Charged Up

Let’s take a brief break from the game of baseball and talk some football!!!

My mind is on those New England Patriots, and the big game vs. the Chargers on Sunday. In my estimation, this is by far the biggest challenge the Pats have faced since Super Bowl XXXVI against the Greatest Show on Turf.

I wonder how much of the game-plan Belichick used against Marshall Faulk in that epic Super Bowl will be deployed in this one against LT. And I wonder how much Marty Schottenheimer might study that tape to see what he might expect.

This is going to be a fantastic football game. Here are my predictions for the weekend and I’d like everyone to chime in with there’s.

New England 38, Chargers 34: Shootout for the ages ends with the Brady having the final possession.

Indianapolis 21, Ravens 10: Ravens D does a decent job on Manning, but their "O" comes up small.

Saints 32, Eagles 21: The feel-good team of these playoffs lives to see another week.

Bears 30, Seahawks 14: The Bears will be stopped short of Miami, but it won’t be this week.


The key to the Pats Bolts game is Rodney Harrison. If he plays they shut down LT and go on to the conference finals. If he doesn’t, then the pats will lose this game. I think he’ll play, but because of the lack of pats receivers, phillip rivers inexperience, and two great defenses it will be a low scoring contest.
New England 19, San Diego 13

The ravens have shut down the best offenses in the league (the Chargers, the Bengals, and the Saints) and I doubt the Colts run D can shut down two great running backs in a row.

Baltimore 24, Indianapolis 17

Saints 28, Eagles 10

Bears 23, Seahawks 6

Not many upsets here, I said in preseason this was the end of the pats dynasty, and the ravens have the best defense in football, it doesn’t take new england to stop manning.

san diego: 27

New england: 24 (missed field goal at some point during this game just for kicks)

Ravens: 23


The eagles were exposed by the weakest (and my favorite) team in the playoffs last week, now that they are playing a team without half its starters on the sidelines, they will realize jeff garcia was not a starter for a reason, and like romo before him, he will come down to earth.

Saints: 27

Eagles: 14

The bears defense will hold up for one more week and grossman will not make enough mistakes to lose to a severe underdog in chicago.

Bears: 24

Seattle: 13

check that, give a 17 spot for the eagles*

Chargers 31 – Pats 21
Colts 28 – Ravens 17

Saints 35 – Eagles 28

Bears 30 – Seattle 14

As I have mentioned, though I am a lifelong Red Sox and Celtics fan, that is where my New England allegiance ends. I am a lifelong Steelers fan in the NFL. That said, here are my predictions:

Patriots 28, Chargers 17

Ravens 23, Colts 21

Eagles 24, Saints 17

Bears 27, Seahawks 14


SD 31- NE 21
Saints 27 – Eagles 21

Bears 25- Hawks 12

Ravens 22 – Colts 13

I actually believe defenses will prevail in the Pats game. They will force Philip Rivers to beat them but he’s not ready yet. Pats 17, Chargers 10.

If the Ravens can get enough pressure on Manning they will beat the Colts. If not it could be a long day for them. I’m predicting they won’t. Vinateri kicks five. Colts 29, Ravens 7.

The Bears are the worst 13-3 team in the history of the NFL. They’d be a .500 team or worse in the AFC. The only redeeming factor is that the Seahawks are more pitiful, but not pitiful enough. Seattle 21, Bears 10.

Eagles defense is beat up and the Saints aint the Aints any more. They have a lot of weapons and Drew Brees leads the way. Saints 24, Eagles 21.

I don’t know about the worst, I mean their first 7 games they outscored opponents 211-69. Yes they play the lions twice, and they lost 2 games to afc opponents but they whipped some decent teams and some bad teams that were playing well at the time…..I would agree they have the worst QB ever for a 13-3 team haha.

yeah i agree with gsm, was praying the cowboys didnt beat themselves as I figured them to whip the bears, but alas…anyway, the bears are the worst 13-3 team ever, but the hawks arent any better, they have no business even being in chicago.

Pats 33 chargers 28
saints-27 Eagles 24

bears- 21 hawks 14

Ravens-28 Colts 21

Is it too late for a team to pick up Barry Bonds for this weekend’s football game? He’s pretty bulked up from the steriods and now brings an extra dimension to his game… SPEED. Could be smart to funnel his constant anger to maybe the linebacker position? Not sure he would be able to stand his teammates in the huddle for those 10 seconds.

This has nothing to do with football …. just something I have noticed. On the main page of it says, that the Matsuzaka jersey has arrived. Really they were always here. They’re just recycled Damon jerseys!
But anyway here are my football scores:

Bolts: 27

Pats: 17

Ravens: 17

Colts: 14

Bears 20

Seahawks 7

Saints 27

Eagles 24

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haha these last two comments were my favorite.

