Rookie of the Month

All of you who predicted that a Japanese pitcher not named Daisuke Matsuzaka would be the American League Rookie of the Month please raise your hand. I don’t see any hands. Is there a hand somewhere?

Let’s face it, none of us would have gone out on that limb. Okajima is a middle reliever. That said, he’s taken that job to another level with the way he’s pitched. Papelbon probably won ‘t pitch tonight. You can count on Oki being out there for the ninth. Nobody from the bullpen — aside from Paps — has earned more trust in the manager than Oki.

What can you say about Papelbon last night? He had nothing. It happens to the best of them sometimes. One obvious thing was his fastball didn’t have that explosive finish it usually has. It was the first time he pitched an entire inning without notching a strikeout since July 17 of last year.

I need to see multiple bad outings from Pap before he is classified as any kind of surprise.

Ichiro vs. Matsuzaka part deux tomorrow night at the Fens. With that, let’s resurrect one of the great quotes of all-time.

"I hope he arouses the fire that’s dormant in the
innermost recesses of my soul. I plan to face him with
the zeal of a challenger."

That was Ichiro speaking with the Seattle times prior to the first matchup with Matsuzaka this season. Isn’t it impossible not to love that quote? I can’t see it enough times.

As for Beckett, he was filthy again. A 97-MPH heater to end a solid, seven-inning performance. For those who remember, I was predicting Cy Young-caliber stuff from Beckett this season. So far, so good.

Oki does it again in the eighth. Here’s Timlin in the ninth. It is clear that Francona was very serious about not over-using Pap this year.


More later.



It’s nice to have a luxury like Okajima to rely on in the eighth, and even to close on nights when Papelbon is not available. That is a great quote. Kind of sounds like they are about to joust.


I guess Dustin Pedroia came in second, huh?


Why is Paps running around in the bullpen?? He is acting like he’s gunna pitch in tonight’s ballgame. He’s startin to warm up like he would when he was going to pitch. I hope he’s just trying to keep in shape out there. After 35 pitches yesterday, I really dont want him to throw tonight. He needs the rest.


I love the way the blame has been placed on Yankees conditioning coach. Can’t fire the whole team. Can’t fire Torre just yet. Cashman will stay at least through the season. Any other scapegoats available? Are they sure it wasn’t the parking attendent who let the players linger too long before parking their cars?

The Yankee’s have their Godzilla in Hideki Matsui; We’ve got ours in Hideki Okajima,,,, Does Hideki in Japanese translate to GODZILLA?? LOL

Has anyone else noticed that when they show a close up of Lowell that he looks really distracted, like he’s got alot on his mind other than baseball?? I noticed it about 2 and a 1/2 weeks ago, I wonder what’s up. There’s got to be something bothering him when you think about all the errors he’s committed so far. Whatever it is, I hope he comes to terms with it soon. (the play @ 3rd tagging Piazza WAS really great tonight, although Mikey could have been the one who got hurt)

Another one in the W column!! I really like the way the word TEAM really applies to the SOX!!!

I’m liking Coco a lot lately! Oakland certainly gave this one to the Sox. What was the Sox BA w/RISP tonite? Seemed as if they were really struggling to get a timely hit. But they got enough and that is what counts.

I’m really surprised that Tito and company are sending runners to steal as often as they are this season. Very interesting, especiall when they send Lowell!

I’m with Ellen on this one; I’m just as surprised with the number of base swiping attempts we’ve had. I guess some run manufacturing doesn’t hurt when we can’t hit as much as we’d like to.

All-around offense, is always good; power hitters with base stealers =)

Congrats to Okajima on the AL Rookie Award🙂

And as for Beckett, I also figured he’d be in Cy Young consideration this year.

And if Ian’s prediction pans out, that’ll just be plain awesome. =)

I was one of the few people – and perhaps the only person – who supported Beckett last year. I fully expect Beckett to win the Cy Young this year. He is a complete pitcher. Funny that we don’t hear anything from the naysayers anymore – those Yankees fans who were quick to bash Beckett (of course, they still have a sour taste in their mouth from the 2003 World Series) and Sox fans who were quick to lambast Theo Epstein for dealing Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez. As I said last month, it’s short-sighted to judge a trade based on the first year’s performance for the players involved.


By the way, I like the aggressive approach on the basepaths. Lugo and Crisp can steal a lot of bases. It is surprising, though, when Youkilis and Lowell swipe some bags.

Nope not the only person, Jeff. =) But I sure got frustrated last season.

But I still wish we had Hanley Ramirez…

Oh so does anybody know why Lester’s outing today was cut short?

Yeah, he felt tightness in his forearm, or pain… hopefully it was just a day to day thing and not an injury…

Yeah, Lester said it was an arm cramp, probably due to dehydration.

Also, to bring up Clemens: he’s been solid for the last three years (his ERA hasn’t been above 3.00 since 2003) but his age is starting to show. Last year he averaged less than six innings per start, and coming back to the AL East isn’t going to help that. The Rocket is still the Rocket, but do the Red Sox really want someone who is going to require a lot of bullpen help every night?

What Papi doing trying to score from 1st, that was funny.

I like the way the Sox are running all over stealing bases left and right.

Long ball(remember the 4 HRs vs that yankee dud) or small ball(bunts and steals) the Sox offense is getting it done. Just waiting for Manny to get hot, Pedroia to settle down and Tek to contribute just a little bit more.

Jeff, I firmly believed last year and over the off season that Beckett would make the necessary adjustments from the NL and prove last season was a fluke. It was rather frustrating though, wasn’t it?

So far this season Julian Tavarez was opposed by Halladay Twice, Chin Min Wang once and his next start will be Vs Johan Santana. Sox won 2 out of the 4 games he started.Not a bad job for a #5 pitcher and unlike those Yankee starters he gives 5-6 innings.

Kumar makes an excellent point, but just to illustrate it a bit more, let me put it this way: Tavarez, our #5 starter, has been matched up against the Top 3 vote-getters for the AL Cy Young Award last season and fared as well as we could have expected.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Okajima’s going to be available tonight so I guess the job of getting lefties out belongs to Romero…yikes. At least we have Donnelly and Paps available after they had last night off.

Also, whoever said they would like to see Varitek contributing a bit more need look no further than our team ERA. If ‘Tek can hit .250 and get a timely hit every once in a while, that will be more than enough. Beckett even said it last night, Varitek deserves as much credit as any of the Red Sox starters.

Tek – .230; Lugo – .250; Pedroia – .190; Crisp – .240; Manny – .220; Drew – .270 (and falling rapidly). Despite this, look what the Sox have done! Imagine how good this team could be if these guys hit just a little.

Uh oh! Josh Beckett is learning to pitch. He’s learning to harness that marvelous “stuff” he has… change speeds, move the ball around, back hitters off the plate…..etc. He’s still just a baby. He could be very good, for a very long time…… and look mom, no more blisters!

Coco should have dived for that two run single in the fifth. That guy simply gives no effort in the outfield. He makes the difficult look routine, and the impossible look spectacular. Way to go Coco!

