North of the Border

I’m headed to Toronto tonight, one of the better stops on the AL tour. The ballpark is good to work at, the city is full of friendly people and it’s a nice place to walk around. And as Mike Lowell said this afternoon, he’s very excited to be able to play baseball in short sleeves again.

Beckett has been awesome in his first three starts. Full disclosure here. I play fantasy baseball and selected Beckett in the fourth round. I was laughed out of the on-line chat room by these so-called experts, some of whom said, "I had Beckett projected in the 12th round" and other such mindless blabber.

Just watching Beckett this year, he "gets it" now. He looks completely confident and in total control of what he’s doing.

One big concern on this team right now is center field. I know it’s early, but Coco Crisp looks completely and utterly lost. Is this a classic case of a player who is having a hard time in a market such as Boston? I’m not sure. I really do feel his year last year was totally due to his injured hand. The guy is a dead fastball hitter. I thought he had had it back this spring watching the way he was swinging during some of the later exhibition games. It just hasn’t carried over. Oh well, we all know the rule. You have to wait 100 at-bats before getting any revealing judgments.

It would be nice to see Coco get it going and be able to use those legs to the team’s advantage.

Dice-K back to the hill tomorrow night. This is by far the best lineup he’s faced to date. Let’s see what happens against the Hurt and Vernon Wells.

I’ll talk to you later.

Happy Marathon Day, and happy birthday to my lovely wife on Tuesday.



Ian, it was the same way on my draft day. I listened to what you had said and all the Red Sox brass about how good Beckett could be this season. So I picked him up in the 7th or 8th round. So far it has paid off for both the Sox and me. Lets just hope he can keep it up though, I believe last year he was also 3-0.

Woo hoo! Get out your brooms, Red Sox Nation! Here’s to many sweeps this season.

Ian, my husband drafted Beckett as well for his fantasy league, and is quite pleased! Happy birthday to the Mrs.

Go Sox!

I drafted Beckett in case he pissed me off all year, so far so good.

All you regulars know that I’m a Josh Beckett advocate. I loved the trade when it was made, and I still think it is a worthwhile deal. Last year, he had decent numbers for strikeouts, innings pitches, hits allowed and wins. He just tried to overpower too many hitters with his fastball, resulting in an inflated ERA and 36 dingers allowed. Now that he is mixing effective off-speed pitches, he is a much more confident and dominating starter. Beckett at 3-0 this year is much better than Beckett at 3-0 last year. Look for him to win 20 games. And, yes, I did pick him in my Manny’s BehindtheMonster Bash fantasy baseball league….in the third round.


By the way, thanks to everyone who has posted comments and sent e-mails aboutour web site and radio show. Between Ian’s site, and Sox and Pinstripes, there is a growing following I hope will continue to build as the season progresses. With this starting rotation and bullpen, it will be an exciting one in Red Sox Nation!


I got Beckett too. I also got Pap. Very pleased with both.

But Vince, i saw your starting rotation on Sox and Pinstripes, i even posted a comment about the great Robertson pick. I didn’t see Beckett in that list. How strange ……. must be my eyes.***** contact lenses !🙂

I also have JB and Pappy on my team, as well as dice-k. but this blog isnt about fantasy baseball, so on to real baseball… im honestly kind of worried, with daisuke facing the jays’ lineup… especially since hes on my fantasy team :-p

Good news, Troy Glaus and Reed Johnson have been designated to the DL, that takes a load off the concerns about Dice-K. Dice-K, Wake and Tavarez isn’t the greatest pitching rotation for a sersies I’ve seen, but with strong bats, and health, winning is in reach.

Vince, can youp lease tell me who the yankees are going to pitch in the Yanks v. Sox games, if you know ? Thanks.

I think Dice-K will be fine in the warmer Rogers Center. Gustavo Chacin isn’t exactly Felix Hernandez and as rsjones said it, they’ll miss their leadoff man Johnson and the homer threat Glaus. Except for Wells, the biggest poison might be their 8th batter Aaron Hill who’s as hot as anyone right now.

And it would be a good time for Manny to get on Papi’s track, power-wise, just before the Yanks series.

I have four teams, beckett is on one of them.

Look for some combination of Pettitte followed by Karstens and then Wright. Only pettitte is a given, wright is dependent on his debut and Karstens on his rehab start which I believe is tomorrow.

I think Manny is gonna have a good series. Last year, Manny didn’t have a homerun, but when the sox went to Toronto, he hit 2. I think that Manny will hit the ball hard tonight. Go Sox!!!

Game on, RSN !

Hoping for 7 good IP from Dice-K, and a dinger from Manny. Kind of a 5-2 Sox game or something like that. Pena is in, but unfortunatly Drew is not. GO SOX !!!!!

Dice-k is wild tonight, but i’ll tell what : Wells was out at first and Lugo should’ve caught that hard grounder. Hopefully Dice-K will regain his confidence and his composure.

And the strike zone !

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