Charged Up, Part 2

What a Sunday that was. All I heard all week was about how the Chargers were the next great Super power and how they couldn’t be stopped. Why does everyone fall for this stuff every time?

How can you go against Brady and Belichick this time of year until they give you a reason to. That was some kind of football game.

I went 4-0 on my picks this weekend. Just proof that even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.

Seriously, that was one intense game. That was the first time since the Super Bowl win over the Rams when the Pats won a game in the playoffs and I was asking myself for an hour after the game, "How did they do that? How did they win that game?"

I can’t believe LT was whining after the game that the Patriots were mimicking Merriman’s sack dance and how that was disrespectful. Give me a break LT. You’re better than that.

I’d like everyone else’s thoughts on the game as well. Sunday should be unreal. Predictions later this week!



So even though the Pats beat Pennington and the Jets, I’m glad they beat the Chargers. And yes, I will be rooting for them throughout the rest of the postseason, but the Saints wouldn’t be the worst team to win it all, they deserve it. Not the Bears. I don’t like them.

fantastic game today… the Pats own this… i hope

Hi all,
I’m back from India. OMG, what a place!! Had a great time, got to see some old friends and had a chance to recharge with some intense yoga. It was great!!!

Ya gotta hand it to the Pats. Play a superior team, in enemy territory, QB has a bad day and still win! Vince, their dynasty is not going away quietly.

Ian, LT is usually a classy guy. What do you suppose he’s thinking? Disrespectful? He had to be just SO upset losing a game that was in their pocket, that he can’t think straight.

Anyway, glad to be back, sort of.

Hehe, I just got back from India as well arnieschmo. Great time visiting family and friends. Sightseeing was just plain awesome!

As for football, well I may be pretty much the one and only New Englander BoSox fan that doesn’t care for the Pats…then again I don’t care for any particular team for that matter. I just love watching a good football game. And man this game had me at the edge of my seat.

Can’t blame LT though, his team coughed it up and he couldn’t do a darn thing about it. I can’t blame Schottenheimer too much this time either…what about the off/def coordinators? They definitely play a role and in this one it was more their fault than “Martyball.” How many passes did Rivers throw vs. LT’s touches? I don’t exactly remember but it sure seemed that they threw more than ran it.

Oh well it’s late and I may be babbling. I can’t wait for baseball to start again =D

Being that I did not really have a team to root for in this one I was enjoying the see-saw battle of the game and was probably actually hoping that the Chargers would win. That was changed when the players of the Chargers started making fools of themselves out on the field. I cannot stand to see the in the face taunting that goes on in sports today and it seems to be worse in football than in any other sport. After that move by the Charger player I felt my support going in the other direction in a hurry. You cannot really blame a coach for a boneheaded move by a player such as that one or the couple of other idiotic plays/moves by the Charger players. I hope that the comments made by LT were made mostly in the heat of the moment, and that after time to think about it he will take those back. Up untill then this guy has been a class act. The game in Indy should be a great matchup but I think Indy wins by 6. In the NFC I am going to take Chicago by 10. One last thing to any media folks who might read this how about you quit trying to make certain teams Americas team. I am prety sure I was an American in the 70s and I can assure you Dallas was not my team, and New Orleans isn’t my team now.

great games, all of them…indy games was kind of boring, but the rest were mint. couldnt help but notice all the mistakes this post season by all the qb’s. never seen so many int’s and fumbles, even mr reliable brady was partaking. should be interesting match ups next week, I pick the saints and the pats to square off, although im sure manning might have something to say about that.

I thought the games were interesting and competitive, but also thought the fundamentals were horrendous. I’m really trying not to sound like a crusty old curmudgeon… but this is supposed to be the best 8 teams in the playoffs?

– The amount of passes directly to opposing team by top notch QBs. Brady and Manning especially.

– The amount of dropped passes and interceptions thrown right into the hands

– The amount of missed tackles… I noticed this weekend especially that most would-be tacklers do not try to wrap the guy up at all. They just lower their head, launch into the guy, and hope he falls down. Its really amusing when you put these in slow motion with Tivo.

– How about the punt returner on SD who dropped the punt and then instead of just falling on it, he thinks maybe he can pick it up and somehow outmaneuver 11 guys bearing down on him… with a lead, late in the game. Brilliant!

