Dice-K vs. Ichiro (and Felix)

When was the last time everyone just wanted to get the Fenway opener out of the way? Let’s face it, this is a unique occasion when the second Fenway game is about 20 times more intriguing than the first Fenway game.

How many flashbulbs will go off in the yard when Dice-K throws that first pitch to Ichiro? If you don’t love this matchup, you don’t love baseball. This is what it’s about, as a former Red Sox first baseman who wore 15 and now plays for the Orioles always loved to say.

This is going to be some matchup. What is more fun: Dice vs. Ichiro or Dice vs. Felix Hernandez?

Find me two more exciting young pitchers in baseball right now than Matsuzaka and Hernandez. Waiting, waiting, waiting. You can’t come up with any can you?

This should be something. Can it possibly live up to the hype? This is how we used to feel when Pedro was in his prime and he’d be facing Roger Clemens and the Yankees.

I hope everyone has a blast watching this one unfold.

Until tomorrow,



Dice-K vs. King Felix is more exciting. The future of pitching.


Felix Hernadez = 12 K’s
Daisuke Martsuzaka ” 10 K’s

I’m feeling a pitchers duel, but if the Sox offense gets rolling, its a long road for the Mariners.

Interesting fact I heard on NESN, J.D.’s 3-4 at fenway, all 3 hits have been homers, 80 games to go at Fenway. Also back in Japan Dice-K and Ichiro faced 36 times, Ichiro batted .235.

I’m going to the game! Sooo psyched right now.

My prediction:

shutout baseball through 4-5 innings, followed by a collapse of the Mariner BP. Low scoring game. Papelbon save.

I’ll be there too. I’m bringing my camera. And a blanket.

Hope to post some pics on the blog tomorrow.



man im jealous, im way over on the west coast. Ill bring my beer and park myself infront of my pc…lol, better then nothing!…maybe i can get my daughter to grill me up some dogs..wouldnt miss this game for anything T-83:00 and counting.

d_reinbold, i assume you have MLB T.V. How is it ? How is the image ? And more important, do i have to have a wide screen monitor for the image to fit in, like the new Gameday ?

I’m probably the only guy on earth who’s not thrilled by the improvement they made this year. My screen is only 16″. I got to find a way to see my Sox more often on T.V. cause my tix are for a July game !!!

I couldn’t catch the game on Sunday, but will gleefully look back and watch it the next few days. Although the excitement is muted considerably by already knowing the result, it’s much easier on my nerves which have been frayed over the years by Red Sox disappointments. I did check in and watch the first inning on mlb, but was disappointed to discover that it didn’t cover the opening day ceremonies. Does anyone know how I can see it? Could it be on youtube or any venue like that? I specifically want to catch the tribute to the ’67 team. I enjoy reading everyone’s commments. Thanks!

My predicition for tonights game: 4-2 Sox. I’m hoping the layoff that hurt Weaver has the same affect on Hernandez. Here’s hoping we get a few runs off him early.

In case your wondering the game is being shown on ESPN. rsox_34, MLB.TV is a plus, but on my computer it will sometimes freeze and fluxtate, the image is okay, but you would need to cough up some serious dough to get the improved image.

Thanks you rsjones.

I wonder if the MLB TV Premium is worth the price on a small screen. I know it’s in 700 k and it’s 120 bucks for the whole year but what’s the point of a good image at good price if it doesn’t fit your tiny 16″ screen ?

Oh well, maybe i’ll stick with my Gameday audio for a while !!

First pitch in 10 minutes. GO SOX !!!

What do you think, everyone ? Was it deliberate ? It’s not japanese style, but it didn’t look good.

Sox r being no hit right now. Down 3-0, gotta start a rally.

No problem about the suggestion on MLB.TV. A rally is in order, Hernadez is stealing his thunder. I’m stiill optimistic with Papi and Manny, **** a double by Johjima. I’m sick of Manny, he’s got a good bat but no defensive skills, dare I say that he is worse than Pena and Bonds, trade him at seasons end.

rsox_34, 34 isn’t only BIG PAPI’s number but also Hernadez’s.

Yeap. But only one deserves to be in my username and email adress, and it’s the bigger one !

Makes me sick. Well, tomorrow’s another day. Bats should be hotter. Good night everyone. And thanks to J.D.

Mlb works for me, it takes up about 1/4 of my screen but i can make it bigger to fill the screen. mind you the images diminish with the screen bigger. The pics good, and i havent had too many freeze ups. If it does I just exit the current screen and re-enter and it’s working again. That takes like 5 seconds. This is my third go around with it, but I buy it one month at a time 14.95 per. Incase im going away and such. I need a new video card, and with my old one it’s still okay. I would recomend it over audio any day. Ever notice how the sox bats look brutal after a game when they kick ***? I guess the pitching has as much to do with that in this case. Tomorrow’s another day, time for wakefield’s first win!

Thank you very much, d_reinbold.

I will consider a monthly subscription too. I was just concerned about the fitting in my screen since the Gameday thing is such a mess on my pc. I lose the line up at the far right and the other games scoreboards at the top of the screen. Really annoying !

I got Audio right now but it’s because it came with my RSN subscription.

Thanks again.

I really hate watching guys pitch well, not terrific but well, and having the loss, it just hurts… speaking of which- Tim wakefield takes the mound tomorrow, then we have Tavarez, who, unlike nearly every other person on earth, I hold nothing against him, but I think we have a rough couple of days coming up. guess we have to ask Curt to play stopper?

rsox, your problems can be solved by simply changing your screen resolution. go into your display settings. the size of your monitor doesnt matter, its just the resolution. your computer is probably set on one of the lower settings

Well, here’s to hoping we can actually provide Wake some runs tomorrow and that Tavarez isn’t shaky.