Maybe Francona should rest Okajima so his head doesn’t fall off. He doesn’t throw hard enough to hurt his arm, but I’m pretty sure if he works four days in a row, his head will fall off. How ugly would that be. What a steal he is!

Speaking of learning to pitch, how about Curt Schilling. If he knew when he was Beckett’s age what he knows now, he might have won 300 games. He got ripped off the other night, should be 4-1. But I’m thinking he’s OK with that, Pap will probably save 8-10 more this year for him before it’s all said and done. Schill will get his 16-17 wins this year.

Right on kumar about Tavarez. I love his passion on the field. He jumps around like a little kid directing infielders where to throw the ball. It’s funny, but really refreshing. It looks like he’s becoming buds with Dice-K too, which will make things easier for Dice-K.

Speaking of Dice-K, if he would just quit falling asleep for one inning a game, he’d be 5-0. Someone tell him “No siestas while pitching.”

So far, so good ….. and it looks like it could get better. Go Sox!

In agree with Zachary, Varitek should be garnering more credit and so should Lugo and CoCo. The two of them have score at least 2 or 3 of the teams runs in the last couple games.

Considering the strength and conditioning coach started this year after coming from a spa in palm beach and not being in baseball since ’97 with the expos, when your team has 6 hamstring injuries in a month, he is doing something wrong. He deserved to be fired and was not a scapegoat, when you fail at something and it puts an entire team in a hole, what would you prefer become of him?

Cashman is taking heat too, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the change in program didn’t work, especialyl when they come out in public and say the players didn’t trust him (marty miller).

Less than one hour ’til gametime! I can’t wait to watch Dice-K again, as I think he will have a much better outing than last time. He seems like the kind of young man who learns from his mistakes right away. He’s a blast to watch, isn’t he? And I agree with Ian, I, too, supported Josh Beckett last year, and had all the faith in the world that he would prove the naysayers wrong. Beckett is the man. He throws some “nasty” stuff, that is for sure! Let’s go, Red Sox, let’s go!

I agree about Coco. He’s really getting started. Wily Mo has the power, Coco has the speed, the fielding and the glove. His AVG is getting up, too. If those 2 can cut down a little on the easy outs, we will get ourselves a pretty dangerous two-headed CF.

As for Dice-K, that fall asleep thing is relatively new. He had no down inning in K.C. nor in Fenway against Seattle. He won the first one and, in the latter, King Felix was just too **** good for us. That whole thing ( where he loses control of the strike zone for one inning )began in Toronto.

The guy is savvy. I’m sure he will figure it out pretty soon.

Hello? Dice-K? Are you awake?

Well i guess he hasn’t figured it out yet, has he ? At least we got 9 innings to come back.

Apparently the Sox (esp. Dice-K) didn’t get the memo that the game that was rained out a few weeks ago was rescheduled for tonight.

Those “1 inning a game” routines are such downers. To give up 1 hit and all those runs is simply unacceptable. He has to find a way to eliminate them ASAP. We got to put the hitting shoes on these last 8 innings, but Ramirez isn’t very good so we should be able to get at least 5 or 6 tonight.

Make that 2 hits

That was awful. What was that? Dice-k seems to have terrible focus. I didn’t want to say this but i think he’s gonna have rough year. This is not something i just came up with tonight. He leaves pitches to high in the zone and has major control problems and that will spell disaster.

Wily Mo the human rally ______

a. Killer

b. Igniter

Lets make it b, cmon Wily

Looks like Dice-K has a 2nd life. He is officially the luckiest man on the planet.

Are either of these pitchers awake tonight? 10 runs in 2 innings. Ridiculous

Typical Red Sox. Dice-K pitches well and they give him no run support, then Dice-K goes Irabu on us and the Sox spot him for 5 or more runs.

Super response.
But that DP leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Still plenty of runs to come.

I’ll go with the Sox, by a touchdown.

The pitchers have a little something to do with that diehard, Ramirez is Terrible with a capital T

No worries man, he’ll come around. I think Farell needs to communicate what he has told JB to Dice-K “don’t throw, pitch, get anyone out antway possible”. Dice-K relies too much on the K. He thinks he can sneak a crafty pitch out of the zone and the following results will ensue:
a. called strike

b. strikeout

It also ha sto be told that this is not Japanese baseball or “AAAA ball”.

But the language barrier is difficult, time will progress.

Wow, Manny does it again and appears to be heating up. That is a great sign, but where is Paps? We need him tonight, this would be a tough pill to swallow

Well, not a good looking win but we’ll take it.
Manny getting started is the highlight of this game, IMO.

And Dice-K, please find the stike zone, buddy.

Alright, Ian, good buddy.. we need you to find out whats up with Paps for us

Cuase that was a terrifying 9th

Paps did throw 35 pitches the other day, probably were just giving him some extra rest.

Romero for the save (almost went bye-bye though), and Dice-K gives up 5 runs in the 1st inning. Talk about a crazy game.

Don’t forget the hug Big Papi gave the 2nd baseman, Betancourt. That was comedy gold. =)

But hey, we won! =)

Vince aren’t u contradicting yourself. U say(on the injuries for all the teams have increased by 14.4 % so far this year and u make Marty Miller the scapegoat for all the problems the yanks are having this season. Considering that the injuries to all teams have increased and the fact that yankees on an average are older than many other teams how can u make a scapegoat out of Marty Miller for the Yanks bad start. Also I read most of the yanks players are not on Marty Miller’s program(Mussina for 1 and Hughes for another). And Damon has these injury problems for the last 3 years(1 year wi Sox and 2 years with the Yanks). U may say Damon is playing even when hurt, I say he hid his injuries from Yanks before signing with them to get that 13 mil a year contract.

I think Cashman made Marty Miller a scapegoat to save himself.

Not Signing Pedro after 2004 – Brilliant.
Not Signing Damon after 2005 and sending his damaged goods to Yankees – Genius.

Credit goes to the redsox medical staff in both these cases.

I think dice-k is putting too much pressure on himself. he just needs to simma and pitch the game his way. cant blame the dude with all the fanfare and talk of his 8 pitches, big contract etc…when all is said and done I think we will get the earlier dice-k as apposed to the recent dice-k. Hope we kick twinkie *** tonight, didnt they destroy us last year?

I hope we get this series, too. The only problem is we’re going back to the toyhouse. That series in the Metradome last year was ****. They should do fine considering its too early for the Twins patented playoff run. It figures though that the Sox get Santana and win the Yanks go over there they don’t.

Last night’s game was awesome-to an offensive standpoint. Don’t u guys just get a happy feeling whenever manny takes 5 mins to run the bases. I just loved the way Manny did his thing with the finger pointing and stuff. He is one heck of a character. But I am somewhat worried about the twins. They’re starting Santana in the series. Also, remember last year when we went to the metrodome? Last year, the Twins were one of the worst teams in the AL. Suddenly the red sox came into town and were swept by the twinkies. Then, suddenly, those twins won more and more games and had more and more sweeps until they became AL central champs. I’m not saying that the twins will easily beat us, but we still have to be careful with the cy young, MVP, and BA winners from last year.

I might be the only one, but i’m somewhat happy that we face Santana in the series. I like those tests.