– How about that SD player who intercepted and fumbled. I know they don’t get the ball much, but don’t they realize that MOST interceptions or recoveries are then re-fumbled?

– Let’s not forget that wonderful head-butt that cost SD…

I thought I was watching Manny being Manny all weekend long.

Good points, rayman. Especially the head-butt. Classic football stupidity. I mean, come on, do those guys have to celebrate everything they do? And in such an asinine way? One gets the feeling these guys are very insecure to act like they do. They make a tackle and they jump around like they just got the Nobel prize. Would they know what a Nobel prize is, do you suppose? I can see it now, the next Nobel peace prize winner spiking the thing! Oy, I can hear my grandfather now, “Dam n fools! Couldn’t find their nose if they fell face first!”

I kind of see L T’s point. I think his point was when you steal a game, and let’s face it, that game was stolen, you sneak off the field and head home before anyone realizes you just stole the game. L T plays the game the way it should be played and probably thought the Pats should just take the “W” and get ready for the Colts.

LT’s point? How bout the fact that at halftime of the jets/Pats game Merrymen was interviewed and said the Jets had the game in the bag! Then S.D., the whole game was celebrating every play. Also, I didn’t see anyone on the Pats head-butting Chargers. Finally, in the end when everyone was trying to give LT props for a **** of a game(which he had),he just walked away and went and did that bogus press conference. Pats win thats what they do this time of year period. THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO CELEBRATE.”Stole the game”, what a joke. I suppose if they beat Indy, the Pats should just sneak away, send them roses for takin it easy on them, and by all means not celebrate.

I guess I’m just “old school.” By all means have a party on the field next weekend. Maybe hire T.O to plan some really good celebrations-he’s not busy.
Like I said, L.T. plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played. You notice he wasn’t one of the ones making an *** of themselves. Merriman is an idiot who had no impact on the game, as I knew he wouldn’t. But, the Patriots basically stooped to his level. And yes, they did steal the game. Anyone with a pulse and any objectivity will at least admit that.

Every team in the NFL celebrates every play. And do we not remember tom brady’s press conference last year after the broncos loss (btw Ian, there’s your reason to sense they can be stopped….a tough team to beat at home that is used to playing the pats…hmm are any of those still around?)

He whined and whined and basically insinuated the pats lost the game and the broncos did not win it, please, anybody criticizing LT right now that is a pats fan is a complete hypocrite.

There have certainly been many interceptions and bad ones at that so far by some of the best QB’s. Marty might be the worst playoff coach in the history of any sport, every decision he made was pretty much awful. When you have both lines dominating the other and the best running back and pass rush in football, you have no reason to lose a football game and he wet the bed with it.

haha and Arnie, no dynasty goes away quietly.

Had to create a new account, mlb says I have logged on too many times! Twice.
Well, players talk about having to take their game to a new level in the playoffs, maybe Marty needs to do that with his coaching. That game was in the bag for SD and they let it slip away. You can’t put too much blame on the coach, the players have to make the plays, but somewhere in there Marty has to inspire his troops to TAKE what is there for the taking. Don’t pray to the football gods, get the ball away from the other team and keep it!!! Those SD players just didn’t seem to want it as much as the Pats did. Even after the head-butt, they had every chance to say,”This is our game, we’re the better team.” They just couldn’t close it out. I’ve seen my Giants do that more than once and it drives me crazy. The Jim Fassell(sp) era, Minnesota, San Fran.

And they won’t put a *stolen next to the W. You have to close out a win to get the W and SD didn’t. Blame SD for letting the Pats “steal” the game. They “stole” it by keeping it close and leaping on the opportunities they got. That’s how to be a winner.

I’m not a Pats fan, sounds like I’m cheering them on, but if they win 2 more games their dynasty is intact.

Next year it’ll be the Giants, you’ll see!!

LT’s frustrated because his team gave the game away.
No reason to slink away if the other team gives the game to you.

I guess I’ve always preferred handing the ball to the ref after a touch down (right T.O?), going back on defense after hitting a three pointer (right Kobe?), and simply putting your bat down and running the bases after a home run (yo, Manny!)Sadly, that makes me a dinosaur. The Pats were business-like for 60 minutes, and could have waited another 5 minutes to get off the field and start celebrating, whether the game was given to them or not.

