Tough act to follow

Can anyone remember the last time they saw an April baseball game — Red Sox-Yankees or otherwise– with quite the drama as last night? There were about 19 storylines by the time the night was over.

If last night was an ALCS game, we’d be hearing about it for years. More sheer dominance from A-Rod. Gritty comeback by the Red Sox. Then the ninth inning — Holy Okajima!

It really was a fun night to be here. Pettitte seemed fired up to be part of Sox-Yankees again. He definitely pitched like he was. Schilling was real good for a guy who gave up five runs. It’s just that he couldn’t stop A-Rod. Then again, who can?

Down 6-2 in the eighth, nobody could have seen that comeback coming. Not the way the Boston bats have been going lately. Ortiz and Manny started the inning by getting on base, but then J.D. was retired, and the slumping lower part of the order was coming up.

Lowell comes up with an important knock through the whole and into left. Then Varitek with a very big hit, his second clutch hit of the night. And Coco — who among you predicted he was about to blast a triple into the RF corner? It will be interesting to see if there’s any carryover for Coco and ‘Tek, since both guys were struggling so much.

How many times can the Sox come back against Rivera? Is it just me, or are you still surprised every time they do? I know I am. Rivera is that good.

Beckett vs. Karstens today. Pedroia is on the bench today. Tito is obviously trying to protect the rookie’s confidence.

More later,



Do you honestly think me a coward, “kelly real estate”?

I’m right here. It was a great game last night, wish I could change the ending. Not sure why Torre went to Rivera instead of Bruney or Vizcaino instead of Farnsworth but what can you do?

And Kelly, you seem new here unless you changed your address, so welcome. I am Vince, the civil Yankees fan, maybe you can take a page out of my book one day. Say what you want about the Yankees, but don’t doubt I disappear like a blog troll when the going gets tough.


You should be surprised, Rivera dominated them in 2006 and in 2005 after the opening weekend. When you play a game 90 million times, your going to have padded numbers eventually.

Ian, what about game two at Yankees stadium of the 2005 season? First series at Yankees stadium with the Sox defending champions playing in the place where they beat the Yankees to move onto the WS. Keith Foulke vs Rivera in the 9th.

The Sox captain, Varitek hits a homerun to tie the game in the 9th and then Jeter, the Yankees captain hits a walkoff in the bottom of the inning off of Foulke.

Round two coming up! Can they top, or equal, last night?

Don’t see Damon in the pregame lineups on Gameday. Where’d little Johnny go? Guess the rivalry got to him, haha

some bangups, he said he will play tomorrow night.

Yankees take a 2-0 lead off Beckett. Have the sox ever faced Karstens, and what does he throw?

Never faced him, but so far it looks promising. He throws nothing special, fastball slider change.

This is frustrating. I got my HD tv and Hd Direct tv but I can’t get the game because it is only shown on the coasts. Nor can I get MLB.TV because it is blacked out. Grrrr…
Beckett’s not exactly sharp, eh? This could be a very high scoring game!

I agree, one of those 11-9 games when the Sox hit a walk-off. Neither pitcher has it today, Sox are threating again…


Ortiz is really hitting the ball hard this game. He was really close to having a homerun, or at least an XBH. We’re knotted at 4.

Great D in the 4th, first Josh than Mikey at 3rd

Beckett seems to be settling down. Hope the Sox can keep pounding the ball off Karstens. Does it seem like whatever the Yanks do the Sox do the same?

Doesn’t it seem that every game he plays Cora does something that helps the team win? He is the perfect utility man

Big Papi strikes again

That ball was crushed by big papi. 3 hard hit balls, and this 1 just carried out of the ballpark. Nice shot for Papi. C’mon JB, let’s get some clean innings!

C’mon JB, settle in. You got the lead, do your stuff.

Beckett has really rebounded in the 4th and 5th. Pitch count is more respectale he should go 7 barring a long 6th

We need to take as much advantage of the Yankees dented pitching staff as we can now, it looks like they’ll be getting the balance of their staff back in the next 2 weeks or so…

Cora put up a really good battle. Should tire Bruney down at least a little. Back to JB to face giambi.

give cora props for the AB most definitely. 11 pitches… jeez

Ok, now you really need to take Beckett out of this game. Shouldn’t have used him to face Arod.

