Something's got to give

The Red Sox and their power arms. The Yankees and their power bats. Which will prevail this weekend? This series presents a classic contrast in styles, even for April baseball.

Are the Red Sox as good as they’ve pitched so far? Or have they just not seen a lineup like the Yankees yet?

Are the Yankees as good as they’ve hit so far, especially A-Rod? Or have they just not seen pitchers like Schilling, Beckett, Matsuzaka and Papelbon yet?

Plus, all the other subplots this weekend brings. Julio Lugo and J.D. Drew, welcome to the rivalry. Andy Pettitte, welcome back to the rivalry. Daisuke Matsuzaka has seen hype already this season, but nothing compared to ESPN Sunday NIght Baseball against the Yankees. Imagine if Matsui was playing?

Will the boos be any quieter for Johnny Damon this year?  Will Papelbon pitch a third day in a row if the game is on the line in the ninth?

Intrigue everywhere. I’ll be back later.



What is up dude? The room with a view? That is one solid view. I was gonna go up the CN Tower once but didnt wanna fork the cash over at the time when i knew i was in a rush and probably had only a few minutes to look around. This weekend series should be fun. I love the drama of A-Rod and Daisuke both performing well, but how will they do against the teams they are really here to beat? Talk with you soon


Ian, that’s one good post ! Short and sweet, that’s exactly how we feel and what are the questions we wanna have answers to. I’m not sure we’re gonna have all the answers after one series, though. I’m seeing the 2 series as one big series splitted in 2 weekends.

Although we would be wrong to overlook Sox hitting and Yanks pitching, it is what it looks like : Sox arms against Yanks bats.

I can’t wait. I’m hoping for 4 out of 6. Two wins in each series. Glad we begin that thing in Fenway.

Who’d a thought we’d ever read”Red Sox and their power arms”?

Go Tek! Now that’s gotta feel good!

Oh boy, A-rod is just killin the sox. So ridiculous, he’s the best player in the game right now. Well now it’s 5-2. Well, at least we have tomorrow, hopfully. I think it is somewhat easy to say that the yanks take game 1.

The captain is there for his pitcher ! Attaboy Tek !

Ian, we can’t post a comment here while listening to Gameday Audio. Always have to sign out before. Really annoying.

dj, you can’t say this game is over yet, 3 runs in Fenway ain’t much, despite our offensive struggles. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, someone needs to have the guts to throw up and in and knock A-Rod off the plate, because all he is doing is leaning out over the plate.

I guess my post came a little late !!!!!!!! dj992, it’s not over till it’s over, said one former Yankee !

Haven’t said this in a while but the 7-8 hitters start off the inning with hits. Wily Mo coming up with the tying run. This is the guy I wanted to see

Wily Mo Pena AB:
a.)Home Run


Please Youk, bring Papi to the plate.

Do you guys think that we still have a chance?? I hope so. I was just really angry earlier that A-rod blew the game open. The sox pitchers really have to intimidate him. I really do hope papi and Manny do something. Does any1 know what time is tomorrow’s game and who’s pitching against Beckett??

oooo wouldn’t it be cool if Proctor faces Manny? The rematch from last year, where manny couldn’t stop hitting homeruns against proctor.

Tomorrow’s game at 3:55 PM. And this one is still not over. But here’s Rivera, though.

See ? Always believe ! GO SOX !!!!!

See dj, this is never why you stop believing. What a freakin comeback off Mo. I thought I nearly took my roof off with all that screaming. Still not over yet though, that a hole AROD is going up. The lefty okajima in, CMON SOX!! 3 MORE!!

unreal, this must be a dream

UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!! THE SOX DID IT!!!! I guess i have to apologize for giving up so easily. I’m not doin that again. I can’t believe it!!!!!! The sox did it!!!!!! Amazing. I can’t believe I doubted them, and I’m glad they came back. Next time, I’m keepin the faith. Good game Red Sox Nation!!!🙂

Okajima did a good job in relief. Just an amazing game. Just sticks it right to the yankees!! Excellent game Sox!!!

ATTABOY !!!! Great comeback win ! Like the announcers said on GD Audio, that was almost October fever in April. Especially against Rivera. Pretty good game by TEK and you know what, i’d play Cora at 2nd tomorrow.

See you all here for tomorrow’s game, RSN ! 3:55 PM, Beckett vs Karsten. Man, it’s only April. What will it be in October !

Living in NY, I had to watch on YES, and it is a great thing to hear Yankee homer Michael Kay get so quiet when the Sox pull off such an unlikely win, just ***** the life right out of him

why do they censor ******* s? It is not even in the context that MLB thinks it’s in. lol, stupid

they did it again. haha i am trying to spell the word that starts with an s and then is followed by uck

hate to say it cause hes arguably the greatest closer of all time, but rivera’s seen much better days. 0-2 saves this year and his fastest pitch tonight was 93

Where’s yankeevm? Vince? Hello? So strange not to see you posting. Take two A-rod home runs and post again in the morning.

So sweet to see thompson up in the ninth instead of Shrek. Little tiny mistake by Joe right?