I know, i know, the first 3 times we faced a true ace this year weren’t exactly a walk in the park ( King Felix and then Roy Halladay twice ). But you gotta admit, guys, that it’s pretty interesting to see our big bats in matchups against the best pitchers outthere. The best vs the best. When that happens, Papi and Manny have fire in the eyes. Like in the playoffs or something.

Not to mention that it’s way more satisfying when you beat them than when you beat, i don’t know, say ………… Horacio Ramirez.

My only concern is : who will be OUR starter for that game ? I mean, is Santana pitching on Saturday or Sunday. Or if you will, will it be our 5th starter or Schill against him ? One thing is sure, it’s Wake vs Silva tonight. Will the bats help him for a change ?

I’m pretty sure that Tavarez is gonna face Santana on saturday. I’m like 80% sure dat its gonna be tavarez to face johan.

OUCH. Let’s just hope he can deliver 2 good outings in a row.
Schill vs Santana would’ve been really exciting.

What’s the song played at the beginning of the 2nd inning?

o man, the twins’ outfield defense is just ridiculous. Kubel took away that double from Mike Lowell. Tough defense.

The WRKO announcer said that Tavarez has had good luck– drew Halladay twice, Wang and now Santana. Yikes.

I am impressed with what the bullpen is doing this season. Even without Paps, Okaji & Donnelly…Snyder, JC yesterday and JC, donnelly and ofcourse Paps today..very very very impresive bullpen. Hope Timlin gets all the rest he needs and gets better and be ready when we really need him later in the season or in the Post season.

Biggest lead in the standing for SOX since the begenning of 1995 season. Sox win…Yanks lose, Jays lose, Devil rays lose… and sox have 6.5 games lead against all the AL East teams.

Pap pitched decently tonight. He did have some suspect control with morneau, but after his fly ball (almost hr), pap was able to settle down. I think that his location was better with the next 2 hitters. What do you guys think?

Nice outing by Wake and the pen.
A long ball and a clutch single, that’s all it took.

We’re 19-9, everyone.

Yanks lose 15-11..they scored 11 runs and still lose by 4 runs that is pathetic…If only Sox had defeated Igawa he would have been back in Japan already.

Looks like the only team the yanks can beat nowadays are the Texas Rangers.

Paps is back by the way after getting all the rest he needed. Great job once again by the bullpen in the last 2 games allowing Paps & Okaji get all the rest they need.

Yanks score 11 runs and still lose by 4 runs agianst Seattle…Sox score 2 runs and still win by 2 runs.

Will Oki be our closer for tomorrow’s game or is Pap good for another 2-in-a-row performance ?

Jerry and Orsillo commented today during game that Okaji is getting the Papelbon treatment from Tito in getting 2 days of rest after the way he pitched so far. That goes a long way in saying the job Okaji did so far this season.

Last Season We had only Paps in the bullpen. This season we have

Paps & Oakji




all the guys in the bullpen are going excellent job so far. And we still have Hansack(replacing Timlin) and Peneiro in the bullpen.

A good old fashion pitcher’s duel. Always good when we win.

Wakefield was just awesome tonight…maybe I should pick him up for one of my fantasy leagues… =)

penwhale brought up a good point; Tavarez has ended up getting such a bad draw in regards to the opposing pitcher. Honestly, he just needs to keep us in games, and not get chased out of the game.

Here’s to hoping he can do that tomorrow for RSN win # 20!


Okaji is well rested and even Paps can pitch if needed tommorrow. It’s Tavarez Vs Santana. So far this season Tavarez face Halladay 2 times and Wang once. Sox won 2 out of those 3 games. I still feel go abt tommorrow’s game even though Tavarez is pitching Vs Cy Young Santana

feel go == feel good

Oki didn’t pitch the last 2 games so he’ll be good to go tomorrow.
Good thing. We might need the pen badly in that one.

TAVAREZ vs SANTANA. Go Joooolian !

Kumar, i didn’t see your post before posting mine.

Sox have 6.5 game lead against every team in Al East.


remember Wakefeild is pitching inside Dome tonight and he has been exceptional inside domes so far in his career. So, u should consider that point before u add Wake in ur fantasy team.

Yanks score 11 runs and still lose by 4 runs that is pathetic.

Guys, do you stick with Coco in CF tomorrow ? I know i do.
But Pedroia should be back at 2nd against the lefty Santana.

If anyone had a video clip of this statement… they would be rich.

Brian Cashman: “Yes, we’re confident going into this season with Pavano and Igawa as our 4 and 5 starters.”

If he actually ever said that with a straight face, he should get out of management and into acting.

He didn’t actually ever say he had confidence in Igawa. He did have faith in pavano but it’s not like you can hide Tommy John problems, this time it’s legit.

Kumar, you seriously have a huge problem with ur addiction to the yankees.

Four posts about the Yankees losing? Does anybody even here care THAT much? You only had three about the sox winning.

Great game, Nation! It was good to see Wake get the W. The bonus was seeing Mirabelli his hitting. And how about Cora? hitting .400 now…I hope they keep playing the hot hand more. I also wanted to say that I am sooooo glad we didn’t sign Carl Pavano. I recalled him saying before signing with the Yankees that he had no interest in pitching for Boston. THANK YOU CARL!! I do feel bad that he’s screwing the Yankees. I’ve never seen such a poor return on investment.

It’s going to be ugly one way or the other tomorrow night for the Yanks. Jeff Weaver on the mound for Seattle. 0-4 record with an 18.26 ERA. 31 hits, 23 runs, in 11 innings. I don’t think I have ever seen a starter’s numbers be that bad… and still have a job. How funny would it be for him to shut down the Yanks? Then again, he’ll probably get knocked out in the second.

To the last poster… It’s Carla Pavano.

Vince to be frank I expected the yanks to win this first match when I saw the pitching match-ups before the games started…The yanks had a 6-0 lead and still lost by 4 runs….On the other hand when I saw Sox Vs Twins pitching match-up ..I expected it to be a pitching dual(remember Carlos Silva didn’t give up more than 3 runs this season in any of his starts) that could have gone either way…I expected Sox -Twins game to be a pitching daul, which it was and sox won. I expected the yanks to win tonight even with all the pitching troubles they have so far this season and they promptly lost pathetically to Seattle. That made my day.

sox win a pitching daul that I expected before it started could go either way.

Yanks lose a game they r supposed to win easily.What do u expect from me?

The yanks won the series Vs Twins 2-1 earlier this season but didn’t face twins best 2 starters(Santana & Silva). Sox beat Twins 2nd best starter countering with their 4th starter. I am happy and trilled.

Yanks lose a game Vs Seattle they r supposed to win. I am very happy and really excited.

Vince, only the ‘can beat only Texas Rangers’ yanks hadn’t been this pathetic u would have something else to post other than my post count.

The yanks pathetic loss deserves more than those 4 posts. By the that game yanks lost today is officially the most pathetic game this season.

