No O's (for me)

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll be out all weekend. I was actually at Fenway today as a paying spectator. A four-hour game is a little more bearable when you don’t have to work, but I must say, baseball was not meant to be played in four-hour increments.

Beckett puts his 7-0 record to the test on Mother’s Day. His starts have been elevated to "must watch", so, yes, I think i’ll able to sneak to a TV tomorrow.

Sitting right near the third base dugout today, I got a good look at Kevin MIllar — who didn’t start — yapping away. The man has a gift for gab. When he got into the game and reached third, Mike Lowell seemed to smile every time Millar opened his mouth. Always good to see one-five.

Anyway, I’ll be back at Fenway Monday for the Tigers. Just wanted to check in.

Talk to you later,



So is a four hour game when you are working unbearable?

The American Association (later to be re-named the American League) was founded on the ideals that baseball should be played in the afternoon, into the summer evenings, a social gathericng place (as in Millars case), and a place to enjoy youself. Pretty much what Ian described.

When I don’t have anything to do for the day/night, I don’t mind the 4+ hour games at all.

Beckett is going for win #8 this afternoon and I have a good feeling about it. Sox need to get to the O’s young pitcher early because we’ve seen how dominant JB can be when pitching with the lead.

I’m off topic here, and kind of late, but does anybody know what are the mechanical adjustments we’ve heard about in Dice-K’s delivery ? I mean, except for the obvious slower pace, but that’s not mechanical.

Happy mother’s day, Ellen.

I don’t know about how anyone else feels about clemens going to the dredded Yanks, but this is my first blog. Yes I am a virgin!!! Anyway Has anybody talked about it? Cuz for me who cares? He’s what 45? At 28 mil the Yanks can have him. Of course if he were to have come here instead I would not be hating it, but he is not. So good luck Mr. 5 to 6 inning man. I really do hope we hit the heck out of you!

Oh ya we discusses the rockets red glaring mistake. pretty much the same sediments across the board. If you check Ians previous blog im sure you will find what your looking for. GO-Beckett-Go-Sox!

LOL. Manny is the only player dats not using the pink bat. I guess dats just Manny being Manny LOL!!

Beckett looks dominant again today, except for the first inning when that error really hurt him. The bats have been hitting some shots so far but the wind must be our enemy. 2nd and 3rd time through against Guthrie should be better for the offense. I’m still confident Becks can go to 8-0.

Uh oh. Kyle Snyder is warming up. Beckett has only thrown like 65 pitches. I reeli hope this isn’t a blister.

He’s out so no win but hopefully it is something that is only day-to-day, like a blister and not an arm thing.

Irritation to the right middle finger. Dats wat took JB out of the game.

Nothing serious, thats a relief. A big sigh was just let out by RSN

Torn skin is what ESPN is saying, last time that happened to him he landed on the DL.

WOW ! Can you believe it ? Thanks Kevin, you shouldn’t. Little sad for him, though.

Beckett still undefeated with that improbable comeback. Whenever I think they can’t do it, they pull me back in and show why you have to Keep the Faith!!!!!

Kevin still working for us undercover😉


You’re right though it wasn’t really his fault, Ray should have caught it and Julio may have beat it anyway. Through the quarter pole of the season it has been really exciting

We’ll never know, but Lugo said he thought he would’ve been safe anyway. Well, it’s what you do, not how you do it.

And now those Tigers.

Did they just win the game? Unbelievale..I still can’t believe it.

Absolutely insane… would have liked to see JB go 8-0, but i just hope hes ok.

7-0 is a lot better than 7-1, the Sox just pulled one out of nowhere in that 9th.

Once Wily Mo singled to left, I started to feel like the comeback was possible. How big has Varitek been in late-inning situations? It seems like he loves to rake it to left field (vs. Mariano and now Ray).

This win was huge for so many reasons, but mainly because now that the Sox have been down to their final 2 outs and down 5 runs, nothing seems impossible anymore. Huge morale boost and hopefully they can parlay it into a successful series against some very strong Detroit pitching.

Great hustle by Lugo on that last play, I thought he would have been safe regardless.

Varitek rakes it to right field I meant. He does it from the left side of the plate, my bad.

Me and my friend are arguing about who would have taken the loss if the red sox didn’t have that rally. He says that because Becket left with an injury before the fifth inning that he would not have had the loss. Can someone help me out i cann’t find it in the rule books.

If Beckett threw one pitch in the first inning and gave up a run, then left with an injury and the Sox eventually lost without ever tying/taking the lead, the loss goes to Beckett.

There is no necessary amount of innings to “qualify” for a loss whereas you must go 5 innings to qualify for a win.

My guess is Beckett would’ve been the loser. I’m not sure if there’s a rule about injuries. The 5 IP rule is for the W only, i believe.

Well, i guess i’m late !

Yeah, good call Zach, if Beckett left trailing and the Sox never came back, Beckett gets the loss.

Hi, All:

If you have time, be sure to listen to Sox and Pinstripes Radio tonight at 8:30. The theme is Sox and Yankees top prospects, and we have Jonathan Singer of and E.J. Fagan, an expert on the Yankees farm system, as our guests. You can access the show and get the call-in number by clicking on the BLog Talk Radio button on the left column of With both teams boasting lots of promising prospects, this will be an interesting show.


