Everyone — well almost everyone — is in the house

Finally, a full house here in the Fort. Well, an almost full house. Papi is here; J.D. Drew is here. The position players are all undergoing physicals and conditioning drills today. Just one absence. Yes, Manny Ramirez has not checked in.

The Sox made it official that Manny will be here March 1 meaning that, yes, Tavarez was right again.

One week from today, the games begin. That’s good, because you can only go through so many drills before needing some actual competition.

I will say that the sprint relays were fun to watch today, especially when Ortiz was chugging along. In mock anger, he hollered, "Are we going to the Olympics this year or something?".. Then he yelled, "Someone better make a copy of this because I ain’t ever doing this (choice word) again."

The relievers were doing their side work today. I still get the feeling that Pineiro has the inside track to be the closer, but what do I know?

This is the first classic Fort Myers day since I’ve been here. Blue sky, bright sun, temperature in the 80s. I’m loving it.

Ortiz and Drew both addressed the media today. I thought J.D. came across very well and Ortiz was his usual hilarious self.

Ciao — or better yet — Sayonara,



Given all that’s been said about Drew, it’ll be interesting to see how the fans take to him and how he interacts with his new teammates.



BTW, didn’t Manny show up a few days early his first year with the Sox and joke that he hoped he’d make the team?



The sunshine and warmth has returned here in Orlando, too. Hopefully it is here to stay. I think the closer will either be Pineiro or Devern Hansack. I have a feeling that Hansack will emerge as the front-runner by the end of spring training.



JDD looks soft in Red… course, he looked soft in Blue… (when he played). Have fun with that guy!

Did anyone really expect Manny to be there on time?

Ortiz could get by on personality alone… thank god he can hit too!

-Baseball Princess


Sounds like Schill’s not getting his contract…

Whats going on?! Why not sign schilling? Hes got to have another good season after this one under his belt!

Sigh, I suppose it could be for the best, darn though, love that guy.

They are just playing a wait and see attitude for Schilling. Im sure if he has a great season they will re-sign him. When players reach that age you can’t be too careful. Although having said that, Schilling is a great competitor which means he will be in shape and ready to roll until he knows he can’t.

I posted a comment about this on my blog today. Theo is wise to proceed cautiously with Schilling. If Schilling has a productive season and remains healthy, the Sox will make him a generous offer after the season ends, and Schilling will likely return. If he doesn’t, it will not be devastating. The Sox have a deep rotaiton even without him, there are top prospects like Bard, Buchholz and Boden on the way, and a talented free agent class. If the Sox don’t resign Schilling, they will have his $13 million a season, and the $9 million per season they are paying Clement (whose contract expires after this season). They can take that money and sign a top free agent. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for the Sox. If they sign Schilling now, they would be stuck with his salary if he breaks down this season. Not a smart move.



Just a wild thought.
Kyle Synder as closer.

He has been pretty good the first time through the order.

Shoot me down.

I like Kyle Snyder as a middle reliever and a spot starter. Not sure if he has the tools for the closer’s role, but who knows, it’s a wide open race!



Yeah, Snyder would be a good one, as long as hes consistant and his arm is resiliant enough for the workload of a closer, good call though.

I hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but Kyle Snyder is terrible. 5.95 ERA, 181 innings. If he makes the team, he’s going to be MOP-UP BOY and MOP-UP BOY only. You’ll never see that guy without a mop in his hand.

Rayman, you can’t judge Snyder solely on his career stats. He has been up and down between the majors and the minors. True, he is not a proven effective starter. However, he was effective as a reliever. He can develop into a solid middle reliever for the long term. Likely, he will begin the season in Triple-A.



So is Matt Clement officially dead to the Red Sox?

Matt Clement’s dead to the pitching world. They say his shoulder injuries are extensive, and he’s not even throwing again yet.

I have a question for anyone who knows the answer… Why does the media have to be so ******* antagonistic in Boston? The cover of the Herald today shows an overweight Curt Schilling with the headline “Sox tell Schilling FAT CHANCE” or something to that effect. “Fat chance” takes up a third of the page and has a measuring tape squeezing the middle of it together.

Perhaps athletes in Boston would have a better reperetoire with the press, would resent the press less, or would perform better without the stress of being needlessly torn apart in the public eye, if these “journalists” would scale it back a bit. I’m sick of reading sensationalized versions of every press junket or soundbyte; you can only twist people’s words so far before they look ridiculous rather than more interesting. For instance, the Dirt Dogs site posts a picture of Schilling in pinstripes, linking to an article in which he declares free agency and reiterates that he will not consider the Yankees an option after all that’s happened in Boston. Or look at the reports of A-Rod admitting he and Jeter aren’t friends now. This was touted as a public denouncement of Jeter and their relationship; once you get into the actual interview he simply says that they’re friends, they don’t go out to dinner every night anymore, but still friends, and they have a lot of mutual respect for each other. There may have been a subtext hinted at there, but nothing you could quote and certainly nothing that should be made headline material.