On Papelbon, I thought his electric stuff was definately back tonight. He was throwing those 96-97 mph fastballs at will like we’re used to. The only problem though is that he still doesn’t have that Papelbon-esque control. When Pap is in the zone he will put that 97 mph fastball on the black whenever he wants, as apparent by the Texas game early this year, but lately it seems like he can’t locate it. He’s leaving fastballs high and it seems like he is walking a batter every appearance. This has been a recurring theme since the last game of the first yankee series (I think). Pap can get away with it when his fastball is on, but when its not you get what happened on Monday. When he is on he should have struck out Redman and the last guy whos name escapes me and not had them fouling off all of those pitches thus only throwing around 10 or less pitches. As long as Papelbon’s velocity is where we’re used he will be fine with everyone except the all-stars. Until Papelbon can get his control back I wouldn’t be surprised if their are more hits like Morneau’s tonight.

Vince, you’ve been around long enough to know that RSN loves a humiliating Yankee loss just as much, if not more than a Sox win. For example, I still remember when the Yanks lost 22-0 to the Indians.

I don’t know if it is that he is 100% healthy or what, but Wakefield’s knuckleball looks as filthy as I have ever seen it. With Wakefield pitching like he is there is no reason to throw a huge sum of money to get Clemens when the Sox have a staff that is this deep (so far).

No Kumar, their blowing of a 4 run lead in the eigth to their bitter rival is their most pathetic loss of the season, lol. Calm down Vince, just enjoying the Yanks’ **** start before the Yanks go on their usual run.

it was 5-0, not 6-0. And Igawa vs a Mariners starter who has been solid so far? What made you expect a win?

5-0, sort of like the 4-0 the Sox blew a few days ago? One is pathetic, the other isn’t. Right.

It was 3-0, not 4-0 hardly qualifying as pathetic.


What made RSN think the Yanks would win was:

> Igawa’s shutout v. the Sox

> The overwhemling power of the offense

> the pitching match-ups

This may all be short-sighted in terms of predicting the outcome of a game, but we still have a right to be happy about a solid W for our team and a rotten L for yours.

Also correcting the post of a fellow blogger in the form of a score score is harsh.

So please back off Vince, let us revel in the light of winning which you have done on multiple occasions.

Don’t worry about Vince, I have tons of friends who are Yankee fans who are going through the same emotions as him right now…

Step 1: Yanks start off slow, remain calm and confident.

Step 2: Concede victories to the Red Sox in 5 out of 6 by citing the Yankees lack of pitching depth.

Step 3: (Yankees keep losing) Claim it’s only April/May.

Step 4: (where Vince is right now) Get aggravated with your joke of a starting rotation/bullpen, start counting off how many World Series the Yankees have won to make yourself feel better.

Sox are looking really solid all-around, they need to just keep winning games and stretching that lead out.

It’s a funny feeling when I’m more interested in if the Orioles, Devil Rays, and Blue Jays won or not instead of the Yankees. Because, after all, it’s those 3 teams who are tied for 2nd.

I hate the yankees as much as anybody here, but im not going to be blinded by my hatred. Yes the yankees aren’t very good now, and it makes me smile everytime i say it, but we all know sooner than later, they will find some way, (maybe steinbrenner will threaten the lives of the starting pitchers’ families and they start improving) to go on some crazy 29-1 streak in august while the sox fall apart and shrivel up and die. Yes, enjoy it, but dont think it will last forever.

Why are we arguing scores?

Seriously, it boils down the fact that the Yanks lost the Red Sox won. I don’t think we need to get into more detail than that simply because we already know the situation of both teams.

Anything else is beating a dead horse. I can definitely understand Vince’s frustration; heck, we in RSN were there last season.

So let him vent people come on. =)

I’m still not counting out the Yankees, it’s still early May. If this continues in June, then we’ll have something to talk about.

Well, i have to say, Yankees fan or not, Vince is right. I’m a Sox fan and i too think that there’s way too much talks about the Yankees losses.

We just beat a good team on their own field, 2-0, we’re in first place in AL EAST yet we are more preoccupied by a rival’s L than by our own W. I know, i know the rivals are the Yanks and it’s making me smile too when they’re blowing a 5-0 lead, but still …..

Again, WE’RE IN 1ST PLACE. Let’s enjoy that for a while. Believe me, guys, we will have to worry about them soon enough. Good one about Steinbrenner xxsupreme. LOL

Tavarez vs. Santana tonight. It would be a miracle if we pull this one off.

Here’s another mini-prediction around the Yankees demise… The honeymoon phase with Bobby Abreau is just about over. He was a complete loser last year when the Phils dumped him. Complete underachiever in an easy hitters park. He did OK last year blending in with the rest of the big bats. Now that its hard times, he’s batting .252 with 1 homer. He’ll soon get moved from the 3 spot down in the lineup. The boos will start growing… and he’ll degenerate further. If he had any guts, he would have helped the Phils last year when they needed him.

Has anyone ever noticed that when a player absolutly dominates the “Home Run Derby”, they go on a production slump.

Ex. David Wright 3B for the Mets, only hit three home runs the seconn half of the season, he doesn’t have one this year either.

Ex. Bobby Aberu RF for the Yankees, crushed homers like a machine in the 2005 derby but has declined since

Ex. Ryan Howard 1B for the Phillies, showing that he was a force to be redkoned with a season end, his offenseive prowess has be unnoticable.

Another problem with Aberu is that he is not competeing for a spot on the field with Sheffield gone he has no back-up (Melky Cabera, he’s slumping too.) So Aberu does’nt have the motivation to perform.

As for it being a longshot to beat Santana I don’t agree fully, in 6 starts he has given up 4 earned runs in three starts against Baltimore, Tampa and Cleveland.

If the bats get a swingin’ and Tavarez can hold done the fort it will be okay.

Spelling is not my forte, reckoned not redkoned.

Let’s just hope that Santana will wait another start before lowering his ERA to where it should be, ie 2.something.

And what about their 3-4-5 hitters ? Mauer, Hunter, Morneau.

Man ! Please Joolian, be careful !

hahaha Supreme, good one. You guys picked the wrong day to knock on Abreu, he went 3-5 with 3 runs scored last night.RS Jones, good point.

My point is, you guys are in first place. I didn’t rain on your winning parade, my concern is if you can’t recognize Sox victories and revel more in Yankees losses, what are you going to do when the Yankees start winning consistantly? Generate so much hatred you just shrivel up and explode? save the embarressing Yankees loss rants for when they are either A: Back in the race or B: dead.

Doing it now is just setting yourself up for aggravation down the road. Take it from me, I don’t generally rip the Sox until Mid August.


Pretty much what i said earlier.

Yeah me too, and it is awesome being in first but its highly doubtful it will last too much longer and while I have grown accustomed to not finishing in 1st, Obviously I hope we do, I pray we do, but I doubt we will.

I have little doubt about it. I think we’re the class of the AL EAST this year, as long as we stay healthy. I just think that the biggest threat, come August, will come from the Yanks and not from the O’s or Jays or D-Rays.

As usual.

Well, sorry Jays fans. I know you did finish ahead of us last year. How could i forget ?🙂

Thanks for the tip Vince, maybe I should look at box scores more often. It was just a plain general comment of many diferent players. Also when you said “RS Jones, good point”. I couldn’t tell if it was sarcastic or genuine Its diificult to tell the emotion behind a comment.

