Checking in from the Fort

Sorry about the lack of posts since I arrived in Fort Myers last Thursday. I had travel woes on the way down here, depriving me of attending the Matsuzaka presser at City of Palms. Then I came to camp Friday and had a pretty good day, only to come down with strep throat on Saturday. I had to stay away from the park Saturday and Sunday because I was contagious.

Today, I was back at it. Things are going OK, except for the chilly weather.

Does anyone care that Manny — according to Julian Tavarez — won’t get to camp until March 1? I can’t say I do. I don’t think anyone on the Red Sox does. If Manny’s in the lineup, he’ll drive in 100 runs — period.

I think you guys and gals are going to like Julio Lugo. He is an energetic guy who seems like he will thrive from the energy of Boston.

The Matsuzaka stuff is hilarious to watch. Any time he does anything — such as plays catch in the outfield or participates in PFP (pitchers’ fielding practice), the Japanese media swarms after him. This must have been what it was like for the Beatles in 1968 or Michael and the Jordanaires in 1993. Crazy stuff. I just want to see the guy pitch.

More later, just wanted to apologize for my recent absence. I’ll be posting more frequently in the coming days and weeks. So glad that baseball is back.


Ian, hope you feel better. Strep throat is not pleasant. I agree about Lugo. I always admired his style of play with Tampa Bay. I don’t care if Manny reports on March 1, especially if his reason is helping tend to his mother in Weston. I think the media does blow Manny’s antics out of proportion. He is either the best or second-best all-around hitter in baseball (maybe Albert Pujols is better?), and he will step on the field and produce all-star numbers, whether he reports on time or on April 1, as I saw one player joked. I’m glad baseball is back, too. Look forward to opening day!


Glad to see a new post, every time I read about the sox, I get more and more excited for the games to start. Ian or Jeff, what time do you think would be good for me to get down to City of Palms on Thursday so I can see some of practice? I was thinking of getting there pretty early so I could be one of the first.

Also, if anyone wants tickets to the sox game on 3/4 @ the twins, my school is selling them. There are about 40 left, and I could get them for you and meet you at the game to give them to you. In case you dont know, the Twins stadium is about a 15 minute drive south of the red sox facility. Let me know!

BoSoxMonsta, I’m writing a couple magazine features at spring training, but since I am a freelancer and now a beat writer, I am jut there for a few days. Ian would be better suited to answer that question. Hopefully by the time I get down to Ft. Myers in March the weather is warmer. It is another crisp yet sunny day here in Orlando. Of course, by Thursday, it is expected to return to the 80s.


lol. I meant, “I’m a freelancer and not a beat writer……..”

Sweet, I love reading the blogs, thanks, and hope you get well soon Ian!

Im not sure what I can do for 9 days, but oh man, I cant wait!

does anybody know how i can see a schedule showing which spring training games will be televized? Im craving some baseball action here in CT!


Jeff, your right, the weather has been a little weird. Kinda throwing me off. I came to school here from Jersey to beat the winter weather, and all of a sudden its in the 40’s at night. Not cold by any means, but its not Florida. But oh well, Baseball > warm weather.

I’m sorry everyone…this is not baseball related. I got a very suspicious email today. It was addressed to someone on this blog and cc’d several other members on this blog. Many of you probably already figured it out but it looks like a scam. The email asks you to go to a bank’s website and confirm an email change. Please, please be very careful as it is a scam. Anyways, go Sox!!

I am so psyched that spring training has started. SportsCenter actually had three or four baseball blurbs this morning. Before you know it, Baseball Tonight will start up again. And then, [fanfare of trumpets, hosannas from the heavenly choir]…..Opening Day!

Hope you’re feeling better, Ian. Strep stinks! Ain’t had it since I was a tyke, but I remember it well.

I have to admit that I’m remaining pretty calm this year. I think last year’s collapse really got to me… no matter how good we look for 4 months, we always slow down at the end. I really felt bad for Big Papi last year as well… Carrying the team on his back for so long it affected his health… and he stil put up MVP numbers. I also won’t get to see many games this year with Extra Innings going to Direct TV.

Yeah, i totally understand where your coming from, last year got to me too, and as great as the team looks, I cant really remain optimistic, knowing we were in first for pretty much the first half, then we just fell from grace… and we fell hard and fast. Hopefully this season can lift that cloud of doubt from me, and you.

Rayman, I understand that, as Red Sox fans, we have seen lots of September swoons. Last season was directly related to the unprecendented injuries the Sox encountered. Few teams, if any, could have overcome the volume of injuries, which far exceeded what the Yankees experienced. And, unfortunately, the Sox did not have the depth to recover from those injuries. This year is a different story. The starting rotation is talented, and there are 4-5 guys who can step in as effective spot starters if someone gets injured. Though the Sox don’t have an established closer, the bullpen is stocked with a lot of good arms. The roles will be defined in spring training, and there will be depth at Triple-A to call upon if injuries arise in the bullpen. I like the Sox lineup from top to bottom, and the bench with Cora, Hinske and Pena. Not so sure about Mirabelli, but at least he is defensively sound. So there is no need to think what happened last year will reappear in 2007. The Sox are much deeper and much more talented. This team is a legitimate World Series contender.


By the way, Rayman, you can see just about every Red Sox game at, and the few games that are blacked out are available on MLB Audio.


as long as manny shows, who cares when. family always comes first. I see over at the empire things are getting normal already…lol, cant wait for season to start, will be one of the most interesting seasons i can remember. lots of stories…bounce back seasons, manny being manny, d-mat’s debut, paplebon…closers?? new faces, lots to look forward to.

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