From Matsuzaka to Manny

Finally a new storyline to steal the focus from Dice-K. Manny is in the house! His agent says he’s happy and all is right in the world.

It’s good to see Manny. He’s added the red highlights and has a beard, and seems fine. Who knows when or if he will talk.

He wasted no time getting on the field. After arriving at 8:54 a.m. Ramirez took the field with the rest of the team and went through the workouts.

More later.


I’m sure ready for his numbers.
hopefully this season will have few incidents of “Does manny want out?!” haha

Go Sox…and manny

In case you all didn’t see this on this previous post:

Hi, All:

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Posted by: Jeff | February 26, 2007 01:02 AM

Regarding Manny, technically, he would not have been late if he reported on March 1, as per the collective bargaining agreement. This is really a non-issue now. He has reported, and now spring training can continue. What is a Red Sox spring training camp without drama anyway?

Knowing the media as we do, they are never satisfied. Manny says he’s gonna be late and Shaugnessy writes how he is a horrible person and doesn’t care and should be on time.. etc..etc.

Now that he’s shown up I bet we’ll get a Shaugnessy article in which he complains that ‘clearly Manny didn’t have anythign important to do if he showed up earlier than he said he was goign to.. so why he’d say it at all’ blah blah blah…

Stupid media. The man hits. Thats all we ask of him. Frankly, if I were Manny and people talked about me like the Globe talks about him.. I’d never talk to the media either!

Jeff, I’ve heard it from a couple of different outlets the the CBA deadline to report was actually tomorrow, Feb. 27, not March 1. Not sure if that’s right, but that’s what I’ve heard.

It was all a non-issue — until the car show incident. That crossed the line and made the complaining legit.

And let’s not just blame all this on the media blowing it out of proportion and just looking for something to complain about. This IS Manny being an arrogant or selfish or clueless teammate – take your pick.

We all recognize he puts up great numbers and for all the headaches he gives us, the Sox would be worse-off without him. But let’s not pretend he’s a really great teammate and this is all just a product of the evil media. He’s an important, great bat, but he’s a terrible teammate.


The reporting date via the CBA is calculated backward from the first game of the regular season so this year I think it is indeed Feb. 27th or 28th. Either way Manny is EARLY and looks in great shape.

The Boston media has to report on something for 30 days to justify sitting in the sun while everyone else is freezing back home. I will say that after seeing the whole AROD explosion I was glad Manny DOESN’T talk to the media. Sleep overs?? Talk about banner material for the season, open mouth insert foot.

I’m sure Dice-K was just glad they were talking about something else the last few days.

Should be a great year and I look forward to more reports from our man in the field.



As far as the car show “incident” is concerned, I’m willing to give Manny the benefit of the doubt. I haven’t heard anyone say he was actually scheduled to be at the show. What I HAVE heard is that he owns a car that was in the show (he is a bit of a collector from what I hear), and there was mention in the program that Manny is the owner of the car. That could very easily have been blown up by someone who ASSUMED that Manny would be there.

Maybe I’m being naive. But I haven’t heard too many of Manny’s teammates griping about what he does. If you read and believe what Dave Magadan said in Mike Petraglia’s article yesterday, most of spring training is about the pitchers. A guy who’s been in the majors as long as Manny has is probably ready to go with a couple of weeks of practice games.

Personally, I don’t get any headaches from Manny. I get headaches from people making a big deal out of little stuff that Manny does.

Dan, do you play for the Red Sox? If not, then you have no idea what type of a teammate Manny is. You’re not in the clubhouse and on the road with him. Sure, he is flighty, and his actions are magnified because he plays in Boston. However, he produces, and that is the bottom line. He is in shape, and he has reported. The Sox need him. ANy team would love to have him. Fortunately, he is part of Red Sox Nation.


Regarding the car show, I don’t think RobnBetsy is being naive, but I have a slightly different take. I wouldn’t put it past the promoters to spread some gossip about Manny being there, as he had a car in the auction. Just look at the free publicity it got them. You can’t buy advertising like that. Manny not showing up (as I’m sure they knew) was well beside the point by the time the auction rolled around.

Jeff, I agree that he produces and the Sox are fortunate to have his bat. But it is silly to suggest you have to be on the team to be able to formulate any kind of opinion as to what kind of teammate he is. You don’t have to be on the team to recall Trot calling out Manny a few springs ago. You don’t have to be on the team to read between the lines when Theo says Manny needs to be accountable to his teammates and Varitek says it is an issue. You don’t have to be on the team to know that people were livid with him at the end of last year, and that Francona advocated getting rid of Manny as much as anyone . . . despite his about-face in December. You don’t think it might bother people just a bit that they have reported and are doing drills while Manny is off someplace – again. This happens every year. We are all going to miss Manny’s bat when he is gone. So will his teammates and management. That doesn’t mean he isn’t also a pain in the ****. What Manny apologists don’t get is you can like his production and still acknowledge that he’s a major pain. You don’t need to close your eyes and pretend this is happy Disneyland, muttering to yourself “Everything is good, everything is fine, Manny is good, Manny loves us.”