Chargers 41, Pats 20.

sorry guys, but I don’t think we have a shot on sunday.

well actually, i think it’ll be more like 31-20 or something. it all depends on how good our defense is…

For me football season only lasts until the final bowl game is played! I’m a College only fan, (although my love for the New England area lets me follow the Pats just a bit).

I now am counting the days until pitchers and catchers report and then Spring Training. Come on days, whiz on by!!! I really CANNOT wait until Our RedSox take the field for the start of the 2007 season.

I think the pats best chance is to focus on lt, and to make the rookie rivers beat them. I’m sure he will be nervous and make some mistakes. Stop the run at all costs and make the qb earn his keep.

On the previous thread, was kind enough to post Baseball Prospectus’s top 10 prospects within the Red Sox organization. Would someone please post same list for the Yankees? Every day I read Vince’s comments about the Yankees’ prospects and how amazing they all are so I’m curious to hear the scouts’ perspective. I’m a Red Sox fan and I realize this is a Red Sox blog but Mark’s blog seems to have disappeared.

Always nice to see I have fans🙂

I was actually meaning to ask the same thing, I don’t have an account but I’m pretty sure the yankees have not been published quite yet. I would also be curious if the reports are updated as far as all the new personnel is concerned.

Kevin is it? Mark’s blog is no longer on the yankee site because he moved to the daily news and is no longer the yankee beat writer, I would expect a new one in three days. Otherwise

is the official site for Mark, which still remains running despite no link for the next three days before his new one starts up…the link to the new one is in his old one, good luck. If jamie cannot get it you can ask anybody on the yankee site for links, they’re usually pretty good about it. It may not be the same agency, but it will still be scouting reports by impartial scouts.

Also, why is it that pats fans are so content on rivers blowing it? Wasn’t brady in his first season when he won a superbowl? And he did not even play the full season, if anybody blows this game for the chargers (and someone will need to because they are simply better) it will be their underachieving head coach.

im not saying he will blow it, im saying thats the pats best chance! the mvp isnt going to blow it, so that leaves the rookie.

Although I do not watch much NFL ball, I do try to keep an eye on the former NCAA players when they first go into the NFL.. Phillip Rivers best days are coming soon. I watched a lot of NCAA games with Rivers at the helm for NC.. This kid has it. Unless something drastic happens, he is eventually going to kick some SERIOUS but*t in the pro’s!! Y’all know that I don’t follow NFL much except that I keep an eye on New England. I think that if Rivers has a game that is anywhere close to his potential, Our Pats can kiss it goodbye…. Hopefuly the Pats will prevail!!

Not to derail the Pats conversation, but an aside for a moment: How many times have we heard “next week” on the JD Drew talks now? It’s starting to seem very strange that they haven’t managed to come to an agreement…

I agree, Douglas. I also find it odd that Trot Nixon has not signed elsewhere. Perhaps he is waiting to see what happens with Drew. Maybe Theo is having buyer’s remorse. I think Drew will post solid numbers for Boston, but I wouldn’t be upset if Nixon and Pena platooned either. Something has to happen soon. It’s only five weeks until spring training.


So far so good Ian. Saints looking good to finish this one, colts continue to run the tables…now let’s hope your second half is a little off. Gotta love that colts D so far. I would just like to point out, though I had them losing, I was one point off on the colts final points and I may be dead on with the saints haha..the opponents I was way off though.

wow…and as I type that I may have just ruined the game, saints fumble eagles recover around mid field, all of a sudden things looking shaky.

Now that its ova the saints can take down the seahwks but there is no way they can beat the bears at soldier field.

Pena’s apparently doing horribly at the plate this winter.

Nervous about the game today… It’ll be a tough one! Go Pats!

i think the saints can take down the bears, i dont think the bears are all that good. the defense is faltering and there offense isnt very good at all. they are ripe for the pickings, just hope they squash the hawks. my buddies a hawks fan and ive been trashing them! go pats go!

I think the saints will make the superbowl, but I do hope it is at home against the seahawks. The saints are good enough to force grossman to beat them, the hawks are not.

This Pats game is making me nvery emotional.Cause they cant score.Dang it.Why are the chargers getting hut.Merriman is out another one is gettin taped up.

The pats had no buisness winning that game, but the football gods refuse to give shottenhimer a playoff win. Who cares though go pats!!!

wow i can’t believe we won… i guess we’re facing the Colts then lol (who we WILL beat!)

we’ll be seeing the saints in 3 weeks!

I’ve never seen Brady play so badly but still win. Man, that guy is clutch even on off days.

Brady did not look great. However, he made the passes he needed to make, especially the final one, which was perfectly thrown. I have to say it was not easy to watch though. My heart is still beating a bit too quickly.

My thoughts exactly.

i haven’t been this pumped after a football game since the superbowl in 2001

I wouldn’t put the pats in the super bowl just yet jamie. The pats would have to do something no team has done this year: beat the colts at home. Plus the colts already beat the pats once at home this year. But belicheck is gonna have another crack at manning…

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