Down time

Just wanted to let you know I’ll be taking the next couple of games off. It’s been a pretty good grind since the start of Spring Training, so as a good friend of mine likes to say, I’m going to get the old battery recharged.

Speaking of battery, nice to see the 2003-04 MIrabelli — the guy with the sometimes dangerous bat — re-emerge at Fenway last night. Great game all around. I love the way Tito is handling Papelbon. He is throwing conventional wisdom to the wind and actually trying to win games rather than do things the cookie-cutter way. Where this team would be right now had not Papelbon moved back to closer?

Weather permitting, I should be back at the Fens for Marathon Monday, and then Toronto after that.

And a belated congratulations to my good friend Rob Bradford of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune for getting hired to write baseball for the Herald. Rob is one of the great writers an humans in the Fenway Park press box. Good for Rob. I’m hoping the Herald keeps his blog, which you see under my links. I think it’s one of the most informative reads around.

On that note, you guys and gals will probably keep a closer eye on the games than me the next couple of days, so don’t hesitate to fill the comments section by keeping me in the loop on what I miss.




I just don’t understand how this whole issue with papelbon being used too often has completely disappeared. Shouldn’t conventional wisdom be exactly what Francona should be doing to preserve this guy for the longterm? Or was that another smoke screen excuse statement from the sox front office?

Sox won’t use him for more than 1 IP two games in a row, except maybe for two 4-out stints. They said it a week ago.

Francona wants to have him on the mound when the game is on the line, and it’s not always in the 9th inning.

That’s why Timlin pitched the 9th yesterday, not Pap. And no, it wasn’t only because of the 10-1 score. If someone else get the save from time to time, so be it. Not to mention he had 3 and 5 days off between those outings.

I gotta go now, my team’s winning and it’s on TV.

Just read my last comment. I of course know that Timlin wasn’t going for a save in the 9th !!!! I meant, in the future, if someone else get the save in the 9th because Pap pitched a 20 pitches 8th inning to shut the opponent’s big bats down, so be it.

Dang, Schill looks really good today. Unfortunately, Boston area is looking at 8-10 inches of snow before Tuesday… and this is mid April?? Anyway that’s what the weather channel is predicting. I feel like this is going to be a good year for RSN. GO SOX!!!

I know its early, but …. WERE IN FIRST PLACE, SWEET! I’m really hoping were starting a win streak, however the Sox have a difficult strecth ahead LAA once, TOR x3, NYY x3, and TOR x3 again.

Sorry, x2 LAA then x3 TOR, then x3 NYY the x2 TOR.

This is the type of team I’ve wanted Boston to have for several years. Excellent starting pitching, a stellar closer, a reliable bullpen and a productive offense. I would rather have a team like the 2007 Sox than the versions that relied on lots of runs to offset mediocre pitching. This will be an exciting year for Red Sox Nation!


Well, the HUGE snowstorm we were supposed to get never showed up. 140 flights canceled out of DIA, some government offices closed, people were urged to stay home from work. The result was we were so busy the last two days I missed both games, Wake and Schill. But so glad the team is starting to gel. And in a big way too, it seems. As Vince said on soxandpinstripes, this is a team without a flaw. JK Vince.
Cowboy up, Idiots, now: Team Without a Flaw. We’ll take it.

Hi, All:

Today’s game is postponed, and Ian’s on break. If you have spare time this evening, feel free to tune in and call in to Sox and Pinstripes Radio, if you’d like to talk Sox and Yankees basebal. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. You can get instructions on how to tune in on the Internet, and how to call in, by visiting the site ( and clicking on the Blog Talk Radio button on the left column. We will be talking about the Sox and Yankees strengths and weaknesses, and the Sox-Yankees series next weekend. All Sox and Yankees fans are welcome.


Well, it seems (so far)that the bad weather day did the guys alot of good!!! 6 runs in the 1st vs Santana. Go Sox!!!

An impressive outing by Beckett, and a nice showing from the offense. Funny, I don’t hear anyone in REd Sox Nation and Yankeeland bashing Beckett right now. Where are all the people who siad the trade was a bust? Like I mentioned last season and all of this off-season, you can’t judge a trade by the immediate results. The Marlins got a couple bright prospects in Hanley Ramierz and Anibal Sanchez, and the Sox got their future ace (you might say he is the ace right now) and a productive third baseman in Mike Lowell.


Absolutly right on all said, except JB being the teams ace, Schill is still undipusted in that role. Thanks Sox for completing the sweep in the rubber match.

Jeff, I listened into the broadcast with Vince and you last night, thumbs up, you should try it again sometime.

Wow, guys, i swear i didn’t read your comments before and yet i just said on Jeff’s blog that i thought Josh isn’t number 2 anymore, he’s number 1-b.

JB did not look as sharp today as last time, but he kept the Angels off-balance anyway and that is impressive, maybe more so. And Lugo’s flashing the leather!
The offense took full advantage of what Santana gave them in the first, didn’t let him off the hook. The team’s looking really good right now.

Jeff, Vince, I missed your show. Maybe I can catch the recording tonight. We had such a busy weekend, worked 35 hours in 3 days, I’m beat.

Say a prayer for those kids in Virginia, what a sad situation.

How do you say not to judge by immediate results and then proclaim beckett a one starter based on a solid half of april in the same comment? Beckett had a solid start to last season too, I have no judgement on him at the moment.

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