man in a Red Sox uniform? Is there an amount that would satisfy Scott Boras?

I wonder if Theo and Lucchino took some Japanese speaking lessons so they can give Matsuzaka some advice that Boras won’t interfere with. I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the negotiations.

Just remember, John W. Henry’s private jet leaves Southern California on Wednesday, and if Matsuzaka doesn’t take the flight home Theo and Larry, you’re talking about a very empty journey back East.

I have my annual holiday party tonight, so I’m turning over the Matsuzaka watch to my estimable colleague, Mr. Mike Petraglia, for the rest of the night. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Keep the faith,



To Live and Die in LA. Now that is a true 80s flashback! I wholeheartedly understand why Henry is upset about Boras, and I applaud him for speaking out. Boras’ tactics have negative repurcussions for his clients, for owners and for the game. I don’t understand why players hire him in the first place. Sure, he secures exhorbitant contracts, but these same players could get financially comfortable salaries through other agents. Because of the contracts that Boras secures, and the strained relationships he creates, his clients are confronted with so much pressure that they can not live up to expectations. Case in point: A-Rod. I understand that many sports agents are as slimy and reputable as many attorneys. Still, Boras is the bottom of the barrel in his professional as far as integriry, trustworthiness and professionalism.

That said, I hope the Sox sign Dice-K, and then choose to no longer pursue a player represented by Boras. I actually wish all of MLB adopted the same policy. Hopefully, the negative perception that Boras is gaining from the Dice-K negotiations will cause prospective clients to go another direction. Sure, owners are part of the reason why marginal MLB players like Jason Marquis, Gil Meche, Adam Eaton, Vicente Padilla and Miguel Batista are signed to $10 million-plus a year. Agents like Boras are equally to blame.


Wow, I should have edited that post. I meant that many sports agents are as slimy and unreputable as many attorneys, but Boras is the bottom of the barrel in his profession as far as integrity, trustworthiness and professionalism.

Attorneys have a bad rep, unrightfully so as far as I’m concerned. That could be because of my personal connections with very admirable and respectable attorneys, but I think they have been dragged through the mud enough for a profession that is just trying to carry out the american legal system’s justice the best they can.

I think the media is playing a very large part in how you perceive these negotiatons. Boras is doing his job and he has a player arsenal and enough prestige to be bigger than the teams he negotiates with, I really don’t see why he would get the bad press. Matsuzaka can speak if he was willing to sign a cheaper contract. You see everybody ont he playgroudn with shiny new toys and you want one too, even if you are new to the school.

Ahhhh……the naivety of college years. Vince, I was the same way when I was your age. When you reach your 30s, naivety is replaced by wisdom gained from experience. I know some respectable lawyers as well; however, as a whole, the profession is littered with people who are more interested in doing anything to make a buck than integrity, ethics, professionalism and compassion.

Regarding Boras, if this was the Yankees and not the Red Sox, you would feel the same way. Boras’ job is to represent his client and what is best for his client. In this case, it is obvious it is best for a deal to get done, or Matsuzaka will face a lot of humiliation back home. Boras is already getting bad press for the way he is handling this. And rightly so. He likely has not kept Matsuzaka updated on the proceedings – taking advantage of his client – and he never responded to the Sox initial offer. It is obvious that he is not negotiating in good faith. It is apparent that he is trying to hold Matsuzaka out for more money and/or challenge the posting system. And it is naive not to think he is doing this not for D-mat’s benefit, but for his own. I’m glad that Henry, Lucchino and Epstein took the initiative to fly to LA and meet with Boras. I hope a deal gets done, and I truly hope that the Sox do not pursue another Boras player again.


No, attorneys are definitely slimy and unreputable. Believe me, I work for one. Ouch, did I say that out loud? Hmm, just call me bitter on behalf of my entire staff not getting a Christmas bonus this year, even though we kept his *** afloat this entire year. Not even a **** turkey.

Well said, Jeff, I agree with you 100%. One quick buck. That’s all. ****, I’ve got to get off my soapbox.

As for Boras, he makes me mad.

Well yeah no doubt there are slimy lawyers and attorneys, but I just don’t see a difference between that job and any other profession of importance or where they directly work with people.

Are all CEO’s straight edged? Journalists? Judges? Doctors? Mechanics? I just don’t see how a lawyer gets all the **** and these other professions don’t. Anywhere you go you find the honest and the dishonest.

I don’t think I’d ever be in that situation as a Yankee fan because I’m sure as **** positive steinbrenner would pay out for a guy that highly touted, especially if he set a 51.1 million dollar check just to talk to the guy. The one time I remember us not getting a guy despite offering him something fair, carlos beltran, I was not upset about it.

Besides as far as karma is concerned you guys had this coming. Cut out Nixon and Arroyo, you were bound to get this situation eventually.

I can see where the Arroyo situation is questionable, but Nixon? There is nothing the Sox did wrong to Nixon. They just decided not to resign him since he has not been productive for the last few years. This isn’t just a situation limited to the Sox and the current D-mat negotiations. This is a frequent occurrence when Boras is involved. So it has nothing to do with karma. It has everything to do with the dealings of Boras, who I imagine is an attorney.

I’m pretty sure Boras is an attorney, I don’t know, you go to school for 20 years, get beaten around in your profession for another 10 and then work 16 hour days for the rest of your life and I don’t hold it against them for demanding all the dollars they feel they are entitled to in any of their deals.

Bernie didn’t fit into our plans either last year.