Okajima vs Giambi

Oki does it again!!!

Someone should’ve thrown a pizza at Mientkiewicz.

I really wish we could have some decent announcers for these games. I like Joe Buck, think that he’s very insightful and informative, but McCarver just plain out and out STINKS. I’d even rather listen to Phil Rizzuto instead of him, and that’s truly a big stretch!!!

We’re now in Pap’s zone, everyone. C’mon, do your thing, Pap.

He did his thing. Jonathan Papelbon shuts the door to earn the save. Game 2 goes to the sox. Papelbon pitched very well.

Well, 2 for 2. Was hoping for 2 out of 3 but now i totally want the sweep. Greedy me !

Actually, dj…

Papelbon pitched good enough for the save, sure. Against THAT Yankee lineup, thats sayign something.

However, he seemed a little shaky to me. Missed the zone a bit too much.. especially on the first pitch. I’m sure he’ll work it out and with him shaky is good enough to win.

Whew, another game that came down to the end. Papel-bot was just fine. He should of K’ed Damon, looked like Davidson missed the call. A couple of other balls were pretty close also. Daisuke tomorrow, let us hope that the bats score him some runs tomorrow.

Another nice win today, this one however was a little better for my heart. Tomorrow should be another W with the uneven pitching matchup but the Yankees will probably be hungry to salvage something out of the weekend. We must blow it out early because Dice-K reminds me of Pedro against the Yanks when all they tried to do was keep it close and then win it when he left. Scoring early and often is key tomorrow.

I hope Dice-K can give us the win tomorrow. Hopefully, the sox can score some runs to help him. We gotta hit like we did today. The Sox have to take advantage of the yankee pitching problems.

Yeap, Dice-K on Sunday Night Baseball. Hope we can carry the hot bats into that game. Everybody does his job offensivily, from 1st to 9th. Speaking of 9th hitter, i hope to see Cora in the lineup tomorrow for a second start in a row.

Nothing against Pedroia, but Cora is playing very well right now.

We really have to jump all over Chase Wright tomorrow and put this sweep to bed early. No excuses. This guy’s knees are going to be knocking bigtime.

Agree 100%. We have NO reason to not destroy Wright. Matsuzaka will let up some runs, maybe as muc has schill or JB, but our bats should hurt Wright more than the yanks’ should hurt Dice-K. Good luck Daisuke.

Well JB hurt me in Fantasy Ball today, but eh, he was consistent enough to get us that win, so I can’t complain. And honestly, the way A-Rod is hitting (and has inspired his team as well), I can’t really blame JB all that much.

I mean, that’s A LOT of baseballs being pounded upon, in and out of the park.

The way Okajima’s been pitching, I’m really impressed. Along with Donnelly, Timlin, Papelbon (thrown in our other guys for good measure cause they’ve settled down a good amount from their previous rocky pitching appearances), I haven’t felt this good about our bullpen in a while.

And I can’t forget about Alex Cora too…best thing we did was to sign him 2 years, and honestly, if he’s content with his playing time, sign him up for more! =)

Daisuke, bring us to the sweep! I’m counting on you in my other leauge! =)

Oh and like Ian, I’m surprised every time we get a “come-backer” of Rivera. Usually I see him in a game, I’m thinking we’re hosed.

Guess not as of late it seems. =)

You’re right about the pen, Pacol. Everyone except J.C. Romero is throwing the ball well. Just like there will be the occasional ineffective start from the rotation, there will be a periodic slip up in the bullpen, but it will be few and far between. I would like to see Javier Lopez replace Romero. I’m more comfortable with Lopez. Of course, when Lester returns, someone has to go. I prefer Romero to be traded or released instead of Kyle Snyder, who could be the other odd man out.


Something i feel is being overlooked a bit: Coco’s possible turn-around, Ian mentioned it, though, Coco has 4 hits in the past two games, not to mention a game-tying triple. Also very glad to see Tek start touching a ball with a bat, sure hope they do it again tonight, give Dice-K his much earned run support and a much needed sweep!!

Hope you’re right about Coco, xxsupreme-he’s now going in the right direction, but still has to make up ground he lost.
See you all later at the game-be there with brooms ready!

