Back in the Fort

It’s great to be back in the Fort after a very relaxing few days back in Boston. Coming back to this weather is not a bad thing.

I’m just using today to get my feet back under me a little, so no deep revelations in the blog.

But I must say, Beckett sure looks like the ace of the 2007 Red Sox the way he’s been throwing the ball. He looks phenomenal. I’m sure he’d like to bottle this.

Coco has a sore shoulder, which explains his week-long absence from the lineup. Both player and manager say it’s no big deal.

Daisuke graces the cover of this week’s SI after being on ESPN the Mag and Sporting News earlier in the month.

Speaking of Daisuke, he takes the ball tomorrow in Bradenton, when I promise to be more in a blogging state of mind.

Until then, keep the comments coming.



Josh is ROLLIN’ tonight. 4 IP so far, only 1 hit and 5 K’s.

Plus, Pappi already has 3 ribbies. We’re getting closer to April 2nd and it shows. The big bats should be on time, as usual.

As should the big arms, no doubt.

OOUUCHHH ! Josh’s not rollin’ anymore. 4 ER on 5 hits in the 5th. Talked too soon.

Still gettin the K’s tough.

And still no doubt about the arms…come April !

Josh can go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Beckett in a heartbeat, huh? One minute he’s lights out and the next he’s lit up like a pinball game!

As long as he shows he can pitch some strong innings, he can work out the rest as we move along. Looks likes hes got the beginning of the game down, but once he sees the batters again it slows down.

Varitek says they got away from the curveball and that’s when the trouble started. That plus some dink hits in the mix. Maybe this will re-enforce the notion that JB should pitch and not just throw.

Anybody else at least find it mildly ironic that Kei Igawa has a lower ERA than Matsuzaka in spring training? I know, I know, spring training means nothing it’s just something to only get excited over the positives, but it is still funny.

Igawa lowered his ERA in yesterday’s game. Dice-K will be on the mound tonight. Let’s wait.

Besides, i know New York’s still New York, but it’s quite easier on Igawa right now than it is on Matsuzaka, with all the crazy circus following his every moves. He’ll get used to it.

And, on second thought, i can’t believe we’re dicussing a 0.86 difference in mid-March !

My bad. Dice-K won’t pitch tonight, he pitched this afternoon !!

5.2 IP, 1 ER, 7 K’s.

What were you saying, yankeevmm ?

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