No argument there. I took issue with the “stolen” comment. You can’t steal what is given to you.

I’m no fan of those over-the-top celebrations, and the Pats definitely went OTT at the end of the game.
But they won the game fair-and-square, as the saying goes.

Im sure had the chargers won they would have done whatever wherever on the field. Lt was just being a sore loser. Maybe they should have won maybe not, maybe everyone on the field was dropping balls, throwing int’s, fumble itis last one loses the game. Just so happened that the pick was stripped, pretty much par for the course in that game. The stupid things, head butts, the red flag on the stripped ball…saying he was down by contact…that was insane. Big win for the pats, grown men who have all celebrated before and will again…big game..all adds up! The joy from winning a big pressure game can be overwhelming and celebrations do occur. Just adds hype to next years meetings…all good stuff. The post game whinning..all bad stuff.

My post got lost.
I’m no fan of the over-the-top celebrations, and the Pats were OTT at the end of the game. no question.

My post got lost.
I’m no fan of the over-the-top celebrations, and the Pats were OTT at the end of the game. no question.

Uh-oh, sorry. My computer is not liking the cold weather maybe.
On a serious note, Happy MLK Day. Maybe wwe should all reflect on the hard-won freedoms we enjoy and I, for one, hope more people across the globe can gain some of the freedom and opportunity we have here. Trust me, we have so many blessings here, let’s be aware of that and be grateful.

The Chargers have no reason to be displeased about the Pats celebration, especially considering that Merriman has been boisterous all season – at least when he has not been suspended.

Predictions for this weekend:

Bears – 24

Saints – 21

Patriots – 28

Colts – 24


And in the Super Bowl, the Patriots will avenge their 46-10 Super Bowl throttling from 1986.


Saints 21, Bears 17
Pats 28, Colts 20


Huge weekend of football this week. I’m hoping for the rebirth and the dynasty (i.e. saints and pats) to continue. However, the saints and the pats have to go to enemy territory. This is even more significant than usual because the saints are a dome team that has to go to one of the coldest and ugliest fields in football. And the pats have to play the colts in the rca dome. The colts, being an exceptional dome team, have thrived at home (9-0 at home). So while I’m hoping the pats and saints pull it off I just can’t see it happening. Heres hopin i,m wrong.

Pats 23, Colts 27

Saints 20, Bears 30

I just watched the tape again and I still have no clue how the Pats won that game yesterday. It was their most improbable win since Super Bowl XXXVI and their luckiest win since the snow bowl against the Raiders. But there is something to be said for making your own breaks.

Official predictions:

Patriots: 23


Saints: 24

Bears: 17

I really think the bears will lose and I know it is not exactly logical or by the numbers. The saints seem like more of a team to me and their question marks are in lesser areas than the bears (such as QB) the bears were not impressive in knocking off a team that had no business being there at home (the seahawks) and they have not been impressive most of the second half. I know there is somethign to be said about weather, but I don’t think it’s enough and grossman has a meltdown. One of the teams of destiny will win this weekend.

That said it would not shock me in the least to see the colts finally pull one out in the playoffs vs the pats. They won at foxborough earlier in the year, have this one at home for the first time where they are undefeated, and peyton manning has a supporting role for the first time as well. The defense, unlike past years, should keep them in it and I have to believe the third time around dungy pulls something new against bellichek to get that offense some points. I can see a three point game in either direction.

oh but I chose the pats because I will always choose them until the colts actually do beat them. Just don’t rely on a second miracle, if brady struggles next week, the pats go home for good.

I agree Ian however, an ugly win is still a win….There is something to be said about not playing well, against what is considered the best team in the NFL this year, in their house and coming away with the win. The Colts offense has not exactly looked the juggernaught and they are next weeks apponent. You take what the other team gives you, and the other team gave the game to the Pats….

I usually feel good about a game the Pats are preparing for but my gut tells me this is not the year for them. I think the Colts might just do it this year, much to my shagrin.(sp) It will not be a spanking. Maybe a field goal, ugh…. Depends on what defense shows up for the Colts next week and if the Pats stick with the run a bit longer than they did in their previous meeting with Manning and Co.