I don’t know for you all, but like i said on Jeff’s blog, i’m ready for a ” Manny night “. He’s like a time bomb that will explode tonight against Chase Wright. Tek and Coco had their breakout game, now it’s Manny’s turn.

See you around 8:00 PM. That should be a good one.

Is anyone at least a little worried about Manny? i know that he has been recently hitting the ball hard, but it seems like bad luck that everyone seems to be able to catch his line drives. I’m not too concerned about Manny, but do you guys think that we should start worrying at least az little?

I’m not worried about Manny. His swing is looking as sweet as ever. Lets go sox put the cherry on top!!!! Love to see Dice-K finish the sweep!!!!!

dj992, I am a little bit worried, not so much IF he wil start producing, but how much, by that i mean im worrying about if hes declining or not, he hit less HRs and got lets RBIs because of his injury, so I just hope he stays healthy.

just when I tought yesterday’s announcer stunk, we get the shuck up Joe Morgan, just goes to prove becareful what you wish for, you just might get it.
I hope that tonights game is just as exciting as the last 2 and that Matsuzaka has a really productive game.

Let’s go Redsox, Let’s go!!!!


I can’t believe 2 walks is all we can do against that beach balls thrower.

Why is Coco not playing today? The announcers said that he was injured. Injured with WHAT?

I hope Matsuzaka gets it together. There hitting him hard right now.

I heard the same thing, dj992, but i think they simply don’t know what they’re talking about. They probably assumed that Coco hurt himself in game 1 when he went over the wall.

My guess is that Tito wanted to give Wily Mo a start. I could be wrong, though.

Let’s get the bats going!!!

TOLD YA !!!!!

Here’s the beginning of the ” Manny night ” i was expecting. And now JD does it too !!!!!

I would call that getting the bats going!!!!!


Can anyone remember 4 consecutive solo HR’s, I can’t.

Manny, Drew, Lowell, Tek. First time in history they homered back-to-back-to-back-to-back. And now we have a LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now time for dice-k to show his good stuff

Arnie, last year, padres-Dodgers. Dodgers hit 4 in a row in the 9th to tie the game at 9. Nomar hit another in extras as a walkoff. None in the AL since 1964.

par4, last time you asked for something …….
Let’s hope they will respond the same way !

Sorry, i meant Dice-K will respond.

But last years game involved more than one pitcher in the mix.

Dice-K seems a bit off but I think he will get it together.Starting now !!!!

Lets go Dice-K! Strike out Jeter and A-Rod!

Hey Vince, Long time no talk to!! Hope all is well!

Awwww man. Terrific, Jeter homered and we’re tied. That one barely mad it though.

That a way! Now lets get A-Rod!!!

Sit Down!!!! Take dat Rodriguez!!!

Now that’s the Dice-K I want to see.. put A-Rod in a slump

ellen I’m not Vince but I’m a huge Sox fan!

The captain gets Giambi!!

Ok let’s get that run back and a few extras !!!

Boston, she was talking to me.

-Arnie asked the last time it happened, not the last time one pitcher did it, thats only happened one other time and in case you didn’t hear yet, Francona’s father hit one of them.

I’m good, school is about to get intense with finals, how are you?

C’mon guys, give the lead back to Dice-K. He deserves a run support.

Yea give the lead back to Dice-K!

You do realize, they have given him 4 runs in less than five innings? How much run support would you like him to have?

5 or 6 more would be a good start

this is fenway never enough

lol, at some point owning up to poor starting pitching has to come into play. Trust me, nobody would know about poor starting pitching better than me right now.

My post was more in reference to his previous starts this season.

Pitched well against Seattle and Toronto and ended up with 2 Ls.

misinterpreted, my apologies. I thought you meant the way he was pitching tonight he deserved run support.

Wow is this Oct. Pettitte. Joe must want to win this game bad.

No problem. Now i think that he will NEED a run support. I don’t know, i got bad vibes.

Only one easy inning. I know it’s the Yanks, but still …..

pettitte’s throw day, they figure rather than burn the pen for an extra inning, let him throw in the actual game.

Joe’s going to over use his pitchers. These kind of moves will bite him later in there season. Or is it his way of telling the rocket. Hey Andy needs your help????

lol probably a little of both. It was 9 pitches that he would have thrown in the bullpen instead of on the field so it shouldn’t effect Andy, in fact he did it in Baltimore too. But it doesn’t look good to have to use your starters to bridge your starters to middle relief, I’ll give you that. Joe doesn’t really have a choice until his big guns come back this week.

