Countdown to Colts

Amazing isn’t it? All the big games the Patriots have won over the last six years, and it seems that the national media still hasn’t learned to give this team the benefit of the doubt in a big game.

I’m laughing reading some of the predictions. One expert thinks that the Colts will win because "it’s Peyton’s time."

Seriously? Come on. The Patriots are just tougher and better than the Colts. 13-2 for Belichick in the playoffs; 12-1 for Brady. Is this just a fluke? There must be a reason the Patriots keep winning big game after big game. Of the 12-1 streak, I find two wins that were sort of flukey. The Raiders snow game and this past Sunday against the Chargers. The Patriots probably should have lost both those games.

But every other win during this historic run has been because of physical talent and mental toughness. And I don’t see that changing against the Colts this Sunday.

Sure, Manning is a Hall of Fame talent and he’s tough in the Dome. But is the Colts defense going to stop the Patriots like they stopped the Chiefs and Ravens? I highly doubt it.

One thing the Patriots need to do to win this game is control time of possession. In order to do that, they need to run the football. We need to see a lot of Dillon and a lot of Maroney. Keep Manning off the field as much as possible.

At the end of the day, my score is Patriots 32, Colts 24.

the NFC Championship game will be Bears 20, Saints 17.

it should be fun.



Why is it, that redsox fans can recall each individual out of the 2004 alcs, yet they cannot grasp the bigger picture?

Any given series….Any given sunday.

Why is “it’s peyton’s time” such an awful sentiment? After 2003, after 99, after 78, even after 86 and series not against the yankees, can any sox fan here, down 3-0 honestly say you thought they had a shot at coming back? How can nobody draw the parallel that in sports, anything can happen, especially when your playing a team you are EXTREMELY familiar with. The colts haven’t had a problem with the pass rush all year long, it’s been the running game that’s t he difference between playoff defense and regular season defese. The chiefs had the 2nd best running back in football, and scored less than 10 pts. Wouldn’t you feel it is at least possible, that this really could be the colts chance, or at least, being at home and undefeated, their best chance yet, regardless of history between the two?

Isn’t there a time when former records and statistics may just not mattern or are you really content supporting one favorite team’s historical dominance and bashing anothers in another sport?

Ian, I’m surprised you haven’t covered this story yet haha. It is all about the sox front office saying how matsuzaka more or less will not gain them any money economically and all they are doing is paying for his pitching. A 100 million dollar pitcher who has 0 wins in mlb, you guys better have the next santana or early years zito on your hands, or I’m afraid you overspent….Along with unsigned drew. But hey, at least you saved money by getting rid of all star loretta.

Somehow yankee and overspent when talking about another team overspending doesnt mesh. The only thing I would change about what the sox have done this off season is I would have signed Gagne….of course im not to sure about drew, but he does have the talent. Im certainly not sad to see Loretta go, sometimes you just have to go with your drafted players who deserve the shot. Who have done all they will do in AAA. Why have a farm system otherwise. Im hoping for d-mat to win between 12-16 games, that to me for his first year and all the hype that will follow him would be a success. Even if he lost all his games and just beat the yankees all the time…that would be great…lol

I will agree that the colts have a good shot this weekend. The pats run offense has been non-existent this post season. The Colts have far better receivers, and the qb’s should be more or less equal. The colts have a good rushing the passer front 4, I think they match up well, and if the pats dont get some sort of running game in order, the colts could very well win. Im not getting all the Bear supporters thinking of the bears winning, the saints have quite an arsenal of offense and the most consistant qb left in the playoffs this season. If grossman isnt totaly on his game, then look out.

Don’t start with the $$$! I thought we put that to rest.
This is the Colts best shot, this year. Having said that, I am just not willing to bet against Bill B. until the Colts actually walk off the field with the win. But it hinges a little bit more on Dillon getting going than against the chargers. I think the colts are better than the chargers were. I don’t think either team is a lock, no matter the unbeaten at home stat, or the NE always beats the colts sentiment.

Some people just love coming in here to simply bash the Red Sox……all I have to say about that.

As far as the Colts Pats game Sunday, I agree, the outcome is a tossup, but being a Pat’s fan I must remind people that in the Pat’s loss to the Colts earlier this season, The Pat’s had five turnovers, Harrison went down in the first quarter and the secondary was not accustomed to playing together as well as they are now. Also, both Seymore and Wilfork had just come back from injuries, and Brady and his wide recievers weren’t on the same page as they seem to be now, and the final score was 27-20, this is not going to be a cakewalk for either team.