The depth chart on the Yankees site says that the team is running a 4 man rotation of Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, and Igawa, is Chase Wright still in there?

Completely genuine.

haha no, no 4 man. Matt desalvo starts tomorrow and I believe Darrell Rasner on Monday. My gut tells me one of them will pan out, but that still leaves the Yankees with 3 solid pitchers and one passable one. Igawa’s stock is falling fast but he obviously will be run out there until Karstens, Hughes or a trade happens.

This season is shaping up to be a Red Sox lead by bout 5 or 6 games at the asb and then a ridiculously hot Yankees team after the all star break. I have no doubt Phil Hughes has an excellent second half and the 3 big guys stay healthy. Of course if Clemens is here by the end of the month, I think he’d make a solid 5th guy to finish off the staff (not 5th starter, but a 5th pitcher in general).


Yeah, I don’t think the Rocket would settle as a fifth starter, but again he wants to go to and I qoute “a playoff team” at the time of the signing, if the Yanks are still on this track I doubt he would sign with them.

Pettitte, Mussina, and Wang…darn good rotation if it weren’t for injuries and whacky pitching schedules (in Pettitte’s case). As for Wang, well I sure ate crow last season (I’m sure you may remember that Vince, lol) and if he settles down today, he’ll be fine also. Hughes, well, he was doing quite well until that injury came up, so I’m still wondering about him.

We all know the Yanks can hit, so once the starting rotation settles down, I won’t be counting them out one bit. The bullpen would be great too had they not been worn out to death.

But hey, if they’re stuck in the AL East basement for a long enough period of time, that’ll be enough to keep the distance from the Red Sox =)

I think Red Sox fans know better than anyone, except maybe the Dalai Lama and advanced yogis of the Himalayas, the importance of living in the moment. Sox fans party like sailors when the Sox are in first, knowing that in all likelyhood it will not last, and we get suicidal when the late-season freefall happens. You can see it here on this blog, the posts are almost dancing!
This year appears to be shaping up for a real dog-fight in August and Sept. The Sox are stronger than in recent years and the Yanks are weaker, so it should be very close at the end. The Yanks are having their disaster now, and we all know the Sox wait to have theirs later in the year. Things will even up, I beleive.

I agree….let’s enjoy this run and hopes it continues. The Yanks are hitting adversity now rather than later. The Sox tend to hit in August….though I have a good feeling about this team. When, not if, they hit a rough patch, I hope the balance and depth will carry them through it. We know the Yanks will be there near the end. The Sox should be too. On another note, Manny looks to be closing in on 1000 XBH..could happen sometime in September if Manny being Manny means averaging 70-80 xbh’s each season.

Here’s my random hypothetical for this blog:

If the Sox win the division and Yankees win the wildcard, but Sox lose in the ALDS and Yankees lose in the ALCS, how do you view this season?


I would consider it to be a disappointing season for both teams since expectations are through the roof (ie. World Series title) for both cities. Of course, it either team is 15 games out of first in August and achieves the goals you mentioned, there would be positives to take out of it….but as of may 5th, the expectations are still for a WS title.

Not cause of the Yanks, but the early exit.

A title followed by an ALDS loss would be a tough pill to swallow, no matter the executioner.

But i would be cheering for the Yanks opponents in ALCS, that’s for sure.

To answer your question the way you meant it ( i guess !), yes i think the playoffs are more important than the season, cause what’s the point to have a title if you lose in 4 in ALDS.

But we just can’t separate those two “seasons”, since the first allows you to get into the latter. And it brings smiles in the faces.:)

Although I do not post here very often I enjoy reading the post that you all leave. As I have said in the past as with most if not all Sox fans I dislike the Yankees. That being said I am not near naive enough to believe that a team with that much pride and history is not going to find a way to get some much needed pitching help. I also believe that this year the Sox match up very well with the Yankees and should not need to hope for losses by the Yanks in order to contend for the division. I have no doubt that the Yanks will get a good run going and that as it should be, it will be the Sox and yanks fighting it out at the end. Vince I appreciate your level headed comments without all the **** that is usually associated with an opposing fan posting on another teams site. LETS GO RED SOX!

I’m so confused by these comments about how it’s going to “be a dogfight in August and September” between the Sox and the Yankees. How do you figure? Nothing about the 2007 Yankees (as of now) suggests they will be contending at the end of the season. And listen, I’m all for paying respect to a great franchise, but they have got more problems than they can deal with right now and are losing ground in the AL East by the day.

Johnny Damon’s back, Bobby Abreu’s lack of power, a struggle to find a balance between offense and defense at 1B, a shallow starting rotation, and an exhausted bullpen.

I thought this whole mentality of “living in the moment” as a Red Sox fan ended when they won in 2004. I suggest we give ourselves and our team a little more credit and enjoy the fact that we have a powerful lineup, an elite starting rotation, and a top closer. So stop looking over your shoulders, because come September the Yankees probably aren’t going to be there at this rate.

Then again, Cashman will probably dump his whole “rebuild from the inside” philosophy and dish out a ton of money for some help, but it will probably result in another powerhouse Yankee lineup on paper but translate into no success in (and if they get to) the playoffs.

The whole “dogfight” commentary is due to the fact that the Yankees have a track record of success the last 10-15 years. I don’t think it’ll be a dogfight if their issues keep up, but I think the commentary reflects upon the fact that we simply can’t count the Yankees out.

Perhaps this year could be a transition year for the Yankees kind of like how we had one last season and how the Braves did as well.

I maintain my point : our biggest challenger for the AL EAST title will be the Yanks.

Lineup, Mo, pride, money, whatever the reasons. They’ll be there. And so will we. That being said, i’m not looking over my shoulder. I let the Sox front office do that.

And they do, of that i’m sure.

Wow…perfect game until the 8th inning. If I were a Yankee fan I’d go give Wang a hug. =)

I wonder when we’ll see that on our pitching staff…

I agree that the Yankees are not out of contention, but it is ridiculous to say that just because they have done well the last decade that they will automatically be a threat in August. Like the Braves of last year, this year’s version of the Yankees is just not that good. They are not just a starter here and a reliever there away from being solid. Their pitching staff is in shambles. Brian Cashman has all that money to play with, and yet he fields a rotation and bullpen like this. Didn’t he learn anything from last year – by watching the Sox and by watching his own team crumble in the playoffs against Detroit. Great offense and poor pitching is not a recipe for success. Solid pitching and productive offense is. Like I said, I don’t think the Yankees are out of it. Tampa Bay isn’t either. Yet Cashmanis going to have to make some deals, and the Yankees are going to have to get a one-year wonder like Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon, if they are going to contend for a wild card spot by August.


Zach if you think Cashman will trade the farm, you haven’t followed Cashman very closely. Sure he may trade a prospect(s) (like he did to get abreu) but it will not be any of the numerous blue chip prospects in the system. Like the Red Sox, the Yankees have 5 top 100 prospects in minor league baseball starting with Hughes who will make an impact THIS season. Damon played hurt last year and was still effective, this year there are no broken bones in his body. Abreu did not have power and he doesn’t need to. That whole misconception is stupid. He needs to get on base and he had a bad April, it is changing already here on may 5th and he is hitting the ball hard again. When he gets on base, A Rod is much better, so he doesn’t need to have power. Matsui is also back in the lineup and hot hitting, which makes Abreu’s power even more of a non issue. Add Giambi to the mix and Abreu’s power is simply a wasted statement.