I love this team to death, but there’s a guy right now i’d prefer not to see on the field : J.C. Romero.

And he’s in the bullpen right now.

C’mon Dice-K, go the distance !!!!!!

First and third, no out.

here we go time to bust it open


My bad. 2nd and third. And Lowell does it again !!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! Mikey’s having one really good night. I guess these HR’s by the guys are Tito’s Birthday presents!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TITO!

I hope Dice-K at least one more inning. He looked good the last inning

Good news. I prefer to see Oki than Romero. He’s there for at least Giambi and Cano.

Thanks, Vince. How could I have missed that last year? Speaking of missing, I’ve had to “watch” this whole series on gameday at work. Hopping up and down to work and catch a tiny bit of the game. Sometimes being in this biz is a drag.

Here’s the game right here. Pap in the 9th is lights out, so it comes down to Donnelly against Melky and Nieves

More drama. There is just no better games than the sox yanks

I didn’t realize Mikey had 14 rbis already this season. He’s off to a fast start, I wouldn’t put him in any kind of trade for someone like Helton.

Come on Brendan one more, what a phantom slide by Cairo, he got away with one

DP’s my hero!! What a PLAY!

Possibly saved the game.

And once again, it’s down to Pap.

OK Pap one two three. End this game

One more JP, then get those brooms out Nation

OK!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEEP!!!!!!


How sweep it is!

That guy Papelbon is ok

Wow, unbelievable series. I don’t know how any baseball fan says that these teams play too much.

The great thing about Papelbon is that when you begin to doubt him thats when he is his best. In Texas earlier this year, well, let’s just say I forgot how dominating he was the year before. Then tonight one run lead against the top of the best lineup money could buy, no problem. Not to be repetitive but, Papelbon = Superman.

While it might only be a sweep in April, I think this series was huge for the Sox to show them that they can beat the Yankees, even though they massacred them last year. A “monkey off their back” sorta thing.

Mike Lowell is a leader and has a good bat, which is why I haven’t had a clue why Sox fans and front office have been so eager to trade this guy, even with his huge contract.

Perhaps Varitek’s bat has awoken. Or that could just be “wishful thinking.”

DP played tall today.

I would be far from shocked if the Yankees and/or the Red Sox get swept in there next series.

17 games into the season, the Red Sox are proud owners of the best record in baseball!

Monkey off the back is probably a good way to phrase it. This series was bigger for Boston if for nothing else than to take advantage of the Yankees while their weak.

Cairo’s legs were right over the bag, all he has to do is be within reach, nothing illegal about it. Moving Papelbon from the closer’s role would be a major mistake.

LOL: “That guy Papelbon is ok.”
rizzo1087, you couldn’t have said it better!

This was one heck of a series. And as for those 4 HRs in a row, even my dad was excited about it (the only sport he really watches is international cricket, but is a Red Sox fan thanks to me). I of course was running around like an excited little kid. =)

But I will say this, we can’t underestimate the Yanks…they ban bash the ball better than us, and I’ll definitely concede that (heck, we left so many men on base and overall, we kept them off compared to us).

Dice-K…stinks he was off, but pitchers are creatures of habit and he’s got no routine yet. Didn’t Peter Gammons say he was throwing a hard side session of sorts today? I bet that sure fatigued him. Once he’s gotten some sort of routine down and gets better at pitching inside, he’ll settle.

And I’m definitely with Vince on this one, Papelbon needs to stay in the closer’s role; plus we should have Lester sometime this season, so that’ll only help.

Oh, and what about Pedroia’s contributions today! Tito’s benching of him the previous game to make sure his confidence didn’t fall apart sure worked.

2 hits and that defensive stop that was just “OMG YES!”

I like the way that Schilling, Beckett and Matsuzaka recovered nicely and gave the Sox seven innings each even though they were not sharp. That is one of the signs of a great pitcher. Thus the reason Dice-K received an ovation as he departed. Boston fans understand the game of baseball, and that stat lines don’t always tell the full story. The most important stat line is a three-game sweep and a 12-5 record. Now that the bats have awakened, it’s time for another strong outing by Tim Wakefield tomorrow.