I gotta say I’m going to have to side with Vince on this one..Numbers might predict a lot of things, but in the playoffs predicting such things is never wise. The Steelers last year did what no team has ever done. Win all of their games on the road in the playoffs (At least I think they were the only team to do that.) Mariano Rivera has a history of being lights out in the playoffs, much like Brady, but on that one night, he wasn’t. Only one thing matters at the end of a playoff game, and it has nothing to do with prior records or stats and thats the “W”. Maybe it is Peyton’s time. He has never been a fast learner in the NFL. It took him a few years to learn everything he knows now. And I don’t see why you are so quick to discredit the colts defense Ian, I mean, they haven’t been stellar all season, but the regular season doesn’t count anymore..maybe something clicked for them, or maybe they play bettter with thier backs against the wall? This game is a toss-up..plain and simple

yes because my sole purpose is coming on here and bashing the redsox, I’m sure all of my past posts are evidence of that. Just because I show an article by the sox own front office disproving everything every fan said was the justification for the sox overspending (after years of bashing the yankees for it) I am now nothing but a sox basher? Please, try again. All I’m doing is proving a point. It’s been jealousy, not a moral offense to spending too much on your team, and there is nothing even wrong with that, just a simple realization.

Peter Gammons is reporting that Trot Nixon has signed a deal with the Cleveland Indians. I know that all of us in Red Sox Nation wish him well and thank him for all of his years in Boston.


We all knew it was coming, but it’s so strange now that it’s final. Goodbye and good luck, Trot! The original Dirt Dog. I hope his path leads him back to the Boston organization one day. I have a feeling it will. Thanks for everything you put out there every day for the Sox; you will be missed!

– D

Thank You Trot … you should have retired in the Red Sox Nation.

Fenway wont be the same again.

I want everyone to witness something. We are letting go of our “character” guys since the ’04 season. You know, those guys who brought us “Cowboy up,” the Idiots and all of those shaved heads. Now I realize baseball is a business, but I dont now if spending the most money will equal success. Remember the Yankees havent really won anyting since they began to ring up their credit cards!

Pedro, Millar, Damon and Trot, man I miss you guys!

If the ’07 BoSox dont win the title .. it may be the largest disappointment in Boston history. And that is saying something!

And let’s not forget Bill Mueller, the ultimate character guy.
Good luck Trot. Thanks for everything. Thanks for handling everything with class, all the time. Thanks for some of the most important homers in Sox history (as well as the 3-0 count near homer in the World Series.)

Onto the Pats-Colts. Ian probably has the margin of victory right, but 56 points? Ain’t going to happen, and if it does, the Pats will be on the wrong end of it. The only way the Pats can win is to keep the score down. If Manning gets comfortable and starts putting points on the board, look out. I’m thinking 22-14 Patriots.

As for the Bears, I’m not sure why anyone thinks they’ll win this game. What do they have other than home field advantage? What did home field advantage do for the Chargers? What is everyone assuming home field advantage will do for the Colts. Saints 27-Bears 17.

I’m really glad for Trot’s sake that someone finally realized he has some value left. I’m sure he’d have preferred to stay with the Sox, but at least he’s going to be in a baseball uniform in 2007. If I get to an Indians/Sox game this year I hope the Sox have a right hander on the mound so I can see Trot in right field.

Rossi good point, what did home field do for the ravens too. I think the colts and saints benefit(ed) the most from home field in the playoffs and that’s about it. The bears beat a team that crawled into the playoffs and it took them OT to do it, and they were only there because tony romo hit the earth hard.

I guess it’s just some people’s nature to stir up others, may be a genetic thing or someting. Your own words admit you come in here solely to bash the Red Sox, don’t end it with please try again. I personally would see no point in going into a Yankee website for the sole purpose of stirring up the dust. Just appears kind of juenile to me. But as they say, opinions are like another part of the anatomy, everyone has one.

If anything, I think yankeevmm is one of the more unbiased yankee fans that post on this blog. While his take on things may be different than yours, they are still valid, and he has the right to share them. I personally don’t think he bashes anything or anyone. He’s right in the fact that any team can win any game given the right circumstances. The colts might win, or the patriots may win. ’nuff said.