The only potentially damning problem the Yankees have is their rotation for the next 2 months or so. Pettitte, Mussina and Wang are finally all healthy and regaining their stamina. I have no doubt between Desalvo, rasner and Igawa, one person will step up to keep the 4 spot warm. the Yankees need an additional pitcher, that is their main issue. The bullpen is already starting to rest up (thanks a lot to Myers yesterday) so they will regain the talent you saw when the season first started. When three guys eat innings instead of one, the bullpen improves. That’s where we’re at now.

Hughes, to a lesser extent Clemens, will build one of the better rotations come early July, where the Yankees will have four solid starters and an offense that will score well over 900 runs. That is why you fear them.

And anybody, anywhere that thinks Wang had a fluke season last year or is not the real deal is simply joking themselves at this point. Hate to draw comparisons, but against the same lineup that lit up Matsuzaka and Igawa, Wang threw 8 innings, gave up 2 hits, 1 run and faced 25 batters. Maybe it was that they couldn’t handle three asians in a week, realistically it is because Wang does not get enough credit for his ace status.

Jeff, the last few seasons is only the beginning of a Yankees fans source of confidence. The rotation WAS in shambles. Since you made that analysis Wang and Mussina returned and both look sharp. Look no further than their last two starts. Wang threw around 100 pitches through 8 and is back to where he was last year after 2 good but not great starts. Mussina will probably take 1 or two more turns to be in full form, but he still had his stuff. They are one starter away from having a good enough staff to win a lot right now with their lineup and to rebuild their bullpen to what it was. When Hughes comes back, assuming they can grab somebody, clemens or otherwise, then you’re talking an extremely solid rotation, an elite offense, a reliable bullpen and a good defense. That is why they will stay in contention. If you want to look at it from an optimistic sox point of view, after the chicago series 12 games from now, the Yankees face a very tough schedule without Hughes and probably anyone else in support. If they make it through that and have a sight of first place, then we have a division chase this year. Jeff, in case you haven’t noticed, the Yankees are 4-1 in their last five and have had two starters go into the 7th with no hitters, along with 3 quality starts and five innings of 1 run ball from the returning Mussina. Shambles? Really?

I don’t know if it’s the sarcasm that seems to come out in almost all of your posts, but you can’t say that Wang did well against the same lineup that Dice-K and Igawa struggled against. There are so many more variables that go into it. The Seattle batters also did not have to bat in the shadows while the pitcher was throwing in the sun on Thursday and Friday. There also was no Beltre today who is a much better hitter than Bloomquist, as well as Vidro not playing. By those standards, Tomo Ohka and Gustavo Chacin who beat the Sox earlier in the year are better than Pettitte and Wang who lost.

Attaboy Dustin. Clutch hit.
Great way to keep your spot in the lineup.

The senor EZ is spinning a beauty tonite. If you asked me he has outpitched Santana through 5. However, our bats must wake up with RISP save for that Pedroia double. We will have 3 innings against their pen, b/c his pitch count is nearly 100 already.

Nevermind he is out already, this game is most definetly ours to take.

Like you said, too many RISP left on . Another one here.

I don’t have NESN and the announcers on Gameday Audio don’t talk about the bullpen.

Who’s warming up in the pen for us ? If there’s someone.

I am ALWAYS THE 1ST one to criticize Senor Ez, tonight so far I have to eat a little crow or humble pie, depending on which course you want me to have. He’s had more control tonight in 5 than I’ve seen him have in, well, forever! Good job Julian Tavarez. Now we just need some bats (really really hot ones) to get this one in the W column!!LET’S GO SOX!!! By the way, I love the tie for 2nd place in the East!~!
But I am a firm believer that the Yanks will not stay down… It’s just not in their nature to do so. We need to be VERY VERY aware of that and not become complacent/

Ellen or Rizzo, can you help me here ? Is there someone in our pen ? I’d like to know if Devern Hansack will pitch tonight.

Kudos to Tavarez. Gave us a chance to win.

Where’s Coco and why is Wily Mo in there. This is feutal attempt by Francona to bolster the offense. Crisp with his spped probaly would have scored at least once in this game with his speed and Pedoria swinging a hot bat.

Coco is a switch hitter but Tito keeps playing Pena vs lefties.

I’m listening to the radio broadcast as well rsox, so I’m as lost as you are knowing about the pen situation.

LOL Thanks rizzo. I guess there’s nothing to know right now. I’d really like to see ( hear ) Hansack pitch tonight.

I want to know why Wily Mo is still here. Last year when he played back up in right, he stunk it up but good. I know that’s a tough right field to play, but now he’s smelling up center as well!!! I know that he has the potential (eventually) of a Manny or maybe even Papi, but at what cost will we keep him on the roster??? And, I’ve kept quiet about this soooo long it’s absolutley killing: JD DREW, this is what we paid 14 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR FOR??? WOW, I just don’t see the attraction…….

I know that I criicize the announcers alot, but I think that these are the BIGGEST STINKING HOMERS I HAVE EVER HAD TO LISTEN TO!!!!

My sarcasm was with the rotation in shambles comment, nothing else.

You’re splitting peas right now, the Mariners are the Mariners, they got to Matsuzaka twice with whatever lineup you want to say. Are you going to compare who was in or not in every lineup everytime you compare two pitchers? No, so let it go. It’s one thing to feel your rotation is better, or that matsuzaka will one day be better than Wang, but right now there was no comparison whatsoever, matsuzaka was not in the same realm in his matchup with the Mariners as Wang tonight. And i’m going based on performance, not on if they won or not, you have no issue bringing up every variable humanly possible for the matchup, but then consider winning without a second thought to all that goes towards that? Come on now, give credit where credit is due.

Piniero is pitching very well of late, if he can give them something like this on a daily basis that is another bullet in our bullpen chamber. Last licks with the top of the order, my common sense tells me 1-2-3 inning, but my fan side is saying Manny 2 run bomb.

Ellen, did you ever listen to the White Sox crew ? They make every other announcers look impartial.

Santana gone after 5 IP.
12 men LOB in a 2-1 loss.

Here’s your game story.

Yeah, I’ve heard them too, I guess it’s six of one/half a dozen of another,,,, in other words they’re all equally as bad, of course except for RemDawg and Orsillo! (LOL) BUT, the bhuthhead Yankee guys are THEEE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!

Go figure, Tavarez pitches like an ace, and the offense goes cold in the clutch. Come on, we left a dozen guys on base! The Sox need to start hitting in the clutch!!

That whole concept behind Wang being better than Matsuzaka is possibly one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read. You’re comparing pitchers based on isolated performances, so I’m sure I could find two box scores which might suggest that Hideki Irabu is better than Roger Clemens.