Dang Vince, looks like you and I agree on this one, and at the same time, it seems

So Mer. can do a childish “lights out” dance after every SACK, but it’s inappropriate to do after winning a huge postseason GAME? Ridiculous. Very unsportsmanlike, of course. They should have just headbutted each of the chargers in turn.

SD ran their mouths off through the entire game, had a couple unsportsmanlike penalties, and Caldwell had brought home all the dirt they were saying leading up to the game. I have a tough time respecting anyone who can dish it out but can’t take it when it’s turned around on them.

As for the Colts, the game they won at Gillette stadium was atrocious (on both sides, really). I was there (seven rows back on the 12 yard line, right in front of the cheerleaders 😉 ) and I can tell you firsthand that it was extremely disappointing. Since neither team showed half of what they’re capable of on the field that day, I don’t see it as a good benchmark for how they’ll perform against each other next week. I really think the Pats can edge the Colts out, even at home, if both teams play to their abilities.

– D

Im feeling like it just might be the colts year…not too sure, my gut says colts if they can get that offense going. better recievers, better running game. if the bears win its just because of the cold. I can see bush fumbling a few, but the saints are a better team.
colts 27 – pats 17

saints 23 – bears 19

The Colts don’t know how to win big games. They are winning with their defense, which is marginal. The Patriots know how to win these big games. Though the Patriots are not as strong this year as they have been in past seasons, the Colts are not impressive. I think that Peyton Manning will be left to blame himself and his teammates once again.


It’s amazing how baseball talk fluctuates on these blogs during the off season. On my blog, one day I will get 1-2 comments and another day I will get 15-20 during the off season. It is a steady stream daily during the regular season. I’m counting the days until spring training begins, and then after a few weeks of spring training, I’ll be counting the days until opening day. Football is nice, and so is basketball (even though the Celtics stink this season; Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge, please exit left) but they just don’t match baseball.



I heard that Tony Dungy is giving the Colts 3 days off. Doesn’t make much sense when you have to play one of the most prepared team in football in the biggest game of the year.

arossi, that’s marginal too. They played on saturday instead of sunday so sunday doesn’t count, they would have monday off anyway as they always do, so really it’s just tuesday he’s giving them off and I’d imagine to rest them. Dungy has to think of something new to do. I’m sure guys like manning and dungy will be reviewing tape anyway, it’s really just to give the legs a rest.

Jeff the flipside is if peyton emerges after three failures vs the pats and the defense remaind solid, he now has an advantage he never had before, and at home that can loom even larger.

Jeff, You heard Manning blame himself after a loss???? That in itself would be newsworthy. I don’t recall hearing him say anything except his offensive line didn’t protect… I respect his ability but dislike his spoiled child attitude. All I see is him blaming someone else when he throws a bad pass. That may be the case once in awhile, but not for every errant throw. I hope you’re right though and we have the opportunity to hear more of his excuses…… GO Pats……

You know, we hear talk about Manning exorsising demons Sunday, but someone else has somewhat of a demon to exorsise himself..Coach Dungy, he is developing a reputation as a coach that can’t take his teams over the top also. I like Tony, but saw his inability to motivate the Bucs, for big games as it seems he has done in Indy.

As to that Colts by 4 prediction: there is simply no way the Colts will win unless they win by 10 points or more. If the Patriots are down by a touch down or less going into the 4th quarter, they are a lock. Brady has done it too many times. He’s not going to lose if he has the ball at the end and is down by 7 or less. The challenge will be keeping it a 7 point game. The Colts will try to put it away early, because they already know what happens when you let the Pats hang around too long.

Regarding LT: His point is probably valid. His approach is BS. As Ty Warren said, “We probably could have restrained ourselves a little, but don’t go putting it on Coach Belechick, he doesn’t condone that kind of behavior.” And as far as Merriman is concerned, who can respect a player who doesn’t respect himself, his team, or the game he plays? Oh yeah LT, you want to bring children into the conversation talking about the Patriots. Is Shawne Merriman your idea of a role model for kids? Before worrying about the Patriots, clean up your own team first.

Ian: Look at the game again and understand the difference between good teams and great teams. Good teams put themselves in a position to take advantage of errors, penalties, dropped passes, fumbled interceptions and other things that happen over the course of a football game. They put themselves in a position to win close important games…… but GREAT TEAMS WIN THEM!

What did the Chargers do with 3 interceptions? What did they do with 3 or 4 possessions starting in Patriot terretory?

