That was an experience

Every time you think you’ve seen it all in this job, you see something else. For instance, more than 200 media members on hand to watch Daisuke Matsuzaka face Boston College?

Yes, it was a circus, reminiscent of when A-Rod and the Yankees came to Fort Myers in March of 2004. I thought Matsuzaka handled everything well. He said he wasn’t nervous, but give me a break. At least he had nervous excitement.

After that first pitch was hit for the double, everything he threw looked nasty. Everything he throws has movement. I can’t wait to watch him pitch when it’s for real.

I’m looking forward to getting past the Spring Training hype phase and seeing how this guy really turns it on when the lights are on for real.

So that is the end of Matsuzaka-mania until Tuesday, when he takes the hill against the Marlins. That one should be a far better barometer.

Tomorrow should be a fun day at the yard with both Wake and Paps taking the hill. It’s our first "game" look at Papelbon since he grabbed his shoulder during that last closing stint last September. Let’s see how his stuff translated from a starter’s mentality even though, from a technical standpoint, he’ll be pitching in relief tomorrow. Wake is Wake. Always fun to watch the knuckleball float around.

Well, this has been a long one, so I’m out.




It was encouraging to see Dice-K pitch so well. I look forward to his regular season debut. The starting pitching looks good so far. Who’s on the hill Sunday? I’ll be down in Ft. Myers for that one.


Watching from begind the plate, you really get a sense of the reality of how much Dice-K’s pitches move. Every pitch has distinct movement to it, and he was making batters look quite silly. I understand they are only college players, but its not like theyve never faced quality pitching. All im saying is his stuff looked good. real good.

Oh and going by what I read before, I believe Schilling will be on the mound sunday.

I’ll be listenign to Gameday Audio yet again for the game tommorrow. I’m excited for Papelbons pitching!

Finally a game that I can see; and I can’t watch all of it… My friends son turns 5 today, so…. I’ll catch the last hour or so!! LET’SGOREDSOXLET’SGO!!!!

I agree after watching Dice-K’s hightlights on that he really is phenomenal! Can’t wait to listen to the game today with Papelbon pitching…he’s such a gamer! Baseball Fever is alive and well out here on the West Coast…we were able to get tickets for the Red Sox/Padres game on Sun. June 24th. I can’t wait! And like Ellen says, “LET’S GO, RED SOX, LET’S GO!” ~Amy

If John Farrell can do his job well, as I think he will, this could be a very good year for the Sox. If JF can teach Beckett to pitch, and with Dice-k’s pitches moving all around, Schilling will want to have a good year going into free agency, Papelbon has already proven he can pitch, he just needs to get his starter’s mentality back. Yes, this could be a very good year for our boys. C’mon SOX, you can do it!

Well Wake got roughed up – in part due to an error from Pedroia (come on guys.. even Loretta made SOME errors, lets not roast the kid… yet).

However, Papelbon SHINED. I don’t puit much stock in an only two inning outing for judging how he’ll be as a Starter though… thats not much longer than some of his closing stints. Still nice to see him pitch and be razor sharp.


Nice double play, but I don[t liek the whole Pineiro giving up a leadoff walk schenanigens.

Donnelly is definately the front runner for the closer job.

Michael Bourne (any relation to Jason?) gets a bunt for a base hit. Lowell made a good effort but couldnt get it.

Ugh. Pineiro gives up a two-run homer.

You’re done man. Retire or something… Ugh.

Walked Utley.. and faces Ryan Howard.

Oh god, why’d we sign this guy again?


Wow, this is a GOOD game!

Pineiro again? WHY?

And Pineiro gives up another run.

And he’s being removed, thank god. Here comes Romero.

Romero’s lookign shaky too. He can’t find the strike zone.

agastald, I think your ulcer will appreciate it if you ease up a bit on worrying about early spring training pitching performances.

You’re probably right, Rob. I guess I’m just so anxious for the season to start that I’m already in a season mindset. I’ll try to shake it off.

Oh, I’m with ya, man. After four months of no baseball, it’s tough not to be really serious about the stats. But a lot of these guys are still getting in their first inning or two. Lots of adjustments to make, lots of pitches to work on, lots of coaching to come, and cuts to be made. Maybe Pineiro doesn’t make the team, but it didn’t cost much to find out if he’s got what it takes.

I remember a comic strip I saw in which a father and son are watching a spring training game and the father is saying how great spring training is because you can see the promise of the young kids, get a measure of the talent out there, and if you team does well, it’s a sign of a good season to come. The son asks “What if your team doesn’t do so well?” To which the father replies “Who cares, it’s only spring training.”

Real great to see all of our marquee guys (Schilling, Dice-K, Beckett, and Papelbon) pitch so effectively in their first “action” of 07. Especially for Papelbon, I was surprised that I was in the minority with the thought that his shoulder problem might have effected his effectiveness, but he did awesome sitting down 6 in his 2 innings while strikingout 4. When I first saw the shoulder injury he suffered in September I thought we would never see the great pitcher we saw last year again. While it might only be the beginning of spring training, it looks like Pap will be just fine.

Pap’s my favorite of the 5 starters, maybe he will be the next rocket! who knows, certainly has the make-up for it. I’m sure yankeee fans are squirming over the sox starting pitching this year…oh what could be. I know it’s only spring training but why does it seem we always lose to those freakin blue jays.

Opponents won’t have a day off this year against our starting staff. When your 4th starter is Jonathan Papelbon (he’s 4th, right ?) that gives you the best foursome in the bigs. I know it’s early, but i already think of ’em as THE FAB FOUR. And Wake should be fine.

It’s gonna be a hot summer, folks !

I think I can safely say, Yankee fans are waiting for the sox pitchers to perform well in the regular season before we’re convinced of anything. Our starters so far: 19 batters, 18 outs, and only mussina gave up a baserunner/runs. We’re ok for now.

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