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Two days of the sporting year rise above all others. At least in my mind. One of them is today, Opening Day. There’s no other day like it in baseball. For one day, you feel good about your team, whether you’re a perennial contender or a team down on its luck. Everybody has a shot on Opening Day. It’s a day of rebirth.

My second favorite sports day of the year? The first day of the Baseball Playoffs. But that’s not until October.

So everyone should enjoy Monday to the fullest. Rush out of work a little early to catch the game. Listen or watch discreetly from your office, be it on MLB.TV or on Gameday. Today is the reason you love baseball. All the excitement comes back.

For the Red Sox, it should be a fascinating year. Can Matsuzaka live up to the hype? Can Schilling still get it done at 40? Will Varitek bounce back at the plate?

Can the Cleveland version of Coco Crisp surface? Is this the year that Josh Beckett busts out into an ace? Will Pedroia hold up as the everyday second baseman? Can Papelbon be as good as he was last year?

All of these issues and more will be on your mind just not today, but on a daily basis for the next six  months.

Welcome back, Baseball. If you love the sport, today is your day.




It’s a big YES to all of your questions. Especially the one about Josh. He has BREAKOUT YEAR written all over him. As for Pedroia, well, maybe a small yes.

I can’t wait. I know it’s not gonna be business as usual today at work. I’m fortunate enough to quit work at 2PM or sooner every day so i’ll catch it all. It’s gonna be long till 4 though.

First pitch in 8 1/2 hours. Again, have a great season, RSN.

Of course i meant LEAVE, not QUIT work.

Seems like i’d do anything to catch the game !


Happy Opening Day, everyone!

Go Sox!

It’s here! It’s finally here! I am ready to watch with Red Sox Nation as Schill leads us to the postseason, Matsuzaka emerges as a dominant starter, Beckett explodes into an ace, Pap slams the door in other teams faces, Pedroia establishes himself as a solid Major League player, and the shell that once was Coco Crisp refills itself with a 300 average!

sorry, got a little excited but Opening Day is here!!

Ian is right about Opening Day. I too am truly excited about the “rebirth”. This being said I am looking forward to the 1st pitch which is just about 6 hrs and 31 minutes away, but who’s counting?? I AM! PLAY BALL!!!! I think we have a really good shot at post season this year and I am looking forward to seeing each and every play until then. TO ALL OF MY FELLOW REDSOX NATIONERS…

Can i be the resident RSN Cheerleader again this season??

Ok, I really didn’t know where else to ask this…but since I read this blog, and you guys seem to know your stuff:

I just got GS22 seats behind homeplate, but they are marked “wheelchair space”. I’m wondering what exactly this means…does it mean there is no actual seat? If so, does the park let you bring in like a folding chair?

First time I got seats that weren’t in the bleachers…and I’m just hoping I didn’t get hosed. Thanks.

^^ For Fenway, obviously..

Oh, and t-minus 4 hours and 46 minutes.

//Rush out of work a little early to catch the game.//

What about those of us who GO to work at 6 p.m.?

Just a minor peeve, but it’s not a 9-to-5 world.

Happy opening day! It’s a day for live blogging, a Red Sox victory and an Ohio State national title in basketball. Go Sox and Buckeyes!


First pitch t minus 3 hours. It is hard to wait that long so for the time being I will just watch Carl Pavano get shellacked my the D-Rays. For some reason I’ve got a good feeling about Crisp this year, more than other Sox player primed for a bounce-back year.

Primer, I think the wheelchair seats are the ones that are right behind the last row of grandstand seats. There are actual chairs that are already their for the guests of the handicapped persons, so I don’t think you need to bring any extra chairs.

Let the games begin! We are so excited about this season for our beloved Red Sox…Ian brings up some very good points to ponder now and truthfully, I haven’t been this “pumped” for Opening Day in a long time! Let’s go, RED SOX, let’s go! Let’s watch the “Big Schill” bring the heat! Have fun, RSN! ~Amy

1 hour and 8 minutes til it all begins again!!! Plus yankees are losing to the d-rays!!! Cant wait to c big papi and big schil in KC!!! Let’s hope we have a great season. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW. It’s really getting close now. All of my withdrawl has now been replaced by RSCD (redsox compulsive disorder). i said earlier that I’m looking forward to this. One reason is the fact that all the old bloggers will be here today. You know it’s our 1 year reunion!!! I for one hope that JD Drew has a great year. Most know why. So let’s go JD.
Oh, wait, I just got my new set of KC Royal Voodoo dolls and the pins look really sharp!! LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!! e.

Typical Yankee game… lousy pitching, lousy defense, probably get the win. I hope our patsy rolls over today as well.

Opening pitch minutes away. Perfect day for blogging!


Hey Ian,
Thanks for this place that gives us the opportunity to chat with our fellow Baseball fans and especially RS Nationers!!


Wow, this is not what I expected. Schill cant use any of his pitches, and we cant use any of our bats. not such a great opening to the season.

Meche is looking like Schilling, and Schilling is looking like Meche. Whats up with that? The 55 million dollar man is sure pitching like he’s worth it.

Schilling’s changeup and split were not working today. Lugo struck out like 3 times. The sox really made bad baserunning mistakes, and our bats were cold. I’m hoping Beckett can gives us something to cheer about.

ugh, sometimes it doesnt pay to be right Ugly is as ugly does. Oh well, there will be a new game on wednesday.

Well, not exactly what i had in mind.

But hey, JB and Dice-K can still step up and allow us to leave K.C. at 2-1. If the big bats show up, of course.

And they will.

Schilling did look like a marginal overpaid pitcher, and Gil Meche an ace. This game is best forgotten. I imagine the legion of bu$ttkissers will console Schilling on his blog, though🙂


Hey, I think its high time Schelling gets his new contract, especially after that masterful performance!

That sarcasm by skull101770 might be warranted. Lets just see how at least half the season pans out and then I’ll decide. Hey, as long Schill gets his “off-days” out of his system early and there aren’t too many of them, then I’ll be happy.

Of course somehow our bats went cold and it didn’t help that Piniero totally bombed in his appearance either.

Then again, Gil Meche was just outstanding. Not too surprised. He’s got talent and it’s amazing how much confidence one can have once they’re considered an ace. Besides, unlike Seattle as of late, KC seems to be committed to finally winning. Seattle…well not so much and it didn’t help that they didn’t properly use Meche’s talent or even develop it well there.

Another few outings like this by him and even decent ones by the rest of the staff, and KC might just surprise us…

But, this is just day 1. 161 or so left🙂

The Academy Award for the best impersonation of ther 2006 Red Sox goes to… the 2007 Opening Day Red Sox! Bad pitching, bad hitting, bad base running, no errors… Woo woo.

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