Random thoughts on slow day

Did you hear that Tim Wakefield is going to throw more curveballs this season? That’s probably a good idea. I think it will throw hitters more off-balanced than an 80-MPH fastball.

Jonathan Papelbon was real interesting today, talking about how even his teammates and coaches seem to miss the fact that he’s closing. Pap says that starting is all that he’s thinking about, but I’m not so sure. I think he might be having at least some slight withdrawals. Let’s face it, this Papelbon closing thing is not going to go away until somebody not only becomes the closer, but does a good job at it.

Curt Schilling has now joined the blogging community. Check out his work at http://www.38pitches.com. Also, check out some of the links I’ve added under "Ian’s links". I think Schilling is a really good writer. I just have two thoughts. The first being that I hope he doesn’t steal my job some day and the second that I hope he doesn’t get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the day before a huge start.

I think we’re starting to hit the dog days of Spring Training. It’s fun being here, but the actual game action is starting to seem less interesting. It doesn’t help that 24 of the 25 players on this roster have already won jobs.  Oh well, just three more days before Matsuzaka-mania hits Fort Myers again during that start against the Orioles. Do you think old friend MIllar can hit the gyro pitch?

On that note … C ya.


Ian, when you say “24 spots filled out of 25“,do you include Tavarez in that 24 ?

Tell me you don’t. Tell me it’s not decided yet.

Any scoop about those trade talks sending him to N.L.?

Since Ian hasn’t answered yet, I will say that Tavarez is one of the 24, the question it looks like is will it be Hansen or Delcarmen or one other.

Yeah, assuming Kyle Snyder is already on the list, I’d go for Hansen.

Delcarmen’s been hammered.

I really love that roster, except for Tavarez.They must see something in him i don’t.

Snyder is out of options, so either he is on the team or the Sox must place him on waivers, in which ase another team would likely claim him. I think the bullpen should include Donnelly, Timlin, Romero, Okajima, Pineiro and Snyder for the first six spots. Tavarez wiull likely claim the last spot, unless he is traded. Hansen and Bryan Corey are other possibilities.




I live in Kansas City and have had several opportunities to see Snyder pitch. He has had some up and down moments as a starter but IMO he could be a very effective bulpen guy.

What the heck…

The Minnesota announcer just pronounced Daisuke along the lines of “Dish-kee Matsazinkee”

Are these people for real? Don’t they get, y’know, paid to know how to pronounce a players name? Especially an extraordinarily high-profile player?

FYI, the six bullpen spots i was referring to as guaranteed are Timlin, Pineiro, Donnelly, Tavarez, Romero and Okajima. That leaves Snyder, Hansen, Delcarmen, Hansack and Corey duking it out for hte last spot.

How do you think Romero is throwing? The Sox have like him for a long time.

Tavarez threw the ball better today. Let’s hope he turns it around because he does have value with his ability to spot start. If Hansen doesn’t impress and Delcarmen continues to struggle, I think the Sox should give Bryan Corey a chance. He pitched well the second half of last season, and he has thrown four scoreless innings so far this spring.



Man, I hope we fihure this out before the season. I dont want any of the Grady Little,
“Bullpen by comittee ****!”

Ian, check out this site!


Anyoen aroudn who can tell me the lineup we’re feilding?

Mlb.com isnt updating properly (thinks the game hasnt started yet) so the Live Box Score isn’t functioning.

At least I have Gameday Audio…

Nevermind, it finally updated.

Man.. both teams sent 8 men to the plate in the first, scorign a total of 7 runs. Red Sox lead 4-3.

This is like batting practice. Kason Gabbard doesn’t look very strong and I would hazard to guess that this is the last start he’ll make in Spring Training. Of course, I could be wrong.

Manny Delcarmen just had himself a nice 1-2-3 inning. He had a rough start to Spring Training, but hopefully he’ll be able to improve.

The Red Sox are doing some good hittign combined with some bad fielding by the Phillies and the Red Sox now lead 9-3.. they’ve scored 5 runs in this inning.

*sigh* The Redsox.com webmaster needs some more assistants I think.

I was checking the Spring Training stats so far ( http://boston.redsox.mlb.com/stats/sortable_player_stats.jsp?c_id=bos ) and noticed that it still lists Craig Hansen as having made an appearance.

Hey, what about that deal with DirecTV. I think something has to be done to stop this. I live in Arizona, and if I lose Extra Innings, I won’t be able to watch the Sox play!

Isn’t this illegal? Isn’t there antitrust issues involved in this?

There’s no way I or anyone else can benifit from this deal. MLB.TV is not a sufficient substitute, and there is no way I’m purchasing DirecTV on top of the price of extra innings.

Please tell me if I am wrong in saying this deal stinks!

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