Hey, I gotta stick up for Vince here. Sure he’s biased toward the Yankees, but what would you expect with a moniker like yankeevmm? He’s a thoughtful and knowledgeable fan and I say he has every right to post here. Never seen his posts get personal or insulting, if you disregard the “ignorant” posts from last fall. As a matter of fact, vince will sometimes be critical of the Yankees or Yankee players if he thinks they are not doing right. So leave him be and don’t look for trouble where it doesn’t exist.

thanks guys….I wouldn’t consider myself stirring up any trouble. What is the point of an opinion if you are against seeing it challenged? You call it juvenile, I call it logical. It is always fun to be on a blog with yankee fans and I do that, it is a place for rallying and it almost has a family feel to it as far as the internet goes, but what am I really gaining by seeing my opinion support the overwhelming majority?

Why do you blog? For reassurance? Or to improve your baseball knowledge and endure different points of view? I do it for both. I come here because this is a place where I can almost promise, as far as yankees redsox go, I will always see a different opinion from my own. It doesn’t make it wrong, baseball is a game of whoever can spin numbers and statistics in their favor the best, but it certainly makes it interesting when somebody is challenging the way you think about something. And who knows, maybe, you learn something from them, I know I have. I can honestly say I know an unlimited amount more about the inner dealings of the redsox, whether it is their farm system, trade rumors or front office tendencies from guys like Jeff, Jamie, Ian, Arnie, Kevin, and girls like ellen and some other people who don’t post their names here. And I’m proud of that, it improves me as a fan.

There is a reason in life you don’t live on a redsox island. I call it juvenile to hide behind your “army”.

And if at your self admitted older age than my own you cannot detect sarcasm yet, maybe THAT is genetic. Is it the fact I try to support my opinions with constant numbers and baseball statistics that makes me look to just “stir up trouble”? Even when I get frustrated or angry at some major inaccuracies and blatant bashing I would like to think the overwhelming amount of time I don’t call anybody names or get personal with them. I said it before and I’ll say it again, when Ian puts up a disclaimer that this site is for redsox fans only and he will block my IP address because I have six hated letters in my email, I will log out of here without a 2nd thought. But if this is a baseball blog, meant for debating, agreeing, and improving people’s overall knowledge of the game, well I’m all for offering a different opinion.

Which btw, im in mass right now by coincidence… could you guys hide candlepin bowling from the rest of the country like that? That is soooo much fun!

I enjoy the opinions of non-redsox or yankee bloggers. They make things interesting. It wouldn’t be fun to blog on a site that featured people with the same opinions. By challenging our opinions and ideas about baseball, people like vince encourage thoughful disscussion, and perhaps, foster new ideas.

Haha, Shifting this blog back to baseball somewhat from Vince having to constantly defend his credibility, even though he proves it everytime..

I love how J.D. Drew is getting this foot in the door in the right way. Man his injuries are already becoming a problem BEFORE he is even injurted. I honestly don’t think he is worth all of this. He is a great player when he is healthy, but this is a $70 million dollar gamble that is already having problems. With Pena struggling in Winter League, I’m sure the sox are pushign to get this deal done, but this deal only blocks the paths of our Minor league OF prospects.

I hate sounding so pessimistic, but this FO is getting carried away. Signng big names doesn’t equate to success. This team needs chemistry. I feel like the only thing this team will have in common is that they all play for the Boston Red Sox. Almost every dynasty in baseball is built around 2 great players and a bunch of solid role players. People bash the yankees now, but their dynasty was built around Rivera, Jeter, and Bernie (In my opinion, vince can correct me on this) but the others players like Brosius, TIno, and Paul O’Niell carried that team as well. Not amazing players, but good day in and day out. Kinda like how Mueller, Millar, and Bellhorn were for us. Lets just hope that this team can keep it together for a whole season and bond during spring training.

By the way, if anyone hasn’t already, download the song “The Saints are Coming” by U2 and Green Day. Really good song

Hate to see trot go. He’s been with the sox for so long it just won’t seem right to see him wear any other uniform than a red sox one. I was actually hoping the sox re-signed him. With the drew thing looking so bad, didn’t boras tell the media he was signed 4 months ago, i was hoping nixon and pena could patrol rf. Considering nixon has about the same stats as drew, save drew’s marginaly better hr and rbi totals, and their both injury prone. I mean the only major difference between the two is that nixon plays every game like its game 7 of the world series, while drew “seems to give it only 75% and not play to his full talent.” And nixon wanted a fracton of what jd wants. But thats just second guessing, the fact is trot is gone so good luck trot and thanks for being everything a baseball player should.

Actually, muffinman, I think the dynasties are built around the gritty players, with the 2, 3 superstars adding just enough umphhh to win. That’s my take on it.
I never liked Drew from the day he held out after being drafted by, I think, the Phillies. Never played an inning of MLB and he thought he was too good to play for the Phills. Not my kind of guy.