As for Dice-K, he did well, but King Felix just out-dueled him, simple as that.

Great pitching duel (esp. for me as I own ’em both in fantasy, hehe).

I’m glad about Dice-K’s outing, you’ve got to remember that it is his first game at Fenway. I’m also happy to see Felix dominate, and pitch a complete game. That breed of pitchers has was a great crop. It would also elimanate the need for crappy bullpens.

Thanks bosox.

Actually i knew that but i already tried to switch to 1024 x 768 ( i’m currently at 800 x 600 ). It works but then all the characters are too small. I changed that too ( in 126 ) but it only changed Windows characters, not internet pages. And i’m stuck there.

But hey, i’ll figure something out. Thanks again. And sorry Ian for the non-Sox talk on your blog. It’s for the right cause : watching my Sox on my pc !

Well, going with Ian’s post, I for one am glad that the opener is out of the way. Boy was that ugly! Hernandez looked just phenomenal. his location was spot on. When Pedroia was up and was almost hit, the ESPN announcers noted that he kept flinching as each pitch came close to the plate. That’s an intimidating pitcher there. Let’s hope that the bats re-awaken today, or as I used to say, “somebody better crank the bat warmer up to high”.
I have the MLB.TV package on the computer and have a 17 in monitor (flat) and the picture is as good as when ESPN carries the game. There is one drawback. You sometimes get the “homer” announcers (then again, on ESPN you get the insufferable Joe Morgan; I think I’ll lose my lunch if I have to hear him one more time). I have don’t have the premium package and I am extremely happy with it (so is the husband as it keeps me out of his hair!!).

rsox_34: The package that I have was 90.00 for the year, I’m really happy with it.

I had an extremely bad feeling about Hernandez going into the game last night. 14 runs one night against a bum, then facing an ace the next night. I watched the first inning in the airport and said to myself… There is no way we’re hitting his guy. I got home and saw the 1-hitter and wasn’t surprised one bit.

Like we say every year… we really should be taking advantage of this time while the Yanks have several injuries to put some distance.

Ellen is right about the bats, but it is again early in the season, once the weather warms Manny and Papi will be the sledghammers were used to, I might not happen today behind Wake though.

As rayman94 said, take advantage, I’m worried about the Jays however. They are a solid club, with a offense possibly better than ours.

My disappointment in a Sox loss is tempered only by being able to watch that performance by Hernandez. Faced only two more than the minimum, not that far from a perfect game. Incredible, especially considering the guy just turned 21. There are a lot of ifs, but if he can stay healthy and maintain this kind of performance, he’s got 15 or 20 years ahead of him, and could break a whole passel of records.

As for the Sox, let’s hope they can take out the frustration against Washburn and at least take the series.

Thanks Ellen. Thanks everyone. I’ll probably go for a monthly subscription to MLB TV standard.

As for King Felix, i sure does like to watch a good pitching stint, but i didn’t like that one very much. Here’s why :

1- It was against the Sox

2- It blew away Dice-K debut

3- The guy in 1st place in my 24-team fantasy league has him on his roster !!!! I’m currently 4th, so ……..

I of course meant FENWAY debut.

And i also meant EVERYBODY sure does like to watch ……..
God ! I need a good night sleep . I think i’ll take a break. No post for me tonight!

The Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem are in town, after the Game against Seattle was postponed, lets hope they bring some sunny and warm weather with them to rainy Fenway park.

Lackey whose 2-0 this season against reliable knuckler Wakefield. A lopsided match-up. Maybe Manny can demonstrate to Anaheim that he was worth a trade, and fill their minds with regrets.

On ESPN an analyst (no not Joe “I can’t keep my mouth shut and watch the game” Morgan), some other dude called the Sox and Dice-K baloney. King Felix was great, that doesn’t mean Beantown *****.

Don’t feel bad New England, it is supposed to start snowing here(north of Denver) about midnight and when the storm is done they say we’ll have 18″.

Sorry about Denver, hope baseball brightens your day. However wearthermen are not always to be trusted.

Did you know that Vlad Guerrio lead the American league in intentional walks in ’05 and ’06, over Ortiz. In my mind this is actually an insult to Vlad, because he has no one behind him for portection, critizing the Angels organization for their lack of pressure for aquiring protection.

So then wouldn’t that be an insult to the angels and a major compliment to Vlad?

Much like what happened with Bonds when he was sticking needles in his butt in the hopes of sabotaging america’s pastime with skewed records and unmatchable inflated power numbers?

I absolutely despise that man. Nothing he has done should even be recorded.

I really don’t want to bring up a discussion over Bonds, my post was not meant to agravate that issue.

Anyhow, Tim Wakefield v. the Halos John Lackey at 7:05 . also, the Yanks Kei Igawa v. Oaklands own Danny Haren at 10:05, and Toronto ace Roy Halladay v. Tigers Opening Day starter Jeremey Bonderman at 7:07. Should be some good pitchn’ tonite.

The Rays young ace Scott Kazmir. v. the Twins reigning Cy Young recipent Johan Santana should also be a great game

wow, big sox win, wake was great as were the new blood, drew, lugo & as always papi. Even a good game from doug!!! Not a sole in blog land…oh ya it’s friday and i have to work in the am….cant wait for schillings game tomorrow!

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