I can help you with that spelling. You spell that y-a-n-k-e-e-s. Don’t forget: Marlins, Angels, Red Sox, Angels, and Detroit Tigers. How sweet it is.


I gave up on this game in the top of the 8th. SHAME ON ME!

Wow. That’s all I can say now. Wow. I extended all my energy writing the post-game entry at Sox and Pinstripes. Now I’m mentally exhausted after that game. What a way to start the series!


So sweet to see thompson up in the ninth instead of Shrek. Little tiny mistake by Joe right?

Posted by: | April 20, 2007 10:59 PM

i was thinkin that too. i bet joe thought it was game over too

I have to say I didn’t have a really good feeling at the start of the game; I HATE those silly looking green uniforms. Glad tonight’s game was the only time they’ll be wearing them.

Coco’s gotta feel great after hitting that triple. Let’s hope that’s the start of him breaking out at the plate.

I think my favorite part of tonight was watching Youkilis jumping around the dugout during the eighth inning. I love to see players get excited like that. It’s not just a job to them.

I was critical of the Sox for letting Chacin beat them , but tonight they came up huge when they could have folded. Good for you, Sox! GO SOX!!

When I saw Crisp pump his fists at Third base, I saw his excitement and almost cried myself. This guy loves this game and belongs in RSN!!!

Is Terry Francona the best manager or what? You just have to admire his determination to stay with Coco. As a Red Sox fan displaced in Cleveland, I watched Coco’s great Indian production years and was thrilled when the Sox got him. Let’s hope that Coco continues to respond to TF’s confidence. And how about Terry’s splendid use of Alex Cora. You can’t find a nicer guy than Cora.

But what really takes the cake for me is remembering back just a month to Spring Training when Joe Torre announced that he would limit his reliance on Rivera to 3 outs only. That pronouncement lasted only until the 1st RedSox game, 15 games into the season. Now the Yankees have lost a game they should have won, are only 8-7 with A-Rod’s unconscious performance, and are hoping to get by throwing a bunch of inexperienced pitchers at RSN. Sounds a bit like role reversals from last Summer — relying on 1 or 2 guys (Big Papi and Manny) for offense, and a lot of inexperienced pitchers. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Francona has a fresh Papelbon ready to go after throwing the one pitcher at the heart of the Yankee line-up that it had never seen before, and an offensive line-up that’s starting to heat up all the way up and down the line. As good as he is, maybe Dice-K’s not the best Oriental acquisition the Sox made over the Winter?

I think the Yankees will ultimately rue the day they let Sheffield go, as he could have been the guy to hit behind A-Rod and protect him from all the pitches in the dirt and off the plate he’s about to begin seeing. I don’t think Giambi can serve adequately in that role.

However long Francona has on his contract, The Sox should be thinking seriously about extending it still further. He is the Man!!! Go Sox!!!

WOW…..What a game for the ages. You know after yesterdays comeback i thought we were getting very close as far as being a team thats capable of being a team thats a hitting pitching and heads up smart ballclub…you know the whole package…after todays game i feel very good.

After seein Alex Cora come in off the bench last night and hit the game winning RBI single and then in Toronto hitting a game winning RBI triple i think the Sox should give Cora a chance to start at 2nd this may also light a fire under pedrioas *** and get him going what do u think the sox will do

I wouldn’t jump on Torre so quickly for bringing in Rivera in the eighth. How do we know he wasn’t taking a page from Francona’s book? They were facing Ortiz, Ramirez and Drew in the eighth. Perhaps he wanted to shut them down and then go to another reliever in the ninth to face the bottom of the order who, other than Lowell, were all hitting pretty poorly going into last night’s game.

I also don’t think I’d characterize the Yankee offense as relying on one or two guys. A-Rod is getting all the attention right now, but that’s a pretty potent line up they have going.

As far as going with Okajima, don’t forget he had a 1.35 ERA coming into last night. I’d prefer not to discount his ability too much by saying his success is due to his being unknown. His velocity isn’t the greatest, but his pitch placement is excellent.

Don’t mean to be too contrarian. Last night was a great win. I hope the next two games are just as exciting. Yes, the Yankees have a couple of inexperienced pitchers going, but the Sox had a couple of inexperienced pitchers throw really good games last year, remember?

Well, it seems some of the egg I had for breakfast wound up on my face. Looking back at my scorecard, I see Rivera didn’t come in until Varitek was up. Sorry about that, dbenjamin.

However, I would still say that I can’t fault Torre for bringing in Rivera when he did. He saw the game slipping away and did what he thought he needed to do to stop the rally.

Hey Nationers!!!It was a great game to watch. I hope that the game today is just as exciting!!
Robn, I, for one, like the green uniforms for a change and especially liked them last night because by wearing them they were paying homage to the recently passed Red Auerbach.

I agree, i thought it was pretty cool to see the green uniforms, and i hope Beckett can get his 4th win tonight!

What a play by Lowell. I don’t care if he has already made 5 errors this year, he’s a force at 3rd base.

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