My ex was a big U2 fan and one day I was talking to her about how Bono does not have a great voice but it’s the way he sings the songs, emphasizing certain lyrics and being a little coy with others that makes the songs work. Just like Sinatra. Frank could sing a goofy song and make it seem important because of the way he approached the words. He got that from Billie Holiday, FS was a huge Billie fan, as am I. And it turns out that Bono is a big Sinatra fan. So Billie Holiday is affecting another generation of singers.

Okay, I’ve just had a stake driven through the core of my baseball heart!!! My guy, my number #1 RedSox player, MY DIRT DAWG, has left us to play for the Indians.

I wish him all the success that he deserves. I hope that he does really well. It just seems when we begin to really know them, they get traded or have to leave.

Trot gave me many many memories playing for the Sox, and he gave us, the RedSox Nation wonderful, hard played games. He gave the Sox his heart and his soul and %110 (or more) every day that he stepped into right field or up to the plate. I wish that my father had lived to see Trot play for the Sox. He was a true lover of the game, and would have truly loved Trot for the way he respects the game and the way he approached every game he played. His approach is “give it everything you’ve got!!”

I will never ever not cheer for Trot. As much as he’s given to the fans and the game of baseball, I could never ever do that. I will miss the awful, dirty helmet, I will miss the streaked eye black on his face and I will miss the way he stealthily (sp)patrolled right field in Fenway Park.

BOTTOM LINE: I will miss Trot Nixon. Good Luck Dirt Dawg, and thank you, thanks you for everything!

I’m with you on that one Ellen-I will never not cheer for Trot. I hope he has a great season, but I will hate to see him wearing a unifrom that doesn’t say Boston on it.

Now, let’s go Pats!

Go Trot, unless he’s playing against the Sox. Unless Drew is healthy, let’s just go with Pena and Murphy, with Hinske as insurance. I’m tired of all the drama.


I think you’re both right. Bernie rivera pettitte and jeter and later on posada built the dynasty, and it takes surrounding players both gritty (oneill, duncan, brosius, mendoza, stanton etc. and all stars (tino, clemens, etc). To me, baseball teams are a puzzle and they need the right pieces, I think that analogy works best. You need the big pieces, you need the corner pieces and you need the little pieces to complete the puzzle. The trick is catching all of them at the right age and that is why a dynasty is so difficult…plus you know, all the right decisions.

PEYTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dynasty over, story of his clutchness over.

Sorry Ian and others, but I knew this was ending now.

Sorry vince but when you have won your division almost every year, win a playoff game a year, and have won 3 super bowls in 6 years than you r still a dynasty. Also, brady has 23 game winning drives, just cause he fails once doesnt make him unclutch. Keep ur opinions on this blog and ur celebrations of a boston team loss on a yankee blog. Pats fans, take comfort that the pats beat the chargers and that nfl handed peyton his super bowl berth.

I have to agree with arossi, Vince, and, as you know, I am a lifelong Steelers fan, so I speak from an unbiased opinion. The Patriots are still dominant. They are still among the NFL’s elite. I think you’re just bitter since the Patriots are a solid franchise and it has been so long since the Giants have done anything significant. That said, bring on spring training!


One more thing, arossi. I think your off base by saying the NFL handed Manning his Super Bowl berth. He overcame his naysayers and obstacles. The Colts deserve to be there. They just weren’t good enough to get past the Steelers last year!


How exactly did the NFL hand peyton his super bowl berth?? From what I saw in the game, he made some good throws when he needed to and that roughing the passer penalty by the patriots defense is what really hurt them. I’m not a colts fan or patriots fan. I actually am impartial to pretty much any NFL team. I just gotta say that the colts stepped it up when they needed to tonight, and the pats didn’t, but you have no grounds saying that the NFL handed Peyton this. Plus, it wasn’t the NFL’s fault that Brady threw an interception at the end of that game. The Pats had their opportunity to win at the end of that game, but couldn’t do it. The colts proved to be the better team. End of story.

Ok, After a tough loss the handed super bowl thing was just out of frustration. The only thing i’m saying is that roughing the passer call that cost the pats the game. Banta-cain touched peyton’s helmet, not strike it! But still, they came back and got the monkey off their back. So let em rightfully enjoy it.