Jeff I’d love to see you tell your next employer you’ll take less money in your next job. Yes Boras is trying to get his players the most money, that’s his JOB! And players hire him because of this. And owners pay the money, he’s not doing anything sneaky. But the mess the Red Sox and D-Mat are in, is not Boras’s fault, nor is it the Sox fault. The fault lies in a posting system which denies a player the right to be a free agent. Why should D-Mat’s employer make more than he does just because they owned his rights? I don’t know what the soultion is but the posting system is at fault. Not Boras getting his players the most money, not the Red Sox for trying to sign him for less than Gil Meche. It’s the system.

Ian, is it in any way illegal for an agent to mislead his client the way Boras might be doing to Matsuzaka? I’d love to see Boras get a hefty fine or even a criminal charge…

haha i’m dreaming, but o well, i’m pretty mad at him.

hopefully, theo and company can figure things out. losing matsuzaka means losing maybe 5 or 6 more games next year, no joke!

justimagine if the deal doesnt get done, theres gonna be a big *** price on boras’ head all throughout red sox nation.

No one seems to have a good answer to Boras’ claims that the money put towards the posting fee shouldn’t be a consideration in determining Matsuzaka’s salary. No one wants to say it, but on the surface that seems like a fair claim. However, there’s a **** good reason: He asked for it. Plain and simple. Matsuzaka is under contract with the Lions for two more seasons. For years, he’s asked them to post him so that he could play in the majors. Even if he were a proven commodity in the MLB, he wouldn’t be able to make free agent money (read: Boras pitting one team against another) because HE’S NOT A FREE AGENT. Boras claims that its unfair to the Japanese player, and that no one in the majors would have this issue? No one signed to a MLB contract can just walk out on it and see what other offers are out there.

If Matsuzaka makes a deal, it will be a contract with conditions and baggage tied to it. It will be because he begged and was allowed out of a contract. Due to that posting – which he requested – there will be an additional financial drain on the team that brings him over. Yes, if he were a free agent, he’d get a bidding war. Well, if he were a free agent, we wouldn’t have had a posting fee to pay. He asked for it, so it’s on him.

What Boras has done is only what each and every member of Red Sox Nation should have expected going into this whole process- as long as a deal is made. Its definitely Boras’ style to take it to the last second possible and get a huge amount of money, but if Matsuzaka isn’t on the plane back to Boston, then Boras has issues. His primary goal should be, in my opinion at least, to get Matsuzaka in a Major League uniform. This situation is certainly unique, as the numbers mean much less than the actual contract. Sure hope we get em in the end…..


I have to agree with Vince in regards to lawyers. I work with some very principled, honest, hard-working attorneys. I’ve hired attorneys to handle home sales and purchases who have shown me nothing but good faith and a desire to do their job well. You can’t paint all lawyers with the same brush. Maybe all personal injury lawyers, but not all lawyers. As with so many other jobs, the bad apples give everyone else a bad name.

And I also agree with those who say that Boras has done nothing wrong. Ever buy a car and give the salesperson the silent treatment after they quote you a price? Try it some time. They start to get nervous, and if you wait long enough, they’ll drop the price before you even counter. Silence is a powerful thing, Scott Boras knows it, and he used it to his client’s advantage. As has been said before, it’s his job.

Nobody can really say, as nobody is sitting in on these meetings. Surely to god they have offered him more then 8-10 mill. Im sure boras is believing his press and doing everything possible to make this one to remember. I see we lost out on Gagne, they got him for 6 mill. I believe that would have been worth it, don’t understand why we wouldn’t pay 6 for his services. I guess they have something up thier sleeves, atleast I pray they do. And finally, no not all lawyers are slime, but the ones that are more then make up for the ones that aren’t.

come on guys….are you folks serious??? why are you guys whining about scott boras when he just stole drew from the dodgers when shady theo told him he would give him more money. what are you guys complaining about?you cant have it both ways. stop lowballing good players and giving crappy ones too much. you guys still havent signed ortiz to an extension, allowing nancy drew to make more than him..thats sad. what is theo waiting for him to get injured???

I believe people like Scott Boras are destroying baseball. To me it just shows that most athletes cannot think for themselves.

Agents flood thier clients with ideas like, “You’re worth more than that!” “You should be making Clemens-esque money!”

I always see guys crying when they win the World Series and through the snot and tears they mumble, “Man, this is a great team!”

Do players not realize that if they humbled themselves and make say 4 million (just a pinch better than my teaching salary) compared to 12 million a year, their team could afford more “pieces of the puzzle.”

Besides, isn’t winning what they are truly playing for? (That was very sarcastic by the way!)

In closing … SCOTT BORAS YOU ****!

Can I use the word “STINK” atleast ..geesh!

I’m really frustrated with Boras in this situation as well, as I’m sure Mr. Matsuzaka is.

But honestly, what did we expect? Do you know that story about the turtle and the scorpion- where the scorpion asks for a ride across the stream on the turtle’s back? The turtle makes him promise not to sting him in the back of the neck, and the scorpion promises.

As they near the far riverbank, the scorpion stings and fatally wounds the turtle. As the turtle dies, he asks why the scorpion did it, after promising he wouldn’t. The scorpion says “what did you expect? I’m a scorpion.”

Boras is the King of Scorpions. Matsuzaka should have known that. Theo and the boys **** well know that. I think we were all hoping for a dream scenario with smooth negotiations and a quickly-agreed-upon deal, but honestly- what did we really expect?


Just saw this from Gordon Edes. Hope it is true:

December 13, 2006

Dice-K en route

By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff

A source close to the negotiations confirmed that the Red Sox contingent in Southern California is flying back to Boston with pitcher Daisuke Matsuzka and his agent, Scott Boras, on board.

“You can assume that a deal is done or close,” said another source with direct knowledge of the talks.

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