I did listen to that show tonight. Very interesting. Especially Jonathan Singer. If they keep having interesting and well informed guests like those two, it will become a can’t miss radio show for the true Sox or Pinstripes fans.

Good morning, Sox Fans!

Man, what a crazy ending to yesterday’s game. Error-assisted though it was, a win is a win, and that one was pretty exciting. Personally, from the replay I think Lugo would have been out, but it’s academic at this point.

Nice to see Wily Mo actually come through in a clutch hitting situation. I have to admit I was not very hopeful when I heard he was batting in Manny’s spot. I was sure Francona was kicking himself for having taken Manny out at that point.

I have an off-topic question for anyone who can answer it: who picks the music that gets played when a given player comes up to bat? The reason I ask is that I was at Saturday’s rout of the Orioles, and I noticed that the same snippets of the following songs were played each time these players came to the plate:

Lowell: “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath (Makes sense, he’s known for playing a lot of games in a season.)

Varitek: “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down (Obvious Superman reference.)

Ramirez: “The Final Countdown” by Europe. (Huh? Who picked this one?)

Please don’t tell me the players pick the tune they want played when they come up to bat. I’d hate to go through life thinking Manny was a Europe fan.

Good question. I always assumed the players picked their music.
No accounting for taste, as they say. And anyway, why would you think that Manny, of all people, would have good musical taste? He’s a little eccentric, by all accounts.

Congrats on your guys’ win yesterday, that was some comeback. As far as the walkup music for the hitters I’m pretty sure they get to pick the song but if your wondering about Manny he probably just told the dude who does the music to play whatever he wanted to, you guys know how Manny is.

One thing is sure, Manny and the Europe guys have something in common : they all need hair cuts .🙂

The players pick their own music.

Don’t you remember a couple of years back when Manny asked the sound guy to play some really obscene rap song that was unedited. Manny ended up getting fined, so Europe isn’t looking too bad at this point.

They sure pick their own songs. They must have 3 or 4.

And i’m pretty sure that when a player is in a slump, changing his walkup song is one of the moves he will make to shake things up. We all know how superstitious they can be.

Any predictions for the tigers series. We have the bottom end of our rotation going….funny how our bottom end is better then most top ends…Im hoping sweep, im thinking 2-3, tigers have some good pitching of there own. Im thinking Dice-K keeps up where he left off in Toronto.

3-1 or sweep. I’m not sure which, yet…

oooops just noticed it’s a 4 ******…lol, please forgive my lack of research. In that case I’ll hope for a sweep, but im thinking 3-1 would be a good result. Got Dice-K going tonight in my pool, took him last week too. Gotta a good feeling about tonight’s game.

man i said a word that rhymes with hanger above and it was deleted???????

Split, or maybe 3-1 if i push a little. I don’t like the Tavarez – Maroth matchup on Wednesday and the Tigers ain’t the O’s. Hottest team in the AL right now.

Of course, a sweep would be sweet.

At least we avoid Bonderman.
Or, if you prefer, Mr K.

This is the Dice-K we paid 100+ million for!!

Julio the ribbies machine !!!!!!

Wow your right, I hadn’t noticed that but then I checked and he has 23. I wonder if he leads the league among leadoff men

I don’t know. I guess Jose Reyes of the NY Mets in the mix too.

I love it, 109 pitches, aw what the **** let him go another inning, good ole fashioned baseball

Well, i checked. Reyes IS in the mix …. at 23 RBIs.
And Dice-K goes for the CG.

WOW, the Dice man finds a new way to win baseball games : grounders.

Huge performance. No crazy inning this time. You said it rizzo, that’s the guy we were waiting for. And it’s big for his confidence, too.

Complete game! I love it. Just like old times.

That was an awesome game to watch. Dice-K seems to be recapturing that buzz that surrounded every start once again. I am happy Francona let him go for his first CG but when was the last time Papelbon pitched? I hope he’s getting ample side sessions.

Although I’m sure complaining about too much rest for our closer will be a luxury we will be hoping for in September.

And Lugo has been producing RBIs even when he was slumping average-wise. At least 7-8 of his RBIs this season have to be sacrafice groundouts/flies. Awesome to have that kind of production from your leadoff guy. Johnny who?

If you noticed when the “buzz” surronded his starts, he failed. It is a distraction. I could live without it. I think it adds more pressure to his starts.

Maybe tough guy Jim Leyland should have been a little more worried about Dice-K after all.

Let’s here it for this Red Sox stat… Most runs scored, least runs allowed in all of MLB!

Where has all the Yankee bashing gone? Let’s hope Clemens money is as well spent as Bobby Abreau ($15.6 Million per year for a .291 Slugging %).

Untrue, his first 3 outings were all well-pitched. His worst game in that span was versus the Mariners when the Sox bats ran into King Felix’s 1-hitter, and in that game Dice gave up 3 ER in 7 IP. I’ll take that anyday.

What I meant by saying it’s good for Dice to have that buzz back is that he’s once again proving himself as a top-tier pitcher instead of a .500 guy with a 5+ ERA. Plus all of his new offday workouts seem to be working as well as his ability to not overthinking when there are runners on base.

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