As for your optimism regarding the Yankees starting rotation, how do you figure Mussina is going to be back to form? His fastball is topping out at 85 mph and face it, he’s no Greg Maddux and can’t get away with that in the AL East. I have always said that Wang is the Yankees ace, he is an excellent pitcher. But to think that the coddled Philip Hughes is going to be your legitimate 3 starter is incredibly short-sighted. He injured himself in his 2nd start in the big leagues and I’ve read he’ll be out anywhere up to a month and a half.

It seems to me that Yankee fans keep wanting to extend the baseball season until all of their players are healthy, but the truth is that injuries happen. Varitek, Wakefield, Coco–Sox dealt with it last year and now it’s the Yankees turn.

zachary, i wish you were right, but for some reason the yankees are blessed to be able to turn a dissapointing season into another postseason appearance. the yanks had lots of injuries last yr and still did it, so dont count them out, this could be just another dissapointing season for RSN

Mussina was topping out at 85 when he pitched injured his first two innings of the season. He was back to 90 in his last start when all of his stuff was back to normal, and he just lacked stamina, that’s how I figure.

My point is if you consider Matsuzaka ace material, you have to consider Wang, winner of 19 games last season and in a microcosm much more dominant than matsuzaka against the same team, an ace as well. Never did I say Wang will be a better pitcher than Dice-K, but you look at a 5+ ERA and you can never point to a time in Wang’s young career in the majors when he was sporting that. And yes, I realize there is an adjustment period.

The Whitesox announcers are the worst on the planet.

Tavarez just got…screwed. =(

He pitched EXTREMELY well and we go out and go nothing. Rem-Dawg and Don were talking about how he made adjustments with his delivery and boy it showed. Our offense just died out there tonight. Granted it was Santana pitching tonight, but he wasn’t himself today at all. Perhaps talks about his contract are getting to him? Who knows…

Pineiro…is just wowing everybody at the moment, that’s for sure. So our pitching coach…he’s from the Indians right? If so, well go figure, look at their staff and bullpen, pretty good over the years (e.g. C.C. Sabathia).

As for Wang, I’ll admit I completely ate crow last season, and after today’s start, he’s definitely ace material. If we’re gonna count Dice-K as ace material, then I agree with Vince, Wang HAS to be counted as well.

Mussina and Pettitte may get the official title of ace starter (Mussina I’d gather since he’s been around). We need to realize that Mussina was doing badly in the beginning of the season because of injuries. Look at his last start; he was on a pitch count but pitched quite well.

I don’t see how Hughes is coddled though Zachary…but I’ll go with it, lol.

As for the injuries to the pitching staff in general. Hamstring injuries really don’t make much sense. Granted it seems lame to blame it on a strength and conditioning coach, but if his routines made no sense (from what I’ve read I they haven’t), then yeah a change needed to be made.

I still have to say Michael Kay isn’t a great announcer. “See ya!” is just a bit lame. The rest of the YES staff is fine. The White Sox announcers…don’t get me started. And I hate the FOX announcers, although the only one I enjoy Buck. McCarver just pisses me off.

I will take that from Tavarez… He pitched really well today. The offense was cold tonight.So far this season he did a very good job except for 2 games. He had 2 really bad games 1st games Vs Texas & one against Toronto. I will take that from our 5th starter anyday.

Sox have a couple of easy games comming up. They should take advantage and strech that lead over the rest of the AL East.

After tommorrows game Sox go to Toronto. No Halladay and No Cachin. Should take 2 of 3 or even a sweep is not out of question. But Toronto always plays Sox well. Then 3 Vs Baltimore at home.

The organizations philosophy is OBP, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t bring the runs in to home plate.

Pacol, Hughes is notorious for being coddled by the Yankees in his minor league career. He was drafted in 2004 but the Yankees refused to bring him up at any point before urgency set in this season. His minor league coaches repeatedly stated that he was ready to pitch at the major league level but Cashman did not want to bring him to the majors yet. Of course the Yankees rotation fell to shambles and there was a debate of what’s more important: the team right NOW or Philip Hughes development/psyche. Obviously the major league club’s interests were fulfilled and it landed Hughes on the DL for 4-6 weeks.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that they wanted to protect Hughes, but when the organization puts so much pressure on one player, it’s hard to predict how he will react. Since Especially in New York.

And for the last time, I admit that Wang is an ace. In fact, I don’t even have to admit it, look at his numbers. I’m not that stubborn that I won’t give him credit. But he is probably the only Yankee pitcher as of now that I would be reticent for the Sox to face with Tavarez on the mound. Everybody else seems completely hittable. As of now, mind you.

And Dice-K is most certainly not our ace this season. That title goes to Beckett, and then Wakefield, and then Schilling. Of course a lot will probably change, but right now we can’t just base him off of potential and scouting reports. Until he proves he can throw 6-7 consistent innings a game with no mental breakdowns, I’d rather see Josh on the hill in a big situation.

So Zachary your saying the Sox rotation is:






The ace spot belongs to the vetrean/leader pitcher aka Schilling. The 2nd spot is for your 2nd best pitcher aka Beckett, and so down the line. A teams ace doesn’t change because of recent performance. Match-ups are play a crucial role in the make-up of a rotation. Anyways you can’t bomb on Matsuzaka. He has made some mistakes, out of distraction from hype.

The Seattle starts were flukes. The over all distractions got to him (Ichiro etc.) also the starts against the Yankees are the same(rivarly etc.). Also he made two CONSECUTIVE starts against the Yankees, talk about pressure. It is a new ballgame for him in the MLB, give him time. It probally doesn’t help that he is being compared to failures like Irabu and Nomo, talk about a confidence reducer.


Hughes has technically been “coddled” as he should be. The theory behind his progression is a common one among young phenoms. There was a study done that stated if a young man’s arm threw 20-25 more innings each year, he would not destroy it. That is what they have done with Hughes. Hughes has had the fastball to pitch in the majors since he was 18, it is his changeup and curveball which seem to be ready that he was working on the last two years. That last start he seemed to figure out how to locate them, which is the final step besides stamina.

Two years ago Hughes threw 120 innings. Last year 142. This year he is on pace for 160ish. The reason they wanted to bring Hughes up in 2008 was because he would be ready to throw 180, which is more or less the normal amount for a major leaguer. However, with the injuries and the incompetance, the Yankees decided they would rather keep him on a leash in the majors where he can throw some quality innings, rather than waste the 160 in the minors. That is where he’s at now.

The hamstring injury had nothing to do with rushing him unless you buy into the fact he was overthrowing and would not have done it in AAA and it screwed up his mechanics.

The one saving grace is with this injury, Hughes probably ends up with 160 innings anyway, held to 100 pitches per game instead of the 5-6 inning leash they had him on in the minors.

Matsuzaka will be fine. He obviously has an arsenal of tremendous pitches. And he has dominated at every level (Japanese league, exhibitions against MLB All-Stars, World Baseball Classic). Once he makes some adjustments – determining which pitches to throw in different situations – he will be effective throughout the entire game. It might take awhile, though. Be patient. Give him time. He is a special pitcher, and will be one of the best in the game.


I don’t know how rsjones construed my comments on Matsuzaka as “bombing on him” but that is definitely not the case. I love him just as much as the rest of us and want him to do well, but right now both Dice-K and RSN are pressing a bit.