Hey Vince. I agree with you. Been coming here for awhile now and it’s a pleasure reading your posts Your approach is honest and not at all mean spirited. I am a bone center, died in the wool Red Sox fan and I appreciate your posts wwhether I agree or disagree. I said it before and it bares repeating, the best fans in the entire game of baseball are Red Sox and Yankee fans. True passion for the game of baseball lives and breathes between Ny and Boston!

My fellow fans I have just about had it with Yankee announcers especially Michael K. What a low class jerk!!! He had to make a point the other night of saying (while Oki was saving a big game) that the only reason the Red Sox signed Oki was so that Dice K would have someone to talk to. Wha t a low class jerk he is. altogether the Yankee announcer find it difficult to say anything nice about the Sox yet Jerry and Don never and I mean NEVER do sour broadcasts with respect to the Yanks. I am sure that the sox considered that it would be good for Dice to have a countryman on the team but beleave me his skills were the over riding factor. Michael K you STINK!

Man… what a series. Four straight home runs, back and forth game, lowell homers twice… what a grab by pedroia to save the game. I can’t imagine more entertaining baseball in April.

Absolutely AWESOME game. I had to wait half an hour after it was over before I went to bed because I knew I was too excited to fall asleep.

While there are lots of things to be happy about, I can’t help but point out a couple of things.

Point #1: With the Yankees’ rotation banged up, the Sox only outscored them by a total of 4 runs over 3 games. Once they get their starters back, the Yankees may just plow their way through everyone and stomp their way to the top of the division.

Point #2: At the very BOTTOM of the order, Wil Nieves and Josh Phelps hit three scorching line drives, any of which could have gone for base hits and altered the outcome of last night’s game. Yeah I know, lots of little things could have gone the other way for both teams. But this game was extremely close to being a Yankees win.

So while I’m psyched for the sweep, I really think the Sox dodged a bullet more than a lot of fans are realizing. Folks all over Red Sox Nation were licking their chops going into this weekend, relishing the thought of Boston pounding on the Yankees in their injured state. Didn’t really happen that way. Those were three great, close games.

The Yanks ain’t done yet. There’s still the potential for a VERY tight pennant race. But hey, that’s what makes it fun to watch AL East baseball.

Oh yeah, I can breathe now, I almost forgot! What a series, and even though we’re still in the month of April, it sure felt like September.
I feel sorry for other baseball fans who aren’t Yankee or RedSox fans. They’ll never know the depth or experience the mystique of the Rivalry that our 2 teams have. It truly is a bitter rivalry but, when we are watching them battle it out, there is no other feeling in the world like it. Truly great.

…and just think, we get to experience it again next weekend; on their turf.

I think that the meaning of the word TEAM truly was in evidence this past weekend. Every one contributed. Really nice to see that.

robnbetsy, you’re right about the cloud to go along with that silver lining. Phelps is supposed to be a good hitter, I don’t know about Nieves. The starters looked shaky this weekend. As Jeff said they went into the 7th inning and that is good. But it would have been better not to have given the Yanks a lead in every game. Vince pointed that out and I agree with him(don’t tell him, I made a big deal out of being biased and here I am agreeing w/him). But the Sox beat the NYY bullpen twice and that is great.
Overall, it is never a bad thing when you sweep a series, especially when the other team is banged up. That’s what you’re supposed to do. So it’s all positive with the realization that the Yankees are not going away and will be in the hunt all season. Would we want it any other way?

Speaking of announcers, did anyone else hear Joe Morgan say that it’s easier to steal a base on a left handed pitcher because lefties have a slower delivery? Or was I not paying attention well enough? (I do tend to tune Joe out when I watch games he announces. Awesome player, not a fan of his game commentary.)

What a series from the Red Sox!!!! No blow outs or well pitched games, but tons and tons of drama. I’m so glad we won this series and that Ortiz, Coco, and Tek had good games. However, this series does concern me a little. First of all, we sent up our big three horses to start the games against the Yankees. Schilling, Beckett, and Dice K got rocked. Now, what would happen if the Yankees send out Pettie, Wang, and Mussina against us?? We scored runs against their rookies, but it may be more difficult to score against these proven Veterans. I really didn’t like the fact that we sent out our three aces and all 3 weren’t dominant. Do you guys think that the Yankees have Schilling’s, Beckett’s, and possibly, Dice k’s numbers?? Or do you guys think it was just the first series and the pitchers can bounce back and pitch better? I hope our aces can bounce back and pitch better against the yankees. Those three games were basically won on bullpen and offense, and our starters weren’t effective. The only good thing about our starters was that they were able to go deep into the 7th inning of the games.