Douglas, that is why you have to take what you read with a grain of salt. Most of the Boston and NY sports media exists just to stir up talk and controversy. I understand how it works. I worked as a sportswriter for a daily newspaper until opening my own freelance writing business. You can’t pay attention to columns that are written in the Globe or the Herald. They’ll just dirve you crazy. Few of the writers on both staffs have merit. Just as the TV news media exists to sensationalize, so does the print media in Boston. It’s best just to read it and grin, knowing that it is pure entertainment – and in many cases, pure fiction.



haha yes, that is exactly how I read them. ****, they invent almost 100% of the copy they put in quotes for David Ortiz. This is part of why it was so great to have that Tito transcript posted here, not taken out of context at all.

I don’t think it’s just the Boston and New York media. On ESPN SportsCenter this morning, as they went to commercial break said something to the effect of “Find out what the Red Sox did to make Curt Schilling mad.” Nothing that I’ve read or heard indicates that he’s mad. In fact, in his own words, all he’s said is that he’s “disappointed,” which is understandable.

In my opinion, what it boils down to is that journalists (not just sports writers) are paid to sell newspapers and to get listeners and viewers to listen and view. And the way some of them do that is to report the sensational stuff. And it’s probably not by their own choice all the time. I feel sorry for Pedro Gomez, because the first thing he’s asked by his boss every day is probably “What’s the news on Barry Bonds?” He must get so sick of reporting on Bonds instead of all the other players at camp right now.

Not all of the reporters are that way though. One of the things I like about this and other blogs is that you get the news that doesn’t make the cut on ESPN or the local news cast. Satellite radio coverage is good too, especially on the stations dedicated solely to baseball. MLB on XM last night had a report from the Red Sox camp by Holden Kushner. They played interviews with Lugo, Hansen, John Farrell and I think Joel Pineiro. Good stuff. One interesting thing he also mentioned was that although Matsuzaka looked great on the mound, he looked terrible during fielding practice. Something he needs to work on, I guess.

Really? I read that Matsuzaka and Okajima were so fast to ground balls that they were going to reinforce second basemen getting to their bag on bunt plays, because those two looked like they’d have a chance to make the out on the lead runner pretty often…

there’s a first. an east coast(boston) fan complaining about the enormous and bias coverage of the red sox. come on. ive seen articles all over about that and who can say its wrong. i saw one that said it looked like he ate dustin pedroia!! the bottom line is the guy came in overweight and demanded an extension at the age of 41. thats a little selfish right? it doesnt take much thought to figure that out. dont whine about the headline whine about curt schilling not taking care of himself and demanding extensions.

Huh. Well, maybe Holden Kushner is full of pooh, douglas. Without having been there to watch PFP, I guess we have to take the word of whoever’s report we hear.

And speaking of being there, none of us was in the room, gg, so who’s to say Schilling “demanded” anything? All of the primary participants of the discussions have portrayed them in a very professional and courteous light, and said they understand the other side’s position. None of them seem to bent out of shape about it, so why are we assisting the media in making a big deal out of it?

i just think its funny that right away after he got shot down on the extension theres headlines saying curts a free agent at the end of the year, then you read into it and it states hes not going anywhere basically once you get done beating around the perverbial media bush. nothing to get carried away about hes not going anywhere unless they go after someone big. cheers to seeing the yankees whining and bickering about friendships it looks like that ship is slowly taking in water and the red sox ship is gonna hit em with one last cannonball this year and retake the seas of the al east.

how DARE Drew wear the number 7!?! He could never fill the shoes of its former owner.
Trot was one part of the heart of Red Sox nation. He gave it all every day, was always supportive of his teamates (sometimes violently), and was underappreciated. As a sign of respect, shouldnt his number be kept on the shelf for at least a year or so?

Trot should have ended as a Red Sox member and should have ended up coaching the team. It is awful that he is gone and awful that his overpaid replacement would soil the number 7. shame on Drew and shame on the Sox!

Drew has worn the #7 his entire professional career. Why would he switch? Im a trot fan all the way, but thats sports. For some its superstition, others tradition, whatever the reason he should not be shamed for wearing the number. I mean, look at johnny damon. He wore 18 and worked his butt off, and was a hometown player. Two seasons later, an (uh oh, im saying it) overpaid player is wearing his number. Do we shame Matsuzaka?

I find it funny that you in the same post you speak about how the media slants stories but think nothing of proclaiming the yankees a “sinking ship” because of “relationship problems” you heard in the media. I know that in ’61 mantle and maris’ so called friendship feud cost them the ws title and all (or no it didn’t and the relationship was actually fine considering they were roomates) but I think as far as A rod and Jeter, the whole thing is overblown, much as both of them have repeatedly stated.

Rivera is in the same boat as schilling so i’m not sure how one franchise’s “boat” is so much more powerful and bernie needs to retire, everyone on the team understands that. So that leaves pavano, who has something to prove and he now realizes that, so he either proves it, or he gets traded, problem solved. So what exactly, is sinking the yankees ship? They are all professionals and the games are played on the diamond not in the media, so if you honestly think the sox are better that is one thing, but if you are basing the yankees demise on “relationship problems” you have another thing coming.

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