Are you kidding me that they even censor a r s e !! C’mon!

For the record, I am not a Manny “apologist,” or “enabler,” or whatever you want to call it.

I’ll quote Jim Bouton in “Ball Four”:

“If I could get (Richie) Allen I’d grab him and tell everybody that he marches to a different drummer and that there are rules for him and different rules for everybody else. I mean what’s the good of a .220 hitter who obeys the curfew? Richie Allen doesn’t obey the rules, hits 35 home runs and knocks in over 100. I’ll take him.”

Of course we’d all love Manny to report to ST early and do whatever it is everyone wants him to do. But he produces, and that’s the bottom line.

Dan, I never suggested Red Sox Nation is Disneyland. Sure, Manny ruffles feathers sometimes, yet that does not mean he is not a good teammate. I’m beginning to think that, if Manny remains healthy, that the Sox will pick up his option for the 2009 season. All this trade talk that swirls is a creation of the media. I get frustrated with Manny at times just like any other Sox fan, but he is too valuable to this team for the Sox to deal him away. That said, I sincerely doubt that Manny is not well-liked in the clubhouse.

Another thing to remember about Manny is that his production is not due simply to natural ability (although he has a lot of that). By all accounts, he is a very hard worker, showing up early at the ballpark during the regular season and training pretty rigorously during the off season. It’s not like the guy is showing up at the last possible day out of shape and loafing around. He pretty consistently gets to camp in shape and hitting like crazy. I expect that, while his teammates certainly get frustrated with some of his behavior, they respect the effort he puts in to playing the game well, at least from an offensive perspective. Now defense…..

Guys, I am not saying I don’t want him on the team. No one is arguing with his production. But blaming all this on the media is ridiculous.

Manny showing late this spring is a non-story, as he does it every year; Manny showing late because he says he wants to be with his sick mom, then there’s a possible appearance at a car show, that’s a story.

And are you kidding me that all the trade talk about Manny is a media creation? The Sox brass has openly talked about this. They waived Manny twice. They came out and said they were trying to honor his trade requests numberous times in the past. They talked with the Rangers before; they talked with the Angels, Giants and Rockies (to name just a few) this offseason. It’s not a media creation – it is a fact that they have tried like crazy to trade him.

The one aspect of that you may be right on is any trade speculation RIGHT NOW, like I recently saw on CNNSI (and wrote about on my blog). They’ve tried trading him, but there are no takers. There are certainly no takers right now, and won’t be any anytime soon. They can’t trade him without getting equal value, and that won’t happen. But I understand the baseless speculation right now, because the trade talk has happened so frequently in the past.


I posted my thoughts on the Manny situation on my blog, but I will add a few points here.
First of all, Manny has a personality that is quite different than what most people are used to dealing with. I have my personal thoughts as to the exact cause, but it’s pure speculation and I won’t detail that. The important point is that the Sox are a group of players with differing personalities and as we all know, there’s one in every crowd… and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We all have to adjust to people around us in our workplace, the same goes for a baseball team.

Secondly, they have tried (with fingers crossed for no takers I’m sure) to trade Manny per his request. That will not stop them from offering an extension and may not stop Manny from accepting.

I believe Manny is happy in Boston, it just gets overwhelming at times. He will just have to deal with that a little longer, as we will have to deal with “Manny being Manny” articles for a little longer.

– Baseball Princess

good to see manny reporting earlier than expected.

been awhie since i last posted. forgot my password.

Umm, yeah, sure Manny aggravates everyone at times, but maybe thats just because everyone aggravates HIM at times. Obviously the boston media gets a little nuts, blows some things up, and alot of this is because he chooses not to talk with the media, that is his choice, and im sure the rest of our beloved sox get a little annoyed at some of the things that go around, but, as everyone says he produces, and helps pull the team through, and, as far as we know, he could be a great teammate, they all seem fond of him, and if it was just his bat, im pretty sure they would not be so.

–and Papi likes him, so i like him.

Anyone from Boston know if NESN broadcasts the exhibition/spring training games?


Primer, you can watch spring training games via Not sure about NESN.


NESN will show Dice-K throwing session on friday against Boston College. Don’t know for the rest of training camp.

wasnt there last year a schedule which showed which games would be televised on which channels?

The Red Sox website has the schedule on it. It indicates that about half a dozen spring training games will be on NESN, starting with this Saturday’s game. ESPN will also run three games later in the month.

Thanks everyone.

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