I just think that each of our 3 starters picked the wrong series to have a so-so start. They all have seen better days. Plus, Papi and Manny still didn’t produce at the same time so far this season.

So, the Yanks will be better next time ? So will we.

I don’t understand why so many are wringing their hands on the starts for the Sox vs. the Yankees. Schilling made 2 pitch mistakes that cost 4 runs by A-Rod…not like that is that hard to do right about now…After some upheaval in the first two innings, Beckett settled down and pitched well during the balance of the ballgame…far better than he did last August. Someone has him trusting his offspeed pitches more, and it makes all the difference in my book. Granted, Dice-K struggled throughout the game, although he made Abreu and A-Rod look rather ordinary. That’s a grand total of 4 starts he’s made, while still getting used to pitching in the major leagues. Give the guy a chance to get used to the fishbowl he’s living in, and let him show us what he is capable of over the long haul of the season. I think it will be pretty special.

But that having been said, you have to recognize that the Yanks are among the best hitters in the majors, and it will take some runs typically to beat them. If they get a well pitched game from any of their pitchers, the Sox will have to play their best to beat them, which is what makes this series so magical. Over the course of the past week, the Sox won a game started by Roy Halliday and one started by Andy Petitte, two of the best starters in baseball. That says a lot for Red Sox pitching (with a Team ERA still under 3.00 even after this past weekend) and for their hitting in the clutch.

Beyond that, You have to be thrilled the way Manny, Lowell, Tek and even Pedroia stung the ball Sunday night, not to mention the play Pedroia made Sunday night to retain the lead, the other plays he tried to make, along with CoCo jumping over the bullpen wall to try to haul in A-Rod’s home run on Friday night.

This team has ability, pitching and an apparent sense of togetherness and heart, and I think, absent many serious injuries, we are in for a fun Summer!! And we don’t even have Jon Lester back yet!!!

If you aren’t excited about this team now, you never will be.

The one troubling thing to watch is Wily Mo’s struggles at the plate. When he got to the plate after Tek’s home run, you had to think about HR # 5. It was sad to watch him struggle with all sorts of different pitches. Hopefully, the coaching staff can help him realize his full hitting potential. Some of the shots he’s hit remind me of the Baby Bull, Jimmy Wynn. I only hope he can realize his full potential while playing for RSN, and not after the Sox have given up on him and he winds up somewhere else. The Sox gave up a lot to get him, let’s hope we didn’t forfeit Bronson A’s talent without getting much in return.

I heard that comment from Joe Morgan and just filed it in the… “Senile or Just a Bad Announcer” file. You don’t say something like that and just assume everyone is going to believe you like its a fact… “Left handers take more time to tie their shoes”… Any chance you would tell me why???? It left it up to the viewer to figure out if… A) His theory that its easier to steal on a lefty is BS… or 2) It’s easier for a different reason.

I think he quoted other players, so maybe he didn’t make it up. My guess is that it is actually harder to steal on a lefty because they have that tricky pickoff move… maybe that leads to the pitchers getting a little lazy thinking the runners won’t try to steal… and then they do.

I’m not thinking too much about the Yankees injuries as being the main reason we swept. There are many, many factors that are involved in a series that contribute to the outcome. We left 12 on base last night in 8 innings? A few lucky bounces on offense and we could have scored 10-12 runs. We shelled Rivera and Proctor… two healthy regulars.

Nobody looks more clueless in a bad at-bat as Wily Mo Pena. I know he has great power and potential… and he doesn’t get a chance to get in a rhythm… but when he gets behind the count, he usually doesn’t come within a foot of hitting the ball. Pretty strange.

I definitely like sticking with Pedroia for as long as possible. Cora is a career .244 hitter and batted .238 in 235 at-bats last year. Plus, maybe one day Pedroia will dance in his underwear like Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Don’t tell me he doesn’t look the same age, height, and weight as Tom Cruise circa 1985. Same nose too.

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