Take his last start for example, he gave up 7 runs in 5 IP, yet everybody just wants to point to “that one bad inning” as his downfall and ignore the fact that he just isn’t getting it done right now for the price Theo and Co. shelled out. The guy could have 25 more starts where he pitches masterfully except for “that one bad inning” and it won’t mean a thing because he will end up with a high ERA and a low amount of wins.

I am completely confident that Matsuzaka is going to finish this year with 15+ wins and solid numbers which he will continue to improve upon in the coming years, but as of now let’s stop pretending he is some sort of Godsend and call it what it is: a 5.45 ERA, a 1.32 WHIP, and a lack of composure in pressure situations. For $102 million, he shouldn’t get caught up in the battles with Ichiro or the Sox-Yanks rivalry.

As for that makeshift rotation that rsjones created, no. That’s obviously not how a major league pitching rotations works and I’m sure you know that. You don’t rework it based upon the first 6 starts. What I was saying is that right now, I would prefer to have Beckett on the the mound in an important game, and then Wakefield, and then Schilling. I know that Schilling had one bad outing, but Wakefield could easily be 6-0 this season. He has gone 5+ IP in every one of his outings, has not given up more than 3 ER in any of them, and has an ERA of 2.11.

Roger Clemens just announced he is coming back to the Yankees.

Clemens will help but we must make it clear that the lineups of the D-Rays, Blue Jays, O’s and Red Sox are just a tad bit tougher than the Pirates, Cards, Reds, Brewers and Cubs of 06. He will be better than the Chase Wrights, Rasners and Karstens of the world, but I don’t believe he will make them the clear cut favorite to win the Series.

Yeah just heard the new abt Clemens. Clemens definetly helps the yanks rotation.

Rizzo, I don’t either but a rotation of Wang, Pettitte, Clemens, Mussina and Hughes is no longer a “problem” down the stretch this season, rather the opposite.

I agree that the rotation is no longer a problem, he will definetly be durable, that is something you can count on. But how effective can he be against much deeper lineups, that is what we have to wait and see on. This just makes the rivalry that much greater throwing Clemens into the fray once again.

As you said early Zachary, “everyone is entitled to their opionon”.

The Clemens signing isn’t much of worry. As rizzo said the AL East is tougher than the NL Central. Anyways Roger said he would be conditioning and pitching in the minors for another month. The signing doesn’t provide instant relief for the pitching woes. Hughes is out 4-7 weeks, Pavano the entire season with Tommy John’s surgery, and Karstens on the DL for 3 months. This signing sets the Yanks up for a better 2nd half of the season.

The Yankees need to get along on their own for the remainder of this month. In case you haven’t noticed, they have thrown better of late. This will be the first time presumably that Pettitte, Mussina and Wang all throw comfortably a full time through the rotation. rasner was solid today, the team has given up 4 runs in 32 innings from their rotation if not for the Igawa start in five games.

Between Rasner, Desalvo and Clippard, somebody needs to pitch well for three weeks pretty much and then Clemens returns. And then about two weeks later, Hughes returns.

And I expect Clemens to post around a 4.00 ERA, considering he was around 2 in the NL, I think that is completely realistic. Considering Pettitte, Wang, Mussina and maybe even Hughes will all have around that ERA, that’s a pretty **** good rotation to add to the best offense in the league. A great rotation, as i’m sure you have learned in Boston this season, improves the bullpen. The yankees defense also has 2 errors in 15 games now, so there are no problems there.

Great Vince, ready for some competition. This is what summer is all about.

I ******* hate the Yankees

I can’t believe that they got Clemens. Oh well, i guess we’re gonna have some Clemens-Schilling classics or maybe even Clemens-Beckett or Clemens-DiceK. This signing does somewhat scares me. Are any of you guys worried?

**** it.
Would’ve prefered to see him in Houston.

Oh well, let’s use the money to go get a big bat. Todd Helton, anyone ?

I hope roger gets injured in the minors

Clemens is just going to add to the sound of the thud. It’s always more interesting when you slow down to view a car wreck when there is a nice expensive one in the mix. Clemens is due for a rude awakening when we realizes this isn’t the NL Central anymore. His ERA the last 2 years in NY were 3.91 and 4.35, so I doubt he will do better than that 4 years later.

so what was the fool’s reason for signin with the yanks, the giant bag of 28 million dollars?

He said he wanted to win a WS, so I thought hed go to the team that was doing the best, but the yankees were doing the worst out of the three.

what a sellout.

Nice analogy rayman.

And now that the Yanks signed Clemens, won’t that make an AL East title that much sweeter? Plus I can’t wait to hear the reaction Clemens gets in his first start at Fenway.

Roger might wish he hung up the cleats when he’s looking for an easy W against that tough Toronto lineup instead of Pittsburgh. In all seriousness though, he is arguably the greatest pitcher of all time so there really is no limit on what type of numbers he could put up this year. With that being said, Muhammad Ali made one too many comebacks and look what happened to him.

Clemens was saying that one reson he joined was to teach the young pitching, which team has the better youngsters the . . . Red Sox not the . . . Yankees.

ex. papelbon, beckett, lester, matsuzaka

In the minors: bucholz, bowden,

sorry that last comment was far from finihed I accidentally posted it. Disregard anythiny I said. Vince please spare me.

RS, you’re starting to get the hang of this.

Zach, comparing a guy who gets the **** punched out of him for a living to a guy who throws fastballs in a strikezone is a little absurd.

spin the story any way you’d like, I already expressed my opinions here:

…also into the comment section. 10 wins and a 4.00 ERA goes a long way towards the replacement player, the bullpen rest, the momentum and the standings.

Supreme, maybe Clemens is just not shortsighted?

Well Vince, obviously he is, but i guess i made the mistake of thinking hed go by the guidelines he himself (at least i thought) made up. And while im not dumb enough to rule the yankees out of being a threat i nthe division, i am dumb enough to rule them out of a favorite for the WS title, but whatever, nothing i can change, just hope he ends up regretting this decision.

Thanks for the mercy.

These last few comments do not mean i have joined “the dark side”, or bow down to its so-called greatness.

lol I doubt you get accused of that here. I think it’s pretty clear that most of this blog is Boston, but civil, Red Sox fans. As a Yankees fan it’s refreshing, you go places and read comment sections like mlbtraderumors or even some Yankees sites themselves and the people are complete ****** who base everything on emotion and washed up distorted stats.

While your on the computer visit and search DAVID ORTIZ SPORTSCENTER COMMERCIAL. Watch the video, its laugh out loud material.

Haha i saw this on spn, thought it was the funniest thing ive ever seen, and while your on youtube search blue jays commercials they have a bunch-Frank Thomas, AJ Burnett, Lyle Overbay and troy glaus, maybe more, most of them are pretty funny

The David Ortiz SC commercial is hilarious. =)

And now, Clemens is back with the Yankees…hmm this shall get interesting. Lets give it a month and see where the chips will fall, shall we?

The AL East just got a whole lot more interesting… =)

Thanks for the suggestion Supreme. they were pretty funny, the Frank Thomas commercial was the best.

My new dunce icon: <:0

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