The Chargers haven’t learned to be great, and they haven’t learned that there ain’t no I in TEAM.

And LT, that does come from Coach Belechick.

And Now the Colts: This is a tough one. I wonder if we can borrow Ty Law for a game. The key will be Red Zone defense because Manning is going to move the ball between the 20’s. I think Vinateri will be busy again with three field goals. Manning may get a long distance strike so I’ll say the Colts score 19.

Inept offenses make a defense look good. Playcalling for both KC and Baltimore left a lot to be desired. The Pats have a lot of options beyond what the Colts saw from either the Chiefs or Ravens. I think Brady comes back with a good day and Dillon makes a mark. The Pats get 27. Pats 27, Colts 19.

The Saints have too many weapons, period. Saints 24, Bears 14.

I think u forget rrossi that in the colts and pats regular season meeting this year not only did the colts win by 7, but Brady had the ball at the 2 minute mark and threw an INT so nothing is a lock.

Can I ask where this role model for kids trash started? Was it in the 80’s? That’s when I can first remember hearing it. People toss out the “kids” word whenever they can’t defend their point because who can argue with the kids? Have an indefensible position, better trot out the kids, they’ll run interference for you. Athletes are not role models, they’re guys who can play a sport well, period. Parents are role models, as are some teachers and relatives. That’s where it stops, in my opinion. Maybe some clergy. If you look to athletes, actors, entertainers, politicians etc, all I can say is God help us, we are in trouble. LT should just shut up about Sunday already! The Pats took full advantage of the opportunities they were given and then rubbed it in. LT can complain privately with his teamates but to publicly whine about it is weak. The thing to do is next year give the Pats a good beating on the field. End of story.
I would go with Bellechick every time in a big game except against the broncos. Advantage NE.

I don’t think the Saints can beat the bears in Chi. I think the Bears D will come up big at home.

On a baseball note, I enjoyed Ian’s story on the middle infield. I was an advocate of signing Julio Lugo, and though I like Loretta, I agree with the decision to give Pedroia a chance. Gotta give our prospects a chance sometime rather then keep them in the minors too long or trade them away.

I saw the article about George Kottaras as well. Gotta give Theo a hand for acquiring someone of Kottaras’ talent level for David Wells. That helped ease the sting of the Mirabelli deal (Bard and Meredith) since Kottaras appears to be the Sox catcher of the future.


It is comical that LT would talk about the Patriots’ actions being bad for kids, while ignoring Merriman, who not only is a headcase on the field, but in abuser of performance-enhancing drugs off the field. Great example for kids there! This is football – a very emotional game. You don’t mind the antics when your team wins, and you can’t stand the antics when your team loses.


Is it time for spring training yet? Guess not. Guess I’ll have to crawl back into my cave for another month!

In an attempt to keep the baseball theme, have you guys noticed that JD Drew still hasn’t been signed. I mean cmon it was early December when we heard about the contract troubles, then we heard about 2 weeks ago that he would be signed early last week. Boras is probably still demanding top dollar. This is all happening while trot is still waiting to be signed. So I ask why bother with drew? The sox can pick up nixon for way less than drew. The sox need a #5 hitter, but wily mo and trot did just fine protecting manny, who still got his usual 30-100. Wily mo has unbelievable power and trot has the plate discipline and OBP (the sox hitting philosophy). The sox can either sign an injury prone lefty RF who hits 300, has a good OBP, and has ok power for big money or they can sign an injury prone RF, who bats 300, has a good OBP, and has ok power for about 5 mil.

arossi: Well said. The Drew thing is getting to be a joke. If there are that many health issues, the Sox don’t need him. If there aren’t that many health issues, for 70 million, the Sox don’t need him. For 10 less homers and 15 less RBIs, I’ll take Nixon for 3-5 million. Who knows how good Pena will be with some more at bats?

nice post. im glad you guys realize what a joke judy drew is. we dont want him back in LA either. wouldnt that be great to see the deal just blow up in scott boras’s greedy little round face. you guys are much better off with trot, i wanted trot to come to LA but we got old timer Gonzalez instead. ah well i will root for you guys again anyways, hoping to see the Yanks totally miss the playoffs. how bout this dodgers and sox in the world series. just a little food for thought. we got the pitching!!!!

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