Im happy for manning, he’s been a star and now has his stage and a gritty comeback win to boot. Cant fault Brady, he did his thing, they drove down and got that go-ahead field goal. Giving him 50 seconds to work from the 20 doesnt give him much. Especially being they were 4 down. That performance doesnt make him un clutch at all. The powerhouse Pats will live on to fight another day. Its between those 2 teams and the chargers for next year. Not sure who to cheer for in the superbowl, would like to see manning win one, but it’s also cool to see the bears and thier defense. Dont think Grossman deserves an early title, so go-colts-go!

Well then i’m glad both rossi and jeff believe the yankees are still a dynasty if the criteria is winning the division and a playoff game or two every year. Personally I think theirs ended after 2002.

It would be foolish to say the pats are not a solid franchise or not one of the elite teams in the nfl, but 3 superbowls in 6 years is not a dynasty, it is solid performance. Hence why there have been so little dynasties in NFL history.

Nor does the belief that the pats no longer being a dynasty and feeling good for peyton manning, who was bashed unmercifully on this site for weeks on end, after coming back from 18 pts to beat the big bad pats have anything to do with being a giants fan. That would be like me telling you you were a bitter and jealous hater of the yankees up until 2004 and now have fallen back to ur ways, it makes no sense. Just because somebody dislikes a team that happens to be good does not mean it is because their own team has not had success recently or because they are jealous. I didn’t think the pats had what it took, and I was right, and I’m happy for manning and here’s a shocker, being a giants fan, i’m a manning fan so I do indeed pull for the colts even if they are not my favorite team.

Were you a bitter redsox fan rooting for the tigers against the yankees in the playoffs? No, of course not, and don’t try the rivalry card, I wouldn’t root for any team in any sport that made the high majority of sox fans happy just like any of you would for yankee fans.

And when i said story of his clutchness, I meant manning’s not brady’s, throwing a game ending pick and finally not finishing a drive takes nothing away from his three championships or two superbowl winning drives, or anything else he has already accomplished in the playoffs.

And sorry Rossi, didn’t realize being happy about A FOOTBALL TEAM losing on a BASEBALL BLOG was against the law either, you ought to really come up with a handbook for these things.

Yeah, the pats beat the chargers, yet that personal foul is the complete reason for losing that game, it’s not like they had their own strokes of luck down the stretch last week, take losing like a champ and stop making excuses, you guys had an admirable run.

Anybody else want to point out my hidden agendas and extreme determination for showing complete bias in pulling down every sport in boston because I’m dying to see the next one.

Brady grew up a yankee fan went to my favorite football school and cheers for the gators, what is it exactly, that I hold against him exactly?

The pats are still a dynasty. U say 3 super bowls in 6 years is solid performance?! There is about a handful or less who have won 2 super bowls in 10 years. And u got it wrong, what i’m saying is celebrate a boston team (pats or sox) loss in your “family circle” and have a debate about those teams here or wherever. I’m not questioning ur credibility or bias, this just isn’t the place to rub the sox or pats loss in our faces.

Since the sting of defeat has cooled off, respect and no excuses for the colts win.

Oh and the dynasty criteria is way different in football than in baseball. The pats can’t go out and get an all-pro every offseason due to the salary cap, like the yanks AND the sox do every year. In an age of the salary cap, the pats are still a dynasty.

this dynasty talk is so ridiculous. the bottom line here is ever since that game in the snow when the referees decided they wanted bob kraft in the super bowl instead of al davis, the patriots have gotten every call every break known to man. the refs blew it last week too agianst the chargers, they give the SD guy a unsportsmanlike penalty for going back in the guys face that just PUSHED HIM well after the whistle. those are calls patriot fans have gotten accustomed to over the last 4-5 years. last years AFC championship game and super bowl are perfect examples of the NFL’s undoubtedly questionable ways of letting the ref’s decide whos going to the super bowl and ultimately who will win it. one thing that rubs me the wrong way on top of all this, is Jim Nantz and his family’s connection to the Bush family and the Kraft family. if you werent a patriot fan you would think the guy’s son plays for them or something. can you think of a way to be more bias????? i mean if you guys call yourself a dynasty there is no need for dancing on other teams logo’s( this year ), or whining and calling out teammates( Tom Brady, last year ). come on you guys cant throw games forever.

ps. where is Ty Law when you need him ?? that guy was the best cornerback ever when he was on the patriots ?? so glad i dont have to witness that guy cheat anymore. thats why they didnt resign him, because he wanted too much money for what he was actually capable of. ahhh heres to belichick and brady not being 13-2. boy is the sun shining bright today.

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