Texas chili

Yes, it gets cold in Texas too!!! It’s downright freezing here, or perhaps below it, with the temperature around 35 degrees (windchill of about 30) as I sit here more than four hours before game-time.

Hopefully Julian Tavarez’s hand isn’t too cold to pitch well. There’s supposed to be some freezing rain. I’m thinking they’ll get this game in, but who knows.

When you see Victor Martinez pull a muscle in his leg on a frozen, snowy day in Cleveland and then Hideki Matsui do the exact same thing on a frigid day in the Bronx the next, you come to the following conclusion. Baseball is not meant to be played in weather like this.

I tried to glean some insight from manager Terry Francona before today’s game in how you prevent injuries in weather like this, but he didn’t have all that much to say. I just don’t think there’s a lot you can do about it.

"You know what, it’s cold. What are you going to do? I hope
we hit the ball hard enough where we have to run the bases. Yesterday we
prevented it.

Every team deals with it. You deal with it. if you’re
winning, it doesn’t seem like it’s as cold. I don’t know what to tell you. Make sure they stretch."

It was a pretty quiet pre-game. Most of the players were paying attention to the Masters, especially golf nut Tim Wakefield.

Same lineup again today. Mirabelli remains the only reserve to get a start so far. Cora will start tomorrow night, and Wily Mo and Hinske are both likely to get a start at Fenway during the homestand.

I had a great pre-game meal today at a Mexican bakery with my hombre Jesse Sanchez. a few real tasty burritos and an awesome lemon turnover. If you ever get to Arlington, make sure to stop by the Marquez Bakery and Tortilla Factory. Cheap, cheap lunch and tasty. Four stars!!

More later,



I am not worried about Tavarez, I’m worried about the bats, spring training is spring training but the boys need to wake up the bats. If you throw out Pedroia, Drew and Ramirez the rest of the team is batting .176 (16 / 91).

Calling in the left hander… Jon Lester.

I’m guessing it might be a good idea for the Sox to start hitting about now.

You know I was sitting here earlier and thinking; maybe I was wrong about Tavarez (Senor Ez, as I named him last season), NOT! he has ignited another meltdown, and JD didn’t help. The bullpen looks terrible tonight. WE NEED SOMEONE TO COME IN AND LIGHT A FIRE UNDER THESE GUYS BUTZ….. LETS GO REDSOX!!!

Just plain miserable!

Wow, I can’t believe that I am sitting here witnessing this!! Let’s Go!
This is starting to sound like last seasons bullpen::: BY COMMITTEE! not a good thing!

Plain pitiful. Better tomorrow.

I don’t know why exactly, but this game really pissed me off for some reason. Perhaps its because the bats haven’t woken up completely yet. Or maybe its the fact that the bullpen that was doing so well was just as big of a factor as Taverez for the loss. But I think the biggest thing is that this game felt very winnable. Everyhing was going great with Sox scoring in each of the first two innings and Tavarez seemed to look just as good in the starters role as he did in September last year by going through the Rangers lineup without giving up a run. But out of nowhere the Rangers take a 4-2 lead and then it seems as the Red Sox try to claw back the Rangers keep on scoring. This was a real bad night, but I still don’t think the pen is cause for concern at all. Only Romero did awful and one bad game, while never good, is not something to dwell over. However, Taverez in the number 5 spot could potentially be a problem. One start doesn’t make a season, but he needs to go at least five to give the pen some help. I don’t mind the 4 runs because I don’t expect greatness from the number 5 guy, but getting 5 innings is huge in order to not burn out your bullpen and put them in a bad spot like tonight. If there is one thing that Tavarez’s start shows us is that he is unquestionalby only a temporary solution in the 5 spot. The one thing that has to be remembered is the Ranger’s number one starter beat our fifth.

Tomorrow will be very interesting because it will be the first time the top 3 starters have to play the role of stopper. Of course we’re all hoping that Schilling can do the deed considering he will have the first shot.

Let’s start the Papelbon count at -1. One time through the rotation. Papelbon underused and unnecessary (1 inning with a 3 run lead) vs. one game donated away with Tavarez.

Agree about the -1. The problem is, it’s easier to find a 5th starter than a closer.

Besides, if your 5th starter falters, you bring up the pen. If your closer falters, you lose. You can’t afford to throw in a mediocre closer.

But i get your point : this week, Papelbon would’ve been way more useful as a starter. And Pineiro or Donnely could’ve easily close in game 3 at K.C. Well ….. probably.

I still think that was the best decision, though. Time will tell.

How do you think the Yankee fans can turn their boos to the front office that put together this joke of a rotation? Looks like they might finally have to lay off A-Rod.

Well, they should. Although he’s really not a play off performer, ( and i’m not sure about the locker room either ) he’s still a 35-110 guy and if they want him to play like the star he once was, they can’t keep treating him like if he’s persona non grata each time he put a foot in Yankee stadium. Not that i hate that … o.k., i LOVE that !

And they say we, Sox fans, are hard on the players !!!

Game on, RSN. Go Schill ! And go big bats !

And go Ortiz! He finally gets on the board with his first homer. Maybe this is what we need to spark the big bats into action!

WOOO HOOO ! Season started. Attaboy, Papi. And Manny’s getting closer and closer. Bad news for everyone outside RSN.

ATTA BOY! Pap comes through in the clutch. Why was there ever a debate as to who our closer would be with those two outs? One more inning to go fellas.

Imagine if we could have the flexibility to have Pap as the 5th starter. Must admit though, I love having him as the closer again (it suits him!). Oh well, get Lester back and we’re in good shape. Fire up RSN

Papelbon and Papi! Not to mention Schilling. Great game guys, way to pick up your team.

I’m tired of seeing Coco Crisp fly out weakly every time up. We need more pop in the order! We can’t have three black holes in Varitek, Pedroia and Crisp in the order. Tek has to play because he’e the best catcher in the game. Pedroia and Cora should platoon, but we have to have more offense from CF. Move Drew to CF and make room for Wily Mo in right. And Pinero looked like a deer in headlights tonight against the RANGERS. Imagine what he’d look like against the Yanks. We get Timlin back this week and please Lester get some innings under your belt and hurry back.

Nice game. Papi times two, Jon-Bon in his classic form, all we can ask from here is alittle help from the others! Hey, this is a good win. and I’ll take a win any day of the week, especially when Kev-Lar goes deep against the Yankees. Just my thoughts…

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